The East Carolinian, November 10, 2005
Voli e 81 Number 27 THURSDAY November 10, 2005
Asian Studies lecture
focuses on combining
virtues of hermit, samurai
Heine applies Zen
stratagem to modern day
The annual lecture in Asian
studies focusing on Zen Buddhism
and the modern-day workplace
was held in the Science and Tech-
nology Building Wednesday with
more than 60 students and faculty
members in attendance after a pre-
vious cancellation in October.
The lecture featured research
done by Steven Heine, Florida
International University Religious
Studies professor and author of
"White Collar Zen: Using Zen
Principles to Overcome Obstacles
and Achieve Your Career Goals
and emphasized the idea of build-
ing up one's skills where they can
be highlighted in any situation.
"Some people have a special
skill where they can rise to the
occasion at the moment their skills
are needed most said Heine.
Heine's new book describes
the relationship between Zen and
contemporary workplaces.
"I wanted to reach out and
write a book that deals with these
issues and relate it to the modern
era Heine said.
White Collar Zen encom-
passes the three approaches to
Zen that have been recognized
historically, Beat Zen (Zen as
The Importance
of Being Earnest'
ECULoessin Playhouse
produces a classic at
McGinnis Theatre
From Thursday, Nov. 17 to
Tuesday, Nov. 22, students and
the public will be able to enjoy
the latest production from ECU
l.oessin Playhouse, The Impor-
tance of Being Earnest.
The play, originally performed
in 1895, is famous for its "penetrat-
ing" humor and "insightful" look
into society. The story centers
around two friends who invent
fictitious characters to use as alibis
for times they need to get away
from their daily lives. In doing so,
they each form an alternate life
unbeknownst to everyone else.
All goes well until they fall in love.
The confusion then ensues as the
men struggle to keep up their lies
and the women they love.
"It's a very witty play said
Jeff Woodruff, managing direc-
tor of the School of Theatre
and Dance.
"It's also laugh-out-loud
funny and not all plays are. It's a
great show
The show will begin every night
at 8 p.m with the exception of
Sunday, which has a showing at 2
p.m. Tickets are $12 at the door but
may be purchased ahead of time at
$12 for the general public, $10 for
those age 65 and over, and $8 for
everyone age 18 and under. Thanks
to the ECU Student Government
Association activity fees, all current
ECU students may pay youth price
for their tickets if purchased ahead
of time. Patrons may purchase tickets
by phone at 328-6829 or 1-800-ECU-
ARTS. Tickets may also be purchased
online at or in person
at the McGinnis Theatre Box Office
Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.
- 5 p.m. The box office hours on a
show day are 9 a.m. to curtain.
The show is Greg Funaro's
main stage directorial debut.
Funaro, who worked profession-
ally as an actor in New York City
and all over the U.S has per-
formed in 11 plays at ECU, most
notably, The Best Little Whore-
house in Texas, Grease, As You Like
It and Romeo and Juliet.
"Greg's been teaching for
some time now he's an excel-
lent instructor Woodruff said.
"We've got a lot of new people
on this show
Also involved in the produc-
tion, in her second main stage
production as scenic designer, is
Jenny Parker. One of the things
Woodruff acknowledges as special
about ECU theatre productions is
the environment of the theatre.
"In a professional production,
you may have two assistant stage
managers Woodruff said,
"But we're in a teaching envi-
ronment. It's a constant learning
process using a 'learning-by-
doing method so we tend to
involve a lot of people
In the production of Earnest,
for instance, there are actually
four assistant stage managers
instead of only two.
"It's a very labor-intensive
business Typically, produc-
tion starts six weeks before show
time Woodruff said.
"We had auditions around Sept.
24. Then, the following Monday, they
start work Luckily, Earnest's staff
and cast had almost eight weeks to
prepare. The play, written by Oscar
Wilde, has historically had many
successful runs since 1895. When it
opened for the first time, it ran for
86 performances. By the time The
Importance of Being Earnest reached
St. James Theatre, Wilde was also
known for the novel "Dorian Gray"
(1890) and the plays Lady Winder-
mere's Fan (1892) andI WomanofNo
Importance (1893). Wilde also wrote a
handful of literary criticisms and fairy
tales before his death in Paris in 1900.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Heine discussed Zen philosophy in front of more than 60 students.
a way of life but never fully
adopted in one's life), Classical
Zen (an academic approach to
Zen) and Square Zen (practitio-
ners of Zen without the proper
historical context).
Heine described the seem-
ingly opposite archetypes of sam-
urai, who act on the battlefield,
and Hermits, who withdraw from
society through meditation.
"These two archetypes are
not necessarily opposed to the
other they can work complimen-
tary to the other he said.
The Samurai philosophy
about the "Art of War" involves
the "Art of Cunning in which
overcoming fear of death or
loss, striving for alertness and
attentiveness and maximizing
strength and reducing vulner-
ability are the main goals.
"The image of the Samurai has
become a worldwide phenomenon
with the idea appearing in movies
such as The Magnificent Seven and
The Shootist Heine said.
The Hermit philosophy
involves a withdrawal from
society to discover tranquility,
simplicity and a harmonious
existence with nature.
Heine explained the ideas
behind the structure of Zen
monasteries and pointed out the
idea of harmonious living with
nature in the design of temples
throughout Japan.
see ZEN page A3
Greenville election results
Greenville Mayor
Don Parrott won with 3,491
votes (81 percent). Matt Cohen
had 371 votes (9 percent). Bob Sch-
neider had 463 votes (11 percent).
Greenville At-Large
Patricia C. "Pat" Dunn won
with 3,554 votes (84 percent).
Dennis Mitchell had 689 votes posed with 352 votes.
(16 percent).
Greenville District One
Mildred Atkinson won
unopposed with 386 votes.
Greenville District Three
Larry Spell won with 453
votes (60 percent). Ric Miller
had 302 votes (40 percent).
Greenville District Two Greenville District Four
Rose Hill Glover won unop-
Ray Craft won with 1,068
votes (53 percent). "Jack" Wall
had 947 votes (47 percent).
Greenville District Five
"Chip" Little won unop-
posed with 635 votes.
Editor's Note: Results are unofficial and were
obtained from the Pitt County Board of
Elections Web site. Visit them at
Election victories throughout the country
(AP) � Election Highlights
NEW JERSEY: Democratic
Sen. Jon Corzine easily beat
Republican businessman Doug
Forrester after a sharply nega-
tive campaign to succeed acting
Democratic Gov. Richard J.
Codey. The multimillionaires
spent $70 million, more than
double the previous record for a
New Jersey governor's race.
VIRGINIA: Democratic
� Lt. Gov. Tim Kalne soundly
defeated Republican Jerry
Kilgore, a former attorney gen-
eral, in a closely watched contest
to succeed popular Democratic
Gov. Mark Warner.
ATLANTA: The city's first
female mayor, Shirley Franklin,
trounced two little-known chal-
lengers to win a second term.
BOSTON: Three-term
Mayor Thomas Menino, known
as "Mumbles" for his fractured
diction, fended off a challenge
from longtime City Council-
woman Maura Hennigan.
CHICOPEE, Mass Attor-
ney Michael Bissonnette easily
defeated Mayor Richard Goy-
ette, who was charged with
extorting campaign contribu-
tions from two businessmen.
Goyette dropped out of the race
a week ago - too late to remove
his name from the ballot.
Mark Mallory, who is black and a
member of a prominent political
family, beat white City Council-
man David Pepper four years
after race riots tore apart the city.
City Council President Frank
Jackson, whose hard-luck life
growing up in the nation's
12th-poorest city endeared him
to voters, edged out incumbent
Jane Campbell, the first woman
to lead Cleveland.
DETROIT: Mayor Kwame
Kilpatrick overcame doubts
about his leadership and judg-
ment as voters gave him the
second chance he asked for in a
come-from-behlnd victory.
HOUSTON: Mayor Bill
White was re-elected with 91
percent of the vote, his popu-
larity soaring after the city
absorbed refugees from Hur-
ricane Katrina and took strong
measures to protect residents
from Hurricane Rita.
R.T. Rybak won a second term
despite a challenge from fellow
Democrat Peter McLaughlin,
a county commissioner and
union favorite who accused
Rybak of failing to protect the
city's poorer neighborhoods.
aire Republican Mayor Michael
Bloomberg routed former Bronx
Borough President Fernando
Ferrer in this heavily Demo-
cratic city and was on pace
to surpass his 2001 spending
record of $74 million.
Councilman Bob O'Connor, a
Democrat, defeated GOP lawyer
Joe Weinroth in a city that has
not elected a Republican mayor
since the Depression. Incum-
bent Tom Murphy decided not
to seek a fourth term.
SEATTLE: Mayor Greg
Nickels cruised to a second term.
Although Nickels' critics accused
him of heavy-handed leadership
and disregarding neighborhood
concerns in favor of property
developers, they were unable to
recruit a high-profile challenger,
settling on former professor
Al Runte.
ST. PAUL, Minn Randy
Kelly was voted out after one
term in this heavily Democratic
city, largely because he endorsed
President Bush last year. Chal-
lenger Chris Coleman, a former
City Council member, had led
2-to-l in polls; most voters said
they wanted to punish Kelly.
SAN DIEGO: Republican
Jerry Sanders, a former police
chief backed by the city's busi-
ness establishment, handily
defeated Donna Frye, a maver-
ick Democratic councilwoman
and surf-shop owner. Sanders
inherits a $1.37-billion pension
shortfall that has led to a federal
investigation and threatened
the city with bankruptcy.
DETROIT: Motown singer
Martha Reeves was eighth out
of 18 candidates vying for nine
seats on the Detroit City Council
with 99 percent of the precincts
reporting early Wednesday. She
says Detroit is missing the love
it had in the 1960s, when she
belted out such hits as "Dancing
in the Street" and "Heat Wave
PRESCOTT, Ariz Howard
Mechanic, who spent nearly
three decades as a fugitive
before being unmasked during
a run for public office in 2000,
lost his bid for a seat on the
Prescott City Council. Mechanic
went to prison for his part in a
Vietnam War protest and served
nearly a year before he was par-
doned by President Clinton.
DOVER, Pa Voters ousted
eight GOP school board mem-
bers who backed a controver-
sial policy to introduce high
school students to "intelligent
design replacing them with
a slate of Democratic candi-
dates opposed to the require-
ment, which critics said pro-
moted a form of creationism.
Tech trials look to Improve
personal safety on campus
ECU Police Officer Hill responding to wireless transmission from Wiggins.
of a crime or medical emergency.
"The hope is that, at the press of
a button, you could alert the system
and it could relate your location to the
police by your proximity to the tran-
sponder said Barry DuVall, director of
the technology advancement center.
The system is completely wire-
less and would provide a protec-
tive shield for the area outside the
building and the nearby parking
lots that service the employees.
to be as safe as possible DuVall said.
"The campus is growing out into
the community and we want to help
those students and staff out there
The second project is ECU Assist,
with preparations already being
made for research and testing in the
spring of 2006. ECU Assist would
involve mainly students in residence
halls and perform a function similar
to Warehouse Alert by allowing
instant communication between
Pilot programs test direct
link between police and
students, staff
The Technology Advancement
Center, in conjunction with Academic
Outreach and Campus Living, is
experimenting with new technology
that could assist ECU students and
faculty In an emergency situation.
Four projects are scheduled, with
Warehouse Alert being the only one
cunentlyoperating. Warehouse Alert
is being tested by IS staff and student
employees in Central Stores and
Receiving and the Department of
Materials located in the Management
Warehouse on Greene Street.
The system consists of transmit-
ter given to the employees that could
be activated by the carrier and could
send personal information to the
ECU Police Department in the event
He will work to get
Samuel Alito on the court
see SAFETY page A2
After President Bush's fellow
Republicans shot down his nomi-
nation of White House Counsel
Harriet Miers leading to her res-
ignation, Bush is now getting
resounding conservative support
for his nomination of Samuel Alito
to replace the retiring Sandra Day
O'Connor in the U.S. Supreme
Court. Alito is considered to be
very conservative in the mold of
Supreme Court Justices Clarence
Thomas and Antonin Scalia, whom
Bush touts as model justices.
