Dr. Frederick B. Haar checking triplets

Dr. Frederick B. Haar checking triplets
Dr. Frederick B. Haar checking three infant triplets, while their parents Mack and Lenabelle Battle watch. Date from negative sleeve.
September 06, 1962
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6cm x 6cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Carlton Weston Jan 07 2021

Dr Harr was my doctor as a child the thing I remember most was his Arrowhead collection. My grand father was a farmer in Pitt county and one of his fields was the site of an old Indian village after he plowed the field every year dr Harr and some of his friends would go search it for arrowheads and other relics.

Tammy Matis Aug 23 2018

The Battle family was employed by Amos and Odell Evans farm located on Hooker Road in Greenville. Information contributed by Joan Ashby.

Tammy Matis Aug 23 2018

Pictured are Dr. Fredrick Haar. The parents are Mr. Mack and Lenabelle Battle with their triplets. This information was contributed by Joan Ashby.

Wesley Croom Jun 01 2017

He was my pediatrician as well, from around '68 up. I remember the building and remember that my Mom said that he couldn't run the elevator very well. In those days there was an elevator operator. When the operator wasn't there, Dr. Haar would run it. According to mom, he could never stop it right on the floor. Always above or below. I remember many shots in that office. I remember that he'd give me butterscotch candy after. I also remember that you could see the clock in the courthouse tower from his open office window. We used to call it "Dr. Haar's clock". The picture is something. I really thought he was older than that.. Funny how things appear when we're little.

GC Mobley Jun 28 2015

Yes the pediatrician is Dr. Frederick B. Haar who was my childhood physician. This photo is from his original office which was up several floors in a triangle-shaped building near downtown Greenville NC. The building no longer exists. I remember as a child getting off the elevator, turning left and walking down the hall. When you opened the door to his office, the first thing you saw was this large desk where his receptionists sat and then that looming clock on the wall. His examination rooms (2 of them) were to the left and the waiting room was to the right. Seems the examination tables had orange vinyl on them. Dr. Haar later moved to his final location in a smaller one-story brick building across the street from The Joyner Library. the photo really brought back some memories.

Jan Lewis May 15 2014

Per Earl Trevathan, the man on the right is Dr. Fred Haar.

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