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Tuesday,October 2 1990
Greenville, North Carolina
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Rally held to
raise awareness
of college rape
By Amy Edwards
Staff writer
convenience at the Mine time
Kno said, "Lock Up
Every tour hours and 40 mm
utrs an incidence ot forced rape is
reported, Knox said But only a
small percentage is actually re
Approximately 300 people at
tended a lake Back the Night"
rally Monday on the mall in ettorts
to raise attention to rapeson college ported
campuses its not just a man's problem
Rape is becoming such a wide orwoman'sproblem hesaid. It s
spread problem that statistics on a people problem Education is the
sen i rimes tend to make students kev "
blow them oft and distance
themselves from the problem Pr
Susan Mci ammon said at the rally
According toa national study,
one ot six women on college cam
puses will be a ictim ot rapt- this
year, 11 Keith Knoxoi E I Publi
Safety Also,oneol ISmenadmit
committing rape
The fax ts ot rape are easy tor
students to deny, said Suzanne
Kelterman, health educator at
student health services
A college i.impus is ,i high
danger area she said "Andoncc
anindh idual rapes, it is very likely
they will it again " The reoc
Clirrenccol rape is wh awareness
"Its every persons problem )s important on campus
because at sometimes will we all Although rape is usual!)
be affected he said thought of as a violent a t upon a
In n effort to make E I 5 woman men are sexually as
campus safer, the UNC board ot s.iulted too. said Pet lams Hams
Governors approved a grant of ot the Greenville Police Depart-
$500,000 in September ll)g to rnenf
improve lighting on campus, said You may snicker and not
Chancellor Richard I akin In i,i believe it. but I have records as
dition.thelc 1 Parking and Trathi
( ommittee gave 178,000 tor the
Eakin, who expressed "i per
sonal interest in the safety of all
our students, said that the d
equate lighting is a major concern
on campus
By Feb. lqiJl. the campus will
have completed a lighting project
by using the grant that will result
in a dramatu turn around in
lighting, said Eakin
Inaddition soon NaddiHonal
blue light phones v ill be installed
in arious Ku ations 'students us
mg these phones will be immedi-
ately connected to 1'ublu Safety
It Knox stressed the impor-
tance ot checking security mea
siires in residence halls apart
mentsandhomes ()nepersistence
problem among college students
is the propping ot doors, hi' said
e cannot have security and
proof she saiil
Pr hi ammon ottered sug
gestions for primary prevention of
sexual assault
�Examine your use of erotica
or pornography
�Examine the terms you use
for sexual references and why you
use them
� Be aw ire i if aK ohol con-
�Re evaluate w ho you asso
ciate with especially sexually.
Mso, sexually cohesive techniques
need to be e aluated
� I laverespei tfory ourselfand
The event concluded with a
Mi-minute m.iri h around campus
to make others aware ol the prob-
The rally was sponsored by
the Women's studies Alhaine
Public Safety, E l Housing and
theCitV o(.reenville
A panel of speakers addressed a crowd Ol approximately 500 on Monday at a rally to raise student awareness of the problem of
college campuses around the nation
AIDS victim speaks tonight in Hendrix The;
Caiesla Hoffman
rape oi
By Sarah Martin
Stall writer
When the disease Ml's' nti
Immune IVtn ien j Syndrome)
was discovered in 1981, larland
I ancaster, 29 �l l ireenville, had
the attitude, I won t gel it I'mnot
,) drug user or homosexual. Its
somebody else s problem
NOW, m 1990, his attitude is
much different I ancaster is now
infected with Ml S
Lancaster will speak on AIDS
and its ettei ts on his lite I ucsdav
m Hendrix I he.ore at 8 p m
I ancaster says AlDShas hanged
his outlook on life 1 He is more
enriched, I have more to appr� i-
ate m look forward to I he out
look now is the glass now is halt-
Artists create visual reminders
on campus sexual assault cites
By Amy Edwards
Stjff writer
In the past tew years, several
women have been raped near
larvis Residence 1 lall with the
most recent atta k v urring in
I une.
Unfortunately, these numbers
may not make too much of an
impression on students or this
reason, graduate students Victoria
HigginsSvKester and her hus-
band Marc Sylvester, have painted
several visually dynamic repre-
sentations of sexual assault and
rapes on several campus locations
The art work outlines
women's' bodies and has the date
of the reported rape beside each
The couple decided to display
their public art w 1 irk on 1 ampus in
conjunction with the lake Back
me Night rally Monday l"he rally
was held to make students, faculty
and staff aware ot the problem of
sexual assaults on campus
So far, the response to the
artwork has been positive, said
Sylvester said
"At first, the 1 han. ellor was
negative about our work, hesaid.
"But Dean (Ronald) Speier was
very helpful
"Eakin wanted the painting in
chalk or crayon, but I personally
think Sears latex paint would be
best We need a constant reminder
of the dangers, not one that will
wash away' he Mid.
However, one administrator
in the Brewster Building ques-
tioned the work, said Sylvester
"He had a bad attitude about
rape Sylvester said "He said we
should draw beer cans around the
bodies bei ause that is what causes
rape " SylvesteT said he does not
know the name ot the admmistra
tor but is search tor answers
This artwork is symbolk ol
the way people feel Sylvester
i ontinued. "It's nice and symbolii
for people to come out here today
and act like they give a damn I just
hope they don't forget thisin April.
Higgins Sylvester said the
couple worked on the art during
the weekend finishing Monday
The largest displays are on the
( ollegel lilland near the brewster
building, she said
Photo� Jill Ch�rry
Victoria H.ggms Sylvester paints a sidewalk near Jarvis Residence
Hall, where several woman have been raped m recent years
full, not half-empty
Lancaster, who currently has
rlfnend said the key to sur
�. iving with IPS is to lead a
produ tive life" and he hopes to
spend the rest ol his hte as tull as
he possibh �
I ancaster contracted AIDS at
the age ot 22, in the prime ot my
life, from a former girlfriend that
wasanIN drug user. He showed
no symptoms tor tour years after
contact with the disease
t hsreai tion to finding out that
he had MDS was mixed Should
I sell everything I own Md have
tun or carry on with my life as
normal aspossibk? I prefer to tight
'(developedthe purple man
disease Will people be looking,
October 2
Hendrix Theatre 8 p.m.
Garland Lancaster, rI'VV
will describe what it is like to
have AIDS and its effect on his
October 8
Jonesafeteria 11-1:30
Mendenhall Student Center,
Room 244. 5 p.m.
lather Joseph Jones, President-
Lied of the Pitt county A IDS Task-
Force and Chaplain AIDS Isola-
tion Unit Sing Sing Prison dis-
cusses whaf we can do for people
with AIDS. PWA's need love,
support and compassion as well
as medical care. We can all do
October 15
Student Store Area 9 a.m-2
October 16
Hendrix Theatre 8 p.m.
Sui Landolphi, member of the
AIDS Action Committee and
Award Winning Film Producer
addresses the issue of accepting
and negotiating the use of
condoms and other safer sex
practices through education and
audience participation. Spon-
sored by the ECU Student Union
Forum Committee.
October 24
Mendenhall Student Center,
Room 244. 5 p.m.
Kimberly Scott, Co-Chair of Mi-
nority Issues for the Pitt County
AIDS Task Force discusses reli-
gious, social, cultural, economic
and health issues pertaining to
staring at me? It took me three,
almost tour months to get my life
back together People mst don't
1 are to understand
! p. ! ancaster hopes to
raise 1 �� ireness ot the disease by
spc - it nothiding,and with
boha ht modifications, "promote
a sense of well-being and good
li mc
We need more meaningful
monogamous relationships The
outlook on H ,s is changing, but
not fast enough, Lancaster con-
tinued i here snot enough health
education and we need to start
heabh education early
I hope to make a differencein
lite as every person would like to,
make people more aware and
educate them let more people
know it can happen to you
It won t happen to you if you
usesafi � in a or. ontinued.
Anyone having sex is high risk,
there s no more croups' I his
dis, - ssed all barriers and
is limited to no one
lam aster is fighting the dtSr
east' in more ways than one He is
taking the drug, AZT, at the ap-
proximate cost ol �iii .1 year,
1 his past summer. 1 ancaster had
to fight off an infection with a rash,
mood swings and a 100 degree
fever tor three months
All )s is here with me always,
I iust tr not to dominate my life
1 am aster, with support ot his
girlfriend, friends and family, is
See AIDS page 8
Martin elected as SGA
Speaker of the Legislature
By Rob Norman
Staff writer
After a slow- start due to late
election, the Student Government
Association began its 1990-1991
Legislative session Monday.
�le Martin was elected as
Speaker Of the l.egislatureand will
conduct future S ,A meetings.
rheS .A now- hasover$80,000
to appropriated organizations not
including annual appropriations
in the spring, according to Randy
Royal, S( .A Treasurer
SGA Vice President Beth
Howard announced a voter reg-
istration drive in (reenville this
"We are going to get as main
people to vote I in Greenville this
year as possible Howard said
"We're not trying to get as many
people to vote this year as in the
local elections next year
s(, A President Allen Thomas
said the seven orientation sessions
this summer were successful and
that the freshmen came into con-
tact withall student organizations
on campus Thomas also stated
that EOJ received a commenda-
tion from the Red Cross for the
blood drive this summer.
In addressing theproblemsof
Halloween and the noise ordi-
nance, Thomas encouraged stu-
dents to vote "Let your voice be
heard Thomas said. "We make
upa giHul percentageof thiscity
We can all add our little bit of
There was very little compe-
tition in the SGA elections held
last Wednesday, with practically
every candidate on the ballot
winning Beth Howard won the
s(, A ue President position. S .A
Secretary was won by Rhonda
Wooten 1 lowever, Woolen is out
of school with medical problems
and may not be returning this year.
The Secretary position nas Kvn
taken over bv Betsy 1 licks.
Voter turnout was extremely
low compared toother years, with
only 268 students casting ballots.
A positive approach to
donating organs, people
should consider saving
someone's life.
Personals. For Sale,
Help Wanted. For Rent
and Services Rendered.
REAP program pre-
pares to celebrate its 21 st
birthday. Members of the
Panhellentc Council,
Interfratemal Council and
the Newman Catholic
Center collect money for
new playground.
Pirates suffer a disap-
pointing loss when Geor-
gia came back in the
second half.
Insert: ECU Today

uJlje �aat (CarolinianOctober 2,1990
ECU Briefs
Schwarz resigns as chair of Foreign
Languages, Literature Department
Pr Martin Schwarz has resigned as chair of the Department of
Foreign languages And literatures at ECU, effective at the end of
the fall semester
Sch war, who has served aschair of thedepartment since 1981,
will conduct research and assume full time teaching duties in the
department Pr Marlene Springer, vice chancellor for academic
affairs, said Or Rosina C hia, a former chair of the psychology
department, will assume duties in lanuarv as acting chair of
foreign languages and literatures
Wo are very pleased at the appointment of I r. Chia as acting
chair of the department, said Dr Keats Sparrow, acting dean of
Ihe College of Arts and Sciences Dr Chia's solid background in
academic administration prepares her well tor this assignment,
and she will serve the university and thedepartment ma very fine
Dr Chia is a former American Council on Education (AC E)
fellow in a national program to enable university professors to
obtain experience in academic administration
ECU Decision Sciences to sponsor
forum discussing new computers
� public forum to shov and discuss new computer systems
used in managing information in businesses, industries and other
organizations will be held Ocl II at EC!
The Management Information Systems Forum, sponsored K
the E I School of Business Department of Pension Sciences,
begins at 1? V p.m in Room 1200 of the Genera! Classroom
Building I he program is tree �nd open to the public. Advance
registration is requested
Executives from two eastern North Carolina firms will tell
about their expeneni es w ith the systems used bv their companies.
The speakers are WilliamC Hurd, vice president and chief mfor
manor officer for National Spinning Company in Washington,
In addition, EC! facult) members will demonstrate CASE
U omputer Aided Software Engineering) Software,omputer
Integrated Manufacturing and the use of Expert Systems tor
hospital planning and tor directing complex machmen .it Bell
Helicopter "EXTRON and the I S Postal Service
Pr Robert 1 Schellenberger, chairman of the Department of
Decision Sciences, said the program will help computer proles
sionals "keep abreast of new developments in Management In
formation Svstems "He also said he hoped the forum will stimulate
interest in the creation of an association tor information systems
professionals in North arolina
Jo register tor the forum or to learn about the formation of a
professional society write the Decision Sciences Department, K I
School Of businessreenville N.C 27858-4353 or call (919) 757-
Elementary education
program shows promise
���� � tU. V, . 1 . .�r tncfri
Kris Caughron
Special to The East Carolinian
An innovative program .it
ECU that places elementary edu-
cation seniors in public school
classrooms for a full year as op-
posed to the traditional 10-week
student teaching experience is
Showing positive results as it en-
ters its third year
"One of our graduates was
hired by the Suffolk, Va . school
system as a second year teacher
because of her experience in this
program said Betty Beacham,
director of ECU'S Model Clinical
Teaching Program
In addition, the program has
been nominated for a regional
award from the Southeastern As
so nitionot lea � rEducatorsand
will be presented as i model in
February at the National Vsscx ia
tion of le.K her Edu ators i ont r
ence in New i )rleans
" 1 he basic i on epts m the
model in twofold i ollaborative
development of a curriculum thai
uses the strengths of both the
university and the public schools
And theuseof quality, guided held
experiences resulting in graduates
whose reflective processes enable
them to make informed decisions
about complex classroom issues
Beacham explained.
Hie program i ombinesclasses
covering teaching theory and
philosophy taught b university
professors with hands-on instruc-
tion provided bv specially trained
public school teachers
This fall, the 17 seniors se-
lected for the program will spend
three days in their assigned
schools and two days on campus
each week "The students spend
the tall semester observing and
learning what it is to be an effec-
tive teacher in a school organiza
tion Beacham said. "They are
able to concentrate on teaching
techniques during the spring se-
mester by spending every week-
day in their assigned classroom
"Weekly seminars are held
after st hool with clinical teachers
and university personnel to pro-
vide the interns wirhopportunibes
to reflect on their classroom ex-
periences she added
In comparison, student
teachers not enrolled in the pro-
gram receive only Hi weeks of
field experien e in a public s hool
i iassroom prior to graduation
"The students in our model
program are going to be more
experienced than most beginning
teachers said Pr Charlesoble
dean of the ECU School of Edu
cation The end result of this in
novative project will be main
more clinical -based programs a nd
a closer partnership with public
school teachers and administra-
tors in the important task oi pre-
paring teachers
Pittounry Schools partu i
See Promise page3
Garland i ancaster ��� peak I hi
on the reality of the �'�
County Fair features
thrill rides, animals
Compiled trom I C I Sons Hurciu reports
Crime Scene
Officers catch four non-students
near Garrett stealing bicycles
September 2h
0K48 An officer checked the, .mi muter lot south of Memorial
Gymnasium with the owners of the vehicles; a minor accident
report was tiled (One vehicle rolled back upon another vehicle I
201M An officer responded to the pool area of Mmges in
reference to a report of an injured subject Subject was transported
to his apartment at Stratford Arms
2055 An officer responded to the area east of Aycock Resi-
dence Hall in reference to a report of hit and run accident with
property damage
September 27
1514 Officers investigated a small brush fire west of
Mendenhall Student Center The tire department responded.
1639 An officer i hecked out larvis Residence Hall in refer
ence to a subject riding a skateboard on the sidewalk.
1932 An officer served legal documents on a resident of
Av cock Residence I fall Resident was arrested and transported to
the magistrate's ottn e
2318 Officers responded to the area north of Fleming Resi-
dence Hall in reference to a report of a tight in progress The
assailant was gone upon arrival. The description was given toaU
units And the its police department Warrants were obtained tor
one male student one female student and one male non-student
2357 An officer responded to Fletcher Residence Hall in
reference to a report of the larceny of a wallet.
September 28
1632 n officer Checked OUl the student bookstore in refer-
ence to a larceny report
2017 An officer checked out Fletcher Residence Hall to assist
a student with retrieving her kev S trom within the elevator shaft
2331 Officers responded 10 Fleming Residence I lall in refer-
ence to a report of a male subject injured on the first floor southeast
wing The male student was charged with intoxicated and dis-
orderly conduct and damage to fire equipment.
September 29
0223 An officer stopped vehicle north of I lanagan for erratic
driving The subject was identified as a female student and was
intoxicated A Stateit.ition was issued for driving while license
revoked and expired tags The subject was transported home.
Q312 An officer responded to the area east of Fletcher Resi-
dence Hall in response to another officer observing two male
subjects attempting to enter Fletcher Residence Hall. One male
non-student was located and charged with trespassing
2349 An officer responded to Greene Residence Hall in
reference to subjects stuck in the elevator. The subjects were
released from the elevator, and the elevator was secured
September 30
(HW An officer assisted (.reenv ille Police Department with
an intoxicated female on the ground west of Clement Residence
Hall Greenville Police placed subject in Pitt County (ail for 24
hour lock up
0136 (Officers responded to Slay Residence I lall in reference
10 an unescorted male subject on the second floor The female
resident was issued a campus citation, and the male non-student
was banned from campus
0431 (. )f fuers responded tothearea north of Oarrett Residence
Hall in reference to larceny of bicycles in progress. Four non-
student males were taken into custody.
110S An officer was sent to Fletcher Residence Hall to help a
student locate kevs dropped down the elevator shaft.
Cri� Sec I. lake- f- �! I 110 fT
Kris Caughron
Special to The hast Carolinian
With a hog show and amuse-
ment rides galore, the Pitt County
Pairkickedotj Monday fora week
jam packed with exhibits and
rhis year's tair promises to
si i rpa ss last year's record breaki n c
even! at the Pittounty Fair-
grounds, located near the inter-
section of l �4 and 53
Some ol the tree attractions
will include Bob Jones PettingZoo
and Circus Menagerie.aptain
Rm's high diving act will perform
three shows Tuesday through
Saturday. Captain Tim's show is
the oldest fairground act touring
The Great Heat Show will re-
turn tor the second year including
three shows a night Tuesday
through Saturday, and a cage
display in between. "Hollywood
Stunt World' with the Monster
i. 'arCrusher w ill perform rue da)
through Friday at 7:30 p m.
On Friday nights I he
Bin kswamploggers will dance,
and at the main midway entrance
the Will Carousel organ will be on
display A German Fairground
organ built in 1S99 will be on ex-
hibit on the Independent Mid way.
It has been seen at the N.C. State
Fair for the past seven years
Starting with a hog show on
Mondav. the livestock portion of
the tair will feature pigs, lambs
and hiefers. Wednesday there will
be a lamb show for Pitt County at
7 p.m. At noon Saturday, a lamb
show will be held for all of Eastern
orth Carolina followed by a
Heifer Show at 3 p.m.
The Village of Yesteryear has
added a caboose and 100 feet of
railroad track at the old depot.
This exhibit includes 20 buildings
packed with farm antiques. These
buildings are authentic, and have
been moved to the site.
Amusements of America, the
company supplying rides, has
added over one million dollars of
new equipment featuring over 10
attractions including rides, shows,
and concessions. This will be their
sOth anniversary tour over the U.S.
and Canada
With the added attractions,
fair organizers are hoping for a
big turnout this year.
"I am looking for a 25 percent
jump in attendance this year, be-
cause we will have more exhibits,
especially in livestock, more free
entertainment, more added to the
historic farm museum, more mid
way and more things that have
never been seen before Elvy
y crest, manager of the fair,
rhursday is college night
students with an FCC or Pitt
Communitv College identification
can get �n tor $1 50. Senior Citi
ens will be admitted tree trom
i 00-3:1X1 p.m. on Wednesday
I iandicapped children will be
eiven free rides and refreshments
rhursday trom 9:30 am -11:30
( .ate prices are S tor adults
and S2 tor children in the evenings
and on Saturday. Children with a
school ticket can get in tree from
J-6 p.m. All day passes will be on
sale Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
and Saturday from 1:00- 4:00 tor
only $3.95
Served MonFri. 11 a.m3 p.m.
Voted "Best Place
3 taste of old mexico
521 Cotanche St. - Greenville
757 - 1666

