The East Carolinian, October 12, 2005

Volume 81 Number 15 WEDNESDAY October 12,2005
Lecture by award-winning
attorney raises serious issues
Retiring UNC system
president honored, Erskine
Bowles chosen to succeed
Domestic violence an
epidemic in the U.S.
A lecture sponsored by
the women's studies program
attracted a crowd of students
Monday and forced the spon-
sors to find a larger classroom to
accommodate the attendees.
Peter Romary, attorney at law,
spoke about the issue of domes-
tic violence in America and its
impact on the economy and
those who experience it.
"Every hour, 56 women are
victimized in the U.S. This year,
there have been 52 murders
contributed to domestic
violence in North Carolina
said Romary.
According to Romary, even
as domestic violence costs the
economy $67 billion per year and
the Center for Disease Control
has categorized it as an epidemic,
there is little attention and educa-
tion devoted to this problem.
"This is a cancer on our soci-
ety he said.
Romary began his lecture
by quoting a question he had
been asked and posing it to the
"If I go home and beat the s
out of my wife, what the f" does
it mean to you?" Romary said.
The room was silent for
a long moment as he posed the
question again.
"There are more work days lost
due to violence to women than
any other reason Romary said.
Sixty-six percent of all CEOs
say their business would benefit
by educating employees about
the effects of domestic violence,
Romary said.
Examples given by Romary
of laws in North Carolina pro-
The Cycle of Violence
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Normal Behavior
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Changes to UNC
universities' leadership
Domestic violence Is something Romary considers to be an epidemic in the United States.
tecting women from domestic
violence include NC Statute
SOB, which protects all victims
within any type of relationship,
NC Statute 50C, which protects
against stalking and Chapter 95,
which allows businesses to get
restraining orders on behalf of
their employees.
However, there's a problem
with the implementation, lack
of education and enforcement of
these laws, Romary said.
Romary asked the audience
if anyone there knew how to
get a restraining order. After a
few valiant attempts by a few
members of the audience, Romary
explained how the state of North
Carolina expects the average
citizen to know they must go
to the Civil Division of the Clerks
Office to get the paperwork and
the individual must fill it out.
"It scares me that people are
not given this information on a
regular basis Romary said.
Romary also pointed out that
there is a problem with non-
enforcement and a lack of educa-
tion that renders these statutes
Romary cited a U.S. Supreme
Court case that he argued in
which the Court said police were
under no mandate to enforce a
restraining order. The case was
Castle Rock v. Gonzalez and
the mother, who had taken out
a restraining order against her
husband, sued the police when,
after several pleas for help to the
police went unanswered, the
husband kidnapped and killed
her two children.
"So what is the use of that
paper if it won't be enforced?"
Romary said.
Romary also took issue with
a local case in which an attorney
had been arrested for contempt
of court after the judge appeared
to have raised his client's bond
because the judge determined
the outfit worn by the defendant
was too nice and, therefore, the
defendant was under suspicion
for being a drug dealer.
"This judge wanted to look
like he was tough on crime, but
see LECTURE page A2
Last Saturday, retiring UNC
President Molly Corbett Broad
was honored at ECU during the
Educator's Hall of Fame, four days
following the Board of Gover-
nors recommendation to install
Erskine Bowles, former deputy
White House chief of staff, as her
Broad and 20 other award-
winners were acknowledged.
She had been president of the
UNC system since 1997. She is
retiring at the conclusion of the
fall semester.
"President Broad has been
instrumental in keeping teacher
preparation and pre-K-12 initia-
tives as strategic priorities of
the UNC System said Marilyn
Sheerer, dean of the College
of Education. "She has been a
champion for public education
at all levels and models the kind
of leadership we need to address
our challenges
Bowles received a unanimous
recommendation from the Presi-
dential Search Committee of the
University of North Carolina
Board Of Governors to become
the sixteenth president.
"The president's job takes a
unique blend of skill, character
and passion. We searched for a
president who possesses all three
and no one possesses that blend
more than Bowles said Bradley
Wilson, chairman of the Presi-
dential Search Committee. "The
president must understand at a
deep level the teaching, research
and outreach that constitute
the mission of the University of
North Carolina. The challenge
for the president is also to have
a good understanding of how to
assemble the resources to carry
out that mission - Bowles has
Wilson and the search team
looked at 80 possible candidates
to take Broad's position. They
eventually chose Bowles, who
will take over, effective Jan. 1,
"We were fortunate to have
met with some extraordinary
people, but Erskine Bowles
matched up closely with the
presidential qualities listed in the
Board's Leadership Statement
Wilson said. "In the end, the
search committee concluded it
would have been unfair to dis-
close the identities of the other
applicants when Erskine Bowles
had unanimous support from the
The Leadership Statement
holds the duties, responsibili-
ties and character necessities
involved with being president of
the 16-constituent UNC system.
Thepresidentis expected to"build
consensus and establish a singular
vision for the University accord-
ing to the Leadership Statement.
Bowles is becoming the head
of an educational system that
consumes more than $70 mil-
lion of North Carolina's budget.
The educational aspect of the
see BOWLES page A2
Alpha Kappa Alpha sponsors
breast cancer fundraiser
Hope Is part of the message In fighting breast cancer in America.
Sorority raises awareness
with bracelets and
Last week, Alpha Kappa Alpha
took the initiative to fight breast
cancer by raising money and
educating students passing by
Wright Plaza.
This year alone, it is estimated
that 40,410 women will die in the
United States of breast cancer.
This figure, prqvided by
The American Cancer Society,
prompted the sisters of Alpha
Kappa Alpha to act. Alpha Kappa
Alpha provides "service to all
mankind and they provided
it this month by sponsoring a
fundraiser designed to promote
awareness at ECU and give back
to the community in a unique
"We try to incorporate pro-
grams every month, and we have
national program targets that
we are required to target each
month said Yolanda Mitchell,
Alpha Kappa Alpha member and
junior special education major.
It was decided that since
October is Breast Cancer Aware-
ness Month, the sorority would
order and sell 100 pink breast
cancer bracelets, modeled
after the ever-popular, yellow
"Livestrong" bracelets, made
famous by Lance Armstrong.
Every day last week from 10
a.m. to 2 p.m several members
of Alpha Kappa Alpha set up a
table in front of Wright Place
and covered it in information,
including breast cancer fliers
from ECU'S Student Health Ser-
vice, pink ribbons attached to
statistics and the bracelets, which
sold for $2 each.
By Wednesday morning, 70
of the 100 bracelets had been
sold. In addition, people were
making donations, sometimes in
amounts of up to $20.
"The fundraiser has really
exceeded our expectations
because we have raised a lot of
money and, basically, people
have come up to us and told
us they have family members
touched by breast cancer said
Adriane Spivey, Alpha Kappa
Alpha member and junior nurs-
ing major.
"It's benefiting a lot of people
here at ECU a lot of people have
come up to the table and bought
bracelets because they've had
a loved one with breast cancer
it's a worthy cause Mitchell
Although the sorority has
not decided exactly where the
funds will go, Mitchell said the
money will be given to either
a local or national breast cancer
foundation, where it can be put
to its intended use. The sorority
will conduct a meeting Sunday
to decide the final destination
of the money.
Alpha Kappa Alpha is not
the only campus organization
attempting to educate the ECU
community. ECU Student Health
Services, who contributed fliers
for the table, also "provides
education concerning breast
health, breast exams and con-
sults with students about any
breast health concerns Student
Health Services can be reached
at 328-6841.
For additional information on
breast cancer, including impor-
tant statistics, prevention and
risk factors, readers may consider
visiting The American Cancer
Society's Web site at
"Everybody in some way has
been touched by breast cancer,
- whether it is a mother, grand-
mother, family or friends said
Amber Jones, Alpha Kappa Alpha
member and senior psychology
"It's very important that we
make the effort to make the com-
munity aware of this issue
This is especially true in con-
sideration of the fact that there
is much about breast cancer that
researchers still do not under-
"Seventy percent of breast
cancer patients have none of the
classical risk factors according
to Student Health Services.
"Women may create a false
sense of security for themselves
and may suffer from needless
excessive worry
However, women are not the
only ones who need to know
the risk factors. The American
Cancer Society cautions that
"men should be aware of risk fac-
see CANCER page A2
African Union soldiers were captured in the Darfur region of Sudan until their release on Sunday.
Darfur rebels release 36 African
Union personnel, including American
� Rebels have freed 36 mem-
bers of an African Union team,
including an American moni-
tor, who were kidnapped in
Sudan's western Darfur region,
an AU spokesman said Monday
as international envoys warned
the region was again sliding into
Two members of the team, its
Senegalese leader and a transla-
tor were still being held, and an
AU military high commander
has gone to the Tine region near
the border with Chad to negoti-
ate their release, said Noured-
dine Mezni, spokesman for the
African Union in Khartoum. The
36 were set free late Sunday, he
said in an e-mail statement that
gave no details on where the
detainees were released.
The abductions occurred a
day after two AU troops were
killed by another rebel group
- the first fatalities suffered by
the pan-African body since it
deployed peacekeepers to Darfur
in April 2004.
"The international commu-
nity should be very alarmed by
these events because the situation
is getting out of hand and we are
sliding backwards Baba Gana
Kingibe, the organization's top
envoy to Darfur, told The Asso-
ciated Press. "We have had some
very terrible tragedies, but this is
one of the lowest points, if not
the lowest, that we have had
Kingibe's concerns were
echoed by a top United Nations
envoy, who said Darfur could
again be engulfed by the type
of indiscriminate violence that
made it one of the world's worst
humanitarian disasters two
years ago.
"We have not turned the
corner Juan Mendez, the U.N.
special adviser on the prevention
of genocide, said Monday days
after returning from a trip to the
region and delivering a report
to the U.N. Security Council. "I
found the situation much more
dangerous and worrisome than I
expected it to be
U.S. Ambassador John Bolton
raised the possibility of new sanc-
tions against Sudan, saying the
council needed to do more about
worsening security. He later told
The Associated Press that one
possibility was to put more con-
trols on weapons flowing into
the country.
"Sanctions were put in before,
it's not clear they're being adhered
to Bolton told AP. "The question
(is) whether we should do some-
thing else in that area in terms of
arms into the country
The Sudanese government
has condemned the abduction
and killing of AU mission mem-
bers in Sudan but said it was up
to the African Union to stop the
attacks. Khartoum also urged
the international community to
pressure rebels in Darfur to abide
by a cease-fire agreement signed
with the government.
"Serious measures should be
taken by the African Union to
halt this targeting of (its) per-
sonnel, of the civilians and of
relief workers in Darfur by the
rebels" the official Sudan news
agency said Monday, quoting a
statement issued by the govern-
ment delegation to peace talks in
Abuja, Nigeria.
see SUDAN page A2
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CHRIS MUNIEFi News Editor ZACK HILL Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY October 12, 2005
Hauerwas to give Jarvls
Lecture on Christianity and
On Thursday, Oct. 13 at 7:30 p.m
in Harvey Banquet Hall at Minges
Coliseum, Duke ethicist Stanley
Hauerwas will examine America's
love of longevity and fear of death
at ECU'S annual Jarvis Lecture on
Christianity and Culture series.