Miers was called into question
about her credentials and conser-
vatism. The White House then
replied to the Republican critics
that Miers was sufficiently con-
servative, citing her service and
conservations with Bush. When
the Senate asked to examine
her record regarding her White
House service, the White House
claimed executive privilege and
thus Miers' nomination reached
an impasse from which she
promptly resigned. While Miers
Bush tries moves on after
failure in Miers nomination II
see ALITO page A5
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CHRIS MUNIER News Editor ZACK HILL Assistant News Editor
THURSDAY November 10, 2005
Disco and FolkContra Dances
The ECU Folk and Country
Dancers will sponsor a disco
dance and a contra dance from
8 -11 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12 at the
Willis Building located downtown
on First and Fteade Streets. DJs
will be on hand to provide music.
Beginner lessons will begin at
7:30. There is a potluck supper
at 6 p.m. for the contra dance.
Tickets for each event are $3 for
students, $5 for FASG members
and $8 for the public. This is an
alcohol and smoke free event. For
more information call 752-7350.
Charity Fashion Show
The Apparel and Interiors
Merchandising Organization
will present "Ripped, Torn and
Fabulous a charity fashion event,
at 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11 at Club
Aqua. Tickets can be purchased
in advance at Wright Place or for
$5 at the door. All proceeds will
benefit Give2theTroops.
Chamber Choir Performance
The ECU Chamber Singers will
perform Durufle's Requiem at
7:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 13 at St.
Paul's Episcopal Church. The
event is free to the public. For
more information, visit music.
ecu.edumusic calendar or call
Multicultural Reading to honor
ECU professor
Dozens of people will read fro�
multicultural works in honor oi
the life and career of ECU English
professor Gay Wilentz from 4
- 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 14 in C209
Science and Technology Building.
For more information, contact
Michael Bassman at 328-6373.
Brewster History Lecture
The ECU Brewster Lecture "A Tale
of Three Cities: How the U.S. won
WWII" will be presented at 8 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 16 In OC-307
Science and Technology Building.
ECU'S history department and
the Thomas Harriot College
of Arts and Sciences will host
the 24th annual Lawrence F.
Brewster Lecture in History.
David Kennedy, the Donald J.
McLachlan Professor of History
at Stanford University, will offer
the guest lecture.
Medical Student Talent Show
The 2005 Medical Student
Council Talent Show will be held
Thursday, Nov. 17 at 7:30 p.m. in
the Brody School of Medicine's
Brody Auditorium. Tickets are $5
in advance and $6 at the door.
There will be performances by
students and faculty, as well as
door prizes. This year's charity
beneficiary is the Tiana Nicole
Williams Endowment Fund.
For more information, contact
Kara Regan at regank@mall.
Japan League
Meetings are on Thursdays from
5 - 9 p.m. in Bate 1010. Japan
League is a Japanese film club
that shows movies of all kinds
as well as television shows and
animation. They can be visited
online at
Alumni Association Tailgate 2005
Enjoy food provided by Aramark,
your favorite Pirate beverages, a
chance to see Pee Dee the Pirate
and the ECU Cheerleaders, and
win great door prizes! 'Times
subject to change - tailgates
are two and a half hours prior
to kick-off. This is taking place
Saturday, Nov. 26, at 9:30 a.m.
at Minges Coliseum Gate Two.
Cost is $5 per person and
children get in for free. Register
by calling 800-ECU-GRAD or
PTOO, as it is affectionately
called, Is considered the "little
luxury edition" of Pilobolus Dance
Theatre, one of the dance world's
most renowned ensembles. Its
two bravura dancers present a
seamless evening of new and
classic Pilobolus works. This
will take place Thursday, Dec.
1 at 8 p.m. in Wright Auditorium
Purchase Masterpiece
Subscriptions by Sept. 28 for
best options. Masterpiece
subscription (all events): $216
for public, $198 for facultystaff,
$108 for youth, $72 tor Students.
Purchase Crown Subscriptions
by Dec. 1 for best options.
Crown Subscription (choice
of six events): $162 for public,
$150 for facultystaff, $84 for
youth, $48 for students. Advance
individual tickets, If available,
may be purchased beginning
Nov. 13 for $25 public, $23 ECU
facultystaff, $13 youth, and $10
ECU student. All tickets at the
door are $25. Group discounts
are available for groups of fifteen
or more.
Youth choir Instills early
appreciation for music, diversity
CONCORD, NC (AP) - A gaggle
of giggling girls scamper through
the door of Saint James Lutheran
Church's choir room.
After a few laughs, ponytall flips and
a smattering of whispers, the girls sit,
feet barely grazing the floor, In a line in
front of conductor Jacqueline Yost.
"We start on a fllled-in note Yost
reminds the girls. "Which one
is that?"
With a few so-mi-so-ml-sos and pa-
pa-pa-pa-pas to warm their sweet
voices, the young members of The
Arts Experience Melody Choir read
the sheet music for their Dec. 9
Christmas concert note by note.
Children from 41 area schools and
home-schooled youth in The Arts
Experience Children's Choirs and
Youth Oratorio do more than sing
their hearts out - they learn to sight-
read music.
Each member auditions to participate
and is placed in one of the three
choirs melody, concert or youth
oratorio according to age and
ability level.
The choirs rehearse every Tuesday
night at Saint James Lutheran
According to The Arts Experience
executive director Quincy Foil,
the choirs provide an affordable
opportunity for singing and technical
music instruction and to promote
self-confidence and appreciation for
musical diversity.
Foil founded the choir in 1995 after
many parents of children in her piano
classes asked her where to find local
voice teachers.
There was a need for children in
this area for excellent vocal training
Foil said.
The beauty of the program is that
kids move up through the years in
age and ability, so there are great
opportunities for gifted children to
expand their natural talents
According to Foil, one-third of students
in the choirs participate with tuition
assistance from local Individuals
and sponsors.
"Money should never be a barrier for
a child to participate in the arts Foil
said. "We have never turned down
a child because they couldn't pay
the tuition
A preparatory treble choir for youth
ages 7-10, the Melody Choir learns
Introductory musical skills such
as following musical scores, posture,
breathing, note reading, vocal
production and performance skills.
The Concert Choir, an intermediate
treble choir for youth ages 10-
13, teaches performance skills,
interval training, note reading and
music vocabulary.
An advanced chorus for youth
ages 14-19, the Youth Oratorio learn
advanced vocal techniques and
performance skills while touring the
Charlotte area.
Melodie Galloway conducts the
Concert Choir and the Youth
Yost and Galloway joined The Arts
Experience this August for the choirs'
11th season.
The three choirs learn works from
composers such as Vivaldi, Handel,
Mozart, Haydn and Schubert and
contemporaries Moses Hogan and
John Rutter.
Microsoft's Gates said Internet-
based services represent major
'sea change'
SEATTLE (AP) - Microsoft Chairman Bill
Gates wants his managers to "act quickly
and decisively" to offer more Internet-
based software and services so the
computer giant can beat its competition.
Gates compares the push toward
such services ranging from online
business software offerings to free
Web-based e-mail to the changes
he saw nearly a decade ago. Then,
he wrote a now-famous memo,
called The Internet Tidal Wave that
prompted a massive shift at Microsoft
toward Internet-based technology.
"The next sea change is upon
us Gates wrote in an e-mail to
top executives, dated Oct. 30 and
obtained late Tuesday by The
Associated Press.
Gates also warned the company
must be thoughtful in building the
right technology to serve the right
This coming 'services wave' will be
very disruptive he wrote. "We have
competitors who will seize on these
approaches and challenge us still, the
opportunity to lead is very clear"
Gates included a memo from Ray
Ozzie, one of Microsoft's three chief
technical officers, which outlined ideas
for broad companywlde changes
that can address the growing
competitive threat.
Ozzie concedes in the memo dated
Oct. 28 that Microsoft has not led
the pack on Internet-based software
and services, and now faces intense
competition from companies like
Google Inc. Ozzie said Microsoft needs
to focus on key tenets of the new
model, including a shift toward offering
free, advertising-supported offerings
and more sophisticated, Internet-based
methods of delivering products.
"I believe at this juncture it's generally
very clear to each of us why we need
to transform the competitors, the
challenges and the opportunities
Ozzie wrote.
Last week, Microsoft announced
plans for Windows Live and Office
Live, two Web-based offerings that
aim to help the company compete
with Google, Yahoo Inc Salesforce.
com and other companies that are
already seeing success with such
Web-based offerings.
Microsoft has recently faced criticism
that its model, which still relies
mostly on delivering software In
traditional packaging, could grow
antiquated. The concern is that, as
more companies offer online services
for everything from word processing
to storing photos, there will be less
of a need for Microsoft's lucrative
Windows operating system and
Office business software.
Microsoft's nascent Windows Live
and Office Live efforts aim to
complement its valuable software
franchises with online products that
build on what people find on their
desktop computers.
Attack kills five policemen In
Baquoba, U.S. Jets destroy
building near Syria border
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A suicide
bomber detonated his car Wednesday
near a police patrol in Baquoba, 35
miles northeast of Baghdad, killing
five policemen and wounding five
others, officials said.
U.S. Air Force jets destroyed a building
near the Syrian border Wednesday
where al-Qaida insurgents hid
weapons, the U.S. military said.
The attack occurred early in the day in
the village of Bu Hardan near the cities
of Qalm and Husaybah where U.S.
and Iraqi troops conducted a major
operation in the past four days.
The terrorists were seen moving
mortars and other small weapons into
the targeted building the statement
said. This weapons cache was
directly linked to mortar attacks on
Coalition and Iraqi security forces
The statement said the raid destroyed
the building and "all contents of the
weapons cache
Late Tuesday, the military announced
that U.S. and Iraqi forces have secured
the town of Husaybah and that al-
Qaida-led insurgents there have been
Meanwhile, a driver for the Sudanese
Embassy was shot dead Wednesday
as he left the Palestinian mission In
the Iraqi capital, police and the Iraqi
Foreign Ministry said.
The shooting occurred in the
Mansour area of western Baghdad,
where gunmen have attacked foreign
diplomats and businessmen in the
past. The driver was a Sudanese
citizen, police and the ministry said.
Labeed Abbawi, an undersecretary
in the Foreign Ministry, confirmed
the report but did not know why the
driver was at the Palestinian mission
or whether he was the only person
in the car.
The attack followed the abduction
last month of two employees of the
Moroccan Embassy, who were seized
on the highway between Baghdad
and Amman, Jordan. Statements
attributed to al-Qaida in Iraq claimed
responsibility and said the two had
been sentenced to death.
Al-Qaida also claimed responsibility
for the kidnap-slaying last July of three
foreign diplomats - two Algerians and
one Egyptian - as part of a campaign
to cut ties between Muslim countries
and the Shilte-dominated, U.S
backed Iraqi government.
In Baghdad, Ghanem Mohammed, an
employee at the Education ministry,
was killed when gunmen opened fire
on his car as he was driving to work
in west Baghdad, according to police
Maj. Mousa Abdul-Karim.
Also in Baghdad, gunmen opened fire
on a minibus, killing its driver, police
Capt Qassim Hussein said. A roadside
bomb in the southern neighborhood
of Dora killed a motorist and wounded
another man, police said.
o3I6ty from page A1
a participant and the ECU police.
Assist's technology, like Ware-
house Alert's, works with a tran-
sponder, usually a belt clip trans-
mitter. Police could pinpoint the
location of someone wearing the
transmitter In a residence hall as
well monitor their movements once
the system has been activated.
"Someone In the police station
could look at a screen and see exactly
where you are DuVall said.
The other two projects also
involve incorporating personal
safety devices into student and
faculty life in the battle against
campus crime.
DuVall hopes that North Carolina
schools will share ideas and innova-
tions to make the process of testing
and researching safety technol-
ogy more efficient and productive.
"I think with 16 universities
in the UNC system we can all
work together to bring down
costs DuVall said.
The Technology Advance-
ment Center's work is crucial to
the success of the trials.
"We find the area of need,
find the technology needed
to address it, and trying to get
funding for the pilot programs
so that their effectiveness can be
determined DuVall said.
The programs are all nothing
more than pilots at this point, but
the possibility Is open that the mea-
sures could eventually be extended
to the entire student population.
"We're making progress, and
we're going to keep pushing"
DuVall said. "The campus is
always working on personal
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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sr 10, 2005
icurred in the
astern Baghdad,
attacked foreign
nessmen in the
as a Sudanese
le ministry said,
istry, confirmed
Dt know why the
estinian mission
the only person
i the abduction
mployees of the
who were seized
ween Baghdad
an. Statements
a in Iraq claimed
aid the two had
3d responsibility
I last July of three
vo Algerians and
rt of a campaign
lusllm countries
minated, U.S
Mohammed, an
jcatlon ministry,
nen opened fire
; driving to work
;ording to police
men opened fire
its driver, police
i said. A roadside
i neighborhood
st and wounded
� Incense
� Candles
t In Stock
& Servers
reat Rates
Health Professions Week
November 6-12.2005
ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS WEEK is celebrated nationally to
honor health care providers working in more than 80 allied
health professions.
