The East Carolinian, December 1, 2005
Volume 81 Number 33 THURSDAY
December 1 2005
Tenure system, faculty pecking order
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor

Constant monitoring,
feedback keeps
professors on track
The complex and time-con-
suming tenure system at ECU
is designed to procure the most
qualified professors to advance
the university nationally and
provide the best possible educa-
tion for students.
The procedures for to evalu-
ate the professional competence
of a professor have become more
complex through the years and
take up a large amount of time.
Universities use the tenure system
to recruit and retain qualified
"Twenty years ago we hired
professors to teach but now we
expect them to perform research
and be involved in a multi-
tude of other responsibilities,
as well as retain the ability to
be a good teacher said Richard
Kearney, Department of Political
Science Chair.
"We look to hire faculty who
will be tenurable at this univer-
sity and the process is complex
because our requirements are
so high
This tenure track system
requires performance reviews
and constant monitoring by
department chairs and a depart-
ments personnel committee.
The committee consists of a
department's tenured professors
and is necessary to make deci-
sions about a professor's career.
This system leads to a professor
becoming tenured and a perma-
nent member of the faculty.
"There is a post-tenure review
that can provide a continuance or
warnings for improvement and
this provides protection against
undesirable behavior of tenured
professors Kearney said.
"Professors are given security
by this system. However, any
felonious behavior or harassment
will result in dismissal
According to the Faculty
Manual, there are three types of
faculty appointments.
Fixed term appointments are
given to faculty who are consid-
ered visiting professors, lecturers,
visiting associate professor or
clinical professors and are can
be extended either year to year or
each semester. These professors
are not evaluated or considered
within the tenure track system.
Probationary appointments
or reappointments are given to
members in the tenure track
system and are assistant profes-
sors during this period.
Appointments with per-
manent tenure are given after
seven years and are continuous
until retirement, resignation or
removal. Faculty members are
associate or full professors after
tenure is granted.
"We evaluate our faculty
members in the tenure track
system after an initial three year
contract and decide whether
to issue an extension and then
we repeat the process every two
years until the seven-year mark
when they will be considered for
tenure Kearney said.
"The personnel committee
will make a recommendation for
tenure, the department will give
concurrence or non-concurrence,
the recommendation then moves
to the dean of the college and
then the provost and trustees
have the final say on the recom-
see TENURE page A2
Parking lots have to be handled carefully by officials at colleges, amusement parks and other venues.
Why ECU has parking regulations
Checking the reasons
behind the rules of
campus parking
All parking rules and cita-
tions a student or faculty member
will encounter are regulated by
ECU Parking and Transportation
Services, an organization look-
ing to improve communications
with students by disclosing all
information about the parking
situation many people dread.
As hopeless as students think
parking is, there are methods to
handle the situation better. Mike
Van Derven, director of Parking
and Transportation Services,
dispelled the myth that park-
ing officials are looking to earn
money by gouging students.
"I have no benefit in giving
tickets said Van Derven.
"We're not about revenue
He said money collected by
issuing tickets and towing fees
is primarily dispersed to public
schools. All fines have to be
approved by the Board of Gover-
nors and the state.
ECU Parking wants students
to pay more attention to the dif-
ferent things you can do with a
permit. Van Derven said certain
passes work at different lots
during different points in the day.
Once it gets late in the day, C lot
passes can be used in other loca-
tions. He said people have a hard
time reading signs and get tick-
eted for things that are avoidable.
People often argue for ECU to
build a parking deck on campus.
However, it is very problematic to
try this because of expenditures.
"You have to look at the basic
financing of that structure Van
Derven said.
A parking deck is one the
most frequently asked questions
ECU Parking has to answer.
"Since no state funding is
available or allowed for building
a parking deck, the burden of
such a high cost would be put on
the students, staff and faculty
according to the FAQ's on ECU
Parking's Web site.
"Basic parking deck construc-
tion costs would be in the $7
million range
Furthermore, it is much easier
for a school like Duke University to
build a parking deck. They just spent
about $62 million to build one.
Parking can also be a dilemma
when there are large events hosted
on campus or during the beginning
and end of semesters at the dorms.
Most individual fines are
not hefty, but they tend to pile
up when multiple or repeated
infractions occur. There are also
some violations that can result
in having a car towed. Such
violations would include using a
revoked permit or parking a vehi-
cle in a space that impedes traffic.
There are cases where people
cannot find a parking spot and
resort to parking at the end of
lot in places not designated as
parking spaces. People also park
see PARKING page AS
People nationwide prefer Firefox
web browser over Internet Explorer
Security measures, extra
options are popular
among users
Mozilla Firefox is literally
catching fire with Internet users
and college students around
Mqpy people are already
switching to Firefox because
it has several added features
including extra virus protection,
customized options and multiple
browser tabs.
A big advantage of Firefox
is its multiple browser option,
enabling users to open several
Web sites all within the same
browser window. Users may click
the tabs to get back and forth
from each page whereas in Inter-
net Explorer multiple windows
have to be opened.
Kari Chase, manager of the
ECU web browser at Information
Technology Computing Services
said she likes Firefox because the
Google search engine is built
directly into the browser.
In Internet Explorer, the
Google toolbar is built in sepa-
rately. Firefox users are restricted
to just Google. Different search
engines are available including
Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and Wikipe-
Based on users' interests,
the toolbar features a variety of
extensions, some ranging from
web blogging and entertainment
to web developer tools and pri-
More and more students are electing to use alternative browsers.
vacy and security.
Different themes for style and
appearance of the web browser
are also available.
"The theme is actually
how the buttons look on the
browser said Chase.
"I have about five or six differ-
ent themes on my computer
The RSS feed is another added
feature that sets Firefox apart
from Internet Explorer. The feed
shows updated articles from
every Web site the user places in
the bookmark list.
"I have my Web sites book-
marked, so that everyday when
there's a new article out there, it
shows up in my bookmark list
Chase said.
"I don't have to go to that
sight to see if there's anything
Along with several Internet
options and extensions, Firefox
is also considered to have better
security and virus protection
than Internet Explorer.
Chase said she can perma-
nently turn off pop-up windows,
but if she does so in Internet
Explorer, they still find a way to
"By default Firefox catches
them a lot faster Chase said.
When users are download-
ing information from Web sites,
Firefox will also warn them if a
Web site is secure by displaying a
"lock" symbol in the URL.
Chase also recommends
Firefox to students living off
campus because they are more
susceptible to viruses than stu-
dents living on campus who are
protected by Cisco Clean Access
"You can keep your virus pro-
tections more up-to-date with
Firefox Chase said.
see WEB page A5
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CHRIS MUNIER News Editor ZACK HILL Assistant News Editor
THURSDAY December 1, 2005
Book Donations
The Department of Library Science
and Instructional Technology will
be accepting book donations for
the Greenville Community Shelter
Books can be dropped off at the
Joyner Library Conference Room
2406 through Dec. 15. For more
information, contact Al Jones at
Toys for Tots
Student Health Service will be
collecting new, unwrapped toys
until Friday, Dec. 7 as part of the
annual Toys for Tots program.
The drop box is located in the
lobby of Student Health Service.
For more Information, contact
Georgia Childs or Ellen Goldberg
at 328-6841.
Student Store Holiday
Dowdy Student Store's Annual
Holiday Sale and Festivities will
take place Thursday, Dec. 1
from 4 - 8 p.m. In the Wright
Building featuring discounts on
ECU gifts and apparel. The ECU
Gospel Choir will perform and
the ECU Cheerleaders will be
on hand. Bring a donation of
canned food or a toy and have a
holiday photo taken with PeeDee
for free. Donated goods go to
the ECU Holiday Drive. Patrons
may register for an hourly gift
certificate giveaway. For more
information, visit studentstores. or call 328-6731.
Pllobolus Dance
PTOO is considered the -little
luxury edition" of Pilobolus Dance
Theatre, one of the dance world's
most renowned ensembles. Its
two bravura dancers will present
an evening of new and classic
Pilobolus works at 8 p.m. Thursday,
Dec. 1 in Wright Auditorium.
Purchase a Crown Subscription
by Dec. 1 to receive a choice of
six events. Prices are $162 for
the public, $150 for faculty and
staff, $84 for youth and $48 for
students. Advance Individual
tickets, if available for $25 for
public, $23 for faculty and staff.
$13 for youth and $10 for students.
All tickets at the door are $25.
Group discounts are available
for groups of 15 or more. For
more information, visit
New Musical
John and Jen, a new musical, will
be performed at 8 p.m. Saturday,
Dec. 10 and at 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec.
11 in the Studio Theatre. John and
Jen is an original musical that
takes a look at the complexities
of relationships between brothers
and sisters and parents and
children. The story is set against
the background of a changing
America between 1950 and 1990.
The event is free, but tickets are
required and seating is limited. For
more information, call 328-6829.
ECU Arts Tickets
Subscriptions for the S Rudolph
Alexander Performing Arts
Series and Family Fare are both
currently on sale. The S. Rudolph
Alexander Series is ECU'S flagship
performing arts series, presenting
a season of nine of the world's
top orchestras, ballet companies,
jazz artists, dance ensembles,
Broadway shows and much more.
The Family Fare series provides
kid-centered cultural excursions
for the entire family. For-more
information, contact the Cultural
Outreach Office, or visit ecu.
Women's Committee
The ECU Committee for the
Status of Women will be hosting
a diversity luncheon entitled
"Traditions & Gift Giving" from
11:30 a.m. -1 p.m. Friday, Dec. 2 in
the Mendenhall Great Rooms. This
festive luncheon event will feature
a variety of speakers who will share
holiday stories about traditions
in giving gifts and celebrating
occasions and holidays with
families and communities from
cultures around the world. There
is no charge for ECU students.
For all others, the cost Is $5.
Art Holiday Sale
The Annual School of Art and
Design Holiday Exhibition and
Sale will start Thursday, Dec. 1
and run through Saturday, Dec.
3. Art guild members will have
a wide array of unique art gifts
on display. All items will be
In Wellington B. Gray Gallery,
Jenkins Fine Arts Center
News Briefs
Teen scoots 11-year-old sister to
death in Greensboro
year-old girl was shot to death by her
teenage brother In their home, police
said. The circumstances were still
under investigation.
Raanika Denette Seagroves and her
brother were apparently downstairs in
their apartment when the brother, whom
police declined to identify, picked up a
410-gauge shotgun and it went off.
"It may be a week or so before we
know for sure if there will be any
charges filed police Capt. Gary
Hastings said. "We don't have any
evidence of any kind of altercation
that we know of so far
Police said four people were in tjpe
apartment at the time of the shooting:
the girl, her older brother, her father
and another, unidentified person. The
father was upstairs at the time.
No charges were immediately filed.
Possibilities range from manslaughter
to murder, depending on whether
investigators believe the shooting
was an accident or deliberate. In other
shootings involving minors, adults in
the home have been charged with
leaving a gun within reach.
ASU to study nutrient's kick to
sustain tired troops
BOONE. NC (AP) - The largest
research awaid in Appalachian State
University's history will be used to
examine whether a substance found
in red grapes and red onions can help
troops deprived of sleep or food.
Researchers were awarded $1.1
million by the Pentagon's Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency,
or DARPA, for a two-year study of the
effects of quercetin In helping maintain
the immune systems of troops under
intense stress, the school said Monday.
