The East Carolinian, January 10, 2006
volume 81 Number 37
January 10, 2006
Supreme Court nominee
beginning Senate hearings
SGA Senate holds
first meeting of 2006
Garrie Moore addresses
the assembly
Judge Samuel Alito prepares for Senate questioning. He Is Bush's second nominee to replace the retiring Sandra Day O'Connor.
dent Bush sent Supreme Court
nominee Samuel Alito off to his
confirmation hearings Monday
with best wishes and a demand
that senators "give this man a fair
vote and an up or down vote
Alito was facing close ques-
tioning by the Judiciary Com-
mittee to determine his fitness
to be the nation's 110th Supreme
Court justice. But first, he got
some last-minute encouragement
from the president over breakfast
at the White House.
Speaking to reporters after-
ward, the president called Alito
"eminently qualified" to be on
the high court and said he told the
judge that "he's conducting him-
self with such dignity and class
"Sam's got the intellect neces-
sary to bring a lot of class to that
court Bush said as he escorted
Alito before news cameras in
the Rose Garden. "He's got the
judicial temperament necessary
to make sure that the court is a
body that interprets the law and
doesn't try to write the law
Alito, a conservative, 15-year
member of the federal appeals
court in Philadelphia, was chosen
by Bush, an Oct. 31 to succeed
the retiring Justice Sandra Day
O'Connor, the first woman on
the high court.
O'Connor, a justice since
1981, was a decisive swing vote
on abortion, the death penalty,
affirmative action and other
highly contentious issues.
"My hope, of course, is that
the Senate bring dignity to the
process and give this man a fair
hearing and an up or down vote
on the Senate floor Bush said. He
added: "Sam, good luck to you
Ten-minute opening state-
ments by the panel's 18 members
were likely to consume much of
Monday's opening session, with
direct questioning of Alito getting
fully under way beginning Tues-
day. The hearings are expected to
last at least two days.
Judiciary Chairman Arlen
Specter, R-Pa said Sunday he will
1rM"P the hearings this week.
He has called for a committee
vote by Jan. 17.
Republican leaders hope for
confirmation by the full Senate
on Jan. 20, but Vermont Sen.
Patrick Leahy, the committee's
top Democrat, would not promise
the schedule would hold.
"Obviously, if (Alito) doesn't
answer the questions, then it gets
out of my control. Some senator
would move to hold it over. Let's
hope we get all the answers so
that doesn't happen Leahy said
Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation
Alito was Bush's second choice
to replace O'Connor. White
House counsel Harriet Miers
withdrew from consideration
after conservatives questioned
her judicial philosophy and qual-
ifications for the Supreme Court.
Democrats also voiced doubts.
Bush then turned to Alito,
55, who previaqjjjr MM as a
federal prosecuPnoa lawyer in
the Reagan administration.
Republicans-say there is no
reason to delay or filibuster Alito.
Senators who have met privately
with Alito say he told them that
his 1985 written comments
maintaining there was no con-
stitutional right to abortion were
part of a job application for the
Reagan administration, which
opposed abortion.
At the same time, he wrote in
a separate legal memo while at
see ALITO page A2
The SGA Senate convened
yesterday for the first time this
semester in order to discuss items
of appropriation as well as bus
stop augmentations.
The Senate was also greeted
by Garrie Moore, vice chancel-
lor for student life, who told
the assembly about last month's
Board of Trustees meeting and
how the Board Of Trustees was
appreciative of student input.
"It really made a difference
said Moore.
Moore's sentiment was
shared by Senate President Ben-
jamin Wythe. Wyche and Moore
Splained how important it was
r jtudentt to be at the BOT
meeting especially considering
the miscommunications between
school administrators and stu-
dents regarding the Higher One
"It was one of the first times
the BOT apologized to the stu-
dents said Wyche.
Moore also alluded to some of
the renovation projects that are
being considered by the BOT. He
said it is important for students
to take control of changes that
are happening to buildings like
Mendenhall Student Center and
Ledonia Wright Cultural Center,
places used heavily by students.
He encouraged senators and all
students to go to meetings where
renovation plans are discussed.
"These are your buildings
when you see there is a meeting
set up it is really important
you attend Moore said.
Moore informed SGA last
month about provisions involv-
ing pre-paid legal services for
ECU students. He said the Divi-
sion of Student Life will cover the
costs for the services.
The $2.50 student fee increase
was not accepted by the BOT
because they want to remain
within spending limits.
John Massachi, chairman of
the Senate parking and trans-
portation committee, proposed
two resolutions involving the
availability of bus schedules to
students. Senate Resolution 11-
1 called for a mandate on ECU
buses to post schedules perma-
nently, securely in each bus.
"Schedules are already on the
buses said Massachi.
"This is here to enforce it
The problem with bus sched-
ules not being securely posted
on buses is related to another
problem SGA addressed through
SR 11-2. It was passed along with
SR-11 in order to make sure bus
schedules are posted at the bus
stop as well as the buses in a
secure manner. In the past, they
were torn down or washed away
from rain.
The Senate also passed three
bills involving appropriations.
Senate Bill 11-1 provided ECU
College Republicans $723 for two
see SGA page A3
Five new human cases of
bird flu reported in Turkey
Israeli residents express their concerns for their ailing prime minister.
Doctors work to pull Sharon out of
coma, Israeli leader breaths on own
started bringing Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon out of an induced
coma Monday, and the stricken
leader immediately began breath-
ing on his own and reportedly
moved one of his hands.
Outside experts said that
while independent breathing
meant Sharon had better chances
for survival, it gave no indica-
tion about his other physical or
mental capacities in the wake of
his massive stroke Wednesday.
The process of weaning
Sharon, 77, from sedation could
take anywhere from several hours
to days, Hadassah Hospital direc-
tor Dr. Shlomo Mor-Yosef said.
Doctors made the decision to lift
the anesthesia after a round of
consultations Monday.
Hadassah Hospital officials
would not comment on a Chan-
nel 10 TV report that Sharon
moved his hand. The report did
not say which hand.
Hospital officials said they
would not discuss Sharon's con-
dition until a Monday afternoon
"As soon as we started reduc-
ing the drugs the prime min-
ister started to breathe inde-
pendently, although he is still
hooked up to a respirator that is
used as an aid Mor-Yosef said,
adding that Sharon remained in
critical condition.
Outside experts have said
doctors should have a good idea
of the extent of Sharon's brain
damage by the end of the day.
One Of Sharon's neurosurgeons
said it was unlikely he could func-
tion as prime minister again.
Experts said the prime minis-
ter suffered most of the damage to
the right side of his brain, so he has
a greater chance of regaining his
speech and comprehension, which
are controlled by the left side.
After withdrawing the seda-
tives, doctors will pass their
assessment of brain damage to
see SHARON page A2
Turkey reported five new
human cases of the H5N1 strain
of bird flu in preliminary tests
Monday, a Health Ministry offi-
cial said.
The tests were conducted
in Turkish labs on samples
provided by five people sus-
pected of having the disease,
said the official, speaking
on condition of anonymity
because she was not autho-
rized to speak to the media.
The new cases raise the
number of human bird flu cases
in Turkey to 15. They have not
yet been confirmed by the World
Health Organization.
Health Ministry official
Turan Buzgan said the new cases
were discovered in four separate
provinces in eastern and central
Turkey, as well as on the Black
Sea coast, indicating the disease
was continuing to spread across
the country.
Health officials note the
virus so far has only been con-
firmed in humans who were
in close and prolonged contact
with birds. But they are watching
the disease's spread and devel-
opment for fear it could mutate
Into a form easily transmitted
between humans, sparking a
The European Union took
further steps Monday to con-
tain the disease, agreeing to
ban imports of untreated feath-
ers from six nations bordering
eastern Turkey. The ban on
Bird flu continues to raise concerns for European countries.
imports from Armenia, Azerbai-
jan, Iraq, Iran, Georgia and Syria
is expected to come into force
after formal approval Tuesday by
the European Commission.
Other poultry imports from
those countries are already
banned, said Michael Mann,
spokesman for the EU's head
In Turkey, 10 people had pre-
viously tested positive for H5N1
in tests done in the country's
labs, four of which were con-
firmed by the World Health
Those four include two sib-
lings who died last week in the
eastern city of Van, the first
confirmed fatalities caused by
the virus outside eastern Asia,
where 74 people have been
killed by H5N1 since 2003.
A third sibling also died in
Van of bird flu, but the WHO
lab has yet to confirm H5N1.
On Monday, Health Min-
ister Recep Akdag visited with
the father of the children in
Dogubayazit, a largely Kurdish
town near Van where most of
the bird flu cases have origi-
nated. He was accompanied by
officials from WHO and the
European Union.
The doctor who treated the
siblings said they probably con-
tracted the illness by playing
with dead chickens.
Earlier Monday, authorities
reported 18 additional people
were hospitalized in southeast
Turkey while undergoing testing
for bird flu.
see FLU page A3
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Page A2 252.328.6366
CHRIS MUNIER News Editor ZACK HILL Assistant News Editor
TUESDAY January 10, 2006
MLK Tribute Lecture
Tutu celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.
Day at ECU. NaomiTutu, the daughter
of famed South African Archbishop
Desmond Tutu, will visit Greenville in
observance of the holiday. The event
will be held Wednesday, Jan. 11 at
7 p.m. in Hendrix Theater. For more
information, contact David Dennard
at 328-4364 or the Ledonia Wright
Cultural Center at 328-6495.
Book Signing
ECU foreign language professor
Steven Cerutti will hold a book
signing for his book Word of
the Day: The Unlikely Evolution
of College English. The book is
inspired by CeruWs popular class
on Greek and Latin Vocabulary
Building (CLAS 1300). For more
information, contact Steven Cerutti at
MLK Vigil and March
ECU will hold a candlelight vigil
and march on College Hill at 6 p.m.
Monday, Jan. 16 in celebration of
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Amusical
performance by ECU professors
Louise Toppin and Gerald Knight
with Gregory Thompson of Johnson
University, followed by selections
from the ECU Gospel Choir, the choir
from the Immanuel Baptist Church
and the ECU choral students will
follow at 7 p.m. in Hendrix Theater.
All events are free and open to the
public. For more information, contact
David Dennard at 328-4363 or the
Ledonia Wright Cultural Center at
Student Volunteer
Students at ECU will be encouraged
to participate in the MLK Day
Volunteer Challenge Monday, Jan.
16. Volunteers will contribute to a
daylong effort organized by ECU'S
Volunteer and Service Learning
Center. Volunteer Venues include
the Boys and Girls Club, Creating
Cheer, Hope Lodge and the Mariey
Fund. Students will sign in at 8 am. in
Mendenhall Student Center, attend
at memorial at 9 a.m. and begin
their volunteer projects at 9:45 am.
Registration forms are available at
mlk.cfm. For more Information,
contact the Volunteer and Service
Learning Center at 328-2735.
Important Calendar
Thursday, Jan. 12 at 5 the
deadline for late registration and
schedule changes (drop and add).
Friday, Jan. 13 is the last day for
schedule changes (add only).
Monday, Jan. 16 is Martin Luther
King, Jr. Day, which is a state holiday.
