The East Carolinian, April 20, 2005

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Volume 80 Number 78
April 20, 2005
ECU prepares for expansion
Surrounding properties
to fulfill future
university needs
With the increased year-to-
year enrollment of both students
and faculty, ECU is in the pro-
cess of purchasing surrounding
Greenville properties to accom-
modate the future needs of the
Recent properties ECU has
purchased include the old Hard-
ees restaurant on Cotanche Street
and a former Amoco gas station
located on the 10th and Evans
Street intersection.
Studies of the office of the
president of the UNC system have
indicated the entire UNC system
is projected to grow and ECU will
reach 27,000 students in the next
several years.
"Based on the projections,
ECU will grow significantly
said Scott Buck, associate vice
chancellor for administration
and finance.
Buck said ECU has always
been in the process of purchasing
surrounding Greenville proper-
ties, but not to this intensity.
This can be directly attributed
to the projected enrollment
growth which will call for addi-
tional space for various university
needs including buildings and
"ECU must be prepared stra-
tegically for what will happen in
the future Buck said.
"We can either choose to
grow or not grow no student
or faculty member wants to see
ECU stop growing
Buck said if ECU does not take
action now in purchasing addi-
tional property and planning
for the vital future needs of the
university, the negative effects
ECU is beginning to currently
see would only intensify in the
future years and it is crucial to
The old Hardee's restaurant on
future expansion. ECU is in the
prepare for expansion. Buck cited
future problems being insuf-
ficient office space, classroom
space and parking.
Buck said a limitation ECU
has in making this expansion
is funding. ECU is also being
considerate of the surrounding
Greenville residents who own
the properties ECU is considering
purchasing. All of the properties
purchased by ECU have been
under a mutual agreement with
the property owner and the
Buck is positive with the new
Cotanche Street is one of the several properties ECU has recently purchased in order to prepare for
process of looking at other Greenville properties to address future needs.
challenges in accommodating
the additional needs, ECU will
meet the foreseen growth.
"Those are good problems to
have. What if it were the oppo-
site?" Buck said.
Mike Van Derven, director
of parking and transportation
services, is actively involved in
addressing the parking issue in
consideration of the projected
growth and new properties to be
"We have to extrapolate those
enrollment) numbers to deter-
mine what future numbers are
and then look at what we need to
do to accommodate those needs
said Van Derven.
This increase in enrollment
and expansion of property is
having a positive effect with
Greenville's efforts to revitalize
sections of the city including the
downtown area in order to over-
all improve the city's economic
"The economic impact of ECU
will have an economic impact on
Greenville Buck said.
Buck said several different
markets including housing, res-
taurants, real estate and cloth-
ing stores would be enhanced
with the university's growth,
which will have a positive impact
on the economic situation of
Buck said the downtown area
of Greenville would eventually
be able to return to a dynamic
area encompassing a variety of
different businesses including
movie theaters, restaurants and
art galleries as it once did.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
What is the main issue you want to see addressed by StildentS VOte fOT S6A
the Student Government Association?
"Safety. There are so many
muggings in the past, I want
to see their concerns about
safety on campus
"Parking. Finding better pric-
ing for tags. Decrease parking
prices because tuition is going
"More nonsmoking areas. It is �
a big issue and people need to
know about it. 1 am a cancer sur- �
vivor and people need to know
smoking causes cancer. "
Students cast their votes for the SGA officers of their choice. Voting Is
taking place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday at the Wright Plaza.
ECU falls to UNC
Student centers to undergo
extreme renovations
Planning in early
stages for Mendenhall,
Ledonia Wright
Pirates watch on concerned about the season as they take a
hard loss to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
In an attempt to accommo-
date the projected growth of the
student population, Mendenhall
Student Center will undergo an
expansion project and a new
Ledonia Wright Cultural Center
will be built.
Bill Bagnell, director of facili-
ties engineering and architec-
tural services, has dealt with the
surveys and the possible projec-
tions for the renovations.
"Before the bond referendum
passed, we were at about 17,000
students and we are supposed to
grow by about 1,000 students a
year said Bagnell.
"The current facilities need
renovations because they are out
of date
The population of the ECU
campus is only going to increase
in the upcoming years and is the
main reason why the renovations
need to be done.
According to Bagnell, ECU'S
student population is expected
to increase somewhere between
25,000 and 27,000 by 2010.
"We want to grow to accom-
modate that and hopefully
beyond Bagnell said.
The whole process is still very
early in the developing stages.
"We are currently working
through programming and iden-
tifying options that will fall
within the budget Bagnell
A survey was recently con-
ducted concerning students
and the faculty and staff of
Mendenhall. Bagnell said the
survey tried to identify what
the students, faculty and staff of
Mendenhall need and want as
a priority with the renovations.
The surveys have been used to
design the programming docu-
ment for this project.
"What the programming
document does, through inter-
views and the surveys, says all
of the wants and desires of the
Mendenhall expansion and reno-
vation Bagnell said.
"We have to work that into
the square footage we already
have and how much we would
need to add while balancing that
with the budget
The budget for the Mendenhall
and Ledonia Wright renovations
and expansions is currently set at
$35 million. One of the main con-
cerns in renovating Mendenhall
is adding more meeting space for
student organizations.
Chris Myers, junior com-
munication major, had heard
different things that Mendenhall
was planning to do in their reno-
vations. He was not aware of the
plan to increase the number of
meeting rooms.
"I think it is good that they
are going to put in more meeting
rooms because the student orga-
nizations definitely need more
space to hold their meetings in
said Myers.
There is not only a shortage
see WRIGHT page A3
Cardinal Joseph
Ratzinger elected
as new pope,
takes name
Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI greets and
blesses the crowd Tuesday.
nal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany,
the Roman Catholic Church's
leading hard-liner, was elected
pope Tuesday in the first conclave
of the new millennium. He chose
the name Benedict XVI and
called himself "a simple, humble
Ratzinger, the first German
pope in centuries, emerged onto
the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica,
where he waved to a wildly cheer-
ing crowd of tens of thousands
and gave his first blessing. Other
cardinals clad in their crimson
robes came out on other balco-
nies to watch him after one of
the fastest papal conclaves of the
past century.
"Dear brothers and sisters,
after the great Pope John Paul
i II, the cardinals have elected
me - a simple, humble worker
in the vineyard of the Lord he
said after being introduced by
Chilean Cardinal Jorge Arturo
Medina Estivez.
"The fact that the Lord can
work and act even with insuf-
ficient means consoles me, and
above all I entrust myself to your
prayers the new pope said.
"I entrust myself to your
The crowd responded to the
265th pope by chanting "Bene-
dict! Benedict
Ratzinger turned 78 on Satur-
day. His age clearly was a factor
among cardinals who favored a
"transitional" pope who could
skillfully lead the church as it
absorbs John Paul IPs legacy,
rather than a younger cardinal
who could wind up with another
long pontificate.
The new pope is the oldest
elected since Clement XII, who
was chosen in 1730 at 78 but was
three monthsolder than Ratzinger.
Cardinals also had faced a
choice over whether to seek a
younger, dynamic pastor and
communicator - perhaps from
Latin America or elsewhere in
the developing world where the
church is growing.
Ratzinger is the first Ger-
manic pope in nearly 1,000 years.
There were at least three German
popes in the 11th century.
Benedict XVI decided to
spend the night at the Vatican
hotel, the Domus Sanctae Mar-
thae, and to dine with the car-
dinals, said Vatican spokesman
Joaquin Navarro-Valls. He was to
preside over a Mass on Wednes-
day morning in the Sistine Chapel
and will be formally installed on
Sunday at 10 a.m. (4 a.m. EDT).
If Ratzinger was paying trib-
ute to the last pontiff named
Benedict, it could be interpreted
as a bid to soften his image as the
Vatican's doctrinal hard-liner.
Benedict XV, who reigned
from 1914 to 1922, was a moder-
ate following Pius X, who had
implemented a sharp crackdown
against doctrinal "modernism
He reigned during World War I
and was credited with settling
animosity between traditionalists
and modernists, and dreamed of
reunion with Orthodox Christians.
Benedict comes from the
Latin word for "blessing" and is
one of a number of papal names
of holy origin such as Clement
("mercy"), Innocent ("hopeful"
as well as "innocent") and Pius
The last pope from a German-
speaking land was Victor II,
bishop of Eichstatt, who reigned
from 1055-57.
see POPE page A3
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Page A2 252.328.6366
NICK HENNE News Editor KRISTIN DAY Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY April 20, 2005
Percussion Players
The school of music is holding this
concert April 20 at A.J. Fletcher
Recital Hall at 8 p.m. Call 328-
4788 for more information.
AA Meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
will be held every Wednesday at
noon in 242 Mendenhall Student
Center and Thursday at 11:30 a.m.
in 14 MSC. For more information,
call 760-500-8918.
Advance Care
Planning Clinic
The Health Ministries of the
Memorial Baptist Church and
the End of Life Care Coalition
of Eastern Carolina are offering
a free advanced care planning
clinic Wednesday, April 20 from
6:30 p.m. in the church at 1510
SE Greenville Blvd. An educational
session will be provided until 7
p.m. and trained advanced care
planning will also be on site until
8 p.m. to assist those who have
additional questions. Please call
847-0868 if you have any further
Summer Work Study
ECU students who are not taking
summer classes and can work 40
hours each week can participate
in the work-study program this
summer. First go to Student
Financial Aid in 250 Flanagan and
pick up a "Hiring Authorization
Form Then attend a brief
information session at Student
Professional Development on the
corner of Fifth and Jarvis Streets.
Sessions will be held April 20
from 2 - 2:30 p.m April 21 from
10 - 10:30 a.m April 22 from 10
-10:30 am and April 25 from 11
-11:30 am
Business After Hours
Join Greenville-Pitt County
Chamber of Commerce and
members for an evening of
networking April 21 from 5:30 - 7
p.m in Bailey's Fine Jewelry. Spend
your time with other business
professionals as you enjoy great
food and exchange ideas. For
more information, call 752-4101.
Step Show
The ECU National Pan-Hellenic
Council is sponsoring the ECU
Greek Classics IV step show, co-
sponsored by SGA, Friday, April
22 at 7 p.m. in Minges Coliseum.
This is an annual event consisting
ol teams representing the nine
affiliate organizations of NPHC,
the umbrella organization for
historically black fraternities and
sororities. This year's show will
also host guest steppers and
the winners of the Residence
Hall Step Off, the Green Hall
Step Team. Doors open at 6 p.m.
Tickets are on sale and can be
purchased at the Central Ticket
Office in Mendenhall.
Contra Dance
The ECU Folk and Country
Dancers are sponsoring a contra
dance Friday, April 25 at the
Willis Building at First and Reade
Streets. The beginners' lesson
begins at 7.30 p.m. and the contra
dance will be from 8 -10:30 p.m.
Live, old-time and Celtic music
will be provided by a string band.
