The East Carolinian, October 20, 2005

VolLrine-81 Number 17
October 20, 2005
Suspicious backpack near Jenkins Fine
Art Center gets authorities' attention
Canines, bomb squad brought in to
handle situation
While students were departing campus for fall
break last Friday, authorities found a suspicious
backpack behind the decorative bushes at the Jen-
kins Fine Art Center around 11:30 a.m.
"They hadacanlne sniff thebags there were chem-
icals in there that were of concern said Nancy McGil-
licuddy, public affairs officer for ECU News Bureau.
A construction worker working near the area
purportedly left his bag on the ground. The bag was
later found to have contained copper tubing.
Upon finding the bag, Pitt County officials sent
an explosive-detection dog to campus. The Marine
Corps was also involved Friday. They sent a bomb
squad there to open and inspect the bag.
Major Frank Knight, from the Greenville Police
Department, said they were reasonably sure it was
innocent but they wanted to take extra precautionary
measures. He called it a "non-threatening situation
After the bag was found the bomb squad used
a device called a "water cannon" on the bag. The
water cannon is designed to disrupt timing devices
inside bombs. They used this in case there was
indeed an explosive device in the bag. The water
cannon accounted for the loud blast-like noises
that could be heard in the afternoon. They were
not explosions though.
Students living in Garrett Residence Hall were
asked to stay out of the building while tests were
being done next door at Jenkins Fine Art Center.
Knight said they were able to return by 4:30 p.m. fe
ECU and Greenville Police are running normal
precautionary measures following last Friday's j
incident. Officers typically go through dormitories
once each shift.
However, there is a new sense of alert in wake �
of the Georgia Tech bomb scare Monday, Oct. �
see BOMB SCARE page A2 Marine Corps bomb squad officials alleviated any chance of an explosion by using a water cannon after canines found suspicious smells in the bag.
ECU continues to be excellent in online
degree options, number one in education
Online MBA program
is best buy in nation
according to study
Flu vaccinations are available to everyone on Oct. 24.
Flu season coming
in weeks ahead
Illness prevention
important in fall, winter
The next few months are a
time when humans are most sus-
ceptible to flu sickness, and the
key to preventing such sickness is
through good hygiene practice.
However, it may be necessary
to consider vaccinations and
remedies available through the
Student Health Service. They are
preparing for both flu season and
Halloween. These are important
time periods to the Student
Health Service because of the
implications they have on the
well being of thousands of people
who attend ECU.
Ellen J. Goldberg, nurse man-
ager at the Student Health Service,
said flu season starts in late Octo-
ber, picks up in November and
December and continues until
about the time of spring break.
She said there are not many good
indicators as to the severity of an
upcoming flu season.
"There is not a whole lot that
can predict it said Goldberg.
Goldberg suggested plenty of
ways to avoid flu suffering. Hand-
washinghand sanitizing, being
aware of crowded places, having
good hygiene, getting rest, eating
right and exercising are supposed
to be effective methods for flu
prevention. It also helps to know
how the flu can be spread.
"It's spread by respiration
droplets, so that's sneezing,
coughing . obviously the best
thing we can tell students is
hand-washing Goldberg said.
The Center for Disease Con-
trol identifies the following prob-
lems as symptoms of flu: fever
(usually high), headache, fatigue,
dry cough, sore throat, runny
stuffy nose and muscle soreness.
What are some treatments
that are used to prevent the flu?
Starting Monday, Oct. 24, the
Student Health Service, Brody
School of Medicine and other
clinics will administer flu shots.
Until then, they are reserved for
high-risk patients such as asthma
sufferers, pregnant women and
the elderly. There is also the
alternative preventative vac-
cine, FluMist. FluMist is a nasal
vaccine designed to prevent ill-
ness attributed to influenza A
and B viruses.
Meanwhile, the CDC is study-
ing the possibility of an avian
influenza (bird flu) outbreak. The
CDC believes the flu can come
from tainted poultry, however,
they are still not aware enough
of effects.
"To date, human infections
with avian influenza A viruses
detected since 1997 have not
resulted in sustained human-
to-human transmission accord-
ing to CDC.
"However, because influenza
A viruses have the potential to
change and gain the ability to
spread easily between people,
monitoring for human infection
and person-to-person transmis-
sion is important
There has been no indication
at this point of any shortage in
flu vaccinations like last year.
Goldberg said the Chiron corn-
see FLU page A2
Several of ECU'S degree
programs, including computer
science and business, have been
ranked among the top three
in the U.S. by college research
The online program for MBA
and computer science degrees are
each ranked number one. The
online education degree is rated
number three.
"ECU has strived not only to
increase access through online
programs, but also to ensure that
the programs are the best they can
be said Elmer Poe, assistant vice
chancellor for academic outreach.
"ECU's online programs are
taught by the same faculty who
teach on campus, and often the
online students are in the same
virtual classrooms as the campus
The MBA program is con-
sidered the most cost-effective
degree to get online. The top
25 programs were ranked with
respect to the in-state price tag.
ECU is number one for in-state
tuition, costing students only
$3,578. That is more than $1,000
less than the number two school,
Western Illinois University, where
it costs $4,744 to attend in state.
ECU'S out-of-state tuition
only amounts to $13,212. That is
cheaper than the in-state tuition
of the lower 13 schools on the top
25 list. No other North Carolina
university made the list. is an orga-
nization geared toward con-
sumer-oriented students looking
to get an education at an afford-
able cost. ECU'S online computer
science program is number one
among a plethora of other public
colleges competing for students.
"Not surprisingly, eight of
the top 10 best buys came from
publicly funded universities
said Vicky Phillips, GetEducated.
com CEO and chief analyst.
"Many publicly funded uni-
versities in low-cost education
states in the South and Midwest
are beginning to offer their
degree programs online for one
flat fee. This means prospec-
tive students nationwide can
begin enjoying low public col-
lege tuition rates that were once
available only to the residents of
selected states
Online programs and dis-
tance education have grown
increasingly popular at ECU, the
state leader in DE programs. Last
year, there were around 50,000 g
semester hours offered through 8
distance education. 1
"We have more to offer �
because our faculty has stepped B
up to the plate and put these 5
programs on said Carolyn K. J
Dunn, coordinator of marketing s
and summer study abroad.
There are about 3,700 stu-
dents who are enrolled in more
than 50 of ECU'S undergraduate,
graduate and certificate pro-
grams. In today's global wired
society, it is beneficial for ECU
to be able to offer programs to
people who would otherwise miss
the opportunity to get a college
education. Distance education
encompasses many forms of
technology and gives students a
chance to learn without having
to commute long distances.
"Distance learning may occur
by surface mail, videotape, inter-
active TV, radio, satellite or any
Business &
100 FREE
One guidebook for 2005.
number of Internet technologies
such as message boards, chat
rooms and desktop computer
conferencing Phillips said.
It is important for prospec-
tive students to understand what
constitutes an accredited online
university though. Trouble can
arise from believing Internet
scams that promise lavish degree
options in miniscule periods of
see ONLINE page A2
Professors concerned about proposed legislation
Academic Bill of Rights
could alter classroom
A new piece of legislation
making its way through state
Congresses and the U.S. House of
Representatives could affect the
way professors are allowed to con-
duct their classes and lectures.
The Academic Bill of Rights,
authored by David Horowitz,
essentially states that there shall
be "no political, Ideological or
religious orthodox . . . imposed
on professors" as well as students.
The bill says campuses should
have a "plurality of methodolo-
gies and perspectives meaning
all views should be given equal
opportunity for representation.
In print, the bill appears to
reinforce common beliefs about
academic freedom held by most
of the population.
However, critics say the bill is
an attempt by the right wing to
correct what they believe is a lib-
eral bias in university classrooms.
Some conservatives believe this
bias prevents more conservative-
minded students from being able
to voice their opinions in class for
fear of retribution from liberal
"The Academic Bill of Rights
is based squarely on the almost
100-year-old tradition of aca-
demic freedom that the American
Association of University Profes-
sors has established said Horow-
itz in an article he published in
the Chronicle of Higher Education.
"Although the AAUP has
recognized student rights since
its inception, however, most
campuses have rarely given them
the attention or support they
deserve. In fact, it is safe to say
that no college or university now
adequately defends them
However, the AAUP is one
of the bill's strongest critics.
Professors in the union feel the
bill could curtail the freedom to
teach as they see fit and proper.
"There are already mecha-
nisms in place to protect this
principle academic freedom,
and they work well the AAUP
said in a statement on Its Web site.
"Not only is the Academic
Bill of Rights redundant, but,
ironically, it also infringes aca-
demic freedom in the very act of
purporting to protect it
Political science professor
Richard Kearney says the bill is
unnecessary if professors follow
common sense in the class-
"Professors should stay in
their area of expertise and be tol-
erant on both sides said Kearney.
"I think there is a responsibil-
ity to be respectful. Our political
culture's not and you don't make
progress like that
It is the bill's emphasis on
including alternate viewpoints
in the classroom that is causing
some to worry it could result in
biology professors being forced
to teach Biblical creation along-
side evolution, or a Nazi being
hired to teach philosophy to
satisfy a mandate requiring
all perspectives receive equal
Bill sponsors deny the pos-
sibility of this kind of situation,
but the talk does not sit well with
many college professors across
the country.
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ZACK HILL Assistant News Editor
THURSDAY October 20,2005
Salsa Dance
The ECU Folk and Country
Dancers are sponsoring a
salsa dance Friday, Oct. 21 at
the Willis Building located In
downtown Greenville on First and
Reade Streets. Instruction will be
provided by Propocio and Heidi at
7:30 p.m. The dance will be from
8:30-11 p.m. with music provided
by DJ Ramon. The cost Is $3 for
students, $5 for FASG members
and $8 for the public. This Is a
non-smoking event. For more
information, contact 752-7350.
Career Fair
The Career Center will be hosting
the All-Majors Fall Career Fair
Thursday, Oct. 20 from 10 a.m.
- 2 p.m. In Mlnges Coliseum.
More than 125 companies
and 300 recruiters will be on
campus to recruit seniors for
permanent positions and juniors
for Internships. Information on
the employers attending and
the positions for which they will
be recruiting is available at the
Career Fair's Web site at
e3careers. For more information,
contact Jane Rahm in Student
Professional Development at
Opera Verdi Europa
performs Macbeth
Opera Verdi Europa will present an
operatic version of Shakespeare's
Macbeth Thursday, Oct 20 at 8
p.m. in Wright Auditorium. The
Interpretation of the tragedy is
considered one of Verdi's best,
and Verdi has drawn sellout
crowds and standing ovations
at previous ECU performances.
Individual tickets are $39 for the
public, $37 for ECU faculty and
staff, $19 for youth and $10 for
ECU students. Subscriptions and
packages are available for tickets
to other performances this year.
All tickets are $39 at the door.
Open House at Queen
Anne's Revenge
Conservation Lab
The public is invited to view
artifacts recovered from
Blackbeard's ship, the Queen
Anne's Revenge. Conservators,
scientists and archaeologists will
be on hand to discuss treatment
and study of the recovered items.
The ship sank in Beaufort Inlet in
1718 and was discovered in 1996.
The event will take place from 11
am. - 3 p.m. Saturday, Oct 22 at
the ECU West Research Campus
at 1157 VOA Site C Road in
Greenville. For more information,
e-mail wendy welsh
Senior Choreography
Dance concentration seniors from
the School of Theatre and Dance
will perform original choreography
at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct 22
and at 8 p.m. Sunday, Oct 23 in
the studio theatre. Tickets are
required and seating is limited. For
more information, call 328-6829.
Headley presents
Whichard Lecture
ECU history professor John
Headley will present The West
in Its Search for a Universal
Community" at 8 p.m. on Tuesday,
Oct. 25 in room OC-307 In the
Science and Technology Building.
The lecture covers a time period
from 330 b.c.e. - 2000 c.e. and
is a part of the ECU Whlchard
Lecture series.
Asian Studies Lecture
Steve Heine, professor of religion
ana history at Florida International
University, will present 'Zen
Hermits and Zen Samurai" as
part of ECU'S Annual Lecture
in Asian Studies from 4 - 5:30
p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26 In
the Science and Technology
Building. Heine is the author of
several books, Including White
Collar Zen: Using Zen Principles
to Overcome Obstacles and
Achieve Your Career Goals and
Opening a Mountain: Koans
of the Zen Masters. For more
information, contact John Tucker
at 328-1028.
New Briefs
NC students lose a few points In
nationwide reading, math testa
RALEIGH, NC (AP) - North Carolina
students had a little trouble with
their reading skills, with scores on
achievement tests dropping slightly
in a national measure of student
performance released Wednesday.
Nearly 40 percent of fourth-graders
and 31 percent of eighth-graders
performed below a basic level of
proficiency In reading, according
to the National Assessment of
Educational Progress, or NAEP.
But math scores held steady for both
grade groups, and the North Carolina
students generally performed at
or slightly better than the national
average in both subjects.
The biennial NAEP test Is considered
the best benchmark of progress
over time and across the country.
It assesses mathematics and
reading in several areas, converting
performance into a scale that ranges
from 0 to 500.
North Carolina students have taken
the test for more than a decade,
but the 2003 report was the first to
Include results from all 50 states. The
U.S. Education Department required
participation that year since the test
is now used to gauge the rigor of
education In the states.
This year, North Carolina fourth-
grade? did better than the national
average in mathematics, scoring
an average of 241 points to the
nationwide average of 237, and
equaled the nationwide average
score of 217 in reading.
But it was a slight drop from the state's
2003 results, when the students
scored an average of 242 points in
math and 221 In reading.
The percentage of fourth-grade
students who performed at or above
basic proficiency also dipped in both
subjects, from 85 percent in 2003 to
83 percent in 2005 In math, and from
66 percent to 62 percent In reading
where 38 percent performed below
the basic skill level.
North Carolina's eighth-grade
students held steady in mathematics,
raising their average score one point
from 281 to 282, and maintaining
a 72 percent average of students
who performed at or above basic
proficiency in the subject. They, too,
beat the nationwide average math
score of 278 points.
But like their younger counterparts,
they struggled a bit in reading,
dropping their average score from
262 points In 2003 to 258 this year,
two points below the national average
score. Only 69 percent reached basic
proficiency or better, down from 72
percent In 2003 and below this year's
national average of 71 percent.
Within the state, math scores were
again statistically even among males
and females In both age groups,
while North Carolina girls outstripped
the boys In reading. Fourth-grade
girls scored an average of 8 points
higher in reading than the boys, while
the eighth-graders had a 15-polnt
gender gap.
Situation at troubled Taunton.
Maes, dam stable, but 'extremely
TAUNTON, Mass. (AP) - A weakened
dam that threatened to send a wall
of water through the city was under
control but volatile, forcing thousands
of residents to stay out of their homes,
the mayor said Wednesday.
Mayor Robert G. Nunes said the city
remained under a state of emergency
and there was still a significant
amount of water behind the 173-year-
old Whittenton Pond Dam. "However,
we are winning he added.
"We're erring on the side of caution
Nunes said. "We don't want to jump
and say everything is OK, and, God
forbid, have something happen
Crews have been working to relieve
pressure from the dam, which buckled
earlier in the week under heavy rain
In this working-class community 40
miles south of Boston.
Nunes canceled school for a second
day Wednesday, and downtown
businesses and all government offices
and state courts were closed.
"It's better to be safe than sorry said
Brian Bishop, who has a curtain and
bedding store on Main Street. "I've
got a lot of money to lose If this thing
goes and water comes tearing down
the street"
Crews have opened floodgates on the
wooden dam, and adjusted the flow
on a second dam upstream. National
Guard troops have placed sandbags
upstream in an effort to slow the
flow of the rain-swollen Mill River.
"Both dams are performing as they
should said Pre Chief Joseph Rose.
"But there is still a substantial amount
of pressure on them
Since the beginning of the month,
Taunton has received 11 12 inches
of rain, including more than 7 inches
from Friday through Sunday.
The mayor on Monday ordered about
2,000 residents who live near the Mill
River to evacuate. Though the rain
has stopped, the situation at the dam
worsened after some of the dam's
timbers washed away. Dive teams
were standing by In case rescues
proved necessary.
Officials fear that a break in the dam
could send 6 feet of water surging
through downtown Taunton, flooding
businesses and destroying homes.
They also worry that If Whittenton Pond
Dam collapses, so could the Moray's
Bridge dam upstream, because It
no longer would have counteracting
pressure on its downstream side.
The 12-foot-high Whittenton Pond
Dam dates to 1832, and Is near
homes and businesses about a
half-mile upstream from downtown
Taunton. It was built to power a textile
mill, but no longer has any industrial
purpose. The city last flooded in 1968,
when the same dam broke.
Defiant Saddam goes on trial for
1982 massacre of Shlltes
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Saddam
Hussein went on trial Wednesday
for a massacre of his fellow Iraqis,
turning immediately argumentative
and challenging the legitimacy of
the court as he appeared before
a five-judge panel In the former
headquarters of his Baath Party two
years after his capture.
Saddam pleaded not guilty after he
and seven former members of his
regime were formally charged with
murder, torture, forced expulsion
and Illegal imprisonment for a 1982
massacre of nearly 150 Shiites in the
town of Dujall. They could face the
death penalty by hanging if they are
At the opening of the trial the 68-
year-old ousted Iraqi leader looking
thin with a salt-and-pepper beard in
a dark gray suit and open-collared
white shirt stood and asked the
presiding judge: "Who are you? I want
to know who you are
"I do not respond to this so-called
court, with all due respect to Its
people, and I retain my constitutional
right as the president of Iraq he said,
brushing off the judge's attempts to
Interrupt him. "Neither do I recognize
the body that has designated and
authorized you, nor the aggression
because all that has been built on
false basis Is false"
The presiding judge, Rizgar
Mohammed Amln, a Kurd, tried to get
Saddam to formally Identify himself
but Saddam refused and finally sat.
Amin read his name for him, calling
him the "former president of Iraq
bringing a protest from Saddam, who
insisted he was still in the post.
The other defendants include
Saddam's former Intelligence chief
Barazan Ibrahim, former vice president
Taha Yassln Ramadan and other
lower-level Baathist civil servants.
Most were wearing traditional Arab
robes and they complained that
they were not allowed to have
headdresses, so court officials
brought out red headdresses for
them. Many Sunni Arabs consider it
shameful to appear in public without
the checkered scarf, tied by a cord
around the forehead.
The trial Is taking place in the marble
building that once served as the
National Command Headquarters of
his feared Baath Party. The building
in Baghdad's Green Zone, the
heavily fortified district where Iraq's
government, parliament and the U.S.
Embassy are located, was ringed with
10-foot blast walls and U.S. and Iraqi
troops, with several Humvees and at
least one tank deployed outside. U.S.
soldiers led sniffer dogs around the
grounds, looking for explosives.
The world will be watching Saddam's
trial to see whether Iraq's new Shilte
and Kurdish leaders can rise above
politics and prejudice and give the
former dictator a fair hearing. Human
rights group have criticized the
government for trying to Influence
the trial and that considerable U.S.
logistical and financial aid to the
tribunal could lend credibility to
charges that it will mete out "victors'
BOmb Scare from page A1
10. During that morning, three
explosives were found at residence
halls on Georgia Tech's campus.
"Around 8:45 a.m. during
routine grounds cleaning, a
facilities worker picked up
an item believed to be trash
in the courtyard between the
Glenn and Cloudman residence
halls on the southeast side
of campus and it exploded
wrote Matthew Nagel, public
affairs writer at Georgia Tech.
As a result, 100 students were
evacuated from dorms while
the police and fire departments
"The Atlanta Police Depart-
ment bomb squad detonated the
remaining two devices shortly
before noon and students were
allowed to re-enter the residence
halls Nagel wrote.
"The facility worker was
taken to a clinic for evaluation
and released
ECU authorities put out alerts
on Monday and Tuesday of this
week about the Georgia Tech
incident. Officials are making
more efforts to watch out for
suspicious bags and boxes left
behind in areas. They tvfent the
ECU community to be on the
lookout as well.
Greenville Police is continu-
ing to investigate the suspicious
backpack situation and charges
are still pending.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
URilnC from page A1
"There is currently a big
boom in 'state approved' schools
offering degrees via distance
learning, especially from Cali-
fornia Phillips said.
"Many states regulate private
training and trade schools by put-
ting them through a state approval
process. This process is not the
same as accreditation. Sometimes
it simply means that a license to
do business has been granted
More information about
ECU's distance education pro-
grams can be obtained from the
Division of Continuing Stud-
ies' Web site, ecu.educs-acad
optionsindex.cfm. There is also
information at the Web site about
their coordination with Fort
Bragg and Wayne County.
This writer can be contacted at
FlU from page A1
pany had its licensed pulled last
year and could not mass-market
vaccinations. This resulted from
a plant in Liverpool, England
suspending productions because
of safety concerns.
"The plant was slated to
provide between 46 million
and 48 million doses of flu
vaccine for the U.S. market for
the imminent 2004-2005 flu
season, almost half the expected
nationwide supply according
to a Congressional Research
Report article.
The Student Health Service is
equipped to handle flu outbreaks
through their various protocols.
They track certain illnesses that
are prominent in particular areas
around campus and confine
them. Along with that, they also
administer masks for contagious
patients with heavy coughs and
distribute hand sanltizer to them
as well. There are often practices
and drills employees go through
to ensure promptness.
The Student Health Service
is also prepared to help students
with gastrointestinal illnesses
and meningitis. Meningitis is
something Goldberg said could
be critical, albeit rare. A vacci-
nation is highly recommended.
Bacterial meningitis can be prob-
lematic, but so can an instance of
viral meningitis.
"Viral can be pretty bad
because with viral there are no
antibiotics Goldberg said.
Fortunately though, viral
meningitis is not contagious. It
comes from other infections.
Georgia Childs, assistant
director for Peer Health at the
Student Health Service, is pre-
paring several Informative ses-
sions designed to educate stu-
dents on health concerns. The
most particular emphasis will
be on the upcoming Hallow-
een partying. Next Tuesday's
Haunted Health program, hosted
by Healthy Pirates, will address
some of the health problems
at Halloween parties. Students
must present an ECU OneCard
to attend.
"People will learn more about
how to be safe on Halloween
said Childs.
Haunted Health is Oct. 28
at Todd Dining Hall from 6 - 8
p.m. The primary goal will be
to familiarize students with the
effects of heavy drinking In over-
crowded areas.
"We don't tell people not to
drink Childs said. "We tell
them to learn ways to be safe
about it . . . everything in mod-
eration, make sure you're travel-
ing with groups of people and go
home with the same people you
went to a party with
The Healthy Lifestyles Team
and Healthy Pirates are also spon-
soring a program at the Student
Recreational Center titled World
of Wellness Expo. On Oct. 27,
from 2:30 - 6:30 p.m students
have the opportunity to exam-
ine health aspects like food,
sex, alcohol and stress through
activities involving international
metaphors like Mount Stress-
less, Oktoberfest, Sextopia and
Fantasy Food Island. The event
is also designed to showcase
Healthy Pirates. Healthy Pirates is
an acronym that stands for Peers
Influencing Responsible Actions
Throughout Everyday Situations.
Healthy Pirates has also started
efforts in breast cancer aware-
Goldberg suggests getting
FluMist and flu shots earlier
because bodies need a time to
develop immunity from influ-
enza. She said people could
always improve their chances of
avoiding the flu by Improving
self-care habits.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Religious Studies department
plans for trip abroad to India
India provides a rich culture
for students to study
In the summer of 2006, Derek
Maiu-r, assistant professor of Reli-
gious Studies, will lead a team of
students to India for one month
to study the country's vast range
of religion and culture.
"India is one of the most
dynamic, religiously diverse
places in the world said Maher.
During the first half of the trip,
students will visit a variety of
temples, monuments and other
sacred sites, including the Taj
Mahal, Varnasi, Khajuraho, Sar-
nath and Bodhgaya to name a
few. The last two weeks will be
spent in the northern town of
Dharamsala, where students will
undertake their own self-directed
study and produce a class project
from their experiences.
"Religion is so much more
public in India. We will focus
a great deal on how adherents
encounter their own sacred
space Maher said.
India is home to some 800
million Hindus, 200 million
Muslims and also a variety of
other religions like Buddhism,
Jainism, Christianity and Sikh-
ism. Students will be able to
experience all of these different
traditions enmeshed in Indian
culture, but the main focus will
be on lndo-Tlbetan Buddhism.
A rough estimate for the cost
of the trip is $4,200 - a cheaper
cost than many study abroad
groups from ECU. Students can
earn six credit hours in humani-
ties for the class.
"For out-of-state students,
it is probably the cheapest way
to earn credits during summer
school Maher said.
Maher hopes to have IS to 20
students on the trip.
"Everyone should travel
abroad at least once in their lives
because it is such an eye-opening
and self-fulfilling experience.
You learn so much about other
cultures and yourself said Wes
Borton, junior religious studies
and history major.
After studying the Tibetan
language with Maher, Borton
spent two moths this summer
studying at Tibet University in
Lhasa, Tibet in a joint program
with Columbia University and
the University of Virginia. He also
plans to attend the study abroad
program to India this summer.
It is not expected that all or
even most students attending
the trip will be religious stud-
ies majors. Maher anticipates a
variety of students like biology,
music and political science majors
because of the self-directed por-
tion of the trip. In Dharamsala,
the seat of the Tibetan govern-
ment-in-exile, there are about
10,000 Tibetans, including the
Dalai Lama. Many cultural insti-
tutions have sprung up to preserve
Tibetan traditions, such as the
Medical and Astrological Insti-
tute, the Performing Arts Institute
and the Library of Tibetan Works
and Archives. In essence, a music
student could study music at the
Performing Arts Institute or a biol-
ogy student could study Tibetan
medicine. For those who are
unsure of what they wish to study,
there is also the option of gather-
ing an oral history from towns-
people. Students will also study
cultural forms in Dharamsala
like metal castings, scroll paint-
ings, art and architecture.
"You could lead a trip to
India every year and it would
be different every time. There
is such a depth of tradition here
that seems to be lost to us In the
west Maher said.
For those who are Interested
in the study abroad trip to India,
Maher suggests they enroll in
PHIL 2692: Buddhism, as it
will provide a good prequel to
the trip. Topics discussed will
include several sites the group
will be visiting. For more informa-
tion on the study abroad trip to
India, please e-mail maherd@mail.
This writer can be contacted at
In Romania, a disinfectant train fights against the bird flu
Bird flu causes panic for
China, 2,600 reported dead
BEIJING (AP) � Some 2,600
birds have been found dead of
bird flu in northern China's
grasslands, the government said
Wednesday, amid reports of new
outbreaks in Europe and Russia.
Preliminary tests detected
the deadly HSN1 bird flu
strain in samples taken from a
region south of Moscow where
hundreds of birds died suddenly,
the Agriculture Ministry said
If confirmed, the discovery
in the Tula region, 12S miles
south of Moscow, would mark
the first time the lethal strain
has appeared in European Russia,
west of the Ural Mountains.
Elsewhere, tests carried out
by experts in Britain confirmed
the deadly HSN1 bird flu strain
in a second location in Romania's
eastern Danube Delta region,
Romanian officials announced.
Authorities have killed all farm
birds in the area and finished
disinfecting the areas, including
people's houses and yards.
Specialists worry that infected
birds in the Danube Delta, a large
wetland reservation home to 323
species of birds, could spread
the virus to Bulgaria, Hungary,
Greece and Africa when they
migrate later this year.
In Brussels, an EU official
said bird flu was suspected in
Macedonia, where authorities
started Wednesday to cull 10,000
chickens in a small southern vil-
lage as a precaution.
Macedonia borders Greece,
where the EU was already inves-
tigating a possible outbreak of
the HSN1 virus, which has killed
see CHINA page A6

