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Tuesday, November 27, 1990
Greenville, North Carolina
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Mike Steele charged with DWI
Pirate basketball head coach registers .15 blood alcohol level
B) Carrie Armstrong
Special Features 1 ditor
t �
scheduled to appeal in Pitt County Districtour! on alcohol concentration il 10 01 more
I )n q v hen a person is charged with a 1 WI and hasa
SteetobecornesthethirdECUcoachtobecharged blood alcohol level ol more than 10. their driver's
E( U head basketball coach Mike Steele was with DWI in the a vear Benetti ami lim Kelly, an license is automatically revoke tor lOdays.
irrested b i North Carolina highway patrolman assistant football coach, were charged and convicted According to N. statutes, fines for DWI con-
early SurKlavnHrningandchargedwithdriving while on separate incidents in 1989. notions range from S100-5500 with a suspended jail
impaired Steele who is in his fourth vear as ECl I's head sentence invoh ing between 24 and . 2 hoursof corn-
According to TheDailuR ' ' � Steele was pulled basketball coach, has been formally reprimanded munity service work
over by trooper B.A onesat2:01 a.m on 1-lth Street through theathletic department. ECU Athletic Director
Extension after failing to stop at a stop sign. 1 Its blood Pave I lart said Steele recognizes Iheseriousnessof the Theiix identc urred alter E I 's 108-68 vict. �ry
alcohol level was a.15 incident and is accepting the consequences over North Carolina Wesleyan Saturday night at
Driving while impaired is defined as a person Minges Coliseum.
Steele was released to his assistant coach, Chris who drives while under the influence ot an impairing Steele, 36, has directed E I to a k- 2 record
Benetti, u h, m also been charged with a DWI. Placed substance, or alter consuming sufficient alcohol that sir e 1986, includinga 13-18 record during the 1988-89
undei a �. seemed appearance bond Steele is heshe has, at any relevant time after the driving, an season.
Committee proposes changes in Noise Ordinance
Mike Steele
B) Michael Albuquerque
Assistant Sews ditoi
� ghtpcrmits,a mandatory llp.m tion privileges for past noise of optimism following the discussion. McCarley recommended that country that is dome, this
curfew tin permit hours specific fenders ' s a win WU1 situation he landlords be held liable for ten Mc arley said
guidelines for hiring off-duty po itv Council has scheduled a said. "This involved a lot of com- ants actions on third and sub
In a presentation to the lice of ficers and a requirement for public hearing for Jan. 17 in order promise, and 1 believe it is the best quent noise violations with fines
Greenville itv Council Monda permit holders to clean up the area to get some feedback from thecity. division tor both (the city and ranging from 575 and up
night, the Noise i )rdinance om
mittee, headed by oiim llwoman
1 orraine Shinn, added its final
recommendations tor a new
n - dmenl to the current nois
. rdinan e
Amone th new recommen-
1 feel the university has been students) "Landlord's aren't willing to
well represented Mayor Nancy In related developments ity accept liability tor these kids
ted at the meeting
.ere the abolishing oi lhuwLn
alter a part) by Id a m the next
Other recommended changes Jenkins said. "The only thing Attorney Mat M I arley, who well, young adults Shinn said
� the old ordinance include th lacking is (the voice) of individual presented the n lations, After McCarley's prcsenta
pxuvi � � � � u � ;� rmil given d I vns who feel they would be suggested that Greenville begin tion, Jenkins asked him of the lega
recth to the chief ol polio a aff ted holding landlords responsible for precedent for such an interpreta
mandatory advance-notificahon of SGAPresident Allen Thomas their tenants'actions under a cur- ,lon 0j the health and nuisano
72 hours, an application fei of $23 who is also a member of the Noise rent health and nuisance code of statue,
and the abilitv to revokt ip Ordii i � ommittce expressed thecit)
know iif no other city m th
Various( itv nuncilmembers
- � glv ri sp inded to this eom-
ment by calling (ireenville
"trendsetters" n the subject of
landlord liability tor noise viola-
Othei nmii ndations tor
rdinai e are also de-
ith the party areas'
ni ghbors in mind rwo new pro-
visions would require applicants
See Noise page 3
Campus drug ring
foiled by authorities
B) Michelle Castellow
st.u t U ritci
�i mspiracy to sale and deliver con
�� tiled substant es under the North
Carolina Controlled Substances
� i month undercover in A t
vestigation 1 ECl Public Safety Antony; the students arrested
has resulted in tl e arrest of nine wereCharlesYan I udlam,Michael
:� I students on charges of illegal loseph Hensley, lames Ransom
sale and delivery ol controlled Frazier, Ralph Kod Blowe,
substances. 5tephen Poster Shirley, Gregory
OnNov.14 ECl PublicSafety Scott Baker, Christopher L.Jarrett,
issued It1 warrants vvith charges C hristopher Mark Gurkin, Paul
ranging trom possession to sale Warren Miller and David leffery
and delivery ol marajuana, Psilo- Stillwagon.
cvbin mushrooms and LSD AccordingtoEC UPoliceChiel
"heundero � �� peration.led Ronald Avery, an undercover po
b ECL s investigai i livision, lice officer made purchases fi
resulted in the arrest ol nine sus the suspects, which led to the ar
pects tor a total ol $8 ounts ol rests.
possession, sell and deliver) and See Drugs, page 3
Unsafe sex increases
syphilis transmission
Bv Sarah Martin
st.iti Writer
Svphilis rates in North aro-
lina are at their highest li vels since
1976, according to The CharlotU
� S i tar in 1991 2. 1 leases
have been reported, a 45 percent
im rease over last yeai
STDs (Sexually 1 ransmitted
Disease) are spreading rapidly
over the state and theL nited States
as more than 10 million Ameri-
cans are becoming infected each
ppro ornately K? percent of
tht secasesarepeopli between the
ig( n( 15 0 i he problem is
occuring because of increased
sexual activity with multiple part-
ners and unprotected sex
rhesymptomsof syphilisare
hard to recognize, which enables
the disease to spread rapidly.
Syphilis isaSTD that can be
cured Symptoms come in three
stages beginning with the first
stage which usually occurs 1-12
weeks after contact rhefirst stage
is marked by a painless, reddish
bump, called a i hancre, which
usually develops on the genitals,
but sometui" s I n (he mouth.
The chancre can last one to
five weeks and then will disap-
Hie second stage may occur
one to six months after initial cen-
tal t. This stage can include a rash
covering thechest,back,armsand
or the legs.
A low fever, sore throat and
swollen lymph nodes may accom-
pany the rash
rhe third stage ma) develop
three years or more after contact
llus stage includes ulcers on the
skin and the organs, ar-
thritis numbness, loss ol feelingin
the arms and legs plus pain and
disability trom heart, spinal cord
and or brain damage.
I he warning signs tor syphi-
lis are not dependable because an
infected person may skip a stage,
mistake it tor something else or
not show any symptoms at all.
Symptoms will disappear
without any treatment, but the
disease is still present in the body
and can be spread to others
through sexual contact. Afterabout
a year of initial contact though, a
person infected with syphilis will
not infect others except tor a preg-
nant woman passing it on to her
See Syphilis page 2
Frisbee player raises funding questions
Bv Tim Hampton
News Editor
I egislation concerning stu-
dent athletic groups, namely the
1(1 I risbee club and Intramural
flag football champions, once again
flew around the SGA Monday as
the (ban. e ol teams receiving dual
funding came to light.
Prior to thelegislativemeeting,
representative of the Frisbee team
told the appropriation committee
that main groups, including the
Irates, receive funding from both
the Student Government and the
Intramural department.
Althi ugh the Frisbee player's
report could not be verified by the
committee, it nevertheless raised
severalquestionsamong legislators.
The possibility of dual funding
caused debate over a bill in which
the men's intramural flag football
champion requested money tor a
tnp to the nation,il tournament in
1 ouisianna
Nevertheless, the flag football
team was given $1,400 for travel,
registration fees and lodging for the
tnp alter legislatoi Leslie Nicholas
pushed tor continuity in SGA
"We rust tunded the women s initiated it tin-claims are true
tlae.tootballteamlastwivks.Mtui Ae.roupshouldn tgetmoney
didn't fund the men this week, it trom both the S .A and the Intra-
wotild have inconsistent. Nicholas mural Nicholas said alter the
said. meeting
However Nicholas said the ourtne (ones,theRulesand
dual-funding question has raised udicary ommitteechairman,said
concern.Sheproposesthatdialoctu' alter the meeting that the
between theSG A and Intramuralbe Sftec" rve page 2
Student apathy allows
university policies to exist that
do not represent their views
Features 7
The television adaption of
Stephen King's "It" is compared'
contrasted to the book version
Sports 10
Duke Blue Devils crush
Pirates. 125 82, in Monday
night's basketball game in
Satife Insert: ECU TOD AY

tttffE Izaat (Eartfltniati
Serving the East Carolina campus community since 1925
Vol.64 No.62
Tuesday, November 27,1990
Greenville, North Carolina
Circulation 12,000
12 Pages
Mike Steele charged with DWI
Pirate basketball head coach registers .15 blood alcohol level
By Carrie Armstrong
Special Features liditor
F.L I head basketball coach Mike Steele was
arrested bv a North Carolina highway patrolman
early Surelay morning and charged with driving while
According to The I afly Reflector, Steele was pulled
over by Trooper B.A. onesat 2:01 a.m. on 14th Street
Extension after failing to stop at a stop sign. His blood
alcohol level was a .15.
Sleek was released to his assistant coach. Chris
Benetti, whom also been charged with a DWI. Placed
under a $200 secured appearance bond, Steele is
scheduled to appear in Pitt County District Court on
Ian. 9.
Steele becomes the third ECU coach tobecharged
with DWI in the a sear. Benetti and Tim Kelly, an
assistant football coach, were charged and convicted
on separate incidents in 1989.
Steele, who is in his fourth year as ECU'S head
basketball coach, has been formally reprimanded
through theathletic department. ECU Athletic Director
Dave Hart said Steele recognizes the senousnessof the
incident and is accepting the consequences.
Driving while impaired is defined as a person
who drives while under the influence of an impairing
substance, or after consuming sufficient alcohol that
heshe has. at any relevant time after the driving, an
alcohol concentration ot . 10 or more.
When a person is charged with a DWI and has a
bfood alcohol level ot more than .10, their driver's
license is automatically revoked for 10 days.
According to N.C. statutes, fines for DWI con-
victions range from $100-$500 with a suspended jail
sentence involving between 24 and 72 hours of com-
munity service work
The incident occurred after ECU'S 108-68 victory
over North Carolina Weslevan Saturday night at
Minges Coliseum.
Steele, 36, has directed ECU to a 3b-52 record
since W86, includinga HIS record during the 1988-89
Mike Steele
Committee proposes changes in Noise Ordinance
By Michael Albuquerque
Assistant News Editor
In a presentation to the
Greenville City Council Monday
night, the oise Ordinance Com-
mittee, headed by Councilwoman
Lorraine Shinn, added its final
recommendations for a new
amendment to the current noise
Among the new recommen-
dations presented at the meeting
were the abolishing of Thursdav
night perm its, a mandatory 11p.m.
curlew for permit hours, Specific
guidelines for hiring off-duty po-
lice officers and a requirement for
permit holders to clean up ihe area
after a party by 10 a.m. the next
Other recommended changes
to the old ordinance include the
power to grant permits given di-
rectly to the chief of police, a
mandatory advance-notif ication of
72 hours, an application fee of $2?
and the ability to revoke applica-
tion privileges for past noise of-
Citv Council has scheduled a
public hearing for Jan. 17 in order
to get some feedback from the city.
"1 feel the university has been
well represented Mayor Nancy
Jenkins said. "The only thing
lacking is (the voice) of individual
citizens who feel they would be
SC. A President Allen Thomas,
who is also a member of the Noise
Ordinance Committee, expressed
optimism following the discussion
"It's a win-win situation he
said. 'This involved a lot of com-
promise, and I believe it is the best
decision for both (the city and
In related developments, City
Attorney Mac McCarley, who
presented the recommendations,
suggested that Greenville begin
holding landlords responsible tor
their tenants' actions under a cur-
rent health and nuisance code ot
the citv.
McCarley recommended that
landlords be held liable for ten-
ants actions on third and subse-
quent noise violations with fines
ranging from $75 and up.
"landlord's aren't willing to
accept liability for these kids �
well, young adults Shmn said-
After McCarley's presenta-
tion, Jenkins asked him of the legal
precedent for such an interpreta-
tion of the health and nuisance
"I know of no other citv in the
country that is doing this
McCarley said.
VanousCitvCouncil members
jokingly responded to this com-
ment bv calling C.reenville
"trendsetters" on the subject of
landlord liability for noise viola-
Other recommendations for
the revised ordinance are also de-
signed with the partv areas'
neighbors in mind. Two new pro-
visions would require applicants
See Noise, page 3
Campus drug ring
foiled by authorities
Bv Michelle Castellow
Staff Writer
A two-month undercover in-
vestigation bv FCC Public Safety
has resulted in the arrest of nine
ECU studentson charges of illegal
sale and delivery of controlled
On Nov. 14, ECU Public Safety-
issued 10 warrants with charges
ranging from possession to sale
and delivery of marajuana, Psilo-
cybin mushrooms and I.SD.
The undercover i tperation. led
bv ECU'S investigation division,
resulted m the arrest of nine sus-
pects for a total of 38 counts of
possession, sell and delivery and
conspiracy to sale and deli ver con-
trolled substanceMinder the North
Carolina Controlled Substances
Among the students arrested
wereCharlesVan Ludlam, Michael
Joseph Hensley, James Ransom
Frazier, Ralph Boyd Blowe,
Stephen Poster Shirley, Gregory
Scott Baker, Christopher L. Jarrett,
Christopher Mark Gurkin, Paul
Warren Miller and David Jeffery
According to ECU PoliceChief
Ronald A very, an undercover po-
lice officer made purchases from
the suspects, which led to the ar-
See Drugs, page 3
Unsafe sex increases
syphilis transmission
By Sarah Martin
Staff Writer
Svphilis rates in North Caro-
lina are at their highest levels since
1976, according to The Charlotte
Observer, So far in 1990,2,113 cases
have been reported, a 45 percent
increase over last year.
STDs (Sexually Transmitted
Disease) are spreading rapidly
over the stateand the United States
as more than 1(1 million Ameri-
cans are becoming infected each
Approximately 85 percent oi
thes. � cases are people between the
ages of 1-30 The problem is
occuring because of increased
sexual activity with multiple part-
ners and unprotected sex.
hard to recognize, which enables
the disease to spread rapidly.
Syphilis is a STD that can be
cured. Symptoms come in three
stages beginning with the first
stage which usually occurs 1-12
weeks after contact. The first stage
is marked by a painless, reddish
bump, called a chancre, which
usually develops on the genitals,
but sometimes on the mouth.
The chancre can last one to
five weeks and then will disap-
The second stage may occur
one to six months after initial con-
tact. This stage can include a rash
covering thechest, back, armsand
or the legs.
A low fever, sore throat and
swollen lymph nodes may accom-
pany the rash.
The third stage mav develop
three vears or more after contact.
This stage includes ulcers on the
skin and the internal organs, ar-
thritis, numbness, lossof feeling in
the arms and legs plus pain and
disability from heart, spinal cord
and or brain damage.
The warning signs for syphi-
lis are not dependable because an
infected person may skip a stage,
mistake it for something else or
not show any symptoms at all.
Symptoms will disappear
without any treatment, but the
disease is still present in the body
and can be spread to others
through sexual contact. After about
a year of initial contact though, a
person infected with syphilis will
not infect others except for a preg-
nant woman passing it on to her
See Syphilis, page 2
Frisbee player raises funding questions
By Tim Hampton
News Editor
Legislation concerning stu-
dent athletic groups, namely the
ECU Frisbee club and Intramural
flag football champions, once again
flew around the SGA Monday as
the chance of teams receiving dual
funding came to light.
Prior to thelegislativemeeting
representative of the Frisbee team
told the appropriation committee
that many groups, including the
Irates, receive funding from both
the Student Government and the
Intramural department.
Although the Frisbee player's
report could not be verified by the
committee, it nevertheless raised
severa 1 questions among legislators
The possibility of dual funding
caused debate over a bill in which
the men's intramural flag football
champion requested money for a
tnp to the national tournament in
Nevertheless, the flag football
team was given $1,400 for travel,
registration feesand lodging tor the
tnp after legislator Leslie Nicholas
pushed for continuity in SGA
"We just funded the women's
flag football team last week, so it we
didn't fund the men this week, it
would have inconsistent Nicholas
However, Nicholas said the
dual-funding question has raised
concern. She proposes that dialogue
between theSGA and Intramural be
initiated if the claims are true.
" Agroupshouldn'tget money
from both the SGA and the Intra-
mural Nicholas said after the
Courtney lones. theRulcsand
after the meeting that the
Spb PHfefcM page 2
Editorial 4
Student apathy allows
university policies to exist that
do not represent their views.
Features ft
The television adaption of
Stephen Kings "It" is compared
contrasted to the book version
Sports 10
Duke Blue Devils crush
Pirates. 125-82, in Monday
night's basketball game in
Classified '6
Satire Insert ECU TODAY

