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Volume 80 Number 49
WEDNESDAY February 2, 2005
What do you think
about cameras at stop
Greenville implements red
light cameras at intersections
"1 feel like our money can
be invested in something more
important than that
"It's a good idea because
there are pedestrians walk-
ing across intersections, and
people are more likely to get hit
if someone runs a light
"It's a good idea. Greenville
has a good deal of traffic acci-
dents and most are due to
running lights. I think it will
cut down on accidents and
save lives
System intended to
increase driver safety
Greenville installed two red
light cameras in late December
in an effort to increase safety
and decrease accidents on area
The two cameras are on
Memorial Drive, one at the inter-
section with Arlington Drive
snapping shots of drivers head-
ing south and the other at the
intersection with Westhayen
Road monitoring drivers head-
ing north.
"We are trying to change driv-
ers' behaviors to either reduce or
eliminate drivers running red
lights said David Brown, city
There is a grace period which
ends in late February where the
offending automobile owner will
only be sent a warning in order
to give the drivers in the area
advance notice of these cameras
and allow them the ability to
correct their driving behavior.
After the grace period ends, driv-
ers caught by the cameras will be
sent $50 fines for having their
vehicle captured by the cameras
in the act of violation. No points
will be assessed toward their
State legislation permitted the
use of these cameras in 2000 and
numerous cities, such as Char-
lotte, Rocky Mount and Raleigh,
installed cameras in attempts to
make their roads safer.
Brown said programs
in these other cities worked well.
Red light violations decreased,
showing a conscious effort by
drivers to Improve their road
Greenville recently passed
an ordinance, which adopted
the use of the technology after
viewing other cities' success with
Cars are stopped at a red light at a Greenville intersection. The city placed two cameras on Memorial Drive to capture drivers
who pass through stop lights after they have turned red.
the red light photo systems, set-
tling on the two Memorial Drive
The red light photo system
works by snapping a still photo
of a car in violation and taking
a video clip of the vehicle. From
the still photo and video clip,
they get the license plate number
of the car and send out a ticket
to the owner. The lights are pro-
grammed to catch only those
who go through on a red light.
"It does not begin to monitor
until after it's red for a certain
period of time Brown said.
Steve Yetman, city traffic
engineer, said the early indica-
tions from the cameras have
shown there are certainly prob-
lems with drivers running red
lights at the two intersections.
"Initially it was an average
of about seven a day at Arling-
ton and about 18 a day at West
Haven said Yetman.
The red light photo system
is being serviced and provided
by Redflex, one of the primary
red light camera vendors in the
For every portion of the fines
paid by violators caught on the
camera system, Redflex will
receive a small portion for instal-
lation and maintenance fees.
Mike Thormann, freshman
criminal justice major, said he
does not care for red light photo
"I don't think it's fair
they're not catching you in the
act said Thormann.
Paige Clark, freshman biology
major, offered a different view-
point on the cameras.
"They're a good thing, they'll
stop people from running red
lights said Clark.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Stadium project Alcoholics Anonymous
completion sessions offered at ECU
Highlights of a new report on alcohol use
by U.S. college students, ages 18 to 24:
Alcohol-related incidents per year
� Deaths: 1,400
� Injuries: 500,000
� Assaults: 600,000 students assaulted
by student who had been drinking
� Sexual assaults: 70,000 victims of
alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape
� Sex: 100,000 said they were too drunk
to know if they had consented to having sex
� Driving: 2.1 million drove under the
influence of alcohol
C 2002 KKI
Source US National Insttute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
KfiT Photo Service Gfaphtc: Judy Treible. Lee Hulteng
The Clark LeClair Stadium on Charles Boulevard will be finished by the end of February.
Improved facility
receives positive
Construction of ECU'S base-
ball stadium, which began at the
end of last year, is on schedule for
completion by the end of Febru-
ary, just in time for the opening
home game March 4.
The ECU Baseball Team has
taken its success to a new level
and now, with the private fund-
ing of the Pirate Club and a $1.5
million contribution from the
William H. Clark family, they
will be able to run the entire base-
ball program from the stadium.
The new stadium will be
called the "Clark-LeClair Sta-
dium LeClair was the former
Opening game In the Second Annual
Keith Le-Clalr Classic, on March 4, Is
against Michigan.
head coach of the Pirates
from 1997-2002 until he was
diagnosed with amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis.
The total cost of the recon-
struction is $9.7 million, which
includes new dugouts, locker
rooms, souvenir stands, an
indoor batting tunnel and offices
for the coaches and staff. The
stadium has turned the 1,800
bleacher seats into 3,000 per-
manent structured seating with
backings. The new stadium will
have a cook and additional con-
cession stands will be offered.
"It is exciting to have this new
stadium because it really shows
the success of the team. They are
going further in tournaments and
playing better ball said Todd
Marshall, project manager.
Marshall said more fans are
showing up for the games than
before so more seating is essential.
"It gives ECU more of a home-
town atmosphere, more advan-
tage Marshall said.
Students are excited about
the completion as well. The new
change has included a larger
"Jungle" for the devoted ECU fans.
"We are the only school to
have a "Jungle" and that is, in my
eyes, what gets people roared up
for the games said Carly Myers,
senior education major.
The Jungle will expand the
length of the outfield and be
raised three feet above the base-
ball field so fans will have a
see STADIUM page A2
Meetings to address
alcohol-related issues
ECU is making an effort
to combat the heavy drinking
habits of some students with
weekly Alcoholics Anonymous
meetings in Mendenhall Stu-
dent Center.
Although drinking is not a
problem with all students, ECU
is considered a party school
around the state. Many ECU
students attend parties with
intentions of drinking and some
find themselves drinking more
than they intended. The AA
sessions are for those who find
themselves in circumstances
similar to this or who may not
even believe they have a prob-
lem but want to attend just to
make sure.
"Basically what I am trying
to do is form a group said the
chairperson on the AA sessions,
who chose to remain anony-
mous due to AA's strict policy on
anonymity among all persons
"An interest has been
expressed and so I have come
along and been able to get these
sessions offered. Before now,
there have been no sessions of
this kind offered on campus
The chairperson said the
meetings are open to anyone
who feels they have a drinking
"College students every-
where drink the chairperson
"I don't believe there is any
more or less here at ECU. Stu-
dents need the option of attend-
ing and that's what we are here
for as an organization
AA meetings are confiden-
tial and participants are not
required to state their name.
These meetings are for students
who think they have a problem
and could benefit from weekly
"These meetings are a per-
sonal decision, and we are there
to save ourselves, as well as lend
support toothers the chairper-
son said.
Patrick McLamb, junior
business major, said he believes
offering these sessions openly to
students is a great idea.
"I really feel they will ben-
efit those who are in need of
assistance, and 1 hope the ses-
sions really take a jumping start
and are around for a long time
said McLamb.
This writer can be contacted at
AA Session
The sessions are being offered on
Wednesdays from noon until 1 p.m.
as well as Thursdays from 11:15 a.m.
-12:15 p.m. In 14 Mendenhall. For
further Information regarding these
sessions, contact the chairperson at
(7601 500-8918.
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Page A2 252. 328. 6366
NICK HENNE News Editor KRISTIN DAY Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY February 2, 2005
Campus News
AA Meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
are open to the public Wednesdays
at noon in 14 Mendenhall to
discuss alcohol-related issues.
For more information on these
meetings, please call 760-500-
Gamma Seta Phi
The first meeting of the semester
for Gamma Beta Phi members
will be Feb. 2 at 5:30 p.m. In 1031
Bate. All members please make
sure to attend to find out about
service projects and dues. If
weather conditions are a concern
once again, assume the meeting
is cancelled.
Dance 2005
ECULoessIn Playhouse will
host this annual performance
combining ballet, modem, jazz
and tap dance at 8 p.m. Feb. 3
- 8, except for a 2 p.m. matinee
Feb. 6 at McGinnis Theatre. At
times serious, funny, lyrical and
eccentric, this has become an
immensely popular eve ntfordance
enthusiasts and newcomers. For
further details, call 328-6829.
Regional Band
Festival Concert ,
The school of music will host this
performance Feb. 4 at 8 p.m. In
Wright Auditorium. The concert
will feature the Symphonic Wind
Ensemble and the ECU Jazz
Ensemble. For more information,
please call 328-6851.
Great Decisions
The Great Decisions program
will continue Saturday in Wright
Auditorium. This week's discussion
will be on Chinese politics.
Spaghetti Dinner
ECU medical students are
actively seeking donations for
their upcoming trip to Kenya and
will be holding a spaghetti dinner
the second week of February to
raise money. Keep reading TEC for
the official date, time and location.
Donations for the students to go
work in clinics this summer can be
made to the Medical Foundation.
In the "memo" section, please
write "Africa TripEC
Crime Scene
Jan, 30
3 a.m.
Escape from custody or resist,
drunk and disruptive
A named suspect refused to
comply with the officers'
commands and was intoxicated
at a Reade Street parking lot
3:30 a.m.
Weapons - possessing and
Subject possessed a weapon,
a silver 40-caliber handgun and
ammunition, at a Reade Street
parking lot, which is also ECU
Jan. 31
8 a.m.
Possession of marijuana
A 19-year-old white male was
arrested for possessing less than
a half-ounce of marijuana in his
vehicle, which was stopped on
Fifth Street. The man also had
lottery tickets.
Feb. 1
12:06 am
Weapons - possessing
Police were called to Tyler Hall
when fireworks were shot off at
the building. The resident was
found with 14 fireworks.
Crime Tip:
ECU does not tolerate weapons on
campus and you can be arrested
If found on campus In possession
of the following:
-martial art weapons
-blackjacks, brass knuckles
-paint guns
-all other guns
For all ECU hunters, 'campus'
includes all parking lots owned by
the university, so be careful about
what you leave In your trunk.