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Carolina Pregnancy 757-0003
Central Book & News756-7 I:
Chico's 757-1666
Crabby Sam's752-0090
Dapper Dans752-11 50
Famous Pizza757-0731
Fosdick's756-201 1
Greenville Utilities 752-7166
ITG Travel 355-5075
Paynes Jewelers355-5090
Suntana 756-9180
Tom Togs Outlet83Q-Q174
Director of Advertising
Adam Blankenship
Advertising Representatives
KenEartey ulieRoscoe
John Semelsberger, Net hoi Boone
Nellie Vn Den Dungen
Advertising Production Manager
Warren Kessler (Graphi Artist
National $b.00
Local Open Rate $5.00
ier column inch
Frequency Contract
Dicounts Available
Business Hours
Monda - Friday
7: JO - 5:30

She �uat (Carulinian Ociqblh 2.1990 3
Aurbach exhibition opens
at Gray Art Gallery Oct. 9
ECU News Bureau
A significant exhibition of
contemporary sculpture, Me
mento Mori: Memorials b
Michael Lawrence urbach is
one of three exhibits it E( l s
Wellington B Gray Gallery from
Oct 9-Nov. 3
'Aurbach's current series
present sculptural installations oi
caskets which are a parody oi
Western funerary tradition said
Charles I ovell gallery director
"Death immortality and identity
are ki elements te his w ork
Sole ted sculptures included
in tl hibit are Still 1 ife 1 i
nal Portrait merican Indian
I ina! Portrait Mailarrier and
1 inal Portrait iay Person
Dorothy loiner art i rith I
Sculpture magazine termed
�uttuh s wit a humor noir fo
cusine on human failings
"1 inal Portrait (iay Persian
appeared in the first national ex
hibition devoted to artists re
-polls s to MDS I tie lennessee
artist s s� ulpture resonates vs ith a
my nad ol thoughts that MDS
provokes plaving with fire the
snuffingoutoflives homophobia
v ulnerabilirv (the mirror1 wrote
1 he Atlanta lournal and . onstitu
Vi issistant protessorot the
I Yandorbtll niversitv
in Nasl urbach is
represented by the Bcrnice
Stembaun r in ew York
monc the honors he lias
re a National Endow
� � � � the rts Southern Arts
I � , n I ellowship in lu
RoM Show tor Excellence H A
National Sculpture! vhibition in
Dallas lexas and best ol Show
and ti
� � nlao s� ulpture for the
nmai Michiana Ait
i n South Bend
nessiv Architect.
lhis exhibition was under
written in part by the E( I Student
i kwemment Association
Concurrent ith uilu h s
exhibit are 'The Artists Bonk
Works from the Permanent I ol
lection and 1 )a id Dodge I ew is
Recent Works on Paper
1 he Artist s book w ill
consist ol o ei 25 books created by
artists ranging from conceptual
offset print editions to limited one
ot a kind books of handmade pa
Ini hided are works In Hsi
Vassdal Ellis S W 1 layter, Pauline
1 amal, 1 es 1 e ine im Kess 1 arry
Rivers Dietei Roth Margaret
Sahlstrand and BirgirSkiold
Publishei s in hide Brighton
Pies s,in piogo v irele Press
Guilford, England; Hamsjorg
Mayer Stuttgart Germany Pe
tersburgPress ondon Winstone
Press. Mocksville N Stellar
Press 1 td 1 latfield England and
Editions Met to ol mcri� a 1 td
New ork
Most Ol the books were do
nated to the E( I School ol r
Permanentollection by Palm
Beach, I la . art collector Hen
W U1H si tl
The Artist - book was o
curated by Michael Voors and
Charles 1 ovell
David Dodge I ewisisassis
tant professot of the fine aits
lampden Sydney ollege
1 lampden Sydney v a
t le w as awarded best in
Show at Ihe 1 lalpert Biennial
990 a national juried v isual irl
competition at ppala hian State
I m ersit and rev ei ed thi
1)00 irginia Prize for the 1 s
East Mam (,aller in Richmond
Connells to
The 1 lalloween celebration at
ECU maybe wounded, but maybe
it is not dead vet.
Ihe Student Union is consid
ering having a concert in Minges
Coliseum this year featuring the
Connells and a laser light show
At theSGA meeting Monday
President Allen rhomas revealed
plans to bring the Connells to the
ECU campus. 1 he band has been
booked but the date ot the concert
w as not revealed.
rhomas said that he has been
working closely with the Student
perform at
t nion toward having a concert on
campus "We can start a positive
tradition here rhomas said
1 lave it in Minges this year, and
in Ficklen next year and blow the
place up
Thomas also said that Chan
cellor Eakin has pledged $2,000
are being requested to help pay
tor contracted sei vices
It is estimated that the oncert
and light show will cpst between
Sid $17300 to put on The admis-
sion charge will be low, around
five dollars
Continued from page 2
Pm�mm $�c6 COTTON TOPS
pating in the program an
ElmhursM i R.Whitfield,Pactolus
and Wintergreen Elementan
Print ipals from these schools .� ere
presented plaques at a reception
in appreciation ol their participa
tion The E( I Department ol I 1
ementan Education administei
the Model (. linical reaching Pro
Ihe plaques were presented
during a campus reception host d
b the department tor university
and Pitt c ounty school officials,
hoard of ediu ation members and
the students tea� hers and t.n ult
ho will be participating in the
program this year
Accepting the plaques were
Stella t hambliss print ipal of
1 Imhurst s hool; Beth Ward
print ipal of G.R W hit field 1 1
ementary; Selma herr princi
pal of Pat tolus Elementary; and
( arol) n i erebee print ipil of
W interereen Elementan
12 OFF,
1900 DICKINSON AVE 8300174
hav i � ired in V Papei the
. - tan ner and '
An opening reception tor tht
artist will he held on Mondav
Oct 8, in thegallen following a
p.m lecture b Michael urha. h
The East
would like to
help in the
recycling effort
by encouraging
its readers to
judent Union
hings Happen at ECU
What's up?
Call the Program Hotline 757-6004
To Find Out What is Happening at ECU
Piratefest Banner Contest
"What 'Piratefest Represents' to You.
� ere � - � Sl id im, Piratefe l
When: Thursday, October 18, 1990
Time. 8.00-9 0
.12 FRF E PIZZAS.� irtcsN fDoi nos will be awarded to the wim jbannerwi
'r � i ! .it. r the Homo imine Game at Half I
displayed and specially r �� luv " ml . �, o . �� � i
,n,i v.s-V
. i � � � �. . � � - �
- will be the tii ill banners will I
� I re details � � ' Succn Kn l � '�
rpers n. Piratefest ' �'
� � ivc i nm ' � �
Join The
This Week at Hendrix Theatre
Thurs Oct. 4 7 & 9pm
Fri Sat Oct.5 & 6 8pm
Sun Oct7 2, 5 & 8pm
ECU ID or Current Films Pass is Required for Admission
The Student Union
Special Concerts Committee
MonOct8 9 am-5 pm
The 2nd Annual Kick-Off
Social will be held Wednesday,
October 3rd at 7:00 p.m. in the
Pirate Club Building behind
Ficklen Stadium. All Student
are invited to become members.
For more information please call
Tripp or Jennifer at 757-4540.
ree p Buber
School Spirit C�ches Talks M
PigskinPigo Ta.
er$ Meet New Friends

�lie Izaat (Earoltnian
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MlCHAE! G. MARTIN, Managing Editor
Tim Hampton, News Editor
Michael Albuquerque, Asst. News Editor
PAULA GtC.EE, State and Nation Fditor
MATT KING, Feature Fditor
Dfanna NevglOSKI, Asst Features Editot
Doug Morris, Sports Fditor
EARLE M. McAULEY, Asst. Sport Editor
Carrie Armstrong, Special Sections Fditor
LECl AIR r ARPER, Copy Editor
Am Edwards, Copy Editor
Michael Lang, Editorial Production Manager Tom BaRBOUR, Circulation Manager
Jeff Parker, Staff illustrator Stuart Rosner, Systems Manager
Chris Norman, Darkroom Technician Phono. LUONG, Business Manager
MARGIE CShea, Classified Ad Technician Deborah Daniels, Secretary
I he East Carolinian has served the Hast Carolina campus community since 1925. emphasizing information ihat directly
affects ECU students. During the FCl' school vcar. he East Carolinian publishes � k e a week ith a circulation of 12.000
To East Carolinian reserves the righlto refuse or discontinue an �dvertisemenis that discriminate on the basis ot age, sex.
creed or national origin The masthead editorial in ea h edition does not necessarily represent the views of one individual,
but. rather, is a majority opinion of the Editorial Roard he East Carolinian welcome letters expressing all points of view
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Greenville. N C
'SU or call (11 7S7 oo
Page 4, Tuesday, October 2, WO
Donating organs is a worthy cause
Saturday night, two ECU students
wore in a car accident that left one brain-
dead and the other seriously injured.
Although this tragic incident took the
lite ot one of the students, Pan Bateman,
he ma v have sa ved someone else's 1 i re �
because he was a organ donor.
Losing a loved one results in severe
emotional strain for a family. But some
small comfort may come to them if the
loved one saves the life of someone in
need of an organ transplant. All over the
United States, people are waiting for
donations that might possibly end the
ongoing tragedies in their own lives.
According to Carolina Organ Pro-
curement Agency in Greenville, there
have been 47 multi-organ dona tions rep-
resent ng 54 counties in eastern North
Carolina as oi the last fiscal year. Five of
those 47 donations have come from Pitt
Count v.
Even so, thousands of individuals
wait for their life-saving donor The
American Liver Foundation reported that
in 1987 alone, nearly "m00 children and
adults could have benefitted from liver
transplants if they had had the donors.
Only 1,181 (about 25 percent) of the 5,000
patients actually received the operation.
This situation could have been
avoided if more people had donated or-
gans But the problem continues to grow.
More and more people need transplants,
buttoomany potential donors don't sign
up. What a waste � all they need do is
ask at their nearby driver license office.
In 1988, approximately 1,400
hearts were transplanted, while nearly
1 300 donated livers saved or prolonged
the lives of others in need of a transplant.
One recipient oi liver donation lived as
long as two decades after the operation.
Accidents happen. Thev can't be
avoided. But when it's as simple as fill-
ing out a form at the driver license office,
we can at least try to ensure that some
good comes of an accident � like Dan
Bateman did.
the over-
Get rid of politicians the 'old-fashioned'way
By Scott Maxwell
Editorial c olumnisl
Believeitornot, the Ameru an
political scene is all a buzz with
rumors of .1 coming ' oter rebel
lion rhis is the idea that the
electorate has had enough ol the
present crop oi incumbents and is
eager to repl.u e them w ith .1 fresh
new batch of cynical, manipulative
hypocrites er politic ians
Well it took them lone,
enough But I'm not so sure it �
happening vet or thai it � hould
happen the way some peopl ��. ml
it to
For one thing, the whole "re
hellion has ,1 suspiciously famil
tar fla or 1 hese spontaro
tional movementsall seem to ome
about prettv muchabout the same
way some news corporation w
other extrapolates from flimsy
data, then other new � rgai
tions start reporting the conjei
tures as it the) - ere fa t
magazine reported this - �
fashionable voters in � aring
mink stoles to the polls i
s. ar partis these extrapolations
tend to be sell fulfilling prophe
cies It Americans are told they
believe something pretty
they start believing it Peer pres
sure doesn't end v ith high st hool.
But suppose the rebellion re-
ally istakingplace Maj as
it it isn't true toda it ill be next
�a eek when ho Wall Street fournal
,uv NBC News say it is Do we
really want to start voting out the
1 unny thing is, you'll get more
yes" answers to that question
from Republicans than you'll get
from I Vmoi rats I hisisn'tbei ause
Republicans are more prim ipled
but because there are fewer of them
in ' ongress A rebellion against
incumbents an only benefit them
unit �! nurse thai rebell
1 (tends to the hite I louse and
re s little i han. e ol thai h
pening before 10 Sure, thev'll
miss esse Helms ,d Newt
(iingru h but at least thev'll be rid
of leddv Kenned)
H contrast Democrats are a
little more leery ol the supposed
revolt not because they have
morc ommon sense (though the)
hut bei .ins a oter rebellion
would mainly work against them
t in tlv hand, it's such 1
tempting phrase V .mi too m ince
v oters tin a . int to remove a Re
publican incumbent? lust s,n'
"y oter rebellion
In fa t, some I Vme. rats, t nri)
at quaint,m. e have started calling
the alarm 1 ighl hi 11 in North
( arolina Defeat t h incumbent
when the incumbent is 1 lelms, but
leave him alone when he s lorn
Fbley ((Janttcan win .� ithoul help
from a pseudo m . il thank
and Itor n
S t-ms the people who ta or a voter
rebellion most .ire the ones wb
favorites are presentl) oul of fa
v or
Probably the single dumb si
aspect of the "voter rebellion is
the sudden manuta. tured urge to
pass constitutional amendments
(at both the state and federal
els) to limit termsof office It we re
going to have a rebellion we
at least do it right; and tlv 1
way is � to pass a law di
to remove from the publii
burden 1 �: n nv mhenng
their senator has been their si
It s true that leaving a persi
in power for too long isdangerous
Power w ill eventually corruj
anv one en a saint like less.
I lelms Hutu votersdon't like their
(urrent pol, they should . I
igainsl linn, a constitutional
endment is no substitute for an
alert and informed electoral
:ni in cast' you re interested
m) antipath) tor su h crutches
does indeed extend to th
Amendment the one that limits
evenextremel) popular presidents
like Reagan to two terms 1 It vot-
ers are ton' laz) to get off their
assesand gel nd of a politician tl
old-fashioned w.n using the
power of the ballot box then
they deserve ��� hat th get s
tbt j � 1 les red ��� h i ,K' -
eotten so tar
Letter to the Editor
looks for
My name is Kurt Douglas
Raymer and 1 am a prisi
theKentuck) State Penitentiary
I have been in prison tor almost
II years, and I can finall) see
daylight in 1991 it nothing else
happens I'll ha e so ed '
vears da) tor Ja It
story I started out w ith twi
year sentences toi persistent
felony offender two S-year
sentences tor robbery and 1 I
year sentence t�. r knowing and
receiving stolen property a
total ol 31 years
But now I'm coming to the
end and I must come back out to
face the tree world. I've paid
mv dues and hope soi iety can
accept that, but I know from the
past, society will always hold a mark against me But I'll
try to live it dow n
I'm interested in making
some friends who will accept
ire tor the man I am and not look
at me as the character that l'
shows portray prisoners All
prisoners aren't animals even
though in prison,a person must
sometimes have an animal in
stun t about themselves
In prison, you have no
friends tust ass.Hiates. because
in best friend can sometimes
be your worst enemy i II not get
into prison lifenght now I'll tell
vou about me and v hat i w ant
to accomplish b this letter
1 will be living in Raleigh or
New Hern N.C upon mv re-
lease until I decide to either try
to make me a life there or mo e
on. I ve lived in (ireenville,
Carrboro,and Boone,N.C .pre
viously Some ot my adopted
familv just moved to Raleigh
from Hoc.1 Raton, 11a. But I'm
going to try to be independent
when l get out.
I havea trade in small engine
repairs rate body recondition
im; tars and painting, so ! want
to try to �� t 1 bike shop ; my
ow :i once I'm on my feel
My mam 1 oncern is to find a
tew friends w ho will be fnei Is
and let me be a friend in return I
am no angel, but 1 am not all bad
I would like to find someone I
. ould be special with md to be
special to me in return
It anyone is interest) I n 11
least nting please iddres
letters as follow s
visrrw t �' �
Kentucky State P. 1
. H I- A-12
. Ivviilc KY 42�VS 2H
In all sincerit) I ��� 1
and hope m) beingin pris ndoes
not stop us from maybe making
a lifetime friendship
In Struggle,
Kurt D. Raymer
Student activist portrays role as leader, follower while in school
By Darek McCullers
Editorial Columnist
For most of my life, I have
been an activist of one sort or an-
other I've always felt that I had
something to contribute; whether
it was being a safety patrolmen,
class valedictorian, Student Body
Vice President or just a good
Chnstian role model.
When I came to ECU, I came
with a mission I was determined
to leave a legacy or blaze a trail
during my time here.
As you have read my articles,
you may have found them agree-
able or disagreeable. However,
from most of the responses I have
received, you havenot found them
lacking in content, message or
purpose. Therefore, I wanted to
take this opportunity to clarify my
First of all. there is the mes-
sage that I bear to my people bv
nature of birth (African Ameri-
cans). To them. 1 want to say that
we have suffered greatly through
the years.
We have found the white man
to be strange liberators It all
began over 200 years ago
The Declaration of Indepen-
dence was wntten in a time when
blacks had already been slaves for
over 100 years It declared that all
men were created equal and had
certain basic rights, which were
life, libertv, and the pursuit of
Somehow, America refused to
apply this to her citizens of color
until it went to war After the
Civil War, the liberals and conser-
vatives argued over what to do
with the Negro
The southern conservatives
created the brutal and evil im
Crow laws that were en forced rig-
idly bv the klan The so -called lib
erals of the north enacted a de
facto and unhealthy segregation.
That is to say that you may be
able to eat in the same restaurant,
but vou can't live with me You
mav be able to ride the bus, but
your children can't go to my
Basically, there was no differ
ence. Then along came Civil
Rights It is true that we were
given a Voting and Civil Rights
bill, but now we need a Living
Rights Bill.
Statistics will reveal that the
Negro in America has bore a heavy
burden for too long. Statistics
show that we have a 33 percent
unemployment rate
Half of all black children are
bom into poverty and half of all
violent crimes are committed by
these frustrated, degradated
youth. Many elderly black citi-
zens do not have adequate health
care because they are too poor
The slums are still here, that the
so-called liberal politician prom-
ised would be eradicated.
1 lowever. I'vecomeon a mis
sion to tell my black people that
thereisone who can lift your heavy
burden Mv Bible tells me that the
righteous would not be forsaken,
and it we are his seed through
beliet in Christ, we would not beg
for bread
lesus spoke to the poor and
oppressed in Matthew 11:28 when
he said. "Come unto me all ve
that labour and are heavy laden.
and 1 will give you rest Take my
yoke upon vou and learn ol me
for I am meek and lowly ot heart
and ve shall find rest unto sour
souls. For my yoke is easy, and
my burden is light
He also said that it we have
faith, we could move mountains.
Remember that the meek are not
weak, they are strong I am con-
vinced that the answer to the spirit
of racism is lesus
Finally,I want to tell mv black
brothers and sisters that we must
concentrate our energies. We have
the unique opportunity of break-
ing into some new bold frontiers
We have the icons or tokens
such .is Dr Martin Luther King,
lesse Jackson, Douglass Wilder.
Nelson Mandella.etc Now we
need role models tor our children
in every arena
M brother said it once that
we don't need demonstrations and
protests in the future. We need
tangible and strong black men and
women in the churches. obs
homes,communities.every where
to show form their morality and
positive mentality
I eadership is the key to sue
cessful integration.
1 also want to sav to mv col-
leagues in general that we all have
a role to plav. I want to remind
them ot their responsibility
lohn Donne once said, "No
man is an island, we are all a par
ot the continent; a part ol the
main Some will sav what fxa fly
can the students at hast Carolina
I niversitv do?
A short time ago. I rushed tour
predominantly or ail white frater-
nities and received a bid tot only
one I his is not a good indication
ol where we are in lssHV we can't
be satisfied with 25 percent inte-
1 his is an example ot the new
rac ism that s going a round White
personsor institutions might smile
at vou or give vou a handshake
however, thev don't select you
regardlesso! the fact that you are
well qualified
Those m ho are 9GA and Stu-
dent I nion members, or president
ot the IPC, make a lot of rhetoric
become reality We ve reached
brotherhood ot spirit, no let S
see some equality ot power and

