Letter from Dr. William Marcus Taylor to Robert Harrell

Letter from Dr. William Marcus Taylor to Robert Harrell
A typed and signed letter to Robert Harrell [Harrill] of Shelby, North Carolina, from Dr. William Marcus Taylor of The Taylor School of Bio-Psychology, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Taylor expresses his gladness to hear that Harrill is back with his wife, encourages him to continue spreading the word about bio-psychology, and supports him in pursuing the field in the future. Robert E. Harrill (1893-1972), a native of South Carolina, worked for many years as a linotype operator and jeweler in Shelby, N.C. Possibly influenced by the Taylor School of Bio-Psychology, Harrill about 1955 moved to Fort Fisher, N.C., where he lived in an abandoned World War II bunker until his death.
January 16, 1934
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Joe Raymond Van Wyck May 20 2018

Hi Charlotte, I have a collection of letters from both the Doctor William Marcus Taylor and his wife Mrs. Ruby Shearer Taylor from around 1955. They are in the coursework books from the Taylor University that my Grandfather Raymond Henry Van Wyck earned his Doctorate diplomas with. At the time of taking the educations he was living in Vancouver BC, chief steward of the Fairmont Hotel. He turned down a promotion at the hotel to open The Vancouver Institute of Applied Psychology where the principles of the Taylor educations were taught to many of my Grandfathers students. There is an address for Dr. Taylor in 1955 1230 N Cascade Ave Colorado Springs Colorado, at one time Western HQ 16 Willamette Colorado Springs , in 1951 the Taylor School of Bio Psychology was in Chattanooga 1 TN. All his coursework was completed 1 monograph at a time via mail correspondence. William Marcus Taylor , president personal student counsellor Consequitur Quodqunque Petit His letters are preserved for the more abundant life of all who read them. There is material in these leather bound books that won't be utilized to maximation till the year 3000 as the Dr. was clearly ahead of his times.

Charlotte Apr 11 2018

I knew Dr. Taylor's wife. I lost track of this family. Do you have any other information on the Dr.?

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