Quercetin (pronounced CUREsee-
tin) is a nutrient found in red grapes,
red onions and other fruits and
vegetables. The average American
ingests about 25 milligrams of the
substance a day in a normal diet,
said David Nieman, a professor in
the university's Department of Health,
Leisure and Exercise Science.
The federal grant will examine
whether the plant pigment can
help U.S. soldiers on long missions
without sleep or food, Nieman said.
If the substance helps boost immune
system function, it could end up in
military combat rations, he said.
The study will examine immune system
cells of endurance athletes, starting
with a group that includes bicycle
racers from western North Carolina.
The study's second phase will take
place next summer at a 100-mile trail
run that starts in Squaw Valley, Calif.
Astronomers discover possible
miniature solar system
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Astronomers
have discovered what they believe
is the birth of the smallest known
solar system.
Peering through ground- and space-
based telescopes, scientists observed
a brown dwarf or failed star lesss than
one hundredth the mass of the sun
surrounded by what appears to be a
disk of dust and gas.
The brown dwarf located 500 light
years away in the constellation
Chamaeleon appears to be
undergoing a planet-forming
process that could one day yield a
solar system, said Kevin Luhman of
Pennsylvania State University, who
led the discovery.
It's long been believed that our own
solar system came into existence
when a huge cloud of gas and dust
collapsed to form the sun and planets
about 4.5 billion years ago.
The new finding is the smallest brown
dwarf to be discovered with planet-
forming properties. If the disk forms
planets, the resulting solar system will
be about 100 times smaller than our
own, scientists said.
Brown dwarfs, which are bigger than a
planet but much smaller than a star, are
thought to be balls of gas that failed to
collect enough mass to start shining.
Top U.S. military officer contradicts
his civilian boss: Americans must
stop Iraqi abusers
WASHINGTON (AP) - The nation's top
military man, Marine Gen. Peter Pace,
said American troops in Iraq have a
duty to intercede and stop abuse of
prisoners by Iraqi security personnel.
When Defense Secretary Donald
H. Rumsfeld contradicted Pace, the
general stood firm.
Rumsfeld told the general he believed
Pace meant to say the U.S. soldiers
had to report the abuse, not stop it.
Pace stuck to his original statement.
"If they are physically present when
inhumane treatment is taking place,
sir, they have an obligation to try to
stop It Pace told his civilian boss.
The unusual exchange occurred
during a discussion at a news
conference about the relationship
between U.S. forces in Iraq and
an Iraqi government considered
sovereign by the United States.
A questioner asked whether the
United States and its allies might be
deemed responsible for preventing
mistreatment of people under arrest
in Iraq, given that the U.S. and its allies
' train Iraqi forces.
He said soldiers who hear of but don't see
an incident should deal with it through
superiors of the offending Iraqis.
That's when Rumsfeld stepped to the
microphone and said, "I don't think
you mean they have an obligation to
physically stop it. It's to report it
Pace then repeated to Rumsfeld that
intervening when witnessing abuse is
the order the troops must follow, not
just reporting it.
Eight reported dead, 700
hospitalized In Pakistani quake
zone as cold descends
- More than 700 people - many
suffering from pneumonia and
hypothermia - were treated at
hospitals Wednesday as winter
descends on Pakistani Kashmir and
the millions who lost their homes in
last month's earthquake.
Media reports said eight people have
died in northwestern Pakistan and
Kashmir due to the bad weather, and
doctors said the situation could worsen
in the coming weeks if arrangements
are not quickly made to provide
winterized shelters to quake survivors.
Rain and snow began lashing
Pakistan's part of Kashmir late
Saturday, blocking several roads and
grounding helicopters used to ferry
aid to remote areas. Since the quake
struck on Oct. 8, killing more than
87,000 people, aid agencies have been
warning of another disaster among
the survivors, who have been living
in tents in the Himalayan highlands.
The U.N. Office for the Coordination
of Humanitarian Affairs in Pakistan
has said the onset of winter
conditions is severely hampering
relief operations.
Donors have pledged more than $6
billion, but much of it is meant for
reconstruction. MacLoed said less
than half of the $550 million appeal
for relief funds has been received.
Tony Blair says Britain
considering new generation of
nuclear power stations
LONDON (AP) - Prime Minister Tony
Blair opened a fierce debate on
energy and the environment Tuesday,
saying the British government will
consider building a new generation
of nuclear power plants.
In a speech briefly delayed by anti-
nuclear activists, Blair said an energy
study due to be finished next summer
would look specifically at nuclear power.
He acknowledged that reconsideration
of a longstanding move away
from the use of atomic reactors to
generate electricity is a "difficult and
challenging" issue.
Many Europeans have strongly
opposed nuclear power plants since
the 1986 Chernobyl reactor disaster
increased fears about its safety, but
Britain is not alone in beginning to
rethink that aversion.
Opponents, including many in Blair's
governing Labour Party, worry about
accidents or terrorist attacks at
nuclear plants and the need to
dispose of radioactive waste safely.
Advocates say nuclear power, which
does not generate greenhouse gases
that contribute to global warming, is
environmentally beneficial. They also
believe it will become increasingly
necessary as world oil supplies tighten.
For Britain, the problem is getting
worse as oil and natural gas
production in its own North Sea
fields declines. Blair said that by
2020, coal and nuclear plants that
now generate more than 30 percent
of the country's electricity supply will
be decommissioned.
A government policy paper on energy
resources will be issued early In the
summer of 2006 and will address
the possibility of a new generation
of nuclear reactors that could help
provide enough energy for Britain,
Blair said.
Nuclear power now provides a fifth of
Britain's electricity, but the country's
12 nuclear power plants are aging
and unless replaced will provide only
four percent of electricity by 2010.
Basnlght recommends finance
consultant for lottery board
RALEIGH, NC. (AP) - An Information
technology consultant from Charlotte
was recommended Wednesday by
state Senate leader Marc Basnlght
to join the new North Carolina State
Lottery Commission.
Bridget-Anne Hampden is president
and chief executive officer of JHR
& Associates LLC, a management
consulting firm with clients including
Lexmark International and the
Charlotte Sting of the Women's
National Basketball Association.
If hernomination is confirmed byGcv Mike
Easley, she will replace Malachi Greene
of Charlotte, who resigned because
of health issues and his schedule.
Basnight originally chose retired
educator Shirley Frye of Greensboro
to replace Greene. But she withdrew
her name after learning of potential
conflicts of interest because of clients
of her husband's law practice.
The nine-member commission has
another vacancy, created when
Gordon Myers stepped down Nov.
14. Myers cited a potential conflict of
interest because he is a former vice
president of the Asheville-based Ingles
Markets grocery store chain, which
may seek to sell lottery tickets.
A third commissioner, Kevin Geddings of
Charlotte, resigned amid questions about
work he did for a potential lottery vendor
as state lawmakers debated lottery
legislation this summer. Prosecutors are
now investigating whether he and others
violated the state's lobbying law.
State House Speaker Jim Black, who
must name Myers' replacement, chose
former UNC-Charlotte Chancellor Jim
Woodward to succeed Geddings.
from page A1
Upon establishing a cadre of
nationally recognized research
and an excellent track record
within the department, a profes-
sor can be promoted to a full
professor, Kearney said.
"Department chairs are a
bit different as we try to pull in
faculty from other universities
that are considered on a higher
level in the hierarchy of schools
Kearney said.
"The idea is to bring in faculty
who can continue to advance
ECU beyond its current level
There are ways for profes-
sors to file grievances with the
university if the system is not
correctly applied, they feel they
have not been treated fairly or
mistakes are made in the process,
Kearney said.
The process and procedures
for the UNC university system's
tenure system can be found on
the ECU Web site in the Faculty
Manual at ecu.edudata-fson-
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeas tcarolinian. com.
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Housing bubble: to burst or
not to burst is the question
Economists are watching the housing market closely.
The future Of the hOUSing combined despite the fact
market in the U.S.
In the last seven years hous-
ing prices have outpaced infla-
tion by 60 percent.
Usually, home prices are cor-
related very closely to inflation.
This has been attributed to low
interest rates and the fact that the
economy was doing well enough
for people to buy affordable
homes for the first time. Many
people believe this incredible
pace cannot endure and that the
sudden halt in growth will cause
the bubble to burst much like the
way tech stocks did in 2000.
The housing bubble and the
tech stock bubble are not the
same, however. In 2000, there
were many Internet compa-
nies that had no earnings and
were selling for high prices. The
demand for these companies
created the market and drove the
prices higher.
"Amazon is priced at more
than Ford and General Motors
Amazon has never made a dime
said Berkshire Hathaway Chair-
man Warren Buffett.
"That does not even make
sense to the inexperienced inves-
When bubbles are allowed
to continue too fast and for too
long, a depression can take hold
like the Great Depression, which
marked the last time that hous-
ing prices fell so precipitously
because unemployment was
around 25 percent.
Houses are not nearly as vola-
tile and have an intrinsic value,
meaning they will not go to zero
in price.
This is mainly due to Keynes-
ian economics, stating that
builders and manufacturers will
seldom, but probably never, sell
their products for a price lower
than what it costs them to pro-
duce it.
Keynesian Economics refers
to John Maynard Keynes, the
noted economist who virtually
invented modern economics by
de-bunking classical economic
thought and citing what he
observed happening in the real
world in that producers often
will lay off workers in bad times
rather than take less money for
their goods. Keynes resigned in
protest due to the harsh stipula-
tions placed on Germany by the
Treaty of Versailles at the end of
World War 1.
Houses cost a lot of money
to build in terms of raw materi-
als and labor and a house has
an intrinsic value that a lot of
stocks do not have. Housing is a
significant part of the U.S. Gross
Domestic Product, with about
5 percent of it based on home
While the steep increase in
price may not continue much
longer, due in part to the increase
in interest rates, the market will
not completely "bottom out" as
the average person owns a home
for 14 years and 85 percent of
houses in the U.S. are owned by
individuals rather than investors,
thereby making for a drastically
less volatile market - one based
largely on value.
In addition, the age demo-
graphic with the largest percent-
age of homeowners is senior citi-
zens who have a "buy-and-hold"
In general, the real estate
market catches up to economic
changes much more slowly than
the stock market because of the
physical nature of buildings.
In short, a housing bubble of
tech bubble proportions should
not be feared because the incred-
ible rise in prices may soon cease.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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Page A4 252.328.9238
My Random Column
Exams, holidays a time
of stress and frustration
"Exam" - it is the word rhat strike i fear in
the hearts and minds of college students
everywhere. The time is upon us at ECU. As
most people are filling malls to do the perfect
Christmas gifts and preparing for family visits,
college students are piling into the library for
precious silence.
It is a time of year when stress mounts and
patience can easily run out. And how unfortu-
nate - this stressful time of year manages to
coincide with the time of year when holiday
jitters and pesky colds are also at their peak.
The lack of sleep, the chaos of late-night study
sessions and the germs can get to anyone if
they aren't careful.
Sleep becomes a thing of the past during this
hectic time of year, and healthy eating habits
are often neglected for the much easier option
of grabbing a quick snack and a highly caffein-
ated drink between study sessions.
The staff of TEC understands the pressure of
balancing exams, work and personal respon-
sibilities. This is an exciting, yet somewhat
pressure-filled time of the year. However, there
are some things we can all do to minimize the
effects of stress through exam time.