Hauerwas will compare American
versus Christian views on death
and talk about why Americans
tend to put too many expectations
on physicians and the medical
For more information, students
can visit ecu.edureligionprogram,
or contact Calvin Mercer at or
Deadline approaching for B.S.
In rehabilitation services
Oct. 15 is the application
deadline for people interested in
pursuing a Bachelor of Science
degree in rehabilitation services.
Applications can be obtained
at ecu.edurehb or from the
Department of Rehabilitation
Studies, located at 312 Belk
Building. Questions regarding the
degree can be directed to Martha
Chapin at 328-4424.
2005 homecoming elections
Elections for the 2005
homecoming court will take place
from Wednesday Oct. 12 - Friday,
Oct 14. Students are asked to
vote for five king and five queen
candidates online at OneStop.
Every student must choose five
queen and five king candidates
in order for their vote to count.
"Homecoming 2005, Purple
Reign: Sharing the Treasures of
East Carolina" will take place on
Saturday, Oct. 29.
For more information, visit
Red Bull Music Labs offers
chance for workshop
Budding local musicians have
a chance to win a trip to a five-
day digital music production
workshop held in Greenville, SC
on Nov. 9 -13. The event is being
sponsored by Red Bull Music
Labs and is designed to give
participants to create songs and
navigate the music industry.
Students of varying levels of
experience and backgrounds
will be selected, but all must
show a love for and dedication
to furthering their musical
expression. Those interested can
apply online at redbullmusiclabs.
com. Applications are due by
Oct 14.
Authors to speak on eastern
NC Influences
The second Eastern North Carolina
Literary Homecoming will be held
at ECU on Oct. 14 -15. The event
is being presented by Joyner
Library. The event celebrates
the unique literature Inspired by
eastern North Carolina. It Is open
to the public.
Events start Oct. 14 at Sheppard
Memorial Library with an open
interview with authors of juvenile
literature Authors Suzanne Newton
and Eleanora Tate will speak.
Later In the evening, there will be a
dessert reception for the Roberts
Award for Literary Inspiration on
the club level at Dowdy-Flcklen
Stadium Entertainment will be
provided by Jan DeBlieu and
Bland Simpson.
Saturday's events start at Wright
Auditorium at 8:30 a.m. and
continue until 5 p.m. with various
authors speaking influences on
influences such as the Outer
Banks, and genres, such as
culinary writing.
For more information, students
can visit, or call
Career Fair coming
Student Professional Development
will be hosting the All-Majors Fall
Career Fair on Thursday, Oct. 20,
from 10 am. - 2 p.m. More than 125
companies and 300 recruiters will
be on campus to recruit seniors
for permanent positions and
juniors for Internships. Information
on the employers attending and
the positions they will be recruiting
is available at the Career Fairs
link at ecu.edue3careers. For
more information contact Jane
Rahm in Student Professional
Development by calling
Opera Verdi's production of
Macbeth coming to ECU
With a track record of sellouts
and standing ovations at previous
ECU performances, Opera Verdi
Europa will return with Verdi's
operatic version of Shakespeare's
Macbeth. The performance will
take place Thursday Oct. 20 at 8
p.m. in Wright Auditorium. Verdi's
interpretation of the tragic tale is
considered one of his best.
NC chief Justice: Courts may
suspend consideration of civil
may suspend consideration of civil
cases until prosecutors catch up
with criminal cases if legislators don't
increase spending on state courts,
North Carolina's chief justice says.
"I have a plan Chief Justice I. Beverly
Lake Jr. said Monday during a speech
to more than 100 lawyers and judges
at a meeting of the Forsyth County
Bar Association. "We're not going to
try any civil cases until we get criminal
where it needs to be"
Lake, 71, who has about three
months before he retires from the
N.C. Supreme Court, criticized the
Legislature's allocations to state
courts as being inadequate.
Legislators approved $310 million for
courts In the state budget for 2005-
06, Lake said. The courts got nearly
$383 million in state money for 2003-
04, according the N.C. Administrative
Office of the Courts.
"They have been nickeling-and-
diming us to death Lake said. The
message has gotten to them, but why
they won't accept it, I don't know
After his speech, Lake said the
caseload continues to Increase even
while the courts' budget gets smaller.
That threatens both defendants' rights
to speedy trials and public safety,
he said.
For example, it's possible for a charge
to be dismissed and a defendant
released If it's determined that a
defendant's constitutional right to a
speedy trial was violated.
Nearly 70,500 cases were pending
in criminal Superior Court at the end
of 2000-01, according to state court
statistics. That number increased to
79,424 at the end of 2004-05.
Half the pending cases in criminal
Superior Court were older than 205
days at the end of 2000-01, the
statistics showed. At the end of 2004-
05, half were older than 221 days.
About 21,000 cases were pending
in civil Superior Court at the end of
Lake encouraged the lawyers to
"bore in" on legislators because
more courts and programs could be
established with more state money.
Bushes pitch In with Gulf Coast
COVINGTON, La. (AP) - President
Bush pledged Tuesday that the
federal government will not seek
to dictate terms for rebuilding the
hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast but
would allow state and local officials
to make key decisions. He rejoiced
In what he said is a spirit of revival
"I think we've seen the spirits change
Bush said in an Interview with NBC's
Today" show. "Local people are
beginning to realize there's hope In
the Interview, both he and his wife,
Laura, defended his choice of Harriet
Miers for the Supreme Court. Bush
reiterated his statement of last week
that he was confident she would be
confirmed by the Senate.
Bush and his wife were interviewed at
a Habitat for Humanity work site, in a
town just north of New Orleans where
the nonprofit organization is building
houses for displaced people.
In response to the government's
Initially slow response to Hurricane
Katrina, Bush said, "If I didn't respond
well enough, I'm going to leam the
lessons The federal government's
response to the second huge storm
to slam the area, Rita, has gotten
better reviews.
Tne story will unfold. I mean, the facts
of the story will come out over time,
and the important thing is for federal,
state and local governments to adjust
and to respond Bush said.
The president and his wife joined
other volunteers, driving nails into a
sheet of plywood with a hammer.
Bush rejected criticism from
Democrats that his visits to the
region, this was his eighth, were
largely picture-taking opportunities for
publicity and that his administration
lacked a coherent reconstruction
"I don't think Washington ought
to dictate to New Orleans how to
rebuild he said. Bush said he had
told Ray Nagin, the Democratic mayor
of New Orleans, over dinner the night
before that "we will support the plan
that you develop
On other subjects in the NBC
interview, Bush:
- Defended his Supreme Court choice
against criticism by some members
of the political right who feel let
down because of Mler's lack of a
conservative record. "My answer is
Harriet Miers is going to be confirmed
and people will get to see why I put
her on the bench he said.
- Predicted that the Oct. 15 Iraqi
elections on a new constitution would
be marked by violence from "a group
of terrorists and killers who want to
stop the advance of democracy
And, Bush said, "I also expect people
to vote
- Expressed confidence that the
government would develop a plan "to
handle a major outbreak" of bird flu if
it spreads to this country.
- Declined to discuss a federal grand
jury investigation that includes an
inquiry into the role, if any, that top
adviser Karl Rove played in disclosing
the identity of an undercover CIA
agent. "I'm not going to talk about the
case. It's under review. Thank you for
asking Bush said tersely.
Insurgents kill dozens of Iraqis
ahead of the constitutional
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Insurgents
determined to wreck Iraq's
constitutional referendum killed
more than 40 people and wounded
dozens in a series of attacks Tuesday,
including a suicide car bomb that
ripped apart a crowded market in a
town near the Syrian border, police
U.S. and Iraqi officials have repeatedly
warned that the insurgents would
step up their attacks to undermine
Saturday's referendum, a crucial step
oUOdn from page A1
The government said it was
committed to continuing nego-
tiations to resolve the crisis in
the western region.
The AU has condemned the
rebel killings and kidnappings,
describing them as major viola-
tions of the shaky cease-fire deal
aimed at ending the Darfur con-
flict that started in 2003 and has
claimed the lives of more than
180,000 people
The violence began after
rebels took up arms against gov-
ernment forces, rising up against
what it regarded as years of state
neglect. Sudanese authorities are
accused of subsequently unleash-
ing militias known as thejanja-
weed against the rebels, fanning
a conflict that has sparked what
the U.N. has called the world's
worst humanitarian crisis.
The AU members and one
American were taken hostage
by the Justice and Equality
Movement, a dissident faction
of one of two main Darfur rebel
groups, said Adam Thiam, a
spokesman for AU Commission
Chairman Alpha Oumar Konare.
The freed American may have
been part of a support group that
is helping the AU mission in
Darfur by providing logistics and
helping fly in troops, according
to an AU official who asked not to
be identified because he was not
authorized to speak to the media.
The other hostages included
AU military observers, civilian
police and a Justice and Equality
Movement official, theof f icial said.
The AU first deployed to
Sudan with less than SOO peace-
keepers, but its mission has grown
to 6,200 with financial and logis-
tical support from the EU, the
United States and others.
The African Union also
accused the other main Darfur
rebel group, the Sudan Liberation
Army, of ambushing an AU patrol
Saturday and killing two Nige-
rian soldiers and two Sudanese
drivers attached to the team in
South Darfur.
The violence occurred in a
territory that is largely controlled
by the rebel group and has a his-
tory of previous rebel interference
and attacks against African Union
teams, said an AU statement.
from page A1
tors as well as women, although
the chance of a man developing
breast cancer is relatively low. After
all, men can also have breast cancer,
which is an often-overlooked
fact. This past week has proven,
however, that the men of ECU are
more informed than they previ-
ously were.
"I've been shocked at how many
guys have actually come up and
bought bracelets a lot of them did
not know that they can get breast
cancer too said Martina Watkins,
Alpha Kappa Alpha member and
senior child development and
family relations major.
All in all, Alpha Kappa Alpha
combated one of the most dangerous
threats to man, ignorance. By spread-
ing the word and taking the initia-
tive, they have helped raise awareness
and provide outlets for students and
faculty to gain more information
on breast cancer. The campus
community has also assisted in
this project through its generosity.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
L8CIUT6 from page A1
the next day, a man who had
been found guilty for assaulting
his wife and had served more
than 300 days In jail had his
$ 100,000 bond thrown out while
the District Attorney was out of
the room - the man was let go
Romary said.
"Tough on crime?" Romary
said. "Where is the justice?"
Romary pushed the fact that
he believed education within
government, the school system
and business is paramount.
"The ECU Senate passed
unanimously a resolution to
begin offering conflict resolution
courses Romary said.
"As a society and for eco-
nomic reasons, we need this
Most of the schools within the
UNC system are still without any
conflict resolution courses, he said.
Romary offered some small tips
that individuals can do to help.
"I don't want to scare
everyone and you don't have
to devote your life to this,
but there are little things you can
do Romary said. "If you know
a victim, let them know what they
are going through Is not right
Sue Molhan, a sexual assault
counselor in the ECU Counsel-
ing Center, invited anyone who
knows someone who is a victim
or a victim themselves to contact
her anytime at 328-5672. Molhan
and Romary agreed anyone who
has been a victim of domestic
violence should seek help from a
"I've been here since July
and the university has been very
positive and supportive of me and
this program said Molhan.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeas t Carolinian, com.
from page A1
budget is something Governor
Mike Easley wants to continue
to increase.