2 (Stic Cnoi (Carolinian November27,1990
ECU Briefs
Award-winning poet to speak at
university on Thursday, Nov. 29
Prize winning poet rhylias Moss will visit ECU Thursday,
i 29, w hereshe m ill prcscnl a reading from her worksatSp m
in the Van Landingham Room ol E l 's Home Economics
The reading,and a reception immediately following, are free
and open to everyone in the campus and community.
rhylias Moss is the author of several full length poetry
collections and has had poems published in "Best American
letr Iowa Review
"Ploughshares" and other
liter.ha journals I let col
lection Rainbow Remnants
inRockBottomt IhettoSk) published earlier tins
vcai b leveland State
I niversit) Press and was a
selo tion ol the I990 'a
t tonal Poetr) Series open
competition (Hher honors
and awards have included
.1 National Endowment tor
�he Arts fellowship, an r. Thylias Moss
ists Foundation ol Massachusetts fellowship and a Pushcart
n Ohio native M � graduated from Obcrlin College and
received the M degn fi ihel niverstty of New Hampshire.
Shecurrenth teaches English al Phillips Vcademy in Andover,
Moss's visit to E I is sponsored b the English department's
i iraduatoolloquiumC ommitti c and the E( I Womcn'sStud
Irs Program and is part of the Chancellor's Minority Presence
New clinical research specialist
joins Medical School faculty
P, Cteorg) P Sartiano .1 hemalologx oncologj specialist,
I ls joined the faculty at the E 1 School of Medirinc He will
itircctclii i iln 1 rchinthedeparti nl ectii atology
oncology and the I eo VV lenkins ancei entci on the medical
i ampns.
Preceding his EC! appoint nl Sartiano was professor of
medicine and director of the hen I . �. ind oncology division
rho Univei '� �f South Carolina School of Medicine in Co
lnmhia Hism licali areerhasii luded academh appointments
t l S the I niversitv ol Pittsburgh Schcxil ol Medicine and
( orno Snivel Vied I enti 1 11 I New York Hospital He
nas h( 1,1 1 . 1 ,f I it �� rans dministration
'Silent killer' claims one million lives annually
ui��. Have vour Wood pressui
By Beth Helms
Peer Health Educator
1 hypertension, or high blood
pressure, isone of the most serious
diseases in the United States.
Sometimes referred to as the "si-
lent killer it is responsible for
one million deathseach war, either
directly or indirectly.
I ligh blood pressure is termed
the "silent killer" sinceany one can
have the disease and it can go
undetected tor years.
Blood pressure is the force of
blood against the walls ol the ar
tones I his force is c reated by the
he.irt, which pumps blood
throughout the body
Blood pressure is measured
by .u instrument known as .t
sphygmomanometer, or blood
pressure cuff, and .1 stethoscope
1 he individual taking the blood
pressure reads two numbers, tor
example 12080.
I he top number is known .is
the systolic pressure This is the
amount et force recorded when
vour he.irt beats 1 he systolic
reading is normally the higher
The bottom number is dias-
tolic pressure. DiastoHc pressure
is usually the lower number rep
resenting the force recorded when
the heart is at rest between beats.
"Normal" blood pressure
readings for people under IS are
usually below 12080 millimeters
of mercury (mm H) Regardless
of age, the higher the blood pres-
sure rises above 14090 mm Hg,
the greater the chances for car-
diovascular problems
Some of the high risk groups
tor developing high blood pres-
sure are .is follows:
� ll.u ks are twice as likely to
develop high blood pressure than
other ethnic groups
�Smoking raises blood pres
sure because nicotine causes the
arteries to constrict, thus making
the heart work harder, win. h de
creases circulation throughout the
� Women en birth control pills
1 an have i iix reased blood pres
sure level.
�Weight increases the work
load on the heart, which in turn,
Continued Horn page 1
elevates blood pressure
� Excess water retained from
salt intake adds to the volume of
blood being pumped by the heart
� Diabetics are especially
prone to hardening of me arteries
� Family history ol people
with high blood pressure
�Sedentary lifestyles can at-
tect bltxd pressure negatively.
�Elderly people's blood ves-
sels lose elasticity, which makes
the heart work harder
It some one develops high
blood pressure and it goes undo
tected for some time, such compli-
cations can occur: tightened arte
noles, hardening of the arteries
kidney disease, adrenal disease.
heart failure, stroke, 1 nlarged heart
and blindness
.v vour blood pressure
Checked regularly Ones habits
now can effect hisher live in the
tuture. It one finds out he or she
does have high blood pressure, it
can be easily treated
Come by the Student Health
Center and have your blood pres
sure checked Mo appointment is
necessary and it is FREE
For more information on high
blood pressure and its effect, all
757-6794, or go to the 1 lealth Re
source Room on the sei ond floor
Of the Student Health enter
0 Your I lealth is a weekly
health education and informal
Please dire. 1 any questi
comment r su
I lospital in I nionto in Brooklv n
, v Army Mi di �' 1 rps
� , �� � � � : � !u heliir s degree
from Brookh nollegeoi it I niversity ol Ni w York and his
medical degree from New York I niversity ol Medicine. He
completed a medical internshipat Brookly n ev ish 1 lospital and
an internal medic me resident y at Ni w ork Veterans Admrnis-
"trilldnHospital Htsrnedicalpwp.u.iti6nalsttincludtsfellowships
, . � , MttatMnd Cornell! iniver-
sit m New YorkC ity
Graduate student to accompany
vocal duo at piano recital today
luate -indent in the
al d in a campus
I inda Stallings Smith ol Prin I
h l ul Musi . will accomj
recital set foi lucsday No 27 11 m in the Fletcher Music
i enter Recital I I.ill.
Smith,daughterof.D.and Diana Stallings, isacandidate for
the Master ot Musii di &rce in a. companying and studies piano
tl,Pr John O'Brien of the E I � I irdl iculty SheisanEC I
alumna, h.r. 1 ived her nndei li it legn 1 in 19 11
Performing with Smith are an artist couple, Philip and Beth
I all Philip Stovall a bass-baritone, is visiting artist at Beau
fort ounty Community ollege His wife soprano, has been
on the state's visiting artist roster t ice
Smith will accompany the Stovalls in a pro-ram ol love
songs entitled Fhe Passagi e
I � I Irmn lil Now- Bureau r. pi rts
Crime Scene
Subject caught arrested in Scott
Residence Hall during break
November 21
40 Scot! Residence Hall: report ol suspicious subject on
cond floor; non student transpose I to Magistrates office
November 22
1112 Slay Residence Hall toa I late vehicle was found
withpassi nger window open and keys in ignition another state
vehii le was also found unlocked
November 24
1406 Fleming Residence Hall stopped vehicle after stu
.1, nt had entered and left northeastern private entry door with
curfew key.
1728 Spillman Building report of a possible intruder inside
building; no one was o ated
1837 arrett Residence I lall attempted to notify student
ul damage to vehicle; nocontai 1 was made
is Clement Residence Hall campus citation issued to
uj, nt for stot n iolati �n and speeding.
November 25
1232 F.l 1 ?th streets: stateitation issued to non-stu-
dent for rv license and stop sign violation.
1355 ur campus citation issued to student tor
two one-way stn ct iolations.
1712- Garrett Residence Hall: report ol suspicious male;
irea appeared - ure
1824 loncs Residence Hall campus citation issued to stu-
dent tor speeding.
1912 .arrett and Slay residence halls: investigation ol sto
leu bicvde tires
2016 Scot! Residence Hall campus citation issued to stu
dent for speeding.
214 10th and Elm streets campusi itation issued to subjecl
for speeding
November 26
0156 I'TikmsFine Arts Center (north): report of vandalism
in the area; same was unfounded. .
( rime Scmr i� lakn from oft I I I I'uMu SaM IP
Intramurals will be conta Ul in at
tempts to r,et to the 1 ootet the matter.
(ones s.nd other groups have been
denied A funding because the)
rc-c eive mone troin other campus
Earlier this year, the Pruet iold
Dancer asked for funding status but
were instead given non funding
status because the dance group is
fundedb) the AthlelicI Vpartment,
Jones s.nd
President Allen rhomas said
theallegationsofdual fundingwere
probably hearsay, pointing to the
fact thai he has never heard of teams
lust because some un-
founded rumors begin, that should
not stop us from dome, what we
have dene for years and that
funding the Intramural champioi
rhomas slid.
Bj passing the funding to 1
men steam,theS lAhasnow gi
monej to three flag football tea
to en ttr national comfx-titiondut g
the fall semester. 1 egislatorsdid t
agree whether the St .A hasappi
priated too much mone) to spelts
teams this c ai
1 egislatoi 1 erek Mc rullei
saidthegovemmentshouldcutb.H k
onsui hfundingandconcentrate ��
loftier goals in giving to academic
1 have been in the SGA for
oer a year now and seems that
more and more teams have been
asking for money this year and we
have been giving it to them
U ruller said
"1 think we can use the money
to better uses than to athletic con-
h holas s.nd the- recent pas-
"This year has been no more
than usual: wegive$5,000t0 the IK
(the Inter I ratemity Council). SO 1
don't think what we passed tonight
was minimal comparativelv. Ni-
cholas said.
In other business:
� Kim Faulkner and
Henderickole became new
members of the legislature.
�Constitutions to the lC L
Rehabilitation Council and the E I
Fnsbee team were approved.
� Ix-ta Kappa Alpha,a financial
manae.einent association, waspven
The East
� 1 �
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Progressive Dance Ni(,hi
ow on compact disc
� $1.00 Tall Boys
� $1.00 Kamakazee
� $2.50 Pitchers
(Ladies Free Until 10:30)
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de paralysis, insanity, heart
11lure, destroyed skin and death.
As with anv STDs, syphilis
can be prevented with abstinence
or sate see measures The more
sexual partnersone has, the greater
nsk one has ol catching syphilis
Fven so. protecting yoursell by
using latex condoms with
onoxynol-9 al every sexual en-
o ��.inter can reduce your risk.
To e,et tested or tor more in-
formation, call the Student l lealth
Center, 757-6794; Put County
Health Department, 732-4141 or
the National STD Hotline at 1-800-
i 7 BO?"?
Send a card to 10 or 12
of your closest friends
Help Celebrate
Humor � Sentimental � Friendship
We have them all at
: � �
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a he tniitCLarulinian N tunm 27,1990
:oi.tinued from page 1
On poet I nul h.H'c a n I Honsloy.ot Hillsbtm�u�h,w.i
I vot because ho was not in prol .vhenthepei ch.ii th ono count posso
,i thr .ltrosts I m itionts sion with intent I
, u , i ui -i � i . I 'i lie count and d
I iu. � � neceuntposN
itoclu sion with intent to sell anddelivei
� '� � � ��� LSD on
i i i
� - ivereen
� I
i -I i ,in
ih' i.iiiii' m
v hin
I - a ith intent to sell ai I '�� iml i " '
livei LSD and on count ot con sion with intent to sell and dehvei
Sp,ra , , ,nd deliver I SI marijuana ind one count sell and
Shu l( ' u i.ii i. Va was deiivet mari)u i
. �� � . L-0unts pi irkin, ot I iyi ��� ,ill
. it mti nt to sell and deliver � ' �' '� ' intp
Psiloi hn, two i mints sol! ind '�'� ith intent I ell and del
: � . '� � md oni ml mat ii :
1 ,ni dehvei Psi
� . in'd ' ��;��
. . t tent� md d
. . � .� � �. � ����'

I'll and deiivet
it n�nsplrac t�
v to � � ' � ' '

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i( )ill UK l I I � Nll KSAJO VVI
I His is ()I SAI r!
t l'K MISI K I I'm I tit ! i )' � �.� m I
( I III III Si I - �. . W I I HM
K i; - ' ' '� K 11 I
I VMt I 111 M Wi I M Ml SU Si OKI S Kl (.1 I K
I I i )N N i SSl Ml OK t OMI'A ! DIS I COS
i kii k i k i i'kk i in ; m m sioki
UI Will MI II N D I K ! s 1) s 1 I'KU I I I'ON
1 N � � �. � �

� � � rscys,swea . -
ntruiming athl I .vearbv Russell Athletic, Champion and others. W
� . ilts at prices that! it the catalog showrooms. No matter what your tavorite
,i �� I IHI h tsth . ' i

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� ppJV C ITC fc U 3�'�i�
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Open MonFri. 9-5
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Offices also in Halei�ili.
Chapel Hill. RTF
Wiln nn�ll on