There will be no class.
Award-winning Piano
Joyce Yang, 12th Van Clibun
International Piano Competition
Silver Medalist, will perform at 8
p.m. in Wright Auditorium Thursday,
Jan. 19. Yang has recently had
several concert engagements and
has recorded a CD. Upcoming
collaborations include the
Indianapolis and Tucson Orchestras
and the Grammy award-winning
Takacs Quartet Tickets are required.
For more information, contact the
Central Ticket Office at 328-4788
or 1-800-ECU-ARTS.
National Folic Acid
The week of Jan, 9-15 is National
Folic Acid Awareness Week
sponsored by the NC Folic Acid
Council. The week highlights the
necessity for people to consume
enough folic acid, which is crucial to
cell growth. Pregnant women are at
a particularty high risk of a deficiency.
North Carolina is in a region of the
country with high incidence rates
of neubal tube birth defect, and
consuming 400 meg of folk; acid
per day can reduce the risks of
NTD by as much as 70 percent For
more information, visit
Dance 2006
The week of Jan. 22-28 will be
Dance 2006. Highlights include
choreography by ECU School of
Theatre and Dance faculty and
guest artists. Sometimes serious,
sometimes funny, sometimes
lyrical and sometimes eccentric,
this annual dance showcase has
become an immensely popular
event Sure to have something for
dance aficionados and newcomers
alike, this is a fast-paced and
unpredictable cornucopia of dance
News Briefs
NC panel to study effectiveness
of sentencing teens as adults
RALEIGH, NC (AP) - They can't vote or
join the military. But in North Carolina,
16-year-olds are treated as adults
in criminal matters even earning a
life'sentence if their crime is serious
North Carolina is one of three states
that automatically treats 16-year-olds
as adults in criminal cases. Now a
commission is studying whether it
should join the majority of states,
which set the minimum age at 17
or 18.
The NC Sentencing and Policy
Advisory Commission will spend at
least a year studying ramifications
of the law, such as the number of
teenagers with adult convictions who
commit additional crimes, versus
those who receive juvenile status.
The commission subcommittee
studying the issue is scheduled to
meet Friday.
Criminal courts also automatically
treat 16-year-olds as adults in New
York and Connecticut. But those
states allow 16- and 17-year-old
defendants to petition to be treated as
youthful offenders, according to state
Rep. Alice Bordsen, D-Alamance,
who asked the commission to study
the statute.
North Carolina's law has been on the
books since at least 1919 and makes
no sense in current times, she said.
The state law also requires defendants
as young as 13 to be considered
adults in first-degree murder cases.
Juvenile court judges can rule that
those aged 14 and 15 be tried as
adults for violent crimes such as rape
or robbery.
Young people convicted as juveniles
can have their conviction record
sealed, while sentences are geared
toward treatment, counseling and
education. They must be freed by the
time they turn 21.
Tight budgets require creative
solutions from gym teachers
LEXINGTON, NC (AP) - Many people
have heard the stories of teachers
using their own money to buy
classroom supplies for their 28 to 32
students because school budgets do
not cover everything needed.
But what do you do if you have 1,092
You get really resourceful and
thrifty, said Lisa Snow, Southwood
Elementary School's physical
education teacher. With 20 years
of teaching under her belt, she
can make ordinary objects into
extraordinary gym tools and activities
for her students.
For example, when she tore down
a porch from her home, she wasn't
about to waste all that wood. She
knew it had a second life as a tool to
help her preschoolers through first-
graders master the skill of lacing and
tying shoes. She cut the wood into
six-inch blocks, painted it white and
drilled holes into each block. After a
short search on eBay, an Internet site
offering millions of Inexpensive items
up for auction, she purchased a box
of shoe strings.
Jump ropes are an expensive buy on
a small budget. But Snow knows you
can buy really, really long ropes at
Lowe's and cut it yourself into several
jump ropes.
When she wanted stretch bands for
her physical education classes, the
$50 price tag for a bundle seemed
steep. She improvised, getting about
50 recycled bicycle inner tubes free
from an area bicycle shop, which
work just as well.
With a federally banned
expletive, Howard Stern makes
his debut on satellite radio
NEW YORK (AP) - Howard Stern
began his new satellite radio show
on Monday by putting to rest rumors
that he got married to his longtime
girlfriend, model Beth Ostrosky in a
comment complete with a federally
banned expletive,
"I am not married. It's a nice feeling
that we get along great. We're very
happy and I dont want to (blank) it
up said Stern, who Is finally free of
government decency laws on Sinus
Satellite Radio.
Stem has promised everything from
from page A1
the Justice Department that the
department should try to chip
away at abortion rights rather
than mount an all-out assault.
Specter said in an advance copy
of his opening statement that the
hearing will be an opportunity for
Alito to say publicly what he has
been telling senators in private
about how he would deal with the
Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade
decision establishing a wom-
an's right to have an abortion.
"This hearing will give Judge
Alito the public forum to address
the issue, as he has with senators
in private meetings, that his per-
sonal views and prior advocacy
will not determine his judicial
decision said Specter, a mod-
erate on the issue.
But no matter what Alito says,
some Democrats will oppose him,
Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said
in his opening statement, a copy
of which was obtained by The
Associated Press.
"I am reluctantly inclined to
the view that you and any other
nominee of this president for
the Supreme Court start with no
more than 13 votes in this com-
mittee, and only 78 votes in the
full Senate with a solid, immov-
able and unpersuadable block of
at least 22 votes against you, no
matter what you say or do the
statement said.
Abortion and presidential
war powers are expected to be
the main focus of the opening
rounds of questions. Two areas
that "Democrats and moderate
Republicans feel are important:
reproductive freedom is one, and
all of these issues around execu-
tive authority said Carl Tobias
of the University of Richmond
School of Law.
Specter, along with several
Democrats, also told Alito before
the hearing that they would press
him on his feelings about presi-
dential power during wartime.
The same senators who will
question Alito will also hold hear-
ings later this year on whether
Bush can authorize the National
Security Agency to eavesdrop
on conversations involving sus-
pected terrorists in the United
States without getting a court-
ordered warrant.
Bush contended that his
constitutional powers and the
prewar resolution gave him that
legal authority.
One of Alito's Democratic crit-
ics, Massachusetts Sen. Edward
Kennedy, said he sees tendencies
by Alito to defer to the executive
"In an era when the White
House is abusing power, has
authorized torture and Is spying
on American citizens, I find your
support for an all-powerful execu-
tive branch and almost unlimited
power for government agents to
be deeply troubling Kennedy
said in a pre-released excerpt
from his opening statement.
Semi-Annual Winter Sale
Sale starts Friday
Jan. 13 thru
Sunday Jan. 15
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Select Winter clothing 30 off,
Free People Sweaters 40 off,
Shoes 30-50 off, Select Jewelry 50 off,
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Hours MonSat. 10am-9pm Sun I-6pm
stripper poles to live sex on his new
show. His deal could be worth up
to $500 million over five years to
headline two Sirius channels.
At the start of the show Monday, Stem
dished up some phone sex with
Playboy bunny Heidi Cortez, who has
her own phone-sex nighttime show
iined up on Sirius.
Even before his first day on the job,
the shock jock recruited listeners
for the $13-per-month service: Its
audience expanded from 600,000
to 2.2 million subscribers after Stem
announced his switch last year.
That's hardly a surprise. Stem's wildly
popular syndicated show proved a
cash cow for Infinity Broadcasting,
raking in about $100 million in annual
advertising revenues and capturing
12 million listeners with raunchy,
boundary-pushing programming.
Stern had frequently tested and
sparred with the regulatory Federal
Communications Commission
during his 25-year run on the public
airwaves, often having his morning
show interrupted by censors.
Vice president hospitalized with
shortness of breath
WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice President
Dick Cheney was taken to George
Washington Hospital early Monday
experiencing shortness of breath, a
spokeswoman said. He was released
four and a half hours later.
Cheney spokeswoman Lea Anne
McBride said Cheney was taken
to the hospital at 3 a.m. He was
released about 7:30 a.m. Doctors
found his EKG, or electrocardiogram,
unchanged and determined he was
retaining fluid because of medication
he was taking for a foot problem.
Cheney, who has a long history of
heart problems and has a pacemaker,
was placed on a diuretic at the
The foot ailment forced Cheney to use
a cane on Friday.
McBride said the foot condition was
not related to surgery last September
to repair aneurysms behind both
knees or the 64-year-old vice
president's lengthy history of heart
problems. He has had four heart
attacks, quadruple bypass surgery,
two artery-clearing angioplasties
and an operation to implant a special
pacemaker in his chest.
Cheney has a long history of health
problems and suffered his first heart
attack in 1978 when he was 37. Ten
years later, after his third heart attack,
he had quadruple bypass surgery to
clear clogged arteries.
Cheney, who has not suffered a
heart attack since he became vice
president in 2001, began a daily
exercise program in 2000 and started
eating healthier.
He quit smoking in 1978 and takes
medication to lower his cholesterol.
New attacks kill 21 Iraqis; U.S.
says eight troops, four civilians
were aboard crashed helicopter
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Insurgents
exploded a suicide car bomb and
launched two mortar shells at Iraq's
Interior Ministry during National Police
Day celebrations Monday, killing 21
people and injuring 24, police said.
An Internet statement by Abu Musab
al-Zarqawi in the name of his al-Qaida
in Iraq terrorist group rebuked Sunni
Arabs for taking part in last month's
parliamentary elections, saying they
had "thrown a rope" to save U.S.
Meanwhile, the U.S. military said eight
U.S. troops and four American civilians
died aboard a U.S. Army Black Hawk
helicopter that crashed late Saturday
in northern Iraq. The military initially
said only that there were eight
passengers and four crew aboard.
With the latest military deaths, at
least 2,207 U.S. service members
have died since the war started in
2003, according to an Associated
Press count.
It was the deadliest helicopter crash
in Iraq since a CH-53 Sea Stallion
went down in bad weather in western
Iraq on Jan. 26, 2005, killing 31 U.S.
service members.
The attack on the Interior Ministry
began with a suicide car bomber
who exploded his vehicle near an
entrance checkpoint. Less than an
hour later, two mortar rounds landed
about a half-mile from where police
were gathered to mark National
Police Day.
At least 21 people were killed and 24
injured, mostly policemen, said police
Sgt. Abdel Hadi Hassan. Several
police cars were destroyed in the
explosions, and pieces of body parts
could be seen on the ground.
In other violence Monday gunmen
assassinated an investigative judge
in Kirkuk, police Capt Farhad Talabani
said. In Baghdad, gunmen fired on
three people working on Iraq's de-
Baathification commission, killing
one, police Capt. Qassim Hussein
said. Gunmen also killed an Iraqi
intelligence officer and a doctor in
separate attacks, Hussein said. Five
bodies bound and blindfolded were
found shot to death in Baghdad late
Sunday, police said.
Five people died in separate attacks
in Baghdad on Sunday, including
a policeman killed by a suicide car
bomber targeting an Interior Ministry
patrol. Seven others were wounded.