Price of admission is $3 for
students, $5 for FASG members
and $8 for the general public. This
will be the last contra dance of the
school year. For more information,
please call 752-7350.
Professional Fitness
The human performance lab at
ECU will host the "Gold Standard"
health and fitness professional
certification exam offered by
the American College of Sports
Medicine May 14. The certification
exam is designed to ensure
that local professionals who
work directly with the public in
areas of health and fitness are
qualified and held to the highest
industry standard The two-day
workshop will help prepare fitness
professionals for the certification
exam and those who already have
certification can gain continuing
education credits. For more
information, contact the ACSM
Certification Center at 1-800-
Want your event printed in TEC?
Please send your announcements
with date, time, location and
contact information to assistantne
News Briefs
Hundreds of NC education Jobs
at stake without new revenue
RALEIGH, NC - The state could
eliminate hundreds of university jobs
and reduce public school teaching
positions next year without additional
revenue, education budget writers
said Monday.
The draft spending proposal released
by the joint House and Senate
education budget subcommittee also
would provide little money beyond
current levels to meet the demands
of the Leandro school-district court
Gov. Mike Easley has asked for $30
million more this coming year to
assist poor school districts and at-
risk children.
"There is no response to the Leandro
court decision in this budget Greg
Malhoit, an attorney in the school-
funding lawsuit since it began in
"The courts have said students are
to receive a sound basic education
The draft is $137.7 million less than
the $9.36 billion lawmakers calculate
as Easley's budget proposal for the
public schools, community colleges
and University of North Carolina
"We realize the pain that's felt
by many in this room when it
comes to certain items said
Sen. A.B. Swindell, D-Nash, a co-
chairman of the Senate's education
"We also fully recognize the fact that
we were given a task, to come
up with our targets, and keep our
mcneys in mind
Rep. Doug Yongue, D-Scotland,
Swindell's counterpart in the
House, said the House would
likely more closely follow Easley's
recommendation on Leandro
spending when it generates its
version of the budget later this spring.
Easley names Durham DA to
Superior Court judgeship
RALEIGH, NC - Jim Hardin Jr the
Durham County district attorney who
successfully prosecuted novelist
Michael Peterson for the death of his
wife, was named to a new Superior
Court judgeship Monday by Gov.
Mike Easley.
Hardin, the district attorney for the
past 11 years, will be designated
a special Superior Court judge,
meaning he can serve across the
state as needed.
Hardin has worked in the Durham
County prosecutor's office for nearly
two decades.
"I am confident that he will bring the
same commitment and dedication
that was displayed during his 11-year
tenure as District Attorney to this
judgeship Easley said in a news
Hardin personally prosecuted the
case of Peterson, who was sentenced
to life in prison without parole in
October 2003 for the death of his
second wife, Kathleen Peterson. Her
body was found at the foot of a back
staircase in the couple's Durham
Prosecutors suggested the couple
argued when she found e-mail he
had sent to a male escort, and he
beat her to death knowing her life
insurance payout would smooth over
their tight financial situation. Peterson
maintained that his wife must have
fallen after an evening of drinking in
celebration of a movie deal for one
of his books.
Hardin graduated from Duke
University in 1979 and got his law
degree at Mercer University in 1983.
He was in private practice before
becoming a prosecutor.
Video poker machines blamed
for women hooked on gambling
SALEM, Ore. - Maryann started
gambling 10 years ago, playing video
poker machines in hotel restaurants
in Oregon as she traveled for her job.
"It got so any place I would see a
lottery sign and that was a restaurant
or other place that was comfortable,
NAMI ECU wins award
�nnnnr" �im.
(From left to right) Erick Smithwick, Mark Romano, Steven Klund,
Olivia Murray, Sheena Burns and Julie Phillips pose for a picture
during the state convention.
Organization prepares for
future plans
ECU'S chapter of the National
Alliance for the Mentally 111
received the NAMI On-Campus
Appreciation Award at the state
convention April 1.
Every spring all NAMIs
assemble at the North Raleigh
Hilton where more than 30
counties are represented. ECU
NAMI received the award at the
conference in recognition of
their efforts to raise awareness
of mental health issues and to
eliminate the stigma associated
with mental illnesses.
Olivia Murray, English lec-
turer and advisor for NAMI ECU,
said winning the award among
all other campus chapters means
a lot to the organization.
"It means that we care and
that we are working to see that
mental illnesses are brought out
of the closet said Murray.
Erick Smithwick, president
of NAMI ECU, was grateful for
receiving the award and for being
able to work with the chapter.
see NAMI page A3
Crime Scene
April 13
2:10 p.m.
Larceny of wallet
A wallet was stolen from the
Student Recreation Center's men's
locker room.
2:30 p.m.
Larceny of wallet
A wallet was stolen from the
Student Recreation Center's men's
locker room.
7:57 p.m.
Simple assault
A person struck a female on her
face with their closed fist at West
Dining Hall.
board in an Aycock Residence Hall
10:50 pjlt
Possessing drug paraphernalia
and marijuana
A person was found with
marijuana and paraphernalia at
Clement Hall.
April 18
2:22 a.m.
Underage possession of
alcohol and fictitious ID
An underage subject was
found possessing alcohol and a
fictitious identification card at the
Student Recreation Center.
April 17
2:51 un.
Possession of marijuana, DWI,
escapeeresisting arrest
The subject fled arrest and
possessed marijuana when
stopped on Fifth Street.
3:22 mi.
Someone set fire to a bulletin
Crime Tip
Everyone should exit the building
anytime you hear a fire alarm.
You never know when the fire Is
real. People who begin fires are
held responsible for any damage
and injury that results In a
burning building. Remember: ECU
residence halls have Installed
cameras to monitor the building.
I would play says the woman, who
is in her 40s.
She figures she lost $60,000 on video
poker before admitting she had a
problem and enrolling in a gambling-
addiction treatment program.
Maryann, who doesn't want her last
name used, is among a growing
number of women across the
nation, who are getting hooked on
A state agency that tracks gambling
addiction says compulsive female
gamblers in Oregon outnumber
compulsive male gamblers 32,000 to
29,000, an estimate based on results
of a statewide survey.
Nationwide, men make up two-thirds
of problem gamblers. But that may
be changing in states where video
gambling is no further away than a
corner deli or tavern.
Video gambling machines have
particular appeal to women, said
Rachel Volberg, a Massachusetts
researcher who has conducted
studies of problem gambling.
Accuser's mother says Jackson
'managed to fool the world'
SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The mother of
Michael Jackson's accuser lashed
out at the pop star from the witness
stand Monday, declaring that Jackson
"really didn't care about children, he
cared about what he was doing with
The woman resisted answering
questions by defense attorney
Thomas Mesereau Jr. and began
her fourth day on the witness stand
by making speeches to the jury.
She looked at Jackson across the
courtroom and said: "He managed
to fool the world. Now, because of
this criminal case, people know who
he really is
Jackson is accused of molesting one
of the woman's sons - a teenage
cancer patient - in February or March
2003, giving the boy alcohol and
conspiring to hold the boy's family
captive to get them to rebut a TV
documentary about the singer.
During another combative day on
the stand, the woman admitted that
she once told sheriffs deputies she
feared Jackson had a plan for her
and her family to disappear from his
Neverland ranch in a hot air balloon.
However, she accused Mesereau of
taking the comment out of context "I
told police that Jackson associates
had many ways to make us disappear
she said.
"And someone mentioned to you a
hot air balloon?" Mesereau asked.
"That was one of the ways she
The mother also denied repeatedly
that Jackson or anyone associated
with him had tried to help her and
her family when her son was stricken
with cancer.
Court decision In Japan fuels
feud with China
TOKYO - Inflaming already tense
relations with China, Japanese
lawmakers said Tuesday they plan
to visit a shrine that critics say glorifies
Japan's militarist past, and a Tokyo
court ruled against Chinese victims
of wartime atrocities.
Such developments would ordinarily
infuriate the Chinese, but in the
current atmosphere they could be
Sometimes violent anti-Japanese
demonstrations involving tens of
thousands of protesters have erupted
in several Chinese cities in recent
weeks over a government-approved
Japanese textbook that critics say
whitewashes the country's past
The protesters, who also oppose
Tokyo's bid for a permanent seat on
the U.N. Security Council, smashed
windows of Japan's diplomatic
missions in Beijing and Shanghai
and damaged Japanese restaurants
and cars.
China has refused to apologize or
pay compensation, saying Japan
sparked the protests by offending the
Chinese people.
The textbooks approved earlier this
month condense or omit references
in earlier volumes to the Japanese
military's germ warfare and sex
slavery of Asian women. They only
briefly mention the Nanjing Massacre
of 1937, when Japanese soldiers
killed tens of thousands of Chinese
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan
urged Japanese Prime Minister
Junichiro Koizumi and Chinese
President Hu Jintao to meet this
weekend in Jakarta, Indonesia, where
all three will be attending the Asia-
Africa summit.
Insurgent attacks target Iraqi
soldiers, civilians
BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide car bomb
outside an Iraqi army recruitment
center and other attacks Tuesday
killed a dozen Iraqis and wounded
more than 50, police said.
Elsewhere in the capital, parliament
briefly adjourned after a legislator
belonging to a radical Shiite group
claimed he had been roughed up at
a U.S. checkpoint.
The blast occurred in the Azamiyah
section of the capital about 18
yards from the front gate of the
recruitment center, killing at least
six Iraqis, including two soldiers,
and wounding 44, said police Col.
Hussein Mutlaq.
In other violence targeting the
military, insurgents opened fire on
Iraqi soldiers in Khalidiyah town, 75
miles west of Baghdad, killing four
soldiers and wounding seven, police
and hospital officials said.
One of the main goals of the U.S
led coalition in the two-year-old war
is to train Iraqi security forces to
replace American soldiers in the field,
and insurgents often target centers
where such security forces are being
recruited and instructed.
Insurgents also targeted civilians and
the U.S. military.
In the capital, masked men armed
with machine guns and traveling in
two cars in the capital shot and killed
Professor Fuad Ibrahim Mohamed
Al-Bayati as he left his home for
work at the University of Baghdad,
police said.
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NAMI from page A2
"I'm real honored that we
were able to get the chapter
started I think NAMI ECU
is going to make a difference
in a lot of students' lives said
Murray said mental illnesses
affect more people than gener-
ally thought. She said out of a
class of 25 - 30 students, three to
seven could suffer from depres-
sion. NAMI ECU serves as a safe-
haven for these students.
"We are a safe place on campus
for these people Murray said.
"If we don't recognize this
illness early people are going
to end up in homeless shelters
and prisons
NAMI ECU is the first campus
chapter in North Carolina.
Murray and Smithwick had been
members of the Pitt County
NAMI, which her husband Carlos
was founder of for three years
before they thought about a
campus chapter.
"We decided it was time for it
to be on campus Murray said.
Some of the reasons she
wanted to begin the organization
were because of her two sons, one
who has a mental illness.
