The East Carolinian, September 22, 2005

Volume 81 Number 8 THURSDAY September 22, 2005
SGA has class officers set for fall
Nadia Pain and SGA President M. Cole Jones looks at the election results with Thomas Doyle, the new senior class president. Doyle won with 30 votes more than his competition. For the senior
class, Doyle will be joined by Karen Register as vice president and Josh Sesel as secretarytreasurer. The junior class will be led by President Sarah Spuller and Vice President Timothy Darden. The
sophomore class president will be Keri Brocket and the vice president will be Kevin Berryman. The freshman class will be led by President Kristen Dalton and Vice President Meagan Wallace.
Searching for a cure for diabetes
Researchers team up to
cure a growing epidemic
Cultural Outreach
schedules events
Walter Pories works toward finding ways to cure diabetes.
It's known as a silent and
deadly killer with major causes
being blindness, amputation,
heart attacks and even stroke. It's
a disease that affects more than
14 million Americans, and most
people don't even know they
have it. It's not AIDS or cancer,
it's diabetes.
Researchers at ECU have
joined forces to form the Meta-
bolic Institute, a group of profes-
sionals in all fields of medicine
who work together to research,
provide clinical care and educa-
tion, as well as accumulate grants
and endowments. However, the
institute has one more addition
to the list, to find a molecular
cure for diabetes.
Diabetes is a set of related dis-
eases in which the body cannot
� regulate the amount of sugar in
the blood. Insulin is then used to
help provide and regulate insulin
inside the bloodstream.
There are two types of dia-
betes, type I and type II. Type I
diabetes is usually found in chil-
dren and is due to a loss of islet
cells that produce insulin. Type II
diabetes is usually found in obese
individuals, older people and can
also result from family history.
Walter Pories, Chief of the
Metabolic Institute, said the
metabolic disease also accounts
for high blood pressure and high
cholesterol. Not to mention the
fact that having diabetes is also
"Caring for diabetes takes 25
cents out of every health care
dollar, that's a lot said Pories.
Interest in the research to
find a molecular cure for dia-
betes was initiated when doc-
tors discovered that four out
of five morbidly obese patients
diagnosed with diabetes who
underwent gastric bypass sur-
gery revealed no symptoms
of diabetes after the surgery
was performed.
In fact, of 232 morbidly obese
diabetics, the 154 who under-
went the gastric bypass surgery
had a mortality rate of nine years
compared to those who refused
the operation for personal or
financial reasons, whose mortal-
ity rate was 6.2 years.
Remission of diabetes before
and after the gastric bypass
surgery decreased significantly,
leaving the patients needing no
insulin in the final analysis.
Pories said the procedure
helped to prolong the life of
many of the patients and also
helped to reduce health care costs
that patients would have endured
in the future.
"Now that we see the results
from the bypass, we want to find
out at the molecular level what
causes the onset of diabetes
Pories said.
Because diabetes usually
stems from people who suffer
from morbid obesity, Pories, along
with Vice Chancellor Michael
Lewis of the Metabolic Institute,
has started Camp Timber Creek.
This camp is for obese children
in Lenoir county and focuses on
helping children learn how to
properly diet and exercise and
see DIABETES page A2
International artists
perform at ECU
For 43 years, the Cultural
Outreach office at ECU has
offered a wide range of perfor-
mances to students and faculty
and the eastern NC community.
Every year, they present nine
shows in Wjight Auditorium
that include performances by
ballet companies, modern dance
ensembles, jazz artists, soloists,
opera companies, some of the
world's top orchestras, chamber
ensembles and pop artists. Their
mission is to "broaden exposure
to a spectrum of arts
"This is undoubtedly the only
time in your life when you can
see a show of this caliber for10
said Carol Woodruff, Director of
Cultural Outreach.
Students receive discounted
rates to every show with tickets
generally priced at $8-10.
The first show of the season
is Sept. 28 with a performance
by Dallas Brass, a brass ensemble
that performs a wide range of
musical genres such as classi-
cal, Broadway, folk and swing.
Other shows this season include
performances by Pilobolus, a
modern dance ensemble whose
dancers possess an uncanny
ability to create inhuman shapes
through dance and acrobatics,
the Munich Symphony Orches-
tra, the Russian National Theatre
performing La Bayadere and the
Van Cliburn international piano
competition silver medalist Joyce
Yang, to name only a few.
Above all, the Cultural Out-
reach office strives to enhance a
student's education outside the
classroom and is invaluable to
the ECU community.
"Cultural Outreach helps us
connect to a bigger world, a world
beyond Greenville said Mia Chang,
senior communication major.
Chang is also a marketing
office assistant for the program
and said their performances bring
so much life to the ECU campus.
Not only that, students are
involved with the organization
every step of the way. A commit-
tee selects the events that come
to ECU every year, and there are
always six students on the com-
mittee along with ECU faculty
and staff and public citizens.
Another student focused trait is
that the Cultural Outreach office
provides internships and gradu-
ate assistantship opportunities
for students interested in the arts.
Also, perhaps the most important
of all attributes concerning stu-
dent involvement is students are
able to take master's classes and
participate in workshops along
with the artists. This provides
a chance for student musicians,
dancers and performance artists
to enhance their craft.
Cultural Outreach also pro-
vides other programs based on
community outreach. Family
Fare is a series of performances
families can watch together on
a Saturday afternoon and are
"designed to engage patrons from
ages five to 95 as their mission
statement claims. Likewise, the
Arts Smart Series provides pre-
see OUTREACH page A6
Predicting the future of interest rates
Greenspan calls for first
post-Katrina hike
The Federal Reserve Board
voted on Tuesday to raise the
Federal Funds rate from 3.5
percent to 3.75 percent. The
move is designed to guard
against inflation. It was widely
believed that the economic
impact from Hurricane Katrina
might cause the Federal Reserve
Board to pause their rate
increases. Federal Reserve Chair-
man Alan Greenspan believes
the impact from Hurricane
Katrina will be short-lived,
and therefore, a rate increase
was appropriate.
Since June 2004, interest
rates have been steadily increas-
ing from the 46 year low of 1
percent to the current level of
3.75 percent. Federal Reserve
Chairman Alan Greenspan is
expected to raise interest rates
to about 4-4.5 percent within
the next year. The fact that
rates are being raised shows
Greenspan believes the U.S. econ-
omy has made a recovery from
the post 911 attack recession.
However, not everyone agreed
with the decision, as Federal
Reserve Governor Mark Olson cast
a lone dissenting vote to keep rates
where they are. Some analysts think
the economy is slowing down and
rate increases would only cause
the economy to get slower, which
would hurt the whole country.
In addition to Olsen, Peter
Morici, Maryland professor, also
voiced an opinion.
"Want evidence that the out-
look for non-energy prices is very
favorable? In August, wholesale
prices for final consumer goods,
less energy, fell 0.2 percent, even
as gasoline prices were rocket-
ing said Morici.
"Further, higher interest rates
can't undo the consequences of
Hurricane Katrina, but they can
increase the cost of rebuilding
lost industrial capacity; raising
interest rates certainly won't
have much influence on inter-
national oil markets
Morici also believes history
may be repeating itself.
"By raising interest rates in
an economy already slowing and
buffeted by Hurricane Katrina,
Greenspan needlessly risks driving
the economy into recession, some-
thing he did accomplish for the
first President Bush Morici said.
"The $64 question is: Can
Greenspan learn from history?
In particular, can he learn from
his own mistakes?"
Many analysts believe
since Chairman Greenspan is
retiring in early 2006, he wants
to get rates back to their pre-
911 level because that would
signal a full and complete eco-
nomic recovery from the 911
attacks. Greenspan also noted
rate levels would be "accommo-
dating" to economic conditions
hinting at even more increases in
the near future.
This writer can be contacted at
Many local outlets for Katrina relief
Greenville's relief work
I lurricane Katrina proved to
be the most devastating storm
to hit the U.S. coast in decades,
and much of the relief operation
is being fueled by the charity of
private American citizens.
These are some local organiza-
tions that are contributing to the
Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
The Red Cross is raising relief
funds and seeking volunteers.
For information about making
a donation or volunteering, call
the local chapter at 355-3800 or
call 1-800-Help Now.
Contributions to the Disaster
Relief Fund may be sent to 601-F
Country Club Drive, Greenville,
NC 27834 or to the American
Red Cross, P.O. Box 37243, Wash-
ington, D.C. 20013. Internet
users can make an online dona-
tion by visiting
The East Carolina University
Alumni Association is accept-
ing donations to the Ameri-
can Red Cross at piratealumni.
com. Checks are accepted
and can be made payable
to the American Red Cross.
The Salvation Army is pro-
viding supply shelters and feed-
ing stations in the disaster area.
Monetary donations for the
effort may be made online at or by call-
ing 1-800-SAL-ARMY.
Donations also may be made
at Sam's Club and Wal-Mart loca-
tions. Checks, which must be
noted for "hurricane relief" to be
specifically earmarked for Hur-
ricane Katrina, may be sent to
the local Salvation Army at P.O.
Box 113, Greenville, NC 27835.
The United Way Hurricane
Katrina Response Fund is accept-
ing donations for hurricane
relief. These contributions will be
used for front-line disaster relief
and long-term recovery needs.
Donations for Hurricane
Katrina recovery efforts can be
made online at or
by phone at 1-800-272-4630.
Local donations for Katrina
can be sent directly to United
Way of Pitt County, P.O. Box
1028, Greenville, NC 27835
and must be designated
to "hurricane relief" so
these checks will be for-
warded to the relief efforts.
Hoping to ensure each
donor's gift will have maxi-
mum impact, United Way, both
local and national programs,
has pledged that it will not take
any administration fees out of
individual contributions. All the
donated money will be forwarded
to the affected communities.
Best Buy, 3140 Evans St is
collecting non-perishable food
items, blankets, bottles of water,
clothing and personal hygiene
items through Sunday to donate
to the Red Cross. Anyone who
donates an item can fill out a
card with their name, address
and phone number to be entered
in a raffle for one of several $25
Best Buy gift cards.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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Page A2 252.328.6366
THURSDAY September 22,2005
Thursday Sept. 22
Blood Drive
10am-4 pm, location Wright Plaza
near the Cash Points ATM
The East Carolina Association
of Nursing Student (ECANS) will
be holding a blood drive on
September 22 from Blood levels
are at a critical level. Please come
and donate and help the Red
Cross help others.
Alzheimer's Walk
The Alzheimer's Association-
Eastern North Carolina Chapter's
annual Memory Walk for
Alzheimer's disease will take
place in locations throughout
eastern NC. Nearly 5,000 people
across the region are expected
to participate in this year's event
to raise funds and promote the
progress in finding a cause and
cure for Alzheimer's disease.
Fayetteville - Oct 7
Jordan Soccer Complex
Registration: 4 p.m. Walk: 5:30
Greenville - Oct. 1
Greenville Town Commons
Hertford - Oct. 1
Brian Center
Laurinburg - Oct. 29
Lumberton - Oct. 15
Luther Britt Park
Registration: 9 a.m. - Walk 10
Neuse Regional - Oct 15
Herman Park, Goldsboro
New Bern - Oct. 15
Union Point Park
Central Carolina - Oct 1
Kiwanis Park, Sanford
Tarboro - Oct 2
Fountains of the Albemarle
Registration: 12 p.m. - Walk: 1
Triangle - Oct. 1
Booth Amphitheatre, Cary
Registration: 8:30 a.m. - Walk
10 am.
A Health Resource Fair will be held
from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. New
this year, Memory Walk attendees
will be able to participate in
various interactive displays and
activities as part of this health
fair. These displays and activities
deal with memory, recognition
and sense identification.
Washington - Oct. 15
Redman's Lodge
Registration: 9 a.m. - Walk: 10
Whiteville - Oct. 1
Courthouse, downtown
Wilson - Oct. 8
Wilson Medical Center
Registration: 9 a.m. - Walk: 10
Blood Drive
There will be a blood mobile in the
Alpha Phi parking lot on 10th street
on Sept. 26 from 12-4 p.m. For
more information, e-mail Kristina
M. Oriolo at KMO0304@MAIL
Navajo surgeon and
author to speak Sept.
22 at ECU
GREENVILLE (9162005) - A
surgeon who grew up on a Navajo
reservation in New Mexico will
discuss her practice of combining
traditional Navajo beliefs with
conventional Western medicine
during a lecture at ECU.
Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord, the first
Navajo woman to become a
surgeon, will discuss her book,
The Scalpel and the Silver Bear,
at 12:30 pm. Sept 22 in Brody
Medical Sciences Building.
Purple Pride Fridays!
7-10pm, Mendenhall Student
Center Free ECU Prizes &
Game Room
Bowling ("free from 6-8pm)
Billiards ('free from 6-8pm)
Show Your School Spirit & Pride
in ECU!
For more information, contact
MSC Welcome Center at 328-
News Briefs
NC man wanted for two deaths
arrested In Virginia
was in custody in Virginia awaiting
extradition to Greensboro on murder
charges in the death of a former
girlfriend and her Infant child.
William James Schrelber, 33, faces
charges of first-degree murder
in the deaths of 31-year-old Teri
Marie Sokoloff and her 8-month-old
daughter, Skye, whose bodies were
found Monday evening Inside their
two-story town house.
Schrelber and Sokoloff had lived
together in the town home, according
to court documents. But the couple
had a history of domestic violence
that led Sokoloff to file for a protective
order earlier this year.
A friend of Sokoloff's who also
lives in the complex discovered the
bodies and contacted emergency
An alert was broadcast Monday
night for Sokoloff's black Toyota
Scion, which was missing from the
residence after the killings.
