Form documenting use of labor from Tarboro N.C. prisoner of war camp


Tarboro Prisoner of War Camp

Tarboro, N.C.

15 October, 1943

We hereby agree that the Tarboro Prisoner of War Camp at Tarboro, N.C. furnished Prisoner of War labor under Contract Number W 31-074 p.n.g. 10068 dated 1943, and that the follow to 9 Oct., 1943 and that indebtedness to the Treasurer the United States, is as stated below, based on a charge of $.10 per stack:

Number of stacks 2647

Total Indebtedness $264.70

Robert Lowe,

Major 90th F.A.

Form documenting use of labor from Tarboro N.C. prisoner of war camp
Form dated October 13, 1943, documents the use by contractor E. C. Winslow during the period of September 29 through October 9, 1943, of laborers (probably Italian prisoners) from the WWII Prisoner of War Camp at Tarboro, N.C., for harvesting peanuts. Signed by Robert L. Lowe (commanding officer) and E. C. Winslow (contractor) by E. C. Winslow, Jr. E.C. Winslow's various business enterprises were headquartered in Tarboro, North Carolina. Though established in Tarboro, Winslow did business throughout the area, including the counties of Sampson, Edgecombe, Nash, Martin, Halifax and Wilson, as well as in the cities of Greenville and Rocky Mount. This item has been aggregated as part of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)'s "Deeply Rooted: The Agricultural & Rural History of the American South" project.
October 13, 1943
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Martha Elmore Mar 01 2013

About 3000 Italian prisoners of war were sent to Camp Butner, just outside of Durham, N.C., in September 1943 where they were engaged in work projects. Out of this group about 500 men each were sent to branch camps in Tarboro, Windsor, and Scotland Neck to pick peanuts for the local farmers. By the end of July 1944 these prisoners were relocated to camps outside of North Carolina due to difficulties in handling the men. The source for this information is Cyrus Winslow (born 1886) of Tarboro, Edgecombe Co. N.C., was involved in many business enterprises including the horse and mule business, farm operations, land transactions, and a saw mill operation. This letter dated October 13, 1943, documents that Mr. Winslow did hire Italian WWII prisoners of war to pick peanuts for him. In this signed letter, E. C. Winslow attests that 2647 stacks of peanuts were completed by prisoner of war labor during the period of September 29 through October 9, 1943, and that at $.10 a stack he owes the government $264.70 for the labor.

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