"I can honestly say NAMI
saved our lives. It's that strong of
a force Murray said.
NAMI ECU has been asked
to help UNC Chapel Hill set up
a chapter, making it the second
campus chapter in North Caro-
lina. They are also talking with
counseling services so NAMI
ECU can be recommended to
students in need. Murray said
they are thinking about bake
sales and inviting speakers to
their meetings as well. They are
also hoping to receive a grant
that will allow them to go to the
national conference.
Some other goals for NAMI
include working toward having
insurance companies recog-
nize mental illnesses In their
policies and to continue trying
to break the stigma associated
with mental illnesses.
Murray said currently they
have eight dedicated members
and she plans on growing.
"I look forward to working
with the chapter antl helping it
grow Smithwick said.
This writer can be contacted at
Interim Joyner Library director
addresses library concerns
Director focused
on progression,

NAMI ECU meets the (Irst Thursday
of every month at 6:30 p.m. In the
Ledonia Wright Cultural Center all
year, including during semester
breaks. The organization welcomes
all who sutler from a mental Illness
or those who have friends or family
with an Illness to their monthly
meetings lor support and to work
toward erasing the negative stigma.
For more Information, please call .
Erlck at 355-5217 or Olivia at 758-
Wright from page A1 POpe from page A1
in meeting space, there is also a
shortage in banquet rooms.
"We have banquet facilities
that are probably too small to
accommodate the size of the
groups that wish to use them
Bagnell said.
Bagnell said many deci-
sions have not been confirmed
yet. He said the only thing
they are positive about is that
Mendenhall must be renovated
and expanded. Once they talk
with more students and staff and
figure out more of the wants and
needs of these groups, they will
be able to move further with the
This writer can be contacted at
On Monday, Ratzinger, who
was the powerful dean of the
College of Cardinals, used his
homily at the Mass dedicated to
electing the next pope to warn
the faithful about tendencies
that he considered dangers to the
faith: sects, ideologies like Marx-
ism, liberalism, atheism, agnosti-
cism and relativism - the ideology
that there are no aBsolute truths.
"Having a clear faith, based
on the creed of the church, is
often labeled today as a funda-
mentalism he said, speaking
in Italian. "Whereas relativ-
ism, which is letting oneself
be tossed and 'swept along
by every wind of teaching
looks like the only attitude
acceptable to today's standards.
Darryl Davis, who has been
a faculty member of ECU for 30
years serving as former dean of
the college of technology for 10
years and associate vice chancel-
lor for four years, is currently
serving as interim director of
Joyner Library.
Davis assumed the role after
the recent resignation of former
director Carroll Varner.
Davis is optimistic about
his role as interim director and
understands the demands of his
"I want to make this a place
where when you come to work
in the morning iou want to be
here said Davis.
"I want the atmosphere to
be one of cooperation and col-
laboration where you respect
your fellow worker and they
respect you
Davis said he has committed
to serving as interim director as
long as it is necessary for him
to do so. There is currently no
search underway for a perma-
nent director because there are
internal issues in the library that
take precedent over finding a
new director.
"Issues such as budget con-
cerns, 24 hour operation and
putting more focus into a digital
library need resolving before a
search for a new director takes
place said Provost James Smith.
Smith said a probable date
for the naming of a new direc-
tor would be the beginning of
January. Davis sees there is a
need for these internal issues
to be resolved and he will take
an active role finding solutions
for them.
One issue Davis said he sees
room for advancement in is the
digital library. There are currently
items in the Special Collections
Department that are not avail-
able for extensive viewing due
to their fragile nature. As well
as allowing Special Collections
items to be viewed, an online
library will give greater freedom
to students who need to search
for materials but do not have
ample time to go to the library.
Budgetary constraints currently
prohibit this advancement.
"We have had to prepare sce-
narios to deal with a 2 - 4 percent
budget decrease Davis said.
"That is not good news when
you are considering expanding
hours or looking at a new tech-
nology infrastructure
Concerning 24 hour opera-
tion, Davis said there are several
factors that tie into the decision
to implement this new schedule,
one major factor being safety.
" Joyner Library is a difficult
building to keep an eye on
Davis said.
"Also, as a guardian of the
resources, we have millions of
dollars worth of materials in this
library that I have an obligation
to make sure we do not lose
Davis understands the need
students have for efficiency in
library operation and sees shift-
ing operation hours, specifically
on the weekends, to accom-
modate a larger flow of student
traffic and allow for maximum
library usage. Though temporary,
Davis said he is going to act to
benefit the students of ECU.
"I am the type of person who
is willing to push initiatives that
I believe are the best for the uni-
versity Davis said.
"I am going to try to do what
is right here you cannot stop
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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LLQ hi
Page A4
WEDNESDAY April 20, 2005
Our View
Proposed bill removes
smut, violates copyrights
Congress approved Tuesday the use of a new
technology that edits out objectionable scenes in
popular films. The bill will now be sent to President
George W. Bush for approval.
The bill, titled the Family Movie Act allows inde-
pendent companies to edit out nudity, violence or
vulgar words for sale to a family friendly audience.
However, the controversy surrounding this bill is
that it exempts these companies from copyright
laws, so editing companies do not have to pay
royalties to the studios or directors of the popular
films that they are altering.
Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif. told the AP, "While
I support family friendly entertainment I believe
this method is not only a violation of filmmakers'
copyright protections but also an infringement of
their artistic vision
We agree with Watson. Artists are just like any
other profession in that if someone works hard on
something, they deserve the credit due.
ff the Family Movie Act becomes legislation, who's
to say it won't set a dangerous precedent? Other
digitized works could also be censored, such as
artwork or books.
While we understand that protecting children from
profane material is the ultimate goal, we can't help
but wonder if this legislation could be in turn harm-
ful for our children. Marshall Herskovitz, producer
of the Oscar-nominated film The Last Samurai,
mentioned some of these consequences in an
interview with The Salt Lake Tribune. He asked
readers to imagine the outcomes of deleting war
scenes from Saving Private Ryan, or taking it as
far as deleting black actors from films.
The notion that someone else sits in an editing
room across the country and decides what's
going into the film is absurd You're worried about
your children seeing objectionable material? Your
choice is not to show it to them said Herskovitz
We acknowledge Hollywood sometimes pushes
the limits of taste and children should not be
exposed to those situations. However, we don't
agree with this legislation simply because it does
not pay creative artists for their hard work - work
that many have spent years on, only to have it
dramatically changed in less than a few hours.
Our Staff
Amanda Q. Lingerfelt
Editor in Chief
Nick Henne
News Editor
Kristin Day
Asst. News Editor
Carolyn Scandura Kristin Murnane
Features Editor Asst. Features Editor
Tony Zoppo Brandon Hughes
Sports Editor Asst. Sports Editor
Nina Coefieid Rachel Landed
Head Copy Editor Special Sections Editor
Tanesha Sistrunk Herb Sneed
Photo Editor Asst. Photo Editor
Alexander Marcinlak Dustin Jones
Web Editor Asst. Web Editor
Kitch Hines
Managing Editor
Jennifer Hobbs
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number Letters may be sent via
e-mail to editors or to The East
Carolinian, Student Publications Building, Greenville,
NC 27858-4353. Call 252-328-6366 for more
information. One copy of TEC is free, each additional
copy is $1.
Opinion Columnist
Spend everything down to last second
Balancing today's account
with tomorrow's investment
In just a matter of weeks, thousands
of graduates from ECU and other col-
leges and universities across the coun-
try will be tossing their mortarboards,
receiving their diplomas and preparing
to enter what, as of yet, remains an
unknown realm to most of us - "the
real world
It's both an exciting and frighten-
ing prospect, leaving familiar territory
in order to enter a new phase in life,
whether it be a shift in academics,
pursuing a career or starting a family.
Whether you are lamenting the passage
of your college years, cheering the fact
that they are almost finally finished or
just completing the first of four, five or
more years, at least one common thread
unites you and your fellow 18 to 20-
somethings. You're young.
Deep insight for an editorial, huh?
I know those two words come as no
surprise to you now but what may be
more shocking is how quickly they
will expire. We'd like to think we'll
be young forever. After all, it's hard to
imagine any other way when that is all
we've ever been.
The feeling of eternal youth, even
immortality, helps explain the behav-
iors often associated with people of our
peer group - the fast cars, fast food,
fast relationships and indulgence in
alcohol, cigarettes and sun.
But why fear the effects of these
vices when, like Peter Pan, we'll be
forever young?
Perhaps because the truth is that
this time is only a fleeting one in our
lives. The hours we've spent studying,
partying and working quickly add up
to days, weeks and months. Likewise,
these soon become years and before we
know it, we're making plans for gradua-
tion and the rest of our adult lives.
I am constantly amazed, living in
almost a state of disbelief, when I think
about how fast three years of college
have passed. People and events in my
young life that seem to have been a
part of my "just yesterday" are much
farther removed from my present than
I often realize. And from what I hear,
this phenomenon only gets that much
stronger as we get older and see the
years going by in the manner of that
"blink of an eye" cliche.
Since we can't slow the passage of
time, I wonder what, at the very least,
we can do to savor it. My high school
English teacher liked to quote a line
from the 1950s movie Auntie Maine.
"Life's a banquet he would shout,
"and most poor suckers are starving
to death
Despite the dramatic flair that often
overshadowed the meaning of those
words, 1 now recognize a real kernel of
truth in them. If life were a meal, would
we want to rush through each course
or would we want to fill our plates to
the point of overflowing before slowly
chewing each bite and taking in all
the flavors?
A friend of mine recently sent me
an Internet video that asked what I
would do if someone put $86,400 into
an account for me each morning. If I
hadn't depleted the account by the end
of the day, I would lose the remaining
balance. However, the following day, I
would start again with a new balance
of $86,400.
If this were true, 1 would spend
every penny of the money before the
day was through, and then eagerly
await the next day when I could do it
all over again. 1 wouldn't waste a single
cent - I would spend it all.
Although no one is contributing
these kinds of funds to me on a daily
basis, I, along with everyone else,
receive a similar bequest everyday. We
don't get paid in money, but rather, in
seconds. A full day equates to 86,400
seconds. Yet, unlike the financial
example, I find myself wasting seconds,
not spending them all, whether wisely
or foolishly. At the end of the day, the
wasted seconds are gone, and I have
lost them forever. The good news,
however, is that tomorrow I will have
86,400 more. '
So how do we balance this desire to
live completely in the moment while
also, as we are often instructed to do,
preparing for the future?
George Carlin, the comedian, said
that when he got old and looked back,
he wanted to regret the things he did
and not the things he didn't do. Yet,
the inspirational writer Og Mandino
cautioned that what you plant now, you
will harvest later.
So whose words do I use as my
life's tenet? I prefer to think that you
don't have to choose one or the other.