Allied health professionals are an essential part of America's
health care safety net. Because there is a critical shortage of
health care providers-currently and predicted for years to
come-there are many opportunities available for those
looking for an allied health career.
Take a minute to learn more about allied health professions
by going to www.ecu.eduah. i
i Mvunm
School of Allied Health Sciences
Carol Belk Building
Z6L1 from page A1
"White Collar Zen is the idea
of bringing together the idea of
samurai and hermit Heine said.
By understanding when to
use the skills of a samurai or
hermit, one can learn to deal
with stressful situations that arise
in everyday life, Heine said.
"I call the cause of most of
our anxiety the 'promotion com-
motion where mini crises arise,
such as not getting what you want
or having something unwanted
thrust upon you he said.
" It is precisely for these situations
that you should hone your skills so
you will know when you should let
something pass or take action
Heine said one must integrate
the potential to speak and think
without allowing emotions to
take over, which takes time to
Through the use of the samu-
rai philosophy of savvy, diplo-
matic, poised and persuasive
communication, one can achieve
many things but words can only
go so far, Heine said.
By learning the philosophy
of the Hermit, one will learn
sometimes silence is golden and
there are times when it's best to
sit back and take a bird's eye view
of the situation.
"Zen masters express a sense
of irony and the absurd, knowing
when to-and when not to-laugh
at themselves Heine said.
This writer can be contacted at
news&theeastcarolinian. com.
Sports Studies degree
attracting more students
Degree can lead to
careers in management
or law
The new Bachelor of Sci-
ence in Sports Studies is now
being offered to students and is
attracting more students as the
program matures.
At this time, there are five
declared Sports Studies majors
and 23 intended without much
publicity about the program
"This degree is aimed at those
who don't want to be teachers
or exercise physiologists said
Anthony Laker, sports studies
and exercise science degree
The new degree has been
a few years in the making and
covers a wider arena of sports
studies than offered before. The
time of inception of the idea
to Implementing the program
has taken 18 months and has
involved the creation of other
courses to meet the demands of
the degree program.
"We are finding that a $400
billion industry can provide
quite an attractive career choice
Laker said.
ECU is the only school in
North Carolina to offer such a
degree and very few others in
the nation have a compatible
program, as well, Laker said.
"The bulk of the courses
will come from inside the
department, but we realize
other departments offer similar
courses that are of great use to a
student of sports studies, such
as communications and leisure
studies Laker said.
Students will be required
to take courses involving sport
sociology, sport psychology,
international sport and sports
media, as well as many other
courses designed to meet the
career aspirations of the stu-
dents, Laker said.
A requirement of the degree
is that students must be involved
in a sport.
"They don't necessarily have
to be involved in a college level
competitive sport, but we require
the students to pick any activity
course to fulfill the require-
ment he said.
"It's important they do what
they're studying
There is also an independent
study required, as well, to assimi-
late everything the student has
learned through the degree
The degree can lead to a
career in sports management,
marketing, journalism, sports
law and many other careers
within the sports industry.
"The business school has
welcomed students hoping to
attain a MBA with a concentra-
tion in sports management
said Stacey Altman, assistant
professor of exercise and sports
"This degree program is also
great for law schools, as well,
because it contains an aspect of
the humanities
There is already an estab-
lished graduate program for
sports management, and Laker
believes the BS will provide
better preparation for students
wishing to pursue their Master's
in that area.
The program has not added
new faculty to the department,
but with the growing interest in
the program, it may be neces-
sary, according to Laker.
"If we get more students
involved, we would need a larger
faculty to handle the number of
classes needed for the degree
Laker said.
This writer can be contacted at
758-8612 Mon-S.ii 10-6,Sun I i
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Famous Catalog
Mens and Ladies

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Page A4 252.328.9238
JENNIFER L HOBBS Editor in Chief
THURSDAY November 10,2005
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
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News Editor Asst News Editor
Carolyn Scandura Kristin Mumane
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Our View
Holidays are coming,
are you excited?
The holidays are fast approaching and most of us
havenl even begun to make our Christmas lists.
The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us,
especially when you doni know what to get every-
one on your list Shopping for your loved ones
should be an enjoyment not a chore. We here at
TEC want to make your shopping endeavors this
year the best yet Just follow our few simple steps
and you'll have everyone on your list smiling with
pleasure on Christmas morning.
Create a budget and stick to it You should plan
ahead of time how much you want to spend total.
If you have a dependency on plastic, we suggest
you leave the credit cards at home. Christmas is
the prime time of year to go in debt Be sure to
include packaging costs in that budget as well,
such as wrapping paper, boxes and bows.
Know who you're shopping for. Make sure when
you're looking for gifts, you're keeping what your
family and friends like in mind. You don't want to
buy a gift you would like to have - you should buy
something they would like to have. Gift certificates
are becoming the hot holiday gift and are always
a great idea. Your loved ones still know you care,
but they get to shop and get exactly what they
Don't rule out small gifts. Sometimes less is more.
It is the thought that counts. You shouldn't under-
estimate the power of a homemade gift The best
gifts come from the creative mind. Baskets are
always a nice idea too. Putting together a lot of
little things can make for a pretty big present at
a reasonable cost.
It might be helpful to map out a plan of where
you want to shop. Wandering around aimlessly
can be tiring and frustrating. You end up getting
something just to be buying a gift and then you're
stuck with a gift you don't want to give and a gift
no one would want to receive.
Online shopping is the way to go. Its fun, its fast
and it's easy. There is no simpler way to buy gifts.
You never have to leave the comfort of your home.
The only glitch in the plan is you have to remem-
ber to order your items early enough in the year
to ensure you get your gifts by Christmas.
We hope this has helped make the beginning
of your holiday season a little easier. With all the
demands of college life, students need all the
help they can get
pvyf ?Rces Give oil coAfwi�r? Recoup Profits-
T ?" 3T :S '& : SS?
Pirate Rant
Opinion Columnist
Nine simple rules for being a better president
Your daddy won't pay
your way through my
course, Bushy
Last November, the number
one issue on voters' minds wasn't
the war in Iraq. It wasn't the econ-
omy. It wasn't even terrorism. It
was moral values. I suppose when
some terrorist finally sneaks in
one of his dirty bombs and blows
up a city, I should be comforted in
knowing that President Bush isn't
nailing one of his aides.
However, that's beside the
point. I'd much rather discuss the
irony that surrounds the Republi-
can Party right now. I mean - when
you think about it - it's pretty
funny. A lot of people supported
Republicans last year because of
their "moral values" and now look
at them - a lot of the big names in
the party are under investigation
for immoral activities. Am I the
only one who finds that funny?
Let's start toward the bottom of
the list and work our way up, shall
we? Senate Majority Leader Bill
Frist is currently getting the Martha
Stewart treatment and is under
investigation for insider trading.
On the other side of Congress,
U.S. House Majority Leader Tom
Delay is accused of conspiracy and
laundering $190,000 in corporate
campaign contributions and is facing
a possible life sentence. A life sentence
Moving up the branch
slightly, Lewis "Scooter" Libby,
Vice President Dick Cheney's
Chief of Staff, recently resigned
following charges of perjury,
obstruction of justice and making
false statements in regards to the
leak of a CIA agent's identity. The
leaking of such information is a
crime in and of itself.
Both Cheney's and Deputy
White House Chief of Staff Karl
Rove's names have been consis-
tently brought up since this identity
leak story broke - many in the media
expected indictments to come their
way as well. In fact - worse case sce-
nario, of course - if Libby is found
guilty and is facing a long prison
sentence, who knows what he might
have to say about his bosses.
Finally, we've moved all the
way up to President Bush himself
who, in a recent poll conducted
by The Washington Post and CBS
News, is believed to be dishon-
est by 58 percent of Americans.
Dishonesty is immoral, correct?
And just to rub it in further, his
approval rating has slipped to an
all-time low, 35 percent.
So it's back to school for the
Bush administration. President
Bush has required his executive
office staff to attend "refresher
courses" on ethics and handling
classified materials. But I think
the Bush administration needs a
refresher course on far more than
ethics. So that's why I've decided
to use this space to outline nine
things the administration should
also study up on. 1 would greatly
encourage President Bush to
attend my course as well.
The Declaration of Inde-
pendence. In the ground break-
ing document, founding father
Thomas Jefferson included the
line "We hold these truths to
be self-evident, that all men are
created equal It doesn't say "all
straight men are created equal
Somehow Bush has denigrated
homosexuals to second-class citi-
zens. He talks about freeing Iraqis
while oppressing and denying
homosexuals the right to marry
like it affects him in any way. Why
shouldn't they have the right to
marry and love whom they choose
and instead have to be ostracized
by Bush's religious Right?
The Andrew Jackson
Administration. The spoils
system didn't work too well for
President Jackson, so why does
Bush think his blatant cronyism
will work now? You saw how well
his buddy Michael Brown did as
the director of FEMA after Hur-
ricane Katrina. Harriet Miers was
such a bad pick that his own party
wouldn't support him. Either stop
picking your friends for cushy
jobs or make better friends.
Edward Gibbon's The
Decline and Fall of the
Roman Empire. This would
serve as a great example for
the Bush administration for
what happens when an empire
stretches itself out too far. Who
cares about imperialism? It's
almost like Bush cares more
about the countries we send our
men and women to than the men
and women we're sending.
Webster's New Diction-
ary's definition of the word
"mandate "The wishes of
constituents expressed to a rep-
resentative legislature Bush
received 51 percent of the vote
last November. That means 49
percent disagree with what he's
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number. Letters may be sent via
e-mail to or to TTie East
Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One
copy of 7EC is free, each additional copy is $1.
In My Opinion
(KRT) � As soon as President
Bush nominated Samuel Alitojr. to
the Supreme Court, Americans were
treated to the unlovely spectacle
known as "borking This is a pro-
cess by which a few bits of informa-
tion about a judicial appointee are
selectively culled from a lifetime
of work, distorted for maximum
dramatic effect and proclaimed as
proof that he is horribly unfit for the
post. And though it generally reveals
more about the attackers than the
attacked, it sometimes works. Ask
Robert Bork, who was voted down
by the Senate in 1987 after being
portrayed as a cross between Lester
Maddox and Cotton Mather.
Liberal groups immediately
denounced Allto as the enemy
of civil liberties, reproductive
freedom, workers' rights and
racial equality. People for the
American Way called him "an
out-of-the-mainstream opponent
of fundamental legal rights and
protections for all Americans
The Brady Campaign to Pre-
vent Gun Violence dubbed him
"Machine Gun Sammy
But the effort to demonize
Alito will be an arduous one.
Unlike Bork, Alito has not spent
years in academia, formulating
grand theories and staking out
provocative positions. Unlike
Clarence Thomas, he can't be por-
trayed as underqualified. Instead,
he's a veteran appeals court judge
who boasts sterling credentials.
His failure to rescue himself from
a case involving Vanguard, despite
his investments in Vanguard
funds, was a mistake, but it hardly
looks like a disqualifying one.
What makes Alito a formidable
candidate is an excellent record of
service on the federal bench, earn-
ing the admiration of liberals as
well as conservatives. Mark I. Levy,
a Justice Department lawyer under
Presidents Carter and Clinton, told
the Los Angeles Times that "Alito
is very smart, and he is unques-
tionably conservative. But he is
open-minded and fair Alito's
late appeals court colleague, the
famously liberal A. Leon Higgin-
botham Jr once said, "Sam Alito
is my kind of conservative
The critics have tried to indict
him on the basis of a handful
of 300 opinions he has written
during his 15 years on the bench.
In one dissent, denounced by the
Brady Campaign, he concluded
that a federal law against machine
gun ownership was unconsti-
tutional. But that decision was
grounded where Alito's opinions
doing. Fifty-one percent of the
vote is hardly a mandate.
That Exxon sign down
the street. Maybe if I were an
oil tycoon like Bush "was seeing
a sign advertising regular gas at
2.85 a gallon would be a joyous
occasion. But most people aren't
oil tycoons and we're sick of
being bilked like that. You know,
when gas prices spiked in the
1970s, we tried to stick a thorn
bush up Jimmy Carter's rear end.
Why are we sitting for this? Can
Bush offer no help whatsoever?
The Holding in Roe v.
