The East Carolinian, September 7, 2005
Volume 81 Number 2 WEDNESDAY September 7, 2005
Katrina aftermath
Red Cross volunteer Liz Quail moves one of hundreds of cots set up at the Kentucky Fair and
Exposition Center to accommodate the arrival of Hurricane Katrina evacuees, Tuesday, Sept. 6,
2005, in Louisville, Ky. About 500 storm survivors are expected to arrive in the city this week.
Damage continues to
pile sdsdsdsd
Despite missing the worst of
Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans
was turned into a city-sized bath-
tub last week and questions about
preparedness have come to the
table for America's leaders.
Hurricane Katrina was at
one point a category-five hur-
ricane and hit the coast with the
strength of a category-four storm.
Although the damage done to the
Gulf Coast cities was immense, it
is possible for even worse storms
to strike the U.S.
"1 don't want to say they got
lucky, but the storm did go to
the east of New Orleans said D.
Reide Corbett, assistant professor
of geolology.
"The brunt of the storm hit
Mississippi and Alabama
Corbett said New Orleans was
at least fortunate enough to miss
the right quadrant of the storm.
That area is the strongest part of
a hurricane.
Corbett knows the Gulf Coast
well since he did his post-doc-
toral research in the area.
Even if New Orleans missed
Katrina's worst, the category-four
hurricane was enough to destroy
the city's protective measures and
inundate several streets.
"During the storm they lost
power, so pumps stopped work-
ing - at least two pumps stopped
working and without these
pumps, you can't move water out
of New Orleans Corbett said.
There was also the dilemma
of levees falling apart.
"Over the last 24 hours after
Katrina passed is when they
started seeing most of the prob-
lems with levees breaking Cor-
bett said.
He said the levees work to
keep water out of the city, but
in some cases, keep water inside
when the water goes over a
Critics are blaming the fed-
eral government for not empha-
sizing flood control enough.
New York Times writer Paul Krug-
man criticizes the government
for not being prepared for the
catastrophe in New Orleans,
slowing flood-control work and
diminishing the Federal Emer-
gency Management Agency's
"Why wasn't more preventa-
tive action taken? After 2003,
the Army Corps of Engineers
sharply slowed its flood-control
work, including work on sinking
levees said Krugman.
However, Corbett does not
think the Army Corps of Engi-
neers should shoulder the blame
for levees breaking. He said they
raised New Orleans' hurricane
defenses up about 10 years ago in
response to hurricane damage.
"They brought New Orleans
up to the
standard of
a category-
three hur-
Corbett said.
"They raised
levees and
He said
even if New
Orleans was
prepared for
a category-
five storm,
the levees
likely break.
wrath is
lable for
than control-
ling nature's
wrath, non-
profit orga-
nizations would like to remedy
the effects of it. Unfortunately
see HURRICANE page A2
Relief Sites
American Red Cross
The Salvation Army
Operation Blessing
America's Second Harvest
National Voluntary
Active In Disasters
Underwater classroom makes waves
Students dive for
shipwreck conservation
ECU students conduct underwater
class In Rorlda Keys.
If you think it's hard enough
to wake up for school on a Monday
morning, try doing it with sand
in your underwear and a stingray
that's a little too friendly.
A diverse group of 12 stu-
dents, including three from
ECU, traveled to the Florida Keys
National Marine Sanctuary for
fi two weeks to conduct an under-
f water class with the guidance
5 and patronage of the Partnering
Archaeology with Science and
Technology Foundation.
3 Annalies Corbin, assistant
professor of nautical archaeol-
ogy in maritime studies and
founder and director of PAST,
and Sheli Smith, the PAST Foun-
dation's director of operations,
led the team of students to the
Sanctuary's Shipwreck Trail.
The Shipwreck Trail is a line of
nine sunken ships in the Florida
Keys that span three generations
of shipbuilding: the oldest ship
sunk in 1733 and the latest ship
was sunk intentionally in 1987 to
create a barrier reef.
"We chose the Marine Sanc-
tuary because we like to work in
marine protected areas, places
where there are shipwrecks that
have not yet been studied said
One of the team's goals was
to identify and catalog approxi-
mately 100 artifacts recovered
from the Adelaide Baker, a timber
carrying ship bound for Savan-
nah that crashed into the Coffins
Patches Reef in 1889.
Treasure hunters stole the
artifacts in 1992, a problem
which has beeen increasing for
marine archaeologists. Fortu-
nately, the items were later won
in a court case by National Oce-
anic and Atmospheric Admin-
istration and given to the PAST
Foundation to study and identify
for conservation. Taking objects
from any of the sunken ships
within the sanctuary is illegal,
but Smith said it happens rather
When asked why the team
did not dive at the Adelaide Baker
site Smith said, "There really
isn't anything left. It is a popular
dive site and likewise popular for
treasure hunters
The other focus of the class
see UNDERWATER page A8
Movie made on ECU
graduate's teaching career
ECU alumnus, Ron Clark, visited the Greenville area and
the local Barnes & Noble for a booksigning.
TNT movie coming in
Former ECU teaching fellow
Ron Clark, who is now an
elementary school teacher, will
have his teaching experiences
portrayed in a made-for-tele-
vision movie titled, The Ron
Clark Story.
Clark will be played by
"Friends" star Matthew Perry.
The movie will premiere on
television in January.
Along with being a teaching
fellow, Clark majored in history
before graduating from ECU in
Clark did not initially plan to
teach after college but ended up
teaching after he came back to
the U.S. from Europe.
"I was traveling around
Europe and became sick in
Romania and flew back home
to Belhaven. My mom begged
me to take a teaching position
at Snowden Elementary School
because a teacher there passed
away in the middle of the school
year Clark said.
"I visited the school, talked
with principal, saw the kids and
knew that's where I was supposed
to be
Clark's teaching methods
have garnered a lot of atten-
tion because of the approach he
takes to generate a vibrant class-
room environment, and at the
same time, maintain order. The
grounding for his ideas is noted
in his book, The Essential 55.
"My class definitely isn't dull.
It's a lot of fun, but at the same
time I am extremely strict and
my students must follow my 55
essentials - those are my 55 rules
I have for them dealing with
manners, respect and how to be
a good student Clark said.
When Clark spoke at the
ECU College of Education's 2002
commencement, he described his
way of balancing liberality and
"Some people say, 'don't smile
until November That's hogwash
because you have to let those kids
know you love them and you
have to discipline them as well
it's got to go hand-in-hand
Clark said.
Some of the rules found in
Clark's book include, "do not
ask for a reward (Rule 15)" and
"if you are asked a question in
conversation, ask a question in
return (Rule 6)
Mary Beth Corbin, director
of the North Carolina teach-
fellows program, said Clark
as taught in eastern North
Carolina as well as in Harlem,
New York. Clark has been
involved with many students
from low-income areas.
"He brought southern roots
to the north, visited their homes
and met with parents said
Corbin met Clark through
the teaching fellows program.
She said Clark sometimes comes
back to ECU and takes students
to tour New York.
He also takes his own students
on trips to places like the Statue
of Liberty.
Clark said his style of teach-
ing was born out of necessity. His
methods have to change to meet
the needs of students.
"I have done everything from
dressing up like presidents, to
recreating the Battle of the Alamo
with water balloons, to painting
my entire classroom electric blue,
to throwing raw eggs across my
classroom to bring the education
alive Clark said.
"I get my students out of the
classroom and we travel around
the state and country so that my
students can see the world that is
out there and the opportunities
before them
Clark said he received plenty
of support from his parents as
well as his mentors at ECU. He
also called his days at ECU, "the
best four years of my life
"I am purple and gold to the
heart. I have swam in the foun-
tain, painted my body purple and
streaked across the field during a
football game on ESPN, camped
out for a weekend for tickets
to the Peach Bowl, tailgated to
the point I never made it to the
stadium and pulled many an all-
nighter studying in the stacks at
the library Clark said.
Clark has even won the
acclaim of former President Bill
Clinton and Senator Hillary
Clinton. He was pleased to see
his students gain recognition.
Clark said having his students
be commended by the Clintons
was a greater feeling than any
personal award.
Oprah Winfrey also met with
Clark. He said meeting her gave
him a voice in education.
"I have contributed my ideas
to school systems around the
globe, and that is an overwhelm-
ing feeling Clark said.
Clark's message to ECU stu-
dents is for them to try to make
a difference in the lives of others,
regardless of their profession.
"There is nothing more
rewarding than helping those
who are less fortunate, and by
doing so it will make your life rich
and full of meaning Clark said.
Clark will be teaching fifth
grade social studies to students
in inner city Atlanta in 2006 at
the new school he is opening, the
Ron Clark Academy.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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Page A2 252.328.6366
WEDNESDAY September 7,2005
Decoration Contest
Are you ready for some
competition? Get ready to
decorate your office doors In
commemoration of the signing
of the US Constitution. How
creative can you be? Beginning
Sept. 12 ECU will be observing
Constitution Day (Sept. 17) with a
week long Celebration of events.
All Department of University
Union offices are encouraged
to participate. Doors must be
completed by Sept. 12, 2005.
University students and staff will
have the opportunity to cast their
vote at the Welcome Center using
the following categories: Most
Creative, Most Patriotic, Most
Historical and Best Overall. Please
contact Hank Bowen at 4965
with any questions or concerns.
We are looking forward to your
Mentors Needed
Want to be a mentor? Now
recruiting volunteers for East
Carolina Friends organization.
More info at or
contact Aadil Lodhi (ECF Pres) at
ECU Ambassadors
The ECU Ambassadors Invite
you to submit an application and
join them for the Membership
Recruitment Social, Wednesday,
Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. The social
is a great opportunity to meet
current Ambassadors and learn
more about how you can join
and serve ECU. The social takes
place at the Taylor-Slaughter
Alumni Center, located at 901 E.
5th Street (at the Intersection of
5th Street and Biltmore Street).
ECU Ambassadors network with
campus leaders and officials, help
recruit student athletes and form
lasting friendships. Applications
for membership are available at
the Alumni Center and are due
by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 9. Ice cream
will be provided, applications will
be available, and prospective
members should be able to
sign up for an interview time.
For more information on the
Ambassadors visit their Web site
at Ambassadors.PlrateAlumnl.
com or call 328-6072.
Freshman Roundtable
Freshmen Roundtable (Thursday,
Sept. 8 3:30-4:30 p.m Ledonla
Wright Cultural Center) These
roundtables are designed to
provide freshmen with pertinent
information about resources at
ECU. This will also be an Important
networking opportunity. Various
ECU staff and administrators will
present information about how
they assist students. For more
information, call us at 328-6495.
Thursday, Sept. 8 Welcome Back
Bingo (7 p.m. Destination 360,
Mendenhall) Free for students
(plus one guest). Student ID
required. Prizes awarded to
winners. Sponsored by the Student
Union, Spectrum Committee.
Fall Bowling Leagues
Fall 2005 Outer Llmltz Classic
Bowling League. Bowling in the
Outer Limitz every Thursday
night for 11 weeks with Pirates
like Yourself. Registration is $5
per person and $5 per week.
For more details come to Outer
Umitz Bowling. Come Get Your
Bowl On.
Peace Week
Peace Week, Sept. 18-24, your
participation is needed. This is
a yearly event that celebrates
world peace through a variety of
programs that is meant to bring
students together. This year
Peace Week starts on Sunday,
Sept. 18 until Saturday, Sept. 24.
We are looking forward for your
organization to help, promote and
support this program to make it
another success.
Japan League
5-9p.m.Bate 1010
Come out and join us for free
showings of Japanese movies,
television shows and anime.
Check us out online: jl.pattemblue.
News Briefs
More than 1,000 evacue�s are In
North Carolina
RALEIGH, NC (AP) - North Carolina
continued to welcome refugees
from the Gulf Coast on Tuesday,
and started to face the challenge of
finding jobs, housing and classrooms
for those forced by Hurricane Katrina
to flee their homes.
"We want the people who are here
and across the state who have been
evacuated out of New Orleans and
Mississippi to feel good about North
Carolina Gov. Mike Easley said
before he toured a shelter set up at a
vacant office complex near the RBC
Center in west Raleigh.
"They do now. I want them to feel
good in two days, three days, In a
month or however long they are here
and that means we all have to step
up and do our part"
So far, more than 1,100 people
seeking refuge from Katrina have
come to North Carolina, spreading
out in shelters across the state.
The state's cities and counties are
preparing to accommodate more.
The bulk of the refugees in the
state are in Charlotte, where more
than 800 have come through a shelter
set up at the Charlotte Coliseum.
About 350 are staying there, said
Mecklenburg County spokesman
Danny Diehl.
Another 385 are at the shelter In
Raleigh; more than 100 evacuees
have come to Greensboro. Some
are in hotels and some are staying
with family and friends, said Melanie
McDonough, director of public support
for the Red Cross' Greensboro
chapter. She said Greensboro has
agreed to accept 500 evacuees.
Stocks surge on declining oil
prices, Dow up 141
NEW YORK (AP) - Wall Street rallied
Tuesday as oil prices tumbled, the
service sector reported strong growth,
and investors embraced large-cap
stocks such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc
Coca-Cola Co. and Home Depot Inc.
The Dow Jones industrial average
gained more than 141 points.
Investors rejoiced as crude oil and
gas futures dipped following the
decision by industrialized nations to
release 60 million barrels of crude
from strategic stockpiles in the wake
of Hurricane Katrina. A barrel of
light crude settled at $65.85, down
$1.61, on the New York Mercantile
Exchange, while gasoline prices on
the exchange fell 13 cents to $2.05
per gallon.
Today was a relief rally; it was an oil
price relief story said Lynn Reaser,
chief economist of the investment
strategies group at Bank of America.
"Oil prices are still very high, but much
more moderate than the worst fears
of last week
The Dow rose 141.87, or 1.36
percent, to 10,589.24, its best
Hurricane from page?
for groups like the Red Cross,
New Orleans was too dangerous
to get into to provide relief, even
days after the storm passed. After
the storm surge, it was too haz-
ardous to send aid workers into
the disaster area because FEMA
helicopters were being shot at by
disgruntled victims.
John Minges, Pitt County
commissioner for district three
and Red Cross volunteer, said
the Red Cross had opened 149
shelters by Sept. 2. These shel-
ters were offered to people who
had gotten out of places like
New Orleans, Biloxi and Mobile.
Many people were still trapped
in the city at that point though.
