The East Carolinian, July 6, 2005
Volume 80 Number 85
Security breach at ECU
6, 200f
Personal information about 250 students was exported via the internet.
Students react to
information export
A computer security breach has
recently created a disruption for
some ECU students and faculty.
A document containing the per-
sonal information of 250 students
and applicants in the department
of physician assistant studies was
exported from an Internet server.
Computer specialists discovered the
security breach in May while repair-
ing the server after complaints of
slow computer speed.
The individuals whose informa-
tion was taken were notified by a
letter. Those affected also received
an information packet containing
recommendations on preventative
actions from the Federal Trade
"We are forming a high-level
task force to review how data is
handled campus-wide said Jack
McCoy, director of the ECU Infor-
mation Security Office.
The FTC provides information
on identity theft and also a course
of action to limit the amount of
damage a theft can inflict. In some
states, there are laws that allow a
victim of identity theft to enact a
credit freeze.
Tyrell demons, a senior visit-
ing student from UNC-Chapel
Hill majoring in psychology and
pre-law, says he knows "identity
theft exists, but it's not something
I worry about on a day to day basis
He added that the threat of identity
theft does not prevent him from
completing transactions, on the
Internet or otherwise.
Computer security is a major
concern on campus.
Matt Duncan, a junior com-
munication major, said he has
had three computers broken into.
Viruses entered his computer via
e-mail, and caused major damage,
"I want to see if they can
increase the penalty on hackers
said Duncan.
"Have zero tolerance for them
- throw them in jail
Batrice Adcock, a master's student
in nursing, said she often depends on
campus computers in the event that
her home computer is down.
NC celebrates
another year of
national freedom
see SECURITY page A3
Thousands of people crowd into Union Point Park in
downtown New Bern, N.C, to watch fireworks at the annual
Fourth of July celebration Monday. The city of Greenville
held festivities in honor of American freedom throughout
the entire day. The holiday weekend ended with a complete
fireworks show at the Town Commons, which could be seen
from miles around downtown Greenville.
ECU researchers discover lost Civil War relic
Faculty and student
team spend month
diving at sunken ship
December 9, 1864, the USS
Otsego, a Union warship traveling
up the Roanoke River, sailed into a
nest of Confederate mines.
The 220-foot vessel, as well as
Bazely, the 70-foot tugboat
sent to retrieve the Otsego, fell
victim to the enemy mines and
ended up mired on the bottom
of the Roanoke. Although historic
and military accounts of the ship
and its fate did exist, the exact loca
tion of the wreckage was unknown.
The Otsego, lacking the fame of its
iron-clad contemporaries, such as the
USS Monitor and CSS Albemade, became
a little-remembered footnote in the
maritime history of the U.S. Civil War.
The ship's legacy may have even
been forgotten aJhogether; if not for the
efforts of a team of researchers from ECU.
In a month-long research project,
ending late last month, a dozen stu-
dents and faculty members from ECU's
Program in Maritime Studies searched
a six-mile stretch of river near James-
ville, N.C. and mapped it for study.
Students dived on the wreckage
and identified ship sections of the
Otsego and Bazely, despite the murky
waters that often limited visibility to
less than three feet.
Research such as this is nothing
new to the program, which over the
years has located and researched
numerous sites in the shipwreck-rich
waters of coastal North Carolina.
The Maritime Studies program,
a part of ECU's history department,
has developed a distinguished repu-
tation for teaching and research in
the field of nautical archeology.
The program, established in 1981,
has developed joint-research projects
with numerous organizations such as
the N.C. Maritime Museum, Office
of Naval Research, the Bermuda
Maritime Museum and the U.S. Coast
Guard, to locate, identify, research
and salvage lost and sunken ships.
In the RV Perkins, the programs
65-foot research vessel, students and
faculty have participated in such
expeditions as the search for the USS
Alligator, the navy's first submarine
that was lost off the coast of NC in
1863, the USS Monitor, the famed
iron-clad of the U.S. Civil War and
the wreckage thought to be the
Queen Anne's Revenge, the flagship
of the infamous pirate Blackbeard.
The various findings of their
research are featured in Stem to Stern,
an annual publication put out by
Maritime Studies to catalog the vari-
ous expeditions undertaken by the fac-
ulty and students within the program.
As for the fate of the Otsego, it
must remain on the bottom of the
Roanoke for the time being.
Larry E. Babits, director of the pro-
gram, said parts of the ship were not
retrieved because the school's permit
with the Navy only allowed for the
survey work, as well as complications
in preserving the wooden and iron
artifacts from deterioration.
However, Babits said this does
not take away from the excitement of
such a one of a kind find such as this.
"All other Otsego-style ships
have been lost Babits said.
"We can look at it as a sole sur-
vivor of its class
This writer can be reached at

JULY 6. 2005
Alert system
The ECU pop-up ALERT system
is a software program that can be
downloaded by anyone, regardless of
his or her status with the university. It
can be downloaded onto any computer
at ecu.educs-itcsdownload.cfm
or by following the link on the ALERT
Web site: ecu.edualert.
25th Anniversary Memorial
The Greenville Fire and Rescue
Department will hold a memorial
service to honor the life and service of
LL Steven Jerry Mills July 6 at 10 am. in
Fire Station .3 LL Mills dies In the line
of duty while fighting a house fire.
Farmers' market demo
Felix Fernandez, ECU'S executive chief,
will demonstrate cooking techniques
Saturday, July 9 from 8-11 a.m.
at Pitt County Farmers' Market on
County Home Road. Free samplings
and recipes will be available and
Fernandez will also demonstrate
carving techniques for watermelons
and other produce. Robin High, ECU'S
own nutritionist, will speak about the
benefits of eating fresh fruits and
vegetables. For more information, e-
mail Linda Alva at Ima0619@mail.ecu.
edu or call 744-3114.
Dissertation defense
Saravanan Elangovan of the department
of communication sciences and
disorders at ECU'S School of Allied
Health will present the dissertation
defense presentation entitled, "The
Role of Auditory Temporal Processing
in the Speech Perception of Voicing
in Stop Consonants" Tuesday, July 19
at 2 p.m. in room 101 Belk Building.
Advisement is given by Andrew Stuart,
Gregg Givens, Sherri Jones and
Joseph Kalinowski.