Wade. Study this good, President
Bush, because it looks to me that
you're stacking the Supreme Court
so you can make a move concern-
ing Roe v. Wade. You're more wor-
ried about a fetus than the poor girl
who's going through a nightmare
because of a terrible mistake.
If Roe v. Wade is overturned,
it won't get rid of abortion.
They'll just be done illegally
and dangerously in back alleys
where there's a better chance
the patient will die because of it.
At least now the procedures are
fairly safe. Besides, who are you
to make anyone else's decision.
You didn't get that mandate.
The Public Speaking Hand-
book by Steven and Susan
Beebe of Texas State University.
What happened to public servants
who spoke with eloquence and class
like Alexander Hamilton? All Bush
does is hit the talking points, give a
three second blurb for the news and
sit through the applause. And God
forbid he has to ad-lib.
The First Amendment to
the United States Constitu-
tion. There's a passage in the
First Amendment which reads
"Congress shall make no law
respecting an establishment or
religion or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof That means
stop taking my tax dollars and
giving them to churches. Get
that religious head who deter-
mines what's offensive out of the
FCC meetings. And get those Ten
Commandments the hell away
from my Courthouse.
The Richard Nixon
Administration. You defi-
nitely need to research Nixon's
administration because you're
about half a step away from turn-
ing into it. Actually, I'd be hap-
pier if Nixon was president now.
At least he started pulling troops
out of Vietnam. Bush is sending
them into a new one.
invariably are: in the decisions of
the Supreme Court. In 1995, the
court struck down a law banning
gun possession in school zones
because it exceeded Congress'
power to regulate interstate com-
merce. Alito made a strong case
that the machine gun ban suf-
fered from the same flaw.
His dissent in a major abor-
tion-rights case, which argued for
upholding a rule requiring wives
to notify their husbands (though
not to obtain their consent)
before getting abortions, showed
the same determination to follow
the dictates of the higher court.
Writing in The New Republic-
Online, Hastings College of
Law professor Ethan Leib says
his opinion, though eventually
rejected by the Supreme Court,
was "a careful application of the
framework laid out by Justice
(Sandra Day) O'Connor
What's clear from this is that
Alito is a judge's judge methodical,
dispassionate and respectful of
precedent. Certainly he deserves a
thorough appraisal between now
and January, when the Senate plans
to vote. But the opposition camp is
likely to find that, as Americans get
acquainted with Alito, they won't
find him scary at all.
To the person who came to ECU to learn, some of us
enjoy going to a party school. This problem is not hard
to fix, go somewhere else.
OK. Why do the buses switch routes whenever they get to
Mendenhall? There should be one bus for each route. I got on
the red bus the other night, and when we left, the driver forgot
' to mention that he had switched the route and was no longer
doing red. I had to ride on the wrong route to find out.
' If people that aren't straight know that I am straight,
why do they still hit on me?
If you are going to smoke please do not do it in front of
! a building entrance. You may not mind sitting through
' class smelling like an ashtray but I do. Smoke on, but
not where I have no way of avoiding you.
To the girl wearing the overalls with one strap hanging
off, 1985 called and it wants its style back.
Los Tios is the most dominant intramural soccer team on
the planet. Come check out our next game Monday at 7:30!
We were wondering if we ran out of toilet paper would
you buy any? Now we are wondering what you have
been using as toilet paper since last Friday?
Is your goal to make as much noise as possible when-
i ever you are in the house?
So you transferred schools under the illusion of being
closer to all your childhood friends. Instead, you
ditched everyone for your new controlling girlfriend.
Then you blame all your problems on everyone else.
Good job, Captain Loser!
To all the people who complain about Student Transit,
why don't you just walk, It is better for you anyway.
Just because my friend went to Iraq and I started dating
you, then we broke up and he came home, does not
mean that you were a "fill-in Of all people you should
know me better than that! I was not scheming up this
plan all along, it's called coincidence.
To the girls who complain that they can't jog around
town without being harassed, wear something more
than a sports bra and hot pants.
To the roommate of the person who says someone
needs to tell their roommate to walk around in some-
thing other than his boxers, try walking around nude
and see how they like that.
Does anyone know who that guy is in the "great places
to meet people" article? I've seen him walking around
1 campus. He is beautiful, his teeth are perfect!
I think I really should take up playing racquetball
I maybe I wouldn't be so broke!
To all of those who are so against my befriend because I found
turns out it was my twin sister's earring. I stay with him because
he can get me into clubs, he's in a fraternity and he has some
! other big assets. I kind of love him too. But I cheat on him
too with his frat brothers, so we're even. But don't tell him!
ECU sells an arrangement of colored ECU shirts for
� $9.95. But the purple and yellow shirts are like $20.
And, I kid you not, there was a shirt saying "I only wear
purple and gold. Go Pirates" (which was $30). How
do these people expect poor college kids to buy their
school colors when cheaper colors are offered?
How come the Sbarros pizza at Wright Place isn't as
tasty as they used to be in the first three days of open-
ing? I think that's sketchy.
I can't believe college students actually "penny people in"
and dive into bushes for fun. You're in college now grow up!
To the guy who wants his roommate to walk around
in something other than his boxers, tell him to walk
around my apartment in his boxers! My roommates
and I could use some different scenery!
The Night Drop-Off bus driver is the greatest!
Why did they cancel Titanic for the step show?
Why is the Wright Fountain still not working? It is an
embarrassment to the ECU campus, especially when
we have visitors. The fountain should be a point of
pride for us. Let's get it fixed now!
Eight percent, HAHA.
Ladies, if your feet are cold, your legs should be too. You
don't look cute or stylish. You look like you got dressed
in the dark without checking the weather channel.
I am so over people not knowing how to use a turn-
ing lane correctly. They are put there for a reason so
use them!
Dear Roommate, You freak me out when you run
around the house naked. Can we at least get some gym
shorts on? Thanks, Your Roommate.
If you are someone who wants to sleep around, why are
you going to have a boyfriendgirlfriend? Go collect
your STDs from whomever you want without hurting
someone you have decided to be "committed" to!
To all the hypocritical people who complain about the
lack of voters. What happened to the approximately
49,318 of you who didn't vote on Tuesday?
Girls need to stop complaining about the mixed signals
they get from guys. Perhaps you should read the book
He's lust Not That Into You and you'll find your answer
probably from reading the title alone.
My rants are always published. Thank you TEC fof
allowing me this therapeutic method of release.
Because of Pirate Rants, I've sobered up, always arrive
on time, passed all my classes and even eat right
and exercise regularly. Thank you! Oh yeah, I've got
a hot girlfriend and the best parking spot in town!
1 am a student. I don't have money. 1 injured my ankle and
the health department wanted me to pay for a brace (which
is understandable). But then they told me they wouldn't even
give me an ace bandage without my money. This is laughable.
Waitunmicc�necrawlingmwimableedingwound. Areyou
going to tell me to pay for some water to clean it with?
UmNm:mmmMm k an anonymous way 00 and staff In �x
ram. Thr editor nr�rm H right to ,dlt opinions for content and bmtty.
A car
HIM is
and t

jer 10,2005
earn, some of us
Mem is not hard
lenever they get to
each route. I got on
:ft, the driver forgot
�and was no longer
e to find out.
lat I am straight,
t do it in front of
d sitting through
j. Smoke on, but
ne strap hanging
al soccer team on
ilet paper would
! what you have
s possible when-
illusion of being
Is. Instead, you
tiling girlfriend,
n everyone else.
Student Transit,
r you anyway.
11 started dating
home, does not
:ople you should
rheming up this
an't jog around
omething more
says someone
round in some-
ig around nude
he "great places
walking around
ng racquetball
id because I found
i self-righteous. It
with him because
and he has some
it I cheat on him
Jt don't tell him!
ECU shirts for
ts are like $20.
ng "I only wear
was $30). How
ds to buy their
it Place isn't as
e days of open-
enny people in"
ge now grow up!
o walk around
ill him to walk
vfy roommates
;p show?
orking? It Is an
ipecially when
I be a point of
uld be too. You
rou got dressed
ler channel.
to use a tum-
or a reason so
'hen you run
get some gym
ound, why are
id? Go collect
thout hurting
nitted" to!
'lain about the
mixed signals
read the book
d your answer
you TEC for
id of release.
always arrive
ven eat right
yeah, I've got
;pot in town!
I my ankle and
a brace (which
'wouldn't even
his is laughable,
nound. Areyou
lit with?
fcnts and staff in the
mltted anonymously
yntent and bnrvity.
Get Outside
Make a Difference
Thursday, November 10 - 5:30-6:30 PM
Mendenhall Student Center, Room 15
Come lo our info Session where 1:CU student
and SCA Alumnus Josh Copenhaver will tell you
more about our Expense-Paid Internships
taking care of business
in healthcare
A career In HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT places you right
where healthcare meets the cutting edge of technology.
Health Information managers play a big rote in making our
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managing patient health information and medical records.
HIM is one of the fastest growing occupations in one of the fastest
growing industries. If you have an interest in the healthcare field
and technology, this may be the career for you!
School of Allied Health Sciences
Dept. of Health Services and
Information Management
Belk Building, Room 308
November 6-12 is National Health Information
and Technology Week
figure out this
God thing?
(and church doesn't seem to be the answer)
Songs, Stories, and the stuff of life
An Informal coffee-house style
worship gathering
7 PM Sundays (� Mudslingers (former
downtown Via Cappucino)
www. riverdeeponline. com
AHtO from page A1
was also argued as not having
sufficient experience evidenced
by the fact she has never been
a judge at any level, the same
cannot be said of Alito, who has
served for the last 15 years on
the third U.S. Circuit Court of
Appeals. Alito has, in fact, won
10 of the 12 cases he has argued
before the Supreme Court, no
doubt giving him respect from
the highest court in the land.
Alito is praised by religious
sources, with religious broad-
caster Pat Robertson calling the
pick "a grand-slam home run A
key reason for Alito's popularity
among the religious is that he is
against abortion and openly sup-
ports legislation that will limit
abortion rights.
The fact that Alito has a
long history of court decisions
from which to examine only
makes him more popular with
conservatives like Senator Sam
Brownback, a Republican from
Kansas and a potential presiden-
tial candidate.
"What I've been hoping for
is we would get nominees with a
paper trail so we can know their
views said Brownback.
Democrats who cannot attack Ali-
to's impeccable experience are attack-
ing him as an extremist of sorts.
"The Senate needs to find out
if the man replacing Miers is too
radical for the American people
said Senate Minority Leader
Harry Reid of Nevada.
It seems that the 22 senators
who voted against John Roberts
will certainly vote against Alito
as well, which also means Alito
will get the necessary votes from
the rest of the Senate, perhaps
before the end of the year. This
is what Bush wants.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Report news students need to know, tec
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UNtlkxul Undtwound RMtfMd
's her future. Do the math
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More men and women on the front lines are surviving life-threatening injuries
than ever before for one reason: We have the most elite nurses in the world. As a
U.S. Air Force nurse, you receive the most advanced training and have access to the
best medical technology on the planet. And whether you're treating Airmen on foreign
soil or their families on bases here in the U.S you can put all of that training to use.
If you're interested in learning more about a better place to practice medicine, call or
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Page A7
THURSDAY November 10, 2005
Free Rent - Forbes Woods Condo
- Senior lady will share home
in exchange for assistance with
Daily Living. Mature, responsible,
honest, female only. 917-3528 References
2 & 3 Bedroom units 1-3.5 Baths -
Rentfrom $575.00 Blocksfrom ECU
& ECU Bus Route. Call 717-9871;
3 BDR 2 BA Plus Bonus Room All
Appliances, Fenced Yard, Deck, Pets
OK. 4 Blocks from ECU $750 Per
Month. Sec. Dep. Negotiable. Avail.
Now. Call 252-258-1810.
1 & 2 bedroom apartments, walking
distance to campus, WD conn
pets ok no weight limit, free water
and sewer. Call today for security
deposit special-758-1921.
4 Bedroom 2 Bath WashDryer
Garage Completely remodeled
Fenced-in backyard 252-361-2138
113 N. Elm House
2 BD 2 BA Wyndham Circle Duplex
Available Dec 1st and an 1st 595.00
mo. 321-4802 newly decorated
Cathedral ceilings, nice landlord!
Great Price!