At least 13 killed In Iranian plane
crash, Including Revolutionary
Guards commander
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A small military
jet crashed in northwestern Iran
on Monday, killing the commander
of the ground forces of Iran's elite
Revolutionary Guards and at least 12
other people, state media said.
It was the second time in two months
that a military plane crashed in
Iran while attempting to make an
emergency landing.
In Monday's crash, the plane was
trying to make an emergency
landing at Oroumieh, about 560
miles northwest of Tehran near the
Turkish border, when its landing gear
jammed, preventing the wheels from
being fully deployed, state media
The reports did not explain why
the plane was trying to make an
emergency landing.
The Guards commander who died
was identified as Gen. Ahmad Kazemi,
the official Islamic Republic News
Agency reported, quoting Guards
spokesman Gen. Masoud Jazayeri.
The agency said 10 other military
officers also were killed.
StiarOn from page A1
Attorney General Meni Mazuz, who
then will decide whether to declare
the prime minister permanently
"The minute we know what
damage has occurred, we will talk
Justice Ministry spokesman Yaakov
Galanti said.
Since an acting prime minister
is in place, there is no urgency to
such a declaration, Galanti added.
Ehud Olmert, Sharon's deputy, was
named acting prime minister after
Sharon's second stroke and can serve
in that role for 100 days.
In the event the attorney
general declares permanent
incapacitation, the Cabinet
would elect a new prime min-
ister within 24 hours, choosing
from the five Cabinet min-
isters from Sharon's Kadima
Party who also are lawmakers,
Galanti said.
That group includes Olmert.
Sharon, who suffered a mild
stroke Dec. 18, felt weak Wednesday
and was rushed to Hadassah from
his ranch in southern Israel when a
blood vessel on the right side of his
brain burst, causing massive cerebral
hemorrhaging. The stroke occurred
the night before he was scheduled to
undergo a procedure to close a hole
in his heart that contributed to the
earlier stroke.
He has undergone two surgeries
to stop the bleeding in his brain and
relieve the pressure Inside his skull.
Sharon, Israel's most popular
politician, was seen by many here
as the best hope for resolving
the Israel-Palestinian conflict.
His abrupt illness and expected
departure from the Mideast politi-
cal stage has raised concern that
momentum on territorial con-
cessions, created by his recent
Gaza Strip withdrawal, would be
stopped, and that Sharon's suc-
cessor would not have the stature
to forge ahead on drawing Israel's
final borders.
Before his collapse, Sharon
appeared headed to a landslide
victory in March 28 elections at
the head of the Kadima Party,
which seeks further pullbacks
while strengthening Israel's hold
over major settlement blocs.
Olmert told the Cabinet on
Sunday he would work to carry
on Sharon's political legacy.
Sharon's condition and the
uncertainty it has generated
has unsettled Israelis. At the
hospital entrance Monday, three
Jerusalemites hung up a white
sheet with blue lettering in Eng-
lish and Hebrew that read, "Ariel
Sharon, there is more to do, please
wake up
Doctors have kept Sharon in a
medically Induced coma and on a
respirator since Thursday to give
him time to heal from the trauma
of the stroke and the surgeries.
Doctors not involved in Sha-
ron's care said that if he awakens,
the extent of his responses could
vary widely, from slight movements
of the fingers or opening of the eyes,
to a much fuller awakening. They
also have cautioned that there is no
guarantee Sharon will awaken from
the anesthesia.
That Sharon can breathe on his
own "tells us that one part of his
brain is functioning, the respiratory
center said Dr. John Martin, a pro-
fessor of cardiovascular medicine at
University College in London. "It
doesn't tell us how he is thinking,
it doesn't tell us how he can speak,
it doesn't teU us how he can move
his arms and legs.
"His chances of survival are
better than if the respiratory
center had been damaged, but
that still doesn't mean he's going
to survive. It is still highly
probable that he will die Martin
added, noting that Sharon's
weight and age work against
ioo(I Insurance? Poor Insurance? No Insurance?
UPTO 2 X-RAYS if clinically indicated
('160 value)
lr Brian M. Kean is offering affordable chiropractic treatment to fee public This service will
include cMinn, examiiialiun. SEMG, x-rays and a confidential report of the finding.
Recurring Headache .Pam between Shoulders
Numbness in Hands & Arms
Loss of Sleep
Neck Shoulder & Arm Pain
Low Back & Leg Pain
If you suflw from uny til then burning rigBft, cull immediately m prevent advancing
cmnpiiviiiii! riiiN otfa i. tvtUabk .,i puMfc mnlos imugh nqmnlrM NMt, axu
I lariaiks immpint CMroarartlr Evafctallaa ft up la 2 X-RAYS I
"VOi.rnBCWFmprHrwwritMrwpnYiHWI-nii UBMI mcwtto
Call for an Appointment: 321-3579 804 C Red Batiks Rd Ureenville. NC 27858
Test Prei
MC4T a a rfgat
: r

Mensem and Style Shep
S. Evans St.
Across from
Pirate Stuff
Serving ECU and Dm
since 1982
$8 Men's Cut
with student in
MM 113

Howell St. Back entrance to Pirates
Place (Players Clubl
Cdt somdiwig to say?
Send us your Pirate Ranis!
MCAT classes
starting soon!
Classes for the April test
begin at ECU
January 14th
Class meets MonWed nights
Test Prep and Admissions
UWT a RVjMMfl Woemirt ol tnt Auocmon of Vnenun MeaCoftcseiCn4uro art rntrKUoni apply For
enmotne guarantee eitHMM fiQwramenrt, iM kapwtt.commif The Hqw Sown Guarantee only AptWu to Kaplan
oouna lat-an and cownfcimi thn lha Unaad Slain nJ Canada
SGA from page A1
conferences they are attending,
one with the state government
and another with the national
government. The state project
received more funding than the
national one.
The Asian Student Associa-
tion was allocated $350 for proj-
ects as well through SB 11-2.
The new organization, "Edu-
cate received $180 for recruit-
ment purposes. Educate is a
group that advocates minorities
going into the education field.
The Senate also had an attor-
ney general appointment to
confirm during the meeting as
well. Former SGA judicial board
member, Nick Genty, was con-
firmed to be the next attorney
He was sworn in by current
attorney general, Brian Mitch-
ell after a brief confirmation
discussion amongst assembly
SGA President M. Cole Jones
welcomed back the Senate with
an opening speech.
"We have new initiatives
we will finally be able to push
through said Jones.
Jones gave an update on the
movement of the SGA offices
to the first floor of Mendenhall
Student Center. He said the move
might be completed by the end
of the month. The new office
will be where The Spot used
to be located. The old offices
upstairs will continued to be
used by SGA.
"Current offices will be main-
tained for SGA office space said
Heather Arrington, advisor for
Jones quoted Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr. to convey to the
Senate their need to be commit-
ted to leadership and service.
"Everyone can be great
because everyone can serve
said King.
This writer can be contacted at
FLU from page A1
Three new cases of H5N1
were reported Sunday in Ankara,
two young brothers and a 65-
year-old man as well as two other
cases in Van, about 600 miles to
the east.
The boys, Muharrem Canak,
5, Iskender, apparently caught
the virus while playing with
gloves their father had used to
handle two dead wild ducks out-
side Ankara, their doctor Metin
Dogan said. The boys did not
appear sick, despite testing posi-
tive for the virus in tests done at
Turkish labs, Dogan said.
This coupon jjood for
mi extra $5 on your
2nd and 4lh donation
Health officials believe the
best way to fight the spread of bird
flu is the wholesale destruction of
poultry in the affected area. But
they often run into problems
in rural areas like Dogubayazit,
where villagers have resisted turn-
ing in their birds.
On Sunday, a group of Turk-
ish workers in the town had to
climb over a wall when a woman
refused to open the door and
hand over several chickens,
insisting they were not sick. The
workers said they would return
with police.
Boehner, Blunt vie to replace
DeLay as GOP floor leader
Republicans, buffeted by a lobby-
ing scandal and running poorly
in opinion polls, are mulling
a choice between two veteran
Midwestern lawmakers to replace
embattled former Majority Leader
Tom DeLay.
Rep. John Boehner of Ohio
announced Sunday he is seeking
to become the No. 2 GOP leader in
the House. Republican Whip Rep.
Roy Blunt of Missouri, the acting
majority leader, campaigned for
the job as well.
DeLay is under indictment on
campaign finance charges in his
home state of Texas. He stepped
down permanently Saturday as
majority leader days after lobby-
ist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty
to federal conspiracy, tax eva-
sion and mail fraud charges in a
congressional influence-peddling
The leadership campaign will
be fought mostly by telephone as
Blunt and Boehner track down
colleagues scattered while on an
extended holiday break. The vote
is slated when lawmakers return to
Washington the week of Jan. 30.
"We've had a tough run
recently, some of it of our own
making Boehner wrote fellow
Republicans in a letter declaring
his candidacy. "But I also believe
that if we are able to renew our
energy and our commitment to
our basic principles, the best is yet
to come
Blunt made a similar observa-
tion in a letter appealing for votes.
c "Unfortunately, the recent scandals
have caused some to question
whether we have lost our vision and
whether the faith they have placed
in us is justified he wrote.
"While I have no doubt that
it is, it will be difficult to move
forward until we regain the
trust and confidence of our con-
stituents by enacting new lobbying
reforms and enhanced penalties
The majority leader's post is
central to advancing the GOP
agenda on Capitol Hill, and it could
be a stepping stone to eventually
succeeding Speaker Dennis Hast-
en, R-Ill.
Blunt said that despite setbacks
such as Hurricane Katrina and the
Abramoff lobbying scandal, "our
conference performed well as a
team, racking up impressive legisla-
tive accomplishments" during his
time as DeLay's stand-in.
Blunt, 55, began his leadership
career as a protege of DeLay, who
named him a deputy whip in 1999.
His voting record reflects the
priorities of the GOP majority
that he helps lead, including
opposition to abortion, sup-
port for tax cuts and approval
for the landmark Medicare
prescription drug benefit leg-
islation that passed during
President Bush's first term.
I'm a Student and a Plasma Donor
Names: Jennifer
Majors: Nursing
Hobbies: Swimming & going to the beach
Why do I donate Plasma?
Extra spending money for the beach.
Earn up to $170mo. donating plasma in a friendly place.
DCI Biologicals of Greenville 252-757-0171
2727 I Kith Street Down the Street from ECU
University Park Apartments
252.752.8900 252.752.5541 (fax
A short walk to ECU!
2 BR1 BA, 2 BR2 BA from $525
Monday -Friday 8-5 Saturday 10-2
1110 East 10th Street.
Greenville NC 27858
Enter listing ID 7063572 at for photos, floorplans&more.
3xes starting i
ston Circle
reenville NC 27858
Kingston Condominiums
252.752.7575 252.752.5541 (fax)
Enter listing ID 7063572 at for photos, floorplans&more.

Page A4 252,328.9238
TUESDAY January 10, 2006
Our View
Welcome to ECU,
or welcome back
Welcome back to campus Pirates. For those of
you freshmen, rejoice, you've got one semester
behind you and only seven or so more to go. For
you seniors, hang in there - in four months you'll
be tossing your cap. For those of you who have
transferred in here, welcome to your new home.