Blie Cast (Harultnian Ociobt r 2,1990 5
Bush condemns Saddam for Middle East crisis
President Bush today denounced
Iraqi President Saddam lussein
�s an international outcast who
plundered kuw ait Hut Bush also
offered Baghdad hope re
linquishingitsgripon its Persian
(.nit neighbor could spur nego
tiahonson Ihe r.ih -Isr n-h con-
rhoprosivlont sspotvh tothc
l General Assembly blended
condemnation ot Saddam with
an overture tor a resolution ot
the two month crisis We sork
a peaceful outcome, a diplomatic
outcome Hush said in his pre-
pared remarks
Significantly, he offered the
Iraqi leader the prospei tot new
arrangements among the states
in the gull region as well as a
chance for a settlement between
the Arabs and Israel provided
Iraq departs trom Kuwait un
i onditionalh
Iraq s unpro ked aggres
sion is a throwback to another
era, a vlark relu trom a dark
time Hush said It has plun-
dered Kuwait terrorized nine
.ent civilians and held even
diplomats hostage
Ihe president lining up with
a proposal nrst advanced last
k h Son let i ire�gn Minister
I duard Shevardnadze said
hip must be
tor the rimes ol
abuse and destruction
But, at the same time Bush
edged pereeptiblv closer to
Saddam s demand that his territo-
rial dispute with Kuwait be linked
to the Arabs' grievance with Israel
tor holding on to territoryS) ria and
lordanlostintho l7Mideast war
A similar gesture last week bv
President Francois Mitterrand ot
France drew a mixed response
Sunday horn Saddam, who sug-
gested that Iraq would tight to de-
fend its seizure of Kuwait but also
ottered to open a debate with
France on the region's future
We intend to make contacts
with the French government to e
plain after inquiry, questioning and
dia'u cue our views accurately so
that everything is based on clear
ideas and actions, the Iraqi leader
said m a broadcast message on the
birthdav ot the Muslim prophet
Mitterrand m a tour step pro called tirst tor Iraq's with
draw il trom Kuwait which tt in
vadedonAug T 1 hepullout would
be supervised by ob
servers as the emirate s sovereignty
�a as restored
Then, negotiators would deal
with the division o 1 ebanon and
the Arab Israelconihcl Inthefourth
stage armamentsin tbeMiddle E asl
w ou Id be scaled dow n
Bush reiterated that Iraq s an
nexation ot Kuwait will not be per
mitted to stand and that Saddam
has placed his country against the
However, the president said,
In the aftermath ot Iraq s uncon-
ditional departure from Kuwait, 1
trulv believe that there mav be
"For Iraq and Kuwait to settle
their differences permanently; for
the states ot the gult themselves to
build new arrangements foe St
bilitv. and tor all the states and
peoples of the region to settle the
conflict that divides the Arabs
trom Israel
And vet. Bush said, the
world's kev task now, first and
always must be to demonstrate
that aggression will not be toler
a ted or rewarded
Ihe speech seemed to retlei t a
I s policy shitt rhroughoul the
cult crisis, I S officials insisted
that Iraq's seizureof Kuwait could
not be linked in any waj to the
rab Israeli dispute or other re-
gional problems
Ihe I rated States lias long
been committed to a Mideast
settlement in which Israel would
exchange territory tor Arab n i g
nit ion ot its right to exist Hush
made no reference on how the
talks would be held, the Soviets
and the Arabs demand a Mideast
peace conference, but the Israeli
government objei ts
Hush assured Sadd im that
we seek no advantages tor our IllllsL
Nor, he said, "do we seek to ��
maintain our militarv forces in
saudi Arabia tor one day longer
than is necessary
Bush said the 165,006 I S
troops defending the oilfields ot
saudi Arabia were sent there at
the request ot the Saudi govern
ment following Iraq's Aug. 2
invastion of Kuwait
Ihe American people and
this president want even single
American soldier brought home
as soon as the mission is accom-
plished he said
Bush praised the soviet Inion
tor collaborating with the United
states in a worldwide cutoff of
trade with Iraq I he superpowers
had indeed put tour decades ot
htstorv behind us, he said
More than ever before. Bush
said, the L nited Nations is now a
center tor international collective
1 he passage hinted that the
I nited states and Soviet Union
would seek Securirj Council ap-
proval tor militarv action against
Iraq if Saddam does not withdraw
his troops trom Kuwait
S officials said Sunday the
two superpowers, as well as a
iniml er ol other countries, had
begun prehminar) drafting of
resolutions to authorize the use of
ton e
Yosemite enters its second century in question
Bv Don Vetter
(.annott New- Sm ice
Yosemite National Park en
ters its sft ond � entury nexl
month but the celebration is
olored with an o erriding
question: In the nexl 100 years,
can th Sierra Ne ida treasure
! from its ow n popular
Abou! ; I million visitors
t the rand expansi
year which pul i rn
I rcsurt, on brahan I i
mandate to 'consen e th
md the natural md histori
( al objei ts and the wildlife
�� provide for (their)
enjoyment tor all future .
� fthi lisputi oncerns
� 7 , . ire mile "i osemite
Valle) a temple of natural
nder w ith few ri als, offering
� r thing trom the delicacy ol
a mountain meadow tothegrand
mow of El Capitan, a granite
monolith that rises more than
3,000 feel above the valle) floor
But each summer evening,
.alles becomes one of the
nation s most densely pa ked
i ities, with 12,000 overnight
quests bringing ars and camp
fires and the need for shelter
sewer systems, dnnking water
polk e protection and food
But the 'marvelous won
derland ol lohn Muir the
sierra c lub founder who lob
bied torthe park's protection
IS still there, in the gentle rainbow
mists of Nevada Falls an early
morning walk through a meadow
or an evening swim in the Merced
Marion Knight, camping with
her husband and father-in-law at
North Pines in Yosemite Valley,
savs, Once you've been to
"J osemite. you know that it has to be
protected tor future generations
There is something about t osemite
that is good tor the soul It s impor
� ml thai we have this and preserve
But the park is not wearing well
Mam high country hikers find trails
ha e be� ome foot deep grooves of
sand Several times a year air qual-
ity in the valley falls below state
health standards
The park experience of yes
tervear is further eroded because
of the cut in the National Park
Sen ice budget
Park Ranger Chern Payne is
coordinating Yosemite's centen
nial plans tor a low ke affair
I here is no need to attract more
v isitors to the valley
"Thereis this perception, right
or wrong that Yosemite is er
crowded and busy, Payne says
Hut it is very easy to get awaj to
find a quiet place when orn
thing clicks together and there is
the phenomenal harmony be-
tween me and the world around
me 1 find those moments m
i osemite
In 1US'V the National Park
Sen ice completed a general man-
agement plan tor Yosemite with
the help ot more than 5,000publk:
Ihe plan, the park service's
third attempt, took five years. I be
proposals would cost a little more
than 514s million i osemite S an-
See Yosemite page 7
The Plaza � Greenille
355-5075 800-562-8178
Open MonFrl. 9-5 Closed SatSun.
Offices also in Raleigh. Chapel Hill, RTP & Wilmington
Yosemite National Park
I rii?rj-jf'J
valley j 2X.Meadows
V i
��?S? Clouds18
Giacier Lake

Clark Range

5 miles
Mary ol Yosemites
� surrounding peaxs
nse as hign as El
� Caprtan s 7.569 feet
An estimated 3.4 m or.
oecpie visit Yosemite
National Park a.a y
The park is ncs; to '2.00C
overnight guests
) A Nationa ParK Servce plan
to control grow at the park
would cost more tnan 5'5
million Yosemites annual
Dudget ,sS'3 8 milhon
With the
Scce H cce- Sa- Franc sco and Noe� Ca 'o-
Gannett News Se-1. ce
Now available on our shelves
I our Past Midnight by Stephen King
"alter all, past midnight is Stephen King's favorite time of
By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky
"The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer"
The Gulf by David Poyer
"An explosive tale of the Navy at war in Persian Gulf"
Memories of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon
"Sidney Sheldon's genius as a storyteller has never been
more powerfully displayed
Central Book & News
Greenville Shopping Center � 757-7177
Open Till 9:30 pm Seven Days A Week
Then Get
Register to Vote
Students and Faculty
Octobers, 1990
10.00 am to 2:00 pm
In Front of the Student Stores

CHiie iEaat (EaroUntan
OcwBti) 2,1990
NEED GREENER1 am now buy-
ing any football, basketball, and
baseball cards you nave Any year,
am shape III give you a fair amount.
Call Hm 830-5346or 757-6366.
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els si 000 S2 OOOforPing Scottsdale
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typing ind photocopving services
Wealsost Icomputers software,and
amputer accessories 24hoursinand
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!�� ���.( n pag - SDFProfes-
v . mpufc: Sen ices 106 East
5th Street beside Cubbie's)
Greenvilk NX 752 694
, . nt to remember. Our
stn h n o isines will M that spe
ch!( allCl SSAC1 1EMOU-
SINE at 757-3240 for information.
PR! m I MR WORK: Word pro-
cessing fin ipers reports letters.
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rofessional help in resume
typing Call lom Fair at
H PING si RV1CES: term Pa-
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SI 200 firm. Call 757-6511 (days). 746-
2369 (nights)
Come by and check out the lowest
prices in town' TvelXe TsSlO.Tank
S8 and even Pants tor $24. CXir hours
are 11-6 every day unless were
hungover, hi keep us in mind when
your shopping downtown We are
located two Mores up from Cubbies
1988 300 Z II'RBO: White pearl
black with white rims Factory
Ricaros, loaded, r-roof. Perfect con
dition 39K hwy. miles Best otter
over $16 lYV Serious inquiries only
FOR SALL: Bullard I ire place Inst 11
Excellent condition S250 83(V6880
Sofa, matching chair, end tabu- and
lamp. $100 Call 55-4542
FOR SALL: Ian sleeper sofa Full
size. Asking $175 752-6832
I OR SALL: Couch and chair in good
condition S60 firm Call Man ia at
casian subjects are needed tor an e
ercise stud at the human perfor
mancc laborator) Will pay S20 for
participahng Contact Chris at 757-
EARN $2500: indl REESpringBreak
rhps to Bahamas amaica as pan
timeampus Rep for Spring Break
rravel I S00 638-6786
person ib and typist job Apply be-
tween ; 5 p.m at MM c omputers,
ln UVi I 5th St Iireenville, NX
A I'll N 1 ION: 1 ratemities, Sorori-
hestubs ii d ndividuals. Trip
organizers wanted foi fantastic Ski
and S ir 1 irs. 1 im cash commis
sions md oi f i freeall the
comi im eollegi ti i el Moguls
Ski ii A S ir fours l: BOO (
Mvo I i from 2 10 b
guys, the Sigmas, the Alpha Delta
Pi's, the etas, the Alpha i Deltas s
and the Sig Eps was great I ooking
forward to next year. The brothers
and pledges ot Kappa Sigma
will hold it's second annual kick off
sodaK Vtober 3,at7 p m in the Pirati
Qub Building. Call 757-4540
BASSADORS: Sherry Askew
Darlene Barnes, lem Behney, Nano
Blake Michelle Booher, Kevin
Brelsford, c arter Buffington Hei Ii
Cambcll, Stacy Carroll, 1 uani i
Collins, Danielle Cyriaque, c ori
Daniels, Diana Dawin,Dionne Evans
Monica Evans essica Everett, enni
flake Gina Foust, Alex Fredes
laimmeeGaff.MehrynGalardi si �
Harrington, Melana Harris Dan
lohnson MargaretJohnson.Shai
Jordan, Marsha Lilley, Holly 1 im ll
Gretchen Mapel, Arietta McKo
leannie McMillian, 1 ara Moore
1 immi Moore reresa M i � i Kati
Mulligan Leigh A
Peacock ennif�
Reid Kim R iroad
ron Sauls, Br mSetser, Smit
Karei Smitl " ' :s,)
Stuckey 1 ori ! tt
� � f, v. Lira l
SK.s NP I 1 A H
pan nl s weeki : : Low tn
I I I Al l PH V
isl isl ippi hing.ft
Largest Library ot information m U S
It's about hme vou n
�, . rtv sisti rs&ptedg
vouldliki �
BiffVN � -
theiraw - n
Hershey Bar run rhcCl
Fudge Posse i
Sist rsol Eta Pi
rvry �.
p.m Must
Stai tingpax
( on munib
Pittt ounh
pv IN-STAT1 rumON? Read
� lei . Status and ruitior the
phlet written b) an at
c in-state resident ap
� � � , � ss N "a available:
Si lent Stores A right Building.
LOOKING FOR: a fraternity, soror-
iryorstudentorganization that would
like to make $500 - 51 000 tor a one
week on-campus marketing project
Must beorganized and hardworking
Call Jenny or Kevin at (800) 592 ! !
DIATELY: No experience neeessan
Excellent pay! Work a: home Call
toll-free I 800-395-3283
DIA TLL: No experience neeessan
Excellent p' Work at home Call
toll-free: 1-800-395 J283
available in unkr Sportswear V
cessories Men's-Goodpay Flexible
schedules Clothing discounts in t rr
for building fall wardrobes Appl
Brady's rhe Plaza M-W I 4p.m
C 11 B: rhe 2i I am lal kick-ofl so
rial will be Wednesday October 5 at
n mill 7 , 4 vi- toi '� in Ji tails
VTTENTTON IR1 sic rru cook
i .� as '� aw( some id a e
couldn : have had i beth r time
rhanks foi sV ii is over Next tim
,u . �; i fixxJ Low th hi others
md pledgesol K ipp i S va
RI SH: rhe brothers and mmces I
5 n a Nu invite yo i to i ii mid
�h mestei rush 11 interested 1C I
mei ire ii v ited to attend (ctol i
�� i, � - l.t.vC ct
isefi � ' �n.n Fim more tnfor
1 Ton ' 5279 or call
�52-9607 Rl SH v' MA l
foea parri was great eve r though
ROOM WANTED: Private roon f
serious full-time graduate student
Must have access to bathroom and
kitchen Available November 1 or
sooner Call Bill at 752-3620
all suneels
800 351 0222
$ RBsearch tntormatton
jit i . �� � �
Beauuful PI ice ��
� VII Ne� �
� Vnd Read) roRem �
.) I 5ih Slre�
�Located Neai i
� u v, � a p �
� ross From Highway Pal
Ijmitcd Offei S momh
(lonucl J 1 ot I omm illiams
56 fgl? oi �
i Iffice open ;n s. 12 5 � ���,���
� � -
t.b�wateimdicl -���-
(tyeo.cahieTV Cuujjk�ot�njk�onl) $l�Si
lew MOBILE HOME RENTAl-coupiei
� . � tf el ;r r ' i
iicsBno) Vi . . �� "
I nu I J.T or Tommy lams
while you wail
Free & Conftdenti
Services iV t ounsehng
Carolina Pregnancj eiitt
s" ()(X)3
11 E. rd. St.
The Lee Building
Green ille, Nc
� $1000
� : II im .
Plus a chance at
$5000 more!