Kitty calendar contest
deadline extended
Marley Fund's 2006 calendar contest
is extending its entry deadline to July
22. Send your favorite photo of your
pet along with a story of why he is so
special and a $10 entry fee to 1510-
208 Wimbledon Way, Greenville, NC
27858, to qualify your animal. Winners
will be featured as a monthly model
in Marley Fund's 2006 Calendar. For
more information, please call Joy at
News Briefs
20 arrests from fights after
Charlotte fireworks show
CHARLOTTE, NC - About 20 people
were arrested after fights broke out
Monday night in Charlotte following a
fireworks show.
Police brought in officers from across
Mecklenburg County to shut down
city streets and bring the situation
under control.
The 20 people were arrested on
charges such as fighting, disorderly
conduct and resisting arrest police
spokesman Keith Bridges said
Tuesday. He was not aware of any
"We donl know for sure what started
the original fight but following that,
there were more fights, said Bridges.
"Some of the youths were stopping
cars and jumping on them
Police were on the scene for several
hours after the fireworks show ended
about 10:20 p.m. getting people out of
the area, Bridges said.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Capt.
Tim Jayne hesitated to call the situation
a riot but officers on the street used
that term as they radioed to each
other. At its height Jayne estimated the
crowds numbered about 2,000.
People threw fireworks into the crowds,
blocked traffic and refused to respond
to police, said Jayne. The crowds
pushed a Dumpster into the street, he
said, and intimidated people trying to
leave parking garages.
United Church of Christ rule-
making body passes resolution In
favor of gay marriage
ATLANTA - The president of the
United Church of Christ said his
denomination "acted courageously
to declare freedom" when it passed
a resolution endorsing same-sex
marriage on Independence Day.
The resolution calls on member
churches of the liberal denomination's
1.3 million members to consider
wedding policies "that do not
discriminate against couples based
on gender It also asks churches
to consider supporting legislation
granting equal marriage rights to
gay and lesbian couples and to work
against laws banning gay marriage.
The endorsement by the church's
rule-making body Monday makes it
the largest Christian denomination to
endorse same-sex marriage. The vote
is not binding on individual churches,
but could cause some congregations
to leave the fold.
"On this July Fourth the General
Synod of the United Church of
Christ has acted courageously to
declare freedom, affirming marriage
equality, affirming the civil rights of
same gender couples to have their
Thirty recieve U. S.
citizenship in Kinston
Irena Marie Astrom-Shaw celebrates her newly-acquired U.S.
citizenship with her daughter Hannah, 5, Monday, July 4, 2005,
following a naturalization and granting of citizenship ceremony
at Harmony Hall in Kinston, N.C. Irena's husband, John Shaw,
and son, Alexander, were also present. 30 candidates received
their U.S. citizenship during the ceremony.
relationships recognized as marriages
by the state, and encouraging our
local churches to celebrate and bless
those marriages said the Rev. John
H. Thomas, president of the United
Church of Christ.
Roughly 80 percent of the
representatives on the church's 884-
member General Synod voted to
approve the resolution Monday, a day
after a committee recommended it.
A small group of conservative
congregations had proposed an
alternative resolution defining marriage
as between a man and a woman,
and suggested that supporting gay
marriage could lead to the church's
Russia says American journalist's
murder solved, but doubts linger
MOSCOW - For nearly a year after
American journalist Paul Klebnikov
was gunned down on a Moscow
street, his killing was like dozens of
other high-profile Russian murder
cases - plenty of speculation but no
resolution. Then something unusual
happened: The government said it
was solved.
However, strong doubts remain about
an investigation that has become
a crucial test of President Vladimir
Putin's Russia and its justice system
- whether it can dig deeper than
political expediency and unearth the
The prosecutors named Khozh-
Akhmed Nukhayev, a former Chechen
separatist figure, saying he had killed
the editor of Forbes magazine's
Russian edition as vengeance for
a critical book the American wrote
about him.
But as the first anniversary of
Klebnikov's killing approaches, other
possible motives are still circulating.
"Without any information about the
evidence, we're all left speculating
about the credibility of this claim
that the prosecutor has made said
Alex Lupis of the New York-based
Committee to Protect Journalists.
June 16, when it announced the
results of the investigation, the chief
prosecutor's office revealed nothing
about the basis for its conclusion and
declined requests forfurther comment.
Washington's offers of help in the
probe have likewise gone unanswered
or been rebuffed.
Klebnikov, a 41 -year-old New Yorker of
Russian decent, was shot as he left his
office at around 10 p.m. July 9,2004.
The killing cut short the career of a man
who had chronicled the violent chaos
of Russian capitalism after the Soviet
collapse but who had high hopes for
the country his ancestors came from,
and a measure of confidence that
things were improving under Putin.
NC State must pay
$300,000 for harrassment
research assistants who sued NC
State University over sexual harass-
ment by a civil engineering profes-
sor will be paid $300,000, a state
judicial panel has ruled.
Evalyn Gonzales and Kathy
A. Wood had worked for Shuaib
Ahmad, a civil engineering pro-
fessor who has left the university.
When Gonzales and Wood made
their accusations in 1997, the uni-
versity allowed Ahmad to resign
and gave him a positive recom-
mendation letter.
The university also promoted
Ahmad to full professor after the
allegations were made and paid
him the rest of his $80,710 salary,
according to the order issued
last week by the state Industrial
According to the order, Ahmad
engaged in palm reading, neck rubs
and hugs, put his hands under
one woman's shorts and tried to
unbutton another's blouse.
Ahmad asked one woman to
go to the beach with him for a
weekend and once offered her an
aphrodisiac nut.
NC State refused comment on
the order because it is appealing it,
but university spokeswoman Debo-
rah Griffin said NC State doesn't
tolerate sexual harassment. Neither
victim wanted to comment, said
their attorney.
In the 10 years between the
first complaint and the lawsuit, 10
women were victimized because of
the university's negligence, Deputy
Commissioner George T. Glenn II
said in the order. Glenn also said
the university had a pattern of
ignoring sexual misconduct.
It took years to get the ruling
because the N.C. Court of Appeals
first had to decide whether the
women, who had filed complaints
with the university, should
proceed in state court or before the
commission, which presides over
workplace claims against the state.

Brown tries to dampen the high
expectations ahead of G-8 summit
SeCUNty from pager
An anti-capitalist protester confronts riot police lines with a placard in
the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland, Monday, ahead of the G-8 summit.
EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP)
� Tuesday Britain's Treasury chief
warned that anti-poverty cam-
paigners may be disappointed
when G-8 leaders announce their
package of aid to Africa.