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Rice outlines strategy of 'clear, hold
and build' in clearing out insurgents
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Pirate Stuff
community since 1982
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Rice meets with Senator Lugar before her testimony.
Mark A. Ward
Attorney at Law
Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law
� Traffic Offenses
� Drug Offenses
� State & Federal Courts
252.752.7529 � Visit our website at
tary of State Condoleezza Rice on
Wednesday outlined a strategy
for helping Iraqis clear out insur-
gents and build durable, national
institutions as she sought to reas-
sure jittery members of Congress
about the path to peace in Iraq.
Rice said the United States
will follow a model that was suc-
cessful in Afghanistan. Starting
next month, she said, joint dip-
lomatic-military groups - Provin-
cial Reconstruction Teams - will
work alongside Iraqis as they
train police, set up courts, and
help local governments establish
essential services.
Even as Rice tried to crys-
talize the strategy before the
Senate Foreign Relations Com-
mittee, Republicans and Dem-
ocrats pressed her for more
specifics that they say will help
Americans determine when U.S.
troops in Iraq can return home.
Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind
the committee chairman, ques-
tioned whether Iraqis should
have benchmarks for progress.
"At what point do we try to set
some markers?" he asked.
"They are taking over respon-
sibility for some of the toughest
places - those are good bench-
marks Rice responded.
Democrats urged her to
explain how the strategy would
impact the number of U.S. troops
serving in Iraq.
"I'm not looking for a date
to get out of Iraq Sen. Joseph
Biden of Delaware, the top Dem-
ocrat on the panel, said. "But at
what point, assuming the strat-
egy works, do you think we'll be
able to see some sign of bringing
some American forces home?"
Rice demurred to the opin-
ions of military commanders,
saying: "I don't want to hazard
what I think would be a guess,
even if it were an assessment, of
when that might be possible
By State Department design,
Rice testified before the commit-
tee just days after Iraq apparently
approved its first constitution
since a U.Sled coalition ousted
Iraqi dictator Saddam I Iussein in
2003. Her appearance also coin-
cided with the start of Saddam's
trial in Baghdad for a massacre of
150 of his fellow Iraqis.
At the White House, press
secretary Scott McClellan praised
Saddam's trial as "a symbol that
the rule of law is returning to
Rice heralded the referendum
on the charter as "a landmark"
and said the US. strategy was
moving from a stage of transition
to a stage of preparing a perma-
nent Iraqi government.
"Clear areas from insurgent
control, to hold them securely,
and to build durable, national
Iraqi institutions Rice said
"Our strategy is to clear,
hold, and build she said. "The
enemy's strategy is to infect, ter-
rorize, and pull down
With Iraqi allies, she said,
the United States is working to
dismantle the insurgent network
and disrupt foreign support
for them, maintain security
in areas insurgents no longer
hold, and build national institu-
tions to "sustain security forces,
bring rule of law, visibly deliver
essential services, and offer the
Iraqi people hope for a better
economic future
Rice said that to ensure suc-
cess in Iraq, the country's ethnic
sects must work together to build
the new permanent democracy,
and the new government must
show financial accountability
and professionalism while dem-
onstrating a willingness to make
tough decisions.
Continuing her recent
stepped-up criticism of Syria
and Iran, Rice said Iraq's two
neighbors must do more to help
stop the flow of foreign fighters
into Iraq. "Syria and, indeed,
Iran must decide whether they
wish to side with the cause of
war or with the cause of peace
she said.
With President Bush's poll
numbers dragged down by public
discomfort over Iraq, Rice was
seeking to reassure lawmakers
- who are feeling the heat from
their war-weary constituents
- that U.S. policies toward Iraq
are sound.
Republicans and Democrats
alike are raising questions about
the Bush administration's dip-
lomatic and military plans in
Iraq amid a rising U.S. death
toll, soaring costs and slumping
public support for the war.
"Even if withdrawal time-
lines are deemed unwise because
they might provide a strategic
advantage to the insurgency, the
American people need to more
fully understand the basis upon
which our troops are likely to
come home Lugar said.
Biden drew on the White
House's frequent explanation of
a strategy, saying: "Staying the
course is clearly something the
American people will not follow
- will not follow. So tell us, what
are the standards?"
Colon Cancer.
Get the tests.
Get tine polyp.
Get the cure.
l-800-ACS-235 or
Legislation from page ?
of the bill, has appeared in more
than a dozen a state legislatures.
States like Colorado, Pennsyl-
vania and Ohio have passed
variations, albeit resolutions
less powerful than Horowitz's
original version.
"It's an attack on freedom
of speech from professors said
"The goal is to restrict liberal
speech in the classroom, and I
think that is a dangerous thing
to do. It would set a dangerous
A version of the bill is cur-
rently up for debate in the I louse
and although the enforcement of
the bill could be weak because
universities would probably
self-regulate enforcement, some
are worried schools would have
to bow to partisan politics in an
attempt to gain funding.
There is also a growing con-
cern that students could sue pro-
fessors and universities because
of conflicts over viewpoints and
teaching methods, or that teach-
ers could be fired for not teach-
ing views they don't find viable.
Horowitz founded students- last
year to garner support for the
bill. So far, the group has sup-
porter! on more than 130 cam-
puses nationwide.
The faculties at several
UNC universities including
Appalachian State University,
North Carolina State University
and the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill have all
passed resolutions opposing the
bill, along with the University of
North Carolina Faculty Assem-
bly, which represents all 16
UNC schools.
"In America, the only place
for free expression of ideas is
universities Kearney said.
"The Academic Bill of Rights
would infringe on that
This writer can be contacted at
news&theeastcarolinian. com.
uestions? Call 328-4715, Visit www.ecu.edustudentunion or email STUDENTUNION@MAIL.ECU.EDU
� � �

Page A4 252.328.9238
THURSDAY October 20, 2005
Our View
People have
an overzealous.
fascination with
It has become the case that our loyal readers
have expressed an interest in stories pertain-
ing to crime, violence and chaos. Yes, in the
Pirate Rants, there have been at least two or
three requests for stories about sexual assaults
and drug dealers. Aside from a few requests
for cross-country coverage and a couple other
sports topics, there have been a remarkably low
number of suggestions for stories outside the
realm of entropy. Are you folks the same people
that have to pull over to see the wreckage and
carnage of a highway accident? We know you
have more things to do with your time than wor-
rying about the pain and suffering of strangers.
Also, the whole spiel about caring about drugs
or campus safety is a lie. You want to read about
drugs and rape for the same reason you want
to slow down and check out the car wreck: fas-
cination with abomination. By the way, slowing
down to look at a wreck is just as annoying as
cell-phone walking.
We could probably spend long amounts of time
documenting America's culture of violence but
there is not enough space in the newspaper. The
quick solution to the problem: turn the stupid cop
dramas and pro wrestling off for a little while.
There are a number of newspapers that pro-
vide readers with a section about arrests and
crimes. TEC does not run a section like that This
is partly because other papers that do this are
doing it out of desperation for readers. While we
do run a Pirate Rant section that is grounded In
whim and abomination, TEC primarily focuses
on publishing works about the most important
subjects to the student community. When
violence and chaos is worthy of coverage, we
cover it to the best of our ability. When it involves
peoples' feelings or mindless violence, it does
not absolutely have to be printed. Furthermore,
drug dealers are hardly breaking news. If we
print the story on drug dealers, you will just be
bored by yet another cookie-cutter drug article.
Maybe it would be better to read Plato or a book
on Yoga instead?
Today's edition is evidence of how we will pub-
lish stories about confusion and suffering when
they are relevant. Our always-capable news
editor was good enough to submit stories on
unpleasant topics like bomb scares and the flu.
Dear readers, I ask thee, does this satiate your
desires for abominable news? Please continue
to submit your suggestions. We are always will-
ing to entertain them somehow.
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Chris Munler
News Editor
Alexander Marclniak
Web Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Nina Coefield
Head Copy Editor
Tanesha Sistrunk
Photo Editor
Kristin Murnane
Asst Features Editor
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Asst Sports Editor
April Barnes
Asst Copy Editor
Herb Sneed
Asst Photo Editor
Edward McKim
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" Is the opinion of
the editorial board and Is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number, letters may be sent via
e-mail to editors or to The East
Carolinian. Student Publications Building, Greenville,
NC 27858-4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more informa-
tion One copy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1.
T I jr - -A A I
Opinion Columnist
It's time to curb police's abuse of power, abuse in general
Are they using power to
protect and severely assault?
Who would win in a fight: a samu-
rai or a nina? Stalin or Hitler? Godzilla
or Voltron? These are the things that I
think about a lot and on the rate occa-
sion that I get together with friends,
they're the main topics of discussion.
Say what you want about hypotheti-
cal fights - call me immature if you like
- but some of the most thoughtful and
entertaining conversations that I have
ever engaged in revolved around them.
Thonly bad thing about these
hypothetical fights is that sadly, they're
just hypothetical and most of would
never be possible. So unfortunately,
there can never be a decisive outcome to
the lively debate surrounding them.
That's why 1 was thrilled on Octo-
ber 11 when one of my longest, most
heated arguments was finally settled
in New Orleans: who would win in a
fight between a group of police officers
and a 64-year-old retired schoolteacher.
And guess what - I was right - the
schoolteacher got the snot kicked out
of him.
If you haven't heard the story
by now, here's the gist: In the wee
hours of October 8, Robert Davis, the
schoolteacher in question, was walk-
ing around the French Quarter of New
Orleans. This seems to be the point that
both sides can agree on, however what
happens next that provokes the beating
is in question and I'll discuss it later.
What is clear is the beating, which
was recorded on video by a spectator
and witnessed by several people includ-
ing a news crew. The video clearly
shows Smith, a grandfather, being
grabbed by three officers and thrown
against a brick wall. Overpowered by
the three who were eventually joined
by some sort of government agent,
Smith didn't seem capable of doing too
much against the attack, however that
didn't keep one officer from landing
four to five wicked blows the back of
Smith's head and then throwing him
to the ground.
As the blood flowed from Smith's
face, the officers jumped on top of
him and continued to pummel him.
One officer felt the best tactic would be
to put Smith in some sort of Ultimate
Fighting ankle-lock - the reasoning, I
guess being that should Smith some-
how manage to escape the officers, he
wouldn't get far with a broken leg.
All the while, a police officer on
horseback felt it was more important
to try and block the recording of the
Incident with his horse rather than
attempt to bring some semblance of
order. Although I'm guessing had he
gotten involved, it would have meant
even more trouble for Smith - horses
can do a lot of damage.
So what provoked the horrific inci-
dent? That's where the stories differ
dramatically. Smith says that he was
downtown getting a free dinner for
people who lost their homes during
Hurricane Katrina - which he did - and
afterwards decided to take a walk and a
have a smoke. When he asked the offi-
cer on horseback about curfew, another
officer interrupted. Smith called the
officer rude and began walking away
when he was sucker punched and the
beating ensued.
The officers' lawyer Frank DeSalvo
paints a very different picture. He says
that Smith was drunk and belligerent
as walked down Bourbon Street. After
bumping into the horse, which must be
a serious offence in New Orleans, the
officers deemed Smith to be danger-
ously intoxicated and put him against
the wall to frisk him. It's odd because
I always thought police frisked sus-
pects to find out the contents of their
pockets, not their skulls. Apparently,
according to DeSalvo, the officers were
following 'proper procedure
I've got a big problem with DeSal-
vo's explanation. First of all, if Smith
was stumbling down the street and
couldn't stand on his own DeSalvo
claims, would it really have been neces-
sary to have three to four men taking
him down? It seems like it would have
been much easier for them.
Second, Smith says that he's a
recovering alcoholic who hasn't had a
drink in 25 years. Granted, he's had a
bad month and if he slipped and had
a drink, I really wouldn't blame him.
But if he's kept it straight for 25 years
- I'm going to take his word on that. I
know from experience that recovering
alcoholics do not mess around when it
comes to their sobriety. It's a big issue
for them. To me it seems like the police
were looking for the standard excuse
and it's blown up in their face.
Even if he had been drinking
and the charges against him - public
intoxication, resisting arrest, battery
on an officer and public intimidation
- were true, do they justify what the
police did to him? I've seen the video
over and over and the only resistance
that I can see is when he put his arms
up to try and protect himself from the
savage beating. Is that a crime? It's a
natural instinct.
I've seen interviews with Smith
since the incident and I believe him
about what happened. He's a well-
spoken, pleasant man caught by the
gross abuse of the power that police
officers already have a huge amount of.
It's a job where they don't even require
a high school diploma and somehow
they can control the lives of everyone
surrounding them.
I know it's a difficult occupation
and I know that all officers don't act
the way that the officers in New Orleans
did. But I also know that it does happen
and has happened a lot in the past. I
won't bring up the name Rodney King
- oh wait, I just did. It's appalling what
those officers did and it's time to make
a statement. Police officers are not god-
like figures.
The three police officers involved
have been charged with battery. If
they skate on this one like the officers
involved with the Rodney King situa-
tion did, there better be a riot. And I'm
going to be there.
In My Opinion
(KRT) � The First Amendment has
been getting a workout in recent weeks
on two college campuses - the Univer-
sity of Florida and the University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill - where
students are learning that free speech
is a messy business.
The two cases, one involving a col-
umnist at UNC and the other a politi-
cal cartoonist at UF, have inflamed
minority groups - Muslims and blacks,
respectively - provoking protests and
debate. That's the good news; protest
and debate are the currency of free
What's not such good news is that
the UNC columnist was fired, and the
Florida cartoonist has been condemned
and threatened. Both students have
been virtually abandoned by university
officials, some of whom apparently are
more concerned about burnishing their
multlcultl self-images than in support-
ing an increasingly embattled founding
Jillian Brandes, a former colum-
nist for UNC's Daily Tar Heel, wrote a
column making a case for racial profil-
ing in the wake of the 911 terrorist
attacks that began hyperbollcally: "I
want all Arabs to be stripped naked and
cavity-searched if they get within 100
yards of an airport
Then she proceeded to quote several
Arab students and a professor who said
they wouldn't mind being searched.
Some subsequently claimed their
remarks had been taken out of context,
an unprecedented development in jour-
nalism. Brandes was fired.
One could make a strong argu-
ment that Brandes' column was silly,
amateurish, lacking in taste, strident
and ineffective. But people have a clear
and protected right to be both silly and
Brandes' editor claimed that he
fired her for "journalistic malpractice
for taking quotes out of context, not
in response to pressure. I can only say
that in 2S years with newspapers, I've
never known anyone to be fired when
a story's subjects didn't like the way
quotes were used.
In Gainesville, Fla cartoonist
Andy Marlette drew an image that has
angered some black groups. Marlette is
the nephew of Pulitzer Prize-winning
cartoonist and author Doug Marlette,
whose talent as an equal-opportunity
offender apparently seeped into the
family gene pool.
Marlette the Younger's cartoon in
the Independent Florida Alligator was
a commentary on rapper Kanye West's
remarks following Hurricane Katrina
that "George Bush doesn't care about
black people Marlette drew a cartoon
of West holding an oversized playing
card labeled "The Race Card with
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
saying, "Nigga Please
The N-word makes me cringe
especially every time I hear Kanye
West say it. His songs, Including his
current hit, "Gold Digger are liberally
seasoned with the word, often couched
in violence and obscenity. But when I
imagine the immaculate and proper
Condi Rice saying it, especially to a
"brotha" who has made a fortune play-
ing the bad boy, it makes me laugh.
Which is to say Marlette's cartoon
hit the mark. It was sophisticated,
irreverent and funny. His use of West's
own language to parody the rapper's
political statement was, in fact, the art
of the cartoon.
Yet certain campus groups and
administrators were outraged. This,
even though the same student govern-
ment that pulled ads from the Alligator
is paying West to drop the N-bomb
in concert at the university in a few
It's hardly surprising that students
don't understand that the First Amend-
ment, which protects Marlette's and
Brandes' right to voice unpopular opin-
ions, also protects West's "music as
well as their own right to protest.
It's disturbing, however, when fac-
ulty and administrators' understanding
is little better.
The painful irony is that minori-
ties are historically the first to suffer
when free speech goes. Not so long ago,
blacks were lynched in this country for
trying to voice their opinions at the
polls. Which is why African Americans
- and now Arab Americans troubled by
the specter of discrimination - should
be the loudest voices supporting the
freedoms that permit even speech they
find offensive.
It's a messy job, but everybody's
got to do it.
Pirate Rant
Students that pay absolutely no attention
in class whatsoever dbnt have the right to
behere. Your parents would not be proud.
How can a person that doesn't know
any Spanish learn the language when
the professor only talks in Spanish?
Please be a little nicer!
I wonder what the ratio of smokers to
non-smokers is around here. Consider-
ing how many people smoke around
here, I bet you it's outrageous.
The career fair is being held at Minges
because it has grown so large that there
is nowhere else that can accommodate
all the employers. YoucanparkMinges!
If you have never listened to a live
Grateful Dead show you're crazy. I
Guarantee you will love it and imme-
diately burn all your other music. P.S.
Pink shirts are not cool!
Girls who wear shirts that start with "if
you want to get with me - you're just
looking to be called a derogatory word,
so doirt be mad. You're proud anyway.
When a professor states in their syllabus
that cell phones are to be turned off,
guess what? That means they don't
enjoy a cheap rip-off of "Barbie Girl"
ringtone going off in their class.
Why is it that no one in the library
knows how to make copies at night?
I prefer to go to the dentist than ask
anyone else there for help!
Even though my roommate kept me
nearly locked in our room when I had
a paper due the next morning and
wouldn't let me go anywhere until it
was done, thank you. 1 got a good score
because of that.
The Career Fair is going to be Huge!
The New ECU colors: purple, gold and
construction zone orange. It is all over
our campus so it might as well be one of
our colors. Hold off on the construction
and let us enjoy our beautiful campus.
Professor, you had us buy a $40 text-
book, ana you've had us use it all
of three times so far and I don't
anticipate using it much for the rest
of the semester. 1 could have used that
money for coffee to stay awake in your
boring class.
Why is it that some of you ECU transit
bus drivers decide to shut the doors
in my face and speed away just as I
approach the bus after hauling my way
from the commuter parking lot? Do
you find this amusing? Can you not
wait two more seconds for me to get
on when other drivers graciously wait
five minutes for riders taking their time
to the bus?
Quiet hours may have been established
for a reason, I mean, wow, we might
actually be deeping while you go run-
ning and screaming down the hall like
elementary school kids.
1 hate it when you see a pretty hot girl
walking to class and as you look closer,
she blows out a plume of smoke. Ladies-
it's not attractive, and frankly, It makes
you and your breath smell awful.
Hey Guys! Go easy on the body spray,
or actually take a shower. Covering your
stench to the point of making your
cologne so thick in the air it's taste-able
doesn't make you smell good.
If an assignment is passfail, how do
you get a p?
Did I miss the memo on how to be cool,
or did a truckload of ugly sweaters just
decide to attack and cling to people?
The rice pudding in Todd scares me.
To the guy who laughed when our fire
alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. in the rain:
How do you like having your fire alarm
go off three times in 24 hours?
Yarr! Ah figured, mateys, tha' If Ah
actually got me rant in, might as well
talk like ye booty-stealin' sailors of th'
high seas!
You mean waking up to the smell of
cooking ramen at eight in the morning
on a Saturday Is unwelcome?
That's right people -1 was going to the
B-GLAD meeting and proud of it. Try
not to stare too much, most people find
it rude, and besides, didn't your parents
teach you some amount of decency?
Does anyone else hate this lady: "I'm
sorry; your call could not be completed.
Please try again later?
To the girl behind me who made a scene
of opening and drinkingher coffee
during class - thank you. The look on
the professor's face was lust priceless,
perhaps now he'll realize just how
boring his class is.
To the guy listening to his iPod during
class: I have one of those too. At least
I know how to listen to it when the
Professor isn't lecturing the day before a
test. Next time turn it down or just rum
it off. Or on second thought, don't sit
near me. There's plenty of space in the
front of the dass.
Thank you ECU bus routes, for being
completely useless. You never come on
time. I either miss the bus because you
came way too early and I was out there
on time, or I'm late to class because you
took your sweet time getting up the Hill.
I agree with Java City's problem of
never having any supplies. There's
nothing better then to go to the
Library at 10 p.m. and order an Iced
white mocha extra shot of espresso to
find out they don't have Ice and don't
have white chocolate. Hmmm guess I
need to find another way to stay awake
for my study session.
This is to the girl who sits in my Chem-
istry Class M, W, Th, F from 8-8:50
a.m. (the front row of the left section
first seat on the right). If you have so
many questions, instead of stopping
the class every time please go to his
office. Better yet, so you don't take
up the whole hour because he sees so
many students, please set up an appt.
with him.
opinions. Submissions can be submitted anonymously
online at, or e-mailed to The editor reserves
the right to edit opinions for content and brevity.