FREE! 1st Mo. Rent plus High Speed
Internet - 4 bedrooms, 3 baths,
Central heatAC, fireplace, fenced
yard, dogs OK. Near ECU, PCMH,
427W. 4th St. $1100.00Mo. 347-
One two Brs. on-site management
maintenance Central heat air 6,9,12
month leases Water Cable included
ECU bus Wireless Internet pets
dishwasher disposals pool laundry
(252) 758-4015
1 and 2 bedroom apts. On ECU bus
route. Water and Sevyer included.
Pets allowed with deposit. Show
your student ID and receive a
discount Call Kingston Condos for
more details at 252-758-7575
404 E. Second Steel Duplex 2
Bedroom 1 Bath with Fenced yard
$450 252-361-2138
Roommate needed in beautiful 3
BDR house, 2 Bath one block from
campus, females non-smoking ;
high speed wireless internet option;
WD, all kitchen appliances, parking,
no pets. Please call 347-1231
Large 2 & Bedroom townhouses,
1.5 to 2.5 baths, full basement,
WD Hook-ups, great storage,
enclosed patio, ECU bus route, No
pets 752-7738
Female roommate needed for
Spring Semester. 4 Bedroom 2
Bathroom House walking distance
to campus. $435 includes rent &
all utilities. Contact Jenni @ (336)
Sublease an. '06 thru une '06 Rent
$235 a month plus split cable and
utilities Near Campus On bus route
call Stephanie 252-531-3217
Roommate needed to share 2
bedroom 2 bath apartment near
campus. Rent is $275 plus half
of utilities and cable. For more
information call 252-551-7640
One room available in four bedroom
house. 12 mail from campus. Rent
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Roommate wanted: male, NS to
sublet four bedroom apartment
at College Park, University Manor;
private furnished room; $295.00
month; includes all utilities, cable,
and internet; on ECU bus route;
available now; call 240-508-9900
Needed: Someone good at tennis to
work with and play with a 13 year
old boy 3-4 times per week. Call
917-6787 for more information.
Bartenders Wanted! $250day
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Training provided. Call (800) 965-
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Old Writer Needs Someone
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2 Bedroom And 1 Bath Apartment.
5 Blocks From ECU
Energy Efficient.
Kitchen Appliances.
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Central Air & Heat.
On ECU Bus Route.
Pets OK With Deposit.
I tJ4tmk

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���H HI
2 Bedroom And 1 Bath Apartment.
Fully Equipped Kitchens.
Washer & Dryer Hookups.
Central Air & Heat.
On ECU Bus Route.
24 Hour Emergency Maintenance.
Pets OK With Deposit.
Nightly security patrols.
3 Bedroom And 2.5 Bath Duplexes.
Country Club Living Without The Price.
On Bradford Creek Golf Course.
Approximately 1,350 Sq.ft.
wvered Parkm,
Fully Equipped Kitchens.
Washer & Dryer
Pets OK With Deposit.
. ?? OMI

3 Bedroom And 2.5 Bath.
6 Blocks From ECU.
Approximately 1350 Sq.ft.
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Fully Equipped Kitchens.
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Pets OK With Deposit.
� w � w 0 3 Bedroom And 3 Bath Houses.
a BFfetJT Kitchen Appliances.
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3200-F Moseley Drive Washer & Dryer.
Greenville, NC 27858 Central Air & Heat.
Professionally managed by Covered Parking.
Pinnacle Property Management No Pets Allowed.
Offerins Apartments & Houses, Plus Duplex Communities
Convenient To ECU, Pitt Community Collese & The Medical District

Arts & Ente
Page B1 252.328.6366 CAROIYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor THURSDAY November 10, 2005
Got Problems?
Dear Features,
Why do the majority of people who
read this newspaper only read the
Pirate Rants? Since I have been
at ECU, I have found that TEC has
many other great sections to read
like Features and Sports. If they want
to read about other things, why don't
they send In suggestions?
- Ranting for Features
Dear Ranting for Features,
We wonder the same thing. Don't
people get tired of reading other
people whine and complain after
a while? Perhaps the Pirate Rants
are read because they're short, to
the point and sometimes comical.
Maybe people want to see if their
rant was printed. Maybe the rest
of the newspaper Is too dull or
boring to them. We really don't
know. We would like to encourage
people to actually take the time
and read the rest of the paper,
even if it's just another story or two.
Your peers spend long days and
even longer nights putting the paper
together just for you, do them a favor
and read it for something other than
random complaints. We've been
telling people about some of the
stories we run, like the "Survival of the
Fittest" series, and people always say
something along the lines of "wow
that's a really cool idea but have no
clue that we've been printing It for
the entire semester. Read the paper,
educate yourself or entertain yourself,
depending on which section you read.
You just might find us to be more
interesting than previously thought.
Country Ham with Redeye Gravy
and Buttermilk Biscuits
6 (12-pound) country ham steaks
2 tablespoons butter
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 tablespoons flour
34 cup very strong coffee
34 cup chicken stock
14 cup chopped green onions
14 cup heavy cream
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Buttermilk Biscuits, recipe follows
Heat a large skillet over high heat and
saute ham steaks four to five minutes
on each side. Remove to a plate and
keep warm while you make the sauce.
Add butter and onions to skillet
and cook until onions are softened,
scraping up any browned bits on
pan bottom. Add flour and stir well
to combine. Cook for one to two
minutes, then add coffee and chicken
stock. Whisk well to combine, then
allow sauce to cook until thickened,
about six minutes. Add green onions
and heavy cream and cook five
minutes longer. Season with salt and
pepper, to taste, and serve over ham
steaks with buttermilk biscuits.
Buttermilk Biscuits:
2 cups flour, sifted
2 teaspoons baking powder
14 teaspoon baking soda
12 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
12 cup plus 2 teaspoons buttermilk
Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Fahrenheit and line a baking
sheet with parchment paper.
In a large bowl, combine dry
ingredients and blend thoroughly.
Using your fingers or a pastry blender,
cut In butter until mixture resembles
coarse crumbs. Add buttermilk and
quickly blend In, making sure to not
overwork the dough.
On a lightly floured surface, roll out
the dough with a rolling pin to a
thickness of 12-Inch. Use a biscuit
cutter or the rim of a glass, press
out as many biscuits as possible.
Gather up scraps and quickly knead
back together, then cut out as many
additional biscuits as possible. Place
biscuits on prepared baking sheet
and bake until golden brown, about
15 to 20 minutes. Serve immediately.
Film about the soldier, not the war
'Jarhead' focuses on
people and not politics
For one of the first times in
recent years, we finally have a
film that has the potential to be a
political soapbox for some of the
current administration's foreign
policy. However, director Sam
Mendes (American Beauty) has
chosen not to take sides on politi-
cal issues in his new film Jarhead,
even though he is opposed to the
current situation in Iraq.
Jarhead stars Jake Gyllen-
haal (Donnie Darko) as Private
Anthony Swofford. The year is
1989 and Saddam Hussein is
getting ready to invade Kuwait
prompting the first Gulf War.
Swoff (as his friends refer to him
in the film) has just enlisted
in the Marine Corps for lack
of anything else to do with
his time. The film opens with
him at boot camp and we only
see about five minutes of that
(unlike Full Metal Jacket where
the first hour is all boot camp
before heading on to Vietnam).
After boot camp, Swoff gets
stationed and he is encouraged by
Staff Sergeant Sykes (Jamie Foxx)
to try out for the scout snipers.
Swoff is reluctant, but goes ahead
with it anyway. He and seven
other men are picked to be scout
snipers and Swoff is partnered
up with Troy (Peter Sarsgaard).
Not long after completion, the
media announces Saddam's inva-
sion of Kuwait. The Marines are
Jamie Foxx (Staff Sergeant Sykes) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko) play soldiers in the Gulf War.
all excited that they will be going
over seas for some action, despite
their assumptions that they will
only be there for about two weeks.
For once, we are treated to
a war movie that really doesn't
deserve to be called that. This
movie is all about the soldiers
stationed in Saudi Arabia rather
than the Gulf War itself. There
is no action worth mentioning
that would even place this in
the realms of the war movies we
are all familiar with. The title,
Jarhead, says it all. This film is
about the "jarheads" during the
war and not the war.
This isn't necessarily a bad
thing either. As a matter of fact,
it's kind of nice to see the other
side of war for once. Films like
Saving Private Ryan, The Thin
Red Line and Platoon show us
the bloody and violent side. All
three of these films do show
to some degree a human ele-
ment to the soldiers, but not in
the way that Jarhead does. The
closest film comparable to this
would be The Deer Hunter which
showcased three distinct sec-
tions, Robert De Niro and Chris-
topher Walken before the war
(Vietnam), during the war and
after the war. The war was still
a focal point, but not nearly as
big as the characters themselves.
Jarhead is actually based on
a book of the same name by the
real Anthony Swofford. Judg-
ing by some of the lines in the
book, he too is against the cur-
rent situation overseas. However,
screenwriter William Broyles,
Jr. (Apollo 13, Entrapment) keeps
the politics to a minimum and
focuses the story on Swofford
and his fellow Marines. Jarhead is
neither pro-war nor anti-war and
that's the way it should be. Had
the filmmakers made it lopsided,
it may not have been as powerful
as it is. Come to think of it, there
was only one instance where the
subject of politics was brought up.
Sarsgaard's character shoots this
idea down and says that they're
here to do a job - something
almost all soldiers believe.
As a film that has created a lot
of buzz on the film festival circuit
as an Oscar hopeful, Jarhead does
live up to its expectations, but
will probably not win a coveted
Best Picture nod. Out off all the
main performances in this film,
Jamie Foxx seems to be the only
one who could snag a nomina-
tion. His performance as the fast
talking Staff Sergeant is fiery and,
at time, humorous. Gyllenhaal
also has landed in the best role of
his young career. He portrays this
character with a lot of emotion
ever second he is on the screen.
At one point he takes a slip into
a psychotic state and he is excep-
tional in this segment.
Oscar winning director Sam
Mendes proves that his previous
two features, American Beauty
and Road to Perdition, were not
beginners luck. A veteran British
stage director, Mendes has always
been outstanding at getting the
emotions out of his actors. They
perform as if they were on the
stage rather than in front of a
camera. He has done the same
once again with Jarhead.
Don't expect to go into this
film looking for lots of battle
sequences, blood and gore. This is
the soldiers' story about what they
do for a living. The powerful per-
formances and the solid screen-
writing make Jarhead one of the
better war films in recent years.
Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at
Dashboard Confessional:
'Rapid Hope Loss'
Sky falling on Disney
Chicken Little mistakes a falling acorn for a falling piece of the sky.
Kristin Murnane's love for Dashboard Confessional is so strong she has a 'shrine' In her bedroom.
A somewhat bitter
concert review
So last weekend I think I
did one of the craziest things
I've done In my 21 years of exis-
tence. I succeeded in spending
the majority of this month's
paycheck to fly to my home
state of Maryland and stay for
just over 24 hours, only to see
a band which I had already
seen a dozen times before.
Dashboard Confessional is my
favorite band and as you can tell
by the photo, I'm quite obsessed.
I'm going to do something
that very few journalists do, I'm
going to open up and spill all of
my emotions regarding this expe-
rience just for your viewing plea-
sure. How very emo of me, I know.
Brief history, I grew up lis-
tening to punk and the roots
of the so-called "emo" genre. I
worshiped the ground that bands
like Fugazi and Rites of Spring
walked on, and when the genre
revolutionized, I followed it and
latched onto Florida band Further
Seems Forever and immediately
fell in love with singersong-
writer Chris Carrabba. Car-
rabba then formed his own
solo side project, Dashboard
Confessional, and I followed.
Roughly five years (and
thousands of dollars) later, I
was catching a plane from
RDU to Baltimore. Despite
being rejected for an inter-
view with the band, I was
happy, I was excited, I could
hardly contain myself - I
was going to see Dashboard.
However, I was not expecting
see DASHBOARD page B2
TEC's Masterpiece Spotlight
Hot Cocoa
3 cups milk
12 cup heavy cream
12 cup Dutch process unsweetened
cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
12 cup sugar
12 cup coffee-flavored liqueur
1 tablespoon dark rum or brandy
Whipped cream
Grated bittersweet chocolate
In a saucepan, bring the milk and cream
to a low boil. Remove from the heat.
Whisk the cocoa and vanilla Into the
milk. Add the sugar and simmer over
medium heat, stirring until the sugar
is dissolved. Add the coffee liqueur
and rum and stir well.
Remove from the heat and pour Into
four mugs. Top with a spoonful of
whipped cream and grated chocolate.
A word of advice: �
Never watch 'Ichi the
Killer' on full stomach
Honestly, I've never
really gotten into the whole
Japanese culture scene that
a lot of people my age are
borderline obsessed with.