Tbc �aat (Carolinian November27,1990 3
One suspect has not been ar-
rested vet because he was not in
school at the time ot the arrests
made to have that suspect arrested
and charged by authorities in his
The nine suspects were ar-
rested and turned over to 1'itt
Count) magistrates where they
were jailed and secured bonds
were sot from SI 000 to $20 00(1
'We at Public Safet tool that
this scries ot drug related arrests
is not . majoi one ci said
ECl is a good campus in that
respei t
Avon s.nd that rubli� Satot
has had an excellent conviction
record for drug arrests in the past
because theinvestigation,e idence
and cases hav� been very solid.
Public Safety stressed that
ECU does not have a major drug
problem on campus when the per-
centage oi drug-related incidents
is consider ,vl.
The percentage ot drug-re-
lated incidentals very small among
a campus population of 10(X)
students Averv said
The suspects, who range in from 18 to 20, are from seven
different cities in North Carolina
anci uginia
1 udlam ot Roanoke Rapids
was charged with one count pos
session with intent to sell
niar.iuana one count sell and de-
liver marajuana two counts pos
session w iti 'litnt to s.ile I sl
two counts" sale and deliver 1 SI V
one count conspiracy to possess
with intent to saie 1 SD, and one
count conspiracy lo sile and de-
liver LSD.
1 lenslev,ot Hillsborough, was
charged with one count posses-
sion with intent to sell and deliver
Psilocvbm, one count sell and de-
liver Psilocybin, one count posses-
sion with intent to sell and deliver
LSD, one count sell and deliver
LSD and one count conspiracy to
sell and denver Tsilocvbin.
Fraier, of Roanoke Rapids,
was charged with two counts pos-
session with intent to sell and de-
liver marijuana onecounl sell and
deiuer marijuana, one count con-
spiracy to possess with intent to
sell and deliver marijuana and one
veunt ot conspiracy to sell and
deliver marijuana.
Blowe, ot Garvsburg, was
charged with one count posses
sum with intent to sell and deliver
I SP, one count sell and deliver
LSD, one count oi conspiracy to
Continued from page 1
possess with intent to sell and de-
liver LSD and one count of con-
spiracy to sell and deliver LSD.
Shirley, of Vienna, Va was
charged with two counts posses-
sion with intent to sell and deliver
Psilocvbin two counts sell and
deliver Psilocvbin and one count
conspiracy to sell and deliver Psi-
Baker, ot Roanoke Rapids,
was charged with ne count pos-
session with intent to sH ami de-
liver marijuana, one count con-
spiracy to possess with intent to
sell and deliver marijuana and one
count conspiracy to sell and de-
liver marijuana
larrett ot (Irccnsboro, was
Continued from page 1
charged with one count posses-
sion with intent to sell and deliver
marijuana and one count sell and
deitver marijuana
Curkin, ot Fayetteville, was
charged withonecount possession
with intent to sell and deliver
marijuana and one count sell and
deliver marijuana.
Miller, of Hillsborough, was
el. lged withonecounl possession
with intent to sell and deliver l SI
and onecount sell and deliver LSI'
David letterv Stillwagon, ot
Durham, was charged with one
count conspiracy to sell and de
liver marijuana andne count
conspiracy to possess with intent
to soil and deliver marijuana
to seek writtenappro alfrom their
neighbors before applying for a
permit and a stipulation that events
last no longer than tour hours
So you've got a mm h stron
ver ha nolle oi lev ery thing lenkms
said while questioning Mel arley
I hat was the committee's
intent he said
Another stipulation of the new
ommendations does not allow
permits in residential areas, except
tor university greek-organi.vd
Each organization will be al
lowed one permit pet semester.
fhis concession comes after
initial fears that fraternities and
sororities were causing most e!
the problem was proved false by
research conducted b Sgt. Doug
� tl � .reenville Police
I Vrartment.
I was one of the strongest
supporters ot taking, away these
permits from fraternities and so
rorities, and I'll be the first to ad-
mit it Shinn said m reference to
hi ; proposal last year w hk h
abolished noise permits
I lowever,afterconductinghis
research. Sgt. ackson concluded
that fraternities and sororities "are
not the major culprits inthisissue
and that individual tenants are to
blame tor most ot the v iolations.
"We need intensified efforts
to educate students (about the
noise statutes' and increased CO
operation between the university
and the City he said.
Sgt. ackson stressed that
working with students is the key
to a compromise on this situation.
These students should be
appointed to the Tar River Neigh-
borhood Committee as well as
other neighborhood communi-
ties he said
Alan Thomas said he was
positive with the outcome ot
Mondav's meeting
"We now have a better work
ing relationship with the i itv he
said. With the students acting
collectively and responsibly there
should be no problem
However, Thomas s.nd that
students are not well represented
on (itv Council, and next tail's
ele. tionscould reshuffle thepower
structure it enough students sup-
port a student candidate.
We (the students' could be a
major voting block next tall he
said. "And there are a numbei ot
at large seats ion Citv Council)"
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PHONG I UONG Bh �mess Manager
Di bor n Daniels - �:
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he r.tistCurolinian has served ihc East Cai .�.������� . v . 12? ��"
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.� n.ii reserves ihc right loretus � � rty advert isemei u J u i asis of age, sex, creed
jiionaloi (tin Hie masthead editoi ilineacl oiukvs not wcess �- evi-s ofone individual hul rathe
natorm tr n
ic Editorial Board
mitci . I ords � n less
up i ation I
'8JJ orcal
otters o- u v
4 . - ' Mf,(,
� i .�� . � i � � � ng pomisol icw 1 eitcn si n ikl
I brevity � � . a �. .� re sen es ihc nghl ti alters lot
.i u � i�ns Bldg. ECU. GrcenviUe. (
PAGl 4. T: esdAY, N(
27. 1990
Student apathy allows bad policies to exist
It looks like students are again going
to remain silent as university officials
implement policies that directly affect
them. Nothing new: we students at 1VI
have traditionally been that way. Students'
priorities are reversed and our nun-ale is at
an ali-time low.
For some time now, we have know n
the severity oi the budget crunch, includ
Lng the potential effects on our edu atioi
But why did we just sit back and l I our
library hours get shortened and i lass -
cut without any resistance? Are we la; oi
is it that we just don't care.1
It seems the only time we students
Stand up and demand attention is when
our party time gets the axe. Remember thr
march toCity I all last year? W $W3( rtts
rallied and let city offic ials know how we
felt about the Tar River incident and the
City Council's decision to terminate tl i
annual downtown Halloween partv
Eventually, it paid off.
The Citv Coun il established a noise
ordinance committee composed of cit)
and student leaders that have compro-
mised on plan tor noise permits. The re-
action from city officials and students have
both been positive; proving that wl i
conflicts arise, our opinions are taken se-
riously and establish grounds for change.
But what about education? Where are
the rallies and marches? It's as though we
condoned these cuts. Are we not telling
our administrators "cut our education all
you want, but don't you dare touch i :
parties It's obvious, when our education
starts to suffer, we do nothing.
But the problem of students failing to
voice disapproval is not unique to ECU.
Fortunately, other schools in the Univer-
sity oi North Carolina system are moving
to get their voices heard and getting
some results.
Students at Appalachian State Uni-
versity have come together in an effort u
prevent the building of a $24 million Stu-
dent Activities Center. These concerned
students felt that the money should be
applied to academics rather than to a new
gvmnasium especially since $14 mil-
lion ol the S2i million cost was to come
from student fees.
I NC Chapel 1 lill students have also
come together, .is they have done repeat-
edly. (Controversy recently arose over stat-
ues that were erected in front of the student
libran I hestatues were to symbolize stu-
rtts, and what they stand tor. Some call
the statues sexist, others racist, but the
poii ' is that the students are concerned
I the ire voi ing their opinions.
do these other students want to
be heardPossibly to make a difference in
� slacking educational system.
The bottom line is that we students
need to voice our disapproval. We all need
to learn 'now to voice an opinion and to
u hi m t( i address it.
TheStudentC lovernment Association
should make available to students how to
� involved in the university's decision-
m iking process. These legislators are our
ted leaders, and their priority should
be for the student body as a whole, not
certain organizations.
Recently, legislators passed a resolu-
ti . ailing for university officials to re-
consider oyner Library's hours. Thev
wrote a letter to Chancellor Richard Eakin
and Vi( e( Chancellor for Student Life Alfred
Matthews with the resolution.
We students should have an opportu-
nity to voice an opinion prior to a major
dei ision by officials concerning university
policies (such as shortening the library's
trs), rather than complain about it later.
I ike the noise ordinance situation, a com-
promise can be achieved.
University officials are not totally at
fault here. It's up to the students to get
involved. In the absence of student in-
volvement, students have no one to blame
but themselves when university officials
pass detrimental policies.
The solution is for students to get
involved go to meetings, write letters,
etc. Without input from students, our
edu( ation and the education of those who
follow us may be severely jeopardized.
ooncgkn our y"p HAtfRT

M aaoV, we
j j
On the Fringe
Paranoia of words set grounds for troop removal
By rim E, Hampton
t olumnisl
1 WO 'A CCks ago fl . I
Carolinian gave President Bush a
vote of confidence tor hi �
to send troops lo the
Persian Gulf, 'here Aasonedis
senting vote in that editorial board
meeting and it came from on the
The chiMv c V � � against the
majorit) ol my esteemed col
leagues came fron a paranoia ol
words presently bouncing from
the front pageol newspapers and
singing treni the mouth ol the
commander in chiel
The liberal news me lid II I
of thegovernment are using words
1 wish would remaii i i �� here
Here are some exam
I eave escalah m to Mil
Jordan and moving stairs. U iv
build up to weight lifting freaks
and hair conditii nei 1
involvement to soaj :
� � - I utuii :
tton moutl �
M 11,Hit
� word ireasl
� � � � iurrtmi I
them: the i mtexl ol ��� ai
re i need I
gun ho attitude about the (lulf
c nsis and ��:
�� lOadditional I S tn : I I
nothing more thans n
situation. It mei ' i the
flame undernc ith
I lussein, prompting the
troops b
rhusmak.ii the threat i
v. ir mon eminent
An estimated 41 percent ol
meru an public ha n �� � i
t ions about '�
Bush - � �
Manv peopli
sei vativi in I
-vis battli � . �'� it ire wel
� �
� that I S

�in in iblc anil an n '
' �
confli ' 'n Iraq ind
1 �.
� t 16s Sidewinder
i pc r 10 n I
� theworld
ma tx '
: i wen
: .� � m tl � - tVorld
� � .
� in the 1
� � travestj -aiJ I S
ist I ingli ��. .i'
rn ti ' th�
reland s
I �
nsonu fV8, wasto
� � . land
. � � � t�n. V th ut con
, Johnson
� Troops . ig
Educational system fails minorities
By Darek McCullers
Lditorul C olumnisl
rhere is no question that tl
educational s) stem is not working
for black student- Some analysts
lay the burden on the schools and
not the individuals Critics say
that they are caused by "the in-
ability to reach and teach great
numbers ol black bo) S, who then
go on to unsuccessful futures
marred bv joblessness, poverty,
and crime
Reformers in lllinoissay that
more than halt ol black males in
Chicago high schools never
graduate, while 29 percent of black
malesages 20-21 have served time
in the Cook County ail last year.
These reformers also said that
black men nationwide stand a one
in 21 chance oi being murdered.
About 30btackboysat Jensen
Scholastic Academy in Chicago
attend special weekly classes in-
tended to build their sell esteem.
provide them with male role
models and teach them about At
ncan history. The Milwaukee
school system will open an el-
ementary and school system that
is geared towards nurturing and
educating black males.
I must disagree with these
approaches for several reasons
First of all, such programs foster
isolation and separation rhese
students are being singled out
from other students because ol
their race. This shouldn't bo done
for blacks, whites Native Ameri-
cans, whatever.
Second, it denotes a sense ol
inferiontv Lne could take the
logic that if black males are
onlv ones having trouble in ou:
natii m s schools, thev must tx n
:� � ior
The Milwaukee experiment
is bordering on being unconstitu-
tional because even though there
is open enrollment, it is bask ally a
separate school. 1 agree with
Malcom sapproach during his
lasttew years. We must recognize
as he did that the troubles that
plague African-Americans are not
lust black problems, they are hu
man problems. Main students,
both bla k and white are ha ing
problems and we must seek an-
I would be in favor ol tree
after-school academic enhance
men! programs such as ones that
are implemented in the Wake
( ounty Public Schools extended
day programs. It also helps
eliminate the problem ol latch-key
children The program in Wake
( ounty is not as academically
oriented and intensive as 1 would
like to see it it sbased more on run
activities. Also, it is onlv available
at only a few schools
In addition to such a pro
gram. 1 would also be in favor ot
extra-curricular or programs eut-
sideot school that teach black stu-
dents about their heritage, pro-
vide opportunities tor mentors,
and provide special support. I
think the public school should help
private and philanthropic organi-
zations begin such programs
In Washington, DC. a group
ot black men have adopted a local
public school and become surro
gate lathers to bovs growing up in
is and singlc-
This is great be
words ol Haki
ti. a nation ill km iw n
essavist teacher and
lisher It is the responsibility
of mei �� men but primarily
il with the problems ot
- nen "he school
� m ill but signifi-
cant part m addressing the prob-
isofbla keducation. However,
it is more important that the)
dress thi problems of American
eciiu ation
ressiw but pn
ate � � � in hide Rites ot
Passage which uses the tradition
ol African rituals and principles
that mark stages of growth and
development to inspire young
black men to excellence. Con-
cerned Black Men Incorporated
h as developed a mentor s program
entitled Project 2000. Successful
bla k men have committed to be-
ing role models to the same
voungsteruntil the year 2000 This
isoneol the best programs I know
be, aus mentor's must be long-
term not short to be effective I
could even see a limited amount
ol seed money gome, to such pro
Mthough, these programs
jrc excellent thev will not solve
the pr. ibtem These major societal
problems v ill not be solved with-
out a v hangeot values Education
must go higher on the totem pole
We must realize and esteem the
words ot Timothv who said that
'we must stuck to show ourselves