Late Monday or early Tuesday, Virginia
State Police pulled Schreiber over
in Spotsytvania County, said police
Sgt Jane Allen. He was arrested on
charges of driving while impaired
and reckless driving and is being
held at Rappahannock Regional
Jail in Stafford, Va� as a fugitive from
Sokoloff also had an older daughter who
lived at the home but wasn't involved
in Monday's incident, Allen said. The
child is now staying with relatives.
Police don't think Schreiber is the
father of the infant, Allen said.
Gov. Schwarzenegger
acknowledges mistakes, says
hell prevail
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Gov.
Arnold Schwarzenegger said he is
confident he can persuade voters
to approve his reform measures in
next month's special election and
dismissed as "silly" the criticisms
leveled at him in recent months by
actor Warren Beatty.
In an interview Tuesday with The
Associated Press, Schwarzenegger
discussed a wide range of matters
pertaining to the Nov. 8 election and
his own decision to pursue a second
term next year.
The Republican governor is pushing
several ballot initiatives that would
curb the power of the Democrat-
controlled Legislature and the state's
powerful public employee unions.
He wants voters to establish a state
spending cap, extend the time it
takes for public school teachers to
be eligible for tenure, require public
employee unions to seek permission
from their members before using
dues money for political purposes
and strip lawmakers of their power to
draw the lines of their own districts.
Schwarzenegger insisted his agenda
is not Intended as a political vendetta
against the Democrats with whom he
has clashed all year. He acknowledged
that in pursuing the reforms, he was
"stepping on people's toes" from
time to time - but said his goal had
always been to reach a bipartisan
agreement that would have avoided
a contentious campaign.
"It's all about collaboration. My whole
life was all about collaboration. But
there are certain things, as you know,
when you talk about those reforms,
they can't go there he said.
Schwarzenegger also said he was
perplexed by Beatty, a fellow actor
and Democrat who has become an
outspoken antagonist
There are some people who are close
to him that say that he is just starving
for attention and that's the way he
gets attention. Other people said,
look he's not working and he just feels
like he should maybe get involved
in politics Schwarzenegger said.
"Instead, I just think that maybe he Is
jealous that I did jump in. I find it silly,
because I respect his work
The governor said his wife, Maria
Shriver, and his four children, ages
seven to 15, support his decision to
run again, despite Shriver's often very
public pleas to have her husband
back at home.
"My wife will support anything I do,
because she's that kind of a woman
he said. "She would rather have me
at home, she'd rather have me in the
movie business and shey rather have
me write books about all my ideas
Schwarzenegger also said he erred
with his comments at the state
women's conference last December,
when a group of nurses protested his
plans to block a new law changing
the state's nurse-patient staffing
ratio. Schwarzenegger responded to
the protest, saying, "Special interests
don't like me in Sacramento because
I'm always kicking their butts
Iran's vice president says no
plans to break nonproliferatlon
VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Iran's vice
president said Wednesday that
Tehran does not plan to leave the
Nuclear Nonproliferatlon Treaty
despite the country's displeasure
over attempts by the United States
and Europe to refer It to the U.N.
Security Council.
Iranian Vice President Gholamreza
Aghazadeh met with representatives
of Russia, China and the Nonaligned
Movement, all of whom are opposed
to a U.SEuropean push for Security
Council referral being prepared at a
meeting of the International Atomic
Energy Agency board in Vienna.
"Leaving the (Nonproliferatlon
Treaty) is not on the agenda of Iran
Aghazadeh, who is the head of his
country's nuclear program, told
Asked about his meeting, part of
Iran's lobbying efforts to increase
opposition to council referral, he said
only: "I think this will have an impact
on the outcome of the board
Aghazadeh had been expected to
attend the IAEA's general conference,
scheduled for next week, but his
appearance Monday at the agency's
35-nation board meeting appeared
to be arranged on short notice.
That reflected the importance Iran
attached to trying to deflect the
chances of being hauled before
the Security Council because of
international apprehensions about
Its nuclear agenda.
Tehran insists its nuclear program is
solely for energy production despite
concerns of the United States and
Europe Union that it might be used
for nuclear weapons.
Tehran has warned the nuclear
agency that referral to the Security
Council could lead it to start uranium
enrichment - a possible pathway to
nuclear arms. On Tuesday, it said it
could stop allowing unfettered IAEA
inspections of its nuclear facilities and
programs if the agency's board votes
for Security Council involvement.
Aghazadeh, in Moscow on Monday,
said Iran would welcome other
nations in its ongoing talks with
European negotiators, and that the
new Iranian government wants to
increase its cooperation with Russia,
which is building a reactor in Iran
that triggered U.S. concerns about
Tehran's nuclear intentions.
A European Union draft resolution,
made available In full to The
Associated Press ahead of its formal
presentation to the nuclear agency's
board, demands Iran's referral for
alleged "failures and breaches of
its obligations to comply" with the
Nuclear Nonproliferatlon Treaty.
Europeans compromise that Iran
be referred to Security Council
North Korea accuses
U.S. of plotting attack
Iranian Vice President Gholamreza Aghazadeh is in charge of the country's nuclear program.
VIENNA, Austria (AP) � Iran
gained a reprieve in the standoff
over its nuclear program Wednes-
day, with diplomats saying the
European Union had decided to
postpone its push to refer Iran to
the U.N. Security Council.
The decision to delay a vote
until a later board meeting of
the International Atomic Energy
Agency instead of demanding
one this week appeared driven
by concerns about strong oppo-
sition. More than a dozen of the
35 IAEA board member nations
meeting in Vienna - includ-
ing Security Council members
Russia and China - are against
the idea.
Although a new EU draft
motion does not mention Secu-
rity Council sanctions, it still calls
for reporting Iran to the council
if it continues defying board
demands, which include freez-
ing activities related to uranium
enrichment, said senior diplo-
mats accredited to the IAEA.
The text is expected to be
introduced at this week's IAEA
meeting, but any vote on refer-
ral would come only at a future
session - at the earliest when the
board meets again in Novem-
ber, said the diplomats, who
demanded anonymity because
they were not authorized to dis-
cuss EU strategy at the meeting.
Just hours before the new
draft was drawn up, the chief
U.S. representative to the IAEA
lobbied board members for action
this week on the motion. The
motion is formally a European
Union initiative but is being
orchestrated in close consultation
with Washington and backed by
Australia, Japan, Canada and
others at the meeting.
"We agree with the European
Union and a growing majority
of the board that the time has
come to report Iran's (nuclear)
noncompliance to the Security
Council U.S. delegation head
Gregory Schulte told the meeting.
"It is now time for the board to
do our duty
Still, a diplomat familiar with
U.S. thinking said the decision to
postpone referral suited Washing-
ton, which was not interested in
losing a Security Council battle
against veto-carrying members
Russia and China.
The U.S. diplomatic mis-
sion dealing with the IAEA in
Vienna declined comment when
asked about the developments.
A European official - who also
demanded anonymity as a con-
dition for discussing EU strategy
- said China appeared rigid in its
opposition but "the key is to gain
Russia, and we think we can gain
Russia at a later date
In Moscow, the Russian For-
eign Ministry dismissed the U.S.
and European initiative to refer
Tehran to the Security Council as
counterproductive, saying it "will
not contribute to the search for a
solution to the Iranian problem
through political and diplomatic
Although it avoids any men-
tion of U.N. sanctions, the new
EU text proposes the Security
Council consider "making clear
to Iran" that the crisis can "best
be resolved" by cooperating with
IAEA investigators.
Washington insists Iran has
breached the nuclear nonprolif-
eration treaty, as did North Korea,
which unilaterally quit the pact
two years ago but announced
Monday that it would give up its
nuclear weapons program.
But Iran insists its nuclear
activities have not violated the
treaty. Iranian Vice President
Gholmanreza Aghazadeh, the
head of his country's nuclear
program, told reporters in Vienna
that "leaving the NPT is not on
the agenda of Iran
He spoke after meeting rep-
resentatives from Russia, China
and the Nonaligned Move-
ment, which also overwhelm-
ingly oppose the U.SEuropean
Iran's top nuclear negotiator
met Wednesday with ambas-
sadors of the three European
countries trying to curb Tehran's
nuclear program, urging them to
engage in "forward-looking coop-
eration" with the Persian state,
state-run radio reported.
Ali Larijani also told the
envoys of Britain, France and
Germany to reiterate to their
leaders that Iran would not budge
on its plans to pursue a nuclear
program in line with the treaty.
Tehran says its nuclear pro-
gram is solely for energy pro-
duction, despite U.S. and EU
concerns that it can be used for
nuclear weapons.
White House press secretary
Scott McClellan said Wednesday
that President Bush believes Iran
needs to return to the negotiating
table with the Europeans.
"We've expressed our con-
cerns about Iran's behavior
McClellan said. "They have a
long history of deceiving the
international community, of not
abiding by their international
obligations, and that's why we
remain concerned about their
true intentions
Tehran has warned that if
referred to the Security Council,
it could start uranium enrich-
ment - a possible step toward
making nuclear arms. On Tues-
day, it said it could stop allowing
unfettered IAEA inspections of its
nuclear facilities and programs if
the agency's board involves the
Security Council.
Aghazadeh repeated those
warnings during Wednesday's
closed meeting with the Russians,
Chinese and nonaligned del-
egates, a diplomat familiar with
the discussions said. He spoke on
condition of anonymity because
the Information is confidential.
Aghazadeh, in Moscow on
Monday, said Iran would wel-
come other nations in its ongoing
talks with European negotiators,
and the new Iranian government
wants to increase Its cooperation
with Russia, whose role in help-
ing build a nuclear reactor in Iran
has added to U.S. concerns.
SEOUL, South Korea (AP)
� In a second day of bluster
after its disarmament accord,
North Korea accused the United
States on Wednesday of planning
a nuclear attack and warned it
could retaliate.
North Korea "is fully ready
to decisively control a pre-emp-
tive nuclear attack with a strong
retaliatory blow the communist
nation's Rodong Sinmun newspa-
per said in an English-language
commentary carried by the state
Korean Central News Agency.
At six-nation talks in Bei-
jing on Monday, North Korea
promised to give up its nuclear
weapons program in return for
economic aid and security assur-
Since then, however, the
North's rhetoric has under-
scored its unpredictability
and cast doubt on its commit-
: ment to the accord hammered
out with China, Japan, Russia,
South Korea and the United
States after four rounds of con-
tentious negotiations stretching
over two years.
North Korea said Tuesday it
would not dismantle its atomic
arms program unless Washing-
ton agreed to supply light-water
nuclear reactors for generating
electricity - a condition the
U.S. government has already
Despite the tough statements,
none of the North's negotiating
partners said they expected a
breakdown in the disarmament
talks, which are scheduled to
resume in November when the
parties meet in the Chinese
capital to begin the hard work of
implementing the agreement.
Washington has repeatedly
denied North Korean allegations
of a planned attack, most recently
in the joint statement at the talks
in Beijing, where the U.S. del-
egation "affirmed that it has no
nuclear weapons on the Korean
Peninsula and has no intention
to attack or invade (North Korea)
with nuclear or conventional
Pyongyang and Washington
also pledged to respect each
other's sovereignty and to take
steps to normalize relations.
The North demanded at the
outset of the Beijing talks last
week that it be given a light-water
nuclear reactor - a type less easily
diverted for weapons use - in
exchange for disarming.
U.S. officials opposed the
idea, maintaining North Korea
could not be trusted with any
type of nuclear program in light
of its efforts to obtain atomic
The disarmament agreement
sidestepped the issue, with partic-
ipants saying they would discuss
it "at an appropriate time
North Korea's negotiating
partners made clear the reactor
could only be discussed after
Pyongyang carries out the pledge
it made Monday to rejoin the
global Nuclear Nonproliferatlon
Treaty and accepts inspections by
the International Atomic Energy
Gregory Schulte, chief U.S.
representative at the U.N. watch-
dog agency, said Wednesday that
the North needed to move quickly
to implement the accord.
"The time has come for North
Korea to join the international
community and to earn access
to the political, economic and
security benefits of normalized
international relations, trade,
investment and assistance he
Separately, a U.Sled interna-
tional energy consortium plans
to meet Monday and Tuesday
in New York City to discuss its
suspended project to build two
power-generating nuclear reac-
tors in the North, said South
Korean official Ryu Jin-young.
The reactors were meant as a
reward to the North for agreeing
with the United States in 1994 to
freeze - and ultimately dismantle
- its nuclear program. The $4.6
billion project was suspended
in 2003 when U.S. officials said
North Korea revealed it was still
working on atomic weapons.
Diabetes from page A1
how to change behaviors that add
in their weight gain.
The Metabolic Institute also
includes those entities that
have worked together in the
various obesity and diabetes
projects of the university, such
as The Diabetes and Obesity
For mar information about the
important (if art education. plemw uinUil
Center, the Pediatric Healthy
Weight Research and Treatment
Center and Camp Timber Creek
for obese children.
This writer can be contacted at
-f h ; H q �
It could bt 1 Beaming �robltm.
Get your kid Delp now'
IW HI HIHOe .wwjboutlD.oro

tubents; of tje pirate Nationget reafcrp for
Sfiaring tfje
of �OX
Skit Night
Elmrstiap, (October 27th
Take a Stand for the Pirates
jf rtbap, �ctofaer 28t(J
Freeboot Friday
gaturbap, �ttobtv 29th
Homecoming Parade &
Pirate Football: UCF vs. ECU
Student Organization Entry Packets for Homecoming 2005
are due Friday, September 30th at 5:00 p.m.
For more information, visit
Share your space, but live on your own.
All lurnishings pictured are Irom Wal-Mart.
