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Volume 80 Number 46 WEDNESDAY January.26, 2005
Medical student receives
Nickens scholarship
Long list of past
achievements win
her award
Angela Chia-Mei Huang
became the first ECU student to
receive the Herbert W, Nickens
Medical Student Scholarship, a
$5,000 award from the Associa-
tion of American Medical Col-
leges offered to medical students.
Huang, a third-year-student
at the Brody School of Medicine,
said it's hard to identify one
project that won her the scholar-
ship, but she thinks it might be
due to the consistency of all her
past projects.
"I have always tried to con-
sider how to understand and
improve the lives of vulnerable
and marginalized populations
said Huang.
"I think it shows in the activi-
ties that I am interested in
Huang began showing inter-
est in the medical profession at
an early age. In high school, she
was active in her school's chapter
of the Red Cross Youth serving
as president of the organization
during her senior year. While
studying at Duke University,
Huang created the Duke Red
Cross, which she is still active in
at the university, because she said
she missed working with the Red
Cross Youth.
Huang received a Bachelor of
Science in biology and a Bachelor
of Arts in economics from Duke
and then earned her master's in
public health in maternal and
child health at UNC-Chapel Hill.
Between college and the master's
program, Huang worked in Wash-
ington, D.C. first as an intern
at Families USA, a non-profit
health care consumer advocacy
group and then as a performance
improvement analyst at the Hos-
pital for Sick Children.
These early experiences work-
ing in the nation's capital taught
her there were educated people in
the United States, not in political
office, who advocated on behalf
of all Americans.
"It proved to me that you
can dedicate your life to helping
others and make a difference
Huang said.
Her work with the hospital
also quickly proved to be edu-
cational to her personal prefer-
ences, where she learned she
would rather work directly with
see HUANG page A2
Winter social, grand opening
McLellan Building draws crowd
Bowers shares his
vision for downtown
Uptown Greenville's winter
social and grand opening of the
renovated Historic McLellan's
Building last night was complete
with free food, drinks, harp
music and promising prospects
for the city.
Greenville residents struggled
through crowds that packed each
new business of the building
including Via Cappuccino, the
Tipsy Teapot, Just Yoga and the
Uptown 409 Visual Arts Studio.
Eric Clark, president of
Uptown Greenville, said in the last
two years many businesses have
opened or began renovation which
contributes to improvement of the
area including the Pirate Radio
building, Evolve and Wavelength.
He said the Proctor Hotel is
also making a successful transi-
tion and Jefferson's is moving
into the Blount Harvey building.
City Hall is still under expansion
and renovation, and Senator Eliz-
abeth Dole is opening an office
on downtown Evans Street.
City Manager Wayne Bowers
said he's had a lot of experience
working in other uptown areas
and thinks Greenville will be
successful in completing renova-
tion projects.
He said in many cities across,
'Dear American Soldiers'
to thank our troops
College students
encouraged to
support troops
A campaign has begun
to spread throughout college
campuses across the United
States entitled "Dear Ameri-
can Soldier geared to allow
college students to thank
American soldiers fighting
"Dear American Soldier
which began Christmas
morning, strives to get every
American to send one e-mail
to an American soldier. The
campaign also encourages
students to write letters of
appreciation to families of
fallen soldiers.
The idea for this cam-
paign was sparked when inde-
pendent filmmaker Aaron
Mighty, producer of the
Dear American Soldier film,
began the idea as a docu-
mentary which quickly led to
the idea of the letter writing
campaign that has just
recently begun to spread to the
college scene.
Alex Dougal, organizer of
media relations, agreed to work
with Mighty. On Christmas Eve,
Dougal sent press releases to
countless national newspapers.
These press releases encouraged
Americans to take a few minutes
on Chrtstmas morning to wiite a
simple thank you to a soldier.
The original goal was to
collect 1,000 ir-mails in
a month's time. On Christ-
mas morning they received
more than 500 e-mails
surpassing their expecta-
tions. The new goal has
been raised to top 5,000 in
a two month time period.
"We feel that college
students have really stepped
up to take time out of their
day to thank these soldiers.
Their simple letters.are and will
continue to be greatly appreci-
ated said Dougal.
The e-mails will be collected
over the course of the next
two months. Once received to
the "Dear American Soldier"
database, letters will take five to
seven days to reach the hands of
soldiers overseas.
Dougal has collected more
To get Involved visit:
than 300 names and addresses
of soldiers overseas from
national newspapers. Dougal
and Mighty plan to collaborate
with many other letter-writing
organizations from all over the
"Every letter that is sent is
greatly appreciated. We have
to let the troops know that the
whole country is behind them
Dougal said.
With the upcoming elec-
tions in Iraq thousands
of troops are being sent
overseas. They will be there for
at least six months or longer.
"These men and women are
away from their families, and
away from their friends. If one
e-mail can make a difference I
think America owes it to them
Dougal said.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
City Manager Wayne Bowers talked about the importance of renovating downtown Greenville.
the country, the focus of the
community was downtown in the
mid 1900s, but after people could
afford to buy cars and move, they
left the inner city area.
Bowers said the good news for
Greenville is the people have real-
ized the need to build the uptown
area back to what it once was.
"People remember the great
downtowns said Bowers.
"The heart of the city is down-
town. If you have a defective
heart it's going to affect all the
other parts
Another reason Bowers said
the area is important is that it will
improve the tax base.
Bowers said the key to a suc-
cessful transition is patience and
a partnership between the gov-
ernment and private sector. He
said Mayor Don Parrott, the city
council and uptown Greenville
are committed to the plan.
Tony Breuer leased the space
for the visual arts studio and
shared an interest in all the new
businesses working together. He
said the event was a celebration of
the coming together of these four
places, what he called "a micro
The goal of his studio is to
create an environment where
artists will be able to come and
work together.
"When artists work together they
learn and they grow said Breuer.
Breuer said members of the
community would be abletogointo
the studio while the artists work.
Vail Rumleyofjust Yoga came
see MCLELLAN page A2
Tuition increase in line
with other UNC institutions
Increases would benefit
faculty, students
ECU'S proposed tuition
increase, geared toward improv-
ing faculty retention and com-
petitiveness, financial aid and
other student services is in line
with increases with universities
throughout the UNC system and
"Tuition is increasing across
the country said Chuck Hawkins,
interim vice chancellor of admin-
istration and finance.
"All UNC schools are pro-
posing a tuition increase of
10 - 15 percent
Hawkins said even with the
increase, ECU is still a bargain
for both in-state and out-of-
state students.
Hawkins said the increase
would allow ECU to improve
faculty retention and recruit-
ment with the largest part of the
increase going toward increasing
faculty salaries.
The proposed tuition increase
is $300 for the next academic
year and would generate $5.7
million. Thirty percent would go
toward student financial aid.
Academic advising is another
program that would receive
"This increase will not allow
more scholarships, however, it
will go toward need-based finan-
cial aid Hawkins said.
Hawkins said it is necessary to
raise the tuition to provide com-
petitive wages for teachers. Other
institutions are able to pay their
professors better wages and with
the increase, ECU will be able to
match those school systems.
If ECU does not undergo a
tuition increase, then it would be
limited as to how far it would be
able to excel.
"Without the proposed
increase, some programs already
scheduled to take place will have
to be cancelled Hawkins said.
With other UNC school sys-
tems also proposing tuition
increases, our proposal will likely
not affect students from attend-
ing ECU.
Aside from private donations,
tuition is a major part of how
universities are funded.
Hawkins said these increases
would benefit the school in
helping it to provide excellent
services to its students and the
community. With competitive
wages for teachers and more
financial aid available, ECU will
be more accessible to those who
may not have otherwise been able
to attend college.
Chad Hicks, senior account-
ing major, said he's glad this is
his last year at ECU.
"It seems like tuition is going
up every semester and before you
know it, school will simply be
unaffordable to those who do not
receive scholarships or financial
aid said Hicks.
Hicks said he feels the increase
may benefit the school and its
students and could be an overall
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Project ACT Plus to ensure
increased qualified teachers
New program launched
to attract math,
science teachers
ECU'S College of Education
changed the route of entry to a
program with greater require-
ments designed to put better-
educated teachers into math and
science classrooms.
Formerly, programs such as
NC Teach and Project ACT desig-
nated requirements for teachers,
but members of ECU's faculty
felt these requirements did not
demand enough from prospec-
tive educational instructors.
ParmaLee Hawk, former direc-
tor of teacher education, was on
the committee that started Proj-
ect ACT.
"We need better quality
teachers in our school system
said Hawk.
Ann Bullock with the college
of education came up with an
idea on how to ensure quality
teachers within the school system
with a program titled Project
ACT Plus.
The program, geared toward
math and science teachers, entails
the same requirements as Project
ACT, but teachers must have cer-
tified training in their course of
"There is a critical shortage
in math and science teachers
said Bullock.
Bullock said not only do they
want to place more teachers in
the schools, but also "to place
more qualified teachers
Programs have been set
up in Johnston and Onslow
counties and at ECU for lateral
teachers to gain experience in
teaching, but the coursework
can be completed online. The
program involves teachers
from all over the state includ-
ing Raleigh, Durham and
surrounding cities. Each teacher
will need 18 - 24 hours of math
and science coursework and
the cost ranges between $2,500
and $3,000.
Bullock has funded Project
ACT Plus through financial assis-
tance. The Karen and Christopher
Payne Foundation is a non-profit
organization that gives money
for educational purposes. They
granted Bullock $10,000 to start
the program. Progress Energy is
another large contributor.
"it is important for each child
to have a good teacher Bullock
"Project ACT Plus will help
provide more quality teachers in
areas of math and science
NC Teach was the original
program that recruits, prepares
and supports mid-career profes-
sionals as they enter the teaching
profession. English, science, social
studies and mathematics are the
subject areas NC Teach provides
within the high schools.
see ACT page A2
INSIDE I News: A2 I Classifieds: A8 I Opinion: A3 I A & E: A4 I Sports: A6

Page A2 252. 328. 6366
NICK HENNE News Editor KRISTIN DAY Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY January 26, 2005
Campus News News Briefs
PR Raffle
PRSSA will be at the Wright Race
holding a raffle for an upcoming
charity event Wednesday and
Thursday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Give blood
The ECU Staff Senate will be
hosting a blood drive Wednesday
in Mendenhall from noon - 6
The Student Union spectrum
committee is holding a game of
Bingo Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.
in the Mendenhall Cafeteria. The
game is free and winners receive
cash prizes.