We at TEC know that many of you are still in
the frame of mind where you just want to lay
around and watch football (or whatever else
pleasures you), but it's time to crack open
those books once again. It's hard to get back
into the swing of things after just having nearly
a month away from the classroom, so we're
here to help you. has a broad range of answers to
stop procrastination (the most popular college
activity) and a few of those will be highlighted
When you're given an assignment even if the due
date isn't until the end of the semester, start by
either writing it on your calendar, programming it
into your Palm Pilot, whatever. Just have it in mind.
They then say that you should calculate about
how long the assignment will take to complete.
Schedule how long you'll spend working on the
assignment each day or week, and don't let any
other leisure activities get in the way.
Some tips that gives include:
- For particularly long assignments, don't think
too much about how much work it will actually
take to finish. Instead, take small steps and have
faith that they'll add up to something big. After
all, as they say, a journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step.
- Every person has his or her own style. Tweak
this method in whatever way fits you best. For
instance, if this process doesn't feel quite arm-
, twisting enough, try marking off each day on
the calendar when you get up that day.
-Remember that you're not alone - lots of
people are guilty of procrastinating.
In our newspaper tomorrow, we will also point
out various other ways to start the new year on a
good note. We here at TEC want all of our peers
to have an enjoyable and productive semes-
ter. Once again, welcome back to the pirate
nation. Summer will be here soon enough, but
in the meantime, you might as well try your
hardest to get the most out of your education.
Opinion Columnist
God, monkeys and Rocky
Banning Intelligent
Design is downright
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Chris Munler Zack Hill
News Editor Asst News Editor
Carolyn Scandura Kristin Murnane
Features Editor Asst Features Editor
Being of sound mind and
It's been over 75 years since the
Scopes Monkey Trial, the extraordi-
nary case which saw the Supreme
Court of Tennessee overrule a lower
court's judgment, ultimately lifting
a ban prohibiting the teaching of
Darwin's theory of evolution in
public schools. Oh, what a differ-
ence a couple of decades make.
The tables were turned late
in December when a U.S. District
Court fudge issued a decision to
a case more than a year in the
making. The question at hand was
whether a Pennsylvania public
school system could teach Intel-
ligent Design - an alternative to
evolution as an explanation for
our existence - in their biology
classes. The ruling was a resound-
ing "no
If you've ever seen the Rocky
series, the story of evolution follows
a similar path. A true underdog
- raw, undersized and dismissed by
the boxing world - Rocky shocked
the world when he knocked out
the Heavyweight Champion of
the World Apollo Creed in Rocky
II. The Scopes Monkey Trial was
evolution's prize fight and its vic-
tory drastically changed the world
of science in the same way that
Rocky's victory changed the world
of boxing.
However, Rocky got lazy after
years on top, sparsely defending his
title against legitimate contenders.
Evolution and its supporters have
gotten just as lazy, opting to fight
the teaching of an opposing theory
rather than encourage new ideas
in that field of science. And guess
what - Rocky ducked fighting Club-
ber Lang in Rocky III at first and he
ended up getting his butt kicked by
the young upstart.
So am I saying that the theory
of evolution isn't the best expla-
nation for our existence and that
Intelligent Design would kick
its butt in a scientific debate?
Absolutely not. Evolution has an
overwhelming amount of scientific
evidence supporting it and quite
frankly, I'm 99 percent certain that
evolution is the reason I'm sitting
here at my computer typing this
article, not because some Supreme
Being created me so he'd have
something to read.
So why do I hesitate to dismiss
all other theories about our exis-
tence when I support evolution
so fervently? It's because of that
one percent of uncertainty still
lingering in my head. After all, the
theory of evolution is just that - a
theory, not a scientific law. And
while there is a ton of compelling
evidence supporting evolution, it
hasn't yet been proven with any
absolute certainty. So until that day
comes, I don't really feel that it's
appropriate to disregard any other
ideas brought to the table.
I think it's ridiculous that a
judge would interfere with a public
school's decision to teach some-
thing other than evolution - and
I dare any detractors to bring up
the separation of church and state
alluded to in the U.S. Constitu-
tion. That was written solely to
keep religion from dominating the
American government like it had
done in several European nations.
It hat nothing to do with control-
ling some high school's science
curriculum so I'm telling you in
advance not to waste your time
thinking that somehow it does.
Granted, Intelligent Design is
merely Creationism with a shiny
new bow and a more science-
minded title. If you've never heard
of it, basically what proponents of
Intelligent Design believe is that
all of nature (the human body in
particular) is far too complex to
have been created by happenstance,
or by natural selection, as Darwin
suggests. So therefore, a divine agent
had to have guided, or altogether
created, all of humanity. What I
think about the theory in terms of
validity doesn't really matter - I've
already given my stance.
What 1 have a problem with
is that valuable tax dollars and
valuable time (again, this debate
was in court for more than a
year) were wasted just because
a school board decided to beef
up the curriculum by including
a few new ideas for students to
consider. And on what grounds
was it denied? Is it because some
students who don't believe in
God would feel uncomfort-
able learning about Intelligent
If that's the case, then what
about the students who believe
that God created the universe
who have to sit through end-
less lectures about evolution?
I sincerely doubt that they feel
any more comfortable in that
situation, so if the courts want
to keep Intelligent Design out of
classrooms for that reason, evolu-
tion has to go as well. I don't see
much of a difference there.
If it's a matter of scientific
merit, I can honestly say that I'm
no where near qualified to deter-
mine whether Intelligent Design
has any validity or not. There are
many scientists who consider it
a true science and many who
consider it pseudoscience simply
because any theory that involves
God in some way is automatically
suspect because it has never been
proved or disproved with any cer-
tainty that God even exists
Clearly, banning the teach-
ing of another theory - which
obviously has its proponents - is
a silly move. The logical solu-
tion is simple - let's teach our
students everything. Science
classes should teach everything
there is to know about evolu-
tion because not only is it the
most widely accepted theory,
but there's a lot of evidence and
information about it. And while
teaching evolution, what's the
big problem with saying, "Oh,
here is another theory that some
people believe Obviously,
most students would agree with
the theory with the best support-
ing evidence (evolution) but it's
not the school's place to make
that judgment for them.
Instead of preaching a theory
to our students, let's lay out
some options and let them make
the decision- for themselves. It's
not the school's place to set an
agenda, whether it's promoting
a religious idea or not. This is
AmericaWe're not supposed to
stifle ideas - that's what back-
wards Islamic states do. We're
better than that.
I'm sure as the "liberal" col-
umnist for TEC, you may be
surprised that I'm supporting
the Religious Right's side - but
I'm not doing that at all. I'm
supporting the true liberal ideal
that's being attacked here - the
freedom to believe whatever the
hell you want to believe. That's
what's really going on here.
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Sarah Bell
Head Copy Editor
Herb Sneed
Photo Editor
Alexander Marciniak
Web Editor
Brandon Hughes
Asst. Sports Editor
April Barnes
Asst Copy Editor
Rachael Lotter
Asst Photo Editor
Dustin Jones
Asst Web Editor
Edward McKim
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number. Letters may be sent via
e-mail to or to The East
Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One
copy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1. j
In My Opinion
(KRT) Like so many coal-
field tragedies, the deaths of 12
miners underground in West
Virginia now seem to have been
sadly predictable.
The federal government
knew the mine was dangerous.
The company knew the mine
was dangerous. And so did some
of the men who worked there,
according to their families.
And, like other coalfield trag-
edies that have riveted the nation
for a few days, this one will prob-
ably be forgotten all too soon.
It was just a little more than
four years ago that 13 miners died
in an explosion in an underground
mine in Brookwood, Ala. Then, as
now, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao
and officials of the U.S. Mine
Safety and Health Administration
promised a thorough investigation.
They eventually levied $435,000
in fines against the mine's oper-
ator, Jim Walters Resources.
But in November, the fines
were reduced to just $3,000 by
an administrative law judge who
ruled that MSHA did not prove
most of the violations.
With that kind of record, it's
little wonder that mining com-
panies would feel free to flout
safety laws, especially under the
Bush administration, which has
pushed "compliance assistance"
over strict enforcement.
At the Sago Mine where the
12 died, the list of safety viola-
tions was long and serious. Since
May, federal inspectors had
issued 13 unwarrantable failure
orders, the most serious kind.
Unwarrantable failures are
issued when management knows
about an unsafe condition and
fails to fix it or when the danger is
so obvious that there's no excuse.
The citations against Sago
included persistent problems with
build-ups of flammable coal dust.
The operation had been cited for
not providing adequate ventilation
to keep the mine clear of deadly
combustible gases and failing to
insulate electric wires. Sparks from
electrical equipment can ignite
coal dust and methane gas, thus
causing underground explosions.
It was an explosion early
Monday, as the mine reopened
after a holiday break, that trapped
13 miners underground.
The cause of the explosion still
is undetermined. From what little
we know, the miners did what
they could to save themselves.
They hung a curtain designed
to block the spread of deadly
carbon monoxide, and each had a
personal rescuer that can provide
oxygen for a short time.
Twelve miners were found
together behind the curtain; the one
survivor was taken from the mine
unconscious but moaning, accord-
ing to The Associated Press. Another
miner died elsewhere in the mine.
Our hearts go out to the fami-
lies, whose suffering was com-
pounded by a false report that
the 12 had been found alive.
The jubilation lasted three
hours before officials from the
mining company, International
Coal Group, informed the families
that only one miner had survived.
With that backdrop, the
Investigation begins under a
cloud of mistrust and suspicion.
That's a good reason for
MSHA to convene a public hear-
ing into the causes of this disas-
ter, as mine safety advocate and
former state and federal official
Tony - urges.
The families of the miners
and the public deserve to hear
firsthand why their loved ones
died, and that won't happen
without a public hearing.
Pirate Rant
Am I the only person who didn't realize classes
started Friday?
Bring back the long lines, Higher One sucks.
Why does ECU insist on starting the spring semes-
ter on a Friday? It is so stupid. We should start on a
Wednesday like we do in the fall.
Why is Christmas so much more fun when you are
a little kid? Growing up sucks.
Okay, I don't go to ECU but I just wanted to say that
this whole rant thing is almost the coolest ever! I
want one (University of Tennessee student!) Go
To the person who wanted to know about the hockey
team's upcoming schedule: We'll be playing our next
home game Jan. 27 at 9:30 p.m. at Bladez across from
the Overton's on Red Banks Rd. We get a couple hun-
dred people to come out to the games, and we always
want more! Hopefully we'll see you there!
To the girl who took my laundry out of the dryer and
folded them for me on the last Wednesday before
Christmas break in Aycock's laundry room, thank
you very much for being so nice and considerate.
You are the greatest!
Thanks to the girl who stole my doorknob! Now I
can't get into my room!
To the person who ranted about finals not being the
end of the world. I don't know what class you're in
but my final exam is a big percentage of my grade.
So yeah, failing would have been the end of the
Thought you might want to ask administration what
they were thinking when they scheduled the roof of
Austin to be redone during a day of a final. I'm not
talking about tight construction either. Imagine the
whole building shaking and being pounded on a
floor above you! What were they thinking?