Remember to get as much sleep as possible
- as difficult as that may sound. Staying up
all night to study may seem like a great idea
the day before an exam, but It can often leave
you too tired to perform well when exam time
finally arrives.
Don't forget to eat three healthy, balanced
meals everyday. Meal time can be a great
excuse to take a relaxing break from studying.
Stock up on vitamin C to help protect against
colds and viruses. After all, this is the time of
year when no one can afford to be sick.
Study diligently and make use o' Joyner
Library's study rooms and resources and find
relief in the fact that in a week or so, you'll be
enjoying a nice, relaxing break.
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copy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1.
Opinion Columnist
The ten things that I hate most right now
And no, people aren't
things - that list would
be too long
I'm being told that last week's
column had mixed reviews. I
understand that a lot of people
liked the article. I understand
that readers enjoyed my sticking
up for "Arrested Development
whose last day on the air should
be celebrated each year as a
national holiday in memorial of
what a great show it was.
However, I'm also being told
that some readers didn't like
what I had to say. Namely, they
didn't appreciate when I said
that I hated the South and the
Midwest. I mean, I guess that I
really can't blame them for not
looking at those statements in
a larger picture and see that I
meant that I hate the Midwest
because I'm subjected to a ton
of shows catering to that audi-
ence yet shows I'm interested in
get cancelled because they don't
appeal to Midwesterners and
I guess I shouldn't take that
leap of faith and expect so much
from people. I shouldn't expect
people to read on a level above
that of a caveman. I shouldn't
expect someone to read an article
actively, trying to make inter-
pretations and observations of
their own.
What I should expect, I guess,
are angry Pirate Rants, such as the
one which so eloquently stated,
"Stupid people write stupid arti-
cles just because I denigrated
your region of choice.
So I'm going to be very plain
with the article today. Don't
worry - I'm not going to try and
make you think too much today.
Instead of some political com-
mentary on - oh, I don't know
- President Bush admitting to not
having a timetable for pulling out
of Iraq. Instead, here's a list of ten
things that I really hate right now
- in order.
10. FedEx: I'm waiting on a
package from
with my new XM gear and you
know what, I've been waiting
too long. It was supposed to be
on my door early on the first
day of Thanksgiving break. It
didn't come.
So on Friday morning, I get a
call from the main office confirm-
ing my address. Here's the gist:
"Can we bring it today?" "No.
Now I'm gone. Bring it Monday,
please "We only deliver to
businesses on Monday "Fine.
Tuesday - early "Sure thing
Now it's Tuesday afternoon and
- shocker - no package. I wonder
what Brown can do for me
9. "Lost The first season was
amazing and I'll admit it, I jumped
on the bandwagon late and got
hooked watching season one on
DVD. Season two on the other
hand has been awful. The pieces are
still there and I still watch, but it's
been very frustrating to watch.
It's eight or nine episodes in
and I've learned next to nothing.
The show is moving at a snail's
pace, constantly teasing me with
something promising only to let
me down. But the worst move
was killing off the cute blonde
and adding the "feisty" Anna
Lucia who's dialogue sounds like
it was ripped from Dirty Harry.
Good move.
8. Pink Shirts. I think the day
after Kanye West became famous,
an announcement was made:
"It's okay to wear pink shirts,
guys I think that guys have
been waiting forever to break out
the pink - like they kept in a case
on a wall that says: "In case of rap
star making it OK, break glass
Pink shirts are disgusting, you
trend whores.
7. The Philadelphia Eagles.
It's not exactly their fault but
every time you turn on ESPN or
open a sports page, all you read
about is the Philadelphia Eagles
and Terrell Owens or Donovan
McNabb. Philly is awful this year
and won't even make the playoffs
but somehow they get all of the
attention while the Indianapolis
Colts quietly sneak up on an
undefeated season and players
like Shaun Alexander, Carson
Palmer and LaDainian Tomlin-
son have amazing seasons.
6. The Democratic Party.
I've already gone on record as a
Libertarian so you know how I
feel about both the Democratic
and Republican Parties. But the
Democrats especially raise my ire
because they seem to think that
Hillary Clinton has a chance at
winning the presidency in 2008.
America is regressing socially
and somehow they think she
shocked the world despite fight-
ing for a percentage of a percent-
age of the vote? Because you have
to assume that at least 40 percent
won't vote for her purely because
she's a woman. Get ready for a
Republican dynasty because the
Democrats don't even want to
put up a fight.
S. Nintendo. First they push
the only Gamecube game anyone
wants to play (The Legend of
Zelda: Twilight Princess) to spring
2006 and now they introduce
their new hardware (Revolution)
with a controller that looks like a
cheap television remote. I'm sure
it'll be great for Pokemon games
and the other kiddie garbage
Nintendo puts out but there's no
way I'll want to play a real game
using it. I wonder what the PS3
can do for me
4. The NHL. Hockey is back!
Only it's completely different
because of the rule changes to
make it more appealing to stupid
Midwesterners. More goals! Less
contact! More penalties! A league
full of mediocre teams! The NHL
Whored out their entire sport.
3. "Black Friday Black Friday
is the day human beings devolve
into animals for the sake of
saving a few dollars. Old women,
children - no one is safe from a
good old fashioned trampling
when $3.99 DVDs are on the line.
Animals, I tell you, animals.
2. "The Howard Stern Show I
used to love Howard Stern - now
I've finally seen the light. Hearing
about how great and revolution-
ary is fine - if he's actually doing
something great and revolution-
ary. Instead of going on and on
about how entertaining the show
will be on Sirius, the best way
to sell the move is by - get this
- actually doing an entertaining
show, not complaining about
your perfect life. Long live the
new kings of radio: XM's Opie &
Anthony and Ron & Fez.
1. The South and the Mid-
west. I'll briefly explain this with
an analogy: Let's say I was an
aspiring weatherman. I get out
of ECU and I begin working at
one of the local stations. Then
if I'm lucky, I can move to Char-
lotte. Then, maybe if I'm lucky,
I can move to Indianapolis. But
here's the thing: the pinnacle
would always be a northeast city
like New York City or Boston or
somewhere on the west coast
like Los Angeles. And there's a
reason for that but I'll let you
draw your own conclusions as to
why that is.
THURSDAY December 1, 2005
Pirate Rant
In My Opinion
(KRT) � Those still doubtful
about the reality of global warm-
ing would do well to note the most
recent issue of the journal Science.
An article describes the findings
of researchers who drilled two
miles into the ice of the Antarc-
tica, retrieving a sample that has
yielded information about the
Earth's climate the past 650,000
years. Never before have climatolo-
gists traveled so far back in time.
The previous record extended back
an estimated 440,000 years.
What did scientists learn?
Today's levels of carbon dioxide
are 27 percent higher than they
have been in all that time. The
levels of methane, an even more
troubling greenhouse gas, are 130
percent higher.
The international consensus
of scientists warning about the
threat of global warming has held
that human activity since the late
1800s has accelerated the heat-
ing of the planet. These ice cores,
revealing layers upon layers of
fallen snow, plus compressed air
bubbles, provide more decisive evi-
dence of the recent rapid changes.
The sudden buildup departs from
much slower and more gradual
past increases in the amount of
greenhouse gases.
Something critically telling
occurred in the 19th century: the
advent of sharply increased burn-
ing of fossil fuels. It follows that
reduced use of those fuels (coal
and oil) is required to reverse a
steady trend that threatens to
alter our environment and way of
life. That change need not arrive
overnight. It must begin. In this
country, it should start with a
mandate that cars and trucks burn
gasoline more efficiently.
To all the smokers who actually defend their gross habit: Do
you know what smoking does to you? It stunts your growth,
it yellows your teeth and blackens your hings. Is that what
you want? To be a yellow toothed midget with lung cancer?
To the'people who complain about slow drivers on 264:
You do realize that the speed limit applies to both lanes,
right? I can't stand it when I'm going 70-75mph in the
left lane and some jerk tailgates me because heshe
wants to go 85 mph. Slow down! It will save you gas
and possibly a speeding ticket.
Gary McCabe, do you hate everybody? And if you don't,
you sure act like it.
Bicycle riders are supposed to have the same rights as
cars. OK so why aren't they given tickets for going too
slow and reckless driving?
If Greenville is called G-Vegas because it's a city in the
middle of nowhere like Las Vegas, then why can't the
train engineers figure out how to go through town at
some time other than a.m. or p.m. rush hour?
To the dark haired girl that works at the Java City in the
library, thank you for always being so nice to me and my
friends when we come to get smoothies at night. You make
them the best. You are the reason that we come there!
I hate when people collect friends on Facebook! You
don't know 1,000 people at ECU. Stop collecting.
Five and a half years and summer school each time,
Congrats roommate you finally made it.
Why do girls always try to steal guy's clothing and
personal things? Yet love to leave their toothbrush and
other things around my house?
To the girl who wants her guy to "feel special Boys
don't deserve to feel specialand in the wise words of
the girl in my dorm who practically lives in the lobby,
"Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them
To the boy who thinks that downtown girls aren't
classy maybe I like to have a few drinks, socialize
once in a while that just makes me not boring not
unclassy don't be mad cause your attempt to spin your
game was unsuccessful.
To the person who came up with the rules of driving
on Highway 264,1 am glad that I am not the only one
who feels this way. I am in with you on that.
Number of detailed large projects: six. Avg. amount
of hours spent in Rivers building this semester: 500.
Number of Nervous Breakdowns within our class: 20.
Having someone else to cry with you: priceless. The
enormous amount of stress, pressure and few hours of
sleep this semester has been hard on us but we had each
other to get through it! I love my Jr. IDMR girls!
I hate it when people talk on their cell phones In class
when the professor steps outurn hello we're in college.
Last time I checked it was still rude!
To the person that replied that breathing in smoke from
another person's cigarette won't cause cancer. You
are completely wrong - second hand smoke is actu-
ally worse. You are still breathing in the same 4,000
carcinogens but in even higher concentrations because
the temperature of the tar is lower.
You didn't get in because your "slightly messed up" ID
was probably fake, and we don't let underage people
In. If you are really of age, go get a new ID or try PD's.
How stupid are YOU?
I hate it when no one else in my group project responds
to e-mails except for two people - the other two I will
tell our teacher that you didn't contribute jack.
Saying "Merry Christmas" Isn't unconstitutional until
the Supreme Court determines so. Until then, Merry
Christmas everyone!
It's not my job to carry your habit, so stop asking me to
bum a cigarette. If you can't afford it, then quit.
I think a professor's gone overboard when he thinks he
can get away with calling a student fat in class! AND
loudly arguing with a student and belittling him In
front of the class. Watch out all you Shakespeare lovers,
stay away from professor H.
Well here we go again SGA once again throws more
money at issues in an attempt to make them go away.
When will people learn that more money will not solve
a problem, it takes a plan and then implementing it. A
budget would be a smart start.
I am not comfortable having my social security number
written down because the ECU system is down if you
can't do it like it's suppose to be done, then shut the
place down until it's fixed. How do I know that I can
trust a part time worker or another student with that
piece of paper? How do I know that it will be shredded
so that no one else will see it? How do I know that I'll
be charged right? Joke could be on you because I may
not have any decline left.
If people want to go to ECU and spend thousands of
dollars to do nothing but party and slack off that's up
to them so stop worrying about what they are doing
and do your own thing.