Speech and hearing
Speech and hearing screenings
for the spring semester will be
held until Jan. 26 from 5 - 6 p.m.
at the clinic in Belk Annex 1,
near the intersection of Charles
Boulevard and the 264 bypass.
begins at 4:45 p.m. at the
west entrance of the clinic and
ends at 5:45 p.m. Screenings are
done on a first-come first-serve
basis and no calls are accepted.
Make-up sessions are held each
Friday morning and there is a
$20 fee. For a make-up session
appointment, call 328-4405.
Benefit concert
Blue County will be performing
at the Wright Auditorium Jan. 27
at 8 p.m. for a benefit concert
sponsored by 95.1 WRNS and
WTTN TV 17 Tickets are on sale
for $12 at the Wright Auditorium
ticket office or by calling 1-800-
Annual member celebration
All That Jazz
The Pitt-Greenville Chamber ot
Commerce will host this musical
event at the Hilton in Greenville
at 7 p.m. Jan. 28. The ECU Jazz
Combo, directed by Carroll V.
Dashiell, Jr will perform and the
Citizen of the Year award will be
presented. For more information,
call 752-4101.
The Delfonlcs and Harold
Marvin's Blue Notes
CC Entertainment and Oldies
104.9 will host this performance
of blues music at the Greenville
Convention Center Jan. 28 at 7
p.m. Tickets are available at the
Greenville Convention Center.
V.I.P seats are $39 and general
admission costs $25. Call 321-
7671 for details.
Jazz at Night
The school of music will host this
jazz event Jan. 28 at 8 p.m. in
the Mendenhall Great Room. For
more information call 328-6851.
Greenville Contrathon 2005
The Folk Arts Society of Greenville
and ECU Folk and Country
Dancers will host this event Jan.
28 - 29 at the Willis Building on
First and Reade streets. The
program will be held from 1 - 5
p.m. and 7:30 -10:30 p.m. Jan. 28
and from 7:30 -10:30 p.m. Jan 29.
The FootLoose Band will provide
musical entertainment. Call 752-
7350 for more information.
Rickey Smiley Comedy Show
Sponsored by M and M Promotions,
Smiley along with comedians
Ronnie Jordan and CED Delaney
will perform at the Greenville
Convention Center Jan. 29 at
7:30 p.m. For more information,
call 902-6114 or 902-9116.
Advance care planning
Interested people can learn how
to plan for end-of-life care and
make their wishes about living
wills, advance directives and
other decisions official during
and following the Sunday service
at the Unitarian-Universalist
Congregation in Greenville on
Jan. 30. The service begins at
10:30 a.m. and counselors will be
available for additional information
to help complete a living will or
hearth care power of attorney. This
event is sponsored by the End
of Life Care Coalition of Eastern
Carolina and is open to the
public. The Unitarian-Universalist
Congregation is located at
131 Oakmont Drive. For more
information, please call 847-0868.
Want your event printed in TEC?
Please send your announcement
along with the date, time, location
and contact information to
news&theeastcarolinian. com.
Principal admits selling
equipment to pay for cocaine
middle school principal acknowledged
Monday that he stole electronic
equipment from the school so that
he could sell them for money to fuel
his cocaine habit.
Grant O. Norfleet, 34, of Greensboro,
had been charged with embezzlement
for failing to return the equipment he
checked out from Guy B. Phillips
Middle School in the Chapel Hill-
Carrboro school system. He pleaded
guilty in Orange County District Court
to misdemeanor larceny, a lesser
He received a 30-day suspended
sentence and was placed on one
year of unsupervised probation. He
also was ordered to perform 72
hours of community service, to pay
restitution to the Chapel Hill-Carrboro
school district and to stay off school
property for one year.
Norfleet was principal of Phillips
Middle School for about three
years before resigning abruptly in
May. Norfleet said he left Phillips to
participate in a 28-day treatment
program for cocaine addiction.
The embezzlement charge arose
when a district employee found
receipts in Norfleet's old desk that
showed he had pawned a laptop
computer, a television and a VCR in
Greensboro. According to police, the
items were valued at $1,550.
Norfleet's final paycheck with the
district was docked to cover part of
the cost of the stolen items, said Kim
Hoke, school spokeswoman.
Norfleet was apologetic in court
Monday and said he valued his
career with the school district.
"I had 14 really good years in
education and one really bad year
he said. "I succumbed to a lot of the
stresses that administrators face on
a daily basis
Crime Scene
3:50 p.m.
Criminal damage to property,
communicating threats
A person damaged another's
IBM Windows XP laptop and
communicated threats at Clement
Residence Hall.
10:30 p.m.
Larceny, fraud
An unknown person took another
person's credit card and then tried to
use it without permission at the Java
City in the Wright Place.
2:59 am.
A subject was arrested after he
entered and remained in Mendenhall
after being banned.
Mother reports
3-year-old assaulted at day care
CHAPEL HILL, NC - Police have
found evidence that a 3-year-old girl
was sexually assaulted and juvenile
petitions have been filed against
three young boys, authorities said.
The mother of the girl reported to
Chapel Hill police Jan. 5 that she
thought her child had been sexually
assaulted while at the Wilson Day
Care Center, an in-home child-care
The girl was examined at UNC
Hospitals, and police found evidence
she had been assaulted, said Jane
Cousins, police spokeswoman.
Juvenile petitions for attempted first-
degree rape were issued against
three boys, two 11-year-olds and a
12-year-old. The operator of the day-
care center, Etta Doris Wilson, 67,
was charged with contributing to the
delinquency of a minor.
Wilson is scheduled to appear Feb.
7 in Orange County District Court.
Wilson's license to operate a day care
was suspended Jan. 14 pending an
investigation, according to the state
Division of Child Development.
Wilson, who has been running her
day care for about 15 years, said none
of the children involved in the incident
were enrolled in her day care.
She said she was watching the 3-
year-old for a family friend. The two
11-year-old boys are relatives of hers
and the 12-year-old is their friend,
she said.
Agents question
suspected Illegal immigrants
SAN ANTONIO-Agroupofsuspected
illegal immigrants were questioned
early Tuesday after federal officials
forced their single-engine plane to
land in San Antonio.
The Cessna carried at least four
suspected illegal immigrants who
f Weekly
Crime Tip
Larceny Is the number one crime on
campus and It can take less than
five seconds to occur. Never leave
your personal Items unattended
for any period of time. Do not carry
credit cards In your wallet or purse
and only carry as many as you need.
Also, consider not endorsing your
credit cards. If there Is no signature
or "See ID" written In It's place,
stores are more likely to request
Identification. If you think or know
your credit card has been stolen,
notify the company and the police
department as soon as possible.
You can also put something In your
books that identifies them as yours.
This will help stores recognize It's a
stolen book when someone tries to
sell It to them.
were detained along with the craft's
pilot by homeland security officials in
connection with a possible smuggling
operation, according to newspaper
and broadcast reports.
A police dispatcher said federal
authorities forced the craft to land
just before 10 p.m. Monday at Stinson
Municipal Airport, a few miles south
of downtown San Antonio.
"They brought a plane down. They
are holding it a San Antonio Police
Department dispatcher, who spoke
on condition of anonymity, told The
Associated Press. "They asked us
to assist them. The FBI is handling
it now
Representatives of the Homeland
Security Department, FBI and Federal
Aviation Administration did not return
telephone calls early Tuesday from
the AP.
Online records of the Federal Aviation
Administration show the 20-year-old
plane is co-owned by Afzal Hameed
of Dover, Del. The other co-owner
is listed as Alyce S. Taylor, but no
address is given for her.
The FAA records state that the plane's
last three-year registration was filed
in 1999, and
Mass hanging
attempted at Guantanamo
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - The
U.S. military said 23 Guantanamo
Bay terror suspects carried out a
coordinated effort to hang or strangle
themselves in 2003 during a week-
long protest in the secretive camp
in Cuba
The military, which had not previously
reported the protest, called the
actions "self-injurious behavior"
aimed at getting attention rather than
serious suicide attempts.
The coordinated attempts were
among 350 "self-harm" incidents that
year, including 120 so-called "hanging
gestures Lt. Col. Leon Sumpter, a
spokesman for the detention mission,
said Monday.
ACT from page A1
Project ACT was set up in
1992 and is different from NC
Teach in that it is also offered in
middle schools, meaning Project
ACT applies to K-12 licensure.
Teachers who apply to these
programs are lateral entry teach-
ers, meaning they have not
taught before or lack the mini-
mum amount of teaching hours.
To be accepted in the Project
ACT programs, irfstructors must
have a bachelor's degree and have
obtained a 2.S grade point aver-
age in a relevant subject to the
area of proposed teaching.
NC Teach and Project ACT are
used across the state and 10 - 12
universities within the school
system are involved.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
HUdflQ from page A1
patients, not behind a desk.
During graduate school,
Huang helped coordinate the
School of Public Health's annual
Minority Health Conference,
serving as a moderator at the
conference's meetings. Addition-
ally, Huang had the opportunity
to travel to Africa to evaluate an
HIVAIDS mitigation program for
children orphaned by AIDS.
"Working with Save the Chil-
dren in Malawi was one of the
most eye-opening experiences of
my life Huang said.
"it made me realize how
much we take for granted even
the most basic necessities of our
lives everyday
Huang also created a Web site
concerning international issues
with women and aging. From
this, she took an opportunity to
give a presentation at the U.N.
Second World Assembly on Aging
in Spain as a representative of
UNC and the Gray Panthers, an
organization of intergeneration
activists. Adding to her long
list of accomplishments, Huang
also received a North Carolina
Schweitzer fellowship while in
graduate school.
"It was a great opportunity to
work closely with a transitional
homeless program in Durham and
to help in identifying their health
education needs Huang said.
in her first year of medical
school, Huang served as diver-
sity representative to her class
where she initiated the first cul-
tural competency book club,
which involved both faculty
members and students. Huang
convinced the publisher of
one of the books they read to
donate SO books to the club.
Twenty-eight-year-old Huang
heard about the Nickens scholar-
ship through a listserv from the
school of medicine. As a require-
ment, a dean from the nominee's
home school must nominate the
student. She said Dean Randall
Renegar nominated her with help
from Virginia Hardy.