"We are making the right
choices said Easley. "We are get-
ting the state turned around but we
must finish the job. We can start
by fixing our budget, growing our
economy and keeping our prom-
ise in education
Along with his work during
the Clinton administration,
the 67-year-old Bowles was the
founder and partner of Carousel
Capital, a merchant bank based
in Charlotte, North Carolina.
After returning to work in Charlotte
In 1998, Bowles wanted to get back
into politics but was unable to win
either of his bids for U.S. Senate in
2002 and 2004. However, Bowles'
salary as president will exceed
that of Senator when he makes
J425.000 a year. He plans to donate
$125,000 to student aid funds.
He is already familiar with
North Carolina colleges, having
graduated from UNC Chapel Hill
with a degree in business.
This writer can be contacted at
I CaMmonQigiiilTlMiaDvMan
in Iraq's democratic transition.
In the deadliest attack in nearly two
weeks, a suicide car bomb exploded
at about 11 a.m. in a crowded open
market in the northwestern town of Tal
Afar, killing 30 Iraqis and wounding
45, said Brig. Najim Abdullah, Tal
Afar's police chief. US and Iraqi forces
routed insurgents in a major offensive
there last month.
He said all the victims appeared to be
civilians since no Iraqi or U.S. forces
were in the center of Tal Afar, which is
260 miles northwest of Baghdad.
Insurgents also used two suicide car
bombs, three roadside bombs and
four drive-by shootings in the capital
on Tuesday to kill a total of 14 Iraqis;
29 were wounded, police said.
The worst attack involved a suicide
car bomb that exploded about noon
at an Iraqi army checkpoint in a busy
area of western Baghdad, killing eight
Iraqi soldiers and one civilian and
wounding 12 soldiers, said police
Capt. Qassim Hussein.
The violence came four days
ahead of Iraq's key vote on the
draft constitution, which Kurds and
the majority Shiites largely support
dnd the Sunni Arab minority rejects.
Sunnis are campaigning to defeat the
charter at the polls, although officials
from all sides have been trying up to
the last minute to decide on changes
to the constitution to swing Sunni
Many Sunnis fear the document
would create nearly autonomous
Kurdish and Shiite mini-states in
the north and south, where Iraq's
oil wealth is located, and leave
most Sunnis Isolated in central and
western Iraq under a weak central
government in Baghdad. Whether the
constitution passes or fails, Iraq is due
to hold elections for a new parliament
on Dec. 15.
Militants are demanding that Iraqis
boycott the referendum and have
killed at least 384 people in the last
16 days In a series of attacks.
In another development, a top
election official said Tuesday that
Iraqi law will allow Saddam Hussein
and thousands-of other detainees
who have not been brought to trial to
vote in the referendum.
However, Abdul Hussein Hindawi,
one of the eight highest-ranking
officials on the Independent Electoral
Commission in Iraq, also said the
organization was still awaiting a full
list from the Interior Ministry and the
U.Sled coalition of the detainees
who should be allowed to receive
copies of the draft constitution and to
vote at Abu Ghraib prison and several
other U.S. detention centers.
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A bit
My brain has b
didn't really ha
last week to w
to me today, sc
information at
here is a bit at
Name: Jennife
Birthday: May
Birthplace: Cl
Current locat
Eye color: Brc
Hair color: Da
Height: 59
Right handed
The shoes yo
Your perfect
deep dish fron
Goal you wo
Advancing the
Your most ov
Messenger: L
First thoughts
time is it?
Pepsi or Coki
McDonald's c
Single or gro
Upton Ice Tei
Chocolate or
Do you sing
Have you bee
Do you want
Do you belie
Do you get rr
Do you get al
Do you like tl
one reason w
Do you play;
In the past m
Oreo's: No I r
In the past r
No, and that ii
In the past mo
In the past mc
How do you'
What countr
Anywhere in E
Number of C
Number of pi
Number of U
Number of thl
Until next wee
Our St
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include a telep
e-mail to editor
Carolinian, Stu
NC 27858-435:
tion. One copy c

Page A3 252.328.9238
WEDNESDAY October 12, 2005
My Random Column
A bit about me
My brain has been taken over by writer's block. I
didn't really have anything that happened in the
last week to write about. Nothing was coming
to me today, so I figured I would include some
information about me. To you guys that care,
here is a bit about me:
Name: Jennifer Hobbs
Birthday: May 24
Birthplace: Charlotte
Current location: Greenville, NC
Eye color: Brown with green taking over
Hair color: Dark brown
Height: 5'9
Right handed or left handed: Right
The shoes you wore today: Dress shoes
Your perfect pizza: Pepperoni and Sausage
deep dish from Pizza Hut
Goal you would like to achieve this year:
Advancing the look of the newspaper
Your most overused phrase on an Instant
Messenger: LOL
First thoughts when waking up: Oh no I What
time is it?
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: Either
Single or group dates: Either
Upton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Cappuccino or coffee: NEITHER!
Do you sing: All the time especially in the car
Have you been in love: Yes
Do you want to get married: Yes
Do you believe in yourself: Yes
Do you get motion sickness: Not usually
Do you get along with your parents: Yes
Do you like thunderstorms: Yes, and that is
one reason why I live on the bottom floor
Do you play an Instrument: Nope
In the past month have you eaten a box of
Oreo's: No I haven't had Oreo's at all
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:
No, and that is unusual
In the past month have you been on stage: No
In the past month have you been dumped: No
How do you want to die: In my sleep
What country would you most like to visit:
Anywhere in Europe
Number of CD's I own: Too many to count
Number of piercings: 2
Number of tattoos: 1 but soon to be more
Number of things In my past I regret: Very few
Until next week �lennifer Hobbs
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Chris Munier Alexander Marcinlak
News Editor Web Editor
Carolyn Scandura Kristin Murnane
Features Editor Asst. Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
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are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
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include a telephone number, batters may be sent via
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H6 VW N6U5 ISTHATfS $feA&�,
�H05e WlC yPSeuO6U00AL
wAmv6,60QV'6Ye ?olap-ice cap;
rVeu5(5THfVrtyfAArFipE '
6&?K� in rne memvT
Opinion Columnist
Warning! Hilton fans may not enjoy this
Why do people admire Paris
She is everywhere, everyone is talk-
ing about her and, apparently, everyone
wants to be like her: skinny, sexy, rich
and famous. I guess I can't really blame
them. Of course I'm talking about
Paris Hilton. While others may have
jumped on the we-love-Paris-Hilton-
bandwagon, I just don't see a reason
to get on it.
Why do people like or at least
appear to like Paris Hilton so much?
As I recall, she came into the public
eye out of relative obscurity. I mean,
I never knew the Hilton family had a
daughter named Paris. Next thing you
know, she has a TV show in the works
and a certain video floating around
cyberspace. Next thing you know, she
is a household name, inspiring fashion
and generally doing anything to grab
people's attention, and she continues
to do so.
I've seen and heard a few examples
of what could be considered inspired
by Paris Hilton. I've read in the Pirate
Rants about people discussing the
"big ugly" sunglasses some women
are wearing around campus. Now I'm
not certain about this, but isn't this a
trend started by Paris? Most of the times
I've seen her on TV, she was wearing
sunglasses, but I really wasn't paying
enough attention to her to really say for
certain what they looked like. Then a
few weeks ago, I saw a group of people
talking in the entrance room of my
dorm, apparently studying or working
on a project together, and one of them
had two little black dogs with her. The
dogs were sitting in a stroller. Now
this is something I know can connect
to Paris because it is one of the most
bizarre and annoying things about her.
Why did she carry that dog, a chihua-
hua named Tinkerbell, around with her
like some kind of fashion accessory?
Now I've heard that Paris has left Tin-
kerbell at home with her mother sports
a smaller Chihuahua named Bambi.
Tinkerbell apparently got too big for
her to carry around.
Apparently, I'm not the only one
who thinks Paris is not a great pet
owner. The organization known as
People For The Ethical Treatment Of
Animals (PETA) has come down on Paris
for treating Tinkerbell like something
she's grown out of. One spokesman
for PETA said, "It's a pity that Paris's
heart doesn't match her pocketbook.
Animals shouldn't be disposed of like
last season's trendy handbag
My confusion about Paris Hilton's
popularity goes beyond her relation-
ship with her pets. I just don't find her
very attractive. She doesn't even look
real to me - she looks like some kind
of living, life-size Barbie doll. Her skin
looks like it would feel like plastic and
the color would rub-off onto my hands.
I don't know if that is her original nose,
but if isn't I'd ask for my money back.
It just doesn't look right. Finally, Paris
has this image that I can only define as
non-unique. I don't know if it's because
so many people are copying her style, if
she is just promoting the latest fashions
or wearing what a lot of other people
are wearing, but there is nothing I can
see about her that stands out and makes
her unique among all the other faces of
celebrity-dom or even of this campus.
I can't even stand to watch her
TV show. She and Nicole Richie, or
whoever it is she has got following her
around now, go around from one differ-
ent place to another. Paris then finds a
bunch of ways to either degrade herself
or act like she's better than the people
she meets, and it's all good because
she has more money than most of
us, maybe even all of us put together,
will ever make in a lifetime. The thing
is, though, most of her money is not
money that she earned. It's money
that her parents earned, and if things
go well for Paris, she'll be running the
family business someday. So she has
very little to work for and because of
this, I would imagine she has a very big
void in her life. Maybe daddy-Hilton
was too busy running his fancy, over-
priced hotels to pay attention to her.
I can't take Paris seriously because
she seems like a little girl who wants
people to pay attention to her and will
do whatever it takes to get attention
and take any she can get. I mean how
does someone with her "social stand-
ing" and "popularity" end up doing a
Burger King commercial? I mean Darius
Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish
dressed up in a cowboy outfit for one of
their commercials. When was the last
time you saw him before that? I think
Paris needs a better agent.
Paris Hilton has done one thing
that makes her seem like not such a
bad person. Apparently she and a few
other celebrities earned money to help
victims of Hurricane Katrina by auc-
tioning themselves out for dates. Some
high ranking socialite paid $200,000
for an evening with Paris. Now whether
or not that will be featured on "The
Simple Life" I don't know. Frankly
there's a lot of things I could buy with
$200,000 that I could find entertain-
ing, but Paris Hilton isn't one of them.
Maybe if Paris Hilton was famous for
doing something worthy of being
admired on a regular basis, I would have
a different opinion. Until then, I'll let
that bandwagon roll on by.
In My Opinion
Fighting obesity with a food 'fat tax'
(KRT) � It seems that Americans
are constantly getting pelted with sci-
entific studies that tell us that we are fat
and getting fatter by the minute. The
latest round of bad news was brought
to us courtesy of researchers at Boston
University who have been gathering
health data on a group of 4,000 adults
for the last 30 years.
Their conclusion: a jaw-dropping
nine out of 10 men and seven out of
10 women will become overweight at
some point in their lives. And those
of us who have managed to keep the
weight monster at bay into middle
age shouldn't be too smug. Half the
people in the study who reached the
summer of their lives without a weight
problem eventually joined the ranks of
the "large" majority.
Although the numbers were a little
higher than expected, they don't (or
shouldn't, at least) come as a complete
shock to anyone. Our culture, our life-
styles, and our work habits all conspire
against us in the battle to stay fit.