I mean, I've seen a few of
the hipaiiitn.ition shows on
Adult Swim at four in the
morning, but I really don't
see what's so special about it.
The same rule of thumb has
gone for Japanese films as well. I
saw Ringu, the basis of The Ring
and frankly, I wasn't crazy about
It or a lot of the other Japanese
films that have migrated into
American consciousness. How-
ever, my opinion of Japanese film
changed drastically recently when
I sat down to watch Ichi the Killer.
I had read about Ichi the Killer
in several magazines that boasted
of its unparalleled blood, vio-
lence and utter insanity and for
some reason I decided to give It
a chance. After all, I liked the Kill
Bill films and - I thought
- how much worse could
it be? To answer the ques-
tion, a lot worse (in terms
of violence that is.)
Typically plots don't
matter much in these
sort of films but the story
in Ichi the Killer is worth
noting - if only for its
absolute absurdity. It's a
tough film to follow- I've
seen It three times thus
far and I'm still not com-
pletely certain of what's
going on. Normally, that
would be a clear sign that
a movie is bad. That's
not the case with Ichi the
Killer - it only makes you want
to see it. over and over again.
This is what's going on (and
correct me if I'm wrong.) Kaki-
hara is a sadomasochistic Yakuza
killer living in the seedy under-
see ICHI page B2

Disney abandons hand
drawn animation for CGI
with 'Chicken Little'
Disney has now abandoned
the classic hand drawn animated
feature and switched to computer
animation following the revolu-
tionary work by Pixar. They have
also done away with the musical
numbers in the films as well. This
new formula of filmmaking for
Disney has proven itself to be
a mistake and it shows In their
newest cartoon Chicken Little.
It's interesting that you can
take a 20-second nursery rhyme
and stretch it into an 80-minute
feature. This leaves room for the
writers to have creative freedom.
Robert L. Baird, Steve Bencich,
RonJ. Friedman and Dan Gerson
all had a hand in destroying the
classic children's rhyme. Sign
number one you have a bad film
on your hands, the screenplay
was written by more than two
people. With four people writing
the same movie, you have four
different minds working on four
different ideas of how the story
should progress.
Zach Braff (Carden State)
voices Chicken Little, a tiny
chicken who claims that the
sky is falling one sunny after-
noon. The residents of the town,
including his own father, Buck
Cluck (voiced by Pretty Woman
and Raising Helen director Garry
Marshall). A year goes by and
the residents still think Chicken
Little is crazy. The only people
who don't are his friends Abby
Mallard (Joan Cusack) and Runt
of the Litter (Steve Zahn).
Chicken Little gets the idea to
make himself a hero. He decides
to join the school baseball team
where he hopes to be a legend just
like his father was many years
ago. He succeeds in changing his
image, but no sooner after this
happens, a piece of the sky hits
him yet again.
This time, however, there is
an evil looking spaceship that is
associated with it this time. Its
pilots are two robotic looking
aliens that look like goofy Ver-
sions of the tripods from this
summer's War of the Worlds.
Two words come to mind
when thinking about how to
describe this film, not funny.
There are semi-humorous parfs,
most of which are puns at other
films such as Raiders of the Lost
Ark and the original 1933 version
of King Kong, something very few
people in audience understood.
As a matter of fact, I may have
been the only one. A better
selection of films that the target
audience may have seen prior to
this would have made for larger
laughs in the theater.
As for the underlying message
that all Disney films seem to pos-
sess, it is the exact same message
that Finding Nemo was trying to
get across. Is Disney running out
of so many ideas that they have
to steal messages from their own
vault? Apparently so.
Here's a tip to the filmmakers
at Disney: leave the computer
animation to Pixar and 20th
Century's animation studio
(makers of Robots and Ice Age),
continue to'hand draw your films
and hire back Alan Menken for
some more memorable Oscar
winning songs.
And here's a tip to the film-
goers, stick to the other Pixar
animated films like Toy Story,
Finding Nemo or The Incredihles
rather than wasting time, energy
and thought processes on (:hiiktn
Little. It is hardly anything you
will regret skipping. Cute as the
idea Is, Disney just could not
make this one work.
Grade: D
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III NiflO'S album brinCJS el dOlOr Travis Abercrombie releases semi-trite album
O RnnnwritFtr tries tn make CnmnrmpH hv thp success comDletelv sold on the talent ol
One Nation Underground
Songwriter tries to make
good with Tied
Who wants a little more
culture in their music? Perhaps
a little hardcore rock with meren-
gue and salsa beats, and some
flamenco guitar would be an
interesting musical experience.
, m in h.i a 111 Nino? Do you
listen to 111 Nino?
Just meeting the band is
a cultural experience. Guitar-
ist Jardel Paisante hails from
Brazil, as do percussionist Danny
Couto and vocalist Christian
Machado. Bassist Laz Pina is
from New York, drummer Dave
Chavarri calls Peru his home,
and guitarist Ahrue Lister is
from the California bay area. A
group this culturally diverse
coming together to make music
makes for a unique blend with
a hard-rocking central artery.
The band's first release came
in 2001 after signing with Road-
runner Records. The album was
called Revolution, Revolution and
their first single was a song called
"What Comes Around If you're
into horror films, you know
III Nino from their song "How
Can 1 Live" from their second
album. Confession, which came
on the soundtrack to Freddy vs.
Jason. The group has appeared
on Ozzfest and Jagermeister tours,
all since forming in 1999.
Their newest album is called
One Nation Underground and
showcases some unique sounds.
For instance, it might be a bit
perplexing to consider hard rock
with tribal-style percussion and
classical Spanish guitar. Most
of the songs on this album put
these together with fluidity that
makes you think they've never
been heard separately.
However, la muslca (the music)
isn't the only part of 111 Nino that
sets them apart. The lyrics of the
songs are sung in both English
and Spanish harmoniously, so
you may be scrounging for a
Spanish dictionary to understand
the true meaning of the songs.
Looking up the words is worth
your while, however. According
to Machado (quoted from the
band's official Web site), the
band's newest album looks to be
deeper lyrically than past albums.
"The easiest thing to do Is
write about relationships and
your family this record is
about society being controlled
and divided through all sorts of
different influences both internal
and external Machado says.
The thing that will immedi-
ately grab you about the music is
how the spicey Latin beat comes
Check out their song "In This
Moment" for the best example of
this phenomenon taking place in
your head.
Some of the top tracks on this
album include "This is War" and
"What You Deserve which can
be heard on some radio stations
as their first single. Other per-
sonal favorites include "Every-
II Ulil 11
thing Beautiful" and "Corazon
of Mine Most of the tracks are
very impressive, however, and
this could be an album for many
who like to start at track one and
enjoy all the way to the end.
The band as a whole is very
happy with what this album
has come out to be, and chances
are you will be too, because it
has a new twist on hard rock.
It comes out hard with the
belief that you can be hard
rock and still have some classic
roots in styles from your culture.
Ill Niflo's music is the refresh-
ing result of cultural mixing
and how the musical product
can be pure fusion of styles.
The album is worth the money
simply for the skilled musi-
cal interludes and showcas-
ing of styles coming together.
Me gusta la guitarra y las
melodies de 111 Nino. The music
and melodies of 111 Nino are
pleasing to me.
This writer can be contacted at
from page B1
belly of Shinjuku. When his boss
disappears, seemingly murdered,
the streets of Shinjuku flow with
blood as Kakihara goes to any
length to avenge his death.
His trail of, well, entrails and
sliced flesh leads him to Ichi, the
most efficient, merciless killer
to ever walk the Earth. However,
there's a twist. Ichi doesn't enjoy
killing - he's been brainwashed
into and coerced into doing it by
his mentor Jijii, who uses him
only to create unrest in the world
of the Yakuza gangs.
Ichi has been bullied his
entire life and thus lives as a
boy in a man's body - a fact
that Jijii exploits to sick his
ultimate weapon on any one he
chooses. Of course, eventually all
roads lead to a final showdown
between Ichi and Kakihara.
But all that really doesn't
"Before giving,
I always
look for the
matter. It's an interesting
storyline and there are some
very odd and enjoyable plot
twists but the appeal of Ichi
the Killer is in its pure, blood-
shoot ing-out-the-arm-sockets
carnage - a lot of which 1 can't
really go into in this article.
I felt like a young child
again, covering my eyes
with my hands to avoid the
grotesque scenes, but con-
stantly peeping through
with a morbid fascination.
It's about as violent and dis-
gusting a film as they come.
For example, after torturing a
rival gang leader by hanging him
from hooks and pouring boiling
grease on his body, Kakihara
repents by slicing his own tongue
off. In another scene, Ichi with
one giant bicycle kick, complete
splits a man in half.
Disgusting? Yes. But the film
is so over-the-top violent and so
bizarre that it's enthralling. Not
to mention the cinematography
of the film. American slasher
films look like 1970s porno. Ichi
the Killer looks amazing and
This film's not for
everyone. But more people will get
enjoyment from it than you'd
expect. On it's surface it's another
ultra-violent Yakuza film, but
pay attention because ultimately
it's something altogether more
wonderful if you have the
stomach for it. If you are really
interested in watching it upon
my recommendation, keep
your stomach empty, just to be
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Important or arta eduoaUon. pleaae contact
www AmonnaiisForTheArt org.
-fz tj T
rr r ;
ll mild bt i HtjtiiRi ftobltn
fit! foil kid Blip now! .
The picture of Travis Aber-
crombie provided on the press
release supporting his album Tied
kind of threw me for a loop. With
crossed arms and an indignant
glare, Abercrombie looks like
some sort of angry giant - like
a mongoloid version of Dallas
Mavericks owner Mark Cuban
- leading me to expect him to play
prog-metal or something heavy.
Instead, what I heard was the
same dime-a-dozen alt-rock that
I hear when I turn on any ter-
restrial rock station. Tied sounds
like one part Our Lady Peace, one
part Matchbox 20 with a double
shot of Better Than Ezra for good
measure. That's not to say it isn't
listenable though - Our Lady
Peace, Matchbox Twenty and
Better Than Ezra are (or were)
pretty successful for a reason,
right? In fact, taken for what it is,
Tied it's somewhat enjoyable.
Abercrombie was born in
raised South Carolina and has
been working the music racket
for eight years. While at Clemson,
he formed the band Seven Miles
which for an Indie college band
in South Carolina, was pretty
successful in its own right, selling
3,000 CDs in their brief history.
Star ol NBC's hit showER
The Humane Charity Seal
of Approval guarantees
that a health charity funds
vital patient services
or life-saving medical
research, but never
animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
Washington, D.C
www. HumaneSeal. org
202-686-2210. ext. 335
Encouraged by the success
of Seven Miles, Abercrombie
recorded a spiritual, debut solo
album in 2001 and decided to
pack his bags and move to Nash-
ville, hoping to have an edge as a
"rocker" in a "country" town. He
paid his dues working open mics
and small shows in Nashville and
slowly built a following.
That following led to his
second album, Spin, and slowly
things started to come together.
He rounded out a concrete line-
up of musicians to tour with and
started receiving some decent
radio airplay in college towns as
the album sold steadily after each
show. Now, after taking 2004 off
for "timing" issues, Abercrombie
is hoping to build more momen-
tum with Tied.
Tied is a pretty low-key, laid
back modern rock record with
a slightly bluesy feeling at times.
The musicianship of the band
- guitarists George Cocchini
and Audley Freed, bassist Chris
Donohue, drummer Steve Ebe
and percussionist Ron Bennett
- is solid but never flashy.
Although I suppose if they
were supposed to be the focal
point of the record, their names
would have made the cover of the
album. They're too good for back-
ing band status, though. Their
work on the songs "Haunt Me"
and "Morning Sun" is exceptional.
As for Abercrombie, I'm not
completely sold on the talent of
his vaunted on the accompany-
ing press release. His voice - aside
from being eerily similar to that
of 1990s alternative band Live's
singer Ed Kowalczyk - is bland.
However, he does the make the
most of it by singing each of his
lyrics with as much gut-wrench-
ing emotion as he can muster. I'll
gladly give him points for effort.
Speaking of his lyrics - which
were all written by him and the
occasional help from a guest
co-writer - are quite poignant
at times and are consistently
thoughtful and interesting.
Abercrombie chooses to write
about the typical rock star fare
- finding and losing love - but
he's more than capable of put-
ting a unique South Carolina
spin on it to keep things fresh.