News Briefs
Paramedics, doctor made
mistake In NC false-death case
LOUISBURG, NC - Paramedics and
the county medical examiner all made
mistakes when they declared a man
dead when he was not, according to
county report.
Larry D. Green, 29, of Louisburg was
pronounced dead at the scene of the
Jan. 24 accident at the intersection
of US. 401 and NC 39. Two hours
later, a medical examiner at the
county morgue discovered he was
still breathing.
Green remained in critical condition
Monday at Duke University Medical
Center in Durham.
The report states that at least twice
on the night of Jan. 24, paramedics
told a doctor they thought Green
might be alive.
Still, medical officials made no efforts
to resuscitate him and instead, sent
him to the morgue, according to a
report released Monday by Franklin
County commissioners. It was more
than two hours after he was hit by a
car that it was determined he was
alive and Green, 29, was taken to a
medical facility.
The NC Office of Emergency Medical
Service suspended the licenses of
two paramedics, Wade R. Kearney
II of Henderson and Paul Kilmer of
Louisburg for EMS rules violations
and Franklin County fired them.
Discrimination In
Robeson County, hispanics say
LUMBERTON, NC - Miguel Quiroz
says city's refusal to rezone property
for a proposed Hispanic community
center proves that he and other
Hispanlcs in Robeson County face
City officials disagree, saying public
buildings are open to anyone and
Hispanics face no discrimination.
The debate is significant in a county
where the population already is
delicately balanced among whites,
blacks and American Indians.
Quiroz claims Hispanics often are
turned down or face extra restrictions
when they try to rent buildings in
"It's not easy to get their places, but
they don't want us to have a place
of our own, either said Quiroz, who
speaks little English.
Quiroz wanted to rezone a building
in an industrial area near Interstate
95 for use as a Hispanic community
center. He planned include a flea
market and space for English classes
or health and legal advice at the
But his request was rejected at
a recent Lumberton City Council
meeting by council members, who
said the property should remain
Cella Cortez, a freelance interpreter
who translated for Quiroz at the
meeting, contended that city
employees are sometimes rude to
people who do not speak English.
Cortez said she checks her clients'
claims of discrimination by calling
businesses and other places using
a Spanish accent.
Often, she said, she is told buildings
are booked. In some cases, she
said, when she calls back speaking
unaccented English, she has been
told that the buildings are available.
The city's recreation director rejected
Cortez and Quiroz's discrimination
Second murder of
student In Baltimore
BALTIMORE - The killing of a Hopkins
senior Jan. 23 has underscored the
sense of vulnerability students feel in
a city where there has been virtually
a murder a day since the beginning
of the new year.
Students, many just returning from
winter break, held a rally Monday
night in front of university President
William Brody's home to encourage
school officials to beef up security.
About 100 students took part in the
rally, which Hopkins spokesman
Dennis O'Shea described as non-
confrontational. Brady came out and
spoke with the students about new
security measures, and the university
provided hot chocolate.
Earlier Monday, Hopkins announced
stepped-up measures, including
hiring off-duty Baltimore police
officers to patrol the Charles village
neighborhood at night and overnight
The officers will be in the municipal
police uniforms, armed and will patrol
on foot and in vehicles.
The university also will contract with
a security agency to provide foot
patrols near campus and the agency
will also staff the security desks at two
off campus apartment complexes.
The university is speeding up plans
to install surveillance cameras, a
suggestion by iXP Corp the security
consultant hired by Hopkins. Plans
call for installing cameras on campus
as well as at off-campus areas with
heavy student traffic.
The school is exploring other
measures to bolster security and
already has improved lighting and
an emergency telephone system on
campus, O'Shea said.
Prosecution wraps up
case against defrocked priest
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Prosecutors
rested their case against the
defrocked priest at the center of
Boston's church abuse scandal with
testimony on recovered memory,
a topic the defense also hopes to
Prosecution witness James
Chu, an associate professor at
Harvard Medical School, said it
is not uncommon for adults who
suffer trauma as children to repress
memories of the experience.
The testimony was an attempt to
bolster the account of a 27-year-old
firefighter who says he remembered
in early 2002 he'd been repeatedly
raped and molested by former priest
Paul Shanley from 1983 to 1989.
Under cross-examination from
Shanley attorneys, Chu acknowledged
there is an intense debate within the
psychiatric community about the
validity of repressed memories. He
also conceded false memories can
be implanted in a person's mind
through repeated suggestions by
someone they trust
Following an off day Tuesday,
Shanley's lawyer plans to call only
one witness - Elizabeth Loftus, a
University of California psychologist
who has challenged the reliability of
recovered memory.
Shanley, now 74, became one of the
scandal's most notorious figures after
archdiocese personnel records were
released showing church officials
continued to transfer him from parish
to parish even after they knew he
publicly advocated sex between men
and boys.
Shanley's accuser says he recovered
his memory after talking with Greg
Ford, a close friend who also accused
Shanley of raping him at St. Jean's in
the 1980s.
Iraqi president
says troops should stay
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's president
said Tuesday it would be "complete
nonsense" to ask foreign troops
to leave the country now, although
some could depart by year's end.
Officials began the final vote tally from
elections to produce a government to
confront the insurgency.
Meanwhile, Iraq reopened its borders
Tuesday and commercial flights
took off from Baghdad International
Airport as authorities eased security
restrictions imposed to protect last
weekend's landmark voting.
In Baghdad, about 200 election
workers Tuesday began the second -
and possibly final - stage of the count.
They reviewed tally sheets prepared
by workers who counted ballots
starting Sunday night at the 5,200
polling centers across the country
and began crunching the numbers
into 80 computer terminals. Officials
said no figures were expected to be
released Tuesday.
The Sunday ballot, which occurred
without catastrophic rebel attacks,
raised hopes that a new Iraqi
government would be able to assume
greater responsibility for security,
hastening the day when the 170,000
U.S. and other foreign troops can
go home.
Official calls tsunami
catastrophe for world tourism
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - The top
U.N. tourism official called Asia's
tsunami the worst-ever catastrophe
for the world's tourism industry, and
Indonesia announced Tuesday that it
found the bodies of 1,000 additional
victims - more than five weeks after
the disaster.
U.N. World Tourism Organization
chief Francesco Frangialli told
delegates attending a special
tourism conference in Thailand
that the disaster "was the greatest
catastrophe ever recorded in the
history of world tourism" because
of the high number of tourists
and industry workers who died '
- outranking even the Sept. 11, 2001
However, he said he was optimistic
that it would do no permanent
damage to "Asian tourism, which is in
full expansion as industry delegates
met to draft emergency plans to
lure tourists back to the region's
In terms of tourist arrivals, the disaster
"will deal nothing but a glancing blow
to world tourism he said.
Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
on Tuesday became the first foreign
head of state to visit Aceh province,
the region most severely slammed by
the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami.
However, he wasn't the most high-
profile visitor.
Distance education students
delay in completing evaluations
ECU offers incentives
to complete surveys
With distance education
continuing to expand each year
at ECU, officials are striving to
ensure the program is effective by
increasing the number of instruc-
tor evaluation surveys received.
Chuck Rich, associate direc-
tor of institutional effectiveness,
said there are several reasons why
It is Important to complete evalu-
ation surveys. Survey ratings are
used to evaluate and improve the
DE courses and are taken into
consideration when deciding on
various issues for the instructors.
Nineteen of the items on the
DE Surveys have been approved
by the ECU's Faculty Senate for
use in determining whether a
professor is qualified for pro-
motion or tenure. The surveys
are also the students' chance
to recognize and exercise their
role In helping improve their
While the response rate has
already increased over the past
year from an average of approxi-
mately 40 percent to 60 percent,
the response still lags behind
the response rate of surveys with
traditional face to face classroom
Rich said this increase is due
to such Initiatives as multiple e-
mails to students and faculty and
other incentives including two
ISO gift certificates to the Uni-
versity Bookstores students who
fill out the surveys are randomly
drawn to win.
The more students respond,
the more validated the surveys
are, which the faculty members
tend to appreciate more.
"Faculty tends to feel
more confident in the results
of the survey when more of
A supporter of the settlement movement holds a sign during
a demonstration in front of the Knesset.
Israel to slow its planned
pullout from West Bank
Jennifer Boyd, ECU student who took a Distance Education
course, receives her award for completing her evaluation.
the students respond, since the
results are then more likely to
reflect the class as a whole
said Rich.
"Surveys) will enhance the
overall use of the information
to improve instruction, inform
decisions of promotion and
tenure, improve our own research
in support of DE programs and
promote the DE programs in
The ratings are taken and
used to configure a standardized
report that is sent to the chair of
the department.
Michael Poteat, direc-
tor of institutional effective-
ness, said it was believed the
overall ratings would tend
to be lower with the DE courses,
but the ratings are approximately
the same as the face to face
classroom courses. He agrees the
surveys are important and said
they are not only used by ECU but
they also go to Molly Broad, the
president of the UNC system.
"They office of the
president) have been interested
in us demonstrating that stu-
dents are satisfied with the DE
programs it does appear they
are satisfied with the instruc-
tion said Poteat.
DE is defined as a course in
which 25 percent or more of the
course is not done in a face to face
classroom settings.
This writer can be contacted at
new5�theeastcarolinian. com.
from page A1
better view. Perm is being built,
which makes the baseball field 3
feet higher and the Jungle 6 feet
higher. The Jungle will offer the
same activities and trees will be
planted for shade.
JJ McLamb, assistant direc-
tor for operations, has assisted
Marshall with the pro)ect and
expressed his anticipation about
the stadium as well.
"This baseball team has been
very successful and this not only
gives them a competitive edge,
but makes us competitive in
recruiting not to mention how
beneficial it will be to our fans
and program said McLamb.
The ECU Baseball Team won
Conference USA In 2004 and is
preseasoned ranked 32 in the
nation by collegiate baseball.
