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Diary of a cruise in USS Conway (DD-507)

Date: October 1944 - May 1946 | Identifier: 0654-b1-fa
Steacy D. Hicks was assigned to the destroyer USS Conway throughout his Navy service (October 1944–May 1946). During World War II, Hicks served as a signalman 3rd class and, after the war, was promoted to 2nd class status (January 1946). Hicks initially worked as a sightsetter, but was later assigned to the signal bridge. The typescript diary, with additional observations, details activities aboard USS Conway (13 October 1944–2 May 1946). Throughout the diary, lists of American and British ships in the vicinity of the Conway are listed. Specific shore bombardments, aerial operations, and battles in and around the Philippines Islands are described including Leyte, Lingayen, Luzon, Corregidor, Parang, and Mindanao (25 November 1944–7 June 1945; pp. 3–14); Japanese kamikaze attacks on American ships (26 November, 13 and 15 December 1944; 8–9 January 1945; pp. 3, 5, 7); military actions in Borneo (15 June–2 July 1945; pp. 14–16); and damage suffered by light cruisers USS Birmingham (CL-42) and USS St. Louis (CL-49) are detailed (10 and 27 November 1944; pp. 2–3). Other topics mentioned include a description of a radio broadcast by Tokyo Rose and propaganda pertaining to American casualties (7 January 1945; p. 7); use of peacetime honor rendering procedures by British ships in Hong Kong (10 October 1945; p. 20); and etiquette to be followed while on liberty in Hong Kong (12 October 1945; pp. 21). At the end of the typescript, Hicks includes a narrative concerning his feelings toward Conway and life in the Navy during World War II. more...