Homeland Security did not want
the Red Cross to be there at that
Now, the Red Cross is oper-
ating shelters in places like the
Houston Astrodome.
According to Minges, people
in North Carolina have been
generous with donations. This
generosity comes despite rising
costs of fuel that have left some
people strapped for cash.
"There has been a steady
stream of people coming into the
offices Minges said.
The national Red Cross would
like people to make donations.
Donations can be made by check
by putting "Hurricane Katrina"
into the memo line of the check
or by dialing 1-800-Help-Now
and donating over the phone.
Locally, the Pitt County Red
Cross is asking for monetary
donations. Minges said Best Buy
is accepting water and non-per-
ishable items. Beasley Broadcast-
ing stations are collecting dona-
tions as well.
Pitt County Red Cross Direc-
tor of Emergency Services, Travis
Strack, is looking for people to give
anything they can. He said we
should be generous because next
time it could be North Carolina
that gets hit by a powerful storm.
"It's only a matter of time
before we get hit Strack said.
This writer can be contacted at
Waging the war
on insect bites
An inside look on a new
disease and helpful hints
to prevent it
Altr.ough the end of summer
approaches, many of us may still
feel the presence of those pesky
Along with their irritability
factor, mosquitoes also carry and
transmit disease. One of the most
common diseases is the West
Nile virus.
The West Nile virus is a dis-
ease that is carried by wild birds
and transmitted by mosquitoes.
Although the virus is commonly
found in places like Africa, West
Asia and the Middle East, West
Nile cases have been found in the
states since 1999.
The virus can be con-
tracted through mosquitoes
that carry the disease, blood
transfusions and mother to child
contact, such as breast-feeding.
Because the virus must have a
vector to travel through West
Nile cannot be contracted by
The time between bite-to-
infection can take anywhere
from three to 14 days and approx-
imately four out of five people
infected with the disease will not
show symptoms.
For those who unfortunately

How should one go about preventing
the disease?
Report news students need to kjM tec
Accepting applications for STAFF WRITERS
�Leam Investigative reporting skills
�Must have at least a 2.0 GW
WE'VE MOVED Apply al our NEW orfce located uptown al the Sell Help Building - 100F E 3rd SI
one-day gain since July 8.
feel the effects of the bite, symp-
toms include high fever, head-
ache, muscle weakness, vision
loss, numbness and even paraly-
sis. According to Alice Anderson,
professor in the ECU College of
Health and Human Performance,
symptoms may last several weeks,
and neurological effects may be
"West Nile Virus and viruses
similar to it like Eastern Encepha-
litis, have been known to cause
serious nerve problems said
Most people wonder who is
most at risk for the disease. The
response to that is: anyone who
is exposed to an area where the
virus has been recognized at risk.
Additionally, people over the age
of SO have the highest risk of
severe disease.
"Immune compromised
people are also prone to infec-
tion Anderson said.
While the disease is usu-
ally present in the summer,
infection time runs into the
fall months as well. However,
don't let that fool you, the
virus can still be transmitted
year round.
In late July, the first case of
West Nile in North Carolina
turned up in Pitt County. The
second case showed up in Cum-
berland County in early August.
This writer can be contacted at
With Chirac In hospital, potential
successors take front and center
PARIS (AP) - Jacques Chirac's
hospitalization for a vascular problem
in his eye has been described
as minor, but it appears to have
galvanized possible successors and
caused a media uproar about the
naked ambitions of Interior Minister
Nicolas Sarkozy.
The 72-year-old president, who has
clocked more than four decades In
politics, seems less likely than ever
to run for re-election in 2007.
Chirac, primed on the notions of
grandeur dear to his mentor
Charles de Gaulle, has always left
open the possibility of seeking a
third term, a way to gain leverage
over rivals.
But the president has been weakened
in recent years by a series of political
setbacks, most recently the "no"
victory in France's May 29 referendum
on the European constitution. The
president had staked his political
honor on passage. Now, he is as
politically vulnerable as he has ever
That Chirac was hospitalized just as his
party was holding its annual summer
meeting added to the symbolism and
gave new weight to internal rivalries.
The jockeying was highlighted by a
public show of differences between
Prime Minister Dominique de Vlllepin,
Chirac's protege, and Sarkozy, the
government's pugnacious No. 2 who
has openly eyed the presidency for
several years.
Chirac's health "makes his political
future more difficult said Pascal
Perrineau, a political analyst with
the Center for the Study of French
Political Life. "It reminds people he
is In his seventies and makes it
highly improbable that he will run for
president again This accelerates
the campaign
percent, to lU.ooa.Zt, IIS Desi in recent years uy a senoa ui aihui� ������.� �'�-
Day after day, Bush White House trying
to regain its footing and repair its image
Bush White House is known for
its ability to remain in control
of its message and image, sliding
out of crises with barely a scratch.
Not this time.
Despite day after day of
appearances by President Bush
aimed at undoing the political
damage from a poor response
to Hurricane Katrina, the White
House has not been able to regain
its footing, already shaken by
the war in Iraq and a death toll
exceeding 1,880.
The administration on Tues-
day struggled to deflect calls for
an accounting of who was respon-
sible for a hurricane response that
even Bush acknowledged was
inadequate. There were increas-
ing calls for the resignation or
firing of Michael Brown, director
of the Federal Emergency Man-
agement Agency.
"I think it's clear we're in
damage control now said
Norman Ornstein, political ana-
lyst at the American Enterprise
Institute think tank.
It's a troubling position for
Bush, already suffering the lowest
approval ratings of his presidency.
The mistakes have come one
upon the other.
Even as Katrina was bearing
down on the Gulf Coast that
Sunday night and early Monday,
Aug. 28-29, and the national
hurricane center was warning of
growing danger, the White House
didn't alter the president's plans
to fly from his Texas ranch to the
West to promote a new Medicare
prescription drug benefit.
By the time Bush landed
in Arizona that Monday, the
storm was unleashing its fury on
Louisiana and Mississippi. The
president inserted into his speech
only a brief promise of prayers
and federal help.
He continued his schedule in
California, and he didn't decide
until the next day that he should
return to Washington. But it took
him another day to get there, as
he flew back to Texas to spend
another night at his home before
leaving for the White House.
Once the president was in
Washington, the criticism only
While a drowned New Orleans
descended into lawless misery,
Bush delivered remarks from the
Rose Garden that were seen as
flat and corporate. It was a sharp
contrast to the commanding,
empathetlc president the public
rallied around in the days after
the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
In a television interview,
Bush said - mistakenly - that
nobody anticipated the breach of
the levees in a serious storm.
Even Monday's trip to the
region was a redo, hurriedly
arranged by the White House
over the weekend after luke-
warm response to Bush's first
in-person visit to the Gulf Coast
last Friday.
Bush had raised eyebrows
on his first trip by, among other
things, picking Sen. Trent Lott, R-
Miss. - instead of the thousands
of mostly poor and black storm
victims - as an example of loss.
"Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's
house - he's lost his entire house
- there's going to be a fantastic
house. And I'm looking forward
to sitting on the porch Bush
said with a laugh from an air-
plane hangar in Mobile, Ala.
In the same remarks, Bush
see BUSH page A3
US" �'
Dr. Anderson gives us some tips on staying bite free:
1. "Make a habit of using insect repellent when outdoors and spray repellent
on exposed skin and clothing
2. "Prime feeding times for mosquitoes are usually dusk to dawn so pay
special attention to protection during these hours, or avoid being outdoors
3. 'Reduce the number ol mosquitoes around your home. Mosquitoes breed
In standing water, so check your yard once a week: get rid of containers
that aren't being used, like flower pots.
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in way less time.
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Rehnquist's body lies in repose, Bush to speak at
conservative chief Justice's funeral Wednesday
eyed Supreme Court justices,
a somber President Bush and
one-time clerk John Roberts led
a long line of Americans paying
their last respects to William
H. Rehnquist, the chief justice
whose conservatism helped drive
the high court toward the right.
Washington protocol under-
scored a changing of the guard
Tuesday. Roberts, the former
Rehnquist clerk named to suc-
ceed his old boss, was among
the pallbearers carrying the flag-
draped casket up the court's long
steps and into the Great Hall.
Rehnquist died Saturday at
80 after battling thyroid cancer.
Bush, his head bowed, and
first lady Laura Bush spent about
a minute standing near the
casket and a short time looking
at the portrait of Rehnquist on
a stand nearby. Justice Antonin
' Scalia escorted the couple.
On Wednesday, funeral ser-
vices will be at 2 p.m. at St. Mat-
thew's Cathedral in Washington,
open to friends and family. Bush
and Vice President Dick Cheney
plan to attend, and Bush is to
speak, along with retiring Jus-
tice Sandra Day O'Connor and
Rehnquist family members.
Bush initially nominated
Roberts, a federal appellate
judge, to replace O'Connor,
who announced in July that she
would step down. The president
said Monday that he would nom-
inate Roberts to be the nation's
17th chief justice instead and
that the list of possible nominees
for O'Connor's seat was now
"wide open
Flags, including the one
above the court, were at half-
staff in honor of Rehnquist, a
President Nixon appointee who
served on the court for 33 years
and was elevated to chief justice
in 1986 by President Reagan.
In an acknowledgment of
the period of mourning, Roberts'
confirmation hearings, which
had been scheduled to begin
Tuesday in the Senate, were
delayed until next Monday.
Bush and Senate Republicans
are pushing to confirm Roberts
before the new court session
that begins Oct. 3. Democrats
cautioned against a rush to
judgment now that Roberts is a
candidate for chief justice and
at age SO, could shape the court
for decades.
"I would hope all senators,
Republicans and Democrats,
would ask very substantive ques-
tions because this is, after all,
a lifetime position said Sen.
Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the
top Democrat on the Judiciary
In a simple morning cer-
emony, six justices, along with
former clerks and court staff
lined the steps outside the court,
awaiting the arrival of the hearse
bearing Rehnquist's casket.
Seven men and one woman
- most of them former Rehnquist
clerks - carried the casket past
the line that included a crying
In the Great Hall, Rehnquist's
casket was placed on the Lin-
coln Catafalque, the structure
on which President Lincoln's
coffin rested in the Rotunda of
the Capitol a century and a half
earlier. Two sprays of flowers and
the portrait were on display.
At the east end of the hall
were the doors leading to the
court chamber, a reminder of
Rehnquist's years of service.
The Rev. George Evans Jr
the Rehnquist family pastor
at the Lutheran Church of the
Redeemer in Virginia, read from
psalms and led the Lord's Prayer.
There were audible sobs from
the family.
Rehnquist's personal employ-
ees were the first to make a circle
around the coffin. A stream of
other court workers followed.
Absent were Justices Anthony M.
Kennedy and David Souter.
After the brief ceremony, a
long line of people formed out-
side the court and people began
walking inside past the coffin.
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MonSal. 9:30-6:00 � Sun. 1 KXMrtX) �
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752-0559 � S. Evans St. unmSSVS?
Public mourners file past the
H. Rehnquist, as his body lies
House Minority Leader Nancy
Pelosi, D-Calif and Rep. James
Sensenbrenner, R-Wis were
among those who paused before
the casket.
Among the first was Sarah
Chusid, 24, an intern at Mobi-
lizing America's Youth, a pri-
vate organization that seeks
to increase the involvement of
young people across the political
Although she considers
herself a liberal, Chusid said
she respected the influential
casket of Chief Justice William
in repose in the Great Hall,
role that Rehnquist played on
the court for more than three
decades. "This is a pivotal time
in the court's history; I had to
come down and bear witness to
this event she said.
Rehnquist was involved in
two extraordinary interventions
in the executive branch - the
impeachment trial of President
Clinton and the settlement of
the 2000 election in Bush's favor.
He oversaw a court that dealt
vow? coupon
1 cfitiiE) ce uei?e!
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see REHNQUIST page A8
BUSH from page A2
ment. "Brownie, you're doing a
heck of a job Bush said.
Later in Biloxi, Miss Bush
tried to comfort two stunned
women wandering their neigh-
borhood clutching Hefty bags,
looking in vain for something to
salvage from the rubble of their
home. He kept insisting they
could find help at a Salvation
Army center down the street,
even after another bystander
had informed him it had been
And at his last stop that day,
at the airport outside of New
Orleans, Bush lauded the increas-
ingly desperate city as a great
town because he used go there
and "enjoy myself - occasionally
too much
Unlike his galvanizing
appearance in the rubble of the
World Trade Center just days
after the 2001 attacks, Bush has
stayed far from the epicenter of
New Orleans' suffering. His only
foray into the city was to its edges
to watch crews plugging one of
the breached levees on Friday.
On Monday, he skipped the
hardest-hit coastal areas entirely,
choosing instead to visit Baton
Rouge - a town about 80 miles
northwest of New Orleans that
sustained no damage. He also
went to Poplarville, Miss to walk
the streets of a middle-class neigh-
borhood that seemed to suffer
little more than snapped trees,
a couple off-kilter carport roofs
and a downed power line or two.
White House spokeswoman
Dana Perino said the president
avoided New Orleans to stay out
of the way of search-and-rescue
"It's going to be almost impos-
sible to overcome the perception
about the president that he didn't
show compassion and didn't get
control of the policy failures
American University political sci-
entist James Thurber said. "The
vivid images that are coming
acjpss the television are really
destroying his image as a leader
White House counselor
Dan Bartlett said the president
and his aides are unconcerned
for now about the unrelenting
"Emotions are running high.
People are tired Bartlett said.
"If we focused more of our
attention on decisions that have
already been made, rather than
on those before us, there's poten-
tial for making far greater mis-
takes. We really don't have
time to play the political game
right now
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Page A4
WEDNESDAY September 7,2005
My Random Column
Smile and the
world smiles
with you
Today is the first one of my many columns
that have to deal with nothing in particular,
but seem to make some sense to me. Every
Wednesday I will focus on something different
dealing with the world today.
For my first column I want to focus on the fact
that even though most people go through
their days with no human interaction beyond
their normal meetings, that extra smile or "hi"
can make a difference.
Do you ever just stop when someone holds
the door and say "thank you?"
Do you smile while in class, speak up, or
encourage others to talk?
Do you smile when walking through campus
on a busy day?
And if you do smile, or acknowledge other
people do you do it for yourself?
Southern hospitality only goes so far.
Ladies, don't take advantage of the guys who
hold the door. If you don't say "thank you
chances are the guys will stop holding them
for others eventually.