"1 cannot wait for baseball
games to kick up again. The
team is so good and the games
are exciting with the new
construction, everyone won't be
as cramped said Kelly Braswell,
senior psychology major.
In the final stage of construc-
tion, many students look forward
to sharing a new stadium and
now, ECU can host tournaments
and hopefully make LeClair's
dream making it to the College
World Series in Omaha come true.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theastcarolinian. com.
JERUSALEM (AP) � Israel is
going to slow its planned pullout
from five West Bank towns after a
day of violence strained an infor-
mal cease-fire and it will stop the
process altogether if Palestinians
don't halt all attacks, Israeli secu-
rity officials said Tuesday.
Despite the warning, Palestin-
ian militants fired three mortar
shells at a Jewish settlement in
Gaza on Tuesday, following a bar-
rage Monday. The shells caused
no damage or injuries.
Also Tuesday, Israel's attorney
general ruled that a secret deci-
sion by Cabinet ministers to seize
Jerusalem land of Palestinians
living in the West Bank violates
domestic and international law.
Israeli Defense Minister Shaul
Mofaz met late Monday with Pal-
estinian negotiator Mohammed
Dahlan to discuss a handover
of West Bank towns to Palestin-
ian security control. Mofaz told
Dahlan that Israel would with-
draw from one city at a time rather
than from all five at once, appar-
ently beginning with Ramallah,
the seat of the Palestinian gov-
ernment, the officials said, speak-
ing on condition of anonymity.
The pullout might begin in
coming days, but not necessarily
before Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon and Palestinian leader
Mahmoud Abbas hold their first
meeting, tentatively set for Feb.
8, the officials said.
Palestinians objected to the
new Israeli position on the West
Bank handover.
"We will not tell them to stop
if they are withdrawing from
Ramallah, but we want them to
implement the previous under-
standings, the withdrawal from
five cities a senior Palestinian
official said, speaking on condi-
tion of anonymity.
The Mofaz-Dahlan meeting
was overshadowed by the death
of a 10-year-old Palestinian girl
in a Gaza refugee camp Monday,
followed by a barrage of mortar
shells fired on Jewish settle-
ments. The violence broke an
informal cease-fire worked out
by Abbas that had brought rare
calm to an area torn by four years
of bloodshed.
Norhan Deeb was standing
in her schoolyard in the Rafah
refugee camp on the Gaza-Egypt
border Monday when she was hit
in the head by a bullet.
Palestinian witnesses said the
gunfire came from Israeli forces
on the border, but the Israeli
military said soldiers did not
open fire in that part of Rafah.
Israeli security officials blamed
Palestinians firing in the air to
celebrate their return from the
Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, but
residents denied that.
Hamas threatened further
retaliation "if the crimes con-
tinue The military took that,
to mean the militant group was
trying to set a pattern of retalia-
tion for perceived Israeli acts of.
violence, within the framework of
a cease-fire, security officials said.
Mofaz told Dahlan that such an
understanding was unacceptable.
Mofaz said the Palestin-
ian Authority must stop the
mortar fire, regardless of the
explanation, and Palestinian
police, who have deployed
throughout Gaza in recent days
for the first time in years, must
restrain militants. He said their
performance In Gaza would
influence the extent to which
Israel would hand over responsi-
bility in the West Bank, accord-
ing to the officials.
Palestinian negotiator Saeb
Erekat said the Palestinian police
"will exert every possible effort to
stop such firing

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AMANDA 0. UNGERFELT Editor in Chief
WEDNESDAY February 2, 2005
Our Staff
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Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
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information. One copy of TEC is free, each additional
copy is $1.
Our View
Rise in crime calls for
extra safety measures
It's more than a little disturbing to read about
or witness different criminal acts every week
on college campuses across the country. Hate
crimes at Columbia University, two murders at
UNC-Wilmington, rapes at LaSalle University,
Missouri University and University of Colorado
and identity theft at George Mason University
are just a few incidents making national news.
These crimes may sound like they're far from
home or that they could never happen here at
ECU, but some already have.
TEC wants our readers to be aware of crimes
that have occurred on campus so that you can
better protect yourself. In the month of January,
15 acts of larceny have been reported, along
with five hit and run incidents, eight reports of
damage to personal property, two counts of
assault and six reports of trespassing.
Larceny occurrences are on the rise, so we
suggest some ways to avoid becoming a victim.
Never leave your things unattended, not even
for a minute. We printed in last Wednesday's
paper that "larceny is the number one crime on
campus and it can take less than five seconds
to occur
It is also important to not carry more credit
cards than necessary. Just last week someone
stole a student's credit card and tried to use it
at Java City in the Wright Place. Also, make sure
not to give your credit card number out on the
Internet or over the phone unless it is secure
and privacy protected. Never give your credit
card number out to telephone solicitors. If you
feel as if you've become a victim of identity theft,
cancel your credit cards as soon as possible.
Don't forget basic safety rules as well. Never
walk alone at night, and walk in well lit areas,
not a dark path or shortcut. If you feel uncom-
fortable, you can use the blue light phones
on campus. If you see any suspicious activity,
contact police immediately.
TEC is concerned for the safety of the students,
faculty and staff here at ECU. Please take
these tips seriously. For more information on
crime statistics and crime prevention tips, visit
the ECU Police Department Web site at ecu.
Opinion Columnist
Poke your friends if you're addicted
The Facebook is both
a blessing and curse
Hi, I'm Rachel, and I'm a Facebook-
That's right. I am addicted to the
online yearbookpersonal adprofile
Web site that is invading college cam-
puses throughout the country. If you
aren't familiar with this site, I would
suggest you check it out, but do so
only at your own risk. I cannot be held
liable for the many hours that you will
inevitably waste once you too become
a registered member.
Believe me - it happens to the
best of us. When I first heard about
The Facebook, I was determined not
to join the site - where you post a
personal profile with information like
your interests, clubs and jobs, and my
personal favorite - quotes. But just
as it happens with the peer pressure
often experienced as a college student,
I gave in because, well, everyone else
was doing it.
I created a profile and found a
picture on my computer that 1 deemed
suitable to post. Then I began searching
for friends from high school, friends
at ECU and even did a global search to
find friends at other universities.
Sound familiar? If you yourself
haven't done this before, chances are
one of your friends has, and 1 don't just
mean a friend in the way The Facebook
defines it. That's where I have to admit
this all goes a little beyond strange and
enters the realm of weird.
In order for someone to be your
friend on The Facebook, you have to
add them and then wait for them to
confirm that you are friends. Once that
happens, you join the other person's
friend list. Of course, they could reject
you, but I don't suppose this happens
very often. After all, 1 think that every-
one is secretly trying to create the lon-
gest possible list of friends so that they
appear more popular in this virtual
world than they are in the real one.
And what about this friends stuff?
Are we not really friends with someone
until we initiate it online and they con-
firm it? And if we are friends, why do
they need to read our profile to learn
what movies we like best, what we are
majoring in or who we are dating?
I have to wonder. If e-mail is to
blame for the lost art of letter writing,
then will The Facebook be responsible
for causing (ironically) face-to-face
verbal communication to become
obsolete? Why talk to a friend to dis-
cuss classes, books, movies, music, even
politics when their likes and dislikes are
all laid out for you in a clear format that
is just clicks away?
Is that why, if you are a dedicated
member like myself, you want to make
your profile as compelling of a read as
possible? Maybe if your list of favorites
is that interesting, one of your "friends"
will contact you via your screen name
on Instant Messenger, where college stu-
dents have spent countless hours before.
Of course, replacing one bad habit
with another isn't a healthy recovery
method. It's like drinking a beer every
time you get the urge for a cigarette, and
it doesn't take a health professional to
tell you that isn't a good idea.
Maybe the best we, the Facebook-
aholics of the world, can do is unite
and support one another in overcoming
this obsession. I'm thinking of starting
a new group for all addicts. Just log in
and you can join too.
Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor,
I am a freshman attending ECU
or at least I thought I was. Why is
it that I still feel myself stuck back in
high school? Everyday on my way to
class I pick up a copy of TEC and find
myself searching for the Pirate Rant.
As I slowly read each one I find myself
with a huge grin on my face as I know
no other way to react. I believe that I
learned to dress myself when I was in
elementary school. So, why is it that
every other comment is on the way
students and faculty members dress? I
have decided to enroll in this university
to receive an education, not to attend
a fashion show. I choose to wear what
I want to class without having to ask
each individual student whether or not
my outfit is OK. Also, you live where
you chose to live at the beginning of the
year. Get used to the noise and annoy-
ing roommates because you're stuck
with them for the rest of the year. I'm
tired of listening to everyone complain
because the world is not the way they
want it to be. So, students of ECU, can
we please grow up and act like we are
in college? I would really enjoy this
experience so much more.
Michelle Cross
Freshman communication major
Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to a Letter
to the Editor by Carrie Macala. Ms.
Macala had the typical response that
one would expect from most students.
Due to the fact that our history books
we have studied during the course
of our education are very misleading
and sometimes outright false, Ms.
Macala made some incorrect points.
First off, I would like to point out that
Southern people are generally friend-
lier than Northern people. Not saying
that certain ones are, but as a whole 1
believe that this is the case. Ever heard
of Southern hospitality? Is Southern
hospitality just some huge conspiracy
made by Southern Americans to attract
these "hated Yankees" we have spoken
of? I think not.
Another point I wanted to share
with Ms. Macala is that the Civil War
was not solely based on preservation of
slavery. This is the perfect example of
how our public school's history books
mislead us. The state of South Carolina
seceded from the Union in response to
the victory of the Republican Party can-
didate, Abraham Lincoln. As most of us
know, Lincoln won the election of 1860
without winning a single southern
state. This outraged the Southerners,
because they obviously had no say in
who their American president would
be, therefore they seceded and formed
their own nation. Now, when Lincoln
failed to recognize the Confederacy
and refused to withdraw troops from
Ft. Sumter, our great Civil War began.