We can be young and free without
being reckless and irresponsible. It's
not my purpose to tell you how to
balance these seemingly conflicting
desires. Instead, my hope is that you
will figure it out on your own in your
daily quest to spend every second,
while also laying a foundation for a
tomorrow that will give you an even
better return.
And when you do solve this puzzle,
let me know. Until then, I'm just as
baffled as the rest of you.
In My Opinion
A tlat-out case tor tax reform - the flat tax
(KRT) � If anything's likely to
boost support for the flat tax, it's the
annual nightmare of tax season.
Imagine junking all the paperwork
the current system requires and replac-
ing it with two simple postcard-sized
forms that tax income only once and at
one low rate. Imagine a simple and fair
tax system that required all Americans
to play by the same rules, regardless of
how many lawyers and accountants
they had on the payroll. And imagine
politicians having no ability to put
loopholes in the tax code in exchange
for campaign cash.
These are all strong arguments for
the flat tax. But there's an even bigger
reason to support it: It would be good
for the economy.
Globalization has dramatically
Increased the importance of good eco-
nomic policy. Investment funds now
have almost unlimited ability to cross
national borders. Jobs and capital are
fleeing high-tax welfare states for low-
tax jurisdictions.
This means the rewards for good
economic policy are greater than ever.
By the same token, though, the penal-
ties for misguided class-warfare policies
are greater than ever. In other words,
international competition has made tax
policy much more important. Nations
have to compete with each other if they
want faster growth and better jobs.
Other countries certainly seem to
realize the importance of "tax competi-
tion Eight nations in Eastern Europe
have adopted flat taxes, for instance,
including a 13 percent flat tax in
Russia. Two of the countries adopted
the flat tax this January, and Poland
just announced that it will be hopping
on the flat-tax bandwagon.
All of these former Soviet countries
recognized that it was very difficult to
overcome the legacy of communism
while burdened with high tax rates
and discriminatory taxes on saving and
investment. Leaders from these nations
understand that a flat tax draws job-
creating capital. They understand that a
low tax rate rewards productive activity.
Other nations have cut tax rates
deeply. Ireland doesn't have a flat tax,
but it has slashed its corporate tax rate
from SO percent to 12.5 percent. Com-
bined with other tax cuts, this helped
turn the "Sick Man of Europe" into
the "Celtic Tiger Unemployment has
dropped from 17 percent to 5 percent,
and Ireland is now the second-richest
nation in the European Union.
Tax competition has forced other
European nations to cut their corpo-
rate tax rates. There has been so much
progress that every nation in Europe
now has a lower corporate tax rate than
America - even socialist countries such
as France and Sweden!
America needs to regain its status
as a contender in the tax-competition
battle. If we want to remain the world's
strongest economy, we can't rest. Yes,
the Reagan tax cuts resuscitated the
U.S. economy in the 1980s. And yes,
the Bush tax cuts are helping America
grow faster and create more jobs than
most other industrialized nations.
But growing faster than France and
Germany is nothing to brag about.
America needs to watch developing
nations such as China and India.
These countries are shifting toward
free-market policies and are attracting
investment. It's even rumored that
China may adopt a flat tax. If that
happens, America will face even more
vigorous competition. Hong Kong has
enjoyed incredible prosperity with a flat
tax, so just imagine if the rest of China
gets the same pro-growth tax system!
President Bush has appointed a Tax
Reform Advisory Panel, which has been
holding hearings and learning how the
tax system undermines U.S. competi-
tiveness. Members are expected to issue
a report on July 31 and almost certainly
will recommend that America move in
the direction of a flat tax. Hopefully,
they will be bold and suggest that the
entire tax code be junked.
Pirate Rant ,
1 can't believe I actually read
the words "I work out so I can
smoke more I haven't heard
something that illogical since
Tony McKee's last column. I
really hope you are not consider-
ing procreating.
To the idiots who voted
for President Bush because of
"morals I bet you regret it now
when you look at these high gas
To the guys in my classes thai
like to play the "tangent game I
didn't pay good money to watch
you distract the professor. While
there is a time and place foj-
thoughtful questions about the
topic, it is not when we're already
behind with only a few days left.
That's why professors have office
I transferred here from a
school that didn't allow skate-
boarding on campus. Thank you,
ECU for giving me the chance to
watch hot boys on skateboards
as I walk to class. It never fails to
make my day.
To the ones who throw water
balloons out the window every-
day and then hide when they hij
me with one: Grow up. You're in
college. If you are going to do
it, at least show your face next
To all guys out there: Who-
ever started the greasy, hard as
a rock, spiked hair look is probf
ably no longer with us, so please
let the trend pass just as he did,
As a woman, I can understand
your need for manageable hair.
However, I do not understand
the need for us women to have
our hands punctured with pot
cupine needles when we cuddle
�with you.
To all the people who ask
tons of questions during class,
please meet the people who know
all the answers in my classes. You
would make the perfect couple.
You should come up wit
something more intelligent than,
"1 would be a better president
than Bush OK, how about you
liberate a whole country and
provide clean drinking water
and electricity for 70 percent
of the country that didn't have
jack before? We as a country can
sacrifice a few tax dollars to hei5
out an oppressed people and
don't say it's for oil because gas
is $2.27 for regular now.
All you Bush haters or Repub:
lican haters in general: Wait
until you get out of college, start
making money and become a
little more politically inclined
before you make judgements oh
Bush and the right wing. Your
liberal views are probably borne
through a lack of funds right
now and the impression that the
government should do every-
thing for you. Get educated and
then talk.
Why is it that our campus
is like a minefield for the
steam sewers? You have to dodge
those steam sewers every few
minutes or else you'll go through
a whiff of the steam and smell
like rotten ham for the rest of
the day.
Attention northern people,
give barbecue (yes that's a noun)
a try. It's delicious.
Every time we "nice guys"
do stand up, the supposedly
nice girl laughs in our faces.
We hear the same lines over and
over: "You are such a nice guy,
why are you single?" Then there
is, "A girl would be lucky to have
you Translation: "A girl other
than me would be lucky to have
Hey, TEC: Being small
and furry doesn't make an
animal a rodent. I guess you
missed that year in middle school
Why do the ECU trucks take
up four parking spaces per truck?
There has to be some better place
to park them. I think instead of
buying a hang tag next year, I'U
spend the money on painting my
car to look like a truck, then Lean
have four spaces.
Editor's Note: The Tirate Kant is
an anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice
their opinions. Submissions can be
submitted anonymously online at, or e-
maiied to editorC4theeastcarolinian,
com. The editor reserves the right
to edit opinions for content and

pill 20, 2005
PageA5 252.328.6366 CAROIYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant features Editor WEDNESDAY April 20, 2005
ve I actually read
ork out so I can
I haven't heard
it illogical sine?
last column. 1
are not consider-
ots who voted
iush because of
you regret it now
at these high gas
n my classes thai
tangent gameI
money to watch
professor. While
e and place for
stions about the
len we're already
ly a few days left.
;ssors have office
;d here from a
In't allow skate,
lpus. Thank you,
ne the chance to
on skateboards
i. It never fails to
who throw water
; window every-
ie when they hij
ow up. You're in
are going to do
' your face next
:ut there: Who-
greasy, hard as
air look is probf
rith us, so please
is just as he didi
can understand
lanageable hair,
not understand
women to have
tured with pot
rvhen we cuddle
reople who ask
is during class,
eople who know
i my classes. You
perfect couple.
come up witji
intelligent than,
etter president
how about you
e country and
Irinking water
for 70 percent
hat didn't have
is a country can
k dollars to help"
ed people and
oil because gas
lar now.
haters or Repub-
general: Wait
of college, start
and become a
ically inclined
judgements on
ght wing. Your
probably borne
of funds right
ression that the
)uld do every-
;t educated and
at our campus
field for the
u have to dodge
vers every few
uTl go through
earn and smeli
for the rest of
rthern people,
s that's a noun)
fe nice guys'
le supposedly
in our faces.
! lines over and
ich a nice guy,
le?" Then there
ie lucky to have
i: "A girl other
e lucky to have
Being small
in't make an
t. I guess yoii
i middle school
CV trucks take
aces per truck?
me better place
link instead of
5 next year, I'U
on painting my
uck, then Lean
he Pirate Rant is
for students anil
mnunity to voice
missions can be
tously online at, or e-
serves the right
or content and
Mendenhall Movies:
Lemony Snickers A Series of
Unfortunate Events
Wednesday - 9:30 p.m.
Thursday - 7 p.m.
Friday - 9:30 p.m.
Saturday - 7 p.m. & midnight
Sunday - 3 p.m.
Bad Education
Wednesday - 7 p.m.
Thursday - 9:30 p.m.
Friday - 7 p.m. & midnight
Saturday - 9:30 p.m.
Sunday - 7 p.m.
'Bleed Like Me Bloody good
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies:
Sin City
Fever Pitch
Guess Who
Beauty Shop
Top 5 Tape Rentals:
1. After the Sunset
2. Finding Neverland
3. Closer
4. Ladder 49
5. The Incredibles
Top 5 TV Shows:
,1Desperate Housewives
2American Idol"
3American Idol"
4Without a Trace"
Top 5 CDs:
1;50 Cent
3.Beanie Sigel
5.Various Artists
Top 5 Books:
1. The Da Vinci Code
2. Star Wars: Episode III:
Revenge of the Sith
3. Va-Vas in Bloom
4. Saturday
5. Honeymoon
Aries - Concentrate on doing the
very best job you can. You need to be
proud of the products you produce
and the services you provide. Besides
your business will thrive.
Taurus - The Sun is coming intc
your sign, a lovely development. This
is the perfect excuse for a private
celebration in a beautiful setting
Gemini - Start by cleaning out ar
area small enough to be manageable
Don't throw away things that belonc
(o others, however, get them involvec
in the process.
Cancer - Friends can help yoi
understand a complicated subject
Don't try to use what you're learning
quite yet - it takes a lot more practice
to gain expertise.
Leo - There's more money coming in
but less time to spend on romance
This is a temporary condition. Set youi
date for later in the week.
Virgo - It should be getting obvious
what will work and what won't. You've
tried a lot of different things. Now, pare
down to the best.
Ubra - Figure out how much you've
spent and what your income's been
over the past few weeks. You didn'
have time to do it then, but now yoi
Scorpio - For the next several weeks
you'll find yourself drawn into solid
relationships. They'll be in business
and your personal life. Pick the best:
Sagittarius - Hopefully, you're doing
work you love. That way, you can
trick yourself into thinking you're noj
working at all. Meanwhile, trick the
boss into thinking you are.
Capricorn - As each old fear comes)
up again, gently speak it out. A
beloved counselor helps you spread
them out in the sun, where they
Aquarius - Conditions are excellent
for counting the money and sorting
it into categories. Decide how much
you can afford to spend. Don't bu
everything, cut the fluff.
Pisces - For the next several weeks
you'll find it easier to pay attention
This is a wonderful thing since you
are often easily distracted. Use the
phase wisely.
