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Volume 81 Number 39
January 12, 2006
Daughter of anti-apartheid
fighter speaks at MLK tribute
By law, the IRS must collect taxes as well as pay its own.
IRS investigates,
freezes refunds
Done without informing
The IRS has decided to freeze
thousands of refunds it believes
may be fraudulent.
While the IRS maintains that
it is "very comfortable" when
it determines that someone
committed a fraudulent act, 80
percent of allegedly fraudulent
refunds were given either a
partial or full refund leading
some to believe the IRS Criminal
Investigation Office is simply on
a witch hunt.
About 75 percent of those who
had their refunds frozen were
low-income families attempting
to claim Earned Income Credit,
which is designed to help those
families rise from the depths of
poverty. This is leading some to
think ambiguous rules are the
reason for the confusion among
low-income families.
Since 1999, the IRS has
stopped $3.1 billion in fraudu-
lent refunds, thereby giving some
defense to their argument for
increased investigation. However,
the issue of how much they com-
municate with those being inves-
tigated appears to be another
issue entirely. If one were to look
at the suspected fraud like one
accused of a crime, then it would
raise questions about due process.
"It is a central tenet of Ameri-
can law that the government
must notify an accused person
of the offense it suspects he com-
mitted and must give the accused
person an opportunity to present
exculpatory evidence to show his
innocence said Nina Olson, tax
On the other hand, the IRS has
$73 million in unclaimed legiti-
mate refunds owed to some 84,000
taxpayers. Most who have not
received this money are unaware
of it because of the bureaucratic
barrier prevalent within the IRS
which creates long hold times on
the telephone, ambiguous jargon
and simple confusion.
A tax code as complicated
as it is in this country seems
to provide job security for the
IRS employees who understand
it because of their day-to-day
familiarity with it.
Of note is the increasing
number of IRS employees who
either do not pay their taxes or
file at all. An investigation once
found 667 IRS employees who
did neither, 115 of whom were
fired. Section 1203 of the IRS
Restructuring and Reform Act of
1998 requires that IRS personnel
be fired for failing to file a tax
The apparent disregard for
Section 1203 is confusing despite
promises from high IRS officials
to use the code to have a "chill-
ing" effect on those who violate
this code.
This summer, thelRSattempted
to slim down its workforce by
restructuring. A lot of those plans
have yet to be implemented and
will cut at least 100 jobs from the
IRS IT department. The job cuts are
in line for a government agency
which has been stricken with addi-
tional costs as the number of inves-
tigations increase. The National
Treasury Employees Union is not
taking job cuts lightly, which may
lead to interesting posturing in the
upcoming months.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Naomi Tutu, the associate director of the Office of International Programs at Tennessee State University, enjoyed visiting ECU.
Naomi Tutu tells of civil
rights struggle in South
Naomi Tutu, daughter of
Archbishop Desmond Tutu and
editor of "The Words of Desmond
Tutu headlined this year's
Martin Luther King Jr. memo-
rial celebrations last night by
giving her accounts of civil rights
struggles in her home country,
South Africa.
David Dennard, associate
professor of history, introduced
Tutu by explaining her father's
involvement in the Apartheid
movement and compared his
efforts to the non-violent work
King did.
"She Tutu, like you, stands
on the shoulders of giants
her father King, Nelson Man-
dela said Dennard.
He said those leaders were
all rooted in the church and did
what they did without violence.
Dennard also added that in 1963,
the same year King gave his
"I have a dream" speech, ECU
admitted the first African Ameri-
can student, Laura Marie Little.
Tutu opened her speech by
declaring that King is not only
a source of inspiration in the
United States but South Africa
as well.
"I am happy to let you know he
is someone we all claim said Tutu.
The thesis of Tutu's speech
was grounded in the idea of
how people, in South Africa and
America alike, have to learn his-
tory and claim all parts of history,
including those that bring shame.
Whether they are stories
that hurt us, stories that shame
us or stories that we would like to
pretend didn't happen Tutu said.
She illustrated her claim
by recalling the way South
Africans handled the amnesty
hearings during the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission.
Tutu said she was surprised
at the number of perpetrators
who lied during those hearings
despite the offer the government
gave them. Their incentive was
amnesty in exchange for telling
the truth and revealing which
partisan forces were behind the
see MLK page A2
Pennsylvania fire stymies firefighters
IIC man still skating after 71 years
Firefighters in a ladder truck are dwarfed by flames at the Adhesives Research Corporation
factory, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2006, in Glen Rock, Pa that was sparked by a series of explosions.
People who lived within three miles of the explsion were asked to remain indoors.
70-somethings stay active, but
few lash wheels to their feet and
take off rolling every chance they
get like Ed Price.
"I love it said Price, who
turned 71 in November.
"I just enjoy it. My heart and
soul's here. I could probably come
here and skate all day and all
night if they'd let me
Price was taking a breather
recently from skating at Roll-A-
Bout Skating Rink in Asheboro.
The resident of Mount Gilead in
Montgomery County makes the
45-mile commute from his home
at least three nights a week to
the rink.
The folks at Roll-A-Bout let
him in free because once he's on
the floor, Price becomes an extra
hand, helping oversee the mix
of beginners and accomplished
skaters making laps around the
hardwood. He particularly likes
mingling with the young people,
who comprise the majority of
the crowd.
He gives them skating tips if
they want, but mostly he moves
from person to person, from
group to group, simply chatting,
sharing small talk interspersed
with words of encouragement.
The youngsters call him
It does not take a casual rink-
side observer who does not know
Price long to realize that he could
not possibly have that many
"I love to be around young
people he said.
"I guess I'm more oriented to
young people than I am to elderly
people. Kids want to learn (to
skate) but moms and dads don't
have the time to do it. I hate to
say it, but mothers and fathers
are missing out on one of the
best parts of their kid's life, when
they're out here skating
Price grew up in Columbia,
SC, where his father was a textile
worker. The family moved from
mill village to mill village as the
elder Price changed jobs, finally
settling in Charlotte when Ed was
just entering his teens.
Long before the move to
North Carolina though, Price
made his way to a skating rink
for the first time. He was five
when his parents took him. His
father was not much of a skater
and his mother was average. For
some reason, he said, skating
suited him.
"I think I just had a natural
pickup in it. It came to me pretty
easily he said.
School did not come quite so
easily to Price. He dropped out in
the ninth grade and took a job
with an errand service. Until he
was old enough to get his license
and drive a delivery truck, he car-
ried packages on his bicycle. He
delivered telegrams, too. He also
earned money by selling newspa-
pers on the square in downtown
But he never stopped skat-
He remembers skating in a
tent a man periodically set up in
Charlotte, but most of his skating
time was spent at the Queen City
Roller Rink downtown.
"I went skating every night
he said.
"Every night the building was
open, I was there and they only
closed on Wednesday night
He met his future wife, Betty,
at a skating rink. For years, they
were among a crowd that regu-
larly gathered to skate. In those
days, Price said, the music at the
rink came from records spun on
a phonograph turntable. Couples'
skating was popular, with a
fellow and his girl practicing to
do dances such as the Waltz, the
Two-Step and the Collegian.
After he and Betty married,
he took a job working in the
parts department for a Philco
appliance distributor. But they
kept skating and when the rink
owner wanted to get out of the
business, they wound up buying
the Queen City rink.
The Prices ran it for 10 years.
He worked by day at the parts
counter, by night at the rink. The
rink still was closed on Wednes-
day nights, but the Prices would
go to their church and bring the
church youth in buses and cars to
skate for free. During that time,
Price played a lot of team hockey
on roller skates.
Skating was a mainstream
pastime then and business was
good. But the popularity of skat-
ing ebbs and flows, according to
Price, as young people grow up
and get away from it, then have
children of their own and bring
them to the rink.
About 10 years ago, the Prices
sold their Charlotte home and
property to a developer who
later built a business center. They
purchased land in a development
near Mount Gilead and built a
home. For nine years, he was
part owner of a store called the
Uwharrie Sportsman, but he sold
that interest three years ago. Price
see SKATER page A3
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CHRIS MUNIER News Editor ZACK HILL Assistant News Editor
THURSDAY January 12, 2006
Irish Archaeology
John Bradley of the National
University of Ireland-Monmouth
will present "Archaeology and
the End of Irish History" as part
of the Medieval Irish History and
Archaeology Lecture Series at 7
p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12 in Flanagan
Book Signing
Foreign language professor Steven
Cerutti will hold a book signing for
his book Word of the Day: The
Unlikely Evolution of College
English Thursday, Jan. 12 at 7 p.m.
at Barnes and Noble Booksellers.
The book was inspired by Cerutti's
popular class on Greek and Latin
Vocabulary Building (CLAS1300).
For more information, contact
Steven Cerutti at 328-6031 or
RHA Winter Trip
The Residence Hall Association is
sponsoring a Winter Trip to the Jan.
27 Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami
Heat basketball game. Attendance
is open to all students. The cost
to attend is $27 for students
who live on campus and $40
for commuting students. The price
includes the cost of the basketball
ticket and transportation. If
interested, contact the RHA
office at or
Interested in communication?
If so, Pi Kappa Delta, ECU'S
communication fraternity will
be holding an information
session Wednesday, Jan. 18 at
6 p.m. in the Mendenhall Multi-
purpose Room. Please visit pkd.
com for more information.
Great Decisions
Kicks Off
The Great Decisions program
begins Saturday, Jan. 21, from 10
a.m. to noon in 105A Rivers West.
The topic is U.S Brazil Relations.
The speaker is Dr. Thomaz Da
Costa, professor of national
security affairs at the National
Defense University in Washington,
DC. The program is open to the
public. There will be special food
and a cultural display on Brazil.
The cost for attending this and
any individual session is $15.
The full eight-week program cost
is $69, which includes the Great
Decisions book. Any full time
student or teacher may attend free
of charge. For more information,
call 328-2349 or visit the Web site
at ecu.educs-acadcpegreat
MLK Vigil and March
ECU will hold a candlelight
vigil and march on College Hill
at 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 16 in
celebration of Martin Luther King,
Jr. Day. A musical performance
by professors Louise Toppin
and Gerald Knight with Gregory
Thompson of Johnson University,
followed by selections from the
Gospel Choir, the choir from the
Immanuel Baptist Church and the
choral students will follow at 7
p.m. in Hendrix Theater. All events
are free and open to the public
For more information, contact
David Dennard at 328-4363 or the
Ledonia Wright Cultural Center at
Student Volunteer
Students will be encouraged
to participate in the MLK Day
Volunteer Challenge Monday, Jan
16. Volunteers will contribute to a
daylong effort organized by ECU'S
Volunteer and Service Learning
Center. Volunteer Venues include
the Boys and Girts Club, Creating
Cheer, Hope Lodge and the
Martey Fund. Students will sign in
at 8 a.m. in Mendenhall Student
Center, attend at memorial at 9
a.m. and begin their volunteer
projects at 9:45 a.m.
News Briefs
Report says state universities
Illegally limit free speech
RALEIGH, NC (AP) - Some public
universities in the North Carolina
system impose unconstitutional limits
on freedom of speech, according to
a report issued Tuesday.
The report was issued by the Pope
Center for Higher Education Policy
and the Foundation for Individual
Rights in Education.
"It's a public school system
Greg Lukianoff, interim president
of the foundation, said at a news
conference in the Legislative Building.
"It's bound by the First Amendment
One example cited in the report was
a prohibition by Fayetteville State
University on vulgar language. Another
example was the prohibition on
"disrespect for persons" at the University
of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Elizabeth City State University was
the only school in the UNC system
not criticized in the report.
The report called on the system to
review the campus policies.
Leslie Winner, vice president and
general counsel for the university
system, said the report would be
examined carefully.