And guys, I am sure you would appreciate a
little gratitude for your chivalry. I know it must
be hard to go unnoticed throughout the day.
Not all hope is lost, but ladies give a little
bit of extra gratitude and that will exceed
your expectations on the feedback you will
So today as you are walking through campus,
take the time to smile. Wouldn't the world be
happier if everyone walked around happy?
Walk with a purpose, head held high and your
eyes open because that will help you notice the
other people walking in the opposite direction
hopefully smiling back at you.
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chie?
Chris Munier Alexander Marcinlak
News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
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Sports Editor
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Head Copy Editor
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Photo Editor
Web Editor
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Asst Copy Editor
Herb Sneed
Asst Photo Editor
Edward McKim
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" Is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number. Letters may be sent via
e-mail to or to The East
Carolinian. Student Publications Building, Greenville.
NC 27858-4353. Call 252-328-6366 for more
information. One copy of TEC Is free, each additional
copy is $1.
3k)5h $LtAev Pop- ttuwicvje vecMte he Pipn'
At- It's eove
Opinion Columnist
Slanted reporting on New Orleans catastrophe
Is the bash on Bush
Even in the wake of one of, if not
the worst natural disasters to befall
the United States, the national media
has been unable to rise above their
own shortsighted, egotistical, hate
filled, politically motivated "business
as usual" pettiness. Instead of using
this opportunity to bring Americans
together In assisting those affected by
hurricane Katrina, the national media
is using the catastrophe, and the suf-
fering of fellow human beings, as a
weapon in their latest "Bush-bashing"
campaign and as a means of furthering
their own Liberal agenda.
Shortly after Katrina hit we started
seeing reports blaming global warming
for the force of the storm and saying
that this was the United States' "punish-
ment" for not signing the Kyoto treaty.
These stories were printed despite the
fact that several years ago these same
media quoted oceanographers, meteo-
rologists and climatologists (people who
actually know what they are talking
about) as saying that the Atlantic was
beginning a periodic, cyclical warm-
ing trend that could last decades. Such
periodic warming would likely cause
Atlantic hurricanes to be stronger during
this period. The "news" stories forgot to
mention that little tidbit.
Of course, forgetting, or ignoring,
inconvenient facts is a media staple. Since
the levees failed and New Orleans flooded,
the media have stated, in no particular order:
1. The levees failed because Presi-
dent Bush's administration cut fund-
ing for upgradesimprovements 2. The
people who remained behind were poor
and couldn't get out 3. The government
knew that the levees would fail and
didn't care 4. FEMA's (purported) slow
response to the disaster is President
Bush's fault 5. There weren't enough
National Guard to help with rescue
efforts because they were in Iraq 6.
The relief effort was deliberately slow
because the victims were poor and
black (leave it to Liberals to play the
race card, again). This is not by any
means a definitive listing of the media's
complaints, but it is a good starting
Let's examine them, shall we?
First: the levees failed because the
Administration cut funding. There is
an interesting, and unreported, fact
about this: the areas of the levee that
failed were not part of the request for
upgrades because they were considered
completed projects.
This information comes straight
from the Corps of Engineers (who have
responsibility for the levees) and other
people involved with the project. Even
if the funds were provided it wouldn't
have made a bit of difference.
Second: the people who remained
behind were poor and couldn't get
out. While that may be true for some,
this is an outright exaggeration. Every
time there is a major storm we see
people on the news who refuse to leave
their homes. This time was no differ-
ent. Besides, if New Orleans Mayor
Ray Nagin Is so concerned about his
constituents, why did he not order
New Orleans evacuated and arrange
transportation to shelters? Here is a rel-
evant part of Louisiana's disaster plan:
"The primary means of hurricane
evacuation will be personal vehicles.
School and municipal buses, govern-
ment-owned vehicles and vehicles
provided by volunteer agencies may
be used to provide transportation for
individuals who lack transportation
and require assistance in evacuating
(pg 13, para 5, dated 0100)
There are interesting photos of
dozens of school busses up to their roofs
in water. Why were these not used to
get people out? Why weren't the public
busses used? Where was the concern
when it would have mattered?
Third: the government knew that
the levees would fail and didn't care.
Talk about half-truths and misinfor-
mation! When the levees were built
decades ago, everyone involved had to
make decisions. How high should they
be? How strong? How long? Decisions
were made using the best information
they had. Yes, the government has
known for a long time that those levees
were built to protect against a Category
3 hurricane only. That would be the
city, parish (county), state and federal
governments. Since it is the job of the
local governments to provide for imme-
diate needs, if any government "didn't
care" it would be them.
A perfect example of this is Mayor
Nagin's order that 1,500 police officers
abandon rescue operations and deal
with looters instead. He was quoted as
saying that New Orleans would not be
embarrassed in front of the country and
the world. With that order the Mayor
consigned untold numbers to their
deaths. Who doesn't care?
Fourth: FEMA's slow response was
President Bush's fault. What slow
response? Even before Katrina hit FEMA
had crews and supplies staging in the
area. Additionally, and ignored by the
media, Katrina initially did more damage
in Mississippi and Alabama. New
Orleans had weathered the storm fairly
well. FEMA responded to the areas that
needed it most. New Orleans didn't flood
until the next day. On top of that, several
of the major roads into New Orleans were
damaged or impassable. They had to be
repaired before large amounts of supplies
could get to people.
Fifth: There weren't enough National
Guard. There are over 10,000 National
Guardsmen in Louisiana to help with
rescue efforts. The National Guard is
controlled by the states Governor, in this
case Kathleen Blanco, not the President.
The President andor military control
them only after they have been federal-
ized. Any delay in the National Guard
getting into the area is laid at Gover-
nor Blanco's feet, not the President's.
After seeing the scope of the disaster,
President Bush said he would federal-
ize the Louisiana Guard if that is what
it took. Governor Blanco said "NO
Sixth: The relief effort was slow
because of racism. Anyone who
believes that needs to pull their heads
out. FEMA required first responders
to coordinate with local government
agencies before going in. That has been
procedure. It appears the local leader-
ship was more concerned with looters
than saving people's lives. The Mayor
of New Orleans is black. Is he a racist?
This current Bush-bashing frenzy
by the media Is astonishing and despi-
cable. Instead of asking why the infra-
structure in New Orleans collapsed like
it did (the Mayor and Governor are
Democrats) they blame the President.
In their rush to further their agenda,
the media deliberately fuels the fires of
racism and classism, turning American
against American in a time of National
tragedy and mourning.
In My Opinion
(KRT)� If you're a woman or care
about the health of women you know,
you rely on the FDA and people like Dr.
Susan Wood, a woman you've probably
never heard of and never met. She was
in charge of the Office of Women's
Health at the Food and Drug Adminis-
tration - one of those nameless, face-
less bureaucrats in the alphabet soup
agency world of Washington. Your tax
dollars paid her salary and she really
cared about making your world safer.
And that meant safer medications,
safer vaccines, safer implants and safer
You can't rely on her anymore.
She's gone. She quit the FDA this week,
explaining that the FDA is making
too many decisions that are based on
politics rather than science. She was
especially upset that the agency did
not approve nonprescriptlon access to
Plan B, the emergency contraception
that can prevent pregnancy for rape
victims and other women who have
unprotected sex.
The FDA's refusal to approve the use
of Plan B without a prescription is a ral-
lying cry for the millions of Americans
who believe that contraceptives are
good, not evil. Plan B consists of sev-
eral birth control pills, taken together
to prevent - not to end - pregnancy. It
has nothing to do with abortion, but
you'd never know that from hearing
the arguments against It.
But, if you, or someone you love,
were raped at gunpoint, for example,
Plan B could help make sure the rape
victim doesn't get pregnant as a result.
The problem is that Plan B only works
during the first few days after unpro-
tected sex - usually 72 hours. Every
year, thousands of date rape victims,
rape victims and other women who
desperately need the pills find it diffi-
cult to get a doctor's appointment and
fill a prescription during those crucial
first three days.
Plan B is not fun to take - It causes
nausea and other unpleasant side
effects. That's why it is not the kind of
medication that is likely to be abused or
misused. In fact, it's been used safely
for years, and even the FDA commis-
sioner admits in his official statement
that it is safe for women over 17. The
American Academy of Pediatrics says it
is also safe for adolescents.
For more than a year, the FDA
refused to decide whether or not to
approve the use of Plan B without a
prescription. It was only when two U.S.
senators, Hillary Rodham Clinton and
Patty Murray, courageously refused to
allow the Senate to vote on President
Bush's choice to head the FDA that the
administration promised a decision
would be made by September. Rather
than waiting to make sure the promise
was kept, the two senators allowed the
Senate to vote on the new FDA Com-
As a result, Lester Crawford, a vet-
erinarian who worked at the FDA, has
been commissioner for several weeks.
While he was waiting for Senate con-
firmation, Crawford had avoided any
controversial decisions. Almost as
soon as he was confirmed, however,
he got busy. Under his leadership!
the FDA announced their intention to
ignore their own scientists by approv-
ing silicone gel breast implants for the
first time. Soon thereafter, the FDA
announced that it would Ignore its own
scientists by NOT approving Plan B.
In her letter of resignation, Dr.
Wood pointed out that the FDA com-
missioner ignored the science, ignored
the agency's scientific staff, and made
the political decision to do nothing.
Women across the country will be
harmed as a result. In addition to
dissing his own scientists and harming
women across the country, the FDA
betrayed the senators' trust by failing
to make a decision.
Why'd he do it? Why embarrass
himself, his agency, and the senators
who trusted him? The commissioner
made lots of excuses about how compli-
cated the issue was, but the real reason
was clear: to please religious extrem-
ists who oppose birth control - even
in cases of rape - and avoid making a
clear decision at least until after the
next election.
Pirate Rant
If I miss class it can drop me
down a letter grade, if a profes-
sor misses class, should they get
a pay cut?
After four years of eating in the
dining hall, I think they should
post nutritional information for
the foods that are being served.
Safe Ride told me to drive home
when I was drunk!
For many, this is your first year
of college. Statistics show that
25 percent of you either will
not finish this year or will not
come back for your sophomore
year. How does downtown look
now? You better show up for
class (sober), study and go to bed
early. Regardless, come May, the
herd will thin itself out. Welcome
to ECU.
Where have everyone's manners
gone. Riding the bus to campus
the other day I was shocked to
find that no one would give up
his or her seat to a 7-month preg-
nant woman. Come on people,
have some compassion, walking
campus is hard enough.
What's the deal with the latest
trendy oversized sunglasses the
chicks are wearing? All these J.Lo
wannabes look like a bunch of
insects flying around with those
bug eyes.
Has anyone seen the smelt?
My roommate Steve is the worst
Madden player I have ever seen.
He's bad.
Who can help me get the rider
board going in force? Our stu-
dents need this to work right
away. Many thanks, Paula Ken-
nedy-Dudley 328-6881.
Can we get the rider board up
and running? Many students are
asking for the service. Paula Ken-
nedy-Dudley, Adult and Com-
muter Student Services.
wear PURPLE (or other school
colors) Not Paint it American
Eagle, or red, or cute little mini
with strappy tank PURPLE! I
was very disappointed to see the
lack of school spirit on campus
today even faculty and the
Dowdy Student Store staff seemed
to have ignored the memo. Sad.
Why can't girls live on the fourth
floor of Aycock instead of guys?
You gals could get to tone those
fabulous legs of yours and you
save the gents a treacherous slog
up all those stairs in Greenville
heat. Everyone wins.
My God, I thought there was a
waterfall in the Park and Ride bus
the other day. Everyone in the
back half got drenched because
the air conditioner leaked so bad.
That bus is in need of servicing.
People chill" out about the gas.
It's going to be OK, use your bike
or walk. And also, ECGreenville
cops need to stop with the con-
stant driving, that's where all the
gas in Greenville's going. What
a waste.
ATTN GIRLS: Oversized sun-
glasses make you look like cheap
repulsive TRASH. Pick a new fad,
please. ATTN GUYS: Where are
all the pink shirts this year? Did
you finally remember that pink
is for girls?
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant is
an anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice
their opinions. Submissions can be
submitted anonymously online at, or e-
mailed to editor@theeastcarolinian.
com. The editor reserves the right
to edit opinions for content and
1 Liqu 6 Tucl
part 9 Old
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67 Mai (
68 Pigg
69 Doul
70 Pea
71 Give
1 Bito
2 Cow
3 Puce
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5 Struc

Page A5
WEDNESDAY September 7, 2005
1 Liquor container
6 Tucker's
9 Old English
14 Tori Spelling's
15 Self-image
16 Pay tribute to
17 Santiago's land
18 Bill's partner?
19 Boredom
20 Product logos
23 Villa d'
24 Dutch cheese
25 Funny folk
27 Headliner
30 Some circuits
35 Opportune
37 Kind of school
38 Place
39 Omit in
40 Buzz
41 Actress Verdugo
43 Promos
44 One who
46 Reveres
47 Picked
50 Singer Johnny
51 Require
52 Brent Spiner
54 Harrow blade
57 Common
special effect
62 Mexican ciao
64 Chickenking
65 Narrow crest
66 Contract
67 Mai de
68 Piggish sound
69 Double curves
70 Pea package?
71 Gives the eye to
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Bit of info
Cowardly Lion
Puccini song
Mended with
melted metal
Struck with a
bent leg
6 Developed into
7 Frankenstein's
8 Constant reader
9 That lady
10 Like Abe
11 Motels'
12 Decisive defeat
13 Quaker State
21 Astor or Martin
22qua non
26 Used the VCR
27 Place
28 Diacritical mark
29 Out of whack
31 Gush forth
32 Massenet work
33 Ancient
34 Hidden loot
36 Shelf
40 Car light
42 Finding
45 Fifths of a fin
46 First
HsV3I3.1VN91 S3a
VN313wnm 'a1i3
48 Earnings
49 Playwright
53 Main part of
54 See regularly
56 Letter opener?
58 Bread spread
59 Rocker Billy
60 Fairytale
61 Snares
55 March 15, e.g. 63 Draft org.
Two Dudes
T75r)i; nf-iSySjL
by Aaron Warner
A Collage Girl Named Joe
WtBre StiUNC RARe mi1
I FouHD A vt&o GArAE
oNUnE im BoYFRlEMtn.
j'hc Family Monster byjnsh Shalfk
V I re-crefio"? �f wy
Mowevifc qfter tv�t,
Til ft-crwH
Digital: kidj
WWj �" y�u film "N
yH�jfl n aiJ
You'll ctafge HimjJ �
tt n-trefliort
We �
New York City Trip applications are available in the MSC central ticket
Presented by �films
' Hotline 328-6004
All movies are shown at Hendrix Theatre in Mendenhall
Sisterhood of
the Traveling Pants
Mercury Film
Wednesday Sept 7th at 7pm
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Sunday Sept I Ith at 7pm
Inside Deep Throat
Contains adult Content rated NCI7
Mercury Film
The Longest Yard
Blockbuster Film
Wednesday Sept 7th at 9:30pm
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at 7pm
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Two bedroort
leases availa
fireplace, Wl
Available imn
Call 830-950;
Hyde Park, 1
fireplace, dish
Call 413-881-4
For rent - Oni
Pirates Cove A
9995. Rent pj
Available im
One two Brs.
month leases
ECU bus Wii
dishwasher di
(252) 758-40
Free! 1st Mo. 1
Internet- 4 k
Central heat
yard, dogs Ol
427W. 4th St
For Rent - D
townhouse w
close to camf
Carrett 252-2:
Campus Cros
from campy
cafeteria & di
$575 Call 355
For rent: Tw
2 BR, 1 12 b
campus bus re
hook-up. $555
982-2459 or 9
Apartments f
$300 without i
utilities Call 25
Clean 3 BR hoi
grocery. Was
Pets negotiabl
Avlble Immec
Call David (25
2 and 3 bed
available now
The I
to ma
SEPT. 8TH � 4-6 PM � College
m a a t

Page A7
September 7, 2005
Two bedroom condo $500. Short
leases available. Pets OK, DW,
fireplace, WD hookup, 1.5 baths.