Page A5
1 Subdue
5 Roam stealthily
10 Border on
14 Sharif or Epps
15 Type of race
16 Albacore
17 Creche figures
18 More than
19 Truth twister
20 Software
support person
22 Cold War letters
23 Formal dance
24 Most on edge
26 Rap group,
29 Loophole
30 Disgrace
32 Harry's
33 Of a meal
35 Red gem
37 American
39 Get steamed
42 Really big
46 Coffee container
47 Ballroom dance
49 Lennon's lover
50 Open porch
52 Author of "Knots"
54 Ah, off it!
55Paulo, Brazil
57 Jazz singer
58 Sewing case
59 Kind of poll
61 Is just the right
63 Becomes
64 Actress Delia
65 Division word
66 Citrus drinks
67 Pontificate
68 Vanities
Cruise in
Pastime athlete
Purplish red
Idle and Ambler
Golf club
Corrida calls
�200 All rig5Trib hts reune W serveedla d.Servic�a, Inc.102D05
8 Japanese
9 Detergent
10 Book of maps
11 Not detachable
12 Different
13 Veteran
21 Listening
23 Vampires?
24 Lid
25 Scholarship
27 Stored, as
28 Slithery fish
31 Guinness and
34 Styron's Turner
36 Orbiting loc.
38 Yankee dish
39 4Runner or
40 Put up
41 Along the way
43 Making dirty
0N1V1aIdv aNVa3A
44 Lipstick tree
45 Cabin
48 Christian
51 Out of whack
53 Caine film
56 Length x width
58 Continental
NASA equivalent
59 B'way theater
60 Teeny
62 Distress letters
THURSDAY October 20,2005
Two Dudes
your mice vou heipep e
by Aaron Warner


A College Girl Named Joe

couzeeiVK prettv warny
mesok: mm! i cant wmi
by Aaron Warner
1 mSit JcfcWTM Wl&,
Thr Family Monstrr hv Joih Shalfk
rAv IwK � sWp oUecfy
:arT czz
we' Tvg krT�c�ftTL.�ts like you v�
&Wf eM�4"5 t� y m�XopAw on pricrt�
Fhere's always room for ice cretm; kidih�y@joihihiilck,coin

� .
" '
a Jazz at Ni
Friday October 21st
8pm at MSC Gq
Presented by
ie 328-6004
Happy Endings
Mercury Film
War of the Worlds
Blockbuster Film
The Rocky Horror
Pictdre Show
Wed Oct. 19th at 7pm
Thurs Oct. 20th at 9:30pm
Friday Oct. 21 st at 7pm and Midnight
Sat Oct. 22nd at 9:30pm
Sun Oct. 23rd at 7pm
Wed Oct. 19th at 9:30pm
Thurs Oct. 20th at 7pm
Friday Oct. 21 st at 9:30pm
Sat Oct. 22nd at 7pm
Sun Oct. 23rd at 3pm
Sat Oct. 22nd at Midnight
Free Flair
Costume Contest
Prop Bags Provided for Audience Participation
All movies are shown at
Mendenhall in Hendrix Theatre
Upcoming Movies:
Fantastic Four
The Devil's Rejects
New York City Trip
November 22-27th, 2005
Registration is available
in the MSC Central Ticket Office.
Questions? Call 328-4715, Visit www.ecu

from page A2
60 people in Asia. The lethal flu
strain also has been confirmed
in Turkey.
Scientists fear the HSNl virus,
which is difficult for humans to
contract, could mutate into a
form more easily transmitted
between people and lead to a
To prepare, the United States
and European governments
have been stockpiling vaccines,
and on Wednesday the British
government said it was inviting
manufacturers to tender for a
contract to supply a vaccine if a
pandemic strain emerges.
The Department of Health
said Wednesday it wouM need
approximately 120 million doses
to be available as soon as pos-
sible. "Wc can't prevent a flu
pandemic, but we can reduce its
impact said Liam Donaldson,
Britain's chief medical officer.
EU health officials have
warned that most of the bloc's 25
countries lack sufficient stocks of
anti-viral drugs, and said they are
planning a simulation exercise of
a flu pandemic by the end of the
year to improve preparedness.
At the same time, the EU's dis-
ease control agency Wednesday
tried to downplay anxiety about
bird flu spreading to humans on
the continent.
"The risk of infection for
most people in Europe is close
to zero said Zsuzsanna Jakab of
the European Center for Disease
Prevention and Control.
The agency gave two guidelines
for people to minimize the risk of
being infected: Don't touch dead
or sick birds, and only eat poultry
and eggs that are well prepared.
Also Wednesday, the U.N.
Food and Agriculture Organi-
zation warned that the risk of
bird flu spreading to the Middle
East and Africa has markedly
increased following the confir-
mation of outbreaks in Romania
and Turkey which showed the
virus was spreading along the
pathways of migratory birds
outside southeast Asia.
In Germany, the environment
minister said farmers would be
ordered to keep poultry indoors
away from contact with migrat-
ing wild fowl.
And officials of the Israeli
and Jordanian veterinary ser-
vices will meet at the border
between the two countries
Thursday to work on a plan to
combat bird flu, Israeli Foreign
Minister Silvan Shalom said.
The dead birds in China were
found in a breeding facility in
Teng jiaying, a village near Hohhot,
the capital of the Inner Mongolia
region, the official Xinhua news
agency reported. They were
infected with HSNl, Xinhua
sa,id, giving no further details.
"The epidemic is under con-
trol the report said.
In Macedonia, the birds were
being destroyed in Mogila, a vil-
lage outside the southern city of
Bitola, following an outbreak of
Newcastle Disease, a common
and contagious poultry ailment
which has already killed hun-
dreds of chickens. The cull was
ordered after one of the chickens
displayed irregular symptoms,
and a sample was sent to Britain
to test for bird flu.
EU spokesman Philip Tod said
the bloc would send experts to
Greece to help identify the bird
flu strain there. Authorities have
been disinfecting of a farm on a
remote Aegean Sea island where
a turkey was found to be infected
with a strain of the disease.
Hurricane Wilma gains 175 mph winds
as it moves closer to the Gulf Coast
It's time to get moving up in the world. And the Army National Guard
can provide the right set of wheels to take you there. By serving your
country, you'll receive career training, money for college and the keys
to this powerful, all-terrain vehicle. If you're ready for the excitement,
join the Army National Guard today.
Call 252-916-9073
l-800-GO-GUARD �
Mayfield discusses the potential for Wllma to strike U.S. soil.
ras (AP) � Hurricane Wilma
brought heavy rains to Central
America and Mexico on Wednes-
day as it swirled into the most
intense Atlantic storm ever
recorded, a Category 5 mon-
ster packing 175 mph winds
that forecasters warned was
"extremely dangerous
Wilma spent most of its force
at sea on the western Carib-
bean on Wednesday. Computer
models showed Wilma possibly
making a sharp turn as it hits
upper-level winds blowing east,
moving through the narrow
channel between Cuba and
Mexico, where it threatened
Cancun, before bearing down on
Florida over the weekend.
"All interests in the Florida
Keys and the Florida peninsula
should closely monitor the prog-
ress of extremely dangerous Hur-
ricane Wilma the National Hur-
ricane Center in Miami said.
At 8 a.m the hurricane was
centered about 340 miles south-
east of Cozumel, Mexico, with
maximum sustained wind was
175 mph, forecasters said.
It was expected to dump up to
25 inches of rain in mountainous
areas of Cuba through Friday, and
up to 15 inches in the Caymans
and Jamaica through Thurs-
day. A foot of rain was possible
from Honduras through the
Yucatan peninsula, the weather
service said.
On Wednesday, Wilma's
heavy rains soaked Central Amer-
ica and Mexico, parts of which
were still recovering from the
brunt of Hurricane Stan, and sat-
ellite photos showed the storm's
arms covering much of Cuba.
In Mexico, the MTV Latin
America Video Music Awards cer-
emony, originally scheduled for
Thursday at a seaside park south
of Cancun, was postponed.
A hurricane watch was in
effect for the east coast of Mexi-
co's Yucatan peninsula, parts of
Cuba and the Cayman Islands,
and the National Hurricane
Center warned of a "significant
threat" to Florida.
Forecasters predicted Wilma
would make landfall in south-
western Florida and could bring
devastating winds to the east
coast. Officials ordered visitors
out of the Florida Keys.
Wilma's confirmed, pres-
sure readings Wednesday morn-
ing dropped to 882 millibars,
the lowest minimum pressure
ever measured in a hurricane in
the Atlantic basin, according to
the hurricane center. Lower
pressure translates into higher
wind speed.
Forecasters said Wilma was
stronger than the devastating
Labor Day hurricane that hit the
Florida Keys in 1935, the stron-
gest Atlantic hurricane to make
landfall on record.
But Wilma was not expected
to keep its record strength
for long, as disruptive atmo-
spheric winds in the Gulf of
Mexico should weaken it before
landfall, Hurricane Center mete-
orologist Hugh Cobb. Gulf water
is about 1 to 2 degrees cooler than
that in the Caribbean, which
should inhibit its strength more,
he added.
The strongest storm on record,
based on the lowest pressure read-
ing, had been Hurricane Gilbert
in 1988, which registered an 888
millibar reading.
U.S. Air Force reconnais-
sance planes measured Wilma's
top sustained wind at 175 mph,
making it a Category 5 storm, the
Hurricane Center said.
"It does look like it poses a
significant threat to Florida by
see WILMA page A7
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For additional Info contact the Central Ticket Office. �? -
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tragic tale of greed, guilt, ambition, betrayal, and a power-hungry man who
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FOR INFORMATION OR TICKETS CALL 252.328.4788, VTTY 252.328 4736
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onal Guard
srving your
d the keys
Real Problems
?Underage Drinking
�Possession Charge
Real Solutions
DWI Assessment
?Court Ordered Assessments
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PORT Criminal Justice Programs
114 East 3rd Street Greenville, NC
State Licensed Facility
Wilma from page A6
the weekend. Of course, these are
four- and five-day forecasts, so
things can change meteorolo-
gist Dan Brown said.
Jamaica, Cuba, Nicaragua
and I londuras were getting heavy
rain from Wilma, though it was
unlikely to make landfall in any
of those countries. With heavy
rain, high winds, and rough seas
already pounding coastal areas,
flood-prone Honduras warned
that Wilma posed "an imminent
threat to life and property" and
closed two seaports on its Carib-
bean coast.
Neighboring Nicaragua and
the Cayman Islands also were
on alert.
The head of Haiti's civil protec-
tion agency, said Maria Alta Jean-
Baptiste said the storm's outer
bands caused flooding and land-
slides that killed at least 11 people
since Monday and forced at least
2,000 families from their homes.
"The situation is not cata-
strophic, but if the rains pick up,
it could become very difficult
for some people Jean-Baptiste
Heavy rains were swelling
rivers along Honduras' eastern
Atlantic coast Wednesday, but
emergency officials had not yet
ordered evacuations.
Honduras and its neighbors
already are recovering from
flooding and mudslides earlier
this month in the aftermath
of Hurricane Stan. At least 796
people were killed, most of them
in Guatemala, with many more
still missing.
Cuba issued a hurricane
watch for the western end of the
island from Matanzas to Pinar
del Rio, as well as the Isle of
Youth. Mexico issued a hurricane
watch for nearly all of its Carib-
bean coast from Punta Gruesa
to Cabo Catoche, an area that
includes the resort of Cancun.
Wilma already had been
blamed for one death in Jamaica
as a tropical depression Sunday.
It has flooded several low-lying
communities and triggered mud-
slides that blocked roads and dam-
aged several homes, said Barbara
Carby, head of Jamaica's emer-
gency management office. She
said that some 250 people were
in shelters throughout the island.
Some Florida residents began
buying water, canned food and
other emergency supplies. The
state has seen seven hurricanes
hit or pass close by since August
2004, causing more than $20
billion in estimated damage and
killing nearly 150 people.
"People have learned their
lesson and know better how to
prepare. We're not waiting until
the last minute anymore said
Andrea Yerger, 48, of Port Char-
lotte, Fla.
Her house had to be gutted
after being damaged by Hurri-
cane Charley last year.
In the Cayman Islands,
authorities urged businesses
to close early Tuesday to give
employees time to prepare for
the storm. Schools were ordered
to close on Wednesday.
Forecasters said Wilma
should avoid the central U.S.
Gulf coast devastated by Hur-
ricanes Katrina and Rita earlier
this year which killed more than
1,200 people and caused billions
of dollars in damage.
Wilma is the record-tying
12th hurricane of the season, the
same number reached in 1969.
That is the most for one season
since record-keeping began in
n and
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Humane Seal"
Star of NBC's hit show ER
The Humane Charity Seal of
Approval guarantees that a health
charity funds vital
patient services or
life-saving medical
research, but never
animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
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The Annual Fall
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20,2005 from 10 am -2 pm
The Career Fair provides
students from all majors the
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over 350 employers from 150
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Employers are hiring for
internships, part-time
positions and Full-time positions.
Students can park in the
Minges Commuter lot.
Other transportation will be
provided by ECU Transit buses
with routes running from m
Christenbury Gym and th
Joyner Library to Minges
Coliseum every five minutes.
Students attending the Career Fair
should come prepared with mul-
tiple resumes to distribute to
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Page A9'
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Monday, October 24, 2005. The
informal, walking session will be
held from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
outside in front of the Student
Bookstore at Wright Plaza.
Help stop starvation one can at a
time! The sisters of Phi Beta Chi
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best efforts - may be less than
it could or should be. That's
where we can help. Visit
.org and discover a world of
support, answers and advice -
for both of you.
It'i not all up to FQu
From the National Family
Caregwers Association and
the National Alliance for Caregwing
with the generous support ofBuvi Inc.