"Open debate and free dialogue
are hallmark values of the university
system and we very, very rarely get
any complaints that anyone feels
their free speech rights are being
infringed said Winner.
"We do have time, place and manner
restrictions that say you can't have
your protest on the classroom steps
when people are trying to get In, but
it never means you can't have your
She questioned the need for the
report and called it "a clear case of
smoke with no fire
NC rejects lone offer to operate
State Fair midway
RALEIGH, NC (AP) - On Tuesday,
North Carolina agriculture
department officials rejected the
lone offer to operate the State Fair
midway for the next three years,
saying the unexpectedly low bid was
The State Fair has several options,
and we're confident that the solution
we choose will result in a successful
fair state Agriculture Commissioner
Steve Troxler said in a statement
Earlier in the day, Wade Shows of
Spring Hill, Fla the operator of last
year's fair, offered to pay the state
$3 for each paid admission to the
2006 State Fair - about half of the
$5,915 it paid last year. About 643,000
people paid to attend last year's fair
and overall attendance was about
The state Department of Agriculture
and Consumer Services had
requested bids for a three-year
contract instead of the one-year deals
ft offered from 2003 to 2005. Officials
believed that midway operators
would be more likely to bid on a
three-year contract because it offered
more stability.
Ron Weber, the Wade Shows
spokesman who entered the bid, said
before the rejection that he believed
the bid was fair and that previous
offers for the state's business were
unusually high. He did not immediately
return a phone call seeking comment
after the state rejected the bid.
Air Force, rockers use same
earplug technology
DAYTON, Ohio (AP) - The same kind
of earplugs sold to Def Leppard, the
Moody Blues, Nine Inch Nails and
other rock bands are starting to be
used by U.S. military pilots to protect
hearing, muffle cockpit noise and
ease communications.
Unlike commercial aircraft, military
planes usually have no insulation in
the cockpit to help muffle engine and
wind noise. And the fans that cool
cockpit equipment can be loud.
The new earplugs originally were
developed for aircraft maintenance
workers who often had to stand next
to deafening jet engines,
"The pilots got jealous said John
Hall, audio engineer in the Air Force
Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air
Force Base.
The lab has been working on the
plugs with two private contractors:
Manufactured Assemblies Corp. of
Dayton and Westone Laboratories
Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colo.
The earplugs are similar to ones
Westone sells to rock bands, said
Karl Cartwright, head of new product
development for the company.
Musicians use the plugs not only
to protect their hearing, but also to
hear the sounds of the individual
instruments and voices more clearly.
The new plugs are made of silicon,
with speakers implanted inside. Each
plug is designed to fit the ears of
individual pilots and have small vents
that relieve pressure created with
changes in altitude that can rupture
About 300 pilots and maintenance
workers are using the new plugs,
he said. They cost more than $200
a pair, while the old foam plugs cost
a tiny fraction of that and are thrown
away after use.
Schwarzenegger vows to update
driver's license after police
determine he was riding Illegally
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Gov.
Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed to
update his driver's license after police
determined he had been riding his
Harley Davidson illegally when he
got into a minor accident over the
Schwarzenegger "will move forward
to get the appropriate endorsement
the governor's spokeswoman, Margita
Thompson, said Tuesday, two days
after the accident that left him with
15 stitches in his upper lip.
Police did not cite the governor
because they arrived after the
from page A1
Apartheid brutalities.
"I was amazed at how people
would lie Tutu said.
However, Tutu eventually
realized that Apartheid criminals
were becoming dehumanized. She
told a story of Eugene De Kock,
former Apartheid death squad
leader, who confessed to the Truth
and Reconciliation Commission.
De Kock was nicknamed "prime
evil" because of how brutally he
tortured people. De Kock told
the commission he had to "split
himself He was a churchgoer, a
father and a husband but he was
also a callous torturer.
She considered the dilemma
racists and torturers had to be a
problem with a duality of per-
sonas and that by the time the
TRC hearings came about, people
had to integrate those two sides
and realize they were one in the
"It was the same person who
went to church on Sunday and on
the same mission, went to burn
bodies Tutu said.
The exposure of the Apart-
heid crimes led to shame and
"They realized to reclaim their
humanity, it was not enough to
tell the truth Tutu said.
Tutu finished her lecture by
providing assertions on how
history should be understood
by people.
"History is not something you
learn to be proud Tutu said.
While teaching at the Univer-
sity of Hartford, Tutu could not
believe the number of students
who expressed interest in learn-
ing about slavery in depth for
the first time. She criticized high
school history books for trying
to merely be "proud of history"
and that people are ashamed of
the slavery too much to learn
about it.
"Why is it that slavery is only
a paragraph long?" Tutu said.
Tutu described how she first
learned of King when her parents
made her go to church during
the middle of the night when
King was killed. She originally
wondered why someone in South
Africa should care about a man
who died in another country.
At that point, her parents spoke
with her about King's legacy.
Her speech was part of this
year's MLK memorial observances
and will be complemented by a
candlelight vigil Monday, Jan. 16 at
the top of College Hill at 6 p.m.
This writer can be contacted at
Are tou a student witri a mental illness but are ashamed of the stigna
tnat comes with it?
Or does someone you care about have a mental illness?
Do uou want to see the stigna erased?
Tnen Please Come Join
Cast Carolina University's Voice On Mental illness!
We Meet the I" Thursday of Every Month @ 6- JOpm
In the Ledonia Wright Cultural Center
East Carolina University
Our next meeting is January 12th
for more information, call Crick at (2J2) ?5-?2ror Olivia at (252) 75S-I2JM-
- L
Nightly Dinner Specials $6.95
Monday- Chicken Parmesan
Tuesday- Country Fried Chicken
Wednesday- Spaghetti ft Meatballs
Thursday- Greek or Caesar Salad Chix
Friday- Fish Et Chips
Saturday- Meat or 5 Cheese Lasagna
Sunday- Fried Shrimp Plate
accident. Officers referred their
findings to the city attorney's office,
which will determine whether
Schwarzenegger should be cited for
an infraction.
Schwarzenegger's 12-year-old son,
Patrick, was riding in the sidecar during
the accident but was not injured. Both
Schwarzenegger and his son were
wearing helmets.
Schwarzeneggersaid he had a motorcycle
license when he lived in Europe but never
considered obtaining another one after he
immigrated to the United States in 1968.
"I just never really applied for it" he said.
U.S Australia says businesses will
cut greenhouse gas emissions
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - The
United States and Australia insisted
Wednesday at the opening of a two-
day climate change conference that
industry leaders can be relied upon
to voluntarily slash emissions blamed
for heating the earth's atmosphere.
The Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean
Development and Climate brought
together senior ministers from the
United States, Australia, Japan, China,
South Korea and India, along with
executives from energy and resource
The countries with 45 percent of the
world's population account for nearly
half of the world's gross domestic
product, energy consumption and
global greenhouse gas emissions,
the Australian government said.
Environmentalists have branded the
meeting a stunt to divert attention from
the U.S. and Australian governments'
refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol,
which legally binds countries to
targets for cutting greenhouse gas
emissions by 2012.
The United States is the world's
biggest greenhouse-gas emitter by
volume. Australia is the top producer
of greenhouse gases per capita,
according to the Australia Institute,
an environmental think tank.
Canberra and Washington say
industry will regulate itself without
specific targets or taxes on the
amount of carbon they pump into the
Global warming has been blamed
for rising sea levels and increasingly
frequent extreme weather, like the
hurricanes that lashed the United
States last year.
Three Chechens charged with
killing U.S. Journalist plead not
MOSCOW (AP) - Three ethnic Chechens
charged in connection with the 2004
slaying of an American journalist pleaded
not guilty Tuesday as their secret trial began
in Moscow City Court
Paul Klebnikov, the editor of Forbes
magazines Russian edition, was gunned
down outside the magazine's Moscow
offices in July 2004 in one of the highest-
profile slayings in the country in recent
ordered a former separatist minister in
Russia's conflict-tom Chechnya, who was
the subject of a critical book by Klebnikov
titled Conversations with a Barbarian The
kilter Nukhayev remains at large.
"Not one of the accused pleaded guilty -
all declared their innocence of all charges
said defense lawyer RuslanXhasancywho
represents suspect Kazbek Dukuzov.
DukuzwandMusaVakhayev are charged
with the shooting
A third suspect Fail Sadretdinov, faces
charges of attempted murder and
organizing the criminal group alleged
to have killed Klebnikov. Lawyers
suggested that prosecutors mainly have
accused Sadretdinov, a notary, of making
Many observers have cast skepticism
on the official account of the motives,
suggesting that anger over Klebnikov's
work for Forbes was most likely the
motive for the killing. They say the U.S.
journalist may have made enemies
while investigating corruption and the
murky post-Soviet business world.
.99 !
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National weather
The forecast for noon,Thursday, Jan. 12
Lines separate high temperature zones for the day.
2005 Weather Underground, Inc.
Showers Rain T-storms Flurries Snow
Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy
Via Associated Press
Eastern Storm Departs, Pacific Storm Arrives Northwest
The eastem storm will lift northeast, departing the New England Thursday morning. This will bring
the wet weather to an end across the Northeast. A storm system will slam into the Pacific Northwest
in the afternoon, bringing another round of rain and mountain snow.
Phone 75S-420C
Ut East 5h Street
SkdlGr from page A1
used to travel to Albemarle to
skate, but for about a year and a
half he has called Roll-A-Bout his
skating home.
On the floor, he glides grace-
fully, as if floating on air. Occa-
sionally, he lifts one skate off the
floor and skates on the other with
the ease of one who's done it thou-
sands of times.
He can skate backward with
similar style, but doesn't care for
it, and says that he's used inline
skates, those new-fangled skates
featuring several wheels in a
single row, but does not care for
them either, preferring traditional
quad skates with four wheels, two
behind two.
When he is skating, Price
appears as fit as the young people
he enjoys working with.
"I stay that way, I guess,
because I keep doing it he said.
"I fall, get scraped up and get
up and keep getting it
My name is Erica.
Anil I make a difference.
CI i m
See us for more than 125 ways to volunteer.
Volunteer and Service-Learning Center
llOChristenburyGym 328-2735

GM plans to lower prices on
57 of 76 N. American models
A GM dealer is placing a new price tag on a car for sale.
DETROIT (AP) General
Motors Corp which has been
losing market share in the United
States to Asian automakers, said
Tuesday that it will lower the
prices on 57 of its 76 models in
North America in an effort to
boost its sliding market share
and wean buyers off expensive
Mark LaNeve, vice president
of sales and marketing for the
world's biggest automaker, told
reporters that the program will
lower the manufacturer's sug-
gested retail price by as much as
$2,500 on some vehicles, but the
average decrease will be $1,300.
"We want it to be crystal clear
that with or without incentives
you're getting a great price
said LaNeve, who planned to
announce the deal later Tuesday
at the North American Interna-
tional Auto Show.
GM will lower prices on all
Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehi-
cles and most Pontiac vehicles
starting Wednesday, LaNeve said.
Saab, Saturn and Hummer will be
excluded because GM feels they
are already priced appropriately,
he said.
LaNeve said GM believes it
will make money despite the
markdowns because it has new
products coming to market,
and it will be spending less per
vehicle on incentives, which
have sometimes topped $4,000
per vehicle.
"Bottom line, we think this is
the right thing to do for our busi-
ness LaNeve said. GM's sales
dropped five percent in 2005
despite popular employee-pricing
discounts last summer.
GM shares edged up a penny
to $22.57 in midday trading on
the New York Stock Exchange.
