Highway Patrol weighing station

Highway Patrol weighing station
Highway Patrol officers using scales weigh a cargo truck. Date from negative sleeve.
July 21, 1954
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12cm x 10cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Hunter Simmons Oct 15 2018

correction: I disagree with lawinstructctor

Hunter Simmons Oct 15 2018

I will have to disagree with Dale here. This picture is in fact is two highway patrolmen denoted by their patches. Weight enforcement was not federally regulated until the mid to late fifties. At this time both organizations would weigh vehicles and it would become a primary job of the Enforcement section of the DMV after the feds started pushing regulation. The DMV Enforcement arm, consisting of 364 officers and led by Major Charlie Carden Jr. merged with the Highway Patrol effective 3, January 2003. The License and Theft section of the DMV still exist today.

Dale Sauter Jun 23 2011

Thank you for your information.Dale

lawinstructor Jun 20 2011

This image is not NC Highway patrol weighing vehicles. It is NC License, Theft and Weight, the oldest state law enforcemnt agency started in 1921. The motor carrier and weight unit of License & Theft did not migrate to the Highway Patrol until the late 90's or early 2000's. The Highway Patrol was under DOT until Crime Control and Public Safety was created in the 70's.

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