Foods that are high in calories and
low in food value are tasty, plentiful
and convenient, and many of our best-
paying jobs and most popular leisure
activities have us sitting nearly motion-
less in front of video displays for hours
and hours on end.
The government has responded to the
situation by encouraging us to eat right
and get more exercise. They even came
up with a colorful new food pyramid to
illustrate the latest scientific thinking on
what constitutes a healthy diet.
Yeah, I'm sure that's going to help.
We may as well hope for the Fat Fairy
to come along while we're sleeping and
magically make us all thin with a wave
of her skinny wand.
If the government really wants to
do something about the obesity epi-
demic, it needs to stick to what it knows
best. And that's raising taxes.
The government could calculate a
"fat tax" that would be tied directly to
the relative calorie content of each food
item we buy compared to its overall
nutritional value. The more "empty
calories" a food provides, the higher
the tax. Fresh fruits and vegetables
would of course be taxed at 0 percent,
but potato chips, french fries and ice
cream would be hit really hard.
How does $5 for a large fry sound?
Or $20 for a triple-decker bacon cheese-
burger? Not too good, right? Well
that's the idea. I'll bet we'd think twice
before pigging out on junk food six
days a week if our pocketbooks were hit
harder when we went that route.
After all, despite all the noise that
conservationists have been making for
years about the importance of cutting
back on fossil fuel use, the average
American couldn't be bothered with
such nonsense until gasoline hit $3 a
gallon. Now everyone wants a hybrid.
The same motivation would undoubt-
edly work if it was applied to the kinds
of food that are most responsible for
increasing our waist lines.
So where would the extra money
go? My advice would be to use it
to finance tax credits to reimburse
companies that provide their employ-
ees with an hour of fully compensated
time each day to be used for vigorous
People would be forced, by financial
necessity, to eat more healthy foods and
they'd be rewarded with an extra hour
of time off each workday to go out and
take a walk, go swimming or ride a bike.
It wouldn't completely solve the obesity
epidemic, but I guarantee you my plan
would make a significant impact.
Of course, it's unlikely such a plan
would win the popular support it would
need to become reality. We've already
had to give up our SUVs. It would be
cruel and unusual to make us give up
McDonald's and Krispy Kreme as well.
I mean, there has to be some pleasure
in life, right?
Pirate Rant
It must be Wednesday again. All the
fraternitiessororities are wearing their
"cool" letters!
W. stole my lunch money. Then he
beat me up behind the dumpster. I'm
telling Barbara.
Looks like I'll be clogging my arteries
with Sbarros pizza and chicken wraps
since rotten salads are the only thing
available on campus.
Yes I am Anti Greek, and Yes I will be
attending Reggae on the Lake. That's the
only thing you Greek people have going
for you. All the other parties are lame so
don't worry, I wont be attending.
Honestly, is it that hard to remember
you set an alarm? If you're going to
nave the most god-awful noise for an
alarm clock, as least have the decency
to shut it off when you get up. The rest
of the floor does NOT enjoy hearing
your alarm go off from 6 in the morn-
ing to about 9.
Sperrys, Rainbows, Uniqueness, Indi-
viduality, they are all fads and ways to
conform to society. People need to get
a grip and stop classifying people on the
outside. Check out the inside first!
I love how everyone complains about
politics. No one is forcing you to live in
this country, and if you don't like the
way things are going, ust leave. Go live
in a country where you have no control
over any facet of your life.
For all of the sociology grad students,
who talk so grammatically correct and
look down on everyone else, grow up,
until you apply that degree you aren't
Why is it that TEC never prints articles
about the crimes that actually occur on
campus? Two major drug dealers have
been arrested on campus (in dorms, no
less) in the last few weeks and yet no
mention of them, or any other crime on
campus, has been made in your paper.
The students should be better informed
about what is going on around them,
and TEC has a responsibility to help.
What happened to all the shiny new
Red Sox's hats? Did the bandwagon
break down or something?
To the girl on the track at the SRC in
the blue shorts: Do you mind if I tell
you, you are the most beautiful girl in
the world?
Last time 1 checked, 1 was sure that
sidewalks were not strictly for one-way
traffic. I'd like to get up the Hill without
dodging your mobs, thank you.
Friends don't let friends whine in the
Pirate Rant.
To the guy that gave me a cappuccino
outside of West End last night. Thank
you so much, you really made my day,
and helped me remember that there
are a few good and selfless people left
on this campus.
Anyone thinking about living in
Fletcher next semester should get to
know the coordinator first then you
will rethink your decision. What used
to be a fun and popular dorm has now
turned into hell!
When did the library become a family
day care center? Take your baby carriage
and get out. Some of us are actually
trying to study, and your crying baby
isn't helping us concentrate.
Where was everyone when Chuck D
was on campus?
For all of you 18 to 20-something's still
living off Mama and Daddy's dime, you
may not be so liberal when you get out
into the real world.
Why is it that a certain rapper has the
audacity to say that Bush doesn't like
black people and the government isn't
giving enough to the hurricane victims
when you watch cribs on MTV, all
the rappers are driving 350,000 cars?
They are lucky they give $10,000 to
the cause (minimal donation) and
expect everyone else to foot the bill or
we are racist?
It would lie great if the TEC would write
articles worth reading! I pick up a copy
every day out of sheer haoit, and every
day it takes me two minutes to look
through and see that, yet again There
is nothing worth my time to read.
So the school can afford all the repairs
in the Old Cafeteria Complex, but they
can't put more streetlights on the Mall
so that students don't have to worry
about getting jumped when they are
trying to walk around campus at night.
Although ECU has always been much
better at being retroactive than they
ever were at being proactive.
I'm tired of school. Whatever.
Why is that Java City has a total
monopoly over the coffee available
here on campus to students yet, when
you go to order they're always out of
the drink you were craving, never have
skim milk, don't have smoothie mix,
the bagels haven't arrived, they don't
have the syrup you want, and finally
when you settle on just getting a plain
cup of coffee.
To all of the whiney freshman who
think that they have too much home-
work, hard professors and demand-
ing schedules: Shut your lips. Oh my
God (Valley girl inflection for extra
sarcasm). You didn't actually think
that university life would come with
high expectations, difficult challenges
and standards of achievement, did
you? Suckers. Tap that keg. Oversleep
through that class. Funnel your parent s
hard earned money into a black hole of
academic failure and malaise. You're just
making the job market less competitive
for me. Quit your bellyaching and join
a study group for Jehovah's sake.
To those people who use their cell phones
on the bus, ifyou want your conversation
with your rriendsfarnilysignlficant
other to be private, DONT have that
conversation on a bus full of students and
expect them not to overhear your loud,
obnoxious arguments, ALL the details of
your sex life, or your personal problems.
We don't want to hear it, and I bet you
really don't want us to either.
Edttor'sNttte: nwinitfHantisaitanitnyrniHis wayftn
twit-til and staff lit the ht'V community hi nt'uetlteli
online at wsvw.tlk'caharotliMil.Lotn. or e-malled to
ed!toH"tlleeaUarnlinianuim. I'tle editor reserves
file ritht to edit opinion, for tttnlent and hres'tty.

Page A4 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor
WEDNESDAY October 12, 2005
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies:
1. Flightplan
2. Serenity
3. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
4. A History ol Violence
5. Into the Blue
Top 5 Pop Albums:
1. Gretchen Wilson
2. SherytCrow
3. Three 6 Mafia
4. Toni Braxton
5. KanyeWest
Top 5 TV Shows
1. -csr
2. 'Desperate Housewives'
3. "Lost"
4. 'Without a Trace"
5. 'Grey's Anatomy"
Top 5 DVD Rentals:
1. The Longest Yard
2. Fever Pitch
3. Crash
4. Monster-in-Law
5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to
the Galaxy
Top 5 Books:
1. AnansiBoys
2. Harry Potter and the Hall-
Blood Prince
3. Goodnight Nobody
4. The March
5. The Da Vinci Code
Small cars rule the world
The newest fads in the
car craze
This year has seen a whole
host of new cars and car acces-
sories, but the one that sticks
out the most are smaller vehicles.
Hybrids, Beetles, Scions and Mini
Coopers made by various car
companies are flying off the lot.
Evidently, if it's small, it's hot.
Smaller compact cars are
being seen on the hottest televi-
sion shows, and many celebrities
are doing away with large SUV's
for customized Mini Cars with
English style. The design Euro-
pean cars have been utilizing for
years is making its way to the
U.S and we are catching on that
bigger isn't necessarily better.
One reason smaller cars are
taking over is because they run so
much better on gas. In the midst
of today's ever-rising gas prices,
conservation of money is a huge
factor in a buyer's mind. This is
why more people are choosing
the Honda Civic Hybrid when
considering fuel efficiency.
The 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid
was rated the third most fuel
efficient car sold in the U.S. based I
on the Environment Protection 2
Agency miles-per gallon ratings
for city and highway travel. The �
Hybrid has a small, sleek appear-1
ance and costs around $20,000. r
The Hybrid is so environmen-
tally friendly that it is eligible
for a clean-fuel tax deduction.
Honda also has an Accord Hybrid
Another hot car is the
revamped Volkswagen Beetle
TD1. This car has a unique shape
and comes in a variety of colors.
The tiny flower that comes in
the dashboard is a distinctive
and charming accessory that sets
the Beetle apart from any other
The TDI Beetle was ranked
fourth in the "Top 10 Most Fuel-
Efficient Cars for 2005" accord-
ing to the EPA formula. Although
this car looks small from the
outside, once inside it's quite
spacious and it's always cool to
be able to zip through traffic and
easily parallel-park.
"I bought my Beetle because
It is great on gas and has a good
sell back value. It's compact,
cute and different. It defines me
in that way because it's not like
Aries - If at first you dont succeed, join
up with a group. The more-the-merrier,
and also the more creative ideas.
Taurus - Important people are
watching, and they're impressed
with your performance. Accept the
applause graciously.
Gemini - Self-discipline is a wonderful
habit to acquire. It makes just about
everything else achievable. Practice.
Cancer - If things aren't going quite as
expected, take a break. Atrip to the mall
will help you gain a fresh perspective.
Leo - If things don't go according to
plan, don't dismay. Consult an expert
and modify.
Virgo - It's becoming more obvious
what needs to be done. Set up a
routine so the money automatically
flows into your pockets.
Ubra - After a slight disappointment,
you'll find everything going smoothly.
Don't dwell on your loss - ignore It.
Scorpio - You have more than you
need set aside to make your place
more to your liking. All It takes now
is imagination, and you have plenty
of that, too.
Sagittarius - Go back over the material
one more time just to make sure. You
almost have it memorized by now.
Capricorn - Now's the time to ask for
money. The people who have it will
be feeling generous. Be respectful
and make even more.
Aquarius - You'll be able to tell when
conditions have changed in your
favor. It'll feel like the leash just broke
and you're free.
Pisces - Something you've kept
hidden away has increased in value.
Discover the assets you didn't know
you had in your own closets.
Fun Facts:
Sandra Bullock is allergic to horses.
'The Muppet Show" was banned from
Saudi Arabian TV because one of its
stars was a pig.
It was discovered on a space mission
that a frog can throw up.