The South did not lead some nasty
invasion of the North. No, I'm sorry,
but Lincoln started the Civil War by
failing to recognize the Confederate
States of America as a nation, leaving
American troops occupying a fort on
foreign territory. It is also fairly accurate
to say that Mr. Lincoln was not as great
a president as he is known for being this
day. He was almost more of a dictator
than a president, taking advantage of
many powers he was not supposed to
take advantage of.
Point number three that I would
like to make is a response to a com-
ment Ms. Macala made that amazed
me: "The Civil War was certainly not
fought exclusively in the South as Mr.
Worden claims Well, she's right. Not
every battle was fought In the South,
but I'd say more than 90 percent of the
battles were fought down here. Gettys-
burg and Antietam were basically the
only major battles fought in the North.
The most surprising comment made
in her response however was that "the
citizens and the land of those commu-
nities suffered equally as much as those
in the South This is just outrageous.
Ms. Macala, ever heard of William
Tecumseh Sherman and his infamous
march to the sea? This is definitely the
most destructive campaign against the
South during the entire war. Do you
really think that Robert E. Lee raided,
pillaged and raped as he lead his Army
of Northern Virginia through Maryland
and Pennsylvania? I think not. There
are many accounts of the atrocities that
took place when Sherman led his men
to the Georgia coast, burning almost
everything in his path. Or how about
Grant's nice destruction of Richmond?
Was it absolutely necessary to virtu-
ally burn Richmond to the ground? I
think not.
Ms. Macala needs to get her facts
straight then maybe she'll understand
some things about Southern culture. I
will admit that I am one proud South-
erner who cringes at that "nasal accent"
of you "hated" Yankees. However,
just because I don't like the accent
doesn't mean you're not welcome
down here. There are very few, if any,
Yankees who will ever understand why
we Southerners are so proud of our
heritage, and that is understandable. I
will never understand how Northern-
ers portray us Southerners as "inbred,
Southern, redneck, hicks But that's
fine because I know this is not the
In closing I would like to say that I
do agree with Ms. Macala on one thing
- some of us might be Southern, some
of us might be Northern. Some of us
might have had ancestors fighting
against each other in the Civil War.
However, today we're Pirates, so who
cares about the past? Respect the fact
that we are very proud of our heritage
and leave it at that. Northerners might
not understand us, but 1 guarantee you,
we don't understand ya'll either.
Matthew Joyce
Junior industrial distribution
Pirate Rant
' I find it amusing TEC would
run two articles on the front page
of the features section decrying
marijuana use and then a paid
advertisement for a head shop on
the back. I guess paying the bills
is more important than consis-
tency in your values.
Senator Kennedy spoke of a
possible withdrawal of American
troops beginning soon after the
elections on Jan. 30. Maybe the
Republicans will make a wise
decision and back the Massachu-
setts senator.
Why is it that everyone who
has a dog thinks it is adorable? I
totally love dogs, but some of you
people who come up to me with
your dog and tell me how cute it
is need a slap in the face. Anyway,
my dog is way cuter than yours.
Tony McKrap and Peter Kala-
whatever present the kind of
drool that drags a country's polit-
ical and press system down.
Michael Moore promotes
thought and the American right
of free speech. You don't have
to listen if you don't agree, but
embrace someone who speaks
strongly about his or her personal
views no matter what subject it
The true difference between
the North and the South is that
you would never see an article
like the one in TEC last week
published in the North. Why?
Because no one up North cares.
I don't know what is funnier
- the fact that Greenville runs
trains through the largest streets
at peak hours, or that they actu-
ally stop in the middle of the
road. They're called overpasses,
If youaretailgating me, I will
not speed up. If anything, it will
make me want to slow down or
even hit my brakes. A speeding
ticket on account of your impa-
tience is not worth it to me.
I feel like P. Diddy - 1 need a
girl to ride, ride, ride. I need a girl
to make my wife. Any girl would
be all right. I just need a girl.
For the ranter who says my
Kerry-Edwards sticker on my car
is "tacky" - I oppose President
Bush wholeheartedly. Thomas
Jefferson himself said, "Dissent is
the highest form of patriotism
Just because Bush won doesn't
mean I have to agree with his
fascist regime.
Once again, stay off the track
at the Student Recreation Center
if you plan on walking beside
your friend. I'm jogging there
for time, while you can walk
anywhere on campus. Maybe I
should wait five minutes until
your short-term New Year's Reso-
lution dies out.
I am tired of seeing guys with
their pants below their butts. Hey
guys, that fad you think is so cool
started in prison to let all the
other guys know you were taken
by another man. How about
those apples?
Ladies of ECU: Do you wear
high-heels with a snowsuit? I
think not! Those Ugg Boots and
mini-skirts shouldn't be worn
If I get one more person to ask
me about the holes in my jeans, I
am going to scream. No, I did not
fall down. Yes, I am aware there
are holes and rips in my jeans. I
happen to like the "worn in" look,
so why don't you just lay off?
As you can see, support for
the team is crucial if they are
going to win games and last
Wednesday night was great.
Good job fans.
In my Exercise 1000 class,
cramming 150 students to run a
mile around a basketball court 16
times is not an accurate measure
of a mile run. That's like trying
to race in New York rush hour
Another parking ticket at
4:32 a.m. These guys really have
no life.
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant is
an anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice
their opinions. Submissions can he
submitted anonymously online at, or e-
mailed to editorlftheeastcarolinian.
com. The editor reserves the right
to edit opinions for content and

PageA4 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor WEDNESDAY February 2, 2005
Mendenhall Movies:
Shark Tale
Wednesday, 9:30 p.m.
Friday, 9:30 p.m.
Saturday, 7 p.m. and Midnight
Donnlt Darko
Wednesday, 7 p.m.
Friday, 7 p.m. and Midnight
Saturday, 9:30 p.m.
Sunday, 7 p.m.
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies
1. Are We There Yet?
2. Coach Carter
3. Meet the Fockers
4. In Good Company
5. Racing Stripes
Top 5 DVD's
1. The Village
2. Without a Paddle
3. Troy
4. Paparazzi
5 Anchonnan
Top 5 TV Shows
1. "NFL Football'
2. "American Idol"
3. "American Idol'
4 "Desperate Housewives"
5. "Numb3rs"
Top 5 CD's
1. The Game
2. Green Day
3. Eminem
4. HI Jon and the Eastside Boyz
5. John Legend
Top 5 Books
1 The Broker
2. The Da Vinci Code
3. The Five People You Meet in
A. State of Fear
5. Chainlire
Aries: Your new found status is
leading you to meet new friends.
Select the ones to trust from the
standards you learned as a child,
at home.
Taurus: Continue to solicit advice
from a person who has already
got whatever it is you are trying
to achieve, acquire or become. It
is time well spent.
Gemini: Keep working overtime
to get some extra cash. By this
weekend, you will have time and
money for a jaunt.
Cancer: You are good at saving
money, but you may be going
about it the hard way. Get some
expert advice.
Leo: A very imaginative person
has everything figured out. Do
not go along with the program if
it won't be good for you or anyone
else around you.
Virgo: You've learned a great
deal from books and school, but
the real test comes when you try
these new skills out on the public.
Do not worry, you will do fine, just
stay confident.
Libra: Some people have to work
harder to make more money. The
opposite is true for you. You'll
make more when the job's fun
and easy.
Scorpio: You have amazing
abilities to see the big picture
now. Look at the big picture and
be sure not to get stuck with a
minor problem.
Sagittarius: Now that your
curiosity has been aroused, or it
will be, very soon, you are about
to launch another quest soon and
this one will be fun.
Capricorn: The coming few
weeks could be quite profitable
for you, without much extra work.
The generosity of someone else
and your good past deeds are the
cause of this newfound windfall.
Aquarius: Accept a challenge
that's similar to one you have
done before Your experience will
give you the edge in captuiing a
very illusive profit.
Pisces: You've got the
imagination, somebody else has
the experience. Matched with
another who has the energy, you
cannot be stopped
The fight is on
D Martin Score
0 Clint Eastwood
D Taylor Hackford
? Alexander Payne
D Mike Leigh
Best supporting actor
The year's most
prestigious award
show announces the
The most glamorous night
is almost upon us, as the stars
strut out in their most glowing
form to hopefully accept a wee
little man. That man is Oscar,
adored by women and swooned
over by men. This little golden
statuette holds the power to
welcome newcomers to the
Hollywood scene and to solidify
the careers of proven veterans.
The nominations are in, and
the anticipation worsens until
the big night.
For once, inner circles seem
to have predicted nominees
correctly this year, with most lists
including the actual nominees.
The Academy shows its loyalty to
previous winner Martin Scorsese,
whose movie The Aviator, star-
ring Leonardo DiCaprio, led the
pack, garnering 11 nominations
in various categories, including
Best Picture. The Aviator, a biopic
of movie makeraviation tycoon
Howard Hughes, was eclipsed in
nominations by a little known
film earlier in his career called
Titanic, which was nominated
for 14 little men, taking home 11.
DiCaprio Is also nominated for
Best Actor for his portrayal.
DiCaprio might have to wait
until a later year to take home his
mantrophy. Betting circlesaround
the country have their money
on Jamie Foxx, whose stirring
performance as Ray Charles in
Ray was lauded and hailed as
an Oscar frontrunner even
before its theater release. The
momentum for the actor's
success may be at its high-
est, the passing of Mr. Charles
this past year adding push for
nostalgia. The fact that Jamie
Foxx was nearly indistinguish-
able from the legend himself
also helps. Foxx may have a
couple of additions to his mantle
after Oscar Night, he is also
nominated for Best Supporting
Actor for his work alongside Tom
Cruise in Collateral (which was
shown, as was Ray, at Hendrix
Theatre). Emanuel Levy, author
of All About Oscar, wrote in USA
Today, "He's Jamie Foxx the
actor of the year
Other contenders include
Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda),
Johnny Depp (Finding Neverland)
and Clint Eastwood (Million
Dollar Baby).