Three producers and
a unique girl will
totally rock you
Sometimes change is good,
but in the case of Garbage, chang-
ing back is a lot better. And IS
seconds into "Bad Boyfriend
the opening track of their latest
album Bleed Like Me - with its
explosive drums provided by
guest drummer and Foo Fighter
Dave Grohl, powerful guitar licks
and super-sexy purring of singer
Shirley Manson - it's obvious that
this is a drastically different Gar-
bage than we've seen lately.
Garbage isn't a typical band
in any sense of the word. The
band's story isn't one of child-
hood friends forming a band
and working their way up to,
superstardom. In fact, when the '
band formed in 1993, founding
member and drummer Butch
Vig was already a superstar in his
own right for his work produc-
ing Nirvana's landmark album
Nevermind, arguably the most
influential album in the last IS
years. Vig only enhanced his
prestige with his work on albums
for The Smashing Pumpkins and
Sonic Youth, making himself a
key figure in the musical move-
ment of the early 1990s.
Garbage began with basement
sessions between Vig and Steve
Marker, another producer who
co-founded Smart Studios with
Vig in the late 1980s. Eventually,
the two asked a third producer,
Duke Erikson, to sit and jam with
them. The three played for a year
together and, encouraged by the
results, sought out a singer.
They found Shirley Manson, a
fiery Scot with red hair and a host
of personal demons. Tormented
in grade school, Manson turned
tp sex, drugs and cutting herself
during her teenage years to cope
with the pain before finding rock
'n' roll. Manson played in the
bands Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie
and Angelfish until she was
spotted on MTV by Vig. When
she auditioned for the band,
Vig, Marker and Erikson were
blown away and hired her on
the spot and began recording
The band, sometimes referred
to as "three producers and a
girl" within the music industry,
exploded onto the scene in 199S
with their self-titled debut album
and scored hits with their songs
"Only Happy When It Rains
"Stupid Girl" and "Queer The
Garbage lead singer, Shirley Manson, with one of her famous daring haircuts that makes her unique.
band followed that album with
their second album Version 2.0,
which included the hit songs
"Special" and "Push It
The albums were great for a
few reasons. Because the band
included three music producers,
the rhythms for each song were
intricate and original. With their
production knowledge, the band
used every trick in the book and
every musical device they could
think of to create a new sound.
Despite the band's micromanag-
ing, though, it never took away
from the core of the music's
appeal: dark subject matter, loud
guitars, catchy hooks and amaz-
ing vocals.
But like many bands before
them, Garbage went and messed
with a winning formula on their
third album Beautifulgarbage. The
album was much lighter than the
first two and at points Manson
even seemed happy. The loud
guitars and drums were drowned
out by intense overproduction
and electronic filler. In essence,
Garbage went pop. Critics viewed
the album as a mixed bag but
Garbage fans had a more defini-
tive opinion: they hated it. And
few of those who did like it
couldn't bring themselves to say
that it was better than Garbage or
Version 2.0.
So I can understand if there
is somebody out there who was
apprehensive when they first
heard that a new Garbage album
was in the world. To be honest, I
was a bit apprehensive at first. But
I can say with complete honesty
that not only am I pleasantly
surprised with Bleed Like Me - I'm
To call this album a return
to form is an understatement.
Not only have they ditched the
aspects from Beautifulgarbage,
they've ditched every other
aspect which someone could find
fault with. In the process, they've
also taken everything that makes
them great and cranked it up a
notch. The band turned down
the synthesizers and decided to
let the guitars, drums and most
importantly, Manson speak for
themselves. The result is some-
thing louder, harder, angrier and
altogether more enjoyable than
you could imagine.
Where Garbage and Version
2.0 could be spotty at times,
Bleed Like Me is very consistent
throughout. The highlight of
the album is the first single off
of it, "Why Do You Love Me a
blistering track with its frantic,
infectious chorus of "Why do
you love meWhy do you love
meWhy do you love meIt's
driving me crazy" that will
creep into your head, attach
itself to your brain and never
The album has a number of
bright spots and I'd be interested
to see which track they decide to
release as their second single off
the album. "Boys Wanna Fight"
sounds most like something from
their earlier albums and has an
escalating guitar riff throughout
the song that's incredible. "Run
Baby Run "Right Between the
Eyes" and "Bad Boyfriend" are
dually as good and can go toe-
to-toe with not only Garbage's
biggest hits but anything on the
radio today.
The highlight of the album,
though, comes toward the end.
Bittersweet and beautiful, "It's
All Over but the Crying" stands
out from the other songs on the
album. While the seven songs
leading up to it move at such a
frantic pace that you can hardly
take a breath, this song is slow
and heartbreaking, showcasing
the depth of the band's song
writing and restrained power in
Manson's voice.
The album accomplishes a
number of things. First, it should
place Shirley Manson as the first
lady of rock 'n' roll now that
Gwen Stefani seemingly would
rather be Britney Spears than
Chrissie Hyde. Manson has the
uncanny ability to draw you
in with her enchanting voice
and project each of the many
emotions behind it onto you.
Second and most impor-
tantly, this album should bring
Garbage back to the forefront of
rock 'n' roll and back into the
loving embrace of fans and crit-
ics. The band poured their heart
and souls into the album - in fact,
things became so tense during
recording that Vig abandoned
the project for four months - and
the result is a rare album that's
both poignant and thrilling. If
you love rock 'n' roll, you should
already own this album, a sure
This writer can be contacted at
'Amityville Horror' remake
Reynolds plays George Lutz whose new house has demonic visitors.
These space men look like they need a galaxy guide to save them.
Summer movie season kicks
off with 'Hitchhiker's Guide'
1970s thriller hits a new
On Nov. 14, 1974, at exactly
6:30 p.m Ronnie Defeo screams
for help at a local bar. Six men
from the bar come to Defeo's
call to find his parents and four
siblings shot in their sleep. Later,
Ronnie is convicted of these mur-
ders and he claims to have been
pushed by voices and evil spirits
to murder his family. One year
later, a young family moves into
this home not expecting what
they have bargained for.
Here's one horror flick that
has once again made its way
back on the big screen. Based
on a true story that took place
thirty years ago, The Amityville
Horror is back with a new cast,
spectacular special effects and a
plot much like the original. Fans
of this classic are likely to see the
newer version from the makers of
the recent film The Texas Chain-
saw Massacre. Both versions of
The Amityville Horror were based
on the 1977 best-selling book
written by Jay Anson, who used
many of the Lutz's family experi-
ences while they were living in
the house.
Amityville is a peaceful
waterfront community more so
now than it was then. The Defeos
lived in a three story Dutch Colo-
nial home, which was built in
the mid-1920s. Most can identify
112 Ocean Ave. with its eerie eye
shaped windows and the sign
that ironically hangs outside the
house saying, "high hopes The
special effects and perfect casting
set the movie up for high ratings
and a 'must see
Like the early version, the
story begins with the murder of
the Defeo family. A year later,
George and Kathy Lutz and their
three children move into their
dream home with a reasonable
price tag. After moving in, they
find that their home has a dark
secret and soon ignore the facts
to hold on to their beautiful
home. After 28 days of living
in fear and unhapplness, they
decide to leave their home after
experiencing hauntings and eerie
It has been said that the Lutz
family has amped up the popu-
larity of the Amityville home
because of their alleged encoun-
ters. Although, recent residents
and those that have lived there
before say the hauntings are
see HORROR page A6
A promising movie
adventure, a mere
prelude to rest of the
summer blockbusters
With the summer movie
season bearing down upon us,
movie studios are gearing up to
release their biggest blockbuster
movies of the year. Although the
summer movie season doesn't
officially begin until Memorial
Day weekend, some studios start
releasing their big movies well
before then. Many studios now
look at the very last Friday in
April as being the first big week-
end for summer films.
One of the early summer
films this year is The Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy. It is based
on a series of books written by
Douglas Adams.
The film stars Martin Free-
man as Arthur Dent, an ordinary
man from the planet Earth.
When the planet is scheduled to
be destroyed by aliens to make g
way for a new universe express �
way, Dent is taken off the planet
from his good friend Ford Prefect �
(Mos Def). Prefect is an alien who
is writing a new edition to the
very famous book, The Hitch-
hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. This
guide tells everyone everything
they need to know to survive in
the galaxy.
Together, Dent and Prefect
go on an adventure throughout
the galaxy seeing many differ-
ent things and meeting many
different creatures. Also staring
in this film are Sam Rockwell,
Zooey Deschanel, Bill Nighy,
Anna Chancellor and John Mal-
see HITCHHIKER page A7
TEC Predictions
'Who stays: Constantlne Maroulis
Who goes: Scott Savol"
"Who stays: Bo Bice
Who goes: Scott Savol"
"Who stays: Carrie Underwood
Who goes: Scott Savol"
"Who stays: Bo Bice
Who goes: Anthony Fedorov"
"Who stays: Carrie Underwood
� Who goes: Scott Savol"
Finally, a guide to this galaxy.

Acoustic paradise through Jack Johnson SHaafKS
New CD, 'In Between'
Does acoustic music soothe
your soul, reminding you of
simpler times when life seemed
so carefree? If so then profes-
sional surfer turned musician
Jack Johnson's latest album In
Between Dreams may be the per-
fect fit for you.
A Hawaiian native, Johnson
has already made waves on the
mainland with previous hits,
Brushfire Fairytales (2001) and On
and (hi (2003). In Between Dreams
is no exception.
Mellow is the only way to
describe the album whose lyrics
are whimsical yet meaningful.
His corporation of bluesy sounds
as well as a reggae feel give the
album an even more relaxing vibe.
"He's the comfort food of
contemporary music, the relaxed
and comfortable night in a busy
musical week said Bernard Zuel
in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Johnson's lighthearted side is
visible in songs such as "Banana
Pancakes" and "Good People
He provides listeners with
energetic yet laid-back songs
that induce a foot tapping,
head bobbing phenomenon.
On the other hand, songs
such as "Sitting, Waiting, Wish-
ing" and "Breakdown" demon-
strate Johnson's more serious
side. Their lyrics have a realistic
approach, allowing listeners to
relate to his life.
Johnson began playing the
guitar at the tender age of 14. Now
at age 29 he is not only a talented
musician, but a successful surfer,
filmmaker and a film graduate
from the University of California.
Johnson cites musical greats
such as Ben Harper, Nick Drake,
Otis Redding, The Beatles, G. Love
and Special Sauce and Bob Dylan
as some of his most profound
musical influences. This com-
bines their styles to create a style
all his own, which encompasses
many different musical genres.
Johnson is coming to Cary,
NC Sept. 9 at the Koka Booth
Amphitheatre at Regency Park
for a 6 p.m. performance. Doors
will open at 5 p.m. Tickets are
available through Ticketmaster
for $35.