9:00pm- 1:00am
Mendenhall Student Center
& Student Recreation Center
Plan Your Costume Early!
DJ Dance - SRC10:00-1:00
Fear Factor - MSC9:30-10:30
Costume Contest - Hendrix12:00
Spike & Hammer - Hendrix10:30-12:00
Bingo - Destination 3609:00-12:00
Midnight Breakfast - Destination 36011:00-12:30
Palm Reading - MSC 2nd Floor9:00-1:00
Horror Movie Challenge - Cynthia Lounge9:00-1:00
Video Karaoke - MPR10:30-1:00
Wax Hands - SRC & Pirate Underground9:00-12:30
Tattoos - SRC9:00-12:30
Polaroid Pics - MSC 2nd Floor9:00-1:00
Students must present their ECU One Card and their guest must
be accompanied by them to enter the event. Free guest tickets
will be available at Mendenhall Student Center, Student
Recreation Center or Todd Dining Hall with an ECU ID on
Monday, October 24th.Tickets will be available until 6:00pm on
1031. One(1) guest ticket per ECU ID. After 12:30am, there will
be no admittance to the event. Midnight Madness runs from
9pm-1:00am. In order to ensure a safe event, metal detectors
will also be utilized (so be prepared for longer lines).
East Carolina University seeks to comply fully with the Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students requesting accommodations
based on a disability must be registered with the Department for
Disability Support Services located in Slay 138, (252) 737-1016

reat yourself this
with early signing specials
RAcrtrt ctvlo
Resort style living with ALL
the amenities you can dream of
fitness center Ultradome tanning bed
Computer lab
Game room
Resort-style pool
Hot tub
Sand volleyball court Basketball court
ECU bus service Electric
SewerWater Internet
Washer & dryer
Furnished & unfurnished units
Private bedrooms & bathrooms
Fully equipped kitchens
For Leasing Information, Call
Come check us out on Monday October 31st @ 5;00p
� Food � Door Prizes � Costume Contest
"7CQ QQQf Pirate's Cove �
I UlLiJJJlJ 3305 E. 10th St. Greenville, I!C 27858
All Inclusive
dedicated Bus
Fully Furnished
Cable with HBO
High Speed Internet
Full Size Washer and Dr
Electric, Water Include
Two Pools
Fitness Center
Unlimited Tanning
Two Computer Labs
Two Game Rooms
Sand Volleyball, Tennis,
Two Full Court FUcLfK

. ,�
Page B1 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor THURSDAY October 20, 2005
Got Problems?
Dear Features,
I'm from out of state and I'm without
a car here on campus. I had the
hardest time finding a ride home for
fall break and I'm wondering if there's
an easier way to communicate with
those from my home state and find
more prospects for a ride home.
Please help me.
Without a Car
Dear Without a Car,
There are plenty of ways to get in
touch with those from your home
state or hometown. If you're looking
for a ride, we would first recommend
posting a topic on OneStop and
see if anyone responds there. If
that does not bring you luck, the
popular Web site has
an abundance of groups involving
your state or town that you live in. Try
asking people there. Also, in the lower
level of Mendenhall is a bulletin board
for those looking for rides home. If all
of those don't work, I'd suggest saving
up for a plane or train ticket.
Fit Tip of the Week:
Being fit andor healthy Is a lifestyle
- Meeting with a Personal Trainer
once or twice a week will not yield
results, you must be active on those
days you are not meeting with your
trainer. Submitted by Nathan Sams,
SRC Personal Trainer.
Pumpkin Roll Cake
34 cup cake flour
1 12 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 14 teaspoons ground ginger
34 teaspoon ground all spice
6 large eggs, separated
13 cup granulated sugar
13 cup golden brown
sugar, packed
23 cup canned
pumpkin, packed
18 teaspoon salt
Powdered sugar
1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin
2 tablespoons dark rum
1 cup whipping cream, chilled
3 tablespoons powdered sugar
tablespoons plus 12 cup
gllsh totfee pieces for garnish
dltlonal powdered sugar, for garnish
112 cups purchased caramel sauce,
warmed, for garnish
For the cake: Preheat the oven to
375 degrees.
tine a 15x10x1 -inch baking sheet with
parchment paper. Spray the parchment
with nonstick cooking spray.
Sift the flour, cinnamon, ginger, and
allspice Into a small bowl. In a
separate bowl, beat the egg yolks,
granulated sugar and brown sugar
until very thick. Add the pumpkin to
the egg mixture and combine at a
low speed until Incorporated. Add
the dry Ingredients and beat at a low
speed until mixed. In a separate bowl,
beat the egg whites and salt until
stiff but not dry. Fold Into the cake
batter, stirring with a spatula, until
most of the white streaks are gone.
Spread the batter onto a baking
sheet and smooth out. Transfer
baking sheet to the oven and bake
until a tester comes out clean, about
15 to 18 minutes. While the cake Is
hot, dust generously with powdered
sugar. Loosen the edges and turn the
cake out onto a kitchen towel. Fold
the towel over the edge of the cake
and roll up. Cool completely, edge
down, for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
For the filling: Soften the gelatin
In the rum. Stir over low heat until
the gelatin dissolves. Cool. Beat
the chilled whipping cream and
powdered sugar In a large bowl until
peaks form. Fold In the gelatin and
6 tablespoons English toffee pieces.
To assemble, unroll the cake and
sprinkle with 4 tablespoons of
English toffee pieces. Spread the
filling over the toffee. Start at 1 long
side of the cake roll and, using
the towel as an aid, roll up the
cake to encase the filling. Race the
cake, seam-side down, on a platter.
Trim the ends of the cake at a
slight diagonal. Dust the cake with
powdered sugar. Spoon some warm
caramel sauce and the remaining
toffee chips over the top of the
cake. To serve, use a serrated knife
to cut the cake crosswise Into
1-Inch thick slices. Drizzle more
sauce on each slice and serve.
Fun Facts:
If you shake a can of mixed nuts, the
larger ones go to the top.
When nobody else Is around,47percent
of people drink straight from the carton.
The best recorded distance for
proiectlle vomiting Is 27 feet.
There are 92 known cases of nuclear
bombs lost at sea.
Taken from
Scott's 'Domino' hits the ground
Action film is a sloppy
mess and failure
Sporting a very impressive
resume, director Tony Scott is
one of Hollywood's golden boys
when it comes to big action flicks.
His most famous is Top Gun, a
film with a terrible screenplay,
yet extremely impressive when
the action is not on the ground.
An even better Tom CruiseTony
Scott film would be Days of
Thunder. His career reached its
apex with Spy Game, a little known
and highly underrated film star-
ing Robert Red ford and Brad Pitt.
But after last year's abysmal
Man on Fire, I started having
fears that this once great direc-
tor was losing his flair. Sure, the
cinematography and film editing
was amazing (a nice tribute to the �
film styles of Brazilian director '
Fernando Mierelles and his mas-
terpiece City of God), but why is
a director that is this far ahead
in his career making a drastic
change in his film styles that's as
different as night and day?
Scott's latest film is Domino,
a film that is a study in how
disastrous the "music video" style
of cinema can be. Everything in
this film showcases poor film-
making. Scott has gone from
being a good storyteller who also
knows where to put the camera (a
rarity these days, most directors
can do one or the other, but not
Keira Knightley stars as a model-turned-bounty hunter named Domino Harvey in this new action film.
both) to being a director who
is flashy with the camera, but
losing track of the storyline.
Pirates of the Caribbean star
Keira Knightley stars as real life
model turned bounty hunter
Domino Harvey, a close per-
sonal friend of Scott's who died
recently at the age of 34. The
film opens up with her telling a
criminal psychologist (Lucy Liu)
everything she knows about an
armed robbery gone wrong.
This isn't easy for Domino
to tell from the point of the
robbery, so she starts from the
beginning when she was a
little girl living in England. She
tells us about her move from
England to California after the
death of her father, real life
screen legend Laurence Harvey.
We see through flash-
back how she hooks up with
Ed Mosbey (Mickey Rourke)
and Choco (Edgar Ramirez),
two bounty hunters employed
by bail bondsman Claremont
Williams (Delroy Lindo). We
see how they became famous
enough to be put on a new WB
reality series produced by Mark
Heiss (Christopher Walken).
To explain this plot in
minimal detail would
take more space than I'm
allotted for this review. Also,
the bare minimum would give
too much away and I'm not in this
business of giving away spoilers.
Director Scott is proficient
with the camera, and after such
a long career I'd be concerned
if he wasn't. His drastic change
in film styles, however, has
moved him away from being
a good storyteller and into the
realms of music video direc-
tors. Domino looks like one big
music video with various lighting
arrangements, handheld camera
shots, quick starts and stops of
action, reverse shots, different
film types and difference color
types. But this style of filmmak-
ing has been done long before.
Oliver Stone has been doing this
kind of stuff since the middle of
the 1980s. Why Scott is explor-
ing this type of cinema today is
beyond me.
It was solid in Man on Fire
because Scott didn't get carried
away with all the flashy tricks.
The story suffered because of
Scott trying something new, but
in Domino, he loses all sight of
what making movies is about.
Yes, the explosions are cool and
the action sequences are exciting,
but they are far from intense. We
got a better sense of tension in
the action sequences in some-
thing like Days of Thunder. Why
is that? Because we understood
who the characters were and why
we wanted them to win. Had he
focused more on his characters,
Domino may have worked.
Written by Dannie Darko
scribe Richard Kelly, 1 was except-
ing this film to be full of twists
and turns. Judging by the pre-
see DOMINO page B3
X-Fest six set to rock
Kinston this weekend
99X's annual event
features three of the
station's most popular
The sixth annual X-
Fest sponsored by New
Rock 99X will be held Sat-
urday, Oct. 22 in Kinston
at the Kinston Dragstrip,
located at 2250 Highway 11.
The X-Fest is an annual con-
cert sponsored by radio station
WXNR. Bands such as Puddle
of Mudd, Three Doors Down
and Sevendust have taken the
stage to provide great hard
rock music to all in attendance.
Taking the stage as head-
liners this year are hard rock
band Chevelle, still touring in
support of their latest album
This Type of Thinking (Could Do
Us In). Supporting Chevelle in
Kinston will be two popular
bands on the 99X rotation,
Crossfade and Taproot.
Not only will this be a large
outdoor music festival, but we
will also see many other activi-
ties throughout the day.
-� A main attraction will be
the ladles from Deja Vu who
will be putting on a show for
all those too young to see
them in the real club. There
will also be the Miss 99X Girls
of Carolina Bikini Pageant.
Also, being that Halloween is
right around the corner, the
99X Haunted Clown House
will be out to give attendees
a nice scare for those who
dare to enter. Also, be sure
to catch a glimpse of 99X DJs
Renn and Skye attempting to
juggle purple balls. Finally,
the X-Fest Mall will be on dis-
play providing clothing, jew-
elry, surf and bike accessories,
tattoos and more for those
wanting to spend a little more
money once they get there.
Other music at the X-Fest
will be provided by a battle of
the turntable DJs. The local
99X second stage will also be
set up and will feature the best
of local hard rock bands In
eastern North Carolina. 99X
has not disclosed the names of
the bands that will be featured
on this second stage yet.
Tickets for the X-Fest are
see X-FEST page B3
Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst play opposite each other In this new romantic comedy by Crowe.
Next stop: 'Elizabethtown'
Cameron Crowe wins
again with his latest
southern romance
Cameron Crowe returns to
the big screen with his first film
since Vanilla Sky. The film is
Elizabethtown, a film that is genu-
inely Crowe. You may remember
some of Crowe's previous work
as movies that are both romantic
comedies and mellow dramas.
He was the recipient of an Acad-
emy Award for Best Screenplay
in 2000 for his masterpiece
Almost Famous. He directed Tom
Cruise to an Oscar nomination
in Jerry Maguire. He propelled
John Cusack to stardom with
Say Anything. His first published
screenplay, Fast Times at Ridge-
mont High (directed by Amy
Heckling) helped put house-
hold names like Jennifer Jason
Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Forest
Whitaker, Nicolas Cage, Anthony
Edwards and Sean Penn on the
map. This year, he attempts to
do the same for Orlando Bloom.
Bloom (Legolas the elf from
The Lord of the Rings series) plays
the first real person role of his
career that's been in full swing
since the release of The Fellow-
ship of the Ring. For the first
time, he gets to wear regular
clothing and carry around a
cell phone as opposed to wear-
ing body armor and carry-
ing around a bow and arrow.
He plays Drew Baylor, a shoe
designer from the Pacific North-
west. As Elizabethtown opens, we
find that Drew has just cost the
company close to $1 billion in a
recalled shoe. His boss (Alec Bald-
win) proceeds to fire him.
Drew goes home with the
plan on killing himself as he
figures he has nothing more to
live for. His plans are put on hold
when his sister (Judy Greer) calls
him and tells him that his father,
Mitch, has died while visiting
family and friends in Kentucky.
Representing the family,
Drew returns home to bring his
father's ashes back home. His
mother (Susan Sarandon) tells
Drew that the family in Kentucky
has always thought of her as the
woman who stole their beloved
Mitch from them. She tells him
not to expect to make any friends.
He does in fact make friends.
On the red eye flight to Kentucky,
he meets flight attendant Claire
Colburn (Kirsten Dunst). The
two make conversation because
Drew is the only one on the flight.
Once in Elizabethtown, Drew
meets his extended family. He
takes a liking to his cousin Jessie
(Paul Schneider) who brags
about being in a band that once
see TOWN page B4
Macbeth' comes to life through Cultural Outreach program
Opera Verdi Europa visits
It's common knowledge that
reading a play and seeing it per-
formed live are two completely
different experiences. In reading
the play you are allowed to travel
inside the minds of the characters
and analyze the diction. However,
in a live performance the charac-
ters come to life before your eyes
and their lives become reality.
On Thursday, Oct. 20 there
will be an opportunity to experi-
ence the thrill of live theatre right
here on campus. Opera Verdi
Europa will be performing the
Shakespearian tragedy Macbeth
at 8 p.m. in Wright Auditorium.
Macbeth is the last of William
Shakespeare's four tragedies and
is considered to be his darkest. Set
in Scotland the play is centered
on Macbeth's rise to power. The
play is enriched with murderous
betrayals, supernatural elements
and the key ingredient - unwav-
ering ambition.
At the start of the play each
character is enthralled in their
own scheme, but as the play
progresses they begin to inter-
twine, creating an element of
suspense. One of the most promi-
nent characters is Lady Macbeth.
Her power over her husband is
remarkable, it is evident that
she is willing to do whatever
it takes to make Macbeth king.
Macbeth on the other hand is
a bit hesitant to act on his wife's
requests, knowing the conse-
quences of his actions could be
severe. However, his own ambition
drives him to act in uncharacteristic
ways in order to achieve his goals.
Shakespeare is considered to
be one of the greatest playwrights
and poets of all time. Through-
out his life he wrote 154 sonnets,
several poems and 37 plays. He is �
most famous for his plays, which
can be grouped into comedies,
histories and tragedies. Today,
his work has been translated Into
several languages and performed
around the world by groups like
Opera Verdi Europa.
Opera iVerdi Europa trav-
els around the world bringing
classics to life. According to, "the touring
company is comprised of 48
musicians and more than 40
singers whose members were
carefully selected from among
the best Bulgarian musicians,
singers and dancers
If you would like to experl-
ence the tragedy of Macbeth a
live buy your tickets online at jj or at the Central
see MACBETH page S5 Opera Verdi Europa performs at Wright Auditorium as seen above.