I cannot deal with safe ride. Every time I've ever
called them they say we'll be there in 10 minutes
and they either take much longer or don't show up.
When Safe Ride comes when they're suppose to, 111
stop complaining.
Here's to you Gary McCabe. We may not always
agree with what you say, but you've the balls to say
what you think. It's easy for people to whine but
not have the guts do anything to get their thoughts
out there. And thanks for giving my roommate a
shout out.
I thought the class was called Shakespeare Tragedies,
not Shakespeare as it relates to Christianity.
I am the one who leaves parties because I am tired of
listening to loud, annoying, drunk freshmen girls.
Who drops a soccer program because they aren't win-
ning? Hey! You know what the football team wasn't
winning for how long? And this season wasn't all that
better, just a minor improvement. So, I find myself
asking why didn't the football team get dropped? Hey
Terry Holland, why don't you just get a new coacn
for the soccer team until someone works out, that's
what you're best at.
What's the deal with the clock tower? For once
I'm here at 12 and there is no clown, and the thing
doesn't even chime!
Why not open up parking for everyone over the
break? Some of us actually devote our lives to our
studies and don't leave just because of a national
Since when does ECU Parking tow on Saturdays? The
school is closed, right? Back in 2000 we used to park
our cars on campus at 7 p.m. on Friday, and now the
weekend's not safe until Sunday afternoon!
Why didn't I get the memo that wearing "mix-
match" colors were in style?
Why did they cut the men's soccer team? The football
and basketball team aren't doing any better.
TEC really needs a new movie reviewer. Was there
really a need to mention in the Aeon Flux review that
he thought it was going to be as bad as Rent when
the two movies are in no way comparable? One is a
musical and the other is based after a TV show!
I never could have imagined what a re-hydrated
mummified corpse might taste like, but after eating
the pears in West End, I think I have a pretty good
I think Tony McKee should go undercover and inves-
tigate SGA's blatant abuse of power.
Maybe I want to wear my State, UNC or Duke shirts
because they're all in the ACC unlike ECU! And
maybe if JJ Redick were to see me walking down the
street in a Duke shirt, he would yell at me!
Go Panthers!
Graphic design students are a whole lot more com-
puter nerds than they are artists - have you seen the
crap they call art?
Dear Java City and Aramark - Just because you're
convenient to us students doesn't mean that you
have to buy the cheapest crappiest coffee beans on
the market.
I can't wait until the greatest station in the world
comes back - WZMB. The station rules!
Hey administration! Thanks for cutting our break
short by making us come back on Friday! What a
waste of another couple days with our families!
Should my roommate have been kicked out for
having fireworks under her bed when it wasn't even
her fault? I realize it is in the rulebook but who fol-
lows the rules? When plenty of underage people are
getting busted for possessing alcohol? Come on, this
is a little ridiculous!
To the girl who doesn't know if a guy likes her or not
- If you've kissed him (or anything more), he likes
you, but he may still be deciding whether it's going
to be friends or more. He may be dating other women
as well. If you like him, fight. Don't be lazy and don't
get mad like a little baby, it's not attractive.
The Constitution makes this a country of laws and
equal rights. That means your beliefs are no better
than anyone else's. Believe in whatever you want
Marcus Vick is just as bad as his brother.
editor's Note: The note Rant Is on anonymous way for students and staff m the
online at, or emailed to edltortheeastcamllnlan
com. The editor reserves the light to edit opinions for content and brevity.

Page A5 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor
TUESDAY January 10, 2006
This week In Features:
Look for
-How to stay healthy in 2006
-Organizational skills for success
-Celebrity Profile: Heath Ledger
-Golden Globes Preview
-People Poll: Brad and Angelina
-Top 10 Spring Music Choices
Names in the News:
Will Brad be there?
Robert De Niro's new film, The
Good Shepherd begins filming in
the Dominican Republic next week.
The film, based on the history of
the CIA, stars Angelina Jolie as
the wife of one of the agency's
founders, James Wilson, who will
be played by Matt Damon. No word
yet on whether Jolie's "chum" Brad
Pitt will be along for the one-week
shoot. De Niro is stepping into the
director's chair for the first time
since the acclaimed A Bronx Tale.
Airing out
We can all breathe easier now that
pop star Lindsay Lohan has been
released from a Miami hospital
after a bout with asthma. Lohan had
been in Florida to ring in the new
year. According to her mother and
manager, Dina Lohan, Lindsay was
heading home to New York to recover
after her discharge Thursday. No
longer content with the sugary roles
she played in Herbie: Fully Loaded
and Mean Girls, Lohan is diving into
deeper waters with Robert Altman's
A Prairie Home Companion, based on
Garrison Keillor's radio show. Lohan
will join the likes of Woody Harrelson, a
Kevin Kline, Tommy Lee Jones and 5
Keillor himself in the film. Other Lohan
projects include Bobby, a film about 1
Robert Kennedy that Emilio Estevez I
will direct, and Chapter 27, about 3
Mark David Chapman, who killed
John Lennon 25 years ago.
Oh, him again
The best-selling book of 2005
was - maestro, drum roll please
- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood
Prince, the sixth installment in J.K.
Rowling's series, according to the
Book Standard, a leading source
of information in the publishing
industry. Filling out the top 10: A
Million Little Pieces by James Frey,
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseinl,
1776 by David McCullough, The Da
Vinci Code by Dan Brown, The World
Is Flat by Thomas L Friedman, The
Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren,
Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, Vou,
The Owner's Manual by Mehmet Oz
and Michael Roizen and Eldest by
Christopher Paolini.
Still Naked
Kelly Reilly, the Irish actress who
plays one of several lovely, unclothed
starlets in Mrs. Henderson Presents,
invited her parents to the film's
London premiere. They are "very
proud she told USA Today. Still, it
couldn't have been easy for them
to sit there along with 600 other
people and see their daughter nude.
Afterward, she took her dad to a bar
"and gave him a stiff drink. He was
absolutely fine No word on how her
mother self-medicated. The film's
director, Stephen Frears, wanted the
showgirls to have the kind of bodies
that women had during World War
II the setting for the story so he
discouraged the actresses from
getting buff (as in muscular.) Reilly
told USA Today, "I thought it was
important that we weren't made to
not look real
shines with silver
Joyce Yang coming to
Wright Auditorium
ECU welcomes 19-year-old
Joyce Yang to the Wright Audi-
torium Jan. 19. She is the winner
of the silver medal at the 12th
Van Cliburn International Piano
Competition and will be per-
forming in the S. Rudolph Alex-
ander Performing Arts Series
recital at 8 p.m.
Yang was the youngest of
the Van Cliburn Competition's
35 contestants and was clearly
favored by the audience. The
Dallas Morning News described
her as "a brilliant pianist" and
her performance as "a million-
volt presence onstage She also
won the Steven De Groote Memo-
rial Award for the "Best Perfor-
mance of Chamber Music" along
with the Beverly Taylor Smith
Award for the "Best Performance
of a New Work This young lady
has captured and amazed many,
and now it's ECU'S chance to wel-
come her and attend her recital.
The Van Cliburn Interna-
tional Piano Competition stands
as the most prestigious classi-
cal piano contest in the world.
Academy Award winner Anthony
Hopkins hosted this competition
in 2005 in Fort Worth, Texas.
Yang's winning performances
included Beethoven's Piano Con-
certo No. 3 inC Minor, Op. 37 and
Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 2
in G Minor, Op.16.
It was "Yang's finest moment,
Above is Joyce Yang, a 19-year-old pianist who is sure to impress ECU. achieving a spine-tingling effect
Advice for roommates
hailed Susan Elliot of Musical-
Joyce Yang was born Seoul,
Korea and took her first piano
lesson at the age of four. She
quickly took a liking to the
piano and she soon received
one as a birthday gift. After
much practice and dedication,
Yang won several national piano
competitions in Korea. By the
time she was 10 years old, Yang
entered the Korean National
Conservatory and made multiple
appearances in Seoul and Taejon
playing recitals and leaving the
crowd in awe.
Yang moved to the United
States in 1997 and began the pre-
college division of the Juilliard
School of Music in New York.
It was only her first year when
she won the Pre-College Divi-
sion Concerto Competition. As
a result, she was able to perform
the Haydn Concerto in D Major
with the Juilliard Pre-college
Chamber Orchestra. Three years
later, she won the Philadelphia
Greenfield Competition, which
opened a doorway to many new
and exciting recitals.
Among her many accom-
plishments is performing on the
Rising Stars Recital Series at both
the Gilmore and the Ravinia Fes-
tivals. She has also been honored
by the La Jolla Music Society
and has been invited to perform
several pieces with the Grammy
Award winning Takacs Quartet
this season. She has debuted
with the Albany, Baltimore, Fort
Worth, Knoxville, Long Island
and Houston Symphony Orches-
tras. Since 2005, she has been
Returning from holiday break is a great time to discuss new rules and do some much-needed cleaning.
How to make the best of
the situation
Local Concerts:
General Johnson and Chairmen of the
Board will be performing at the Lincoln
Theatre in Raleigh Friday, Jan. 13.
Nada Surf will be at the Cat's Cradle
in Carrboro Friday, Feb. 10
The Pietasters will be at the Cat's
Cradle in Carrboro Saturday, Feb. 11.
Southern funny man Larry the Cable
Guy will be performing at the RBC
Center in Raleigh Friday, Feb. 11.
Matisyahu will be performing at the
Cat's Cradle in Carrboro Wednesday,
Feb. 15.
Keith Urban and Pat Green will be
performing at the Charlotte Bobcats
Arena Thursday, Feb. 16.
O.A.R. will be at Ovens Auditorium in
Charlotte Tuesday, Feb. 21.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aid special
guests Befant will be at the Cat's Cradle
in Carrboro Wednesday, Feb. 22.
G. Love and Special Sauce will be
performing at the Lincoln Theatre in
Raleigh Friday, March 3.
This is the start of a new
semester and with that can come
a new roommate. We've all expe-
rienced the roommate from hell -
the one who never pays their part
of the bills on time and forgets
to flush the toilet. For those who
haven't experienced this person,
consider yourself extremely
lucky. There are ways to avoid
tension and conflict and have a
resolution to roommate problems.
The trick to keep problems
in the apartment or dorm room
from escalating is to address
problems ahead of time or right
when they occur. Don't let the
little things that bother you fester
because it will only get worse.
Besides having a lease for an
apartment, roommates should
draw up "house rules It may
seem childish, but there's a
need for them, especially when
bringing two people from
possibly two very different
backgrounds together in a
small space. House rules can be
especially beneficial for dorm-
mates since the space is so limited.
Both roommates should
make a list of the things they
want done and things they don't
want to happen in the dorm or
apartment. Then both should
read over each other's list and
ask questions or get the specifics
if necessary. From there, the two
lists should be compiled into one
list where both parties sign.
Some important things that
should be included are smoking
preferences, how the bills will
be split, how food will work and
anything else of importance to
you. Even the best of friends
should do this because one never
truly knows someone until they
live with them.