Check out the mellow, laid back
and enticing tunes of Jack Johnson
This writer can be contacted at
all a hoax and they have yet to
have unordinary encounters. The
Amityville Horror, a popular film
of the 1970s, is now new and
improved, ready to devour the
young audience this year.
Even though critics may say
otherwise, it is always best to
see for yourself, you never know
what you may be missing.
It is a "shadily made, boring
and most shockingly without a
single decent scare said The New
York Post's Web site.
"At best, this is a disposable
fright fest said EOnline's Web
"There's nothing this Ami-
tyville won't beg, borrow, steal
from or fabricate in trying to
make your neck hairs sit up and
quiver said The Atlanta Journal's
Web site.
Though the remake may be a
little exaggerated from the actual
story, it is entertaining and gives
you a feel for what was going
on in that home. Cast members
include Ryan Reynolds, Melissa
George and Philip Baker Hall.
The Amityville Horror was released
Friday, April IS. Cljeck your local
movie listings for times. Audi-
ences are sure to become curious
about the raw facts of this Ameri-
can dream gone bad.
This writer can be contacted at
OA something to say? Smd us yw Pimte Rants!
Brad Land's new novel
Harrowing memoir
With its taut, short sentences
and minimal use of punctua-
tion, this novel tells author Brad
Land's true story of himself as a
young man, using his ssme name
in the novel.
As a teenager, Brad gave two
strangers a ride, even though he
knew he shouldn't haw. During
the ride, tragic events occurred.
The strangers abducted him, beat
him up, stole his car and left him
for dead on the side of some iso-
lated road in Florence, SC.
The novel presents the graphic-
details of the attack and what he
went through during it, even the
odd moments when Brad caught
himself talking to a fox.
Fortunately, he survives, and
as he was reeling from the events
of the attack, he felt vulnerable
and suffered from post-traumatic
stress. Wracked with nightmares
of the shadowed strangers, the
community in which he lives
ignored what happened to him
or made him feel as if he had
done something wrong and that
he was at fault. Even the police
officers that investigated the
incidence questioned him about
what had happened.
After some time passed, Brad's
younger brother Brett left home
to attend Clemson University in
South Carolina. Feeling lonely
and left out and wanting to
belong somewhere, Brad soon
followed his brother to attend the
university and even joins Brett's
Brad thought the fraternity
was about the unity of brother-
hood aiming for the brothers to
have success in their lives, but
Brad finds out otherwise.
During pledging, he became
involved in the fraternity's tradi-
tion of brutal hazing and humili-
ation. These violent episodes
bring back Brad's nightmares of
the shadowed strangers and his
abduction. At the same time,
Brad felt a separation that's open-
ing wider between him and his
real-life brother Brett.
The decision is upon Brad to
either stay with the fraternity
or accept the violence in order
to feel as if he belongs or to quit
the fraternity and live the rest of
his life in peace and perhaps in
It your answer is yes. then the United States Army
has a unique opportunity for you - to become a
Special Forces Soldier a Green Beret. You'll learn
from some of the best Soldiers anywhere, and put
your new skill: to work in duty stations around the
world. It takes plenty of hard work to earn the
green beret, but the pride you'll feel when you
wear it for the first time will make it all
So if yours a hif h school
graduate, between II ind 30.
interested in findin out how
you cin become part of an
elite group 01 proud
professionals, call Sit 1st
Class Davis at 156 9695 And
check out ever I SO ways you
can become N ABM� Of
ODE 02001 Pud fix
by the U S Army All rights reserved
Authentic Caribbean Cuisine
lad) in free
live Band- JMya Wilkin at 9
3 Pinot Griajo
2.50 Hi�jh Ball
I.SO Kamikaze hot
2.50 import of the day

Just as The New York Times
Book Review said, "Goat exerts a
hypnotic power a page turner
there is a story that pulls readers
into the novel. The events of
what happens and Brad's reaction
create that power of the pull.
At times, it's hard to read the
graphic and harsh violence, but
there's a vulnerability associated
with the narrator of Brad.
Good insight into what hap-
pens during the hazing rituals of
fraternities that, unfortunately,
still exist today.
Unique form of prose - very
clipped, short and haunting.
Explicit language and profan-
ity. May not be suited for all read-
ers, and may be targeted toward
specific reading audiences. May
leave readers wanting more of
the story. Only minimal use of
punctuation and lack of quota-
tion marks.
An amazing debut.
Written by Brad Land. 208
pages. Published by Random
House, Inc. A national best-
This writer can be contacted at
www.shareyourltfe org
B9 Coertmn on Ocwn I T�� Oawen
(President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary)
APRIL 19 AT 9:00 AM
APRIL 20 AT 5:00 PM
S" Clip and save this information � Write these dates on your calendar!
All vehicle registration and permit requests
will be completed on-line through OneStop.
FacultyStaff and Student parking permit purchase vehicle registration for 2005-06 will be completed on-line through the ECU
OneStop system following the schedules outlined below. 2005-06 permits will be mailed beginning Monday, June 13, 2005 To pur-
chase a current year, 2004-05 permit, even if just for the summer term, please visit the parking office.
� Current 2004-05 permit holders in zones A1 and A3
Registration and permit purchase is ONLY available APRIL 18-29, 2005 (space will not be held after April 29 2005)
Current 2004-05 individuals on WAITING LISTS for zones A1 and A3 BEGINS Monday, May 9, 2005
Parking & Transportation Services will offer in sequential order A1 or A3 permits until set capacity is reached
Current 2004-05 permit holders in zones A2, B2, B1, B3. C, and D, and individuals not currently holdina a Dermit-
Registration BEGINS Monday, May 16, 2005. a k �
ECU OneStop Vehicle Registration will open to accept all permit applications.
� Applicants may purchase permits based upon availability.
� If selected permit is unavailable, registrant may place name on waiting list.
Vehicle Information: Registered Owner, Make, Model, License PlateTag
Insurance Information: (students) Policy Holder, Policy Number, Coverage Info
1) Go on-line to
2) Enter your user ID and password (same as ECU e-mail)
3) Click on Vehicle Registration listed under Transportation and Security
4) Follow the instructions on the screen
5) If you choose to pay by check or cash: you MUST PRINT YOUR PERMIT
REQUEST FORM and mail it along with your check or money order to the
Parking Office. Payment by cash only allowed in person at the Parking Office.
IMPORTANT: If paying by cash or check, your parking permit will not be reserved
for you until your payment has been received by the Parking Office.
All citations not under appeal must be paid prior to permit purchase.
Parking and Transportation Services
305 E. Tenth Street � Greenville NC 278S8
phone: 252.328.6294
Students who currently hold 2004-2005,
Freshman (D Zone) permits may use any B2 or
C Zone parking areas for the first summer ses-
sion, through June 30. A 2005-06 permit, or
summer session permit will be required begin-
ning July 1. Students who currently have a D
Zone permit but will be living on College Hill dur-
ing first summer session must contact Parking &
Transportation Services to have their permit vali-
dated for A2 Zone parking.
If you do not have a current ECU parking permit,
you may purchase a summer session permit
from the Parking & Transportation Office located
at 305 E 10th Street during regular business
hours. Permits for 1st session ONLY are $20.
Permits for 2nd session ONLY are $20
Permits for BOTH 1st and 2nd sessions are
For more information on summer session park-
ing and the parking program, visit our web site
at www.ecu.eduparking. If you have questions,
contact our office at (252) 328-6294.

or what was going
ome. Cast members
n Reynolds, Melissa
Philip Baker Hall.
e Horror was released
IS. Check your local
igs for times. Audi-
e to become curious
v facts of this Ameri-
one bad.
ran be contacted at
?eastcarolinian. com.
2 Rants!
GO Verdant Dr. . 752-3519
IITS )ECU )5. To pur 2005). mit:
VlER 0"ION -2005, use any B2 or summer ses-5 permit, or quired begin-lly have a 0 College Hill dur-ntact Parking & heir permit vali-parking permit, sion permit 1 Office located ar business NLY are $20. e$20. ssions are session park-t our web site ave questions, 94.

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� Basketball Court
� ECU Bus Service
ECU Plastic
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confidential consultation.
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April 21s' 12-5pm- �
@ Barefoot on the Mall 1 fc
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Competition � 4
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least 4S houn pn
iccommodadoni under the Americana with Disabilities
cl the Department for Disabilit) Support Services al
ivi l (2521 .t2H-(7' M�iee(252.12K-(1K)0 II Y"
HUChhiker from page 5
This film is directed by first
timer Garth Jennings. He's no
stranger to being behind the
camera. He has directed music
videos for the band Blur and
Fatboy Slim. The fact that Hitch-
hiker's Guide is his first feature
film may have some fans of the
book a little nervous, but rest
assured, the producers wouldn't
have hired someone for this high
profile film if they weren't com-
pletely sure he couldn't get the
job done.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the
Galaxy opens Friday, April 29, in
theaters across the country. For a
summer film season that has had
its start date moved up earlier
and earlier over the last few years
means that Hollywood is confi-
dent that this will be a very suc-
cessful summer at the box office.
With such a highly anticipated
film kicking off this weekend, one
can only imagine what the rest of
the summer will hold in the world
of movies.
This writer can be contacted at
The 10 Women you'll
be before you're 35'
You'll IV
I Before
K altuwi jm�i
(The most dangerolk
animals in the lorejt i 4
don't live there i
Announcing GamesGrid
Poker and our Grand
For a limited time, get lOx
return on what you deposit,
up to $5,000 bonus: Murry to
for details.
Make your best play.
The cover lures in any reader.
Discover your true self
"Don't laugh at a youth for
her affections - (she is only
trying on one face after another
to find a face of her own is a
quote by Logan Pearstall Smith
that ignites this self-help book
into the plethora of advice writ-
ten by Alison James.
Divided into 10 chapters, each
chapter representing a stage of a wom-
an's life, starting with the new naive
graduate and ending with the firm
confident person true to themselves -
this is a hilarious book offering advice,
opportunity and words of wisdom
with extra oomph and pizzazz.
"I want women to know they
aren't crazy for feeling pulled in
many different directions, that the
pressure on us is real and we have a
right to feel a little confused about
what we want at times. You will
continue to face new challenges all
the time, but you will get through
them and you'll be more confident
because of them said James in an
interview about her new book.
James uses her personal expe-
rience, along with the experi-
ences of hundreds of women
she knows and her educational
background in public policy and
women's issues in order to help
and inspire young women today.
"I decided to write self-help
because 1 had a very hard time
in my earlier to mid 20s, figur-
ing out what 1 wanted to do with
my life and what was important
to me. I wish someone had told
me these things earlier in my
life, so now 1 feel, maybe, 1 can
help some younger women get
through some of the tough times
a little bit James said.
Also, adding io the flair of the
book are pages of insightful and
mind-changing quotes to help
encourage women. There are lists
of descriptions and stereotypes of
different kinds of women, defini-
tions used in college and in the
real world and stories offered as
well to help readers feel as if they
can relate to the experiences pre-
sented in this book.