The human brain is insensitive to pain
In Oblong, Illinois, it's punishable by
law to make love while hunting or
fishing on your wedding day.
Oenophobia is the fear of wines
The Ford F-Series has always been
When corrected for weight differences,
men are proportionately stronger
ttianhorses Hot trucks and SUVs
More than 90 percent of shark attack g campbell
vlctlms survive. STAFF WRTEB
everybody else's car said senior
clinical laboratory science major
Shanna Sauls.
Scions are popping up all
over the roadways. They have
a cool eclectic commercial out,
and many people are tricking
out their Scions with chrome,
custom paint jobs, rims and low
rider tires.
Scions come in three hot
styles. The xA, xB and the tC. The
xA has a rounded box shape. The
xB has the clean-cut box shape
and the tC has a basic compact
shape. The xB is the design that
is most interesting and mostly
seen around Greenville.
It has a futuristic look and
tons of things can be done to it to
make it unique and distinct from
other cars. This is definitely a car
to be seen. The xB Scion sticks
out from all the other standard
cars and turns heads with its
innovative design.
The Scion xA is ranked eighth
on the top ten most fuel efficient
cars for 2005 list. The Scion xB
grabbed the ninth spot on the
list. Not only are these cars styl-
ish, they are cheap on gas too.
What more could a broke college
student ask for? The Scion Web
site offers many accessories that
can be used to customize any
Scion. Some accessories include
clutches and a number of other
car gadgets.
Another extraordinarily
designed vehicle that is hot in
2005 is the Mini Cooper. This
eclectic car is showing up all over
the big screen and television. The
Mini Cooper is the epitome of
European taste. This car comes
as a 2-door coupe, convertible,
sports coupe or a 4-passenger
family coupe.
The Mini Cooper sells from
$17,000 - $25,000 depending on
which of the four models one
chooses to buy. Even though the
car's title implies that it is a min-
iature version of a standard car,
the Mini Cooper has tons of head
and foot room. With its cool oval
shaped headlights and tailored
design, the Mini Cooper will be
here to stay for years to come.
So the hottest cars of 2005
aren't just stylish and they aren't
just small, they are also fuel effi-
cient and more environmentally
friendly. Smaller cars are simply
fantastic, easy to manage and
their unique shapes just make
them that much hotter.
This writer can be contacted at
Top 10 fuel-efficient
cars of 2005
Honda Insight
Toyota Prlus
Honda Civic Hybrid
Volkswagen Golf TDI
Volkswagen Jena TDI
Volkswagen Beetle TDI
Honda Civic HX
Toyota Echo
Toyota Corolla
Scion xA
Honda Accord Hybrid
Pontlac Vibe
Toyota Matrix
Scion xB
Dodge Neon
Toyota Cellca GT
Gas guzzlers are hot
Celebrity Profile:
Sandra Bullock
popular. It is amazing how many different ways it can be customized.
Woodpecker scalps, porpoise teeth
and giraffe tails have all been used
as forms of money
In 1987, American Airlines saved
$40,000 by eliminating one olive from
their First Class salad.
Senegalese women spend an average
of17.5hoursaweekjust collecting water.
The word 'set' has more definitions than
any other word in the English language
Each nostril of a human being
registers smell in a different way.
Smells that are made from the right
nostril are more pleasant than the left
A bird chews' with its stomach
through perlstalisis.
People that suffer from gum disease
are twice as likely to have a stroke or
heart attack.
Taken from
Gas prices are on the rise after
the disaster of Hurricane Katrina
sent the American economy into
turmoil. Despite urges from Presi-
dent Bush to conserve gas, people
are still heading to their local
dealership to buy gas guzzling
trucks and SUVs. The demand
is high for vehicles that offer
versatility as well as style.
Full size pickup trucks are an
American classic because they
bring storage capacity and off
road capabilities to the average
consumer. You see them every-
where, while driving in the city
or cruising through back roads,
they have become a staple vehicle
in our society.
The Chevy Silverado Is a
popular choice with half, three
quarter and one-ton capacities
available, as well as a number of
cab configurations - this truck
can fit the needs of any indi-
vidual. Its solid construction and
quietness are two features that
outweigh its low gas mileage.
The Nissan Titan is a more
luxurious full size pickup than
others because it not only offers
various capacities, but also fea-
tures two cab configurations
and three trim levels as well as
optional side-curtain air bags.
The wide opening rear doors are
great for families because they
open wide to allow for comfort-
able transitions both into and out
of the truck.
Refinement and ride comfort
are the Toyota Tundra's claims
to fame. There is a vast amount
of front seat space which allows
both the driver and passenger
room to be comfortable, not
cramped like in many other
trucks. Another pro for this
vehicle is the high resale value
that it possesses. This may not be
an initial priority for most buyers,
but it is something buyers should
Compact pickup trucks are
an affordable way to enjoy the
benefits of having a truck with-
out breaking the bank. These
trucks weigh no more than
5,500 pounds and offer the
same advantages that full size
pickups do. They have the ever
important storage capacity and
off road capabilities - the only
difference from a full size pickup
is the amount of these elements
is less prevalent.
The Ford Ranger has been an
American favorite for a number of
years now. They are now offered
with a variety of features to
choose from such as cab style and
engine choice. The four-cylinder
engine offers better fuel economy
than the V-6 for those trying to
conserve gas. Overall, the driv-
ing ease and maneuverability of
this truck make it a good choice
no matter what options you
For those who want a big,
tough truck and don't care how
much fuel they use, try a Ford F-
Series. The new F-150 has been a
best seller for Ford with all of the
rugged, yet comfortable options
that are available. The F-Series
see SUV page A6
Bullock is stunning at the Academy Awards.
How an ECU dropout
became America's
In 1985, Sandra Bullock was
a 20-year-old aspiring actress
leaving ECU with a dream, her
dog and anything else that
would fit into her Honda Accord
as she migrated to New York City
to try her luck at acting. The
only thing she forgot, though,
was her degree - she was three
credits short of getting her BA
in drama.
Fast-forward to 2005 and
Bullock is an A-list actress with
millions of fans and even more
dollars. Just imagine what she
could have accomplished if she
had stuck around and gotten
that degree.
Bullock was born on July 26,
1964 to John and Helga Bullock.
Her father was an Alabama-born,
Julliard scholar working in the
upper-echelon of the US Army.
Her mother was a German opera
singer living in Nuremburg. The
two met and within three years,
were married. Eventually the
pair moved to Arlington, Va
where John worked as a contrac-
tor for the Pentagon. Before too
long they had their first child,
Bullock's formative years
were spent bouncing between
Germany and the United States.
Overseas, she would live in
Salzburg and Nuremburg with
her aunt and grandmother and
attend German schools. Bullock
began studying ballet and sing-
ing in choruses.
At age 10 she moved back
the United States for good but
after so many years in Europe,
was quite different from the
students in Arlington. Bullock
was teased and humiliated by
her classmates for the way she
acted, the way she dressed and
the way she looked.
However, the awkward
phase would be short lived and
by high school, Bullock had
developed into a lovely young
lady who excelled at cheer-
leading and drama. Her senior
class named her Class Clown
in 1982 and after graduating
she enrolled at ECU to pursue
see SANDRA page A6

itle TDI
ton, Va
a contrac-
efore too
irst child,
ve years
ted States,
i live in
mrg with
rther and
s. Bullock
and sing-
led back
good but
n Europe,
from the
i. Bullock
iliated by
I way she
essed and
lived and
lock had
ely young
at cheer-
ier senior
iss Clown
to pursue
Together Forever:
They may ormay not
stand the test of time
In all aspects of the media,
celebrity couples seem to be hold-
ing the spotlight. Stars are no
longer known for their work, but
rather for the company they keep.
While some couples seem to be
breaking up as fast as they get
together, others are furthering
their commitments with surprise
engagements and, in some cases,
No matter how perfect for '
one another some people seem to
be, more often than not there is
some sort of trouble in paradise.
Let's examine some star couples
who recently made headlines not
for being successful, but rather
for failing to stay together.
Well, it was no shock when it
was announced that Renee Zell-
weger and Kenny Chesney were
getting a divorce after only four
months of marriage. Considering .
the short amount of time that
they dated before eloping, they
were pretty much doomed before
they said even said "I do
Another celebrity couple call-
ing it was quits after only five
months of marriage are the stars
of the WB show "One Tree Hill
Chad Michael Murray and Sophia
Bush. Paris Hilton and her fian-
cee Paris Latsis seemed to be the
perfect match with everything
in common right down to their
names, but things went astray,
causing their engagement to be
very short lived.
Who could forget the split of
American's sweethearts, Brad Pitt
and Jennifer Aniston? The end of
This coupon good for
mi extra $5 on your
2nd and 4th donation
SflVf flIGHT
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Melania Knauss and Donald Trump
their marriage has been attrib-
uted to several things, which
include Brad's reported affair
with co-star Angelina Jolie as
well as Jen's resistance to start
a family.
What about Jessica Simpson
and her hottie husband Nick
Lachey? Those two cannot seem
to stay out of the headlines and
each magazine article seems to
say something different. "The
ring is back on "They are defi-
nitely divorced or "Still in love
Who can keep up? Being in the
public eye must be hardj but what
leads to rumors like these?
These couples were on "heart-
break-avenue" with the disap-
pearance of the fundamental
ingredient, love. Not to say that
these couples were never in love,
but toward the end of their rela-
tionships you could tell the love
was fading. Relationships can
withstand almost anything if the
two people involved are willing
to work through it, but when love
is lost there is no hope.
While some celebrity couples
seem to be on the rocks, others
are thriving and growing to
new heights. Ashton Kutcher
and Demi Moore tied the knot
a few weeks ago after two years
of dating. There is a IS year
age difference between the two,
which makes some wonder how
strong their commitment to one
another is. Now that they are
married, I fear Kutcher will fold
under the pressure of having to
fill not only the role of husband,
but stepfather as well.
There has been buzz of Mat-
thew McConaughey planning to
propose to girlfriend, Penelope
Cruz since last February. Nothing
has come of this gossip - however,
McConaughey has recently been
promoting an upcoming film
and during several interviews
spoken of his love for her. There
is no doubt in my mind that
if these two decide to further
commit, they will have no prob-
lem surviving. By keeping their
relationship out of the media,
they are giving themselves a
chance to be together without
public scrutiny.
One couple that never seems
to leave the spotlight are newly-
weds Donald Trump and Mela-
nia Knauss. After marrying in
January of this year, the two have
been in magazines and on enter-
tainment shows almost every-
day. Now the two are making
waves with the announcement
of Melania's pregnancy. Why are
the two in such a hurry to start a
family? I'm sure Melania is going
to make sure she has a Trump heir
just in case the marriage ends in
divorce, which is highly likely
considering their 24 year age
difference. In this case, I believe
the term "gold digger" is the best
description of Melania.
While some celebrities are
destined to split, there are other
couples who I have no doubt will
be together forever. Take Tom
Hanks and Rita Wilson, this pair
see COUPLES page A6
cKoir Connection 107 Eailbrook (i. Greenville (NeaiSonil hiGreenville Blvd.)