I'm sick of being sick!
To the person who claimed that police only name the
race of suspect if they are 'black it's people like you
who cause a racial divide in this country.
Don't forget your New Year's resolution over the holi-
Rules for driving on 264 (and any other road), first MIND
your own business and let the police officers do their job.
On another note, let me guess what the police said when
you reported a person for speeding. We'll keep an eye
out for the suspected vehicle and the area. According to
a Wake County Deputy Sheriff, this means they will do
nothing, unless you are willing to take the accused to court
and have reasonable evidence that that person was doing
something wrong. My source said this is very hard because
a simple, "he was going faster than me" doesn't count.
So go ahead take us all to court, I bet you can't afford
It. P.S. Stay to the right and there will be no problems.
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant Is an anonymous way for students and staff in the
online at, or emailed to emtormheeastcarohnlan.
com. The editor reserves the right to edit opinions for content and brevity.


Ladies, is your voice your instrument?
If so, we're looking for you to audition
for a new, all female a capella group at ECU.
Auditions will be held on Wednesday, December 7th
from 5:00 - 8:30 pan. in the Mendenhall Social Room.
J5 Bring a resume with experience in performance of any kind
jj Bring your spring schedule and a list of any school related
performances you plan to be involved in during the spring
j5 Must be able to sing the school Alma Mater. Words and music
to the Alma Mater can be found at under
Pirate Spirit.
J3 Must prepare an upbeat song as well as a ballad of 1 minute
each. Ladies may sing together in groups, in at least three
different harmony parts.
fl 2.5 GPA
n Must have knowledge of basic music theory
j5 Previous group vocal experience is a plus
j3 Must be able to sing harmonies and parts
J Must be willing to give a 4 hour time commitment a week
Jg Hardworking and good attitudes are required!
Jj Must be graduating in the Fall of 2006 or later
Call the Alumni Association
at 328-6072 by December 6th
to schedule an audition time.
You never have to do the dishes
Join the family.
Buy a meal plan
The rewards are sweet.
Spring -meal plan info:
Parking from page A1
next to the curb in areas per-
pendicular to other cars. This
has been the source of damage
resulting from others backing
a car out of a space and hitting
the illegally parked car from
the rear because of the lack
of room in which to reverse.
ECU Parking encourages
students and faculty to take time
to read about what can be done
with the different permits and to
read the yellow signs that show
"parking by permit only Visit
them on the Internet at ecu.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Selected Violations and Penalties
Unregistered vehicle$35
Parking In unauthorized zone$20
Illegal turn$35
Driving or parking on the grass$25
Blocking driveway or service entrance$25
Parking facing the wrong direction$10
Failure to stop at stop sign$35
Overtime parkingmeter andor timed area$15
Parking disregarding painted lines$10
Failure to signal stop, turn, etc.$10
Permit not displayed properly$5
Failure to yield to pedestrians or vehicles$35
Intentionally moving a ticket from one vehicle to
another vehicle$25
Riding bicycle on the sidewalk$15
Unauthorized parking In a Fire Zone will result in
vehicle being towed$25
Exceeding safe speed by 15 mph$35
from page A1
It's important to have a
secure Web site because people
can also steal personal informa-
tion when users fill out online
John McCarron, a computer
repair technician for ACE Sup-
port Center, prefers Firefox
because the minimal pop-up
displays give people a less chance
of getting spyware.
Spyware is software made by
publishers that allows them to
snoop on your browsing activity,
invade your privacy and flood you
with horrible popup ads, accord-
ing to the Dallas Morning News.
However, Charlie Justice,
coordinator of student initia-
tives in ITCS, chooses Internet
Explorer over Firefox because of
recent security concerns.
"Firefox is good, and for
a while people were saying it
was more secure than Internet
Explorer, but recently because
more people have been using it,
more viruses and hackers have
turned their attention to It
said Justice.
The Mozilla foundation
which built Firefox is constantly
upgrading security and fixing
problems that may slow down
the browser.
In some cases, Internet
Explorer is more efficient, but
with open source browsers
Firefox loads more quickly and
offers more options.
The only time Chase prefers
Internet Explorer as opposed
to Firefox is with Pirate-mail
because it is operated by
Microsoft technologies, which
are compatible with Internet
To fix this problem, Business-
week reported that the Mozilla
foundation has organized a
campaign to persuade Web sites
to adopt open standards and wel-
come all browsers. Firefox would
be welcome in this case.
Many people say Firefox is
better than Internet Explore for
designing Web sites and Chase
testifies to that because the
Spring Break Ski Trip Special!
(Includes Transportation, Condo, Lift Tickets )
Killington, Vermont
March 11 -18,2006
For more info go to or call 327-8101
widths and measurements on the
Web sites make it easier to line up
information correctly.
"I love Firefox. I think it's
great Chase said.
According to a survey on, Firefox's usage
share has increased compared to
Internet Explorer, even though
Firefox has taken in 12 percent
of its shares compared to 85
percent by Internet Explorer.
Open source browsers that
allow Firefox show that its usage
share increased nearly 3 per-
cent since April compared to a
2 percent decrease in Internet
Explorer usage.
As far as the future is con-
cerned for Firefox, Chase said
she has no doubt it will keep
growing. There are also icons
found on the Mozilla Web site
that people can put on their
Web sites to invite other users
to Firefox.
This writer can be contacted at
news&theeasicarolinian. com.
MM fWMflQa J ft 1 SNMWf TOW (M)MVfW
Sell Trips, Earn Cash, Go Free!
Now Hiring On campus Reps
(all for group discounts
1 800-648-4849
Date: 11182005
To: Organization Leaders
From: Levy Brown Jr
Assistant Director for Student Activities and Organi2ations
RE: Student Organization RegistrationImportant Dates
We are excited as a new office "Student Activities Center" to provide support to our 280
student organizations at Last Carolina University. Over the past several months, my office has
talked with numerous students about their needs within their student organizations. The top
needs expressed were:
� Improve space reservation process.
� Increase communication among student organizations.
� Better training and orientation for student leaders and faculty advisors.
In response to these needs, the following process has been implemented.
� All student organizations who desire to reserve space "early" for fall 2006 must register
by February 28, 2006.
� All student organizations who desire to receive SGA funding must register by Febniary
28, 2006.
� The final deadline for student organizations to register for 2006-2007 is September 29,
� Remember that student organizations must be registered to received SGA fund and
reserve a space in MSC.
Please know that this new process will be most beneficial to student organizations and will help
alleviate registration and room reservation concerns. January 9, 2006 will begin the early
student organization process for fall 2006-spring 2007. Please view the important dates listed
below regarding the new registration process for the upcoming year.
(January 9 06-07 Early Student Organization Registration Begins
(January 9-13th) Information sessions for registrationSGA funding.
(February 28th) Deadline for 06-07 Early Student Organization Registration.
(March 20th-3lst) 06-07 Early Space Reservation
(March 28-29th) Founder's Day Student Leader Installation
(April 1, 2006) Mandatory Organizational Training Session
(April 7, 2006) SGA Annual Funding Deadline
(September 29th) Final deadline for returning Student Organizations to register.
The Student Activities Center is here to assist you in anyway we can. Please feel free to stop by
our office in 109 Mendenhall Student Center or email us at stucJentactiv .

Page A6
THURSDAY December 1, 2005
3 BR 3 bath houses available now
or next semester. Includes washer
dryer. Short term leases available.
J990 per month. Call Chip 355-
For Rent 2013A River Drive
(Dockside) 2 Bedroom - 2 Bath - 1st
month rent free - Available January
- $600month - Call 252-355-6339
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Three bedroom two bath new inside
two blocks from campus January 1 st
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One two Brs. on-site management
maintenance Central heat air 6,9,12
month leases Water Cable included
ECU bus Wireless Internet pets
dishwasher disposals pool laundry
(252) 758-4015
3 BDR 2 BA Plus Bonus Room All
Appliances, Fenced Yard, Deck, Pets
OK. 4 Blocks from ECU $750 Per
Month. Sec. Dep. Negotiable. Avail.
Now. Call 252-258-1810.
Two Bedroom Apartment For
Rent Downtown Greenville Above
Catalog Connection. $500 Per
Month Plus Utilities. Available End
of December. Call )ack At Uptown
Properties 717-9711.
2 BR. Apt. @ 1212 A Charles Blvd.
Near Campus. Air Con. Nat. Gas
Heat, double glass windows.
Dishwasher, Dryer, Washer Hook-
Up. Carpet - $400 ph. 329-0385
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2 & 3 Bedroom units 1-3.5 Baths -
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Internet - 4 bedrooms, 3 baths,
Central heatAC, fireplace, fenced
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campus $1100 341-8331
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pets ok no weight limit, free water
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Roommate needed in beautiful 3
BDR house, 2 Bath one block from
campus, females non-smoking ;
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WD, all kitchen appliances, parking,
no pets. Please call 347-1231
Blocks to ECU, 2 or 3 Bdrms, 2.5
Baths, All appliances, Central
HeatAC, Reasonable Rent,
Available DecJan Call 321-
4712 or www.collegeuniversrty
Female roommate needed for
Spring Semester. 4 Bedroom 2
Bathroom House walking distance
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Sublease (an. '06 thru (une '06 Rent
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utilities Near Campus On bus route
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Bartenders Wanted! $250day
potential. No experience necessary.
Training provided. Call (800) 965-
6520 ext. 202
Local Marketing Company Now
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No Selling Work From Home
Scheduling Appointments For
A Printing Company Mornings
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Speak Clear, Articulate English 1-
Food Delivery Drivers wanted
for Restaurant Runners. Part-time
positions 100-150week. Perfect
for college student Some Lunch
Time (11a-2p) M-F and weekend
availability required. 2-way radios
allow you to be anywhere in
Greenville when not on a delivery.
Reliable transportation a must.
Call 551-3279 between 2-5 only.
Sony Greenville residents and year
around dorm residents only.
Adult Entertainment Escort Service
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"Before giving, I always look
for the Humane Seal
The Humane Charity Seal of Approval
guarantees that a health charity funds
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One out of five adults finds themselves as the
designated "caregiver" for a loved one who can
no longer manage alone. This role can often
snowball, weighing heavily on you as you cope
with the demands of caregiving. There may be
services and organizations right in your parent's
neighborhood that can help when you're not
around. The outcome is better care for your
parent, and less anxiety for
you. Visit www.familycare and discover
a world of support, answers Careriving
and advice-for both of you. itimnnmm.
From the National Family Caregiuera Association
and the National Alliance for Caregiving
with the generous support ofSisai Inc.
� � 1-868-222-FAIR

World AIDS Day 2005
According to the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention, an estimated 180,000 to
280,000 people have HIV and
do not know they are infected.
Free and confidential HIV testing is available
at the ECU Student Health Service year-round.
So what is the
current state of HIV on
NC college
Join us for this eye
opening discussion on
December 5th, 2005
at 7pm in the Bate
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December i, 2005 - 8pm
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Three Kings Day
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Loy Krathong
St. Nicholas Day
Bodhi Day
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Winter Solstice
There will be food and festivities from each holiday around the world.
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Page B1 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor THURSDAY December 1, 2005
Got Questions?
Dear Features,
Why Is It only called "cheating" when
guys do it? My girlfriend enjoys
clubbing more than I do and I'm
tired of her rubbing against other
men all night.
