Letter to Byron Hilliard from King George V of England

Letter to Byron Hilliard from King George V of England
Letter from King George V of England to the American Expeditionary Forces. This printed and mass-produced letter was written after the United States entered World War I to welcome and encourage soldiers of the American Expeditionary Forces. Copies of this letter were sent to American soldiers serving in the United Kingdom during World War I. The accompanying handwritten envelope, addressed to Byron Hilliard of the American Expeditionary Forces, was likely completed by a large secretarial pool.
April 1918
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12cm x 19cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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PJ Babcock May 09 2018

I believe this soldier may have been a member of the 325th Infantry Regiment. My Grandfather, then Lieutenant Cooke marched in that parade. I have his letter and several other pieces of his WWI & WWII memorabilia. My Father also Served in WWII and I served from 1982 - 2004.

Pierce Pynn Nov 28 2016

I have a hand written letter from King George written to my Grandfather who was a prisoner of war. I was wondering how much it was worth. Thank you.

Joyner Digital Collections Nov 17 2014

Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, we do not provide appraisal services and cannot respond to comments asking for such services.  

lorrie Nov 08 2014

I have this letter too given to my grandfather. My father has cherished it. I see lots of questions but has anyone received an answer to them?

Becky Conn Aug 13 2012

I have a similar letter and envelope that was sent to my great-grandmother from King George of England thanking her for the service of her son, Albert Crews, in WWI.

Kelly Huddleston Dec 17 2009

I to also have the same letter that I inherrited. Could you please tell me if this letter is worth anything? My email address is huddlestonkelly@yahoo.comThank you for your time.

Kaitlin Towne Sep 14 2009

I have one too which was given to me when my grandparents died. It was sent to my great grandmother, however mine is signed by someone named George to his mother. My great grandmother only had one son..my grandfather Fred. So I can't figure out who this is from or how she ended up with it.

Theresa O'Brien Mar 08 2009

I forgot to give you my email address...noccna@hotmail.com regarding the King George letter that I have.

Theresa O'Brien Mar 08 2009

I also have a Letter just like this with the envelope. Exactly alike. How do I know for sure if this is authentic? I came across it after my mother died. The envelope is stamped "Soldiers mail" and also has the Windsor stamp also on it. Could you please enlighten me as too if its worth anything? Thank you for your time.

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