Available immediately. Very clean.
Call 830-9502.
Hyde Park, 1 BR, 1.5 BA, study,
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For rent - One bedroom wbath at
Pirates Cove Apartments - 252-752-
9995. Rent paid through 93005.
Available immediately. Contact or 302-753-
One two Brs. on-site management
maintenance Central heat air 6,9,12
month leases Water Cable included
ECU bus Wireless Internet pets
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Free! 1st Mo. Rent plus High Speed
Internet- 4 bedrooms, 3 baths,
Central heatAC, fireplace fenced
yard, dogs OK. Near ECU, PCMH,
427W. 4th St. $1200.00Mo. 347-
For Rent - Dockside a 3BR 2BA
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Carrett 252-258-0366
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from campus; adjacent to new
cafeteria & downtown area. 2 BR
$575 Call 355-8884.
For rent: Twin Oaks townhouse,
2 BR, 1 12 bath, end unit on ECU
campus bus route. Patio, pool, WD
hook-up. $555 per month. Call 864-
982-2459 or 919-498-0520.
Apartments for rent: 1 Bedroom
$300 without utilities $400 including
utilities Call 252-353-5107
Clean 3 BR house. Walk to ECU and
grocery. WasherDryer hookups.
Pets negotiable. 1211 Cotanche St.
Avlble Immediately. $750.00mo.
Call David (252) 341-6410.
2 and 3 bedroom townhouses
available now with 1.5 to 2.5 baths,
full basement, enclosed patio, WD
Hook-ups, plenty of storage, 1800
sq. ft ECU bus route, No Pets,
Walk to Campus 3 BR 1
Bath Duplex $650month
Includes wd, New appliances,
New carpet, celling fans In
bedrooms, Lawn maintenance
included. Call 375 6447 to view.
2 Bedroom Duplex convenient to
ECU 1011-A Brownlea Drive fenced
Backyard Pet Fee Waived Central
Heat AC Free Couch loveseat chair
w 1 year lease 355-3248 or 714-
Room for rent Pirates Place 1 Bdrm, 1
study, 1 bathroom, shared kitchen
living room $350 month. Call 717-
Roommate Wanted Female non-
smoker serious student only washer
dryer ECU bus route $300mo.
Plus half utilities cable and internet
$200 deposit (252) 714-4578 or
Houses for rent: 3 bedroom $750-
$900,4 bedroom $900-$1,200 Call
Roommate Wanted To Share 3BR
House W Two Others. Rent $250
Utilities. 5 Minute Drive From
Campus If Interested Call Luke @
Looking for female roommate
to share two bedroom 1.5 bath
townhouse with washerdryer
walking distance to ECU campus
$240.00 a month plus 12 utilities
serious students please If interested
please call 830-0862
Roommate wanted in Riverwalk
home. Private bedroom and bath.
Call osh 704-491-4902
Used Furniture: 2 Bookcases: 41"h,
48"h - $10 ea 1 Overstuffed chair -
$10,2 Metal 2-Drawer File Cabinets
- $5 ea Painted Furniture: Base w 2
doors, Base w 3 drawers, Bookcase
hutch-all 30"w-$15 ea.
For Sale: Team Fuji Road Bikes His 61
cm (24") Her's 49 cm (19") Many
extras. Great Condition. $225 (each
bike) Call 321-8536
Health Insurance 1 Month to 12
Month Major Medical Sign up
online at
Use Agent Code H6265 to activate
policy. Or call us at 756-9496 for
more information. Serving ECU
since 1990.
Area high school seeking field
hockey officials during September-
October for late afternoon games.
If interested contact Lydia Rotondo
at (252) 329-8080.
The Radio Station at Mendenhall
Student Center is accepting
applications for an office assistant.
You must have a gpa of at least a 2.0
and be good in math. Hours are from
11am or noon, until 5pm, Monday
through Thursday. Deadline is
Friday, September 16th.
Greenville Recreation & Parks
Department is recruiting Baseball
Clinicians (6.50 per hour), Soccer
and Flag Football Referees for out
upcoming fall programs (10-17 per
game). Referee hours range from
5 pm to 9 pm, Monday-Friday and
Saturday mornings. Flexible with
hours according to class schedules.
All interested persons need to
contact the Athletic Office at 329-
4550 for information regarding
upcoming training dates.
Childcare: Mature responsible
college student needed for
afterschool care for 10 year old
girl. M-F 2:30-5:30pm References
required. Call 758-5806.
Responsible, experienced, non-
smoking, babysitter, needed full-
The East Carolinian will feature an advice
column for fall 2005 and we would like to
hear from you. Visit
to make an anonymous submission
When you're
cruising the
pull off on
our new exit
time for a 2-yr old and infant. Mon-
Fri 7am-4pm. Please call 355-6680
or email at
Starting 920.
Reliable person needed for afternoon
transport of 2 children from east fifth
street school daily. Pay Negotiable.
Call 717-7784
Ming Dynasty. Waitstaff and Hostess
needed. Come apply in person.
Located East 10th St. Rivergate
Shopping Center.
Guerilla MarketingPromoters
needed! Leisure Tours needs
students to promote our Spring
Break travel packages on campus
and with local vendors. Excellent
Pay! 800-838-8202
Part-time maintenance person
needed for rental property. Call
756-1050 or 341-5400.
$$$$$ Tutors Needed $$$$$:
Looking for some extra money (-
best opportunity on campus!) and
a way to improve academically?
Are you at least a sophomore with
a 3.0 or better GPA? Become a tutor
or mentor for the Office of Student
Development-Athletics. We need
individuals capable of tutoring any
Level (0001-5999) in all subject
areas. Undergraduate students are
paid $7hour and graduate students
are paid $10hour. If this sounds
like the job for you, please contact
Jennifer Bonner at 328-4553 for
further information.
Part-Time position(s) available
with innovative Wireless Internet
Company for Customer Response
Team. If you are energetic, have a
good phone voice and are computer
literate we would like to hear from
you. Please email resume' to or
fax to (252) 321-8186. Please no
phone calls.
Afternoon help needed to transport
older children (2) to after school
activities during September
October. If interested call Lydia
Rotondo at (252) 329-8080.
Bartenders Wanted! $250day
potential. No experience necessary.
Training provided. Call (800) 965-
6520 ext. 202
Tiara Too Jewelry Colonial Mall Part-
time Retail Sales Associate Available
year round! Day and Night hours
Apply in Person
Do You Need A Good ob?-The
ECU Telefund is hiring students
to contact alumni and parents for
the ECU Annual Fund. $6.25 hour
plus cash bonuses. Make your own
schedule. If interested, visit our
website at www.ecu.edutelefund
and click on JOBS.
Math tutor and History tutor
researcher needed to help with
middle school aged children.
Must have flexible afternoons and
evenings. Non-smoking. Great pay I
For info please call Ian - 917-6787
Attractive, outgoing individual to
lead a new cosmetic enhancing
company. Must be a well dressed,
well spoken, energetic non-smoker
with most afternoons and evenings
free. Call 252-752-1572 to arrange
an interview.
Musicians wanted to play for Sunday,
contemporary worship services. For
more information contact Eric at
410-251-8623 or 252-328-3040. All
instruments welcome.
Memphis Orientation! 1-800-CFI-
DRIVE (800-234-3748) Practical
Route Miles Paid Effective 12105!
$0.05 NE Bonus Pay! Average 2004
Solo Earnings $49,950! Top Solo:
$70,526! XM Service Provided Class
A CDL Required Student Grads
Start at $0.26 Potential 1st Year
Income $42,000! www.cfidrive.
Real Companies, Want You
Data Entry, Arts & Crafts, Stuffing
Envelopes. Work from Home.
$2000 Weekly. Send $7.00 &
S.A.S.E to: The Gift Station, Inc. P.O.
Fun loving sitter needed for after
school pickup. Must have car and
good driving record. Please call
Diane at 321-1495.
Meet the sisters of Gamma Sigma
Sigma! Our pre rush cookout will
be Tuesday, September 13 from
5-7pm. For directions, email Leah
Zeta Tau Alpha would like to wish
the best of luck to all the sororities
during recruitment!
Congrats to all the fraternities for
getting such great guys! Love the
sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha!
Hope everyone has had a great first
couple of weeks back to school!
Love the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha!
Find Babysitting jobs, babysitters
or nannies at!
Sitters, register today for Free!
Sigma Alpha Lambda, a
National Leadership and Honors
Organization with over 50 chapters
across the country, is seeking
motivated students to assist in
starting a local chapter (3.0 GPA
Required). Contact Rob Miner,
Director of Chapter Development
I Remember WhenScrapbooking
Earn over 50 off any item by
hostessing a party. Call (252) 636-
3763 or visit http:jennsalters.
1 Spring Break Website! Low
prices guaranteed. Free Meals &
Free Drinks. Book 11 people, get
12th trip freel Group discounts for
6 www.SpringBreakDiscounts.
com or or
Come out for Phi Beta Chi
Recruitment! All ladies are
encouraged to see why we're
different. Meet at Bate 1021 at 7:00
on September 7th.
Report news students need to know, tec
Accepting applications for STAFF WRITERS r'
� Learn investigative reporting skills ft
� Must have at least a 2.0 GPA jP
WE'VE MOVED Apply at our NEW office located uptown at the Self Help Building -10OF E. 3rd St.
Fight Housing
and Win. � 1-886-222-FAIR
One out of five adults finds themselves as the
designated "caregiver" for a loved one who can
no longer manage alone. This role can often
snowball, weighing heavily on you as you cope
with the demands of caregiving. There may be
services and organizations right in your parent's
neighborhood that can help when you're not
around. The outcome is better care for your
parent, and less anxiety for
you. Visit www.familycare and discover
a world of support, answers
and advice-for both of you. irmmummT
From the Notional Family Caregivers Association
and the National Alliance for Caregiving
with the generous support ofEisai Inc.

Egyptian government warns against demonstrations
during presidential election Wednesday
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) � The
government warned on Tues-
day that it would not tolerate
election day protests, and the
opposition fretted about pos-
sible ruling party dirty tricks in
Egypt's first contested presiden-
tial vote.
President Hosni Mubarak,
who has led Egypt for 2-1 years
and is certain to win Wednes-
day's balloting, calls the elec-
tion a major step toward greater
democracy in a country that has
seen only authoritarian rule for
more than a half century.
But many Egyptians are skep-
tical, and the opposition says the
vote will do nothing to diminish
Mubarak's power.
Hours before voting started,
Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif
took a tough line, warning that
demonstrations were banned for
election day.
The reformist group Kifaya
had called for a rally Wednesday
in one of Cairo's main squares to
protest "corruption and oppres-
sion" and the continuation of
Mubarak's rule.
"If there are demonstrations,
they will be sabotaging the
elections Nazif told reporters.
"It's the responsibility of the
police and the security forces to
secure the voters' rights to cast
George Ishaq, one of the
founders of Kifaya, vowed that
the group - whose name means
"Enough" - would go ahead with
the protest.
"We have taken the right
to demonstrate, and we are not
waiting for anybody to give us
permission he said. "All I can
say is that the whole world will
be watching
Brig. Mahrous Shabayek,
the Interior Ministry official in
charge of elections, was quoted
by Egyptian news media as saying
demonstrations on election day
were "illegitimate" and would
"be faced with firmness
There have been sev-
eral instances of police
violence against demonstra-
tors this year. During the May
referendum that passed con-
stitutional amendments
setting up Wednesday's
multicandidate presidential elec-
tion, plainclothes officers and
government supporters beat
protesters. Kifaya activists also
were beaten during a protest in
Some 32.5 million Egyptians
were registered to cast ballots
Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 10
p.m. The election commission
said counting could take up to
three days and final results would
not come until Saturday.
Until now, the 77-year-old
Mubarak has been re-elected in
referendums in which he was the
only candidate and voters' only
option was saying "yes" or "no"
to his continuing in power.
Mubarak has touted his deci-
sion to allow election challengers
as a major reform and has prom-
ised further democratic steps if
re-elected to a fifth 6-year term.
The president faced nine
competitors but only two were
considered significant - Ayman
Nour of the opposition al-Ghad
party and Noaman Gomaa of the
Wafd party.
The prime minister said
Tuesday that the vote will
be fair, but opposition parties
charged that the government
was already trying to sway the
Past parliamentary votes
have been marred by widespread
reports of vote rigging. In the May
25 referendum, the official turn-
out was 54 percent, but judges
who supervised the polling sta-
tions denied that figure and said
it didn't exceed 3 percent.
Judges will monitor
Wednesday's vote as well. But the
election commission, made up of
judges appointed by Mubarak,
rejected an administrative
court ruling allowing inde-
pendent monitors into poll
stations. A higher court on Tues-
day backed the commission.