Under the new pricing plan, a
2007 Chevrolet Tahoe will have
an MSRP of $33,990 for a model
with a 5.8-liter, V-8 engine. That
is $2,000 below the 2006 Chev-
rolet Tahoe even though the new
Tahoe offers better fuel economy,
Chevrolet General Manager Ed
Peper said.
GM said the new pricing will
make it easier for consumers to
compare GM vehicles with their
competitors on the Internet,
where two-thirds of car shoppers
are now doing research. High
incentive spending had made it
more difficult for consumers to
figure out the price of a vehicle.
Peper said the 2007 Chevrolet
Impala LS will sell for $20,990,
, or $1,000 less than the previous
c model. A comparable Toyota
Camry sells for $23,320, while a
comparable Honda Accord sells
for $25,650, Peper said.
GM has been struggling for
years to overcome negative per-
ceptions about the quality of
its vehicles. LaNeve said the
company would be introducing
aggressive new ads that invite
buyers to compare their vehicles
to any others on the market.
GM also has struggled trying
to get away from expensive incen-
tives that it launched after the
Sept. 11 attacks. Incentives like
last summer's employee-discount
plan have led to big short-term
sales gains, but they have hurt
the company's image because
they can cheapen the brand
image and hurt resale values.
LaNeve said incentives won't
go away entirely, but the com-
pany plans to use them spar-
"That's just part of the auto-
motive landscape LaNeve said.
Chicago Style Pizza
And More!
best pizza
in Greenville"
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a Week
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Breakfast Tues-Sat 1AM - 4AM
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12 Appetizers
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$8 All You Can Eat Wings
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On-site Laundry Facilities
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Offering Apartments & Houses, Plus Duplex Communities
Convenient To ECU, Pitt Community College & The Medical District

tsslm 1
Page A5
editor@theeastcarollnian.coni' 252.328.9238
JENNIFER L HOBBS Editor in Chief
THURSDAY January 12, 2006
Our View
Martin Luther King,
Jr. Day more than a
day off from school
Our first full week of the spring semester is almost
over and everyone is remembering all of the fun
they had and the relaxation they deserved over
their holiday breaks. A gaze into the not too distant
future reveals that next week is not another full
week of school. We all have Monday, Jan. 16 off
from school to celebrate the life and accomplish-
ments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. While this means
only two editions of TEC next week and another
day off from school, many students seem to forget
the true reasons we honor Dr. King every year.
It is difficult to reflect on the reasons for a holiday
if you do not know much about the person it is
honoring, so here is a brief history lesson. Martin
Luther King, Jr. was bom Jan. 15,1929, in Atlanta,
Ga. As a child, King attended segregated Geor-
gia schools and graduated from high school at
the age of 15, going on to earn a Bachelor of
Arts Degree from Morehouse College, an Afri-
can-American institution in Atlanta. He then went
on to act as a co-pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist
Church in Atlanta. He then went on to earn his
doctorate from Boston University, and was later
offered a pastoral position at the Dexter Avenue
Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.
Throughout his time in Alabama, King contin-
ued to progress with the civil rights movement,
not only to help African-American people, but
also for the advancement of other minorities
and women. He made many famous speeches,
wrote many famous books and campaigned for
many great political leaders.
At the age of 35, Martin Luther King, Jr was the
youngest man to have earned the Nobel Peace
Prize. Rather than keep the money for himself,
King donated his $54,123 to civil rights efforts
around the country.
On April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tenn King was
assassinated at the age of 39. The Internet can
be a great resource for more information about
his accomplishments, a way to listen to some of
his speeches or to just find out a little more about
his life. A simple "Google" search of his name
will bring thousands of Web sites to the surface,
ranging from why he should be celebrated in a
more appropriate way to why the day in his honor
should no longer exist. The fact remains, however,
that African Americans, women and other minori-
ties in this country would not be where they are
today without his non-violent efforts.
On Monday, Jan. 16, don't just enjoy the day
off from school - look around you and think
about how much different this country could be
if King had not sacrificed himself for the good
of others. Think about how you, at the begin-
ning of this New Year, could dedicate a part of
yourself and your time to make our University,
community, state, country or world a better
place. It is quite evident that one person truly can
make a difference. Why not be the next person
to have a national holiday dedicated to them?
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor In Chief
Chris Munler Zack Hill
Asst. News Editor
News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Sarah Bell
Head Copy Editor
Herb Sneed
Photo Editor
Kristin Murnane
Asst. Features Editor
Brandon Hughes
Asst. Sports Editor
April Barnes
Asst, Copy Editor
Rachael Lotter
Asst. Photo Editor
Alexander Marciniak
Web Editor
Dustin Jones
Asst. Web Editor
Edward McKIm
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925,TEC prints 9,000 copies every
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the regular
academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays during the
summer "Our View" is the opinion of the editorial board
and is written by editorial board members. TEC welcomes
letters to the editor which are limited to 250 words (which
may be edited for decency or brevity). We reserve the
right to edit or reject letters and all letters must be signed
and include a telephone number. Letters may be sent
via e-mail to or to The East
Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One
copy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1.
pou ReevQiAQws Ftti- demen about ce qirctioni
7 7MS6 Se&W W HAu. ToOM Q
fle&l5fGSflOM To

Opinion Columnist
Birds of a feather, are you an omen?
had my head in the
cloud, and I saw birds
For those of you who made
it past your first fall semester
to your first spiing semester,
congratulations - from here on
it should be a little bit easier. At
least, that's how it has been for
me. Unfortunately, I don't always
feel that way at the beginning.
However, I can say two things that
I would consider to be fortunate:
(1) out of the eight semesters I've
spent here at ECU, I've only had
one that I would consider a bad
one, and (2) I had an omen of
good will on Monday.
If you saw a guy in a black
Harley Davidson shirt staring
up at the sky near Mendenhall
student center, that was me. I was
too enthralled in what I saw in
the sky to really care what others
were thinking. As I was walking
to lunch Monday at about 10
minutes to noon, I saw this huge
bird soaring at least 30 feet in
the air. I've seen big birds flying
over campus before, but only a
few times - so some of you can
probably imagine why I wanted
to appreciate the moment. Then
I saw two more up even higher
in the air, then later two more
off in the distance over down-
town. I stood there for at least 20
minutes, watching one swoop
over my head while the others
were flying around central
campus and downtown.
Come to think of it,
I had another weird bird
experience while I was at home
over the holidays. I was at my
dentist's office for a checkup. It
was around lunch time, so the
doors were locked. Instead of
waiting inside the exterior
waiting room, which is about the
size of a closet or armoire here on
campus, I decided to wait out-
side. I remember I was wishing
that I had brought my mp3
player when I noticed a rather
large bird perched on a tree
across the street from where I
was. Suddenly, he took off from
the branch flew straight toward
me. I could have sworn that
he was looking at me dead on,
and his eyes felt like they were
piercing right through me. I
was so surprised that I couldn't
move. It flew right past me,
coming within at least three
feet of me and over the roof of
the building.
Have you ever heard of
augurs? In ancient Rome, augurs
were priests or officials who read
the flight patterns of birds and
interpreted them as omens or
messages from the gods. In fact,
the very origin of Rome is slightly
based in augury. According to the
story, Romulus and Remus, twin
sons of the war god MarsAres,
were trying to decide where to
build their city. They decided to
settle this by testing each others'
ability as an augur. Each took a
seat where they wanted to found
their city. Remus saw six vultures,
while Romulus saw 12. This
meant they would build their city
where Romulus wanted. Angered
by his loss to Romulus, Remus
began ridiculing and obstructing
his brother's work. Finally, Remus
leapt across the trench Romulus
had dug, an omen of bad luck
which implied a city that was
easily breached. This angered
Romulus, and he immediately
slew his brother. Romulus named
the city Rome, after himself, and
became its first king.
I'm not planning to build
a city any time soon, and even
if I was I don't think I'd be
willing to slay anybody to do it.
For me, I guess these experiences
are just about appreciating the
world around me. What I don't
understand is how no one else
seemed to care or notice what
was going on in both of my
situations. The only time I've
seen any of those kinds of birds
is out a car window while driving
down the highway or at the zoo.
It's one of those things that you
don't see every day, and it bugs
the heck out of me when no one
else notices these kinds of things.
I mean, when I was out there
Monday, it seemed like no one
else even noticed what was going
on. When I was at my dentist's
office, no one else saw the bird.
I guess what this is really about
is that I wish people could have
felt the same thing I did when I
saw those birds.
This whole experience was
capped-off qn my way back from
lunch. 1 noticed a feather on the
ground as I was walking. When
I looked at it closer, it appeared
to be from one of the birds I had
seen. While I don't want to go
into specific details, seeing these
birds has given me a sense of
confidence to pursue something.
They also make me feel like this
is going to be an interesting
semester. I guess that's kind of
what omens do. For those of you
who may have not have seen the
birds, I hope that I have in some
way passed my own feelings of
this experience that give you
hope for a great semester.
In My Opinion
(KRT) You can do a lot
of things when December rolls
around and temperatures plunge.
But would you hold an inter-
national conference on global
The United Nations did.
It recently hosted a gathering
of all the countries that have
signed on to the Kyoto Protocol,
a treaty aimed at preventing
global warming. Some 10,000
people traveled to Montreal for
the conference. It was predict-
ably cold outside, but there was
plenty of hot rhetoric indoors.
Unfortunately for the delegates,
the speakers could never quite
agree what we're up against.
While most Kyoto enthusiasts
have long argued the planet is get-
ting warmer, a recent report in the
journal Nature hints that a new ice
age may be on the way. The report
says the ocean current that keeps
Europe warm may be shifting, which
could make the continent cooler.
But no matter what, the
worrywarts have the future
covered. Steven Guilbeault of
Greenpeace explained, "Global
warming can mean colder, it can
mean drier, it can mean wetter,
that's what we're dealing with
No wonder humanity is having
trouble addressing the problems
- we can't even decide what the
problems are.
However, activists can agree
on who's to blame: The United
States, of course.
Another Greenpeace spokes-
man, Bill Hare, told reporters,
"When you walk around the
conference hall here, delegates
are saying there are lots of issues
on the agenda, but there's only
one real problem, and that's the
United States
It makes a nice soundbite and
certainly plays to the anti-Ameri-
can crowd, but nothing could be
further from the truth.
Yes, the United States refused
to ratify Kyoto. President Clinton
never even submitted the treaty
to the Senate, perhaps because
senators had already voted 95-
0 to reject any pact that would
reduce economic growth - some-
thing Kyoto certainly would do.
President Bush eventually put the
treaty out of its misery in 2001.
But that hasn't kept Wash-
ington from leading a serious
international effort to reduce
carbon-dioxide emissions. Just
last summer, the United States
announced the Asia-Pacific Part-
nership for Clean Development
and Climate Change. This group
includes Australia, China, India,
Japan, South Korea and the
United States. The State Depart-
ment says the group will "coop-
erate on the development, diffu-
sion, deployment and transfer
of longer-term transformational
energy technologies that will
promote economic growth while
enabling significant reductions
in greenhouse gas intensities
That's critical for two reasons.
First, because China and India
are among the world's biggest
polluters, any treaty that aims to
reduce pollution is going to have
to include them. Yet both were
exempt from Kyoto.
Second, any attempt to con-
trol global warming will fail
unless it also encourages global
economic growth. As British
Prime Minister Tony Blair put it
in September, "the blunt truth
about the politics of climate
change is that no country will
want to sacrifice its economy in
order to meet this challenge
Most European Union coun-
tries that signed the treaty are
seeing carbon-dioxide emissions
increase and realize they have
no way to meet their obligations
under Kyoto. Some, including host
nation Canada, have seen emis-
sions climb more quickly than
they are in the United States.