. i
Call 1 800932 0528 Drt. 50
Dm �� Ki)v�,f
(, lx it Hoi Osk Si K? 1.99
(0) PlM M1K S 1.50
Did OK Kxiut
()Oll PlKMIK 99C
()mi i i0.S TWA KtSTAtRi
1)11) Ol KMlUi1
Bn k 25C IOo (i r!
exoxm your ridii to vcte.
ittendastud) oi
s Word with a group that
velcon i- all people We provide
f . ship activities and serious
. si for those 'hv are in-
terested We meet weekly on
Wednesdaynightsat7p.m inRoom
: Mendenhall II you have
cstions call Tim Turner at 752-
l �
axing or stimulat-
issage on Wednesday Octo-
� ,i Massages are given by stu-
bul promise to be worth
� i Portions of the money eol-
. �� d will go to charitable organi-
zations Females should wear or
bring b ithingsuitsor suit tops and
-� rts Mates should wear or bring
shorts Reminder flyers are up
iround campus and tickets arc tor
sate by PI students Cost is SI 50
minim im in advance for a maxi-
mum of 30 minutes and S2 at the
do '
etingofthet iamma Beta Phi
Society will be ruesday, October 2,
il fp m (officers at 730 p.m.) in the
Mendenhall Student tenter Croat
Room Each member should re-
nber that attendance is manda-
tory Mso, 'here will be a guest
speaker concerning a new service
project Anv new member that has
not recei ved their packet should pick
it up during the meeting.
STl Di
I low would vou like to isil beauti
ful parts ol the world vou ve been
vi reaming of and get college credit
at the same time. We'll tell vou how
to get started on your journey when
vou come to the first Study Abroad
Exchange Program Workshop on
October 3rd, 3:30-4:30p.m inCCB
1(103 Stephanie Evancho from the
( enter for Internationa! Programs
will explain the exchange proce
dures ol M: (National Student
Exchange), ISEP (International ,
dent Exchange Program I as wel -
exchanges with the Acadia
L mversitv(Canada), ESCE (French
Business School) and Leicester
Polytechnic (London). A panel
composed of exchange students
studying at ECU as well as ECl
students who hae gone on ex-
changes to other colleges will be
present to share their first-hand ex-
periences with you. Come share
their experience and be a part of the
excitement. We're looking forward
to meeting vou and making your
dreams come true! If you cannot
attend, contact Ms. Evancho at "
b7fc9 for information.
Army ROTC is sponsoring a paper-
back bookdnvefor American troops
in Saudi Arabia Collection boxes
will be at Joyner Library, Menden-
hall Student Center and the Student
Book Store from September 27 -
October 10. All donations will be
greatly appreciated
rheWine&( heeseFaculty Mixeris
on luesdaj October 2 al 5 6 JO
p.m. in G( B ird � This is a
great opporl inirj to talk to and get
to know your professors' llfacult
mj � . n k rsare welcometo
tti nd
I he N itive Vmeri ans ol ECU
etine v � : l October
jrd al 9 ak St I ; i veryone
is invited '� ittei d Anyone nol a
membei is wi come to come and
join II vou have am q � �i w - call
Penny al 931 7531 oi Kim al -
shipsand Financial Aid Committe
upon recommendation ol the Dear
: th( School ol business I hcl ean -
recommendation w ill be made from
candidates selected by the Schcxlol
Business Scholarshipommittei
Attention! 1 here will be a meeting
at 5:30 on ruesday, October 2 ir
G B 1008 See vou there
'skip Waters from WNC-TV Chan-
nel 12 is coming to present a lesson
on weather and class activities
Meeting will be October J al 4 p m
in Speight 308. Everybody come!
Will be fun'
Meet will be e held Wednesday,
October Jrd at I 30 p m , and consist
of a tour of Grady White Boats.
Approximately 519,600 will be
awarded in scholarships to School
dt Business maiors Students inter-
ested in making application torthese
scholarships should secure forms
from one of the following depart-
mentothces: Accounting-C.CB3208;
Decision Sciences 3418; Finance -
3420; Management - 3106; Market-
ing - 3414. All application must be
submitted to Ruth lones(CCB 3210),
Chairman of School Business Schol-
arship Committee, by October 19
Final selection will be made by the
ECU Student Scholarships. Fellow-
Attention all Education Kajors
SNCAE meeting on October 2 at 5
p.m. in room 313 Speaker Dr
WED 10 J Sipma Alpha lota Pledge
Recital (Fletcher Recital Hall, h p m
free) ; Chestnut Brass Quintet, an
event ot the Chamber Music Series
(HendnxMendenhall Student
Central Ticket Office, 7S7 4788) FR1
& SAT. 105 & 106: ECU Opera
Theatre presents scenes from six
operas. Dr. Clvde Hiss. Director
(Fletcher Rental Hall, 8 p m , free)
SUN, 107: Faculty Recital by Marx-
Burroughs, horn, and lohn B
O'Brien, piancMFletcher Recital Hall,
:15p.mfr� '� ' -
I HI 9 H K M M VI Sl -
( OROl '
It's �
onWedm sda O
:� Mendei St ' enter ii
Room s Dl
level Anvoi
of wresti .
instructior i
is united to attend For moi
formati i �.�'�- i n il
rhe first me
Poetrv t or i kVednesda)
October 3rd, at 8 p m in Room �47
of Mender sti dents and
memtx rs ol th (Ireen illeom
munity are welcome Brii i pies
of yourown poemsto read s i
Students tor i mt: will ng
on October 2 in Room fGCB
at 1" p m
are welcome
TheStudent Council tor Exceptional
Children proudly presents Mrs
Alice McArthur of Wahl C oates
School to speak on first year teach-
ing on rhursday October4 at5 154
p.m in s ight 201

. � - � .
evei ythii
per per t
mat '
nd is nsidi
ton '

of Services
- -
you tit? The V �
Fres Start 5n -
i Studenl Health " i
progi egins Moi iv, CK
conset: utivt w� ks i i MLS
nd th ' irsi session Foi n
formation cal
rhere will be aeneral Me I
Mendenhall, Room 221 al 5p m i
Wednesday Octob i ;
The East

TJlje �aut October2,1990 j7
West Germany prepares t
final steps toward unificatia
Continued from page 5
By ames . Higgins
I annetl 'u s "or ice

smiles while the) adjust to the
blooming of capitalism
I believe the reunification isa
in island eood thing, overall, saidlaudia
itzke, 21, as she strolled
icross the Alexanderplatz in East
i previously
has become the
il of Eastern In Berlin on her way to work as .1
ii ross the waitress
i, nes But it s not .ill good Even
� � mish thing is more expensive now
ighne H e i n
m bustles and Mannsfeldt, a
while East ,N vear old � t JPJE
i old Streets E a s I
I Berlin are Ciei
ti b smoke
� rtl irg and
are to
dims the man
vvhetherrnylifewillbebetterthan mous Inter den Linden street
leading to the Brandenburg (iate
Bui Helmut Pert, i 19-year
old sipping coffee atamobite snack
bar near the East Berlin Art Acad
emv, doesn't see tanner shops as
art important reward of
reunification. "The point isn't just
although 1 can i ertainlj bu
more things. 1 hope theeconomk
r ctor m s ome about quicklv
and we U just have
and see what hap
sUi it he still felt to buy more said the teen, wear
�lgel say
s will be
police officer, also tmds event;

diz ing Its happening so
il ir a while in quicklj ' he said in front of the old
Berlin town Hall
It s diffi nit to sa now
like an East (ierman,
' 1 feel
0' like a
( ierman
: 01rK
siens ol

I eco nomic
( unit) liter
f ill hang on
n old auto repair garage sports
a new Volkswagen -iuii
rshto loco �. lothme bou
o pilots killed after plane
ashes in training mission
� idei

crashed earlier in the Middle East
- the pilot v as not hurt
I look was a graduate ot the
ir Force Academj squadron
Officer School and the irom
mand and stattollege
ills decorations included the
Meritorious Sen i c Medal and the
ir Forceommendahon Medal
� � � ik leal . lusters
ulet s 1 wards and I - �
� - in hide the -ir ; I
: ition Medal ivitl ik
� if clustei
lhe crash brought to five the
number of I S sen � erm � � �
111 Saudi Arabia during 1
serl Shiel
1 alonj
ing a leather jacket and jeans
rhere's much more to it than that
'Now I can go West when
ever 1 want to I can go there to
study, maybe even to America
1 hat's the important thing
soon alter the Berlin Wall tell
last ov 9,hundredsofthousands
of East Germans used their
newfound liberty to travel west
In Frankfurt, Germany's
business capital, they jammed the
broad square in front ol the Opera
House to gaze at capitalism's
wonders: streets tilled with
See Germany page 8
nual budget is$13.8 million
The Sierralub and orga
nizarions such as The Wilder-
ness Society sav many ol the
problems have been at least
aggravated by the park's ma
or concessionaire, lhe
N osemite Park andurrv C o
11m e a mom and pop ho
tel operation that began in 1899,
the company teetered near
bankrupt! y in the late 1960s.
tter the company changed
hands twice, the entertainment
conglomerate Mushorpora-
tion of menca bought the
concession in 1973
ohn Poimiroo, v ice presi
dent of communications tor
Yosemite Park iivl (!urry Co
says the corporation isa vi tim
ol a 'smear i ampaign
"We see ourselves as the
hotel division of the park
Poimiroo sa s 'We are in a
partnership relationship with
the park. ser u e A lot ot people
ha e entuied that relationship
because they feel that it is inap-
propriate to be a private com-
pany in a public arena
The company cites the ob-
servations ot former Sierra Club
( hairman and environmental-
ist David Brower, who w-rotein
the Los Angeles limes that
Yosemite is bitter managed
today than it was 20 years ago
MCA has operated an
award-winning recycling pro-
gram since 1975 It runs the
alley's shuttle bus service and
has removed several buildings
What probably irks critics
most is the franchise tees MC A
pays to the park service tor its
monopoly on the hotel and food
services three quarters of 1
percent ol gross receipts, bast
vear. MCA paid $635,772 in tees
while reaping more than ?h
million in profits
Every Wednesday Night
. . � � m I
Procji ssi i Dci Niqhi
now on compact disc
� $1.00 Tall Boys
�$100 Kamakazee
� $2.50 Pitchers
ECU's Yearbook
Applications arc available, and should be left
with the Media Board Secretary in the Publications
building by Monday, October 8.
Market Hog Show
Prtt County Lamb Show
Open Lamb Show
: Open Heifer Show, Sat Oct 6 at
3 00 P.M. for all of Eastern Carolina!
Twenty buildings'
; iade
A Must See1
. : fun :�'�:�;�� . ' �.

. � Motion, mirth, music
memones packed in 35-40 Attractions! Over $1
million in new equipment for you this year!
6 Big Days & Nights
Oct. 1st-Oct. 6th
CHILDREN OF ALL AGES . Bob Jones Pelting
Zoo and Circus Menagene sponsored r. Dominos
PinalilS Coca-Cola Bottling Co. ot Greenville
a �:�'�:� ee � icr n Ifee I
� �. rt tan hit has i tbeei with us since 1987 and now
: - ALL WEEK! FREE! Main Midway
BEYOND BELIEF Captain Tims'High Diving Act! u'llbe
f thei ' astounding factors
� � extyeai Aewor ou 3l atooufit
��:� : �. . irfriei is Iheywontbeiieve
:� Main Midway hi FREE
STUNT THRILLS . Hollywood Stunt
World: ; � Toyotas elighl md Excite
��� � , .�- year for ttus stana
Toyota East of Greenville sponsors It s
CRUSHER ides eact show roaring awav crushing
� :� FREE SHOWS n tThuR r l 0 PM at the
hod � �� ese ��ao'e cuddty T500 pound. 9
� �� � � �� rtwarmectthieheart 'everyone'ast
�� :��,� eimg Polar Bear Shew in the
World i: ttCcuntViS the only fair in North Carolina to
Dnng then . � Sat 3 snows daily HKt!
Independent Midway A ' 3hks to Ganis-Svans
Lumber � � pa rthis show on Pnday ntght!
College Night - Thursday Oct. 4 - ECU & Pitt
Community College Students
Admitted tor $1.50 with Student ID!
Senior Citizens Day � Wed. Oct. 3 - All
senior citizens free 1 3 P.M
ALL SMILES: Fo Festiva featuring me Buck Swamp
���Pereturningfortheir4ttiConsecutrveyea S.eaa
hundreds '���-� for this great mO hank
Hooker & Buchanan : Tumage Insurance Agency
the sponsors" '�' ' '�' fK Main
organs! 1910 Carousel Organ
r � Main Midway � : PLUS
vear were or el � � the n jn n It- German
Fairground Organ o. �' ���� : � "
orgcr sonecf e argestfawgrou d organs i " � ��� -� �
andnasDeenexniDitecaftheNicr" Zcac no State &airfor
e past 5 ears ou rea � must see r i hea
$150,000 antique Independent Midway
through Sal FREE!
;f irei v ' lethepoi esand petape ALL WEEK �
A :u'fsS3 0CKidsfreeuntii6 0Cpm KtdsS: jfrnghta
Mon. Oct. 1, Tues. Oct. 2 and Thurs. Oct. 4. "se ve
OPTION NIGHTS rstpanas are for sale inside the gate
for $8 00 �r vou mav purchase straight nde tickets
Tues. Oct. 2 Only " s Sf?r�� �& Hfl da. na night
Get a coupon from any store wnerec5�?�2j S soid or frorr
3 HI delivery and get $1 00 off gate admission'
Sat. Oct. 6 - Wnstbands on sale inside gate untn4 00 p rr
honored until 6 00 p m
Eastern Carolinas Greatest REGIONAL Exposition!
Sponsored by trie American Legion PosU of Greenville, Fermvfflo A Ayden


elie gant (Carolinian October 2,1990
Controversial abortion pill
produces similar physical
effect as a menstrual cycle
By Kim Painter
(annrtt Ntvvs Service
1 hv i ontrot ersial I rench
abortion pill produces about the
same physical effects as � heav)
menstrual period and less emo-
tional trauma than a surgical
abortion accordingtotheonlyl s
researcher to stud) it
� Phi? is not a noxious drug,
�m) Dt ! )a id irimes ol the
I ni versify of Southern alifornia,
wh�i will dis� uss tlu- -Uu1 Men
Ji,i at the merican Publi� I lealth
sstx iation meeting
rhestud) it luded Ihworm n
ind pro ides new information
Ivi ausc( inmescompared the pill
R J8ri .x ith a ebo ami asked
�li, m n detailed questions to
gauge their emotional responses
1 lalt the s omen studied w ere
past due for periods but not
� nit allowing Irimes to
see h Rl ISfi works in women
who don't know it they are preg-
1 he results
hc women who got RL
186 had similar a,imping, Weed-
ing and other physical responses,
whether pregnant or not and
had less bleeding than non preg-
nant women get ting a placebo I he
results were mix h comparable to
.1 heav) menstrual period' (.rimes
All said the would choose
the drug again it needed
rhose who d had prior sur
iual abortions said the pill was
less traumatic
1 he study was part of researc h
on about 100 I S women, lhere
search has stopped because the
drug maker Rousscl 1 claf, pres
sured by abort ion foes, hasstopped
supplying Rl 48n in the 1 s
rhecompan hassaid theanti
abortion i limate in the I nited
st.ites makes the company relui
taut to market the pill hen
Previously, tfilfjargest stud)
ever of the pill
was "sate and
tion abortion t
surgical procedu
published by tl
.led that it
as a sin.
t common
it study,
av England
,vas based
i 1rench
86 v ithin
caused 96
rt o seri-
journal ol MecJ
on reports b
women Ihevtd
4l� days o( the
period and the
percent ol them t
ous side ettt ts
were reported! I
Some opponents ot the drug
have argued that ft is nsk and it can i ausehemorrhagingor
incomplete abortions
( urrently, the drug maker
only provides R 486 to 1 ranee
although it is considering pro
iding it to women in Britain, the
Netherlands and Scandinavian
Continued from page 1
East meets West
An estimated 200,000 people from
Eastern Europe will visit the
US by the
end of 1990.
Number of
From U S to
E astern Europe
From Eastern
Europe to LUS
Source U S Travel and rourism Administration
Julie Stacey. GN!
Do you love an opinion?
Hun rile ;t letter to the
Send it to
The Editor
The East Carolinian
Publications Building
Greenville. N C
facing the same preju
ji , iin i me w ith .i diseiise
faces Not everyone is supportive,
including his girlfriend s parents,
but overcoming the prejudtcesis Deathistheeastpart;pain
just .i small part of the battle tor ,s nothing after jMKrtain point
Saving good KaHL'M- 1 love is will be thdM
I II I 1 I
, � lain ' �'��
, , , i fihhs.
I1 I ' ' ' ' '
Garland Landcaster, Jr
PWA, will describe what it
is like to have AIDS and its
effect on his life.
Tuesday, October 2
8HM pan. Hendrix Theatre
Sponsored In Student Health Services
Gas prices around the world
U S qasolme prices are still low compared with
M many countries
FranceH price per gallon
"Where Lost
Are Found
Source USA TODAY research
Marcy E Mullms. Ganne
Continued from page 7
Men edes and BMW ars, pa ked
restaurants, skyscrapers built by
banks and insurance companies,
ind construction cranes erecting
�.1iri tion.
I Heter s hneider, 46, said the
�. isitors were like monks and nuns
suddenly turned out ol a convent
and forced to make a life on their
nun East Germany - ommunisl
government was severe,but italsp
promised that the people would
subsist, come w hat may
1 he East (Germans will have
to find out that one slivingdoesn I
just fall from heaven said
s, hneider a taxi driver who cited
his life as a example of cashing in
on - ipitalism
I (H n m owm ab. 1 work 14
hours day ind therefore I have
more mon than a lot ol others
s hneider said in his Mercedes
ISOF n�l s the way it should
i apitalism also shows its ug-
lit � fa e in I r.inkturt
rhc main train station attracts
a nightly knot of homeless people
Sullen young men and women ar-
rogantly hi.u k .i staircase, sitting
u ith beer cansinhand Drugsare
dealt and taken more or less
Another blot is t rested by
iermany s skinhead movement,
ni'o Nazis who oppose unification
,md occasionally try lo intimidate
people rhisisespedaHy troubling
to (.erman lews, who sot- a kernel
ot danger in unification
lrnst I oewv. 70, lives in I
northwest Frankfurt apartment
i rammed from Bool to ceiling with
I le believes the steamroller of
unifk ation traveled much too fast
I don't see the urgencvs.nd
the author and retired chief re
� searcher for West (.erman televi
sum "Hurrying wont help. Ihe
main problem is not at all .erman
unification it is European unifi
cation. The question ot urgency to
on a burope wide oasis.
He fears that too much is being
promised to 1 istlermans. "Only
a small part ot it can become real
Loewy said lor a big part ol the
population, nothing will come of
their hopes
But that's not the only objec-
tion I oewv tied Nazi .ermanv in
1936and went to Palestine asisrac
then was tailed But m 1956, he
reconsidered Germanv is his
homeland, the site of his mother
tongue and career opportunities
So he returned to Study, and he's
now a specialist in literature writ
ten bv (.erman lews in exile
I rom he reads and sees,
nationalism and anti-Semitism
seem to be on the rise again in the
'Asa ew I'm not happy about
reunification he said
20" X30' mat board
With A
And they're both repre-
sented by the insignia you wear
as a member uf the Army Nurse
v a rps. The caduceuson the left
means you're partita health care
system in which ediicatkmal and
career advancement are the rule,
J n� t the exception. The gold bar I
� righi means you command respect as an Army jj�
eTminTa BSN, write: Army NuOnyrtt.n.ncs I.O. Box,7713,
; N 070 5. Or call toll trdifrY-1 SA ARMY ext. 4W
32" X40" mat board
Plus, if you draw out your opening we'll
cur your mat board upstairs at University
Frame Shop for only 3(c per opening.
This is now through Oct. 6th only. All
sales final. No discounts apply and this sale
is on in-stock inventory only.
& Graphics
520Sotancht Si
(.nnv,llo.NC 27834
Open til 8:00 p.m. Mon. - Thurs.
Open 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Fri.
Open 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sat.