Each candidate is also allowed
to have representatives at the
polling station.
But Wafd party officials
complained that until Monday
the government did not pro-
vide the voting lists needed to
determine who the party can
send to monitor voting stations.
Unlimited SpeedTalk Minutes
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LG UX4750 phones FREE
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Ceftutar's enhanced services coverage area you will not be able to place a SpeedTalk call SpeedTalk is a proprietary service mark of U.S Cellular Other restrictions apply See store lor details Limited time otter C20O5 U S Cellular
A party monitor must come from
the station's district.
"We have been fooled by
the Interior Ministry and the
election commission said
Hossam al-Kholi, a senior
member of Wafd. "The only lists
we received, two days ago, were
full of mistakes
Wafd campaign spokesman
Mohammed Sherdi claimed
other violations. He said police in
the Suez Canal city of Port Said
- a center of Wafd support - had
collected the driving licenses of
taxi drivers to force them to carry
government supporters in groups
to the polls.
"They are blackmailing
people to serve such a corrupt
government. I defy anybody
who goes to Port Said and visit
police stations and see how many
cars are parking in front of it
Sherdi said.
RelinqUiSt kmpageA3
with the separation of church
and state, the rights of states,
affirmative action, abortion and
gay rights.
Rehnquist was Lutheran,
but his funeral will be held at a
Roman Catholic church. Susan
Gibbs, spokeswoman for the
Catholic Archdiocese of Wash-
ington, said Rehnquist's family
had requested use of the church,
primarily because of space. She
said church rules allow it to be
used for other Christian services
if there is a need.
Gibbs said plans called for
"just a very simple Lutheran ser-
vice" led by Evans.
St. Matthew's was the site of
President Kennedy's funeral in
1963. The funeral of former Jus-
tice William Brennan, a Catholic,
also was held there.
Burial at Arlington National
Cemetery will be private.
Rehnquist served as a soldier in
the U.S. Army Air Corps during
World War II.
As chief justice, Rehnquist
is entitled to a state-sponsored
official funeral, a ceremony
that includes a 19-gun salute,
four ruffles and flourishes from
drums and bugles, and the last
32 bars of the John Philip Sousa
march "Stars and Stripes Forever"
from page A1
was to dive the Slobodna, a cotton
bearing ship that sank in 1887
after colliding with the Molasses
Reef. The site had been vastly
understudied, so the students'
goal was to create a comprehen-
sive site map of the shipwreck
and identify the ship's parts.
No artifacts were taken from
the site.
"It was really interesting to
see the expanse of sea floor the
broken ship parts covered - it was
about a mile long said Stepha-
nie Allen, a graduate student in
the Maritime Studies program.
Students were also asked to
brainstorm ideas about ways
to exhibit their findings to the
public. The maps and artifacts
will be used for educational pur-
poses, and plans are being made
for museum and school exhibits
across the country. The greatest
importance of their findings is
most assuredly its accessibility
to the public.
The PAST Foundation is a
nonprofit organization that com-
bines history and archaeological
research with educational com-
munity outreach. The founda-
tion annually offers a number
of field school opportunities in
archaeological investigation for
students and volunteers around
the world. For more information
on the PAST Foundation, go to
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeas tcarolinian. com.
www.shareyourlife org
Page B1
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies
1. The 40 Year-(
2. The Brothers
3. Red Eye
4. Four Brothers
5. The Cave
Top S Pop Albi
1. Hilary Duff-
2. Brad Paisley
3. Mariah Carey
The Emancip
4. Various Artist
5.311 -Don'fT
1. -csr
2. "60 Minutes'
3. Two and a H
4. "Cold Case'
5. "CSI: Miami'
Top 5 DVD Ron
. Sin City
2. Guess Who
3. The Wedding
4. Because of M
5. Alexander
Top 5 Books
1. The Da Woe1
2. Chill Factor
3. The Historian
4. Lifeguard
5. The Undomei
Aries - After y-
options and ma
next thing on 0
appropriate the
a moment to los
this are once in
Taurus - You toe
and now you're
The first thing y
next baffler to
It closely and th
around It, not ov
Gemini - Althoui
it's nice to haves
good for drawlni
your career. Taki
things all the we
Cancer - The
be perfect for
with a good bo
and maybe a c
advantage of thl
Leo - Proceed
and tomorrow. I
stuck. Stand up
Important to yoi
Virgo - You car
investment in y
First, study the t
Libra -Useyou
another way tc
income. Promlsi
off bills.
Scorpio - You're
reverie, eager to
scheme. Walt, ut
sense of the cos
Sagittarius - D
you can, since
soon be dlverte
only you can d
due, quickly.
Capricorn - Frlei
involved, but take
to do somethlnf.
more than It doe
own family and i
Aquarius - Don't
project within e
who could turn
competition. Ml
don't forget: The
Pisces - You'd
territory, but tf
holding you ba
you forgot to rele
brake. Release tt
3 pounds mixed
Cortland; Mclnto;
Gala; etc cored
12 cup water
34 to 1 cup sug
Juice of half a lei
2 teaspoons cini
In a large sauc
apples, 12 cuj
bring the liquid t
the mixture, stl
and breaking up
When the appli
the mixture Is I
a chunky purei
through a food n
saucepan. Slmn
gently, for an ;
minutes or until
Adjust seasonln
sugar and cini
applesauce wan

What's Hot
Page B1 252.328.6366 CAROIYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor WEDNESDAY September 7, 2005
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies
1.7rie 40 Year-Old Virgin
2. The Brothers Grimm
3. fled Eye
4. Four Brothers
Top S Pop Albums
1. Hilary Duff -Most Wanted
2. Brad Paisley - Time Well Wasted
3. Mariah Carey -
The Emancipation of Mimi
4. Various Artists - Now 19
5.311 - Don't Tread On Me
Top 5 TV Shows
1. -csr
2. "60 Minutes"
3. Two and a Half Men"
4. "Cold Case"
5. "CSI: Miami"
Top 5 DVD Rentals
2. Guess Who
3. The Wedding Date
4. Because of Winn-Dixie
5. Alexander
Top 5 Books
1.77je Da Vinci Code
2. Chill Factor
3. The Historian
4. Lifeguard
5. The Undomestic Goddess
Aries - After you've discussed the
options and made your decision, the
next thing on the list is to find and
appropriate the funds. There Is not
a moment to lose. Opportunities like
this are once In a lifetime.
Taurus - You took on the assignment,
and now you're eager to get started.
The first thing you encounter is the
next barrier to overcome. Examine
It closely and then find a way to go
around It, not over it
Gemini - Although you're very flexible,
It's nice to have a plan. Conditions are
good for drawing one up concerning
your career. Take your time and think
things all the way through.
Cancer - The next few days will
be perfect for cuddling at home
with a good book and a loved one
and maybe a couple of pets. Take
advantage of this rare opportunity.
Leo - Proceed with caution today
and tomorrow. It will be easy to get
stuck. Stand up for whatever Is most
Important to you while you're at It
Virgo - You can afford to make an
investment In your own education.
First study the best way to do that.
Libra - Use your Imagination to find
another way to supplement your
income. Promise yourself you'll pay
off bills.
Scorpio - You're coming out of your
reverie, eager to get started on a new
scheme. Walt, until you have a better
sense of the cost.
Sagittarius - Delegate as much as
you can, since your attention will
soon be diverted. There is a job that
only you can do, and It's coming
due, quickly.
Capricorn - Friends want to get you
Involved, but take care. Don't promise
to do something that benefits them
more than It does you. Consider your
own family and obligations first
Aquarius - Don't talk about your pet
project within earshot of a person
who could turn out to be your major
competition. Mum's the word. And
don't forget: They are everywhere.
Pisces - You'd like to expand your
territory, but there Is something
holding you back. It's kind of like
you forgot to release the emergency
brake. Release the brake and drive.
3 pounds mixed apples,
Corttand; Mclntosh; Golden Delicious;
Gala; etc cored and quartered
12 cup water
34 to 1 cup sugar, to taste
Juice of half a lemon
2 teaspoons cinnamon, optional
In a large saucepan combine the
apples, 12 cup water and sugar,
bring the liquid to a boll, and simmer
the mixture, stirring occasionally
and breaking up the apples, for 20
When the apples are tender and
the mixture Is the consistency of
a chunky puree pass the apples
through a food mill and return to the
saucepan. Simmer the applesauce,
gently, for an additional 5 to 10
minutes or until slightly thickened.
Adjust seasoning with lemon juice,
sugar and cinnamon. Serve the
applesauce warm or chilled.
urouit it UUHDti
Pirate attire for every fan
to show their spirit
Pirate season is upon us, and
with its arrival ignites increased
school spirit. Many students
are searching for ways to show
their support for the home
team. Perhaps the easiest way
to do so is by decking out in
Pirate gear. Many local busi-
nesses carry Pirate apparel that
is both trendy and affordable.
A popular product for women
are rainbow tees, which are avail-
able in a variety of colors and
have "East Carolina" written
in white. Another new product
for women is a brown and pink
hoodie. A gray and blue hoodie
is an old favorite that never
goes out of style because it adds
a touch for school spirit to an
everyday outfit.
Men have fewer choices when
it comes to color and style, but
are satisfied with some old favor-
ites. Basketball shorts and gray
tees are classics that compliment
casual looks perfectly. Gray and
black hoodies are also favorites
among men.
"A staple item is the classic
purple ECU t-shirt said Wanda
Scarborough, Director of ECU
Student Stores. This tee is a best
seller every year for both men
and women.
If you aren't in the mood to
be decked out in full Pirate gear
all the time, accessories offer the
perfect way to add a bit of spirit
to your style. University Book
Exchange's student employees
Freshman Vocal Performance major Janelle Gladney models a pink hat,
pastel ECU T-shirt and gray tank top that come in many colors.
Freshman Athletic Training major Ryan Gieselman models number
24 Jersey and the Pirate Polo that comes In tan, gray and black.
create handmade jewelry designs,
which are crafted out of beads
that add a touch of sparkle.
"I enjoy shopping at UBE.
They have great selection at an
affordable price said sophomore
Tracey Herrin, speech and hear-
ing sciences major.
UBE has a wide variety of
Pirate wear to offer custom-
ers this season. Their location
on Cotanche Street uptown is
within walking distance from
campus and provides parking at
both front and rear entrances to
the store. If you don't have time
to drop by the store, you can shop
from the convenience of your
home by visiting
The Dowdy Student Store
also provides students with a
convenient and affordable way
to purchase Pirate wear. Their
campus location in Wright Plaza
gives students the opportunity
to shop at just about anytime
throughout the day.
DSS offers promotional
opportunities with every football
game. Before each home game,
Pirate gear is 25 off. When the
Pirates take it on the road, there
is an opportunity to save up to
30 depending on the previ-
ous scoring record of the team.
In hopes of rallying support
for our Pirate athletes, Fridays
before ECU football games have
been deemed 'Paint It Purple Fri-
days Everyone is encouraged to
wear purple on these days. Sup-
porting our fellow Pirates is an
essential part of the morale the
teams need in order to claim vic-
tory. Pirate Wear certainly helped
lead the Pirates to victory over
Duke. So let's all pull together
and 'Paint it Purple' every
Friday before a football game.
This writer can be contacted at
Celebrity Profile: Hugh Hefner
Who would not want
to be this revolutionary
On April 9, 1926, in Chicago,
111 Hugh Hefner entered the
world. Growing up he was an
average kid, just getting by in
high school. However, he had
a genius IQ of 152. He invented
his own unique style with extra-
curricular activities. He started
a school paper, enjoyed writing,
drawing and even served as presi-
dent of the student council. After
high school, in 1944, Hef (his
preferred nickname) joined the
U.S. Army, serving as Infantry
Clerk and drawing cartoons for
several Army newspapers.
Hef's future seemed bleak
until Esquire, a magazine he
worked for, moved to New York.
He decided to stay behind and
start a magazine of his own. From
that point on is history.
Hefner introduced Playboy
in 1953, a mainstream lifestyle
publication that celebrated sex.
He introduced this magazine at
a time when Americans rarely
talked about sex in public. The
first issue was produced in his
South Side apartment kitchen.
Hitting newsstands in Decem-
ber 1953 and flaunting Marilyn
Monroe, more than 50,000
copies were sold. This was Hef's
Hugh Hefner, the ultimate successful ladies man, poses with Playmates at a party hosted by Playboy magazine for Super Bowl XXXIX.
sure sign that his idea would
become globally notorious. Play-
boy, with much controversy,
became a smashing success not
only for the pictures of beautiful
naked women, but also for its
high-quality writing - or that's
what they all say.
Hefner also opened night-
clubs in the 1960s and 1970s
featuring sexy women known as
"Bunnies Hugh felt on top of the
world, but after his stroke in 1985,
his swinging lifestyle came to a
halt. In 1988 he turned over his
business to his daughter, Christie.
After nearly a decade of being a
husband and father, Hef began
his old tricks again.
He's a swinging senior citizen
with multiple girlfriends and a
crazy sex life, of course.
The question everyone wants
answered: how does he do it all?
What is it about Hugh Hefner
that lures in beautiful women
and makes guys everywhere so
envious? Charisma, charm and
money lure in the ladies and
those characteristics, along with
endless women, impress tjie
men. Fortunately, he used his
powers not only to build a multi-
million dollar corporation, but
enticed hundreds of celebrities
to join the unimaginable fun at
the mansion.
"I would consider Hugh Hefner
to be one of the luckiest men
alive said junior finance major
Justin Gerock.
Although Hef doesn't por-
see HUGH page B2
Goodbye boredom, hello new fall gadgets
The hottest must haves
Cell phones and mobile devices like the Blackberry are hot this fall.
It doesn't take being obser-
vant to notice that many of this
summer's hottest gadgets have
been carried over to fall. It seems
like everyone can be seen listen-
ing to his or her iPod between
classes or talking on the new
Motorola Razr. Other hot items
such as the Blackberry, the Nokia
flip and PC controllers have been
Jj updated from this summer to do
i basically everything imaginable.
��, Technology is expanding with
.each passing day and with it
c comes tools to make boredom a
I thing of the past.