These chapters explore the
question of whom you are and
give the readers the opportunity
to ask themselves the question
of who they really want to be
in these following chapters:
The New Graduate, The Dollar-
less Diva, The Worker Bee, The
Party Girl, The Body-Conscious
Chick, The Chameleon, The
Crisis Chick, Ms. Independence,
The Wirl-Half WomanHalf Girl
and The True You.
Humor plays a role on these
entertaining pages with the no non-
sense and chuckle-ridden prose.
"Humor is very important to be
able to laugh at some of the crazy
things that we think, say or do when
we're under stress. It's too bad that
we don't often see humor until the
experience is over, but I hope that
this book will help women see the
humor when they are going through
these experiences James said.
Simple and direct, even about
money, James offers a way for
readers to understand, appreciate
and have fun with what they read
as they may discover things about
themselves or approach an idea
they never thought of.
Answering the question of
what advice she may want to offer
to people graduating this year
or to women in general, James
said I think the most important
thing to remember is that you are
never stuck in one place in your
life. You can take a job now and
change your mind if it doesn't
work regardless of your age. You
can always change your life and
make it what you want it to be
Great quotes. Great humor.
Good fun and a fast read.
Aimed toward a female read-
ing audience. Some men might
find this book helpful as well.
As a reviewer said, "Whether
you are looking for humor, advice
or just want to have fun looking
back on your misspent youth,
this book is for you. A quick read,
to enjoy over and over again
Written by Alison James.
241 pages. Published by Polka
Dot Press.
This writer can be contacted at
for Sii
Do you enjoy
meeting new
looking for a great addition
io your resume?
If you answered yes to
these questions, then we
want to talk to you!
Please call 328-2000
for more Information

SPORTS 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
April 20,2005
Draft rich in running backs, quarterbacks
1. San Francisco 49ers: ai� smith, qb. utah: The
Niners need a lot of help, but no other need is as glaring as quar-
terback. They have their choice between Rodgers and Utah's Alex
Smith. Smith may be the most athletic QB in the draft, could be the
best prospect in the draft, and reports are that San Fran has already
begun talks with Smith's agent.
2. Miami DOlPhinS: Ronnie Brown, KB. Auburn: Offen-
sively, the Dolphins were the most inept offensive team in the league
in 2004, mainly because their entire offensive scheme was centered
around the running game and Ricky Williams. When Williams
decided smoking the ganja was a better career choice than football,
he left the team without a viable back. Miami used seven different
starting running backs in 2004 and Brown is the most complete back
In the draft, with size, speed and hands, plus new coach Nick Saban
is familiar with his former SEC foe.
3. Cl6V6lanO BrOWnS: Aaron Rodgers, QB, California:
The Browns cut Jeff Garcia and lost Kelly Holcomb to Buffalo, leaving
the Browns without a viable quarterback. They signed Trent Dilfer, but
Dilfer is not the future of the franchise. Rodgers is polished from his
tutoring of Jeff Tedford at Cal and could be the opening day starter
in the Dawg Pound.
4. CtliCaiJO BOOrS: Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan:
Edwards is the best receiver In the draft. Putting him aside newly
signed Muhsin Muhammad will give QB Rex (irossman two very
good, and big, targets to throw to.
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: dr,c Benson, ��,
Texas: Head coach Jon Gruden has his choice here at running back
between Benson and Auburn's Cadillac Williams. Benson is bigger
and the more complete back, which is why Gruden will lean toward
the bruiser with the better hands. Benson can provide the up-thc-
middle runs of Mike Alstott with the versatility out of the backfleld
as of Warrick Dunn or Michael Pittman that Bucs fans have grown
accustomed to over the last decade.
6. TenneSSee TltanS: Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami, FL: The
Titans lost a lot defensively with free agency departures, including
starting corner Samari Rolle, who is now a Baltimore Raven. Antrcl
Rolle can start right away and has a great ability to read runs as well
as provide shut-down coverage on the outside.
7. Minnesota Vikings (from Oakland): Mike
Williams, WR, USC: The Vikings cut ties with Randy Moss and
picked up this pick from the Raiders in the Moss trade. Obviously
now receiver is priority for the Vikes, who addressed several holes
In their defense via free agency. Had the NCAA allowed Williams to
play in 2004, he would be the first receiver drafted. Williams is ust
as big as Moss and has great hands, although he does not provide
that lightning burst downfleld that Moss provided them.
8. Arizona Cardinals: cm� �� .kwu- vwm$,
RB, Auburn: After years of mediocrity at running back, culminating
with the F.mmitt Smith experiment the last two years, the Cards and
Dennis Green can finally land a top-notch back who can be their
workhorse of the future.
17. Cincinnati BengalS: Travis Johnson, DT, Florida
State: The Bengals are going to select a defensive lineman to fill a hole
and protect their best linebacker, New Bern product, Brian Simmons.
The question is, which one?Johnson can move up and down the line,
provide run support on 1st and 2nd down and could be switch to end
for a 3rd-down pass rush.
18. MinneSOta VlkingS: David Pollack, DE, Georgia: By
addressing their need at receiver with the seventh pick, the Vikings
can conti nue to upgrade thei r defense by adding Pol lack. The winner
of both the Lombardl and Bednarik awards in 2004 has perpetual
energy and a tenacious desire for the ball. He was ubiquitous on the
Bulldawgs defense and Mike Tice will love to land him here.
19. St. LOUlS BamS: Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington: The
Rams need depth on the offensive line and at corner. Auburn's Carlos
Rogers is another option here, but the main priority is to provide a
bookend for Orlando Pace.
20. Dallas Cowboys (from Buffalo k, nM white
WR, UAB: One of the fastest players in the draft, White can give coach
Bill Parcells and new QB Drew Bledsoe the downfleld threat Antonio
Bryant has been unable to provide.
21. Jacksonville Jaguars: i wuuamson,��,
South Carolina: With an aging receiving corps, the Jags can give
Byron Leftwich's target audience a boost of speed with the talented
22. Baltimore Ravens: Mark ciayton, wr, okuhom&
The third Sooner to go in the first round is probably the most com-
plete receiver in the draft. He is not the fastest or the biggest, but his
instincts, hands and ability to find an open hole make him a big play
threat for the receiver-dry Ravens.
23. Seattle SOaliaWkS: Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn:
Rogers is a physical corner that is very comfortable playing man-to-
man. Ray Rhodes just has to make sure he doesn't have the rookie
growing pains like Ahmad Carroll had last year in Green Bay with
the pass interference and illegal contact rules.
24. Green B8y PaCkerS:Thomas Davis, S, Georgia: Davis
is the best safety In the draft and can move up to play the run and
possibly play linebacker in run support situations. The Packers lost
three members of their secondary, including former All-Pro Darren
Sharper who was cut and signed by division rival Minnesota. The
Packers are cap-strapped and must rebuild the defense via the draft.
Green Bay also lost both starting guards to Dallas and Carolina
through free agency, but the Pack is deep enough on the O-line that
they can wait to add an offensive lineman with one of their two
second-round picks.
9. Washington Redskins: .w -pmsmu i��
CB, West Virginia: Given the nickname "Pac-Man" at Morgantown,
the diminutive Jones is only S-9, but has the speed and instincts to
gobble up opposing receivers and will be a nice addition to a second-
ary that lost Fred Smoot to the Vikings.
10. DOtrOlt LiOnS: Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin: With
most of their needs on defense, the Lions can grab the best defensive
end in the draft. The Big Ten's defensive player of the year led the
conference In sacks and tackles for a loss In 2004 and can give the
Lions something they have been missing - a pass rush.
Tl. DallaS COWbOyS: Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas: The
Pokes can get a serious upgrade on defense by adding Johnson, an
athletic player who is tough on the run and is fast enough to provide
coverage on most tight ends as well as any back out of the backfleld.
With the Cowboys' switch to a 3-4, Johnson will be superb on the
outside to provide pressure on the quarterback.
12. San Diego Chargers (from New Yirk Giants):
Shawne Merrlman, DE, Maryland: Merriman could go higher, but
If he lands here the Chargers will get a guy who will give them a big
push off the ball and upgrade a defensive line that was not very good
In 2004.
13. HOUStOn TOXOnS: Alex Barron, OT, Florida State: The
Texans need a left tackle to protect David Carr and the monstrous
Barron Is athletic and huge. At 6-7, 312 pounds, he has his own zip
code, missed ust one game over the last two years and was an All-
American for each of those seasons.
14. Carolina Panthers: Heath Miner, n, vugm-a:
Losing Muhsin Muhammad to the Bears takes a target away from QB
Jake Delhomme, but with the return of Steve Smith and the develop-
ment of Keary Colbert, the Panthers will be OK at receiver. What they
don't have is a reliable middle man and Miller Is far-and-away the
best tight end in the draft and can provide that middle target area
for Delhomme.
15. KanSaS City CMOfS: Marcus Spears, DE, LSU: The
Chiefs have been and still are horrible on defense (31st in 2004).
Spears, at 6-4, 295, is a good run stuffer and provides a tremendous
push into the backfield.
IB. NOW OlieanS SalntS: Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma:
The Saints' main need, according to head coach Jim Haslett, is
on the defensive line. Cody's versatility and size might make it
easier for the Saints to trade away disgruntled Darren Howard.
25. Denver Broncos: Matt Roth, de, iowa: Roth is the
best pure pass rusher in the draft, but is under-sized at 6-4, 270, for
defensive end but is a perfect fit at outside linebacker for the Broncos'
new 3-4 defensive scheme.
26. NeW YOrk JOtS: Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska: The
Jets need immediate help at corner and Washington can fill that need.
His time at the combine (4.28) in the 40 vaulted him into the first
round. There shouldn't be any receiver In the league that he can't
run with.
27. Atlanta FalCOnS: Justin Tuck, DE, Notre Dame: 6-4,
270, 4.7 in the 40, and a vertical hrmpof 38.5 inches with the longest
wingspan at the combine makes luck impressive on the ends with a
knack for knocking down passes to overcome for his lack of size for
a defensive end.
28. San DiegO ChargOrS: Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma:
The Chargers have a need at receiver and may trade up to grab Wil-
liamson, White or Clayton. They may even take a gamble on Arkan-
sas' Matt Jones, but should the Bolts stay at 28, Pool is the safest pick
and gives them a good safety, which will fill another need for Marty
Schottenhelmer's team.
29. IndianaPOliS COltS: Channing Crowder, LB, Flor-
ida: The Colts lost Rob Morris to free agency and Crowder is a quick
backer that can play Inside or outside.
30. Pittsburgh Steolers: s��.n cody, OT, use cody
pushes 300 pounds on his 6-4 frame and can give the Steelers versa-
tility and depth on the defensive front. Cody can play inside or out
and is adept at stopping the run, but possesses the skills to get to the
signal caller as well.