House rules are important
because things like bills are
a necessary evil in the real
world. When they aren't paid
on one person's side, it becomes
see ROOMMATE page A6
ECU School of Art and Design
Jerry Seinfeld will be performing w
at the Progress Energy Center for f
Performing Arts in Raleigh Friday
March 10.
Martina McBride will be at the RBC
Center in Raleigh Sunday, April 2.
A guide to their offerings
The piece featured above is just one of the many
intricate pieces that can be found at Gray Gallery.
It is doubtful that many students know ECU'S
School of Art and Design is the largest art school
in North Carolina and one of the largest in the
Southeast. Students are offered a variety of con-
centrations which are tailored to each student's
specific needs. Concentrations range from paint-
ing to weaving design. The school is home to more
than 700 undergraduate students and more than
50 graduate students.
Since 1962, the School of Art and Design has
been accredited by the National Association of
Schools, which is an honor because the ECU school
is the only such accredited institution in NC and
one of only 220 in the United States.
"The School of Art and Design is dedicated
to the idea that educating men and women in
the visual arts constitutes a major responsibility
in the total mission of higher education at ECU
states the School of Art and Design's Web site.
"The curriculum in both the undergraduate and
graduate programs encourages experimentation,
the development of ideas and problem solving in
areas such as fine arts, applied arts, and art educa-
tion and art history. The nearly 50 faculty and seven
staff members believe that our graduates will make
positive contributions to their communities and
excel in their chosen professions is the School
of Art and Design's commitment as stated at ecu.
see ECU ART page A6
working with the Indianapolis
Chamber Orchestra as well as the
Arkansas, Midland, Pacific and
Tucson Symphony Orchestras,
and she plans to work with them
through 2006.
To be so young, this
extraordinary girl has touched
many and created a new light for all
who aspire to be successful one day.
Joyce Yang will be perform-
ing with a variety of other tal-
ented musicians at the Wright
Auditorium, so be sure to reserve
your tickets today. The tickets
are $10 for ECU students, $12 for
youth, $22 for ECU faculty and
staff, and $24 for the public. For
groups of 15 or more, the prices
will be $9 each for students, $11
for youth, $21 for ECU faculty
and staff, and $22 for the public.
Groups are awarded one extra
ticket for every 20 people. The
Performing Arts Series will pro-
vide a shuttle, and tickets are
also available to assure a safe ride
to and from Wright Auditorium.
This writer can be contacted at

Central Ticket
Office Hours
Mon. - Frl.
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sat. - Sun.
1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Telephone: 326-4788
Online: ecu.eduecuartscto.cfm
Writer Opinion:
Six predictions for '06
Daniel Brock, a features writer, predicts sun and rain for today.
One guy's view into the
future for all to read
I'm not clairvoyant. In fact,
I am an average gambler at best.
However, I have some hunches
on a range of subjects, and I'm
going to go out on a limb by
making several (predictions,
varying in boldness, for the
Year of our Lord, 2006. Please
keep in mind that these are
my opinions, and they in no
way reflect the opinions of
anyone else at ECU or at TEC.
Enough disclaimers: Prepare
for a glimpse into the future.
Terry Holland will fire at
least three people. For those
employed by the ECU Athletic
Department, you're on notice.
Terry Holland has axed more
people in his short time here
than Gimli did in the entire
Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The
head men's football, basketball
and baseball coaches - not
to mention the entire men's
soccer program - have gotten
the boot under Holland's reign.
Holland's employees should
start wearing the T-shirts made
popular by late 90s professional
wrestler Bill Goldberg with the
slogan "Who's Next?" embla-
zoned across the front. Cuts
are coming and they're coming
quickly. Coaches and custodi-
ans, beware. Heck, knowing
the broad strokes Holland
works with, I might get fired
for this article.
As a side prediction: In
a surprising move, Terry
Holland may at some
point fire himself this year!
Rachel McAdams will be
the most popular actress in
the world. Rachel McAdams is
ridiculously hot. So very, very
hot. Inconceivably hot. Oh,
and she's a good actress too.
It is unfortunate that she's
not American, so we can take
no credit, but my hat is off
to Canada. Thank you. She's
been in some amazing movies
during the past two years, and
her star is going to continue
to rise. Some of the triumphs
she has appeared in recently
include Mean Girls, The Note-
book, Wedding Crashers and
The Family Stone. McAdams is
on her way to super-stardom
whilst her Mean Girls co-star,
Lindsay Lohan, is on her way
to rehab. Rachel McAdams is
my pick for Starlet of the Year,
not that this really carries any
The Black-Eyed Peas will
spontaneously combust. You
can only suck at something
for so long. At some point,
everyone is going to have their
fill of the Black-Eyed Peas.
Heeding their own advice to,
'Get retarded in here the BEP's
have filled the airwaves with
more inanity than anyone
since Vanilla Ice. They look
weird, they sound weird, their
songs are about weird things.
They are literally un-listenable.
The day they spontaneously
combust will, for millions
around the globe, be a day
filled with much rejoicing and
celebrating in the streets.
However, for dozens, their
favorite group will have
ceased to be. Don't worry
- there's always Chingy.
George Bush will recover
in a big way. Admittedly, 2005
was not G-Dub's finest hour. A
see SIX pape A7

from page A5
a hassle for the responsible
roommate who doesn't want
the electricity to get cut off.
This contract of house rules
can always come in handy just
in case you have to take some
sort of legal action. It's a harsh
thing to say, but it happens
more often than you think.
Another tool to use when
dealing with a roommate from
hell is just to speak up. There
are those people you always
hear complaining that their
roommate is always loud when
they are trying to study, but
they themselves never say a
word. If you want or need your
roommate to do something and
you think it will offend them
if you say something, simply
update the house rules and have
them take a look at it. Talking
the problems out right away is
more effective than letting the
problems build up over time.
If things have gotten so
heated between roommates
that talking things out is
impossible, it's better to bring in
a non-biased party to mediate
the situation. Preferably you
want to choose someone who
will be honest and possibly knows
both you and your roommate.
Living with a really good
friend often isn't as good of an
idea as it may seem. It seems
rational, but it could be the
death of a friendship. It's always
best to room with someone
you know and trust but don't
hang around all the time.
"My sophomore year, I
roomed with a good friend and
it was horrible. We basically
drove each other crazy. Things
went back to normal the next
year when we weren't room-
mates. I wouldn't advise living
with a really good friend said
senior CDFR major Tieren Evans.
This writer can be contacted at
ECU All from page A5
Students must go through
a portfolio review before being
accepted into the program of
their choice. However, freshman
admission does not require stu-
dents to submit such a portfolio
until they have completed the
foundational courses. Upon port-
folio submission, admission into
these programs is limited and
competitive. Therefore, students
should have other alternatives in
mind when applying.
Once accepted into the pro-
gram, students take classes in
their concentration area and
must submit a senior show before
graduating. The senior show is
exhibited in the Wellington B.
Gray Gallery, which is located
inside the home of the School of
Art and Design, the Jenkins Fine
Arts Building.
The Gray Gallery exhibits
rotating student, faculty and vis-
iting artists' work throughout the
year. A new exhibition, the North
Carolina Sculpture Exhibition,
will begin Jan. 9 and run until
Feb. 3. The exhibition will fea-
ture work by faculty throughout
the NC University System.
Several symposium presenta-
tions will also be held during this
time period. Richard Hunt, Hoss
Haley and Jesus Morales will
lecture in Speight Auditorium,
which is inside the Jenkins Fine
Arts Center.
This writer can be contacted at
January 3,2006
Dear Student Organization LeaderAdvisor:
We are excited as a new office "Student Activities Center" to provide support to our 280 student
organizations at East Carolina University. Over the past several months, my office has talked with
numerous students about their needs within their student organizations. The top needs expressed
Improve space reservation process.
Increase communication among student organizations.
Better training and orientation for student leaders and faculty advisors.
In response to these needs, the following process has been implemented.
All student organizations who desire to reserve space "early" for fall 2006 must register by
February 28,2006.
All student organizations who desire to receive SGA funding must register by February 28,
The final deadline for student organizations to register for 2006-2007 is September 29,2006.
Remember that student organizations must be registered to received SGA fund and reserve a
space in MSC.
Please know that this new process will be most beneficial to student organizations and will help
alleviate registration and room reservation concerns. January I, 2006 will begin the early student
organization process for fall 2006-spring 2007. Please view the important dates listed below regarding
the new registration process for the upcoming year.
(January W)
(January 9-13th)
(February 28th)
(March 20th-3Ut)
(March 28-29th)
(April 1,2006)
(April 7,2006)
(September 29th)
06-07 Early Student Organization Registration Begins
Information sessions for registrationSGA funding.
Deadline for 06-07 Early Student Organization Registration.
06-07 Early Space Reservation
Founder's Day Student Leader Installation
Mandatory Organizational Training Session
SGA Annual Funding Deadline
Final deadline for returning Student Organizations to register.
The Student Activities Center is here to assist you in anyway we can. Please feel free to stop by our
office in 109 Mcndenhall Student Center or email us at
Levy Brown Jr.
Assistant Director for Student Activities & Organizations
Celebrating 30 Years
In business As Greenville's
Premier Pancewear Shop
Ballet, Tap and Jazz Shoes
Leotards, Unitards, Tights
Warm ups, Wraps & Skirts
For every dancer, for every budget!
Arlington Village 756-6670 MonFri. 10-6, Sat. 10-4
Visit our new website
string of
to be ful
all, he's
going to
in this c
- will pro
hopeful t
of Iraq, 11
had qui
Wyndham Court
Dockside & Bradford Creek
If ((
of poor maintenance f
f Misy neighbors . oECU rking hasse$
oPersonnel, of aft
tugrtolandlords. of
SWalkatWerenever '
561-RENT or 752-8561
104 D Wyndham Cir.
You could represent ECU at Regional Competitions in
Bowling Chess Table Tennis Spades
Poetry Slam Nine Ball Dance Dance Revolution
Tournament winners will be awarded trophies and the opportunity to
represent ECU at regional competitions to be held at East Carolina
University Greenville, NC the weekend of Feb. 17-19, 2006.
All expenses paid by Mendenhall Student Center.
If you think you could be, we want to give you the opportunity to find out!

Sat. Jan. 21 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
Mendenhall Student Center
Social Room
Thur. Jan. 26 6:00 PM
The Outer Limitz
Mendenhall Bowling Center
(Women's and Men's Divisions)
Fri. Jan. 27 6:tyRfe
Mendenhall Student Cente
Great Room 1
(Nine Ball)
Mon. Jan.23 6:00 PM
Mendenhall Billiards Center
(Men's and Women's Divisions)
Table Tennis -
Tues. Jan. 17 6:00 PM
Mendenhall Social Room
(Men's and Women's Singles
Team Divisions)
Poetry Slam
Thur. Jan. 19 6:00 PM
Mendenhall Billiards
Dance Dance Revolution
Mon. Jan. 30 6:00 PM
Outer Limitz
Game room
There is a $2.00 registration fee for each tournament. Registration forms are
available at the Mendenhall Billiards Center, and the Outer Limitz Bowling
center located on the ground floor of Mendenhall Student Center. Call the
Recreation Program Office, 328.4738 for more information.

