The East Carolinian, November 9, 2005

Volume 81 Number 26 Wl ESDAY November 9,2005
ECU hosts Fall Open House starting
Saturday morning at various locations
The Fall Open House will take place on Saturday at various locations around campus.
Pi Kappa Alpha does walk
for Ronald McDonald House
Prospective students
may choose from a
variety of events
Kathy Bernstein, planner and
assistant director of admissions
at ECU, said 2,000 people have
already signed up for Fall Open
House, which begins Saturday,
Nov. 12.
Open House is for all students
who are still deciding whether
they will apply to ECU.
"It's important we make ECU
look nice and we want to show
them everything our university
has offer said Bernstein.
Open House lasts from 9 a.m.
- 2 p.m. and during that time stu-
dents can choose from a number
of events offered.
Beginning at 9 a.m the
�q opening session will include
o a welcome from Don Joyner,
assistant vice chancellor for
academic services along
with the Mayor Don Parrot
and Thomas Powell, director
of admissions.
From 9:30 a.m. to noon, the
Academic Fair in Bate building
will begin. Professors from every
department at ECU will be avail-
able on the first floor to speak
with students and answer ques-
tions they may have.
On the second floor, Stu-
dent Life will have information
tables set up. Representatives
will be available to speak with
students about Campus Safety,
Campus Living, Greek Life, Stu-
dent Transit and Health Services
among many other student-life
related topics.
Two 30-minute "special
sessions" will be held beginning
at 9:45 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
in the Science and Technology
"The first session will cover
the admissions process, in case
someone hasn't applied and
the other will cover the multi-
cultural student panel where
students can see what type of
diversity ECU has on Campus
Bernstein said.
The sessions will also
include information on general
requirements for degrees and the
Honors Program.
Lasting from 9:45 a.m. to
noon, Student Ambassadors and
the Alumni Association will pro-
vide walking tours and bus tours
for students and parents.
Six buses will serve as shut-
tles in the morning getting
people from the stadium park-
ing lot at Minges over to Central
Campus where Open House
takes place. Around 9:30 in the
morning, the buses will switch
over to tours where they will
show people around in main
campus including the dorms in
that area.
During lunch break between
11 a.m. and noon, students can
go to the Financial Aid work-
shop which will be open from
11 a.m. to noon. They can also
use their $5 meal card to eat at
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Vascular surgeons take
steps in treating condition
First-of-its-kind device proves successful
in treating certain kinds ofaneurysms
The members of ECU'S PI Kappa Alpha walked to Wilmington this past weekend to raise
money for the Ronald McDonald house of Greenville. On Friday morning, Pi Kappa Alpha
presented a check to Phyllis Flye, on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House, for the amount
of $15,750. This Is their fourth Annual Walk to Wilmington bringing their total to a little more
than $50,000 In the past four years.
After the ceremony In Wright Plaza, members of the fraternity walked down Fifth street
together with the help of Greenville Police. After that, groups took turns walking all 120 miles
down to Wilmington where they had another ceremony Saturday afternoon around 3 p.m.
in Wilmington with all the brothers to end the walk.
Biologist receives NSF grant
As of March, when the Food and Drug Adminis-
tration approved it, a new, minimally invasive device
has been used to treat thoracic aortic aneurysms and
other related thoracic aortic conditions.
At the Brody School of Medicine, the device has
been used twice in the last six weeks. According to
Dr. Steven Powell, chief of vascular surgery at the
Brody School of Medicine, doctors may soon treat
30 or more patients a year using the device.
Thoracic aortic aneurysms are abnormal bulges
in the thoracic aorta, which is the main artery that
carries blood to the body. Aneurysms can rupture
if left untreated, causing internal bleeding that is
potentially fatal.
The technique, performed under general
anesthesia, involves making a four-inch incision in
the groin, where the femoral artery can be accessed.
From there, surgeons can thread a reinforced tube
containing a graft up the artery to the thoracic
aorta, which is near the heart. The graft is then
positioned using X-ray guidance, where it can be
deployed inside the aneurysm. The purpose of this
is to "reinforce the weakened aortic wall and relieve
the pressure that could cause a rupture
It is far more preferable than the other ways
thoracic aortic aneurysms have been treated in the
past. Traditionally, doctors have had to resort to
open-chest surgery. Unfortunately, all people do not
qualify for that. Even if a patient does qualify, the
complication rate is "in the 30-40 percent range
said Dr. Michael Stoner, assistant professor of sur-
gery at the Brody School of Medicine.
That compares to only "a 5-10 percent com-
plication rate" with the new technique. Another
benefit is the time it takes after the procedure to
heal. With open-chest surgery, recovery time is
twice as long as it is with the new technique. If all
goes well with open-chest surgery, a patient may
stay 10 -14 days in the hospital versus one day with
the new procedure. Basically, there is a "dramatic
decrease" in complications with the new procedure,
Stoner said.
What did patients with this condition do if they
were not good candidates for open-chest surgery?
Mostly, they were treated with medications and a
"wait-and-see" approach.
"One of the only drawbacks we know of is that
this Is the first go-around for this device's use for
thoracic aortic problems Stoner said.
"It's newer. We don't know how durable it is and
whether, 10 years from now, the patients are going
to have proftlems or not
For most patients, though, this new procedure
will be the way to go.
"The problems that may exist now may be fixed
10 years from now because the companies produc-
ing them will continue to improve these devices
Stoner said.
In addition to this new, cutting-edge procedure,
ECU doctors are working to establish a center for
"the treatment of patients with complex aortic
problems under the auspices of the Eastern Carolina
Cardiovascular Institute Stoner said.
"It's in the planning stages
"The cardiovascular center will break ground
in January, and the aortic part of the treatment
center will be a part of that
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Studies protein involved
in photosynthesis
Cindy Putnam-Evans, profes-
sor of biology, received a three-
year grant from the National
Science Foundation, totaling
nearly $280,000, to further study
the role of protein CP43 during
Putnam-Evans said she
applied for the grant in Janu-
ary and received the funding
in August. This is her fourth
research based grant from the
Putnam-Evans will study how
CP43 reacts and splits water mol-
ecules during photosynthesis. By
replacing an amlno acid found in
CP43 with a different amino acid
and then inserting the protein
into blue-green algae, she would
be able to see what affects the
changed protein has on photo-
"We've shown that this pro-
tein is intimately involved in the
water splitting reaction then
this Is still one of the important
and unsolved questions about
the water splitting reaction said
"And that is exactly how it
occurs. The exact catalytic mech-
anism is unknown at this point,
but we're getting closer
According to Putnam-Evans,
CP43 plays a critical role in the
processes of oxygen evolution
and light harvesting.
"That's important because
oxygen evolution by Photosystem
II is virtually the only source of
oxygen on the planet and almost
all forms of life depend upon
that oxygen source for survival
Putnam-Evans said.
According to Putnam-Evans,
understanding CP43 could have a
profound impact on agriculture.
"When you're talking about
agriculture you're talking about
crop production, right? Crop
yield you're increasing your
yield if you can increase the effi-
ciency, right, of photosynthesis,
which is already a very efficient
process Putnam-Evans said.
According to Putnam-Evans,
studying photosynthesis has
helped agriculture in terms of
crop improvement and the devel-
opment of new herbicides.
The grant, which is a renewal
grant, provides funds for two
graduates and two undergradu-
ates to assist Putnam-Evans with
her research.
Putnam-Evans, who came
to ECU in 1993 from Louisiana
State University where she was
doing post-doctoral work, has
researched CP43 for the past 12
years, and said she has had NSF
funding for that research since
Putnam-Evans earned her
undergraduate degree at Gardner
Webb University and went on to
earn a master's degree at Clem-
son and a doctoral degree at the
University of Georgia.
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France has a history of rioting and civic unrest. Reports show rioting in 226 towns in France.
France declares state of emergency
to impose curfews against rioting
PARIS (AP) � President
Jacques Chirac declared a state
of emergency Tuesday, paving the
way for curfews to be imposed
on riot-hit cities and towns in
an extraordinary measure to
halt France's worst civil unrest
in decades after 12 nights of
Police, meanwhile, said
overnight unrest Monday-Tues-
day, while still widespread and
destructive, was not as violent as
previous nights.
"The intensity of this violence
is on the way down National
Police Chief Michel Gaudin said,
citing fewer attacks on public
buildings and fewer direct clashes
between youths and police. He
said rioting was reported in 226
towns across France, compared to
nearly 300 the night before
The state-of-emergency
decree invoked under'a SO-year-
old law allows curfews where
needed and will become effective
at midnight Tuesday, with an
initial 12-day limit. Police mas-
sively reinforced as the violence
has fanned out from its initial
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CHRIS MUNIER News Editor ZACK HILL Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY November 9, 2005
The ECU Folk and Country
Dancers will sponsor a disco
dance and a contra dance from
8-11 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12 at the
Willis Building located downtown
on First and Reade Streets. DJs
will be on hand to provide music.
Beginner lessons will begin at
7:30. There is a potluck supper
at 6 p.m. for the contra dance.
Tickets for each event are $3 for
students, $5 for FASG members,
and $8 for the public. This is an
alcohol and smoke free event For
more information call 752-7350.
Charity Fashion Show
The Apparel and Interiors
Merchandising Organization
will present "Ripped, Torn and
Fabulous a charity fashion event,
at 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11 at Club
Aqua. Tickets can be purchased
in advance at Wright Place or for
$5 at the door. All proceeds will
benefit Give2theTroops.
Asian Studies Lecture
The 2005-2006 ECU Lecture
in Asian Studies "Zen Hermits
and Zen Samurai" has been
rescheduled for Wednesday, Nov.
9 from 4-5:30 p.m. In Science and
Technology Building OC-307 The
lecture is sponsored by the Harriot
College of Arts and Sciences,
the Interdisciplinary Program
in Asian Studies, the History
Department, Phi Kappa Phi, the
Honor's Program and the Office
of International Affairs and will
feature Steven Heine, Professor
of Religion at Florida International
Gospel Choir
The ECU gospel choir will perform
at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15 In
Wright Auditorium. Tickets are
$3 with a student ID and $5 for
general admission. For more
information, call Tarrrick Cox at
Jhe Importance of
Being tamest
Oscar Wilde's play The Importance
ol Being Earnest will begin
performances on Thursday, Nov.
17 and will run through Tuesday,
Nov. 22. Performances will be
held in McGinnis Theatre. Tickets
are $12 for the general public,
$10 for senior citizens and ECU
faculty and staff, and $8 for ECU
students. For more information,
call 318-6829 or 1-800-ECU-
Chamber Choir
The ECU Chamber Singers will
perform Durufle's Requiem at
7:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 13 at St
Paul's Episcopal Church. The
event Is free to the public. For
more information, visit music.
ecu.edumuslc calendar or
call 328-4270.
Professor Honored
Dozens of people will read from
multicultural works in honor of
the life and career of ECU English
professor Gay Wilentz from 4-6
p.m. Monday, Nov. 14 in C209 of
the Science and Technology
Building. For more information,
contact Michael Bassman at
Brewster Lecture
The ECU Brewster Lecture "A Tale
of Three Cities: How the U.S. won
WWII" will be presented at 8 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 16 in Science
and Technology Building room
OC-307. ECU'S history department
and the Harriot College of Arts and
Sciences will host the 24th annual
Lawrence F. Brewster Lecture
In History. David Kennedy, the
Donald J. McLachlan Professor
of History at Stanford University,
will offer the guest lecture.
Fall Open House
ECU will host its annual fall open
house Saturday, Nov. 12. The
event is an opportunity for those
interested In attending ECU to
learn more about the university.
Campus tours are provided along
with an Academic and Student
Life Fair. Call 328-6640 or 328-
4965 for more information.
Japan League
Meetings are on Thursdays from
5 - 9 p.m. In Bate 1010. Japan
League is a Japanese film club
that shows movies of all kinds
as well as television shows and
animation. They can be visited
online at
UNC-Wllmlngton sends notices
about news segment about
WILMINGTON, NC (AP) - Officials
at the University of North Carolina-
Wilmington have sent letters and
e-mails to students, parents, faculty,
staff and alumni about a nationally
televised news segment about the
murders of two students last year.
University spokeswoman Mimi
Cunningham said the university
did not want the community to
be surprised by the show. School
officials also wanted to make sure
the community knew about the
new programs and safety measure,
Cunningham said.
"We have cooperated with the
producer in providing information,
but, of course, we have no control
over how the information will be
presented Chancellor Rosemary
DePaolo wrote in the letter. "I am
writing to make you aware of how
UNCW has responded to these
untimely deaths and to help you
respond should the program raise
questions for your friends or family
Christen Marie Naujoks, 22, and
Jessica Lee Faulkner, 19, were both
killed in 2004.
Faulkner was killed in her dorm May
5. Fellow student Curtis Dixon was
charged with kidnapping, raping and
murdering her. He committed suicide
in December while In custody.