Get everything for your dorm room at and still afford tuition. a lway slowprices

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24 Feeling poorly
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27 Cloth scraps
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31 Boorish
32 Gaps
35 Corn serving
36 Like a path
around Earth
37 Dictators
41 Cow's chew
42 Descends
43 Indian
46 "At Seventeen"
47 Revered figure
48 Sang-froid
50 ISS partner
52 Colony critter
53 Obi
54 1960s dance
58 Property
60 Procedural
62 Poet Pound
63 Late night Jay
64 Complete
65 Quiet relaxation
66 Perimeter
67 Sleep soundly?
1 Criticize harshly
2 Hawaiian port
3 Conger and
4 Disagreeably
5 Staircase post
6 Quaint hotel
7 Droning insects
8 Spotted wildcat
124517891 22I"111213
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41J�� 50� 51
�200 All rigSTribi his rejna M serve-odia S 1�orvicGS, InJ9Z205
9 Brooding spots
10 Not at work
11 "2001 star
12 Basketry
13 Flip do-over
18 " My
22 Academy
26 Certain
27 Letter after pi
28 Broadcast
29 Yak
30 Hair goo
33 One-eighties
34 Weepy
35 Needle hole
37 2,000 pounds
38 Silent
39 Even prime
40 NBC classic
42 Slashing deeply
43 Mountaineer
SSVti�V� Bs9VH
sH3!sSoaii1 1
44 Convert into
45 Porters
46 Published
49 Philly player
50 Ram's lady
51 Food seasonings
55 Golden Rule
56 Cause to wither
57 Wight or Skye
59 Styron's Turner
61 Unknown Jane
Two Dudes
by Aaron Warner
A College Girl Named Joe
WAT Pirn, WE?
by Aaron Warner


mw.m pizza,
fsYcHlATttsT?! So.WHAT, You
YouR 6n�EMENT.
Ihc 1 amilv Munstcr In osh Mukk
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rf i tk y
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2, 2005
n Warner
n Warner
Page A5 252.328.9238
THURSDAY September 22, 2005
Our View
Media Censorship:
Is it OK or a first
amendment violation?
Earlier this month, another student publication, 77?e
Daily Tar Heel, ran into some editorial problems.
One of their daily opinion writers, Jillian Bandes,
wrote an editorial piece about her views on racial
profiling. This student, who is a junior international
studies major, took quotes from students on
campus and used them out of context And she
herself made such statements as "I want all Arabs
to be stripped naked and cavity-searched if they
get within 100 yards of an airport and referring
to the President of the United States as "Bushie
Whether you agree with her blatantly heinous
opinion about the Arab population or think it is a
good idea to publicly slander the President what
this writer did was wrong.
The power of the press is a magical and danger-
ous thing. Just as sure as you are sitting there
reading this, the press has the power to influence,
if not change, people's opinions. The writers at
The Daily Tar Heel have the right to freedom of
speech and the right to express their opinions but
most writers choose to do this in a self-respecting
way. Not only did this writer publicly embarrass
herself, but she also embarrassed her student
publication and her institutidh, UNC at Chapel Hill.
Now that this article was published, the credibility
of The Daily Tar Heel is ruined for the time being,
all because of the loose-mouthed comments of
one writer.
TEC is committed to hiring opinion writers that, though
they express their opinions and many people do not
agree with them do not choose to do so in such
a slandering way. The Daily Tar Heel has chosen
to terminate this writer's employment because the
quotes used in her article were used out of context
and linked to statements that did not reflect their true
meaning. The people who were quoted in her article
we publicly apologized to but, the Editor-in-Chief
wishes the reading public would just move on and
refuses to mention this catastrophe agaia
TEC encourages its readers to send in letters to
the editor, Pirate Rants and post on our Web site
forums. We respect our reader's opinions and are
dedicated to do our duty of providing information
in as much of an unbiased manner as possible.
The biggest lesson to be learned from the experi-
ence of The Daily Tar Heel is that each individual
writer has their own opinion that they would like to
express to the reading public This poses an impor-
tant question: Should this column have even been
printed? Should the Editor-in-Chief have censored
the opinions of this writer, anticipating the uproar
that would be created? Did students at UNC-CH
have the right to know that there were people with
opinions like this walking around amongst them or
should the writer have been asked to tone down
her off the wall opinions? For more information, or
to read the article and form your own opinion, visit
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs Editor In Chief
Chris Munier Alexander Marclnlak News Editor Web Editor
Carolyn Scandura Features EditorKristin Murnane Asst Features Editor
Tony Zoppo Sports EditorBrandon Hughes Assl Sports Editor
Nina Coefield Head Copy EditorApril Barnes Asst Copy Editor
Tanesha Slstrunk Photo EditorHerb Sneed Asst Photo Editor
Edward McKIm Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" Is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number. Letters may be sent via
e-mail to or to The East
Carolinian, Student Publications Building, Greenville,
NC 27858-4353. Call 252-328-6366 for more Informa-
tion. One copy of TEC is free, each additional copy Is $1.
Opinion Columnist
Unbiased and neutral but from who's point of view
What progressive thinking?'
If you hear the same thing over and
over and over, no matter how errone-
ous, you will eventually begin to accept
it as the truth. Case in point:
From the minute children in this
country step through the schoolhouse
doors and begin their obligatory period
of indoctrination, they are taught that
"Liberalism equals change, progressive
thought etc, while "Conservatism
equals the same-old, same-old, never
changing status quo Children also
hear that the media is the "watchdog
of government" and what they say is
to be trusted because they are unbiased
and neutral.
This indoctrination continues into
the college years as well, as is evidenced
by some of the high priced textbooks
that we have to buy for some of our
classes. Being good college students,
let's examine this claim from the
myopic perspective of recent events.
In 1994, the voters of this great
country sent a clear message to Liberal
Democrats that they wanted a change
- they voted them out of the majority
in both houses of Congress for the first
time in over 40 years. Every election
since then has seen that majority grow.
Conservative Republicans offered, and
continue to offer, a vision of America
that was radically different from the
"business as usual" routine that had
been the norm under Liberalism.
It was interesting to see how liberals
responded. As soon as they were voted
out (remember that - they were voted
out), we were witness to the invalida-
tion of all we were taught to believe,
i The (supposedly) unbiased press
said that the American public had a
"tantrum Interesting choice of words
for a neutral observer, don't you think?
Then we were treated to months upon
months of analyses, about what had
happened and how the Democrats
could regain power. There were articles
encouraging Republicans to switch
parties so Democrats would once
again rule. There were too many "talk-
ing heads" to count on the airwaves
openly strategizlng about how to get
the Democrats back in power. It was
Do you know what we didn't hear
though? We didn't hear a thing about
how the people had chosen. We didn't
hear a thing about how the Republicans
could solidify their majority. We didn't
hear a thing about how the Republi-
can's plans would benefit America.
Would somebody mind telling me how
that was "unbiased and neutral?" The
Liberal politicians were, and still are,
even worse.
For over 10 years we have been
listening to the same whining, repeti-
tive, obstructionist litany from the
Liberals. I have lost count of how many
times I've heard the Liberal mantra
that Republicans were going to destroy,
social security, destroy the environ-
ment, whatever. Instead of any sort of
reasoned discussion of the issues, we
have the Liberals of today.
Since before some of you were
potty trained or quit sucking your
thumb the "party of change" has been
dj's record - back and forth along the
same track, making nothing but noise.
It has all gotten so predictable, boring
and pathetic.
Again, would somebody mind tell-
ing me how Liberals are forward think-
ing and progressive when they can't
get themselves out of the rut they are
in of blaming everyone but themselves
for their problems? I would love to be
enlightened. Judging from most of the
responses to my columns, I don't think
that will happen anytime soon.
All I have seen is a mind-numbing
regurgitation of what the mainstream
media and Liberal politicians spew
forth. If not that then I get juvenile
personal attacks from people mas-
querading as intelligent human beings
who can only find personal validation
by insulting others. You are excellent
examples of the end product of today's
educational system and absolute proof
that today's Liberalism is anything but
The Democrat party is stuck in the
past and trying to recapture its "glory
days" by whining and insulting the
opposition to death. In the meantime,
Republicans are offering progressive,
effective alternatives to the challenges
facing our country. It seems the educa-
tional system has gotten it wrong.
Of course, there is the slim chance
that I am mistaken. I was wrong about
Global Warming after all.
Borders washed away teaving room for Mexican assistance
(KRT) � Among the 94 coun-
tries that have offered aid to the
United States in the wake of Hurricane
Katrlna, none is more symbolic of
a difficult friendship than Mexico.
Katrina forced the United States and
Mexico to cross years and miles of
border resentment and suspicion. The
neighbors transcended national and
personal boundaries in the face of
catastrophe to find their humanity.
It's estimated that 145,000 Mexi-
cans were affected by the hurricane,
10,000 of them in New Orleans.
With President Bush's approval,
President Vicente Fox sent a Mexican
Peace Corps to help his neighbor.
Fox proudly told his people: "This is
Mexico: It's solidarity, love, caring,
capable of conquering adversity. For
this reason, we have a stronger Mexico,
a more democratic Mexico, a free
Mexico, a working Mexico
Mexican sailors from the ship
Papaloapan docked last week off
the coast of Biloxi, Miss and began
unloading supplies for the hurricane
victims. Their ship brought along
rescue helicopters, vehicles and water.
For many Tejanos and Mexican
immigrants, the sight of the 45-truck
Mexican troop convoy rumbling across
the border along Interstate 35 on its way
to San Antonio stirred pride and cheer.
Many locals waved the Mexican flag and
shouted, "Bienvenido - Welcome!
Mexican troops hadn't advanced
this far north since 1846, at the start
of the Mexican-American War.
At that time, the Mexicans claimed
that their land began at the Nueces
River; the United States Insisted that its
southern border was the Rio Grande.
Troops clashed in the disputed land
between the rivers, and war was
After two years of fighting, Mexico
and the United States signed the Treaty
of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexico ceded
lands that would become America's
Southwest and West for $18,250,000.
Many Mexican citizens north
Of the Rio Grande suddenly found
themselves to be U.S. citizens. An
often-repeated, wry comment by
Mexican-Americans who claim a long
family residency in the conquered
lands is that they didn't cross the
border - the border crossed them.
But this time, unarmed Mexican
soldiers, sailors, engineers, physicians
and nurses came to conquer fear,
hunger and sickness. U.S. citizens were
able to see the true might of a foreign
people: the sharing of talent and
resources to ease the pain of another
foreign people.
Minutemen, take note: From the
halls of San Antonio to the shores
of Mississippi, Mexican soldiers and
sailors in plain view feed, comfort
and heal the citizens whom you seek
to protect. Don't be surprised to see
thousands of immigrants take part in
the massive cleanup and rebuilding
of New Orleans and other hard-hit
Southern cities. As Fox said, Mexicans
are a working people.
Their time would be better spent if
they followed the Mexicans' example
and volunteered to assist fellow citi-
zens displaced by Katrina. If not, they
should turn the binoculars on one
another and peer into their hearts
to track their fears. Cross the border,
Minutemen, from shadow land to
helping hand.
Despite the rancor on both sides
of the border about past wars, spilt
blood, lost land, drug trafficking and
illegal crossings, demographic reality
and natural calamity have forced us
to recognize that the future demands
reconciliation and cooperation.
Mexicans and U.S. citizens must
cross their Rubicon, knowing that they
shall not return to futile construction
of walls, moats and fences. It's too late:
Mexicans are here to stay.
Latino numbers have grown so
exponentially that Texans have come
to a cultural crossroads. They can
travel the path of harmonious blend-
ing of heritages to become a showcase
to the country and the world, or they
can follow the road historically more
trekked by jealous countries - one of
bitterness and hostility.
If the first path is taken, American
presidents and governors can bring
those neighbors in conflict - Israelis
and Palestinians, Roman Catholic
and Protestant Irish, Indians and
Pakistanis - to the yellow rose state and
explain that we've learned to respect
one another. We've managed to defuse
our fears of difference and to identify
our common humanity. We can do so
because we shed the ethnic and class
arrogance that blinds us to the good
in other peoples.
Katrina washed away buildings,
levees and borders. Mexico and the
United States can rebuild American
cities as their citizens proudly wave
both flags.
Pirate Rant
I must be amazing, because
every rant I send in gets pub-
lished Even this one where I
didn't say anything.
As a liberal, you people bashing
Bush make me sick. You make our
party look dumb. Anyone with half
a brain can see that Bush is doing as
good a job as can be expected under
the circumstances.
1 do not care what some rapper
says about politics and Bush. Most
Celebrities do not know jack and
anyone who listens to them for
political advice does not deserve
the right to vote.
Why is that all my cute girl
friends (and I'm a girl) have
losers for boyfriends and then
complain to me about them? You
aren't going to change a grown
man, sweetheart.
0 joy, NC is getting a lottery.
There now is more money to be mis-
managed. And, whom do you think
will be the ones buying the lottery
tickets? Those who really shouldn't
be, but they'll spend what money
they do have hoping for a miracle.
Hey fellow guys, if some
dumb girl is too stuck up to even
spend one afternoon out of her
life on a date with you don't waste
your energy on her.
Dear TEC: Maybe some of
your "senior writers" were asleep
the day their Basic Reporting
class covered this, but even fea-
ture articles are not supposed
to sound like advertisements.
Please spare us the rhetoric that
one club is better than any other
without data to back it up.
Why do the gardeners of
Pirates Cove insist on mowing
the non-existent grass in front of
our building at 7:30 in the morn-
ing on a Friday?
If the United States is so hell-
bent on having everyone quit
smoking (via taxation, advertis-
ing, etc), why the hell do they still
subsidize it with tax dollars?
Maybe Greek people wear
smarmy grins, and outlandishly
cool clothes because we are better
than everyone else. Seriously
dude, nice jean shorts.