SIX from page A5
string of missteps and bad luck
conspired to slow down the W
Express, but in 2006 it's going
to be full steam ahead. First of
all, he's going to make some
concessions about Iraq, but he's
going to do it his way, which
in this case - as in many cases
- will probably be the right way.
Perhaps we shouldn't be too
hopeful that he's going to get out
of Iraq, however, as he famously
had quite a bit of trouble
removing himself from a Novem-
ber 200S press conference. Sec-
ondly, neither Hurricane Katrina
nor any other natural disaster
was the President's fault. The
weather was so bad in 2005 that
people were beginning to think
hell was a balmy destination.
Not everything was handled
correctly, but that doesn't mean
George W. Bush doesn't care about
black people. Bush has made
some mistakes, but in 2006
he's going to pick himself up and
cement his legacy as a fine President.
The East Carolinian:
Gary McCabe will become
even more embittered. TEC's
resident curmudgeon Gary
McCabe is certainly not the
most popular man at ECU. His
left wing views and dour outlook
on life have endeared him to
no one. This year shouldn't see
a change in this trend. Unless
McCabe had some sort of Christ-
mas Eve Scrooge experience, he'll
probably be as down in the
mouth as always. Anyone who
hates the South has obviously
got some personal issues that
they need to deal with. The
South is a delicate flower that
blooms for all to admire its
beauty. If you can't appreciate
that, it is a dark day indeed. Those
opinions aside, Gary McCabe is
going to continue his journey
down Bitter Boulevard and it's
going to be a lonely walk indeed.
This Semester:
Spring 2006 will be out of con-
trol: Can you spell Spring 2006
P-A-R-T-Y? The spring semester is
just one bash after another. MLK
Day, the Super Bowl, Valentine's
Day, Easter, March Madness, most
any week day after 5 p.m. and
Spring Break are highlights of
times to throw down and drink up.
As the semester progresses and
the weather warms up, the number
of girls around becomes inversely
proportional to the amount of
clothes they're wearing. Basically,
short shorts and bikinis in mass.
Of course, girls don't want to be
undressed with no place to go, so
baseball games, frat parties such
as Kappa Alpha's "Sun Up to Sun
Down" and Phi Kappa Tau's "Fill
the Tub" and apartment complex
swimming pools will be swarming
Did I already mention that
these opinions were mine and
mine alone? Take them as you will.
Rant away, Pirates.
This writer can be contacted at
Pregnant and scared?
You have options.
Information on your choices
Con il
Maternity Clothes
Baby Cfothes & Items
Limited Medical Facility
All Services Free & Confidential
24 Hour toll free
1-B00 395-HEL P
Carolina Pregnancy Center
' ihns Hopkins Dr Greenville
Features spring fitness tips
To become a better swimmer
Some recommendations that can help swimmers,
from novice to veteran, swim better:
Use good technique
Use what you know about good swimming
style whether you are swimming fast or slowly
(25?) 757-0003
2 & 3 itamxw Anuowmr I lows Swoacnc: foot.
t'jMt IV WAix-hKimtn Mim Hinds
Washb f Dura CcNNBC-nc( Avajlabu
Wasbk DnmPnmiDiDMScMBUMns
ftrhm-NiJii 1-1SflMH (JrfcArOnw ijhttwi.
PLankuj Skiai. Evhnis 24 iluvx Maintonanih
UK mi Manaumnf CcNVKOfn Iccxncnt
K U flr C dtmstvi i bjfv Bi I jnw
3 Bedroom 1,050 So. Ft.
call today
i. jss'4 I
1 & 2 Bcucom AmxruiHT I Icmh "2QuikxmTownC
Swimj (j. Mim&ivi.
GiaaTV Cat Fkumjlv
Muuuu 2 PR Ruui Pi-am,
HAiftwllw Pmxji in Scmf UNra
24 Hour Emmumcv Mahtwancv
Convmsjt jOCue
KTJ fcfjtwNvnipC'mHtslWR.
2 BEDROOM 875 Set FT.
2 bedroom 1000 so ft.
Parkview Manor
i bedroom 650 - 675 so i i.
2 bedroom 840 so. Ft.
1 Kl.l.lUKM ICWOScV 1 I
Swim often
It is difficult to
improve without
swimming about
three times a week;
three or four short
workouts are. better
than one or two
long ones
six kick switch
fingertip draq
3 up, 3 down
Do drills every
Swim coaches,
books and web
resources can
teach you some
useful drills
to watch
This is the best
kind of feedback,
especially if he or
she videos you
FREE Wireless Internet & FREE Cable
Push hard
About once
a week,
swim hard
for a few
minutes to
learn what
full exertion
feels like
Source: Your GuidffWBfoimming by Mat Luebbers
Graphic: Helen Lee McComas, Paul Trap
NCCPA LEAD Conference
Elon University
Saturday, February 11,2006
Saving the World, One Leader at a Time
It's the 10th anniversary of the LEAD Conference and you're invited to the
celebration! This year's winter conference will take place February 11th on Elon
University's campus located in Burlington, North Carolina. ECU will be taking
a delegation of 40 students to the conference. University Unions will pay $25
of the $35 registration fees and we have chartered a bus to take everyone to
the conference. If you are interested in attending, please fill out an ECU
registration form that can be picked up in 255 Mendenhall Student Center and
turn it in with your $10 to the same location no later than Friday, January 13,
2006. Registration will be taken on a first come, first serve basis, so get your
registration in early. This is a great leadership development opportunity
To learn more about the conference, visit the conference website at
Questions call 328-4742

Page A8 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
TUESDAY January 10,2006
Sports Briefs
Castro out Indefinitely,
Hammonds will miss one game
ECU senior forward Mike Castro
will be out indefinitely after sustaining
an injury to his right foot announced
Head Coach Ricky Stokes on
Monday. Stokes also announced that
sophomore guard Tom Hammonds
would not play in Wednesday night's
game against Memphis after suffering
a sprained left ankle against Saint
Paul's this past Saturday. He is listed
as questionable for Saturday's game
at UTEP. Castro, who has not played
since Dec. 18 at Winthrop, has been
plagued by the nagging injury and
has seen action in just seven games
after playing in all 28 games a year
ago. He is averaging 2.6 points
and 2.3 rebounds in eight minutes
per game this season. Hammonds
is averaging 3.8 points and 1.7
rebounds in 16 minutes of action per
game this season.
Marc Yellock Named Elon
Defensive Line Coach
Elon University Head Football
Coach Pete Lembo announced today
the hiring of ECU defensive graduate
assistant coach Marc Yellock as the
Phoenix defensive line coach. Yellock,
27, joins Lembo's first Phoenix staff.
Lembo was introduced as the 19th
head coach in the 85-year history of
Eton's football program on Dec. 19
after coaching at Lehigh University
for eight years, including the last five
as the head coach. Yellock worked
the past two seasons as ECU'S staff
assistant coach, working primarily
with the Pirates' defensive line. He
served ECU as a video intern for the
2003 campaign after coaching the
linebackers at J.H. Rose High School,
also located in Greenville, NC, for the
2002 season. A four-year letterman as
a linebacker at ECU, Yellock played
for the Pirates' 1997, 1998, 1999
and 2000 teams after red-shirting
in 1996. He played in 26 games,
making 18 starts during his playing
career with the Pirates under coach
Steve Logan. Prior to that, he was a
four-year letterman as a defensive
end for Person County High School
in Roxboro, NC, playing for the 1992,
1993,1994 and 1995 squads.
Taylor fined $17,000 for spitting
Washington Redskins safety Sean
Taylor was fined $17,000 Monday by
the NFL for spitting in the face of
Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back
Michael Pittman. Taylor was ejected
and penalized for unsportsmanlike
conduct for spitting at Pittman in the
third quarter of Saturday's playoff
game The offense was considered
so egregious that Pittman wasn't
penalized for slapping Taylor in the
helmet in retaliation. Taylor escaped
suspension for his action, keeping
him on the active roster for this week's
game at Seattle. Taylor has been fined
several times in his two-year career
for a bevy of infractions, including
$25,000 for skipping the league's
mandatory rookie symposium. He
has several in-season fines for illegal
hits and uniform violations, including
$5,000 for wearing striped socks
that resembled a barber pole in
this year's home game against
Philadelphia. Taylor was investigated
by the league last season for allegedly
spitting at Cincinnati receiver T.J.
Houshmandzadeh, but no fine was
levied because there was no video
evidence. Taylor also had a drunk
driving charge last season that was
later dismissed. He is scheduled to
go on trial next week in Miami on a
felony charge of aggravated assault
stemming from a June 1 confrontation
near his home, although he is expected
to request a postponement because
of the Redskins' playoff run.
Roundball Pirates continue to progress
ECU has won three of
last four games
Gretzky loses grandmother
three weeks after mother's death
Wayne Gretzky is mourning
the death of his grandmother,
three weeks after the ice hockey
great's mother died. Betty Hockin,
the grandmother of the Phoenix
Coyotes coach, died Saturday at
84 in a hospital in Brantford after
being stricken with a heart attack
last month. The funeral home, the
Beckett-Glaves Family Center in
Brantford, listed her death on its
Web site Monday Hockin entered
the hospital one day before daughter
Phyllis Gretzky was admitted for
deteriorating hearth from lung cancer.
Hockin was released from the hospital
to attend her daughter's funeral Dec.
22 Wayne Gretzky took a 10-day
leave of absence from the Coyotes to
be with his mother, who died of lung
cancer Dec. 19 in Brantford. Hockin,
who had 21 grandchildren and 29
great-grandchildren, is survived by
sister Eileen Lockley and sisters-
in-law Clara Cook and Elaine Van
Bradt The funeral is scheduled for
Wednesday in Brantford.
While students were nest-
ling in Holiday cheer following
exams, the men's basketball team
continued to be tested. Though
the squad is far from perfection,
their improvements have been
dictated in recent scores.
Evidence was Saturday night
when the Pirates struggled early
against Saint Paul's, an athletic
Division II team. But ECU held
tough and clawed back from a nine
point halftime deficit to eventu-
ally ink out an 80-74 home win.
"I don't know if we'd have
won this game three weeks ago,
maybe two weeks ago said first
year Head Coach Ricky Stokes.
"1 think we've made some
strides in battling adversity
With the game in the
balance, ECU closed the final
four minutes with a 10-2 run.
Senior leader Corey Rouse was
good from the charity stripe
to convert a three-point play
with 3:48 remaining. After a
Saint Paul's miss, an opportu-
nistic Sam Hinnant put back an
offensive rebound. A possession
later, Japhet McNeil slithered
through the lane to push the
lead to six.
Rouse led five double-
figure scorers with a game-high
22 points and 15 rebounds.
Tyronne Beale, Jeremy Ingram and
Hinnant notched 13 points each
while Courtney Captain added 11.
"We knew they were going to
come at us and we just had to come
back at them said Captain.
"And in the first half, we
didn't play like we normally play
"The first 20 minutes for us
was brutal" Stokes said.