That doesn't seem to bother
some participants. "We need
much deeper cuts beyond 2012
the European Union Commis-
sion's director general for the
environment said after the con-
ference wrapped up. But that
ignores the fact that most Euro-
pean countries are already failing
to live up to Kyoto. How could
they make deeper cuts than the
ones they're not making now?
Blair's approach, and the one the
U.S. advocates, is the correct one.
We can do good by doing well.
A certain amount of humil-
ity is in order here. With all our
scientific advances, we can barely
predict what the weather will be
tomorrow, let alone forecast what
will happen 50 years from now.
What we do know is that as
a country becomes more afflu-
ent, it becomes cleaner. So the
best way to protect the earth is
to skip the big U.N. conferences,
which certainly do produce a
concentrated mass of hot air,
and focus on keeping the global
economy hot.
Pirate Rant
I To whoever made the comment about leaving
parties because of "loud, annoying, drunk fresh-
men girls" - not all of them are freshmen, and
not all freshman girls do that, just the ones that
think it's the cool thing to do to act totally plas-
tered and for an excuse to get all over some guy.
Don't stereotype all freshmen girls like that.
To the girl who is complaining about park-
ing and is comparing it to 2000 when she
was here graduate! If you would, maybe I
could use your vacated spot honestly, who
doesn't graduate in six years?!
Just wanted to inform some of the students
; looking for jobs in the rants section that
: we have some student jobs available at the
Laupus Health Sciences Library on the Brody
' campus. Apply online at
Just wanted to say thanks to the guy who
! stood with me in line in the bookstore yes-
terday. Even though you called me a Yankee
the wait wasn't as bad!
Thanks to whoever it was who was throw-
ing the frozen fruit at Tyler Hall last night
and broke a window pretty sweet! Way to
make Tyler even dirtier than it already is!
Just because the football team had two
down years doesn't mean people still didn't
come to our games. You have probably never
been to a soccer game because the only
people who go are the parents and friends
of the players. The soccer team did not bring
in any revenue and had a terrible season.
The football team at least brought money to
the school that you are currently attending!
With the wind blowing through my hair, I
feel like such a supermodel walking through
Wright Plaza.
Here's an opinion for Daniel Brock: Take a
grammar class.
Guess what? WZMB isn't coming back as
cool as before. It is going to suck now. They
need someone better to run that station!
The soccer team got cut because they didn't
! win and didn't make any money. The foot-
ball team brings in millions for the uni-
versity, has a great tradition and was much
improved this year.
If Marcus Vick cannot act professional in
college football, how can he act professional
in the NFL? Get some class.
When is TEC going to understand the area
it should be covering? Wednesday's paper
had a front page with no ECU-related news
and much less inside. It is not your job to
cover the world - there are other free papers
on campus to cover that! Cover ECU!
Just so you know, just because a guy kisses a
girl it doesn't mean that he necessarily likes
her. It's a little more complicated than that.
Why don't you write your own funny pirate
rants instead of replying to other people?
No one asked for your opinion.
How are we supposed to know if we want to
drop a class or not after going to it twice?
So, it's January, and just
informed me that it will be in the 70s for
the next two days! Ah, this is just madness
but I love it!
It's one thing if a man gets out of a car and
pulls an umbrella from behind the driver seat
because it's pouring and uses it outside or if a
man leaves a building or classroom and notices
it's raining and retrieves a black umbrella
from his book sack. But it is quite another,
on a sunny day, with a 30 percent chance of
rain, for a man to be holding a three foot long
purple umbrella "just in case" it sprinkles.
I hate people who say they are going to
graduate this semester when they know that
there is no way it will happen.
I went to the same high school as both Marcus
and Michael Vick and they are rude and self-
ish. The school never made it past the first
play-off game and they went once in the years
they were there. Why do people like them?
The celebrity profile of Heath Ledger in
Wednesday's TEC failed to mention that if
you want to see Brokeback Mountain, you have
to take a two hour road trip to Durham and its
independent theater because Carmike sucks!
Don't take the elevator to the second floor,
walk your lazy self up there. In most cases,
it takes less time to walk to the second floor
than wait for the elevator, anyway.
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant h an anonymous way for students ami staff in the
ECU community to voice their opinions. Submission, can be submitted anonymously
online at, or e-mailed to editormheeastcamlinian
com. The editor reserves the right to edit opinions for content and brevitv

Arts & Entertainment
Page A6 252.328.6366 CAROIYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Erlitor
campus Confessions:
THURSDAY January 12, 2006
My boyfriend and I got caught fooling
around in the Wright Place fountain.
Whenever my roommate leaves th
room, I go through all of hjr stu
What can I say? I don't want her
doing anything I don't know a out
When I take the elevator at my dc nif
the door closes to go up or dowi and
I hear someone coming, I hit the o jor
closed button rather than door open.
I don't want to be crowded.
I love picking up girls while I'm at the
library. I also love making out vith
them in the central stacks.
I have a crush on my roommate's
I wore one of my roommate's shirts
downtown Friday. I then proceeded to
spill beer all over it. Oops. My bad.
I've "recycled" the same paper for
five different classes. So much for
hard work.
I ate bird poop one time on a dare.
I have a crush on my neighbor.
I never told anyone, but I love Britney
Spears' music.
I know that my best friend's boyfriend
is cheating on her and I know who
it is with me.
To submit your campus confessions,
either send an e-mail to feature or visit and click on
"Features Fold" All submissions will
be anonymous when sent through
our Web site.
And the Golden Globe nominees are.
Nominations in major movie categories;
awards tn be presented Jan. 16, 2006:
Best movie
"Brokeback Mountain"
The Constant
"Good Night,
and Good Luck"
"A History of Violence"
"Match Poinf
Musical or comedy
Best movie
"Mrs. Henderson
"Pride & Prejudice"
The Producers"
The Squid
and the Whale"
"Walk the Line"
Best actress
Maria Bello
"A History
of Violence'
Felicity Huffman
Gwyneth Paltrow
"North Country"
Ziyi Zhang
of a Geisha"
Best actress
Judi Dench
"Mrs. Henderson
Keira Knightley
"Pride & Prejudice"
Laura Linney
The Squid
and the Whale"
Sarah Jessica Parker
The Family Stone"
Reese Witherspoon
"Walk the Une"
Top 5s:
1. Hostel
2.77ie Chronicles ofNarnia: The Lion,
the Witch and the Wardrobe
3. King Kong
4. Fun With Dick and Jane
5. Cheaper by the Dozen 2
1. Eminem
2. Came Underwood
3. Various Artists
4. Bo Bice
5. Kenny Chesney
1. "CSI"
2. "NFL Monday Night Football"
3. "NFL Monday Night Showcase"
4. "CSI: Miami'
5. "The OC"
Random Reminders:
Tuesday, Jan. 10 at the RBC Center,
the Carolina Hurricanes played an
incredible game against the Detroit
Red Wings. To make it better, before
the Ottawa Senators won their
Tuesday night game, the Carolina
Hurricanes were first in the NHL.
What can spoil a great night of
hockey? Rude and inconsiderate fans.
Everyone knows that sporting event
parking lots are tough to deal with.
Everyone is anxious to get out of there
to go celebrate their team winning,
but it is physically impossible for
there to be no waiting. Because ECU
has many large sporting events of its
own, the Features staff thought it was
important to remind students about a
few manners that their parents may
or may not have taught them.
1. The rule in parking lots is one for
one. If someone is nice enough to let
you out in front of them, you should
wave to thank them and then do the
same for the next person who needs
to get out. This is not only polite, but
it helps the traffic flow and makes
getting out of the parking lot much
less stressful.
2. If someone is pulled over on the
side of the road because their car
is broken down or they are getting
some kind of ticket move over a
lane if possible. Not only is it rude,
it is against the law to hit a law
enforcement officer on the side of
the road. If you were the one trying
to change your tire or attempting to
convince the State Trooper that you
were not going 110 in a 55, then you
would appreciate It if people didn't
come so close, wouldn't you?
3. When a lane is ending and there
are people who have to merge, it
is rude to purposely cut them off.
Everyone has been there. You are
in a new town and you didn't know
the right lane ends. You check your
blind spot to see if you can get over
and there is a car that just will not let
you merge
Those are just a few of the things that
Features thinks ECU students and
faculty need to remember at any and
all sporting events. Not only should
you be polite at sporting events, but
also in your every day life.
Best actor
Russell Crowe
Philip Seymour
Terrence Howard
"Hustle & Flow"
Heath Ledger
David Strathairn
"Good Night,
Best actor
Pierce Brosnan
'The Matador"
Jeff Daniels
'The Squid
and the Whale"
Johnny Depp
"Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory"
Nathan Lane
"The Producers"
Cillian Murphy
"Breakfast on
Joaquin Phoenix
What are the
Golden Globes?
by a group of
about 90 foreign
magazine and
Give an
early indication
of leaders for
the Academy
2005 KRT
Source: Hollywood
Foreign Press
Graphic: Helen Lee
Golden Globe Awards
The 63rd Golden Globe
Awards are just around the corner
and many of you are probably
wondering not only who is going
to win but who is even nomi-
nated. The telecast of the awards
will come to viewers live from
the Beverly Hilton Monday, Jan.
16 at 8 p.m.
Best Motion Picture-Drama
nominations include Brokeback
Mountain, The Constant Gardener,
Good Night and Good Luck, A His-
tory of Violence, and Matchpoint.
The clear winner will be Broke-
back Mountain if you consider the
fact that it has more nominations
than any other film, with seven.
However, there could be a sur-
prise win from one of the other
less-publicized films.
Maria Bello A History of
Violence), Felicity Huffman
(Transamerica), Gwyneth Pal-
trow (Proof), Charlize Theron
(North Country) and Ziyi Zhang
(Memoirs of a Geisha) are the
ladies nominated for Best Perfor-
mance by an Actress in a Motion
Picture-Drama. Zhang is the only
newcomer of the bunch - all
of the other women have been
nominated in the past.
Best Performance by ah Actor
in a Motion Picture-Drama nomi-
nees are Russell Crowe (Cinderella
Man), Philip Seymour Hoff-
man (Capote), Terrance Howard
(Hustle and Flow), Heath Ledger
(Brokeback Mountain) and David
Straithairn (Good Night, Good
Luck). Crowe is the only man of
this group who has been previ-
ously nominated.
Mrs. Henderson Presents, Pride
and Prejudice, The Producers, The
Squid and the Whale, and Walk
the Line are the nominees for
Best Motion Picture-Musical
or Comedy. There isn't a clear
preference in this category. How-
ever, I have to hold out hope
that one of my favorite movies
of the year, Pride and Prejudice,
will win.
Best Performance by an
Actress in a Motion Picture-
Musical or Comedy nominees
are Judi Dench (Mrs. Henderson
Presents), Keira Knightley (Pride
and Prejudice), Laura Linney
(The Squid and the Whale), Sarah
Jessica Parker (The Family Stone)
and Reese Witherspoon (Walk
the Line). Parker is a clear favorite
considering she's won four out
of seven nominations. However,
they were for her role on the
television series "Sex in the City"
rather than a movie.
Pierce Brosnan (The Matador),
Jeff Daniels (The Squid and The
Whale), Johnny Depp (Char-
lie and The Chocolate Factory),
Nathan Lane (The Producers), Cil-
lian Murphy (Breakfast on Pluto)
and Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the
Line) are the men nominated for
Best Performance by an Actor
in a Motion Picture-Musical or
Comedy. Depp has won four out
of five nominations - Murphy
is the only one of the group to
receive his first nomination.
Receiving nominations for
Best Director are Woody Allen
(Matchpoint), George Clooney
(Good Night and Good Luck), Peter
Jackson (King Kong), Ang Lee
(Brokeback Mountain), Fernando
Meirelles (The Constant Gardener)
and Steven Spielburg (Munich).