Gordon Brown's effort to dampen
expectations came as Live 8 organizer
Bob Geldof traveled to the Scottish
capital, Edinburgh, to step up pres-
sure ahead of the G-8 summit, which
begins in Gleneagles Wednesday.
Geldof insisted the British govern-
ment should not be "lowering the
bar" of what the G-8 should achieve.
Brown is a driving force behind
British Prime Minister Tony Blair's
efforts to make aid to Africa a G-
8 priority. The Chancellor of the
Exchequer says helping the conti-
nent is the "greatest moral crusade
of our time" and is pushing for debt
relief, free trade and a doubling of
international aid.
But he told the British Broad-
casting Corp. Tuesday that he'd
warned campaigners the G-8 was
unlikely to meet their expectations.
"I know that you will tell us
we've got to do more. I know that
what you will say is that what we
can achieve is perhaps not good
enough Brown said he'd told cam-
paigners. "But we have got to bring
the whole of the world together.
What Britain says is one thing,
what we can persuade the rest of the
world to do together is what we will
get as the outcome of Gleneagles
Leaving London by train for
Edinburgh, Geldof said he was "not
prepared to be disappointed
"I don't think that is an
option he said. "I don't think
the Chancellor should try lower-
ing the bar at this stage. We have
come for victory. It has to happen
now. Not to do it now would be
grotesquely irresponsible. It is
unacceptable for politicians to
say 'prepare to be disappointed
Geldof, who masterminded
the Live Aid concerts 20 years ago,
has called for a million people to
take a "Long Walk to Justice" and
converge on Edinburgh, where rock
acts including Texas and Annie
Lennox will take part in a concert
on Wednesday titled: "Edinburgh
50,000: The Final Push Orga-
nizers say the figure refers to the
number of people who will die that
day from extreme poverty.
He was traveling with repre-
sentatives from anti-poverty cam-
paigns in France, Georgia, Ghana,
Mali, Sierra Leone and Britain.
Blair's Africa Commission
report calls for debt relief, fair trade
and an extra $25 billion a year in
international aid for the continent
by 2010, and then a further $25
billion annually up to 2015.
Oxfam's head of advocacy Jo Lead-
beater warned that 2010 would be "five
years too late for the 55 million children
who will die waiting for the world's rich-
est leaders to deliver on their promises
If a person believes they are the
victim of Identity theft, they can file
a complaint at the Federal Trade
Commission Web site,
Next, visit the FTC's identity theft
Web site, consumer.govldtheft.
ECU students and faculty can
access Information on bow to do
their part to protect themselves
by going to the ECU Computer
Safety & Security Web site, ecu.
educs-ltcssafetySecurlty.cfm, and
investigating the services provided.
"I pretty much trust that the
school keeps these computers safe
said Adcock.
Keeping information secure is
a fine "balance of risk and cost
McCoy said.
"No matter how secure it is,
there are still ways to break in
He said the only sure way to
make sure information is 100 per-
cent secure would entail security
measures so stringent that no one
would be able to use the informa-
This writer can be reached at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Weird News
NC woman ordered evicted from
apartment after being shot
who survived six gunshot wounds
and a jump from her second-story
apartment balcony to escape the
man trying to kill her has been
served with an eviction notice for,
among other things, being too loud
or too obnoxious.
Dorothea Thomas, 39, was attacked
June 24. Wednesday, the day after
she returned to her apartment from Pitt
County Memorial Hospital in Greenville,
she found a notice on her front door,
ordering her to leave. First she thought
she had to leave by Monday, but she
learned Thursday that she has three
weeks to move out.
"I was not doing the violence. I was
the victim. I shouldn't be treated like
the perpetrator said Thomas, a former
Marine and Jacksonville police officer.
Peggy Piche, district manager of United
Dominion Residential Community,
which owns the apartment complex,
said in a news release Thursday that
United Dominion Residential was
saddened to hear about Thomas'
injuries but that she would still need
to move out.
Though we truly regret the difficulty
she has been through, it is in the best
interests of everyone involved that she
no longer resides at our property and
we are working with her to resolve this
issue as soon as possible said Piche.
According to the eviction notice,
Thomas and her guests cannot behave
in a loud or obnoxious manner. They
also can't disturb or "threaten the rights,
comfort, health, safety or convenience
of others (including agents and
employees) in or near the apartment
community, disrupting our business
Thomas was hit in the right palm, right
forearm, right breast, upper left-chest,
left thigh and left buttocks. Doctors
are still waiting for the bullet in her
chest to move closer to the surface
before removing it. The one lodged
between her tailbone and hip won't
be removed unless it becomes too
painful, she said.
Pawtucket cancels July 4th
fireworks after game against
PAWTUCKET, R.I. - The Pawtucket Red
Sox canceled a July 4 fireworks display
after a game against the Charlotte
Knights Monday night because several
people suffered burns and other
injuries during a similar post-game
show a day earlier.
Two fans were injured when they
tripped and fell while trying to run away
Sunday, police said.
Officials said a fireworks shell
apparently exploded as soon as it
came out of its tube, shooting sideways
and triggering a "chain reaction" of
sparks, which ignited other fireworks
on the ground.
"They all started going off all at once
Battalion Fire Chief Michael Carter
said Monday.
The fireworks exploded in multiple
directions, with sparks hitting
a scoreboard and setting fire to
some bushes outside the stadium,
Carter said.
At least six people were treated
for minor injuries, including several
workers who suffered minor burns
while standing near the explosion.
The fireworks were part of
Independence Day celebrations at
the Triple A stadium, and had been
staged without incident on Saturday
night. They were canceled Monday "in
the interest of public safety" according
to the team's Web site.
The city's police and fire departments
are investigating the accident along
with the state Fire Marshal's Office. '
Monday's Red Sox game against
Charlotte was scheduled to go on as
planned, with Curt Schilling expected
to make a rehabilitative start for
Wilmington man attacked by
alligator In lake
WILMINGTON, NC - A 10-foot-long
alligator chomped down on a man's
right arm then let him go while the
man was swimming in a lake Sunday
afternoon, officials said.
Floyd Masters, who's around 40,
was treated for unknown injuries
Sunday night at New Hanover Regional
Medical Center. The injuries are not life
threatening, said Wilmington police Lt.
J.D. Varrone.
Masters, of Wilmington, told police
he was swimming in Greenfield Lake
when he was attacked by the powerful
reptile near a wooden observation
deck overlooking the water. Signs
prohibiting swimming or disturbing
alligators are posted around the lake.
Mike Core was standing on the deck
with a friend when he saw a man
go into the lake behind the city
pumping station.