"Had I known school was
going to be this long, I never
would have started
1 wrote the original rant about
all the blacks in Louisiana saying
they were in such poverty and
disaster because they are black
and poor. I don't know who you
are who wrote in trying to bash
my comments, but get your facts
straight before you accuse me of
not having mine straight. Yes I
said blacks, because unless you
are born in Africa and moved to
the United States, YOU ARE NOT
I wish people would keep their
big, nasty dogs off campus and
away from students while they are
trying to walk peacefully to class.
We did not pay to come here and be
sniffed and chased by your stupid
dogs. Why don't you take them to a
park or something? This is a college
for students - not for dogs!
WZMB is a student run orga-
nization. If you don't like the
programming or hours - make the
changes yourself by picking up an
application and getting a job there.
In the force if Yoda's so strong,
construct a sentence with words
in the proper order then why
can't he?
If you are concerned about
how SGA looks, why don't you
join? If conforming means that
you care about your school, then
everyone should be a conformist.
Sorority girls are crawling all over
Mendenhall. It's like they're releasing
a new purse here or something.
To the sorority girl who's mad at
people who thinks they are all the
same - cliche is used as an adjective
too! No need to put a 'd' at the end!
Of course you girls are not the same,
sometimes you have a different hair
style! Oh by the way, next time
before you use a "big" word, check
the dictionary! It's in the reference
section in the library!
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant is an
anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice
their opinions. Submissions can be
submitted anonymously online at, or e-
mailed to editori&theeastcarolinian.
com. The editor reserves the right to
edit opinions for content and brevity.

Hurricane Rita gives governments a Greens skeptical of
second chance to get it right coalition with right
Relief workers in Texas prepa
WASHINGTON (AP) � As a powerful
hurricane nears the coast the mayor begs
residents to evacuate, the governor deploys
the National Guard and the president vows a
rapid federal response. Politicians are reading
from their pre-Katrina scripts as they brace
for Rita - an unwelcome second chance to
get it right.
The public has every reason to be skeptical
as federal, state and city officials pledge not
to repeat lethal errors made in the aftermath
of Hurricane Katrina.
That monster storm took days to make
landfall, yet caught political leaders flat-
footed. Even as the relief fiasco was evident
to anybody watching television, President
Bush and his lieutenants insisted for days that
everything was being done io help Katrina's
Why would Rita be any different? Experts
cite three reasons for hope: Stung by Katrina,
the Bush administration is more deeply
engaged in preparations for Rita than it was
for the earlier storm; state officials in Texas
have more assets than their Gulf Coast coun-
terparts, and Katrina has taught every level
of government lessons in disaster manage-
"They had the good fortune to see New
Orleans get whacked said Michael K. Lin-
dell, director of the Hazard Reduction and
Recovery Center at Texas AStM University. "If
there were ambiguities in their plans, they've
had a month to iron them out
"We want to make sure that we are better
prepared and in better position to respond to
Hurricane Rita said White House spokesman
Scott McClellan.
Among the errors that government offi-
cials hope not to repeat:
Food and other supplies trickle'd into the
Gulf Coast for Katrina. Homeland Security
chief Michael Chertoff says helicopters are
standing by to ship in relief this time.
Lawlessness broke out in New Orleans.
strophic Hurricane Rita by collecting necessary supplies for residents of the area.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he has 5,000
National Guard troops and 1,000 Depart-
ment of Safety troopers positioned. The
Bush administration was reluctant to use its
authority to deploy federal troops into the
Gulf Coast. It may be quicker on the trigger
this time.
There was no clear leadership. While deep
systemic problems contributed, the adminis-
tration's disaster chief, Michael Brown, took
the fall and resigned after Katrina. Bush has
put two Coast Guard admirals in charge,
one overseeing Katrina relief and the other
in Texas.
In New Orleans, nursing home and
hospital patients died during the flood-
ing. Texas began evacuating those facilities
Scores of people failed to heed evacuation
warnings in New Orleans, either because they
had no transportation or they didn't want to
leave. Katrina's aftermath has opened the eyes
of Texas residents, who were already evacuat-
ing Wednesday. "I'm hopeful people will take
it seriously this time Chertoff said.
But three weeks is not nearly enough time
to fix all the problems exposed by Katrina,
including communications failures, the
loss of local police, firefighters and other
first-responders, and the lack of temporary
housing. Time will tell how frankly political
leaders, from the president on down, speak
about the aftermath of other disasters.
There is little man can do to stop Mother
Nature. If Rita remains a Category 5 storm,
the best preparations and political leadership
are no guarantee against deaths, property
destruction and political fallout.
"We can only minimize the destruction
said Beverly A. Ciglar, professor of public
policy and administration at Penn State.
That leaves politicians with few options
beyond dusting off their disaster relief plans.
Maybe that's why their pre-storm rhetoric has
such a familiar ring.
Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas of Galveston,
Texas, urging residents to evacuate for Rita:
"If they don't want to leave, they are staying
at their own risk
New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin before
Katrina hit: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is
not a test. This is the real deal, Board up your
homes, make sure you have enough medicine,
make sure the car has enough gas
Gov. Kathleen Blanco before Katrina:
"Louisiana is in line for a possible 'direct hit.
We know that we're going to take the brunt
of it
Texas Gov. Rick Perry with Rita bearing
down: "Look, a Category 4, Category 5 storm
is going to be catastrophic
In the days before both storms, Bush
asked people to pray for coastal residents and
said his administration would move swiftly
to respond. He was wrong about Katrina, and
now top administration officials are trying to
make sure that doesn't happen again.
If nothing else, the response to Rita may
be less partisan. Perry and Bush are both
Republicans, which should help avoid the
bickering and recrimination that soured
relationships between the White House and
Democrats Blanco and Nagin.
Chertoff couldn't stop praising Perry's
team Wednesday. "They've got buses and
other vehicles available for people who can't
drive themselves out he said. That was a
not-too-subtle dig at New Orleans.
Taking no chances, Galveston's mayor
ordered mandatory evacuations three days
before the storm was to strike.
"The real lesson that I think the citizens
learned is that the people in Alabama, Loui-
siana and Mississippi did not leave in time
Thomas said. "We've always asked people to
leave earlier, but because of Katrina, they are
now listening to us and they're leaving
The public has learned its lesson.
In a day or two, their political leaders may
be put to the test.
BERLIN (AP) � Germany's
Greens on Wednesday knocked
down hopes that their party
would help opposition leader
Angela Merkel become chancel-
lor in a coalition government
after an inconclusive weekend
Voters ousted Gerhad Schro-
eder's government Sunday but
didn't give Merkel a parliamen-
tary majority, leaving Europe's
largest economy - beset by high
unemployment, sluggish growth
and budget deficits - rudderless.
Both Schroeder and Merkel
claim a mandate to be the next
chancellor, a dispute to be settled
in coalition talks beginning
Thursday among Germany's
political parties. Schroeder leads
the Social Democrat Party and
Merkel the Christian Democrats.
Leading conservatives have
floated the idea of adding the
Greens to their preferred coali-
tion of the Christian Democrats
and the pro-business Free Demo-
crats. But the Greens, a party
rooted in the protest generation
of the 1960s and 1970s, cited
major differences with Merkel's
policies on business, nuclear
energy and Turkey membership
in the European Union.
"We as Greens most certainly
will not be the auxiliary engine
that contributes to the neo-lib-
eral and neo-conservative poli-
cies that failed to win a majority
getting into the chancellery by
the back door Greens co-chair-
man Reinhard Buetikofer told
Deutschlandfunk radio.
Buetikofer said the Greens
insist on sticking to a plan to
shut down all Germany's nuclear
power plants, while Merkel
pledged to keep them open.
The Greens, whose most
prominent figure is outgoing
Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer,
back Turkey's EU membership
bid, which Merkel opposes.
Parliament must meet by Oct.
18. If a new chancellor fails to
secure a majority in three rounds
of parliament voting, President
Horst Koehler can appoint a
minority government. That raises
the specter of an unstable gov-
ernment - and another election
before parliament's four-year
term is up.
Despite disappointment over
the stalemated election, Ger-
mans overwhelmingly oppose
another election to resolve the
impasse, according to Manfred
Guellner, head of the Forsa poll-
ing agency.
Franz Muentefering, the
chairman of Schroeder's Social
Democrats, said they would meet
with the Christian Democrat
leadership Thursday to explore
forming a coalition.
Both Schroeder and Merkel
claim they have a mandate to
form the next government,
although Schroeder appeared to
show greater flexibility Tuesday
by saying all sides should drop
any "preconditions
Merkel insisted her party,
as the strongest in parliament,
would not back down.
"I don't know what Mr. Schro-
eder wants, other than to carry
on governing at any price she
told Stern magazine.
Meanwhile, officials from
Schroeder's Social Democratic
Party and the Greens - the two
parties that formed the outgoing
government - were meeting to
explore their chances of working
together in a new coalition.
If the conservatives fail to
form a so-called "Jamaica Coali-
tion" with the Free Democrats
and Greens - named for the
parties' traditional black, yellow
and green colors, which match
those of the Caribbean nation's
flag - their only other option is
a "grand coalition" with Schro-
eder's party.
from page A1
statement claims. Likewise, the
Arts Smart Series provides pre-
kindergarten to sixth grade public
school children the chance to see
curriculum-based performances
and enhance their knowledge of
the arts. Up to 1,500 students are
bused to the ECU campus from
21 eastern North Carolina coun-
ties to see the shows. According
to Liz Isley, economic develop-
ment coordinator for Cultural
Outreach, the office focuses
on art education outreach
for public school children.
"The purpose of the Arts
Smart Series is to educate chil-
dren about the arts, and then
perhaps they can learn that there
is more out there than television
and video games said Isley.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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vineyard vines?
martho'a vincysrf
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Peaceful, Secluded Area
Central Heat & Air
Pets Allowed
Patio or Balcony
Economical Utilities
24 Hour Emergency Maint.
Ceiling Fan
WasherDryer Connections
Free Water & Sewer
'Available in most apartments
Pitt Property Management
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Greenville, NC 27858
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Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 9-6 I Saturday: 10-2
Prisoners ci
find ways to

Crowded prisons backing up into NC county jails
Prisoners congregate together in an overcrowded North Carolina prison as the state struggles to
find ways to imprison inmates.
RALEIGH, NC (AP) � State
correction officials have started
turning away many inmates
from their crowded prisons,
leading to a space crunch for
county jails with nowhere else
to turn.
"We can't take them in as fast
as we're getting them from the
jails said state prisons director
Boyd Bennett.
Tougher sentences for vio-
lent and repeat offenders and a
growing general population have
helped push the prisons close to
capacity. The system's standard
capacity is 31,500 inmates, but it
can legally house an additional
4,700 through double-bunking
and other measures.
More beds will be available
in April, when a 1,000-bed
prison is scheduled to open in
Greene County, and another
1,000-bed prison in Bertie
County is slated to open three
months later.
Meanwhile, Wake County
has more than 1,300 inmates in
a jail meant to hold 896.
"We would rather have them
out of here -1 can assure you that
- for safety reasons said Wake
County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.
"We don't provide comfort, but
we certainly don't want them on
top of one another
Johnston County routinely
has 220 inmates in a jail designed
for 191, while Durham County
is just beginning to exceed its
capacity of S76 inmates.
The state pays county jails
$40 a day for each inmate who
belongs in a state prison. The
sheriffs say the money covers
most of their direct costs, but
they worry about taxing their
guards and equipment.
"It's about like going to Wal-
Mart with 15 young'uns instead
of two said Johnston County
Sheriff Steve Bizzell.
And it's unclear when it may
ease up.
The North Carolina Sentenc-
ing and Policy Advisory Com-
mission, a group created by the
Legislature to advise lawmakers
on sentencing issues, estimates
that the system will be nearly
1,000 beds short by 2008, despite
the opening of three new 1,000-
bed prisons by then.
Projections show that by
2014 the state will need space
for 6,500 more inmates. The
Department of Correction plans
expansions at existing prisons,
but it has yet to ask lawmakers
for the money.
Some critics question whether
the department and lawmak-
ers spent construction money
wisely by ignoring needs for
minimum- or medium-security
The last six prisons approved
for construction are all maxi-
mum security - the most expen-
sive to build. The state will have
a surplus in maximum-custody
spaces when its third new prison
opens in 2008.
Less dangerous inmates can
be kept in maximum-security
prisons, Bennett said, and the
department might put maxi-
mum- and medium-security
inmates in one its prison,
depending on the needs in
The sentencing commission
has suggested changes to state
laws that would cut the need for
about 4,600 beds over the next
10 years by shortening some
sentences. Lawmakers haven't
acted on the proposals because
- they don't want to be considered
soft on crime.
"You have a school of
thought that wants to lock every-
body up, and nobody wants
to look at the consequences
said Rep. Phil Haire, D-Jackson,
co-chairman of a House budget
committee that oversees prison
Rep. Carolyn Justus, R-Hen-
derson, disagrees.
"I don't think people's sen-
tences should be based on how
many beds we have she said.
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Page A8
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Building and the morning lecture session
begins at 10:15. Archaeologists from ECU
will present their current research projects
which cover historic, prehistoric, and
maritime archaeology in Eastern North
Carolina. At 2:00, attendees may go
on a tour of the Queen Anne's Revenge
Lab on the West Research Campus.
40 Days of Purpose Bible Study. Discover
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Other small group meeting times
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Page B1 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor THURSDAY September 22, 2005
Got Problems?
Dear Features,
I'm a freshman and I'm really bored
here in Greenville. I don't want to
get caught drinking underage and it
doesn't seem like there's much else
to do on the weekends. Please give
me some suggestions.
