Cortez W. Peters, Jr.

Cortez W. Peters, Jr.
Black and white photo of Cortez W. Peters, Jr. His father, Cortez W. Peters, Sr., had claimed the World's Fastest Typist title in 1925 after typing 141 words per minute perfectly. Like his father, Cortez W. Peters, Jr., was a champion typist and set several records. Father and son also opened the first black-owned typing schools, the Cortez Peters Business Schools. Date approximated.
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Lindsey Bestebreurtje Apr 23 2018

This is a picture of Cortez W. Peters, Jr., as stated. However, the content about winning the World's Fastest Typer title in 1925 relates to his father (also a typist) Cortez W. Peters, Sr.

Joyner Digital Collections Jan 23 2017

Thank you for your comment. That information has now been incorporated into the record.

JoAnne King Jan 23 2017

The picture you have listed is not Cortez W. Peters, Sr. but Cortez W. Peters, Jr. You may ask, how do I know? I know because I am Cortez W. Peters, Sr.'sdaughter and Jr.'s sister.

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