Spielburg has won only two out
of 10 nominations, leaving this
category open to all nominees.
The Cecil B. Demille Award
is the show's most prestigious
award, honoring one person each
year who has had a major impact
on the world of entertainment.
This year Anthony Hopkins, a
six-time Golden Globe nominee,
is set to receive the award.
This year the Golden Globe
Awards will air in more than
150 countries. One of the things
that makes these awards differ-
ent from the Academy Awards is
that it includes both movies and
television shows. Don't forget to
tune in to NBC next Monday to
see if your favorites win.
This writer can be contacted at

Golden Globes
Awards will be presented on NBC at
8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 16
For more Information, visit:
Top 10 albums of 2005 that
you probably haven't heard
DJ White Fang weighs in on the best
releases of last year on WZMB
No matter how you tune it music from 1976 is far superior to todays' hits.
Musical spirit of 1976
Those were the good 'ole
I continually bemoan the
state of modern music. I despise
rap music, Green Day is a bunch of
hacks and emo kids just bring me
down. The incoherent mumbling
of Fifty Cent, the grating screams
of Thursday and the rudimentary
chords of Gavin Rossdale leave
me wondering what happened
to eight minute guitar solos and
strutting front men. Give me Bad
Company ahead of Bad Religion
and Led Zeppelin instead of
Lloyd Banks. I don't know why
music is terrible and why people's
musical taste is terrible, but it
certainly wasn't that way in 1976.
There weren't just a few good
albums in 1976 - there was a
plethora. And while 1976 wasn't
the monster that some years
earlier in the decade were, it still
held its own. Let's take a look
back at some of 1976's biggest hits.
Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes
Alive. Hands down the greatest
live album ever, this record epito-
mizes 1970s rock. Rock, ballads
and pop are all crafted perfectly,
and the three big hits "Baby, I
Love Your Way "Show Me the
Way" and "Do You Feel Like We
Do?" were a perfect soundtrack
to the centennial summer.
ACDC - High Voltage. As
the mellow sounds of Framp-
ton wafted across parks and
parades, Bon Scott and crew
came thunderin' from down
under. With Malcom and Angus
Young shredding guitars and
a drummer pounding his kit
with tree trunks, the Australian
quintet was indeed electric. This
record is TNT, dynamite.
Stevie Wonder Songs in The
Key of Life. Stevie Wonder's high
water mark was a breathtaking
effort in scope. The double LP's
range of style and mood shows
a vision that makes up for his
lack of sight. Hit's like "Isn't
She Lovely" were weighted by
cold tunes like "Village Ghetto
Land Coolio even based his
song "Gangsta's Paradise" on
"Past Time Paradise
Tom Petty and the Heart
Breakers - Tom Petty and the Heart-
breakers. This record continues
to be a classic. Upon its release,
this record was well received by
well, everyone. "Breakdown"
and "American Girl" are poetic
garage-rock music. Using dif-
ferent guitar styles of the day
and a rocking attitude, Tom
Petty and Co. established them-
selves as a band of the future.
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood
Mac. When the remaining
members of Fleetwood Mac
joined forces with Lyndsey
Buckingham and Stevie Nicks,
few knew the fireworks that
would ensue. With three tre-
mendous songwriters, a searing
guitarist and a solid rhythm
section, not to mention the
sultry Nicks, the Mac lit the fuse
on an explosive career to come.
see 1976 page A8
As a disc jockey (you may know me as DJ White
Fang) at ECU's student radio station, WZMB 91.3,
the most important thing to me is exposing lis-
teners to something new they maybe would have
never found otherwise. As a collaboration between
TEC and WZMB, that's the trend I'll be following
with this column throughout the semester - expos-
ing you to artists outside the mainstream and
giving you an idea of what we're up to at WZMB.
Since this is the first column, I figure the best
place to start is with last year, so I've rounded up
my personal favorite top 10 albums from 2005
that might have missed your radar but deserve a
good listen.
1. Suf jan Stevens - Illinois. As a part of his goal to
create an album for each state, Suf jan Stevens released
Illinois last year and awed the critics. The release
places an emphasis on Stevens' amazing falsetto,
and the musical arrangements perfectly embody the
lyrics that eerily look into the mind of John Wanye
Gacy, Jr solemnly stand at someone's hospital bed,
and celebrate the invention of the Ferris wheel.
2. The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute. Hailed
by many as the second coming of prog-rock and
drawing comparisons to Led Zeppelin and Rush,
Frances the Mute caught a lot of flack for its five
tracks divided into strange movements that clock
in at more than 70 minutes total. But with a good
listen, you'll uncover some amazing solos, tight
drumming, excellent vocal range and a sound that
really brings music back to a place where it needs
to head - somewhere different.
3. The Decemberists - Picaresque. This album
is the Decemberists' most accomplished album to
date, and front man Colin Meloy's amazing story-
telling ability shines through on nearly every track.
Not only are the lyrics and stories created easy to
appreciate, the music will have you dancing in your
seat and the vocal harmonies leave you humming
the tunes even before you know any of the lyrics.
4. The Fiery Furnaces - EP. A personal favorite
band of mine, the Fiery Furnaces showcase their
musical abilities here. Brother and sister combo
Eleanor and Matt Friedberger compose amazing
pop tunes chock full of keyboards, synthesizers
and creative guitar riffs. The lyrics are creative and
flow like poetry while the music makes you want
to get up and move.
5. Antony and the Johnsons -lama Bird Now.
Antony's voice is the focal point of this album, and
his multi-octave range and heavy vibrato are a
refreshing sound for the mellower tone this album
achieves. The melancholy yet beautiful songs fea-
ture appearances from Culture Club member Boy
George, Rufus Wainwright and Devendra Banhart.
6. Spoon - Gimme Fiction. Listen to (and enjoy)
"I Turn My Camera On 1 don't think I have to
say more than that. This entire album is fun and
energetic, yet reserved and mysterious.
7. Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon. If hard-
core music is your thing, this is the best release of
the year. Gutter Phenomenon expands on the band's
previous masterpiece of an album, Hot Damn! but
puts more emphasis on rocking and not caring
and less on being a part of "the scene From the
guitar riffs to the vocal screeches to the rhythms
the percussion section achieve, this album brings
a fresh sound to typical hardcore.
phone (
Office r
see WZMB page A8
i -v i. - J

jary 12,2006
, Laura Linney
rie Whale), Sarah
The Family Stone)
herspoon (Walk
is a clear favorite
e's won four out
lations. However,
her role on the
"Sex in the City"
an (The Matador),
te Squid and The
vy Depp (Char-
ocolate Factory),
he Producers), Cil-
reakfast on Pluto)
toenix (Walk the
n nominated for
ice by an Actor
rture-Musical or
las won four out
tions - Murphy
of the group to
ominations for
e Woody Allen
ieorge Clooney
Good Luck), Peter
Kong), Ang Lee
tain), Fernando
instant Gardener)
:lburg (Munich).
sn only two out
ns, leaving this
i all nominees.
Demille Award
lost prestigious
one person each
I a major impact
my Hopkins, a
Globe nominee,
he award.
! Golden Globe
in more than
le of the things
e awards differ-
demy Awards is
oth movies and
Don't forget to
lext Monday to
tes win.
e contacted at
n Globes
sented on NBC at
on, visit:
m a Bird Now.
;s album, and
ibrato are a
le this album
ful songs fea-
member Boy
idra Banhart.
) (and enjoy)
nk I have to
n is fun and
enon. If hard-
est release of
n the band's
tDamnl, but
I not caring
From the
he rhythms
Ibum brings
AB page A8
i .4tt
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Tony Hussle's 'divinely
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electric tanks album
You have options.
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Maternity Clothes
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ApQrtnwnls&tartQl Houses
Goodniglit and good luck
Wax movies are real drama.
Hussle's full-length
album preview fails to
Brokebock Mountain
because I cried!
"Before giving, I
always look for the
Humane Seal
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Approval guarantees that a health
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Council on Humane Giving
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If the Warner Brothers Records
press release about Tony Hussle
is to be taken seriously, then
everyone needs to stop buying
Warner Brothers music. The
opening sentence of the press
release reads, "It wouldn't be
much of a stretch to suggest
that Tony Hussle was the second
coming of the funk
For anyone who can actually
hear, it would
The Constant Gardener
Interesting murder
plot and "gardener" is
a sweet word.
be too much
of a stretch.
Some have
hailed Tony
Hussle as a
modern blend
of Jimi Hen-
drix, Prince
and DeVante
Swing, but it's
in this descrip-
t ion that
Hussle fails
to live up to.
The seven
song EP Sexy,
Freaky, Electric
is a sample of tracks from his
upcoming full-length release of
the same title in March. The big-
gest problem with the release is
that it fails to deliver anything
exciting and the brief sections of
impressive musical arrangements
are overshadowed by goofy lyrics
that don't deliver.
The opening track is a spoken
word introduction featuring his
mother, who describes Hussle's
beginnings in music as a young
kid involved with the church
choir director and persistent on
Tony Hussle
Check out the official Tony Hussle Web
site at
Watch the video for Tony Hussle's "Come
Again' online at rhapsody.comtonyhussle.
Join Tony Hussle's myspace group at
You can buy 'Sexy, Freaky, Electric' In
stores or online at or through
playing (she humorously men-
tions that his feet couldn't reach
the pedals on the organ, so he
played piano). This track lasts for
a little over a minute and leads
you to believe maybe the album
won't be so bad.
It isn't until ypu dive into the
second track, "Come Again and
its trite lyrics that make it hard
to take the music seriously. From
this track on, the only subject
tackled on the EP is sex, sex and
more sex. Lines like, "Hold up
girl, I gotta go to the bathroom
are confusingly placed in his first
person account of making a girl
well you heard the title.
The lyrics
from the
second track
only become
more and
more difficult
to take seri-
ously. They
flow more like
a pubescent
boy's private
diary about
his first crush
than anything
substantial or
inspired. The
big problem is
this so-called
ary funk' isn't challenging or
interesting, but the music
wouldn't be so bad if it weren't
for the lyrics.
"In This House the album's
third track, is about making love
in his house with his girl before
work. "Special" continues the
trend of ridiculousness with lines
like, "You're so specialspecial
like a baby's first stepsspecial
like the first time you have sex
see HUSSLE page A8
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from page A6
8. Thunderbirds are Now!
- lustamustache. Without a doubt,
one of the best all around albums
this year. An energetic release
led by vocalist Ryan Allen's
amazing range (sounds like a
girl) and guitar that hits hard
and similar to Le Tigre and
Les Savy Fav, this album fea-
tures amazing basslines that
punch and synth parts that wail.
9. Sleater-Kinney - The Woods.
SleatenKinney has been releasing
good music for a while now, and
The Woods is no exception. Amaz-
ing fern rock with vocal shrieks
that will pierce your eardrums and
leave you awestruck, this album
seems like it looks to the past
for inspiration, to a time when
the Pretenders ruled and before
the indie music scene became so
exclusive. Try the tracks "Wil-
derness" or "The Fox" for some
intro to what this album is about.
10. Medications - Your Favor-
ite People all in One Place. DC
natives Medications expand on
their last EP with this release and
for a three piece band, they've got
the fullest sound around. Melodi-
cally intense and rhythmically
spot-on, the guitar riffs hold this
album together and show a pos-
sibility for this young DC band.
As always, keep listening to
WZMB for some of this year's
amazing music that you may not
hear on all of the other cookie-
cutter radio stations around
This writer can be contacted at

from page A6
Find out more
Those were the top five of 1976,
but that was merely the tip of the
iceberg. The following list is mind
blowing and makes me wonder why
I couldn't have been living then.