Bored to Tears
Bored to Tears,
There's more to do in Greenville than
you might think. Outer Umitz bowling
alley Is located in Mendenhall and Is
a great way to relieve stress, get some
exercise, and have fun with friends. It's
also a great way to meet new people.
You can play pool and other games, or
catch a live music performance at the
Pirate Underground, also located in
Mendenhall. The Student Recreation
Center has a plethora of sports
teams to register for to keep you both
occupied and fit (try the wiffle-ball
teams). There's also a skating rink
located on Greenville Boulevard In
addition to Colonial Mall where you
can shop till you drop. If all else fails,
it's always fun to run through Wal-Mart
at 3 In the morning.
Throwing a party? Try these out
with Basil Mayonnaise
and Tomato Salsa
1 pound ground beef
4 slices mozzarella
Form 1 pound ground beef into 4
patties. Place on heated grill pan.
Cook for 5 minutes. Turn and
cook for 3 more minutes. Place
1 slice cheese on each burger.
Continue to cook for 2 more
minutes or until cheese melts.
Serve with Basil Mayonnaise and
Tomato Salsa
Basil Mayonnaise:
2 cups mayonnaise
1 cup fresh basil leaves
Salt and pepper
Place all ingredients in a blender.
Puree until smooth.
Tomato Salsa:
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
12 cup pimento olives, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper
Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
Let stand for 30 minutes.
Homemade Potato
Chips with Bleu
Cheese and Chives
4 Yukon gold potatoes, about 2
Peanut oil, for frying
Kosher salt
1 pound bleu cheese, finely
1 bunch chives, chopped
Peel the potatoes and slice them
into thin 18-inch slices using a
mandolin or sharp knife. Rinse
the slices in several changes of
water until the water runs clear.
Drain them and pat them dry.
Put about 3 inches of oil into a large
deep pot - it should not come up
more than half way. Bring the oil up
to 325 degrees F over medium-high
heat. Working in batches, carefully
add the potato slices, a dozen at
a time. Stir them to make sure they
are not sticking together. Fry until
they are a golden brown, about 3
to 4 minutes. Remove and drain
them well on paper towels - season
with salt. Repeat with the remaining
potato slices.
Heat the oven to 450 degrees F.
Place a layer of the chips onto a
baking dish and sprinkle with some
of the bleu cheese and chives.
Place another layer of chips onto
that and some more cheese and
chives. Continue until you have
used up all the chips and cheese.
Put Into the oven and bake until
the cheese has melted, about 5
minutes. Garnish with more chives.
Frozen Cactus Pear
9 ounces white tequila
4 ounces orange-flavored liqueur
(recommended: Cointreau)
4 ounces cactus pear juice, plus
more for the rim
2 ounces fresh lime juice
1 12 cups crushed ice
Coarse salt, optional
Lime wedges, for garnish
Place tequila, orange liqueur,
cactus pear juice, lime juice,
and ice in a blender and blend
until smooth. Carefully pour a
few ounces of cactus pear juice
onto a plate and a few ounces of
salt onto another plate. Dip the
rim of each margarita glass into
the juice and then into the salt.
Pour margaritas into each glass
and garnish with a lime wedge.
Film 'Just Like' everything else
Reese Wltherspoon and Mark Ruffalo are the perfect couple with a relationship 'Just Like Heaven
New romance not bad,
but story overdone
Just Like Heaven is just another
romantic comedy, but with a
supernatural twist. There is
nothing special about this film
that makes it better than other
movies that are similar. That
doesn't make it a bad movie, just
predictable and monotonous at
Reese Witherspoon stars
as Dr. Elizabeth Masterson, a
woman living in San Francisco
who makes time for nothing
else in life except work. Even her
fellow co-workers mention to her
that'she is so lucky that the only
thing stressful in her life is work,
and that she's fortunate not to
have to deal with a family.
Unfortunately for Elizabeth,
she's involved in a horrific car
accident which causes her spirit
to leave her body. What's even
more unfortunate is that she
doesn't realize any of this has
happened. She cannot remem-
ber who she is and she can't
remember anything about her
life except where the forks and
knives are in her kitchen.
Enter David Abbott (Mark
Ruffalo), a man who comes to
San Francisco in order to get
away from a haunting past. He
ends up subleasing the apart-
ment from Elizabeth's family
who keep a closed mouth on why
they are subleasing it to him. Not
like David cares anyway, he just
wants a place with a comfortable
couch so he can drink his sor-
rows away.
He then meets Elizabeth,
who yells at him for not using
a coaster for his beer cans. She
disappears and reappears again
and again before the two finally
come to the conclusion that she
is no longer part of this world
anymore. They don't figure this
out on their own, however. They
enlist the help of a supernatural
bookstore clerk, Darryl (Napoleon
Dynamite's, Jon Heder).
After awhile, David takes a
liking to this woman. He finds
it sad that she can't remember
who she is or why she's nothing
more than a lonely spirit with
no body. David decides to help
Elizabeth play detective and
find out who she is and what
happened to her.
Mark Waters, who's directed
the very funny and very enter-
taining films Mean Girls and the
2003 version of Freaky Friday
directed fust Like Heaven. But
with his newest film, Waters
proves himself as a director
who only knows where to put
the camera and not how to
tell the story. He didn't have
much of a screenplay to work
with in the first place, but he
doesn't let his character nor the
story develop - he simply lets
Witherspoon and Ruffalo be their
usual selves and just read the
words right off the script.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not
calling Witherspoon and Ruffalo
bad actors either. They just seem
to be playing the same characters
Jon Heder, AKA Napoleon, plays a supernatural bookstore clerk.
lately. Ruffalo looks just like his
character from Eternal Sunshine
of the Spotless Mind. His delivery
and character interpretation is
identical to the techie who erased
Jim Carrey's mind in Michel
Gondry's film last year. As for
Witherspoon, she too is identi-
cal to her character from Sweet
Home Alabama. She has success-
fully avoided being typecast for
movies that are similar to her Elle
Woods character from the Legally
Blonde films, but if she's not care-
ful she'll being doing washed up
story ideas like this one for the
rest of her career. Being a film
that is similar to other romantic
comedies that have been made in
the past does not make it bad.
Just don't be surprised if the
way in which story unfolds
resembles your favorite romance
from year's past. Just Like Heaven
is an innocent comedy, but it
lacks the originality that is void
in many films today. Maybe it
could make a good date or some-
thing and score some brownie
points with your date.
Grade: It
This writer can be contacted at
Cage impresses audiences as lord of War'
Nicholas Cage plays Yuri Orlov, an international goods trader.
A bit long, but enjoyable
at many times
Academy Award winner Nich-
olas Cage never fails to impress
in every film he stars. Even if
the film is an abomination, he
is always on the top of his game.
This is the case in his newest film
Lord of War, a somewhat lacklus-
ter political version of GoodFellas.
Cage is as solid as he's ever been
while the film drags underneath
to keep up with him.
In Lord of War, Cage plays
Yuri Orlov, an international gun-
runner and our narrator over the
next two hours. The film talks
about how Yuri became the best
gunrunner in the business over a
twenty year time span. The film
covers time from 1982 through
2001 with Cage narrating the
entire time. This is very similar
to Ray Liotta's narration in Marin
Scorsese's mobster masterpiece
Lord of War sports a fairly
simplistic plot line: Yuri, Yuri's
family and Yuri's business. We
meet Yuri's brother Vitaly (Jared
Leto) who will later become both
an asset, as Yuri's partner in
gunrunning, and a burden, as a
repeat visitor to a rehabilitation
center. Early on, we also meet
Yuri's dream girl Ava Fontaine
(Bridget Moynahan), a world
famous face on billboards in
every country Yuri visits. Ava
eventually becomes Yuri's wife
after an elaborate set up by Yuri
in order for them to be at the
same place at the same time.
Yuri's business is the other
aspect this film centers around.
We see Yuri go from small time,
competing with fellow gunrun-
ner Simeon Weisz (Ian Holm) to
selling guns to Liberian dictator
Andre Baptiste (Eamonn Walker)
and his son Andre Jr. (Sammi
Rotibi). We also see Yuri being
tracked by a relentless Interpol
agent Jack Valentine (Ethan
Lord of War was written and
directed by Andrew Niccol, who
has made quite a name for him-
self in Hollywood over the past
eight years from his writing
debut with The Truman Show
and his directorial debut with
the severely underrated Gattaca.
Niccol's only problem over the
more recent years is writing good
stories, but trying to extend them
to the two hour mark when the
film would have been just as
good as early as the 100 minute
mark. This problem plagued
Steven Spielberg's The Termi-
nal, which Niccol wrote, and it
plagues Lord of War.
This is not to say that both
films are unwatchable and not
see WAR page B4
'Fall' into new music this season TEC Masterpiece Spotlight
Release highlights with
old favorites and new
Aren't you tired of hearing
the same music repeated on the
radio over and over again? Well,
don't let the monotony get you
down, because it's the time of
the year for new music. And just
like always, we will see a deluge
of new albums from the well-
seasoned rockers to the newbies.
Many debut acts from 2004, like
Gretchen Wilson and Franz Fer-
dinand, will face this season as
sophomores with the daunting
question of whether or not their
success will continue through
another year. And to the gradu-
ates, keep on rocking!
We will see rebounds, live
albums, greatest hits, box sets
and long awaited returns on
the shelves this fall. If you can't
schedule any upcoming shows
this season, don't worry, you can
now hear the latest from your
favorite artists.
As you know, September is
underway, and already we have
seen a good sum of new releases.
The Dave Matthews Band, the
hero of college campuses every-
where, has just released a new
live album on Sept. 6. Live from
Richmond features the DMB we
all know and love. Though the
DMB has quite a few live albums,
don't let this one fool you; you'll
hear a darker version of 'Two
Step and you'll jam for nearly
fifteen minutes to the classic,
'Jimmi Thing
You know those old guys,
Micjager and Keith Richards, in
that little band known as the
Rolling Stones? Well, they're
back this fall with A Bigger Band,
which also was released Sept. 6.
The album features all new songs,
ranging from powerful rock to a
relaxing bluesy sound. Here's an
interesting fact about the album,
A Bigger Band is the band's longest
new album since 1972 with a
tracklist of 16 songs.
While this next band may
not have 40 decades of success
behind them, Go Betty Go does
have an ever-growing fan club.
Not to be confused with the
stereotypical girl bands, this
group of girls will hype up their
followers with their new album
Nothing Is More, which tributes
the sounds of 1980's and 1990's
screeching pop- punk. You can
pick up their new album in stores
Sept. 13.
Also to be released Septem-
ber 13 is jailbird Lil Kim's 2005
album, entitled Naked Truth. The
album deals with Kim's issues
with the media and gossip that's
been spread about her. Naked
Truth is her fourth album and
was produced by big names like
Kanye West and Scott Storch.
Respite the three counts against
her for perjury, expect to hear
good things about Lil Kim's
Naked Truth.
For you metalheads out there,
you can anticipate the arrival
of Korn's latest, Souvenir of Sad-
ness, coming out Sept. 22. This
will be the band's first album
since 2003. Unlike Korn's other
albums, expect a dark, heavy,
and industrial sound. Oh! And
don't forget the screaming.
Gretchen Wilson reached
the top of the record charts
seemingly in a matter of days
after the 2004 release of her first
album, Here for the Party. This
year's highly anticipated album,
All lacked Up, will hit stores Sept.
27. The album will include a song
list of twelve songs, featuring
seven of the songs co-written by
Wilson. You can expect to see
her touring with Kenny Chesney
until November.
Hip-hop stars, Blackalicious
will release their new album, The
Craft, on Sept. 27. The follow-up
see MUSIC page B3
The Idiot: A definite
literary masterpiece
Quick - who Is the greatest
Russian author in history?
Now let me guess: if you
said anything at all, you prob-
ably said Leo Tolstoy. I can
understand why. Tolstoy is prob-
ably the most
famous Russian
author of all
time and has
written classics
like War and
Peace and Anna
To be
honest, had 1
been asked the
hand in May
of 2005,1 probably would have
said Tolstoy as well. Of course,
that was before I read Fyodor
Dostoevsky's The Idiot, this
week's masterpiece.
To put The Idiot into perspec-
tive, you need to understand
the difficult circumstances
surrounding its creation. At
the time, Dostoevsky was living
in Europe, whose culture he
greatly admired but whose
political atmosphere he abso-
lutely loathed. Dostoevsky had
no choice but stay though.
He fled Russia heavily in
debt and if he were to return, he
would be pursued by his credi-
tors and thrown into debtor's
prison. To make matters worse,
he had recently developed a
debilitating passion for gam-
bling, namely roulette.
Dostoevsky was able to flee
Russia only due to advances
he received for
a new novel.
was already
well known
in the literary
world for his
novel Crime
and Punishment.
It is said that
he was paid by
the page for The
Idiot and so, he
packed as much into the novel
as he could as his writing was
his only escape from debt.
Financial troubles turned
into personal troubles after Dos-
toevsky became a father for the
first time in 1868. According to
his wife Anna, Dostoevsky was a
great father who was constantly
doting on his young daughter
see IDIOT page B4

What Happened
to 'Emily Rose?'
Looks can be deceiving as is the case with a seemingly innocent looking Priest that is actually twisted.
Not quite the horror film
everyone expected
Before the title appears
onscreen in the opening
moments of The Exorcism of
Emily Hose, we are told that this
film is based on a true story. It
is supposedly based on records
from the Vatican saying that this
exorcism performed on a college
girl is the only exorcism offi-
cially sanctioned by the Vatican.
However, this film appears to be
based more on the courtroom
testimonies that followed.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
was advertised as a horror film
yet turns out to be more of a sus-
penseful courtroom drama with
disturbing images (these differ
greatly from images of horror; see
films like Halloween for that).