The slugfest will continue for
the winner of Best Picture. The
Aviator took home the Golden
Globe, but as Jim Carrey can
attest, it is no indicator of the
Academy Awards. This year's
see OSCARS page A5
DAIanAlda ThefctaW
O Thomas Haden Church "Stumors'
D Jamie Foxx "Cotawar
O Morgan Freeman "Mnoi Dofai Baty
OCiive Owen "Oaser
And the all-time winners are
Since 1952.
winners have
agreement not lo
seor auction
Rims that have won the most Oscars:
Year Movie
1959 Ben-Hur
1997 Titanic
Oscars without
QCateftlanchettThtftMorhrst cnenng Own
O Laura LinneyTtrso'to ihe Academy
D Virginia Madsenrtaaars.rr JUI.Jftl)M ,lor a St token payment
D Sophie Okonedo"How �ami8'
O Natalie Port mantaw
Best oripjkMl song
D "At Otro Udo (M Ms"The Motet Dudus
a team-The ftt bprass"
G tim � at LMMVThe Phantcm nt me Open"
D la � lorn HoiTheOwnC
�quo tctomrwt 4 uoftr haup Mk m town
1961West Side Story10
1987The Last Emperor9
1996The English Patient9
1939Gone With the Wind8
1946The BestYears of Our Lives8
1953From Hare to Eternity8
1954On the Waterfront8
1964My Fair Lady8
e 2002 Km Source Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (USQrapWc: Pit Ctir
Honesty shows
in 'Napoleon'
Love it or hate it, a
movie you will not
soon forget
Napoleon Dynamite made
its debut last January at the
annual Sundance Film Festi-
val in Park City, Utah. This
premiere, in a small art house
theater, spread around the
country starting last June. Its
popularity grew from there.
Since its release on DVD, it has
become a cult classic among
many college students on cam-
puses across the country.
The film follows the life of
a high school outcast named,
of course, Napoleon Dynamite
(played by Jon Heder, a student
from BYU). He is not the typical
hero found in high school movies
we are all familiar with seeing.
From the first frame of the film,
his presence is very amusing.
Napoleon sports a tucked in t-
shirt with high-water jeans, snow
boots, a goofy fro and unusually
large glasses. I le walks around the
whole film with his mouth open
and his eyes squinted.
He has a certain mannerism
to his personality, which is where
the humor in this movie comes
into play. There are no jokes in
Napoleon Dynamite that could be
compared to any other movie.
Instead, Napoleon's choice of words,
the way he walks and the way
he shows off his tetherball skills
makes watching this film with a
straight face virtually impossible.
Napoleon's adventure begins
when he meets a new kid in
school named Pedro (Efren
Ramirez). The two decide it
Unique style shining through.
would be a good idea for Pedro
to run for class president against
the most popular girl in school,
Summer (Haylie Duff). Napoleon
also becomes good friends with
another outcast in school named
Deb (Tina Marjorino). Napoleon,
Deb and Pedro make up a trio
of high school kids most of us
probably knew in high school,
but did not want to be within 50
yards of them.
Napoleon's home life is also
amusing. He lives with his 30-
something year old brother Kip
(Aaron Ruell) and his Uncle Rico
(Jon Gries). Kip is hung up on
meeting "hot babes" in Internet
chat rooms, while Uncle Rico is
still living in the 1980s, thinking
he's a great high school quarter-
back who still has a shot at being
professional. Kip and Rico begin
selling Tupperware door-to-door,
which Napoleon thinks is just
plain silly. In fact, he is repulsed
and annoyed just at the sheer
presence of these two.
Napoleon Dynamite was
see NAPOLEON page A5
Will Smith or "Hitch is making a valiant effort to help Kevin James be smooth with ladies.
Will Smith's new 'Hitch'
cure for the common man
Though Will Smith is one of
Hollywood's most popular and
well-known superstars, as well
as a witty heartthrob since his
early days in "The Fresh Prince
of Bel Air he has never starred
in a big screen romantic comedy
before. It's not because he hasn't
tried, it was just a Matter of
finding the perfect romantic
comedy for Will Smith's sense
of humor.
In Hitch, Smith plays Alex
"Hitch" Hitchens, a cool, self-
assured man who helps shy men
approach their dreams. From
this job, he gets his name as "the
love doctor Smith acts cool and
confident around women and is
able to teach other men how to
be the same.
Ironically, while Hitch has
luck with women, he doesn't
have a special relationship in
his own life, due to a big heart-
break he suffered back in college.
Hitch has vowed to never open
himself up to love (and pain)
again. That's why Hitch made
it his life's work to make sure
other men don't have to experi-
ence that pain. He truly believes
every man, except himself, can
get any girl.
Hitch gets confused when he
comes across a beautiful reporter
who works for a New York tab-
loid newspaper, leaving him
vulnerable and intrigued. For
the first time in his life, he has
met his match - a woman who
has all the answers. He finds
this very appealing. With his
world conspiring against him,
he is forced to show Sara Melas

(Eva Mendes) who he really is,
rather than what he thinks she
wants to see.
Sara forces Hitch to show the
awkwardness that's Inside every-
one when they approach the
one of our dreams. Mendes has
already made appearances in
films such as Sfudl; on You and
2 Fast 2 Furious and was chosen
for this role because of her light-
hearted, yet certain attitude.
Kevin James plays a meek,
awkward accountant, Albert
Brennaman, who hires Hitch to
help him get his dream Woman.
James currently stars in the
CBS television series "The King
of Queens
Amber Valletta plays Amber
Cole, the beautiful heiress and
Albert's dream woman. Val-
see HITCH page A5


Healthy living guide Napoleon
from page A4
New book geared
toward fitness for
college students
Think about the aver-
age day for the average col-
lege student. Alarm clock
goes off at 9:30 a.m just
in time to wake up, get
ready and run out of the t
door for a 10 a.m. class. S
Either get on the bus, in
the car or on the bike and
manage to make it in the building
and through the classroom door
just as the professor is calling
your name on the roll. Sit through
two or three classes, eat lunch,
maybe go to more classes only
to find out you might be pulling
an all-nighter for the project due
tomorrow in another class because
it turns out you have to work
until midnight. With all of these
events, where do you find time to
work out and eat a sensible meal?
There are some people out there
who can do it all. They have super-
human strength that allows them
to put in a full day and still stay fit,
yet for those that can't cram it all
in, there is a new book by Michael
S. Kamins called Hotbody 101: An
Easy Diet and Exercise Program to
Help You Get Your Hot Body in 8 to
10 Weeks, that might help out and
share a few pointers.
"(This book) is a compact and
complete exercise, weight-lifting and
eating program, totally unlike any
other on the market said Kamins.
"No other book speaks spe-
cifically to the college student's
lifestyle and limited resources
Kamins is not an adult who
thinks he knows everything about
college students. He is actually a col-
lege student himself. Mis Web site
states he used to be overweight and
he discovered there was actu-
ally plenty of time to take classes,
party and workout
Kamins is a member of the
National Endurance Sports Train-
ing Association, certified per-
sonal trainer, certified speed,
agility and quickness trainer, pro-
fessional member of the National
Strength and Conditioning Asso-
ciation and a trained bartender,
according to his biography on the
Web site. He is currently complet-
ing a Master of Science degree
in Negotiation and Conflict
Management at the University of
Baltimore. He earned his under-
graduate degree in Conflict Anal-
ysis & Dispute Resolution from
Salisbury University in 2003.
Kamins is certainly no stranger
to the information and advice he
gives in his new book. Throughout
the book he offers easy workout rou-
tines, clear and healthy food choices,
tricks to working out effectively, pic-
ture guides of workout equipment,
tips on how to still eat sinful foods
and tips on how to make your body
spring break worthy.
Although there may be many
plans out there to 'lose weight and
feel great in three weeks' or eat cer-
tain foods to make your body a 'lean
mean fat-burning machine there
are not many diet plans that work
for the lifestyle of a college student.
"They have everything else
catered to different demograph-
ics, so why not have a diet plan
for college students said Thomas
Sloan, senior business major.
"Our budgets, schedules and
eating habits are a lot different
from other groups of people
Making the decision to become
a healthier person is not out of
reach. There are many steps that
can be taken to eat better and
exercise on a regular basis. Maybe
this book is one, but really it all
begins with the willpower to make
it happen and realization that the
health of your body now deter-
mines your health for the future.
This writer can be contacted at
directed by Jared Hess and co-
written with his wife Jerusha.
They have created this character
of Napoleon, and he is an accu-
rate representation of the person
most of us did not want to be
while we were in high school. The
difference between Napoleon
and reality is that Napoleon is OK
with this. He doesn't mind being
the outcast. In fact, it is my opin-
ion - based on some scenes in this
film - he actually enjoys this. He
looks like a complete goof while
playing tetherball and no one
wants to play with him because
of this. However, he thinks it's
because everyone is just jealous
of his tetherball skills and they're
afraid of getting showed up by
the class nerd.
We can all relate to Napo-
leon. Every single one of us
was a Napoleon Dynamite in
someone's eyes while we were
in high school. Even if you were
the most popular person, there
was still someone out there who
looked at the way you walked,
the way you talked, the answers
you gave in class and the way you
showed off your tetherball skills.
And they saw in you, a Napoleon
Dynamite. And you saw a Napo-
leon Dynamite in someone else.
That's why this movie has much
more truth in it than meets the
eye. But more importantly, we
can actually laugh at it.
Gone are the films like Grease,
Risky Business and All The Right
Moves which look at a sample of
the popular kids in high school,
the ones we remember. More
recently, movies have come out
that give us a snapshot of the more
unpopular kids. Most notably is
one long time favorite Dazed and
Confused. Even movies like Ameri-
can Splendor and Sideways show us
what people like Napoleon Dyna-
mite might look like several years
down the road. It's about time
movies outside of Hollywood have
come about to show us the more
honest side of life we tend to forget
about, instead of the things we
remember most about our past.
