The East Carolinian, September 21, 2005

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Volurr j 81 Nur ir 7 WEDNESDAY September 21, 2005
Celebrating Constitution Day
Focus on Supreme
The new McDonald's setup.
Make way
for McCafe
It's McDonald's and a
cafe' all in one
Everyone has probably won-
dered what the deal has been with
the McDonald's on the corner of
10th Street and Cotanche Street.
At first, it was just a regular
McDonald's, but now they've
found an even better way to make
you smile.
While you can still get a Big
Mac with cheese, extra pickles,
hold the onions you can now add
a slice of pound cake or biscotti.
It's where burgers meet bagels
and where milkshakes meet cafe
au la it
This is called McCafe.
McCafe Manager Tyler Sol-
lars said the addition of McCafe
is geared toward the coffee cus-
tomer with different varieties
of coffee, specialty cakes and a
laid-back atmosphere. McCafe is
a friendly, exciting place that will
have you leaving with a smile.
"When you walk in here, we
like for people to have a good
time. Everyone is smiling and
waving, and we want you to enjoy
your time here said Sollars.
McCafe adds a different look
to McDonald's. Sollars said ini-
tially McDonald's was torn down
in order to make space for the
McCafe addition. Even students
who eat at the restaurant regularly
notice the change for the better.
LaKishia Monserrate, senior
health major, likes the new look
and surroundings.
"The first thing I notice now
when I walk into McDonald's is
the relaxing atmosphere, and it
definitely looks a lot better said
"It's still the same great
McDonald's only now there is a
cafe here also
Sollars said that it's a great
attraction for college students
because they offer a TV, wireless
Internet and lounge chairs to
make McCafe more entertaining
and fun for its customers.
Sollars said McCafe is a great
place to come, hang out and even
a place for late night studying.
"Not only do we have things
like the TV and wireless Internet,
but our prices are also cheaper
when you compare them to
places like Starbucks, so when
you need to come here for a late
night study session we have the
things that you need like lounge
space and coffee Sollars said.
The restaurant is also looking
to make things even more con-
venient by letting students use
their ECU OneCard, but Sollars
said that's something they plan
to do in the future.
While it seems like the
McCafe may be the new hotspot
to date, it's the only one brewing
here In eastern North Carolina.
There is one location in Raleigh
and only several others in the
entire United States.
The first McCafe was intro-
duced in Melbourne, Australia
in 1992.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcorolinian. com.
ECU celebrated the 218th
anniversary of the signing of
the U.S. Constitution Thursday,
Sept. IS, with a presentation by
Tinsley Yarbrough, professor of
political science.
Yarbrough's lecture focused
on the relationship between the
president and the people who
have been nominated to the
Supreme Court since the Richard
Nixon era.
"The Supreme Court has the
critical role of giving life to the
Constitution said Yarbrough.
It is because of this role that
nominees often face a difficult
path to the bench. Conflicts over
Supreme Court nominations have
always occurred in Congress, but
the media circus that often sur-
rounds confirmation hearings
today has only been the case for
the last 50 years.
President Nixon had two
nominations defeated, but also
succeeded in getting conserva-
tive Chief Justice Warren Burger
confirmed, along with Justices
Harry Blackmun, Lewis Powell
and William Rehnquist, who
would later become Chief Jus-
tice in his own right during
the Reagan Administration.
Nixon resigned in 1977 and
was replaced by Gerajd Ford. Ford
got the chance for one nomina-
tion, John P. Stevens, who was
confirmed by the Senate 98 to
zero. Ford's successor, Jimmy
Carter, never had a chance to put
someone on the highest court in
the land.
Ronald Reagan would seek to
reverse some of the precedence set
by the Warren Court. The Warren
Court was headed by Chief Jus-
tice Earl Warren, who was nomi-
nated by President Eisenhower.
The Warren Court was known for
The U.S. Constitution is the world's oldest written constitution.
protecting civil liberties, unjust
arrests and apportionment.
Reagan would nominate the
first female justice, Sandra Day
O' Connor. He would also suc-
ceed in getting Antonin Scalia on
the court. But his third nomina-
tion, Robert Bork, was rejected
amidst a lobbying and public
relations campaign that caused
many senators to believe he was
too conservative. Reagan's next
attempt, Douglas Ginsburg, with-
drew after it was revealed he had
smoked marijuana as a student.
Reagan would finally fill the
see NOMINEES page A2
NC State lottery passed
Lottery proceeds
intended for educational
North Carolina became the
last state on the east coast to
adopt a state lottery as Governor
Mike Easley accomplished a polit-
ical victory and signed the State
Lottery Act into law Sept. 6.
Scratch-off tickets will be
ready for purchase within six
months and a lottery drawing
will be available within a year.
Several issues surrounded the
debate, and the politics involving
the adoption of the act have a
long standing history, according
to Carmine Scavo, associate pro-
fessor of political science.
"We were surrounded by
states that have already enacted
lotteries, and studies have shown
more than 18 million North Car-
olina residents have been buying
tickets from our neighbors said
"Another large part of this
Lottery tickets will be commonplace in North Carolina soon.
issue is the fact that nobody Scavo said.
wanted to raise taxes
According to Scavo, although
the lottery is considered inefficient
and studies have shown it can be a
regressive tax, it is still voluntary
and capable of raising significant
funds for ailing states.
"With a sales tax, less than
10 percent goes to the admin-
istration of the tax, but with a
lottery it takes about 50 percent
of the proceeds to administer it
The issue has produced
strange bedfellows, as politics
usually does.
"There are those on the far
left who believe it is an unfair
regressive tax on the poor ally-
ing with those on the right who
believe it is morally wrong
Scavo said.
"But polls have shown over-
see LOTTERY page A2
Hal Daniel prepares a treat.
Professors chow
down on delicious
Surprising sources of
protein in bugs
Countries all over the world
excluding the United States and
Europe have done it for centuries,
and now professors at ECU are
showing us there is a new way
of eating fine cuisine even if it's
something that crawls on the
Last month, more than 25,000
people attended the Bugfest at
the NC Museum of Natural Sci-
ence in Raleigh, NC. Hal Daniel,
biologist and anthropologist, and
Claudia Jolls, biology instructor,
helped shed light on the growing
phenomenon, entomophagy.
"Because 25,000 people
showed up means that a lot of
people are aware of entomoph-
agy, and for them it's not unusual
at all Daniel said.
At this year's event, the two
instructors teamed up to show-
case some of their insect cuisine.
From grasshopper and collard
fritters to cream of katydid soup,
Daniel said insects will be the
"green food" of the future.
"They will be the green food
of the future because eating them
is so nutritious said Daniel.
According to Daniel, insects
are great sources of protein and
are dined on by cultures all over
the world.
Many people consume more
than a pound of insects without
ever realizing it and according to
Daniel, this isn't anything new.
"Most people aren't aware
that insects are already in their
everyday foods like chocolate
bars, peanut butter and even
cereal. Most people don't eat
insects because they have psy-
chological barriers in place
Daniel said.
For those who are hesitant
about consuming the squiggly
critters, Daniels said insects are
very good sources of protein and
are also low in fat.
However, Daniel warns bug
eaters everywhere not to eat
brightly colored insects because
of the toxins in them.
"You don't want to eat
brightly colored bugs because
they have alkaloids and toxins
in them that help ward off preda-
tors Daniel said.
Despite his love for the
creepy crawlers, Daniels said
that you don't have to eat bugs
at every meal. You're supposed
to eat them when they are
in season.
"You don't eat deer all year
round - only when they are
in season. The same thing
goes for insects, you eat them
when there is abundance
Daniel said.
When Daniel does chow
down on insects, his favorite dish
can be summed up in five words
"sauteed cicadas a la roman
This writer can be contacted at
Federal reserve announces rate hike, stocks slip
NEW YORK (AP) � Inves-
tors concerned about slowing
economic growth sent stocks
sharply lower Tuesday after the
Federal Reserve said it would
continue raising interest
rates despite Wall Street's worries
about the economic impact of
Hurricane Katrina.
While some Investors had
hoped for a pause in rate hikes
after the hurricane, the Fed - con-
cerned about high oil prices and
their potential to spark inflation
- raised the nation's benchmark
rate by a quarter percentage point
to 3.75 percent. The Fed said the
destruction along the Gulf Coast,
while hampering economic activ-
ity short-term and pressuring
the stock market, did not pose
"a more persistent threat" to the
overall economy. .
Instead, the Fed said it would
stick to its policy of gradual, mea-
sured rate hikes. While that may
keep inflation in check, the move
would make it more expensive
for individuals and companies
to borrow money - something
that investors feared could hinder
economic expansion.
"I would read it as a very
hawkish statement under the
circumstances, barely paying lip
service to the potential threat to
the economy from Katrina said
Chris Piros, director of invest-
ment strategy for Prudential's
Strategic Investment Research
Group. "They're saying they
have an obligation to maintain
price stability and fight inflation,
but no obligation on economic
growth or anything else
The Dow Jones industrial
averagefell 76.11, orO.72 percent,
to 10,481.52.
Broader stock indicators also
moved lower. The Standard &
Poor's 500 index lost 9.68, or
0.79 percent, to 1,221.34, and
the Nasdaq composite index
dropped 13.93, or 0.65 percent,
to 2,131.33.
Bonds held steady after the
Fed decision, with the yield
on the 10-year Treasury note
unchanged at 4.25 percent
from late Monday. The dollar
made gains against other major
currencies after the Fed's rate
hike was announced. Gold prices
were mixed.
Oil prices fell sharply during
the session, though regained
some of the losses as Hurricane
Rita strengthened as it passed
between Florida and Cuba on an
expected path toward the Gulf
of Mexico's oil production and
refining centers. A barrel of light
crude settled at $66.23, down
$1.16, on the New York Mercan-
tile Exchange after rising more
than $4 on Monday.
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WEDNESDAY September 21,2005
Navajo surgeon and
author to speak Sept.
22 at ECU
GREENVILLE - A surgeon who
grew up on a Navajo reservation
in New Mexico will discuss her
practice of combining traditional
Navajo beliefs with conventional
Western medicine during a lecture
at ECU. Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord. the
first Navajo woman to become a
surgeon, will discuss her book,
The Scalpel and the Silver Bear, at
12:30 p.m. Sept 22 in 2W40 Brody
Medical Sciences Building.
Alvord will explain how she
incorporates Navajo ceremonies
and beliefs into her surgical
practice as a way of creating
healing environments. Her
presentation, "Walking in Beauty,
Living in Balance - A Navajo
Philosophy of Healing is open
to the public.
