Man in tobacco field

Man in tobacco field
A man in a suit and hat, working in a tobacco field. A bag of tobacco fertilizer lies in the foreground. Date from negative sleeve.
July 03, 1954
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9cm x 11cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Brenda Nov 18 2009

If you look really close you can see the mule's head!

coleen winberry allen Nov 10 2009

What the man is doing is calledd "priming tobacco".

Entered by Admin Sep 28 2009

Past tobacco harvesting. The clothing the man is wearing usually was something old because the tobacco gum would ruin whatever you wore. If it is a jacket it was morning with dew on the tobacco and it could be chilly. The bag you see is part of the curtain on the tobacco truck. The tobacco truck was used to haul the hand picked leaves from the field to the barn. The tobacco truck had curtains on four sides that were let down as the "barn hands" took the tobacco out and looped it on sticks. Looking at the picture, I am sure this tobacco truck is being pulled by a mule.

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