Huang said she will use the
money to pay for tuition, but
there is a group of medical stu-
dents throughout the country,
including herself, who are raising
money to travel to Kenya and
work in clinics this summer.
Currently, Huang is in Cabar-
rus County for her Family Medi-
cine rotation. Six, eight-week rota-
tions are required of all third year
medical students. Huang said she
has not yet decided which medical
field she'd like to enter into once
she graduates, but she is strongly
considering either pediatrics or
child and adolescent psychiatry.
She got married in December
and said she and her husband
are very interested in volun-
teering in developing countries.
Huang grew up as one of three
children to immigrant parents
from Taipei, Taiwan. She said her
parents worked seven days a week
in a Chinese restaurant with no
health insurance and grew up in
lower middle-income housing.
"My privilege has been that
my parents really emphasized the
Importance of education to me
and my brothers Huang said.
"I believe education is a tre-
mendous gift and a responsibil-
ity. I have tried to use my educa-
tion to help others
Huang said the desire to help
others is also what made her want
to go to medical school. She felt
medicine would give her the
skills to help. The scholarship is
another accomplishment added
on to all her previous successes
that will help her become a doctor.
"If anything, I feel completely
honored and humbled by receiv-
ing this award Huang said.
"Dr. Nickens was a remark-
able man and I can only hope to
lead a life with as much passion
and determination
According to the AAMC Web
site for the Nickens Scholar-
ships award, this program was
designed to assist medical schools
in achieving their diversity objec-
tives and eliminating health
care inconsistencies. Five $5,000
scholarships are given to students
entering their third-year of medi-
cal school. These students must
demonstrate leadership efforts to
eliminate inequalities in medical
education and health care.
Juan Amador of the AAMC
said they are currently solic-
iting nominations for the
2005 awards. The deadline
for nominations is April 1.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
5 Days, Meals, Parlies. Taxes
Party With Real World Celebrities!
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Jamaica $499, Florida $159
Ethics Award Winning Company!
SpringBr�akTravel com
In the Aug. 18-26, 2003 protest,
nearly two dozen prisoners tried to
hang or strangle themselves with
clothing and other items in their
cells, demonstrating "self-injurious
behavior the U.S. Southern Command
in Miami said in a statement. Ten
detainees made a mass attempt on
Aug. 22 alone.
Last year, there were 110 self-harm
incidents, Sumpter said.
The 23 prisoners were in steel mesh
cells and they can talk to neighbors.
It would not have been possible to
pass notes, and they are allowed to
exercise only one at a time.
Only two of the 23 were considered
suicide attempts - requiring
hospitalization and psychiatric
treatment. Officials said they
differentiated between a suicide
attempt in which a detainee could
have died without intervention, and a
"gesture" aimed at getting attention.
Videotape shows
American hostage seized In Iraq
BAGHDAD, Iraq - A videotape
monitored Tuesday shows an
American abducted last November
by gunmen in Baghdad pleading for
his life and appealing to Arab rulers,
including Libyan leader Moammar
Gadhafi, to intercede to spare his
Roy Hallums, 56, was seized Nov. 1
along with Robert Tarongoy of the
Philippines during an armed assault
on their compound in Baghdad's
Mansour district. The two were
working for a Saudi company that
does catering for the Iraqi army. Both
are missing.
On the tape, Hallums, with a rifle
pointed at his head, stated his
name and said, "I have worked with
American forces
"I am please asking for help because
my life is in danger because it's been
proved I worked for American forces
he said. "I'm not asking for any help
from President Bush because I know
of his selfishness and unconcern for
those who've been pushed into this
Hallums, speaking slowly, said he
was asking for help from "Arab
rulers especially President Moammar
Gadhafi because he's known for
helping those who are suffering
"I also ask that Arab leaders help me
in this situation so I can be released
as quickly as possible from this
definite end he added. "I would
remember this favor for the rest of my
life should my life remain and I ask my
family to help because my health is
in a very bad situation
Stampede of people
at Hindu procession kills 150
BOMBAY, India - Thousands of
Hindus panicked during a religious
procession in western India on
Tuesday, triggering a stampede that
killed at least 150 people, a local official
said. Many more people were injured.
Accounts differed as to what caused
the stampede, which happened near
the village of Wai, some 150 miles
south of Bombay, in Satara district.
Sharad Jadhav, Satara's second-
highest official, said overcrowding
caused the stampede, but police said
it was triggered by a fire.
"A fire caused by a short circuit in
a makeshift shop near the temple
created panic among the pilgrims.
Some tried to flee the area, starting
the stampede said K.K. Pathak, the
inspector-general of police in the
region. The situation grew worse
when a narrow path leading to
the temple became jammed with
Jadhav said he'd been told by officials
at the scene that 150 people were killed.
More than 300,000 people are
reported to have gathered for the
Hindu festival, said A.D. Ingle, deputy
superintendent of police in the area.
Program helps students
True colors, a communication system provides keys of
success by identifying a person's distinct perspectives
and personalities. Attendants learned about their strengths
and causes of stress. The next event is Wednesday from
10 a.m. - noon in 221 Mendenhall.
McLellan from page A1
here from New York City and
said although Greenville is very
different she was excited about
the opening.
The Tipsy Teapot and Via
Cappuccino are both on the
ground floor of the McLellan
Building and complete with a
variety of books and beverages.
This writer can be contacted at
Hate your jobPI
� All Majors Considered � Training Provided
� Customer ServiceSales � Conditions Do Apply
� Flexible Schedules Around Class � All Ages 18
Can MAP 353-6860
1212 Red Banks Rd.756-4151
� 2 Bedrooms, 1W Bath
� Central Heat & Air
� Free Water Services
� Onsite Management
� Onsite Maintenance
� No Pets
� Fully Carpeted
� Mini Blinds
� Recreation Area
� Basketball Court
� Laundry Facility & Pool
� Private Patio

y 26, 2005
merican forces
:ing for any help
because I know
d unconcern for
Dushed into this
slowly, said he
ilp from "Arab
iident Moammar
le's known for
re suffering
leaders help me
:an be released
sible from this
dded. "I would
for the rest of my
lain and I ask my
ise my health is
f people
lion kills 150
Thousands of
iring a religious
stern India on
i stampede that
Die, a local official
pie were injured,
to what caused
happened near
ome 150 miles
Satara district,
tara's second-
i overcrowding
but police said
short circuit in
ear the temple
lg the pilgrims,
le area, starting
K.K. Pathak, the
if police in the
n grew worse
jth leading to
i jammed with
n told by officials
sople were killed.
i0 people are
athered for the
.D. Ingle, deputy
lice in the area.
les keys of
sir strengths
esday from
:he McLellan
iplete with a
id beverages.
contacted at
s Do Apply
y & Pool
Page A3
WEDNESDAY January 26, 2005
Our View
Experts say having a
degree is not enough
It seems that many of us have been told at
some point, "you need to go to college so you
can get a good job
While college graduates do have more of an
advantage in the job market than those without
(people with undergraduate degrees make
almost twice as much as those with only high
school degrees), many experts conclude that
this is simply not enough.
Upon graduation, many undergraduates are
faced with what authors Alexandra Robbins
and Abby Wilner call a "quarterlife crisis" in their
book, Quarterlife Crisis: the Unique Challenges
of Life in Your Twenties.
Symptoms of the quarterlife crisis are not being
able to find a job in your desired field, stress
due to increased finances (i.e. student loans)
and even moving back in with mom and dad
(more than 60 percent of college graduates end
up living at home for at least a year).
Bill Coplin, author of Ten Things Employers
Want You to Learn in College, notes in a recent
Knight Ridder Newspapers column that "the
key to career success is to have a strong work
ethic and the skills employers want: oral and
written communication, people, research, com-
puter application, number crunching, analytical
and problem-solving skills
Coplin adds that universities don't adequately
prepare students for the real world and it is
up to the students themselves to obtain these
necessary skills.
TEC agrees with Coplin that it is never too early
to start preparing for your future. Start gaining
valuable life experiences by getting a part-time
job or spending a semester overseas. Talk with
your adviser or department secretary about
what internships and independent studies may
be offered in the upcoming semester.
There are also many campus organizations
like Student Government Association, Student
Union, etc. that need volunteers and can give
you the opportunity to gain leadership experi-
TEC wants all ECU graduates to have success-
ful careers, but this can only be done with plan-
ning and hard work on the individual level.
Our Staff
Nick Henne
News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Nina Coefield
Head Copy Editor
Tanesha Sistrunk
Photo Editor
Alexander Marclnlak
Web Editor
Jennifer Hobbs
Production Manager
Kristin Day
Asst, News Editor
Kristin Murnane
Asst. Features Editor
Brandon Hughes
Asst Sports Editor
Rachel Landen
Special Sections Editor
Herb Sneed
Asst Photo Editor
Dustin Jones
Asst Web Editor
Kltch Hlnes
Managing Editor
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" Is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or
reject letters and all letters must be signed and
Include a telephone number, betters may be sent via
e-mail to or to The East
Carolinian, Student Publications Building, Greenville,
NC 27858-4353. Call 252-328-6366 for more
Information. One copy of TEC is free, each additional
copy is $1.
Opinion Columnist
You have to be careful what you ask for
Responding to readers
at my own risk
As 1 prepare to write these words, 1
am already feeling a pang of remorse. I
can hear my dad's voice echoing in my
head, telling me never to argue with
idiots - they drag you down to their
level, then beat you with experience.
Still, I am choosing to lay it on the
line and say, at my own risk, what I
am thinking and feeling. I'm sure I
will be lambasted by some for what is
to follow but I know for a fact that if
I write another column in my typical
style, I will definitely be attacked by
some angry and bitter critics.
It is these same people who insist
that 1 have no opinion and fail to
write about anything of importance.
The funny thing is, week after week, I
thought I was doing the exact opposite
of what they accuse me.
By writing about family, friends,
the collegiate experience and daily
positive affirmations, 1 felt that I was
focusing on themes that resound with
all of us. Not everyone is interested in
or informed enough about politics,
religion, social issues and the like to
understand or appreciate discussion
on these topics. There is certainly a
need for such dialogue and I'm glad
that TEC encourages it by printing the
thoughtful opinions of Tony McKee
and Peter Kalajian.
However, writing in that manner
is not what I was asked to'do. In fact,
I was requested to avoid tackling simi-
lar issues in a manner akin to theirs.