"This dude jumped in the lake and
we saw him bobbing along in the
water and we saw the alligator
coming Core said. The alligator made
a beeline toward the disturbance
in the water created by Masters,
witnesses said.
"It latched right on to him. It was cutting
right across the water and it got him
Core said. "I kept telling him, The
alligator's coming. Get out! Get out
Core and his friend were able to get
Masters away from the shoreline, and
he used his shirt to make a tourniquet
for the bleeding arm. Core said Masters
also had bite marks on his chest,
stomach and hand.
State wildlife officials and local police
are investigating.
Masters was not available for
NC residents among dozens
arrested in SC for cockfightlng
FLORENCE, SC - Police have arrested
about 80 people on cockfighting and
animal cruelty charges in Chesterfield
Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker
said most of those arrested Saturday
were from Darlington and Kershaw
counties in South Carolina and Robeson
and Scotland counties in North Carolina.
Parker said the arrests were the result of
investigations during the past two years.
"We've missed out a couple of times
before Parker said. "We've been made
aware of cockfighting activity in this
area, but have been unsuccessful
in finding the location until today
A tip Saturday morning paid off and
brought Chesterfield deputies and
animal control officers to the McBee site.
Police seized chickens and cockfighting
equipment as well as thousands in
cash and two pounds of marijuana. The
also found evidence of cockfighting,
with about 100 chickens at the site,
including several that were dead.
"It's very trashy, very nasty and bloody
Parker said of the scene. "It's very
unsanitary, very depressing when
you see all those dead chickens
lying on the ground just looked like
a death arena
Investigators say participants were
vying for honors, including a 5-foot
trophy inscribed "2005 Cock Fighter
of the Year

Pirate Rants
Come on people. Can you please
be just a tad bit patient with the Orien-
tation process. I know you already go
to school here, you know how every-
thing works, and of course, you're a
genius, but chill out for one second.
These parents and incoming students
are new to the area, nervous about
their first day on campus, trying to
find their way in the rain, and a little
confused about some things. So
they're going to ask questions and
they may ask a lot. They don't
know that the "Park and Ride" is
different from the "Orientation
Shuttle Please, show them respect.
You have no right being disrespect-
ful unless you've worked as an
Orientation Assistant and even
then, you should be welcoming
to these people. You're going to
get to class on time. I Promise.
How come we pay full tuition
and during the summer we have
to pay extra to use the Rec center
If you have to complain about
helping someone get to the place
they want to be on the ECU Bus line,
maybe you shouldn't be driving a
bus. Don't forget student fees pay
your salary! Maybe if we had non-
student professional bus drivers,
there wouldn't be any complaints
when a student asks a question!
Why is it that the school year
parking tags expired on June 30?
That is not the end of any summer
session and now I am left without
a place to park.
Tony McKee- If you're are piss-
ing them off, you're making them
think, so keep up the good work.
Bus Drivers- Thanks for the
great job. To the bus driver that
stopped to let my friend get her
pocketbook off the bus Thursday,
a special thanks.
Students- Keep ranting, I find
you vastly amusing.
Instructors- Thanks for cut-
ting us a little slack during the
Who do I talk to about an inter-
view in your music section??
(From the editor: Whomever sent this
Pirate Rant in, please e-mail me and let
me know your name, if you are serious
about a job.)
Get caught &
reading. , -
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Our View
Is tanning now worth all the wrinkles later?
Take one step outside a dorm
or apartment and there is one sight
you are sure to see on a sunny day:
people tanning. Girls and guys
alike get up in the morning with
one purpose in mind, to go outside
and soak up all ofthose warm, skin
damaging rays. What is the real
cost of this bronzed look though?
Everyone has done it. Looked at
someone with a great tan and thought
one of two things: "Wow, they have
a really great tan, I wish mine was
that good or "Look at that tanning
bed victim, they are going to be a
wrinkled piece of leather in 15 years
What is the real appeal of a tan?
Some people think it makes them
look skinnier, other people say that
it allows them to wear an array of
colorful clothes. Males seem to be
under the impression that their
physique will look more toned with
a straight off the beach tan. The
truth of the matter is, these few
years of bronzed glory are doing
irreversible damage to your skin.
Back in the 90s, the group of
teens everyone loved from the
zip code 90210 were some of the
best looking people of the time
and they were without tans. Yes,
they would lie in the sun at any
given chance but the starring
women, Jennie Garth and Shannon
Doherty had no tan at all, they
were actually bordering on the line
of too pale. Everyone wanted to
be Kelly or Brenda at some point.
What about Luke Perry and Jason
Priestley? They were some of the
hottest looking guys on television
and they did not have the gross
tanned look that guys seem to be
going for these days.
A flashback may not be enough
for some people to think about
their tanning habits but a look
at the present may be. There are
many entertainers and people of
authority today who do not sport
a tan. Gwen Stefani, one of the
best looking female vocalists out
there, does not have a tan at all.
When asked about her skin care
by magazines, Gwen says she uses
self tanner when she has the desire
to look tan. Eminem, on the male
side of things, is not one to go to a
tanning bed or lie in the sun. Both
of these artists have hugely success-
ful careers and no tan.
If examples of successful, beau-
tiful people are not enough, what
about skin cancer? According to
Coppertone, the founders of the
Sun Safety Alliance, more than one
million new cases of skin cancer are
diagnosed each year. Skin cancer is
the fastest growing cancer among
Americans, which is partly attrib-
uted to the fact that each sunburn
someone has doubles their chances
of getting skin cancer.
A popular defense among tan-
ners is, "I am wearing some sun-
screen so I don't get burned
Though protection from an ugly
burn is great, any color from the
sun is skin damage that can never
be reversed. Outdoor tanning and
tanning bed use now will greatly
increase the risk of squamous cell
carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma
and melanoma in the future. Next
time you get ready to go to the
tanning bed or lay out for the day,
think about whether this tan is
worth all of the nasty wrinkles and
possible skin cancer later in life.
Should homeless shelters charge to stay?
You know the world has gone
crazy when homeless shelters are
charging people to sleep under a
previously fee-free roof. Welcome
to Greenville.
Why are they making the
homeless pay? Because the fee
will help fund programs to get the
homeless off the streets.
Watching a representative from
the shelter tell a reporter that $3 is
not a lot of money to ask for is baf-
fling. Sure, to the common Ameri-
can resident, it isn't. However when
a man has to beg for change all day
and finally raises those $3, should
he give up his only meal so he can
sleep in a place he could previously
s,tay at for free?
