Carol Leigh Humphries oral history interview, November 28, 1980

Carol Leigh Humphries oral history interview, November 28, 1980
Carol Leigh Humphries, a native of Person County, N. C., graduated from East Carolina Teachers College (E.C.U.) in 1944. She became involved in the home mission work of the Southern Baptist denomination and worked with church programs in Wilmington, N.C., Louisville, Kentucky, and Dallas, Texas. In 1951 she was appointed by the Baptist Foreign Mission Board to work in Nigeria, where she has remained since her arrival there early in 1952. In this interview, conducted during one of her furloughs home, she discusses her background in North Carolina, her work in Baptist missions in the United States, and her appointment to Africa. Topics of discussion include educational work in Nigeria, transition of Nigeria to an independent country, dress and customs of natives, attitude of Nigerians toward foreigners, work as W.M.U. director for Northern Nigeria, influence of Islam in the region, and the growth of the Baptist denomination. Interviewer: Donald R. Lennon.
November 28, 1980
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