Robert Morgan Audio Recording. Notes on the Campaign Charges by John East, Washington [DC] (22 August 1980) Audio Cassette & White Paper. 60 minutes. #268.1075.b

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Robert Morgan Audio Recording. Notes on the Campaign Charges by John East, Washington [DC] (22 August 1980)

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Quote slashed the defense budget by $1 billion, in quote underscore that paragraph. The harshness of this statement would would tend to indicate that Senator Morgan is weak on defense, when the contrary is true. The defense budget adopted for in August of 1976 was the largest defense budget in the history of the United States. And Senator Morgan voted for that budget which was $104 billion for the fiscal year 1977 period paragraph. (00:51)

It is true that on August 2 1976 centimorgan, voted for an amendment offered by sunder Eagleton to reduce the overall budget by $1 billion prints is less than 1% of the total budget period. The total budget represents a 15% increase in defense spending over the previous year, comma the largest defense spending increase since the Korean War and the largest peacetime increase in our history period it was admitted that $3 billion in the budget was put padding on a quote or cushion. Put that in quotes period. That is there was $3 billion in the budget which were not allocated for specific programs and Senator Morgan felt that this was too large a slush fund to be spent without the Congress having to consider the purposes for which it would be spent period paragraph. (02:08)

Nevertheless, on the on the on October, August tonight 1976. The $104 billion appropriation bill was passed with Centimorgans full support and vote. And again, which would said budget was the largest in history of the United States. To charge that Senator Morgan is weak on defense is ludicrous. And that he has been recognized by various military organizations and leaders of the United States Senate as one of the strongest supporters of our national defense period. The non commissioned officers of Association of the United States in 1979, awarded to him at their annual meeting in New Orleans, their annual Vanguard Award for having for having made great the greatest contributions to our national security period paragraph. (03:08)

The North Carolina National Guard in 1977. So presented to him their annual award for having made outstanding contributions to national defense period the paragraph (03:21)

The reserve Naval Reserve of the United States awarded Senator Morgan their ward is so in so insurance and you might want to make some quotes if there are any cogent quotes Okay, now let's go to paragraph two guard voted no. On bill to quote Bill vitally needed be one Bama period, quote, reply it charges is is a fabrication and distortion of the truth. So in the Morrigan campaigned in 1974. For on the basis of his own basis of a strong national defense specifically supporting the new penetrating long range penetrating bomber the be one period when when arriving in the Senate in 1975. He supported the appropriations and authorization bill to continue the building are the B one bomber during the fiscal year 1976 period during the debate on these measures, Senator McGovern offered an amendment to delete the funds for the further development and procurement or the B one bomber centimorgan opposed and voted against the amendment. And it was defeated by a vote of 57 noes to 37 years period. Paragraph (04:59)

Again In May 1976, under McGovern offered the same amendment to eliminate any procurement funds for the B one bomber period. Senator Morgan again voted against the amendment and it was defeated by a vote of 48 noes to 33. Yes, yes. Period paragraph. (05:21)

So the cover in May 1976, offered an amendment to allow the newly elected president come on whoever he was to be come to have until February the first seven to seven. To Council the program period centimorgan, again opposed the motion and voted against period. While the motion passed, the amendment passed in the Senate, it was defeated in the house period paragraph. (05:56)

In July 1976, the appropriations bill sent to the Senate by the House contained a provision delay in funds for the procurement of the B one bomber until the newly elected President had an opportunity to consider it. Consider it period when the bill came to the Appropriations Committee in the Senate from the house. It contained that provision and when the provision when the bill came to the floor of the Senate from the Appropriations Committee, it contained the provision period centimorgan and Senator Helms both voted for the appropriations bill, which contained the amendment allowing the incoming president come whoever he was to be common to counsel the program period it was necessary to vote for the appropriations bill. In order to assure continued operation of our military forces period paragraph paragraph (07:01)

In 1977. The President announced the cancellation of the B one bomber program Under the authority granted to him by the Congress in the appropriations bill enacted in 1976, comma which bills are the hounds and centimorgan both voted for period. Paragraph (07:25)

After the cancellation of the bill. I add to be one bomber by the president under the bill. Common efforts were made in light of the President's decision to counsel the program Under the authority granted to him on July the 19th 1977 cent Johnston is Chairman the Armed Services Committee offered an amendment to delete $1.4 billion for the procurement of five prototype b one bombers period. The amendment was sponsored by Sony Johnston is the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee who stated on the floor of the Senate while he supported the B one bomber that that he and the committee recommended against leaving money in the bill for planes that were not going to be built period. So in the Goldwater in his statement acknowledged right at the present to counsel the program which said that he was going to vote against the committee proposal quote to let my President know that I disapprove his decision period so I'm gonna go water said quote what bothers me is the real complete reliance on the cruise missile come on when we are about five or 10 years away from having a cruise missile that will operate period quote paragraph (08:59)