That means the only people
who can take advantage of these
programs are those who were lucky
enough to find work in a town
where educated college students
and graduates cannot find suitable
There are college students,
parents, even homeowners who
at this moment cannot spare $3
because their next check won't
be available until the following
week. But we expect the homeless
to provide it?
Of course there are homeless
people who use any money they
find to buy alcohol and drugs, so it
is hard to defend their need for free
help. However there are many people
who, for whatever reason, cannot
make ends meet and have found
themselves on the street. These
are the people we should do what
we can to help without question.
Why can't the shelter get the
money from fundraisers and grants
to implement these programs? Is
there really a shortage of volunteers
who can work with these programs
without pay? There must be some
students in town, high school and
college students, who need volun-
teer hours for organizations, schol-
arships and resumes. They would
receive so much more experience
and pride from doing something to
help those in such desperate need.
As students at' ECU, Greenville is
our community as long as we are
here, and we should do something
to help it.
Got something to say?
Send us your Pirate Rants!
E-mail us at
or submit them online at

516 S. Cotanche St. � 758.2616 � � � Mon-Frl 9-6, Sat 10-5
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Muslims plan own cemetery
in Winston-Salem, NC
� Had there been a Muslim ceme-
tery closer to his home in Winston-
Salem, Bashir El-Beshti wouldn't
have been burled in Burlington,
about 50 miles to the east.
That's where the nearest
Muslim cemetery is located.
But his death March 18 and
his burial at the other end of
the Triad has sparked a movement
by local Muslims to develop their
own cemetery.
"That awakened us to the need,
that we needed something here
said Sam Atassi, president of the
Muslim Association of the Triad.
If city officials OK the pro-
posed rezoning, the cemetery
would have the capacity for 330
graves on just over two acres in
southern Winston-Salem, about
one for every Muslim family in the
Triad. According to the site plan,
about 1 13 acres would be used for
the cemetery.
Islam, like other religions, has
specific rituals for burying the
dead. A body must be washed and
then wrapped in a funeral shroud.
It's not buried in a coffin or casket
and it's placed on its side to face
Mecca, known as the birthplace
of Muhammad, the founder of
Islam, said Abdul Majid, the vice
president and project director for
the Pakistani Islamic Association
of North Carolina.
Not all Muslims are buried in
Muslim cemeteries. Irshad Hasan,
the imam of Masjid Al-Mu'minun
mosque in Winston-Salem, said
that Muslims born in the United
States often have come from a
Christian background and already
have plots in cemeteries picked by
their families.
Hasan said that Muslims who
have died in his mosque have been
buried in such cemeteries, but
they are buried according to
Islamic rituals.
The association owns the cem-
etery in Burlington, which has been
there for about 15 years. The group
recently built its Pakistani Islamic
Center next to it.
The City-County Planning
Board is scheduled to consider
the rezoning request July 14. It
will make a recommendation to
the Winston-Salem City Council,
which has final authority on the
No proposed opening date for
the cemetery was available.
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t �

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Office located at: 104-D WYNDHAM CIRCLE call: 561-7368 option 2 � Now leasing for Summer and Fall 2005

It's time for another
hurricane season
Atlantic hurricanes
Forecasters expect another above average
hurricane season in the Atlantic this year.
Storms forecast Average Atlantic names
2005 number
What to do when these
storms show their ugly
face at the coast
Who will it be this year? Gert?
Irene? Jose? Katrtna? Which one
of these storms will be the one
to achieve hurricane status and
slam into our coast without any
mercy at all?
It's that time of year again.
Hurricane season Is now upon
us. If there's any area in the state
that knows how destructive these
storms can be, It is eastern North
Some of us were at ECU when
hurricane Floyd ripped through In
1999 leaving most of Greenville
under water. People lost their
homes, their possessions and some
even lost their lives during that
storm. Even when warnings are
given to the city well in advance,
there is still very little that can
be done to protect property and
people from these storms.
So what exactly are these
storms? And how can we better
prepare ourselves when these
unwelcome guests come knock-
ing this fall? According to the
National Oceanic and Atmo-
spheric Administration, a hur-
ricane is one type of tropical
cyclone, which is a generic term
for a non-frontal synoptic scale
low-pressure system over tropical
or sub-tropical waters with thun-
derstorm activity and definite
cyclonic surface wind circulation.
They start out as tropical depres-
sions, which have sustained winds
of less than 39 mph. Anything
more than 39 mph, but less than
74 mph is a tropical storm. Once It
reaches 74 mph and above, we have
the conventional hurricane.
Watches and warnings are
Issued weeks in advance to help
people prepare for many of the
different hazards caused by a hur-
ricane, such as storm surges, high
winds, flooding and tornados.
A hurricane's intensity is
measured on the Safflr-Simpson
Scale. This scale places hurricanes
in five different categories. A
Category One hurricane contains
winds from 74-95 mph. The storm
surge will rise to about four or five
feet above normal and will deliver
minimum damage. A Category
Two hurricane has winds rang-
ing from 96-110 mph with � six
to eight foot storm surge. T$fese
storms will deliver some
tural damage, but most will
trees and other plants. 3
Three hurricane has i
111-130 mph and i
nine to 12 feet
damage to residences and to some
larger buildings. A Category Five
hurricane is rare. They have wind
speeds of over 155 mph and a
storm surge greater than 18 feet.
These storms will cause buildings
to collapse and major damages to
residences Including the flooding
of basements and first floors. The
strongest Category Five hurricane
to date is Hurricane Gilbert in
1988. The most recent was Hur-
ricane Mitch In 1998 that hit
Central America and killed over
9,000 people, mainly due to the
amount of flooding.
Once these warnings are issued
and it looks like the hurricane is on
a head on collision course for our
area, it is time to take action and
have a plan of what to do. With
the threat of a hurricane, there is
always the possibility that the high
winds and flooding may take out
the electricity for quite some time.
This is why the National Hurricane
Center and the NOAA recommend
putting a hurricane supply kit
together before the storm strikes.