Relaxers Do Bee Wraps �BJlP i
Htfiil luuaf-r
Studenl Spei uls rues F n only '� . , ar.�k ' -I
ilo'Jones 329-1210 .� i
at 9:00

1.50 Kami
2.00 Highba
3.00 WINE
72.50 IMPORT
Downtown Gkeknville
)?&� Free Admission Sift
I'm a Student and a Plasma Donor
Names: Jennifer
Majors: Nursing
Hobbies: Swimming & going to the beach
Why do I donate Plasma?
Extra spending money for the beach.
Earn up to $170mo. donating plasma in a friendly place.
DCI Biologicals of Greenville � 252-757-0171
2727 E.lOth Street � Down the Street from ECU �

Large Pizza
Large Pizza for the
price of a Medium
Pizza Hut Italian Bistro
420-F East Arlington Blvd.
Greenville NC 27858
Phone: (252)439-2333
Lunch for 2
VtUoaPi. IhMNOtaftMllujMaJUw
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Large Pizza
Pizza Hut Italian Bistro
420-F East Arlington Blvd.
Greenville NC 27858
Phone: (252)439-2333
Lunch for 2
Large Pizza for the
price of a Medium
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Yearbook Staff Positions Available
The Buccaneer is East Carolina University's yearbook. It
has not been published in the print format since 1991.
The Buccaneer is produceypy a collective group of
student staff members.
A history of student life, activities, and sports, for each
year is documented through pages, pictures and
copy of The Buccaneer.
The Buccaneer is now accepting
applications for:
Editor in Chief
ManagingCopy Editor
Photo Editor
Volunteer Writers
10 Discount to
ALL Students
1525 S. Evans St, Greenville, NC
MonSat. 9:30-6:00 � Sun. 1:00-4:00
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more information. I
"She's a very-
black woman
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Ultatlwwt UnAfywml tM
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"� �ps at

Sflndrd from page A4
a degree in drama.
While attending ECU, Bullock
supported herself by competing
in dance competitions but after
a breakthrough performance
in a production of Three Sisters,
decided that the time was right
to move forward with her career
- despite being so close to getting
her degree.
She moved to New York
and was accepted to the world-
renowned Neighborhood Play-
house School of the Theatre, a
school whose graduates include
Steve McQueen, James Caan,
Diane Keaton and Gregory Peck.
Studying under Sanford Meisner,
she began doing auditions and
slowly made a name for herself.
Soon movie and television
roles started coming her way. In
1989, she had a role in The Preppie
Murder and in 1990 she played
the Melanie Griffith role in the
TV adaptation of Working Girl.
The show didn't last, but Bullock
Later in 1990, while filming
Love Potion 9, she fell for co-star
Tate Donovan. After the- film
wrapped, Bullocked moved to
Los Angeles to live with Tate. Love
Potion 9 bombed when it was
released two years later.
Things began slowly for Bull-
ock in Los Angeles, but In 1993,
she won a small role in The
Vanishing. After a short time,
a Warner Brothers executive
recommended her for a role In
Demolition Man co-starring Syl-
vester Stallone and Wesley Snipes.
Demolition Man was an important
film for Bullock because it was
a mainstream film which she
could display her talent but most
importantly for what it would
lead to.
Demolition Man producer Joel
Silver was so Impressed with Bull-
ock that he recommended her to
director Jan De Bont. At the time,
De Bont was working a film about
a deranged criminal who planted
a bomb on a bus and should the
bus drop below SO mph, it would
detonate. The film was Speed.
De Bont offered Bullock the
role of Annie Porter, the feisty
passenger-turned-bus driver
with a suspended driver's license.
Initially producers were livid
that De Bont cast a virtually
unknown in the role of Annie
instead of a famous, busty blonde,
which they wanted.
However, the ends justified
the means. Speed grossed well
more than $100 million domes-
tically and became one of the
biggest hits of 1994. As a result,
Bullock became one of the big-
gest actresses in Hollywood and
quickly became a bankable lead
Since Speed, Bullock has
headlined string of successful
films including Miss Congenial-
ity, While You Were Sleeping and A
Time to Kill, and has even segued
that into a successful producing
Bullock, however, has never
let her success go to her head
and is said to be one of the most
genuine, warm and down-to-
Earth celebrities in America. Julia
Roberts and Meg Ryan can pre-
tend to be America's sweetheart
on screen but reportedly, they're
tyrannical and self-centered
when the cameras are off. Bullock
truly is America's sweetheart. Not
bad for an ECU dropout.
This writer can be contacted at
features@theeas tcarolinian. com.
Restaurant Review: The Pita Pit
Sandra Bullock's
Top-Ten Grossing
movies (domestic)
- $121,248,145
Time to Kill-SI 08.766,007
Miss Congeniality - $106,807,667
The Prince of Egypt - $101,413,188
TWo Weeks Notice - $93,354,851
WMo You Ware Shaping - $81,057,016
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya
Sisterhood - $69,599,016
Hope Floats - $60,053,195
Demolition Man - $58,055,768
Crash - $53,404,817
I Courtesy of
from page A4
offers anything a truck person
could want and customizing these
vehicles is not only popular, but
relatively easy do with all of the
upgraded parts that are available.
If you want choices then the
Chevy Colorado is your dream
come true. This truck has three
cab configurations, three sus-
pension choices and optional
roof-rail side-curtain airbags.
However, one drawback is the
low ride comfort.
SUVs seem to be everywhere
these days with a diverse range of
drivers. SUVs are a cross between
trucks and cars. They offer the
comfort of riding in a car and the
storage capabilities of a truck.
The Jeep Liberty offers the
comfort of a car while maintain-
ing a high storage capacity. The
seat comfort and support is sub-
stantial, as well as the steering and
handling capabilities. There are a
variety of options available with
this SUV, including the choice of
both two or four wheel drive and
a newly available dlesel engine.
For those concerned with
safety, the Saturn Vue earned one
of the highest crash test ratings
in the industry. The handling
and stability of the Vue is superb,
providing drivers with great
maneuverability. The interior
layout, as well as easy entry and
exit features, appeal to everyone.
If reliability is what you are
searching for, Honda is the brand
to trust. Their reputation for reli-
ability doesn't falter when it comes
to the Honda Pilot. The Pilot has a
solid construction as well as abun-
dant cargo space. Tire-pressure
monitors, as well as an available
navigation system, make the Pilot
great for drivers who travel long
These are just a few of the
hottest tKST and SUVs on the
market right now. Each one has
features that appeal to some more
than others. Finding the right
vehicle for you depends on your
expectations as well as intended
uses. If you would like more
information about these or any
other vehicle visit
This writer can be contacted at
Help in a heartbeat.
A career for people who care.
There is no better time to get excited about a career as a
Physician AssistantI
Starting a career as a physician assistant will be one of the most
rewarding decisions you'll ever make. Not only Is there high
demand for qualified PAs, but you'll also work in one of the fastest
evolving professions.
If you have a genuine desire to help other people and to work as a
frontline primary care provider, then you should explore ECU's
master's program in Physician Assistant Studies.
School of Allied Health Sciences
Dept. of Physician Assistant Studies
West Research Campus
A healthy alternative to
The Pita Pit opened its doors
to Greenville on Aug. 22, 2005.
Located at 214 East Fifth St it
is in the heart of the downtown
area. Offering a variety of fresh
and fast healthy choices. The
Pita Pit adds a new spin to most
of the greasy spoons that you'll
find downtown.
From the street, the restau-
rant looks like a typical fast
food joint, minus the drive-thru.
There are Pita Pit trademark char-
acters painted on the windows
that tell you you're about to enter
fun-land instead of a restaurant.
The walls inside are colorfully
painted with similar cartoonish
Pita Pit characters - there's even
a pita driving a car.
Aside from the youthful
decor, the signage is a little less
than impressive as well. It seems
that the Pita Pit coordinators are
all about simplicity. The menu
is plain and with little choice.
The to-go menu pamphlet looks
as though someone designed it
using a basic publishing program
on their home computer, which
does not profit the restaurant's
professional appeal.
The choices the menu offers
are limited to salads, pitas and
smoothies. Essentially, you can
put together any kind of pita
you like from the meat, veggies,
cheese and sauce lists. For meat
lovers, there are several choices
of non-veggie pitas, like grilled
chicken, Philly steak, gyros, tuna,
seafood, turkey and ham. The
Pita Pit has a fair selection of
fresh vegetables and vegetable
spreads, which range from Baba-
goush, an eggplant spread, to
hummus, a chick pea spread. The
smoothie selection is rather bleak,
as only four different flavors are
offered on the menu.
Nutrition is a large contribut-
ing factor to The Pita Pit promise -
"Fresh Thinking, Healthy Eating offers a nutrition
scale. Click your choices from
the menu and the scale will
give you a total for calories, fat,
protein, fiber, carbohydrates,
sodium and cholesterol. The pita
alone has only 260 calories and
0.4 grams of fat. Of course, the
veggie pitas are generally going
to have the least amount of fat.
For example, a veggie pita with
lettuce, tomato, green peppers,
alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, black
olives and Babagoush spread has
only four grams of fat. However,
meat lovers can have an enjoy-
able pita for less than 10 grams of
fat. And a seafood pita with just
lettuce and tomato has only two
grams of fat - that's impressive.
It all depends on what you put
on your pita.
A pita alone will fill you up,
and it's not going to cost you an
arm and a leg either. Pita prices
range from $4.95 - $5.75 plus
any extras, like bacon, cheese
and meat. For a pita and a drink,
it will run around seven bucks.
The Pita Pit is a little more expen-
sive than a fast food restaurant
like McDonald's, but your health
is worth the extra cost.
This writer can be contacted at
(eatures@theeas tcarolinian. com.
The Pita Pit
The Pita Pit
The storefront gives an inviting feel to students with its fresh look.
A Canadian native, The Pita
Pit has more than 200 locations
across Canada and the U.S. There
are other Pita Pit's in North
Carolina located in Charlotte on
North Tryon Street and in Chapel
Hill on Franklin Street. Founded
in 1995, The Pita Pit is slowly pop-
ping up around North America.
The Pita Pit of Greenville is
open Monday - Wednesday from
10:30 a.m. - 3 a.m Thursday
- Saturday from 10:40 a.m. - 4 a.m.
and Sunday from 12 p.m. - 12
a.m. Their late hours are perfect
for those late-night munchies
after allot the bars close at 2 a.m.
So, if you're a fast food junkie
and you're looking for a quick
nutritious fix, go to The Pita Pit.
Or if you're too lazy to get off of
the couch, let the Pita Pit come
to you - they deliver!
from page A5
has been together since 1988 and
are still going strong. Their secret
is staying out of the public eye as
much as possible. Although both
have had previous marriages, I
can't imagine them being with
anyone but each other. These
two are crazy about one another.
Kate Hudson and hubby Chris
Robinson have been married for
almost six years now, which is
like a lifetime in Hollywood. The
pair has already begun to build
a family with their son Ryder
Russell. After Hilary Swank won
her second Academy Award for
Million Dollar Baby, she solidi-
fied her place in Hollywood as
a talented leading lady. One of
the things everyone remembers
most from her speech is how
fondly she spoke of her husband,
Chad Lowe. The pair has been
married for eight years with no
end in sight.
Who knows what the future
holds for Hollywood couples?
However, it's certain that some
pairs will unite in marriage while
others are destined for heartache.
Time will only tell if love or fame
will win and who will be together
This writer can be contacted at
Healthy pitas, salads and smoothies.
