Tonsils removed

Tonsils removed
Five children from the same family sitting on hospital bed to get their tonsils removed. Date from negative sleeve.
March 13, 1954
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Digital Collections May 20 2011

I looked up the article that accompanied this image in the Daily Reflector; it was “fairly uncommon” … unfortunately there wasn’t much information on why they all had it done at the same time. A transcription of the article is below.<br/><br/>Five Patients<br/>The five Yates children who had their tonsils removed at Pitt Memorial hospital this morning are getting along fine, their physician reported. The five children of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yates of 1017 Evans Street, Greenville, range in age from three to seven. Betty Joyce, 7; Dianna Glynn and Donna Lynn, five-year-old twins; Charles Marvin, 6 and Luther Marion, 3 were back in their hospital room by mid-morning after the operations were completed. Their physician, who asked that his name not be used, commented, "All of them did fine." He added the five Yates youngsters will remain at the hospital today and tonight and will return to their home tomorrow. It took about one hour, 20 minutes to perform the five tonsilectomies, he said. The physician added that having tonsilectomies performed on five children of the same family at one time is "fairly uncommon, particularly when the oldest one is only 7, but I have heard of it before." C. D. Ward, administrator of the hospital, said it is the first time five members of one family have been hospitalized at Pitt Memorial at the same time.<br/><br/>[Image Caption] FIVE PAIRS OF TONSILS - It has been a busy day for these five youngsters and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yates of 1017 Evans Street, Greenville. All five of the children underwent tonsilectomies at Pitt Memorial Hospital this morning. They are pictured here as they waited in their hospital room early this morning for the operations to begin. Left to right are Betty Joyce, 7; twins Dianna Glynn and Donna Lynn, 5; Charles Marvin, 6; and Luther Marion, 3. (Reflector Staff Photo)

Tracey May 20 2011

WOW, all 5 children at one time to have their tonsils removed? that is kinda unusual isn't it? or maybe it wasn't back then,i am guessing that this was BEFORE the surgery,they all look too happy to have been through surgery at their ages. If anyone knows of this pic,and knows WHY they all had it done at the same time, i would love to know.

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