Letter from Clive Irving to Jerome Worsley

Letter from Clive Irving to Jerome Worsley
Typed letter written to Jerome Worsley (Jerry) from author Clive Irving who resides in England. The letter describes how Americans and the English view each other and the British equivalent of the U.S. Sen. McCarthy Red Scare problem.
June 27, 1953
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14cm x 16cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Nanette Hardison Feb 04 2014

This page is from a piece of correspondence (June 27, 1953) that is part of the papers of Jerome R. Worsley, who was born in Bethel, N.C. and was a student of the East Carolina Teachers College (which is now East Carolina University). The letter was written to Mr. Worsley by Clive Irving, an author living in Britain during the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. In the letter, Mr. Irving describes how Americans and the English view each other, Britain’s equivalent of the McCarthy Red Scare problem and styles of clothing. The finding aid for the Jerome R. Worsley Papers can be accessed at http://digital.lib.ecu.edu/special/ead/view.aspx?id=1214&q=1214.

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