Napoleon Dynamite was
released on DVD Dec. 21, 2004
and is still a hot item on video
shelves everywhere. It's essential
viewing material for anyone who
has ever been to high school. On
the surface, it's nothing more
than a cavalcade of randomness
that gives your abs a nice workout
from just watching it. But under-
neath all of that, Jared Hess has
given us a memorable and honest
character in Napoleon who is just
simply going to walk through life
doing whatever he wants.
This writer can be contacted at
from page A4
nominees include three biopics,
whose starring actors all got Best
Actor nominations. The Aviator,
Finding Neverland and Ray share
the stage with Clint Eastwood's
project Million Dollar Baby and
the dark horse comedy Sideways.
The real race this year could
be one without much hype. The
nominees for Best Animated
Featured Film include Disney
Pixar darling The Incredibles,
matched up against Shark Tale
and Dreamworks' Shrek 2, now
the highest grossing comedy of
all time.
The same two-step is avoided
this year, as the elitists of Hol-
lywood are now subjected to
the host of a different breed.
There will be no Billy Crystal,
no Whoopi Goldberg and no
Steve Martin this year. The
master of ceremonies is none
other than Chris Rock. The
formerly mentioned stars were
cast in such timeless classics
as When Harry Met Sally, Ghost
and The lerk respectively. Chris
Rock did l'ootie Tang. Tom
O'Neill, in an interview with
USA Today writes, "it's a bril-
liant choice in that it's a much
more hip choice. It's the hip-
pest choice they could make
You can see the 77th Annual
Academy Awards Sunday, Feb.
27 at 8 p.m. on ABC. You can
cuddle up next to your loved
one, comment on the outfits you
love and hate on the red carpet,
predict the winners of the night,
listen to oft-musically shortened
acceptance speeches and enjoy
the antics of Chris Rock.
This writer can be reached at
from page A4
letta has recently been seen
in What Lies Beneath and Raising
Mitchell Rapaport plays
Ben, Hitch's best friend who
left the world of dating for mar-
riage and is expecting a baby.
Rapaport made is debut in Zebra-
head back in 1993 and recently
starred in the acclaimed televi-
sion drama "Boston Public
Adam Arkin plays Max
Trundle, Melas' editor at The
New York Standard. Arkin is best
known for his role on "Chicago
Hope Currently he's work-
ing on "8 Simple Rules" and
"West Wing
Director Andy Tennant, who
displayed his romantic abil-
ities in Sweet Home Alabama
and Ever After adds a funny
yet refreshing humanity to
this movie which makes it a
"must see" on everyone's
list. With a cast like this and
a funny, romantic lead charac-
ter like Will Smith, don't miss
this one.
This writer can be contacted at
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Page A6 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY February 2,2005
New la ah far ECU football
Phil Petty
Quarterbacks Coach
Alma Mater South Carolina, 2001
Donnie Thompson
Assistant Head CoachDefensive Line
Alma Mater-Connecticut, 1974
Clifford Snow
Director of Football Operations
Alma Mater - Central Connecticut State, 1983
Holtz blends in his own flavor with
ECU tradition in hiring coaching staff
Steve Shankweiler
Offensive CoordinatorOffensive line
Alma Mater - Davidson, 1974
When Skip Holtz was introduced as ECU's 19th
head football coach Dec. 3, 2004, he promised he
would provide every ounce of energy, soul and
life in his body to put ECU back competing at a
championship level.
He also understood the enormity of each
decision he made before the team even put the
pads on. Unlike his predecessor, Holtz understood
that in order to put an impressive staff together,
he must hire a mix of experienced coaches that
can relate to players while also commanding
respect. He has coaches that are good at recruit-
ing, some are good at X's and O's, and younger
coaches that know what players are thinking.
Position coaches are tremendously valuable to
how smoothly a program is run. They oversee the
development of players, can make connection
to players a head coach can't and help to break
down film. A head coach is strung in so many
directions that he needs a sufficient support
team to help him to make daily decisions.
With National Signing Day on Wednesday,
these new coaches have worked extremely hard
mending together almost a full recruiting class.
Seven coaches can be on the road at any given time,
so many have had trouble helping their families
adjust to moving to Greenville. In fact, many of
them simply haven't seen much of their families.
A position coach has no glitz or glamour. The
media avoids them and most of them can walk
unbeknown to residents of Greenville. However,
the position coaches make the machine work. They
are important cogs in a complex system. That's a
good thing for ECU because Skip Holtz hired some
good coaches.
Steve Shankweiler - Off. Coordinator
O- Line Coach
Steve Shankweiler's ECU roots are so deep they
are almost literally embedded into the ground.
Shankweiler has watched Conference USA form,
Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium add an upper deck and the
ground between the stadium and Minges Coliseum
become the Murphy Center. He has seen ECU come
back from 17 points down in the fourth quarter at
the 1992 Peach Bowl and also watched the Pirates
give up a 30 point second-half lead to Marshall
in the 2001 GMAC bowl. He's pretty much seen
it all.
Shankweiler begins his third different stop as
an ECU coach. The past two stops have both been
as offensive line coach from 1987-1991 under Art
Baker and then under Steve Logan from 1998-
2002. Shankweiler was offensive coordinator under
ex-ECU Head Coach Bill Lewis at Georgia Tech
"Look at a history book, these kids now don't
have a recollection of when ECU was winning said
Shankweiler at a press luncheon Dec. 8, 2004.
Coach Holtz worked with Shankweiler for one
year at the University of South Carolina. Holtz
confided in Shankweiler when inquiring about the
ECU head coaching position.
"I appreciate the confidence that coach Holtz
has shown in me Shankweiler said.
"We have a very good working relationship. His
offensive philosophies and mine, we're like two peas
in a pod. It'll be a lot of fun
Shankweiler's son, Kort is a former standout
quarterback at JH Rose High School and is a'junior
fullback on the team.
Phil Petty - Quarterbacks Coach
Phil Petty is the youngest coach on staff. Petty
served as a graduate assistant coach mostly helping
the quarterbacks at South Carolina in 2004. Prior
to the 2004 season, Petty was offensive coordinator
at a high school in Columbia, SC after completing
his playing career in 2002.
Petty was the number one quarterback for
the Gamecocks under then-offensive coordinator
Skip Holtz at South Carolina for three consecutive
years. Petty became one of the most winningest
quarterbacks in recent Southeastern Conference
history. South Carolina's team captain in 2001 won
17 of his last 23 starts including two consecutive
Outback Bowls.
Petty will have to help redshirt freshman
quarterbacks Devon Drew and Patrick Pinkney
into the new system while mixing in some new
recruits. Because of the circumstances, Petty
will have quite a job ahead of him In 2005.
Junior Smith - Running Backs Coach
Junior Smith is the only coach that has suited up
in the purple and gold. Smith is also the only one
that can claim he is the best. The all-time leading
rusher at ECU with 3,745 yards was a three-time
Ail-American performer during his playing career
from 1991-1994. Smith is remembered by Pirate
fans for his determination and power he packed
into his short frame.
After graduating, Smith played professionally
for two years in the Canadian Football League.
He migrated back to Greenville earning his
degree from ECU in May of 1997. He then fol-
lowed ex-offensive coordinator to Illinois State,
Army and spent one year at Louisiana-Monroe.
Smith knows what being a Pirate is all about.
He can tell recruits and players alike he has been
through the battles for respect. He was there when
ECU had no conference and played with a chip
on his shoulder. Smith's expertise combined with
his experiences made the hire for Skip Holtz an
easy one.
Donnie Klrkpatrick - Wide Receivers
CoachRecruiting Coordinator
Hiring Donnie Kirkpatrlck is already reaping
plenty of benefits. The recruiting class that is
expected to come in this year represents the deci-
sion in Kirkpatrick's appointment. He has left no
stone unturned in North Carolina or the southeast-
ern United States in finding quality players.
Klrkpatrick brings plenty of coaching experi-
ence as well. He most recently served as wide
receivers coach at Western Carolina for two
seasons. Prior to that post, Kirkpatrick oversaw
the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga foot-
ball program from 2000-2002. He also has some
familiarity with C-USA having served as offen-
sive coordinator at Louisville from 1995-1997.
The Catamounts and Mocs' respectively
were among Division I-AA leaders in passing
offense and receiving in almost every statisti-
cal category. Being a former head coach helps
Kirkpatrick understand his role that much more.
"As an assistant coach, you make suggestions
said Kirkpatrick.
"As a head coach, you make decisions. It makes
you really, really appreciate the guy you are work-
ing for
Greg McMahon - Tight EndsSpecial
Teams Coordinator
Greg McMahon is making a coaching move for
the first time in 14 years. In coaching years, that
transpires to a lifetime. McMahon spent the past 13
years on the Illinois staff and wide receivers before
adding more responsibility in 1997 as the program's
special teams coordinator.
McMahon displays quite a resume. He has
tutored numerous Illini special teams record holds
such as former NFL kicker Neil Rackers. He has
also tutored three different NFL tight ends, most
notably Ken Dilger. With the special teams being
a forte for the Pirates in 2004, ECU should be that
much better in 2005.
McMahon also headed the Illinois' discipline
and conduct control as well as serving as the
program's academic support staff liaison. McMahon
is an intense coach that will not take any nonsense
from any players.