Laura Linney The Truman
Show, Mystic River) plays attor-
ney Erin Bruner, an attorney
who takes on the case of Father
Moore (Tom Wilkinson of In The
Bedroom and Eternal Sunshine
of the Spotless Mind). Moore is
charged with negligent homicide
see EMILY page B3
You drank.
You danced.
Youhadse r
Free Pregnancy Tesls
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l.m-nville location: (252) 757-0003
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I tiw � jriiliniirrgniiiry riilrniru
Washington location: (252) 946-8040
hi hoiirhiilline: l-S00-395-HrlP

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minority publication, is currently
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us your essays, editorials, short
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Expressions is also looking for
a copy editor, photographer,
and a Web editor.
Please contact us at 328-9247
submit your work or apply.
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Session you would like to attend

Jackson is not The Man' E�y
from page B2
Fudd's proudly serves up the World's Greatest Hamburgers,
shakes and desserts. All Fudd's menu items are made when
you order them from the finest ingredients available. As a part
of our commitment to the best we also proudly support our
college athletes in their quest for excellence!
Samuel Jackson and Eugene Levy play a dynamic duo in the film.
1605 East Firetower Rd.
Greenville, NC 27858
Next to Carmlke Cinemas
Students get 10 off
their order at Fudds
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student 1.0
Mark A. Ward
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� IVaffic Offenses
� Drug Offenses
� State & Federal Courts
252.752.7529 � Visit our website at
New comedy falters on
bad casting choices
The storyline of the mistaken
identity has been done time and
time again and each time it's
done, there needs to be more
ways to make it entertaining
so that we will not be bored
watching it. With The Man, there
are no new jokes or new gags.
It's the same old plot with the
same old humor - nothing in
it is new. It does, however, end
up being quite entertaining
that we come to realize that
It's not as stupid as it looks.
With a very unoriginal title
and a plotline that has been
rehashed since what seems like
the beginning of cinema, The
Man may come across as some-
thing that would have made a
better made-for-TV film.
Samuel L. Jackson leads off
this small three-person cast as an
ATF agent, Derrick Vann. Agent
Vann is on the tail of group who
just robbed the Detroit Police
Department of a lot of assault
weapons. The mastermind behind
this plot is Joey (Luke Goss).
Vann figures if he can arrange
a buy of these weapons, then
he can bust the bad guys when
he goes to make the purchase.
What Vann doesn't count on
is having a simple minded dental
supply salesman get in his way.
This is Andy Fidler (Eugene Levy).
Andy is in town to make a speech
to a convention of other dental
supply salesmen. He ends up being
in the wrong place at the wrong
time and is mistaken by Joey as the
one who wants to buy the guns.
Not wanting to lose the bad
guys, Vann decides to keep Andy
with him while he tries to make
the purchase so that he can
make the bust. However, Andy
turns out to be quite the ques-
tion asking dork. This is the type
of person Napoleon Dynamite
Call for submissions:
North Carolina's FIRST statewide symposium
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creative scholarly endeavors
Show off your work, demonstrate your creative talents or tell
the world about your latest research at the:
State of North Carolina Undergraduate
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When: Saturday, November 12, 2005
Where: Jane McKimmon Center, North Carolina State
University, Raleigh, NC
Deadline to submit abstract: October 15, 2005
Submit abstract electronically in Word document to:
This FREE multidisciplinary event
like no other in the United States
Students will give oral or poster presentations, display their
creative endeavors gallery-style or showcase their work
through live performances. Abstracts will be published in the
companion SNC Undergraduate Research Journal.
� Meet recruiters from NC graduate and professional schools,
from industry and government agencies who will be there
� Unbeatable experience
� See what your fellow students are doing in other colleges
and universities across the state
� Get your abstract published
� Fine tune your work for ECU's Annual Undergraduate
Research and Creative Activities Symposium next spring
To register:
Send your abstract, form and letter of reference to:
For forms and more information:
www.ecu.eduhonors ,&jjj
might be later on in life (and the
profession he may choose, too).
Andy consistently asks
question after question push-
ing Vann to the end of his
nerves, but it is with the help
of Andy that Vann will hope-
fully be able to crack the case.
This plot has been used and
reused over and over again too
many times. We see a film like
this maybe about once a year
at least. The only way to make
this somewhat interesting is to
have new jokes that make the
film seem original. The Man
screenwriters Jim Piddock, Mar-
garet Oberman and Stephen
Carpenter have not come up
with anything new. The jokes
are old, yet some do remain a bit
on the funny side. Others, how-
ever, were probably told when
we were all in middle school.
Director Les Mayfield, whose
credits include Blue Streak and
Encino Man, Is lost in this screen-
play. He doesn't know if he's
trying to direct a comedy or an
action flick. He films it like an
action flick, paying no attention
to comedic timing whatsoever.
His star, Samuel L. Jackson, is
wrongly cast in this part. May-
field should have cast someone
who Is actually a comedian in
this role as opposed to Jackson
who comes across as a goofball
version of the role he played in
Pulp Fiction. As for Eugene Levy,
best known as Jim's Dad from
the American Pie films, he actu-
ally takes his role and runs with
it. He does possess the comedic
abilities that are not found in
Jackson. Levy was well cast, but
Jackson was a miscast.
The Man is still good enter-
tainment, but the miscalculated
direction of Mayfield and the
bad casting of Jackson alongside
Levy proves that Les Mayfield is
indeed not "the man
Grade: IN
This writer can be contacted at
after performing an exorcism
on a young college girl, Emily
Rose (Jennifer Carpenter of
White Chicks). The case goes to
court and Bruner defends Moore
while the district attorney, Ethan
Thomas (Campbell Scott of The
Pilot's Wife and Roger Dodger),
attempts to prove Father Moore's
guilt saying that Emily was sick
and needed medical treatment as
opposed to an exorcism.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose,
written by Paul Harris Boardman
and director Scott Derrickson
(Hellraiser: Inferno), attempts
to combine the elements of a
good horror film together with
a good courtroom drama. The
film spends more time in court
then anywhere else, which Isn't
really a bad thing seeing how the
courtroom sequences are really
well done. The only downfall
is Campbell Scott, playing the
district attorney, who comes off
as a more compelling chair leg
than a lawyer.
Through flashbacks, we see
how Emily Rose became pos-
sessed by demons. Different
testimonies from witnesses reveal
different points of view to what
happened to her. While becom-
ing possessed by demons, Jen-
nifer Carpenter portrays Emily's
turn to the dark side very con-
vincingly. She plays the role of
the possessed girl well, but not
as well as Linda Blair in William
Friedkin's classic horror film The
Director Derrickson is able
to blend both the horror aspect
and the drama aspect together
with ease. However, fans of the
recent horror films like The Ring,
The Grudge and Saw will find The
Exorcism of Emily Rose disappoint-
ing, as there are only a couple
moments in the film that one
would consider "horror In these
instances, Derrickson fails to use
his actors to their full potential.
When we finally witness the
actual exorcism, all we see is
Carpenter screaming at the top
of her lungs, Wilkinson stand-
ing there dumbfounded and too
much handheld camera usage.
As long as this film stays in the
courtroom, it works. During the
flashback sequences, it doesn't.
The thrills are cheap - Der-
rickson scares the audience by
only using long orchestral stings
at the point when a shadowy
figure walks past the door. There
is little to be thrilled by in this
However, the courtroom
scenes are well done. These
scenes work because of the fine
performances by both Linney
and Wilkinson and the small
supporting roles by both Mary
Beth Hurt (who plays Judge
Brewer) and by Oscar nominee
Shohreh Aghdashloo (of House
of Sand and Fog who plays a key
witness for Linney's defense
team). It could have been better
had there been scarier sequences
of horror in the flashbacks and
a better portrayed district attor-
ney. Derrickson and Boardman
could have also written more
Into a small subplot they only
hinted at once or twice. Linney's
character described herself as
agnostic while Scott was more
of a religious man. This conflict
of a religious man calling a priest
a liar and a woman who doesn't
believe defending a member of
the clergy would have created
much more tension within the
courtroom scenes. Instead, we are
left unmoved by the thrills that
could have been better and the
storyline that is far from being
Grade: C
This writer can be contacted at
MllSiC from page B1
to last year's Gift of Gab, The Craft
will include guest appearances
from artists like George Clinton
and Floetry. The album features
16 songs.
October brings Britain's own
Franz Ferdinand back to the
limelight again with his new his
new album You Could Have It So
Much Better. With 13 songs on the
playlist, the album fuses 1980's
synthetic pop and energetic
dance with a hint of just good
'ole heart and soul. YCHISMB hits
the stores Oct. 4.
Mary J. Bilge's new one enti-
tled Breakthrough, will be released
Oct. 25. The album focus's on
Bilge's own self-perspective, deal-
ing with her own personal issues
that she wishes to face head on
through music.
So that's the 411 on some
of the music you can expect to
release this fall season.
This writer can be contacted at
features@theeastcarolinian. com
Saturday, September 24,2005
Co-sponsored by the Office of Adult and
Commuter Students and Recreational Services
Bring your family and friends & join the fun
A free event for ECU students and their dependents
$4 for SRC members and SRC member children
$5 non-SRC members and non-SRC member children
iAIoti�� (252)328-6.187

from page B1
Sofya. He was heartbroken when
three months into her life, Sofya
caught a chill and contracted an
inflammation of the lungs and
died within a week. With such
circumstances, it's a wonder
Dostoevsky could put anything
down on paper but to come up
with a novel as brilliant as The
Idiot? It's astonishing.
The titular 'idiot' in the novel
is Prince Myshkin, who early in
the story learns that he has inher-
ited a large sum of money. Mysh-
kin is not an idiot in the modern
sense of the word. In the world
Dostoevsky has created, Myshkin
is an idiot because of his ideal-
ism, generosity and innocence.
In Myshkin, the author wanted
to create a Christ-like, yet deeply
human figure.
Myshkin is also an unhealthy
man. He suffers from epileptic
fits, much like the author did in
real life. Myshkin spent much
of his young life in Switzerland
under the care of a doctor and
at the expense of a wealthy
benefactor. Following the death
of the doctor, Myshkin traveled
to his native Russia to make
acquaintance with a distant
relative, Madam Epanchin, in St.
Not only does Myshkin make
acquaintance with Epanchin,
he soon finds himself in the
middle of a love triangle with
two women. The first is a men-
tally unstable woman whom he
loves out of pity. The second is
the strong, virtuous daughter
of Madame Epanchin whom he
loves with all his heart - both of
whom are vying for his heart.
Myshkin must make sense of
the world around him which is
vastly different than the one he
knew while living in Switzerland.
He must learn to fit into society,
deal with those who only want to
take advantage of him and ulti-
mately decide who it is that his
heart wants. Ultimately, Myshkin
finds out that this world is no
place for an 'idiot
The Idiot is the sort of novel
that you need to read multiple
times to truly appreciate. The
first time you will read to under-
stand the story, which is so bril-
liantly written that it's hard to
put down the book because the
world Dostoevsky has created is
so much more interesting than
yours. It draws you in and refuses
to let you go as you feel every
ounce of joy and every heart-
break of the characters.
Subsequent readings will
make you appreciate much of
the symbolism and philosophy
contained on its pages. The Idiot
is more than a mere piece of
entertainment. It is a guidebook
for life - for how truly beautiful
and tragic it can be. If you spend
time with the novel and invest
that time, you'll come away with
more ideas and knowledge than
from any text book ever read in
a history class.
When you think of great
literature, you always hear the
same titles: A Tale of Two Cities,
Great Expectations, War and Peace
and the list goes on. Some how,
though, The Idiot does not have
the same notoriety of the other
great works of literature. I've read
many classics and I would put
The Idiot among them any day.
The writer can be contacted at
from page B1
recommendable, but that you
find yourself wondering after
about 90 minutes how everything
is going to be tied up. The idea
you have might be right, but it
can certainly be achieved in less
than the 30 minutes that remain.
There are several aspects that
Nlccol could have left out and
this film would have been better.
As for Cage, the man never
fails. He plays this part just as
well as everything he's played
in the past. The most amusing
part of his role is the fact that
he doesn't age one day. The film
starts in 1982 and there is no
effort to make him look like a
man in his early twenties. Jared
I ltd gives a strong supporting
performance that is as power-
ful as is lead role in Requiem For
a Dream. Ethan Hawke, who
only clocks in about 20 minutes
of screen time, is also a joy to
watch on screen. He portrays his
character as a man with a vicious
agenda to bring Cage's charac-
ter down. This edginess in his
character's persona is what drives
ever performance by Hawke in
the past (his intense supporting
role in Training Day won him an
Oscar nomination).
Lord of War is solidly acted,
directed and written. The only
reservation I have is that this
film may run too long at parts.
With one or two scenes trimmed
off and a couple subplots cut
out, Lord of War could have been
a tremendously entertaining
film. This film is entertaining
at the beginning and at the end.
Somewhere in the middle, parts
of the audience starts to loose
interest. It's only the back half
of the second act that we find
ourselves checking the time to
see how much longer we have to
wait to go home.
Niccol needs to realize before
he writes the final draft of his
next film that he is a great writer
and that his screenplays don't
need to be a full 120 minutes
in order tdbe good. Hopefully
Cage can continue to win awards
for his ability to carry an entire
movie on his back.