-It wasn't me
Dear It wasn't me,
This is another one of those beautiful
double standards. Girls typically think
that everything that ever goes wrong
In a relationship is always the guy's
fault (and this Is not a bias column,
you have two females writing this).
Girls also tend to become more
jealous than guys do, therefore they
suspect more instances of foul play.
Cheating comes in many different
forms, depending on what your
significant other feels. It can vary from
anything like flirting with someone
else to engaging in sexual activity
with someone else (duh). Granted, it's
probably not right for your girlfriend
to go out to a club and grind against
various other guys all night, but we
can't tell your woman what she can
and can't do.
Potato LatKes
2 pounds russet (baking) potatoes
1 medium onion
12 cup chopped scallions, including
the green part
1 large egg beaten
Salt and pepper to taste
Vegetable oil for frying
Peel the potatoes and put in cold
water. Using a grater or a food
processor coarsely grate the potatoes
and onions. Place together In a
fine-mesh strainer or tea towel and
squeeze all the water over a bowl.
The potato starch will settle to the
bottom; reserve that after you have
carefully poured off the water. Mix
the potato and onion with the potato
starch. Add the scallions, egg, and
salt and pepper. Heat a griddle or
non-stick pan and coat with a thin
film of vegetable oil. Take about two
tablespoons of the potato mixture in
the palm of your hand and flatten as
best you can. Place the potato mixture
on the griddle, flatten with a spatula,
and fry for a few minutes until golden.
Flip the pancake over and brown
the other side. Remove to paper
towels to drain. Serve Immediately.
Hot Chocolate with Peppermint
1 quart milk (skim, 2 percent or whole)
or half-and-half
6 ounces bittersweet or semisweet
chocolate, chopped (recommended:
9 ounces peppermint schnapps
Whipped cream, for serving
6 peppermint sticks, for serving
Heat one cup of the milk In a
medium saucepan over low heat.
Add chocolate, stirring constantly,
until melted. When the chocolate has
melted, increase heat to medium and
add the remainder of the milk while
whisking rapidly. Do not allow to boil.
Serve in small cups fortified with a
jigger (1 12 ounces) of peppermint
schnapps and a dollop of whipped
cream. Add a peppermint stick to
Poached Apples with Vanilla
Cinnamon Syrup
4 granny smith apples, peeled with
the stem on
3 cups of sugar
2 vanilla beans, split and scraped
4 cinnamon sticks
2 quarts of water
Juice of one lemon
In a roomy one gallon pot place
peeled apples, vanilla, cinnamon and
sugar. Cover with water then bring to
a simmer over medium to low heat
for twenty minutes. Once the apples
are soft enough, pierce with a knife.
Remove the apples with a slotted
spoon to a holding plate. Reduce
poaching liquid to a light syrup, then
place the apples back in sauce pot
and hold on warm until ready to
serve. Use four small serving bowls
with matching underliner plates then
place one apple In the middle of each
bowl. Pour warm syrup over each
apple and then garnish cinnamon
sticks and vanilla beans.
Candled Yams
4 pounds yams (or sweet potatoes),
peeled and cut to large bite-sized
2 cups orange juice
3 cups light com syrup
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
14 cup vanilla extract
2 teaspoons lemon zest
2 tablespoons flour
112 cups light brown sugar, packed
1 12 cups granulated sugar
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Boll
yams until slightly underdone, to
avoid breaking. Strain, cool and set
aside. In a large container whisk
together orange juice, corn syrup,
cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and zest.
In another bowl, whisk flour and both
sugars together. Put cooled yams in a
deep baking dish, add dry Ingredients
and stir to coat. Pour liquid over yams
and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.
Another Jane Austen film classic
Keira Knightly
delivers Oscar worthy
Another celebrated Jane
Austen novel has found its way
to the big screen - again. Pride
& Prejudice is, according to the
Internet Movie Database, the
ninth adaptation of the popular
book first published in 1813. This
new version was adapted by Deb-
orah Moggach, directed by Joe
Wright and stars Keira Knightley
as the story's heroine.
Knightley plays Elizabeth
Bennett, one of five daughters
to Mr. and Mrs. Bennett (Donald
Sutherland and Brenda Blethyn).
Mrs. Bennett is hard pressed to
see that one of her daughters,
preferably her eldest Jane (Rosa-
mund Pike) will marry the wealth
bachelor Mr. Bingley (Simon
Woods). The daughters meet Mr.
Bingley that night at a ball along
with his sister Caroline (Kelly
Reilly) and his friend Mr. Darcy
(Matthew MacFayden).
Mr. Bingley takes an immedi-
ate liking to Jane which flatters
Mrs. Bennett.
Elizabeth, on the other hand,
doesn't want anything to do with
men right now. However, she is
strangely attracted to Mr. Darcy.
He is too at first, though he
doesn't admit it right away.
Keira Knightley as Elizabeth and Matthew Macfadyerv as Mr. Darcy, star in the film 'Pride & Prejudice
Mrs. Bennett isn't too con-
cerned if her daughters are in
love with the men she wants
them to marry, so long as they
marry. With Jane and Mr. Bingley
pretty much sealed up, she turns
her attention to Elizabeth. She
wants her to marry Mr. Collins
(Tom Hollander) who has just
moved into town. Elizabeth
laughs at the thought of this, but
her mother won't put up with
that - she must marry this man.
Elizabeth blows Mr. Collins off at
another ball, this one at the Bing-
ley's, especially when Mr. Darcy
surprises her with a dance request.
Soon after this, Elizabeth
finds herself being more and
more attracted to Mr. Darcy, but
she tries to resist her temptations.
Mr. Darcy does the same thing,
but they always seem to end up
at the same place together. One
such incident occurs at the house
of Lady Catherine de Bourg (Judi
Dench), who is hard set on Mr.
Darcy marrying her daughter.
Her thoughts are that both she
and Mr. Darcy were born into
privileged families, and although
the Bennett's are somewhat privi-
leged, they have nowhere near
the amount of estate that she and
Mr. Darcy have.
This is one of the most cel-
ebrated stories in the history of
literature. Anytime someone
takes a stab at bringing such a
story to the big screen is running
the risk of messing it up some-
how. In order to stay completely
true to the book, the film would
need to run somewhere near six
hours in length or more. This
has actually happened before.
AStE did a TV miniseries for this
story in 1980.
Joe Wright's version is very
true to the original book, and
it does so in just over two hours.
Every shot in this film is soaked
with the same love that Austen
used to create these characters
and this story almost 200 years
ago. Director of photography
Roman Osin paints the picture
of eighteenth century England
with better than anyone else has
in the past. His work on this film
has some of the best cinematog-
raphy in any film this year.
Keira Knightley, fresh off an
abominating performance in
Domino, shows that she truly is a
great actress with the potential
of having a long and lustrous
acting career ahead of her. She
commands every scene she's in,
including the ones alongside
her former Oscar nominated
and Oscar winning counterparts
(Blethyn and Dench respectively).
By the end of the award season,
she too should be joining the
ranks of Oscar nominees such as
the aforementioned actresses.
Matthew MacFayden is a
sensation in his first leading per-
formance. Everyone all the way
down to the other sisters (Pike,
Talulah Riley, Jena Malone and
Carey Mulligan) are perfect in
the roles they play. Dench, who is
only on screen for a few minutes,
see PRIDE page B2
Green Day conquers fans
with new 'Bullet in a Bible'
Seen above: The main characters In Chris Columbus' screen adaptation of the Broadway musical.
Better not pay this 'Rent'
Some musicals should
just stay on the stage
The Broadway production of
Rent is probably a phenomenal
musical. I wouldn't know this
because I have never had the
opportunity to watch it on stage
before. I still would like to have
a chance to see it performed
on stage somewhere even after
seeing Chris Columbus' big
screen adaptation, despite the
absolute abomination that it is.
Rent is the latest in the big
screen musical adaptations in
recent years. Moulin Rouge! res-
urrected the movie musical after
lying dormant for about three
decades. The following year,
Chicago won the Best Picture
: Oscar, the first musical to win
since Oliver in 1968. And last
year, The Phantom of the Opera
came to the big screen. This was
a very good film, but it was not
nearly as magical as witnessing
it in person.
This was the attitude I had
going into Rent. Having never
seen it, I was wondering if there
was anyway for me to view it with
an unbiased perspective. I hadn't
even heard any of the music from
the show before, except for the
song that was in the trailer.
The big screen adaptation of
Rent reminds us of why the movie
musical became such a box office
disaster in the 1970s. It's one of
the most painful movie going
experiences I've had all year long
and I hope to soon forget it.
Rent follows several friends
in New York City who deal with
the everyday things such as life,
love and happiness. At the center
of the story are two roommates,
Mark (Anthony Rapp) and Roger
(Adam Pascal). Mark has just
been dumped by his girlfriend
Maureen (Idina Menzel) for a
lawyer named Joanne (Traci
Thorns). Roger has just made
friends with the tenet downstairs,
a stripper named Mimi (Rosario
Dawson). Their friend Collins
(Jesse L. Martin) is back in town
and soon meets a new lover,
a cross-dresser named Angel
(Wilson Jermaine Heredia).
Mark and Roger's former room-
mate turned landlord is Ben
(Taye Diggs), who only appears
when an antagonist in needed
in the story. Other than that,
there are no true bad-guys or
dramatic conflicts in the story.
The only types of conflict
revolve around certain individ-
uals' sexual preference and how
a few of them deal with having
AIDS on an everyday basis.
Not everyone in this group is
infected with this deadly dis-
ease, but a few of them are.
The characters sing. Then
they sing and sing again. There
is very little dialogue between
characters other than the lyrics
in the songs that the late Jona-
than Larson had written. Some
see RENT page B3
The three members of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and
Tre Cool, released their DVDCD combination on Reprise Records.
This album rocks the
biggest house of them all
LeeVees: 'Hanukkah Rocks' album
More than just another
holiday album
Well, it seems that holiday
time inspires more to life than
just spiked eggnog, endless lines
at the local mall and most of all,
presents! Now we have the glori-
ous return of holiday flavored
music. Christmas music mainly
has a Christian feel to it, but now
the Jewish faith has something
modern to listen too.
Hanukkah Rocks is certainly
a well welcomed response to
barn burners such as Marlah
Carey and Kenny G busting
out their respective arsenal to
accost unsuspecting Christmas
With this change, gone are
the 20 thousand live renditions
of "Santa Claus is coming to
town" done by fore mentioned
artists. Also, gone are the head-
Creators of the album, Adam and Dave, sing their Hanukkah songs.
aches of listening to these audio
masterpieces in every store, for
72 hours straight, this side of
the Pecos.
Having said all this, what
does the CD Hanukkah Rocks
by the LeeVees, give every-
one? Above everything, some
glimpse of what holiday music
potentially could be like with
out the traditional commercial-
ization accustomed to being a
part of this holiest of holidays.
This quirky, humorous
see LEEVEES page B3
Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike
Dirnt formed a band called Sweet
Children in California when
they were 14 (or 16, depending
on where you look). Once they
added a drummer named Al
Sobrante, they changed their
name to a moniker you might
just recognize, unless you've
been living under a rock for quite
some time - Green Day. The term
Green Day came from a slang
term for smoking marijuana.