Ociober 2,1990
Sin 1m CTaroltnian
REAP program
prepares for 21 st
tnrthday next week
� �
. � i �
� in � -

I I �: '
Is that
- -jnd (rig
mc � '� '
By Matt King
eatu res I diloi
Remedial Education tivih I i
jjram (RI W is Retting n ad to mark its
21 ,i birthdav on the ECU � ampus
I his weekend in i onjunction with I
Knights ol olumbus, members o( the
Panhelleni ouix il, Interfratemaloun il
,indthe atholw Newmancenten changed
� tsierollsfordonationsatareabusmessi
rhe proceeds will ro toward a new pla
und for 'I" hildren in the RI -P ;
rhe REAP proRram is part ol the E I
Spe lal Education department
()n i K i 1(1 tl � n ' 'hi nlunli � i
collet ted this weekend will he pi ' 11
the RI P fai ult at : part in th
Mhed I lealth buildmR
Mayor Nancy lenkins and E I nan
cellor Richard Eakcn an scheduled guest
rhere will be an open house o( the REAP
facility from 2 p.m until 4 p.m that after
! he RE Pprogram helpsc hildren witl
developmental disabilities rheprogrami
4'like .1 day ire were we help the children
overcome their handu apson an indi idual
level, saidathy Dosser i n director ol th,
RI VP proRram
rhe center is op n fn m - i m
p m and the children an eithei hi b
their parents or ride a bus that is prov ided
Ml ol the hildren mvol ive som�
sortol learning disability somehavi twoor
three ! he one handicap the all have is
With 1 HUM! IRI
At . mi k" 'i in thei I
problem with peaking oi understand
nJ I Hsser So all thea to itieswedol
ii mini .i kil ivotved
prior to thi ii idmission to the prtigram
the i hildn n Ii irninR disabilities have al
h boi nassi ed I nis allows us to deal
tl . I !� � in individual basis,
H ' i i
� � .�, indent in ! C I - I du ation Ii
. . inr, ,i ( help ��� nt1 the RF W
proj ram i p.�rt ol their i umculurri rhis
mk, the pi ' helpful to both the dis
,ibled hil ivol L-d tnd to E( I students
in their leai ess
j , , : tei ��� i havi student tea h
md other students ol

nate in RE V " s.
. : . ��Iir.
im I iv lor direi tor ol
isalsi�.i profes
r , tl � I ition l partment.
I ,iv lor i stimates that the program needs
about - to build the new playground
!h, romm itei thai lesiRncd the playground
, , � � ,r indl �r bdul Farhardi
und was desiRned by mem-
� �� . � i tn� tion manage
ment depart ' gning the facility
ours, � on the cost ol the

t yet b en counted
irun1 � , . tund In ebv I understand
tlent said raylor
im i io ides a sen i e to
i iiroui ; that w � � therwise have
hat surround the
it tl ir work and the chil-
dren ; ;
� � . utend our thanks
� : ersthath Iped this weekend'
fc� 3F � JA
Voluteers turned tootsie rolls into cash over the weekend at area
businesses The goal was to raise S5.000 which is the estimated cost
of the new playground to be built for the RE AP orogram (above)
Cathy Dosser spends time with two children presently involved in
the REAP program In the foreground there is a model of the proposed
playground that is to be built for the chiWrer
Photos by Harry Taylor-ECU photo lab

HI?e �a�t (Uarulintan October 2,1990
This Week in Film
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles join
Miss Daisy at the movies this week
Phis vsivk. Hendrix rheatre is showing two very, different Kims
whu h offer seriousness ex itementand humor First, "Driving Miss
l iisn screening Phursda) through Saturday, relates a touching
and humorous stor of .1 relationship between .1 stubborn, bossy
Jewish woman and her goodhearted dignified chauffer And on
Sunday teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be shown foi those
who want to find out what an ao idental exposure to radioa tivitydid
tn tout turtles and - rat
Drivine Miss Daisv �! movie adapted by ltttl I hry from his
I'ulitzei Prize winning play charts the� ourse of a twenty five-yeai
friendship between Miss Daisy Werthan and Hoke olburn
ften w Inn .1 stage pla is tui ned into .1 nun ie, someone is Kmiul to
s,n that the opening up doneby the filmmakers has diminished the
st,M s powei Howevei in this film, directoi Bruce Beresford does
an excellent job in adapting it to flu screen fhe story is opened up
just enough to satisfy oui curiosity and makes things seem natural
Ms there are still a great man subtleties left in the film version
lessica l'and plavs the feisU sevont two yeai old widow Daisy
vvhobcgrudgingh takesonlloke plavedb Morgan Freeman ashei
chauffer at the tnsistano ot her son BoulictDan ykroyd) after she
w 1. ks hei nev IM4H li� W.iivi I wo new harai ters not seen in the
pl,i ,n, Idella Miss IXiisy s longtime housekeepei and Florinc
b, uilic s tu nn s 1.1I climbing wife Both characters add much to the
mo it'
11 vii haven 1 seen the multiple Oscai winning (Best Picture Best
W tress tonametwo) Driving Miss Daisv besurenottomissitthis
w, I k. nd mi biinr Mom and Dad alone on Parent sDa Octobei
Stindai will be a special da at Mendnx rheatre as those heroes in
,i hall �'� II stage an attack on the big screen Peonage Mutant Ninja
I in ilrs oneof the top mono making mm tesofall time ($H) million
in tour weeks) arrives at F. I (list in time to help you relieve a little
mt.I lei in �v.nn stress
Peonage Mutant Ninja Purtles filmed almost entirely al the
lormer IV I aurentiis studios in Wilmington is a tunny creative and
tulK conceived work that falls somewhere between a Disney movie
and Max I lead room
I ho Purtles all named aftei Italian Renaissance painters area
quartet ol lestudinate adoloscenl martial arts experts trained in the
. ot the nmi.i b .1 lapanose ral named Splintei i ho along w ith
his tour charges crew to human sie and acquired the powei ol
speo� hattoi wading through a puddle ol radioai five goo Now Ihey
all reside in thes wet .of Manhattan talk like Southern alitornia
md consume last quantities ol pi;
When the wise old Splinter is kidnapped by .1 lapanese organized
,lltj iholoot lodby theDarthVadei likeShreddei the
ith the bad guvs in ordei to rescue their beloved leadei
Ot course this is ludicrous but vino, toi Steve Barron takes his job
nousb that the film just sweeps y ualong Barron painstakingly
planned each slv I itingadark dank and shadowy atmosphere
much akin to Batman tui the script is studded with witty sell
I civ liners that are sure to appeal to even the most sophisti
Phe film features state ol the art animatronu technology devel
opodb (imHenson'st roatureShopinl.ondon Phe costume heads
w -tv manipulated viacomputei inordei to give the 1 urtlcs amazingly
life like expressions I hiring shixiting of the film sei urity on the set
washtghh restricted to. ensure that the lucrative trade set rets ot the
c reaturc Shop did not get out
Phe combination of creative,life-likecostumes, witty dialogue sty hsh
due. lion and a screenplav that even in its predictable parts isnever
� stale make Peonage Mutant Ninja rurtles oneof the best
movies 1 tlu vear for kids and adults alike
eenage Mutant Ninja 1 urtles v ill be show nat I lendrix I heatre
Unrated in Mendenhall Student Centei on Sunday Oct 7 at 2 and 8
p.m with a special showing at 5 p.m Bring the kids! Driving Miss
Daisy will be shown Thursday Oct 4 at 7 and 9 p.m. and on Friday
andSaturdav Oct andnat8p.m Vdmission to the films is free with
.1 student ID bearing a current semester activity stickei
PheStudentl nionFilmsC ommittee would like to thank East oast
Music and Video for the use of their videotapes in there iew of these
B Ann Yonguc Jiui 1 inj Marie ernigan
Ms. Emma keeps ECU as clean as her own home
by Sheri Jernigan
Staff Writer
Everyone is guilty o( taking
other people tor granted, sm h as
the li U custodians Phey work
hard to keep theampus sanitai;
and looking good so that the stu
dents' tour years may be more
pleasing to the eye and to the nose
Emmalemmons, custodian
tor the theater department sits
awhile and chats about her work
"I clean the building the wa I
would clean my on n house
Ms Emmaarrivesearly in the
morning to unlock all the doors
and turn on the lights She . he. ks
the dance floors to make certain
that they .ire spotless
I ler next task is the longest
and most difficult but she i ontin
ues she . leans the bathrooms
w hii h in. hides w ashing the w in
dows and doors, mopping the
floorsand scrubbing the sinks and
toilets And they toilets). an be
lei i ible somet i nios .aid
( lemmons, with a palercomplex-
1 or the rest of the .ia she
dusts and mops tin-ha I Us ays, and
she has other tasks such .is
sweeping the stairs, picking up
trash and i leaning the main ol
Ms Emma say s her favorite
job is washing the windows she
cleansontheoutside.aswell.She's She says she of ten talks about
not required to do mv she ,ust does her ,ob w ith her tarn, Iv rou I
find shortcuts I � �d isestbx n
There's alwavs something to Give an I � I
do inside and outside shesaid your jol ai I you haveai
It you want to be really .lean problems
you've gol to stay busy v,s ' :
Ms. Emma said she along with department in
other custodians, are learning new she realized that F I house!
techniques for cleaning faster and ing was
What I like mosl
, back and her dark brown better For instance, she now uses had he comments
eyesgleam When the sun shines a method .ailed drag mopping, Rv? students and teaoer
in on my clean windows they re where sheenters a room and drags so friendly and -
lie. t a beautiful shine the mop around the room in one With her hands in th
Shesaid she has no complaints steady motion starting on theedge coming to work i
concerning her job, but she does ofthewallsandcontinuingaround faces It makes thi
haveanet peeve cleanineheavv until reaching the center of the day go by faster
black marks on the floors a used floor
by cigarette butts But it doesn't In addition better .olutions peopl"
bother me that much he i � and products ai ben . Iwmlik. i
plains rhat's what I'm here for utedtothecustixliansn ikingtl And tb-�
to clean jobs easier
Perhaps the most sn k. ningol K the end of a workday Ms n ting
all cleaning jobs she remarks is Emma at home with I
cleaning someone's vomit. Fortu ihree sons. She say rytl nj nomii
nately, that's a rare occasion is ahead when I get there mg iward
When everything is done on so I .an watch Oprah and then Phal 1
the inside Ms Emma savs she ctxik for mvbovs has not)
All you need is love and a high-powered weapon
ay Busbce
Special to rhe I astarolinian
n our iiiiikI ll
it s alway
vou aren't thmkii it it 1
vou will be befon this sentei -
through It s I o I of -course
and all its many makings Now
1 ovc would be fantastu it
didn t h.r. e to bother w ith any one
else to attain it
But I o e enei ilh mi t sell
phone 11 nne lit n Po w it ab th r v
Hone I'd liki to talk ab ul going 11 stay tt
insert Stumbling bio. k of Rela
honship here! y ou say
"Kona naka pisayi
Signifii mlthei n turns
on ti to make our pat
i � vourside but I lil N nu
nd 1 re
date lo death itl � ' inane
ouesti i
I have i friend thai

ich y ou to i ome y
with eativi i ns to
ebett. rluckgel �urpoint em;
tane Morclikegatoi wrestlingm in !
i Bone jumpsuit Nonetheless evei
we d now like to take a look at sp
loveand thesevi sin tl � ��� i irsl ist wail
off let s begin with a definition ot �� k with I
nyo it seemslik thin;
1 et ssa vou ve just smashed v Cdsls
yourfingei withahammer . lives i
that mi. ro second where you feel the hall
this kind of tmehne and vou think,
' ' . roonu
ind id a

;uvl eave. Sc�nv
� � � . � imberjii �
� itioi Hherw is. I
r men an I i ric that he
ss if . u used i Man!
, .il hie as interpreter
Hess of whether
nth� cl ther to fal.
. � �
� isl
nder a I

nd and
� �

Radio fix-it shows popularize in US
s cars become more complicated fewer owners know how to ti
them Sodo it yourselfors are turning nxre to tips from call in hosts
on th. radio says lackall is author of rhear Book rhere are at
least lo .all nii.ii shows across the I SA; three are nationwidear
lalk the ivj station National PuWk Radio show gets about 2 iXH1
. alls a week . ar lalk s number
st H i 32 w 2 s
Toll roads make comeback once again
loll roads which were once discouraged by federal policy are
making a conx�ba k (Irange ountyalii alone has five loll roads
in the wot ks fhe tit I mile Penns Kama 1 u in pike w hu h openedK t
1 1940 was the USA's first toll mad Now fifty years later govern
ments are looking anew at toll roads because they stlve congestion
problems without delays foi government highway funding
Seatbelts continue to save many lives
Wearing a seat belt improves odds ol surviving long enough to
escape a burning or submerged vehicle, says the National Safety
(. oundl Buttwo-thirdsof500l s drivers quizzed by Valvoline, Inc
v ailed the statement false None surveyed got all lOquestions right
Hhei w tone, behet fjfl per. out said it the accelerator stu ks turn oft
the ignition Bui that would lock steering wheels
French abortion pill survey released
1 he controversial I ret h abortion pill has the same physical effect as
a heav menstrual e. Ie and is less trumatu than a surgical abortion
sas the only I s researcher to study it. Dr David Crimes ot the
I niversity ofStMithem alifornia crimes stud) ot 16 women who
t.Hk the Kl 4n found that all would choose u again it needed
t ortion ippiments question the pill s safety
Shrinking aid may hit blacks harder
Shrinking federal finarw ial aid could K- a key reason lor thededtntng
numbet ot blacks enrolled m coHege A Higher Education Research
institute survey at the I niversit otalifornia, 1 os Angeles, shows
bia. k students ha v e become increasingly dependent on financial aid
I lev. this isn t so bad
Love You can earn ouf '
analog an va iu like
e ill heard man Hori i
stones of L n e Siunds Ilk I
bad i able spot ial JtX'sn t it?) V e
w ill do an thing to i loser
socialh orphvsicalh totheother
gender s an example remem
her wa back in the earh days of
high v. hool �.�.hen th re was a ru-
niot . m . lllating aowt c,re. I
M&M s?
Supptsedly someradioat tn.
chemical in the green coloring
ia. ked up v out hormonal dn e
as it fifteen year olds need any
help in that department Now I
has e a n. n mallv ei V rational
friend named ! om v ho i nee, ap
parently suffering some degen-
erative brain disease spent about
two whole days rooting through
bushels ot M&M s and picking
outthegreenonesto I don tknow
slip into his girlfriend s ice (ream
stKia or something I om wasn t
worried about hisow n hormones,
you see
Anew a the cirl didn t like
green M&M s so she fed them lo
her dog Pom and the girl even
tually parted company but as tar
as I know tin dog still calls every
rhursday Perhaps relations be
tween the sexes w ould be better it
each gender's habits weren't so
damn mystifying to the other I
mean can any woman out there
truly appreciate the sublime in-
terplay at work when men sit
around watch football and burp
duetsofthe 'Mission Impossible"
Can any man ever hope to
understand the subconscious, al-
most primal forces that cause ev-
ery woman in a restaurant to
stampede tor tlu- ladies room
whenever a single one sabots her
chair bat kI think not
but let s suppose that sou
wake up one morning and find
that you' esomehow ended upin
A Relationship Now, the tirst
few months or so ol Your Rela-
tionship are wonderful and joy-
ous and happy to the lth ot you,
but thev make the rest ot us want
tii puke. Si let s skip tt' the good
stutt. like the lirst tieju
When you have that initial
tiff, vou suddenly realize that for
all these months you've actually
been dating something beamed
here from Alpha Centauri. Anv
attempt todiscuss your differences
ends up sounding like a bad tele
n.i a would � this! Bui
physical presence does not
sank imph consent I
simpb brine e. me ba k '
r own i m present
I Q I. �
I, il seems i
t ha 111 i a 11 v la
tion the fact thai
u ve d
entir. � � M -
In the end though �
lorn Ian. sty
� : .
� � in
� I . . � . ; �
- � tantliw pitiit Ci��ui ftap
�tnit'rt - � � �� � � � �
� - - .
�)-��� p . � � �
H I � � � r .
. t .
�- . - I .

� WlM Mirrlwn
� tlttlt � �� 4177
11k- 1(1 Dcpartmcni �l I nivcrsin I nions
l'i( uulU utnouiu es
1 111 (ORM I l()l's-CRl()RI) DUO
Saturday, N tobei f 1990
f: () pill
Mendenhall Student Center - Great Room
$35 - couple S20 - single $15 - ECl Students
1 iu ticket information contact:
I heenti at I icketMine
Mendenhall Studententer
1 astaiolina I niversity
Greenville, 27858-4353
(919) 757-4788 or Toll Free l-800-ECl -Al 1 S
h Ea

"Mack lln Knife" in ii Musical Masterpiect
THRKKPKNNY OPERA - October 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21
Rousing Rmnantu Comedy
THE RAINMAKER - November 30. December 1, 3 and 4
Beth i"(imii ofthi Heart") Henley's Wbcky family (if
THE WAKE OF JAMEY FOSTER - Fehruan 15, 16, IS and 19
lln Tennessee Williams' lender Classu
THE GLASS MEN Ad ERIE - March 22, 23, 25 and 26
�I Galvanii Evening Dance
EAST CAROLINA DANCE THEATRE - April 24, 25, 26 and 27
Five Terrific Shows for ONLY $30.00
By Mail:
.tM Carolina Playhouse
.ist Carolina l niversit)
Greenville. NC s-
Or. Chargv h phont
(919) 757-6829
Or. CoOM by:
McGinnis rheatre
Memla Fridax
i 'Hi jn until 4 Otl pn