Instead, my job is to write something
more lighthearted and entertaining,
so maybe labeling it as an opinion is
something of a misnomer. Perhaps my
column should be moved to the page
with the crossword puzzle and the
comic strips. I wouldn't be offended by
this change, just as long as my words
continue to appear in the newspaper.
After all, for better or for worse, they
do have a place in our student publi-
Even so, I am not nearly arrogant
or egotistical enough to believe that
other students at ECU could not do a V
better job than I at writing a weekly
column. It is not a matter of whether or
not they could offer something better
- the fact is that no one is offering.
Maybe the critics shouldn't be passing
judgment on me, but instead, should
be going after the students who can do
but simply choose not to.
In my opinion, it is a far worse
crime to be idle and waste your expert
talents and skills than it is to present
your own small contribution with what
humble resources you might have.
Consider this: The school of
communication at ECU continues to
rapidly grow in numbers but I have yet
to witness its effect on TEC As editor
of special sections - those pages and
inserts that are published periodically
-1 have a difficult time recruiting writ-
ers to author several articles during a
Just this week, the features editor
informed me that she would do her best
to help me recruit some staff members
to write each one of the eight articles
that I need to assign. She warned me,
however, that this would not be an easy
task as she often struggles to fill just her
section each week.
Where are the communication
majors when we need them? Most of
them aren't at the newspaper and I
can't understand why. Music majors
practice their instruments, theater
majors rehearse their lines and chem-
istry majors perform labs. Doesn't it
stand to reason that many communica-
tion majors, especially those concen-
trating in print journalism, should be
writing or editing?
The academic part of college
isn't just about attending classes.
Gaining experience and practice in
your area of interest seems just as
essential. That's what,I'm trying to do,
while simultaneously providing an
outlet for my thoughts on a page that
1 hope other students will read and
relate to.
If there are others out there who
wish to do the same, then I encour-
age them to do so. I don't write these
columns because of some illusions of
grandeur that cause me to believe that
I'm the most talented writer at ECU.
I just know I enjoy this, and because
I have made the effort, I deserve the
chance to find my successes, even
amidst my failures.
Sir Thomas Foxwell Buxton said
"with ordinary talent and extraor-
dinary perseverance, all things are
I'd like to believe this is true but I
don't actually know if one can even
win over her critics. Maybe no amount
of talent or perseverance could achieve
such a result but perhaps I can spark a
little bit of understanding. If not, then
oh well. I tried. And that's more than I
can say for some.
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
1 am writing in response to an arti-
cle published Jan. 20 entitled "Southern
Living written by Trevor Worden. I
sincerely hope that Mr. Worden is not a
history major, as that would cause me to
question the integrity of what 1 believe
to be an exceptional department at this
What immediately caught my eye
about Mr. Worden's piece was the
fourth sentence in the article: "Despite
the invasion of so many unwanted
Northerners, a lot of the South has still
been able to maintain its small-town
simple living vibe This is a very curi-
ous remark, for two sentences before,
Mr. Worden states that "Southernj
people are friendlier" than Northern
people. Obviously, he means that
Southern people are "friendlier" only
to other Southern people.
As for Mr. Worden's shockingly
erroneous recount of the Civil War,
Southern people were by no means
being told what they could or could not
do. A nation decided-a nation includes
every geographical segment, including
the North and South - to forbid some-
thing that never should have plagued
it to begin with: slavery. Frankly, I
am dismayed and disappointed at the
way Mr. Worden breezily testifies that
Southerners "bought others" for labor
purposes and that the laws prohibit-
ing such actions were "unfounded
and impossible No person should be
permitted to "buy" any other person,
regardless of the reason.
The Civil War was certainly not
fought exclusively in the South as Mr.
Worden claims. What about the battle
of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania? Or
Harper's Ferry in Northeastern West
Virginia? Or Antietam in Maryland
(I'm sure Mr. Worden knows that this
is referred to as the Battle of Sharpsburg
in the South. The South named its
battles after cities or towns, the North
after the nearest river or creek)? The
citizens and the land of those commu-
nities suffered equally as much as those
in the South. This still is no justifica-
tion for the War.
In all of the history courses that
I have taken, including an excellent
American history course here at ECU,
never was I taught about "how cruel
the Yankees treated the poor Southern-
ers The "poor Southerners"? What
about the slaves? In all of Mr. Worden's
"research he refuses to acknowledge
that slaves may have been mistreated.
To the contrary, Mr. Worden's writing
suggests that slavery is and was not only
acceptable, but humane.
In Mr. Worden's view, I am an
"unwanted Northerner along with
thousands of other ECU students.
According to Mr. Worden, I "push
prices higher" and make unemploy-
ment go "through the roof But what
would happen if each of us "unwanted
northerners" removed our "unwanted"
selves from the South? We and our
families pay four times as much tuition,
we buy food, clothing and pay taxes.
And, by doing so, we help local busi-
nesses and merchants stay in business.
Finally, we bring diversity to ECU and
Greenville. I'm sure Mr. Worden would
like to eliminate all of this.
Like it or not, Mr. Worden, Greenville
isn't a city made of people who belong
here (according to you, people born
in the South) and people who don't
(people born in the North). Greenville,
and the South as a whole, is a wonder-
ful blend of many different people. The
United States is precisely that - united.
The segregation between the North and
South that you apparently long for is
what the Civil War sought to end. So
cringe away at my "nasal accent" and
look at me through your myopic and
judgmental eyes. Just because I wasn't
raised to eat collard greens - as you
weren't raised to drive in the snow
- does not mean that you and I don't
share a common purpose for ECU, our
country and the world today.
The simple facts are these -
No human being, Mr. Worden
included, would enjoy being bought or
sold. "Northerners" and "Southern-
ers" should be terms used to identify
places of origin, not to breed Intoler-
ance and contempt. Urban develop-
ment has occurred in every corner
of the country, and the development
of the South occurred because of
Southern people, Northern people,
Canadians, Mexicans, Europeans,
Asians and well, the world. For some
reason, however, Southern people
seem to have held on to (or created, I
am not sure which) a resentment and
anger toward Northern people simply
for the sake of resentment. The Civil
War and slavery (as it existed then)
ended long ago, but resentment should
end as well.
1 offer a hand of friendship to Mr.
Worden. Let's make ECU a better place
for everyone, regardless of where we
come from or where we call home.
Carrie Macala
Junior, Apparel Merchandising
Pirate Rant
I would really like it if TEC
would only run classified ads from
local businesses and students. I'm
already bombarded enough with
ads for car insurance, bartending
and spring break vacations.
Do you know many other
states will not accept a North
Carolina driver's license as a form
of valid identification?
We need a Chinese food place
on campus. I'm so tired of pizza
and burgers.
Don't you love it when some-
body is given fancy new equip-
ment just because he broke his,
while people who take care of
things get jack?
Why can't professors stick to
testing us on materials presented
in class? Why should we even
bother to go to class when all the
professor is going to talk about is
his family problems?
Yesterday I was so bored I
signed up for Pirate Singles -
10 spams, zero girls.
It's hilarious how a half-inch
to an inch of snow cripples this
area, when kids up north are used
to going to school in a foot of snow.
I'm about to strangle the local
meteorologists. How about at
least getting the forecast some-
what close? Don't tell me it's
going to be 47 degrees and sunny
when it's really 31 and cloudy.
Although Ben Roethlisberger
went how ever many games with-
out a loss, at the end, he is still
a rookie.
How come the forks at the
Wright Place don't have a plastic
covering on them anymore?
Why is it called Spring Break
when it is scheduled for March
13 - 20, which is the last week
of winter?
Why is it that those friends
that don't have a car assume that
you don't have anything else to
do but drive them around? And
then they don't ever give you gas
money for your assistance.
Weathermen are so useless.
On a day with 20 percent chance
of snow, we get an inch. On a
day with 100 percent chance, we
get none.
Just like last semester, I buy all
my required books and I have yet
to use a single one.
If you hate your major so
much, why not change it? No
one wants to listen to you whine
and complain about how hard it
is when they are working their
butt off and enjoying it.
When I read the Pirate Rant
and responses to opinion articles,
I believe that most of the people
submitting these comments have
a concern of the world around
them. But it's the clueless masses
of ECU that are totally oblivious
to our criticizing observations
and grievances.
I would just like to give tre-
mendous props to Tony McKee
for his article on Michael Moore's
hypocrisy. It was great and I agree
completely. Rock on, Republicans.
Hey, Tony McKee - The only
thing you're raving about is die-
hard Republicanism. To listen
to you, the Democrats should
be fired from the Congress and
Senate, and Bush ought to be
His Eminence, the Holy Father
of Americans. Does that sound
logical to you? Or have you no
thoughts of your own on this
matter? And I'm a Republican.
1 think the article on the
South in Thursday's features sec-
tion was horrible. Yeah, people
in the South are real friendly
- that is, only if you are from
the South.
Last time I checked, we are
in the South and some hunting
seasons are still in. Camouflage
is very much part of most South-
erners' wardrobe, so I am guess-
ing whoever made the comment
about "wearing hunting gear to
class" is not from around here.
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant is
an anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice
their opinions. Submissions can be
submitted anonymously online at, or e-
inailed to editordi'theeastcarolinian.
com. The editor reserves the right
to edit opinions for content and

Arts & Entertainment
Page A4 252.328.6366 CAROIYN SCANDURA Features Editor KBIST1N MURNANE Assistant Features Editor WEDNESDAY January 26, 2005
'American Idol' is back: Full Throttle
Mendenhall Movies:
The Grudge
Wednesday 9:30 p.m.
Thursday 7 p.m.
Friday 9:30 p.m.
Saturday 7 p.m. and Midnight
Sunday 3 p.m.
Heart Huckabees
Wednesday 7 p.m.
Thursday 9:30 p.m.
Friday 7 p.m.
Saturday 9:30 p.m.
Sunday 7 p.m
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies
1. Coach Carter
2. Meet the Fockers
3. Racing Stripes
4. In Good Company
5. 5ettra
Top 5 DVDs
1. Troy
2. Anchorman
3. Open Water
4. Collateral
5 The Manchurian Candidate
Top 5 TV Shows
1. -csr
2. "NFL Football"
3. "Desperate Housewives'
4. "Without a Trace"
5. "Lost"
Top 5 CDs
1. Green Day
2. Eminem
3. Shania Twain
4. John Legend
5. Lit Jon and the Eastside Boyz
Top 5 Books
1. The Five People You Meet in
2. The Da Vinci Code
3. Chainfire
A. State of Fear
5. The Da Vinci Code: Special
Illustrated Edition
Aries: Meetings should go well,
and it should be relatively easy to
reach consensus. Everybody's in
the mood to decide, so they can
get to work.