'The Longleaf Pine
Forest: Reconnecting
with our Heritage
Through Restoration'
An ECU biologist hopes to
restore a long-leaf pine savanna
to the University's West Research
Based on ecological surveys
of the former Voice of America
site, David Knowles believes
an effort should be made to
revive the diverse and rather rare
"We would like to restore portions
of the 580- acre site to native
ecosystems, including longleaf
savanna. Knowles said. "It is our
hope that the West Research
Campus could someday be a
place of research and recreation
and offer people a chance to
reconnect to the coastal plains'
natural heritage
As part of an awareness effort
about the state tree and its
habitat, a grant from the North
Carolina Humanities Council is
enabling Knowles to organize
a community celebration,
"The Longleaf Pine Forest:
Reconnecting with our Heritage
Through Restoration The free
event will be held at 6 p.m. Sept.
22 at ECU'S Willis Building.
Alzheimer's Walk
The Alzheimer's Association-
Eastern North Carolina Chapter's
annual Memory Walk for
Alzheimer's disease will take
place in locations throughout
eastern NC. Nearly 5,000 people
across the region are expected
to participate in this year's event
to raise funds and promote the
progress in finding a causecure
for Alzheimer's.
Fayetteville - Oct. 7
Jordan Soccer Complex
Registration: 4 p.m. - Walk: 5:30p.m.
Greenville - Oct. 1
Greenville Town Commons
Hertford - Oct 1
Brian Center
Oct 29
Lumberton - Oct. 15
Luther Britt Park
Registration: 9 a.m. - Walk 10 a.m.
Neuse Regional - Oct. 15
Herman Park, Goldsboro
New Bern - Oct. 15
Union Point Park
Central Carolina - Oct. 1
Kiwanis Park, Sanford
Tarboro-Oct. 2
Fountains of the Albemarle
Registration: 12 p.m. - Walk: 1 p.m.
Triangle - Oct 1
Booth Amphitheatre, Cary
A Health Resource Fair will be held
from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. New
this year, Memory Walk attendees
will be able to participate in
various interactive displays and
activities as part of this health
fair. These displays and activities
deal with memory, recognition
' and sense identification.
Washington - Oct. 15
Redman's Lodge
Registration: 9 am. - Walk: 10 am.
Wilson - Oct 8
Wilson Medical Center
Registration: 9 am. - Walk: 10 am.
News Briefs
Aging enthusiasts bring new
dimension to motorcycle safety
GREENSBORO, NC (AP) - Chrislee
Hounshell broke ribs, bruised his
heart and tore neck muscles in a
motorcycle crash last April.
At age 52, it took him some time to
recuperate. But there was no question
of whether he would ride again.
"People go, Are you going to get back
on your motorcycle?' Yes, I'm going
to get back on Hounshell said. 'It
wasn't the motorcycle's fault I was
inattentive for one second
Hounshell is among an increasing
number of mid-life motorcyclists. And
he is evidence of a resulting shift in
the demographics of those who have
Survey data from the Motorcycle
Industry Council shows the median
age of motorcycle riders in 2003 was
41, up from 27.1 in 1985. And more of
them crashing those bikes, according
federal and state data analyzed by the
UNC Highway Safety Research Center.
In a 2004 study for the Association
for the Advancement of Automotive
Medicine, the center speculated that
increasing fatality and accident rates
may be partly blamed on older riders.
Thert are also other theories. Groups
including the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration attribute
a nationwide rise in motorcycle
fatalities to a repeal of mandatory
helmet laws in states such as Florida
and Texas.
The American Motorcyclist Association
stops short of identifying a cause, but
notes that 40 percent of all single-
vehicle motorcycle accidents involve
All agree on one thing: Ridership
growth hasn't been met with a
corresponding number of safety
About three dozen state community
colleges and some private motorcycle
dealers offer the classes.
But such courses arent required in
North Carolina, where riders can get
a motorcycle endorsement on their
licenses by passing both written and
road tests.
Sometimes, it's a matter of availability.
At certain times of the year - late
spring, primarily - riders may have
to wait months for an opening in
beginner classes. Many simply
choose to learn on their own.
New Orleans mayor suspends
reopening of the city as new
storm approaches
restaurants and shops had just
begun showing signs of life when the
mayor halted the repopulation of the
city and once again ordered everyone
to leave town as a new tropical storm
headed toward the Gulf of Mexico.
The call for another evacuation came
after repeated warnings from top
federal officials - including President
Bush himself - that New Orleans was
not safe enough to reopen. Federal
officials warned that Tropical Storm
Rita could breach the city's weakened
levees and swamp the city all over
Although Mayor Ray Nagin backed
off his position to begin readmitting
residents to parts of the city, a rift
between local and federal officials
On Tuesday, Nagin had harsh words
for the federal government's top official
in the city, Coast Guard Vice Adm.
Thad Allen, who he said "stepped
outside his lane by talking directly to
the citizens of New Orleans
"I respect what federal officials are
doing down here, but they do not
fully comprehend what it's like to lose
your home, to lose everything and not
know and to be sitting out there for
three weeks. So I think it's important
for people to come back and at least
take a look Nagin said on NBC's
Today" show.
Nagin said he doesn't believe officials
will have to enforce the renewed
evacuation order. But some business
owners who started selling cleaning
supplies and serving po' boys said
they wanted to stay put.
Del Juneau, owner of a Bourbon
Street lingerie shop in the once-
raucous French Quarter, said it
would be premature to order another
evacuation based on the storm
nearing Florida. "Where are you going
to go? What are you going to do?" he
said. "I'm not going anywhere
President Bush was to make his fifth
trip to the Hurricane Katrina zone on
Tuesday to get an on-the-ground
briefing on Rita and to visit a business
trying to get back on its feet.
The death toll in Louisiana spiked by
90 to 736 on Monday, as receding
floodwaters allowed search and
recovery crews to accelerate their
probes into the city's decimated
neighborhoods. The toll across the
Gulf Coast was 973.
Vote count begins in Afghan
elections, al-Qaida No. 2 derides
polls as 'farce'
KABUL, Afghanistan (API-Afghanistan
on Tuesday began counting votes
cast in its historic parliamentary
elections, and al-Qaida's No. 2 leader
criticized the election in a tape aired
on Arabic television.
Several of the country's 34 counting
centers began tallying ballots as
others waited for votes to be delivered,
said a spokesman for the Afghan-U.N.
election board, Aleem Siddique.
Helicopters and even donkeys were
being used to transport ballots in
hard-to-reach areas of the country.
Siddique said the counting centers
expected to receive all the estimated
6 million ballots by Thursday. Some
7,000 people have been enlisted to
count the votes, a process expected
to take weeks.
The vote was seen as the last formal
step toward democracy after a
U.Sled force drove the Taliban
from power in 2001 for refusing to
hand over al-Qaida leader Osama
bin Laden following the Sept. 11
Initial indications put the turnout at
just over 50 percent compared with
70 percent in last year's presidential
election, when 8 million voted,
installing President Hamid Karzai.
Supporters of the Taliban regime have
stepped up assaults in Afghanistan
this year, and more than 1,200 people
died in violence in the six months
before the elections, many of them
Two rockets struck Jalalabad, the
main city of eastern Nangahar
province early Tuesday, slightly
injuring one person at a government
building, Interior Ministry spokesman
Another election board spokesman,
Baheen Sultan Ahmad, said vote
counting had not yet started in
Jalalabad - which has counting
centers for Nangarhar and two
neighboring provinces - because of
security concerns. A roadside bomb
exploded near a truck carrying ballots
in Nangarhar On Sunday but there
was no damage to the vehicle or
ballot boxes.
In a five-minute videotape aired late
Monday on Qatar-based al-Jazeera
TV, bin Laden's Egyptian deputy,
Ayman al-Zawahri, said the polls
were "nothing but a farce" and held
"under the terror of warlords" - an
apparent reference to faction leaders
in Afghanistan's destructive civil
conflict of the 1990s, some of whom
were candidates.
Thieves and warlords are controlling
affairs in the country, where
international monitors can't observe
more than 10 constituencies even if
they wanted to al-Zawahri said. Both
al-Qaida leaders are believed to be
hiding along the rugged Pakistan-
Afghan border.
RuteS from page A1
The markets were mostly
unfazed as the Commerce Depart-
ment reported a decline in new
home construction, a possible
sign of a cooling housing market.
Construction of new homes and
apartments dropped 1.3 percent
last month after a decline of 1.5
percent in July, the first back-to-
back declines in housing starts in
17 months.
As long as the drop in con-
struction remains moderate, and
consumer spending can remain
strong, the economy would
likely continue to grow, albeit at
a slower pace. Earlier in the ses-
sion, stocks had moved higher as
Circuit City Stores Inc. posted a
surprise profit for the third quar-
ter, reassuring Wall Street that
consumers' appetite for spending
is holding up.
Circuit City posted earn-
ings of a penny per share, better
than the 3-cent-per-share loss
expected on Wall Street. The
electronics retailer jumped 83
cents to $16.34, while rival
Best Buy Co. Inc which disap-
pointed investors last week with
sluggish profits, lost' 78 cents
to $41.46.
While Circuit City encour-
aged investors, consumer spend-
ing may still be a troublesome
issue heading into the holiday
season. The International Coun-
cil of Shopping Centers said
retail sales at chain stores fell 2.1
percent for the week ending Sept.
17, the largest dropoff since Dec.
6, 2003 and the fourth straight
week of flat or declining sales.
The ICSC blamed high gasoline
prices and falling consumer con-
fidence for the decline.
In other earnings news, Wall
Street firm Goldman Sachs Group
Inc. climbed 12 cents to $118.40
after reporting an 83 percent
surge in third-quarter profits.
Revenues jumped 61 percent on
strong fixed income and com-
modity trading, while the bro-
kerage house remains atop the
rankings for announced merger-
and-acquisition deals.
Federated Department Stores
Inc. dropped 84 cents to $64.86
after the company announced it
would slash 6,200 jobs following
the completed acquisition of May
Department Stores Co. The cuts
will come in 2006.
Sluggish sales prompted U.S.
Steel Corp. to lower its quarterly
earnings forecasts below Wall
Street's current estimates. Higher
energy costs could also eat into
profits, the company said. U.S.
Steel lost $2.44, or S.4 percent,
to $42.81.
Declining issues outnum-
bered advancers by about 11 to S
on the New York Stock Exchange,
where preliminary consolidated
volume came to 2.31 billion
shares, compared with 2.07 bil-
lion traded on Monday.
Nominees from page?
vacancy with Anthony Kennedy.
The first Bush's first nominee,
David Souter, was confirmed
without much of a fight, 90-9.
Bush's second nominee, Clarence
Thomas, faced little opposition
until one of his former co-workers,
Anita Hill, came out with allega-
tions of sexual harassment. The
charges made Thomas's confirma-
tion the closest in a century, 52-48.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Ste-
phen G. Breyer would both make
it to the court while Bill Clinton
was in office, Ginsburg in 1993
and Breyer in 1994 - both were
moderate liberals.