Naujoks was shot to death June 4,
allegedly by former boyfriend, John
Brian Peck. Peck, a former UNCW
student killed himself three days later
as he fled from police.
The news segment on the murders
is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. Nov. 17
on ABC News Primetime. The date is
subject to change.
Letters went to the families of 11,600
students, Cunningham said. E-mail
messages were sent to all students
and to more than 13,000 people on
an alumni list, 1,900 university and
faculty staff, and 300 members of
the university's leadership boards,
she said.
Five terror suspects charged as
Supreme Court sets up spring
showdown over military trials
WASHINGTON (AP) - Five suspected
al-Qalda terrorists, Including one
accused of killing a US. Special Forces
medic, are the latest Guantanamo
Bay detainees headed for the kind of
military trials that now face a Supreme
Court review. ,
The high court agreed Monday to
consider a constitutional challenge
to military trials for foreign terror
suspects. The justices will decide
whether President Bush overstepped
his authority with plans for a military
trial for Osama bin Laden's former
driver, who is also being held at
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
His trial and those of three other terror
suspects who were charged more
than a year ago would be the first
such tribunals since World War II. The
five newly charged suspects, who
have been held in the U.S. detention
center in Cuba since 2002, will also
have a stake in the Supreme Court
Meanwhile, key members of Congress
are pushing for a ban on torture
and other inhumane treatment of
prisoners in U.S. custody. The White
House has threatened to veto the
defense-spending bill If the ban Is
"America's image throughout the
world Is very bad said Sen. John
McCain, R-Ariz a former prisoner
of war in Vietnam. "Mistreatment of
prisoners is one of the factors that
has caused us to suffer so much in
the eyes of the world Besides being
cruel and inhumane, McCain said
Tuesday on CBS' The Early Show
"torture doesn't work
The five suspects charged Monday
embody the military's most daunting
challenge: the use of homemade
roadside bombs or improvised
Saturday from page
the dining halls.
"We encourage people to eat
at Todd or West End dinning
halls or try the other food on
campus Bernstein said.
From noon to 1:30 p.m ECU
will also provide a tour of all 14
resident halls on campus.
In the spring, ECU will host
an Open House for accepted
students who are will be making
their decision whether or not to
attend ECU.
Bernstein gives a big thanks
to the Army ROTC and the Air
Force ROTC who will work with
Parking and Transportation to
help facilitate parking. They will
have 10 cadets in the morning to
help with parking at Minges and
around campus.
"They are a really big help to
us Bernstein said.
This writer may be contacted at
All eyes on GOP to see how
Bush woes affect outcome of
gubernatorial, mayoral races
(AP) � U.S. Sen. Jon Corzine
acknowledged a little nervous-
ness as he voted Tuesday in his
race for governor of New Jersey,
one of several contests being
closely monitored for evidence
of how the GOP's recent struggles
are influencing voters.
Tuesday's voting in New
Jersey concluded a campaign that
featured more personal attacks
than actual talk about the issues.
The races there and in Virginia
together the biggest contests
in this off-year election season
broke spending records in both
states, got progressively nasty and
yet remained close.
Corzine, facing Republican
businessman Doug Forrester,
voted shortly after the polls
opened at a fire station in Hobo-
ken. Coming out of the voting
booth, he told reporters he was
"a little nervous, a little worried
but confident
A few hours later, Forrester
voted at a senior center, giving a
thumbs-up and expressing only
optimism about his chances.
In Virginia, Democratic
gubernatorial candidate Tim
Kalne chatted with neighbors
in his Richmond neighborhood
before going to the polls with his
wife, Anne Holton.
Kaine's Republican chal-
lenger, Jerry Kilgore, got a boost
Monday from President Bush,
who made a last-minute dash into
Virginia to urge die-hard conser-
vatives to help turn out voters for
the former attorney general.
"The thing 1 like about this
fellow is he grew up on a farm
Bush said in a brief stop on his
return from a South American
trade mission. "He doesn't have
a lot of fancy airs
At a campaign event ior Kaine,
Democratic Gov. Mark R. Warner
welcomed the arrival of Bush,
who even in reliably Republican
Virginia suffers job-approval rat-
ings of around 40 percent.
"If they want to compare how
things are going in Washington
versus how things are going in
Virginia, I'll take that comparison
every day of the week Warner said.
In other contests Tuesday,
the cities of New York, Detroit,
Houston, Boston, San Diego
and Atlanta had mayoral races.
Seven states considered ballot
issues, including four proposals
backed by California Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger that were trail-
ing in the polls.
Schwarzenegger's initiatives
would cap state spending and
give him more power to cut
budgets, rein in public employee
unions, and take away legislators'
power to redistrict.
"I'm never going to give up
because I have the people power
Schwarzenegger told supporters at
a retirement community in subur-
ban Sacramento. But in a widely
played radio ad, Schwarzenegger
nemesis Warren Beatty tells voters:
"Don't give him more power
In New York City, Republican
Mayor Michael Bloomberg held
onto a clear lead against Demo-
cratic underdog Fernando Ferrer,
who campaigned with the Rev. Al
Sharpton and Sen. Barack Obama
of Illinois.
Ferrer, the former Bronx bor-
ough president, had spent only
about an eighth of the more than
$66 million that the billionaire
mayor has tunneled toward win-
ning a second term.
In Boston, Mayor Thomas M.
Menino hopes to set a record for
the longest serving mayor in city
history, while challenger Maura
Hennigan wants to become Bos-
ton's first elected female mayor.
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kil-
patrick was seeking another
term while fending off allega-
tions of misspending. Kilpatrick
blames the fiscal problems on
his predecessor, Dennis Archer,
for whom challenger Freman
Hendrix worked.
Allegations of ballot impropri-
eties also have surfaced. A judge
ordered Detroit election officials to
oversee absentee voting after find-
ing problems with the way the city
clerk organized the effort.
Texas voters were asked to
decide whether a state constitu-
tional ban should be placed on
same-sex marriage. And in Maine,
a referendum seeks to repeal the
state's anti-discrimination law.
explosive devices that are the No. 1
killer of troops In Iraq.
Toronto-born Omar Khadr was
charged with murder, attempted
murder, aiding the enemy and
conspiracy, for allegedly tossing a
grenade that killed a U.S. Special
Forces medic while fighting with the
Taliban in Afghanistan, planting mines
to target US. convoys, and gathering
The other four Ghassan Abdullah
al Sharbi and Jabran Said bin al
Qahtani of Saudi Arabia; Sufylan
Barhouml of Algeria; and Blnyam
Ahmed Muhammad of Ethiopia were
charged with conspiracy.
Barhouml allegedly was an al-Qalda
explosives trainer who taught al
Qahtani and al Sharbi how to build
remote-detonation explosive devices.
And al Qahtani allegedly wrote
two Instruction manuals on how to
build timing devices for roadside
bombs. Muhammad was allegedly
trained to build dirty bombs and
was planning terror attacks against
high-rise apartment buildings in the
United States.
Their prospects for a full trial are
now In the hands of the Supreme
Court a troubling development for
the White House, which has been
battered by criticism of its treatment
of detainees and was rebuked by the
high court last year for holding enemy
combatants in legal limbo.
The court's announcement came
shortly after Bush, asked about
reports of secret U.S. prisons In
Eastern Europe for terrorism suspects,
declared anew that his administration
does not torture anyone.
"Anything we do to that end in this
effort, any activity we conduct, Is
within the law. We do not torture
he said.
Chief Justice John Roberts took
himself out of the case because, as
a judge on the court that considered
the appeal, he supported the
government's position.
The case the court will decide Involves
Salim Ahmed Hamdan, who was
captured in Afghanistan in November
2001. He denies conspiring to engage
in acts of terrorism and denies he was
a member of al-Qaida. He has been
charged with conspiracy to commit
war crimes, murder and terrorism.
There are about 500 detainees being
held at Guantanamo.
Defense attorney In Saddam
Hussein's trial killed and another
lawyer wounded In drive-by
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Three gunmen
in a speeding car killed a lawyer for
a co-defendant in Saddam Hussein's
trial and wounded another attorney
Tuesday in Baghdad, a member of the
defense team and police said.
Adel al-Zubeldl, who was representing
former Iraqi Vice President Taha
Yassln Ramadan, was shot to death
and attorney Thamir al-Khuzale was
wounded in the ambush In the Adil
neighborhood, according to lawyer
Khamees Hamld al-Ubaidi.
Al-Zubeldl was the second defense
attorney to be killed In less than a
Saddam's main lawyer, Khalll al-
Dulalml, blamed the government for
Tuesday's attack, telling Al-Jazeera
television that the shooting was
carried by "an armed group using
government vehicles
He called for moving Saddam and his
colleagues into a neutral country. Al-
Dulaiml said defense lawyers do not
recognize the trial's next date, which
comes on Nov. 28.
A police general said the attack
occurred when three gunmen In a
speeding car pulled alongside the
lawyers' vehicle and opened fire.
The general spoke on condition of
anonymity because the sensitive
case was In the early stages of
Al-Zubeldl also represented Abdullah
Kazim Ruwayyid, a former Baath
party official.
Saddam and seven others have
been charged with the 1982 killings
of Shilte villagers in Dujall, a town
north of Baghdad, following an
assassination attempt. The trial
opened Oct. 19 and was suspended
until Nov. 28 to allow the defense time
to prepare its case.
On Oct. 20, Saadoun al-Janabl,
was abducted from his office by
10 masked gunmen, a day after he
attended the first session of the trial,
acting as the lawyer for co-defendant
Awad al-Bandar.
Al-Janabl's body, with two bullet shots
to the head, was found hours later on
a sidewalk near Fardous Mosque in
the eastern neighborhood of Ur in
Baghdad, near the site of his office.
The assassination of a second lawyer
associated with the trial was likely to
raise new questions about whether
this country can conduct such a
sensitive prosecution in the midst of
insurgency and domestic turmoil.
Following al-Janabi's death, members
of the defense team said they had
suspended further dealings with
the special court until their safety Is
guaranteed. Al-Ubaidi said that the
entire defense team had rejected
an offer of guards from the Interior
Ministry, pointing to frequent Sunni
Arab accusations that ministry
forces or Shilte militias linked to the
government have killed members of
the minority that was dominant under
He said then that they were talking
with U.S. officials about getting
protection from American troops. But
a later defense team statement said
that It would seek United Nations
protection for the Iraqi lawyers
because they do not trust either the
U.S. military or the Iraqi government
to ensure their safety.
Saddam's defense team, which
includes some 1,500 lawyers who
act as advisers, is led by Khalid al-
Dulaimi and Abdel Haq Aiani, an Iraqi-
bom lawyer based in Britain. Aiani is
the top legal consultant to Saddam's
daughter, Raghad, and believed to be
backbone of defense team.
FranCB from page A1
flash point in the northeastern
suburbs of Paris were expected
to enforce the curfews. The army
has not been called in.
Nationwide, vandals burned
1,173 cars, compared to 1,408 vehi-
cles Sunday-Monday, police said. A
total of 330 people were arrested,
down from 395 the night before
Local officials "will be able
to Impose curfews on the areas
where this decision applies
Chirac said at a Cabinet meeting.
"It is necessary to accelerate the
return to calm
The recourse to a 19S5.state-
of-emergency law that dates back
to France's war in Algeria was
a measure both of the gravity
of mayhem that has spread to
hundreds of French towns and
cities and of the determination
of Chirac's sorely tested govern-
ment to quash it.
Prime Minister Dominique
de Villepin said curfew viola-
tors could be sentenced to up to
two months imprisonment,
adding that restoring order "will
take time
"We are facing determined
individuals, structured gangs
Villepin told parliament on Tues-
day. He vowed that France will
"guarantee public order to all of
our citizens
Nationwide, vandals over-
night burned 1,173 cars, com-
pared to 1,408 vehicles Sunday
to Monday, police said. A total of
330 people were arrested, down
from 395 the night before.
The violence erupted on Oct.
27 as a localized riot in a north-
east Paris suburb angry over the
accidental deaths of two teenag-
ers, of Mauritanian and Tunisian
descent, who were electrocuted
while hiding from police in a
power substation.
It has grown into a nationwide
insurrection by disillusioned sub-
urban youths, many French-born
children of immigrants from
Kiwi Lli L'l IIB � JJ
19B� J
Minister of Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy, addresses the riot problem.
France's former territories like
Algeria. France's suburbs have
long been neglected and their
youth complain of a lack of jobs
and widespread discrimination,
some of it racial.
The violence claimed its first
victim Monday, with the death
of a 61-year-old man beaten
into a coma last week. Foreign
governments have warned tour-
ists to be careful in France.
Apparent copycat attacks have
spread to Belgium and Germany,
where cars were burned. France is
using fast-track trials to punish
rioters, worrying some human
rights campaigners.