&t)t �aat iL'ariilintnu October 2,1990
This Week in Film
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles join
Miss Daisy at the movies this week
rhis veek, Hendrix lhoatro is showing two wwrj different tiln-
which offer seriousness excitement and humor lirst 'Driving Miss
Daisj screening rhursdaj through Saturday relates a touching
and humorous stor ot a relationship between a stubborn, boss)
lewish woman and hot goodhearted dignified chauffer And on
Sunday reenage Mutant Ninja rurtles will be shown for those
who want tofind out w hatanac idental exposure to raoiuvu tn it ilul
to tvuu turtles and a rat
Driving Miss Dais a movie adapted b Alfred I hr from his
Pulitzer Prize winning play charts the course of a twenty five-yeai
friendship between 1ts Daisy Werthan and Hoke Colburn
i Hton v hin a stage pla i turned into a mm u someone i bound to
sa thatthe openingup doneby the filmmakers hasdiminished the
-tor s power However in this film director Bruce Beresford does
an excellent job in adapting it to the screen "he storv is opened up
just enough to s.m-t our curiosity and makes things vm natural
- there are still a cn-at many subtleties left in the film version
lessica landv plavsthefeish sevent two vear-old widow Daisy
whobegrudgingh takesonHoke playedbv Morgan Freeman asher
v hauffer at the insistanceot her son Boulie iDan ykn�yd)after -ho
vro.kN her now lv'4 Packard 1 wo now characters not seen in tho
play aro Idolla Miss Daisy s longtime housekeeper and FKwine
lie'sfunm social climbingwite fk�thcharactersaddmuchtothe
nun io
It vou ha von t -vn tho multiple Oscar w inning (Best Picture Best
ctress tonametwo) Driving Miss Dais be sure not to miss it this
weekend nd bring Miwn and Dad along on Parent sDay October
Sunda w ill be a spe ial da at I lendrix I hoatro as those heroes in
a halt -lull stage an attat k on thebig s reen 1 eenage Mutant mj.i
rurtles oneot thetopmonex makingrmn lesofall time ($W million
in tour weeks) arrives at K I just in time to help you relieve a little
mid-term exam stress
teenage Mutant Ninja rurtles filmed almost entirely at tin-
tormer De 1 aurentiis studios in ilmington is a tunny �. reative and
tulk conceived work that fallssomew here between a Disney imw ie
u J Max t leadroom
� Inrtlo- all named after Italian Renaissance painters aro a
�studmate adolescent martial arts experts trained in the
tho ninja bv a lapanese rat named Splrnter who along with
chai re� to human size and acquired the power ol
chatter wading through a puddk? of radioactive goo ow they
all reside in tho sewer - ol Manhattan talk like Southern California
- and consume v ast quantities ol pizza
hen the wise old Splinter is kidnapped b a lapanese organi
Luring called fhcFoot led by the Darth Vader-like Shredder, the
� � om thoir ni rot lair to tradokarato ku Its and nuiv Ihk k
� the bad guvs in order to rescue their beloved leader
v course thi- is ludkTous but dire tot Ste o Barron takes his job
soserioush that the film rust sweepsyou along Barron painstakingly
planned each shot creating a dark dank and shadowy atmosphere
Batman nd the script is studded with witty self-
one liners that aro sure to appeal to even the most sophisti
, ated film icwer
fhe film features state ot tho art animatronic technology devel
opedbv limHenson s Creature Shop in I ondon rhe costume heads
w eremanipulated iaeomputerinordertogivethe I urtlesamazingly
life-like expressions. During shooting ol the film, security on the set
was highly restricted to ensure that the lucrative trade se rets of the
Creature Shop did not cot out
rhecombination of creative life-likecostumes witty dialogue sty lish
direction and a screenplay that even in its predictable parts, is never
or stale make reenage Mutant Ninja Turtles oneofthebesl
nun les of the our tor kid- and adult- alike
reenage Mutant Ninja rurtles will be shown at Hendrix Tteatre,
located in Mendenhall Student . enter on Sunday ,Oct 7at 2 and 8
pm with a special showing at 5 p.m Bring the kids! "Driving Miss
Daisy will bo-how n rhursday. Oct. 4 at 7and up m and on Friday
andSaturda Oet 5and6at8p.m dmission to the films is free with
a student II� bearing a current semester activity sticker
1 he Student I nion Filmsommittee would like to thank East oast
Musk and idootorthou-oot thoir videotapes in the review ol these
� B Ann Yoaguc jnd 1 i-a Mario lermgan
Ms. Emma keeps ECU as clean as her own home
by Sheri Jernigan
Staff Writer
Everyone in guilty ol taking
other people tor granted such a-
the ECU custodian- 1 hev work
hard to keep the campus sanitai
and looking good so that the stu
dents tour oar- may be more
Emma Clemmons, custodian
tor tho theater department sits
a hile and chats about her work
I clean the building the way I
would clean mv own house
M- Emma arrives early in the
morning to unlock all the doors
and turn on the light- She . hecks
the dance floors to make certain
that they are spotless
Her next ta-k 1- the longest
and most difficult but she contin-
ues She cleans the bathrooms
w hich includes w ashing the w in
dow- and doors mopping the
floors and scrubbing the sinks and
toilet- And they toitotslcanbe
terrible sometimes. said
Clemmons. with a paler complex
For the re-t ot the day -he
dustsand mops the hallv� ay - and
she ha- other ta-k- such a-
sweeping the stairs picking up
tra-h and cleaning the main of-
Ms Emma says her favorite
job is washing the windows She
loan- back and her dark brown
ey o- gleam When the sun shines
in on my clean windows they re-
flect a beautiful shine
She said shehasno complaints
concerning her job but she doe-
have a pot pce o v leaning ho.r.
black mark- on the floors aused
by cigarette butts But it ioesn t
bother me that miuh she t �
plain- I ha: - . � it I mheu
to clean
Perhapsthei keningot
all cleaning tobs sht remark- is
cleaning someone's vomit 1
nately that - i rare occasion
When everything is doi
insid M- Emma savs she
deanson the outside a-well Shes
not required to do so she just does
rhere - alw av ssomething t.
,i inside and outside shesaid
It you want to be really clean
ou ve got to stay busy
Ms Emmasaidshe alongwith
other custodians are learning ne
U hnkjues tor .leaning faster and
better Forinstance shenowuses
a method called drag mopping,
where-heenter-a room and drags
the mop around the room in one
steady motion starting on theedge
of the wallsand continuing around
until reaching the center ol the
In .id
d produ bs ii being I
utedtothecustodiansn - their
- easier
At theend I rl Ms
Emma relaxes al homo with
throe si say - mg
isalreadv Joan when 1 get then
so 1 can watch Oprah ai
,ok tor rm bo-
She say - -he often talk- ab
her job with her family You don t
find shortcuts she advises then
an hone-t d I ' rk i
� job and you won't ivea
Ms Emmai imetoi
vas ihr � she hao.
had she vommont-
rhestudentsai Ii
-o friendly and kind she sa
with her hand- in the in-
coming to work meetinj
faces It maki - th� ' -
day go b ta-ter
It 1 like
:le in the theater dej �

i I the -m.
� 'i

has n
All vou need is love and a hieh-powered weapon
ay Busbe�
Special to rhe East Carolinian
It - alw ay - N'n our mind !t
you aren t think: ii I i
� this sentern c is
through it- LOVE, ofcourse
and all its many makings No�
1 ovc would be fantastk it we
didn t ha e to bother with anyone
else to atta n it
But 1 ovc generalh isn t soli-
taire Morelikegatoi tvrestlingin
.i Bonejumpsuit Nonetheless
vt' d now like I - ok at
love and the sexi sin I
t'sbej th a def initioi
Radio fix-it shows popularize in US
As cars become more complicated, tower owner- know how to ti
them Sodo it yourselfers are turning more to tips from call-in hosts
on the radio -a- lackGillis, author ol rhe Car Book Triereareat
least 16 call-in uir -how- across the I SA. thrii are nationwide Car
Talk, the 2M station National Public Radio -how get- about 2,000
calls a week C ar lalk - number
BOO B2 9287
Toll roads make comeback once again
loll road- which were once discouraged by federal policy, are
making a comeback Orange. ounty.C alit .alone has five toll roads
in the works rheoO mire Pennsylvania rumpike, which opened Od
1. 140 was the I SA - tir-t toll road Now, fifty years later, govern
ments are looking anew at toll road- ber ausc they solve congestion
problem- without delays tor government highway funding
Seatbelts continue to save many lives
Wearing a seal belt improve- odds ot surviving long enough to
escape a burning or submerged vehicle, savs the National Safety
( ourtcil But two-thirds of 5001 S driversqut2zedbyValvoline,Iric.
called the statement false. None surv oved got all ID questions right
Other wrong belief 60 percent said it the accelerator sticks, turn off
the ignition Hut would lock Steering wheels
French abortion pill survey released
I he o ntrov ersial I rent h abortion pill has tho same phvsical effect as
a heavy menstrual cycle and is less trumatic than a surgical abortion,
savs the only l S. researcher to study it. Dr. David Crimes of the
University ol Southern California t irimes' study of 16 women who
took the KL 4K6 found that all would choose it again it needed.
Abortion opponents question the pill's satetv
Shrinking aid may hit blacks harder
Shrinking federal financial aid could bo a key reason for the declining
number of blacks enrolled in college A Higher F.ducation Research
Institute survey at the University of California, Los Angeles, shows
black students ha ve become increasingly dependent on financial aid
C� .ipynjlil 1 M USATOOAt pplnntlefr Itfii'wmia Netmmk
: it -sa vou vojustsn
yourfingcr with a hammer
that miv ro second w hi i feel
this kind ol tmglu . uthink,
Hev. this isn t so bad U -
1 ovo ou can v.irrv vut the
analogy anv vav vou like
e e all heard main i iorror
Stories ol love (Sounds lik� a
bad vabu diHn t it' 'A e
will vlo anv thing to gel closer
socially orpin -k.iIIv totheother
gender - an exampk remem-
bt r .av iu k in the earh day sol
high -�. htxil m hen (� re w a- a ru-
nnr circulating about green
MAM s?
Supposedly some radioac tiv .
chemical in the green coloring
jacked up your hormonal dm e
a- it tit teen vear-old- need anv
help in that department Now 1
have a normally very rational
friend named lorn who once, p-
patently -uttering some degen-
erative brain disease pent about
two whole days rooting through
bu-hels ot M&M - and picking
outthegreenonesto Idon tknovx
slip into his girlfriend - ice cream
soda or something 11 om wasn t
worried abouthisown hormones,
vou soe.
Anvw.n the girl didn't like
green M&M s -hi fed them to
her dog lorn and the girl even-
tually parted company but as tar
as l know, the dog-till callsevery
rhursday Perhaps relations be-
tween the sexes would be better it
each gender's habit- weren't so
damn mystifying to the other. 1
mean, can anv woman out there
tnilv appreciate the sublime in-
torplav at work w hen men sit
around, watch football and burp
duetsofthe 'Mission Impossible
Can anv man over hope to
understand the subconscious, al-
most primal forces that cause ev-
ery woman in a restaurant to
stampede tor the ladies' room
whenever a single one scix'ts her
chair back1 I think not.
But let's suppose that you
wake up one morning and find
that vou'v e somehow ended upui
A Relationship Now. the first
few months or so ol Your Rela-
tionship are wonderful and joy-
ousand happy to the both of you,
but thev make the rest of us want
to puke. So let's skip to the g(Hd
stuff, like the first tight
When vou have that initial
tiff, you suddenly realize that for
all these months you've actually
been dating something beamed
here from Alpha C entauri. Any
attempt to discuss your differences
ends up sounding like a bad tele-
phone i onnei tion 1 o v it
Honey I'd like to talk about
insert Stumbling Block of P
tionship herel, you -av
Kona naka pi-ave
Signil � Kher retui
ir � nor
seevourside but I
ii.iv e better luck getting v our; �
- ss il vou used i Manhattan
�IC a- interpreter
rdlessof �
� o person or many I
ever i ollege presents all -
pi blems !� �
worn to ti
with the opp sat
it seems like thing
r al � . � ' ises
the ha
Mon .or
: v this! But
physi -
s,mlv imph consent Even so
simph bnngu one ba. n I
vourownroomprcsentsa plethora
of problem- Bat k in hiich scl
vou d won r parent-
� . now . v ou have I �� n .
Behind C . Heber Fort�
about whether vi�ur r mmat
�hero and bore �
date tod
went tl '

forces you I me up
�� some real
omptv the room v mmate
and 1 had a specially
-v �-�
cuv to leave Some!
rd luo
the conversahon Other the
tss ime that he
.v.l- ItOSl
, �� � here in �
�� � �
k "lumberjacl
dually late at night tto
entire b reen M&M's
igh, all th
lorn Clant y-st
ins didn't really mati
il� ivi � � ' ith
phra- - � '

I react I
� �" � � � � i
. a ��"��: - � � �
A v lmrn ti- iaii CtaMfrH t�
�MMtltlfl . � �� � " �
�.y. . . . .
M i � � t � " - � �
. t �
' � - -�ca ta ��"� � i ; ��
. -
itas'i ����"� na
Repair Special
,s rhis oupi n il
Chain Soldering g
Watch Batteries
The 1(1 Departmcni ol I niversit) I nions
Proudh Vnnoutices
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Saturday, October 6. 1990
f: 0 pin
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S35 - couple S20 - single Si 5 - El I Students
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rhe Central Ticket Office
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"Mock llu Knih in ii Musical Masterpiea
THREEPENNY OPERA - October 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22
A Rousing Romantic Comedy
THE RAINMAKER - November 30, December 1, 3 and 4
Beth Crimes ol the Heart"i Henley's mxky Runily Caper
THE WAKE OF JAMEY FOSTER - February 15, 16, 18 and 19
The Tennessee Williams' Tender Classic
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�l Galvanic Evening t Dance
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i (irccnville. NC 27851! 00 ran until 4 i�) nm 3

October 2,1990
She �agt (garoltntan

ECU falls to Georgia
in final minutes, 19-15
By Earle McAuley
ssisiant Sports Editor
I ate game ivs i ontinue tor
I he Pirates had another shot
nsettingoncofi ollego footballs
nial pov erhouscs the
lulldogs Saturday .11
� in Sanford Stadium
16 fourth quarter points
) igs made the final s.oro
i thwarted an upset
� � fans n atched as
i, a me Irom behind tor the
consecutive work u make
��.i ; i I think it's ob-
got to do a better
� I irn ur football team
. get in .1 game like
. km . how to finish the
� .in exasperated Pirate
h Bill Lewis
tx gan w ith senior
I. kei tob Imperatokicking
: a freshman � !had
Bulldogs drove 62
a I 1yard linconly
ill ona( larrison I learst
ECl k icorge Koonce
: the ball
� gia defense wasable
1 � ites on their tirst
�ssion, and senior lohn ett
to punt v Georgia began
ies at their own S3
I i!n kompleted a
drive to the ECU 24
This set up Georgia's only
M.ore ot the first halt a 4? yard
field goal from senior place kicker
ohn Kassey, to make the si ore
0 with V14 left in the first quarter
rhe Pirates received the ball
on their own 20-yard hue alter
Kassey's kuk wasdow nod by the
Pirates junior return man Pion
Johnson Eight plays later ECU
had managed to make it to the
Georgia 24-yard line. I his set up
a strange order of events
On the next play from scrim-
mage junior quarterback left Blake
threw an interception on the 10-
yard line tii junior cornerback
George Wvnn who returned the
ball to the 39. On the next play
junior quarterback Brian Moore
tumbled the ball alter ,n 1 1 yard
gam on the 30 The Pirates recov-
ered the ball
1 wo conse utive runs by
sophomore CedricV an Burcn and
junior David Daniels got the ball
to the Georgia J5-yard line to end
the first quarter
ECU wasable to advance the
ball 10 more yards in the next five
plays to the Georgia 2 This set
up a 42 yard Imperato field goal
that tied the came with 12 44 left
in the halt
(leorgia then drove to the EC
23-vard line and were stopped by
the Pirates and Kassey came in for
By Matt Mumma
Suff Writer
Photo courtesy
junior Robert Jones pul, down Georgia .ul.back Mack Strong ,n the ����
Saturday .n Athens Ga Jones led the Pirates .n tackles on the day with 1 ne tor a loss three yams
thefieldgoal He missed the 40 lunior wide receiver fcndre
yard attempt and the Pirates took W ard came around Blake and re
over on their own 23. ceived the pitch-back, he then
rhiS set up the thrilling pla looked up field tor senior wide
0j the halt m the thud pla from re. eh or C harlie I yson. I he plav
scrimmage Blake threw a 69 yard was broken up by Wynn
j 1 -1 . ii rki ni tlii third
strike to junior tight end Luke
Fisher for a touchdown with 8:1
left in the hall Imperato's point
alter attempt was blocked and the
score was0 Pirates rhiswould
close out the s oring tor the hall
Johnson opened the se ond
halt with a return to the C ieorgia
49 I he ton. hdou n was saved by
Kassev On the first play the Pi-
rates tried another trick pla
rhe rest ot the third quarter
aided K the PiraU - inability to

