Tobacco market

Tobacco market
Men looking at bundles of tobacco at an auction. Date from negative sleeve.
August 23, 1960
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5cm x 5cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Susan Moye Feb 19 2018

Second from left is Macon Jasper Moye Sr. "Jack"

Jackie Haddock Jul 28 2011

the genleman on the right just visible face only was Mr.Jimmy Davenport, he was a buyer for Imperial Tobacco Co.

Bob Forbes Jul 20 2011

My father, Harold Forbes, is near the center of this photo, standing to left side of the tobacoo row and wearing a white golf cap. He was in the tobacco business all his life- both farming and working in a number of Greenville warehouses, usually as sales manager or auctioneer. He's not playing either of those roles in this photo, but he's staring so intently at the buyers that I think it may have been his own tobacco that was being sold at the time!

John Howard Jan 09 2011

6th from right with dark-framed glasses is the late John L. Howard Sr., vice-president of Greenville Tobacco Co. (also my father).

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