Lead singer Armstrong actually
had the nickname "two dollar
bill" since he used to sell it in
high school for that price.
In 1989, they were signed to
a label named Lookout! Records
and released their first EP entitled
1,000 Hours. In 1990, Tre' Cool
joined the band to drum and soon
became a permanent drummer.
Now, 16 years later, Green
Day has been through the north-
e:n California underground
punk scene and survived a few
letdown albums and had some
boomers, but has persevered to
their current status as a world-
famous punk rock band since
2000. In 2000 after the release of
their album Warning, many fans
and critics declared the Green
Day was dying a slow death, but
wouldn't live much longer.
The band fought through the
criticisms and crash of Warning,
as well some other obstacles. The
members dealt with some infight-
ing and fixed their own conflicts.
Then the master tapes for their
newest album (20 tracks in all)
were stolen. They still persevered,
starting over from scratch and
creating a new album, American
Idiot, which released in 2004.
This album drew on much of the
political unrest of the time (the
title track became very popular
around the release of the album).
American Idiot debuted at number
one on the Billboard charts, the
first ever Green Day album to
do so. It has been billed as a
"punk rock opera but whatever
you would call it, it signaled the
band's rise from near-death and
they changed everything from
their wardrobe and hairstyles to
the instruments they play.
Now, they've released Bullet
in a Bible, the CD and DVD of
two live shows from the Milton
Keynes National Bowl in London,
England. The album is a perfor-
mance of mostly singles from
American Idiot with some songs
from other albums mixed in,
like "Longview "Minority" and
"Good Riddance (Time of Your
Life) The group's popularity has
clearly gone international if this
album's background noise is any
indication. Their reception (they
rocked a crowd of more than
130,000 screaming fans) can
signify that they have completed
the journey from the despondent
children of punk rock to the
distorted guitar voice of politi-
cal discontent throughout the
world. For any who disagree with
that statement, listen to their
performance of "Minority and
hear the words of Armstrong,
"Remember one thing - regardless
of who the powers tha be are, the
people that you elect, the people
that I elect into office, remember,
you have the (expletive) power,
we are the (expletive) leaders,
don't let these (expletive) dictate
your life or tell you what to do
The album itself is actually
very good, the music a refresh-
ing mix of new and old that
long-time fans are sure to delight
in, as well as fans who (you can
admit it, it's not a sin) have been
won over by American Idiot. Don't
throw away or store away the
DVD, either - in many ways it
will be more of an experience
than listening to the CD. When
you watch 130,000 plus with
see GREEN DAY page B3

TEC's masterpiece spotlight: Rock bands
Uncovering the best
cover songs
Even more rare than the
sober 1960s rock star is the
cover song, which eclipses the
original version. Many have
tried and thus, the world has
been subjected to a barrage of
atrocious covers so bad that they
destroy the legacy of whatever
song the band is attempting to
pay homage to.
The list of terrible covers is
staggering - Motley Crtie doing
The Beatles' "llelter Skelter The
Lemonheads doing Simon &
Garfunkle's "Mrs. Robinson No
Doubt doing Dexy's Midnight
Runners' "Come on, Eileen Alien
Ant Farm doing Michael Jackson's
"Smooth Criminal Elton John
doing The Beatles' "Lucy in the
Sky with Dia-
monds" and
Limp Bizkit
doing "Faith
And that's just
off the top of
my head.
These are all
songs that not
only make me
turn the dial of
my stereo when
they come on,
they make me
think much less
of the original
version simply
because any-
time I hear the
good version,
I'll think of the
bad version.
There should be laws protect-
ing certain songs from this kind
of treatment. 1 mean, if I ran the
world, covering anything from
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,
David Bowie, Cat Stevens, Led
Zeppelin, Neil Young, Lou Reed,
Tom Petty or anyone in that class
of musicians would be punish-
able by death. The means for
the execution, of course, differs
depending on how bad the cover
is. If it's pretty bad, you get the
firing squad. If it's U2 doing
"Helter Skelter" bad, you get raped
with a hatchet and left to bleed
to death violated, cold and alone.
I wish the White House had a
suggestion box.
Don't get my wrong, though.
There have been a few covers
worthy of praise. Even fewer in
number are the covers which
eclipse the original and become
the definitive version of a song.
This week, I would like to high-
light the very few elite cover
songs which fall into the category
of "masterpiece
Joe Cocker - "With a
Little Help from My Friends
I know, I know - this song breaks
rule number one by covering a
Beatles song and had my ideas
been implemented in the 1970s,
the world have to go on without
this amazing version of a throw-
away song Lennon and McCart-
ney threw to Ringo.
Where the Beatles version
sounds hollow behind Ringo's
timid vocal delivery and the
band's simple arrangement, Cock-
er's version is a lush powerhouse
of a song with Cocker doing pro-
viding a vocal tour de force.
I defy you to find a singer
with more passion and power in
their performance than Cocker.
Cocker was gutsy to take a Beatles
song of all artists and completely
retool it until it's hardly recogniz-
able, but he was and we as listen-
ers are better for it.
Mini Hendrix - "All Along
the Watchtower Bob Dylan's
original attempt at "All Along
the Watchtower" is an incredible
exercise in soHgwriting however
is lacking in its performance. I'm
not a huge fan of the original
simply because the harmonica
Dylan uses hurts my ears.
Hendrix's take on the song is
a whole different story. Pounding
into your headphones with drums
that would have woken Terri Schi-
avo, Hendrix takes the Dylan clas-
sic and infuses it with guitar licks
that envelop the song throughout.
The words don't matter. Hendrix's
guitar is doing all the talking. And
that guitar work is more expres-
sive than even Bob Dylan could
ever be. I read that Bob Dylan
has used Hendrix's arrangement
whenever he performs the song.
Good move.
Johnny Cash - "Hurt
"Hurt" was the coup de grace to
Trent Reznor's The Downward
Spiral, an emotional bloodletting
about, well, bloodletting - cut-
ting yourself, mutilating yourself
with knives or drugs to make sure
you're even alive.
When Johnny Cash covered
"Hurt" for his final album Ameri-
can IV: The Man Comes Around,
it was the coup de grace to his
entire career. Only Reznor's lyrics
ring more true for the man who's
finally realizing his own mortal-
ity. With his steady and striking
baritone, Cash pierces the listen-
ers' souls as he wails, "What have
I becomeMy sweetest friend
everyone I knowgoes away in the
end only to barter with fate for
another chance at life.
The arrangement and Cash's
voice is nothing short of haunt-
ing. The feeling you get listening
to "Hurt" is a feeling you can
never shake. The song attaches
itself to your soul and relent-
lessly holds on for dear life. The
song is all the more powerful
considering the circumstances
around it. His wife June Carter
Cash died shortly after its release.
Cash himself died four months
later. Cash personified pain and
anguish throughout his career.
"Hurt" exemplifies Cash's entire
life in three minutes, 38 seconds
of beautiful, sorrowful bliss. If
"Hurt" becomes Cash's legacy, it's
only fitting.
This writer can be contacted at
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from page B1
is as solid as always. And don't
be fooled by lack of screen time
- she won an Oscar for Shakespeare
in Low and only clocked in eight
minutes. The best supporting role
is that of Blethyn as the Bennett
mother. She's a scene stealer in
almost every shot she appears
in. Her character's witty humor
keeps everyone engaged in the
story being presented on the
screen. This is ensemble acting
performance of the year for
everyone on screen.
Pride & Prejudice is the type of
film that defines what a romance
movie truly is. Every year we see
these pointless romantic com-
edies that are just like everything
else that came out the week
before it. This one may also
be like everything, but guess
what? The story is 192 years
old. If anyone is copying stories
here, it's all these contempo-
rary films that take their ideas
from stories like this. When the
same story is being repeated
year in and year out for that
amount of time, that's a legacy.
Pride & Prejudice reminds us
of where our favorite romance
films of today comes from, and
it does so in the true filmmaking
sense that is all but gone in the
vast majority of today's films.
If you are looking for a film
to see on your holiday break,
remember this one.
Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at
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L66V66S from page B1
and truly unique album leaves
listeners in limbo wondering
where music like this originates.
To this end, we have the
creative minds of Adam Gardner
of Gusto and Dave Schneider
of The Zambonis to thank for
their collaboration. These two
met on a tour featuring both of
their current bands in April of
2005. Somewhere along the trip,
Gardner mentioned to Schneider
they should write a CD based on
Hanukkah. Being that both men,
of the Jewish persuasion, were
writing an all Hanukkah album,
humor was at a premium during
their collective efforts.
"Applesauce vs. Sour cream"
is very indicative of this seemly
effervescent statement. It is quite
a humorous song that chronicles
the choice these strapping young
lads faced during Hanukkah
time. Headlined by tunes such as
"Latke Clan" and "Goyim friends
this album is pretty humorous to
non-Jewish listeners. This might
be because I don't quite understand
the meanings behind the words.
The song styles range from
early British invasion to Ramones
inspired punk, and yet, is not for
everyone because it is purely so
different in the delivery.
For all those who didn't
know, the miracle of Hanukkah
is where the "Eternal Light" was
to be made in a temple from a
small lamp and jug of oil. The oil
was only supposed to last for one
day, but instead lasted for eight
days which is a true miracle indeed.
Going along with religious
doctrine, the LeeVees wrote
the entire album in just eight
days! I will be the first to admit
that the songwriting leaves a
lot of room for improvement,
however, should still be noted as
entertaining and a descent listen
to who venture for this album.
The music itself is quite
pleasing and easy to listen to.
The entire album is nice to listen
through from start to end and
should be given a chance to
music "thrill seekers
Overall, this album is good
but not great or even for every-
one. Songwriting gets a C the
music gets a B and overall album
gets a hard earned C. Hopefully
someone will come across this
album and appreciate it for what
it is, a humorous attempt at holi-
day music, which everyone could
use a little bit of humor during
this time of year.
Grade: C
This writer can be contacted at
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KBIlt from page B1
of the actors have very poor sing-
ing skills, so it's a little hard to
follow when they're singing.
In an attempt to avoid both
spoilers and large amounts of
controversy over my opinion on
this film and the filmmaking, I
won't go into any types of hard
criticism on the quality of film-
making being presented here.
However, I will say that
some musicals should be meant
to stay on the stage and not
be moved to the silver screen.
People who have not seen
Larson's musical on Broadway
are not aware of some of the
flashy staging technique used
to bring the story to life. That's
what makes the stage such an
amazing medium - everything
happens right before your eyes.
It's a jaw dropping sight to see
set pieces that weight over a ton
disappear in a mere two second
blackout. This type of magic is
completely void on the screen.
The type of magic that one
would look for in a motion pic-
ture would be an engaging story
and identifiable characters that
you could grow to love.
Rent contains neither of these
elements. You find yourself
being too distracted by the
singing and the dancing that
you forget to attach yourself to
the lives these people are lead-
ing. And when director Colum-
bus (Home Alone, Harry Potter)
wants you to feel sorry for his
characters, you only feel sorry
for yourself for not buying the
large popcorn that comes with
free refills when you're done.
I'm not saying that Rent is
a bad musical. It's just not the
first show I would have picked
to make into a movie. The movie
musicals that should be out in
theaters are musicals that are
written directly for the screen.
Recently, John Turturro pre-
miered his newest film as a direc-
tor at the Toronto Film Festival.