I shared the same concern is soon to go water comma but time has proven both of us to be wrong. In that the cruise missile had been built by two aircraft companies and tested and contracts and and versatile is now being built by Boeing Aircraft Company period The missile will fly over terrain at four to 500 feet above above ground and at such a speed that it is practically impossible for any radar to pick it up or for any enemy aircraft system any aircraft system to shoot it down period. So Senator Morgan supported the B one bomber continuously after coming to the United States Senate until the President had absolutely counseled the program under authority given to him and it appeared that the only purpose of Building a band. Five prototype bombers comm which would sit on the ground unused and would be practically useless. Karma was to bail out the contract, craft con airplane contract period. The paragraph did vote to delete these funds after the cancellation would have the votes was no liberal versus conservative vote. Period such well known some such strong advocates of national defense as soon to Harry F bird of Virginia, comma Robert Byrd of West Virginia, James Eastland, and Mississippi, Henry Jackson of Washington. Come Sam Nunn of Georgia, John Stennis of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge voted along with Senator Morgan to delete these funds. Period paragraph (10:54)

Three. Paragraph three is about the same as we have it but I put charge the charge that Senator Morgan voted against, quote, increased defense budget by $1.6 billion, quote tends to imply again that the Senate is weak on defense period. It fails to point out that the defense budget reported out by the Armed Services Committee on which centimorgan shirred was $129.8 billion again comma the highest defense budget in history period and go ahead with the rest out charge voted to quote allow unions to use force do use for political purposes quote. reference is made to s nun to six dated August third seven to seven period paragraph (12:05)

Charge Rig election laws in favor of unions reference s 306. Fire March 1876. Charge allow union bosses to use $10 million a day in forced use for political purposes. reference period reference is nine to six August 3 seven to seven. Paragraph (12:38)

The first charge appears on the flat the leaflets mailed out showing the pictures or send them get Senators Kennedy McGovern Morgan, as compared with senators Helms and Mr. East prefers East period. The second and third charges were mailed out by the East committee showing the pictures of son to Morgan as compared to son to helm and Professor east on many issues. Period paragraph (13:11)

The consistent the charges along with the rhetoric of the campaign have consistently tried to show that centimorgan is a tool of the labor unions by using references to the two bills referred to beard. The charges are false and pure fabrications come in at no word in the debates. As the as the figures $10 million a day been used. Nor does the law allow union bosses or anyone else to use forced union dues for political purposes period. Paragraph (13:57)

Is nine to six sided in the charges was the campaign Act Amendments. Considered in August 1977 period during the debate on the Balser the helms introduced an amendment that would have prohibited union dues from being used for any political purposes but may know prohibitions against corporate funds from being used for such purposes period paragraph (14:49)

On the current law comma both unions and businesses are prohibited from contributing directly or indirectly to candidate for federal office period they may use Treasury funds to organize their political actions committees committees come about may not make any contributions to the committee's come and may be may use such funds to communicate in turn it to the membership and shareholders about political matter coming but neither unions nor corporations may go outside of their employees or members period under the hems amendment, only unions would be limited in their ability to use Treasury funds. for such purposes dash not Corporation period. His amendment was decisively defeated through our tabling motion on the grounds that it would be that furnish required that unions and corporations be treated exactly alike, and that it would be unconstitutional to do otherwise period. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 88 to one comma with Senator Helms cast the only negative vote come and such well known conservatives as soon the Allen of Alabama bird of Virginia bird of West Virginia Deconcini of Arizona highlands of South Carolina, Jax, Washington, Hmong, Louisiana, Nona, Georgia. Baker, Tennessee. Bartlett and Belmont of Oklahoma. Curtis from Nebraska dolo, Kansas, the energy the way me and ASEA from New Mexico New Mexico Garn Utah. Hanson, a Wyoming, Hayakawa from California and others voting as centimorgan voting period. (17:19)

For graph the reference to quote rigged election laws in favor of unions, period is 3065, quote, is simply unsubstantiated and substantiated by the record. Period. The Act itself was the Federal Election Commission, a campaign Act Amendments of 1976 debated from March 18 1976 and to march 24 1976. There were many amendments, none of which could be even remotely considered to be rigging the election laws in favor of unions are corporations. Period dealt with honorary members of the Election Commission's thresholds of amounts to be reported by unions and corporations. Come on which Morgan and hims voted like to table a pack would I Cranston amendment, providing that a corporation and labor union need not report an expenditure of $1,000 or less for communications to their members. And both Senators reported voted for an amendment offered by Senators bumpers of Arkansas as a perfect an amendment to the design of the canons amendment. Changing the threshold amount for the reporting by a corporation a labor organization have expended tears for communications to their respective members in behalf of a candidate from an expenditure of over $1,000 to a cumulative amount of $1,000 per candidate per election. Period, Senator Morgan and Hamed voted for them in the final bills as 365 passed the Senate on the 24th of March by a vote of 55 to 28, which turned to Morgan voted for the bill. Period. There is absolutely nothing in the bill that can be construed by any reasonable person as rigging election laws in favor of unions. Charge voted for free food stamps. Referenced reference was made to s 275 May 24 1977. Paragraph (19:53)