was only able to manage
first down in the second halt
until there wasonly 4 24leftinthe
. rs fators that led to
1 ne nsi 111 ur- nmw iwm,
featured stalled offenses by both K I s were a punt return
, . .1- . ,ki t .1 Tr.kliv miiii'r return m.m
quads and neither was able t
put aru points on the board
t Ieorgia did manage to get to the
E l l-yard line as the quarter
rhe fourth quarter was a von
table fireworks displaj for the
Bulldogs as they scored t wo touch
dow nsand a held goal, fhey wen
i,l 55-vardsby junior return man
huck arswell that set up
(ieoreia'sse ond field goal,a Blake
tumble on the E I 29 yard line
that set up the Dogs' second
tou hdown and a roughing the
kicker call on an attempted
blocked punt with 20-se ondsleft
See ECU page 12
soccer wins
second game
B) Erika Jenkins
st.nt Writer
e Pirates and Kassey came inror ���" 1
Carpenters national scoring rankings
���" ' . � cosenn
L Pirate women s SOC-
r record to 2-0on the
ti tea tun; UNC-
� � 0 rhe Pirates
in the 4 minute
rk � the first hall Hie coal was
� shman forward Kim
� issisted bv senior Su-
though the score reflects a
. � the Pirates kept the ball
1 in the Seahawks territor)
� ut the came. ECl
� d the Seahawks defense
ts on goal as opposed to
� il iwk ssevenattemptsWe
. I great execution ot offensive
but our shots would not finish
net explained Poach loe
� ns
I he vi torv over I N( W
marked His second shut-out ol
1 season Defensive plav was
ighlighted by goalies Jaime Pierce
ind Missy C i ne (loalkeeper coach
Boyce 1 ludson ecstaticly reported,
the played a near perfect game.
5 dominant play on defense
. I bv Joe) Pierce. Susan
Shelley Emil) ekada, Eileen
re and Kate McNamara. "Our
nse showed what it was made
ft �dav, I was very pleased noted
ii h Stuart Franck.
rhe Piratesare looking forward
tt 1 playing at home in front ot their
supportive tans. ITeir two came
� ing streak will be challenged
b the Blue 1 evils of I uke C lub on
Oct 7at2 pin at Allied Health
By Christine Wilson
Staff Writer
When P;rate soccer players dehne nationally ranked the) 1
longer have to look farther than their own back
Sophomore ronyCarr,center forward for the EC L soco 1 team
is rankVd h for NCAA national scorii 5 leaders In the &
Region,arr is ranked third with nine goals three assists
points t . ,
Carr,also ranked second in the South Region tor goats
10 in starting games
rhe team's been playing great Ithinkwesl �
of 4 6 but we had some tough close mat nes thai 1st uia
wa) (.arr said
C in went on to say that most of the games the Pirates lost were
to extremely skilled competitors. "We're nol in an easv conference
but much of our improvement and bettei skilled playing have been
leainst these tough teams he said.
Carr says that much of his success has.
: season
Scoob our assistant coach, practiced with me continuously
plaved sweeper last season until Scoot) moved me ip to center
forward Hehad confidence in my abilities which helped me to adtust
. new position he s
SomeofCan ssuccessgoes oJoeHerrman. His position-is oa
the same side as mine. We worked hard thiss in mi r learning : ow o
zeeachother which helps us to work well with one another on tne
field � arr said.
C irrsaid that playing a intercollegiate sport has helped him in
even ispect M) timeisreall) -� ictured U schedule is centered
nd class, study time and practice I also have time for extra
;A ities he said. . .
( arr says that playing soccer is the best thing ever 1 have maae
many friends and acquaintances from other universih Kcerteams
When asked if he reels there are any disadv antages to pla) ing an
intercollegiate sport, Carr sees none
C arr has been playing soccer since the ace ol six YOU ve got to
love the sport,even with the bad times. It'shardto lose,
win you feel rewarded Carr said.
Saturday the UNC-
Wilmington Seahawks jumped
out to n early 2-0 lead and never
lookedback.asthovdefeated ECU,
Wilmington came into the
came off an upset of nationally-
ranked American, who ECU lost
to iiist two weeks ago Similarly,
the Pirates last game against
I enoir-Rhync wasa disappointing
tie that set their record at 4-6-1.
ECU started the tirst halt
looking stale, letting Wilmington
score two back-to-back goals The
Seahawkscould have put thegame
away had it not been for loe
I lerrmann's goal with 2l minutes
lett in the half. The score wasa big
hit tor ECU. who denied
Wilmington's persistant offense;
however, the Seahwks managed
to score again with less than a
minute to go in the halt
In the second half the Pirates
put some early shots on goal and
plaved more aggressively than
they had pre iously .but thev were
frustrated by Wilmington's tough
defense I he Pirates frustration
came out in the accumulation ot
tour yellow cards in the second
halt ECl also only had five
shots on goal, one of which wasa
penalty kick, to Wilmington's 22
UNC-W scored on a penalty
kick and sealed up their win with
030 left to play. ECU had a chance
at a penalty kick with a minute lett
to plav in the game, but tailed to
score. "Wilmington has an all-
conterencegoalkeeper said LC L
caoch Bob Lust.
"We let the fact that it was a
rough game affect the way we
plaved said Lust,referring to the
lack of calls bv the officials who let
the game get outof hand Because
the officials called so few fouls the
game wasextremelv rough, and it
even led to a small scuttle after
Craig Pumbull was kicked while
he was on the ground.
The Pirates plav St. Andrews
this Thursday at 330 p.m. ai the
ECl soccer field.
t arr says mat mucnoi iu sums- ���r� �����
Vireiniaun win over William and Mary
0 , vkU7 PheCavaUers butVirginiarecovered.Fourplavs ran for two touchdowns and W
I .n For a team that had al-
lowed just J1 points in its first four
games, No. 7 Virginia reacted
predictably when Division I A A
William & Mary scored21 against
the Cavaliers in me first half alone.
"Some of the seniors really
spokeupat half time, "quarterback
Shawn Moore said. "Coach
11 leorge) Welsh didn't have to say
much ot anything. People stand
ing outside the locker room might
have thought it was (oh Welsh
really going off. But it wasn't
the halftime talk worked
Virginia broke from a 27-21 lead
with 2 third quarter points and
cruised to a 63-35 victory
Saturday's triumph gave Vir-
ginia its first 5-0 start since 1944.
William & Mary, ranked No. 20 in
Division l-AA, fell to 2-2.
Moore said he elected against
pining some ol his fellow seniors
who spoke up at halftime
"I was pretty much just trying
to gather mysell together It was a
rough first half for me said
Moore, who completed just seven
of 16 passes in the opening two
Moore completed hisfirstfive
passe as Virginia went on a 22-0
surge in the opening 5:01 ot the
third quarter to build a 49-21 ,d
"That didn't heir said Wil-
liam & Mary coach immye
Laycock, whose Indians up to that
point had battled the Cavaliers on
nearly even terms
WilliamA Mary had 305yards
in total offense in the first halt
Virginia had J47 The Cavaliers
wound up with tSg yards and the
Indians had 530
"I've been saying that teams
haven't executed against us
Welsh said "William & Mary ex-
ecuted today, and it showed
That's a lot of yards
Virginia, featuring an offen-
sive line that averages nearly 27
the ground and was able to give
Moore good protection, rhe re-
sult was that each ot'theavaliers'
eight touchdown drives took less
than three minutes. One lasted just
16 seconds, nd another took 3"
"Virginia scored so damn
quick, that let our offense on the
field a lot 1 aycock said.
William & Mary opened the
second halt with an onsides luck,
but irginiarecovered. Four plays
and 90 seconds later lerrv Kirby
ran 15 vards tor the second ot his
four touchdowns.
( m the Indians next plav from
scrimmage, quarterback Chris
Hakel's pass was tipped at the
line, and defensive tackle loe Hall
caught the ball and returned it
two vards to the Indians' 24. Sixtv-
six seconds elapsed before Kirby
sprinted in again, this time from
11 yards.
Virginia forced the Indians to
punt alter three downs and took
over on the William & Mary 45.
I his drive lasted 50 seconds, with
a 19-yard run by Nikki Fisher put-
ting irginia up by 2S with 9:59
left in the third
Kirby finished with 188yards
on 23carries. Fisher,aisoa tailback,
ran for two touchdowns and 1M
yards on 14 carries.
Moore threw for 291 vards on
!5-of-26 passing. He had touch-
down throws of 49 yards to Bruce
McGonnigal and 43 yards to
Herman Moore.
Hakel, who completed 29 oi
48 passes for 326 yards, threw a 2-
v ard scoring pass to Michael Locke
in the fourth quarter.
"That's the best oi fensive team
we've plaved this vear Welsh
said after the latest in a growing
hst of competitive contests be-
tween the two teams.
Laycock said the Indians
made some mistakes, and against
a team as good as they are, those
mistakes are magnified.
"We never really did stop
. .�, �j Hilth William fit iviary,rcineuiw.��
m 7 at 2 p.m. at Allied rieairn 1 � � �
Gamecocks suffer injuries in win
iL. fciwaHin South Carolina to 6 sacking him five times and fo
IA (AP) lor
(rgia lech victory over South
1 arolinacameataprice injuries.
Quarterback Shawn (ones,
who scored on a l-yard run and
helped lead his team to the 27-6
tor) saturdav. ended up on
crutchesSunday A sprained arch
in his right foot may mean he will
miss Saturday's game against At-
lanta oast Conference rival
Marvland.coachBobbv Ross said.
rhe AC C rookie of the year
last vear, ones wasn't the only
Yellow jacket injured Defensive
tackle lenm.ahMcClary Tech's
most experienced lineman
suffered a bruised rib Running
backs William Bell and 1" L
Edwards are bothered with ham
string pulls.
It ones misses the game, lett
Howard will plav at quarterback.
Ross said
ones completed 11 of 20
passes, with two interceptions
before being shaken up and taken
out of the game midway through
the fourth quarter. He also picked
up 30 yards rushing, but lost 15
trving to pass.
"Jones kind of killed us on the
quarterback draw he dipped
and dodged between the big
linemen for some key gains said
Gamecock linebacker Patrick
Tech's defense was in fine
form, holding South Carolina tot)
points, 40 vards rushing in 28
carries and 1 total yardsSatur
d,v lech hasn't allowed a
touchdown in three games.
"It was just a matter of giving
KM) percent effort on every pla
said Yellow jacket linebacker
Marco Coteman. "With 100 per-
cent comes results.
"I will have to sav that 1 was
really surprised that our defense
held them to lyards Ross said.
"I think they plaved remarkably
Tech's defense hassled South
Carolina quarterback Bobby
Fuller, allowing him to complete
only 14 of 28 passes for 143 yards,
tacking him five times and forc-
ing three interceptions. Free safety
Ken Swilling picked oft two of
'We said going into the game
that would be a key, getting
pressure on the quarterback.
That's what we did. The people
up front made himscramblealot
Swilling said.
The defense also took out
Fuller's top receivers, Robert
Brooks, who had two catches for
minus 1 vards, and Fddie Miller,
who had two catches for 49 yards.
The only scores managed bv
the Gamecocks (3-D were Collin
Mackie's field goals of 29 and 47
Let s dance
Wide rec.ever AI Wh.tmg attempts to uke Georgia's Junior cornerback
George Wynn tor extra yardage Whiting received half of quarterback
jetf Biakes completed passes, three for eighteen yards Satorday

Slje �aat (Carolinian Ocwber 2,1990
Sports Briefs
Pittsburgh clinches NL East Sunday
The Pittsburgh Pirates hn� hod the National I eague East titlr
Sunday with a 2 d victor) ovei the st I ouis Cardinals Doug
Prabok closed out the Pirates first division title since 197 and
won his league high 22nd game or the year b retiring the final I ;
Cardinals batters in order l"he National Leaguehampionship
Series starts "hursda at �, in innati at H p m
Blue Jays still have a shot at title
rhe roronto Blue aj s beat the Boston Red s 1(1 5 Sunday to
keep them from i lin hing d tie in the meru an I eague East 1 he
Red Sox an- ahead In one game w ith three games remaining I he
Blue la s ha�.i a season high lw lut against five Boston piu hers.
Boston'sTomBrunanskvh II i th home run in the thiw-game
series loronto now pla I '�� tn i while Boston finishes af
homo i s v lu ago
Defense carries Bills over Broncos
rurnovers created b aggressive defense paved the wa for
victories Sunday bv the I Raiders and Buffalo Bills in key NE1
games Fhe Raiders (4 0) beat the hn age Bears O I) 24 It' w ith
tho hoi pot a fumble recovery and touchdown b Cr I'ownsend
to give them a 17-7 lead rhe Hills i used ihnv Penvei 2 2)
turnovers to score 21 points m sin onds to win .1s
Two racing titles still not decided
Season titles in S Raiul I ui � Mod
Sunda) Ma'rk Martin won the .S KI k I anns4lH)at Not
ilkesboro, but his points lead on I a!c i .u nhardt hi
finished second stayed at lb with toui races remaining Mam
Pros! won the Spanish (irand Prix Sunda and ul the I 1 point
lead by Ayrton Senna in halt to nine points
Gansler will remain soccer coach
Wolverines troubled with win over Terps
KHOR Mi h I P)
rhey went in looking tor a tune
up Instead, the machine was in
desperate need of a jump start
Sixth-ranked Michigan (2-1)
still looks good on paper, but the
Wolverines wore sluggish on the
field Saturday in a l"1 17 victor
OV or lar land.
It's not at all what Mi higan
i oach c .arv Moeller wanted in the
Wolverines' final non conference
"It's a w m tor us. not ne es
sank a bad win, but it shows v o
have some work to do Mviler
said 1a be this game will put
some ot the problem in is into
t'x us
I he problem areas v ere main
igainsf thestubborn terrapins! ;
Mar land rolled up 122 I
vards while hi'khnv. Mi hiean to
152 nl the lorps held Ion
Vaughn, who entered the game as
the nation's leading rusher, to just
S� ards
Our goal was to play sound
defense and play well on tirst
down. lar land oai h oe
kriv.ik s,nd V e wanted to con
tain Vaughn and put them in a
second and long situation which
we did well
I rom here on. the games all
tako on greater meaning tor both
trains I ho Wolverines begin Big
o i pla it Wisconsin on Satur
d i the I erps get ba k to tlantu
oast (. onference action against
i ioorgia !oi h.
1 d like to be ; ind have
i more�i insistent u peol game
against Marvla I Moellei said
I duin t lik fact ' .ran tin
hall on us and w c duin t rm
hall on them
"These arc two things I'd like
to i hange around entering the Big
I en season
Maryland was hurt by six
turnovers, throe ot which led to
Mil higan scores
We have to put this game
behind us. look ahead to next week
and do the host we can kmak
Scott olak broke his own
i ompletion record tor Maryland,
onnecting on 29 of -l passes tor
264 yards. Hut he tossed three in-
ter eptii 'Us
Mu higan s El is c irbac rom
plotod 1" of 25 tor l.A and two
touchdowns, with one intercep
aughn scored on runs of 21
and two vards, Grbat had a
. nd rP toss to I Vsmond loward
and a a ardor to larrod Muiiih.
Martin Davis scored on a 27-yard
interception return and Ken
Sollomthrewa ; yard I'D pass to
Kevin Owen
' h erall, we g t a vv h d . i tuple
ot w ins to coast us into the Hi- "en
season said Howard, who had
three catches tor W vards I ho
destiny we're in control of is
winning the Big fen champion
ship.Offensively wehaveto i �me
together as a unit and do the job
I he six Maryland turn.
wore the most tori ed by a Mi. hi
gan defense since Oct 5 l�83,
when Wisconsin turned the ball
, er seven times
" I his season is ovi r and now
the Big I on se ison begins,
lu higan i orner ba k I avid Kev
said I his is almost a sfi ond fo-
i us tor us We didn t play as well
as we i ould have, but we for cd
some turnovers at k times
Olson calls for suspension, fines for harassment
nd sun
h I
I S Soccer Federation president Man V
da) that Bob Gansler will continue
announcement came after the team's 2 �:
Stvcei League select team in tl r C I C ii ind
ended months of speculation that Clans
Knox wins Southern Open in Georgia
Kenny Knox, playing in his natie id� a 1?
foot birdie putt on the second plavoli holi . I beat im
Hallet and win the Southern Open Miki
Hill shot a final-round 8-under-par tA ugla
the first playoff hole Sundav t� tl rfXi.A pace ast
( lasSK at Melboui no I la
McEnroe, Graf prevail in tennis
ohn McEnrtv rallied to beat rai misevic ol iugoslavia
6-7(4-7), 4-6,7-t (7-3), b-3, t-4 Su la � : r tennis
tournamentat Basel for his first wn Steftit raf
boat rantxa Sanchez Vican i Sunday s
Leipzig (East Ciermanv) Open ind Brad Gilbert beat Won
Krickstein b ; h 1 to win tin Queensl me
Fuhr apologizes for his mistakes
EdmontonOilersgoalieGrantFuhi susj Ihui da
foravearbytheNHl for cocaine use, savstl � ilium apologies
will never make up for his mistaki told tl ����.
that his substance abuse began in his I r third yeai
league Despite the fact the Oilers were wu mloyf ups the
goalie fell he had ii' friends to turn to, he
Miami brings bowl to conference
I he I niversit) ol Miami whel i the 1 ist i r the
Atlantic( oast( onference bru gsa prize anautomatii
Orange Bowl bid rhe( )rangc Btiwl still has two years remaining
on its conference commitment to the Bij; I ight rhe Howl will
switch to whatever i onferen c Miami is inoi h the Big i ight
champion against Miami's conference
Moneghetti wins Berlin marathon
Australian Steve Moneghetti ran through East and West Berlin
Sunday, threeday sbefore unifu ation, to win the Berlin Marathon
in a year s host time of -1 hours s rmnuti � onds West
German I ta Pippig won the women's race in 2 H rhe race
began in what is now West Berlin and ran through the histori
Brandenburg (.ato into the on e forbidding eastern side ol the
In the Locker
NFL veterans
Active NFL coaches serving
longest with the same team:
Years served
Chuck ISrOll Don Shula Joe Gibbs Dan Reeves Mike Ditto
Pittsburgh Miami Washington Denver Chigago
IV i )RK
exualh irassl he'
the susp nsion of the i fin
irnohod last ! hurs1
What we reaskii .� the
to suspnd Victor Kian
. . I eke'
.hichl ' " � ' ;
a substantial in
Other n nortei
a quarter a week
She said Mow.if
close I hei nd
low d or sexist -
rhe others si
she said
embarrassed I k ui
nil ident . I Mondav l
be horo I mighl
something ti k
Patriots cerw i i
�- rtei ' lod the team's investigation b fining an unidentified player n
tnots locker i I for undisclosed amount He said a few players were involved but didn't
dentifv others
i )lstm said she planned to beat Sunda) s home game against N ���
rk despite her newspaper s. ditonal calling for a boycott
�.and national women's gn �: ils .vanl i tion taken
igamst kiam and 1.
: igliabue mav deode to suspend, tine or reprimand Mow ittn �'
k after he has met with theplayerand hearshissideofthestoryFL
spikosman oeBrownesaid Wednesdav 1 agliabuehasordi n d VI ��� itt
prt to the F1 office in New York bv Friday
Herald p " editor BobSalestld the New Yrk Times that he sent
i h tier to faglial ln illing for Kiam's suspension
Kiam has denied the omments attributed to him, savnng he ailed
ressive He apologized for am mistreatment b hisem-
� but Olstm refused to accept the apoiog)
How can I accept his apology afterhequestuntxim pr�fession
ahsm in front ol hundreds of thousands ol tele isii �n �. lowers' Hson
aidinWednesdav'sedihonsofTI . It'sobviousthePatriotsare
tr ingtoburvthesexual harassmentissuebv trv ingti disi rod it me w ith
tho blatant lies I am the victim here and the are putting me on trial
ush ' ' rhe apilogv wasa start, but the issue is not whether Victor Kiam
. said thinks! ;n a classic bitch If the Patriots arc interested in solving this
issue, how about making publu menamesof thej lax i
lav I had 'nd sexuallv harassed me instead of covering up for them
ish identified as I - �
- - -
r thi
id � thu
Welch, Lady Pirate
cross country team
defeats Lynchburg
Sports Information
Anno Mario Welch set
course record to lead thi
i ross i ountn team I i
1 iu hburg college
fhe w omen' - t- le tl
trip to Virgin ;
tinuing their wini
member nn VI irn �'� -
this poal one stop turtl i
Well h set a new i uirse n
b replacing the standing
20 Ils with a lime ol I ! '�'� '
addod help from Susan
fheresa Marini and Daw n I ills. �n
: . tanl icl
I sa v wa
hemei J thorn
iptorthi : ngebvi
i tn � : lead raci
linst thi rounded
Kvle Sul ii
perform I I
intn tail and
: duallv, 1

travels I . tl ille or tobei
� ; ,artii ipate in the Methodist
College Invitational rhe team is
continuing tostriveinpra ticeand
the) hope that Methodist will be
Tuesday Night
S:OOpm to 9:00pm
Buy One Dinner
at Regular Price
and Receive 13
,4A1.LKUorsU1e 0,lc' Bd' off on a Second
Across dru-nc Street Khdiie Dinner Of Iqual
.iteiiiui Seiaiist or Less Value
tlos�-l Mondays AN ou ,jn Jt lprrll not included.
Special $1 00 Coupon
Haircuts S
Hairstyles $11.0C
� l n 8 30-5 30
Phone 52 3318
Men's Hair Styling Shoppe
2800 E " " '
I SWilliam �'�. �
Eastgate Shopping Center
oVppi p ' �
the women pulled out a first place
finish and came home proud and another pla where their goals
content with thou performance willbemel more records will
1 o sum up the women be sot
Source USA TODAY research
Suzy Parker Gannett News Service
Continued from page 11
inthegamethat would have given
tho Mm s one last shot
Another explanation was
given by t arswell, In the fourth
quarter we let the I ogs out ol the
i age
I he Pirates did ha e one
bright spot in the fourth quarter
I ho began a drive from their ow n
20 yard line with I 24 left in the
halt, and two minutes and 2 ; set
onds later Blake connected with
Fisher on a II yard touchdown
strike. Fisher's second ll1 catch
on the day fourth on thi' season
K I attempted thetwo point
conversion but tho play was bro
ken up In the Dogs' sophomore
freesafet) Mikejones rhisended
the scoring with the final m ore 1"
15 (leorgia
o Easlarohna s redit,
thov kepi fighting and kept fight
ins iid Georgia head coach
R.n,ott Wo just woro nit able
to do what had to be done said
1 ewis
E 1 will attempt to aenge
the loss on parents d.u next Situr
day in Ficklin Stadium at I JOp m.
against the iolden Eagles of
Southern Mississippi
The Suntana
5 Visit Plan $15
10 Visit Plan $25
15 Visit Plan $30
Wolfe Tannins System
Coupon Good Through 10 31 90
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? Fosdick's
Mew YorkJFR
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Rome 6j
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Tokyo '
i lanes no' "cudeo Resctics apply 1 a'es
�c; -o crage Ce ays ava an e Wck.
Bbnoad D;oc-a mi t tf�l 10 EURAIL
Council Travel1
TO) Ninth ���t � �
919 286-4664
icoupon � m m m i
2 Combination Platters
i One Low Price
� 2 Small Platters7.95
� 2 Regular Platters9.95
� 2 Large Platters11.95
N Choose Two From Shrimp. Trout, De iled
P Crab Clam Strips or Baby Flounder.
I Beverage not included. Good Mon Thur
I Dine In or Take Out
I Expires 10-18 90
2903 S. Evans St.
Open For Lunch
Sunday - Friday at
11:00 A.M.
Call 756-2011
Addilionai Psrlting