Greg Hudson - Defensive Coordinator
Safeties Coach
Greg McMahon
Special Teams CoordinatorTight Ends
Alma Mater - Eastern Illinois, 1983
Wardell "Junior" Smith
Running Backs Coach
Alma Mater - ECU, 1997
Greg Hudson
Defensive CoordinatorSafeties
Alma Mater - Notre Dame, 1990
see COACHES page A8
Donnie Kirkpatrick
Wide ReceiversRecruiting Coordinator
Alma Mater - Lenoir Rhynne, 1982
Thomas "Rock" Roggenian
Linebackers Coach
Alma Mater - Notre Dame, 1985

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Pirates starting to gain momentum
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Phonal. Ramota
Controllad Cabla TV
And Much Moral
7:10 left in
the second
half last
against the
49ers of
and the
Pirates down
three, 1 made
sure to stay
seated. The
dance team and cheerleaders
were on the court for the media
timeout, but I wasn't cheering. I
wasn't standing up. I was think-
ing and damn near agonizing.
I was thinking about the past
between ECU and Charlotte.
1 was thinking about how they
always find a way to beat us.
1 was thinking about how much
1 sometimes wished our program
was as respected as theirs.
I really hate those guys.
If we only had one win all
season and it came against them,
1 would be happy. We play them
twice a year, once at Minges
and once in Charlotte. ECU
fans travel to Charlotte for the
game at their place, Charlotte
fans travel to Greenville for
the game at our place. Most
everyone here knows someone
Badiane broke the C-USA block
record against Charlotte.
that goes to school there. Some
of us, including myself, applied
to go to school there. Two teams,
one state, one conference - the
rivalry is there.
The first thought that came
through my head during this
timeout was last season's home
game against them. With hardly
anytime left on the clock and the
Pirates up two, Derek Wiley was
put on the foul line. One free
throw forced the 49ers to make a
three - two hits from the line and
the game was pretty much over.
Wiley missed both free throws
and Charlotte went for the
win from the three-point line.
After the miss, Calvin Clemmons
grabbed the rebound on the way
up and dunked it on the way
down. We lose in overtime.
I have seen too many
games like the one I saw Sat-
urday in my time here. The
Pirates were battling a superior
opponent at Minges and keeping
it close. But too many times the
Pirates didn't win those games.
During this media timeout, I
honestly thought we would lose.
But Moussa would not let
that happen. He got a clutch
block, 294th of his career, which
broke his own conference record
for career blocks he had set
earlier in the half and drew a
charge with seven seconds left.
Mike Cook was then fouled
with the Pirates up a point.
So here we are again. The Pirates
on the line needing two free
throws for a chance to finally
beat those 49ers.
If he missed the first free
throw, the 49ers could score
any field goal to win the game.
If he only hit the first one.
would Charlotte go for the win?
I thought so. After all, down two
last year in this building they
went for three.
If he hit both, all you have to
guard is the perimeter because
you know a shot from downtown
is coming.
Perhaps that is what hurt
the Pirates in last season's game.
No one but the five 49ers on the
court and their coach, Bubby
Lutz, knew if they would go for
the win or tie. Being up three
this time instead of two is a huge
Mike Cook would make
them both. Charlotte's Mitchell
Baldwin got a good look for
three to tie the game. I honestly
thought it was in when he shot it.
History said it would go in.
see FULL COURT page A8
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Summer School 2005

from page A6
Greg Hudson and Skip Holtz
are buddies. Their families are
close. So close, that Holtz is the
godfather of Hudson's child.
Developing a working rela-
tionship isn't a problem either
because the two spent three sea-
sons together at the University of
Hudson left his defensive
coordinator post of a bowl team
in Minnesota to take the job
here. Many peers called the job
a step down, but Hudson saw it
completely differently.
"I thought it was a great
move said Hudson.
"I didn't have to research the
university and their commitment
to football. That alone was enough
to make my decision. The icing on
the cake was that coach Holtz and
I would get to work together again.
It was minus-four degrees on
the day I talked to coach and it
was 71 here. Usually, you have to
fly to Cancun to get that type of
temperature swing. I was happy
Hudson spent four years at
Minnesota (2001-2004) and is
also familiar with C-USA having
spent four years at Cincinnati
from 1997-2001.
Hudson will take over a team
that was horrendous on defense
in 2004. In every major defensive
statistical category, the Pirates were
ranked one hundred or higher.
Donnie Thompson-
Assist. Head Coach
Defensive Line
Donnie Thompson is one of
the most respected coaches in the
coaching profession. Thompson
has been successful wherever he
has been and is one of the top
recruiters in the nation.
Thompson spent the
past four seasons at Illinois,
beginning in 2001. From 1989
to 2000, Thompson helped the
University of North Carolina
enjoy unprecedented success
on the gridiron. He helped
recruit Ryan Simms, Ebene-
zer Ekuban and Julius Peppers.
Before sleeping with the
enemy in Chapel Hill, Thomp-
son laid the groundwork for the
greatest ECU football team ever.
Thompson spent two seasons on
Art Baker's staff at ECU from 1987
and 1988 working as the defen-
sive coordinator. Thompson's
recruiting efforts included Car-
lester Crumpler, Jr Jerry Dillion
and Robert Jones.
Rock Roggeman-
Linebackers Coach
Rock Roggeman's facial
expression and physical stature
can tell you everything about
his personality. Don't mess with
Rock. Coach Holtz described
him as an intense person in
every facet of life. In fact, he Is so
intense that I pity the linebackers
heading into spring practice.
"We are going to develop
from day one of the winter pro-
gram, that was going to be tough,
mentally and physically said
"It will be stressed every
single day
Roggeman spent the past
three seasons at Alabama State
beginning in 2002. Roggeman
has also coached at Alabama
A&M, Louisville and Eastern
Michigan, where he was defen-
sive coordinator.
Roggeman shares a foot-
ball letter from Notre Dame
(1983-1984) with coach Holtz.
Roggeman was a Parade
AIl-American selection as a
linebacker coming out of high
Clifford Snow - Director
of Football Operations
Clifford Snow is rumored to
be the most organized man in
the United States. Snow is the
person who organizes recruiting
visits for recruits and coaches.
He is strictly behind the scenes
and is vitally important for the
day-to-day tasks that is desper-
ately needed.
"He has climbed in and
done everything with dealing
with admissions to equipment,
everything from A to Z said
Snow was on Holtz's staff
at Connecticut as a defensive
line coach from 1995-1998,
including being named interim
head coach when Holtz left for
South Carolina. Snow ended up
following Holtz to South Carolina
overseeing all of the program's
obligations including NCAA
compliance, player development,
financial aid and housing.
This writer can be contacted at
State and FREE E
Tax O
ax oervice
4125 OLD TAR RD.
1212 Red Banks Rd 756-4151
Full Court
from page A7
Finally, history was wrong.
The fans stormed the court.
I went out there and celebrated
with my fellow Pirates. I wasn't
out there for the big upset we
had just pulled off, but for the
history-changing event.
"We finally got em! We
finally got em I kept shouting
over and over.
There were so many good
things in this game. I could
have written an entire article
about Moussa's record-breaking
block, or how JaPhet McNeil
shut down Brendan Plavich,
the nation's leading three point
shooter. No one is really talking
about Tommy Hammonds' 16
point performance including
an amazing 4-4 from behind
the arc. And how can we forget
Corey Rouse's 11 rebounds in
just 22 minutes of play, or how
about assistant coach George
Stachhouse's decision to play the
box and one against the 49ers?
If we had lost I would have
probably gone one of those routes
in this article. But with all the
heartbreak I have experienced
watching this team play over the
years, especially at the hands of
the 49ers, I had to write about
beating those guys.
"We finally got em! We finally
got em
The writer can be contacted at
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www. universitysuites. net
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Blvd & Evans St.
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� �
Add method
to packing
Dacking requires planning.
Simple tips for your
Spring Break suitcase
If you've planned your Spring
Break trip, it's not too early to
start thinking about what and
how you are going to pack.
The first thing to do once you
know where you are staying is
to call the location or check out
their Web site to find out what
amenities are available. Make a
list of complimentary items the
hotel offers since you won't need
to pack things that are already
there. Most hotels provide irons,
blow dryers, alarm clocks, soap
and other toiletries.
Next, make a list of all the
things you absolutely have to
take, starting with items other
than clothing. For instance, any
medications or contact lenses
and solution should be first on
the list. Also, don't forget your
cell phone and charger or a
prepaid phone card. You should
let people know where you are
going to be and give them a way
to contact you at all times in case
of an emergency.
If you want to take your own
brand of toiletries, only include
the basics, such as a toothbrush
and toothpaste, deodorant and
a hairbrush or comb. Once you
arrive, you can purchase any-
thing else you have forgotten or
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take toiletries that might leak,
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As for clothes, check the
weather forecast in advance
and plan your outfits based on
the predicted temperatures and
planned activities.
"I usually pack one outfit for
each day I'm going to be gone
said Carolina Martz, senior soci-
ology major.
"In addition, I pack one
outfit in case I go out on the
town, one church outfit and my
work uniform
Be sure to pack comfortable
shoes and try to limit yourself to
only a few pairs. You don't want
to take too many shoes because
they are heavy and take up a lot
of space in a suitcase.
Depending on your destina-
tion, you may need to bring a
swimsuit or a coat. Taking an
umbrella or poncho is always a
good idea.
"My packing is madness,
but there is a method to my
madness said Amanda Selbert,
junior theatre education major.
"I take into consideration the
weather of the previous days. I
generally pack all my favorite
clothes, as well as some I won't
mind getting dirty. Then once
my suitcase has been crammed
with clothes, I try and cram in
my toiletries and shoes, basically
ending up with enough stuff to
last a couple months
Besides an outfit for each day,
a swimsuit and a coat, also pack
a dressy outfit and something
for sleeping. Try not to pack too
much heavy clothing, which also
doesn't leave much extra room.
"Rolling clothes saves room
in the bag and helps to keep the
wrinkles out of the clothes said
Amber Whitaker, junior nursing
Put all your valuables, such
as jewelry, together in either a
small box or bag and then store
it inside a shoe for safe keeping.