The resort to curfews drew
immediate criticism from Chi-
rac's political opponents. Former
Socialist Prime Minister Laurent
Fabius said the emergency mea-
sures must be "controlled very,
very closely
Communist Party leader
Marie-George Buffet said the
decree could inflame rioters. "It
could be taken anew as a sort
of challenge to carry out more
violence she said.
Rioters in the southern city
of Toulouse ordered passengers
off a bus, then set it on fire
and pelted police with gaso-
line bombs and rocks. Youths
also torched another bus in the
northeastern Paris suburb of
Stains, national police spokes-
man Patrick Hamon said.
Outside Paris in Sevran, a
junior high school was set ablaze,
while in the suburb of Vltry-
sur-Seine youths threw gasoline
bombs at a hospital, Hamon said.
Nobody was injured.
Rioters also attacked a police
station with gasoline bombs in
Chenove, in Burgundy's Cote
D'Or, Hamon said. A nursery
school in Lille-Fives, in northern
France, was set on fire, regional
officials said.
In terms of material destruc-
tion, the unrest is France's worst
since World War II. Never has
rioting struck so many French
cities simultaneously, said secu-
rity expert Sebastian Roche, a
director of research at the state-
funded National Center for Sci-
entific Research.
North Korea promises 'sincere efforts' in new
round of nuclear talks, fifth conference since '03
BEIJING (AP) � North Korea's
envoy promised to make "sincere
efforts" as diplomats prepared to
resume six-nation talks Wednes-
day aimed at stripping Pyongyang
of its nuclear weapons program,
although analysts warned against
expecting a breakthrough.
China says the talks in Beijing,
the fifth since 2003, will last three
days before a recess to let the
diplomats attend an Asia-Pacific
economic forum in South Korea.
Participants in the nuclear talks
are the two Koreas, China, the
United States, Japan and Russia.
Both the United States and
North Korea, meanwhile, kept up
their tough talk Tuesday.
Pyongyang condemned Presi-
dent Bush for calling Its leader
a "tyrant" on Sunday, saying it
raised doubts about the pros-
pect of the talks, while the new
U.S. ambassador to South Korea
accused the communist country
of human rights abuses.
The last round of talks ended
in September with North Korea
promising to disarm in exchange
for aid and a security guarantee.
But negotiators haven't taken up
the most difficult Issues: how
the North will disarm, and how
to verify it.
North Korea has raised doubts
about its intentions by demand-
ing it be given a civilian nuclear
reactor before it disarms a demand
the United States has rejected.
Pyongyang appears to be
dragging its feet, said Peter Beck,
the Seoul-based director of the
North East Asia Project for the
International Crisis Group, an
independent think tank.
"I don't think they're serious
about progress yet he said. In
the meantime, he said, "Wash-
ington has no choice but to go
along with this charade
Even host China tried to
moderate expectations, saying
this week's meeting could be
considered a success even if it
produces no written agreement.
"I do not think that progress
of the talks needs to be measured
by the signing of a document
Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu
Jianchao said Tuesday.
A joint statement at the end
of September's talks sidestepped
the North's demand for a nuclear
reactor, saying it would be dis-
cussed "at an appropriate time
Tony Zo
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LLo hi
Page A3 252.328.9238
November 9,2005
My Random Column
Why, oh why, do we
do these things?
I never thought I would laugh AT people so
much in my life, and then I came to college.
Where else in the world do two people stand
in a turning lane to catch up with each other?
Two people stand, oblivious to the cars
speeding by, just chatting away. It made me
laugh when I drove by as the other cars are
avoiding them and they stood there. Where
else can you get away with that?
People without Scantrons on test days in
upper level classes I mean really people
- you have made it two, three or four years
at this establishment with the same kind of
classes and the same kind of tests. For years jPod iNsanity
now you have done the routine and you walk
in on test day and are completely baffled
when you have a test.
Pirate Rant
Opinion Columnist
15,000 songs! Are we that crazy for music?
Internet sites like Facebook or MySpace
waste hours and hours and days and days
of our lives. Who would have thought a little
idea like that would turn into such a time
consuming pastime? I don't have enough
time to waste on those sites, but I do anyway.
It doesn't make sense to me.
I received a Pirate Rant about coming to col-
lege because of "underwear parties" and my
problem with that is, if you came to college
to waste four years of your life on partying,
you could have just skipped the school part.
Living at home with your parents saves on
rent and keeps a roof over your head. I am
here to learn, why are you here?
The last thing that.makes me laugh is when
people have a fake ID and they get caught and
turned down for buying a drink or getting into a
club. I am not yet 21 and I know I am not I am
used to the fact that I can't drink in a club or restau-
rant soon enough it will be OK But using a fake
ID and then getting upset when you can't use it
please, you arent old enough already, dont make
it seem like you are a toddler whose mommy told
them they couldnt play with a toy.
Until next week � Jennifer Hobbs
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Chris Munler Zack Hill
News Editor Asst. News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Nina Coefleld
Head Copy Editor
Herb Sneed
Photo Editor
Alexander Marciniak
Web Editor
Kristin Murnane
Asst. Features Editor
Brandon Hughes
Asst. Sports Editor
April Barnes
Asst. Copy Editor
Rachael Loner
Asst Photo Editor
Dustln Jones
Asst Web Editor
Edward McKIm
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number. Letters may be sent via
e-mail to or to 777� East
Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One
copy of TEC Is free, each additional copy Is $1.
I did a story for my Basic
Reporting class recently on the
Macintosh iPod, the popular mp3
player and data storage device.
While doing my research I came
up with some surprising figures
when It came to the iPod's well
known storage capacity.
According to the Apple Com-
puter, Inc. Web site, with a hard
drive of 60 gigabytes the iPod can
potentially hold 15,000 songs,
25,000 photos, or 150 hours of
video. Now the 60 GB iPod is
the largest model that Apple
makes, with smaller models
available. While 1 don't own an
iPod or plan to anytime soon,
the sheer size of this thing got
me thinking. Exactly how much
space or information is this thing
capable of holding? So I did some
number crunching to try and
grasp this in some kind of visual
concept. Forgive me if these fig-
ures aren't exact to the very last
decimal. I'm an English major
darn it, not a math major.
If the average CD holds 12
songs, then one 60 GB iPod can hold
1,250 CDs worth of songs, which in
their cases would stand nearly 42
feet in height. That's taller than six
Shaquille O'Neals standing on each
others' shoulders.
If each song stored on a
60 GB iPod was three minutes
long, that would equal 45,000
minutes, nearly 750 hours, or
31.25 days, which is a little bit
more than an actual month's
worth of music. If you listened
to music for eight hours a day, it
would take you nearly 94 days or
almost three months to listen to
all that music.
Now in terms of the iPod's
video capabilities, 150 hours
of video is equal to 6.25 days.
Watching all of these video files
for eight hours a day would take
you almost 19 days.
Phew! I haven't done math
like that in a while. Now as far
as the other iPod models go
you'd better do the math on your
own my head hurts
After doing all of this math, I've
come to a conclusion of sorts:
When it comes to music, we
are gradually growing more and
more insane.
I can not think of any reason
whatsoever for someone need-
ing to be able to listen to 15,000
songs. Who needs to listen to that
much music? The only people I
could think of are people with
levels of attention deficit disor-
der the likes of which science
has never seen, people who love
music to a degree that I obviously
can't begin to fathom or someone
so busy and on the go that they
barely have time for organizing
their music preferences.
I like music as much the next
guy, but I barely listen to the
music 1 have on my mp3 player,
which is 512 megabytes. I got
it for Christmas, and it's even
bigger than I originally wanted.
I'll admit that it gets a little frus-
trating to load and unload music
on it, where as with an iPod it
might be easier. I just refuse
to have to search through that
much music.
The iPod also looks kind of
weird, like somebody crossed a
palm-pilot with a portable CD
player. Some of them are so thin,
too. I feel like I'm going to break
them just by looking at them.
Then again, based on their
obvious popularity I guess I don't
really know all that much. I'll
admit the idea of having that
much music at my disposal is a
great concept. Not to mention
that with all of the accessories
you can buy for it, it can become
a home entertainment center.
Then again, I'm the kind of
guy who wants something to
do just what he wants it to do.
When my mom and I got new
cell phones, all we really wanted
was one that we could use as a
phone. We ended-up with a cell
phone that had a camera, text
messaging, downloadable ring
tones and more features that I
still haven't quite figured out yet.
All I really wanted was a phone.
The guy at the store told us that
these features have just become
the standard now.
Technology is great, I love it.
1 just wonder if as a society we
are asking technology for more
quantity and less quality. Like
in the case of cell phones, more
and more technology gets packed
into them with each model that
seems to come out every few
months or so. A camera is nice,
but I fail to see a great deal of
practical use for it. Then again,
I still haven't quite figured out
how to get the pictures I take off
of it. But of course there's one
factor I'm forgetting: fun. The
greatest thing about technol-
ogy, other than improving our
lives and making tasks easier, is
generating and creating new fun
activities and thus even more
precious memories. I guess what
I'm saying is that I like improving
technology -1 just wish it would
slow down so I could appreciate
it more.
Finally, I'd just like to share
a piece of information on a
technology that is almost as good
as the iPod. It even comes with
free service. Instead of buying
the unit, paying fees, and down-
loading songs, you just buy the
initial unit, flip a switch, and
music is instantaneous. Sure
you don't always hear the exact
song you want, but variety and
the latest songs are available to
you for free. The great thing is
you can find them in your car,
on stereos, in some mp3 players
and even on the Internet. It's
called radio.
In My Opinion
(KRT) � I take you back
now to the news headlines one
year ago.
"Emboldened by a solid elec-
tion victory, President Bush
heads into his second term with
an ambitious agenda to change
America and the world
A year ago, on the heels of
a popular-vote majority and
Republican gains in the Senate
and House, a tired but elated
George W. Bush happily accepted
what he called a "mandate" after
a closely fought election against
a Democrat with lots of head but
not enough heart for the jittery
American electorate.
The plain-spoken Texan
promised to use his "political
capital" to get stuff done in a
national capital that was all but
draped in the official colors of
his party.
lie was going to set Iraq on
the road to democracy, defeat
global terrorism, and send a wave
of freedom across the Middle
East. At home, he planned to
extend his tax cuts to future
generations, revamp the legal
system and the tax code, and
bring about dramatic changes in
Social Security.
Not to mention attacking
the pesky budget deficit that
somehow ballooned to historic
proportions in the first term, his
conservative fiscal credentials
Well, how did he do, folks?
Are you happier now than a
year ago? Do you feel safer? Is
our government working more
efficiently and ethically? Have
the "moral values" that many
claimed (inaccurately, as it turned
out) to be the sole reason for the
GOP juggernaut transformed a
profligate and profane nation?
OK, so I'm not being fair. The
president is going through a bit
of a rough patch, what with the
U.S. death toll in Iraq climbing
to new, heartbreaking numbers,
the withdrawal of a Supreme
Court nominee his enemies
didn't much like and his friends
hated, and the indictment of
the top aide and alter ego to the
most powerful vice president in
American history.
To paraphrase a book I used
to read to my kids when they
were young, last week was a
terrible, horrible, no-good, very
bad week.
Some weeks are like that in
What I'm worried about is
that we're looking at a terrible,
horrible, no-good, very bad 39
more months.
Sure, second terms are noto-
riously messy, as the flaws and
foibles of the first heady years
come back to haunt any admin-
istration that is automatically old
news the moment it begins.
And sure, this worry reflects
the biases of someone who's never
been a member of W's fan club.
If some of the items on the presi-
dent's do-to-in-a-second-term list
don't get done like "reforming"
Social Security out of existence
and extending unnecessary tax
breaks for the wealthy you won't
hear me complain.
But like a growing number
of Americans, well more than a
majority by now, I have lost faith
in this administration's ability to
prosecute the war in Iraq, a war
that it is now clear they were hell-
bent on pursuing no matter the
evidence or the risks.
After the Katrina debacle,
when the federal government's
key role in coordinating state and
local emergency efforts was badly
handled, I have little faith that
the first administration run by
a Harvard Business School grad
knows how to manage in a crisis.
After the unending list of
new spending proposals offered
by a White House with nary a
word on how to pay for them
except to cut programs to the
poor, I despair that the federal
budget will be balanced again in
my lifetime.
Yeah, well, I'm a worrier.
They say there is progress in Iraq,
even if it's hard to discern on the
nightly news. The economy is
growing at a decent clip, even if
that's news to the poor. Maybe
what I see as terrible and horrible
will actually turn out to be some
version of OK or even good.
But in case my worries are
realized, I hope the hapless oppo-
sition in Washington spends
some of its waking moments
crafting sensible, exciting alter-
natives to the policies pursued by
the arrogant crew now in charge.
Three years suddenly seems like
an awfully long time.
No one reads long away messages. So don't waste your
time writing them.
I must be crazy, but when ECU builds sidewalks I
swear they really are trying to build new highways on
campus 1 can't stand it when I'm trying to walk on the
sidewalk and the facilities trucks are always parked on
the sidewalks or driving on them! Use the road!