Sevendust brings this album home
Ann Curry is seen above helping build a Habitat for Humanity house for Hurricane Katrlna victims.
Today Show' news anchor
Working hard to bring
news to you
Ann Curry has come a long
way since graduating from the
University of Oregon School of
Journalism in 1978.
Just after graduation Curry
began her broadcasting career at
a NBC affiliate in Oregon, Med-
ford's KTVC, where she served as
a news reporter from 1977-1981.
From there she became an anchor
for KGW, another NBC affiliate
in Portland Oregon until 1984.
It wasn't until she moved to
California and became a reporter
for KCBS that she hit it big.
There, Curry earned an Emmy
Award for her live coverage of
the October 1987 Los Angeles
earthquake and another for her
coverage of the explosion of a
gas pipeline in San Bernardino.
In 1990 she joined NBC News
"She's a very
black woman
Together we can stamp
out prejudice. It only takes
one voice to make a
difference. Find yours at
�wtwn undnqrouid Uwl
and became a NBC Chicago cor-
respondent in October. During
this time, Curry showed up for
another show, "NBC News at
Sunrise which was the net-
work's early morning newscast.
She was the awakening face to
thousands of people every morn-
ing until July of 1996.
In March 1997, she became
the news anchor of NBC News'
"Today Curry has been rec-
ognized for her exclusive cov-
erage on some of the biggest
history making events of our
lifetime. Immediately following
the September 11 terrorist attacks,
Curry reported extensively from
"ground zero" at the World Trade
Center site interviewing firefight-
ers, local officials, emergency
workers and victims of the attack.
She has also traveled to Balkans
to report on the humanitarian
refugee crisis in Kosovo and has
been an important player in the
Hurricane Katrina coverage.
Curry has also been able to
score some exclusive interviews.
After following up that assign-
ment up in November 2001 with
a trip abroad the USS Theodore
Roosevelt stationed in the Ara-
bian Sea, during that time she
got an interview with General
Tommy Franks at Ramstein Air
Force Base. She also scored with
the parents of the Iowa septuplets
in 1997. She was the only reporter
who was allowed full access into
the hospital, community and
the McChaughey family. She has
done follow-up interviews each
year, updating viewers on the
children's progress.
Curry not only anchors for the
'Today Show" she also co-anchors
for "Dateline NBC Although she
loves sitting in for Katie Couric
and Matt Lauer she does not
want a permanent position there.
"I'm not looking for Katie's
job says Curry to press when
asked where she would like to
see ANN page B4
'Next' is a look backward
and step forward
The band Sevendust has been
a household name in hardcore
rock since the mid-1990s when
they emerged from Atlanta pack-
ing low-end (only in name) rock
riffs and a lead singer (Lajon
Witherspoon) with both the
capacity to scream in anger
and scream with a emotional
ring that made his voice very
recognizable. After establish-
ing an angry rock following, it
came out with Seasons in 2003,
an album that while packing
some anger, was tame com-
pared to its previous offerings.
Now, the new album Next
provides a sort of benchmark for
the "next" step in this band's
career. Sevendust had to make a
few changes before this album.
Long-time guitarist Clint Lowery
quit the band and is now play-
ing with his brother in the band
Dark New Day. With new guitar-
ist Sonny Mayo, Sevendust is
making the "next" step, and it
sounds like a step in the right
direction. Next is a blast from the
past that fans will be amazed by.
Even without Lowery, the
group's music doesn't sound
highly modified, and casual
rock listeners will still recognize
the band's low and angry sound
as well as the high emotional
melodic voice of Witherspoon.
Other than Mayo, Sevendust is the
same band. John Connolly, Vince
Hornsby and Morgan Rose are
still rocking hard, and as a group
they're ready for this "next" step.
The album's first few songs
easily establish that Sevendust
is back on the scene with an old
school feel. A laymen musical
listener could tell a difference
between "Praise" (which was a
top track on their album Animos-
ity) and "Enemy" (a top track
and radio single from Seasons)
because the anger and adrenaline
in "Praise" doesn't quite compare
to the toned-down, edged sound
of "Enemy It proves that even
with the same instruments and
familiar approach, songs can still
sound words apart.
Now, Next is the band's atti-
tude in song about a new direc-
tion, with an old engine. The
album sounds great, and will
please fans of Sevendust's older
rock, while being a fair intro-
duction to the band for any new
listeners. New listeners should
seriously consider making this a
new direction for their collection,
if the name Sevendust could pos-
sibly be new to them, that is.
The songs on the album have
all the familiar calling cards of
Sevendust. Every song is famil-
iarly loaded with their bass-heavy
riffs and well-paced tone, as well
as driving drum work and the
ever-present vocals of Wither-
spoon, whose voice alone makes
Sevendust as recognizable as they
are. The songs also show some
of their nu-metal influence with
some techno-type sound work
and different sounds, but the
sound won't disappoint classic
Sevendust fans. Case in point
- the song "Never" which begins
with a very nu-metal type sound
but gives way to a good-sounding
song with impressive vocals that
makes this a high-quality offering.
Most Sevendust albums also
have a few self-reflective slower
songs, with enjoyable acoustic
guitar work that showcases the
band's range. Songs like this
have been present on all their
albums, such as "Angel's Son"
on Animosity. That song was
a tribute to James Lynn Strait
of the band Snot, who died
in a car wreck in December
1998. On Seasons the song was
"Skeleton Song a self-reflec-
tive acoustic song that proved
to be one of the more attrac-
tive offerings from the album.
Next has an offering called
"Shadows in Red" that also
contains a moving acoustic
melody and really utilizes the
power of Witherspoon's voice
to produce another stirring slow
song. The beauty of this song
is i jewel just like the ones
you find in their other albums.
So the overall verdict is that
Next is well worth the price of
buying in the stores, and the
band itself is more than powerful
when heard live. All interested
in seeing them live will have
the opportunity soon, as Seven-
dust is actually going to play in
Raleigh on Wednesday, Oct. 26
at the 96 Rock Concert for the
Kids. The concert will be at the
Lincoln Theatre, and 100 percent
of the ticket sales will go to the
NC Children's Hospital. To see a
band like Sevendust for $15 is a
value. On the way, use the money
you're saving to buy Next.
This writer can be contacted at
Halloween Costume Contest
monday, October 51st -
1st PRIZE $500 '
2" PRIZE $100 � 3�PRIZE $50
Door Prizes, Cive Aways & Lots More!
Halloween Express has the LARGEST Selection of Costumes
Get Your Costumes Early Before They're Gone
Register for the Contest when you buy your Costume et WAllOWR tffPRESS
Doors Open at 7 pm 1 kftfltfffff !��� MB
Come Join the BEST Halloween Party in Greenville W W&mB SSBBS mfmmmW
Live Remote with the 9$X � UMJIIBIBIBSSS. fflHET
Contest Prizes A Give Away for Everybody Laeataa la tea iiaar tola 5aaaaia� taatar
DJ Playing the best in Top 40 6 Dance For More Information Call Emerald City at 757-0300
714 SE GREENVILLE BLVD � 252-439-0350
Phone 758-421
11East rh
With your
College ID
Reg.Price 5.99
Reg.PriceS99 P- �J G