All in all, it's not a terri-
ble record at all. There are a
handful of quality songs on the
album - most notably "Elevator
Song" and "God" - but most
of the time I'm too occupied
thinking of who he'i trying to
sound like than who he really is.
Basically, I wouldn't go out of
my way to listen to Tied, but if it
came on the radio one day, I prob-
ably wouldn't turn the station.
Grade: C
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DaStlbOard from page B1
the disappointment which I was
about to experience. I arrived
at Washington College, a small
school located on the Eastern
Shore of Maryland with just over
1,000 students, about an hour
and a half before doors were
scheduled to open for this show.
I parked my little Italian self in
line behind about thirty other
people anxiously awaiting the
performance. I managed to sneak
around to the back of the build-
ing (while leaving my significant
other in line) to see if I could
catch-a closer look at Carrabba,
since he's infamously known
for hanging out before and after
shows to spend time with his
fans. I caught a bit of their sound
check before I ventured back
out front because, quite frankly,
I was tired of standing around
hearing guitars being tuned and
I came to the conclusion that Mr.
Carrabba wasn't coming outside
anytime soon.
Doors opened, the show
started, and I had a prime posi-
tion front and center only about
ten feet from the stage. Dash-
board came on stage and they
started off strong with the upbeat,
fast paced "Am I Missing" off of
their latest release, and then they
broke into one of the many fan
favorites, "Sharp Hint of New
Tears From then on, I was slowly
becoming bored. They proceeded
to play about an hour and 45
minutes of their slowest songs,
except for four short songs with
some sort of excitement. Now
don't get me wrong, I'm a fan
of older DC songs just as much
as the newer electric music, but
when you're playing a small col-
lege show where the majority of
the people in attendance will
know you only by your singles,
you don't play mostly slow songs.
You want to impress, you want to
get people into the music, you
don't want them to yawn.
Granted Carrabba's voice
sounded excellent, but I felt as if
the show and the atmosphere was
lacking energy. Carrabba him-
self even mentioned something
halfway through the set about
how people weren't singing
along loud enough and weren't
energetic (when DC is known
for having fans sing along louder
than Carrabba can). He said he
would kick it up a notch, played
one faster song, then slowed it
down again. Aside from all of
this, it was a good performance.
They played a new song, ten-
tatively titled "Don't Wait" which
I was impressed with. Carrabba's
vocals were also pretty dead on
all night. Another high point
was when "A Plain Morning" was
brought out of "retirement I
hadn't seen this song performed
live before, and I was glad that
they brought it back out for a
night. The most energy was
seen during the encore when
the band played (shockingly)
their two biggest singles, "Vin-
dicated" from the Spidermtm 2
soundtrack and "Hands Down
I believe the show might have
been more energetic if they per-
haps traded one or two slower
songs for something along the
lines of "Bend and Not Break" or
"Hey Girl" just to pick it up a bit.
Events happened after the
show regarding concert security
which made the night an even
worse experience. To make a very
long story short, Carrabba said
that he would be around after the
show if anyone wanted to hang
out. About 10 minutes after this
was said, campus security liter-
ally removed all concert patrons
from not only the pavilion, but
from campus all together. Only
about twenty people decided
to stick around and we tried
walking around back to where
the band's vehicles were parked.
We were just standing around,
peacefully, sharing stories and
concert experiences with each
other, willing to wait until the
band came out, but apparently
that was too much for security
to handle. I was literally walked
to the car and the campus police
stood there watching until I left
campus, and all I was doing was
standing around waiting for an
autograph. A few people were
able to sneak around the cops, but
obviously I was not one of them.
Overall, not a horrible show,
but not one of the best I've seen.
Maybe I'm jaded, maybe I'm
greedy, who knows. I'm bitter,
probably because this was one
of my last opportunities to get
a quote or two from the band
to run in this article. I graduate
in a few months and won't have
the honor of writing for publica-
tion if my career track works out
as I've planned. I know that by
writing this review, I'm eliminat-
ing whatever chances 1 had at an
interview with any members of
the band, but I can't lie. I wasn't
about to write a review about how
stellar of a show this was, I don't
want to lie to you, our readers.
Will I shell out more money
the next time Dashboard Con-
fessional is within 500 miles?
Most definitely - like I said, I'm
obsessed. Will I ever attend
another event at that venue or
have such high hopes? No.
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Holiday Banquets and
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SPORTS 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
THURSDAY November 10, 2005
Rested Pirates to take on Tulsa
ECU must win out to be
bowl eligible this year
Lions battle in the African
Serengeti for territory. After
each combat, the domain
hungry felines rest to lick their
wounds. For days, the lions sleep,
exhausted from the bloodshed
exacted from their opponents.
A football field is hardly the
African plains, but an idle week
helped ECU's football players to
recoup. Nicks and knacks were
nursed by the training staff. The
sleep deprived players napped
often, free of commitments over
the weekend.
"This has been an open date
which has been great for us
because it is an opportunity to get
healthy physically and mentally,
and to have an attitude adjust-
ment in what turns into be a long
grind in a long season said first
year head coach Skip Holtz.
The Pirates immediately
exceeded expectations with
wins over Duke, SMU and Rice,
but have also frustrated fans with
close losses. The last two contests,
both games ECU could have
(and maybe should have) won,
has drained the fans' immediate
Throughout the season, Holtz
has stayed positive. Not John
Thompson positive, but enough
to soothe fans' knee-jerk reac-
tions. Holtz has praised the effort
of his team on the field, but has
been publicly frustrated with his
team's aptitude for committing
errors at inopportune times.
"I asked them to sit down and
evaluate if the season were to end
after eight games Holtz said at
his weekly press conference.
"Some of the words that have
been chosen were 'disappoint-
ing 'close 'inconsistent and
'missed opportunities It is a
season that almost was
Yet the season isn't complete.
ECU has a short sprint remain-
ing with three games left on
the schedule. But the last leg
will determine the attitude for a
season so far marred by what-ifs.
"When you are looking at it
you are three plays away from
being 6-2, and you are saying
'wow, we have been so close on
so many opportunities Holtz
"What we have talked about
as a team is turning because we
can still change where we are on
the season. We can still change
the outcome of this season.
Instead of being a season of
'almost or 'what would have
beens we have an opportunity
to make it that 'we got it done
For the first time in 2005,
ECU got it done on the ground
against UCF. Chris Johnson
was replaced by the two-headed
monster of Brandon Fractious
and Dominque Lindsay in the
backfield. Holtz plans to use all
three, but keep Johnson as the
"With the way the other two
guys have played, they warranted
that they need to touch the ball
a little more Holtz said.
"They're all going to play. I
think they've merited more play-
ing time
On the other side of the ball,
Tulsa's ball distribution isn't
a mystery. Tight end Garrett
Mills leads the nation in tight
see PIRATES page B6 The Pirates will be taking a sore but rested James Pinkney (middle) into Tulsa this Saturday.
Stephens treated as fourth starting linebacker
Backup linebacker has
battled through injuries
Deshaun Stephens has been a valuable backup for the Pirates.
Dashaun Stephens isn't an
attention grabber. He doesn't
crave the limelight. He has no
signature dances after tackles or
flashy chains draped around his
neck. He doesn't talk smack.
Blending is perfectly fine for
Stephens. An uncommon trait
seen in today's me-first society,
Stephens doesn't mind fitting
in. The senior is content walking
past reporters after practice while
his fellow teammates generate
sound bites.
But if not for one play last
year, Stephens might be garner-
ing more attention. As he had
been instructed, the linebacker
was heading for the ballcarrier
while bracing for impact. An
opposing lineman dove at his
knees to knock him off his feet,
n It was then that Stephens heard a
loud popping sound in his right
knee. Immediately, he knew his
junior season was over.
Stephens was another name
on the triage unit that wreaked
havoc on ECU's second consecu-
tive dormant season under John
Thompson. The linebacker joined
wideout Bobby Good and tight
ends Shawn Levesque and Sean
Harmon, all of whom suffered
knee injuries.
But Stephens's case was a little
different. Good, Levesque and
Harmon were surefire starters.
Stephens had only started two
games in his career. The former
coaching staff had demoted him
midseason in favor of true fresh-
man Durwin Lamb.
A determined Stephens trans-
ferred his pads for crutches. The
Tabor City, NC native was already
a grizzled veteran at rehabilita-
tion. During high school, Ste-
phens suffered an ankle injury
that severely debilitated his
senior season. But Stephens really
notched his expertise in the
training room when he partially
tore his MCL during his sopho-
more year.
Stephens agonized in rehab-
bing his fresh MCL and ACL tear.
While busy with rebuilding his
cartilage, Stephens was forced
to again watch younger players
climb the depth chart at his posi-
tion. Redshirt freshman Jarrett
Wiggins was listed as the starter
coming out of spring practice.
"They just said 'we'll give you
a chance said Stephens about
his new coaching staff.
"If you go out and perform
like we want you to and know
you can, we'll give you a chance.
That's what I did. I tried to bust
my tail in the weight room to get
my knee as strong as I could
When fall camp finally rolled
around, Stephens beat out Wig-
gins. But Stephens couldn't beat
out fellow senior Josh Chisolm
who regained his eligibility after
sitting out a year. Not starting
isn't a problem for Stephens.
"I love it Stephens said
about his backup role.
"Of course, I'd rather start,
but I'm still part of the team. I
can still go out there and make
a big play. I can still do my job
and help the team win. I'm not
a selfish person
"I trust Dashaun just as much
as I trust Cheese (Chisolm) or
Chris while he's in there said
fellow senior linebacker Richard
"We're just all like brothers
out there
Stephens has logged 23 total
tackles and a single tackle-for-
loss. He ranks among the top 10
on the team in solo tackles with
14. Stephens grabbed a fourth
quarter lame-duck by Wake
Forest quarterback Ben Mauk in
the second game of the season.
His pick is by the only player,
not in the secondary, to record
an interception.
Since Skip Holtz and the new
coaching staff arrived, he has
preached senior leadership. Play-
ers like Stephens have to carry the
torch for the younger guys.
"These four seniors are really
taking it upon themselves to get
this team in the right direction
said linebackers coach Rock
see DESHAUN page 86
TEC Top 10: Week seven kicks off crucial
conference matchups, playoff implications
Prechae Rodriguez takes it to the house against Kentucky last week.
SEC football with two
showcase matchups
The Indianapolis Colts
deserve the headlines this week
after finally overcoming their
nemesis with a 40-21 win over
New England on Monday night.
Quarterback Peyton Manning
turned out an impressive per-
formance against a defense that
previously has had his number.
More importantly, the Colts are
The college ranks in this
week's edition of TEC Top 10
features some key SEC matchups
as Alabama puts its unbeaten
record on the line against LSU.
That division, along with others,
are heating up in the race for
the BCS.
Last week's record: 6-4
Season record: 3S-25
No. 1 USC at California
Despite the critics of the
Trojans' defense, USC rumbles
on. Their latest victim was
Stanford in a 51-21 blowout
last week. Let's get a quick
update on USC's dominating
individual statistics. Matt Leinart
has thrown for 2,771 yards and
23 touchdowns. Reggie Bush has
rushed for 1,022 yards and 11
touchdowns, LenDale White has
913 yards and 14 scores. Receiv-
ers Dwayne Jarrett has racked up
964 yards and 14 touchdowns on
65 receptions. All of this in nine
games. Needless to say, struggling
Cal doesn't stand a chance. USC
wins 41-27.
No. 5 LSU at No. 4
Easily the game of the week
in the college ranks, Alabama's
unbeaten season will be tested
as the Tigers invade Tuscaloosa
on Saturday. Alabama has done
It with defense all season, allow-
ing a ridiculous 8.2 points per
contest. South Carolina was the
last team to score two touch-
downs against the Crimson Tide
and that came in mid Septem-
ber. LSU was just a second half
collapse away against Tennessee
from making this meeting a clash
of perfect teams, but the Tigers
still boast key wins over Florida
and Auburn. Alabama escapes
unscathed this time, 17-16.
No. 15 Auburn at No. 9
Another huge SEC battle fea-
tures the Bulldogs' hopes for a
conference title on the line with
Auburn still in the hunt as well.
Injured quarterback D.J. Shock-
ley will return for Georgia after
missing his team's loss to Florida
two weeks ago. He will need
to be at 100 percent to pre-
pare his offense for one of the
top defense's in the country as
Auburn is allowing just 12.7
points a game. The Bulldogs
are no slouch on defense either
� so expect an old-fashioned low
' scoring SEC affair with Georgia
winning 14-13.
