John Yancy Motor Hotel, Atlantic Beach, N.C.

John Yancy Motor Hotel, Atlantic Beach, N.C.
Postcard depicting an aerial view of the multiple buildings of a hotel, including the beach and ocean. Title from verso. Historical note on verso. Numbered #R20853. Date approximated.
Original Format
14cm x 9cm
Local Identifier
Publisher(s) of Original
Dukane Press, Hollywood, Florida
Haycox Photoramic, Inc., Norfolk, Virginia
Location of Original
East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Bob Olds Jul 23 2020

When I was 7 or 8 and we stayed there, I was taking a shower and the ceiling in the bathroom fell on me.

William Aug 07 2019

We stayed here for 10 years in a row for the 2nd week of August when I was a kid. I loved that place. The game room was THE place to be and everyone was there. Lots of fond memories. We went back many years later and it was called the royal pavilion or something. It wasn’t the same place at all. Sorry it’s gone now.

Jason Pridgen Oct 21 2017

I was born in 1980 and from the time I can remember, I remember staying at the John Yancey every summer (in August). I have such fond memories of this place, I loved the game room, the donuts in the morning. I was sad to hear it was torn down. In the 90's it changed hands and the eventual owner sold the place piece by piece. The new (former owner) had even built a tower edition that was only up for a few short years so I was surprised to hear he was tearing the place down.

Frances Sep 17 2017

I worked for Mr Yancey and helped to create the brochure for the motel during 68-69. I audited all 3 of his motels. He was a great forward thinking person as well as being generous.

Jerry Autry Sep 18 2016

I was the life guard here in the summers of 1967 & 1968, different time.

Mke Wallace Apr 28 2011

I remember this place in the 1960's and it was truly grand in its day.

Mark Petty Nov 06 2010

I lived at this Hotel when I was 16

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