Where do the guys who don't obsess over partying hide?
I need to find you!
I'm the one who arrives late to class everyday. Ten, 15
sometimes 20 minutes and I go through hell to get
here and park a mile away. What's it to you? You're
distracted? That's tough. How's it feel to have ADHD.
Take your meds and mind your own business.
To all the cleaning staff in the science and technology
building: You are doing a great job! The building is
always so bright and clean, and we appreciate it.
I remember the good old days when politicians were
well educated and intelligent when they spoke. Those
were the days, in American History I.
To the person who said that the police need to worry
more about protecting students than writing alcohol
tickets, for your information most of the crime that
occurs in the downtown area can be attributed to
alcohol consumption. So when police write you the
underage drinking ticket, they are trying to protect you.
Because if they just tell you to pour it out you would
just go get another one.
In the wise words of Angelica Pickles: If you have to
ask, you'll never know.
When people tell you to walk on the right side, they
mean YOUR right.
I played racquetball once too and found 40 bucks! It
must be a good luck sport.
I'm tired of hearing people complain about how our
troops shouldn't be overseas. Dlcf you forget why they
were over there?
Hello! Girls don't flush toilets because they're made of
sugar and spice and everything nice.
It's pitiful when you wake up at nine in the morning to
go to the bathroom and there are still drunk, puking
girls in there.
We need more love in the world! Because some people
just don't know how to smile.
Why don't they just give up on Fluid Dynamics 101 and
turn Wright Fountain into a parking lot. However small
it would be, it would still prove more useful.
Make sure you register for spring classes or you will be
stuck in the fall.
The point of school spirit is to wear purple and gold not
light or navy blue - or other college colors. Go pirates!
To the guy playing the guitar in his room: You play great
and I wish I could have heard more.
How can you tell who really is a college student on campus?
I've always found the librarians at Joyner to be friendly
and nice. If you're working on a paper they're definitely
there to help.
Why can't I take any classes that I need for my major?
Cinnamon buns should come with two things of icing.
The Colbert Report is like "The Daily Show" on crack
and it's great!
Someone please tell my roommate to walk around the
apartment in something other than his boxers.
To the guy who keeps talking about the earring his
girlfriend found: please shut up. You do not love your
girlfriend. If you loved your girlfriend you would not
have even wanted to cheat on her. But don't worry
if she is stupid enough to stay with you, y'all deserve
each other.
Why is it that SGA thinks throwing more money at dif-
ferent institutions will make their problems go away?
Why not look back at the money that came in and do
a better job of budgeting?
I would like to thank the ECU bus driver who drove The
Freshman Shuttle Bus Sunday night! He was officially
the worst driver on the road! He is driving a $250,000
extremely large vehicle reading a book for homework
and taking an occasional break from that to send a text
message on his cell phone while going 20 miles over the
speed limit! I appreciate the necessary safety precautions!
I thought Mr. McKee's article was better than the hog-
wash that he usually provides. However, am I the only
one that was disturbed that he "lost count" of how many
people he saw use the urinaltoilet and didn't wash their
hands? You had me at "hello Tony.
I just want to say thanks to the frat that harassed me out-
side of Wright Place on Wednesday. Yes I know someone
with diabetes but no I really didn't have a dollar on me.
So thanks for trying to make me look bad, how about
you spend less money on "keggers" and shirts with cute
little letters on it and donate that to diabetes.
Screw major, I'm running for Emperor!
That mohawk guy is bad news. He tried to ask me out
and I said "eww
The Womens' Rugby team could make the football team cry!
Listening to your iPod during a test isn't cool. Trust me
on this one.
To the girl I almost ran over on Monday while turning
off of Rotary onto 4th Street. I apologize. I was not
paying attention.
To the guy who cheated on his girlfriend and was
caught: You say you love your girlfriend so much and
you can't lose her. It seems you haven't once stopped
to think of her this whole time. If you loved her you
wouldn't have cheated on her, but they say people make
mistakes so I will give you that one. But it you do care
about her maybe you should stop with the pirate rants
because now she is reminded when she reads TEC every
Tues.Thurs. that you cheated on her. She is better off
without you.
No one cares that you are from New Jersey it doesn't
make you cool. Please stop raving about Jersey - it is
making it intolerable to be around you.
Your diet should not consist of entirely McDonald's
and Taco Bell. You are going to have a heart attack by
the time you are 30.
Edfort Note: Tile I'irate Hatit b an anonymous way for students and staff In the
�( V community to wice their oplniotis. Submissions can be submitted anonymously
online at, or e-mailed to edltormheeustcarolinian.
com. Ttie editor reserxrs the right to edit opinions for content and brevity.

What's Hot
Page A4 252.328.6366 CAROIYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor
WEDNESDAY November 9, 2005
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies
1. Chicken Little
2. Jarhead
3. Saw II
4. The Legend ofZorro
5. Prime
Top 5 Pop Albums
1. Destiny's Child
2. Nickelback
3 Martina McBride
4. Rod Stewart
5. Black Eyed Peas
Top 5 TV Shows
2. "Without a Trace"
3. "CSI: Miami"
4. "Lost"
5. "NCIS"
Top 5 0V0 Rentals
1 Batman Begins
2. Kingdom of Heaven
3 Kicking and Screaming
4. The Interpreter
5 Land of the Dead
Top 5 Books
l.At First Sight
2 Knife of Dreams
3.77ie Lincoln Lawyer
4. Consent to Kill
5. Son of a Witch
Aries - The possibilities are pretty
good that you and your team will
achieve the previously thought
impossible. Go for it.
Taurus - You can bet therell be an
argument on just about every point
of possible contention. Stick to the
important stuff.
Gemini - If the bulk of the job is
done, you should be able to take a
mid-week excursion. Reward yourself
for having made it this far.
Cancer - Postpone a romantic
interlude until after your shopping is
done. Finish as many of your other
tasks as you can now, too.
Leo - Consider the possibilities and
the consequences. Make lists of pros
and cons, and wait. More Information
is coming.
Virgo - Careful analysis is required.
Luckily, you're in the mood. Even a
tricky problem can be solved. Read
the marjual.
Libra - Don't reach for the checkbook
reach for your sketch pad and your
lined paper, instead. You need to
visualize first, then make a list
Scorpio - Follow through with a
recommendation. Check that item
off your lists. Start making plans for a
romantic interlude soon, but one that
does not break your budget.
Sagittarius - Odds are good you'll
hit pay dirt soon. Don't get over-
enthusiastic, though. Proceed with
Capricorn - Cash in your coupons,
send in your rebates, recycle bottles
and cans. You'll make enough to get
yourself a well-earned special treat.
Aquarius - The person who signs
your paycheck has strong ideas
about how things are done. He or she
is not necessarily right Be cautious
in pointing this out.
Pisces - How do you advance in
your career? Start by doing whatever
you've already said you'd do. It works.
Fun Facts:
A snail can sleep for three years.
'Jedi' is an official religion with over
70,000 followers in Australia
Male monkeys lose the hair on their
heads the same way men do.
Ancient Romans at one time used
human urine as an ingredient in their
The average NFL player's career lasts
only three and a half years.
More than 50 percent of people in the
world have never made or received a
telephone call.
Baskin Robbins once made ketchup
flavored ice cream.
February 1865 is the only month in
recorded history not to have a fuH moon
There are 92 known cases of nuclear
bombs lost at sea.
The sloth, a mammal, moves so
slowly that green algae can grow
undisturbed on its fur.
Oak trees are struck by lightning
more than any other tree.
Taken from
Great places to meet people
Where to meet people on
campus and in Greenville
Meeting someone for the
first time is one of the most
nerve-racking, exhilarating and
interesting things that a person
can experience. Exploring
the unknown worlds of new
people that come into your life
can sometimes leave you with
a great new friend. So where do
you meet new people? Well,
there are a variety of places
on campus and around
Greenville where students
can get to know someone new.
One of the most obvious places
to meet people is by simply going
to class. Each class has a variety
of different people to get to know.
In some cases you may only form
a study partner, but in others
you may build a lifelong friend-
ship. Two other common places
to meet people on campus are
outside of Joyner Library and the
dining halls.
Another common place to
meet new people is by living in
the dorms. Living in such close
proximity allows students to bond
with their roommate, hall mates
and people from other floors.
You never feel lonely living in
the dorm because there is always
a friend just footsteps away.
Outside the Bate Building, 'the social circle' Is a great place to meet new and interesting people. is a growing
trend among students - how-
ever, I don't recommend it as
your primary source for meeting
people. The party listings allow
students to attend a variety of
different parties and meet tons
of new people.
"Party listings on facebook are
a great way to meet new people
said Will Mooney, junior exercise
physiology major.
Greenville is filled with tons
of places to meet new people
- however, my personal favorite
is Barnes and Noble. Although
I've never acquired any lifelong
friendships there, I have met
people willing to offer their
insight into a number of books.
Spending the afternoon chatting
with someone about your favor-
ite books can provide comfort
that lasts for years to come. Also,
many ECU students study here
and though you may not find
your soulmate, you may find out
some interesting facts about the
classes you are in now or classes
you plan to take next semester.
Starbucks is another locale
where strangers can become
"A really good place to meet
new people is at Starbucks, because
people are always there studying
and doing work said Brittney
Batchelor, junior sociology
major. On the next rainy day,
grab your books and head to
Starbucks to enjoy great coffee
and company.
I've found that the easiest way
to bond with new people is by
equally embarrassing yourselves.
The ice-skating rink, Bladez on
Ice, is the best place to enjoy this
experience. There is no better way
to bond than by completing wiping
out at the same time as someone
else, then laughing because you
realize that you're not the only one.
Striking up a conversation
with a stranger can be rewarding
for both you and them. You will
get information about their lives,
while they are comforted with the
knowledge that someone cares.
These friendships may fade
fast, but probably neither one of
you will ever forget one another,
and who knows - you might
create a lifelong friendship. Look
around campus and Greenville
for places to meet and greet new
people that could be your new
best friend.
This writer can be contacted at
TrffeDof Or Fog?
How to tell the difference
between the two
The collection is sacred. Some
of us have one for each season
and one in each color. Some
of us would rather be stabbed
than let that mugger run off
with our favorite designer bag.
But there's always that nagging
thought in your head, "Is my
bag real? Does it even matter?"
Designer handbags are no
doubt a symbol of status. Not
only that, but they look really
great too. Women out there who
love purses know what it feels
like to walk down the hallway
of a mall or building and have
every other woman's eyes on your
gorgeous bag. It can be rather
addicting just like shoes and
clothes. The right bag can make
a plain outfit into a fabulous
ensemble. This is part of the draw
into buying knock-offs.
Well, of course, your bag
Is real if you bought it from a
legitimate place like Belk's or
Nordstrom's, but beware - if
you got your bag off eBay or
Canal Street in New York City's
Chinatown, chances are you're
walking around with a knock-off.
The bigger and more demand
for a hot new designer bag,
the more likely there will be
knock-offs swarming around
for those unwilling to shell out
hundreds to thousands of dol-
lars. The most replicated bags
are Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade,
Gucci, Christian Dior, Prada,
Burberry, Coach and Chanel.
These designer bags are very
expensive for a college student.
Many of us barely have enough
money to pay the electric bill,
and this is what makes knock-
offs so much more realistic. They
are just as good as the designer
bags at a reasonable price. Some-
times it's extremely hard to
tell the difference between
designer and replica, especially
with the prized Louis Vuitton
handbags with the LV symbol.
"I feel like if a person can't
afford the real thing, then they
shouldn't buy a knock-off. I just
think if people keep buying the
fakes, it lessons the value of the
authentic designer purses said
senior biology major Niaja Cotton.
Most replicas and the designer
bag are made with the same
materials, which have a vinyl or
rubber coated canvas. This makes
it hard to distinguish between
them. The real designer bag often
comes with a serial number or
identity card and the stamp says
"Louis Vuitton Paris, Made in
France One should look closely
at a bag when deciphering if it's
a real or fake. The quality of the
stitching Is a big give-away when
it's a fake.
According to Alice Temple's
article "Faking it: How to spot a
fake a person won't see shoddy
workmanship on a legitimate bag
- puckered leather and wonky
stitching are sure signs of a fake.
Only accept an article in pristine
condition - if you're questioning
the quality, it's likely to be suspect.
Some purses are replicas,
which means they have the
same symbols as the designer
bags. These are usually illegal.
Other knock-offs are "designer
see PURSES page A5
m '�" H

; �
i H
f I
i i ����
1� jm

�v.s .ftB
a"0" � rf: 'jBBBBBBBBb
Models will wear donated clothes.
AIMO chanty
fashion show
'Ripped, Torn and
Celebrity Profile: Adam Carolla, comedic genius
A funny man with a plan
Italian-American funny man
Adam Carolla has worked on a
smorgasbord of projects. From
carpentry to boxing, radio, TV
and film, he's tried his hand
at everything. Carolla goes
to show that having a college
education does not necessarily
get you into the limelight - it
simply takes a charismatic per-
sonality and probably some good
old-fashioned luck.