No. 12 Florida at South'
Steve Spurrier will face his
former team for the first time
this weekend as a big underdog.
While Florida has continued their
impressive offensive fireworks
without Spurrier, the Gamecocks
are just getting comfortable with .
their new coach's scheme. It
may take a few years, but South
Carolina will eventually emerge
as a contender in the SEC. They
don't have enough firepower this
weekend so expect the Gators to
roll 30-14.
No. 25 Northwestern at
No. 10 Ohio State
Northwestern may have one

of the nation's most explosive
offenses, but unfortunately their
defense is horrendous. Ohio State
should have little trouble taking
care of business on Saturday.
Senior quarterback Brett Basanez
is one of most prolific passers
in NCAA history, but he will
struggle and I think the Wildcats
will put up their lowest point
total of the season, falling to the
Buckeyes 27-16.
Denver at Oakland
Denver has emerged as Indy's
main competition in the AFC and
has division rival Oakland next
up on their slate. The Broncos
have no superstars, but what
they do have is a team-oriented
squad proficient is every aspect
of the game. The Raiders had an
opportunity to jump back into
the playoff hunt but were devas-
tated by a last second touchdown
from the Chiefs last week. Denver
takes this one 28-17.
NY Jets at Carolina
Carolina is clicking on all
cylinders and the Jets will be the
unfortunate recipients of another
beating. The Panthers have one
of the best receivers in the NFL
in Steve Smith who seems to
notch career high performances
every other game. The Jets are
one of the worst offensive teams
in football and Brooks Bollinger
will get the nod at quarterback.
He will be on his back for most
of the afternoon in a 30-10 win
for Carolina.
Washington at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay just doesn't
seem as intimidating with an
ailing Cadillac Williams and a
rookie quarterback under center
and Carolina exposed some
weaknesses in their defense
last week in a 34-14 rout.
Don't expect the Redskins to
put up that many points, but
the combo of Washington's
revamped offense and usually
stout defense will be enough for
a victory. The Redskins remain in
the postseason hunt with a 23-
21 win.
St. Louis at Seattle
The Rams have responded in
a big way to coach Mike Martz's
departure from the team, beat-
ing Jacksonville two weeks ago
before the bye week last Sunday.
St. Louis is giving running back
Stephen Jackson more touches
to give the offense some much
needed balance and St. Louis will
also get back injured receivers
Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce against
the Seahawks. This matchup will
have some playoff implications
down the road and I'll take the
Rams because of their new found
dedication to the running game.
St. Louis wins 27-20.
Dallas at Philadelphia
Philly is reeling heading into
their NFC East rivalry game with
the Cowboys. Terrell Owens is
apologizing for his actions, but
coach Andy Reid isn't budging
on his decision to suspend the
standout receiver. He may want
to rethink that if Philly will have
any hope reaching the playoffs.
The Eagles are last in the division
with a 4-4 record and their game
against the Cowboys is almost a
must win situation. I think this
season belongs to another squad
in the division as the Eagles lose
again. I'll take Dallas 20-14.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.

Tougher road lies
ahead for Colts
The dynamic duo of Manning and Harrison are all smiles during their eventual win over New England.
KRT �With five of their final
eight games inside their cozy RCA
Dome, the 8-0 Indianapolis Colts
have their nemesis New England
Patriots in their rearview mirror
and another challenge staring
them in the face.
Can they stay undefeated?
"It's always going to be
something else Colts quarter-
back Peyton Manning said after
Monday night's resounding 40-
21 defeat of the two-time defend-
ing Super Bowl champions. "That
seems like such a long, long way
off. Our focus is to try to win the
AFC South
That continues Sunday with
the 1-7 Houston Texans in India-
napolis in a matchup that belies
the NFL belief in parity.
Their remaining three road
games at Cincinnati, Jacksonville
and Seattle are all against teams
with winning records. The Colts
also play Pittsburgh at home
along with Tennessee, San Diego
and Arizona.
Because they have beaten
only two teams with winning
records (Jacksonville and New
England) on the way to S-0, five
winning teams in the second half
should provide more competi-
tion. But if they get past Houston
on Sunday, Cincinnati on Nov.
20 and Pittsburgh the following
Monday night to get to 11-0, the
1972 Miami Dolphins will start
to get nervous again.
There have been 23 teams get
to 8-0 in NFL history. The Colts
are the first since the Kansas City
Chiefs two seasons ago. Only
the 1972 Dolphins got through
the regular season and playoffs
undefeated, 17-0. The Colts know
this is hardly a time to celebrate,
or even to begin a countdown.
"I told our guys in the locker
room, Pittsburgh beat these guys
(Patriots) last year in the regular
season and couldn't do it in the
playoffs Colts' coach Tony
Dungy said. "Week eight doesn't
guarantee anything
Dungy acknowledged he
warned his team about getting
ahead of itself.
"We talked about that a little
bit in the locker room tonight.
We're a good team and we're
good when we play our game
Dungy said. "We've been fortu-
nate we have some good veteran
leadership, and the guys practice
well and play hard. That's what
we have to continue to do.
"You don't win champion-
ships in September or October.
You don't win them in week
eight. You don't win them with
one game
Clearly, the Colts have estab-
lished themselves as the team to
beat, not only by their perfect
record but also by their near-per-
fect balance.
They rank No. 4 in offense
and No. 4 in defense. Only one
other team, Dallas, is ranked in
the top 10 on both sides of the
"It's nice to have that offense-
defense camaraderie Manning
said. "It's definitely the best
camaraderie we've had as far
as both sides pulling for one
another and feeding off each
other since I've been here
Manning is the league's No.
3-rajiked passer, No. 1 in the
fourth quarter.
Top receivers Marvin Harri-
son and Reggie Wayne each have
caught 46 passes, Wayne for 561
yards and Harrison for 516.
Running back Edgerrin James
is the league's second-leader
see COLTS page 86
The Law Office of Daniel Hines Entzminger
were known for
getting into trouble.
(Especially around Halloween.)
Alcohol offerees? Drug charges? Traffic violations?
Help is just a phone all away.
Daniel Hines Entzminger, Attorney at Law
113 West Third Street (Across from the Courthouse)
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Stadium, even we
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2005 Fall Concert. It will be an evening
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Wright Auditorium, Campus of East Carolina University
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Pirate Underground from 7-9pm on November I Oth
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pirates�� mm- cheerleader not involved in sexual conduct
ends with 62 receptions for 812
yards. Mills ranks second within
Conference, behind ECU wide
receiver Aundrae Allison in both
categories. For his career, the
senior is 30 yards shy of 2,000
receiving yards.
"They utilize him in a lot of
different ways Holtz said.
"He is our Aundrae. They
move him around, put him in
motion, play him out oi the back-
field, tight end and second tight
end. He is one of the things that
really make that offense go
"One thing that helps us with
Garrett being so productive is
that he not only will he get the
football, but because of his pro-
ductivity he will also earn a lot
of attention from the defensive
perspective said Tulsa head
coach Steve Kragthrope at his
weekly press conference.
"(That) will force the other
team to reconfigure their defense
to be able to cover Garrett, which
also opens up some other players
and allows them to catch some
more passes
Tulsa dropped in the West-
ern Division of C-USA last week
losing 41-38 to UTEP. The Miners
scored a field goal with six sec-
onds left to inch out the close
win. Tulsa led 38-31 with 8:12
left in the fourth quarter before
allowing UTEP to score twice
within the last four minutes.
Missing on the defensive
line for ECU will be Marcus
Hands. The sophomore pass
rusher underwent season-ending
shoulder surgery over the week-
end. Hands underwent the same
surgery on his other shoulder less
than a year ago.
Kragthrope, listed by many
as an up and coming head coach
recently signed a multi-year
contract to secure him at Tulsa.
Kragthrope is the sixth youngest
head coach in Division I-A. Holtz,
the 11th youngest coach is ust 13
months Kragthrope's elder.
But personal vendettas aside,
the Pirates are backed against
a wall. In order to savor their
season past the three remaining,
ECU must win. The opportunity
to become bowl eligible is still
"The seniors feellike we want to
accomplish something this year
said team leader Richard Koonce.
"We've got to eliminate mis-
takes and that's it. Plain and
simple, that's what has been
beating us all year. If we do that,
we'll win
This writer can be contacted at
sports&theeastcarolinian. com.
COllS from page B4
Against the Patriots, the Colts
ran 38 times and passed 37
Linebacker Cato June is
second in the league in intercep-
Pass rushers Robert Mathis
and Dwight Freeney are first and
eighth in sacks.
At plus-9, the Colts are third
in the league in turnover ratio.
With "only" 14 touchdown
passes, Manning is behind his
record pace of last year, when
he threw 26 by midseason on
his way to 49. But Manning says
he's just as happy grinding out
17-play touchdown drives like the
one that gave the Colts the lead
for good against New England.
"I think defenses are sur-
prised we're able to play that
game Manning said. "They
think, 'Boy, Peyton must be
getting frustrated I'm calling a
lot of runs myself. Tom Moore
(coordinator) has called a lot of
pass plays and I'm checking to
runs. The fantasy playeis don't
like to hear that
Both Colts running touch-
downs were pass plays Manning
changed, once waving three
substitutes off the field.
Watching from the sidelines
was younger brother Ell, the New
York Giants quarterback. Peyton
watched Eli's game last week
against Washington during the
Colts' off week.
"He had a Halloween party
and I dressed up as The King
Peyton Manning said. "One of
the more enjoyable nights I've
had. Nobody recognized me.
They recognized me, but they
recognized me as Elvis. I might
have to bring that back to India-
Too late. Neither the Colts
nor Manning can disguise them-
selves anymore and get lost in the
NFL crowd.
(�.hi can .ffforcJ il
You i never sep it
Tight Housing
�and War
� ailiaaaaaaiaeailllll � I �M 222-FAJ
LUJitl �3
"Each has their own different
way of doing it. You have to act
within your personality or people
see right through it
"Instead of being a person
that tears down the team, the
seniors) want to be a person that
is encouraging Stephens said.
"We've got to help the younger
boys know what to do to win.
We've got to try to get it going
Stephens knows he only
has three games remaining in
his career. Unless the Pirates
win out, ECU will be staying at
home during the Holidays for
the fourth consecutive season.
Stephens knows that becoming
bowl eligible will soon become
a tradition.
"I like our coaching staff
Stephens said.
"I love 'em. I wish they were
here when I first got here I just
want to be remembered as a guy
who didn't complain and did
what he had to do
This writer can be contacted at
(AP) � A Carolina Panthers
cheerleader charged with giving
police a false name during her
arrest at a bar has denied the
accounts of some witnesses that
she was having sex with another
cheerleader in a restroom stall.
Renee Thomas, 20, who is also
accused of hitting a bar patron, is
charged with giving a false name
and causing harm to another, a
third-degree felony punishable
by probation or a jail term of up
to five years. The second cheer-
leader, Angela Keathley, 26, is
charged with disorderly conduct
and resisting arrest.
The two members of the
Panthers TopCats were arrested
early Sunday at a bar In Tampa,
Fla hours before the Panthers
played division rival Tampa
Bay. Some witnesses told police
the two angered patrons wait-
ing in restroom line by having
sex in a stall. Another witness
discounted the sex story, telling
The Tampa Tribune that Thomas
was drunk.
In a written apology, Thomas'
attorney said his client wanted to
apologize "to everyone affected
by the incident
"This was an unfortunate inci-
dent which has generated numer-
ous rumors and inaccurate facts
attorney Peter Anderson wrote.
"Miss Thomas denies all allega-
tions of any sexual conduct
The statement did not spe-
cifically address the criminal
charges, but said Thomas is
cooperating with authorities in
Florida. Anderson declined to
make any additional comment
when reached by telephone
Wednesday. Repeated attempts
to reach the women have been
Thomas was released before
police learned she had given
them a driver's license belonging
to another Panthers cheerleader,
who was not in Tampa. Detec-
tives are trying to determine how
Thomas got the license.
Tampa police spokeswoman
Laura McElroy said Tuesday the
allegations of sexual conduct
"have nothing to do with the
charges McElroy said.
"The charge is that she
(Thomas) punched someone in
the face and then she chose to
give police a fake ID she said.
The cheerleaders were not
in town to perform at the game,
and the team said both were
fired from the TopCats squad
for violating a signed code that
bans conduct embarrassing to
the Panthers.
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messages sent from your phone, even If not daMred to toinnMmaWtota!Slmoiconi&m)lnm.tortKietsni

The East Carolinian, November 10, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
November 10, 2005
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