Taurus: Add the finishing touches
to make your home just the way
you want it. Get ready to entertain,
so you can do it spontaneously.
Gemini: If you can only learn
the language before you go over
there, you'll be amazed at how
many doors will open. And, yes,
you can.
Cancer: Collect as much as
you can when the opportunity
presents. Work quickly and be
assertive, and gather up the
Leo: Follow through on the
innovations you've recently
Instigated. You'll get to the part
where the money comes in pretty
soon, don't worry about that.
Virgo: Follow through on all those
promises you made, one way or
another. If you can't pay the debt
in full, at least make an installment
on it.
Ubra: A friend can teach you a
couple of things that you'll find
very useful. You'll be more efficient
when you have more technical
Scorpio: Collect up all the little
jewels that have been scattered
around. Resist the urge to be
wasteful Although there's plenty
now, this may have to last you
a while.
Sagittarius: You may get the
chance to be the voice of
objectivity. A couple of people you
know are having trouble finding a
compromise. Lend your wisdom
to those who need some.
Capricorn: Keep looking for
bargains in all the likely places,
including sales at the better stores
and catalogs, and even in your
own closets. It's not cheating to
mend something old.
Aquarius: Somebody else may
be able to get through where
you've been turned aside. This
doesn't need to be a problem.
Delegate, and then get on to
other things.
Pisces: Concentrate on providing
the very best service you can, and
do it proudly. You're developing a
reputation that's worth more than
its weight In gold.
"American Idol" season three competitors celebrate the victory
of Fantasia Barrino at the end of last season with tears and
confetti. Season four is rumored to bring heavy competition.
Popular reality show
hopes to capitalize
on success
Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul
and Randy Jackson are back and
one of the most popular shows
on television attempts to make
it four times the charm. The trio
is back for more on the reality
show where their opinions decide
the fate of thousands who are
competing to win the coveted
record contract they have always
dreamed of. Kelly Clarkson,
Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Bar-
rino have adorned the crown that
is "American Idol" Champion,
and the journey begins anew to
find out who is next.
With continued success,
changes to engage seem needed.
The show corrects flaws in the
process to limit potential lack of
interest. An older population now
has the chance to shine with the
age limit being extended from
24 to 28. Out of the finalists
that make it to Hollywood, this
time 24 get to move on instead
of the previous 32 standard.
Maybe the most creative changes
needed would be newer insults
Simon could use on the numer-
ous contestants who will try
out lacking the star quality of
past contestants.
Celebrity judges are common
within the mainframe of the
show, and this year's lineup aims
to impress. This past week you
may have seen Mark McGrath
sitting alongside the trio that
is Cowell, Abdul and Jackson.
The special guest roster includes
names like Kenny Loggins, Gene
Simmons and LL CoolJ.
While many consider this
reality show one of many, its
influence on the music industry
is undeniable, wielding sing-
ers like Kelly Clarkson (anyone
heard the song 'Breakaway'?),
Clay Aiken and William Hung.
All of the winners were awarded
record contracts, as well as many
of those that faired well. The
lone exception is William Hung,
a civil engineering student at
UC Berkeley, who failed to "make
it to Hollywood yet still man-
aged to score his own record
deal for his inspirational inter-
pretation of Ricky Martin's hit,
"She Bangs Kelly Clarkson's
album Breakaway is now sixth on
the Billboard 200 album charts,
as last year's winner Fantasia
Barrino's debut album Free
Yourself is 26th and has
already gained certified
platinum status.
People from North Carolina
might hold the "American Idol"
competition in a more valued
light, since they might actually
know the next big contestant
personally. Clay Aiken wowed
the audiences in the second
"American Idol" season, creat-
ing a legion of "Clay Maniacs
which he can attribute to his
Raleigh upbringing. Fantasia Bar-
rino of High Point, NC, won last
year's contest with her soulful
voice and charismatic person-
ality. In fact, North Carolina
is home to the only university
that offers classes on "Ameri-
can Idol UNC-Charlotte now
offers three credits for the class
"Examining American Idol
through Musical Critique
"American Idol" has won its way
into the hearts of North Carolin-
ians right up there with sweet tea
and barbeque.
The show hopes to capitalize
and expand on the 25 million
people on average who tuned
in to see last year's weekly Idol
programs. ECU students are not
excluded from that fan base.
Exercise physiology major Zak
Shelton said, "I like hearing
people sing, and I can't deny
that I enjoy watching Simon
tear people apart
Tune in every Tuesday and
Wednesday at 8 p.m. to see the
next William Hung bang and the
next Kelly Clarkson breakaway.
This writer can be contacted at
Ice Cube
softer side
In family comedy 'Are
We There Yet?'
Aside from previous films
geared for matured audiences like
The Players Club, Friday and the
Barbershop sequels, Cube Vision
presents a fresh, family comedy
to the movie screens. Are We There
Yet? is new, different and appro-
priate for the whole family to see.
This film was released Friday, Jan.
21, so go check it out.
Cube plays Nick Persons, a
bachelor who takes desperate
measures to impress a young
mother of two. All that is stop-
ping Cube from moving his
way into Suzanne's heart is
her two clever children who
run Nick through painful
obstacles. Aleisha Allen from
School of Rock, plays 11-year-old
Lindsey Kingston, Philip Daniel
Bolden from Johnson's Family
Vacation, plays 7-year-old Kevin
Kingston and Nia Long whom
we should all know from the
movie Alfie is Suzanne Kingston
who plays a sort of "damsel in
distress" role. Together the two
spunky children work to make
Nick's life a living nightmare. All
of a sudden Suzanne Kingston
Pop legend
creates album
Most of Are We There Yet?
takes place in Nick Persons'
"pimped out ride It is easy
to see how he justifies being
paranoid about the damage.
must work in Vancouver, 300
miles away from her children
back home in Portland. Nick
makes it his own responsibil-
ity to bring a family together
and possibly gain interest from
Suzanne. He decides to drive the
children to visit their mother.
The children completely ruin
his Lincoln Navigator, which is
the object receiving the most
pain from falling down cliffs to
screeching off the guardrails. In
the end, Nick's whole perspec-
tive on children change and he
unexpectedly grows closer to her
children and of course, Nick and
Suzanne's relationship furthers
into a prosperous romance.
This movie stars recording
artist, writer, producer and actor
Ice Cube, co-star of Alfie and Big
Momma's House, Long, Jay Mohr
who plays Marty, M. C. Gainey
as Al, Aleisha Allen who is Lind-
sey Kingston and Philip Daniel
Bolden as Kevin Kingston.
The film was produced by
the makers of: The Animal, XXX,
Anger Management, State of the
Union, Daddy Day Care and Dark-
ness Falls.
Ice Cube gives people a reason
to check out this film with guar-
anteed humor and entertain-
ment. A reputation that is con-
sistent with all Ice Cube films.
With a familiar likeable cast and
well thought out plot, critics
give the movie a rating of C, but
people that have seen the movie
share different opinions of the
film giving it straight As across
the board.
"It's another shtick-laden gag
fest, but it's lively, watchable and
a nice showcase for a pleasant
cast said Michael Wilmington
from the Chicago Tribune.
Hopefully, we can expect
future comedy films from Cube
Productions with a well-chosen
cast much like this film.
This writer can be contacted at
Debut album'Get Lifted'
tops billboard charts
Behind the scenes songwriter
and breakout recording artist
has advanced to number four on
the Billboard charts with debut
album Get Lifted. The music
industry is not a foreign art to
this legend. He has played piano
for Lauryn Hill's "Everything is
Everything" and teamed up to
co-write two songs off of Kanye
West's album, College Dropout.
Big names in Hollywood includ-
ing Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Britney
Spears and Alicia Keys were
eager to include Legend on their
Grammy winning albums. With
his soulful, gospel background,
Legend has rapidly become one
of the hottest sought out artists
in the music business. Fans went
insane for his debut single
"Used to Love You" produced
by Kanye West. "Used to Love
You" bumped up to popular top
10 music charts. Currently, his
second single, "Ordinary People
has persuaded those who have
not already purchased the album
to do so.
"As proven by first-week sales
of almost 118,000 copies of his
major label debut, (let Lifted,
the hype seeped from industry
This behind the scenes master
of hot music uses his unique
sense of style in new album.
heads to the streets of the TRL
crowd said Ernest Hardy from
LA Weekly.
Who knew this Ohio
native would live up to his
name? He has indeed come a
long way from selling bootleg
albums of his work off the streets
to hitting the top of almost every
music video chart. Legend has
a unique, classic sound which
we all will watch and anticipate
whether this artist will really
follow music legends such as
Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder
and Aretha Franklin. We can
compare this artist to Anthony
Hamilton or even a male Alicia
Keys, but no one can quite reach
his sophisticated sound and
music style.
The classic flow of
Legend's album leads us through
a tale of a rocky relationship
possibly his own, evolving into
see LEGEND page A5
Motley Crue: Red, White & Crue Tour explodes
Sex, drugs, rock and
roll coming to a town
near you
If you were to ask an average
college student who Motley Crue
was, odds are that you would
hear about fist fights, arrests,
reality shows and sex tapes
before you would hear about
the band's actual music. If you
ask somebody who came of age
in the 1980s though, you'd hear
a completely different answer,
probably a very positive one
with a lot of curse words and
In the 1980s, people liked
their metal loud and their hair
big. And no band was louder or
had bigger hair than Motley Crue.
Motley Crue was formed in 1981
by Nikki Sixx, who recruited
members from other bands based
in the Los Angeles area.
The original lineup consisted
of Sixx playing bass, Mick Mars
playing lead guitar with Tommy
Lee on drums and Vince Neil
as the lead singer. When the
ensemble was complete, a friend
keenly observed, "What a motley
looking crue With this, Motley
Crue was born.