This kit should Include water (one
gallon per day per person for three
to seven days), food (non-perish-
able canned foods, snacks and
paper plates with plastic utensils),
seasonal clothing, toiletries, a
first-aid kit, a flashlight with extra
batteries, a battery powered radio,
cash, keys, important documents
(kept In a waterproof, container)
and tools. One thing that not many
people think about is the need for
prescription medications. If there
is a hurricane watch or warning, be
sure to refill all of your medil
that may be needed. You sH
also fill you car up with a full 1
of gas because if the power i
pumps will not wort
great canned foods,
ited easily using a
grill are ready t
ed patas and
When thepower is i
of time refrlgera
their cool. Toi
on iD of the i
Ither keef them
or eat
e should heed the
that the storm Is coming.
a rple of hurrlcBies have moved
Greenville over the last few
years and many students decided to
stay aad wade out the storm. These
storms were nothing more than
Category Three hurricanes and did
little to effect the daily routines of
people In Greenville. The NOAA
predicts a very active hurricane
season this year. If there's a Cat-
egory Five that's due to hit this area,
make up your mind now as to what
you want to do. If you leave, leave
early enough. If you stay, heed the
warnings and be ready for what's
coming. Hurricanes are nothing
more than giant thunderstorms.
Thunderstorms may be neat to fall
asleep to, but a hurricane Is a tot
more than that.
This writer can be contacted at
7-9 6
Top 10
Kit Items:
1. Water
2. First Aid Kit
3. ToiletriesMedications
4. Flashlights and battery-
operated lanterns with
extra batteries
Battery powered radio
I, Cash
a Blanketspillows
a Board games, books
' and entertainment
10. Gasoline for vehicles
and generators
?All Items should be stored
In a waterproof container
Recent siege
of hurricanes
Comparing recent tropical
weather to the long-term trend:
118-year average (1886-2003)
� Recent average (1995-2003)
Tropical storms and
hurricanes per year
Major hurricanes

Source: hitii'iBfinnol Horrion RsMcrch
Comar, KRT Photo Servfoe
Gric:HetenLeoMcCornM �M04KRT
Pacific hurricanes
Outlook for eastern North Pacific this year.
Storms forecast Hurricane names
2005 number
11-15 15-16
X � -a � ifc.iHM

SDielberq and Cruise lose 'War of the Worlds'
Tom Cruise plays Ray Ferrier who is the main character of the movie.
New film fails on
nearly all levels
After cranking out nothing
but good films over the last five
years, director Steven Spielberg
has finally put out a dud. And not
just any dud, War of the Worlds
is Spielberg's worst film since his
World War II comedy 1941, which
was released in 1979. Spielberg's
$128 million version is a disorga-
nized mess that boarders on being
completely incoherent.
War of the Worlds is a big budget
adaptation of the classic H.G. Wells
novel of the same name. This is not
a remake of the Byron Haskin film
from 1953, but rather a modernized
adaptation from the classic book.
Hollywood superstar Tom
Cruise is Ray Ferrier, a blue collar
worker from New Jersey. Ray is a
divorced father of two. His wife
Mary Ann (Miranda Otto of Lord
of the Rings fame) has left him with
the kids, Robbie and Rachel (Justin
Chatwin and Dakota Fanning),
this particular weekend. As she
leaves, Cruise tells her that she has
"nothing to worry about" - famous
last words in this type of generic
summer blockbuster film.
Not long after Mary Ann leaves,
a lighting storm passes over the
area, mysteriously striking the same
places more than once. But this is
no ordinary lightning. This electric
shock is turning on alien machines
that have been buried under our
very feet for millions of years. Soon,
these tripod machines break free
from the ground and start blowing
up everything in their paths. But
for what reason? There's no expla-
nation as to why these aliens are
destroying our planet.
"They watched with envious
eyes says Morgan Freeman in the
narration at the beginning. How
did these aliens know when they
buried these tripods millions of
years ago that there were going
to be humans walking this planet
someday and would prosper to a
point where there would be a need
to destroy us?
This all lasts roughly 30 min-
utes, and it looks pretty promising
from there. However, the film comes
to a dead stop as soon as the killer
tripods appear. For the remaining
hour and a half of the film, we
sit and watch Cruise run around
with his kids, trying to escape the
tripods. They run and run and run
some more, and the film drags on
until the point where I thought I
was going to get a rash.
Cruise has selected better roles
in the past. He walks around with
this dumbfounded look on his
face that is unrealistic and almost
humorous at times, almost like
Simon Pegg in the British horror-
comedy Shaun of the Dead. Dakota
Fanning is usually very solid,
upstaging the award winning actors
she works along side. She's a little
over the top for this role. She spends
the majority of the time scream-
ing at the top of her lungs. This
role does the talented young lady
no justice. After about the first 30
seconds of this, it gets a little old.
The best role played in this film
is that of Tim Robbins, who plays
Ogilvy, a crazed man hiding out
in his basement who thinks they
can lead a revolution against the
tripods. His part is short, and once
he is gone we miss him.
The special effects are nothing
short of impressive, as expected.
And what more can we expect from
just another summer blockbuster?
Spielberg does succeed on one level,
and that is keeping the special
effects a secondary entity. Unlike
some films where the special effects
and computer generated images are
the focal points from beginning to
end; Spielberg puts his actors in
front with the effects of destruction
in the background.
Screenwriter David Koepp is
one of Hollywood's worst screen-
writers. Why Spielberg keeps turn-
ing to him to write for his films
and other films that come out of
his DreamWorks studios is beyond
me. Koepp's usage of humor is
timed wrong in every single film he
scripts. Although the humor is kept
to a minimum in War of the Worlds,
it is still out of place whenever it
does show up. Koepp has botched
this classic H.G. Wells story in more
ways than just adding out of place
humor. In the novel, the space
ships came out of the sky. Koepp
tried a new approach by having
the machines buried in the earth
for millions of years. He must have
forgotten that we are industrial-
ized people who dig in the ground
to build oil rigs, subways systems,
sewer systems, electrical systems,
telephone wires and much more.
How is it possible that all of these
tripods went unseen for millions of
years all across the world? Someone
must have discovered one some-
where at sometime. Spielberg and
Koepp should have stuck with the
original way; it would have been
just as intense, if not more so.
War of the Worlds could also be
evidence that this legendary film-
see WAR page A11
r .
22 OZ.
I Ladies in FREEJ

rid Koepp is
vorst screen-
g keeps turn-
for his films
come out of
ios is beyond
jf humor is
ingle film he
mmor is kept
of the Worlds,
whenever it
has botched
story in more
; out of place
1, the space
: sky. Koepp
i by having
in the earth
le must have
: industrial-
i the ground
ays systems,
cal systems,
much more.
t all of these
�r millions of
Id? Someone
1 one some-
pielberg and
ick with the
i have been
nore so.
ould also be
;ndary film-
R page A11
Ray Ferrier often seems confused.