S 275 was passed in May 1977. And was the omnibus Farm Bill period to have opposed as to 75 would have been to oppose a major farm bill and threaten rural America. Period paragraph (20:09)

During the debate on the farm bill, an effort was made by Senator Curtis to reinstate the purchase requirement that agriculture committee had done away with. The Agriculture Committee come after hearings and care for study had offered this change as a part of a reform package to clean up the food stamp program by Merced pro the recommendation eliminated, eliminated substantial numbers of people who were entitled The food stamps and made the and set and made food stamps vailable. For those with a much lesser income period, the committee said if a person was entitled to food stamps by reason of being of his income or lack of income, that then it was ridiculous, and an additional administrative costs to the government to require him to bomb grid therefore, this act was a reform package and not a liberalisation period. There had been tremendous overhead connected with the handling of the money and this reform. And this in this was eliminated by this reform. Paragraph (21:16)

This attempt to overturn the recommendation of the Agriculture Committee chaired by Senator Herman Talmadge of Georgia failed by a vote of 31 Dash 64 period. Senator Morgan voted with such well known conservative senators essence Benson of Texas, Florida, Kentucky Hollins of South Carolina, Huddleston of Kentucky Johnston of Louisiana and 57 other senators period paragraph (21:50)

Voted for Panama charge voted for, quote Panama Canal giveaway for a reply. The rhetoric Panama Canal giveaway is used to imply a complete giveaway of possessions of the United States. The Panama Canal Treaty was a revision of an outdated treaty entered into in 19 103 and had and which and to come a treaty which had had been recommended for revision by five presidents of the United States beginning with Kennedy Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter period. It was Nixon who appointed in the negotiating committee. And it was it was concluded during Carter's administration and was highly recommended by Presidents Nixon Ford and Carter period. It was an exceedingly complex issue that they did back to the time when President Theodore Roosevelt obtained the right away for the canal period. I personally visited the Panama Canal and with our CIA agents and was convinced that a revision of the treaty was just unnecessary if we were to void continued bloodshed period paragraph, (23:23)

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces testified that he could defend the Panama Canal. But because of the close proximity to the to Panamanian lands, it would take approximately 100,000 troops to prevent it have been blown up by hand grenade or other such explosive devices thrown from just outside of the Canal Zone period.(23:56)

In the interest of improve of the continued safety and operation of the canal come upon the recommendations of five presidents come and the military chiefs or the United States are voted for the canal period to correct for the revision period. Since the treaty had been signed, Commerce has more than through the canal has more than tripled. Caminada single American life had been lost gamma, which was not true prior to the four years and years since the signing of the treaty right on up through the 60s period. In addition, Panama was the only friend that the United States had that would take the show of hands when he was located in this country and hospital. Beard. Experts in foreign affairs, recognize it as it is generated goodwill and paid off for the United States. Besides my besides centimorgan other sins voted for the treaty with Senator Bentsen of Texas. Bird of West Virginia Hollins of South Carolina Huddleston, Kentucky Jackson of Washington, long west along Louisiana Sam Nunn of Georgia Herman Tammy to Georgia, Howard Baker, Tennessee how cow and many others. Number seven charge voted against limit limit limit in deficit spending period site site in HR 2534. Period paragraph (25:35)

Reply this charge is one of the most fallacious of all charges haven't been made period. The ASR 2534 was a simple was a national resolution to set the public debt limit period. The permanent debt ceiling of the United States is established by law period each year it is necessary to increase the debt ceiling or the line of credit of the United States to the end that current obligations will be can may be met period without an increased borrowing power the government would not be able to issue Social Security checks, come up, pay the military comm or carry out any other functions of the government period. Very great firm. Attached following is a dialogue or colloquy would send the rush along held on for the Senate between Senator Morgan and Senate as long as to the consequences of failing to set the debt ceiling sufficient to enable the government to meet its obligation period paragraph. (26:51)