Currently, there is much
debate in Congress over President
Bush's nominee, John Roberts.
The Senate Judiciary Commit-
tee finished Roberts' hearings
Thursday, Sept. 15. The com-
mittee will vote September 22,
followed by the entire Senate
sometime before the end of
the month. The Supreme Court
reconvenes Oct. 3, and Roberts
could be seated before the ses-
sion starts.
"The meaning of the
Constitution is left up to the
judges; this is why we see
debate over judicial nominees
like John Roberts said Tinsley.
ECU is required, along with
other state and federal institu-
tions, to help educate people
about the Constitution during
the week of Constitution Day,
which is celebrated annually
Sept. 17.
"The Constitution is a mag-
nificent document - the oldest
working constitution in the
world Tinsley said.
"It's amazing that it could
have come out of a highly political
three months in Philadelphia
This writer can be contacted at
Lottery from page 7
whelming support. More than
75 percent of North Carolina
residents are for the lottery
The politics involved in the
actual voting on the act have also
been called into question. Scavo
admits no one truly knows what
exactly happened.
"As best as we know, the vote
took place after the legislature
had been dismissed, but quickly
recalled the following Monday
Scavo said.
"TWo members who opposed
the lottery were unavailable
at the time. One was in the
hospital and the other was
on his honeymoon - without his
cell phone
Without their votes, it pro-
duced a tie, which was broken
by Lieutenant Governor Beverly
Purdue in favor of the lottery.
"It depends on whether you
support the lottery as to whether
you believe the tactics were clever
or dirty Scavo said.
The history of lotteries is as
old as the United States, he said. '
Washington, DC. was built off of
proceeds from a lottery enacted
by George Washington.
"Before World War II
there were slot machines In
gas stations, even in the South,
but a religious furor that arose
after the war banished gambling
from the public domain - at least
for a time Scavo said.
According to Scavo, lotteries
became popular again about 30
years ago and have been adopted
by 42 states since.
"It's like a pendulum - the
strength of the opposition comes
and goes he said.
Proceeds for the lottery are
supposed to go to education,
but North Carolina's law is not
as strictly drawn as Georgia's,
which spells out where the money
must go.
"Most of the money is des-
ignated for education, but the
amounts raised will create a situ-
ation where the money won't be
spent and could be used In other
areas Scavo said.
"Considering the support for
a lottery from the people, the
General Assembly was the obsta-
cle to the will of the people he
"In two or three years,
nobody will even care about
what happened
Although polls have shown
strong support for the lottery,
there still seem to be naysayers.
"It takes all the fun out of
going to Virginia to get one said
Paul Hawkins, freshman political
science major.
This writer can be contacted at
So close to
Stadium, even we
stand up for the
National Anthem!
the .
.M 10 A South Evans Hours:
Greenville, NC 27834 Mon -Sat
(252) 353-7463 lOarn 6pm ,w
For Connoisseur and
Collector of Contempora
and Trendy Footwear
We are located near the intersection
of Evans Street & Greenville Blvd
between Eckerd & Bowen Cleaners,
in front ot Lowe's foods And Besl Bu Designer Slues (or women and i liildren.
Yellow box
Amu Clogs
Two I if u
SjniU Clogs

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JENNIFER L HOBBS Editor in Chief
WEDNESDAY September 21,2005
My Random Column
My chance to 'Rant'
Does anyone else feel like we have NOT gone
to class more then we have gone to class? It
seems like my Monday-Wednesday class has
met once a week since school started. I know
we are supposed to be farther along than we
are, but there haven't been enough class days
to get there.
I understand where the teachers are coming
from, giving us time to catch up on the days we
have missed but then they aren't pushing exams
and assignments back to accommodate what
hasn't been covered?
Though I have lucked out with no test this week,
I have numerous friends that have had anywhere
from one to four tests this week. Is that fair?
I have to say no, because it is the fourth week
of class and for one reason or another we keep
missing classes.
Teachers are cramming information into days to
make up for lost time, rewriting syllabi and leav-
ing tests to pile up this week. This is causing
confusion, mistakes and everyone to feel like we
are going completely insane.
That goes for our publication also - I got a rant
today that complained:
"Where has TEC been? Only a few issues have
come out since the start of school
I know it seems like we haven't been around
much, because it feels that way to me too. With
Labor Day, the hurricane shutting us down last
week and only running three times a week to
start with, that doesn't leave many chances for
us to get to you.
I apologize for the confusion and feeling of loss
you have when we haven't supplied a new paper
three times a week for your reading pleasure. (Or
for just the "Pirate Rants" if that is all you read.)
So, don't feel alone, we are all a little crazy and
stressed, but we will make it through the rest of
the month and that means we are only getting
closer to Fall Break. Then Thanksgiving, then
Christmas Break and how relieving it feels to
think we only have about three more months
before we get to leave these glorious classes
we are in right now.
Until next week � Jennifer Hobbs
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Chris Munler Alexander Marclnlak
News Editor Web Editor
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Features Editor Asst. Features Editor
Tony Zoppo Sports EditorBrandon Hughes Asst. Sports Editor
Nina Coefield Head Copy EditorApril Barnes Asst Copy Editor
Tanesha Slstrunk Photo EditorHerb Sneed Asst Photo Editor
Edward McKim Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
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Opinion Columnist
Try being big brothers and big sisters of ECU
Friendly, inviting environments
are what we need to be
establishing as upperclassmen
In the Japanese language, the words
that children often use to address their
older brothers and older sisters are
"onisan" (oh-nee-sahn) and "onesan"
(oh-nay-sahn) respectively. This word
is also often used by children when
referring to other children older than
they are. I think that it's cool how these
children can look-up to older children
with such a sense of admiration and
respect, supposedly for their experience
and wisdom.
This got me to thinking about what
kinds of experiences and wisdom about
ECU that I and other upperclassmen
could pass on to the freshmen.
So let me ask you this:
� How many of you were confused
by the fact that the Bate Building was
identified as "GC" on your schedule?
� � How many of you were completely
confused by the layout of the Brewster
� How many of you still can't find
the University Mail Services Building?
� How many of you didn't know
where the computer labs were?
� How many times have you forgot-
ten or lost your OneCard?
� How many of you have needed
rides somewhere?
� How many of you have had no idea
where anything was in Greenville?
� How many of you have wanted
someone to talk to at the dining
� How many of you have never
spent such a long period of time away
from home?
In my experiences here at ECU,
I've been faced with and helped with
these same problems. I've also done
my share of helping others with the
same problems. It partially has to do
with the kind of person I am, but it
also comes from the fact that I've been
helped by those who came before me.
Thus, I feel it is up to me to carry on
the tradition of helping those that
have come after me.
To put it another way, I can't help
but feel a certain sense of responsibility
to try to be an "onisan" or big brother
to those younger than me, especially at
such a confusing and challenging time
like college.
This weekend I took some fresh-
men to a local store that sells Japanese
food and products, and later we went
out for sushi. We then went to one of
our group member's house to watch
the premiere of a new TV show. Not
only did I feel like I made new friends,
but I felt like I made a difference in the
lives of the people I met.
In these past few weeks I've helped
people move-in, told several people
about school clubs, shown several
people where rooms and buildings .
are on campus, driven several fresh-
men around Greenville to show them
where things are and even paid for
one freshman's lunch when they
forgot their OneCard.
A few freshmen I've met have been
worried about classes, wondering about
going downtown, how to have fun here
at ECU and generally asked me about
how to succeed at school. I told every-
one of them the same thing:
� Life at college is about balance
- you have to keep up with your class
work in order to make the time for
fun, and you should make the time
for fun.
� Check out the clubs on campus,
and I don't mean the ones downtown.
They're a great way to meet people, and
there are so many that you're bound to
find at least one club that may interest
you. Go to Mendenhall Student Center
to find out more.
� Go to class. Go to class. Go to
� If your professor assigns home-
work, then do it. Always turn in some-
� If you need help from your pro-
fessor, you should make the effort to see
them in accordance to their schedule.
That's when they're more inclined to
help you.
The truth is that there are a lot
of people out in the world willing
to take advantage of others, but here
at ECU we have the opportunity to
try and create a friendly and helpful
environment. If we can do this, then
we can take the first few steps toward
creating a better world for ourselves
and others.
Remember, everyone is somebody
to someone and we should all do our
part to help those in need. That's what
big brothers and big sisters are for.
In My Opinion
Patient aid can ease pain for uninsured until reform gets enacted
(KRT) � The United States is home
to the best health care in the world, but
too many Americans - more than 45.8
million according to the U.S. Census
Bureau - lack health insurance and
have difficulty accessing the health
care they need.
No one understands or sees this
challenge more than those of us who
are on the frontlines of health care
delivery - particularly emergency phy-
sicians who often serve as the point-of-
entry into the health care system or see
the medical consequences of delaying
care every day.
Emergency physicians are required
by law to provide medical care to
everyone, regardless of their ability to
pay or health insurance status. But
our ability to continue providing high-
quality care is deeply affected by cut-
backs in Medicare, declining payments
by health plans, and a medical liability
crisis, each of which contribute to an
increasing number of patients (par-
ticularly those over 65), a shrinking
number of emergency departments,
and a shortage of on-call specialists to
provide treatment.
Since the mid-1990s, the number
of uninsured Americans has been
steadily rising. For years there has been
finger pointing and little concrete
action to address this problem. What
we need now are efficient and effective
solutions to address the growing crisis.
We need to build a health care system
that is more rational and serves all seg-
ments of the population - including
the uninsured.
There are a variety of options to
help address this important problem
- many of which are being debated in
Washington and state capitals around
the country. These solutions will take
years to implement, but people, and
the health care system, cannot wait.
An effective and immediate effort
must be made to ensure that the public
is aware of the options and assistance
that are currently available, including
many programs that improve access to
health care.
An example of a successful public-
private partnership is the Partnership
for Prescription Assistance (PPA).
This program offers a single point of
access to more than 475 public and
private patient assistance programs,
180 of them offered by pharmaceutical
The program combines the unique
skills, grassroots membership and cred-
ibility of more than 1,200 national,
state and local organizations that are
committed to connecting individuals
in need with patient assistance pro-
grams. Together, they have helped
nearly 800,000 Americans in less than
four months, but millions more are
eligible and could benefit from this
The challenge is to inform indi-
viduals in need of the programs
that currently exist. A recent survey
conducted for the PPA, for example,
reveals that nearly 65 percent of
patients in need are unfamiliar with
the patient assistance programs avail-
able to them.
As emergency physicians, we
believe three fundamental things must
happen to address this problem.
First, we must increase awareness
of the existing health care crisis,
and the impact it has on millions of
Second, we must develop better
and effective methods to reach those
in need of options that will help them
better manage their health care.