Adam Carolla was born May
27, 1964 In Philadelphia, Pa.
Later, his family moved to Cali-
fornia. Carolla attended North
Hollywood High School where
his jokes were better than his
grades. Though not a serious
student, Carolla briefly attended
L.A. Valley Junior College before
dropping out to pursue a series of
menial jobs.
Carolla's comedy career
started while he was in his twen-
ties. He spent years training in
stand-up with Acme Improv
groups and the Groundlings in
Los Angeles, but he really got his
start when he met Jimmy Kimmel.
One day Kimmel just happened
to announce on the radio that
he was looking for a boxing
instructor. Carolla answered the
ad and became not only Kim-
mel's coach, but also his friend.
Carolla soon joined up with
Kimmel on a KROQ morning
radio show in Los Angeles, where
the "Crank Yankers" characters
Mr. Birchum and the Vietnam
veteran shop teacher were born.
Carolla was first known for
the radio talk show "Loveline
which he began co-hosting with
Dr. Drew Pinsky in 199S. Like
the sitcom "Seinfeld the show
was about nothing and it was a
hit. After 10 years on-air with
"Loveline Carolla left the show
August 4, 2005 to take over
Howard Stern's morning radio
program. But, Carolla and Dr.
Drew's "Loveline" legacy lives
forever in print - in 1998 the two
published A Survival Guide to Life
and Love.
Carolla's voice has not only
appeared on radio. He has been
the voice for Commander Nebula
on Disney's "Buzz Lightyear of
Star Command" TV series, as
well as two Buzz Lightyear films.
He also replaced Norm Mac-
Donald as the voice of Death on
see CAROLLA page A5
On Nov. 11 at club Aqua, the
Apparel and Interior Merchan-
dising Organization of ECU will
put on its semester fashion show
event. The fashion show is titled
"Ripped, Torn and Fabulous
and doors will open at 8 p.m.
The show will begin promptly
at 9 p.m.
This fashion show is the third
show put on by AIMO. There
is a fashion show sponsored
by AIMO each semester. The
proceeds from this show will
go toward the Give2theTroops
foundation, which is a non-profit
organization that makes care
packages for the troops fighting
AIMO's main goal as an
organization is to do as much
charity and volunteer work as
possible. They volunteer at
numerous places in the Greenville
community such as Operation
Sunshine, and they are eager
to get their name out more on
"Ripped, Torn and Fabulous"
will showcase a variety of fash-
ions at Greenville's hottest down-
town nightclub. There will be
four segments of fall and winter
fashion that include urban street
wear, cooperate corruption, punk
rock and classy lingerie ensem-
"Many of the outfits have
shirts that have been ripped or
pants that have been torn. This is
how we came up with the name
for this fashion shpw. We're
basically trying to show how to
turn old clothes into new ones
with just a few minor alterations
said fashion show coordinator
Brittnay Furse.
Most of the pieces that will
showcase in the fashion show will
be put together by the models.
The models in the show are all
ECU students. Most outfits were
put together with the things that
were already in the models' clos-
ets but with an added twist.
There is a special piece in the
see FASHION page A5

Her 9,2005
another locale
s can become
1 place to meet
irbucks, because
i there studying
" said Brittney
ior sociology
lext rainy day,
s and head to
oy great coffee
t the easiest way
w people is by
sing yourselves,
ink, Bladez on
ce to enjoy this
is no better way
mpleting wiping
me as someone
ig because you
not the only one.
i conversation
,n be rewarding
them. You will
bout their lives,
lforted with the
meone cares,
hips may fade
neither one of
;et one another,
; - you might
riendship. Look
ind Greenville
: and greet new
d be your new
e contacted at
lonated clothes.
club Aqua, the
irior Merchan-
3n of ECU will
r fashion show
l show is titled
nd Fabulous
ipen at 8 p.m.
:gin promptly
tow is the third
AIMO. There
w sponsored
iemester. The
his show will
i is a non-profit
it makes care
roops fighting
ii goal as an
o do as much
nteer work as
volunteer at
i the Greenville
as Operation
hey are eager
: out more on
and Fabulous"
'ariety of fash-
s hottest down-
There will be
fall and winter
de urban street
rruption, punk
ingerie ensem-
outfits have
een ripped or
en torn. This is
ivith the name
shpw. We're
) show how to
Into new ones
ior alterations
�v coordinator
ieces that will
hion show will
y the models,
e show are all
ist outfits were
the things that
e models' clos-
ded twist.
Ial piece in the
irON page A5
CdrOlld from page A4
"Family Guy
And that's not all. Carolla
has made numerous TV appear-
ances on a variety of television
series and on film. Currently he
is the executive producer of "The
Adam Carolla Project aired on
TLC and he is writer and execu-
tive producer of "Too Late With
Adam Carolla He was co-creator
and writer of "The Man Show"
with Jimmy Kimmel. He was also
co-creator of Comedy Central's
"Crank Yankers And his list of
TV guest appearances is quite
extensive. The man's voice and
his face are everywhere it seems.
His most recent endeavor is
being the spokesman for Lance
Snack Crackers with his catch
phrase, "I've got Lance in my
pants No one can help but
laugh at his commercials and
think about the crackers.
If anybody knows anything
about Carolla, they wouldn't find
this too shocking: along with a
number of notable people, he's
a member of the advisory board
of the Marijuana Policy Project,
which supports the medical use
of marijuana. The project uses
famous faces and voices through-
out the country to fight the war
on marijuana.
This happy-go-lucky guy has
quickly earned his way to the top.
From, Kimmel
says that Adam Carolla is "the
busiest lazy man in history It
certainly seems that Carolla
struck it rich with the personal-
ity that America was looking for.
With shows like "Crank Yankers"
in national syndication and new
films and TV shows popping up
every year or so, Adam Carolla
is not going anywhere for quite
some time.
This writer can be contacted at
Mltrl mm
Funny man Adam Carolla has a very successful career in comedy.
Garry's Skin Grafix Tattoo
PlirSBS from page A4
inspired These, for instance,
may use the LV purse's little
symbols, but not the actual LV
logo or may have G's turned in
toward each other instead of C's
like the designer Coach bags.
If you are really going to try
to make a knock-off look real, do
some research before purchasing
your new bag. Go to the depart-
ment stores and look at the real
bags, study the stitching, where
the designer's name is located, if
there are any tags inside, what
colors the bag really comes in
and what the name-brand mate-
rials feel like. A true connoisseur
can see a knock-off a mile away.
If you care that your bag is fake,
you may want to just save up the
money for the real thing. If you
don't care, sport it.
Every woman out there
whose fetish is handbags wants
to know every tiny detail and
secret to distinguish between
real and fake purses. Many
books are devoted to doing just
that for a price. There are also
tons of Web sites that divulge
designer handbag secrets as well.
Whether bags are real or fake
all just depends on the woman.
Some are ashamed to wear a
knock-off and others could care
less, but at least now you have the
information so if you want the real
deal, you know what to look for.
Another thing for consumers
to remember is that "knock-off"
bags are being illegally made, so
be careful where you purchase.
This writer can be contacted at

How to spot a
fake purse:
Look lor more tips at
Wide stitching
Puckered seams
No Identification code
No Emblem Inside
Quality ol materials
Be a smart consumer and look over
all of your purchases before you buy.
3398-E S. Memorial Dr.
Greenville NC 27858
Downtown Greenville
429 Evans Street
Greenville NC 27858
5 �FF KrTtU SfW�ewr D
from page A4
fashion show that was made by
a professor in the merchandising
department. This outfit will open
the show in a two minute scene,
telling the story of the piece
and introducing the rest of the
fashion show.
The Black Student Union
Dance Team will perform a dance
routine during the intermission
of the charity fashion show.
There will also be some selec-
tions read by DEF Poetry poets.
"Ripped, Torn and Fabulous" will
be an hour and a half of fashion
packed fabulousness.
Anyone can attend this char-
ity event at club Aqua. Tickets will
be sold Monday through Friday at
a table in the Wright Plaza from
11 a.m. - 2 p.m. The price for
a ticket is $5 in advance. Admis-
sion tickets will be sold at the
door, as well, for the same amount.
"This is going to be a very
interesting fall and winter fash-
ion show. Some of the pieces will

Ripped, Torn and
Fabulous Fashion Show
When: Nov. 11
Where: Club Aqua
Tickets: Wright Plaza or door $5
Doors open: 8 p.m.
Show starts: 9 p.m.
Why: Proceeds go to the
Give2theTroops foundation
look like something you'd see
every day around campus and
others will be very high fashion.
"Aqua is a great club and the h
music's going to be loud and it's j
going to be exciting from one seg- j
ment to the next. Students will ��
enjoy this fashion show and it's �
for a good cause Furse said. i
This writer can be contacted at
fff Wjf ??????
10 Discount to
ALL Students
1525 S. Evans St, Greenville, NC
MonSat. 9:30-6:00 � Sun. 1:00-4:00
Special Home Game Hours: Friday 8am-9pm
Polo Shim � Jarkrtt � Swranhins
T shirt. � Wallets
Dcik Acctssorivs and imicli. much itwif!
Saturday 7am-10pm
Sunday 9:30am-4:30pm ty

1.50 Kami
2.00 Hk.hba
3.00 wore
'2.50 IMPORT
at 9:00
Participants at the AIMO fashion show rehearsed Sunday at 8 p.m.
Downtown Greenville
fcTOB Free Admission WLWi
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Page A6 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY November 9,2005
Sports Briefs
Williams steps down from
golf post
Kevin Williams has resigned
his position as head coach of the
ECU men and women's golf teams,
effective Dec. 31, to become the
head golf professional at Walnut
Creek Country Club in Goldsboro,
NC, athletic department officials
announced Tuesday. Williams leaves
with a 987-808-26 overall record
with the men's team and an overall
583-271-10 mark with the women.
In 10-plus seasons with the men,
he guided the Pirates to six team
tournament titles, 12 individual crowns
and coached five Academic All-
America selections. In 2000, Williams
became the first head coach of the
women's program and guided the
Lady Pirates to a pair of NCAA at-large
bids in 2003 and 2005, and coached
Adrienne Mlllican in the 2004 NCAA
Women's Golf Championships. During
the 2003 season, Williams was
named Conference USA Women's
Golf Coach-of-the-Year after leading
the Pirates to a 132-21-2 record,
which included three wins over top-
25 teams, three team titles and nine
top-five finishes. In five seasons at
the helm of the Lady Pirates Williams
coached five National Golf Collegiate
Association All-America Scholars,
seven All-C-USA selections, two
C-USA All-Freshman Team choices
and one C-USA All-Decade member
in Mlllican. ECU Senior Associate
Director of Athletics Nick Floyd said
a search would begin immediately to
find Williams' replacement
Duke's Redick, Williams named
preseason Ail-Americans
Senior teammates J.J. Redick
and Shelden Williams of the No. 1
Blue Devils were the leading vote-
getters Tuesday on the Associated
Press' preseason All-America team.
It is the fifth time since the AP started
the preseason team in 1986-87 that
teammates were chosen by the
national media panel that selects
the weekly Top 25. Seniors Dee
Brown of Illinois and Craig Smith of
Boston College also made the team,
along with junior Adam Morrison of
Gonzaga. Redick, the only returning
first-teamerfrom last season, received
67 of 72 votes, while Williams, a
third-team choice last season, was
on 63 ballots. The 6-foot-4 Redick
averaged 21.8 points last season,
shooting 40.3 percent from 3-point
range and 93.8 percent from the
free throw line. His most impressive
statistic was averaging 37.3 minutes
per game, a number that should
drop this season because of added
depth. The 6-9 Williams debated
about leaving for the NBA, but Is
back after averaging 15.5 points, 11.2
rebounds and 3.7 blocks last season
while shooting 58.2 percent from the
field. It is the second time Duke has
had two players on the preseason
All-America team. Bobby Hurley and
Grant Hill were the first teammates
to do it in 1992. The other preseason
teammates were Raef LaFrentz and
Paul Pierce of Kansas and Mike
Bibby and Miles Simon of Arizona, all
chosen in 1997, and Luke Walton and
Jason Gardner of Arizona in 2002.
Urblna held pending formal
charge of attempted murder
Philadelphia Phillies pitcher
Ugueth Urbina was arrested and
held Tuesday pending a formal
charge of attempted murder, police
said Tuesday. Last month, Urbina and
a group of men allegedly attacked five
workers with machetes and poured
gasoline on them in an attempt to set
them on fire. All five were injured, some
of them with cuts and one with burns
on the badt and right arm, police
said. Urbina, who was detained late
Monday, has insisted he had nothing
to do with the violence at his family's
ranch on Oct. 16. The authorities said
Urbina would be formally charged
once he appears before a judge,
and Urbina said he understood
that hearing could be held Tuesday.
