Letter from Robert C. Caldwell to Mag Caldwell, February 12th, 1864

Feb, the 12, 1864

Dear Wife

I seat my Self to drop you a fu lines this morning to Drop you a few lines in answer to your kind epistel I receved this morning I receved Uncles and one from you at the same time I receved them Tusday Last I answered uncles the Same day,, Well Mag, I am well by mercy of Almity god and I hope those lines will find you and famley all well Mag I want that field next Mcgie from the big rod over to the peach tree next to the house and plant that bitle botem down in the holy in Sugar cain and that fresh stripe along the fence in cane up to where the corn stops I want all the stuble ground down next Telers planted I want all the stuble ground planted

Send them plous that Niger laid to the shop and git them set over tha wont plow the way tha are and I left a pece of iron at the Shop wagon tire I oe Sandy McKinley for 3 Bales Bagin and hoops thare was no rops on them I told you to pay Sandy Mc but I dident tel you to Setle with wash because I new that wash was you dident know how it was wash oed me for two hids I took there when he was drunk and tha wasent charged on his books him and McColly as dronk and ode me for 12 bushels of coten Seeds the hides and Seeds was worth 8 or 10 dolars the hides wold waid about 65 pounds green I told John to setle with wash when I sent him the acount

but I had forgoten it I think I ot to have ten dolars for my hids and seeds So you See you ware two fast that time if my concis is not worth asking for it ant wort your while to write to me I dont want you do a thing and asque my council it was well a nuf to Setle with Wash if you had a nade[note] how if you can git a two horse wagon by it it dont make no diferns what it cost I had rather have the wagon than the mony I wod like to have a good one if it cost 3 or 350 hundred I mean or 4 hundred if it is a good one you never told me wether you got that hay or no my cloth shous no word

I have asqued you about Sum of the neighbors and no Satsfactory ansers only Sumthing about here dogs you wrote me Sumthing 3 months ago but neve told me head nor tale of it I dont like a half of tale if you dont want to tel your Secrets dont tell me part of them I want a hole wife or none I dont want no deveson when I started to rerite this leter I thot I wold write you a Sweet leter but my heart woldent permit me to do so if I have wrote amis I beg parden

pece be with you ma god, bles you in al your badels amen

Letter from Robert C. Caldwell to Mag Caldwell, February 12th, 1864
Letter from Robert C. Caldwell to his wife Mag Caldwell. Robert is serving as a private in Company C., 10th Battalion, North Carolina Heavy Artillery and writes from Fort Caswell in Brunswick County. He gives Mag advice on spring planting, and tells her to have a plow repaired. He gives her instructions on settling accounts with several neighbors, and chastises her for not consulting him beforehand. Robert also tells Mag that her letters to him do not provide enough news about what is going on at the farm and with the neighbors. He then apologizes for not writing a "sweet" letter.
February 12, 1864
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