Third, additional public-private
partnerships should be created to help
the people in our communities who
lack health care coverage to better
manage their health care and access
the health care system.
Until the nation can come together
with a permanent and lasting solution,
it is time for all players in health care
to come together to find and develop
programs like the Partnership for
Prescription Assistance that provide
immediate help for American's unin-
sured. If not, we can expect another
ominous report from Census Bureau
next year and for years to come.
Pirate Rant
If you're going to be one of
"those" people that choose to make
fun of ECU'S Greek life in their
spare time, at least come up with
something original! You're just
coming off as lame, jealous and
clearly unimaginative by placing us
in the same cliched stereotype. And
I quote, same long brown hair
shirtbug eyed sunglasses, and
same 'I'm better than you smirk
I'll be sure to stay tuned for your
exhilarating new rant next week
on how I pay for my friends as well.
With remarks like that I am better
than you! Thanks.
Why do all those SGA people
look like cookie cutter people
Does anyone believe in noncon-
formity anymore?
"Yo girl, lemme holla atcha"
is not an approach that will elicit
my phone number. No, it's not
because I'm not "down with the
brown" as you defensively ask,
it's because I'm not interested in
individuals who don't represent
themselves in a manner which
commands respect or even a
second glance. Approach me as
a female and not an object, and
I would gladly consider a second
interaction with you.
The Tennessee Vols suck,
their coach "buffet killer" is a
fat slob who should buy stock in
Golden Corral, his home away
from home. All the UT fans in
Greenville can't even name three
of their players and they work for
the sanitation department. Go
Gators and thank you for sending
them cowards home with an "L
P.S. Stay home on the reverse. Go
I live in a bowl below Sea
Level. Big, orange, spinning blob
coming my way on the map. I
think I will be ignorant and stay
here, then blame everyone for
this happening to me.
Where has TEC been? Only
a few issues have come out since
the start of school.
If you are a girl and haven't
read "He's lust Not That Into You"
then you should, because it
changed my life!
Hey Tony, correlation doesn't
equal causation.
How can you build an Office of
Diversity when the staff is all Afri-
can Americans? Shouldn't other
cultures be considered or do they
not fit the definition of "diverse
WZMB goes off the air at
night or plays crap during the
day. When do students get to
decide what we hear on OUR
radio station?
Hey everybody, check your
bank accounts. My friend and
I were both charged by ECU for
some fee on the 14th, the day
ECU was closed for Ophelia. And
no one I've talked to can explain
it. Watch your $$$$$!
It is nice to know that George
W. has the power to stop hur-
ricanes and the time to person-
ally hold everyone's hand out of
How can Dr. Elizabeth Jones
not be the hottest professor? This
anatomy professor could study
me anytime, and don't even get
me started on her accent.
My friends are supposed to
be sympathetic and caring even
when they think I am wrong.
I came to you for a reason, so
please just humor me.
To the person who feels that
Bush needs to resign I'm express-
ing my right to freedom of speech
and telling you to SHUT UP! You
don't know what you're talking
about and I would enjoy reading
the rant a lot more if I didn't have
to hear from people like you.
Should we be scared that
Michael Jackson is writing a
relief song for Hurricane Katrlna
Does TEC not have enough
opinion columnists or some-
thing? I hate seeing opinion
pieces taken from somewhere
else, let's address local issues if
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant is an
anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice
their opinions. Submissions can be
submitted anonymously online at, or e-
mailed to editor&theeastcarolinian.
com. The editor reserves the right to
edit opinions for content and brevity.

What's Hot
Page A4 252.328.6366 CAROIYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor WEDNESDAY September 21, 2005
Game system battle getting hot
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies:
1. Transporter 2
2 40 Year-Old Virgin
3. The Constant Gardner
A Red Eye
5. The Brothers Grimm
Top 5 Albums:
1 Kanye West
2. Tony Yayo
3. Brooks & Dunn
4. Death Cab for Cutie
5. Marian Carey
Top 5 TV Shows:
2. "60 Minutes"
3. "Two and a Half Men"
4. "Cold Case"
5. "CSI: Miami"
Top 5 DVD Rentals:
1. Sin City
2 Guess Who
3. The Wedding Date
4 Because of Winn-Dixie
5 Alexander
Top 5 Books:
1 The Da Vinci Code
2. Chill Factor
3. The Historian
4. Lifeguard
5The Undomestic Goddess
Microsoft, Sony and
Nintendo battle for
Arias - Get friends to help you do the
job so you can get done sooner. Then,
go out to celebrate together. Foreign
food is favored.
Taurus - You're not the sort of person
who rushes into things, that's for sure,
especially now when there are so
many ideas to consider. Take your
time and do it right.
Gemini - Travel is favored, but only il
you go with an interesting partner. If
you don't have one already, you're apt
to meel someone out there.
Cancer � It may be difficult to tell how
much you've got and what's coming
in. Rnances are a bit unstable, but all
turns out well.
Leo - You need a plan and a partner
who can help you follow through.
Besides increasing certainty, it'll
make what you're doing more fun.
Virgo - More work's coming in and
a lot more money. Don't get rattled
- get organized.
Libra - You've been venturing into
previously unexplored areas. Today,
you're quite likely to make a new
friend out there.
Scorpio - If you're not finding what
you want for your home at a price you
can afford, expand your search area.
It's out there.
Sagittarius - You're pretty good at
technical subjects once you settle
down and concentrate. To achieve a
dream, go ahead and do that now.
Capricorn � Cash in your coupons.
Get your old stuff appraised - it's
gone up in value. Well, some of it has,
anyway. The challenge is in figuring
out which.
Aquarius - Friends are glad to offer
suggestions if you're willing to listen.
Admit where you're clueless and
find another way to approach the
Places - It's time to do the planning,
the organizing and the paperwork.
Don't pitch a fit think of it as preparing
for a test
Every four years or
so, there is an event
which captures both
the spirit and the
of young
No, it isn't the
Summer Olympics or the
presidential election.
Television ratings and
voting records clearly
show that young
people are apathetic
to them at best.
Rather, it's the
new generation of
video game
which is
upon us.
Right now,
Microsof t, Sony and Nintendo are
carefully preparing the launch of
their respective systems, hoping
to win both the attention and
the hard-earned money from
people everywhere.
These 'console wars' are
nothing new. In the late
1980s, the Nintendo
Entertainment System
had a firm grip on the
video game market
But in the early 1990s,
when time came
for its succes
sor, the Super
Nintendo, it
wasn't the
only game
in town
and had fierce
from the
Sega Gen-
Fast-forward to 1996, which
saw three major consoles battle
it out: the Nintendo 64, the Sega
Saturn and a machine from a
newcomer to the industry, the
Sony Playstation. The ensuing
battle saw Nintendo lose its grip
on the industry, Sega
pushed out of the
sole business for good
and a new leader in
video game consoles
Sony was king, if
only for a moment. In the late
1990s, rumors began to
spread of another enter-
tainment conglomer-
ate wanting in on the
action. The rumors
proved true and in 2001,
Bill Gates and Microsoft
released the Xbox to
compete with the Play-
station 2 and Ninten-
do's new console, the
Sony's dominance
continued, although
the Xbox has been an
success as
well. As of
now, Nin-
tendo is a dis-
tant third-place
in the realm of
video gaming.
This is where
the industry
stands as of
now, but in the coming
months, things could
change dramatically.
Microsoft's Xbox
360 will be the first console out
of the gate. Although Microsoft
hasn't officially announced a
release date, a press release from
video game accessory company
Intec revealed that the expected
launch date for Xbox 360 will be
November 4.
While the exact date is still
unknown, it is certain that Xbox
360 will not only be released
before Christmas, but will be the
only new console of the three to
do so. With limited competition
during the busy holiday shop-
ping season, Microsoft should
have healthy sales figures.
With Xbox 360, Microsoft
has attempted to address a few of
the issues gamers have had with
the original Xbox.
A lot of gamers thought that
the original Xbox was a clunky
monstrosity. Xbox 360, on the
other hand, is slick, sexy and
silver with concave sides which
give it a trendy, futuristic look.
Gamers will be able to adapt
Xbox 360 to their entertain-
ment center with the console's
ability to sit both vertically and
horizontally, as well as choose a
faceplate from its wide selection
that compliments their televi-
sion area.
In terms of its capabilities, �
Microsoft states that Xbox 360
will be 10 times more powerful
than its predecessor and accord-
ing to the August edition of
Electronic Gaming Monthly, "The
IBM-designed CPU in the Xbox
360 is a 3.2 GHz, Power-PC based,
triple-core processor - essentially
three individual CPUs in one
Power aside, two key ele-
ments may alarm gamers inter-
ested in Xbox 360 - first, the
system will not be completely
backward compatible, meaning
it will only play certain games
from the original Xbox instead
of the entire library.
More alarming, though, may
be the fact that Xbox 360 will not
necessarily come standard with
an internal hard-drive, the fea-
ture which set the original apart
from other consoles. Instead,
gamers will have to make a dif-
ficult decision.
Microsoft will be implement-
ing a radical new pricing strategy
for Xbox 360 by releasing a 'stan-
dard' package and a 'premium'
package. The standard package
What's still hot for fall fashion?
Fun Facts
99 percent of people cannot lick
their elbow.
You are more likely to be killed by a
champagne cork than a poisonous
Ted Turner owns about 2 percent of
New Mexico.
The face of a penny can hold about
30 drops of water
Hummingbirds cannot walk.
Apples are 25 percent air.
It is now possible to print human skin
with an inkjet printer.
Salmon can jump as high as six feet.
Women end up digesting most of the
lipstick they apply
More than 10 people a year are killed
by vending machines
45.2 percent of people pee in the
Drivers -k'ill more deer than hunters.
The cigarette lighter was invented
before the match.
The average American uses eight
times as much fuel energy as an
average person anywhere else in
the world.
Some lions mate over 50 times a
Taken from
abeth Whitee follows the popular fashion trend with her polo.
Trends that are here to
stay and those that aren't
Fall is already blowing its cool
winds into Greenville and every-
one is wondering what summer
trends will follow into fall. This
summer, many styles became
fixtures in fashion and seem to
be here to stay.
The hottest trends this
summer were boat shoes, aviator
sunglasses, layered Lacoste polo
shirts with the collars popped
and gaucho pants. One could
not look around without seeing
one of these ever-popular fashion
statements. These items are sure
to find their way into fall with a
little adjusting to the weather.
Boat shoes are everywhere.
Professors and students have
grabbed this style and are hold-
ing on for dear life. People are
mad for boat shoes. It's true they
go with just about anything.
They are comfortable but a little
on the pricey side. Boat shoes
have no proper wearing season,
which makes them a great acces-
sory to any wardrobe.