Urblna's lawyer, Jose Luis Tamayo,
said the pitcher was sleeping at the
time of the Incident and was not
involved. One victim, Argenls Farias,
has accused Urbina of being among
the attackers. Urbina was traded from
Detroit to Philadelphia In the middle
of last season. The reliever became
a free agent after the season ended.
Urbina was with his mother and other
relatives late Monday at another of
Urblna's homes on the outskirts of
Caracas when the police came with
an arrest warrant, Tamayo said. He
called the arrest "inexplicable The
lawyer said Urbina has cooperated
with the authorities all along, noting
he has come to the police voluntarily
to provide testimony. The violence
broke out at the ranch house where
Urbina's mother, Maura Villareal, lives
about 25 miles south of Caracas. But
Urbina's lawyer has said the pitcher
surprised the workers by showing
up at the ranch that night while they
were bathing In the pool without
permission. He said Urbina spoke
sharply to them, but later left and went
to sleep. The 31-year-old Urbina has
a 44-49 record with 237 saves and a
3.45 ERA in 11 seasons.
2006 Champions crowned
in intramural flag football
ECU students show off
talent in fall flag football
After weeks of battling it out
at the Blount Fields, the time had
finally come last week for the
intramural flag football champi-
onships. Twelve teams, made up
of ECU students and staff, gath-
ered around the wet fields last in
hopes of coming away with an
intramural flag football champi-
onship T-shirt. Despite winning
or losing, everyone could agree
that the atmosphere of just
making it to the championship
game was a good one.
The sorority championship
game pitted Alpha Phi against
Chi Omega. The game was hard
fought as two evenly matched
teams were deadlocked at the end
of regulation. After numerous
overtimes Alpha Phi was finally
able to call themselves flag foot-
bail champions as they came out
on top 17-6 in the longest ECU
flag football championship game
in more than 15 years.
In the co-rec champion-
ship game, the Angry Tunas
and Ridonkulous battled it out
in hopes of winning the title.
Both teams played a close game
until the second half when the
Angry Tunas were able to extend
their lead and eventually take
the championship 28-16. Matt
Hill, a senior from Ridonkulous,
blamed the loss on a combination
of miscommunications within
the team. "We should have had
a practice in between our last
games said Hill.
"People did not really under-
stand what each other were trying
to say. We had a bad attitude and
we probably should have lost the
game because of that
The Angry Tunas did not just
settle for just one victory on the
night as several members were also
participants on the men's team of
the same name that defeated Harry
Caray in the men's purple final
game 20-16. "It felt great to win
tonight said the captain of the
Angry Tunas, Jeffery Brock.
"We won the co-rec champi-
onship then we came back and
won the men's tonight. Everyone
on the team played as a whole
and it brought us all together
The men's gold champion-
ship was hard fought as Bucho
faced What. Bucho was an under-
dog in the contest since they had
played the regular season in the
less competitive purple league.
Since they dominated opponents
in this division, they were then
bumped up to the gold league for
the playoffs in order to fill the �
see FOOTBALL page A8 Chi Phi took it to SAE in the fraternity championship game as they cruised to an impressive 21-0 win.
Duke poised for title run
Duke celebrates after defeating UNC 71-70 last year in Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Blue Devils have by far
the most talented squad
According to the AP and
the USA TodayESPN coaches
polls, the Duke University Men's
Basketball team opens the season
as the unanimous number one
team in the country. Led by
senior All-American J.J. Redick
and National Defensive Player
of the Year Shelden Williams,
the Blue Devils are also return-
ing seniors Lee Melchionni and
Sean Dockery.
Complementing this
deep senior class are sopho-
more Demarcus Nelson and
McDonald's High School All-
Americans Josh McRoberts, Eric
Boateng and Greg Paulus. Redick,
who averaged 21.8 ppg, 2.6 apg
and 3.3 rpg, should be the lead-
ing candidate for the National
Playtr of the Year Award. He
might have some company for
the prestigious award with team-
mate Shelden Williams, who
averaged 15.5 ppg, 11.2 rpg,
and 3.7 bpg. McRoberts was the
number one overall rated player
coming out of high school and
Paulus was a top point guard.
One of the problems with
last year's Duke team was a lack
of depth, which Inevitably led to
foul trouble and fatigue late in a
game. This year's version of the
Dukies should not be sucking
wind come crunch time.
With plenty of underclassmen
and experienced seniors, Duke
should be in Indianapolis playing
for the National Championship.
Throw in the fact that Coack K is
running the show, arguably one
of the greatest coaches In the his-
tory of the game, the Devils are
definitely the team to beat - not
only in the ACC, but also in the
national picture.
In the ACC, the majority of
the teams are down or rebuilding,
with the exception of conference
newcomer Boston College, who
is returning all five starters from
last year's 25-5 team.
UNC has lost seven players
to the NBA and are definitely In
a rebuilding stage. NC State lost
All-ACC player Julius Hodge, but
are returning some talented play-
ers including senior Mian Evti-
mov. The Wake Forest Demon
Deacons are without point guard
Chris Paul, who is now in the
NBA, but are still with guard
Justin Gray and forward Eric
Along with these teams,
Maryland should field a team
that will hold its own with Nick
Caner-Medley returning, but
will feel the loss of guard John
Gilchrist who is also in the NBA.
Georgia Tech is also in a rebuild-
ing year with the losses of guards
Jarret Jack and B.J. Elder, but the
loss of center Luke Schenscher
may hurt the Jackets the most.
The two surprise teams in
the ACC last year, newcomers
Miami and Virginia Tech, will
look to continue to prove that
they belong in the ACC. Florida
State and Virginia round out the
ACC's "down year So with all
this rebuilding going on, the
Dukies should be looking at an
ACC championship. Then again,
this Is the ACC - the cream of the
crop in college basketball, where
nothing is easy and no one is a
In the national view of things,
the contenders from last year's
tournament are also experiencing
down years. UCONN is returning
some star power from suspension
and injuries, but guard A.J. Price
is suspended for the season for
stealing laptop computers from
university dormitories. Also the
Huskies lost forward Charlie Vil-
lanueva to the NBA.
Texas appears to be a team
on the rise, with the return of
guard P.J. Tucker, who was ruled
academically ineligible for the
second half of last season, and
also they are returning outstand-
ing sophomore Daniel Gibson,
who averaged 14.2 ppg, 3.9 apg,
and 3.9 rpg in his freshman year
last season.
Villanova also looks pretty
stacked this upcoming season,
with all five starters return-
ing from a 24-8 record last
year and an appearance in the
sweet sixteen.
So with 64 teams in the "Big
Dance anything can happen
when It comes tournament time,
but Duke definitely has the edge
over the rest in experience and
coaching, not to mention in fans
(the Cameron Crazies). Anything
less than a title for Duke in 2006
would be a severe disappoint-
ment with the talent they will be
bringing to the table.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
Ownes has been suspended for four games by the Eagles
Eagles: Owens
won't return after
(AP) � The Philadelphia
Eagles have had enough.
Terrell Owens' brief but
tumultuous time in Philadelphia
ended Monday when the All-Pro
wide receiver was told not to
return to the team this seaspn.
"This decision is a result of a
large number of situations that
accumulated over a long period
of time, during which Terrell had
been warned repeatedly about
the consequences of his actions
Eagles coach Andy Reid said.
Owens was suspended for
Sunday night's 17-10 loss at
Washington, and will remain
suspended for three more games
without pay. After that, the Eagles
plan to deactivate him for the rest
of the season.
Though he's perhaps the
best wideout in the NFL, Owens
caused far too many distractions
with his selfish behavior.
"We gave Terrell every oppor-
tunity to avoid this outcome
Reid said.
Owens and agent Drew
Rosenhaus scheduled a Tuesday
news conference at the player's
house in Moorestown, N.J.
Owens was suspended Satur-
day, two days after he said the
Eagles showed "a lack of class"
for not publicly recognizing his
100th career touchdown catch in
a game on Oct. 23. In the same
interview with on
Thursday, Owens said the Eagles
would be better off with Green
Bay's Brett Favre at quarterback
instead of Donovan McNabb.
Owens also was involved in a
fight last week with former Eagles
defensive end Hugh Douglas,
who remains with the team as
its "ambassador Owens apolo-
gized for his comments about the
organization in a brief statement
Friday, but didn't apologize to
McNabb or the team.
"The league has been notified
by the players' union that they
will be grieving our right to take
that action Reid said, "therefore
there is nothing more that I can
say at this point
Owens summoned police to
his house late Monday because
there were some people on his
property. He said he wanted to be
lett alone, had no comment and
would contact the news media
when he did want to speak, police
at the scene said.
Later, two pizzas were deliv-
ered to Owens' home. Someone
answered the door, not Owens,
and gave deliveryman James
McDevitt a $5 tip. McDevitt said
he left the tip on the doorstep.
Rosenhaus, refused to com-
ment. Owens' relationship with
the Eagles took a drastic turn
after he fired longtime agent
David Joseph, hired Rosenhaus
and demanded a new contract
just one season into the seven-
year, $48.97 million deal he
signed when he came to Phila-
delphia in March 2004.
see OWENS page A8

3 21-0 win.
NBA's new rules on apparel
are good fit for most players
(KRT) � There have been
no reports of players thumb-
ing their noses at the league
with tlirowli.ii kv
So far, no NBA player seems
to be causing a to-do with do-
rags or shades to stick it to Com-
missioner David Stern.
Even Philadelphia star Allen
Iverson, whose usual appear-
ance away from the court
violates pretty much every facet
of the NBA's new "business
casual" dress code, said he's ready
to conform.
"1 don't have a problem with
it Iverson said as the season
opened and the dress code went
into effect. "I'll do it for the rest
of the season
The current calm is in con-
trast to some players' views when
the league announced the new
dress code in the preseason. At
the time some players called the
dress code unfair, unnecessary,
an attack on hip-hop culture and
even racist.
None of that is true, accord-
ing to Stern. He said the dress
code, part of the collective bar-
gaining negotiations with the
players' union in the spring, is
intended to improve the image
of the league.
Stern said a big part of that
effort is related to the brawl
between Indiana Pacers players
and Detroit Pistons fans last
November, which he called "a
low point in the perception
of our league But he strongly
denied that explicit pressure
from the league's business
partners was a factor.
If the dress code affects black
players more than others it is
more because of circumstance
than design, Stern said.
"There is nothing we do that
doesn't affect several hundred
young African-American men
Stern said, referring to the high
percentage of blacks among the
league's 450 players. "But you
can't play the race card here
without it getting flipped back
at you
The dress code also specifi-
cally bans, while on "league or
team business sports apparel
including (erseys, headphones,
headgear and sunglasses
worn indoors.
All those items, including
flashy jewelry, are elements of
hip-hop style, which the league
has embraced in some ways in an
effort to appeal to young fans. It
plays rap music at its arenas, has
used hip-hop acts at recent All-
Star games, has signed deals with
urban apparel manufacturers
such as FUBU and cashed in on
the throwback jersey trend.
Some players viewed the
dress code as a step by the league
to eliminate that influence.
In response to such player
criticism, Stern noted that only
a fraction of the league's players
have been quoted as speaking
against the dress code. He said 28
of the league's 30 teams already had
their own dress code, though some
had been lax with enforcement.
see NBA page A8
LeBron James dresses accordingly for the NBA's new dress code.
Carolina Panthers' cheerleader sex
scandal creating major buzz
KRT � Take cheerleaders,
dude, two of them, reports of
sex and bathroom fights, and
the raving imaginations of het-
erosexual guys, and you get a
Monday morning with little
work done.
In staid work cubicles
around Charlotte and across the
country, the lascivious tale of the
arrest of two Carolina Panthers
cheerleaders was catapulted from
water-cooler talk to Internet
The story ranked among the
top three most-viewed in char-'s nine-year history. On, more people e-mailed
it to friends Monday than any
other story.
The Panthers' Web site, which
features photos of its cheerlead-
ers, bent under so many hits that
it was shut down.
It all began early Sunday
when customers at a Tampa
nightclub complained that the
two cheerleaders were engaged
in sexual activity in a bathroom
stall, according to police. A fight
followed and police arrested the
two women.
Internet surfers followed
every twist and turn as the story
continued to unfold Monday:
Renee Thomas, a 20-year-
old UNC Charlotte student, was
charged with using the driver's
license of fellow cheerleader
Kristen Owen. Thomas could
face up to a year in prison on
that charge, and is also charged
with punching a third woman
in the face.
Thomas and fellow TopCat
Angela Keathley, the other
woman arrested, were booted
from the squad for violating its
code of conduct, which bans
behavior that's embarrassing.
Keathley is charged with resist-
ing arrest. Neither could be
reached for comment Monday.
Owen was suspended indefi-
nitely for violating the code of
Among the questions swirl-
ing Monday: How did Thomas
get Owen's license? Owen's
mother told the Chalotte
Observer on Sunday night it had
been stolen. Tampa detectives
were still investigating.