ghtgagt(garulinian November27.19905
Civil Rights activists need to vocus on
proposed three-tier diploma system
Letter to the Editor
process needs
to be updated
ro the Editor
�s class registration came
and went tins year, l was re
lieved to be a senior who no
Ion. id to fighl long lines
lasses that had ahead) been
filled And
! was as a freshman, why ECU
has not swift hod to theTRACS
system tor registering.
Registration does not have
to be hell for the students and
the faculty that operate the com-
puters. 1 used the TRACS svs-
tern tor registering summer
school classes at N.C. State Uni-
versity in Mav W and I was
amazed at how simple it was.
Each student receives a TIN
number according to hisher
rank (Freshman. Senior, etc).
Then on the students designated
day, such as a Monday for Se-
niors, studentsgraba touch tone
phone and register tor classes.
If the line is busy they just
call back. TRACS opens at 7
a.m. and closes down at mid-
night. With TRACS. there are
no lunch hours for students to
sit through or classes to be
missed. Everything the student
needs to register with is at home,
meaning the students can eat
lunch or dinner, watch TV, or do
homework while registering,
and it also gets the students out
of the faculty's hair so thev can
do other work.
It is time for IX U to update
By Darek McCullers
Editorial Columnist
Asa voting man that's about
to enter the power structure of
America, I've watched the
progress of the Civil Rights
movement with great interest.
At the conclusion of Recon-
struction, we focused on enfran-
chisement through economic de-
velopment (embodied in the
works ot Booker T. Washington).
From the turn of the century to the
early 1950s, this Cocas changed to
selective litigation .taiA test cases.
After the Brown vs. Topeka Su-
preme Court decision and the
Montgomery Bus Boycott, the fo-
cus changed to mass enfranchise-
ment through government inter-
This movement was against
the basic foundation of America
which was Jeffersonian Democ-
racy Nevertheless, it was needed
During the Republican Era
of the 1470s and HOs, the focus
moved to voter registration and
political representation. However,
during the mid to late lHOs, the
movement suffered a lag
During this period of lag,
the nil Rights front seemed to be
suffering froma lackot leadership
and direction. Being a part of the
Raleigh Wake AACT, I can un-
derstand wh they don't re-
plenish their leadership. Although
there are youth chapters, of which
I was a part, the members are pa
tronized and thev are not really
allowed to be involved
They are also focusing on
finding some miraculous national
solution through litigation and
once again, a "big government
which is the wrong approach.
Thev should be looking to the
A proposal by the North
Carolina board of Education to
move to a three-tiered diploma
system is a prime opportunity for
Civil Rightsacti vists to show what
thev are made of. It is something
that members should be fighting
with all of their life.
Under this proposal, stu-
dents would be given a basic, vo-
cational and technical, or college
preparatory degrees. This seems
to be a part of the reform move-
ment which is calling for better
public schools and higher college
admission standards. If such a
system passed, it will be
instnnsically racist (whether in-
tentional or not).
Although I believe minority
students should have to make the
grade or suffer the consequences,
this is somewhat extreme Studies
have indicated that manv schools
"track students Unfortunately,
many black studentsareclassified
or attempted to be classified as
slow learners, when thev are not.
Tracking must be eliminated, and
this system would only perpetu-
ate it
Tracking can be eliminated
bv several methods. First, the use
of standardized tests (particularly
in primary educational levels) as
the meter of educational capabil-
ity must be eliminated. I favor a
"education profiling" system in-
Second, teachers must be
better trained to meet the needs of
different students. The money
spent on specialists is often extra-
neous, and it should be reduced.
Finally,classroom sizes must
be reduced. I see this occurring
through building more schools
that would be more community-
Manv people object to this
proposal, including the State Su-
perintendent of Public Instruction,
Bobby Ethndge. He said that,
"What you're saying is you're
going to track kids early on
Ethndge believes that we
should raise the standards for all
students. I agree with his position.
Currently, there is a North Caro-
lina Scholars program which is an
incentive for students who com-
plete 22 credits (as opposed to 20)
� thev receive a special seal on
their diploma
Ethendge argued that this
does not segregate or track stu-
dents like separate diplomas do.
But we don't need separate diplo-
mas This same program already
exist in six states
What we need isan increased
standards tor all students, and
perhaps more magnet school pro-
grams siKh as the one exists
in Wake County.
This is one battle that I think
it would be perfectly right tor Civil
Rights Activists to fight
Continued from page 4
i;a e the game plan a nod and well
on 11 know the rest
But we didn't lose Vietnam,
� i says in A fish Named Wanda,
we tied Americans, particularly
U S. prvsideiu don't like playing
lor a tie tnd e don't much like
losing itner, so the second string
issentm when the starter are tack-
ii the killing holds. Then the
third string
While the recent build-up
i an t yet be compared to Vietnam,
main of us.iveragetolkare never
theless already slating a
ii lion it and when the Per-
sian.ult i risis swings into a full-
. ale (ontlii t
So how do we remedy the
�Increase diplomatic dia-
logue. If Jesse lackson can via his
own free-will convince the Iraqis
to release hostages, then an in-
tense effort directed by U.S. dip-
kmats could urge a peaceful so-
� Stick with the economic
sanctions. Iraq imported roughly
40 percent of its rice, the country's
main staple, from America, but
not any more. Sanctions proved to
have influence on South Africa's
turn-about, even though the
change in policy took years and
the turn-about went awry.
�Patience: a virtue even in
today's drive-thru world. Who
should decideexactly what it takes
to provoke the U.S. into war1
Surely a room full of 100 corrupt
senators would have more pa-
tience than one Kennebunkport
fishman and a crew of trigger
happy advisers.
�Stop using scary word s like
fhey were everyday STtlff. Escala-
tion, build-up, deep involvement
and Desert Shield should all he
banned from the news Further
more these wordsshould be struck
from Bush's vocabulary even as
we attempt to read his lips.
�Rethink America's Most
Wanted List. Dethrone Saddam
from the top psition and place
the Keating Five as multi-leaders
of the pack.
Keep informed of
issues, events and
people affecting ti
ECU campus and
�S ft
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student C enter in the Social Room
lom us as we address some of these
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vou can do to make a difference. Ev-
eryone is welcome
The Society for the Advancement of
Management elected officers for the
November 1990 to March 1991 term
on November 13. Erin List was elected
as President She is a Senior from
Washington, NC Don Baker, a Senior
�� �: t zabeth City, was elected I �
� Vice President Edith l ima
� � �� m: u klir V ,waselo led
� , ice Presidenl DfFui d R lisinj
. I allawa) isei iorfromHavel �
was named Vice Presidenl oi Merr
bership ndStewartEsposito,asenior
fr( feieigl was elected Vkx-Presi-
len! ol Pi grams x Promol i
SAM isaninten ational student orga
� ��� tl �' pn "� ides ar opporti mit
q I isiness studt nts to learn m n
.� thi practical aj or ol
management in the business world
We are presentlj seeking new mem-
bers Anyone who is interested in
joining SAM may come by General
( lassroom 5108 to receive an apj
i rnt : is to develop a wide
arra oi management skills
There will be a mandaton full mem-
bership meeting of all ECF volunteers
in c.c B 1031 1 he meeting should last
until 74. pm. Also, the annual Holi-
day parts- will be held Sunday, IV
iember 2 in MSC Multi-Purpose room
at3p m Volunteersshouldtrytobring
change for videos, etc. For further into,
contact vour Group leader or am
member of the Executive Council It
vou are not attending either of the
events, contact our Director of Ser-
vices immediately.
The public is invited to hear the forum
address the issue of a child's right to
life and a compassionate approach to
helping women through ensis preg-
nancies Speaking to this forum will
be Susan Refer, Counsel for the
Southeast Region of Americans United
for l ire; Don McRinney, minister of
thoMt PlcasantChnstianChurch;and
Dr.DfckDouglas,OB-GYN The mod-
erator mil be Professor Phillip Adler
from ECU. The program begins at7
pm. in Jenkin's Auditorium on
Wi iuV-a v, November 28. Sponcored
by ECU Students for Life and Pitt
County Right ot Life. Questions call
The NAECU will meet tomorrow,
November 28,1990 at 6 p.m. at 203 Elm
St Apt. 5. For more information or
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November 27,1990
�M JLaflt Carglinian
Mini-series brings
horroi; novelty to
network television
It' explores prime-time limits
B Stuarl Oliphant
siistant t ditoi
'o Is markil a rant) for net
time television when
I thefirstpartofthetwoparl
it What makes'It" rare
networks usuallvelo
not 1 �; i in a made ' i
, n movie rhe main reason for
� ��. rk ; !�� T in-
indards that limit the
� � gpre in a
i tnetworkgutdelines
m I ee Wallace (1 la!
, . � � theWiU h)proved
edoni rfb
hesei nnd King
- � � rt(
� which aired
� ifsevenDerry,
� �, rcestoi om
. nster that
isdi � � � vorlds ai
� the miniseries finds
� nvn with
. �
Ihood in
Mikel - ' I im
�� � �

in was 1'inu vim s performance as
Pennvwise the monster's favorite
form v urry, who many may remem-
ber as 1 tankenlurter in 'The Rockv
llonoi Picture Show, did an excel-
lent job in capturing the deceptive
nature of "It"
V cording to an article in the
o Iftissueof Entcrtahvnent Weddy,
um said, "We wanted to find a face
jolly and seductive that could him in
,i second to really mean, rhedown is
a kmd ot bask image that children
trust 1 m subverting one of tin cozier
images in the world Pennywise's
appearancein thestonmdrain is tei-
monv to urry s special flair for sub-
Phe director Wallace, did not
follow km s novel in strict accor-
dance but he did manage to capture
i ase with the storm dram mauling,
"he first part ot the mmisenes
. b tar the best. Performances
given by child actors: Jonathan
Brandis (Bill Denbrough), Brandon
(:rane(Benl lanseome),EnPerkins
Kaspbrak) Seth Green (Ritchie
rozici Ben Heller (Stanley Uris),l
Marlon laylor -Alike i lanlon) and
anvd Blanchard (Henrv Bowers),
helped to make me first parta success
stand-out performance was
ird's portraval ot the stinker
� y � � sconstantharassrnent
ol thegnuipand bully antics, which
hosts young
comic talent
By Sheri-Lynn Jernigan
Staff Writer
included calling them the "Loser's
Club was wry effective in showing
his unique brand of psychotic hate.
During the first part of "ft
Wallace created an atmospheresimi-
lartoanotherWngadaptation, "Stand
By Me Like Stand By Me the
youths in "It" share a dreadful secret
and a strong bond of friendship But
in contrast, "Stand By Me" dcx-s a
much better job in the area of charac-
ter development
Thesecondpartof 'If exhibited
many shortcomings when a mpan i
to the novel It seemed obvious that
Wallace experienced a problem in
reassembling the group for their final
confrontation with It
In the novel King goes to great
lengths in his descriptions of each
member's life away from Deny, and
alsoot each member's Itinspired neu-
rosis The movie ignored a good
p rtn m of King's "everything but the
kitchen sink" stvleofexplanationand
description This exclusion was ben-
eficial as far as length wasconcemed.
but the movie still left a lot of unan-
swered questions.
See It. page 9
Students sit on the floors, stood
in the hall wavs and crowded around
small tables Tuesday night to see twi i
professional comedians pcrformand
to win pnes at the former Coffee
house, now the Undergn wind, spon-
sored bv the Suden4 Union Coftee-
house Committtv. headed by Chair-
person Patrick Kenncy
Almost even member of theau-
dience sit on the edge i t their scats
waiting tor the next joke in Fred
Dokom'sroutine, while munihingon
free popcorn and sipping free non-
alcoholic mixed dnnks
Dekhom. a comedian from 1 os
Angelespenedthosho withsmall
given awav.
Heo'iitinueil withs. v jokessay-
ing the last time he had SC ���.as wh n
he was wearing boll bottoms, when
thev were m style, last week in Ala
ha ma
Females wiped tears fr
eyes when Dekhom warned .itvm
pregnant women. 1 ie said a woman
will ust her stomach as a weapon
making demands threatening that at
anv minute her stomach could blow
havedonein thefirst place Whisties
and shoutei hfied throughout the 1. n
He reallv gets excited when he
seesawomaneatingoystersj tekhom
continued Ihatmeansshe llputany-
thing in her mouth.
See Underground pacj
Billy Idol searches for 'the buzz of llxe'
By Fnda Gundersen
Cannot News Service
Billy Idol is screaming down
the highway on a motorcycle. He
is blindfolded I'he brakes screech,
and he stops inches short of a sheer
drop. His voice booms: "Riding
my life like a runaway train
Idol's new "Prodigal Blues"
video isn't just breathtaking film-
making. It's a chilling autobiogra-
phy. The song, from his current
(harmed Life" album, explores
the 54-year-old rocker's struggle
between reckless abandon and re-
Which side wins out? Neither
Nine months after a near-fatal
motorcycle crash that nearly
scuttled his career, Idol revels in
rebellion. 1 le's riding his 1 larley
Davidson again.
'You want the buzz ot life,
the feelingof danger that gets your
adrenalin going he sa s before a
recent concert. "At the same time,
you don't want to throw your life
laving on the edge sharpens
songwriting skills, he says. "To
tnul the ultimate emotion vou need
t i pinpoint it to such a degree that
it Hows vou away, whether it's
love or pain or greed. To write
about it, vou have to experience it.
It would be nice and sate to sit at
home with the old pipe and slip-
pers, but how many songs can you
write about that?"
This has been a year of mixed
blessings and uncountable
ironies tor Idol. "Charmed Life,
the title and death references
eerily foreshadowing fate, was
completed only hours before
Idol's crash. And while a limb-
shattering accident usually paves
the way tor lifestyle alterations
Idol didn't need a catalyst. He-
had already abandoned drugs
and other destructive habits after
the 1988 birth of his son, Willem
Wolf Broad.
See Idol page 8
Holiday movies open with 'Home Alone'
� . . r�� ivai ,o,irths, in learn Niniits
By Bill Eggbert
Staff Writer
You experienced it a lot when vou were a kid being
unappreciated and persecuted by a tribe of brutes who obviously
bought you from Gypsies. Sometimes, when it got reallv bad. you
wished vour familv would just disappear.
Tha't'sexactlv what KevintMacaulavCulkinidoesm(��
and (of course) his wish comes true. A series of mishaps causes
Kevin's parents to leave him behind as they scramble to the airport
for their holidav in Pans. While his frantic mother makes her n a
from Pans back to Chicago, Kevin makes the most o( his time,
gorging on junk food, learning to be independent, and torturing
Sure the plot is unrealistic, (it's downright surreal when you
think about it), but who's looking for realism in a John Hughes
production id. Uncle Buck And hell, it turtles can learn m)ttsu,a
kid can survive for a few davs on his own. The point is that director
Chris Columbus (Adventure? in Babysitting) creates an improbable
vet (sort of) explainable situation dripping with comic potential
Columbus takes advantage of the absurd situation, tilling the
film with short bits and slapstick mixed with some sophisticated
humor that kids won't get but adults will, (sort of like a bugs Bunny
cartoon). Most of the humor is admitable geared toward children,
but its well-timed and creative enough to amuse adults who have a
well-rounded sense of humor. The slapstick which domi-
nates the second half of the film is, well, slapstick. Either you 11 like
it or vou won't.
Kids will tikeit. Anvone who can remember being a kid will like
it Pompous, anal-retentive adults who hatched trom eggs won't
The beating that the burglars take admitablv stretches believabihtv
See Alone, page 9
Balboa saga reaches proper stopping point
P,v Jack Carner
Cuiiu-t N�wa Service
, r would have believed it. but there is still a bit
Ifigl hn Rocky, rhe latest chapter in Sylvester
undulj long agaol Rocky Balboa actually
ments that work. But, relax, the ever-present
� i ! the series turns sappy, and the plot of
. � umbs to crowd pleasing theatrics.
V, ildsen. who won anV ar for directing the
Ckj r. turns to helm one of the films in the
�th.tirst time smo'the debut 'Mranwhile.hes
playing nrith his own Junto? Level Rocky bv
lirecbng the "Karate Kid" film series '
though cause and-erfcCl are hard to determine,
Ism's return marks a darker swing in the Rocky
, welcome return 10 some of the textures and
flavor Mttheppularong.nal It mavalsoKMhat actor
writer Sylvester StaBone was simply in a more reflec-
tive sentimental mood.
ky b rimattiieexactpoimwhereItockyl
ended, with Rocky rallving from a big deficit to knock
out the awesome Soviet champion in Moscow. Rocky's
return home to Philadelphia brings two major pieces of
bad news, however: The aging tighter has suffered
serious brain damage m the Russian fight, and risks
death it he ever fights again; and his accountant has
squandered all his previous winnings, leaving the
champ in a sea of red ink.
Thus. Rocky must retire, even while he has a definite
nee 1 n n more cash. His Main Line mansion goes up for
sale, and he is forced to retreat to the
Philly ghetto of his past. His wife, Adnan,evengets her
old job back at the pet store.
Rockv and Adrian are constantly pestered by a big-
time promotor named George Washington Duke (an
obvious and amusing take by actor Richard Gant on
real-life promotor Don King). Duke wants to match
Rockv agai nst a boy from his own stable in hopesof one
more big payday. Although tempted, Rocky shows
remarkable restraint, and turns, instead, toa new career
as manager of a ingratiating young farm-boy fighter
named Tommy Gunn
Duke weasels his way into Tommy's contract, how-
ever, and sets the boy up as a way to get at Rocky,
leading to an inevitable confrontation between the old
champ and the new voung Turk. 1 say inevitable,
because this is, after all, a "Rocky" him. "Rocky V"
could have been different, and better, though, if Stallone
and company had the courage to rind a plot that would
avoid fisticuffs
in the finale. It's already been established, for Pete's
sake, that the Rock has brain damage.
But, no, the Rockv series takes the easy way out, even
if it's illogical and sill v.
Still, the first hour of "Rocky V" includes several
effective sequences, marked by Stallone's best acting
since his first try at Balboa. Taking the character back to
the streets, and having him sutfer through the realiza-
tion that his career is over were smart and interesting
plot developments. And the brief reappearance by his
late trainer, Mickey (Burgess Meredith), as a guardian
See Saga, page 9
Jill Ctwrry - ECU Photo Lab
Rak'in and Biow'in
of keeping the cascade of leaves in check