Ever since iPods hit the scene,
J they have been sizzling acces-
sories for the people who love
� music. This tiny gadget stores
all the songs you love and plays
them for you in your chosen
order or a random combina-
tion that pleases. A new favorite
amongst the different types of
iPods is the iPod Shuffle made
by Apple. This iPod has a shuffle
setting that allows songs to be
played at random and weighs as
little as a car key. For a hundred
bucks, a fraction of the cost of
other iPods, it can be playing
your favorite songs - at random
of course.
Belkin, an iPod accessory-
making company, recently
announced the works for the
Belkin Dock Adapter. This will
allow the iPod Shuffle to connect
to other accessories generally
used by the regular-sized iPods.
The adapter will be available for
purchase in late September.
I-DOG is another hot gadget
that has come to put a smile on
everyone's face. This little robotic
dog is an interactive music com-
panion. The dog is the size of a
palm and has a simple but cute
futuristic design.
The I-DOG works when
placed in front of a speaker or
when plugged into a headphone
jack of an iPod or any music
system. As soon as the music
starts, the I-DOG does a dance
number that includes lighting
up his face and wiggling his head
and ears.
There are two versions of the
I-DOG, an American version and
a Japanese version. Apparently,
the Japanese version does more
things, such as having voice rec-
ognition and more sensors. The
Japanese version of the I-DOG
is making its way to the USA in
the fall. The retail price will be
about thirty dollars. Just watch-
ing the dog dance could be hours
of amusing stimulation.
see GADGETS page B2

What's Hot: Geeks
The not-so-typical nice
guys finish first
Remember that nerdy kid
you sat next to in middle school
with the giant glasses who always
had his nose in a sci-fi book? Of
course you do. When we were
kids, the geeks were the social
outcasts. Some geeks strive to
be outside of the mainstream,
instead choosing non-confor-
mity just despite the simplicity of
conformity, while most kids were
concerned with who's going out
with whom for the week. A senior
athletic training major at ECU,
Natalie Wright, says, "I don't
think they choose non-confor-
mity. They are just different
Sometimes geeky people are
simply those who experience
life in a more distinctive fashion
than the rest of us. And that is
"A" OK.
Many associate geeks with
technological gadgets, science
Ik imn novelties and major fash-
ion emergencies. While often
these stereotypes are true, they
are just as frequently untrue. Not
everyone is the same, no matter
how he or she is typified. It is
simply easier to point out differ-
ence in a society of sameness.
We can all admit that we
Kked fun at the nerdy kids when
we were younger. But, who has
the last laugh? Take Bill Gates.
He's a nerdy boy making mega
bucks. Many geeks, like Conan
O'Brian, are not sitting on the
sidelines while normal people
get the fame and fortune, they,
instead, are using their geek-
dom to their advantage. Geeks
in movies have been a huge hit.
mainly since the '80s. There
were some mighty weird kids in
fttvengt of the Nerds, Weird Science,
the I'orky series, GhtBtbtUten and
even Ferris Bucller was a little
on the nerdy side. But we loved
all of those characters for their
charm, charisma, intellect and,
maybe, we felt a little pity for
them also.
HUgll from page B1
tray masculine energy, he does
not ever have to worry about
proving his manhood. Many
disapprove of this lifestyle, but
there is no doubt he's the ulti-
mate playboy. Even the squar-
est guy in the world would not
deny a chance to visit the Play-
boy mansion. And for an even
bigger fantasy, who wouldn't
love to be Hef's best friend?
At 79 years old, Hefner is
still swinging with three girl-
friends - all young enough to
be his granddaughters. He has a
full 70 person staff and six acres
of play area with a private zoo.
The public has caught glimpses
of this fantasy lifestyle in the
movie Beverly Hills Cop II and
the hit television show Entourage.
His mansion is now open to
the public every Sunday at 9 p.m.
on the E! Cable channel show
The Girls Next Door. The show
features his current girlfriends
Kendra Wilkinson (20), Holly
Madison (2S) and Bridget Mar-
quardt (31). Hef said he decided
to do a reality show to fulfill the
public curiosity of what it's like to
live in the Playboy Mansion.
"I've watched the show and
I think the idea of being a
bunny has changed. Sure, all
the girls are beautiful, but they
don't look as fake as they use
to said freshman business
management major
Stephanie Marshall.
Since Marilyn Monroe was
the first Playboy centerfold and
really got Hef's business raging,
he truly has a great respect for
her. He plans to be buried next to
her at Westwood Village Memo-
rial Park Cemetery in California.
Whether you agree with his
lifestyle or not you must give this
indefatigable swinger credit for
living the ultimate life no one
ever thought possible. Every man
wishes to be this successful with
the ladies at his age.
This writer can be contacted at
The typical geek' Is a nice guy.
Well, feel pity no more. Today
it seems that geeks are becoming
large and in charge. Geek is chic.
Showing up everywhere in stores
are the latest geek trends, and
you won't find popped collars on
any of the mannequins. It goes
to show that your clothes don't
wear you; it's you that wears the
clothes. Hollywood is generat-
ing quite a big deal over the new
geek chic. In theaters now is
the 40 Year ()l,l Virgin, featuring
none other than a middle-aged
geek who is slightly inept when
it comes to women. And the list
of geek movies goes on and on.
Look at the technology we have
today. Who else invented the
pocket-protector but geeks them-
selves? Our technological market
would be nonexistent without
the brain power of geeky people
But really, who doesn't love
a geek? Say you're watching Star
Wars and you need help under-
standing the plot. The geek is
there to make it all clear. Your
computer may crash the night
before a 10-page paper for your
English class is due, but your geek
friend pulls through and your
paper is saved. Though your geek
may not be able to help you with
fashion advice, or be able to tell
you what happened in last week's
see GEEKS page B3

For more info:
With the growing popularity of the Blackberry, text messaging has become easier and more efficient.
Report news students need to know, tec
Accepting applications lor SIAFF WRITERS 'Jg
� Learn investigative reporting skills m
Musi nave at least a 2D G�
WE'YCMOVEOl!ApalouNeWaaotlacaMtv�wnMt�SrfHelpBuMrg-100FE 3rd SI
The infamous Blackberry
has everybody talking, literally.
Cingular has struck gold yet
again with the newest Blackberry
7100g series. This Blackberry
has access to Cingular's cover-
age plans as well as a new sleek
phone design.
The 7100g has email capabil-
ity, speakerphoneand polyphonic
ring tone support, web access and
even has a new style keyboard
that makes typing and dialing
hassle free. This can surely come
in handy when text messaging.
The price for the Blackberry
7100g, commonly called the
"Crackberry is up in the three
hundreds but is well worth
never having to leave your room.
"The hottest item this fall is
definitely the Blackberry. People
are getting carpal tunnel syn-
drome from using it so much. It's
seen in videos and movies and
just the other day I saw a tennis
match where Venus was using her
Are you a Business major or minor?
Alpha Kappa Psi
Professional Co-ed Business Fraternity
We Mil Business with Pleasure
Fall Rush 2005
Wed, Sent. 7: Meet & Greet @ 6nm, Bate 2021
Thurs Sent- 8: Round Robin @ 6pm, Bite 2019
Contact Information:
Jenell: 252 671-4713
Meal irxludei: Chkken Fingerz, Crinkle Fries,
Texas Toast, Zax Sauce and a Regular Beverage.
1098 Allen Rd. -Greenville-252.752 4754
Blackberry while waiting for her
match to start. The Blackberry is
big right now said junior biol-
ogy major James Polk.
Next up for hot items is the
ErgoPointer. The ErgoPointer is
basically a PC handle or a mouse.
It is designed with a pistol grip
style and has a tracking ball on
top. The pointer fits in the palm
of your hand with four grooves
for your fingers, allowing your
thumb to do most movements.
The ErgoPointer may help pre-
vent carpal tunnel syndrome and
repetitive stress injuries that can
occur from using a normal mouse.
PC's are burning hot with all
types of innovative accessories.
Dressing up your PC is like dress-
ing yourself - the more unique,
the better. Metadot Corp. has
come up with an awesome key-
board, the Das Keyboard, which
has blank keys.
The keyboard's design is like
that of no other. The concept the
inventors have is that users will
adapt over time and memorize
where the letters and numbers
go resulting in faster, more accu-
rate typing. The Das Keyboard is
a perfect fit for gamers. It has a
white hot design and wants you
to use your brain too. What more
could a person ask for?
With this fall being hurricane
season, weather is a big concern
for everyone. If you are the type
of person who looks to see what
the weather is going to be like
each day then the Discovery
FXS000 Wireless Weather Station
is for you.
The FXS000 is a full-featured
forecaster that tells the tempera-
ture as well as how it actually
feels outside. You'll never have to
stick your hand out the window
again. It includes radio con-
trolled time, an air pressure indi-
cator, displays temperature in
Fahrenheit and forecasts the
weather 12 to 20 hours in
Blackberry 7100g
Das Keyboard www.daskeyboard.
Discovery FX5000 Wireless Weather
Touchless Power Bug Swatter 1-
advance. It has a small smooth
design and can be wall hanging
or free standing.
The remaining summer heat
brings swarms of flies, mosquitoes
and many other flying nuisances.
Stop swatting with your hand and
consider the Touchless Power Bug
Swatter. This crazy tennis racket
looking gizmo has a triple-lay-
ered electric field that can zap
a bug just by merely waving at
it. Don't worry about zapping
yourself; the swatter has safe
switch operation and two insula-
tion layers for your protection.
That will teach that nasty mos-
quito not to come after your skin.
With all of these updated fall
devices you will never find your
way to boredom again. This day
and age, cool things are arriving
on shelves everyday and it's our
job to keep up or get left behind.
This writer can be contacted at
&�@&7 8G)
For Connoisseur and
Collector of Contemporary
and Trendy Foorwear
We are located near the intersection
of" Evans Street & (Jreenville Blvd
between Eckerd & Bowen Cleaners,
in front of' towe's Foods md Best Buy.
lirear Designer Shoes for Women aiul Children.
the- ,
3110 A South Evans Hours:
Greenville, NC 27834 Mon -Sat
(252)353-7463 10am-6pm
Yellow box
Anna Clogs
Two Up
.l Ml 1.1 CjogS
Over 200 diffe
styles in stoel
shipments arriving
The ECU Media Board
welcomes applications for
The board is seeking fulltime students interested in serving as the day student repre-
sentative on the Media Board, the 11-person board which governs the media at ECU.
The day student representative is one of nine students on the board
and is expected to attend a late afternoon meeting monthly.
For information, contact: ECU Media Board Office
205A Self Help Center
301 S. Evans Street
Greenville. NC 27858
Deadline for applications is Tuesday, Sept. 20th at 5p.m.
or y
- M

ore info:
Wireless Weather
jg Swatter 1-
small smooth
� wall hanging
; summer heat
ies, mosquitoes
ring nuisances,
your hand and
iless Power Bug
i tennis racket
is a triple-lay-
that can zap
ely waving at
bout zapping
itter has safe
nd two insula-
ur protection,
lat nasty mos-
after your skin,
se updated fall
ever find your
gain. This day
gs are arriving
ly and it's our
et left behind.
contacted at
:nt repre-
i at ECU.
Greenville Obstetrics,
Gynecobgy & Pelvic Surgery
101 Bethesda Drive - Greenville
Richard Taft, md, facoc
Hale Stephenson, md, facoc
Frank Cay, MD, facoc
Scott Avery, MD, facoc
Susan Bane, MD, PhD, facoc
William Taft, md
Becky Bagley, rnc, cnm, msn
Frieda Tucker, rnc, cnm, msn
Jaena Newman, rnc, cnm, msn
Carolyn Green, rnc, cnm, msn
Deborah Ward, pa-c
Aorslkj, Mateys! Read
part of and �bey
- Ye must be 21 to posess or consume grog (or ale or wine or any other
intoxicating drink).
- Beware the location where ye leave yer vessel. Ye must have a permit
to drop anchor on some streets. Dock it not on the left side of the road.
Better to dock in a parking lot or a driveway (not the grass or dirt).
- Captain says no more than 3 swabbies from different blood lines per
living quarters.
- When jogging or walking the plank, make sure yer dog be on a leash.
Greenville's leash law also requires they don't run free from yer house
or yard.
- Critters must bear the markings of an annual license tag and have had
shots to prevent disease.
- Tossing litter or household trash overboard on any street, sidewalk, or
other property shall result in the confiscation of yer treasure - $50 at a
- Make too much noise and it may cost ye 50 to 500 peices of gold.
- Keep yer yard ship-shape. Grass taller than 12 inches could result in
fines or 30 lashes.
- Leave the firearms to the constables. It be against the law and the
pirate code to fire a cannon or any other firearm within the City.
brought to you by:
ECU CommUniversity
(a partnership between ECU & the surrounding community)
ECU Student Neighborhood Relations
329-41 10
Algebra Trigonometry Calculus. They'll Take You Where You Want To Go.
Math is Power.
Call 1-800-97NACME or visit www.mathispowerorg
National Action Council For Minorities In Engineering
Books made for big screen
Making reading obsolete
since the 1930s
When television or movie
producers begin brainstorming
for their next project, it isn't
some organic process where
they lock themselves in a room,
pounding their heads against a
wall until a brilliant idea pops
out. It's actually a much easier
process. Sometimes, it can be as
easy as opening a book.
Almost as long as they've
been making movies, producers
have been turning books into
movies as well. In fact, many of
the most memorable films in his-
tory originally were novels.
Some of these adaptations
include classics like Gone with the
Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Raging
Bull, The Godfather and The Exor-
cist. In fact, just this summer
studios have released a handful
of adaptations of novels - most
notably Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory, War of the Worlds and The
Constant Gardener.
So why is it so appealing to
adapt a previous work rather
than create an original work?
Gary Edwards, an English major
and senior at ECU, has a theory:
"The process for writing novels
is much freer than the process
of writing screenplays. Instead
of writing what movie audi-
ences will pay to see, novelists
can write anything they want
to write
"So when studios are looking
for pictures to make, they have
to be attracted to a project with
great detail, with great character
development, that is original. So
they already have a good frame-
work of what the film should be
like. It can't hurt to pick one with
a built-in audience either
While it's true that having
a built-in audience for a movie
can be a big positive for a film, it
can also bring a host of problems
for the filmmakers. If they make
a bad movie, not only are they
charged with making a bad movie,
they are also charged with ruin-
uBBKS from page B2
episode of Desperate Housewives,
he can be a friend through more
important problems.