from page B1
view, I was certain that I knew
everything 1 was getting into. I
was wrong. Kelly's first screen-
play since Donnie Darko is more
like something that took four
months to write and produce
rather than four years. It is com-
plex, but it's a mess.
At the age of 20, Keira Knight-
ley has already racked up quite a
few films, but we only know her
as the love interest in Pirates of
the Caribbean. A little known film
released earlier this year called
The Jacket was an attempt to get
her away from that role. Due to
lack of promotion and interest no
one saw it. Her role in Domino is
rather tough because she's play-
ing a real person, but in a story
that is fictionalized. She doesn't
carry this film well mostly
due to the fact that we never
identify with her in the ways
that we should. We see her as a
ruthless bounty hunter and
not as a good girl gone bad, which
is the thoughts of her mother.
These "tough-girl" roles are
not for her. She needs to get
back to the damsel in distress
roles before her career goes up
in flames. Either that, or star in
a film that earns her an Oscar
nomination and propels her to
try new roles from here on out
leaving Pirates of the Caribbean far
behind her. Many critics believe
the film that will do this for her
Is an upcoming release, Pride
and Prejudice. Until I see that, I'm
holding strong to my opinion of
her right now.
For those interested in seeing
a film that has more twists in
it than Donnie Darko, maybe
Domino is for you. I cannot,
however, recommend it to all
because of its sloppy filmmaking
on the part of director Tony Scott.
Films like these have to make one
wonder if the last great directors
of Hollywood are all losing their
touch. If so, then we'd better
treasure our favorite films of yes-
terday and forget abominations
like this by tomorrow or we will
all be in trouble.
Grade: D
This writer can be contacted at
Now through November 4th
Good Insurance? Poor Insurance? No Insurance?
from page B1
Aigebf a. Trigonometry. Calculus. They'll Take You Where You Want To Go.
Math is Power.
Call 1-800- 97NACME or visit w w w. math is power or g
National Action Council For Minorities In Engineering
only $20. They can be purchased
in advance until Friday at S
p.m. at all ABC Phone stores in
Greenville and also at Expres-
sions in downtown. Tickets will
be $25 once you get to the door.
It's the first weekend after
fall break and the last weekend
before homecoming, so if you're
in search for something else to
do than hang out in Greenville
this weekend, hop over to Kin-
ston and check out these great
bands. 99X always puts on a
good music festival and this
year should be no exception.
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from page B1
opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd
(even though you have to strain
to read the name of his band on
the flyer), and who also says that
he raises his son to believe that
Abraham Lincoln and Ronnie
Van Zandt are one of the same.
Eventually, he meets up
again with Claire and a friend-
ship begins to blossom. At the
same time, Drew has a diffi-
cult time trying to convince
relatives in Kentucky to let
him take his father back home
with him. Most people don't
want him to go a second time.
Writer-director Crowe has
always been very proficient at
writing funny and amusing films
about very dramatic topics. His
central idea has always been the
idea of love. Elizabethtown is no
different. It follows the same
formula as every other Crowe
film before it. The only differ-
ence is there's a lot more going
on in this film and there are
plenty more characters for us to
identify with.
People who live in the south
will probably appreciate some
of the southern humor to it. A
favorite of mine was when Drew
first steps out of the car and the
surround sound in the theater
house is flooded with very loud
cricket noises, a very famous
sound that we all hear on the
humid mornings of the summer.
The fact that Crowe has latched
onto this idea, despite being
from California, shows that he
is connecting to a different audi-
ence than he ever has before. He
has also written this film to not
make fun of the people of the
south, like many comedies do,
but instead embrace the idea of
southern hospitality that people
from other parts of the country
hear as a myth and don't believe
it until they are a part of this.
Kirsten Dunst shines in one
of her first major roles outside of
the Spider-Man franchise. She is
one of the most expressive young
actresses in Hollywood today
and she does a phenomenal job
at reading between the lines of
her character. Crowe's leading
ladies are always on the top of
their game when acting out one
of his screenplays. There are so
many things that Crowe doesn't
write out in basic dialogue, but
instead he lets his actors go
with what they think is right.
Like Crowe's previous leading
blondes (Renee Zelwegger in
Jerry Maguire and Kate Hudson in
Almost Famous) before her, Dunst
holds her own in what should be
worthy enough for an Oscar nod.
Bloom, on the other hand,
cannot keep up with her. His
expressions are fake and his
emotions fall short of moving
the audience. He also has the
worst excuse for an American
accent that I've ever heard. I
think Crowe may have settled a
little to early on someone who
is nothing more than a flavor
of the month in Hollywood
Anil from page B2
work in the future.
She admits to press her ultimate
goal, "I want Tom Brokaw's job
Curry was chosen one of
People Magazine's "50 Most Beau-
tiful People of 1998 She has
also received two Emmys, four
Golden Mike's and received
numerous awards for her charity
work, especially her dedication to
breast cancer research.
Not only does Curry have
a very successful career, she is
also married to Brian Ross and
Is the mother of two children.
It's a wonder how she man-
ages all of her tasks, and in
such a graceful manner at that.
Curry's aspirations signal
how America has changed. Grow-
ing up in Ashland, Oregon. The
child of a Japanese mother and
white father she often watched
"Today Everyone she saw on the
show was white, which she felt
was a barrier in her life.
"When you're a child and you
don't see people like you doing
something, it doesn't enter your
mind you could do It Curry says
when asked by press about over-
coming challenges that were pre-
sented because of her ethnicity.
"It's like looking through
a shut glass door into a room
that seems so tantalizing, but
the door isn't open to you
Needless to say Ann Curry
has proved herself not only as
a giver to those less fortunate,
but an incredible news anchor,
wife and wonderful mother.
This writer can be contacted at
instead of searching for some-
one with better acting skills.
Unfortunately for Bloom,
Elizabethtown will not be the one
to remove him from the swash-
buckling epics he's been a part
of since his career got started. He
will not be mentioned as one of
the leading men whom Crowe
propelled to a superstar status. On
the other hand, he may go down
as the man who earned Dunst
her first (of potentially many)
Oscar nominations. Despite the
far from perfect acting from his
leading man, Crowe's Elizabeth-
town is a throwback to the style
of film that made him famous
in the late 1980s, but comes up
short from being the masterpiece
that Almost Famous was.
Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at
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Aside from Elvis Presley and
Bob Dylan, Neil Young is argu-
ably the greatest American-born
rock 'n' roll star in history. While
a lot of artists struggle to keep
it together long enough for a
second album, Young has man-
aged to stay relevant for nearly 40
years while consistently deliver-
ing amazing material.
His career truly has been one
of legend. His first hit song "For
What It's Worth recorded while
with the Buffalo Springfield,
became the definitive Vietnam
protest song in 1967.
After leaving the Buffalo
Springfield in May of 1968,
he began jamming with his
soon-to-be world famous
backing band Crazy Horse
and released his first album
Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere.
Soon after, he began working
with rock 'n' roll's first super-
group Crosby, Stills and Nash.
Be it with the handful of
bands he's played with or on
his own during his solo career,
Young has a catalog of songs
that stands up against the greats
Including his only number one
hit "Heart of Gold his distorted
masterpiece slash misconstrued
anthem "Rockin' in the Free
World" and his controversial
"Southern Man" which ignited
a feud with Southern rockers
Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Young has continued that
legacy with his latest album
Prairie Wind, which was released
on Reprise Records on Sept.
27. A far cry from his louder,
angst-ridden hits like "Down
by the River" or "Ohio Prairie
Wind is reserved and peaceful,
but still vintage Neil Young.
Recorded in Nashville
between trips to New York for
treatment for a brain aneurysm,
Prairie Wind is probably Young's
most simple and subdued album
to date. Primarily featuring
acoustic guitars, a slide guitar,
pianos and hiss hauntingly beau-
tiful voice, Young finds himself
in a contemplative mood follow-
ing his recent health scare.
The album opens with "The
Painter a heart-melting por-
trait of a woman following her
dreams which seem to lead
her further and further from
the ones she loves. The song
features some of the most rich
and emotive slide guitar work
since Duane Allman's work with
Eric Clapton in the early 1970s.
For the second song on the
album, Young gets a bit blues-ier
with "No Wonder" and follows
that with "Falling Off the Face
of the Earth his bleak cry
for help. The album picks up
the pace momentarily for "Far
From Home an old fashion
bluescountry mix compete with
harmonica, a horns section and
backing vocals from country
legend Emmylou Harris.
The remainder of the album
remains consistent. "It's a Dream"
is about as sad and bittersweet as
anything off of Warren Zevon's
The Wind. The titular "Prairie
Wind" sounds a bit too similar
to "Far From Home but Young
manages to keep it interesting
with his harmonica solos and
singspeak style.
Depending on your outlook,
"He Was the King" could be a hit
or a miss. A quirky ode to "the
king" Elvis Presley, as a straight-
forward blues song, it's corny
- but as a satire, it borders on bril-
liance. I'd like to think that's the
way Young meant it to be.
The final track "When God
Made Me it can also be seen the
same way - a hit or a miss. It's a
very simple song with Young on
piano singing lyrics that would fit
better into a hymn and backed by
a full choir. Sad and over contem-
plative, I think it's a bit too melo-
dramatic but at the same time, it's
the song I listen to most by choice.
Overall, I really enjoyed the
Prairie Wind. Granted, Young may
be far past his heyday in terms of
popularity but he's never lost his
touch. I still consider his voice
to be the oddest, most moving
aspect of all of rock 'n' roll and
it's on full display on this album.
As I mentioned before, this
album is vintage Neil Young
with liberal political statements,
near-perfect songwriting and
heart-rending poignancy. Some-
times the lyrics verge on sappy
but those instances are few and
far between. Otherwise, if you're
sick of albums that are too loud
and say nothing and backed per-
fectly with his simple yet power-
ful arrangements, you could do
much worse than purchasing
Prairie Wind.
Grade: B-
This writer can be contacted at
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10-20-05 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
THURSDAY October 20,2005
Pirates will try to avoid catching
Tiger blues in Memphis this weekend
ECU goes for third consecutive win
The Pirates sing the fight song after every win.
For the first time in four years, the team rejoiced
in a manly harmony during consecutive weeks.
Now facing a trip to Memphis, the Pirates will
have a tougher road to hoe to clear their throats
once again.
Memphis is a city renowned for a different style
of barbecue and as the birthplace of blues. But, the
biggest attraction over the past three years hasn't
been Graceland goers or even Beale St. Move over
Elvis, B.B. King and FedEx.
DeAngelo Williams has achieved elite
celebrity status as the ambassador for a resurgent
Memphis program. Before the season started,
the two-time defending Conference USA
Player of the Year ignited a Heisman campaign.
Memphis officials made 850 die cast cars
obbying media members for Heisman
Midway through his senior season, Williams
has been driving Memphis. The senior running
back leads the nation in rushing averaging 180.5
yards per game. His per game average is 14 yards
better than second place. Williams finished with
198 yards and two touchdowns in last week's 35-20
win over Houston.
The projected first-round draft pick ran for 137
and 225 yards respectively in his last two games
against ECU. In 2004, the Wynne, Ark. native
scored four touchdowns to spearhead a narrow
38-35 Memphis road win.
What is impressing and equally worrisome
for the Pirates is that Williams is logging his total
without a passing attack to complement his run-
A host of ECU defenders corral SMU freshman running back DeMyron Martin last Saturday. Martin rushed for 129 yards on 22 carries
see PIRATES page B7
DeAngelo Williams heads Tigers attack
Senior running back has emerged as
one of nation's top offensive threats
Williams leads C-USA In rushing this season.
Ask ECU defensive coordinator Greg Hudson
about DeAngelo Williams. He'd respond with words
like 'handful' and 'supremely talented Ask Mel
Kiper, Jr. and he'd reply that 'Williams is a sure first
rounder Ask Memphis coach Tommy West and
he'd say "he's the Michael Vick of Memphis
Ask DeAngelo Williams who he is. To him, he's
just a regular college student.
But, he's hardly regular. The whole uncanny
running ability thing makes him stand out. His
combination of size and strength is rarely seen in
the today's collegiate landscape.
"As far as my style of play, I say mine's unique
said Williams.
"It's pretty much my own
Think LaDainian Tomlinson in aHorned Frog
uniform. Williams is the same height as Tomlinson
(5'10") and only four pounds lighter at 217. Wil-
liams prides himself in being a "3-D" back - one
that can block, run over an opponent or one that
can run around an opponent.
Williams faced a decision at the end of his junior
season of whether to test the NFL waters. A knee-
injury in the G MAC Bowl S2-35 loss to Bowling
Green helped Williams sway his own mind to stay.
"It was a hard for me Williams said.
"It ultimately came down to the city of Memphis
and the love I have for this outstanding city
Williams hasn't received the same attention as
USC quarterback Matt Leinart, another projected top
pick that stayed for his senior season. In fact, Williams
has been a mere blip on the national radar screen.
"I don't worry about the attention at all
Williams said.
"I don't care about the national exposure. It's
great for our program as a whole. But individually,
I don't worry about it at all
Before the season started, the Memphis athletic
media relations office promoted Williams by dis-
tributing 850 die cast cars to Heisman voters. The
cars were meant to ignite debate about Williams
being one of the best players in college football.
And he is, Williams is the two-time defending
Conference USA PJayer of the Year. Williams led
the nation in touchdowns (22) and was second
in rushing yards (1,948) last season. During his
sophomore year, Williams earned 1,430 yards and
10 touchdowns.
Williams surpassed MeWelde Moore as C-USA's
all-time rushing leader. The Wynne, Ark. native
now ranks 10th all-time in NCAA history in rush-
ing yards (5,145) and is No. 8 in all-purpose yards
And again In 2005, Williams finds his name
atop the rushing statistics. Williams is leading the
nation in rushing with 180.6 yards per game. He's
already amassed 1,083 yards in six games. The
impressive statistic is the lack of help surrounding
him on the Tiger, offense.
Memphis has converted Williams' roommate
Maurice Avery to quarterback after having two start-
ers go down with season-ending broken legs. Wil-
liams has also run behind an immature offensive
line. Junior center Blake Butler is the only returning
see PROFILE page B8
TEC Top 10: Week 4 features key SEC clashes
Alabama, Texas put
undefeated marks on the
Seven college football teams
are undefeated midway through
the season and three of them are
featured is this week's edition
of the TEC Top 10. Indianapolis
remains the lone unbeaten in the
professional ranks.
With the first few editions of
the TEC Top 10, it's time to shake
some of the cobwebs off this
prognosticator and start generat-
ing some- momentum. A decent
showing last week brought my
season record to .500. Now it's
time to rack up some wins, let's
take a look at this week's picks.
Last week's record: 6-4
Season record: 15-15
No. 10 Texas Tech at No.
2 Texas
The Longhorns are pulling
in some first-place votes in the
top 25 polls and some experts
believe Texas has the best shot at
dethroning No. 1 USC. But first
things first, Texas must escape
the regular season unscathed to
earn a national championship
bid and that road goes through
in-state rival Texas Tech. Always
an explosive offensive-minded
team, the Red Raiders come into
the game averaging 53.7 points
per contest. I think it's safe to say
Texas won't allow even close to
that total on Saturday. Heisman
i �
Trophy candidate Vince Young
will lead his team to a 7-0 start
with a convincing 37-23 Long-
horns win.
No. 17 Tennessee at No. 5
Alabama may be the biggest
surprise of the college football
season, starting the year 6-0,
including a 31-3 whitewashing
of the i-inrula Gators. Tennessee
comes into the game at a disap-
pointing 3-2 and needs to estab-
lish the running game. Teams are
stacking the line of scrimmage,
daring the Volunteers to throw
the football and with mixed suc-
cess. That task will be even more
difficult facing a threatening
Alabama crowd. The noise will
be overwhelming in Tuscaloosa
and if Tennessee can't run the
football, this game could get out
of hand. I'll take the Crimson
Tide, 27-20.
No. 16 Auburn at No. 7
Another SEC matchup and
two more ranked teams. Both
squads have just one loss this
season and dropping this game
could cost either team a shot at
a BCS bowl game. The Auburn
defense, which is allowing just
over 10 points per game, will keep
them in the contest, but I think
LSU will be too much at home.
LSU should run the table in the
conference with the exception of
a Nov. 12 meeting with Alabama.
I believe the winner of that game
will face Georgia for the SEC title.
Needless to say, LSU wins this
one 21-13.
No. 23 Virginia at North
Virginia pulled off a thrilling
upset over previously unbeaten
Florida State last weekend, with
quarterback Marques Hagans
throwing for over 300 yards
and two touchdowns while the
Cavaliers' defense held off a late
Seminoles rally. Virginia picked
off three passes in that game
and should have even more
opportunities against Tar Heels'
quarterback Matt Baker. Baker
has thrown eight interceptions to
just six touchdowns this season.
Expect the Cavaliers to feed off
last week's momentum and beat
UNC, 27-18.
Marshall at UTEP
So why the matchup between
non-ranked Marshall and UTEP
this week? Easy, this meeting
between Conference-USA oppo-
nents will have significant impli-
cations involving ECU and the
race for the conference title.
Currently, seven teams have one
conference loss, including the
Pirates. Marshall (3-3,2-1) comes
into this game following a 20-19
win over UAB last week while
UTEP has been impressive over
the course of the season, com-
piling a 4-1 overall record. The
Miners have a dynamic offense
and should cruise over an average
Marshall squad, 31-17.
Pittsburgh at Cincin-
The Steelers dropped a game
to the Jaguars last week without
the services of quarterback Ben
Roethlisberger. Backup Tommy
Maddox was horrible in relief and
Pittsburgh fans will be relieved to
know Big Ben will be back on the
field Sunday. Pittsburgh needs
to get the ground game going
and that will be a tough task
against the Bengals. Cincinnati's
tenacious defense has been over-
shadowed by their high-powered
offense, but the Bengals have
some bite, allowing just under IS
points per game. I'll take Cincy to
improve to 6-1 with a 27-24 win
over the Steelers.
Green Bay at Minnesota
Without question the worst
division in the NFL this season,
and in recent memory, Is the
NFC North. Both the Packers
and Vikings are 1-4, but just a
game back of first place behind
the equally unimpressive Bears
and Lions. Just when quarterback
Brett Favre's career seemed to be
careening downhill, the Green
Bay offense had a coming out
party last week. Granted, it was
against the lowly 49ers, but a
52-3 shellacking should give the
Packers some confidence head-
ing into Minnesota. Meanwhile,
nothing is going right for the
Vikings. Daunte Culpepper has
been awful, the defense has
been awful and to make matters
worse, several players have been
implicated in a sex escapade on
a cruise ship. All of this equals a
30-17 Packers' victory.
Denver at New York
How the Broncos are doing
It, I have no idea, but Denver
sits atop the AFC West with a
5-1 record after defeating New
England last week. They are little
more than average on paper, but
the little things have won foot
see TOP 10 page B8 Texas quarterback Vlnce Young will face Texas Tech on Saturday