S Ub �aat glarolinian November 27,1990
This Week in Film
'Messy Marvin Willis provide
holiday exitement at Hendrix
The Student I mon Films Committee will present a diverse
selection of movies this week including a trench drama, an
action packed movie and a Christmas show
Vhocolat" isCUir Denis's tirst film, a semi-autobiographi
cal look at lite in the waning years of France's colonial rule of
ameroon Set in the late 5tte "Chocolat" explores the delicate
balance ot relationships in the home ot distrut officer Marc
Datens (Franaos Culzet) and his beautiful wife Aimee (Giulia
Bt�schi),a�seenmroughtheeyesof their young daughter 1 ranee
(Ceole Ducasse) Living in a stark, and Third World country is
traughl with plenty ot dail) tensions and discomfort oppres
si ve heat, flounshmghugs and reliance on generators for powei
llus is compounded b the frequent absences ot Mark, whose
duties as father and husband aresecondarj tohisdistrictrespon
sibilities. His role as father is somewhat adopted by Protee
llsaach de Bankole), the Palms handsome black house servant
who is adored b) France Aimee beautiful but bored channels
her abundant energy iim� ferocious overhauls ot the kitchen and
garden, while supprcssmg tier sexual attraction to Protee V hen
the attraction is finally made explicil Protee's angry rejection of
Mmee results in his demotion to the garage and his ultimate
betray al ot oung 1 ran e
1 he 1 lard 11 is another a, tion yM ked rip roaring sequel
that is just as �ood I it not bettei I than the box office phenomenon
Die Hard Bruce Willis again saves the world from the hands
of a terrorist takeovei rhanks to this lesus likemartyr who risks
his life to save the da we can all sit back and breath a sigh of
rebel knowing that we have such competent poisons on oui
police force across America So it you like a lot ot violence and
suspense that keeps you on the edge ot your seat then thisisa
movie vou don t want to mis
Christmas Story starring the infamous "Messy Man in
is one ot the most hilarious childhood films ever created This
tilni s theme isab nil thesilly anticsand maturation processes ue
all experience in our childhood years But more specifically it is
a portraval ot Mess Marvin's' undying desire for a Red Ryder
air-rifle Mthough his mother warns the boy that he will shoot
hiseyeout, hefinally obtains his dream possession on hristmas
day only to sell inflict a BB wound in his rhis film is a
C hristmas clasSK that is perfoi t for both adults and children
C hov olat" will be show n m I lendnv I'heatreen Wednesday
o 28at8p.m Die Hard II on Thursday No ' through
Saturday Dec. 1 at 7 and 9 p.m and Christmas Story onDo�
2 Admission to all Student I mon Films is tree with an EC I
student ID bearing a current semester activity sticker For more
program information call thi Student Union office at 75 4 15
I he Student I mon I ilms C ommittee would like to thank
I asl coast ideo in tin- review ot these films
Continued from page 7
"I became a life-bringer as
well as someone who had thrown
himself out on the edge he says.
"With fatherhood, 1 experienced
unselfish love. At the same time, 1
kept the wild things that made me
tick. It's all in 'Charmed life
Without abandoning his fa-
miliar rock bluster, "Charmed
Life" departed from the hedonis-
tic world view Idol embraced
"I was able to show slightly
different emotions and attitudes,
my true personality rather than
the MTV cut-out
1 le says "Charmed 1 He's
mature themes prove "that I'm rw t
a flash in the pan
Recently linked with MTV's
Downtown lube Brown, Idol
maintains friendly ties with his ex-
girlfriend and Willem's mother,
Perri Lister.
"We're great friends. We've
go! a sensible attitude toward
(child custody) We realized a child
needs the love of his parents, and
it would be absolutely ridiculous
to tight over him. We'd never use
him as some sort of hostage
1 le's not eager to have more
children at the moment, but "it
anyone out there fancies having
one and 1 don't have to pay a tor
tune, 1 might do it
Recent energies have been
devoted to concerts (after touring
Europe, he'll do a second IS leg
in the spring) and looking toward
his next album.
"I'll probably go back to
some really raucous rock n' roll
he says. "Mon- crashing guitars
and drums, not so much intro-
He's also looking forward to
the release of Oliver Stone's ! he
Poors in which Idol, camou
Raged in a long wig and goat
makes his screen debut as a film-
maker friend ol Doors singer im
Morrison Idoi'slonghospital stay
deprived him ot a meatier role
was King in bed
the script thinking ' hn-
going to be thefo I i
movie ever and vou could ha
been in it, you ass! m ! th
was fantastic that hvi
concerned about my injury than
whether 1 could b .hi
I'm glad hefound
His tin! I
Morrison - in m I
detoured from s
Inform it
After leaving British punk Jg SUPltanQ
outfit Generation X, Idol built solo l
tame with hits like "White Wed
ding "Flesh tor Fantasy" and
"Mony Mony his tirst No. 1
single. 1 le became a consummate
pop star, with punk trappings
spiky bleached hair studded
leather garb, a fish-hook sneer,
raised lists.
"I've still got a punk rock
attitude he says. "The punks
didn't letcareerdemands interfere
with the music
He bristles at charges that
his lyrics demean women.
"They've got it all wrong
about me hesays. "In 'Rebel Yell
I'm talking about the modern
woman's rebellious nature, lhe
second verse savs. 'Shedoesn'tlike
slavery, she won't sit and beg'
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3212 South Memorial Drive
Office Hours:
8.00 AM - 8.00 P.M. Motl-Rl
8fi0 AM � 4:00 P.M. Sat
L �
? 1
�' w
George Klein, MD. FA AFP
Henrietta Williams Ph.D.
NoAppotntma tNacMsary
� , . ��� Pa r.r
In ill New '�� I ���� �
� ubru .ih I � required
�fce t S Fill I' tnsmissu nFlu �
- i k& Fu �"� �� ��'��� Fluid
� . Bi ;�.��
�� . I dlPowet
� Check & FUt Wtndi wWoshei
� � 6 Utt � � � I" � � '�
. ti I �
I iimpi
led t Kathleen Moone
Metal Notes
Weltomo back hoadbano rs' I hopeeveryoneTvaoa roefcm
! h.mksgu ing break'
Slaughter has issued a liv� five song IT titled "Stickitl ive
! he songs were recorded at shows during the summer in Nash
ville and Knoxville. Tenn and in Atlanta Ga rhe collection
includes "Burnm Bridges Eye to Eye "Fly to the Angels,
UpAUNighf and "Loaded Gun from their platinumdebut I P
'Slit k it to a
The London Quireboys I ittieCaesarartd Extreme willteam
up tor a tour this month
Honda outfit Lillian Axe has ivw lineup 1 he band has
gamed the bashing hands ol former Dirty Looksdrummer iene
Barnettand bassist Darren Del atte. Now that the) have severed
all ties with their management and K Records the Axe plans
to shop their new demo tape to record labels and hope to record
,i new album in the months ahead
Ever wonder where metal quartet Company ot Wolves got
thou unusual name? lhe band are actually members ol the
Adopt a Woll progam at the Woll 1 laven sanctuary in lemino.
Wash rhe sanctuary was founded to protect wolves in the wild
and sa e abandoned animals � alist K t brewer says that the
band is environmentally conscious and believes in drawing
attention to important issues like the wolves (See rockers are
I le too!)
1 er Mother's Nightmare a tour man semi-thrash band
from Maryland is now visible via their second video "I oveCan
Make You blind
On Headbanger's Ball, there's a whole slow of new videos
that have beenonheavy rotation lately rhey include Warrant's
I saw Ked Queensryche s best Ian Slayer's "War En-
semble strvper - Two Time Woman Anthrax's "In My
World King's X It's Love and Lynch Mob's Wicked Sen
sation '
san Francisco thrashers Death Angel is now going by th
nameol D.A. Ytu car cati h their second video "Room V ith a
iew from their 1 'Ai t III on M T
t ayettev ille s wn street Lethal ro ked the night away .it the
Switi h in Raleigh a ample weeks ago 1 or the members of Street
lethal it was M especially big night the band showcased for
Showtirrw ageru H Showtime liked their act, 1 ethal will soon
hit the road touring the Southeast tor the next tew months
Indiana rockers Sweet I .A. will be featured in The East
next week WZMB Program Director John Rae and I
joined sweet I A in Raleigh over rhanksgiving break tor an
aw some interview and an impressive live show at the Switch
Wi 11 bring you newsaboul their excellent debut album "Stick to
Your Guns and we'll tell m how John sweet I A vocalist
Steven DeLong m I got lost in Raleigh before showtime, but
managed to get back to the Switch after an hour or so' Don't
forget, next week in The East Carolinian EC! meets Sweet I A
wind maybe we II tell vou what the I A. stands tor')
Suicidal Tendencies will play the Boathousein Norfolk, Va
onNo 29 Living Catour will rock the Boathouse on Dec 8. lor
ticket information call (804) b22-bW
Hrehouse will be at the Switch on No HI For more
information call (919)832-5411
l ntil next week, don't give up an inch!
The East
Carolinian is
applications for
a computer
layout artist.
Please stop by
the office for

$2.00 OFF
We Have You Read) In Minutes - No ppmntim-nt
Compiled b l)iv DcMiaa N�vgl�l
Look for Cam pus Voice on Thursday


�he �ant (Earoltnian November 27.1990 9


Referring to unpleasant kinds of
(pod, such as oysters, Dekhom sucl
o.i ting bed tongues must be the worst
food to eat. 'It's like French kissing a
bull he added, while moving his
UMigueinarcular motions outside his
Spam is another nastv food,
Dekhocn said. But college students
Yti uldn't know because thev can only
afford Alpo, he said.
After telling nxiR'nkesaNnit the
Continued from page 7
misenesof doctor examinations, Ala-
bama, se, and cops, Dekhom threw
Kuk his head of long, curly hair arid
said goodnight
The audience, eager k r nx re en-
tertainment, welcomed Mark De
Shira, a comedian and musician from
Alahima,withapplauseand screams.
His comic style was more re-
served, with few bodily and facial
movements, and he spoke at a slower
pace, partiv due to his Alabama ac-
He said peopledo not
he's from Alabama anymore, ever
since he had the banjo removed from
hisknee. DeShrra siid it wasa painful
operation. The banjo was malignant.
1X Shira added that Alabama
had a new television show called This
Old Trailer, starring Billy-Bob Villa.
De Shira criticized smokers, es-
pecially those sitting in front of him.
"Yeah, just blow that smoke right in
my face he shouted "1 want to work
on this rumor as hard as 1 can
Seconds later, he pulled out a
package of cigarettes and started
smoking. Hcsaid theplasticcovcrson
cigarette packages werecondoms that
protect the cigarettes from cigaraids.
De Shira also talked some about
current events. Hcsaid ECU students
must not keep us with the news since
thev re-elected fesae Helms. 'Td vote
for a dill pickle before I'd vote for Jesse
Helms he said. There were obvi-
ously no Helms supporters at the Un-
the loudest reaction of laughter of the
entire night.
De Shira asked the audience
which ECU sorority wasthe "BigHair"
sorority. He said every college has
one, where all the girls do things to
their hair that hair doesn't naturally
ti the limit. Any one of Kevin's
. ibo Heal booby traps would send
any burglar to the hospital or, at
the very least, to a different house1.
� t then if you want realism watch
a locumentary.
As one would expect from a
( hristmas movie. Home Alone in-
dulges in some pretty thick senti-
mentaltsm, mainlv dealing with
family reconciliation (surprise).
Kevin first celebrates when his
family disappears, but eventually
misses them and wishes them back.
� sappy but well-handled subplot
involving the spooky next-door
neighbor and his alienated son fol-
' ws Hughes' theme. Home Alone
- also a coming ot age story.
Kevin begins the film as your
basic, clueless, dependent child
who takes his family tor granted.
Bv the end of the film, he is rela-
tively self-sufficient, he has over-
come most o his fears, and he
misses his family not because tie's
dependent on them, but because
he realizes that they're just kind ot
nice to have around the house.
The acting in Home Alone is
energetic and cartoonish, reminis-
cent of A Christmas Story. Ke in's
parents, fohn Heard (the coffee
achieving corporate weenie in Big)
and Catherine CHara (the neu-
rotic, pseudo-artist mother in
Bettlejuice) move from neglectful
sell concern to genuine parental
Continued from page 7
commitment so naturally that you
(almost) forgive them for leaving
Kevin behind to begin with. You
will certainly empathize with the
hell they go through trying to se-
cure a ticket backacrossthe Atlan-
tic three days before Christmas.
Whether or not you enjoy
1 tome Alone depends on your at-
titude. If you walk in wanting to
have fun and laugh at sophomoi
gags that you've never lost your
tastefor,then you'll have a ball. If
you walk in wanting to prove how
sophisticated you are by looking
down your nose at contrived plots
and juvenile humor, you'll prob-
ably still laugh when you don'l
think anybody's looking
Continued from page 7

ECILStudent Union
angel, works well despite the senti-
"Rocky V is less suet essful when
it explores the ups and downs of
Balboa's relationship with his
glowing son. The script beo wnes all
toobvious when the fighter-tumed-
manager begins to focus attention
on Tommy Gunn, and ignores the
emotional needs of his son. Seeing
�he young boy with a cigarette dan-
gling from his lips, hanging out on
the comer with hoods, is simply too
Still, Stallones real son, Sage,
makesa respectable debut ina fairly
substantial role. With more sensi
tive writing that more full) explored
the father-son relationship Sage
might have been even more im-
Meanwhile, the rest of the old gang
are back, including Talia Mure, as
theever-more exasperated Adrian;
and Burt Young, as the most ob
noxious supporting�. haracter in the
history of extended film sequels,
Adrian's bore ot a brother. Pauhe.
Will there be more Rocky films?
Who knows. For what it's worth,
the end of "Re kyV seemsKkethe
ideal place to put a final "finis Ow
can only hope.
Rated W .13, with the strong vio-
lence associated with boxing.
( opywrite 1990, USA
rOD V' Apple, ollege
Information Network.
A Continued from page 7
Another problem with 'It was
�he second part's casting, which in
iided Richard Thomas (Bill
Denbrough), Annette O'Toole
� try Marsh), John Ritter (Ben
; i mscomelTimReid' MikeHanlon).
Harry Anderson (Ritchie Tozier).
Dennis Christopher (Eddie
- aspbrak), Richard Masur (Stanley
ns) and Michael Cole (I lenrv Bow-
rs The familiar television actors
ver seemed to develope their
Wallace handled the ending weft
a bit of a let down due to King's use if
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� :
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� :
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� :
� :
� :

at Hendrix Theatre
Wed Nov. 28 8pm
Thurs Nov. 29 7 & 9pm
Fri Sat Nov. 30, Dec. 1 8pm
Sun Dec. 2 2&8pm
M& ECU ID or Current Films Pass Is Required for Admission
do. He addedThe bigger the hair,
the dumber the bitch He said all
those chemicals weigh down their
De Shira ended his performance
with music. He played some "Hues"
on his guitar while singing the Brady
Bunch song with a southern, black
accent, adding some of his own lyrics.
At the end of the song, the audience
participated by singingalong, 'Thisis
how we became the Brady Bunch

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i �l .iv- t"�t ' ��
Jlrww r.w� ���'���� H"