Why are geeks becoming such
a hot topic? Nice guys are forced
to be reckoned with. They're not
about superficiality. They're real,
and that's what people want to
see. Real is what women find
most attractive in men, not the
number of goals they score, or
the amount of beer they can chug
at once. Women want to find
men who don't just have strap-
ping biceps and Fabio's square
chin. Women want personality,
looks aren't always a huge factor
in the great man hunt. Julie Pha-
nethay, a junior biology major at
ECU says, "I like geeky personali-
ties, and if I liked the guy too it
would be a bonus
Geeks can be sexy because
they are not bad boys, they are
simply unique. Being slightly
odd is slightly cool. So be nice
to the geeks, because nice guys
do finish first.
This writer can be contacted by
I ColNon on Ofgan I Tmut Oonrton
This coupon good for
an extra $5 on your
2nd and 4th donation
I'm a Student and a Plasma Donor
Names: Jennifer
Majors: Nursing s
Hobbies: Swimming & going to the beach
Why do I donate Plasma?
Extra spending money for the beach.
Earn up to $170mo. donating plasma in a friendly place.
DCI Biological of Greenville � 252-757-0171
2727 E.10th Street � Down the Street from ECU �
ing the reputation of the book.
And no matter how great a
film is, many fans of the book
are never satisfied. For instance,
the Harry Potter series of books
proved to be a phenomenon. The
subsequent film versions, which
generate staggering grosses at the
box office and earn very favor-
able reviews from most critics,
are tainted by diehard fans of the
series who complain that certain
scenes were cut from the movies
or key changes were made simply
because the changes were neces-
sary for the story to translate to
the big screen.
This demographic of diehard
fans, though small, are vital to
the success of the film because
they are the ones the film is
catered to. The producers are
hoping that these diehards, of all
people, will support the film and
spread the word. Instead, many
focus on the tiny discrepancies
rather than the big picture.
Producers, however, have
to take the good with the bad.
If the 'bad' is the possibility of
spoiling the reputation of a novel
or upsetting obsessed fans, the
'good' is the allure of making a
film which generates millions
of dollars, wins truckloads of
awards and amasses universal
acclaim - something recent adap-
tations have done.
In that regard, the Lord of the
Rings series of films should be
the standard of how producers
should bring books to the big
screen in the future. Director
Peter Jackson remained as true
to the original books as possible
- leading three films, each of
which ran over three hours long.
It was a huge gamble to make
such a recognizable franchise
but it clearly paid off. The final
installment, The Lord of the Rings:
Return of the King, won 11 Oscars,
tying the record set by Titanic
and Ben-Hur. Overall, the series
generated nearly $3 billion from
the box office worldwide.
In addition, many of the best
reviewed films of the past several
years originated as novels, such
as 200S's winner for Best Picture
from the Academy Awards Million
Dollar Baby along with films Side-
ways, City of God and Mystic River.
With the success of these
films, it is no small wonder that
studios are preparing more and
more adaptations in the coming
years. In the near future, you
can expect movies based on The
Da Vinci Code, The Chronicles
of Narnia, Harry Potter and the
Goblet of Fire and Proof, a film
based on the Pulitzer Prize win-
ning novel starring Gwyneth
Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins and
Jake Gyllenhaal.
But the local multiplex isn't
the only place to find these adap-
tations. Candace Bushnell, the
woman who wrote, created and
lived Sex and the City, is in the
early stages of bringing another
of her works to the small screen.
Sex and the City, debuted on
HBO in 1998 and followed the
lives of four New York women as
they gossip about their sex lives
and deal with the trials and tribu-
lations of being a single woman
in today's world.
The show, which ran until
Spring 2004, was a cultural
phenomenon. Now, Bushnell
hopes lightning can strike twice
with a new series based on her
novel Lipstick Jungle. According
to, Lipstick Jungle
is the story of three forty-some-
thing career women in New
York. This whole idea sounds a
lot like Sex and the City, but just
remember these are new women
with totally new issues. As of now,
there's no network deal in place
but at the prospect of a fraction
of the success of Sex and the City,
any network should jump at the
chance to work with Bushnell.
Bushnell seems to be sticking
with the philosophy of "if it ain't
broke, don't fix it" by maintain-
ing the formula that made her
millions with 5m and the City. But
more broadly, both the television
and movie business is sticking
with that philosophy. Books are
great, but people seem to enjoy
them more when they don't have
to actually read them. Until this
fact changes, expect more paper
to film adaptations.
This writer can be contacted at
rW � . � tlM 111)
tk�ir ur.tlaa. ahat ktt�
r fMMl� claUta) m �� �
till nla
We can help
We offer GRE and GMAT prep courses
GRE course schedule:
Mondays and Wednesdays
Starting September 14, Ending October 12
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
cost195 before September 8th
GMAT course schedule:
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Starting September 15, Ending October 13
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
cost195 before September 9th
If you have any questions please contact
Professional Programs at 252-328-6377 or
e-mail us at
� EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY � College of Business �
� Office of Professional Programs �

�1 0
Page B4 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY September 7, 2005
Sports Briers
Ptnkney, McQueen earn C-
USA honors
ECU junior quarterback James
Pinkney and senior special teams
performer Markelth McQueen
have earned Conference USA
Player-of-the-Week honors for
their play against Duke Saturday
according to a release from the
league media relations office
Tuesday afternoon. Pinkney, who
dlrectty accounted for all three of
ECU'S touchdowr is and 266 yards
of total offense during the Pirates'
24-21 win over Duke at Dowdy-
Rcklen Stadium, also completed
nearly 81 percent of his passes
(17-of-21) for 235 yards and one
TD while adding 31 rushing
yards on 11 carries and a career-
high two scores. He personally
averaged 8.3 yards per play while
directing a Pirate offense which
racked up 338 yards on 57 plays
- an average of nearly six yards
per snap (5.9) - to lead ECU to Its
iflrst opening day win in five years.
He opened the scoring with his
first career touchdown rush, a 1-
yard effort in the first quarter, while
also helping to seal ECU'S victory
with the Pirates' last TD, also a
1-yard run, to extend the lead to
24-14. Pinkney was also Involved
in a pair of big pass plays with
receiver Aundrea Allison, hooking
up with the junior on a 50-yard
TD strike midway through the
opening period before making a
key 31-yard comp!�flon in double
coverage on a 4th-and-5 play at
the Duke 33-yard line which set
up his scoring run at the end
of the third quarter. McQueen
opened the contest In impressive
fashion, taking Duke's opening
kickoff and returning it In a career-
long 45 yards which ranked as the
longest kickoff return by an ECU
player in two seasons or since
Damarcus Fox logged a 94-yarder
vs. Memphis Nov. 1,2003. He also
turned in a notable effort on ECU'S
punt defense squad, helping keep
Duke deep inside its own territory
during the second half. After
posting a solo tackle on Blue Devil
returner Chris Davis for zero yards
at the Duke 12-yard line on ECU'S
first punt of the third quarter, he
then downed the ball inside the
Blue Devil 5-yard line on a pair
of punts In the fourth quarter to
help preserve the win. McQueen
finished off Ryan Dougherty's 59-
yard punt at the Duke 5-yard line
with 10:34 to play before downing
a punt at the Blue Devil 1-yard line
with just 2:29 remaining.
Krog to partlcpate In junior
Solhelm Cup
ECU freshman Lene Krog
Is one of 12 European Junior
golfers who will participate In
the third annual Junior Solhelm
Cup at the Bridgewater Club In
Carmel, Indiana from Sept. 5-7.
Krog, a native of Lelr, Norway, was
the 2003 Norwegian Women's
Champion and a member of the
Norwegian National Team that
competed In the World Amateur
Championship In Puerto Rico In
October. She finished in second
place (lost In a play-off) In the
2004 Hellenic Open In Greece
and won twice this past summer
on the Norwegian P4 Tour. In
2003, Krog finished third in the
European Championship and
fourth In the European Young
Masters. The Junior Solhelm Cup
pits the top 12 European and top
12 United States Junior golfers
against one another in a team
Herrion died from heart
disease, coroner says
San Francisco 49ers lineman
Thomas Herrion died from heart
disease when he collapsed
after a National Football League
preseason game In Denver on
Aug. 20, the Denver County
coroner said Tuesday. Herrion
had Ischemlc heart disease,
with significant blockage in his
right coronary artery that caused
the death of heart muscle, the
city health department said in a
news release. Herrion's heart was
slightly enlarged. Drug screens
on Herrion's blood and urine
found only atrophine, a drug
administered when medical
personnel tried to revive him.
Herrion, 23, was pronounced
dead early on the morning of
Aug. 21. The 6-foot-3, 310-pound
guard was on the field for San
Francisco's 14-play, 91-yard drive
that ended with a touchdown with
2 seconds left.
The Sports
It's a whole new ball game
Holtz victorious in debut
over Blue Devils
An excited Skip Holtz made a
grand entrance leading his team
onto Bagwell Field at Dowdy-
licklen for the first time as ECU'S
head coach on Saturday. But
it was the emotion leaving
the field that Holtz will
"It was great
Holtz said refer-
ring to his first
Gatorade shower
as a Pirate.
said 'I watched
after the game
and you were
jumping up and
down I said
'them buckets
of water are cold
now. You have one
thrown down the
back of your shirt
and you don't realize'
how cold they are
The Pirate defense
eld off a tough
Duke squad in
the waning
moments to
a 24-21
ing win.
� t ion of
f Duke quar-
terback Matt
with only 1:16
p remaining sealed
the Blue Devil's
"But like I told (the team In
the locker room, if we are only as
good as our last game, then that
wasn't the 117th best defense in
the country Holtz said. "The
leadership of the linebackers
and some of the senior leadership
that we are getting right now
from the guys on the field, I just
think that's what is making the
wheels go round
His trust in his defense showed
when ECU was facing a late 4th-
and-2 situation near midfield
and with the 2:29 remaining.
After initially deciding to put the
offense on the field, Holtz opted
to punt. Ryan Dougherty booted
a critical punt that was downed
by gunner Markeith McQueen
near the goal line.
The drive ended with Parker's
fourth-down interception. The
sophomore safety finally notched
the game-changing interception
after having dropped two passes
"He has caught everything in
camp Holtz said. "He was catch-
ing balls off the goalposts
Baker's counterpart, Zach
Baker did catch everything
thrown his way. Baker's two
interceptions and fumble recov-
ery almost didn't happen. The
senior was inserted into the
starting lineup due to Jamar
Flournoy's suspension.
ECU junior quarterback
James Pinkney culminated his
suspenseful off-season with a
235 yard effort. Pinkney's 17-of-
21 passing efficiency ranks sixth
nationally. The Delray Beach,
Fla. native also notched three
touchdowns, two via short
"He's a lot better than I
thought he was going to be
said Holtz. "I think everyone else
saw today what I've been looking
at with him having that poise in
the pocket. I really thought he
see BALLGAME page 85
Wild Card race tightening
as October approaches
Who you will find in the
playoffs this year and why
As Major League Baseball
makes its turn down the home
stretch of the regular season, we
are once again able to visit our
favorite cliche, "The Hunt for
October Although, I personally
hate the saying, we are creatures
of habit. So with that, let's take
a look at who's in "The Hunt for
National League
Home of the best and worst
division in baseball, the national
league sports 10 major playoff
hopefuls. The NL East is home to
five of those teams, each of which
have a winning record. The NL
West on the other hand, well,
what can you say except some-
one unfortunately has to make
the playoffs from that division.
So while debates rage on about
how the west may be the worst
division since the beginning of
the wild-card era, we have to keep
them In mind, solely for the fact
that they will be represented in
the MLB playoffs.
Lock: NL East � Atlanta Braves
Three and a half weeks away
from 14 straight division titles.
That speaks for itself.
Lock: NL Central - St. Louis
The Cards have been in cruise
control all year, mainly in part to
great play and such a slow start
from the Houston Astros, who
played the first month without
slugger Lance Berkman. Look
for superstars Albert Puols, Jim
Edmonds and David Eckstein to
get some rest down the stretch as
they prepare to make another run
for the World Series.
NL West
While I would love to say that
the Padres have finally seized
control of the miserable west,
the San Francisco Giants have for
some reason reeled off six straight
games to move within five games
of the divisional lead. If Barry
Bonds decides he must grace us
The Lady Pirates will head to Ohio this weekend.
Preston Wilson has provided immediate offense for the Nats.
with his presence, this race may
get really interesting down the
stretch, because the Padres have
shown the capability of going 2-8
in a 10 game stretch. Buckle your
seatbelts, this might get wild.
NL Wild Card
In case you took a few months
off from the world, the wild card
winner will not come from the
west. With that in mind, here are
the teams thai I think still have a
legitimate shot to make the post-
season in the always-coveted
wild-card position.
Milwaukee Brewers
Did I say legitimate? In the
case of the Brewers, I'll say they're
mathematically still alive. All kid-
ding aside, the Brew Crew have
really stuck around in the race for
the card as they find themselves
five ami a half games out.
You really have to admire the
effort of the entire team, with
special attention to slugger Geoff
see WILD CARD page S5
Lady Pirates
ECU bounces back
from early-season loss
After starting the season
with a loss to William and
Mary, the Lady Pirates were
looking to get back on track
last weekend as they entered
the Broyhill Inn Appalachian
Classic. Coming off of a win
over NC A&T in their second
game of the season, ECU had
the momentum with them on
the road.
Game one of the classic
pitted ECU against the host,
Appalachian State. ECU seniors
Pam Ferris and Erica Wilson
combined for 28 kills. Fresh-
man Trlsh Monroe led the
team on defense with 24 digs.
Despite their hard effort, the
Lady Pirates were not able to
come up with the win as they
fell three matches to one, 31-
29, 24-30, 30-23, 33-31.
In the second game of
the classic, ECU matched up
against High Point. The Lady
Pirates were able to jump out
to an early match lead, win-
ning the first match 33-31 and
the second 30-27. High Point
was able to pull out the third
take two at
match, winning 30-25 before
ECU dominated the fourth and
final match 30-17.
Wilson led ECU with kills
in the victory with 23, while
Ferris and freshman Kim Jef-
ferson followed up with 16 and
14 respectively. Junior Heidi
Krug set up much of the kills
with her 60 assists in the Lady
Pirates' win. �
In the final game of the
classic, ECU faced Tennessee
Tech. The Lady Pirates were
able to make quick work of
their opponent, winning in a
sweep 30-20, 30-27 and 30-23.