They also come in many
different colors to fit one's per-
sonality. Although, technically,
boat shoes were meant for a
deck, most people don't seem to
care. Boat shoes are sold at Rack
Room Shoes at Colonial Mall and
a ton of other department stores
in Greenville.
"I like boat shoes. They're cute
and match a lot of things said
Nikki Crews, junior psychology
Large shades, or bug shades,
for females and aviator shades
for males and females were
a huge hit this summer. The
bigger the shades the better, as
long as you do not have a small
head. Women rocked this trend
hard this summer and as long as
there is sun, aviators are etched
in stone in fashion history.
This chic trend was adopted
from celebrities who used huge
designer shades to hide their
identities from the lurking
paparazzi. As soon as the public
saw it looked cool, many hopped
on the bandwagon and never
looked back. Some students opt
to do what isn't in Instead of fol-
lowing the crowd.
"As far as trends go, I think
that those huge bug-like sun-
glasses are in, but as far as my
opinion goes, I think they look
hideous. Just because movie
stars wear them doesn't mean
the entire population of females
have to wear them too. I have
my own style - it's not extreme
or expensive - it's comfortable
said Blair Brinson, senior plan-
ning major.
Lacoste has made a huge
comeback over the last year with
their collared shirts. The new
trend is to wear two at once that
are contrasting but complimen-
tary colors and leave the collars
popped. There is debate about
whether collar popping is still in
or if it has fallen by the wayside.
This is one trend people either
absolutely adore or profoundly
The way to make Lacoste a
staple in fall fashion is to ditch
the short sleeve collared shirts for
the warm long sleeved cable-knit
sweaters with a collared button
up underneath. With this tech-
nique, if you want to pop that
collar you still can.
Lacoste is a very expensive
brand, but the chic style can be
worn with any collared shirt or
cable-knit sweater. In fashion, if
it looks good, then it works - the
brands do not matter.
"I hate the popped collars,
but pastel shorts on guys are hot.
Also, what I really like right now
are f lowy pants or gaucho pants
Crews said.
Gaucho pants have been a
huge hit since last summer. They
come in plenty of different colors,
and the jersey material makes
them flow and look as if it's a
skirt. Women love them because
they are comfortable yet chic.
Jessica Simpson was one of
the many celebrities that put
gaucho pants back on the map.
For fall, many stores and compa-
nies have made gaucho pants to
fit into the cooler fall season. The
material used for fall gauchos is
usually corduroy. They have the
same look only they are more
Knee high boots and fall
gauchos go hand in hand and
will most definitely be one of
the major fashion crossovers this
season. Every girl should own
a pair. The upside to gauchos
is that they are relatively inex-
pensive and can be found at any
department store.
One other trend that people
cannot seem to get over is car-
rying Vera Bradley bags. Yes,
she keeps coming out with new
designs and some of her bags
happen to hold books very well
see FASHION page A5
will cost $299.99
and will include
the console, one
wired control-
ler and the basic
The 'premium'
package, according
to businessweek.
com, will cost
$399.99 and will
include the con-
sole, a wireless controller, the
default faceplate, High Defi-
nition cables, an Xbox Live
headset, a media � remote
and, most
a 20 GB hard-
This progressive pricing
plan has been unheard of
in the video game industry,
but Microsoft hopes to cater
to all kinds of gamers'with
it. All of the accessories
included with the 'premium'
package will be sold sepa
rately as well; however,
with the hard-drive alone
costing100 and many of
the others priced at $40 or above
Microsoft seems to believe that
the 'premium' package will
be a hit with gamers and
end up
b e co m
ing the 'standard'
Xbox 360 certainly looks
like a serious contender for
the video game console
throne; however, it has
competi- tion
is just
as seri-
ous: Sony's Playsta-
tion 3 and Nintendo's
Sony enters the battle
as the clear champion
with sales of their Play-
station 2 tripling sales
of its competitors. How-
ever, instead of resting
on their laurels, Sony
has also gone out of their
way to create an amaz-
ing machine. According
to Sony and reported
in Electronic Gaming
Monthly, "the Playsta-
tion 3 is approximately
35 times more pow-
erful than the
Playstation 2
and twice as
powerful as
the Xbox 360
Sony also comes in with
many of the most popular
game franchises (.Grand
Theft Auto, Metal
Gear Solid, Final
Fantasy,) back-
ward compati-
bility with both
Playstation and
Playstation 2
games and the
largest amount of
consumers who are
both satisfied and
familiar with
Sony game
consoles. No
firm release
date for the Playstation 3 has been
announced, but speculation
points to spring 2006 or
possibly later.
Less is known
about Ninten-
do's newest
console, the
Revo -
- an
tional move by Nintendo.
Little has been confirmed
by the company, but the
few facts that have man-
aged to see the light of day
point to a console which
focuses on creativity and
innovation rather than
According to a
Nintendo spokes-
woman, the Revo-
page A5
Celebrity Profile:
Kanye West
The infamous Kanye West.
The life and times of a
college dropout
If Middle America wasn't
aware of Kanye West solely
from his platinum-selling debut
album The College Dropout or his
host of producing credits before,
they were properly introduced
to him on Sept. 2 during a live
telethon benefiting those dev-
astated by Hurricane Katrina.
Broadcasted on NBC, "A
Concert for Hurricane Relief"
featured live music perfor-
mances mixed with celebrities
reading prepared statements
pleading with viewers to be
generous and make contribu-
tions. West was one of the
celebrities featured on the
telethon, though he apparently
didn't stick to the script.
"I hate the way they portray
us in the media. If it's a black
family, It says we're looting.
If It's a white family, it says
they're looking for food. And
you know that It's been five
days before aid arrived in
the area because most of the
people there are black said
West, standing next to a visibly
uncomfortable Mike Myers, star
of the Austin Powers films.
Myers continued following
the script. "Subtle, but in many
ways profoundly devastating,
is the lasting damage to the
survivors' will to rebuild and
remain in the area said Myers.
"The destruction of the spirit In
Louisiana and Mississippi may
be the more tragic loss of all
Then West dropped
another bombshell: "George
Bush doesn't care about black
Quickly the camera cut to
actor Chris Tucker, who at the
time was looking off camera,
apparently not expecting to be
on screen so early. West's voice
could still be heard trailing off
as the sound technicians evi-
dently scrambled to turn his
microphone off. The telethon
was live on the east coast; how-
ever, West's comments were
censored from the subsequent
west coast feed of the event.
The following day, NBC
issued a statement saying
"Kanye West departed from
the scripted comments that
were prepared for him and his
opinions in no way represent
the views of the network. It
would be most unfortunate if
the efforts of the artists who
participated and the generosity
of millions of Americans who
are helping those in need are
overshadowed by one person's
Millions of people watched
"The Concert for Hurricane
Relief many of whom prob-
ably had never heard of West
before. They certainly know
who he is now. And like him or
not, if West's career continues
in the path it's on, they'll have
to get used to him because it
won't be the last time they see
his face on their television.
West grew up in Chicago,
and like a lot of impressionable
minds of the time, was heavily
influenced by legendary rap trio
Run DMC. From the first time
he heard the group, he began
rhyming himself, although
rapping never was his forte.
Instead, West's specialty
has always been his produc-
tion and beat-making skills.
According to Jason Blrch-
meier of, his
beats are Instantly recogniz-
able: "A trademark pitched-
up, chopped-up use of some-
what recognizable samples
for his hooks, and a likewise
trademark stutter-step drum-
programming touch for his
rhythms - a simple yet potent
see KANYE pageA5
Games m
lution will be
more powerful
decessor, the G
Nintendo's ace
still shrouded
always, its exc
franchises suci
Mario and The
History wil
with its revolut
which has be
"Super Backwa
by Electronic Ga
this feature, ga:
download gam
long history of
the Nintendi
System, Supe
tendo 64 or G

but more ofte
bags cannot b
basis because tl
outfits unless s
Neutral book
worn and cooi
than one outfit
Besides, carryin
fall is really noi
Fashion tre
where are cool I
$20 B
Your I
Dining S
by seve
If you a
during t
will be r.
On- or

GdlTIBS from page A4
lution will be two to three times
more powerful than its direct pre-
decessor, the Gamecube. However,
Nintendo's ace in the hole seems
to be its innovative new controller,
still shrouded in mystery and as
always, its exclusive video game
franchises such as Metroid, Super
Mario and The Legend ofZelda.
History will also be on its side
with its revolutionary new feature,
which has been referred to as
"Super Backward Compatibility"
by Electronic Gaming Monthly. With
this feature, gamers will be able to
download games from Nintendo's
long history of games - be it from
the Nintendo Entertainment
System, Super Nintendo, Nin-
tendo 64 or Gamecube. As with
the Playstation 3, no release date
has been mentioned other than
that it should hit retailers some-
time in 2006.
Over the years, the world has
seen fierce battles in the so-called
'console wars As the industry
has grown by leaps and bounds,
the stakes in the battle for video
game supremacy grow as well.
Three major manufacturers are
pulling all the stops this season.
Microsoft will strike the first blow
in November, when Xbox 360 is
released. But the war looks to be a
long and painful one. Which side
will you be on?
The writer can be contacted at
FaShiOII from page A4
but more often than not, these
bags cannot be used on a daily
basis because they clash with most.
outfits unless specifically planned.
Neutral book bags that can he
worn and coordinate with more
than one outfit are the way to go.
Besides, carrying around flowers in
fall is really not that cute.
Fashion trends that are every-
where are cool but sometimes can
be tough to keep up with. The
coolest look is one that is all your
own. There are hidden jewels all
over Greenville, and people are
just waiting for the next trend to
pop up. Who knows, you could
be the one to start the next hot-
test trend.
This writer can be contacted at
KanyB from page A4
After co-producing albums as
early as age 20, West's different
take on what hip-hop could be
began to turn heads. Most nota-
bly, he got the attention of Jay-Z's
Roc-A-Fella Records, who accord-
ing to their Web site, were "blown
away by his soulful approach to
hip-hop production. His use of
vintage R&B samples and live
instrumentation gave his work a
warmth and emotional honesty
that wasn't to be found anywhere
else at the time
West worked with a handful
of Roc-A-Fella artists but truly
made a name for himself with
his work on Jay-Z's The Blueprint.
On tracks like "Takeover" and
"Izzo in which he sampled The
Doors and The Jackson 5 respec-
tively, West created a sound
truly unique - one that would
be emulated by many producers
from then on.
After The Blueprint, West was
in high demand for his produc-
ing skills and over the next few
years, he would produce hits for
many of the top names in hip-
hop. But West wasn't satisfied
sitting in the background. He
wanted to move center stage. He
began working on an album of
his own. However, that progress
was halted in October 2002.
While driving home from the
recording studio one night in
Los Angeles, West was in a near-
fatal car accident. West survived,
but his jaw was broken in three
places. Doctors had to insert a
steel plate into his jaw.