"We did not play very hard.
We did not play with a lot of
energy. And Saint Paul's took the
fight to us
"I was surprised with our
play said Saint Paul's Head
Coach Edward "Buck" Joyner.
"I'll be honest with you
see MEN page A9
Results since TEC's lest Issue
Dec. 10 Western Carolina 48-56 L
ECU shot only 13-of-41 (31.7 percent) from the field en route to
most disappointing loss of the season
Dec. 18 at Winthrop 48-70 L
ECU turned the ball over 27 times for Eagles second consecutive
win over the Pirates
Dec. 21 at Toledo 62-73 L
Pirates 32-28 halftime advantage fizzled with poor second-half
shooting and free-throw percentage
Dec. 28 Limestone 87-54 W
Jeremy Ingram notched a career-high 25 points over Division II
opponent to end five-game losing streak
Dec. 31 UNC Wilmington 82-69 W
ECU snapped a three-game losing streak to the Seahawks leading
from wire-to-wire
Jan. 3 at Wake Forest 54-58 L
Late game miscues cause the Pirates golden opportunity to upset
ranked ACC team on the road
Jan. 7 Saint Paul's 80-74 W
ECU claws from largest halftime deficit to win for the 19 consecu-
tive time over a Division II team
Rouse recorded his ninth double-double of the season against St. Paul's Saturday.
Lady Pirates continue streak against Memphis
Four players reach double figures in
fourth straight win
The ECU women's basketball team could be
the hottest thing to come out of Greenville since
David Garrard. The Lady Pirates, after losing three
straight games over winter break, have kicked-off
2006 with four consecutive victories at an average
of 11 points per game. Out of their last 13 games,
the Lady Pirates have come out on top ten times.
ECU holds the second-best record in Conference-
USA, right behind Tulsa. To put it simply, this team
is on a roll.
The Lady Pirates (10-4, 2-1) defeated C-USA
rival Memphis (2-11, 0-2) Sunday 81-68 after the
season's longest road trip, spanning 11 days and
five games.
ECU's 40 first-half points were the most scored
for the Lady Pirates this season. That can largely
be attributed to the Pirates converting 5-11 three-
pointers and 70 percent of their free throws in the
first half.
After putting on arguably one of their most
dominating performances in the paint, outscoring
the Tigers 40-20, partnered with eight team-threes,
the Lady Pirates showed their versatility.
Freshman Jessica Slack led Pirate-scorers with
19 points, 15 of which came from three pointers.
see WOMEN page A9
The Lady Pirates have improved to 10-4 on the season and won their first C-USA game against Memph
USC speared by Longhorns' Young
Vince Young proved his case for the Heisman trophy even further
after torching the Trojans in the title game last week.
Texas QB outshines USC stars, also
declares for 2006 NFL draft
When Texas quarterback Vince Young walked off the
field at the Rose Bowl Wednesday night, he left a cham-
pion following one of the greatest single-game individual
performances in college football history.
The Heisman Trophy not-withstanding, Young was
the best player on the field that night - a field shared by
2004 Heisman winner Matt Leinart and 2005 Heisman
winner Reggie Bush. Young finished second in the Heis-
man this season to Bush, but was vindicated Wednesday
night by upstaging Bush and winning the national
championship for his Texas Longhorns.
Trojan fans will say, as Leinart basically said in
his arrogant post-game interviews, that Texas did
not deserve to win the game because one of their
touchdowns should not have counted. That is just
a bunch of nonsense. Even if instant replay had
overturned that call where Young pitched the ball
to Selvin Young in the second quarter, Texas still
probably would have scored on the subsequent plays
to take the lead at that juncture of the game.
The number one reason USC lost, aside from Vince
Young, was arrogance and greed. It was Bush not being
content with a 40-yard run, trying to lateral the ball
to an un-expecting teammate who couldn't handle
the pitch. The incomplete pitch resulted in a fumble
which Texas recovered inside its own 20.
It was also Trojans coach Pete Carroll deciding to go
for a fourth-and-two at midfield with the lead and just
over two minutes remaining instead of punting and
forcing Vince Young to drive the Longhorns offense
the length of the field.
One could ask, "Why shouldn't USC have been
arrogant?" The Trojans had won 34 straight games
and were going for their third consecutive national
championship and the first undisputed one If Bush
completes that lateral, it's one of the plays of the year
If USC converts that fourth-and-two, Pete Carroll is a
genius with testicular fortitude. But things didn't turn
out the way the folks in SoCal would have liked
The game can be second-guessed to death, but the
bottom hne is that the night belonged to Vince Youitk
When to team needed to mala- a play, he made it
Tvv.ce m the fourth quarter, he converted a fourth-down
himself. He threw for 267 yards while completing 75 per-
cent oftapasseson me night.Heran for arwmeW
and three touchdowns, including the game-winner with
19 seconds remaining on the clock. He did not turn the
ball over once, something both Leinart and Bush did
After leading Texas to its first national champion-
ship in 36 years, Young recanted his declaration hat
he was going to remain in Austin for his senior yea
and announced he was going to enter the NFL Draft Z
capitalize on his great outing in Pasadena
It is unlikely that Young will be the first pick in the
rht u 1 UStKn TeXSnS have already t5d S5S
Chris Mortensen that, assumingBush foregoes hisnior
I Greenville Blv

), 2006

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Colts, Seahawks get four All-Pros - Gates
unanimous choice
(AP) San Diego's Antonio
Gates was the only unanimous
choice to The Associated Press
2005 All-Pro team featuring four
players each from conference
leaders Indianapolis and Seattle.
The Chargers' brilliant tight
end drew all 50 votes in balloting
by a nationwide panel of sports
writers and broadcasters who cover
the NFL. Gates also made the team
last year, with 32 12 votes.
He's joined by NFL Most Valu-
able Player Shaun Alexander. The
Seattle running back, who also
won the AP Offensive Player of the
Year award, received 49 votes. And
Chicago linebacker Brian Urlacher,
the Defensive Player of the Year,
also was chosen on 49 ballots.
"This whole season was a
blessing said Urlacher, who
rebounded from leg injuries in
2004 to lead the Bears to the NFC
North crown.
Alexander made the team for
the first time, while Urlacher was
chosen for the third.
Peyton Manning was the All-
Pro quarterback for the third
straight time, getting 37 votes.
He was joined by Colts center Jeff
Saturday, defensive end Dwight
Freeney and safety Bob Sanders. It
was the first selection for Saturday
and Sanders and the second for
The other Seahawks were
tackle Walter Jones, guard Steve
Hutchinson and fullback Mack
Strong. Jones made it for the
third time, Hutchinson for the
second, and Strong for the first.
"I came in and I had a bunch
of 100-yard games real quick
Alexander said. "I felt like, gosh,
I didn't feel like I was really run-
ning that hard.
Walk-In Customers W.lcom.
IVIfiil from page A8
Hassan Robinson paced Saint
Paul's with 21 points on 10-of-21
shooting. Since the Tigers were
severely undersized, they were
forced to play at a rigorous pace.
The speed forced ECU to go with
a smaller lineup to keep up.
But the Pirates' size advantage
began to wear down the smaller
Tigers midway through the
second-half. ECU out-rebounded
Saint Paul's by a 28-15 margin in
the second frame.
"In the second-half, we had an
opportunity to regroup Stokes said.
"We attacked a little
more inside and were able to
make some perimeter shots,
but I thought defense was the
difference. We were able to attack
them defensively
Japhet McNeil notched a
career-high in assists with 12 in
29 minutes. McNeil now has 305
for his career, 21 shy of third on
the career assists list. The junior
scored four points.
The Saint Paul's contest was
supposed to be a final tune-up
before No. 4 Memphis travels
to Greenville. Instead, it served
as a sobering reminder of how
much room the Pirates still have
to progress.
"I'm pleased with the win
Stokes said.
"But I'm not pleased with
how we played
Tom Hammonds, the son
of a former NBA star, sprained
his ankle at the 9:54 mark of
the second half against Saint
Paul's. The sophomore guard,
fresh off an impressive six point
outing at Wake Forest, did not
return. Hammonds slammed the
floor repeatedly in an immense
amount of pain. Stokes stated
that Hammonds will not play
against Memphis and is ques-
tionable for the Pirates game
against UTEP.
Jeremy Ingram and Quen-
tin Goods experienced their
first minutes against Winthrop
on Dec. 17. Ingram, a Kinston,
NC native, was mandated to sit
out the first eight games due to
eligibility issues surrounding his
transfer from Wake Forest. Since
becoming eligible, Ingram has
been a spark plug averaging 12.2
points per game.
Quentin Goods' redshirt bid
was removed against Winthrop
when he played 10 minutes.
Goods' best outing was at Wake
Forest when he notched two
points and three rebounds in
16 minutes. What was most
impressive was Goods' defense
on Wake Forest's premier center
Eric Williams.
With 16 players dressing
for the team, Mike Castro
has found himself regulated to the
bench. The senior experienced
an ankle injury in the preseason.
Even so, the New York native
logged 18 minutes against UNC
Greensboro. Since then, Castro
has played only one minute.
According to Stokes, Castro
is now practicing with the
team. However, Stokes was
unclear about whether the senior
could see the floor versus Mem-
phis. The latest on Castro is that
he will be out indefinitely after
suffering an injury to his right
foot. Freshman Quinton Goods
will fill in for the injured
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
Standard Bds Only
Greenville Blvd. (Across from Pizza Inn) 931.1147
Evans Street 353.5400
WOlTien from page A8
She also had four assists.
Forwards LaToya Horton and
Nicole Days dominated the boards
with 22 combined rebounds, just
under a quarter of the game's 89
total. The tandem also contributed
13 points and two blocks.
Sunday's game was the first
time the Lady Pirates scored at
least 80 points in a contest since
Jan. 28, 2005 versus Southern
Other notable victories over
the past few weeks such as a 61-55
win over Alabama and Friday's six-
point win over C-USA rival UAB
display the Lady Pirates' ability to
win on the road.
ECU is back at home Friday to
take on Houston in C-USA play.
After that, the Pirates are back
on the road until a much-needed
three-game-home stand against
SMU, Tulsa and Marshall starting
Jan. 27.
This writer can be contacted at
TeXaS VS USC from page 8
year at USC, they will take him
number one. The Texans just picked
up an $8 million option on their
current quarterback David Carr,
who is in only his fourth year in the
NFL with the four-year-old Texans.
That being said, this is the
right move for Young. What
more can he do in college? He
just turned in one of the best
single-game bowl performances
ever while leading his team to a
national title, providing the icing
on the cake for what was a Heis-
man-worthy year. What would he
come back for - to win the Heis-
man? He already proved his point
on the field last Wednesday night.
Reggie Bush deserved to win
the Heisman this past season, but
for one night, and with all the
marbles on the table, he was com-
pletely outshined by the Heisman
runner-up and somewhere Mat-
thew McConaughey is still smiling.
This writer can be contacted at
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Submit a signed complete application.
For more details and a downloadable application, visit:
Application Deadline: February I, 2006.
Return all application materials to:
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Page A10
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The East Carolinian, January 10, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
January 10, 2006
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