His film, Romance & Cigarettes,
stars James Gandolfini and Susan
Sarandon and it is a musical.
Turturro wrote all the music and
lyrics for the movie.
This film, due for an inde-
pendent release in the spring,
has nothing to live up to.
There's no stage musical for
this film to draw comparisons
with. These types of films are
what movie musicals should be.
I still plan on seeing Rent
when it comes around North
Carolina next time. I'm sure the
story and characters would be
much more engaging to watch as
all the drama unfolds. Musicals
like this with catchy songs and
amazing performances would
be so much better if it happens
in front of you.
This works better instead of
having to sit through 135 min-
utes of people who can't sing or
dance and who act with about
as much excitement as a three
toed sloth.
Grade: F
This writer can be contacted at
Green Day from page m
you watch 130,000 plus with
arms in the air and rocking out to
popular Green Day tunes, you'll
be reminded of watching groups
like Queen rocking European
audiences. If you want a scale of
what 130,000 people is in a big
group, consider the paid atten-
dance of this year's Super Bowl
was 78,125. So the concert totals
nearly doubled that of the largest
sporting event held in America.
To put it succinctly, in the words
of Rolling Stone magazine, Green
Day has "conquered the world
To see a band perform its
songs live is an entirely different
animal than sitting in a room
listening to the album. The expe-
rience is something entirely dif-
ferent, because music that gets to
your ears also comes alive before
your eyes, if the band is truly
committed to making powerful
music. Green Day has revitalized
a commitment to this musical
experience, and it shows on the
DVD. Armstrong and Dirnt fre-
quently take off running across
the stage, engage the audience
on numerous occasions, and
the performance is full of those
moments when you can feel the
blood running in your veins and
heating up from passion.
Grab a copy of Bullet in a Bible
if you're a Green Day fan. Grab a
copy of Bullet in a Bible if you like
to see great performances. Just
grab a copy of Bullet in a Bible.
Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at
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PageB4 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
THURSDAY December 1, 2005
NCAA football conference
championship weekend
iDnghorns, Trojans will
be tested once more
before postseason
The college football regular
season has come to an end and
all that's left before a heap of
bowl games featuring mediocre
matchups are the conference title
games this weekend.
USC and Texas roll into their
meetings with undefeated records
and a clear path to the national
championship, but must take care
of business to set up that January
clash. It's time to preview the
powerhouse Big 12, Pac 10, SEC
and ACC conferences.
2.4 yards per carry.
There's no contest here. Texas
completely overmatches Colo-
rado in every aspect of the game
and add in the fact that the
Longhorns are disappointed with
last week's performance and you
get a blowout in the making. I
think Texas is a virtual lock for
the national title game, which
is more than can be said for the
USC Trojans. '
Last meeting
USC did not play UCLA this
season, but did last year in a close
29-24 win. Bush ran for over 200
yards, but the Bruins held Lelnart
in check to keep the game close.
The Trojans' defense forced three
turnovers and held UCLA to just
17 yards rushing on 25 carries.
This one could be much
closer than the three-touchdown
spread USC is favored by. The
Trojans' defense is above average
at best, allowing over 20 points
per game and this game will be
a shootout, but I'll take USC to
march onto the national cham-
pionship to face Texas.
It . UHtlHln, ,
These teams could easily be
undefeated at this stage of the
season, but this game could
knock the loser out of a BCS bowl,
especially if it's Georgia. The
Bulldogs will come out on top
of this defensive battle because I
think Shockley has the advantage
over Russell when it comes to
sheer athletic ability and making
a big play that could decide the
outcome of the game.
Colorado (7-4) vs. No. 2
Texas (ll-O)
Season review
The Longhorns have steam-
rolled opponents all season in
convincing fashion, facing little
competition since a 25-22 win
over Ohio State in early Septem-
ber. Junior quarterback Vince
Young is one of the front runners
to win the Heisman with the phe-
nomenal year he's had through
the air and on the ground. Young
did have a rough outing last week
against Texas A&M, but that may
be just the motivation this vet-
eran squad needs to pummel the
Buffaloes on Saturday.
Colorado boasts only a 5-
3 conference mark, but that's
enough to garner a spot in the
title game. Coming off a 30-3
blowout loss to Nebraska, the Buf-
faloes are just trying to prepare for
a no-name bowl in a few weeks.
Last meeting
Young was flawless in a 42-
17 drubbing between these two
teams earlier this season on Oct.
15, completing 25-of-29 passes
for 336 yards and two touch-
downs and also rushing for three
scores. Texas sprinted out to a
28-0 advantage midway through
the second quarter and held the
Colorado rushing attack to just
No. 11 UCLA (9-1) vs. No.
1 USC (11-0)
Season review
Everyone knows the talent
of quarterback Matt Leinart
and running back Reggie Bush,
but they overshadow a stellar
supporting cast. LenDale White
has rushed for over 1,000 yards
and 19 touchdowns and receiver
Dwayne Jarrett has over 1,000
yards receiving. Steve Smith
could also eclipse 1,000 yards
receiving before the season is
over. It's a good thing the Tro-
jans are ridiculously awesome
on offense, because their defense
isn't national champion caliber.
Fresno State and Notre Dame
have both given USC a tight
battle earlier this season.
UCLA has one blemish on
their record and it's an ugly one.
The Bruins suffered a complete
meltdown at the hands of Ari-
zona, losing 52-14. Other than
that, UCLA has been impressive,
led by senior quarterback Drew
Olson. Olson isn't getting much
Heisman attention, but you
would be hard pressed to find
better numbers. The signal-caller
has thrown 30 touchdowns and
just three interceptions and he
went 22-of-27 for 510 yards and
five scores in his last outing.
No. 13 Georgia (9-2) vs.
No. 3 LSU (10-1)
Season review
These respective SEC squads
will look back at this season and
think about what could have
been. Georgia fell to Florida when
starting quarterback D.J. Shock-
ley went down with an injury
and lost to rival Auburn on a last
second field goal. LSU led Tennes-
see 24-7 heading into the fourth
quarter, but came away with an
overtime defeat for their only loss.
Both teams have outstanding
defenses, allowing around 14
points per contest. Offensively,
Shockley is the catalyst for the
Bulldogs, throwing for 19 touch-
downs and just five picks. On the
other side, quarterback JaMarcus
Russell is only a sophomore and
will be a star before his career Is
over at LSU.
Last meeting
Georgia blew out LSU in a
45-16 win last season on Its way
to a 10-2 overall record. The
Bulldogs won with a balanced
offensive attack as quarterback
David Greene threw for 172 yards
and five touchdowns and the
team tallied 221 rushing yards.
Receiver Reggie Brown hauled
in five passes for 110 yards and
two scores.
Florida State (7-4) Vs. No.
S Virginia Tech (10-1)
Season review
This season has been a disap-
pointment for Seminoles' legend-
ary coach Bobby Bowden. His
team has suffered three consecu-
tive losses to N.C. State, Clemson
and Florida heading into this
matchup and the offense is way
out of sync. The usual suffocating
defense has also been missing in
action this season, giving up 21.6
points per game.
Barring a 27-7 loss to Miami,
Virginia Tech has been arguably
the most dominant team in the
country this season. The Hokies'
defense is giving up just over 10
points per game and other than
Miami, no team has scored more
than two touchdowns against
Last meeting
FSU last met the Hokies on Jan.
1, 2002, In the Gator Bowl, win-
ning that matchup 30-17. Semi-
noles' Head Coach Bobby Bowden
has never lost to Virginia Tech.
FSU could give quarterback
Marcus Vick some headaches
with their team speed on defense
and I don't think freshman
quarterback Drew Weatherford is
mature enough to lead his team
to a win on this stage against
Virginia Tech. This game should
be close throughout, but look
for the Hokies to pull away late
for a win.
This writer can be contacted at
sports0theeastcarolinian. com.
Cherl Mills scorched the Aggies with a career-high 36 points.
Lady Pirates claim
another early road
victory, 74-71
(SID) � The ECU women's
basketball team continues to
show that it can win on the road,
following a tightly contested 74-
71 victory over N.C. A&T at the
Corbett Sports Center Tuesday
night. The win precedes the
CPWAtavola Lady Pirate Invita-
tional which will take place on
Saturday and Sunday at Minges
Coliseum in Greenville.
Cherie Mills had a breakout
performance leading all scorers
with 36 points and grabbing
eight rebounds in the victory.
She is now sandwiched between
Jennifer Jackson who scored 31
points (Nov. 13, 2004 vs. Louis-
ville) and Danielle Melvin, who
scored 39 points against Rich-
mond (March 5, 1999) as the last
three players to score between 30
and 40 points for the program.
The Lady Pirates (3-1) inside
game, which manufactured 26
points in the paint, proved to be
the difference down the stretch
as Mills scored 18 points in the
second half.
With ECU leading 64-59 at
the 7:42 mark of the game, the
Lady Aggies (0-4) knotted the
contest with a 5-0 run over the
next two minutes. Mills put the
Pirates back on top, and a back-
and forth contest over the final
minutes, the lead was stretched
to one following two clutch Jas-
mine Young free-throws. Leading
72-71, ECU turned up the heat
on defense to force a turnover
and subsequent foul by Shareka
Glover. Unable to force a defen-
sive foul, ECU closed out the
game with a layup by Mills with
one second remaining.
Young matched Cherie Mills
as the only Pirates player in
double figures with 11 points.
Eight other ECU players scored at
least two points or more.
"I am very excited to get out of
here with a victory Head Coach
Sharon Baldwin-Tener said.
"Our young players were
able to handle the environment,
because it is a great place to play
ECU led the Lady Aggies
after one half of play 35-32,
with center Cherie Mills lead-
ing all scorers with an 18 point
performance. The Lady Pirates
dominated from the inside, scor-
ing 22 points, while connecting
on all three free throw attempts.
Trailing by 10 points on two dif-
ferent occasions, the Pirates went
on a 10-0 run at the 8:20 mark
of the contest to tie the game at
25-25 with 5:44 remaining in the
half. A tight game over the fol-
lowing minutes, ECU assumed a
four point lead at 34-30 with 2:06
left and would take a three-point
advantage into the half.
Relievers fetching big bucks on MLB free-agent market
(AP) � Now that Billy Wagner
Is the New York Mets' closer and
Bobby Howry is a setup man for
the Chicago Cubs, a handful of
attractive relief pitchers remain
on the free-agent market.
it sure looks as though they'll
cost big bucks.
With so many teams trying
to upgrade their bullpens, prices
are soaring for reliable reliev-
ers. And the New York Yankees
haven't even signed one yet
though they've intensified talks
with Kyle Farnsworth and Tom
The Yankees and Farnsworth
have been talking about a two-
or three-year deal averaging
$4.5 million to $6 million, a
high-ranking baseball offi-
cial said Tuesday, speaking on
condition of anonymity because
the negotiations were ongoing.
Gordon, who spent the past
two seasons as Mariano Rivera's
primary setup man in New York,
has been seeking a three-year
contract. His agent also has been
talking with the Indians and
Phillies, who are looking for a
closer to replace Wagner.
"1 don't think internally that
we have the key to solve the situ-
ation new Philadelphia general
manager Pat Gillick said. "We'll
have to go outside the organiza-
The Phillies did find an
infielder Tuesday, agreeing with
Abraham Nunez on a $3.35
million, two-year contract that
includes a club option for 2008
and performance bonuses.