All of these albums were
released in 1976: ACDC - High
Voltage, Aerosmith - Rocks, Blondie
- Blondie, Boston- Boston, David
Bowie - Station to Station, Chicago
- Chicago X, Alice Cooper - Alice
Cooper Goes to Hell, Kiss - Destroyer,
Bob Dylan - Desire, The Eagles
- Greatest Hits, The Eagles - Hotel
California, Foreigner - Foreigner,
JenningsNelson - Wanted! The
Outlaws, Journey - Look Into the
Future, Led Zeppelin - Presence,
Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More from
the Road, Bob Marley - Rastaman
Vibration, Wings - Wings at the Speed
of Sound, Steve Miller Band - Fry
Like an Eagle, The Ramones - 77ie
Ramones, The Rolling Stones -Black
& Blue, Rush-2112.
With albums like those, no
wonder 1976 is, and will forever
be known as, the greatest year in
music history. If you think about it,
anything is better than now.
This writer can be contacted at
HUSSI8 from page A7
But it doesn't stop there.
"Wait" describes his
frustration with a girl who fails
to give it up to him after three
months of dating. In "Your
Gift" he tackles the theme of
stealing someone's girlfriend
(what a surprise!), and in the
EP's closer, "She's a Virgin, Too
he gives accounts of every time
he's taken someone's virginity.
What makes this so much
worse is that Hussle claims that
his inspiration comes from God.
"1 honestly feel that God touched
me to do music says Hussle.
Maybe so, but it seems more
lazy than inspired.
Tony Hussle needs to stick to
writing music, not lyrics. Look-
ing past the lyrics, these tracks
do have some very impressive
beats and musical arrangements.
"In This House" features some
excellent guitar solos that could
drive blues guitarists wild.
His musical blend of soul,
funk, blues, rock and hip-hop
does bring promise of something
better in the future, but it's in his
lyrics that Tony Hussle loses all
credit. You can only sing so much
about sex and there are some
things that you just shouldn't
sing seriously about.
Unfortunately, all seven songs
blend together into a giant pile
of nonsense and by the time you
get halfway through the EP, even
the music seems like it's all a little
too similar. Unless it's laughs
you're looking for, Tony Hussle's
Sexy, Freaky, Electric probably just
isn't worth the time and wasted
brain cells.
This writer can be contacted at
Movie picks
k Outstanding
T effort
AT So-so
? Casanova (R)
Cheaper by (PG)
Dick and Jane (PG-13)
Munich (R)
?The Producers (PG-13)
The Ringer (PG-13)
? Rumor Has It (PG-13)
?Wolf Creek (R)
G All ages admitted
PG All ages
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PG-13 Parents strongly
cautioned, some material
may be inappropriate for
children under 13
R Restricted, under 17
requires accompanying
parent or guardian
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mones - The
Stones -Black
te those, no
I will forever
atest year In
hink about it,
in now.
ontacted at
er17 inying n 006 KRT
PageA9 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
THURSDAY January 12, 2006
ECU falls 77-67 to
No. 5 Memphis
A state divided by blue blood
Art Chansky tells the tale
of hard-court hate
You know a sports rivalry
has gone monumental and
historical whenever you
base relationship decisions
on which side your xten-
tial mate is on. It's got to
be bad when you come
to blows with your own
family on game night.
Some sports rivalries
are on the lighter side
of true animosity while
the big ones - Auburn
Alabama, Ohio StateMichigan
or TexasOklahoma, to name a
few - could really change the
course of people's years. Yet the
biggest rivalry of them all is
here in North Carolina and it's
been raging on for decades upon
Royal Blue or Baby Blue?
Duke and the University of
North Carolina have had bas-
ketball bad blood since before
Dean Smith and Mike Krzyze-
wski (yep, that's how you spell
it, from memory no less) played
prep ball. The roots of this angry
rivalry go down into the history
of the Atlantic Coast Conference,
and anyone who has ever called
Coach K a little rat or prayed to
God to wipe the Four Corners
from the face of existence's play-
book needs to know about it.
F.nter Art Chansky's Blue
Wood: DukeCaroltna: Inside the
Musi Storied Rivalry in College
Hoops, a holy text for both sides
of the rivalry. This book goes
through the history of the rivals
and introduces you to key play-
ers from back in the day as well
taking you through the landscape
of college basketball.
You'll meet Frank McGuire, the
Irish hothead coach who won North
Carolina's first national champion-
ship but also brought the school
NCAA sanctions for questionable
recruiting practices. You'll meet Vic
Bubas, McGuire's counterpart of
the time at Duke. You'll learn some
facts and things that may shock you
a little. For instance:
Among Dean Smith's vener-
able accomplishments, he has
one dubious distinction - he's
the only coach ever to be ejected
from an NCAA Final Four game.
Duke very nearly brought in
Adolph Rupp, the Baron of the
Bluegrass and the owner of the
third-most wins in college basket-
ball ever, to coach the Blue Devils.
(1'at Summitt is number one and
Dean Smith is number two. Yes,
women's basketball does count in
my book. Feel free to dispute.)
Art Heyman had committed
to North Carolina before revers-
ing and signing with Duke. This
animosity was part of the reason
he and Larry Brown got into their
famous fight that you'll read
about if you don't know it.
The book doesn't just cover
the rivalry, though. It also goes
into the deeper things of college
basketball. Chansky comments
on coaches as advertising icons
and how recruitment and game-
fixing got out of control. You'll
read about how Bubas' Blue
Devils lost to Rupp's Kentucky
Wildcats in the NCAA semifinal,
and that team could have gone
on to change history by play-
ing the Texas Western Miners
in 1966. There is also a lot of
insider information - you may
have never known about Roy Wil-
liams' return to the homeland
after his job at Kansas, or the
rampage that Krzyzewski went on
after he left Duke and it was run
into the ground for a season.
This book Is a coffee table
necessity for anyone who claims
to have a background in college
basketball and especially anyone
who would die for a ticket to see
the Tar Heels In Cameron or the
Blue Devils In the Dean Dome.
It's a history of Duke, Carolina
and college basketball the way
people would like to have it told,
well-written, passionate and
unbiased. Whether you think
Grant Hill is an icon or Rashecd
Wallace has a heart of gold, you
need to read this book cover to
cover as many times as possible
until you can recite from it.
Then you can paint your face
one color and wipe your nose
with the other.
This writer can be contacted at
Tigers close game with
13-6 run over last
The Pirates dueled with one of
the best teams in the nation for 39
minutes, but in the end, the sea-
soned armor of Memphis deflected
a potential ECU upset bid as the
Tigers defeated the Pirates 77-67.
"We made a couple of shots
and a couple of plays because we
were a little bit longer said Mem-
phis Head coach John Calipari.
"The reality of it is ECU
could have easily won the game
"As a coach, you want your
team to play hard and I thought
they did said first year ECU
Head coach Ricky Stokes.
"Any time, when you lay it on
the line like that and you lose,
you're disappointed. But if we can
continue to have the effort, good
things will happen to this team
Stokes received gritty efforts
from his Kinston combo of Corey
Rouse and Jeremy Ingram. House
paced ECU with 20 points and
12 rebounds despite fighting foul
trouble for much of the first half,
lngram's 12 point, 11 rebound
performance was impressive con-
sidering the Memphis decisive
height advantage.
Junior forward Tyronne Beale
added 13 points. The Pirates shot
just 22-of-S9 (37 percent) from
the field. But late in the game,
free throw shooting became
another bugaboo going l7-of-25
(68 percent).
Rodney Carney, a potential
NBA lottery pick, led Memphis
with a game high 27 points on
8-of-23 shooting. Insiders con-
sider the 6-foot-7-inch swing man
to be among the best athletes in
college basketball. The senior
leader struggled early, but con-
nected on 6-of-ll from behind-
the-arc. As a team, Memphis shot
10-of-35 (28.6 percent) from 3
point range.
" If they're wide open, they have
to shoot them Calipari said.
"If they're contested, they're bad
shots. I tliink they were open
Memphis point guard Darius
Washington, Jr scored eight
points in the last eight minutes,
20 seconds. But the sophomore's
pivotal play was when he dove on
his own miss and was granted a
timeout with 1:20 remaining.
Memphis hit 9-of-10 free
throws over the last 1:09 to seal
the win. The Tigers finished the
game on a 13-6 spurt.
Behind a season high 7,535
partisan fans, ECU rushed out
early on with seven consecutive
points capped by lngram's first
three-pointer. Ingram notched
another jumper to push ECU to
their biggest lead at 21-13 with
9:36 remaining in the first half.
Memphis countered with a
14-2 run to reassume the lead.
ECU didn't score for over two
minutes during the Tiger run.
The teams were deadlocked at the
intermission after trading baskets
for the rest of the frame.
"Don't think we didn't play
well Calipari said.
"We're not much better than
that. If ECU plays like that every
night out, their fine
"Memphisl is big tall, ath-
letic and can shoot Stokes said.
"They are a really good
basketball team. They'll go far
"This is what Conference USA
should be every game we play in
every building Calipari said.
"We were lucky to leave here
with a W
"I don't think we backed
down Stokes said.
This writer con be contacted at
Will Tom Brady and the Patriots be smiling after their matchup against the Broncos this weekend?
NFL weekend playoff predictions
New England back in the hunt for yet
another Super Bowl title
Paterno, Chaney share an
unseemly ability to embarrass
(KRT) One guy is 79 years old. The other is
73. Before going any further, think of the people
you know who fit that age description.
Now, see if you can build a list of things they
have done recently to make you wince.
I'll wait. . .
OK, you can stop now. You get the point, which
is this: Whether it's your father, your grandfather,
an uncle whose underwear always seems to be
hanging out, we all have people we love and adore
who can, at any time, embarrass the hell out of us
with their words and actions.
In Joe Paterno and John Chaney, we now have
two coaches like that, two old curmudgeons who
can make us laugh one minute and curse the next,
who can make us proud to know them or of them
one day and make us run for cover the next.
After again losing to Saint Joseph's Sunday,
Chaney held a pity party for himself. He com-
plained that he was being policed by his own con-
ference because of last year's "Goongate" episode,
and he chastised reporters for not letting go of the
incident, as though it would have been just another
A-10 game without the coverage. He called himself
"a lightning rod" as if that was an accident, and not
the result of a career of flying kites in hurricanes.
Palerno, of course, made himself fodder for the
National Organization for Women down at the
Orange Bowl by doing something he has spent his
career avoiding: sharing his thoughts on something
he knows or cares little about. Asked to comment on
a Florida State linebacker accused of sexual assault,
Paterno sounded like Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny.
He babbled on about the kid not knowing what he
was getting into, about "a cute girl" knocking on
your door.
"What do you do?" he asked, sounding genu-
inely perplexed.
see PATERNO page AW
Am I getting old when I catch myself watching
ESPN Classic? Or when 1 get nostalgic for those
ESPN anchors who accompanied my mornings as
often as my cereal? Is it right that cheesy TV graph-
ics and old school Starter jackets put me in a mood
too giddy for my own liking?
Recently while feeding an addiction to my
newly discovered digital cable sports tier, I again
found myself locked on ESPN Classic. Steve Sabol,
the ageless face of NIT. Films, was gracefully nar-
rating a piece on the NFL's greatest playoff games.
To my surprise, my grandfather's generation of
quarterbacks in Paul Hornung or Bart Starr didn't
handcuff the airwaves. And even more surprising
was that the games didn't feature Terry Bradshaw
or Roger Staubach from my dad's generation.
The games were from the 1990s, an era I can
claim as my own. The Images reinvigorated memo-
ries of Natrone Means bulldozing through defenses.
