Lost Louise

Lost Louise
Ceramic: sculptural by Robert Landon Price for Spring 2011 in ART2105. This piece is based on a family story about my great-grandmother and grandfather trying to find one another after he had been shipped to San Francisco for the navy in WWII.  They traveled separately and one ended up in Oakland. They missed one another 3 times before Junior told Louise to "Sit on her suitcase, and he'd come to find her". After 60 years of marriage Louise lay on her deathbed, and told Junior that she would go to heaven and wait on her suitcase for him, and shortly passed away.  Junior slipped into dementia after Louise's death, but the day before Junior died, several years later, he awoke entirely lucid and asked to me to take him Louise's grave. He climbed from his wheelchair, a feat we all believed to be beyond him at this point, and knelt on her grave and told her he was coming to find her. He passed the next day, and this is one piece in an ongoing set of the Searching Sailor and Lost Louise.
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15cm x 25cm
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