ECU finished the game with an
attack percentage of .252 com-
pared to Tennessee Tech's .106.
The win gave ECU an over-
all record of 3-2 this season.
Ferris and Wilson were
named to the Broyhill Appa-
lachian All-Tournament Team
for their performance last
The road trip continues for
the ECU Volleyball team as
they travel to Bowling Green,
Ohio this Friday. They will take
part in the BGSU Invitational
against Ohio State, Chicago
State and Bowling Green.
This writer can be contacted at
sports&theeastcarolinian. com.
GrldlrOn - Nickname for a
football field (i.e. The Pirates will
take to the gridiron next week
against Wake Forest")
SlgnalCaller - Nickname for
a quarterback. Another common
nickname is the "field general
Red ZOne - The area 20
yards from the goal line. When
an offense reaches this in their
opponent's side, it is called the
red zone.
Sleeper - A team that has
the talent to go to the playoffs or
championship of their sport, but
is not the favorite to do so.
SOUthpaW - Nickname for a
left-handed pitcher.

Wild Card from page B4
Jenkins, who is on fire in the last
two months, and starters Doug
Davis and Ben Sheets. You can't
question the work ethic of this
team, because they just refuse to
give up when all others have.
The key is Carlos Lee. Lee,
who got off to a torrid start, has
to find his power stroke again if
the Brewers want to be dancing
in October. It's going to take a
miracle, but don't sleep on this
team, because they have a lot of
heart and they will not shut it
down until they are statistically
done for.
NY Mets
I think the Mets have the
consistency on offense that all
other wild-card hopefuls long
for at this point in the season,
but what they have that isn't
desirable is a tough September
schedule. They are in the middle
of a three game road series with
the Braves, and right after that,
they'll take to the road again,
this time to face the Cards in a
three game set.
All in all, the Mets only have
three games remaining against
teams below .500.
Sadly, those three games
come in the last three games of
the year, against Colorado, prob-
ably long after the Mets have
been eliminated from playoff
Washington Nationals
Raise your hand if you
thought the Nats would be in this
position this late in the season.
No hands, wow, no surprise.
After getting off to a magical first
half start that saw the Nationals
run out to a healthy lead over
the Braves, Washington began
their decline toward the end of
the first half and continued in a
downward spiral weeks after the
all-star break. However, this team
embodies a never-die spirit that
has kept them in this wild card
race, and only one and a half
game out at that. John Patterson,
with the exception of wins, has
all the makings of a Cy-Young
winner. The young righty is 8-4
with a 2.44 ERA, 155Ks and a
1.15 WHIP. Throw in another six
wins, and he's right in the thick
of things in the Cy-Young talk.
You can expect him to win one
before his career is over.
As for Livan Hernandez,
this seasoned veteran doesn't
understand the word "quit He
has been pitching in pain since
the beginning of the second half
and has refused to shut it down
for the year because he believes
in his team.
Jose Guillen carried the
offensive load in the first half,
but with a deadline addition
of Preston Wilson from the
Rockies, the Nats now have two
super sluggers in the middle of
their lineup. This team has all
the makings, good hitting, good
starters, great bullpen. I think
if they can solve their offensive
problems at home, this team
could emerge as the front-runner
for the wild card.
Florida Marlins
A lot of people are asking
why this team isn't in first place
in their division, let alone the
wild card. Well the answer lies
in Atlanta, but surely a team
this loaded has no business on
the outside looking in of a wild-
card chase. But that's exactly
what we have. The Marlins are
a game back in the card, but I
don't believe in this team. Case
in point, last weekend in a game
at home against the Cards, the
Marlins looked like the team
that was in cruise control, but
in reality, the Cards are the team
that had no worries and a 10-0
lead in that particular ball game.
I have to question the heart of
this bunch because 1 haven't seen
much yet.
Mike Lowell isn't hitting.
Juan Pierre is very streaky. To
make matters worse, they haven't
had a home run from someone
other than Miguel Cabrera or
Carlos Delgado in over a month.
You can't expect to be a two-man
offense and make a serious run
at the playoffs. The pitching is
there, but it is Jekyll and Hyde.
Philadelphia Phillies
I hate to give the Phillies the
same diagnosis as the Mets, but
I'm afraid that's the case. Even
though the Phils are only a half
game out in the wild card, I
absolutely hate their schedule in
September. I think New York and
Philadelphia will be in the same
boat at the end of the season,
wishing their schedule was more
"below .500 friendly" down the
stretch. If they could only dip
into the west for a 10-game set,
they'd be fine.
Houston Astros
The current leader in the wild
card, and the front-runner to
stay there, the Astros will have
the bull's-eye on their collective
backs as they try to close the deal
on the rest of the hopefuls from
the National League.
Whenever you have three
future hall-of-fame pitchers
- in this case in Roger Clemens,
Andy Pettitte, and Roy Oswalt
- you have to like your chances
to win a playoff race. However,
when the offense is as dormant
as the Houston offense, there's
Famous Catalog Clothing
Large Group
� 75 off
210 E. 5 SI. 758-8612 MON-SAT10-6 SUN 1 5
The human performance laboratory at
East Carolina University is looking for
research subjects that wish to be involved
in studies examining the role of skeletal
muscle in insulin action.
Subjects which are not currently
exercising will be examined. Certain
j medications or health conditions may
I disqualify you from participation. We
are looking for normal or overweight
individuals. Men and women greater than
18 years of age are eligible.
Subjects will be compensated
($80-250) for completing all aspects of
I the study. Tests include body composition
! assessmentbody fat), exercise
testing (V02max), and blood and
nuscle analysis.
I for further information contact Chris
Evans at 328.4681, ECU Brody School of
Medicine (principal investigator: Joseph
A. Houmard, Ph.D.)
cause for worry. The key for the
Astros will be the bats of veteran
Lance Berkman and second-
year phenom Morgan Ensberg.
Ensberg is putting up record
numbers for a Houston third
baseman in his second season,
and Berkman has returned from
his injury on a mission. If rookie
sensation Willy Taveras and
Craig Biggio can continue to get
on base in front of these two
sluggers, I do expect Houston to
come out of the national league
with the wild-card.
National League
Playoff Predictions
Braves, Cardinals, Astros and
(cough-cough) the Giants
American League
Lock: AL East - Boston Red Sox
(sorry Yankee fans)
Even though pitching has
been a recurring issue for this
team all season, it has become
rather easy to overlook the prob-
lems there when the Sox con-
tinue to bash opponent pitching
way worse than their pitchers are
fairing. Yes, the Yanks are
only three back, but there
will be no race for the AL
East title this time around.
Lock: AL Central - Chicago
White Sox
After a tough week, the White
Sox have won five in a row. They
have a nine and a half game lead
over a young Cleveland club. We
will all see if this team is for real
come playoff time.
AL West
Does someone have a coin? I
think I might have an easier time
predicting this division with a
quarter, but I'll take a stab at it. I
really like the Los Angeles Angels
of Anaheim, California, but ulti-
mately, I do believe the pitching
of the Oakland A's will propel
them to the west title.
Barry Zlto and Rich Harden
have been outstanding again this
year, and even though Harden
is hurt, expect him to return
full force for his next start. Kirk
Sarloos, Dan Haren and rookie
Joe Blanton, who leads the team
in ERA, all have had outstand-
ing years, not to mention they
have all had wonderful success
against the Angels this year.
Setup man Justin Duchscherer
has been incredible, posting a
6-3 mark with a 2.14 ERA, S saves
and 64 Ks in 71 IP. The man he
sets up for has been even more
un-hittable. Rookie Huston Street
has filled in beautifully for the
injured Octavio Dotel. The Texas
graduate has 4-1 record with 18
saves, a 1.22 ERA and 64 Ks in 67
IP. It's hard to argue against any
team with this kind of staff.
AL Wild Card
This isn't even close to being
as complicated as the national
league. Here, you really only
have four teams vying for the
wild-card crown. Those are the
Yankees, the Indians and the
non-winner of the west.
NY Yankees
I ask for just a little consis-
tency please. If the Yankees can
find any consistency at the start-
ing pitching position, I think a
solid staff, combined with that
machine-like offense, will help
the Yankees to squeeze into the
wild-card spot.
Aaron Small has been awe-
some since joining the Yankees,
going 6-0 thus far.
Randy Johnson and Mike
Mussina have been so unpre-
dictable, there's no telling what
you're going to get on a start-to-
start basis from these two. Triple
Crown hopeful Alex Rodriguez
and company will have to pound
away until the Yanks solve the
pitching problem, if they ever do.
Cleveland Indians
I love this team, and their
September schedule. The start-
ing pitching is not great, but
it is solid in all facets. Reborn
Bob Wickman has been lights
out as the closer, and the Indian
offense is as powerful as any in
the central. I think the key to this
entire run down the stretch has
been the ridiculous second half
of catcher Victor Martinez.
After having a horrible
first half, Martinez has hot
the ground running and never
looked back, hitting .342 with
eight homeruns and 30 RBI in
his last 184 at bats. DH Travis
Hafner leads the team in homers
(24) and RBI (84) and has really
increased his production since
missing time from a concussion
earlier in the season. Rookie
shortstop Jhonny Peralta has to
be the front-runner in the AL for
the Rookie of the Year Award, as
he is hitting .288 with 20 Hrs
and 66 RBI.
A September schedule that
includes seven games against the
minor league-like Kansas City
Royals, and three against Tampa
Bay, the Indians are poised to run
away with the wild-card if they
beat the teams they are supposed
to beat.
American League
Playoff Predictions
Red Sox, White Sox, Athletics
and Indians.
Post-season predictions
coming soon.
This writer can be contacted at
sports&theeastcarolinian. com.
Ballgame from page B4
did a great job
Ten of Pinkney's passes were
directed at junior college transfer
Aundrae Allison.
Allision finished with 163
recieving yards, which ranks
second nationally. The junior
caught every ball thrown his way
including a 50-yard touchdown
strike down the left sideline in
the first quarter.
"Allision) is special Holtz
said. "You put the ball in his
hands and he's going to
do something electric and
Early on, the fireworks were
on special teams. The Holtz era
got off to a bang with a 45-yard
opening kickoff return by spe-
cialist McQueen.
After the teams traded their
first possessions, punt returner
Travis Williams burned down
the right sideline for 52 yards.
Two plays later, Pinkney scored
from the one.
The tables turned on the
ensuing kickoff when Duke
receiver Ronnie Drummer tied
the score on a 100-yard return.
"Greg McMahon (the special
teams coach) came up to me after
the return Holtz said. "He said
'Coach I'm sorry I said 'it's one
to one, don't worry about it.
We're even now
Duke tied the Pirates with
a one-yard touchdown run by
Justin Boyle set up by a Chris
Johnson fumble. The Pirates
answered with an eight-play
series ending with Robert Lee's
32-yard field goal before the
The Pirates offense, anemic
a year ago, blasted out 338 total
yards. Johnson led the Pirate
running attack with 65 yards.
The sophomore also notched
four catches for 48 yards.
"We don't have that margin
for error Duke head coach
Ted Roof said referring to his
defense. "We weren't very good
on third down. ECU did a good
job, especially on third down,
scrambling around and keeping
drives ir line
ECU has an off week before
they travel to Wake Forest on
Sept. 17. The Pirates will practice
hard Wednesday and Thursday
before relaxing over the week-
"But I'm going to say it now
even after we won Holtz said.
"How we respond to this game is
going to be the key. We've come a
long way. But we still have a long
way to go
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
The East Carolinian will feature an advice
column for fall 2005 and we would like to
hear from you. Visit ww.theeastcaroliniar��m
to make an anonymous submission
Fall Elections
Begins Thursday, September 8 at 9:00AM
Ends Friday, September 9 at 5:00PM
Any applications turned in after the deadline will be disqualified.
Incomplete applications will not be officially stamped until completed.
There is a mandatory Compulsory Meeting scheduled for
ALL candidates on Monday, September 12 at 8:00 pm
One out of five adults finds
themselves as the designated
"caregiver" for a loved one who
can no longer manage alone. This
role can often snowball, weighing
heavily on you as you try to cope
with the demands of caregiving.
There may be services and
organizations right in your
parent's neighborhood that can
help when you're not around.
The outcome is better care for
your parent, and less anxiety
for you. Visit www.familycare and discover
a world of support, answers and
advice - for both of you.
It's net ill up to yw.
From the National Family
Caregivers Association and
the National Alliance for Caregiving
with the generous support of Eiaai Inc.


i s
SOOTH Iti!jau-4M44!
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400 SW Greenville Blvd
11 am - 10 pm
1 he hast Carolinian would like to thank everyone who
joined us in celebrating our Open I louse. We would
like to give a special (hank you to the following advertisers
listed below who dot wonderful items. Please
ronie anv of 111 Ivertisers. I hank vou!
Twist Salon 110 East 3rd Street Greenville, NC 27858 252-752-9884 Tues-Fri 10 am-7 pm Cypress Landing Golf Club 252-946-7788 600 Clubhouse Drive Chocowinity, NC 27817 Sun - Sat 7 am -7 pm Chanellos Pizza, Inc. 1414 Charles Boulevard 252-695-9000 Greenville, NC 27858 (In the Harris Teeters Shoppes)Tan N Bed 2803 A S. Evans Street 252-353-5400 Greenville, NC 27834 Mon - Fri 8 am-8:30 pm Sat 8 am-5:30 pm Sun 1 pm -5:30 pmBladezonlce 104 Red Banks Road 252-353-8888 Greenville, NC 27858 College Night Thursdays 7 pm -9 pmBicycle Post, Inc. Tues - Sat 10 am-6 pm Cotanche St 252-756-3301 Mon- Sat 10 am-6 pm Arlington Greenville, NC 27858Excel 2810-A East 10th Street 252-931-9552 Greenville, NC 27858 Mon-Thur. 4:30 am -10 pm Fri. 4:30 am -9 pm Sat. 7 am -6 pm Sun. 1 pm-6 pm Wings Over Greenville 1400 Charles Boulevard 252-758-9464 Greenville, NC 2758 Sun - Wed 11 am - 1 pm Mon open at 4 pm Thur 11 am- 3 pm Jiffy Lube 756-2579 , 126 Greenville Blvd 1 101 SE Greenville Blvd 645 S Memorial Dr Mon-Fri 8-8; Sat 8-5, Sun 9-5
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get .

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