The band released their
first album Too Fast For Love
in November of 1981 on their
own Leathur Records label. The
album began a musical
movement In Los Angeles
which would later lead to the
creation of bands like Bon Jovi
and Guns N' Roses. The sound
of the band at the time was best
described by VII1 .com, saying the
band had a knack for creating
fists-in-the-air anthems that
didn't require a high IO on the
part of the listener, although
they did know how to play loud
and dumb
After signing to Electra Records
in 1982, the band released a string
of hit albums with Shout At The
Devil in 1983, Theatre of Tain in
1985 and Girls, Girls, Girls in 1987.
While on their way to selling 40
million records worldwide, the
band also set new standards for
rock and roll excess.
The band indulged in the
usual rock star fare - hard drugs,
alcohol and women. It's a wonder
that the members of the band are
alive to tell their story, which they
did in their 2001 autobiography
The Dirt, although it's through
pure luck that they are.
In 1985 Neil was involved
in a horrific car accident, which
killed a passenger in his car,
This legendary rock band
has stood the test of time and
embarks on the 2005 tour.
Hanoi Rocks drummer, Razzle.
Three years later, Sixx overdosed
on heroin and physically died
but was brought back by an
adrenaline shot to the heart.
Following that, members of
the band hit rehab and came
out with Dr. Feelgood, their first
chart-topping album.
However, their success would
come crashing down. With the
advent of Nirvana and grunge
music, "hair metal" was no longer
hip and in 1992, Neil was kicked
out of the band. Although Neil
would return to the band in
1996, their work in the 1990s
was overshadowed by their lives
offstage and the band never again
reached their level of success
from the 1980s.
Tommy Lee became a
lightning rod in the press after
his 'bathing suit only' wedding
to "Baywatch" beauty Pamela
Anderson. The public's curios-
ity turned into a feeding frenzy
after a honeymoon sex tape
surfaced, which the couple
unsuccessfully tried to block.
The video can now easily be
found on the Internet. Lee was
arrested in 1998 on charges of
spousal abuse, child abuse and
a firearms violation.
Vince Neil has also managed
to stay in the news in one way or
the other. A sex tape of Neil and
porno-star Janine surfaced shortly
after Lee's. Recently Neil has
been in the spotlight following
appearances on two reality
television shows: "The Surreal
Life" and "Remaking Vince
Nell The latter shows Neil
undergoing a series of
reconstructive surgery while
working with a personal trainer
to 'remake Vince Nell' into the
Vince Neil of old. Recently, he
was married for a fourth time,
with M.C. Hammer, whom
he met on "The Surreal Life
performing the service.
It's been more than six years
since a fistfight between Neil
and Lee broke out and the band
hasn't performed together since.
Motley Tour:
-Motley Crue's "Red, White & Crue
Tour 2005 Better Live Than Dead"
-Presented by VH1 andVHI Classic
-April 21 at Greensboro Coliseum in
Greensboro, NC
-Reserved seats went on sale
Saturday. Jan. 8 at 10 a.m. at the
Coliseum Box Office, select area
Lowe's Foods, online at
or charge by phone 888-397-3100.
-More information at
Until now. Due to overwhelming
demand from fans, the group has
decided to put aside their differ-
ences and play together again. In
late 2004, the group was holed
up in a recording studio doing
a handful of new songs for an
anthology album Red, White and
Crue, one of which they per-
formed on the "Tonight Show"
on New Years Eve.
Despite tense sessions in the
studio, where Sixx had to keep
Lee and Neil away from each
other, they've also agreed to
embark on a world tour, "Red,
White & Crue Tour 2005 Better
Live Than Dead" which will kick
see MOTLEY page A5

y 26,2005
�night actually
ig contestant
Aiken wowed
i the second
season, creat-
"lay Maniacs
tribute to his
g. Fantasia Bar-
, NC, won last
:h her soulful
matic person-
rth Carolina
nly university
s on "Ameri-
-harlotte now
s for the class
lerican. Idol
il Critique
as won its way
�forth Carolin-
with sweet tea
�s to capitalize
le 25 million
e who tuned
's weekly Idol
idents are not
lat fan base,
gy major Zak
like hearing
I can't deny
ching Simon
Tuesday and
m. to see the
; bang and the
n breakaway.
contacted at
:enes master
s his unique
new album.
:s of the TRL
t Hardy from
this Ohio
e up to his
ieed come a
ling bootleg
off the streets
almost every
. Legend has
ound which
nd anticipate
t will really
nds such as
tevie Wonder
lin. We can
to Anthony
a male Alicia
n quite reach
sound and
flow of
Is us through
�volving into
ND page A5
White & Crue
e Than Dead"
d VH1 Classic
o Coliseum in
ient on sale
0 a.m. at the
s, select area
he group has
their differ-
heragain. In
p was holed
tudio doing
ongs for an
d, White anil
h they per-
light Show"
isions in the
had to keep
from each
3 agreed to
tour, "Red,
005 Better
ich will kick
EY page A5
The first great
album of 2005
Unwritten Law is more
than a one-hit wonder
Southern California's pop-
punk outfit Unwritten Law has
gained a bit of attention over
the past few years. Their success
grew into the mainstream in
2002 with their hit song "Seein'
Red" from the album, Elva. This
was their breakthrough album
with Lava Records which sold
more than 400,000 albums. The
follow up was From Music in High
Places, an album comprised of
mostly acoustic tracks, which
was released in 2003.
They have seen fame rise
up right in front of their faces
over the past few years. They
performed on the Warped Tour
for a short jaunt before being
kicked off when front man Scott
Russo started a fistfight after
throwing a mattress out a four-
story window. Russo seems to be
filling the shoes of yesterday's
bad boy rock stars like GG Allin,
Johnny Rotten and Axl Rose.
- y
.� 41
111 'I
Unwritten Law's single "Save
Me" is now playin on local
rock stations.
Finally, after their recent suc-
cess, Unwritten Law will return
to the mainstream on Feb. 1,
with their new album Here's to
the Mourning. Having never even
heard of this band before, I was
able to listen to the cuts from
this album with an unbiased
opinion. The five cuts from this
album that I was able to listen to
were a pleasant surprise.
Unwritten Law enlisted the
help of some very well respected
individuals in the music world.
Here's to the Mourning was pro-
duced by Sean Beavan, who
has previously worked with
Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn
Manson. Beavan's sound is not
very characteristic to the style
that most punk bands strive to
model themselves after. This is
a very bold move for the band
to take. They also brought Josh
Abraham onboard for some
additional producing. Abraham's
credits include Velvet Revolver
and Staind.
Beavan's signature sound is
present throughout the songs
included on this album. The
intro to the song "Get Up" has
Nine Inch Nails written all over
it. This track, my favorite track
among the samples I heard, starts
with a Nine Inch Nails style intro
that moves Into a sound I have
not heard any other poppunk
outfit try before. Russo's voice
contains the defining character-
istics of a poppunk group, but at
times he starts to sound a little
like John Bush from Anthrax.
Underneath Russo, we can hear
the rest of the band grinding
out a pulsating beat that sounds
more like a hard rock band than
Expect Unwritten Law to come rolling through North Carolina
on their next tour.
Buy One Get One
FREE Create Your Own
Pasta Bowl ($J0.9S Value)
Must Have Coupon! � Dine in Only
MonThurs. 5-9PM, Fri. & Sat. 5-10PM
2905 E. 5th St. 695-0020
a punk band. Is this really a
punk band or is Unwritten Law
changing their style away from
the SoCal skating scene to con-
form more to the likes of Velvet
The lead off track from this
album is "Save Me It first hit
radio stations on Dec. 7,2004 and
has quickly climbed the modern
rock charts since its release. The
band enlisted the writing talents
of tunesmith Linda Perry. The
lyrics in this song show off the
band's dark side. Yet another
powerfully driven track which
was wonderfully written, and
brilliantly produced.
Having never listened to this
band before, it is difficult to know
what to expect from Unwritten
Law. It is easy to be completely
blown away by the power that is
evident on this album. That is,
the presence of mastermind Sean
Beaven at work. The songs from
the new album are quite simple,
but they move seamlessly from
beginning to end. Listeners are
found wanting more, but alas,
all must wait until Feb. 1.
There are some older songs
from Unwritten Law before they
were signed to a major label,
floating around. There is a clear
difference between the songs
found on the albums of the
late 1990s and the ones found
on Here's to the Mourning. Let's
hope that Unwritten Law is not
the next band to fall into the
trap that destroyed some of the
great bands of the past where the
creative process was overrun by
the producer (remember Yoko
and The Beatles?). For now, we
have a great album in Here's to
the Mourning, and we shouldn't
let nightmarish thoughts like
that ruin the fact that this album
does, indeed, rock.
This writer can be contacted at
3411484 207E 5thSt. HrsThu.Fri SatlOpm-I2wn'
from page A4
from page A4
one optimistic, healthy romance.
It is something everyone can
relate to because there is a little
bit for everyone. "She Don't
Have to Know" is about pure
Infatuation and lust in which
some relationships stumble upon.
Number seven, "I Can Change
would be a favorite among Snoop
Dogg fans. Legend is willing to
lose his "pimp status" and change
his ways in order to keep his
girlfriend. Number eight,
"Ordinary People is a
favorite among many, bring-
ing the album to a slow and
steady pace. Number 11, titled
"So High is beautiful in a sense
that it gives the listener soft
sounds of poetic lyrics. Track 13,
"It Don't Have to Change
featuring the Stephens family,
is different among all tracks in
which he includes his family in
his album and showcases their
talents. In this he reminisces
the good ole days and gives the
recognition to those who made
him the artist that he is. "Live
it Up" is the last track which
sums up everything giving us
a quick view of his status as of
now, which is basically living
his dreams, making a living his
way and enjoying his life while
he still can. To check out more
tracks on Get Lifted go to your
local Target or Best Buy and see
what this album is all about.
This writer can be contacted at
off on Feb. 14 in San Juan, Puerto
Rico and will work their way
to Greensboro, NC on April 21.
For the average college student,
this is an ample opportunity to
see what your older cousin is
talking about or at the very least,
put a face to the songs you hear
in the strip club every Friday
night. Most importantly though,
if you're tired of today's pop and
rap oriented music scene, the
Crue might just provide a nice
alternative. Who knows, maybe
Tommy Lee and Vince Neil will
get into another fistfight , which
would be worth the price of
admission alone.