Suddenly, I recalled gasping when Jim Harbaugh's
pass was batted around in Pittsburg and conjured
up names like Jay Novacek and Alvin Harper, two
players that complemented the Dallas already
potent three-pronged attack? I remembered when
kickers Chip lohmiller and Steve Christie were
household names for the right reasons and Scott
Norwood wasn't as fortunate.
Now as we head into the depths of January,
the fuzzy playoff picture is becoming clearer. Wild
card pretenders were displaced leaving only eight
premier teams. And now upon the nitty gritty, any
mistake can cause players and their teams to head
home dejected. But if history is any lesson, heroes
will rise, legacies will be cemented and the best
team will become champion.
New England at Denver
Save a Vladimir Putin swipe, Mike Shanahan
and Bill Belichick could stock a hopeful hand full
of Super Bowl rings. Shanahan has two as a head
coach while Belichick, a rare visitor during January,
has three of his own. Rings aside, the team tout-
ing a better record and higher seed, Denver, isn't
expected to advance.
A severe underdog four years ago, New England
was crowned a dynasty in the preseason. To the
contrary with Denver, who struggled in a hapless
2004 Wild Card exit to Indianapolis. Through the
midpoint in 2005, Denver stood tall at 6-2 with a
revamped Jake Plummer. And the so-called dynasty
was experiencing a rare form of mediocrity at 4-4
after numerous injuries at key positions.
Ten weeks later, Jake Plummer has a chance
to solidify his recent Pro Bowl selection. And the
Broncos can quell the nauseating Tom Brady to Joe
Montana references. But the Patriots have playoff
extensive experience and Brady is 10-0 as a starter
in the postseason. Plus, wouldn't an AFC chain
pionship showdown with Indianapolis be more
Prediction: New England 26, Denver 10
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
After winning 13 consecutive games, the Colts
lost their last meaningful game to San Diego 26-17
in the RCA Dome. A month of rest or not, momen-
lum in football can't be turned on like a faucet.
Though, the zeal of Head Coach Tony Dungy will
displace any media concerns about distractions.
Pittsburg was a Kimo von Oelhoffen cheap shot
away from getting run ragged by the Bengals. The
Palmer injury ripped the color from the Cincin-
nati TV sets. Instead, the defensive Steelers rode an
aged Bus for 52 yards into the second round. Ben
see PREDICTIONS page A10

from page A9
Roethlisberger didn't impress
passing for 205 yards in the 31-
17 win.
The Colts beat an injury
riddled current Steelers team
26-7 on November 28. However,
Peyton Manning's ease in pass-
ing for 245 yards coupled with
Edgerrin James' 145 yards on the
ground are areas of concern for
Bill Cowher's staff.
The Steelers are not athletic
enough in the secondary to
compete with the Colts' staple
of receivers. Look for Manning,
Dungy and the no-name defense
to make their first stand toward
Prediction: Indianapolis 39,
Pittsburgh 13
Washington at Seattle
Joe Gibbs has won three
Super Bowl rings with different
quarterbacks in Joe Theismann,
Doug Williams and Mark Rypien.
But Washington quarterback
Mark Brunell, experiencing a
minor renaissance, is far from
his prime. Behind the less than
fleet-footed Brunell, the visiting
Redskins are blooming with con-
fidence having won six straight.
Seattle is the class of the
NFC. Evidence is their supreme
13-3 regular season record and
NFL MVP Shaun Alexander. The
former Alabama great surpassed
Priest Holmes' regular season
touchdown record with 27. If
Washington defensive coordi-
nation Gregg Williams is worth
his newly signed $8 million
contract, he will steal a page from
John Fox's notebook and attempt
to stop the run.
The Redskin plan will force
Matt Hasselbeck will make good
on his past playoff coin-toss guar-
antee. He will need to spread the
ball to wideouts Bobby Engram
and Joejurevicius. If he does so,
Mike Holmgren could be back in
the Super Bowl for the first time
in 10 years.
Prediction: Seattle 18,
Washington 9
Carolina at Chicago
The erratic Panthers shocked
the nation with their 23-0 blow-
out of the Giants. John Fox came
up with an artistic game plan of
stopping Tiki Barber, who gained
only 41 yards. Again, the Panther
defense will be charged with
stopping the run.
Comparing the Giants to the
Bears, Chicago isn't as diverse
offensively. Rex Grossman in
his two starts has thrown for
a measly 259 yards and one
touchdown. But defensively, the
Bears are downright scary. Lovie
Smith's team has only allowed
12.6 points per game.
Remember the 13-3
embarrassment the Bears handed
to Carolina earlier? Steve Smith
caught 14 balls for 169 yards,
but the sparkplug couldn't find
the end zone. Carolina will need
some "explosion plays" to win.
Unfortunately for the home
team, their offense has none.
Prediction: Carolina 24,
Chicago 20
This writer can be contacted at
PdlBmO from page A9
I can think of only one reason
Joe didn't heed the advice he has
given his players for decades: his
age. One day, I am convinced,
they are going to discover that
the part of the brain that blocks
the path of foolish and harmful
thoughts disintegrates as we get
older. This would not completely
explain Pat Robertson, of course,
but it could be a contributing
For years, Paterno has
shielded his players from the
media. As recently as December,
he pulled the old bait and switch
on us, inviting reporters out to
State College for a day of inter-
views with players.
Only when everyone got
there, all they got was Joe.
Here's some advice for when
Joe invites everyone out next
year: Put the players in front of
us and you go hide.
No one will be upset. Promise.
This would not be a bad idea
for ol' lightning rod, either. As
Chaney himself said after the St.
Joe's rematch, "Kids handle situ-
ations of this kind better than
adults Agreed. Let his players
put into context the rematch
with St. Joe's, the way Nehemiah
Ingram did so well after Sunday's
close loss. You? Go take a nap or
something, so when you wake
up you're not so cranky, yelling
at everybody because you didn't
get foul calls.
One thing I find awfully
interesting amid all this is how
often coaches - not just JoePa
and Chaney - paint themselves
as victims or how often their
trusted aides do. Remember,
these are the same people who
accept no excuses from the
people who play for them,
who preach accountability and
responsibility. Yet no sooner had
NOW's Pennsylvania leader said
she was "appalled" by Paterno's
comments than a spokesman at
the school was claiming he was
taken out of context.
It was on television, people.
You get cable out there in Pleas-
antville, don't you? The context
was clear for everyone to see.
Lest anyone think I am treat-
ing either man harshly, nothing
could be farther from the truth.
On the contrary, I am empathetic
to the plights of each, dealing
with a world from which most of
their peers have retired to Flor-
ida. It's no accident that JoePa
sometimes sounds like George
Costanza's dad. My parents are
slightly younger than Joe and
slightly older than John, and the
greatest challenge they face these
days is navigating their way to
the supermarket.
They often look confused,
sometimes become cantankerous
and occasionally say things they
don't really mean and haven't
really thought out. I'm not the
first one to point out that if they
live long enough, your parents
may become like your children
just as your children are becom-
ing parents.
The difference is you can't
make your parents apologize
the way you can make your kids
apologize. You can't make your
parents see the error of their
ways the way you can your kids,
because they are so set in them.
You can't send them to their
room to make them think about
it, and you can't embarrassingly
dismiss it to others with the
claim that they do not know
any better.
Instead, you can only encour-
age them to relax, take things
slower, maybe even retire.
Before they get into real
Good Insurance? Poor Insurance? No Insurance?
($160.00 value)
Dr. Brian M. Kean is offering affordable chiropractic treatment
to the public. This service will include consultation, examination,
SEMG, x-rays, and a confidential report of the lindings.
Pain between Shoulders
Numbness in Hands & Arms
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Recurring headache
Neck, Shoulder, & Arm pain
Low Back and Leg Pain
If you suffer from any of these warning signs, call immediatelyto prevent
advancing complications. This offer is available as a public service
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I Includes Complete Chiropractic Emulation ft up to 2 x-rayi
' If you decide to purchase treatment you have the right lo
change your mind within three days and receive a refund.
Call for an Appointment: 321-3579
504 C. Red Banks Rd. Greenville, NC 27858
East Carolina University
Delivered by: Mr. Phillip R. Dixon
Mr. Dixon is a former chair of the ECU Board of Trustees
and noted Greenville attorney (Dixon, Doub, Conner ft
Foster, PLLC) and civic leader.
Good morning! What a GREAT day! On behalf of outgoing system
President Molly Broad, incoming system President Erskine Bowles,
and the 32 members of the UNC system Board of Governors, I bring
you all greetings, our congratulations, and best wishes to you and your
families for a happy and meaningful holiday season.
The UNC system consists of sixteen different campuses extending
from Wilmington to Cullowhee. It has approximately 39,000 employ-
ees, and helps educate nearly 200,000 students each year. Without
doubt, it is the finest University system in the nation. California ap-
pears second, and Michigan appears third. It benefited gready from a
$3.1 billion higher education bond issue in 1998, which is the largest
such bond issue ever passed by any state in the entire nation. You can
see the impact of these bonds on this and every other campus within
the system. In spite of recent increases in tuition and fees, the North
Carolina system remains one of the most affordable systems of higher
education in the nation. When I state that the UNC system is the
finest University system in the entire country, I am not bragging, and
I am not overstating the very high regard in which our system is held.
We can all take great pride in being a part of this campus and this
University system.
Our own ECU is the third largest campus and the fastest growing cam-
pus in this wonderful system. As the Chancellor often notes, students
are voting with their feet, and our enrollment continues to grow at an
impressive rate. ECU is very proud to have one of only two medical
schools in the system, and perhaps the finest young medical school
in the nation. It is recognized as a leader in family medicine, rural
medicine, primary care, tele-medicine, and robotic surgery. Hopefully,
Chancellor, in the near fiituic we will be adding a dental school which
will better serve our citizens, especially those in under-served areas of
Eastern North Carolina. You should also know that ECU is the lead-
ing producer of teachers and nurses and other allied health profession-
als in the system, and by far is clearly the system's leader in distance
education. No other campus currendy comes close to accomplishing
what we are accomplishing today in higher education with technology.
But I digress. On to the task at hand. You will each have many
birthdays, attend many dinner parties, celebrate many Fourths of July,
but you will have only one college graduation. It is a rich and special
event that you typically experience but once in a lifetime. This is also
indeed a celebration. It is both an ending and a beginning. To the
graduates - congratulations on your academic achievements, and on the
friendships you have built while here at the University. They both will
continue to enrich your lives through the years. Congratulations also to
the parents, spouses and families. You too should feel a sense of great
accomplishment and pride in your graduate's completion of his or her
formal schooling. Perhaps now you can expect some payback for all
those sacrifices you made financially and otherwise for these past 4, 5, 6
or more years. Perhaps most importandy, congratulations to the faculty
and staff. You should pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.
Only after some passage of time will we really know and appreciate the
impact that you have had on the lives of these young people.
It becomes the responsibility of anyone asked to address a group such
as yours to try and impart some wisdom from their years of experience.
I do not have as many years of experience as some speakers might. I,
therefore, turned to the partners and associates in my law firm for ad-
vice and counsel. We meet regularly for a firm meeting on Tuesday of
each week, and this week I asked each of them what advice they might
give to each of you. I should add that every one of the attorneys in my
office, and most of the paralegals, are proud graduates of East Carolina
University. You see, only in this way can we insure quality control in
our hiring. We take great pride in this campus. Our youngest attorney,
the one who may best remember his graduation, gives this simple advice
to you and anyone going out in the world today. Don't go. TTiat may
not be bad advice. But, assuming that you do not have that as a realistic
option, or perhaps more likely that you have already relied upon that
advice for several years of schooling beyond the normal four years, I
will turn my attention to what advice I should give you concerning
what my father used to call the "cold cruel world As I recall, my
parents had a great deal of advice for me when I was finishing school.
