Holy Family Hospital, LaPorte, Ind.

Holy Family Hospital, LaPorte, Ind.
Color postcard of exterior of hospital building. Addressed on verso to "Mrs. Emil Neubauers, Menomonie, Wis.", from Hattie Boyer, LaPorte, Ind. Postmarked 1914. Penciled
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13cm x 9cm
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Kathleen Gray Kobreek Jun 12 2022

My parents lived in Westville and the closest hospital was Holy Family. My older brother was born there in 1953 and I was in 1956.

Debra Sue Gossard Apr 10 2022

I was born in this hospital on December 27, 1954 to Wayne and Edith Kauffman.

Jane Brooks Feb 20 2018

I was born in the hospital Nov. 30,1935. We were not Catholic, but, later I converted. I alway claimed the nuns prayed for me. My parents were froKnox.

Donald L Miller Dec 23 2017

I too was born in this hospital on May 16, 1942. My father worked as a guard nearby at the KOP (Kingsbury Ordinance Plant.) The made ammunition for the war. Around 10,000 people worked there. One spark and the whole place could blow up. I lived in a trailer park nearby.

Cathy Parthun Nov 05 2017

I worked at this hospital in the early 70's. It was then called E St Hospital and the nuns and Catholic affiliation were over. The two hospitals in town were incorperated as prep for a building of a new facility. The nuns were far from gone though! I never believed in the supernatural until incident after incident proved me wrong! This haunting was never a scary or negative thing. It was clearly a caring and loving spirit that had a deep attachment to the building and it's patients. I loved my first job as an RN there!

Angelita Roberts Nazimek Aug 23 2017

I was born in this hospital on Feb. 15, 1934. My parents lived in LaCrosse, IN. I was apparently premature, and my lungs were not yet fully developed. The doctor insisted I be baptized in the delivery room. My mother did not have a name ready, so I was named after a nun in the delivery room, Sister Angelita. I'm sure my mother had no clue that Angelita is Spanish, meaning "little angel."

Richard Schwartz Sep 23 2016

I was born in this hospital on November 20,1940. My mother told me that in those days the mother and child remained in the hospital for at least 10 days. All of the nurses were Nuns. They knew that we were not Catholic, so every time one of them visited the nursery where I was when away from my mother, they would take Holy Water and Baptize me. She told me that I was Baptized at least 8 times during our stay.

james W. Kanouse Oct 15 2014

I believe I was born in this hospital in 1936. I was then adopted by Jesse and Letta Kanouse of South Bend Indiana.

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