This writer can be contacted at
Before giving,
I always look
for the
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Page A6 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY January 26, 2005
Sports Briefs
Pennington played
with torn rotator cuff
Jets quarterback Chad Pennington
has a torn right rotator cuff, an
injury he played with for the
final six games of the season
Pennington was hurt Nov. 7
against Buffalo after he was hit
hard following a scramble. An
initial MRI exam showed the
tear, but the team announced
Pennington had a strain. After
sitting out three weeks, Pennington
returned to play. Team doctor Elliot
Pellman revealed the extent of
the injury Tuesday. Pellman said
the team is hopeful Pennington
will be ready for the start of
training camp in July but made
no promises. He said Pennington
came back because there was
a minimal risk to damaging the
shoulder further. But it appeared
Pennington lost velocity on his
passes once he did return, and
coach Herman Edwards said
the franchise quarterback was
playing through pain A second
MRI following their 20-17 overtime
loss to Pittsburgh in the second
round of the playoffs showed
there was no additional damage.
Pennington will have surgery
shortly after the Super Bowl on
Feb. 6. Renowned specialist
James Andrews will perform
the surgery. The severity of the
injury is disconcerting, because
rotator cuff tears are uncommon
for quarterbacks. Pitchers are the
most likely athletes to sustain the
Injury, and many take up to a year
to fully recover. But quarterbacks
do not throw the ball as hard
and have fewer motions, so the
recovery time could take as few
as six months. In addition, the Jets
gave Pennington a $64 million,
seven-year contract extension
before the season started,
banking their future on him. The
Jets also are in the market for a
backup QB, since Quincy Carter is
a free agent and expected to look
for a starting job elsewhere.
Eagles sign Thomason
for Super Bowl
Tight end Jeff Thomason is
going to the Super Bowl with
the Philadelphia Eagles after
being out of the NFL the last two
seasons. Thomason signed with
the Eagles on Tuesday to replace
tight end Chad Lewis, who scored
two touchdowns but also injured
his foot in Philadelphia's 27-10
victory over Atlanta in the NFC
Championship Game. Lewis was
put on injured reserve to make
roster space. Thomason spent
three seasons with the Eagles but
hasn't played since 2002. Seven of
his 25 catches with Philadelphia
were touchdowns. L.J. Smith will
take Lewis' starting spot against
the New England Patriots in the
Super Bowl on Feb. 6. Seldom-
used Mike Bartrum is the Eagles'
other tight end. Thomason began
his career with Cincinnati in
1992 and played five seasons
in Green Bay, before coming to
Philadelphia in 2000. He has 67
receptions for 650 yards and 10
TDs in 10 seasons.
Crouch gets
another shot in NFL
Former Heisman winner Eric
Crouch signed with the Kansas
City Chiefs In another attempt
to make the NFL as a defensive
back. The Chiefs will look at
Crouch as a safety and plan to
send him to NFL Europe this
spring. Crouch, who won the
Heisman in 2001 at Nefcraska,
is committed to defense, Chiefs
coach Dick Vermeil said. In 2002
Crouch was a third-round draft
choice of the St. Louis Rams,
who wanted to use him as a
receiver, but he left the team in
training camp when he wasn't
given a chance at quarterback.
He later had a couple of trials
with the Green Bay Packers, once
as a quarterback and then as a
safety, but he was released before
training camp last season.
ECU'S recipe for success
Conference USA could
be answer for Pirates
Don't jump. Not yet, at least.
I know for any fan or athlete that
very basketball loss feels like a
kick in the face after what trans-
pired during football season. But
why abandon ship now (or the
Greene Street Bridge)?
The Rowdy Dowdy's, Minges
Maniacs and Jungelites can't lose
their resiliency because athletic
director Terry Holland just may be
up to something. The funny part
is that he might not even know it.
Likening it to an old family
recipe, only a couple of athletic
directors have figured it out.
Are you ready to know how to
be successful in Division I-A?
Promise you won't tell? Shhh.
The secret recipe for success is
(drum roll): win Conference
Sure, it's been the goal of
every athletic team since offi-
cially joining the conference in
1997. But who's actually done it?
Baseball has been the exception,
but where is ECU baseball now?
They are consistently successful
in the national spotlight and on
the verge of opening a new $11
million dollar stadium.
Yeah, I said win C-USA, not
the Big East. Settle down. Before
you go Jim Mora crazy, think
about it. Doesn't it make sense to
dominate a predominately weaker
conference than to be mediocre
in a major conference?
Ask Boise State, Utah and
Louisville how they would have
done this past season in football
had they been in a BCS confer-
ence? They would have done
well (eight wins or so), but they
ECU has to start winning games and making postseason appearances in many athletic programs before leaving C-USA.
wouldn't be among the top 13
programs in the nation.
Florida State, Miami and
Virginia Tech did it for years in
football. Before the expansion of
the ACC, Florida State only had to
win their non-conference sched-
ule to all but assure themselves
a shot at the national champi-
onship game. Michael Vick's
Virginia Tech had to beat Miami
and vice versa when both teams
where in the Big East. If the goal is
to win, any fan would want their
team to play Rutgers and Temple
over Clemson and Georgia Tech
week in and week out.
Look at the college basket-
ball landscape. If Gonzaga was
in the Pacific 10, would they be
in the top 25? Southern Illinois
and Creighton are household
names now because they domi-
nate their weaker leagues. No
one knows where they are but
folks know these schools win
C-USA has elevated teams to
new levels of status because they
won. South Florida is moving to
the Big East because they won
in football their brief years in
C-USA. UAB just went to a bowl
game for the first time and a
trip to the Sweet 16. Marquette
simply doesn't go to a Final Four
had they competed in the Big
Louisville has a chance to
win that football national cham-
pionship next year in a watered
down Big East. Before the cre-
see RECIPE page A7
Brady will enter Super Bowl
with spotlight on McNabb
Pirates approach
winnable games
Brady is now an NFL record 8-0 in postseason play.
someone who has won two Super
Bowls in the last three years. New
England's Tom Brady strangely
gets overshadowed each week by
his opposing quarterback.
Two weeks ago, the head-
lines centered on Indianapolis'
Peyton Manning, the reign-
ing MVP who shattered NFL
records for touchdown passes and
passer rating.
Brady (a touchdown pass, a
touchdown run, no interceptions)
went on to outplay Manning (two
interceptions) in the Patriots' 20-
3 victory over Indianapolis in an
AFC second-round game.
Last week, the focus was on
Pittsburgh rookie phenom Ben
Roethlisberger, who had reeled off
14 straight victories as a starter.
But Brady (two touchdown
passes, no interceptions) outplayed
Roethlisberger (two touchdown
passes, three interceptions) in the
Patriots' 41-27 victory in Sunday
night's AFC championship game.
Now, the attention will shift to
Philadelphia quarterback Donovan
McNabb, who will make his Super
Bowl debut against the Patriots
after the Eagles snapped a string
of three straight losses in the NFC
championship by defeating Atlanta
27-10 on Sunday and advancing to
their first Super Bowl in 25 years.
Brady understands why the
limelight seems to shine on his
opposite number. His counter-
parts are still striving for what
he's accomplished.
"I said last week when we
were playing the Colts, I have had
more attention than anybody in
the league in the last three years
Brady said. "I'm definitely not
slighted for attention. We play
some great opponents.
"You talk about McNabb
because he's been the best player
on Philly's team for a long time
Brady, meanwhile, has been
the best player on New England's
team for four years. With another
MVP performance in the Super
Bowl on Feb. 6, he'll take his place
among the game's all-time greats,
including his boyhood hero, Joe
Montana, and other multi-cham-
pionship quarterbacks such as
Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman and
Bart Starr.
Brady, just 27 years old, has
won 31 of his last 33 starts. He is
8-0 in the postseason, and a Super
Bowl win would tie him with Starr
for the most consecutive playoff
wins at the start of a career.
In two playoff wins this
season, he completed an efficient
32 of 48 passes for 351 yards and
three touchdowns with no inter-
ceptions. In eight career postsea-
son games, Brady has completed
167 of 271 passes (62 percent) for
1,715 yards, nine touchdowns
and just three interceptions.
His postseason interception
rate of just 1.1 percent of his
passes is better than anybody who
has played the game.
"There's no other quarterback
I'd rather have Patriots coach
Bill Belichick said after Sunday
night's victory over Pittsburgh.
"He's smart and tough and sees
things well on the field. I don't
think the magnitude of the game
or the crowd or noise or the situ-
ation bothers him.
"He does everything we ask
him to do, and that goes from
the first day of the offseason
program to the last day of the
regular season. Meetings, prac-
tice, walkthrough, games, film
sessions, you name it. He is right
there at the top of every (cat-
egory). I don't think you can ask
any more of a person than that
Brady tugged at his light
brown beard when asked to
explain his ability to play his best
in the biggest games.
"I prepare many weeks the
same way Brady said. "When
it gets to the playoffs, you take
your preparation to another
level. I watched every game Pitts-
burgh played this year. I went
over the call sheet five or six
times with my coach. That's
the type of attention to detail
you need.
"When you get in these games,
you better know where you're
looking at. I made one stupid
read. As I walked off the field, I
said we talked about that three
times but it still went to the wrong
see BRADY page A7
All in
favor of
making col-
lege basket-
ball games
20 minutes
instead of
40 minutes
long please
raise your
hand. Every
student's hand
should be in
the air right
now. I know Bill Herrion's is.
If games only lasted 20 min-
utes, his Pirates would boast a
better record than their 5 -13 mark.
This has been the main prob-
lem for the Pirates this season -
playing 40 minutes of basketball.
We have seen great things from
this team this season. Must we all
forget the opening game where
ECU dominated Peppedine?
Or how about wins against
Toledo and Oregon State?
But it's not the wins
that draw attention to a
program - it's the losses.
Some losses have been bad
(Gardner Webb 90 ECU 60).
Some losses have been ugly
(Louisville 92 ECU 41).
Some have just come
at the hands of better teams
(Cincinnati 84 ECU 78).
However, it's the most recent
losses that must drive Bill Herrion
crazy. Tied 30-30 at the half with
DePaul in Chicago, the Pirates lost
77 - 56 in a game where ECU was
outscored 47 to 26 in the second
half. The Pirates did very well in
the first half though, going into
the break with a seven-point lead.
It seems this team started out this
season with the trend of starting
each game flat and then warming
up as the game went out. Now they
come out of the gates well but can't
finish games. Just like in any sport,
if you can't finish, you can't win.
It's really easy to start giving
up on this team at this point in
the season - we all know by the
empty seats in Minges Coliseum
that some people already have.