Bush: U.S.
invasion of
page 5
WEATHER: Freezing. Inside
this building, anyway (.Xitside, it's
still stunningly hot QA
Much to the horror ot advertisers
everywhere,ongress passes a law
requiring that at least 10 percent of
anv advertisement must be in some
way related to the product being
advertised- I0A
MONEY: If vou have any, send
it 0 us. K)A
WALL STREET: stock mar
ket makes a bunch of ruh people
even richer 10A
SPORTS: Lots of groups of
human beings butt heads in staged,
unproductive confrontations Oops,
sorry this is supposed to go under

Bush: Iraqi
invasion of
page 6
Jane's Addiction gives in
Hv Chippy Bonehead
ECU Toi'Ai
Rock group lane's Addiction has
bowed to record company pressure
Concerning the cover of their newest
album Ritual de lo Habitual The (.over
consists of a painting of a sculpture
whu h depicts lead singer Perry FarreJU
with two nude women
c ensors around the country have
objected to the over tor Ritual, main
i t them mistaking I arrell tora woman
"An easy mistake ' Addiction
spokesperson Vile Toady explained
"Perry's about as manly as Bov
George Except he paints better
ro replace the controversial cover,
Farrell has painted a portrait ot his
latest sculpture two quick-marts un-
der construction, with nude sculp
lure ot himself between them As he
says m the liner notes, 1 feel more
shame as a man watching a quick
mart being built (than seeing a naked
woman '
out-of-context statistics
that prove nothing
We're Plucking More Eyes!
I i -
�r�1 '
1986 1988 1990 1992
loadv says Warner Brothers
records has no) voiced any objections
to the proposed new (.over "I can't
really see them complaining Nobody
in the tree world considers quick-
marts obscene but him The guy's cal-
endar only has eleven pages, if vou
know what I mean "
loady also doubts anv of the ten-
sors will mistake I arrell tor a quuk
mart under COnstrW tion "Of course.
I could be wrong. There's a lot of
weird people in the world Perry's
iust one example
"I mean, he thinks 'ritual de lo
habitual is Spanish tor 'two pissed
off white bitches who can rap ' I"hat's
who the first cover painting and
sculptures were of, these two girls he
knows that sound like Salt V I'epa
Toady explained "There's not even a
song on the album remotely related to
white girls who know how to rap.
angry or otherwise
"This kind of inconsistency isn't
new tor him, though loadv droned
on 1 mean, who the hell is lane, and
what is she addicted to1 I'm his
spokesperson and even don't know
lane let son, maybe? Is she addicted to
making (leorge run on that treadmill
thing1 Who knows1
Toady wentontodiscussFanelTs
private life, apparently tired of being
relegated to the shadows of such a
famous person Perry's not right in
the head, vou know 1 wanted to talk
to one of the big trade magazines, you
know, SPIN, Rolling Stone But
vou guys are the only ones who an-
swered mv calls "
Being the inquisitive, less-ethical-
than vou-might-imagine (ournalists
that we are, we continued to listen to
loady s rantings, even though Perry
Farrell might possiblv be able to sue
usat some point in time But, hey-Our
lawyers are damn good
"He was always a loner Toady
went on, frothing slightly He used to
lock himself in his room after school
and practice being effeminate. He'd
look up odd words in the dictionary
and wonder how they'd passed the
Webster's editors
We asked loadv how he knew so
much about what went on in Parrell's
room back in high school' He said he
used to spy on Farrell constantly. "We
lived in a small town. There was
nothing else to do but spy on the
weird kids who might get famousone
da Hey, it paid off for me Toady
Iraq's Saddam Hussein
was once U.S. TV star
I mi Am u gamati D Pki s
Papers smuggled oui of Baghdad
late last night by intrepid Amalgam
ated Press reporters prove that Iraqi
dictator Saddam I lussein is not quite
who he claims to be
I he documents show that
Hussein placed the part of spate en
trepreneur Harry Mudd on twoepi
sodes o( the bit television show Slat
Trek two de ades ago
I rustrated by the i ancellation of
the series, I lussein moved to Irai and
vowed revenge against the I nited
States tor its "cowardly slaying of a
defenseless television program.
I shall have my revenge'
Hussem reportedly cried at the rime
"I shall rise to dominance of this Arab
nation, then I shall think up some
pretext to invade Kuwait I may even
slaughter thousands of Iraq's own
citizens with chemical weapons! So
watch if
Apprised of the news, Star Trek
i reator (lene Roddenberry promptly
ottered Hussem a recurring role on
the new rrekseries, Star Tr�k:Thehiex
eneration I lussein has no! replied

2 � October 2, 1990 � ECU TODAY � It's only a joke, if you need that wora defined, consult a physician.
Plain Talkin'
By Alvin ewhart
ECU EceAl rounder
Now, 1 been heann' a lotta talk
about how our tine president,
George Bush, is being a little hypo-
critical when he says that countries
aren t supposed to go around in-
vading other countries
Well, actually, I ain't heard that
much talk. Actually, I heard en.
little talk like that. Actually, it was
lust this one guy. See. you have to
exaggerate problems sometimes it
vou want to write an editorial every
day. But that's not the point.
The point is, there's a tinv mi-
nority of folks out there mavbe
just this one guv � who think thev re
all a lot smarter than the rest ot us,
just because it occurred to them that
Iraq invading Kuwait was an awful
lot like us invading Panama. Thev
think that just because both the U.S.
and Iraqi governments hvped up
their citizens by convincing them
that their tinv. practically unarmed
southern neighbors posed a big se
cuntv threat that somehow that
makes the two situations similar
Thev got it in their heads that tust
because both the US and Iraq re-
fused to yield to practically unani-
mous world condemnation of their
invasions (citing "security reasons
in both cases), and because both
countries set up puppet govern-
ments in their conquered neighbor,
that the U.S. must have been just as
"barbaric" as George is saying Iraq
Guys like that, they probably
think we're really just in this for the
oil. They probably also think George
Bush might have certain personal
concerns about the toppling of a
government headed by a rich oil
magnate, or something.
Well, they're wrong. So there.
of: America's st tooted oicrna
tf8Cs fw$Hpe.z. o-f AQ
Vic Timm
Unrelated drivel
Save us from
this madman!
Help us! Whoever reads 0i
plea vou'vi v � ' � is! W i n
c detained .is hostages in the i
I v � offices in .i littk ceil the)
under V wharl � sk!ldoi
how much longer i II bt able l kee
� ng , � � the)
� sense They v. � -
mean � key �- � �
�.� . � isi happen t usingu
�� Uh,n
.� � stages and :� nt � � � in
bystandet ind n n. 7 I any of
� They ntntsttht � � ��
kidnapped Uh �� wfcol's thai ihet
. � ��� � � thai ��.
� mean mj � :� � � �. ite'
Hang on lei "if find thai � �� oh
� �: � iictwnary
Uh. kay uh ken � � vhat
you know? Seems th ������ � rds � �
� victim :� � �� � as
UCSl I jr i ' t"s ft
guests �:v �� �:�� I make sun � .
� � . �: : yet ' '�'� ��'�'�
�� � Hen � � .���
Published by Offense Unlimited
� a division of Frohnmaver
Folios I
Published every other week,
unless there are more pressing
considerations. Like, for
example, if we're trying to
remember whether we're
supposed to burn Iraq's or
Iran's flag this week.
ECU Today is a satirical
publication which has been
scientifically proven to guard
against chemical weapons 509r
better than the leading brand of
fabric softener.
I Ivis Humming I himself ift aisle ; o) Krogi
, � ���,��
Well, all i can stI is, saddam t lussein isour y,ood friend, and it sokay
with us it he blows up our ships or gasses thousandsol Iraqi c itizens tor no
readily apparent reason. iist as long as he keeps fighting Iran' tps. s(�rr.
that's last year's speech. Uh, all I can sav is, Saddam I lussein is a dangerous,
brutal, sadistic madman who even gassed thousands of Iraqi citizens lor no
readily apparent reason
Danforth Quayle, S retiring up again
"Well, all 1 can say is, the United States is our good friend, and it's okay
with us if thev - oops, sorry, that's last year's speech. Uh, all I can say is, the
United States is the greatest evil in the world
� Saddam Hussein. Not doing much better
Should President Bush have vacationed in Kennebunkport during the Mideast crisis'
L. Ess dee, U
Pencil sharpener
Greenville. N.C.
Oh, absolutely. He should use up
as much gasand oil as he can wi th that
2-miles-per-gallon fishing boat of his,
too, because Saddam Hussein was
obviously really impressed with what
a brave fellow he was, out there fish-
ingand wasting petroleum whileover
3,000 American families of hostages
could do nothing but wait and worry
C. Zer, 32
Grit ton. N i.
Whv not' After all, he ha to act
civilized when dealing with uncivilized
countries like Iraq I mean, really civi-
lized countries don't invade other coun-
tries um, unless it's tor a gxd reason,
like in Panama. And civilized countries
don't use chemical weapons on civilian
populations Civilized countries employ
tactics of MSN starvation against civilian
populations It's so much more humane
M. Andem, M
Piece ot candy
Ay den. N.C.
No! Hat out no! I le should stav
awav from Kennebunkport at such
sensitive times' Instead, he should be
vacationing here in sunny Avdon,
N.C, land of a thousand wholesome
delights. We've got the world's only
known collard festival, and what self
respecting president could pass up a
chance to vacation in a town like this?
Q Tee. 32
Gardenia triltet
Chocowinity N C
Ah, what the heck 1 ot the guy
have his tun I le's got nothing else to
do no budgets to work on no bal
looning c rime or education problems
to find peaceful solutions to, nothing
like that Really, though, leave him
alone. At least ho'suwakc most ot the
time, which is more than I can sav for
some presidents we've had recently

It's only a joke Not to be taken seriously Rather like Dan Quayle � ECU TODAY � October 2, 1990 � 3
Relief fund set up to
aid Gulf crisis victims
Tsu Am � Hi-
rhe Persian iulf crisis hasalread)
generated several dozen American
casualties No, they're not soldiers
they're the affluent oil tycoons whose
lives have been thrown into chaos b
the fluctuating petroleum prices.
"I just can I go on like this bawls
( hk h�.ik ' Freddy l-Exxon. 'I've
had to -tart lighting ;m uiars with
twentv-dollar hill instead at hun-
But now l-(von ini others in
this disadvantaged group are getting
help, m the form ot the Organization
to Benefit "his line Democratic
Country's Aristocrats (OBTFDCA).
Initially, there were some doubts
about the OBTFIX A's viability, but
the croup cot a mm h-needed shot in
the arm when Frank Sinatra and m
eral other musicians organized
benefit concert know n as Rich Aid
The relief fund s success was as
Mired, however when the group
landed Sally Struthers as its spokes-
woman struthers. who will coon T
to cry a lot and implore viewers to
send money, took the iob because i r
her personal sympathy tor the prac-
tically destitute magnates
"It's just sosa sobbed the former
Allin ustarlet "Even with all
the prices they ve raised, the) 've had
tembU time maintaining the stan-
dard of living to whi h they and their
families are accustomed, i feel so
�or them
Struthers w ill appear in several
thousand television commercials
taped for the OBTFDCA The com-
mercials will shoto oil barons turning
down second or third helpings of pate
de foie eras buvmg Porsches instead
of Maseratis, and si on Struthers
voice-over will drive home the terrible
Mate to which the barons have fallen.
begging Kind-hearted viewers to
break out their checkbooks and end
this horrible degradation of other
human beings. '
Now, listen up. everybody:
Harvey Garni wants women to decide all by themselves what to do
with their own bodies, and he doesn't think the government should
kill people. Now, that makes him an extreme liberal, and that's bad
But what'seven worse is that he s, well, you know, he's, uh, he s
that thing we said ve wouldn't mention in these ads Well, let s usi
sa he's goi a better tan than some other senators, hke Jesse Helms,
have Not that we mean u impl) anything by that.
� Paid for h the not-at-all-racist Helms For Senate Committee
out-of-context statistics that prove nothing
Landmark ruling issued
Judge Rights finds band
not even slightly guilty
Bv Chippy Bonehead
. Ige )bstructa Rights acquit-
ted members of the rock group Judas
Priest of criminal involvement in
the seduction of addam Hussein
bj uso teenage redneck girts, ruling
that while the studv of Kick wards-
masked messages is still in its m-
fanc 'it s mature enough to let us
know that it you plav any record
backwards 57 times you'll start
hearing all kinds of things, and no
artist or musician can be responsible
for that
I wo girls, TammyO Besity.age
1. and Stephanie Lard. 1 claimed
they listened to the new Pnestalbum
hmu Metallic-Looking Logos That
Make Even Aging Metal Band Look
Marketable and heard messages tell-
ing them to write seductive letters to
Iraq s president, enticing him with
sexu il favors if he d end the occu-
pation of Kuwait
nest - iwvers tried to claim
their stunt .as inspired solely bv
Italian porn tar legislator lllona
"Little Toy" Staller s similar mes-
sage to Hussein, in which she offered
tolethim "havehiswav" withhenn
order to achieve peace in the.Middle
Lard and Besity's parents
claimed their daughters were un-
dulv influenced by the Priest record
and the backwards-masked mes-
sages thev subconsciously heard.
Lard said she could clearly hear
"Seduce Saddam" when the record
was plaved backwards Besity
agreed, though she added, 'You had
to kind of speed up the record and
-low it down occasionally to get it to
sav that, though
Rights ruling that Priest was
not guilty didn t increase her
populantv with the group, however.
"J ust because these two redneck girls
were pathetic losers with no cred-
ibility 'and thev were probably
loners, too) vou boys got off this
time. Next time I'll get you, mv
pretties. And vour little dog, too
she cackled, as she flew away to her
next hearing and the next article),
concerning 2 Live Crew sobscenitv
Landmark ruling issued
Judge Rights finds
band extremely guilty
Bv Chippy Bonehead
ECU Tooa
ludge Obstructa Rights, fresh
from her remarkably liberal decision
in the )udas Priest case, flew into
Broward County, Florida and
promptly delivered a more conser-
vative ruling, this time against black
rappers 2 Live Crew
"Of course, the fact they're black
had nothing to do with it she argued
at a press conference mere hours be-
fore press time, necessitating a lot of
v of fee and cigarettes for this reporter
But I digress
It udas Priesi were black, I
would have found them guilty I mean.
not guilty! I mean. I would have found
them whatever I found them. All thev
did wasencourage some rod neck girls
to have sex with a dangerous maniac
who currently has the world teetering
on the brink of nuclear war "
But these rappers are trying to
get innocent young girls to have sex
with black people. 1 mean, with ordi-
nary people who may or may nor be
of the black persuasion, but might
happen to have larger genital en-
dowments than good Christian white
men! I mean, oh, hell. You got me.
I'm after them because they're black
she admit ted
After the stunning revelation.
Rights was carted off to a home for
mentalK teeble judges who never even
skimmed the big print of the Consti-
tution andor who support Jesse
Helms L ntortunatelv. the members
ot 2 Live Crew remained jailed, be-
cause, after all, thev re still black.
ludge Irav Fstes Slid the group
stands a chance of being paroled
within 18 months if anv of them
happen to spontaneously become
white or agree to write wholesome,
non-threatening raps for Debbie

NASA, phone home!
Tin- Amai i.amah I) Pki
in another of the strange scries of
technical problems plaguing the
agencv. NASA apparently lost all
touch with the outside world early
yesterday morning. A team of NASA
administrators and technicians,
wrapping up their testimony before a
Senate panel, discovered the problem
when one of them attempted to phone
the agency and got no answer
"Man, it was spooky said Dr. Kd
L'cated, the NASA physicist who dis-
covered the agencv was not re-
sponding to normal forms of contact.
"I mean, obviously something is seri-
ously wrong. Either that, or they've
all nipped out tor a pizza
At an emergency pressconterence
convened soon afterward in the Sen-
ate building's foyer, NASA official M
Becile updated reporters on what was
currently known about the agency's
'We've been workingclosrlv with
local telephonecompany officials, and
we think we've located the problem
Becile said. "What we have here is
what Congressional regulations re-
quire us to refer to as a Type 111 Au-
tomatic Magnetic- Tape-Oriented
Telecommunications Memorandum
System Failure in other words, the
answering machine broke '
As Becile spoke, several aides tried
to remotely control the technologic a 11 v
sophisticated harness assembly which
moves the administrator about, even
though he is fully capable of walking
under his own power The adminis-
trator stepped up to the podium,
turned right, took throe steps back-
wards, fell down, etc IK' dismissed
conjectures that it might be simpler
and less expensive to do without the
fancy gadgetrv and just walk around
You were
the New Kids
normally, saying, sure, it would be
simpler ,nJ less expensive but it
wouldn't have lots i�t antennae and
flashing lights.
"Well, anvwav. we just wanted to
let you know evcrvthmg is under
control, ' Becile continued, King on
the floor as his arms and legs jerked
back and forth unproductively Win.
I've already come up with a plan to
restore contact to the agency What
we're going to do is shoot a sa tel lite
replete with neat antennae and
blinking lights way up into the air
The satellite will slingshot around
several galaxies, eventually returning
to an orbit about fifty feet above
ground level. This satellite will have a
small gold plate on it with instruc-
tions for using a telephone to call the
Hilton we're staving at Naturally,
since the satellite has to go such a long
way, we won't get the phone call tor a
couple of million years but then,
ii'u come up with a plan that doesn't
have some flaws
Privately, some members of the
team expressed doubt about Beetle's
"I have some doubts about that
plan l)r Thomas Doubting said,
sfx-aking on condition we not reveal
he's cheating on His wife. "1 know the
business about sending satellites
looping around all over the place
makes sense when you want to get
from planet to planet, but why don't
we just drive down to NASA head-
quarters and find out what's wrong?
It's a lot simpler and less expensive,
it'll take less time, and it's got a bettor
chance ol working properly but
then, try to sell Congress and the ad-
ministrators on a plan like that
Tragically, as the NASA team was
leaving the Senate building, they were
buried under a ton ol government
paperwork and died
thrilled by
on the Block
You were chilled by NBC's
The Guys Next Door
But you'll be utterly
overwhelmed with indifference by
The Fresh-faced Pre-pubescent Lads
Whose Present Location Is Highly
Proximate To Your Own!
a brand-new, entirely original firouP completely different from
those other ones � only on your local FORXI station!
At Fidel SoSoon, we
know that fine uvulas �
like Jackie's - require
special care.
That's why we've designed a
complete line of high-quality
uvula-care products.
So no matter what kind of uvula
you have, we have an
unnecessary, overpriced bottle
of goo that was made with
you in mind.
Because Fidel SoSoon really
cares about your uvula.
Almost as much as we care about
making a profit peddling
dangerous, highly toxic
chemicals designed to be
rubbed all over your body.
We've designed:
� Uvula spritz
� Uvula shampoo
& conditioner
� Uvula mousse
� Uvula spray
� Uvula styling gel
� And more!
Only from Fidel SoSoon:
the uvula specialists!
Look for the complete line of fine Fidel SoSoon
uvula-care products at your
local uvula-care salon!

The East Carolinian, October 2, 1990
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
October 02, 1990
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