Mechanical tobacco harvester

Mechanical tobacco harvester
A mechanical tobacco harvester sits beside a road. Date from negative sleeve.
April 28, 1954
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10cm x 12cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Jackie Haddock Jul 20 2012

The second comment was correct,comment number one had no clue.

Faye O'Brien Jun 25 2012

I worked on one of those when I was a teenager.  The harvesters (croppers) sat in the seats and took the tobacco off the plants. They put handfuls of the tobacco into clips on a chain that constantly moved up to the top where the tiers were.  The tiers removed the tobacco and looped (or tied) it onto a stick with tobacco twine.  One  tier had to keep up with two croppers to keep the tobacco from rotating back down to where the croppers were.  Once the tobacco stick was full, it was removed and hung in the back of the harvester on racks.

Lyle Browning Jun 20 2012

It's basically a 4 seater for harvesting tobacco. The harvesters sit in the seats, cut the leaves off and pile them. It is NOT a mechanized harvester at that date, as it is far too early.

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