But I say the season is just now
starting and there is no reason
this team can't make the Confer-
ence USA tournament.
Looking at the stretch the
Pirates have gone through in
their first six C-USA games,
who really can complain about
their winless start in conference
play? They battled but lost to a
good and underrated USF team.
Then came the run of NCAA
tournament teams from last
year. Charlotte, Cincinatti, UAB,
Louisville and DePaul. Looking at
the schedule pre-season, the best
anyone could hope for realisti-
cally was 2 - 4 in this stretch and
that was with a win against USF
and pulling off one upset out of
the next five games.
With those games out of the
way, the Pirates must look ahead
and forget everything that has
happened this season.
This same scenario happened
last year. The Pirates played the
stronger teams in the conference
at the beginning of the season
and everyone got down on them,
Then ECU played some weaker,
teams and they finally started
winning games. The pirates went,
on to make the conference tour-
nament as they finished 11th in
the conference.
The way I see it, there are seven
teams battling for the last five
spots in the conference tourna;
ment: ECU, USF, Houston, Tulanej
Southern Miss, TCU and the
Pirates next opponent, St. Louis.
It will take four wins to get
into the tournament. It must start
tonight with St. Louis. The Billikens
already have three wins, so hold-
ing a tiebreaker over them would
be huge if the Pirates needed it.
The next stretch of games
are a little more difficult.
Charlotte at home, at Mem-
phis, at TCU, back here for Mar-
quette, then back on the road for
UAB and TCU. If ECU can win just
one of these games, it would be
hopefully their second win.
With that win, the Pirates
are at home with two must
win games. Southern Miss
and Houston before finish-
ing the season at Tulane. Win
two of those games and you
have four wins on the season!
So how will the Pirates dd
this? They still need to shoot
better. JaPhet McNeil is doing a
good job at the point driving and
kicking out to open teammates,
When he does this, whoever getj
the ball has got to knock down
that jump shot. Moussa needs to
get aggressive and get to the foul
line. He is a decent free throw
shooter. Corey Rouse needs to be
the dominant Corey Rouse that
we have seen at times this season
And most importantly, Mike Coolj
needs to score, take smart shots
and take control of the ball game.
If all the above things happen
for 40 minutes over the next
stretch, pack your bags for the
conference tournament.
The writer can be contacted at

from page A6
Once Again, It's On!
Announcing the Spring 2005
ACUI All-Campus Tournaments
could represent ECU at Regional Competitions In:
Table Tennis
Tues. January 31, 6:00 p.m,
MSC Multipurpose Room
(Men's and Women's
Singles Divisions)

Tues. January 27,6:00 p.m.
Outer Umitz Bowling Center
(Men's and Women's
Singles Divisions)
Tournament winners will be awarded trophies and the opportunity to represent
ECU at regional compeitions to be held at Virginia Tech University, located in
Blacksburg, VA the weekend of February 18-20, 2005. All expenses for the trip
will be paid by Mendenhall Student Center.
There Is a $2.00 registration fee for each tournament. Registration forms are available at the
MSC, Billiards Center & Outer Limitz Bowling Center located on the ground 1oor of Mendenhall
Student Center. Call the Recreations Program Office at 328-4738 for more information.
Web Prog
Student Media Board
ECU StudeilTledia is looking for an
undergraduate web programmer.
HTML and other programming
experience required. CFMX desired.
Please send questions andorresumes
tadan Badez:
East Carolina University's
Dance Asia
Featuring Qi Shu Fang
Saturday, January 29, 2005 � 2:00 p.m. � Wright Auditorium
With a flash of flags and a swirl of ribbons, Chinese celebrity
Qi Shu Fang and company will introduce you to Peking Opera,
the thrilling and unique art form born in China more than 200
years ago. Unlike western opera, Peking Opera tells its tales
through a thrilling combination of acrobatics, dance, martial
arts, music, and mime. Exotic makeup, authentic costuming,
and all the wondrous sights and sounds of Peking Opera await.
Advance single tickets: $9 public adult, $8 ECU facultystaff,
$6 ECU studentpublic youth. All tickets are $9 at the door.
Group rates available.
Central Ticket Office
umim 252-328-4788. 1-800-ECU-ARTS. VTTY: 252-328-4736. 1-800-ECU-ARTS
iMMitsin m-F 9 a.m6 p.m SaSu 1-5 p.m
ation of C-USA, Louisville had
won at least nine football games
only four times since the pro-
gram started in 1912. Compara-
tively, ECU won nine games or
more nine times. ECU obvi-
ously has a richer tradition of
winning yet Louisville is poised
to be among the national
elite because they will be in a
weak conference.
Looking at the Pirates, it was
a matter of lost opportunity. The
football program is equivalent
to the kid who dominates the
recreation league at six years old,
but simply can't play in middle
school because his peers are more
athletic. Other schools won C-
USA and got more athletic. The
good news is that ECU can now
assert itself more than ever as
a new power in the revamped
The basketball program is
hitting turbulence because it
tried to take off too quickly. The
hardwood Pirates have only been
to the NCAA tournament once,
in 1993, and they didn't even
have a winning season that year.
Unlike football, there is no tradi-
tion of winning in basketball.
Not in the Southern Conference,
not in the Colonial Athletic
Association or now in C-USA.
Look in the rafters at Wil-
liams Arena at Minges Col-
iseum lately. See anything?
Anybody? Didn't think so.
Since coming to Greenville,
Bill Herrion's task has been an
immense one. It's like his team
is trying to learn the fourth level
of a foreign language, but haven't
been taught the simple grammar.
Herrion can teach his team how
to win next year when the con-
ference loses its top five current
Maybe Holland understands
what athletic directors at schools
like Boston College, Mississippi
and N.C. State can't figure out.
In competition, there is a winner
and a loser, no matter what
conference you play in. And
when it boils down to it, win-
ning will consistently produce
positives in every aspect for your
athletic programs than being
mediocre and in an elite confer-
ence will.
The best way to win is to
find competition you know you
can beat.
7"rjs writer can be contacted at
from page A6
place. Sometimes under pressure
you get flustered. You better make
the good plays, but you better not
make the mistakes, and that's what
we've done in the postseason
Brady also still plays with the
chip on his shoulder that comes
from being a sixth-round pick, the
199th player taken, in the 2000 draft
after a career at Michigan where
he had to battle for playing time
and thought about transferring.
"That isa big part of it he said.
"A lot of times I think, as a
player, when no one else believes
in you and no one else thinks
you are capable, you really have
to believe in yourself. Because
of that, you are trying to prove
things to yourself as a competitor
and as an athlete.
"From my standpoint, I am
always trying to prove to myself
that I am capable of leading a
team to a win, and capable of
doing everything the team asks
of me, and in this case, to beat
the best team in football on the
road in the most important game
of the year. So I am trying to
prove that stuff to myself, too. It
is not like you win and then you
say, "OK, well, I've done it
The Academic Enrichment Center is proud to sponsor
Come join us for several medical school sessions throughout the week!
Pre-Med week is from January 24-28. The event schedule is as follows:
ThursdayJanuary 27
-Medical students from the Brody School of Medicine will
be here to share first hand experiences of being in medical
school. The panel will consists of medical students from
the 1 st year to the 4th year. The Brody School of Medicine
will be offering medical school mock interviews, sign-up
sheets will be available for students Thursday and Fridayl
5:45-7:OOpm, Bate building, Room 1028
-Join the Brody School of medicine as they share about
their medical school as well as the admissions process
Friday January 28
1 1:30-1:30PM, BREWSTER B-103& B-104
-Join the Academic Enrichment Center for a medical
school open house! Find out more about the medical
school recommendation process, Primary Care Physi-
cian's Shadowing Program, medical school admissions
information that we have in our center as well as study
guides for the MCAT!

Page A8
WEDNESDAY January 26,2005
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football stadium. 4 BR, 2
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walking distance to
campus, WD conn pets
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water and sewer. Call today
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3 Bedrooms 3 Full
bathrooms- University
Terrace. Walk in closets,
large living room, balcony,
w watersewer included.
Spacious laundry room,
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the ECU bus lines. Short
term (6 month) Spring '05
leases available @ $850.00
month. Currently pre-
leasing for Fall '05, Early
Bird Special of $875.00
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Property Management
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One, two, three and four
bedroom houses, duplexes,
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four blocks of clampus. Pet
friendly! Reasonable rates,
short leases available. Call
1 BR to sublease in a 3BR
house, fenced backyard,
wireless internet, 5 blocks
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Jessica (804)- 304-2815.
1 Spring Break Website!
Lowest prices guaranteed.
Free Meals & Free Drinks.
Book 11 people, get
12th trip free! Group
Discounts for for 6 www.
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Spring Break 2005- Travel
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Reservations 1-800-648-
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1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD
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Gray Lthr 5-SPD 6-Cyl
Turbo All Power CC CD
Cass Sunroof $4000 Firm
ECU Pirates Salute cannon
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is in my cannon collection.
For sale, Best offer. 215-
Do you need a good job?
The ECU Telefund is hiring
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Annual Fund. $6.25hour
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Active Handicapped male
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Web Programmer Wanted.
ECU Student Media has an
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HTML and programming
experience required
Send resume to, or for
more information email
Ragazzi's is hiring waitstaff.
Lunch availability a plus.
Apply in person M-F 2-4.
Bartending! $250day
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Break and Easter Break. The
positions are for between
15 and 30 hours per
week, depending on your
schedule and on business
needs. The jobs are within
walking distance of ECU
and the hours are flexible.
Pay is commensurate
with your experience and
job performance and
is supplemented by an
employee discount and
tuition assistance. Apply in
person to Store Manager,
Joan's Fashions, 423 S. Evans
Street, Greenville (Uptown
Babysitter Needed for a
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4237 or 341-0509. Ask for
Customer Service: Part-
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tenants, answering
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Apply at Wainright
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dre.html for details.
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27282930 1.323334
� 2005 Tribune Media All rights reserved.Services, Inc.012606
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University Suites Apartments
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Parking at your front door
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as key s
John Ba
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scheduled t
ECU, Feb. 2
ECU Poetry
both fictio
Balaban ha
of Amerit
Prize, a Na
Selection a
twice for l
Award. H(
the 2001-2
for the Ph

The East Carolinian, January 26, 2005
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
January 26, 2005
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3cm x 2cm
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