A blessing in disguise may
be a bit of a stretch, but the acci-
dent did have an upside. In the
song "Through the Wire West
turned a negative into a positive
and chronicled the accident and
agonizing pain of having his jaw
entirely wired shut. The song
hit radios soon after and before
long, West was a star on his own.
At this time, another song from
West, "Slow Jamz" with Twista
and Jamie Foxx, was getting a ton
of airplay as well.
The College Dropout was
released in February 2004 to
rave reviews. In its first week,
the album sold 441,000 copies
and turned out several hit singles
aside from "Through the Wire"
and "Slow Jamz which also were
included on The College Dropout.
His success was most evident,
though, at the 2005 Grammy
awards where he was nominated
for 10 awards - and walked away
with three, including Best Rap
Album and Best Rap Song for
his hit "Jesus Walks In addi-
tion, according to,
The College Dropout was named
Album of the Year by Time maga-
zine, the New York Times, Blender,
Rolling Stone, GQ, Spin and The
Source among other publications.
The College Dropout would go on
to sell more than 3 million copies.
At that point, West had the
chance to relax and enjoy his
newfound fame and fortune.
Instead of resting, however, West
wanted to outdo himself. He
went back into the studio and
enlisted the help of musicians
such as Jay-Z, Brandy, The Game,
Cam'ron and Adam Levine of
Maroon 5.
The result of his effort is Late
Registration, released on Aug. 30. It
didn't take long for his whirlwind
effort to be validated: in its first
week of release, Late Registration
sold 860,000 copies. And in terms
of quality, Robb Sheffield of Roil-
ing Stone magazine said it best
in their five-star review of the
album, "Late Registration is an
undeniable triumph, packed front
to back, so expansive it makes the
debut sound like a rough draft
At this point, though, West
has transcended the music world.
He's no longer just a musician
- he's become a phenomenon.
That point is most evident by his
appearance on the cover of Time
magazine's Aug. 29 edition. Like
him or not, Kanye West is here to
stay. They don't put just anybody
on the cover of Time.
This writer can be contacted at
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Questions- Gall the Academic
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P@ m V
Page A6 252.328.6366 TUNY Z0PP0 Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY September 21, 2005
Sports Briefs
Congress talks to players
about Palmeiro
Congressional investigators
looking into whether Rafael
Palmeiro lied under oath are
interviewing players who know
him, Including a Colorado
outfielder suspended this year
for steroids. Palmeiro testified to
the House Government Reform
Committee in March that he neve:
had used steroids. The Baltimore
Orioles slugger, one of four
players in history with 3,000 hits
and 500 homers, was suspended
by Major League Baseball for 10
days in August for failing a drug
test. A congressional source
familiar with the committee's
work, speaking to the AP on
condition of anonymity because
the investigation is ongoing, said
Monday that several active players
have spoken or will speak with the
committee. That source would not
identify who was interviewed. Bui
Colorado Rockies outfielder Jorge
Piedra told the AP on Monday that
he spoke on the phone with the
committee. He said investigators
contacted him through his agent
about a week ago, found out "all
they wanted to know" in a matter
of minutes and didn't plan to
contact him again. Piedra, the
second player publicly identified
under the sport's new steroid rules
when he was suspended for 10
days in April, said the committee
"had a few questions and I just
answered them honestly The
congressional source indicated
that all the players asked to
talk to the committee recently
were chosen because they have
relationships with Palmeiro - such
as teammates or workout partners
- and could have knowledge
about whether he might have used
steroids before his testimony.
Ravens OB Injured
Baltimore Ravens quarterback
Kyle Boiler is likely to be out until
the end of October with his injured
right toe. Team officials said
Tuesday that Boiler will not require
surgery on the toe, but will need
at least another three weeks to
heal. The earliest he could return
is Oct. 16 against the Cleveland
Browns. But it's more likely he
would be back Oct. 23 against
the Chicago Bears or Oct. 31
against the Pittsburgh Steelers
Boiler, who was on crutches and
wearing a cast Tuesday at the
team's training complex, got a
second opinion on Monday from
the North Carolina foot specialist
who treated linebacker Peter
Boulware's turf toe last season.
The Ravens' 2003 first-round
draft pick was injured in the
24-7 season opening loss to the
Indianapolis Colts on a sack by
defensive tackle Larry Triplett.
Anthony Wright started Sunday
in a 25-10 loss to the Tennessee
Texans fire offensive
The Houston Texans fired
offensive coordinator Chris Palmer
on Monday following the team's
second straight embarrassing toss.
Joe Pendry, the team's offensive
line coach, was introduced as
his replacement by coach Dom
Capers Monday afternoon.
Capers and quarterback David
Carr agreed that offense needs to
be more consistent and hope this
change will facilitate that Palmer,
who had been the offensive
coordinator since the team's
inception, also called the plays.
The Texans lost to Pittsburgh 27-7
on Sunday after losing to Buffalo
22-7 in the opener. Houston has
averaged the fewest yards (170.5).
fewest passing yards (66.5) and
points (7) in the NFL through its
first two games. In Sunday's game.
Carr appeared to be confused. He
was sacked eight times - the
most since the expansion year
in 2002 and one shy of the most
in the team's 50-game history.
Against Buffalo. Houston allowed
five sacks and had five turnovers
Carr said he didn't like the feeling
he's had the last two weeks and
that he's happy with any change
that will improve the team. Palmer
joined the Texans after being fired
after two seasons as coach of
the Cleveland Browns. Capers
said he's been "evaluating the
big picture" for a while and that
this decision is a culmination of
Houston's poor performance in a
season-ending loss to Cleveland,
in the preseason and the first two
The Sports
r Fantasy Fever O
Fantasy sports has its niche in
American subculture
Once upon a time in the early 1980s,
a group of baseball fans thought it would
be a great idea to compete against one
another by putting their managerial skills
to a test. They created a league comprised
of teams with scores based on the statistics
of actual Major League Baseball players.
Once the creators of the first fan-
tasy baseball league told their
friends of their newly formed
group, the idea of doing the
same thing for football came
to light. These people could
not have imagined how their
simple idea could blossom into
an entire subculture of sports
fans who participate in several
fantasy sports league in different sports
- whether It be baseball, football, basket-
ball or hockey.
Those original baseball fans would
search newspaper box scores and try to
see how they were doing in their league
based upon the scoring system they set up.
Different leagues are set up differently and
the value based on certain statistics varies.
Rotisserie leagues have a season-long com-
petition based on the annual statistics,
which are updated daily. The creation of
head-to-head leagues came later, with the
incorporation of fantasy football leagues.
These leagues have "teams" play against
a different opponent within the league
weekly throughout the course of the
season. More often than not, a team will
play another team more than once.
Once computers and the Internet
became household items, fantasy sports
became a much more manageable and
less time-consuming hobby - allowing
team owners to participate in more than
one league.
Jason Boyd, the sports
editor of the Rocky Mount
(NC) Telegram, is currently in
five fantasy football leagues
and says fantasy sports leagues
help fans learn and appreciate
the games more.
"I think the reason that
people do it is because it's a different way
to keep up with particular players and
follow the sport more closely than they
would otherwise and pay more attention to
different nuances of the sport Boyd said.
"For any sports fan, it helps you
appreciate and understand the sport a
little more
There are different types of online
fantasy sports leagues - public and private.
Private leagues are formed from a group of
people who know each other and require
a password to join. Public leagues are iust
that - open to anybody, no
password required.
Some people do partici-
pate in more than one league
in more than one sport at a
time. There are people who
are in two fantasy football
leagues, finishing up their
fantasy baseball and NASCAR leagues
while getting ready to draft their fantasy
ues are iust Bovd savs h
hockey and basketball teams.
Whether in public or private leagues,
Bovd savs he participates in fantasy sports
because of the fun and cama-
raderie that can take place.
"It's just as much a social
gathering as anything else
Boyd said.
"In some ways (online
public leagues) are still social
gatherings. You can talk
The Do's and Don'ts of Fantasy Football
DO rely on match-ups to pick starters.
DO be the first to jump on the bandwagon.
In most leagues If you wait to see If a
player's hot start pans out, another owner
will have already claimed him.
DO pick up a player or two from your
favorite team. It adds to your game-
watching enjoyment.
DO follow your team's stats online. Exploit
the Internet. It makes It more fun too.
DO pay attention to early position battles.
This starts In the preseason.
DO make roster moves, trades, drops and
DON'T overemphasize the match-ups.
DON'T avoid losers. A player's team may
stink, but he may put up great numbers.
DON'T pick all the players from your
favorite team. Team loyalties will kill
you. One bad week could sink your
fantasy team.
DON'T spill beer on your keyboard.
DON'T overemphasize the moves. If you
cut a guy because of one bad game,
then want him back, he might have
already been snatched up by another
Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!
Elusive sport of dodgeball
zipping to ECU
Let the stretching, practicing
and lame jokes begin.
Dodgeball, the popu-
lar playground sport from
elementary school, is coming to
ECU. Recently immortalized in a
movie of the same name starring
Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller,
ECU Recreational Services is put-
ting on a dodgeball tournament,
starting with registration Sept.
28. The tournament is a one-
day event to gauge interest and
see if there's enough base to put
together a league in later years.
If you think it's just a fluke
event, think again. Dodgeball
has its own amateur body, the
National Amateur Dodgeball
Association, or NADA. NADA
sponsors a variety of tourna-
ments, but the closest one to
Greenville is in Richmond, Va.
So if you feel like putting a team
together, good luck paying for
gas. According to the Web site,
the primary aim of playing
dodgeball (no pun intended) is
to have fun in a sport requiring
minimal set up and experience.
"Experience is countered by
enthusiasm. Dodgeball promotes
maximum social enjoyment
the Web site says.
Social enjoyment may be a
key point for this tournament,
because it shouldn't be too rigor-
ous. According to the rules of the
tournament, teams will consist
of four players, and only three
balls on the court at once. One
of the balls will be placed on
the mldllne and each team will
get one ball to start the game.
Everyone knows the essential
information: you hit players
with the balls to knock them
out, or in ECU'S case, send them
to "jail Catching a ball thrown
by an opponent allows you to
bring a teammate back into the
game but will not eliminate the
thrower. Players may also use a
dodgeball they are holding to
deflect a ball thrown by another
player. Games will go until one
team is completely eliminated or
has the most people still in play
after five minutes. The majority
of the tournament matches will
be best two of three games, but
the championship will be best
three of five games.
The games will be held on
the second floor of the Student
Recreational Center, on the rac-
quetball courts, so prepare for
a somewhat intimate environ-
ment. In such a small environ-
ment it could be pretty difficult
to track three balls all flying
around at once, so it should make
for some interesting competition.