The women were in Tampa
for the Panthers game with the
Buccaneers. The cheerleading
taking care of business
in healthcare
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squad does not appear at out-of-
town games and the women were
in the city on their own.
Netizens stormed onto
Web sites Monday swapping
everything from wistful requests
("pics, please?") to expressions of
disappointment ("My little girl
loves the TopCats. How do you
explain this to a 10-year-old?")
On, one
thread is titled simply, "Giggidy-
On, a collection of
weird news links, so-called "Fark-
ers" posted over 250 comments
on the relative attractiveness
of each cheerleader. One post
asked: "So, it would also have
been spiffy if it had been two
of the Panthers who got caught
doing the deed in the John,
"It's titillating said Clay
Johanson, a 37-year-old indepen-
dent Web designer in Charlotte.
Johanson estimates he spent
two hours total posting updates
on the TopCats story on various
Web sites, and searching for
more on his own.
"You ask 100 guys, and 75 of
them are going to be, Oh, yeah
Hi tmtrim't �l Stmitml torn Oftnhr
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It's probably more than that, but
this is Charlotte, and I'm going
to be conservative
The TopCats turn heads in
their short skirts, tight tops
and ankle-high black boots.
But most have full-time jobs
outside cheerleading, ranging
from mechanical engineers to
financial analysts.
They build houses for Habitat
for Humanity, adopt a family
at Christmas and volunteer at
the battered women's shelter.
They also make public appear-
ances, and have many young
Roger King, a police officer
in the Myrtle Beach area, said
his 10-year-old daughter last year
attended a junior TopCat camp,
where she got to meet members
of the squad. He posted his disap-
pointment Monday on charlotte,
corn's forums.
"A lot more guys are light-
hearted about this King said,
trying to figure out how to
explain the news to his daughter
when she returns from a trip to
Chicago. "But they don't have
a 10-year-old daughter that's a
www.shareyourlife org
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Information Management
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November 6-12 is National Health Information
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Get Outside
Make a Difference
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Mendenhall Student Center, Room 15
Come lo our Info Session where ECU student
and SCA Alumnus Josh Copenhawr will tell you
more about our Expense-Paid Internships
Owens embodies
all that's bad
about pro sports
KRT � The thing about
Leon was that Leon was
a joke whom we looked for-
ward to for a good laugh.
"Leon's whole career is like
a highlight reel, baby Leon
states on his Web site main-
tained by his sponsor, Bud-
weiser. "My personal favorite
moment came during the 1995
playoffs. We were down 14-10
in the final two minutes of the
game and who gets the call?
Leon. It was a call from my
publicist, Tina, who had just
landed a sweet photo op with
me and the cheerleaders after
the game
The thing about Leon's real-
life alter ego, Terrell Owens, is
that he's just a joke, period.
It is difficult at this moment
to think of a more conceited
character in the egotistical
history of the self-absorbed
world of professional athletics
than the narcissistic fellow
we've all come to know as
T.O which, come to think
of it, rhymes with pee-oh.
He has taken self-indulgence
to a level not even Leon
could've invented.
No wonder his latest
employers, the Philadelphia
Eagles, announced Monday
that they'd had enough, kick-
ing the attention-starved wide
receiver off the team for the
rest of the season, if not for
good. What got Owens riled
most recently? Was It his
team's surprising struggles
during the season's first half?
No. Was it the momentum it
lost coming off last season's
Super Bowl? No. Was it even an
understandable bout with ego,
like the team wasn't calling his
number enough and he felt he
could help more? No.
It was that the club didn't
recognize to his satisfaction
the 100th career touchdown
reception of his career.
"It just shows a lack of class
they have Owens railed on last Thursday. "My
publicist talked to the head PR
guy, and they made an excuse
they didn't recognize that was
coming up. But that was a
blatant lie. Had it been some-
body else, they probably would
have popped fireworks around
the stadium
And with Michael Irvln
inexplicably egging him on in
an ESPN television interview,
Owens also continued throw-
ing barbs at his quarterback,
Donovan McNabb, for no good
reason. After all, he'd caught 47
passes for 763 and six touch-
downs from McNabb through
seven games, which made him,
once again, one of the most
prolific and dangerous receiv-
ers in the game.
Along with a locker room
fistflght Owens got into with
former Eagles defensive end
Hugh Douglas last week, the
public tongue-lashing of his
quarterback led to Owens get-
ting suspended from Sunday
night's contest at Washing-
Not that Owens cared. For
if there is one thing he's made
clear during his career, it is that
he plays solely for himself.
He ought to be a golfer.
A tennis player. A marathon
runner. One of those adventur-
ers who only does things by his
or her lonesome.
The concept of team is
anathema to Owens. He was
one of those kids in kinder-
garten who got a check mark
on his progress report next to
"no" after the statement "plays
well with others
Even Leon understood the
importance of team play.
"I gotta step back once in a
while and give other athletes
some air time he states. "Leon
tends to steal the show. I mean,
that's one day you get Leon the
other 364
What is most mind-
boggling about Owens is that
so many people have, in fact,
gone the extra mile just for
him. He seems to have forgot-
ten that he should be with Bal-
timore trying to catch passes
from one of its lousy quarter-
backs. That was due to a foul-
up by his original agent, David
Joseph, who failed to file his
free-agent paperwork in time,
leaving him property of the
49ers, who then traded him to
the Ravens.
Owens broke into a tan-
trum, not unlike a kindergarte-
ner, and after a series of nego-
tiations, he got his way, which
was a trade to Super Bowl-con-
tender Philadelphia to play
with Pro Bowler McNabb.
Then Owens signed a
seven-year $49 million deal
against the advice of the play-
ers' union.
Earlier this year, Owens
hired loudmouth agent Drew
Rosenhaus and immediately
announced he was unhappy
with his year-old contract and
needed a bigger deal to "feed
his family He threatened to
hold out of training camp, and
a confrontation with coach
Andy Reld led to a one-week
suspension before the season
kicked off.
The Eagles, however,
refused to renegotiate the deal
Owens had just signed. Good
for them. Now they're refus-
ing to pay Owens $800,000 in
salary for the next four games,
which is the most they can
suspend him under the labor-
management agreement.
They're willing, however,
to give their royal pain in
the gluteus maximus the rest
of his salary, roughly $1 mil-
lion, and have him stay away.
Given what we know of Ter-
rell Owens, it's not having a
platform that'll hurt him the
Health Professions Week
November 6-12,2005
ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS WEEK is celebrated nationally to
honor health care providers working in more than 80 allied
health professions.
Allied health professionals are an essential part of America's
health care safety net. Because there is a critical shortage of
health care providers-currently and predicted for years to
come-there are many opportunities available for those
looking for an allied health career.
Take a minute to learn more about allied health professions
by going to www.ecu.eduah.
I A � T
School of Allied Health Sciences
Carol Belk Building
casque 252.328.4400
122221 www.ecu.eduah

Coughlin allowing for a
little fun with the G-men
FOOtball from page A6
bracket. Despite being the under-
dog, Bucho proved that they were
not to be messed with as they
shut out their more decorated
opponent which included several
former ECU Pirate football play-
ers 19-0. "It felt real good to win
the championship this year said
Bucho captain, Blake Dameron.
"1 don't think anyone gave
us a chance. We played in purple
league all year and we were
bumped up to gold for the play-
offs. No one gave us a chance and
we won, so it felt real good
In the fraternity purple game
Chi Phi dominated SAE 21-0.
Things did not get better for SAE
as they fell again in the fraternity
gold game 7-0 to Pike. The gold
game was a battle of the defense
as Pike was able to put up the only
score in the first half of play.
Overall most students enjoyed
Eli Manning Is beginning to blossom in his second year as the Giants' signal caller.
KRT � The man is rough and
hard as oak bark, but somewhere
inside him Tom Coughlin must
have known he badly needed this
kind of season. Coughlin came
in with four straight losing years
in the NFL, the last three at 6-10,
and nobody ever gets five bad
ones in a row unless he's Tom
Landry starting up a brand new
franchise in Dallas.
Maybe Ernie Accorsi, the GM,
would stick by him, but Coughlin
would be fired by the Giants' fans
and his own players, and that
would be it. So he was, still is,
under enormous pressure that
comes with repeatedly coming
up short, lie has no Super Bowl
in his portfolio, and Coughlin
has fashioned a harsh image
that requires his players to invest
heavily in the program. If you
don't buy the schemes, if you
don't think they lead to victory,
then it is difficult to swallow the
rigid layers of formality.
We saw that at the start of
this marriage, when the Giants
rebelled against Coughlin
and basically thought he was
just a jerk. The more they lost
last year, the more absurd
it seemed to have that digital
clock set five minutes fast in the
locker room.
Then came this season, and
suddenly circumstance pulled
everyone together. Coughlin and
the Giants were in the middle
of everything. They opened on
911, and then they were a big
part of the tragic story in New
Orleans, playing the Saints at
home instead of on the road,
before a nation of curious view-
I his coupon uocxl for
ers. A couple weeks ago Wel-
lington Mara died, and now the
players wear his initials above
their chest.
It was one thing after another,
to pull and tug this franchise in
one direction. But the most amaz-
ing thing that Coughlin has done
- and this is not something you
would ever think likely from the
stoic man - is that he has made
the Giants fun to watch.
Fun is not something you
associate with Coughlin or with
the Giants franchise, even back
when they were winning cham-
pionships, using power football
and a corps of rapacious lineback-
ers. The Giants, at their best, were
efficient and mean, and they ran
you into the ground on both sides
of the ball.
This season, we are getting
something different. We are
still getting decent defense,
which bends without breaking
in the red zone. But we are also
witnessing a new look, a fresh
daring. We are getting Eli Man-
ning looking downfield, throw-
ing deep to Jeremy Shockey, on
You just needed to see that
call from Coughlin in the second
quarter on Sunday to know
Coughlin's circle of trust has
grown to include Manning. A
year ago, Coughlin admitted, he
never would have put his young
quarterback in that position,
never taken that chance.
"Would I put him in that
situation last year? Probably
not in a tight ballgame, fourth
down Coughlin said Monday.
"Their personnel indicated run.
We thought we had a shot, and
we took it
They are taking plenty of
shots, opening things up in a
way that makes the Giants one
of the more entertaining teams in
the league. They are 12th in the
league in offense, averaging 340.4
yards per game (they averaged
295.1 last season). Only eight
other teams are averaging more
yards per play, and the Giants
are attempting more than 32
passes a game (compared to 29.7
last year).
Here is the irony: Jim Fassel,
who was a much more affable
personality, never loosened up
with his offense. He didn't have
Manning, and he didn't have a
playmaker like Plaxico Burress.
But it is still hard to imagine
Fassel, even with this person-
nel, asking Manning to sidestep
pressure in the pocket and wait,
to read his options, and to hit
Shockey on that fourth-and-1.
What happens next? The
schedule tightens in two weeks. It
is not impossible that the Giants
go into a homely swoon and
Coughlin ends up with that fifth
straight losing season.
For now, you step back and
watch a desperately hungry coach
and his football team climb the
standings as a daredevil act. The
Giants are fun, for a change, and
Coughlin is learning to smile a
bit as he goes.
Usually, we are firing coaches
for losing just as they are learning
what it may take to win. Cough-
lin may have survived the worst,
a wiser man, still head coach of
an NFL team.
OWenS from page A6
Owens is scheduled to earn
$3.25 million this season,
meaning the four-game suspen-
sion would cost him almost
The Eagles will have to pay
Owens nearly $1 million to stay
home the final five games. They
could've simply released him
already, but they didn't want
his signing bonus to affect the
salary cap or allow him to go to
another team.
Owens will either be traded or
cut after the season. He's due to
receive a $5 million roster bonus
in March 2006, so the Eagles will
decide his fate before then.
Owens made more than $9
million last season, when he
� helped lead Philadelphia to the
Super Bowl.
Two years ago the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers decided they'd had
enough of Keyshawn Johnson
and made a similar move.
After Johnson criticized
coach Jon Gruden, the Super
Bowl champion Bucs deactivated
the star receiver and sent him
home for the final six games
with pay.
The Eagles are 4-4 this season.
And McNabb, who feuded with
Owens throughout the summer
and has been a constant target
of his criticism, finally took a
stand in the matter, saying the
team might be "better off" with-
out Owens.
"Obviously it is tough losing a
guy of his caliber, his ability, but
I think we might be better off
McNabb said after throwing an
interception that sealed the loss
to Washington.
"We're 4-4. We're not 1-7. I
think that's the way to look at it.
For the guys in the locker room,
we win together and we lose
together he said.
Asked to elaborate on how the
team could be better off without
its top receiver, McNabb empha-
sized the remaining players are
united with the same goal of
Rookie Reggie Brown filled
in for Owens against Washing-
ton and caught five passes for
94 yards, including a 56-yard
TD reception. But the Eagles'
offense continued to struggle and
couldn't score the tying touch-
down with three shots from the
Redskins 7 in the final minutes.