Other relievers available
include Trevor Hoffman, Bob
Wickman, Todd Jones, Octavio
Dotel and Jose Mesa. They all
must be smiling about the $47
million, five-year deal closer B.J.
Ryan finalized with Toronto this
week, the richest total ever for a
No wonder general manager
Omar Minaya and the Mets were
so eager to get Wagner off the
market, even at a cost of $43 mil-
lion over four years.
"When the B.J. Ryan thing
came down and the fifth year was
given, I knew that the teams that
lost on B.J. were going to be in
on Wagner, and that was exactly
what happened Minaya said. "I
felt that, look, let's try to get this
done sooner rather than later
Wagner, a four-time All-Star
who saved 38 games for Phila-
delphia last season with a 1.51
ERA, got a no-trade clause from
the Mets, which he said was very
important. The deal includes a
club option for 2010 that could
raise the value to $50 million
over five seasons.
"It seemed like all roads kind
of led to New York Wagner saic
after slipping on his new No. 12
Mets jersey at a Shea Stadiurr
news conference. "I think it wa:
always the Mets' ball to lose
His agreement has a $10.75
million average salary, topping
Rivera's $10.5 million as the high
est for a reliever. Wagner, who ha-
284 career saves, takes over as tht
Mets' closer from Braden Looper
another free agent.
"I expect great things
Wagner said, one day after th
busy Mets held a news confer
ence to introduce slugging firsi
see WAGNER page 86
Williams' view from the sideline this season couldn't be much different
(AP) � The last time most
of the nation saw Roy Williams,
he was walking slowly up the
sideline, adjusting his eyeglasses
to make sure he was reading the
scoreboard correctly.
This was just before the long-
suffering coach waded into the
middle of North Carolina's cham-
pionship celebration and a half-
dozen bear hugs from kids who
eventually left for the NBA rather
than stick around to help him
defend it.
Williams got to use those
glasses again Tuesday, against
the Illinois team he beat nearly
nine months earlier to finally
nail down that elusive champi-
He professed to be pleased by
plenty of what he saw. Of course,
saying anything else this early
in the rebuilding process would
have been asking for serious trou-
ble. And nobody knows how that
works better than Williams.
He began this season as the
answer to a trivia question: Who
was the coach of the last college
basketball team to go unranked
the season after winning it all?
Williams took over at Kansas
following Larry Brown's 1988
title run with Danny Manning
and the so-called Miracles. And
besides being hamstrung by the
penalties Brown left in his wake,
he had to put together a respect-
able product fast from a lot of
spare parts.
So Williams knows this could
be the shortest championship
celebration ever. Just as he knows
patience among the North Caro-
lina faithful, even in the after-
glow, won't last any longer than
it did at Kansas. But first, he has
to get his own kids to buy into
the plan.
"I'm really proud of my team
Williams said after the Illinl got a
small measure of revenge with a
68-64 win Tuesday night in the
ACCBig Ten Challenge.
"They were down 13 or so
and they kept playing and trying
to make plays. I told them that
they played harder and better
than I coached. And I apologized
to them for that he added.
"I looked out there a couple
times and we had four freshmen
and somebody else out on the
The Tar Heels actually trailed
by 14 before a 12-0 run engi-
neered by the freshman quartet
of Tyler Hansbrough, Marcus Gin-
yard, Bobby Frasor and Danny
Green brought North Carolina
back within 64-62. That's when
Illinois' slight edge in experience
proved telling.
Redshirt sophomore Brian
Randle countered with a layup
and a moment later, grabbed a
big rebound off a missed free
throw. Then, guard Dee Brown,
a star in last season's tourna-
ment who would have joined
teammates Deron Williams and
Luther Head at the next level if
see WILLIAMS page 86

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T.J. more than Chad's sidekick
Houshmandzadeh has been an integral part of the potent Bengals' offense and their 8-3 record.
(AP) � T.J. Houshmandza-
deh beamed as he reached out
and accepted the scuffed white
cleats with black trim and purple
An attendant was delivering
the gift he had requested from
Deion Sanders.
"Deion's my favorite player
of all time the Cincinnati Ben-
gals receiver said. "He started all
the flamboyancy in football. He
brought charisma to the game.
He set the trends that guys do
While Houshmandzadeh
turned the cleats upside down,
examining the gift from his
famous friend in detail, receiver
Chadjohnson dressed quietly at
a neighboring locker. Together,
they had just played the biggest
role in sending Deion's Baltimore
Ravens to a 42-29 loss.
They couldn't be more differ-
ent T.J. and Chad, that is.
Johnson makes the national
highlights with his bold state-
ments, big touchdowns and
choreographed celebrations
that would do Deion proud.
Houshmandzadeh makes his
big catches without fanfare, the
way players did before Deion
came along.
Different, yet indispensable.
The Bengals (8-3) are in first
place in the AFC North because
opponents haven't been able to
stop both of them. Johnson has
66 catches for 1,085 yards, hurt-
ing defenses with his speed and
athleticism. Houshmandzadeh
has 51 catches for 655 yards,
making the tough receptions
with his sure hands.
"They're both unique quar-
terback Carson Palmer said.
"They do completely different
things well and complement
each other perfectly. T.Js a
physical guy, a physical blocker,
physical when he gets the ball.
He's like Hines Ward. And Chad,
he's just physically a freak. He's
so much faster than anybody
else and so much quicker and
Their temperaments are very
different, too.
Earlier this season, Johnson
tried to get Houshmandzadeh
to join him in having fun talk-
ing to the media about upcom-
ing games. Houshmandzadeh
politely declined he's not into
see MORE page 66
Unusual Gifts-Sterling Jewelry-Lucky Bamboo-Tapestries
i nil
1422 E Arlington Blvd
buy one pair of earrings, get
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Wagner from page B4
baseman Carlos Delgado. He was
acquired on Thanksgiving in a
trade with Florida.
New York also has offers out
to free-agent catchers Bengie
Molina and Ramon Hernandez.
Molina's agent, Alan Nero, said
he hasn't had a chance to talk to
Minaya recently.
"He's been pretty busy.
We haven't heard from him
Nero said. "The ball's in his
Howry and the Cubs final-
ized a $12 million, three-year
contract. The right-hander went
7-4 with a career-low 2.47 ERA
in 79 appearances for Cleveland
last season and held batters to a
.191 average.
Chicago also added left-
hander Scott Eyre to its bullpen
this offseason, and now the Cubs
would like to sign free-agent
shortstop Rafael Furcal, a speedy
leadoff hitter.
"If he chooses to stay in
Atlanta, obviously nobody could
fault him for that general
managerjim llendry said. "I just
told him what we're trying to
do, what my plan may be for
the next month, be open and
Free-agent starter Paul Byrd
visited with the Indians, who
are still searching for a closer
and have been reluctant to throw
big money at any pitcher this
Cal Eldred, who came back
from serious injury and illness
in the last three seasons to
pitch for St. Louis, has decided
to retire.
Nunez started 77 games at
third base for St. Louis last season
and hit .285 with five homers
and44RBIsin 139 games overall.
He probably will platoon at third
with David Bell, who batted just
.199 against right-handers last
season. Nunez hit .277 against
WilliamS from page B4
not for an unfortunately timed
broken foot, put the game away
by coolly knocking down a pair
of free throws.
"As long as we keep compet-
ing as hard as we are and get
better - we've got to execute
better, we've got to get better
defensively - we're going to be
OK Williams said. "We're going
to be OK
Then again, he doesn't have a
choice. Such is the state of college
basketball these days - lonelier
than ever at the top and tougher
to stay there as the game gets
younger and younger.
Williams lost his top seven
scorers and the four biggest stars
ofl hi, championship team to the
NBA, their quality measured by
the fact that all four were among
the first 14 picks in this summer's
draft. But he gets little sympathy,
and expects even less.
Before the season began,
Williams talked about how
much he enjoyed teaching again.
But now that the games have
begun in earnest, he's just as
likely to complain about having
to teach the same lessons over
and over. Williams is determined
to play the same up-tempo style
that has him closing in on SOO
wins in his 18th season, even
knowing that the deeper he dips
into his bench to buy a breather
for his starters, the more he risks
letting the game get away from
It's a calculated gamble that
would turn Williams' hair white
if it wasn't already. He's got a
tough conference schedule wait-
ing, with a seasoned, talented
and top-ranked Duke team on
one side of him and a surging
North Carolina State team on the
other - in the most basketball-
mad state in the country.
"Can I make the NCAA
tournament with this team?"
Williams said in a preseason
interview. "I have no idea, but
we're going to try like crazy. If
you look at it on paper and add
up our numbers compared to
everybody else, it's not real good,
let's be honest
Williams has reinforcements
on the way, a recruiting class
with a half-dozen prospects so
good that some already think
Michigan's famous "Fab Five'
may be unseated as the best
ever. But that's a year away. In
the meantime, Williams is look-
ing for help anywhere he can
find it.
"Coach Williams, he really
got intense. When we were
coming out of huddles, he got
into a stance, growling recalled
Frasor. "He was in our face
making us believe that we could
win this game if we just play hard
every possession
Get used to that scowl.
Chances are we'll be seeing it a
lot this season.
MOTB from page B5
"That's not me he said.
At one time, it was. As a
player at Cerritos Junior College
in California, he was as much of
a showoff as any of them.
"I'd be outrageous, going up
into the stands, going to the con-
cession stand and getting a hot
dog Houshmandzadeh said.
The coaches told him to stop,
so he did. He stayed low-key
when he moved to Oregon State,
where he first became Johnson's
teammate. Both came to Cincin-
nati in the 2001 draft Johnson in
the second round, Houshman-
dzadeh in the seventh.
When Peter Warrick got hurt
last season, Houshmandzadeh
got his chance and again formed
a tandem with Johnson. Sud-
denly, Houshmandzadeh was
known for more than his long
last name and his long, curly
He's a proven No. 2 receiver
who considers himself much
more. In his opinion, he's just
as good as his college buddy, and
maybe better.
"If you think any other way,
you have a problem Housh-
mandzadeh said. "It's a compe-
tition with each other on the
team. He knows how I feel about
his game, how I respect his game.
But for me to say he's better than
He stopped without saying
"They compete over who's
going to have a better game
Palmer said. "You can't ask for
more than that as a quarterback.
You've got one guy who wants to
play better than the best receiver
in the league. That's a tough
combination to defend
When defenses double- and
triple-team Johnson, Palmer
looks to Houshmandzadeh.
That's what happened Sunday,
when Sanders and the other
Ravens defensive backs made
sure Johnson wouldn't have a
sensational game.
Johnson was good five
catches for 88 yards. Houshman-
dzadeh was sensational, getting
147 yards on nine catches.
"They took Chad away
Palmer said. "They didn't think
T.J. could beat them. He took
every one of their corners out of
the game
Houshmandzadeh even
talked a little trash to corner-
back Chris McAlister and spiked
the ball at his feet after a sideline
"He started talking trash
and that got me into the game
Houshmandzadeh said, getting
animated as he remembered
the moment. "I was ready to go.
They've got all the high-priced
corners there, so let 'em (line) up
and let's go
Chad and Deion would be
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It sot
hut s
as di
my m
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dent (
dents o;
truth oi
One an

The East Carolinian, December 1, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
December 01, 2005
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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