�he iEaet (fJaruHntan
NnvFUBER 27, 1990
Devils crush
Pirates, 125-82
Bv Lisa Spiridopoulos
Staff Writer
DURI1AM The ECL' Pirates
have faced the I "Hike Blue Devils la
times, and in 19 tnes the Pirates
have come up empty.
Monday night, ECU was de-
feated, 125 82, by the sixth-ranked
Blue 1 V ilsalameron IndoorSta-
dium in front ol ���,314 enthusiastic
We let Duke do what they
wanted to o Pirate head coach
Mike Steele said. Our game plan
was to see 1 lurley shoot the ball and
he did it well They all did. That
was frustrating to give up so many
Freshman guard Lester Lyons
led the Pirates as the game's top
scorer with 23 points. Sophomore
forward tkeCopdandhad 17points
and and sophomore guard Steve
Richardson added 16.
The Blue Devilshad six players
score in double figures. Grant 1 till
and Christian Laettner both had 17
points, Robbv I lurley had 16, The
mas Mill 15, Crawford Palmer 14
and Bill McCafferyhad 10.
"1 thought the kids approached
the game well tonight Puke head
coach Mike Krzyzewski said "They
gave support to the new guys in
new positions. 1 thought we played
a better tempo and Bobby made
nice divisions it was good to see
him take his shot when he was
1 he Blue 1 )eilsdominated the
lv Mi the first half, out-re
I'll iU 19 4.
EC l was able to hold a brief
� ;ci the first two points scored
b seniorfoi .ard 1 'im brown at the
beginning ol the game
However, this did not daunt
� . powerful Duke team, ITiev
quickly jumped out to a 10-2 lead,
sparked bv seven points from 1 lill.
Copeland ended the long Pi
rate draught bv scoring tour points
tocuttheDukeleadtol7with 11:43
remaining in the first halt.
Then Duke turned up the juice,
forcing ECU to make nine first halt
turnovers and commit seven toiiK
by the nine minute mark
Richardson then took over tor
the Pirates hitting tour three point
ers m a row.
Lyons had a big slam dunk and
a strong lay-up back to back to cut a
28-poinl Duke lead to 24 at the half.
"I was disappointed in how we
cameoutin the first half said Steele.
"1 was hoping to we would come
out and be more competitive, but
we weren t
The one bright spot tor the Pi-
rates m the first halt was their
percent Held goal shooting, includ-
ing five trom three point rang.
I "hike came out in the second
halt right where they left off. 1 hey
scored ten points in the first two
minutes forcing ECU to call a tirr
OUt to regroup
Pirate senior Stanley Love got
in foul trouble eariy in the second
halt. 1 le committed his fourth per-
sonal with 15:40 lett to play in the
junior Robin House replaced
him and scored a quick bucket in
the paint to make the score 76 47
Puke 1 .yons then stole the ball and
Copeland finished ott the pla with
a short turn-around jumpei in the
Copeland had a strong second
half performance scoring nine
points, but he had taawhto at the
charity stnpe hitting only one ol
1 louse hit his first of two three-
pointers at the 11:30 mark pulling
over break
Bv I aile McAuley
Assistant sports ditoi
e Pirate men's basketball
team had a high scon ngbi il
feating 'i rth irol
- ind the I l- ' '
. S7 indubition pla i
rhai 1 break
, ,r.K
Wesley an tor the firt I
of the game until sophon iard
ii hit thi
c th
lea :
the momentum but I
t the ha I
Steve Kn
1 irati
CelasleHottmai ECU Photo Lab
,c, Uirh , . mcepe iin another three points from thi I . � �� "
Sophomore guard Sti � l't1,lu"t" '
was five of 11 on the d i !i ol which were from three point rai
rht � � ' h
Rid : � : ' '
fivt �

� � '1ts

Condi � � �' �� '
reb �
' '� ' � �' :
hall ' ' !n
the I iratesw ith
was a
U r thi
the ccntu
101 6t lead Hurle fini I
game gi ing foui foi six from three
point land.
I yons ili n did hi estto give
the Piral resi � I il
Sophomore Antii jokinen Krzyzewski said
scored with less than one minute team ;
remaining, an I
Oven � the Pirates last bucket seas
to end the game.
"he Pirates havei nl won or
j3mein47attemptsagainstAtlanti vas
Coast �. onference teams fhe win
came in 1979 against Georgia tech road this weekend to plaj in the
I Kike a 4-1 record
I i 1-1 n nrd.
he Pirates v ill bi hitting the
fhe u in ci e
hex alst I
arolina is much on i V
last v i to faceampbt llondei 15
ith hi It in I
� the lead
would K � ' � �
then scored 21 of the next 26 points
� rei

Hoopsters ; l :� 11
By Lisa Spiridopoulos
Staff Writer
Lady Pirate volleyball team ended
their very rocky season last week-
end, falling U i C eorge Mason 12-15,
11-13, 0-15 and ames Madison 7-
13. 11-15, 14-16 in the Colonial
Athletic Championships in
1 lead coach Martha McCaskill
said, "We just didn't play well
enough to win. We didn't execute
as well as we would have liked and cost us a lot of points
The two losses gave the Lady
Pirates an overall season record of
13-19 and an 0-5 CAA record.
The top-seeded Lady Tnbe of
William & Mary claimed their sixth
consecutiveC AA titleand increased
their winning streak in theleague to
47, after defeating GMU in the
championship match.
UNC-Wilmington finished
third in the tournament by defeat-
ing American. JMl ended up in
fifth place followed by ECU
ECU'S junior hitter Rhonda
fackson was named second team
All-Conference tor her performa nee
this season. Jackson led the i A A
with a 31 hitting percentage, and
next year will be one of two seniors
on the team.
The Lady Pirates began the
1990 season with a great start.
winning four straight matches
From there things went down hill:
thev went from 4-0 to 4-6 and then
went up-and-down for the rest of
the season.
Sophomore hitter Wendy
Schultz noted, "We hit a real bad
low in the middleof the season and
it just put us in a rut that we were
unable to climb out of
Schultz was a key factor on
both offense and defense leading
hitter wa 11vasveryl ipj cd shesaidwith the
� the tear�
i hristJelgado al� � ttei
winrois this oat s, Mi senior
SheK 1 iii team at thi i�ii V
Beljadi went fromlavin
ls ii . �s in 198 Iill $2
matchesear. Shifinished
ei ond inthe A with�� hit
ting aveiage (243 total)ai over
150 digs
M. kill said.( hristine
will hemssod very mu h next ear.
With Ik iabsent we're reilly going
to have t0 work on blocking a lot
Sojhomores Winlv Milo.
ShannonMcKay, fennyParsons,
Leigh Wkox and Marc ole will
be returning tor E( I is well as
junk : . onva I lai. nd fresh
men "rac) Sumrell and Alyssa
F untain.
As a team, the 1 ady Pirates
finished the season numbereight in
the nation and first in theAA tor
their 282 hitting percentage 1 low-
ever first year coa hMd ask ill said.
I'm not at all satisfied with our sea-
son It we had been able to pull
tog thi i as a team we would have
had a lot more suet ess
"Next year we're going to
ha vealotmoreexperience,but there
are g ing U i be c ertain areas that are
going to need improvement. Two
areas being our serving and our
hi as fifth in the CAA for
bom their blockmgaverageand their
ace average.
Parsons and McKay, the
team's two setters, had a combined
total of over 1000 assists. Parsons,at
580, was fourth m the CAA.
ECU Pholo Lib
Calasta Hoffman
Ike Copeland tights a double team of Verich Reps tor the rebound
Copeland had six rebounds m the game
nd women's swim team
UNC-Charlotte at hom
Staff Reports
Calasta Hoffman � ECU Pholo Lab
These sw.mmers push oft from the starting block to try for an early lead The men's team defeated
UNC-Charlotte, 144-97 and the women's team won. 129 89
In their fourth competition ot
the season, the Pirate swim teams
whetted their appetite for victor)
b mastering UNC-Charlotte on
Saturday, Nov. 17.
rhe men's team won 144-97,
and the women's team finished
their competition, 129-89.
"We completely dominated
both moots head coach Kick Kobe
said. "The men and women teams
had little competition but swam
as it they were swimming our
hardest team
The men's team had such a
large load going into the 100 free,
the seventh event of the day, that
thev swam the next two events as
exhibitions so that they could not
increase their score The move v. is
a good one for UNC-Charlotte,
because themen would ha etaken
the top three spots in the 1001 ree
as well as tirst. second and fourth
in the 200 Back.
"It's pretty diffic ult to get
motivated when the competition
isn't too tough Senior 1 ed
Christensen said "You have to
race against the clock .against
rhe most outstanding swim
mers foi the men in luded
Christensen and Seniors George
Walters ohn 1 ambrakis, fohn
Farrell and Steve Benkusk)
i hristensen took tirst in the
200IM in 2:02-90, as well as taking
second in the 200 Breast in 2 17.96
Farrell took first in the 500 Free in
454.4? and second in 2tHi Free in
1:46 s 1 ambrakis placed second
in 1000 motor Free in 10.11 4 and
took second the 200 Fly in 2:06.49
Also Benkusky took first in tl
I ree in 22
I he most outstanding swim-
mers tor the women were sopho
mores fia Pardue and Suzanne
i) bi un and freshmen Jacqueline
Silber and Nancx 1 Vpaio
Pardue won both the 50 free
and the 100 tree, with times ol
25.56 and syj respective)
Silber also doubled her win totals
taking the 200 and 500 tree m
1 59.07 and 5 1758 respectively
O brien placed first in the 200 Fl)
m 2:13.80 and te�-k second in the
200 IM in 2:17 13. Depalo placed
second in the 1000 Free in 11 aV 84
and second in the 200 Back in
2 17.48
rhe men's 400 Medety Relay
teams had excellent outings, tak
ing the top three spots Senior
See Swim page 11


(Hfrg gagt (Earolinian November 27,1990
Sports Briefs
Strange earns $220,000 in Skins Game
l A QUINTA, Cain (AT) Curtis Strange turned back Nick
l aldo in a four-hole sudden death playoff Sunday in the tour-man,
iwo da) IS hole made-fbi television exhibition Skins (,aine
Strange earned $70,000 when I aldo plunked one in the water on
the final hole Strange who successful!) defended his title in theevenl
Lvirned $220,01)0 overall He won live i1 the nine skins available
Sunda) and picked up$155,OOOot the$285,(KX)available
Faldo, who said he was weak from an overnight bout with
� �ma h tlu. tailed to v in an) thing in Sunda) s pla. but left his tirst
�.ins i lame v ith the $70 000 he picked up over the first nine holes
i irvg Norman won $�0 IXX) including $60,OtX) on two Skins Sun
� i
ai k Nicklausi ollected $70,000 for a 14th hole, -1 putt p.u
Germany holds off England and Ireland
ORI WIXi Fla I 1' Bcrnhard Langcrand rorstenCiedeon
mbined foi a 20 undei pai S3fi totil .is,otm,tn edged England
reland b) three strokes in the Worldup of Golf on Saturday
! anger shot .i bJ and i liedeon had a 72 .is both c ierman players
hed with 10-undcr 27S totals on the f�,751 vard Grandvpress
-h'ii vourse
I ngland and Ireland tied for second at f�5and Wales was fourth
he I S team ot Puvne Stewartand odif Mudd V'M
shed tilth at ri2 Stewart wa the top individual tie strokesbettei
in Ireland s David hehortx and Wales Ian VVoosnam
Reid edges Kaneko by two strokes
KA1M( )N MCI lapam l') Mike Reid shtita two under pai 70
� two stroke viel l Li World Open on Sunda Reid who
med $166,000 finished with a 14-under 274 total on the 7,014 yard
mon course of the Ibusuki Golflub
lapan'sYoshinori Kaneko shot a t� for a 27r�, moving from 18th to
ond American David Ishu sh��t�it3 theda sbest score,and tied
ird with( Marsh Mike Donald Seve billesteros Masahiro
� inioto and Koken kawagishi at 1
Ogle ca p tii res A ust ra Iian to n rn a m en t
'r ustralia V b'rotl Ogli ol Australia shot a two
. � � � � in 11-undei tota md a five-stroke victory in the
� S ' " ' istheonlvplayertohaveft�ursub
rside Oaks course. U.S. It � A cham
� � a tit J toi second with compatriot
Uchida wins senior tourney in Japan
indei pai
n in
id t hs.ihi Suumura in the
i i hid.i tintshed w ith a
Vukovich dies at Mesa Morin Speedway
���1 u i i v .mi � i i Bill Vukovich 111, a third-genera-
car dnvei wht�se grandfatl i bvas killed while leading the
� i diedSundav�followinga crash at Mesa Marin
nl, , ich, 27. had : ; tew practice laps when his
cai slamn ed ml ' h3t) a.m. IS1 said I rank
.is, president ot the( aliforma Racing sso lation
Vukovich who was warming up for an afternoon race was taken
Kern Medicalenter where ru died a short tune later 1 ewis said
1 lisgrandfather Bill ukovich won thelndy500in l�5 land 19S4
nd was killed while li idinj thi '55 race His father Bill Vukovich
as runner up at lnd in lu and raced Ind) cars foi 12 years
younger ukovich . ho lived in I resnoalii .raced in seven
events beginning in WHH and earned $46J,569 in his briel
areei I lecompeted in the last three lnd "mHK. finishing 14th in 1988
n he was honon .1 as Ki ok u ol the 1 n
ETSU loses star center for four weeks
months after being fired, former
North Carolina State basketball
coach im Valvano is tanned, re-
laxed and Uxiking younger. The
stress is gone, and the swagger is
And tor the first time in 23
years, Valvano is without a basket-
ball team to coach. But he's not
moping about it.
"I've had a very productive
seven months a very enjoyable
seven months Valvano told The
C 'harlotteObserver in an interview
published Saturday
On Saturday, Valvano re
emerged as a public figure, in his
debut on the ESPN cable TV net-
work as a color analyst tor the
I ouisiana State Villanova basket
ball game. Next week, he joins Brent
Musberger in the ABC network
booth to call the Big Fbur lassie in
In February, his book comes
out. It'scalled "Valvano: They iave
Me a Lifetime Contract, and llien
They Declared Me Dead
It is ABC the TV network
that is resurrecting his career thai
many sav finished him as a i oach.
last winter. ABC N'ews
charged that NX State players
shaved points during the 1987-88
season The State Bureau of Investi-
gation in North Carolina looked
into it So has ,i New lersey grand
jurv,convened because the network
sud a New (ersey contractor came
up with the scheme.
S tar. there's Kvn no evi-
dence that games were rigged. But
six weeks after the broadcast,
Valvano was out ol a job.
N.C. State officials are ner
i msabout thecontentsof Valvani 's
hook unsure whether Valvano in-
tends to lambaste or humor them
. um Kirkpatrick, the Sports
Illustrated writer who is its co-au-
Continued from page 10
George Walters, freshman I ance
Tate, senior lorn Holston and
Benkusk) took first in :40.97.
Senior Mark O'brien, freshman
Brian Shultz, Christensen and
freshman Mark Ward placed se
ond in 3:49.01. Freshman Doug
Beschner, Seniors 5teve
Hopkinson and Scan Callendar,
and irishman t hris Murray
placed third in 3:56.45
The men's record now stands
at 3-1, while the women is2 11
The Pirates will face Richmond on
Friday, Nov 30, at 4 p.m. in Minges
Coliseum They will travel to
American University on Sunday.
thor, describes it as Kith serious
and funny. "It's not a bitter, name-
calling, sort of Barry Switer-type
book he savs.
The book opens with recollec-
tions of Valvano's childhood, his
early years in coaching, and con-
cludes with a diarylike account of
his final 15 months at N C. State.
"Most of us in our lives,
whether it's Kvn public or private,
we'veall had great momentsofjoy,
moments ol great thought, and
we've all had moments. I'm sure,
where we cry Valvano, 44, savs.
"A lot ot mv moments, unfortu-
nateh and sometimes fortunately
were in the public eye. I'd like to
share with pooplo what that's like
to go through
1 If t.ikrs no questions about
his firing.
fhat's what vou can read
about in February hesays. "Buy
Valvano's troubles started in
January 1989. Word got out that a
highl) critical book, "Personal
Fouls was about to be published
documenting widespread corrup
tion in the Wolfpack program. That
triggered investigationsby campus
officials, the National c ollegiate
thloticssoi latiiMi, the media and
the state's university system.
Along the way, N.C. State
v hamvllorBruiclViiltonresigned.
And the basketball program was
put on probation tor two vearsand
banned from postseason play tor
one season because players admit
ted selling complimentary tickets
and slioes Both are violations ot
( . rules
Valvano was never found
personally to have broken a cam-
pus rule or NCAA regulation. But
he was criticized sharply for his
trams abysmal academic perfor-
iiwii! e
In Valvano's 10years,46bas-
life after coaching
ketball players enrolled at N.C. State.
Only eight ever earned degrees from
the university, according to a study
done last March. Three other trans-
fer students also earned degrees
Most of the 46 � 32 � maintained
less than a C average.
Even Kirkpatrick, co-author
of Valvano's Kwk, says that if one
charge sticks, it's that Valvano re
cmited players who had no busi-
ness in college.
"1 fisreal fault was getting too
seduced by athletic ability and too
seduced by winning and getting in
the best players he could
Valvano scoffs at that.
"Anyone who'snaivcenough
to hold that and understands the
operation ol the university, well,
thi n I'm not going to change their
opinion he says
. niv
1 Romiiini
H V fti hard a.h
November 30, December 1, 3 m 4
K'l Student. $300 � General PuWk S7.54I
Call - 757-6829
Lunch Only
Small Shrimp
Beverage not included
Expires 11-30-90
� MM rtadi
Buy One I
Regular Shrimp �
Platter at S6.50
Get the 2nd
Regular Shrimp
Platter FREE
Mon Thur
Beverage i ot included
Expires 11 29 �
i INJS I H lenn
ut irec 1 'onnts. iis -m'ui
I .ist I i'iiiii'sM-o State w ill plav
i tor .it Ivast loui weeksattei he
k b nos in his tool during pra� tice
It was such a Ireak thing saidctwch Alan 1 el one "There was
earhini Greg picked up the hall brought it downcourl went
r a shot and landed wi We wore in a defensive drill when it
msapparentl) trai tured tworxmesin hisright footSaturda
I set tor more X rays toda I el orce said
nishelpedtheBuccamvrstoa27 7 record and an appearance
thi A tournament last season He averaged 11.5 points in the
es 1 .ist Fonnessee played in the preseason I kwlge 11 and
� in in rebunding i ith si i i;ame
ennessev kxvil Bngham in the firs! round before
nzona ss 74 m thi uuai tei firuils
Continued from page 10
They were able to build a 93-71 lead
with 5 24 left in the game. Yeneh
attempted to come back but it was
too little too late as the Pirates fin-
ished the game holding a 100-87
Lyons led all scorers with 23
and Richardson added is points.
Senior forward Tim Brown added
15 points and nine rebounds for the
I he Yeneh Reps, were led by
Roy I lumphriesand EddieC ' e who
each scored IS points