PiratBS from page B6
ning style. Tiger quarterbacks
Patrick Byrne and Will Hudgens
both suffered season ending leg
injuries. True freshman Billy
Barefleld was inserted for two
games before converted wide
receiver Maurice Avery took over
against Houston.
"They put the ball in their
best athlete's hands as much as
possible said Skip Holtz.
"They moved the receiver,
Avery to the quarterback posi-
tion and he throws the ball well
enough to turn and throw it
out there on screens and jump
In Avery's first game under
center, he finished with 112
yards passing and two touch-
downs while still running for 105
yards and a score. In 2004, Avery
totaled 422 yards on 26 catches
as a wide receiver. However, he
also turned down formal offers
from West Virginia, Louisville
and UNC as a quarterback pros-
The Pirate secondary is fresh
off an impressive performance
in Dallas. Demetrius Hodges
had two interceptions, one of
which helped to stymie a poten-
tial game-winning drive. Pierre
Parker was named C-USA Defen-
sive Player of the Week with eight
tackles and two interceptions.
The real battle will come
from ECU'S front seven. ECU is
ranked 107th in rush defense
giving up 206.3 yards per game.
The Pirates have allowed for
totals of 210, 142, 129 and 12S
yards by different backs already
this season. Of those, only Wake
Forest's Chris Barclay is among
the nation's top 65 backs.
The Pirates may be without
budding defensive star Marcus
Hands. The sophomore dislo-
cated a shoulder in practice last
week and didn't practice Tuesday.
Hands had an MRI for further
evaluation on Wednesday.
Offensively, ECU is still in
search of a consistent running
game. James Pinkney's passing
totals have been able to keep
ECU in games, but icing them
was a problem against SMU.
Chris Johnson finished with
only three net yards against
Rice and 13 in the second half
versus SMU.
Pinkney saw a new name
emerge at the top of ECU'S
receiving chart. Sophomore
walk-on Philip Henry grabbed
an 80-yard pass on his way to a
five-catch 123 yard day. Henry
will likely split time with true
freshman Jerek Hewitt due to
Robert Tillman's hamstring
injury. Tillman gingerly pulled
up on an end-around last week
and is listed as doubtful.
Star wideout Aundrae Allison
quietly caught seven passes last
week. His 78 yards crept him up
the Pirate single-season record
charts. With still five games
remaining, Allison is tied for
seventh (46) in the single-season
receptions list.
Pinkney also etched his name
into Pirate folklore with his 225
yard performance against SMU.
The junior quarterback moved
into fourth in career passing
yardage (4,130) and comple-
tions (347). Pinkney currently
trails David Garrard, Marcus
Crandell and Jeff Blake in both
The Pirates' are tied atop the
conference race with three other
teams. Marshall, Southern Miss
and UCF all stand at 2-1 in the
Eastern Division. Memphis (2-2)
trails by a half-game. Preseason
favorite UAB is last at 1-2.
The game will be the second
national television broadcast for
ECU this season. The game is
the featured CSTV Game of the
Week set to begin at 3:30 p.m.
However, the game will not be
broadcast on Cox Cable. A tape
delay of the broadcast will be
played on high definition chan-
nel, InHD at 6 p.m.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
ECU men's soccer still confident in face of adversity
ECU men not
discouraged in C-USA
competition despite
winless start
As the ECU men's soccer
team plows deeper into its Con-
ference USA schedule, the Pirates
have two things on their minds
- stay focused and qualify for the
conference tournament.
Goals have been hard to
come by for the Pirates, as they
have scored just 13 goals in 10
matches, and ECU has struggled
defensively, giving up an average
of four goals per match. Follow-
ing weekend losses to Marshall
and Kentucky by identical 3-2
scores, ECU is still looking for its
first win of the year and are trying
to keep from being discouraged.
"If we win one or two games,
we should have a chance of being
in the conference tournament
said interim head coach Chad
Halverson, "which is something
this team has never done
Making the conference tour-
ney of one of the premier soccer
conferences in the country won't
be an easy task as Conference
USA gains more soccer power-
houses with the reconfiguration
of the league. Joining C-USA this
year are Southern Methodist,
Marshall, Tulsa, Florida Interna-
tional, Central Florida, Kentucky
and South Carolina.
With these new teams come
legendary coaches. South Car-
olina's Mark Berson, FIU's Karl
Kremser, SMU's Schellas Hynd-
man, UAB's Mike Getman and
Bob Gray at Marshall are all long-
time coaches at their universities
and all rank near the top of the
all-time list for career wins.
Halverson, who replaces
Michael Benn as ECU's head
coach, knows that knocking off a
legend will go along away in the
university removing the interim
tag from his title and will give
the team a much-needed boost
of confidence.
"Regardless of the interim
tag, just being a young head
coach, to take on one of those
guys, hold your own and maybe
knock them off in the end would
be phenomenal and I can't wait
Halverson said.
"If you make the confer-
ence tournament and get some
big wins, you probably stand a
better chance of being retained
as the full-time head coach. It's
an opportunity for a guy like me
who is just excited to have - that
they would have the confidence
in me to go through the season
as the interim head coach
Halverson was an assis-
tant under Benn, who went to
back his alma mater Lehigh,
and is joined by assistant Brett
Kelly, who is In his first year in
Greenville after spending two
years at Division III Gettysburg
College, where the Bullets made
the NCAA tournament each of
the last two seasons.
On the field, the Pirates have
talent and have been in games,
but seem to lose control in the
second halves. Junior Calvin
Simon, who leads the team in
scoring, believes the Pirates must
finish more often on their scor-
ing opportunities.
"We need to just need to
concentrate harder, work harder
and finish the opportunities that
we do get said Simon.
"Lately we have been getting
decent chances. We just haven't
put them in the net. We need to
put together a complete game.
We're confident that we can
play with the better teams, and
we did so against South Caro-
lina. We just need to play all 90
When the Pirates do
score, junior keeper Chris
Hicks feels there is always
a letdown shortly after.
"Right after we scored, the
other team has come down and
scored - like we weren't focused
after we scored Hicks said.
"We were still celebrating
basically and 20 or 30 seconds
later, off the kickoff, the other
team comes down there and
they're always just really ready.
We've been scored on quite a bit
like that
One remedy for that is to score
quickly and flip the tables.
"I think our biggest problem
is that a lot of times, we give
up goals early and then playing
catch-up Hicks added.
"It's not really a confidence
booster '
Keeping a positive attitude is
something Simon referred to as a
key for the Pirates (0-11-1,0-5 C-
USA) to garner their first win.
"We need to stay together
and keep together, and not get
frustrated Simon said.
"Keep playing as a team and
.stick to the game plan - knock it
long and let the wingers play
The game plan is Halverson's
and he has approached this year
and is approaching next year as
if he is the man.
"I've gone forward and set my
own policies and styles in place
and just gone forward as though
I am the head coach Halverson
"Everything just pretty much
goes as planned regardless of an
interim tag. Recruiting is where
it really only matters
The Pirates are still hopeful
of landing some top recruits
from In and out of the state
of North Carolina. Landing a
speedy athletic recruit would fill
a need and boost ECU's program
for the future.
"We don't have the fastest
backs in the conference by far
Hicks said.
"We don't have the biggest
backs. The people we have in the
back are good, but if you're not
focused for just a split second,
someone like (South Carolina's
Ayo) Akinsete can blow right by
you and there's a goal
Hicks added that being in
position to overcome lack of speed
is crucial to the Pirates defense.
Before the Pirates can look to
the future or qualifying for the
C-USA tournament, they first
must get their first win of the
year. Halverson knows this is an
audition year for him and he is
"excited" about the season and
will be much more so when he
gets his first career win.
The next opportunity for
Halverson and the Pirates to get
that win will be Friday night
when they travel to Orlando to
take on Central Florida.
This writer can be contacted at
Georgia Tech-Miami game postponed by looming Hurricane Wilma
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(AP) � Hurricane Wllma is
giving Miami and Georgia Tech
the weekend off.
With Wilma expected to
' arrlVe with potentially devastat-
ing force in Florida this week-
end, school and Atlantic Coast
' Conference officials postponed
Saturday's game between the
Yellow Jackets and sixth-ranked
The ACC did not immedi-
ately announce when the game
would be played. Miami athletic
director Paul Dee had said Nov.
17 and 19 are options but that
would require the Hurricanes'
Nov. 17 game at Wake Forest
to be pushed back to Nov. 12,
and that would also take away
a national TV, high-exposure
Thursday night game from the
Demon Deacons.
"We are currently work-
ing with both Institutions to
reschedule the game ACC com-
missioner John Swofford said.
It's the fourth time a hurri-
cane has necessitated a schedule
switch of a Miami home game;
Hurricane Georges postponed a
game with UCLA for more than
two months in 1998, Temple's
visit in 1999 was pushed back
nearly three months by Hurri-
cane Irene - and Florida State's
trip south for the 2004 season-
opener was delayed nearly a week
by Hurricane Frances.
"These things are serious
Miami coach Larry Coker said.
"We know that. If we don't know
it, we should just reflect back a
few weeks to Katrina. It came
through here as a Category 1 and
trust me, we don't want to see
much more
Meanwhile, the Miami Dol-
phins were taking a wait-and-
see attitude and monitoring the
storm's path. The Dolphins are
scheduled to host the Kansas
City Chiefs on Sunday after-
"At this point, it would be
premature to make a decision
Dolphins spokesman Harvey
Greene said.
The NHL's Florida Panthers
had not made any announce-
ment about Saturday night's
game against Ottawa.
Wllma was a Category S
storm Wednesday, with maxi-
mum sustained winds of 165
mph. It was expected to hit
southwestern Florida, then move
quickly across the state and per-
haps close to the greater Miami
area by early Sunday.
Wilma would be the eighth
hurricane to either strike or brush
Florida since August 2004.
"That thing looks pretty
dangerous to me Georgia Tech
coach Chan Gailey said. "It
jumped from a tropical storm to
Category 5 in about 20 hours.
That's a little scary
The postponement will give
both the Hurricanes and Yellow
Jackets some time to heal.
see HURRICANE page B8
OPEN 24 hours Fridays & Saturdays
1 MO
with drink purchase

from page B6 TOP 10 from page B6
starter from last year's line.
"The obvious thing that
stands out is DeAngelo Williams
said ECU head coach Skip Holt
about preparing for Memphis.
"I would much rather be
facing a team that throws it on
every down right now, with the
success that we've had against
the passing teams than the rush-
ing teams. We understand the
challenge we have. DeAngelo is
a great back and they are doing a
lot of different things with him.
They are really using their mind
and are experimenting in a lot
of ways
Williams has even seen time
under center due to the Tiger
quarterback problems.
"I'm still having fun here
in college Williams said. "I'm
still a kid at heart. I'm still doing
jokes, pulling pranks. College is
by far the best years of your life
and I wanted to get my degree.
I'm still having fun
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
ball games for head coach Mike
Shanahan. Denver is taking care
of the football, committing just
four turnovers this season, and
are stopping the run, allowing
just 88 yards per game on the
ground. Giants' second-year
quarterback Eli Manning seemed
like a possible MVP candidate
before a humbling performance
against the Cowboys last week.
Look for him to improve on that
outing, but it won't be enough to
overcome the surging Broncos.
Denver wins 20-17.
San Diego at Philadel-
It's going to be a long, tough
season for Eagles' quarterback
Donovan McNabb. He is battling
an abdominal injury that will
linger and cause some incon-
sistency, but Philly was off last
week and that should give them
a chance to regroup after a
crushing loss to Dallas. The
Chargers feature the NFL's best
running back In LaDainian
Tomlinson, who could break
the all-time record for consecu-
tive games with a touchdown
on Sunday. He was contained in
the first two games of the season,
but has been on a tear since
then, racking up over 700 total
yards and eight touchdowns in
the past four games. Look for
him to break the record, but for
the Eagles to get the close win,
Dallas at Seattle
The Cowboys have proved
they are for real this season, boast-
ing an always Imposing defense
complimented by the resurgence
of a vertical offense. Drew Bled-
soe, Terry Glenn and Julius Jones
won't draw many comparisons
to the Hall of Fame trio from
the 1990s, but they have done
enough to lead Dallas to a 4-2
record. Seattle is unbeaten at
home this year and a big reason
has been the play of running
back Shaun Alexander. Alex-
ander has rushed for 12 touch-
downs already this season and
will crack the 1,000 yard mark
in the coming weeks. The Cow-
boys should keep him in check,
but the Seahawks have other
weapons as well and that trans-
lates into a 23-16 Seattle win.
This writer can be contacted at
sportsQtheeastcarolinian. com.
Hurricane from page 67
Miami quarterback Kyle
Wright has a sprained right
thumb, affecting his ability to
grasp and throw the ball but he
had vowed to be ready to play
this weekend.
Georgia Tech has more press-
ing injury concerns, with defen-
sive tackle Joe Anoai (ankle)
and defensive back Djay Jones
(leg) not likely to have played
this weekend. Also, quarterback
Reggie Ball and tailback P.J.
Daniels were hurt last weekend
against Duke.
Officials at South Florida
continued to monitor Wilma's
progress Wednesday, but Sat-
urday night's Big East home
game with No. 20 West Virginia
remained as scheduled.
Central Florida also has
a home game with Tulane a
team forced from its city, school
and home stadium by Katrina's
intense strike along the Gulf
coast scheduled for Saturday
night. UCF officials planned
to make an announcement
Wednesday afternoon about
that game's status.
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parent's neighborhood that can
help when you're not around.
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your parent, and less anxiety
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The East Carolinian, October 20, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
October 20, 2005
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