Engine, Dental

Engine, Dental
Dental engine for drilling teeth, root canals, cavity preparation and polishing of fillings. The instrument works by foot power through a treadle that is moved up and down. This is similar in design to the foot peddle of a sewing machine. There is a flexible shaft attachment that allows the dentist to move around the patient's mouth as needed. There is also a dental drill attached to the flexible shaft. The engine is made of iron and is coated with black paint. The engine itself was manufactured in the 1890s, the flexible shaft appears to have been replaced in the 1920s or 1930s. This object has several parts, but it will be stored in three different parts: a. Body (including wheel and treadle), b. Flexible shaft, c. Spare rod (connecting wheel and treadle).
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medical equipment
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Country Doctor Museum
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