The Eagles were 17-5 with
Owens, including a 24-21 loss to
New England in the Super Bowl.
In that game, Owens had nine
catches for 122 yards after defying
his doctor's advice and playing 6
12 weeks after ankle surgery.
They're 2-1 without him in
games that matter, winning twice
in the NFC playoffs.
the experience not only of the
championship night, but the
entire flag football season. As
games were played throughout
the season, both competition and
friendship formed. In the end
only the best of the competition
remained as they were crowned
ECU Flag Football Champions.
This writer can be contacted at
This was the second time
Owens has been suspended
during his controversial 10-year
career. In 2000, he was suspended
one game by San Francisco coach
Steve Mariucci following his infa-
mous touchdown celebrations on
the Dallas Cowboys' star logo at
the center of Texas Stadium.
Owens clashed with manage-
ment this summer and earned
a one-week exile from training
camp after a heated dispute with
Reid that followed a shouting
match with offensive coordinator
Brad Childress.
Owens forced a trade to the
Eagles last year after eight seasons
with the 49ers and invigorated
the offense with his superior
skills. He had 77 catches for 1,200
yards and 14 TDs in 14 games.
Soon after Philadelphia lost
to the Patriots, Owens took his
first shot at McNabb, suggesting
the five-time Pro Bowl quar-
terback was tired in the fourth
quarter of the loss.
McNabb responded harshly
and the two didn't speak for a
prolonged period in training
camp. They eventually reconciled
their relationship and performed
well together on the field Owens
has 47 catches for 763 yards and
six TDs this season.
However, Owens continued
to throw verbal jabs at McNabb.
NBA from page A7
The Miami Heat, for instance,
already had a dress code similar
to the one adopted by the league,
though chains and headphones
were not forbidden. Heat forward
Udonis Haslem had a particular
problem with the ban on head-
phones when players arrive at
and leave arenas.
"I don't see what that has to
do with image or anything like
that Haslem said. "Everyone
wears headphones. Does that
present a negative image by wear-
ing your headphones when you
are entering the arena?
"For all they know, you could
be listening to gospel
Heat guard Dwyane Wade
said he wasn't sure if there was a
racial element to the dress code.
He was among players who said
the dress code is only a cosmetic
change and that "the real person
is going to come out no matter
what clothes they are wearing
To Heat center Alonzo
Mourning, the two go hand
in hand. He said a dress code
wasn't needed but is "appropri-
ate" because Stern is trying to sell
a product and that the product
needs to be presented in a way
that customers want.
Mourning, 35, said he is a
fan of hip-hop music but that
some facets of that image are
not appropriate for the business
of the NBA. He said the business
success of Michael Jordan, who
almost always appeared pub-
licly in suits as a player, showed
that image can be important to
making money
"What (Stern) is trying to
do is improve the image of the
league; he is not trying to run
anybody's life Mourning said.
It's not clear, though, if the
NBA even needed to improve its
image. The league set a record last
season with average attendance
of 17,313, and the year before
had its highest attendance since
Jordan retired for the final time.
A survey commissioned by
Dockers, the clothing brand, after
the dress code was announced
didn't show an overwhelmingly
negative view of players among fans.
Of the respondents who iden-
tified themselves as NBA fans, 38
percent of men and 37 percent
of women answered "yes" or
"somewhat" when asked if they
thought the way NBA players
dress is a negative reflection of
the league. But when the NBA
fans were asked if they supported
the new dress code, 62 percent of
men and 45 percent of women
said yes.
Stern said the league Is at the
forefront of a cultural discussion.
He said his feedback indicates that
families and classrooms used the
dress code to talk about "standards,
professionalism, discipline
"It struck a chord with a lot
of people and (they) wanted to
talk about it Stern said. "They
use sports to talk about these
things. We are in the middle of
a debate now
2nd .mil 4th domition
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Majors: Nursing
Hobbies: Swimming & going to the beach
Why do I donate Plasma?
Extra spending money for the beach.
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always look for the
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Star of NBC's hit show ER
The Humane Charity Seal of
Approval guarantees that a health
charity funds vital
patient services or
life-saving medical
research, but never
animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
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www. HumaneSeal. org
202-686-2210, ext. 335

Page A9
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enclosed patio, ECU bus route, No
pets 752-7738
404 E. Second Steel Duplex 2
Bedroom 1 Bath with Fenced yard
$450 252-361-2138
Beech Street: 3 bedroom 2 bath
apartment. Close to ECU. Cat allowed
with fee. For more information call
Wainright Property Management
756-6209 or visit our web-site www.
College Part: 1 & 2 bedroom
apartments, On ECU bus stop.
WaterSewer included. For more
information call Wainright Property
Management 756-6209 or visit our
web-site www.rentingreenville.
FREEI 1st Mo. Rent plus High Speed
Internet- 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, Central
heatAC, fireplace, fenced yard,
dogs OK. Near ECU, PCMH, 427W.
4th St. $1100.00Mo. 347-6504
Cannon CourtCedar Court: 2
bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse.
One ECU bus stop. For more
information call Wainright Property
Management 756-6209 or visit our
Gladiolus, Jasmine, & Peony
Gardens: 1, 2, & 3 bedrooms.
Close to ECU. Pets allowed with
fee. For more information call
Wainright Property Management
756-6209 or visit our web-site www.
Roommate needed in beautiful 3
BDR house, 2 Bath one block from
campus, females non-smoking ;
high speed wireless internet option;
WD, all kitchen appliances, parking,
no pets. Please call 347-1231
1 & 2 bedroom apartments, walking
distance to campus, WD conn
pets ok no weight limit, free water
and sewer. Call today for security
deposit special - 758-1921.
2 and 3 bedroom houses for rent.
Close to ECU. Pet allowed with
fee. For more information call
Wainright Property Management
756-6209 or visit our web-site www.
Sublease Jan. '06 thru June '06 Rent
$235 a month plus split cable and
utilities Near Campus On bus route
call Stephanie 252-531-3217
One room available in four bedroom
house. 12 mail from campus. Rent
is $325 plus 14 utilities. Available
now. Call 757-348-6060 or e-mail
For Sale: Used Laptop: IBM ThinkPad
600x with Windows XP Loaded,
DVD Drive, Wireless Ready. Asking
$400 O.B.O. Contact Stephanie @
Light House Work for 2-3 Hrswk,
Own Schedule At ECU Professors
Home, Well Paid. Call 355-2217
Bartenders Wanted! $250day
potential. No experience necessary.
Training provided. Call (800) 965-
6520 ext. 202
Professor O'Cools is now hiring wait
staff and Part-time Manager. Must
apply in person between 2-5pm.
Must be available for day, evening,
and night shifts.
Needed: Someone good at tennis to
work with and play with a 13 year
old boy 3-4 times per week. Call
917-6787 for more information.
Tiara Too Jewelry Colonial Mall Part-
time Retail Sales Associate Available
year round! Day and Night hours
Apply in Person
Greenville Recreation & Parks
Department is recruiting 14-18
part-time youth basketball coaches
and officials for the upcoming
basketball program. Applicants
must possess a good knowledge
of basketball skills and have the
ability and patience to work with
youth. Applicants must be able to
coach young people ages 5-18 in
basketball fundamentals. Hours
are from 4pm to 9pm, weekdays
and some weekend coaching.
Flexible with hours according to
class schedules. This program will
run from November 29 through
the beginning of March. Salary
rates start at $6.50 per hour. For
more information, please contact
the Athletic Office at 329-4550,
Monday through Friday, 10am until
7pm. Apply at the City of Greenville,
Human Resources Department,
201 Martin L. King Dr. Phone 329-
Wanted Nanny for infant experience
and references required please call
Old Writer Needs Someone
Reasonably Proficient in Computer
Use to Tutor Him In Once A Week
Sessions. Lyndale Area. Pays Very
Well. 258-1707
LayoutDesign Assistance for new
County Women's Journal. Great PT
opportunity with growth potential.
Must be flexible and dependable.
Part-time Sales position; afternoon
hours; apply in person @ Larry's
Carpet One, 3010 E. 10th Street,
Greenville, NIC - No Calls, please!
Spring Break - Early Booking
Specials - Free Meals & Drinks -
$50 Deposit - 800-234-7007 www.
Found bird between Belk BIdg. and
Stratford Arm apts. Light blue belly
yellow neck gray and white wings.
Call 321-7427 for info
Cancun, Acapulco, Jamaica From
$499! Travel With America's Largest
& Ethics Award Winning Spring
Break Company! Fly Scheduled
Airlines, Free Meals, Drinks, Biggest
Celebrity Parties! On-Campus
Marketing Reps Needed! www. Promo code:
32 1-800-678-6386
1 Spring Break Website! Low
prices guaranteed. Free Meals &
Free Drinks. Book 11 people, get
12th trip free! Group discounts for
6 www.SpringBreakDiscounts.
com or or
Bahamas Spring Break Celebrity
Cruise! 5 Days From $299! Includes
Meals, Taxes, Entry To Exclusive
MTVu Events, Beach Parties With
Celebrities As Seen on Real World,
Road Rules! On Campus Reps
Needed! www.SpringBreakTravel.
com Promo code: 32 1-800-678-
Vixen Sky Productions Casting Call
for models Seeking guys and girls of
all types No experience necessary,
photo requested Pirates Cove
Apartments Lounge beside the office
November 8th, 9th, 10th 6pm-8pm
For information or directions call
Joe Pisano at (252)321-8209 www.
SAGA's Fall Anime Marathon - On
Friday the 11th and Saturday the
12th we will be watching ALL of
Saiyuki and first season of Super
GALS. Mendenhall 221 from noon
till 2am.
Bahamas Party
Cruise $299
Cancun $559
Acapulco $629
Jamaica, Nassau, Panama City, Daytona From $1791
Recognized 3 Times For Ethics! Campus Reps Needed!
1 Oscar winner
5 Carta
10 Medicinal plant
14 Big screen
15 Packing heat
16 Gray wolf
17 Summerville or
18 Sea's end?
19 Religious image
20 Goose eggs
22 Comparisons
based on
24 Capital on the
26 Low in fat
27 Obliterate
29 Irritable
33 Assembling
36 Winter hrs. in
38 Be gutsy
39 Circle part
40 Speaker's stand
43 Pastoral spot
44 Jet-set jet
46 Greek letter
47 Lent follower
49 Work
51 Put in a box
53 Duration
55 Inflexible
59 Information
63 One cubic
64 Coup d'
65 Jocularity
67 Lima's country
68 Alaska port
69 Yogi of baseball
70 Five-star review
71 Went fast
72 Fiery felony
73 Actor Sharif
Couch potato
French river
Ellipsoidal nuts
More in Mexico
12341676'1 23.111213
272B129 1303132
333435�3636 1
� 20C All rig� Trill hts reune H serveedia d.Services, Inc.110906
k mm&
8 Language of
9 Fred's first
10 Trued up
11 Focal points
12 Tubular
13 Many, many
21 Harden
23 Cereal grain
25 More senior
28 Range of the
30 Table seasoning
31 Baobab or
32 Calendar length
33 Galleria
34 Neighborhood
35 Sign of healing
37 Tire feature
41 More shoddy
42 Twangy
45 Spun
48 Part-time
3sV0N "o"3u0aVi
50 Chest bone
52 Fidel of Cuba
54 Deadly African
56 Mr. T's outfit
57 Emperor before
58 More authentic
59 Lairs
60 At the summit
61 Domesticate
62 Goofs
66 Chinese
m wok, juc Rmwi�
� mm
r Bmm
A College Girl Named Joe
umw. Mr�nia�& a�
Tuftjs ouT SHE DotsNtEvEH
SEConD, HttlMofclo
UoKMdSf SfflttUR ftTNttKT.

i�. V v(y�?
by Aaron Warner
by Aaron Warner

Be an Orientation
Develop your leadership skills, help the new students adjust to ECU,
pass along Pirate Pride, earn some money, and have FUN
Summer 2006 applications now
available in Whichard 201.
To learn more, attend an information session:
Tuesday, November 15,10:00-11:00am, Whichard 106
Monday, December 5,4:00-5:00pm, Whichard 106
Wednesday, January 11,7:00-8:00pm, Mendenhall, Room 212
Or contact the Office of Orientation,
Whichard 201,328-4173,
Apply today!
"I absolutely love this job.
The opportunities it gives
you are endless, not to
mention lifetime friends
�OA 2005
It was so much fun If eft that we made
a huge impact on the incoming freshmen
�OA 2005
has great hours and pay.
I learned more about ECU. I met new
people�coworkers, freshmen,
and parents. Plus, I grew as a person
-OA 2005
I really like the
program and feel
it's a great way
future of ECU
�OA 2004

The East Carolinian, November 9, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
November 09, 2005
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