Grade: B
This writer can be contacted at
features@theeas tcarolinian. com
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Page B5
Rita post'
against Navy
Rice has
game against
because Hu
expected to r
area that mo
has already be�
Oct. 22. Texas,
expected to d
whether to rt
game against
Saturday to Tl
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Mississippi o
Golden Eagles
game postpon
Katrina passi
Hattiesburg, Ml
Wle mlgh
All signs po
Wle turning pi
Samsung Wor
next month, v
a couple of d;
birthday. The t(
Wie's final LPI
the year. Still, hi
guarded aboi
future plans. Go
citing a source ii
endorsement i
requested anor
its Web site Tue
will declare he
the end of the r
distractions ir
B.J. Wie did
return a teleph
seeking comm
His daughter ti
two days befoi
tournament In I
She Is not exp
LPGA commii
Bivens to wai
requirement of
six sponsor's e
Tour, plus whal
on the PGA To
(men and womi
and women). Hi
money this yea
earned $640,8'
12th on the LP
just seven toum
at Punahou Sc
still holds to hei
father said her
become an LPC
Jaguars sa
for season
Jaguars sad
will miss the re
after tearing i
against Indiana
the anterior en
his left knee i
punt return, an
Tuesday he w
ending surgery.
hitting safety
setback for Jack
defense, which
points In two qi
Four-year veten
who started 11
Jags in 2003, w
A first-round pic
in 1998, Darius
games and ave
over seven set
career-high 87
interceptions la:
franchise record
and 19 takeav
comes nearly t
he signed a thi
extension, a dei
sought while b
the team's frar
three consecuti'
F-1 returnlr
Formula On
Indianapolis Mot
year despite the f
June's boycottei
officials annour
that It will be
Grand Prix on Ju
seventh year thi
run at the track,
had been calle
after only six d
in the June 19 r
F-1 teams pullec
track to protest
with Michelln tir
wanted to use fi
an extra chicane
13th turn, but F-1
make no changi

� oontact
Page B5 252.328.6366 TONY Z0PP0 Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
THURSDAY September 22,2005
Sports Briefs
Rita postpones Rice game
against Navy
Rice has postponed its
game against Navy on Saturday
because Hurricane Rita Is
expected to reach the Houston
area that morning. The game
has already been rescheduled for
Oct. 22. Texas A&M officials were
expected to decide Wednesday
whether to move the Aggies
game against Texas State from
Saturday to Thursday. Houston
was scheduled to host Southern
Mississippi on Saturday. The
Golden Eagles have already had a
game postponed when Hurricane
Katrlna passed through their
Hartiesburg, Miss campus.
Wle might turn pro next
All signs point toward Michelle
Wle turning pro in time for the
Samsung World Championship
next month, which begins just
a couple of days after her 16th
birthday. The tournament will be
Wie's final LFGA Tour event of
the year. Still, her father remained
guarded about his daughter's
future plans. Golf World magazine,
citing a source Involved in ongoing
endorsement negotiations who
requested anonymity, reported on
its Web site Tuesday night that Wle
will declare herself a pro before
the end of the month to minimize
distractions in her pro debut.
B.J. Wie did not Immediately
return a telephone call Tuesday
seeking comment on the report.
His daughter turns 16 on Oct. 11,
two days before the start of the
tournament In Palm Desert, Calif.
She Is not expected to petition
LPGA commissioner Carolyn
Bivens to waive the tour's age
requirement of 18, but will take
six sponsor's exemptions on the
Tour, plus whatever she can get
on the PGA Tour, and in Europe
(men and women) and Asia (men
and women). Had she taken prize
money this year, Wie would have
earned $640,870, enough to be
12th on the LPGA money list In
just seven tournaments. The junior
at Punahou School In Honolulu
still holds to her dream of playing
on the PGA Tour one day, but her
father said her first priority Is to
become an LPGA Tour member.
Jaguars safety Darius done
for season
Jaguars safety Donovln Darius
will miss the rest of the season
after tearing a knee ligament
against Indianapolis. Darius tore
the anterior cruciate ligament In
his left knee Sunday during a
punt return, and the team said
Tuesday he will have season-
ending surgery. Losing the hard-
hitting safety could be a big
setback for Jacksonville's vaunted
defense, which has allowed 24
points in two games this season.
Four-year veteran Deke Cooper,
who started 10 games for the
Jags in 2003, will replace Darius.
A first-round pick by the Jaguars
in 1998, Darius has started 103
games and averaged 80 tackles
over seven seasons. He had a
career-high 87 tackles and five
interceptions last year and holds
franchise records with 798 tackles
and 19 takeaways. His Injury
comes nearly two months after
he signed a three-year contract
extension, a deal he desperately
sought while being designated
the team's franchise player for
three consecutive years.
F-1 returning to Indy
Formula One will return to the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway next
year despite the fiasco surrounding
June's boycotted race. Speedway
officials announced Wednesday
that It will be site of the U.S.
Grand Prix on July 2, making it the
seventh year the race has been
run at the track. The race's future
had been called into question
after only six drivers competed
in the June 19 race when seven
F-1 teams pulled their cars off the
track to protest safety concerns
with Mlchelln tires. Those teams
wanted to use fresh tires or have
an extra chicane put In the track's
13th turn, but F-1 officials opted to
make no changes.
Skip Holtz and the Pirates will take to the field in Morgantown, Va. Saturday, a place where they have yet to win. The Gridiron Bucs are 2-14 all-time against West Virginia.
Pirates try to win in at
Wyu tor first time ever
Browsing down the schedule,
Skip Holtz knew West Virginia
was going to be ECU'S toughest
"We're going to play the best
opponent obvioush that wc'je
played up to this point said
Holtz as if the media already
knew it.
"This is on the schedule. This
is what we have to go and play
But what Holtz didn't know
until last week was just how
imposing the West Virginia (3-0)
match-up really is. Combine the
fact that WVU touts the No. 3
total defense with the Pirates' O-IO
record in Morgantown and neither
compares to Holtz's real dilemma.
"I'm sure that West Virginia
is salivating and licking their
chops Holtz said in reference to
ECU giving up 407 rushing yards
against Wake Forest.
"They're thinking they can
turn and line up in the eye for-
mation or two tight ends and
play bully ball. I'm sure that's
what they're thinking and that's
what they're going to try and do
Holtz knows the statistics
dictate the perceived game plan.
ECU ranks 116th out of 119 teams
in rushing defense giving up
284.5 yards-per-game. On the
other hand, WVU ranks No. 7
nationally in rushing offense,
averaging 270.7 yard-per-game.
"They're going to run the ball
if they can Holtz said.
"They don't try to be a bal-
anced football team. They're a
running football team
The ECU linebackers will
have to prepare for a two-quarter-
back system and a revolving door
of running backs. Sophomore
Adam Bednarik and redshirt
freshman Tat White will share
duties under center.
"Both of them are good
Holtz said.
"The younger of the two
(White) is an athletic son-of-a-
gun. We have to be prepared to
stop both of them
White leads the team in rush-
ing, fresh off a 62-yard outing
in a 31-19 win last week over
Maryland. Bednarik, the. starting
quarterback, is the team's second
leading rusher.
The Mountaineers will rotate
three running backs. Jason Colson
has the most experience racking
up 686 yards in 2004. Pernell
Williams and Jason Gwaltney
join Colson in the backfield.
Gwaltney leads the team with
three rushing touchdowns.
The Mountaineer running
backs will follow the lead of full-
back Owen Schmitt. Schmitt is a
human wrecking ball at 6-foot,
3-inches and 245 pounds.
"He is extremely big and
extremely physical Holtz said
of Schmitt.
"He's one of those guys that
when he goes to hit you, he goes
in there to hurt you
On the offensive line, WVU
does not tout a single player
under 6-feet, 3-inches. Garin Jus-
tice is the starting right tackle at
6-feet, 8-inches. However, junior
center Dan Mozes may pose the
biggest threat.
"As Coach Hudson calls him,
he is a war daddy Holtz said.
"He's a flat out player
Offensively, James Pinkney
has a daunting task as well. The
junior will have to navigate
through a veteran WVU defense.
Nine of the 11 WVU starters are
upperclassmen. Junior middle
linebacker Jay Henry anchors
the defense with 20 tackles and
2.5 sacks.
The Pirates will try to estab-
lish Chris Johnson and the run-
ning game with a relatively new
offensive line. Guy Whimper
made his first start at left tackle,
Eric Graham was shuffled to left
guard and Gary Freeman was
moved to center for the Wake
Forest game.
Johnson enters the game
No. 29 nationally in rushing
averaging 83.5 yards-per-game.
WVU's defense only gives up.
48.7 rushing yards per game.
The Mountaineers held Syracuse
to only 18 rushing yards in their
season opener.
Pinkney's air attack is prob-
able to have more success. The
junior fared well in the 2004
season opener with 322 yards
and three touchdowns. However,
Pinkney's primary beneficiary in
2005 wasn't there to help out.
Aundrae Allison is third
nationally with 160.5 receiving
yards per game. The junior wide-
out also ranks No. 4 in receptions
per game with nine. His two
touchdowns established a new
career high against Wake Forest
last week
see ODDS page B6
James Pinkney: From
jeers to cheers
Starting QB finds solace
in football journey
James Pinkney came back In fine style in his first game against
Duke as he completed over 80 percent of his passes.
When James Pinkney first
arrived, ECU was renowned for
its quarterbacking tradition.
Jeff Blake, Marcus Crandell and
David Garrard had all scripted
their signatures into Pirate his-
tory. Surely, Pinkney believed he
would be next.
Not so fast.
Instead, Pinkney's four-year
journey has taken him through
three head coaches, four offen-
sive coordinators and a semester
out of school. Just for Pinkney
to be the starting quarterback is
remarkable considering the path
he's endured.
Even at an early age, he knew
football called his name. But
Pinkney's mother, Jacque Elder,
was his main influence.
"My mom started me when
I was young said a smiling
"I was seven years old. I've
been playing football ever since.
I'm glad she put me in football to
keep me off the streets and from
doing bad things
But Jacque's guiding only
went so far, Pinkney had to
develop his infatuation with the
"When I first started, I wasn't
really into it the Delray Beach,
Fla. native said.
"I was playing defensive end.
But later as I grew on, I started
liking it and loved it. I've played
ever since
As an athletic youth,
Pinkney's choice of which sport
to play wasn't always so easy.
"Growing up, I played basket-
ball Pinkney said.
"But I mostly played basket-
ball to keep in shape so I wasn't
sitting on by butt doing nothing.
1 played baseball too
Pinkney developed into a
standout prep quarterback. He
was a third-team all-state pick
and a two-time all-county selec-
tion in the 6-A classification.
Standing at 6'3 plenty of col-
leges were calling his name. He
orally committed to Iowa State
originally according to recruit-
ing analyst Bill Buchalter of the
Orlando Sun-Sentinel before
choosing the Pirates.
"ECU was the only school
that stuck by me through the
recruiting years he said.
"My SAT scores were down
and my GPA was down. Steve
Logan (former ECU coach)
was the only one that actually
went through my transcript and
told me what I need to do to be
Little did he know that his
academics would come back to
bite him just two years later.
Upon arriving in Greenville,
Pinkney watched first-year starter
Paul Troth struggle through a 4-8
campaign. Pinkney felt helpless,
unable to play while sitting out
for a redshirt.
"It was hard he said of the
redshirt season. "But I knew it
would better me. I got stronger in
the weight room and got ready for
the college atmosphere
A year and a new head coach
later, Pinkney was inserted sur-
prisingly into the lineup over
Troth in Memphis. He impressed
the coaching staff with 9-of-
16 passing for 109 yards and a
touchdown. Pinkney started the
last three games of the season,
all losses.
"I was still growing he said
referring to the 2003 season.
"I didn't play as well as I
wanted to. I struggled a bit
In the spring of 2004, Pinkney
was in a battle for the starting job
with Desmond Robinson. Again,
Pinkney would have to learn a
new passing oriented scheme
when Noah Brindise arrived from
the Washington Redskins.
"Going into that '04 year,
I just had my mind focused as
coming out as the No. 1 quarter-
back he said.
"I met a lot with Brindise to
learn the new system
Pinkney indeed did start every
game his sophomore season. He
finished with 18 touchdowns
and 15 interceptions. His 2,195
passing yards was good for 10th
all-time at ECU in a single season.
But the Pirates did not fare so
see PINKNEY page B7
PigSkill - A nickname for
the football (i.e. "Let's go outside
and toss around the pigskin").
POCket -The area of
protection the offensive line
creates for the quarterback
when he drops back to pass.
PUmp Fake - When the
quarterback fakes his throwing
motion toward one receiver and
then pulls back and jijrcjws to
a different receiver.
COUIlt - A cadence the
quarterback uses at the line of
scrimmage so as to catch the
defense by surprise.
ROdShirt - A college football
player who sits out for a year
without actually losing a year ol

from page S5
touchdowns established a new
career high against Wake Forest
last week
"He's has as much talent as
anybody that I've had play for me
Holtz said about hisJUCO transfer.
Robert Tillman, Philip Henry
and Kevin Roach will all try
to alleviate some pressure off
of Allison's double teams. One
receiver that is doubtful is Bobby
Good, who is fighting off a nag-
ging hamstring strain.
Last year, Kay-Jay Harris burst
onto the scene breaking the Big
East rushing record with 337
yards and four touchdowns in
a 56-23 WVU blowout. Odds
makers expect more of the same
posting ECU as a 21.5 point
"We're playing a really good
Big East football team Holtz
said when asked if he sensed a
revenge factor.
"I think this team will
respond to the challenge. It'll be
a good measuring stick to see how
far we've come in the last couple
of years
This writer can be contacted at
sports&theeas tcarolinian. com.
Byron Scott speaks to the media about the Hornets' adjusted schedule due to Hurricane Katrlna.
Hornets to play majority of
games in Oklahoma City
"Before giving, I always look
for the Humane Seal
E, Star ot NBC's hit show ER
The Humane Charity Seal of Approval
guarantees that a health charity funds
vital patient services or life-saving
medical research, but never animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
Washington, DC. 202-686-2210, ext. 335
(AP) � The New Orleans
Hornets will play 35 home games
in Oklahoma City and six others
in Baton Rouge, La under terms
of a temporary relocation agree-
ment approved Wednesday by
the city council.