A simple approach to eating healthy
that students can afford and can
easily get to.
Monday - Wednesday
10:30 a.m. - 3:30 a.m.
Thursday - Saturday
10:30 a.m. - 4 a.m.
Sunday 12 p.m. -12 a.m.
Uptown Greenville on Fifth Street
across from Stop Shop
Burch Law Office
Busted for Smoking Weed?
Busted for DWI?
Did your partying get you in
ale got you down?
We Can Help
Call Attorney Tim Burch
311 South Evans Street
Close to Campus and Courthouse
Celebrating National Physician Assistant Week
October 6-12,2005

Page A7 252.328.6366 TONY Z0PP0 Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY October 12, 2005
Sports Briefs
Roethllsberger could be ready
for Jags
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback
Ben Roethlisberger has a
hyperextended left knee and a
bone bruise sustained during a
game-winning field goal drive at
the end of a 24-22 victory over San
Diego on Monday night, but hasn't
been ruled out of Sunday's game
against Jacksonville. The injury Isn't
as severe as It initially appeared to
be - Immediately after the game,
coach Bill Cowher said "It looked
bad Roethllsberger, 16-1 as an
NFL regular-season starter, was
Injured with 1:05 remaining when
Chargers defensive end Luis Castillo's
helmet collided with his left knee
as Roethlisberger was completing
a 9-yard pass to Antwaan Randle
El. Roethlisberger lay In pain on the
turf for several minutes, clutching at
his knee, before limping off the field.
He was removed from the field on a
cart, his knee heavily wrapped, after
Jeff Reed kicked a 40-yard field goal
with six seconds remaining, but he
had no bandage on the knee when
he got dressed shortly after that.
Roethlisberger had an MRI test shortly
after the team returned to Pittsburgh
on Tuesday morning. Roethlisberger
was the NFLs offensive rookie of the
year last season after going 130
on a team that went a franchise-
record 15-1 before ultimately losing
to New England 41-27 in the AFC
Championship Game. He was off
to an excellent start this season,
completing 52 of 86 passes for 913
yards, seven touchdowns and no
interceptions. His quarterback rating
of 123.8 Is the best in the league.
Backup Tommy Maddox sat out the
San Diego game with a calf injury,
but also could be available Sunday.
Cowher said his Injury also wasn't
as bad as initially thought. If neither
Roethllsberger nor Maddox can play,
the Steelers would turn to 30-year-old
Charlie Batch, the Lions' starter from
1998 until late in the 2001 season
who has played little since signing
with his hometown Steelers before
the 2002 season.
Patterson expected to miss
game after surgery
Wake Forest cornerback Kevin
Patterson Is expected to miss
Saturday's game at No. 14 Boston
College after undergoing surgery
Tuesday to treat abdominal pain, the
school said. Patterson was admitted
to a hospital Monday night and may
have his appendix removed, coach
Jim Grobe said. Football trainer Don
Steelman later said doctors had taken
Patterson in for surgery Tuesday, but
it was unclear what procedure would
be performed. Steelman was also
unsure how long Patterson would be
out. Patterson had a similar episode
this summer, when hospital doctors
believed he had appendicitis. He was
released without further treatment
after the pain subsided. Patterson
has started all six games for the
Demon Deacons (2-4, 1-2 Atlantic
Coast Conference). Riley Swanson,
who played In all 23 games the past
two seasons, will probably replace
Patterson. Swanson has a forced
fumble and a pass breakup this
season after being suspended for the
opener for breaking a team rule.
Pirates move quickly to grab
former Dodgers manager Tracy
Former Los Angeles Dodgers
manager Jim Tracy was hired
Tuesday as the Pittsburgh Pirates'
manager, the Associated Press
learned from a source close to the
team who requested anonymity.
Tracy, 49, was the front-runner from
the start of the Pirates' search last
week because of his long-standing
ties to Pirates general manager Dave
Littlefield, with whom he worked in
the Montreal Expos' organization In
the 1990s. Tracy beat out the only
two known candidates for the job,
former Oakland Athletics manager
Ken Macha and Atlanta Braves coach
Fredi Gonzalez. Tracy replaces Lloyd
McClendon, who was fired on Sept.
6 during his fifth consecutive losing
season and was replaced for the rest
of the season by bench coach Pete
Mackanln, who was not considered
for the job on a permanent basis.
Tracy managed the Dodgers from
2001 until the Injury-riddled team
finished 71-91 this season. The
record was their second-worst since
they moved from Brooklyn In 1958.
He finished with a 427-383 record,
guided Los Angeles last year to its
first division championship since
1995, and had only one losing season
in five, but resigned last week after
a falling out with general manager
Paul DePodesta. With the Pirates,
Tracy takes over a team coming
off 13 consecutive losing seasons,
three short of the major league
record, and a 67-95 record but one
that broke In a half-dozen promising
rookies during the second half of this
season, including left-handed starters
Zach Duke (8-2,1.81 ERA) and Paul
Maholm (3-1,2.18 ERA).
Mazey dismissed, Holland
not elaborating on details
Holland answers questions from the general media Tuesday morning after the press conference. Mazey was suspended on Holland's recommendation.
Mazey marks third coach
ousted under Holland
ECU officials suspended
Randy Mazey with continued
pay from his job as head base-
ball coach on Monday after-
noon effective immediately.
Newly hired assistant coach Billy
Godwin was formally introduced
as acting head baseball coach
during a press conference Tuesday.
According a release, Chan-
cellor Steve Ballard made the
decision upon Terry Holland's
"These decisions are never
easy Ballard said.
"But 1 have complete confi-
dence in Terry Holland's assess-
ment of the situation
Mazey signed a contract
extension on August 9,2004 with
current associate athletic direc-
tor Nick Floyd. Mazey's contract
had a base salary of $100,000
annually through June 30, 2008.
Mazey's contract called for him
to receive a $5,000 bonus if ECU
advanced to a NCAA Regional or
won the Conference USA's regu-
lar season title or the conference
According to Mazey's signed
contract, if ECU terminated the
contract for cause, Mazey would
be given 30 days notice and only
be entitled to the amount of his
salary upon his effective date of
ECU officials declined to
comment further on the situa-
tion due to NC statutes. Officials
continued to refer to the State
Personnel Act, which protects the
rights of state employee's private
Kitty Wetherington, the
interim university attorney
declined to comment, wary of
committing a misdemeanor by
violating the State Personnel
Act. University spokesman John
Durham also declined further
ECU is currently paying
seven former coaches no longer
affiliated with ECU. Former head
football coach Steve Logan has
been paid $200,000 annually
since Dec. 2002. His settlement
will have been fulfilled in Dec.
2005. John Thompson will be
paid $100,000 through Dec.
2007. Former basketball coach
Bill Herrion is due $100,000
through March 2008.
No settlement between Mazey
and the athletic program has
been made public. Depending on
the reason Mazey was suspended,
the termination clause may forgo
a possible settlement. According
to Holland, money to pay former
coaches comes out of the athletic
Mazey met with the baseball
team on Monday afternoon to
let know he would no longer be
their coach.
"Shock is the only word to
describe it said senior pitcher
Carter Harrell.
"We've got to move on and
go forward. That's what coach
see MAZEY page A8
Godwin introduced as
'acting' head coach
Godwin speaks at a press conference Tuesday when he was announced acting head coach.
New Pirate assistant will
lead baseball program
Billy Godwin was introduced
as 'acting' head ECU baseball
coach by athletic director Terry
Holland at a surprise press confer-
ence Tuesday morning. Godwin
abruptly replaces Randy Mazey
who has been suspended with
pay by the university.
"I have every confidence that
we have the right man at the
right time and in the right place
said Holland.
"He will absolutely build a
program that is built on trust and
mutual respect that all of us can
be proud of
Godwin was hired away from
Louisburg College to be the
pitching coach by former coach
Randy Mazey on June 9, 2005.
Godwin is now thrust into head-
ing a program that he has been
affiliated with for only four
"I am very proud to be an
ECU Pirate said Godwin.
"I look forward to keeping the
tradition of this strong program
heading in the right direction.
I'm excited about this opportu-
nity and will work relentlessly to
make the Pirate Nation proud
Godwin was made aware of
Mazey's suspension late Monday
afternoon. Mazey briefly met
the team to explain the situa-
tion. Later, Godwin conducted
a meeting of his own. The team
conducted a workout Tuesday for
the first time under Godwin.
At Louisburg, Godwin col-
lected a 262-85 (.755) overall
record. Godwin earned Region
X Coach of the Year in 2005.
see GODWIN page A8
Lendale White celebrates after scoring one of his four touchdowns.
Who can beat USC?
A select few teams have
a shot at the Trojans
With their 42-21 win over the
Arizona Wildcats Saturday, the
University of Southern California
Trojans extended their winning
streak to 27 games. There is only
one word to describe this team
- dominant. I'll tell you what,
this USC team I think could beat
the pathetic San Francisco 49ers
of the NFL. I know that's hard
to believe but come on! USC's
offense is unstoppable, led by
QB Matt Leinart and running
backs Reggie Bush and Lendale
White, the Trojans put up 724
yards of total offense against
Arizona Saturday - 724. That's
almost like playing the rookie
level on Madden. But don't hand
them the BCS national title just
see USC page A9

GOdWllI from page A7
His 2005 Hurricanes finished
the regular season with a 49-13
record and ranked sixth nation-
ally by the Division I NCAA final
regular season poll.
Godwin took the helm at
Louisburg College in the fall
of 1999 for legendary coach
Russ Frazier. Godwin kept the
Hurricanes in the national spot-
light, where they averaged 13
wins a season. During the 2002
season, the Hurricanes finished
51-11 (a school record for wins)
and made their tent trip to the
College Worlds Series in Grand
Junction, Colorado, finishing
sixth in the country. In Decem-
ber of 2002, he was selected
North Carolina College Coach
of the Year.
"I think (Frazier's) shoes
were 19 and a half so I'm used to
stepping in with some pressure
Godwin said about taking over
for Mazey.
"That doesn't bother me
at all
Holland indicated in his
release on Monday that ECU
would conduct a national search at
the end of the 2006 season. There
is no indication that Godwin
is secured the job past 2006.
"I'm assuming if I do a good
job, I should get an opportunity
Godwin said.
"I think Coach Holland
would take my resume. The
only jobs I've ever had are year-
to-year contracts
Godwin pitched at what is
now Barton College. During
his career, he won 19 games
while helping the Bulldogs to
two 26 regular season crowns.
Godwin spent two seasons as an
assistant North Carolina Wes-
leyan College. Prior to taking the
Louisburg job, Godwin served
as athletic director and head
baseball coach at Enfield Acad-
emy and Cary Academy, both
high schools.
"He knows what he's
talking about said senior pitcher
Brody Taylor.
"He's not going to let this
opportunity slip out of his hands.
He's going to do whatever it takes
to get us to our goal
Taylor is one of four players
that played for Godwin while at
Louisburg. Pitchers Carter Harrell
and Jeff Ostrander and catcher
Adam Hodges also transferred
from Louisburg.
"He's a hard nosed coach
said Harrell.
"If you drive by the office,
he'll be there at 7 a.m. and he'll
be the last one to leave. Our
players will feed off of that.