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Mon - Thurs: 8am-8pm

tBhe �aet (Carolinian November 27,1990
Weight training can improve total body
(AP) Once pursued only
by serious athletes, weight training
has become a popular way forindi
idnals and families to work out at
homo Weight training can increase
strength, flexibility endurance and
motor coordination as well as help
with weight los
It you re considering a home
weight training program here are
some tips to help you get the most
from your workouts
Beforebeginning) ourweighl
training program see a physician
tor a complete exam and get ap
proval tor your pmgram. 1 lave a
, (vm h or instructs explain proper
useof out iiuipruent,demonstrate
mvt lifting and breathing, tecb
pn .jam
Weai kxse fitting, absorbent
othing sturd athletic shoes and
sweat socks ! rink plenty of room
temperature liquids before, during
and atter vow workout to replace
thuds lost through sweating
Wail at least one hour atter a
meal before workingoul with your
veighl equipment Avoid caffeine
.md alcohol before or soon atter
vour workout
Warm up first by stretching
muscles tendons and ligaments
Raise vour pulse rate to just over
� . running in place tumping
rope or pedaling a stationary bike
A good warm-up helps prevent in
tunes and improves the effect ot
your weight conditioning program.
Io mild breathing exercises
and light stretching several times
during vour workout to expand
lung capacity and circulate oxygen
throughout vourbodv Remember
to breathe in prior to exertion and
exhale during the lifting stroke, In-
hale while lowering the weight
C ompact home weight train
ingequipmenl that includes several
stations, such as Power-Pak by I ni
versal (ym Equipment works es
pe ialK well because it allows you
toexerciseall majoi muscle groups
This, onifw t system can also
lv usi as part of circuit weight
training, such as 1 mvcTsal sSuper
c ircuit.Simph include xlseconds
ofaerobicat li its (ninningmplai e
pedaling an exen isebike jumping
rope,etc b tweenstations without
a pause B alternating 10 seconds
ot weight training with 30 seconds
oi aerobic activity you keep your
pulse rate at an optimum training
level and get an effective, total body
When combining aerobics
with weight training set a target
pulse rate foi yourself based on the
formula below for approximate tar
gel puts rates Maintain this target
pulse rate for 18 to 20 minuted dur
mg vour workout
Beginner level (220- your age)
xnV; . hamplo:220minus40years
old 186 x 60 �108 Target Pulse
Intermediate level 1220 - your
age) x 70S .
Advanced level (220 - vour
age) x 85.
Remember, you must change
workout stations and exercises
quickly to maintain vour pulse rate.
Allow only 1? seconds between
exercises to change weights and
To primarily build strength
with your weight equipment, you
need to lit t more weight lower times-
approximately 7 repetitions per
station It you simply wish to lost'
weight,lift less weight but increase
the number of repetitions to 15 or
Atter vour workout, let your
system return to normal by gradu-
ally decreasing body movement.
1 n't sit or lie down immediately
.liter exercising.
By following these simple
guidelines, vour home weight
training program can be sale as weB
.1 effective.
i or a tree broehure titled "Fit-
ting our 1 tome For Fitness write
I niversal .vm Equipment, Inc
box 1270, Cedar Rapids IA 52406
or call 800 553 7901
Cavs take a Hokie pounding, 38-13
,� KSBl RG a (AP)
avaliers. who spent
� � he Ass � iated
rherl eas
� � - r own state am
. . � � i p, - � .
� , Welsh said att r Vh
� i Tech s s !��� .
.e.ahers on Saturday
i he l ssc ncl uded Virginia's
lar season slide from a team
that was7 Oat the start i a the m inth
� � �
,i l
�t the
� � - ii � n
I - '
. � � si os ho had suchaprob
I lokies txat throe bowl
I lean �' to ieorgia
� i last-minute field goal, but
pcrfi rmancescame in the
se ond halt of the season.
irginia lech slow -tart
fficient to attract the attention
. . its and as .i result the
6 3 record left them with
� m imitation tor a 12th game
hat's a shame Ihat s not
right. Wedeservea bowl Beamer
fhere should be a reward for
i team that finishes strong liki
his first victoi Hokies
intrastaterival in hish mi seasons '
irginia io. ntingentol
tans ottered congratulations as
Beamer slowlv made has way "
field low ird ht's
H ker room.
Ithmkthat'sl best
walk 1 ve had in a while he said
While Beamer was &
the triumph. the avaliers were left
to wonder how to stop the skid that
began No 5 when they were
. � icked fi n " unbeaten ranks
irgii i - �� i er Derel
, � � � rgiaci h h
Vino rtan und the
h to be bl to
kly idem I �blem
' rhing i had been j
well earlier in the si ason, .v, then
one loss just kind oi demoralized
11 am
us hesaid '� � �. t ago
is their ability to b ui i e bai k from
problems like that and w i I
been ibl I
- fensivetai klejoel lallsaid
the( avaliers may have let all their
oar season publii il . I 'heir
We think we can just show
up.andthat samistake "hesaid 1
hope everyone's learned their les-
In their three losses, the
( avaliers I ave surrendered 41 J5
and $8 points
Every game we ve tost, the
other team played an error-free
.Miik' notumovers nobigpena
ties, nothing like that 1 lall said.
V irginia lech did what they had
to do to win. '
Quarterback Will I urrer at-
� ked the Virginia secondary early,
i ompletmg 10 of 12 passes tor 201
ards and two touchdowns as the
1 lokicshuiltaM 0 advantage in 25
Furrer woundup completing
16 oi 23 passes tor 254 yards and
three touchdowns.Hedui not throw
an interception and the 1 tokiesdtd
not tumble.
Virginia lost all three ol I
tumbles Matt Blundm. starting .it
quarterback in plat e l the injured
Sn iwn Moore, completed 21 ol 14
passes ft r 3 6 v ardsand three set ires.
but he was intercepted throe times
Welsh said Moore, a leading
Heisman l'rophv contender who
dislocated the thumb on his
throwing hand the week before the
V irginia Rxhgame. isexpected to
be available tor the Sugar Bowl The
i .Ov.ilicrsjlse are hopetul about the
return from injuries of tight end
Bruce McC.onnigal and linemen
( hns Steams and (. hns Borsan.
"I believe we il go to New
Orleans with a lot better football
team than we've been the last few
kveeks Welsh said Well do a
better jobol cow hing. I'll do a better
job We're going to do it
Jackets in position to win natonal title
(AP) 1 ribeatenandunsung
� irgia fech took a significant step
� a ard a possible national cham-
pionship Monday by jumping over
Miami and moving info second
plk e in Ihe Associated I'rosso'IK v
football poll
Although Miami stomped
Syracuse 337andGeofgia Tech was
idle Saturday, the Yelkm Jackets
rose one spa and the Hurricanes
toll (ne in �tch U i third in the nat i Mial
survey of sports writers and
broadi asters
whk h trailed Miami by
11 point � - got six
mom ;� I than the Hurru anes
this week rheYeft �
11 n eived IIi first pla i otes and
(338 points � hile the Hurru ,�nos
rst pi.ue votes ,md
1332 points
( olor.KloOO-1-1), which has
completed its regular season, re
mained o 1 with 41 first place
votes .ithI 1.4S8 points
The unexpected shuffling
puts fa h in better position to win
the national title if Colorado loses to
Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl
and the Yellow Jack ets boa t.eorgia
and'ohr ska,theirNewYear'sDav
, .pponont in the Citrus Bowl
Until now it was assumed
that Miami would win the national
i hampionship it it beat fexasin the
( .tto!i In v,I andoli rado lost in
the (rangt , 1 he 1 lurricanes, who
haveagamen mainingatSanDiego
State, might still leapfmgoverTech
it the both win the rest of their
games because fifth-ranked fexaa
(M-l) is considered a stronger bowl
opponent than � . 19 Nebraska (
Bui b mo mg ahead of Mi
ami in the poll, fechi an now Jaim
it is the togs al i hoice to replace
( olorado as the o 1 toam it tho
Buttaloos lov
Whv did W h gain two first
pi,no votes folkw mg ,m oft week
and Miami loso ,1 tirst place vote
.itter easib h atingSyracuse?Smce
voters .iro not required to list re
s(ms tor their pu ks you can only
However, two explanations
s� vm likelv 1 irsf, some voters who
have been skeptical oi lech m,iv
have del idttl that in a year with no
dominant team, the onlv ma)or
sehool without a loss mav be as
go(Kl a No I pi' k as anv Smmd,
there mav bo a minor backlash
against Miami be auso athletic di-
rector Sam lankovuh has been
campaigning so hard to convince
voters that the- Hurricanes should
win the national title if they beat
Bngham Young, which will
play Texas A&M in the Holiday
Bowl, remained tourth after bett-
ing Utah State 4S-10. The Cougars
(KM) received threefirst-place votes
and 1,275 points to edge Texas,
which rose from sixth to fifth with
three first place votes and 1.260
Honda (9-1 , which was idle,
fell tiom tilth to sixth TheCators,
who can't play in a bowl because of
( A A probation, got one first-place-
vote and 1,218 points.
otre Dame (9-2-staved No
7 atter beating Southern Cal 10-b,
while Hnda State (8-2) and Wash-
i ngton (9-2)continued to hold down
the next two positions. Rounding
out the Top 10 is Penn State (9-2),
which moved up one spot atter
beating Pittsburgh 22-17.
1 louston is 11th, followed by
Tennessee, Michigan, Clemson,
Mississippi. Illinois, Louisville,
Iowa, Nebraska, Auburn, Southern
C al, Oklahoma, Michigan State,
Southern Mississippi and Ohio
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rpda s (Hjtlook
t, BY TM. �� �
� � '� � �
. . fHAI
Amlttr 3ft�d .� l�aml�� s
(-�� ' hin�. � IX.���� r -
mM �' �n- i !��I "�� ' �"
NiftyColor Pictures
OOf 0 � � M IO "�
i� . .� � , crxcw il
in n iI ii � sexT issue
� � COHNK 1
i-�� , S IOO.
Volume Height x Width x Depth The Emerald City, North Carolina
Welcome To November 27, 1990
Tractor-trailer crash kills seven
In the wake of the largest corruption
investigation ever to hit the ECU campus.
The Defrauder once again brings you the
most in depth interview from one M the
key players in the parking meter scandal
Sgt. Dubblc Parker, belter known as
Officer 13 to most parking violators,
granted I he Defrauder an exclusive, up-
close and personal interview to discuss
recent allegations ot wrongdoing Parker
has been lingered as the head honcho in
the thellnngdubbcd'Nickelsand Dimes"
Defrauder Sgt Parker, could you
tell us why you granted I he Defrauder an
exclusive interview '
Parker: Well. 1 read what thev print in
other local newspapers and I was wor
IFC Starts 'Waste
Reclamation' Program
fu'sfraternities,con erned
about the environment, have
begun "reclaiming" (actually,
burning! waste material "Waste
material by the Inter fraternity
Counc il's definition, is "anyone
or anything not in a fraternity or
sorority The raid on your house
will commence at midnight
okay, so this isn't really the
kind of thing that should go un
der "A Glance at the Globe
seeing as how it's not global news
in any meaningful sense. Stop
nitpicking. RED HERRING
. �����! iMlr '��
ried thev might ask embarrassing ques-
tions, questions that might offend me or
their readers or advertisers. 1 was afraid
the might quote me correctly if I said
something I really wish they wouldn't
print And I knew I wouldn't have those
problems with you.
Defrauder Sgt Parker, how long
have vou been delrauding the university
ot parking meter revenue '
Parker As lone as I have been work
ing here. since about 1958.
Defrauder We understand you .ire
an accomplished skin flautist, can vou
elaborate on that'
Parker I started play ing the skin (lute
while in the Navy and have advanced to
playing a variety ol animal-pelt mstm
ments. such as the bear skinned harpsi
chord and the goat-bladder bagpipes
Defrauder Have vou ever entered
imo a competition?
Parker Besides the International Skin
Instrument Competition at ConctOC, in
which I finished a disappointing thud
place in the eel skinned winds division. 1
haven' I thought too seriously about it Bui
vour questions are really stupid
Defraud t How much money doyou
estimate vou have stolen over the years'
Parker Thai ihardtosay I he money
has come m good when I go to five and
ten stores like Woolworth s and Roses
and also on dune draft nighi at the Elbo,
but I really couldn'i putadollar figure on
Defrauder How did vou hide the
stolen change from your superior offic
Parkei Well, as ou an see, l am
kind oi a hie man so bulging pockets
don't really look any different from the
test ol my body
Defrauder But the coins had to make
noise when vou walked
Parker I USl told them it was a -�r
injury and that the shrapnel sometimes
banged around
Defrauder VWren I other ol tic ers
Parker Well. 1 always left the up
when we went to the Kripsy Kreme. so
they knew I was doing them right and
didn't ask no questions
Defrauder Do you believe in Clod '
Parker I.ordy. heavens be. Jesus, my
gracious.ol course I believe inGod' What
kind of question is that, you liberal butt
k issing media person who uses hair spray '
Defrauder Well, I thought it was a
prettv eoodquesuon.
Parker What kind of journalist do
you think you are. working lor that color
ing book Defrauder'
Defrauder I have to say that I am the
best journalist in (ircenvillc, maybe the
entire world
Parker And what qualifications do
you have '
Defrauder Well. I worked lor Die
Dail) Rejector and I wrote stones on
nanoiechnology tor another vcrv esteemed
new spa per Would y ou like to see some ol
those stories' I just happen to have them
neht here
Parker I'h. no. that's okav forget
I mentioned it. really.
Defrauder Oh Okay. I guess. Are
you sure They're really very good �
though, of course, that pretty much goes
without saving
Parker: No. no. really. I believe you.
On with the hard-hitung journalist ques-
Defrauder Oh. all right Officer
Parker, we understand you're a very nice
guy Would you like to comment on that'
Parker: Oh. yes. very nice. Extremely
nice, actually I'm reaJly very, very nice
Defrauder Officer Parker. I under
stand you'd like me to kiss your ass just a
little more Would you like to comment
on that'
(Unfortunately, that ait we have
room for this issue, het ause I wrote a lot
of other stones I want to include I he rest
of the interview with Officer Dubble
f'arker will appear in the next issue of
The Defrauder So be sure to pick up that
issui and. uh. read the advertisements'
Red llemnv)
Were Imitating More Newspapers!
1984 1985
1986 1987 1988 1989 1990
IIQA TODAV "��' � " �"� 'f US 'OOAT WCIUM.
1 In � �l' �
ny Some
Hit i GN
USA TODAV But t it notMn�

: �"
November 27, 1990 � THE EAST CAROLINA DbFRAUDER � It's only a joke; please aon r write or phone fhank you
2 November 27, 1990
The Defrauder
C a
Red Herring
James A. B. C.
D. E. F. C. H. I.
. K. L. M. N.
O. P. Q. R. S. T.
U.V. W. X. Y.
Z. McKee
Mc Manic
schizophrenia editor
campus death editor
Mc Dreary
competition editor
Can't Cope
other publisher, only
without quite so
many initials in his
name but with a
much longer title, so
that almost makes up
for it
wind instrument
graphic violence
Timmy "The
Spaz" Cronwte
classified documents
Mission Statement
Greenville ihe final frontier These are
voyages of the coloring book Dvirauda Its five
year mission: to explore strange new layout
designs to seek out new advertisers and new
sources ol revenue to boldly be inoffensive
about what no person has been inoffensive
about before' theme music up, over and out I
Our purpose is to provide ECO students and the
rest of the t.reenville community with a sloppv
excuse for news coverage, though less sloppy
than The Yeast Inleiiionian. Which isn't really
hard to do, once you've set your mind to it Plus.
we suffer from (ewer misspellings and other
grammatical blunders than, say, 7e Yeasl
tnlecnoman though God knows we have our
share, especially m "Koget's Toy Chest or
whatever the heck that thing is - and we look
almost as pretty as USA TODAY Not thai we
copy them, of course We re no copycats Not
us. Everything we do is completely original lust
wish we put half the effort into news coverage
that we put into looking good Even so, we're
competition, and that's our main redeeming
value. If you absolutely insist on sending a letter
to the editor, send it to General Delivery, fargo,
North Dakota. I mean, really do you think we
want to wade through your hand scrawleddnvel'
Heck, if we printed your stuff, where would we
find the space to print all the self congratulatory
letters written by members of our own editorial
board' Get real
ECU takes our suggestion
Defrauder brings peace, harmony
It has come to our attention that Ihe
Defrauder is a great newspaper.
Look at our advantages:
� Color, color, color What s a
newspaper without color' You readers
don't care about the quality of the news
coverage, you care about color photo
graphs and nifty color graphics! The De
frauder delivers!
� Straight headlines. Straighiest
headlines in the business. Not a crooked
headline in sight. Not here
� Fawning over advertisers. A
newspaper depends on advertisers, who,
for the most part, don'tmuchcare whether
we're a decent paper or not. If we offend
advertisers, we can't bring you the news
so we fawn, bow, scrape and grovel
before them like you wouldn't believe!
'Course, you might have to suffer in the
bargain but who cares?
� Color! Just thought we'd mention
this one again
� Headlines that don't have any-
thing to do with the stories under them
We're not going to insult your intelli
gence (Not to your face, anyhow You
might be an advertiser one da I It you
want to know what'sina.story, you'II read
the story What's important in the head
lines is that they be aesthetically pleasing
ihey must balance each other, treating
a not of form and shape that draw s the eye
II they happen to have anything to do with
the stories under them, well, so much the
� Complete originality. As wc all
know, imitation is the sinterest tonn ol
flattery Does this mean we're sincerely
nattering USA TODAY withevery issue'
Of course it does! But it also means thai
any lime any other newspaper makes any
change of any kind, wc can claim the did
it to be more like us! What a racket'
� Self-congratulation. Never will you
find a newspaper more deeply commuted
to telling its audience what a great news
paper it is, than 'The Defrauder In edito-
rials letters to the editor The De-
frauder is the height ol narcissism
Beautiful but dumb, that's us
� Color. Last hut least: we have color
Don't Cuddle Up!
Bush should rethink Gulf
policy, withdraw US troops
staff phalhc columnist
I was watching the
Bears game on Sunday and
my wife kept on bothering
me, so I told her to go the
kitchen and do something
useful like get me a beer
She got me a beer and
dummied up.
Later on, 1 was getting
hungry, so I said, "Dinner
on the table, dinner on the
table And you know
something, within five
minutes dinner was on the
So what 1 am trying to
say is, me and my wife
have a perfect relationship,
the way a man and woman
are supposed to be But
thesc-a-days there are so
many of them radical
feminist types who cry
about mate-domination
and male-suppression and
all that crap.
Take our liberal,
lascist institution called
ECU. What is this in the
Knglish department a
Women's Studies Pro
gram' These women sit
around and talk about how
had men are and how had
women have been treated
My personal opinion is
that these females are all
loyal fans of I he Duk Van
Dke Show, know what I
Maybe we need to
start a Men's Studies
Program so us men can sit
around and tart and belch
and talk about how bad
women drive and about
how much money they
spend and how they
always have to go to the
bathroom in threes. And
how many limes have you
heard a female say: "We're
last friends when talking
about a male they have
slept with That really
shows a lot of disrespect
for us.
But we don't really
need classes in how to be
men and women (thai is
the correct order, yesj;
what we really need is to
go back to the basics like
the way my grandparents
(irandmomma didn't
have tune to go to a
hospital 10 bear children
She went into labor the
waj women are supposed
10 have babies while
they're working. My
dadd was born whik
(irandmomma was feeding
the hogs in the wee hours
OJ the morning and she
ull COOked (iranddaddy
break last and washed the
dishes before seeking a
doc tot
Cirandniomma had 14
children that way and
never once stopped
r. ixikmg and (.leaning for
(iranddaddy because she
liked it, she loved it
Gelling hack to the
Classroom, I'm tired ol my
female peers hashing every
male author or fictional
character that we try to
discuss intelligently. They
always want to change the
subject, all in efforts to
show off how many big
words and names of
obscure third-world writers
they know. But you all
know that
C'mon guys Of the
'90. we doo't have to put
up with that because,
despite all of the effort
feminists make to hide this
fact, we're bigger than
Why. I het two or
three ol us lellas could just
v lean house (see. I'm using
equalistic terms) on a
hum ha danies' With both
hands tied behind our
backs' Ol course, they'd
scratch and pull hair, and
some ol those big sol thai I -
playing types might get in
a lew luks but it we just
huddled up. we could
realls (Editor's note
This : olumn reflet ts only
the opinions of the writer,
and not the editorial heard
� !he Defrauder And it it
offends an of our other
tisins i iiemele. nc U pull
it, wc promise!)
Next week's topic:
Who Goes On Top1 Men'
Minority ownership of media
needs to increase dramatically
To the editor:
Thank you lor existing1 What a
great newspaper Ihe Defrauder is'
Wow, how great'
And those other local area news-
papers who copy you all the tune
what hacks! We know who the real
newspaper is around here I he De
fraMtier Boy, I know that it were an
advertiser. I'd advertise m Ihe De
frauder t u sou guys are iis: plain
the best'
And I just want to reassure every-
one out there dial Id be writing in and
complimenting The Defrauder exactly
the same wa even it I didfl i work here
Okay, uh how's that. Red?
Should 1 compliment us a bit more '
Donald Duckledge
Graphic Violence



f I

� only a jce, please don't rrte or phone Thank you � THE EAST CAROLINA DEFRAUDER � November 27, 1990 3

f �
The Defrauder
November 27, 1990 3
Hairy Pleasure Chest
Missing Link
In 1927, fishermen along the sounds
ol Salvo. N.C. netted an odd creature that
even a visiting zoologist could not idcn-
nu Described as being a ard long with
two possum-like heads, webbed tect. and
a scaly crocodile tail, the beast The su-
perstitious fishermen perceived the
animal's appearance as an omen, and
Cuickl skinned and ate it.
The Mysterious Rain
After a six-month dry spell in the
mountain area of Blowing Rock, farmers
were anxiously awaiting a cloudburst
predicted by the Almanac for April 6,
1910. The fated day finally arrived, and
the townspeople gathered ouLside to wel-
come the siorm. The sky remained clear
as a bell, and no rain fell. One old-timer
still remembers the event to this day
The Mt. Mitchell Lights
Legend has it that our own Ml.
Mitchell boasts its own extra-mciaphysi-
cal phenomenon. Visitors by car may drive
halfway up the mountain and pull oft at
mile-marker 23 onto a secluded peak
lacing Mt Whiney, where the first mirror
fat tor) in the South existed If you click
on your brighls twice, you will supposedl)
see two mysterious Hashes ol light
The Ghost Boy
Travellers who stop by the old, run-
dow n video store in Conetoe may rent out
atapecalled hn-eMtnandaBah. In the
What's Burnin'?!
I know there's usually a recipe column here, but 1 pulled it because it was loo
personal this week. Besides, I didn't write it, and when something f didn't write appears
in the paper, that's bad.
Why is it bad? Because I have a huge ego, and I'm intent on keeping it that way.
1 mean I have an ego that's bigger than God's, and I'm proud of it. Heck, bigger than
thai, even: my ego is bigger than Bryant Gtimbcl's and Burt Reynolds' put together.
No, even bigger: if my ego were a physical object, it would be unable to fil inside
the universe We'dall have to push the universe's edgesout to make the universe bigger,
just so my ego would fil inside it. One day, we might have to do that anyway. We'll use
nanoiechnology. I know everything about nanotcchnology.
(I wrote thai last paragraph to show off what a great science writer 1 am. Aren t you
impressed? lam. Oops! There goes my ego, growing again!)
Of course, I have good reason to be proud of myself. First of all, I m incredibly
handsome. Incredibly. You wouldn't believe how handsome 1 am.
Second, I'm a great writer. But you knew that, just from reading this.
But most of all, I am The Newspaper God. 1 have experience up the wazoo. I ve
worked at The Daily Rejector. 'Course, I was doing the bridals page or something ike
that, but that's beside the point Then I worked at The Yeast Infectionutn. but the less
said about that the better
But the real credenual on my resume is that I have worked at � get this � usa
TODAY. (But that has nothing to do with this newspaper Of how it looks or anything,
because we're not imitative around here. We're trendsetters.)
Well, I'm sure you've been interested in this column so lar how could you not
be9 It was written by me! But I should probably get around to giving you cooking fans
last twenty minutes q the tilm a ghostly
lad and the rifle that blew Im head clean
off can be seen in one ol the windows.
Incredible Monster
In 1932, fishermen in Shalotte
claimed to have netted an unusual oddity.
Two brothers reported capturing a feath-
ered animal possessing webbed feet and
an orange bill The beast was said to have
made a quacking noise. This was seen as
an omen.
The Pin head Mayor
In 1907 The Grissom Bros. One-
R i n g
came lo
ad fly-
ers ev-
e r y -
One of
i h e
prom i
n e n 11
ing the
mam at-
a micro
c e
pha I it
w a s
to the tow n voting booth on elec lion day
I aken by the w msomc countenance of the
freak, the voters wrote-in their balloisand
Incredible Monster
Netted By Fishermen
in Shalotte
elected the circus star to the office of
Mayor. Jimmy the Pmhead went down in
Monroe history as one of ihe finest town
The Plata Mall Graveyard
Because of the ignorance of
Greenville-area developers on North
Carolina law (which stales that the dead
cannot be moved from their burial
grounds), a large piece ol property de-
signed to house a shopping mall had to
accommodate an area that was pan of an
old cemeicry. Legend has u that if all of
the empty Plaza stores are ever rented out,
the dead will rise again to ravage the mall,
killing the bad, overpriced hairstylists,
Chick-Fil-A employees and arcade rats.
(Note to Red Herring As usual, be
sure not
to edit
out my
of gram-
and re-
to in-
clude a
silly il-
tion and
tt badly
Also fee I
free to
this if it
with the interests of our advertisers. And
I know I don't have to tell you to edit out
this message, ha-ha' � I lain )
a favorite recipe of mine.
Hot Dogs
1 hot dog (serves 1)
A large thermonuclear weapon works best for roasting a hot dog. Don't have
a thermonuclear weapon handy? Then sleep with someone who has one, and
borrow it from them. ,
Okay you now have your thermonuclear weapon. The process for cooking
the hot dog is si mple. Fi rst, acti vate the thermonuclear weapon, setting it for a ten-
second countdown. Then stand back. The w.ll not harm
you. since, like all other objects, it has too much respect for your great physical
beauty - kind oftike that Norse God. Balder - but you stilt ought to stand back
because we wouldn't want to get our handsome eyebrows singed, would wef
No, of course not. � , . u
Okay, the thermonuclear weapon detonates, grilling the hot dog to perfec-
tion. Put it on a bun and slather it with mustard (as well as any other condoms
� er, condiments � that suit your taste). Consume with gusto.
Note that some of the above may not apply to you. For example, you
probably aren't blessed with the same degree of physical beauty as I am, so you II
have to finda safer way to grill your weenie. Tough-whatdo youmMhave
nothing better to do my life than solve the problems of peons like you? Get

4 � November 27 1990
. HE EAST CAROLINA DEFRAUDER . It's only a pke; please don't write or phone ran� you
4 November 27, 1990
The Defrauder
Editor's Note
' ,i Hi
v. ou ma air � -� nutted that thn issue s Meannflesa (
than the qnns news yom'n used U Nothing to orr about it ,
�dvenbcfsmosi 5onBCMissue.�ifl'eGW��wtflcc�SHieBiMely
jrkl tree enterprise
ampum ���coBsisis�wcljfof ade�tt�es raihci
all pan A our tontmumf dlwlS to �) ruiewr pleases our
rfadverusrmenu How ukMktnfKatmm�tmHfnmms
'm were thrilled by Lacy Lace
J&n wm moderately interested by
Laeed-up Laeiness
'But uou If feel really neutral about
Laced-up Lacu
Jet another bookjrom the indefatujabU
Suzanne Jacqueline
Soon to be a major BC minisenes, but with alt
the se bits edited out, which destroys the point.
You used to be
a clear thinker.
But then you started buying
pseudo-scientific books promoting
a mythology cobbled up by a har-
assed science fiction writer and
perpetuated by a bunch of fools
almost as ignorant as yourself.
How do you reclaim your lost
powers of rational thought?
By buying yet another of their
books, of course.
Buy L. Mother Hubbards
Waste of Money,
Waste of Trees
Available put-near anywhere.
If it doesn't work � and. naturally,
it won't � then at least you'll have
the comfort of knowing that we
took you for another twenty of your
hard-earned bucks.
It's not much comfort, we know.
But then, it's not much money.
Coming this Christmas to a theater
inconvenient!) distant from you
Tom Hanks, Sail) Fields,
and Kiefer Sutherland star in
You'll laugh yourself to death �
and hack!
All rights reserved. Void where prohibited Use
hack of form tor additional listings. Objects in
rear-view mirror ma) be closer than they appear
Harmful if swallowed Keepawa) from children.
No deposit, no return Your mileage may vary, hit
conditioning, power steering and CD sound
svstem cost extra
This Christmas, Steven Steelburgh
presents John Goodman battling
Saddam Hussein in
An inspiring tale that will make you
forget that President Bush is perfectl)
willing to sacrifice your brothers and
husbands in order to guarantee cheap
oil that we control through a puppet
Professional drivers used, do not tr this maneuver
in your own vehicle. Based on a surve) ot our
own stat't Actual weight loss depends on desire to
lose weight. At participating restaurants oni) All
prices subject to change without notice.

The East Carolinian, November 27, 1990
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
November 27, 1990
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