This coupon good for
an extra $5 on your
2nd and 4th donation
W3r from page MO
maker might be losing his touch.
This film seems to be a direct
carbon copy of another Spielberg
film. Does anyone remember a
movie called Jurassic Park? Tell me
if this sounds familiar. War of the
Worlds shows a man and two kids
running away from mysterious
monster-like beings with the power
to kill and destroy almost anything
it comes across. The only difference
is that Jurassic Park actually worked,
except for the ending where every-
one just leaves and dinosaurs are
left to rule this one little island.
Well, the ending of War of the
Worlds is also a let down. It is one
of the most laughable endings in
the history of cinema. The book
explains it quite well, but Spiel-
berg does not. I guess $128 million
doesn't buy you an explanation
of the resolution these days. It's
very anti-climactic and leaves us
very angry as we leave the theater.
There's even a direct copy of the ter-
rifying kitchen scene in Jurassic Park
shown in this film. It is identical
from the looks of the actor's faces
to the camera angles. However, it
looked much better 12 years ago.
We've seen it before, Mr. Spielberg.
Show us something new.
I have no doubt that Spielberg
will once again crank out another
masterpiece of a film in the same
realms of Schindler's List and Saving
Private Ryan, but War of the Worlds
was not even close to that caliber
a film. It is far from it, and ranks
among the worst both Spielberg
and Cruise have ever been apart of.
This writer can be contacted at
Ferrier guides his scared children.
I'm a Student and a Plasma Donor
Names: Jenny
Majors: Communications
Hobbies: Shopping & Eating at Chico's
Why do I donate Plasma?
I donate to eat at Chico's with my pals.
Earn up to170nio. donating plasma in a friendly place.
DCI Biological of Greenville � 252-757-0171
2727 E.lOth Street � Down the Street from ECU �
Billiards, Sports Bar, & Dance Club
Located in the Rivergate Shopping Center behind Walgreens
Available for private parties
jfi. The East's Top Party Band
Friday, July 8th
Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
For More Information Call 757-0300
Coming Soon Dream Shot Bikini Cmmt Friday, July 22nd

MacKenzie earns C-USA
Scholar-Athlete Award
Cavanaugh, Hose named to
ABCARawlings All-East Team
SID � ECU outfielder Brian
Cavanaugh and frashman pitcher
T.J. Hose each added new hardware
to their trophy cases as they were
named to the 2005 American
Baseball Coaches Association
(ABCA) Rawlings Sporting Goods
All-East Regional Team Monday.
As a first-team All-Confer-
ence USA selection, Cavanaugh
finished the season with a C-USA
leading .382 average, belted seven
homeruns with 36 RBI and 14
stolen bases. He led the Pirates in
hits (79), total bases (120), triples
(4), slugging percentage (.580),
on base percentage (.444) and
was second in runs scored. He was
named an All-American Strength
and Conditioning Athlete by the
National Strength and Condition-
ing Association and recently gar-
nered first-team North Carolina
Collegiate Sports Information
Association University Division
All-State honors.
The Monroe, Conn, native was
the only remaining college player
to have played under former Pirate
head coach Keith LeClair and this
season was awarded the honor-
t 55 ary No. 23 jersey. The number
Cavanaugh was selected by the is awarded annually to a deserv-
Padres in the 21st round. ' ing p,ayer who best splays the
hustle, determination and desire
that made LeClair a great coach
and player.
The San Diego Padres selected
Cavanaugh in the 21st round
on day two of the 2005 MLB
Amateur Draft.
Hose, a second-team All C-USA
and All C-USA Freshman Team
selection, led the Pirates in wins (7),
appearances (21), saves (2), innings
pitched (85.1) and helped to com-
bine four shutouts. On the season,
he allowed held opposing batters
to a .237 batting average, which
ranked fifth in Conference USA.
On a staff that was plagued
by injuries, the Hagerstown, Md.
native moved into the week-
end starters role, where he won
six of the 10 games he started.
Hose's best outing came against
Memphis April 22, 2005 after
he struck out nine Tiger batters,
allowing two hits and a pair
of walks in six innings of
shutout work. Against USF he
tossed his first career complete
game in a 6-2 win over the Bulls
May 6th.
Over the past two years, five
Pirates have been named to the
ABCARawlings All-East Team
with Greg Bunn, Ryan Jones and
Trevor L'awhorn taking home
honors in 2004.
Rounding the Bases: Halfway point
Suspensions, All Star
controversy highlight
� past week in baseball
MacKenzie was named to the Dean's list eight straight semesters.
SID � ECU'S Kyle MacKenzie
has been named the 2004-05
Conference USA Men's Cross Coun-
try Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year.
C-USA Scholar-Athlete of the
Year Awards are presented to the top
student-athletes in each conference-
sponsored sport. The award is based
upon academic achievement (GPA),
athletic achievement and service.
As a senior, MacKenzie earned
all-conference honors for a third
straight year and was named to the
Dean's List for the eighth consecutive
semester. He received his bachelor's
degree this past May with a degree in
marketing, posting a 3.67 GPA.
During his collegiate career,
MacKenzie earned C-USA Male
Cross Country Athlete of the Year
honors in 2003, C-USA Freshman
of the Year in 2001, set school
records in the 3,000 and 8,000
meters, was named the 2004 PCS
Phosphate Male Scholar Athlete
of the Year, and was inducted into
the Golden Key Honor Society
of Phi Eta Sigma. In addition, he
performed hours of community
service at the Boys and Girls' Club
and other civic organizations.
MacKenzie was recognized
as one of the top cross-country
athletes in C-USA history earlier
this year as he was named to the
Conference USA All-Decade Team.
The Big Stories
It's near the halfway point in
the season and it is a very different
MLB than we're used to seeing by
this time. Well, on the field it's dif-
ferent. Off the field everything is up
to par. Trade rumors are swirling,
players are being moved around left
and right, suspensions loom over
several players' heads and there is
much debate about this year's All
Star rosters.
Dirty laundry first.
Maybe it's the Texas heat but
Kenny Rogers now makes two Rang-
ers' pitchers in the last two years
who have had violent outbursts
on the field. Rogers was suspended
by MLB just one day after Frank
Francisco was sentenced to a work
program and anger management
classes after pleading guilty to
misdemeanor assault. As you may
remember, the Texas reliever was
suspended 15 games last year
after his chair-throwing incident.