During the debate. Setting the boat Senator doe in a party line matter offered an amendment prohibiting any increase in the debt limit unless the budget was balanced in 1981. Period. Previously, the Senate had adopted the bird amendment to another bill requiring that the budget be balanced by 1981 period. Senator long Chairman of the Finance Committee come in this Senator charged primarily with the financial affairs of the Senate committee agreed that everyone was concerned about deficit spending and inflation but cautioned against voting to require a balanced budget without knowing which programs would be cut or eliminated or alternate. Alternatively come how high taxes would have to be increased to live balance budget period they maintain Sunday long maintained that the actions of the Federal Reserve Board in 1930 and 31 comma which in effect did what the dole amendment would have required Congress to do? Come ahead wrote on the worst depression in history period. They contended that the severe depression would have occurred in 1975. If this amendment had been adopted. Period, H R 2534 passed the Senate by vote of 60 to 62 to 33. Period. Place to decide on def owns own spending in the federal government is when each program is considered not own debt ceilings. Were provisions are simply made to obtain money to carry out the functions of government period, charge voted to force construction contractors to hire union labor on federal projects site in s 3434. May 20 1976. Reply apparently, Professor East is referring to the Davis Bacon Act which does not require the employment of union labor on federal jobs, but simply provides that on federal jobs. The prevailing wages in the area shall be paid to persons employed on the on the federal owned such project period. I have consistently and uniformly oppose the Davis Bacon act on the grounds that it is unreasonable for the Congress to try to determine wages on any given con on any given construction job come with the Congress and the various state legislature having already dealt with minimum wage laws period. Paragraph (29:39)

As a member of the Senate Banking Committee and in the Senate Armed Forces Committee. I have salt constantly to get the baby to get the bacon act, Davis Bacon Act repeal and we'll continue to do so. period the amendment Apparently alluded to by my opponent was offered by Sir the power Senate a tower and was defeated by the amendment or Senator tower was offered. Although the same amendment had been defeated on the same bill, and was offered by Senator tower for the purpose of delaying and killing the military construction authorization bill period, the the amendment was defeated by a one sided vote of six to six to 17 and was supported not only by Senator Morgan but by six such ultra conservative Senator Harry Byrd of Virginia, who has been a consistent foe an opponent of the Davis Bacon act. From its from its beginning, it was also supported by said senators bird of West Virginia Hollins of South Carolina Talmage of Georgia Stennis of South Carolina, period as a member I went over half of the Republicans in the United States Senate voted against charge increase exemption for small business from inflation, their minimum wage is 1871. Reply 1977. Under the law, small businesses with less than $250,000 in sales volume were exempt from federal minimum wage laws, although they might be covered by state law period during Confederate paragraph (31:43)

During the Senate consideration, so the bumpers of Arkansas for an amendment to to change to delete the increased figures of $325,000 and then reduce it to $275,000 for the first year, and then raise it to $325,000. Only in July 1980s. Period, son of the tower had often an amendment to increase it to $500,000 period, it was obvious that there was a likelihood of the bumpers movement of passion, which would have the effect of reducing the amount inserted by the House and the vote to leave it leading increased exemption at $325,000. as set by the house was a compromise by majority members of the Senate who felt that it was best that we could do under the circumstances and might and then we might end that the supporting might likely lose if subjected to a vote period. The compromise came only only after Senate the tower had attempted to to table bumpers amendment which reduced the amount in the limit or the ceiling in in the House bill comm thereby clearly indicating by that vote, that there was substantial support in the Senate to reduce the House bill and if a compromise had not been reached, it most likely would have appeared or graph those who know the legislative process know thatthere are times when you feel if a legislators are unwilling to compromise he may be he may be unable to obtain any relief period. A good example was a recent case on mental health you might put it in there in the number eight put in between last next last paragraph that there are blank number corpse in North Carolina and you get that from jogar cooperative group they hit USDA they will send it to Shimon my ask him the other night and pick out save and Representative among those are pick out some of those that really helped the people you know, RDA and the sex of Durham Corp over there. And some of them that really helped the farmers. See the jobs look to see if the bill seat appropriations had not been cut before it got to the floor. And then then you'd say well, you know, you you want to cut a program which you can't you cannot eliminate a program all at one time. Instead of putting the reducing the numbers, I'd put that when he offered it, I'd say that Charles won't cut the size in half after the committee had already reduced substantially and as much as you dislike a program you simply can't delete this thing at any one time. In the ASHA thing in paragraph, second paragraph it should be 1979. There, there was an objection to the amendment being offered to an appropriations bill on the grounds that it was not germane period the parliamentarian so ruled, and I voted to support the chair which is generally customary period. However, the Senate ignored the parliament turns, ruling of germaneness and F and then when the amendment was submitted, own its merge. I voted for this amended amendment period to say that I voted against the proposal. Simple book on the basis of a policy when parliamentary vote is a distortion of the record.

Robert Morgan Audio Recording. Notes on the Campaign Charges by John East, Washington [DC] (22 August 1980) Audio Cassette & White Paper. 60 minutes. #268.1075.b
Notes on the Campaign Charges by John East, Washington [DC] (22 August 1980) Audio Cassette & Case. 60 minutes. #268.1075.b
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