The New Orleans Arena,
where the Hornets normally
play, was damaged by Hurricane
Katrina and could take months to
repair. But even if New Orleans is
ready to welcome the team back
before the season ends, the Hor-
nets are locked into their 35 dates
at the 19,675-seat Ford Center.
Playoffs games also would be
played in Oklahoma City, and the
Hornets will have the option to
stay for an extra year.
The Hornets also moved up
the date of their home opener
against Sacramento to Nov. 1,
making it one of four games to be
played leaguewide on the open-
ing night of the season.
All of the Hornets' games
against Eastern Conference oppo-
nents will be played in Oklahoma
City. The games scheduled for
Baton Rouge are Dec. 16 against
Phoenix, Jan. 13 against Sacra-
mento, Jan. 18 against Memphis,
March 8 against the Los Angeles
Lakers, March 18 against Denver
and March 21 against the Los
Angeles Clippers.
City Council members unani-
mously approved a lease that
would provide financial support
for the Hornets should their
revenue drop in the temporary
venue. If the team does not earn
5 percent more in local revenue
than it made in New Orleans last
season, taxpayers and local busi-
nessmen pay the team as much
as $10 million.
If the team exceeds last sea-
son's revenues by more than 5
percent, Oklahoma City would
receive 80 percent of the pro-
ceeds to cover its expenses. If all
the city's costs are covered, the
team and the city would split the
remaining profits in half.
Local officials expect to gain
sales and income tax revenue,
along with a chance to showcase
the city to a national and inter-
national audience.
"Very few businesses offer
that type of exposure Mayor
Mick Cornett said at the council
In addition to use of the Ford
Center, the city will make provi-
sions for the Hornets to have a
practice facility, downtown office
space and housing for the upcom-
ing season. Ticket prices will be
$10 and $20.
"We have a minimum amount
of risk for a really substantial
reward Councilman Patrick
Ryan said.
City manager Jim Couch said
the city would have about $2
million in expenses to recover,
including about $1 million in
game-day expenses, $500,000 in
relocation costs including hous-
ing, $300,000 for office space
and $200,000 for improvements
to the arena.
The city already has a Triple-
A baseball team, the Oklahoma
Redllawks, an arena football
team and a minor-league hockey
After the New Orleans Arena
see HORNETS page B7
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�jmeful landl0rAs. �f W�h
�fwa"s�r�ere�everpainxe '�fh'Sents
Spurrier tc
(AP) -
South Ca
would hav
Spurrier e
return to
For 12
nents witr
way. Threi
job at Sot
Tier's ripp
and defen:
and searcl
"love" the
He ha:
SEC game:
have set a r
ogy by a fii
"I'm sorry
the Game
37-14, this
we'd be, bu
season left
We're dis
haven't im
thus far
So noi
some of h
not some
with the '
Mexican Restc� ;zv
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earn Holtz
he sensed a
team will
enge. It'll be
:k to see how
e last couple
ontacted at
0, ext. 335
met mi a
C8 lo Pirates
3teyBre Club!
Spurrier off to rocky start at USC
Spurrier took over a progr;
(AP) � Nobody thought
South Carolina's new coach
would have it easy. But even Steve
Spurrier expected a smoother
return to college football than
For 12 seasons at Florida,
Spurrier's Gators mashed oppo-
nents with few bumps along the
way. Three games into his new
job at South Carolina (1-2, 0-2
Southeastern Conference), Spur-
rier's ripping apart his offense
and defense, apologizing to fans
and searching for players who
"love" the game.
He hasn't lost his first two
SEC games since 1992 and may
have set a record for earliest apol-
ogy by a first-year coach with his
"I'm sorry" to supporters after
the Gamecocks fell to Alabama,
37-14, this past Saturday.
"We're not where we hoped
we'd be, but we've still got a lot of
season left Spurrier said.
"We're not discouraged.
We're disappointed that we
haven't improved as we've gone
thus far
So now Spurrier turns to
some of his newest players to
jump-start the Gamecocks. It's
not something he did often
with the Gators. But the way
: South Carolina that was almost in shambles and has gotten off to a stunted 1-2 start so far this year.
the Gamecocks have looked so
far, Spurrier feels he's got no
"So I think it's now that we
need to give some other players a
chance and also, we've got to tell
our players who have been play-
ing that we've got to play with a
better effort level he said.
It's not the first time a
national championship coach
has been humbled on the South
Carolina sidelines. Six years ago,
Lou Holtz endured the worst
season of his Hall of Fame career,
going 0-11 in his Gamecocks
debut. Holtz quipped the follow-
ing summer that when he wrote
his autobiography, the chapter
of his 1999 Gamecocks would be
"The Lost Year
Spurrier's not conceding
anything's lost yet.
But several things have him
shaking his head.
A defense counted on to keep
South Carolina in games has
looked shoddy. It's 11th in the
SEC against the run and gave
up 338 yards on the ground
Alabama, prompting a few frus-
trating sideline scowls from
The offense is dead last in the
SEC at 48.7 rushing yards a game
and is a very un-Spurrier-like
11th overall.
They were outgained by
Alabama 489-256, prompting
Spurrier's words to Gamecocks
backers. "I do apologize to our
fans. I thought we'd be more
competitive than we were today
Spurrier said Saturday said after
the biggest home loss in his 15-
plus years of college coaching.
Worse yet for Spurrier, he said
some of the Gamecocks aren't
showing any passion.
"I don't understand it Spur-
rier said. "I've seen it on the
other side, and I've seen it on
my team now. And I don't like
it very well and don't have the
answer to that
It was hard for players to
argue with the coaches' assess-
"I mean, you can look at
the game tell that we probably
weren't as intense as we needed
to be kicker Josh Brown said.
"Looking back, we could've done
a lot of things different
Spurrier never promised an
SEC title right away. It was gen-
erally thought, however, that
South Carolina's talent had
improved under Holtz's six sea-
sons to where, with a key recruit
ficM'rti'i'le.i Only
Surf it Sknti4wtl

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EXP 09.30.05
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La Promenade Shopping Center 321-4884 IS
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Greenville Obstetrics,
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Richard Taft, md. facoc
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Becky Bagley, rnc, cnm, msn
Frieda Tucker, rnc, cnm, msn
laena Newman, rnc, cnm, msn
Carolyn Green, RNC, cnm, msn
Deborah Ward, pac
or two and some touches from
the Ol' Ball Coach, Spurrier
could at last get the Gamecocks
competing for SEC East cham-
That goal seems further away
for Spurrier, who's got a seven-
year contract with South Caro-
Spurrier plans to show his
players tapes of the Georgia and
Alabama games, trying to show
the Gamecocks how winning
teams do things.
There's reason for hope.
After Holtz's sorry season, the
Gamecocks went 17-7 and won
back-to-back Outback Bowls still
the high-water mark in 112 years
of South Carolina football.
"Hopefully, we can get some
things going to help emphasize
the point that here's how we
expect you to play and if you
don't, the other guys are going
to play, even if they're not as
talented Spurrier said. "That's
OK. Our fans want to see effort
and they want to see guys play
the game the way it's supposed
to be played.
"So that's where we are
Clearly, it's not where Spur-
rier figured South Carolina
would be.
PiCkney from page 85
well, finishing 2-9 causing John
Thompson's exit.
"Here we go again Pinkney
said referring to learning of
Thompson's resignation.
"After a while it gets old
But upon hearing of Holtz's
hiring, Pinkney welcomed
the change.
"This change was a change
for the better he said.
"This is the best change that
has happened since I've been
here. Coach Holtz is going to be
here awhile
But Pinkney soon would
see changes in his own life.
Less than a month after the
Holtz announcement, Pinkney
himself stole the headlines. He
was suspended from the uni-
versity due to poor academic
standing. University policy dic-
tated that Pinkney sit out an
entire semester.
While not allowed to take
classes, Pinkney decided to stay
in Greenville working at Logan's
Restaurant as a busboy. He was
forbidden from team activi-
ties including spring practice.
The incumbent quarterback
watched redshirt freshman
Davon Drew snag his starting
"It was hard being out of
school not playing football he
said of his perspective gained by
working an .establishment with
his mural on the wall.
"It made me grow up a lot
Still in limbo, Pinkney was
forced to make respectable grades
to reestablish his eligibility.
"Summer school is back-
to-back against the wall
Pinkney said of his make-it or
break-it attitude.
"I was getting back in school
no matter what
As fall camp opened, Pinkney
quickly won the starting job
aided by injuries to Drew and
Patrick Pinkney (no relation).
"1 glad Holtz) gave me
a chance to come back and
prove myself the junior
said humbly.
"He could have washed his
hands of me. I'm just glad he gave
me that chance
Pinkney is making the most
of his opportunity with 527
passing yards in two games.
If he continues his current
play, he could rank in the top
four of all major ECU career
passing categories.
But Pinkney knows the most
important record isn't currently
in his tavor. His 3-13 record as
a starter is less than stellar. But,
the junior still has 21 games to
etch his legacy.
"I want to do whatever I need
to do for us to win said Pinkney
heading into Saturday's match-
up against West Virginia.
"I'm just trying to get us back
on a winning tradition and back
to a bowl game
This writer can be contacted at
HOmetS from page B6
was damaged by the Aug. 29 hur-
ricane, Cornett offered the Ford
Center as a temporary home.
Numerous other cities including
San Diego, Las Vegas, Nashville,
Tenn and Kansas City, Mo. also
made offers to host the team for
the upcoming season, but Okla-
homa City had what few others
could offer a top-quality arena
with few scheduling conflicts.
The move also makes geo-
graphic sense. While Oklahoma
City is more than 700 miles
away from New Orleans, the
Hornets' Southwest Division
foes in Dallas, San Antonio and
Houston won't have to trek far
to play games here.
Oklahoma City will be the
Hornets' third home in five
seasons. The team, which moved
from Charlotte in 2002, ranked
last in the league in attendance
last season with an average
of 14,221.
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Greenville, NC 27834 Mon -Sat
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styles in stock and
shipments arriv

Accidents could again alter Chase results
(AP) � The knock on
NASCAR's new championship
format has always been that
all the attention will go to the
10 drivers racing for the title,
and the rest of the field will
be overlooked.
Kasey k a line and Robby
Gordon changed that in the first
of the 10 Chase races with acts
of road rage. Kahne intention-
ally hit Kyle Busch and Gordon
threw his helmet at Michael
Waltrip, two instances that took
the focus off the Chase drivers
at New Hampshire International
Their actions took the focus
off winner Ryan Newman's
down-to-the wire battle with
Tony Stewart and overshadowed
Kurt Busch's devastating 35th-
place finish.
Greg Biffle, who is second in
the Nextel Cup standings, wasn't
"We looked like a circus. The
NASCAR race at Loudon looked
like a cheap wrestling match to
me Biffle said. "I don't think
it was good for us. Drama and
all that and excitement and
who is going to beat who and
seeing people's real personality
and people upset, that's going to
happen, but I think it was a little
Still, it made for good
television - something even
traditionalist Mark Martin
"My wife is a great indi-
cator she's not the biggest
fan in the world - but she said
that was the greatest race she'd
seen all year because of all that
stuff said Martin, seventh in
the Chase standings. "Be real
honest about it, the people love
that stuff
But intentional wrecks and
retaliation on the race track can
be dangerous to everyone, as well
as crippling to the 10 drivers in
the Chase for the championship.
It happened to Jeremy May-
field and Tony Stewart last year
in New Hampshire, when Gordon
wrecked Biffle as payback for con-
tact earlier in the race. Mayfield
and Stewart were caught in the
melee, and it ended their cham-
pionship hopes.
Neither recovered from those
poor finishes to contend for the
Nextel Cup title.
Although no Chase drivers
were effected in Sunday's road-
rage incidents, the risk of get-
. ting wrecked by a backmarker
will always be there for the title
Stewart, the current points
leader, believes there is little that
can be done to eliminate that ele-
ment from the Chase.
"You still have 43 drivers
who want to win races he said.
"The guys who are outside of that
top 10, they still have sponsors
to impress, programs to get on
track, and for some, jobs to earn.
Other guys just have something
to prove
Kurt Busch was the first
Chase driver to fall victim to an
accident when he wrecked with
Scott Riggs just two laps Into
Sunday's race. It dropped the
reigning Nextel Cup champion
to 10th in the Chase standings,
with a huge hole to climb out of
to win a second title.
Jimmie Johnson proved last
season that one bad finish doesn't
eliminate a driver from the title.
He fell 242 points behind Busch
last season, then won four of the
final six races to lose the cham-
pionship by eight points.
And Busch also had to over-
come a terrible race - he blew an
engine in the sixth Chase event
and finished 42nd, but still went
on to win the title.
Still, he knows he has little
room for error in the final nine
events that begin Sunday in
Dover, Del.
"We have to go and attack
each race for a win Busch said.
"We have to go to Dover and
expect to win and try to build
our points back up
That can be easier said than
Newman had a poor start to
the Chase last season and never
climbed higher than seventh
in the standings. And Stewart
and Mayfield - the two drivers
caught in Robby Gordon's mess
last season - stalled out at sixth
and 10th. �
Mayfield is hoping to avoid
a similar fate this season,
and thinks NASCAR will do
its part to prevent any more
intentional accidents.
"I don't see it getting any
worse, because I'm sure at the
drivers meeting this week we're
going to hear a pretty powerful
voice tell us this isn't going to
continue on Mayfield said.
"We're going to have races where
everybody is going to get carried
away but I don't see it getting
too far out of hand
Get caught
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The East Carolinian, September 22, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
September 22, 2005
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