Grifton sewing plant

Grifton sewing plant
Women working on sewing machines at a plant in Grifton. Date from negative sleeve.
December 30, 1959
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10cm x 12cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Jerry Butler, DDS, MAGD May 31 2016

I grew up in Grifton, what a great town. While in Grifton High School I worked in the sewing plant some in the summer as a mechanic to help the mechanic dept keep the sewing machines tuned, repaired and sewing straight and true. This picture is interesting because it shows some of the ladies sewing have a cart in front of them and some do not. This lets me know it was during a transition time when the mechanic dept, headed by Larry Armstrong, developed the cart concept to keep all of the pieces from each machine separate. More carts were ordered and each lady used one instead of piling their completed sewing projects on the floor. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it kept all of the pieces from being mixed up. Getting the various pieces mixed up slowed down the ladies production considerably and tapped into their pay. Everyone was thrilled at how much time this "modern advancement " saved in production thereby increasing pay. It was the first time I witnessed such a modern advancement in the manufacturing process. Everyone thought Mr. Armstrong was a genius. In this year, at this time of manufacturing he was a man of innovation beyond his time. Memories of Grifton, a great little townJerry Butler

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