To make things even tighter, the
"jail" where teams' eliminated
players are to stay is on the court
on either side and measures one
square yard. All three balls will
likely be flying at once, because
penalties will be assessed should
teams be stalling. Stalling is
defined as a delay of game, or a
five-second interval where both
teams' players have not thrown
a ball.
Here's a fun twist for the
movie fanatics: If both teams
have the same amount of people
still live at the end of each
game's five-minute time limit,
sudden death rules apply. The
first team to strike an oppos-
ing player will be declared the
winner in that event.
Practicing for dodgeball isn't
terribly difficult, just grab a
friend and a nice soft ball. Con-
see DODGE page A 7
Lady Pirates soccer ready for
remainder of regular season
Young, energized team
prepared for the long
road ahead
After a tough 3-5 start to
their 2005 campaign, the ECU
women's soccer team and Head
Coach Rob Donnenwirth are
ready to rebound. Following a
draining stretch of away games,
the team is ready to make some-
thing big happen on the field for
their home fans.
"It's tough when you start the
season playing five out of your
first six games on the road said
"We just need to clean up
our mistakes and head in to the
weekend ready to win
Recent matches against Okla-
homa and Texas A&M have
battle-tested the players and Don-
nenwirth feels games like those
are instrumental in sculpting a
good team. Yet, there are some
things that are out of the control
of the coaches and players.
"We've got a young team
that is still getting used to
traveling and flying and a
fast-paced schedule said Don-
"We've had delayed flights,
very late arrivals returning from
away games and things like
that. It makes it tough when
you've got to balance school
and soccer
see SOCCER page 47
"Hot" Receiver
- Also known as the "hot" route,
it designates a wide receiver to
run a short route in the event the
quarterback reads blitz.
Hurry-lip Offense
- An offensive strategy employed
when a team wants to gain as
much yardage as possible while
using very little time off of the clock.
A blocking scheme where
a defensive player is allowed
through the line to be blocked by
another member of the offense.
Neutral Zone
- The area between
the two lines of scrimmage,
stretching from sideline
to sideline.
- A nickname for an
interception. Example - "Daunte
Culpepper was picked off five
times last week
However, I
optimistic about
future this se;
upcoming. Th
are full of youi
motivated playi
up and help w
if there are onl;
the roster.
"After Line
sen ior goal keepe
a season-ending
man keeper, Ai
stepped in Do
"She's made
saves, and I thir
to be quite a go.
From a defer
the team needs
erly carry out
season. So far,
have been out
season, and that
Fantasy Fi
smack by posti
sending emails.
The way pec
through chattir
sites can be an
some relatior
ships are deve
oped throug
online publi
fantasy spon
leagues. Of Boyd
five leagues, thn
are comprised
people whom f
"met" inpastfai
tasy sports leaj
"I was able t
other private le
of creates friend:
a whole differen
Boyd said.
With the ad
Space Is I
This coupon
2nd and 4th

I a
SOCCGr from page A6
However, Donnenwirth is
optimistic about his young team's
future this season and those
upcoming. The Lady Pirates
are full of young, talented and
motivated players ready to step
up and help win games, even
if there are only five seniors on
the roster.
"After Lindsi Troxler, our
senior goal keeper, went down with
a season-ending injury, our fresh-
man keeper, Amber Campbell,
stepped in Donnenwirth said.
"She's made some impressive
saves, and 1 think she'll turn out
to be quite a goal keeper
From a defensive standpoint,
the team needs players to prop-
erly carry out their roles this
season. So far, the Lady Pirates
have been out-scored 1S-S this
season, and that statistic will not
win games.
Jami Dickerson, Nicole
Moore, Kat Norris and Patty
Pierce are just some names of
young defenders that Amber
Campbell will rely on to help
protect her net.
Offensively, no one in or out
of conference can ever overlook
goal-scoring machine Meghan
McCallion. The 2004 First-team
All C-USA forward has racked
up 32 goals since 2002 and is on
track to finish her career with at
least 10 goals per season. She also
recently set two ECU records as
she became the school's leader in
both goals and points.
"Meghan is just fantastic
Donnenwirth said.
"Teams will try to stop her by
marking two or three defenders
on her. Most of the time that
doesn't work
Senior forward Melissa
Penney can possibly break her
own career high mark of four
goals in a season this weekend
with two goals - and there are
still 11 games remaining.
Rachel Hils will also have
to be a leader this season, as
will the rest of her upper-class
Donnenwirth believes if
his players realize the C-USA
championship is anyone's for the
taking, they have a good chance
of bringing it to Greenville.
"With all the new teams and
the lack of good scouting reports,
it makes it easier on us and on
the other teams Donnenwirth
"We just need to give 100
percent every game and elimi-
nate errors that could cost us a
Nevertheless, C-USA teams
are putting up some big numbers
that can't be ignored. The Lady
Pirates will be facing Rice on
Sept. 30 in Houston. The Owls
have scored 22 goals in only six
games this season so staunch
defense will be our key to win.
Another notable match-up
coming the way of the Lady
Pirates is the Oct. 7 contest
against Memphis. The Lady
Pirates have the Tigers right
where they want them: at home
in Greenville. However, with an
almost 6:1 goals scoredgoals
allowed ratio, the Tigers will
surely put up quite a battle.
"If we stay confident and
keep giving 100 percent, we'll
finish strong Donnenwirth said
concerning conference play.
"We haven't had one confer-
ence game yet so we don't even
know who is best within the
The additions of new assis-
tant coaches also will help out
the squad. Shannon St. George
and Katie Egan are entering
their first seasons coaching at
ECU and will provide much
knowledge and leadership to
the team.
This leadership will come in
handy this weekend when the
Lady Pirates square off against
Campbell and Frances Marion
in non-conference play.
"We need to concentrate on
putting pressure on Campbell
and Frances Marion for the full
90 minutes Donnenwirth said
about the approach the team
Fantasy Fever from page A6
smack by posting messages or
sending emails
The way people meet online
through chatting or dating Web
sites can be analogous to how
some relation-
ships are devel-
oped through
online public
fantasy sports
leagues. Of Boyd's
five leagues, three
are comprised of
people whom he
"met" in past fan-
tasy sports leagues on Yahoo!
"I was able to join into some
other private leagues and it sort
of creates friendships and creates
a whole different world for you
Boyd said.
With the advent of the Inter-
net, fantasy sports saw a dra-
matic surge in participation with
hundreds of Web sites offering
leagues in a variety of different
sports because information and
statistics were
readily avail-
"It's been
enhanced by
the Internet and
has made our
generation help
define itself
Boyd said.
"Some generations are known
for wars they participated in - we
are known more for the Internet.
It draws people together and you
can get information at the drop
of a hat. Sometimes you get too
much information, but it can
Free Admissions
and Test Strategy
Attend this FREE seminar and learn:

I how to successfully navigate the admissions process
� how to craft an application that gets you noticed
� score-raising strategies critical to acing your admissions test
Graduate School: Sept 27th 6:00 - 7:00 PM
Medical School: Sept 27th 7:30 - 8:30 PM
Law School: Sept 28th 6:00 � 8:00 PM
Business School: Sept 28th 7:30 � 8:00 PM
All seminars will be in:
Bate Building - Room 1028
Space is limited. Call or visit us online today to register.
1 800 KAP TEST
Test Prep and Admissions
Coroe see vfast -We're sU, 7
iXWeei the Sisters Qookotiil
fa�$dy. J�pt�rofe�r 13
X W pw AT
Wl -for directions, e-ro�ll L&flK t wf
lA ImdOII&tviilLncu.adu- Af
help you run your team
Fantasy sports leagues are not
limited to football, hockey, base-
ball and basketball According to, there "are now fan-
tasy sports leagues
for almost every
major sport in
the United States,
whether it is col-
lege or profes-
sional - including
soccer, golf, auto
and horse racing,
tennis, etc. There
are more fantasy
football leagues than any other
fantasy sport league, including
Football is easier to manage
- weekly games and simpler
statistics. Baseball has different
stats for pitchers and hitters.
Batting average, on-base percent-
age, slugging percentage, hits,
doubles, triples, home runs, runs
batted in, stolen bases, etc. for
hitters, while
pitchers deal
with earned
run aver-
age, wins and
losses, saves.
Some hitting
stats can be
used for pitch-
ers, depend-
ing on which
league they are in. Football is
much simpler in its statistical
Fantasy sports can be big
money. There are money leagues,
where team owners pay money
to be in the league, then hope to
win the league for a cash payout
at season's end. Fox Sports Net-
work and other networks devote
half-hour and hour-long pro-
grams to fantasy team manage-
ment. There are hundreds of
fantasy sports magazines.
With hundreds of Web sites,
magazines and television pro-
grams devoted to fantasy sports
leagues, the number of people
participating is only going to
grow. Last year, just from one
Web site, - more than
3 million people across the coun-
try were in at least one league.
That is just an example from one
Web site of hundreds.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
Students eat cheap. j
Just show your ID.
The real one.
valid with student
ID only
Meal includes: Chicken Fingerz, Crinkle Fries,
Texas Toast, Zax Sauce and a Regular Beverage.
1098 Allen Rd. � Greenville � 252.752.4754
must take in this weekend's
upcoming games. "
It's key for us to be at home,
and a couple of wins this weekend
will be a great morale boost for us
As coach said, the team
is young. Team chemistry is
something that grows over
time and the Lady Pirates are
growing closer after each game.
The effort and desire to win must
be present in order to come out
on top.
"We're a blue collar team. We
try to out-work our opponents
Donnenwirth said.
"We've just got to go in to
every game ready to take control
from the first minute up until the
very last
This writer can be contacted at
DOdge from page A6
trary to what the movie said,
you can dodge a ball without
ever dodging a wrench. Practice
anticipating the movement of
the ball and reacting to the path
with your body. If you don't
think you'll be quick and agile
enough to get out of the way,
practice catching the ball. In
some situations that helps more
than dodging.
The most interesting part of
the tournament will surely be
the strategy that teams come to
the event with, most of them
having not played since ele-
mentary school. If you don't
go to play, it might be fun to
watch teams trying to win with
muscle, or quickness or hand-eye
coordination. Watching
twenty-year olds gyrate and
maneuver like kids should be
well worth the time anyway.
However, I have a few
suggestions you should take
into account before organizing
your own dodgeball team. The
world has seen the movie, so
any team named Average Joes or
Globo Gym should be disquali-
fied for lack of originality. It's
just not worth the cost of the
purple jumpsuits, no matter how
many people think it's funny.
Also, since you only have
four team members, this is
not the sport to initiate your
coordination-challenged friend
to physical activity. They'd just
be dead weight.
Please, for the love of all that
is sacred, leave the ball jokes at
home. Once again, many of the
jokes that would be considered
hilarious have already been
uttered by a character from the
movie. If I wanted to see and
hear the movie, I'd rent it from
Finally - and this is my last
and most important request - let
Chuck Norris take the day off.