If you must take anything fragile,
surround it with foam to prevent
Finally, bring an extra plastic
bag to store your dirty clothes. If
you plan to shop, it's also a good
idea to pack a small duffle bag
to carry your new purchases in
when you return home.
The last and best thing to
include when packing for your
Spring Break trip is one of the
smallest items, a camera. It's
the easiest way to preserve the
memories, fun and excitement
that Spring Break is all about.
This writer can be contacted at
Take a tropical trip this Spring Break
Get away from Greenville
by car, plane or boat
As Spring Break approaches,
students are preparing travel
plans, taking trips to the tanning
bed and searching for the perfect
swimsuit. Going to a tropical des-
tination, whether by car, plane
or boat, is the ideal vacation for
a stressed college student.
"Last year for Spring Break,
three of my best friends and I got
in my car and just headed south
said freshman Candice O'Neal.
"We made many stops but
didn't have definite plans
The hot beaches and
cold drinks of Cancun make
it one of the most popu-
lar spots for Spring Breakers.
"Eight of my closest friends
and I are taking a cruise to Cancun
for Spring Break said politi-
cal science major Ashley Yopp.
"I went last year but didn't
get to stay as long as I wanted,
so I'm definitely going to make
up for it this year
Making travel plans through
an agency is becoming more rare
as Internet travel Web sites offer
5 Days. Meals, Parties, Taxes
Party With Real World Celebrities!
Cancun $459
Jamaica $499, Florida $159
Ethics Award Winning Company'
deals to more destinations. With
the use of a credit card and just
a few clicks, students can book
flights, hotels and cruises on Web
sites like, price- and
Many cruise lines also offer
deals, including rebates, if you
book a trip about a month in
advance of departure.
"Last year I went to Mexico
for only $350 said English
major Katie Baynes.
Closer destinations, includ-
ing the beaches of North and
South Carolina, provide similar
activities and scenery but at a
fraction of the cost.
"I usually just go to our
family beach house in Myrtle
Beach. There 1 can relax by day
and go out and party by night
said freshman Aja Campbell.
Whether you plan to cruise
to an exotic locale, taking a
long road trip or just escaping
Greenville for a while, Spring
Break is a great time to leave
school, jobs and stresses behind.
This March, trade in your text-
books for a towel and your Java
City coffee for a tropical drink.
You'll be glad you did.
This writer can be contacted at
The beaches of Florida, Mexico and the Bahamas are hot spots for Spring Break vacations.
No Membership required
Must present coupon
Good for 4, 6, or 12 months j
Must present coupon
CURRENTLY CHAMPIONS ON 10TH ST. 252-931-9552 2818-A E. 10TH ST. GREENVILLE, NC 27858
Paradise Tanning Center
This special promotion
includes one month
unlimited tanning,
Breeze 75� lotion and eyewear.
Paradise now has temporary tattoos.
Don't Miss Out!
3140-C Moseley Drive � Greenville, NC 27858
Buy 1 Se
mmmmmunut n
Mm i mam
. ���i ���:

id FebjiTV Feb 28m)
251 W. Arlington Blvd. � 252-758-8269I
i i ated just past Starbucks on the Lett � Student ID Required
�J Bj
; ��

Page A10
WEDNESDAY February 2, 2005
Thursday at 4 p.m. for the TUESDAY edition
Friday at 4 p.m. for the WEDNESDAY edition
Monday at 4 p.m. for the THURSDAY edition
Ad must be received in person. We are located on
the second floor ol the Old Cafeteria Complex
Students fwvalld I.DJ-UP to 25 words.
Non-students-UP to 25 words
Each word over 25, add
For bold or all caps, add (per)
All ads must be prepaid. No refunds given.
1 & 2 bedroom apartments,
walking distance to
campus, WD conn pets
ok no weight limit, free
water and sewer. Call today
for security deposit special
- 758-1921.
Sublease until May 2
bedroom apartment 10
minute walk from campus
directly on East 10th Street
Small backyard wireless
internet available pets
allowed $451 per month
call Lea 252-412-7969
1 bedroom apartment in
house for rent one block
from ECU. 750 E. 4th Street.
Renovated inside and really
nice. $300 641-8331.
Pinebrook Apt. 758-4015
1&2 BR apts, dishwasher,
CD, central air & heat,
pool, ECU bus line, 9 or 12
month leases. Pets allowed.
High speed internet
available. Rent includes
water, sewer, & cable.
3 Bedroom House for rent
one block from ECU. 804
Johnston Street (next to 4th
St.) Everything is new; new
central air, new kitchen,
new appliances, new
bathrooms, new washer
dryer, new dishwasher
etc. Super nice. $950 Call
One, two, three and four
bedroom houses, duplexes,
and apartments. All within
four blocks of campus. Pet
friendly! Reasonable rates,
short leases available. Call
Walk to campus. 1713
Treemont Drive next to
football stadium. 4 BR, 2
Baths, Detached Garage,
Screened in Porch. $800
Call Adam 412-8973
Large 3-4 Bedroom duplex
two blocks from ECU.
113 Rotary Ave. Large
bedrooms and closets, new
central ac, new carpet.
$1000 341-8331
Roommate wanted
A.S.A.P. I Two minute walk
from campus 4 BR House
Elm Street pet friendly
$330 per month 14 Bills
Call 757-3823 336-456-
1 BR to sublease in a 3BR
house, fenced backyard,
wireless internet, 5 blocks
from campus. $350mo.
plus 13 utilitiescable.
Jessica (804)- 304-2815.
ECU Pirates Salute cannon
- 2 were built and the other
is in my cannon collection.
For sale, Best offer. 215-
1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD
107K Exc Cond Maroon
Cray Lthr 5-SPD 4-Cyl
Turbo All Power CC CD
Cass Sunroof $4000 Firm
Spring Break 2005- Travel
with STS, America's 1
Student Tour Operator to
Jamnlm, Cancun, ArwpiaVo,
Bahamas and Florida. Now
hiring on-campus reps.
Call for group discounts.
1-800-648-4849 or www.
Web Programmer Wanted.
ECU Student Media has an
open undergraduate web
programming position.
HTML and programming
experience required
Send resume to, or for
more information email
Hey Graduates! Hot 103.7
and Eagle 94 is looking
for account executives
to market advertising in
Creenville and surrounding
areas. Great benefits,
unlimited income. Call Tori
Gray at 252-672-5900 Ext.
203 to set up interview.
Customer Service: Part-
time. Assisting prospective
tenants, answering
telephones and. filing.
Apply at Wainright
Property Management
3481-A South Evans Street
Creenville. 756-6209
Do you need a good job? The
ECU Teiefund is hiring students
to contact alumni and parents
for the ECU Annual Fund.
$6.25hour plus cash bonuses.
Make your own schedule. If
interested, visit our website at
www.ecu.edutelefund and
dick on JOBS.
Babysitter Needed for a four
year old boy. Call 758-4237 or
341-0509. Ask for Doreen.
Bartending! $250day
potential. No experience
necessary. Training provided.
(800) 965-6520 ext. 202.
Organized and Responsible
?erson needed. Work 25-
0 hrswk, cashier, record
inventory, and handle
website management. Good
Pay, Flexible hours. Available
ASAP Call Tim 758-0897!
Spring Break 2005 Only 6
weeks left Lowest Prices
Biggest Parties Earn 2 Free
Tnps Exclusive with Sun Splash
com 1-800-426-7710
Free Up to $100 play
poker online at site www. play for
real or for play money use
bonus code ecupoker to
activate bonus Good Luck!
1 Spring Break Vacations!
Cancun, Jamaica, Acapulco,
Bahamas, &c Florida. Best
Parties, Best Hotels, Best
Prices! Group Discounts,
Organizers Travel
Free! Space is limited!
Book now and save! 1-
800-234-7007 www.
1 Lion's plaints
6 Sharp rebuke
10 Landed
14 Nocturnal raptor-
15 Collection of
16 Drawstring
17 Pace
18 Concludes
19 Naturalist John
20 Making certain
22 Roses'
24 Happy song
25 Adolescent
26 Mortarboard
29 Pooped
30 Like Wrigley
Field's walls
31 Domesticated
32 Bonkers
35 Why not?
36 Made do
37 Type of skirt
38 Before, before
39 Walking aids
40 Mineral
41 Filleted
42 Tangy
43 Declares
46 North Carolina
47 Capture back
48 Lets off the hook
52 Venetian blind
53 Do it or !
55 Post-crucifixion
56 Overlook
57 At no time, in
58 Boredom
59a one (none)
60 Powerful blow
61 Made over
1234S78' 23111213
� 2005 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All rights reserved.920206
"The Virginian"
writer Wister
Turns away
5 Famous
6 Allure of perfume
7 Type of jump
8 Annex
9 Harassed
10 Nut that gets
11 Classic
Preminger film
12 Cake topper
13 To the point
21 Sick
23 Take note of
25 Multiplication
26 Flooring piece
27 Declare
28 Web location
29 Used the VCR
31 Shadings
32 Temperate
33 Opposed to
34 Part of CD
36 Military snack
37 Being in the
principal position
39 Irish city
s1iVSS3NV0� 3H3
aVm�3nVi� a31A1
sNH0H1� oNibnsN3
40 Dipper
41 Actor Warren
42 Capp and
43 Fiery felony
44 Diamond of
"Night Court"
45 Step
46 TV movie critic
48 On a cruise
49 Sell
50 Needle case
51 Uttered
54 Hoad of tennis
A way of saying "Be Mine" on this
Valentine's Day that's cheaper than a tattoo.
AT 5 P.M.
$3 for 25
words or
5t each
for each
word over
All ads
must be
Messages may be rejectededited on basis of decency. Only first names or initials
may be used. The paper reserves the right to edit or omit any ad which is deemed
objectionable, inappropriate, obscene or misleading.
FEB. 8 @ 5

The East Carolinian, February 2, 2005
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