Rogers was suspended 20 games for
shoving a cameraman and destroy-
ing the camera. The suspension
marks the longest punishment
handed down by the administra-
tion in decades. Only a 30-day
stint imposed on Pete Rose in 1988
was longer.
There has been much debate
over whether Rogers should have
made the All Star game due to
his recent behavior. Here are two
simple reasons why Rogers should
definitely be in the All Star Game
- Nine wins, 2.45 ERA.
Behavior is never a question of
whether or not a player will make
it to the All Star game, it should
be determined by how they have
done up until this point. Rogers
has been one of the best in the AL
so far this year. This incident also
occurred so recently, that judging a
man from one mistake he made no
more than a week or two before the
All Star selections would be harsh
and unjust.
Leaving Rogers for now, as I said
before, All Star selections should be
made on the performance players
have put up to this point. So is it not
one of the greatest injustices and big-
gest jokes of all time that Scott Rolen
and Carlos Beltran are starting for the
NL squad next week? Rolen was on
the DL for most of the first half with a
shoulder in jury and is now hitting a
mighty .266 with five homeruns and
24 RBI. That was Morgan Ensberg's
see MLB page A13

MLB from page M2
first three weeks of this season.
The young Houston third base-
man is boasting a clip of .290 with
22 homeruns and 60 RBI. The 22
homers is two more than Yankees
megastar Alex Rodriguez. And this
kid didn't even make it as a backup.
What about Beltran? He has
been nagged by small injuries
much of this year and has been
the leading underachiever on a
team full of them, batting .266
with nine homeruns and 41 RBI.
Teammate Mike Cameron would
have deserved a starting spot more
than Beltran and he was hurt for all
of April and some of May. Memo to
baseball fans - Get a clue. Memo to
Bud Selig - you're in the same boat
as the fans.
If home field advantage for
the World Series is going to be
determined by the outcome of
the All Star game, which is bogus
in and of itself, then please have
the temerity to make sure the
absolutely best squads are chosen
from each league. This is going to
look more like a slow-pitch softball
game between the 1932 New York
Yankees and the Bad News Bears
than it will an All Star game.
Surprises at the halfway point
I feel as if all existence should
stop and end immediately by
saying this, but it hasn't yet so we
must be in good shape - The Wash-
ington Nationals are leading in
the NL East. A first-year team with
maybe three recognizable names
on the entire roster is leading by
4.5 games over the "we-win-the-
Atlanta Braves.
This is no fluke either. This
Nationals team may very well be for
real. Nick Johnson is finally having
his first seemingly healthy year, hit-
ting .320 with 8 homeruns and 42
RBI. Jose Guillen has been an abso-
lute monster for the Nats as he leads
the team in homers (17) RBI (47) and
runs (47). Livan Hernande has been
stellar on the mound, winning 12
games thus far, and closer Chad Cor-
dero leads the league in saves with
29. The team's six-game winning,
streak ended Monday as the Mets
handed the Nats a 5-2 loss.
Another Guillen has been a big
part of a big surprise in the league
this year as Manager Ozzie Guillen
has led the Chicago White Sox to
the top of their division early. The
55-26 Chi Sox are blowing away the
see MLB page A14
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from page A13
AL Central, leading by an 8.5 games
over Minnesota. Pitching has been
the highlight for the team as Mark
Beuhrle and John Garland have
1 provided the best one-two punch in
the league, combining for 23 wins
and just five losses. Then factor in
Freddy Garcia's resurgence (8-3,
3.29 ERA) and you have one of the
best staff's in MLB.
Can anyone say Triple Crown?
Derrek Lee is having a God-like
season, hitting a ridiculous .378
with 25 homeruns (good for second
in the league behind Andruw Jones)
and 67 RBI. He leads MLB in average
and is a close second in homeruns
, and RBI to Jones and Carlos Lee
respectively. Lee has finally learned
how to shorten his swing and get to
the high, inside pitches that hurl-
ers have been jamming down his
throat for most of his career. Now
however, there isn't a pitch in the
book that Lee can't hit. Lee has a
legitimate shot to take down the
I first Triple Crown since 1967 when
Red Sock Carl Yastrzemski earned
the title in the AL.
Top Five Fantasy Players
1) Travis Haf ner - The young
Cleveland Indians slugger was out
of this world last week, hitting .469
with 5 homeruns, 15 RBI and 11
runs. Hafner had a monster day
on the fourth of July, going 6-10
with three bombs, six RBI and four
runs. If you had enough foresight
to notice this kid's potential and
patience to deal with Cleveland's
slow start to the season, you've
reaped many benefits so far this
season. He should be a mainstay in
our everyday lineup.
2) Morgan Ensberg - Perhaps
the biggest All Star snub in the
history of the game, Houston's All
Star caliber third baseman boasted
a clip of .387, scoring seven runs,
knocking in 13 and blasting four
out of the yard. Ensberg has been a
pleasant surprise for both the Astros
and fantasy owners this season, as
he and Lance Berkman have single-
handedly resurrected Houston's
offense. There's no reason to believe
Ensberg will slow down in the
second half so keep him on the hot
corner in your lineup.
3) David Dellucci - Believe
it or not, the Texas Rangers have
offensive threats in spots other
than their infield. The Texas left-
fielder hit three homeruns, scor-
ing nine times and driving in four
while batting .421 for the week.
Dellucci is at best a decent out-
fielder, both in the field and at the
plate. It is unlikely he'll keep a pace
like this for the rest of the season, or
anything close to it. However, if he
continues his hot streak, you may
want to try and sell high on him
for an upgrade at another position
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4) Brian Roberts - The former
Tar Heel and young Oriole's second
baseman has been stellar this season
and continued his excellence at the
plate last week. Roberts hit three
homeruns with six runs and six RBI
with a clip of .304. Robert's batting
average was down this past week
but he is almost automatic to be on
base at least once every game. He
found his power stroke recently and
when he hits for both power and
average, he's more valuable than
just about any position player in
the league because of his ability to
steal bases also.
5) Vladimir Guerrero -
Vlad has been unbelievable
after coming off of the DL
in early June. Last week he
hit an even .400 with three
homers, eight RBI and five runs.
When Vlad went on the DL
because of a partially dislocated
shoulder in mid-May, he was hit-
ting .303 with seven homeruns,
24 RBI and 24 runs. Since coming
back on June 10' he's raised his
average to .348, his homerun
total to 15 and has doubled his
RBI total. Keeping this guy in
your lineup and on your team
permanently is a no-brainer.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
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The East Carolinian, July 6, 2005
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July 06, 2005
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