Other than the most obvious "get a job I recall most of it sounded
terribly boring, and you may have heard some of this advice before.
"Life isn't fair "there is no such thing as a free lunch "some good
deals aren't "money won't buy happiness "no pain, no gain "talk is
cheap "pride goes before the fall and "no man is an island Even
though those expressions are tired, they are probably still true. But let's
be more practical. What are life's dcs and don'ts? You have probably
already heard many times how to dress for an interview, and what to say
in response when they ask you what kind of salary you want, but what
are the things you really need to know? What are the things we people
in the business world look for in people who we will hire and promote?
Our world is changing. Education remains a key to success. As my
youngest partner Jeff suggests, you really should get as much educa-
tion as you possibly can. Get a Masters or professional degree, or seek
a doctorate. With our distance education offerings on the internet, it
should be easier, less expensive, and much more convenient than ever
for you to do so. Remember, there are many much less fortunate. In
my practice, I see this daily - one in five people I see in my practice
cannot read and write; one in five is functionally illiterate. Accordingly,
you are already far ahead of the average, but as time passes, more will be
required and expected of you.
Here is my list of Rules to Live By:
My wife is a very talented violinist. Her favorite virtuoso is Isaac
Stern. Someone once approached Mr. Stern and offered this praise
after a concert, "Mr. Stern, I'd give my life to play as beautifully as you
do Mr. Stern responded, "I did You graduates have already invested
four or more years as a down payment, while some of your former high
school classmates decided to spend these past four or more years else-
where beginning their careers. Today most of them are already earning
what they can expect to earn for the rest of their lives. Don't throw
that down payment you have made away. If you want to be successful
in a chosen field, find out what it takes to be the very best. This is go-
ing to include time, practice, commitment, and some sacrifice. There is
a price that must be paid. Be willing to pay the price.
Emerson said that our primary need in life is to have somebody who
will make us do what we can do. We all have had that somebody who
has gendy prodded us along - a parent, friend or teacher. From now
on, you will have to rely more upon yourself to motivate and inspire
you to make you do what you are capable of doing. Discipline is neces-
sary to put in the necessary hours, to stay up to date in your chosen
field, to read, to use your time well, to eat right, to stay healthy to main-
tain balance in your life, and to stay with the tasks that you are given.
Remember also that it is "follow-through" that marks success. Disci-
pline is simply control. If you don't control yourself, someone else will,
or no one else will. Either case will be less desirable than self-control.
This is not the same as being disciplined. Discipline is setting your
alarm clock at 5:00 a.m. and making yourself get up when it goes off
Goal setting is knowing why you set the alarm at 5:00 a.m. in the first
place. Think about what you hope to achieve, and chart out what you
plan to achieve. If you have ever been sailing on a boat, you know that
finding the wind is not always easy. If you have no plans to go any
place special, then any wind is the right wind; but if you have a certain
waterside restaurant that you want to make by noon, then you need to
pick a specific direction and find the right wind. "Winners" in this
world expect to win in advance. Life for them becomes a self-fulfilling
prophecy. Choice, not chance, determines destiny. Make some choices
and set some goals.
Studies confirm over and over again that people do not lost their jobs
because they don't have the technical know-how and the requisite skills.
Most frequendy, they simply cannot get along with other people. You
may not please all the people all the time, but you can please most of
the people most of the time - even if it is no other way than being
open to their criticism. This is particularly true with spouses and
roommates. If your employer tells you that you lose your temper too
easily, and your parents and spouse tell you the same thing, it stands to
reason that you probably lose your temper too easily. When you hear
such feedback, listen before you deny it Don't be so defensive. Evalu-
ate it, ponder it, and make any changes in your life that are in order.
We have all heard the quote from George Bernard Shaw that says,
"Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that
never were and say why not?" We need more people in the workplace
saying "why not?" We have many problems, and we need solutions to
them. Keep your head in the clouds - Dare to Dream.
Don't be afraid to fail. We need people in the business world who
strike out where there is no path, and leave a trail of their own - not
people who simply follow where the path leads.
Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "Man's mind,
once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions I
hope that is true, and I hope that you will never be satisfied to stop
learning what is going on around you. Wealth was once measured in
gold. Now it is measured in what we know. Stay alert. Keep informed.
Know when to compromise and when to stick to your convictions.
What you once knew to be right and wrong is still right and wrong.
Unfortunately, the corporate world is having to learn all over again
that being ethical is what is best for business, and best for the bottom
line in the long run. Compromise can come in many forms, whether it
be decisions on insurance coverage, or how to handle hazardous waste
disposal. Right has been, and always will be, right,
Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.
Coach Little League. Get involved in your church or a worthwhile
community project. Do something to make the world in which we live
a better place.
This is perhaps the most important rule. Some people spend their lives
climbing the ladder of success only to find that when they get to the
top, the ladder is leaning against the wrong building. Decide what you
want. Ask yourself whether you want a job traveling most of the time.
Do you want adventure and learning about the world around you? or
do you want to be at home at night with your family? Your personal
definition of success makes many seemingly difficult decisions much
easier through the years
By way of summary, do the following:
Be willing to pay the price
Be self-disciplined
Set some goals
Learn to get along well with others
Be a dreamer
Take risks
Don't be afraid to fail
Stay informed
Be ethical
Have some fun
Define success in your own terms
Some final observations:
If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over
your head, and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75 of this world.
If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a
dish someplace, you are among the top 8 of the world's wealthiest
If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are
more blessed than the million who will not survive the week.
If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of
imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation, you are
ahead of 500 million people in the world.
If you can attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest,
torture, or death, you are more blessed than 3 billion people in the
If your parents are still alive and still married to each other, you are
very rare even in the United States.
If you hold up your head with a smile on your face, or are truly thank-
ful; you are blessed because a majority can, but most do not.
If you can hold someone's hand, hug them, or even touch them on the
shoulder, you are blessed because you can offer a healing touch.
If you can read, you are more blessed than over 2 billion people in the
world who cannot read at all.
I conclude with one more final observation. One of the greatest
achievements of graduation is actually being able to sit through the
commencement exercises and a speech such as this one. My personal
congratulations to each of you. Thank you.

Page A11
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Call 551-3279 between 2-5 only.
Leave message if necessary. Sorry
Greenville residents only.
Kappa Alpha is hosting a band
party with the "Family Tree Band"
on 1132006 at the KA house.
Tickets are $4 in advance and $5
at the door. Gates open at 10pm.
For more info call 252-235-7070 or
The sisters of Kappa Delta would
like to thank the brothers of Delta
Sigma Phi for a great welcome
back social.
The sisters of Kappa Delta would
like to thank: Laura Brewer, Kerry
Gelaton, Katie Reese, and Katie
Prisuta for being sisters of the
Interested in joining a sorority?
Come meet the sisters of Zeta Tau
Alpha, tonight at 7:30pm. We can't
wait to see you there! For directions
or a ride call 757-1811.
Attention all Greeks: Dollar Night
You could represent ECU at Regional Competitions in
Bowling Chess Table Tennis Spades
Poetry Slam Nine Ball Dance Dance Revolution
Tournament winners will be awarded trophies and the opportunity to
represent ECU at regional competitions to be held at East Carolina
University Greenville, NC the weekend of Feb. 17-19, 2006.
All expenses paid by Mendenhall Student Center.
If you think you could be, we want to give you the opportunity to find out!
Sat. Jan. 21 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Mendenhall Student Center
Social Room
Thur. Jan. 26 6:00 PM
The Outer Limitz
Mendenhall Bowling Center
(Women's and Men's Divisions)
Fri. Jan. 27 6:00 PM
Mendenhall Student Cei
Great Room 1
(Nine Ball)
Mon. Jan.23 6:00 PM
Mendenhall Billiards Center
(Men's and Women's Divisions)
Table Tennis 0
Tues. Jan. 17 6.00 PM
Mendenhall Social Room
(Men's and Women's Singles
Team Divisions)
Poetry Slam
Thur. Jan. 19 6:00 PM
Mendenhall Billiards
Dance Dance Revolution
Mon. Jan. 30 6:00 PM
Outer Limitz
Game room
There is a $2.00 registration fee for each tournament. Registration forms are
available at the Mendenhall Billiards Center, and the Outer Limitz Bowling
center located on the ground floor of Mendenhall Student Center. Call the
Recreation Program Office, 328.4738 for more information.
Every Thursday at Cafe Caribe
$3 Admission. Nicest Restrooms
Downtown. Plenty of Room to
Socialize. Come Check it Out
Spring Break Panama City From
$199! Beachfront Rooms at
Boardwalk, Holiday Inn! Free Party
Package, Food at MTVu Party Tent!
Bahamas Cruise $299. Daytona
$179, Cancun, Acapulco, Nassau
$599! 800-
1 Spring Break Website! Low
prices guaranteed. Free Meals &
Free Drinks. Book 11 people, get
12th trip free! Group discounts for
6 www.SpringBreakDiscounts.
com or or
Bahamas Spring Break Celebrity
Cruise! 5 Days From $299! Includes
Meals, Taxes, Entry To Exclusive
MTVu Events, Beach Parties With
Celebrities As Seen on Real World,
Road Rules! On Campus Reps
Needed! www.SpringBreakTravel.
com Promo code: 34 1-800-678-
Rolling Papers Glass Pipes Loose Tobacco
Stickers Blow-up Friends & Farm Animals Incense
Body Piercing & Jewelry Detox Solutions Candles
Hair Dye Adult Videos Black Lights Whipcream
Gag Gifts and a Bunch of Other Cool Stuff
Welcome Back Students!
Show Your Student ID And Get
205 E. 5th Street
(252) 758-6685
I at tacks ona
Semi-Annual Winter Sale
Sale starts Friday
Jan. 13 thru
Sunday Jan. 15
w Join us for our winter clearance event!
Select Winter clothing 30 off,
Free People Sweaters 40 off,
Shoes 30-50 off, Select Jewelry 50 off.
Select purses 30 off, and much more.
It's a sale not to be missed
Designer clothes on SALE
Treat yourself to something Special!
New spring shipments are arriving daily. m
located in LaPromenade Shopping Center
Hours MonSat. 10am-pm Sun I-6pm
ijtm SNfr
Thursday, January 19th
Time: 7:00 PM
Registration: 6:45 PM
Location: SRC IndoorOutdoor Pool
chance to WIN an iPOD NANOU
JUMPERS will receive a FREE T-Shirt!
FREE food and PRIZES!
E A 5 T
CA.oiJNA (252) 328-6387

University Suites Apartments
Third Floor
Second Floor
r I
First Floor
Why Settle for limited patio space
when you can have spacious
indoor and outdoor living!
Early Bird Special-
New units available immediately
& for Fall'06
Townhome Style-
No one above or below you
3 bedroom3 bath
Maximum Privacy-
Only one bedroom per floor!
Parking at your front door
Extra large brick patio
Private Bus Service
Close to campus &
Near Shopping
Unlike anything else!
FREE Tanning, Fitness,
Pool, and Clubhouse
Wecome to the "SUITE LIFE
Open House MonFri. 9-8 Sat. 12-4
University Suites 551-3800
seated at tho corner of Arlington Blvd. and Evans Street - behind the Kangaroo Gas Station
How A Pirate Should Eat!
No Fees for the '06 Spring Semester
Sign up now at
Enter Promo Code: FREE-SS06
1-877-Meal Deal
We offer more than 40 restaurants
in Greenville for you to dine at.

The East Carolinian, January 12, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
January 12, 2006
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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