He probably couldn't catch a
ball, anyway.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
Retro & Vintage
lewerlv and Morr
801 Dickinson Avenue
Uptown Greenville
2nd and 4th donation
I'm a Student and a Plasma Donor
Names: Jennifer
Majors: Nursing
Hobbies: Swimming & going to the beach
Why do I donate Plasma?
Extra spending money for the beach.
Earn up to $170mo. donating plasma in a friendly place.
DCI Biological of Greenville � 252-757-0171
2727 K. Kltli Street � Down the Street from ECU �
helping people help
Throughout our lives, we encounter many challenges. Conflicts in
relationships. Life transitions. Emotional crises. Educational and
career decisions. Physical illness and disability.
Rehabilitation counselors, substance abuse and mental health
counselors, and vocational evaluators are trained and committed
to providing the help and support to master the challenges of life.
With a degree in one of our three programs in REHABILITATION
STUDIES, you will be able to help people maximize their potential
and make positive changes in their lives!
School of Allied Health Sciences
Dept. of Rehabilitation Studies
Belk Building, Room 312
September 18-26 is National Rehabilitation
Awareness Week

Page A8
WENESDAY September 21, 2005
Room for rent Pirates Place 1 Bdrm, 1
study, 1 bathroom, shared kitchen
living room 1350 month. Call 717-
For Rent - Dockside a 3BR 2BA
townhouse with Cathedral ceiling,
close to campus. $900mo. - Call
Carrett 252-258-0366
One two Brs. on-site management
maintenance Central heat air 6,9,12
month leases Water Cable included
ECU bus Wireless Internet pets
dishwasher disposals pool laundry
(252) 758-4015
Three Bedroom House Near
Campus $700.00 Two Bedroom
Duplex Near Campus $450.00 One
Room Efficiency Apt. Near Campus
$230.00 714-4875
For rent - One bedroom wbath at
Pirates Cove Apartments - 252-752-
9995. Rent paid through 93005.
Available immediately. Contact or 302-753-
Walk to Campus 3 BR 1
Bath Duplex $650month
includes wd. New appliances,
New carpet, celling fans In
bedrooms, Lawn maintenance
Included. Call 375-6447 to
Two bedroom condo $500. Short
leases available. Pets OK, DW,
fireplace, WD hookup, 1.5 baths.
Available immediately. Very clean.
Call 830-9502.
Female wanted to move into 3
bedroom townhouse at Lakeview
- Spring Forest Rd. $325month plus
13 of utilities. Cable and internet
included. Contact Shannon @ 252-
Townhouse, 3 Bedroom, 2.5
Baths, Full Kitchen, WasherDryer,
Fireplace, Enclosed Patio, Private
End Unit, Large Yard, AC, Quiet
Neighborhood, ECU Busline,
No Pets, Deposit (Negotiable),
References. ($725Month) 756-
Houses for rent: 3 bedroom $750-
$900,4 bedroom $900-$1,200Call
Apartments for rent: 1 Bedroom
$300 without utilities $400 including
utilities Call 252-353-5107
Save your gas money for more
important things. Sign a 1 year lease
and receive 112 off first month's rent
at Ceorgetowne Apts on Cotanche,
across from ECU's Rec. Center.
For rent: Twin Oaks townhouse,
2 BR, 1 12 bath, end unit on ECU
campus bus route. Patio, pool, WD
hook-up. $555 per month. Call 864-
982-2459 or 919-498-0520.
1st month free 2 Bedroom Duplex
Apt. located @1011-A Brownlea Dr.
Pets ok w Deposit $595.00 month
Call 355-3248 or 714-9099
For Rent 3BDR 2BA Plus Bonus
Room, Deck, Pets OK, 4 Blocks From
ECU Avail. Now $275 Per BDR Per
Month. Call 258-1810.
Amazing new apartment in Holly
Glen complex near PCMH! Only
one year old! $550WD, high speed
internet, water & sewer included.
Pet fee paid! 336-688-3667 Come
see it today!
2 and 3 bedroom townhouses
available now with 1.5 to 2.5 baths,
full basement, enclosed patio, WD
Hook-ups, plenty of storage, 1800
sq. ft ECU bus route, No Pets,
Roommate wanted in Riverwalk
home. Private bedroom and bath.
Call osh 704-491-4902
Roommate Wanted to Share 3 BR
House Summit Street Five Blocks
From Campus $300 13 utilities
Call Tommy 919-270-0370
Used Furniture: 2 Bookcases: 41 "h,
48"h - $10 ea 1 Overstuffed chair -
$10,2 Metal 2-Drawer File Cabinets
- $5 ea Painted Furniture: Base w2
doors, Base w 3 drawers, Bookcase
hutch-all 30"w-$15 ea.
Part-Time position(s) available
with innovative Wireless Internet
Company for Customer Response
Team. If you are energetic, have a
good phone voice and are computer
literate we would like to hear from
you. Please email resume' to or
fax to (252) 321-8186. Please no
phone calls.
Area high school seeking field
hockey officials during September-
October for late afternoon games.
If interested contact Lydia Rotondo
at (252) 329-8080.
Tiara Too Jewelry Colonial Mall Part-
time Retail Sales Associate Available
year round! Day and Night hours
Apply in Person
Food Delivery Drivers wanted
for Restaurant Runners. Part-time
positions 100-200week. Perfect
"Before giving, I
always look for the
Humane Seal"
Star of NBC's hit show ER
The Humane Charity Seal of
Approval guarantees that a health
charity funds vital
patient services or
life-saving medical
research, but never
animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
Washington, D.C.
www. HumaneSeal. org
202-686-2210, ext. 335
When you're
cruising the
pull off on
our new exit
for college students Some lunch
time (11a-2p) M-F and weekend
availability required. 2-way radios
allow you to be anywhere in
Greenville when not on a delivery.
Reliable transportation a must. Call
551-3279 between 2-5 only. Sorry
Greenville Residents only.
Get Practical! CFIPractical
Route Miles Effective 12105!
W. Memphis Orientation! $0.05
NE Bonus Pay! Average 2004
Solo Earnings $49,950! Top Solo:
$70,526! XM Service Provided Class
A CDL Required Student Grads
Start at $0.26 Potential 1st Year
Income $42,000! 1-800-CFI-DRIVE
Responsible, experienced, non-
smoking, babysitter, needed full-
time for a 2-yr old and infant. Mon-
Fri 7am-4pm. Please call 355-6680
or email at
Starting 920.
Do You Need A Good ob?-The
ECU Telefund is hiring students
to contact alumni and parents for
the ECU Annual Fund. $6.25 hour
plus cash bonuses. Make your own
schedule. If interested, visit our
website at www.ecu.edutelefund
and click on JOBS.
Bartenders Wanted! $250day
potential. No experience necessary.
Training provided. Call (800) 965-
6520 ext. 202
Afternoon help needed to transport
older children (2) to after school
activities during September
October. If interested call Lydia
Rotondo at (252) 329-8080.
Need assistance with school work
for children ages 12 & 8. Must
have 3.2 GPA, non-smoker w
transportation. Needed afternoons,
early evenings and some weekends.
Call 752-1572.
Memphis Orientation! 1-800-CFI-
DRIVE (800-234-3748) Practical
Route Miles Paid Effective 12105!
$0.05 NE Bonus Pay! Average 2004
Solo Earnings $49,950! Top Solo:
$70,526! XM Service Provided Class
A CDL Required Student Grads
Start at $0.26 Potential 1st Year
Income $42,000! www.cfidrive.
Energetic and friendly individual
wanted to join a cosmetic
enhancing division of an established
dental practice. Must be spirited,
professional, outgoing. Flexible
afternoons and evenings preferred.
Call 252-752-1572 for interview.
Greek Personals
Rush Gamma Sigma Sigma Service
Sorority! Tuesday Wednesday or
Thursday, 920 through 922. Meet
in Bate 1016 at 7pm.
Spring Break - Early Booking
Specials - Free Meals & Drinks -
$50 Deposit - 800-234-7007 www.
Spring Break 2006. Travel with
STS, America's 1 Student Tour
Operator to Jamaica, Cancun,
Acapuico, Bahamas, and
Florida. Now hiring on campus
reps. Call for group discounts.
1 800 648 4849 or www.
Bahamas Spring Break Celebrity
Cruise! 5 Days From $299! Includes
Meals, Taxes, Entry To Exclusive
MTVu Events, Beach Parties With
Celebrities As Seen on Real World,
Road Rules! On Campus Reps
Needed! www.SpringBreakTravel.
com 1-800-678-6386
Cancun, Acapuico, amaica From
$499! Travel With America's Largest
& Ethics Award Winning Spring
Break Company! Fly Scheduled
Airlines, Free Meals, Drinks, Biggest
Celebrity Parties! On-Campus
Marketing Reps Needed! www. 1-800-
Sigma Alpha Lambda, a National
Leadership and Honors Organization
with over 50 chapters across the
country, is seeking motivated
students to assist in starting a local
chapter (3.0 GPA Required). Contact
Rob Miner, Director of Chapter
Development at rminer@salhonors.
1 Spring Break Website! Low
prices guaranteed. Free Meals &
Free Drinks. Book 11 people, get
12th trip free! Group discounts for
6 www.SpringBreakDiscounts.
com or or
The 2005 Annual Fall Meeting of the
North Carolina Archaeology Society
will be held at East Carolina University
on September 24. Attendance is free.
Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. in
the foyer of the Flanagan Building
and the morning lecture session
begins at 10:15. Archaeologists
from ECU will present their current
research projects which cover
historic, prehistoric, and maritime
archaeology in Eastern North
Carolina. At 2:00, attendees may
go on a tour of the Queen Anne's
Revenge Lab on the West Research
Campus Wellness
Wellness Wednesdays
Fit Stop Program
Join us once a month for various
health screenings and programs
throughout the semester!
Our first stop will be a blood
pressure screening at the Student
Recreation Center on Wednesday,
September 21.
5:00pm - 6:00pm "
FREE for students, faculty and staff!
For more information, contact
Campus Wellness - 328-6794
"Individuals requesting accommodations undri the Imrricans
Nadia F
class, Doyf
Walter Porii
The Federa
voted on Tues
Federal Fund
percent to 3.
move is desi
against inflatk
believed thai
impact from li
might cause th
Board to pa
increases. Fede:
man Alan Ore
the impact f
Katrina will
and therefore
was appropriati
Since Junt
rates have beer
ing from the
percent to the
3.75 percent.
Chairman Ala
expected to ra
to about 4-4.5
al (252) MH-t,7 voice 22)2X OK')') I I V

The East Carolinian, September 21, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
September 21, 2005
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3cm x 2cm
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