He's a great fit for East Carolina
Godwin earned his master's
degree from ECU in education
in 1995. He is married to a school
teacher in Rocky Mount and has
one daughter (Mallory).
Godwin takes over the pro-
gram from an Injury plagued
35-26 season. ECU finished
fourth in Conference USA
in 2005. The Pirates were invited
to their seventh consecutive
NCAA Regional.
"I certainly hope that every-
one will provide great Pirate
support for Coach Godwin and
the team this season said former
coach Keith LeClair in Monday's
release who suffers from Lou
Gehrig's disease.
"Our goal remains the same
- getting to Omaha
This writer can be contacted at
Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Graduates of
East Carolina University
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Professional Degree
Attend the 8th Annual Graduate and
Professional School Fair
at l
East Carolina University
IflaZey from page A7
Mazey would want us to do
"He was really torn up said
senior pitcher Brody Taylor aboi.t
his former coach.
"He lost his job, but also he
lost being around us everyday. He
considered us like 31 sons so he
was upset more than anything
Popular assistants Allen
Osborne and Tommy Eason
both left the program immedi-
ately following the 2005 season.
Scott Forbes was hired to rep'ace
Osborne, chose to go to coach it
UNC less than a month later.
Ironically, former coach Keith
LeClair, who suffers from Lou
Gehrig's disease made a comment
in Monday's release. According to
Holland, LeClair is paid by the
university to be a consultant.
"My heart and prayers go out
to all of last season's coaches who
are no longer with the program
LeClair said.
"They are good friends and I
appreciate everything they did to
push our program forward
Mazey posted a 120-66-1
record in three seasons at ECU,
including an 8-12 postseason
mark that featured three NCAA
Regional at-large berths. He
earned the Keith LeClair Coach
of the Year Award in 2004 when
ECU enjoyed a school record
51 wins. This spring ECU fin-
ished fourth in Conference
USA with an 18-12 record
before ending the season with
a pair of losses in the NCAA
Tempe (Ariz.) Regional.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
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To learn mere cafl the firaduate School at
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The Annual Fall Career Fair at ECU
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October 20, 2005 from 10 am -2 pm
The Career Fair provides students from all
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employers from 150 companies and organizations.
Employers are hiring for internships, part-time
positions and Full-time positions.
Students can park in the Minges Commuter lot.
Other transportation will be provided by
ECU Transit buses with routes running from
Christenbury Gym and the Joyner Library to
Minges Coliseum every five minutes.
Students attending the Career Fair should come
prepared with multiple resumes to distribute to
employers and dress professionally.

South Bend gears up for a big weekend
Weis and the Fighting Irish will give USC one of their very few top ten match-ups since 1990.
(AP) � Tickets are being
hawked for more than $2,500,
some hotels are charging $1,000
for the weekend, requests for
media credentials have come
from overseas and ESPN is send-
ing its "College GameDay" crew
in a day early.
Oh, and a Friday night pep
rally could draw as many as
50,000 fans.
Other than that, it will be
a normal football weekend at
Notre Dame, where anticipation
for Saturday's game against No.
1 Southern California is already
somewhere between through the
roof and off the charts.
"I said to somebody. 'We
have to pace ourselves. We can't
get worn out early in the week,1"
said Greg Ayers, executive direc-
tor of the South BendMishawaka
Convention and Visitors Bureau.
"The eyes of college foot-
ball will be on South Bend this
weekend and it will be a terrific
An atmosphere that will
gain intensity as the 2:30 p.m.
kickoff approaches. At stake is
USC's 27-game winning streak,
which includes three victories
over Notre Dame.
Notre Dame normally holds
its Friday night pep rally at the
Joyce Center, which seats about
11,500. It's also where a team
from California saw its monu-
mental winning streak come to
an end. That was UCLA basket-
ball, the year was 1974 and the
streak was 88 games.
Friday's pep rally will take
place at Notre Dame Stadium,
weather permitting.
After hearing that some
5,000 fans were turned away
from Notre Dame's pep rally
before the Sept. 17 Michigan
State game, coach Charlie
Weis suggested they take the
show outside.
"We felt the best thing for
the fans was to give them an
opportunity to be a part of the
experience he said.
This would mark the fourth
pep rally held at the stadium and
the first since 2000, on the eve
of the Nebraska game.
"I know one thing Weis
said. "I am not going to emcee
this one because I am 0-1 when
I have emceed. I have a plan
for this one, as you would expect
I would
USC sports information
director Tim Tessalone has
no access to tickets for road
games. And that's probably the
good news. It means he doesn't
have to sort through the numer-
ous requests.
"The Notre Dame game is a
tough ticket every year he said.
"This is a pilgrimage game
Major university donors get
first crack at USC's ticket allot-
ment of 7,000. If tickets get
returned, Notre Dame would
sell them.
"But that's pretty unlikely
said Josh Berlo, Notre Dame's top
ticket officer.
Scalping tickets in Indiana is
legal as long as the transaction
takes place off campus grounds,
according to Ayers.
On, $450 will
get you an upper level end-
zone seat and $2,775 will land
you a prime seat in Section 9.
(The range for tickets to Tues-
day's White Sox game is $210
to $2,332.)
But Berlo said his office has
revoked "thousands of tick-
ets from hundreds of people"
who have resold their tickets for
a profit.
"Be careful who you give
them to he warned.
The last time Notre Dame
hosted a game of this magnitude,
NBC Sports spent $60,000 to
bring in temporary lighting and
ESPN, for the first time, sent its
"College GameDay" crew on loca-
tion to South Bend.
That was Nov. 13, 1993,
and the event was the "Game
of the Century pitting No. 1
Florida State against the second-
ranked Irish.
Permanent lights were
installed in 1996, but NBC will
beef up its coverage this time by
adding to its normal array of 12
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college student
purchase program
cameras. NBC is anticipating an
aerial show, so the extra cam-
eras will isolate battles between
receivers and defensive backs.
ESPN, meanwhile, will dis-
patch "GameDay" commentators
Chris Fowler and Lee Corso to
South Bend on Thursday for a
"SportsCenter" segment. ESPN2's
"Cold Pizza" will originate from
an area between the stadium and
the Hesburgh Library on Friday.
"It's always our goal to be
right in the center of the activ-
ity ESPN spokesman Josh Krule-
witz said. "Getting there Thurs-
day gives us a chance to rev it up
a little early
As for media requests, Notre
Dame has received one from a
British publication.
That might seem fishy con-
sidering the sport will be the
American version of football,
but senior associate athletic
director John Heisler was not
taken aback.
"When you play a Big
Ten team, there's a Japanese
publication that routinely
makes a request Heisler said.
"I've checked out their Web site.
I can't read it, but they're defi-
nitely covering these games
Heisler expects all 330 seats
in the main press box to be
claimed. Additional work sta-
tions might be created by bring-
ing in bar stools.
"These are nice problems to
have; that's how we look at it
Heisler said.
St. Joseph County has
added 1,500 hotel rooms since
Notre Dame Stadium expanded
before the 1997 season,
bringing the total to 4,000.
But, of course, this isn't nearly
enough to accommodate every-
Ayers said the rooms sold
out about a month ago. And
every one requires a two-night
stay, including the South Bend
Marriott, which is fetching $499
per night.
"It's similar to a Super Bowl or
an Olympics, where the rates go
much higher Ayers said.
According to a 2002 study
conducted by Notre Dame,
an average football weekend
generates $6.3 million for
South Bend-area businesses.
USu from page A7
yet. Media prognosticators have
pretty much given it to them,
but as ESPN's College Game-
day Lee Corso says, "Not so
fast my friend I will tell you
why. For starters, USC's defense
has looked very shaky against
subpar Pac-10 teams. Against
Arizona State last week, the
Trojan defense gave up 415 total
yards. Granted, ASU has a good
offense, but USC is the defend-
ing national champ and is a lock
to be at the Rose Bowl again
this year. Saturday the Trojan
defense gave up only 245 total
yards, but the game was back
and forth in the fourth quar-
ter until Leinart remembered
who he was and who he was
playing. The defense is not the
only reason why we shouldn't
be handing them the crystal
football just yet. There are a
few teams in my opinion that
can beat them either during
the regular season or in the
championship game (that is if
USC gets there).
USC takes on the Fightin'
Irish of Notre Dame this upcom-
ing Saturday, in what could
possibly be the Trojans first
loss of the season. Notre Dame
under former Patriots offensive
coordinator Charlie Weiss, is
one of the top offenses in the
country. Yeah, their defense is
not all that, but the Irish will
put up some big numbers and
points against USC Saturday.
Plus they have had two weeks
to prepare for the Trojans and
the game is at Notre Dame.
Texas is another team that
can beat the Trojans. The two
do not play in the regular
season, but if USC runs the
table, as does Texas, you can bet
they will meet in the national
championship game. Texas
finally beat Oklahoma in the Red
River Shootout this past Satur-
day, and their schedule sets them
up for an undefeated season. The
Longhorn's QB Vince Young,
who is a Heisman Trophy can-
didate, could possibly run and
pass all over the USC defense.
Texas' running game is also
stout, led by Freshman Jamaal
Charles and Vince Young. If
the Longhorn's defense can
stop the Trojans offense, a
Texas national champi-
onship is quite possible.
The Virginia Tech Hokies,
currently third in the country,
could also pull the upset. But
Head Coach Frank Beamer has
had a habit recently of losing the
big game, a-la Miami. That big
game should be at the end of the
season against Florida State in the
ACC championship game. The
Hokies still may not get to the
BCS championship game though.
Their schedule includes a tough
Boston College team and Miami.
If they do run the table, they still
more than likely will have to
play Florida State for the confer-
ence championship. The Hokies
perennialy play excellent special
teams, aka Beamer Ball. Their
defense is one of the most domi-
nant in the country this year with
two shutouts in six games so far.
Oh yeah, they also have some guy
named Michael Vick's brother
Marcus at QB. The Hokies offense
is also rolling, scoring 236 points
against 54 points given up. Look
out for the Hokies.
Finally, the Florida State
Seminoles also have a sporting
chance at making it the National
Championship game. The Semi-
noles schedule sets up favorably
for an appearance in the ACC
championship game and with a
win there, you have to put them
in the mix to play in the Rose
Bowl. With stout defense and a
surprisingly good offense led by
a freshman QB and WR's, the
'Noles definitely have a chance
of beating the USC Trojans. By
the way, FSU has a coach named
Bobby Bowden, maybe you've
heard of him - he already has
two national championships
under his belt so he knows how
to win the big game.
Be that as it may, once again
we will probably have another
BCS mess with rankings, com-
puters, human error, etc. After
what, eight years, the BCS still
does not work and still does
not satisfy every team. There
is another chance that there
could be four or five undefeated
teams this year, which could
make things pretty darn inter-
esting for those BCS morons.
Regardless, USC, look out. You
haven't won anything yet. Last
year was last year.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
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Page A10
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Left photo: J
criminal justi
Sfjjaring t(je
Wtbnz&bav, �ctober 26
Skit Night
Jjurstoap, �ctober 27
Piratefest &
Take a Stand for the Pirates
Jf rtbap, �ctober 28
Freeboot Friday
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Homecoming Parade &
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The East Carolinian, October 12, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
October 12, 2005
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3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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