31. Philadelphia Eagles: itm ware, de, Tr0y
State: Ware is one of those guys who Is a bit of a question mark because
he went to a smaller school, but his upside is huge and, if he pans out,
he could be the steal of the draft for the all-ready talent-rich Eagles
32. New England Patriots: muuo jackson, cb. Michi-
gan: Ty Law Is gone and the Pats need help in the secondary. Jackson
can provide that help and could be an opening day starter for the
Super Bowl champs.

il 20, 2005
NFL Draft is receiver deep
Edwards tops list of WRs
e� a s� f cdrolincs university
APRIL c�&. �005
noon until Q:OOpm
Enjoy a wide array of stress busting activities from 10 minute massages, aerobic
workouts, yoga, meditation, study skills, exam preparation to stress management
workshops (reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure) from 1pm-5pm. Grab a free
cup of gourmet coffee at our outdoors Cafe Bistro (Mendenhall patio) from
5pm-7pm. FREE Bowling and Billards from 6pm-8pm at the Outer Limitz. Don't miss
the COMIC RELEASE COOKOUT featuring your favorite grilled foods and a
performance by the TRANSACTORS (improvisational comedy troupe from Raleigh)
from 6pm-9pm. Sign-up for the 10 minute massages starts at noon. Sponsored by
Partners in Campus Life (PiCL) and Student Government Association.
With two of the first three
picks likely to be quarterbacks,
the pool for the 200S NFL Draft is
deepest at the wide receiver end.
With a potential of seven receiv-
ers going in the first round, this
is clearly the position with the
most talent. Braylon Edwards from
Michigan, Mike Williams of USC,
UAB's Roddy White, Mark Clayton
from Oklahoma, South Carolina's
speedy Troy Williamson, Vincent
Jackson of Northern Colorado and
former Arkansas quarterback, now
receiver, the 6-6 Matt Jones could
all potentially be off the board in
the first 32 picks.
I have five of these players
coming off the board with the
first 21 picks and then would see
Jackson and Jones being drafted
in the second round by teams
needing help at receiver like San
Diego or Carolina.
After the first two quarter-
backs are taken, Aaron Rodgers of
Cal and Utah's Alex Smith, there
will probably not be another
drafted until Green Bay makes
its first second-round pick with
the Slst overall selection
Note: For those on the meal plan, enjoy a
free meal at the MIDNIGHT BREAKFAST
sponsored by Campus Dining at Todd and
West End Dining Halls from 10pm 1am.
Sponsored By
East Carolina University
and that could be Akron's Charlie
Frye. Auburn's Jason Campbell
figures to come off the board in
the second round, as well.
The player who probably
helped himself out the most
at this year's combine was
Nebraska cornerback Fabian
Washington. Washington,
a 5-11, 180-pound junior
declared himself eli-
gible for the draft
in January and
was projected as
a third-round
prospect. After
impressive work-
outs and a 40
time of 4.28
seconds, he now
appears to be a
lock to go in the
first round. Other
corners that should
go in the first 32
picks are West Vir-
ginia's Adam Jones,
Miami's Antrel Rolle,
Carlos Rogers from Auburn and
Michigan's Marlin Jackson. NC
State's Lamont Reid will prob-
ably be a day two pick. Look for
him to be picked up somewhere
in the fifth round.
Another Wolfpack player that
looks to go in the fifth round is
running back T.A. McLendon.
Why he decided to come out
early is beyond me, must be due
to academics because he is simply
not ready and another year
of college could greatly
benefit him. The nation's
other great freshman of
2002, Maurice Clarett of
Ohio State will be a second-
day choice also for some
team willing to gamble on
the arrogant former Buckeye
who had an embarrassing and
disappointing showing at the
combine last month.
Our Pirates really only have
two NFL prospects, and both of
those, Marvin Townes and Art
Brown, figure to go undrafted
but should get a look via free
agency by some NFL teams.
If they do, hopefully then
can find success on a roster
like Vonta Leach did last year
in Green Bay.
There are three NFL
teams without first-round picks
- Buffalo, the New York Giants
and Oakland, which traded its
8th-overall pick away to Min-
nesota to acquire Randy Moss.
The Raiders still need a lot
of help, however, on
both sides of the ball
and should look to
upgrade their lines
this weekend.
Buffalo brought
in Kelly Hol-
comb from
Cleveland to
backup prob-
ably starter
JP Losman
at quarter-
back and, Lee
Evans and Eric
Moulds, the Bills have
some good offensive
weapons. Now the
Bills just have to
bring help to their
defense and will
probably take a
defensive tackle with the 54th
pick to replace Pat Williams, who
went to Minnesota. Wisconsin's
Anttaj Hawthorne would be a
nice fit. The Giants' need is on the
offensive line as they desperately
need help to keep Eli Manning
upright for the season so that he
can get the ball to newly acquired
receiver Plaxico Burress. With
the 43rd pick as their first draft
choice, the Giants could grab
Wisconsin guard Dan Buenning,
Michigan center David Baas, or
Oklahoma's behemoth tackle
Jammal Brown.
The NFL Draft is hard to
predict, even if the order remains
static, but trades are inevitable
as teams try to maneuver to get
what they think is best. As Bobby
Beathard probably figured out
in San Diego, however, trades
don't always help and sometimes
it's better to stay put and draft
where you were supposed to.
The following is my attempt at
predicting who will go where
this weekend and I'll probably
be watching in agony as draft-
day trades are made, making my
prognostications null and void.
This writer can be contacted
at sports@theeastcarolinian. com.

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Lions have options with 10th pick
Detroit could possibly trade up and select quarterback Alex Smith.
(AP) � Matt Millen's approach
to the draft has changed from the
previous four years he was in
charge of the Detroit Lions.
No longer does the team's
CEO think the Lions must select
an instant-impact player in the
first round.
"We're in a much differ-
ent situation because who we
get doesn't have to start for us
right away said Millen Monday.
"That's a good thing because it
means we're finally getting some
players around here
Millen was asked if such a
backup player might be Utah
quarterback Alex Smith, to play
behind Joey Harrington and Jeff
"I'm not going to be afraid
to draft anybody, him included,
at any position if I think he can
help us now or down the road
he said.
"If I really want somebody,
I'm willing to move up to get
him. But I'm honestly not locked
into any one player, or one posi-
tion with our first pick
Millen said he could envi-
sion trading up, trading down
or sticking with the 10th overall
pick Saturday.
Detroit invited about 20
prospects to its headquarters,
including Smith; linebacker
Derrick Johnson (Texas);
defensive ends David Pollack
(Georgia), Shawne Merriman
(Maryland) and Erasmus James
(Wisconsin); cornerbacks Antrel
Rolle (Miami) and Adam Jones
(West Virginia); and receivers
Braylon Edwards (Michigan) and
Mark Clayton (Oklahoma).
"There are a bunch of guys
that would help us on offense and
defense Millen said.
"Some we might have to move
up in the draft to go get. Some we
could sit tight and be patient and
get. Some we could trade down
and still get
"You never know until draft
day what it's going to take to
move up, or what you'll get
to move down. I wouldn't be
surprised if we did either. I know
exactly what I want to do, but
why would I say publicly?"
Millen has drafted players on
offense with all five of his No.
1 picks since 2001: tackle Jeff
Backus, quarterback Joey Har-
rington, receivers Charles Rogers
and Roy Williams and running
back Kevin Jones.
If the Lions decide to
bolster their defense for a change,
Johnson seems as though he'd
be a good fit at outside line-
"He's a playmaker that would
help us, or anybody that gets
him Millen said.
"He runs to the football really
well and just has a knack for
making plays
The Lions started 4-2 last year
before slumping to a 6-10 record,
their best since Millen was hired
after Detroit went 9-7 in 2000.
Millen went into this off-
season looking to add a backup
quarterback, safety and guard.
He did with the signings of
Garcia, Kenoy Kennedy and Rick
DeMulling. Free-agent tight end
Marcus Pollard was also signed
and starting center Dominic
Raiola re-signed.
"If each of them play up to
expectations, we'll be OK Millen
Detroit also wants to find a
receiver to play alongside Wil-
liams and Rogers, if he's healthy
for the first time in three years,
and a defensive end via the draft
or after veterans are cut during
the summer.
If Detroit doesn't add a start-
ing right tackle to replace Stockar
McDougle, Kelly Butler and
Victor Rogers would compete for
the job.
"Besides the draft, there's still
things I want to get done Millen
said. "And, something could still
get done before Saturday
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� Fully Carpeted
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� Recreation Area
� Basketball Court
� Laundry Facility & Pool
� Private Patio
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Cost of Education

Academic Affairs
Campus PolicH
Construction oflampus
Activities on Campus
Contact Terry Gore, President of the Senate,
if you have any comments or concerns
at 328-4726 or
Cash back for your books.
Now that's something I can defend.
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Page A12
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Need a job? We are looking for
responsible people to fill positions
for this summer and onward. Part
time positions are available for all
shifts. Food service experience Is
desirable. Call Chris at the Tropical
Smoothie Cafe for an interview:
Baby sitters needed come meet
some mothers in need of Babysitters.
Tentative open house Thursday
May 5th at 6:30 pm Bring Resume
and References. Call to confirm
321-8384 or 355-0510
Spring Break 2006. Travel with
STS, America's 1 Student Tour
Operator to Jamaica, Cancun,
Acapulco, Bahamas, and Florida.
Now hiring on-campus reps. Call
for group discounts. Information
Reservations 1-800-648-4849 or
ECU prof, seeks experienced sitter(s)
for care or 3 boys at our house or
yours. 4 daysweek: 14m. &3yr. all
day; 4 12 yr, 11:45 pick-up (May),
all day (June). Rate competitive.
Valid driver's license 6t references
required. Contact: reidj@mail.ecu.
edu, 355-8710
Pitt-Greene Chem-Dry is hiring
part-time and full-time carpet
cleaning technicians. No experience
necessary. Flexible hours, valid DL
and criminal background check
required. Call 758-8353.
Bartending! $250day potential.
No experience necessary. Training
provided. (800) 965-6520 ext. 202.
Thanks Vice President Blair for a
great formal. We love you! Love the
sisters of Alpha Xi Delta
round iiytiijU
s looking for PACKAGE HANDLERS to load vans
.mil unload trailers for ihc AM shift noun 4 AM to
HAM. $7.SO hour, tuition assistance available after
30 days. Future career opportunities in management
possible. Applications can be tilled out at 2410
United Drive (near the aquatics center) Grrcnwlle.
Open House & Free Food!
Stop by and see why
University Suites is the
best off-campus Student Housing Community available!
FREE COOKOUT EVERY THURSDAY, 2:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m.
. First Month's
Stop by and see our new
. Enjoy FREE FOOD.
Watch our BIG Screen
TV & Play Billiards.
Free Tanning!
Our Floorplans arl unlike
Extra Large Brick Patio
Frer Shuttle Bus Service
University Suites

The East Carolinian, April 20, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
April 20, 2005
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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