Scott's Emulsion

Scott's Emulsion
Advertisement for Scott's Emulsion depicting a blond-haired little girl dressed in a long pink and blue dress with her right arm stretched out to her side and holding some hair from a lion's mane. The lion is sitting just behind and to the side of the little girl. His head is facing forward and his tail is wrapped around the hem of the little girl's dress. The caption above and to the right is: Scott's Emulsion. Below the picture are the words: Strength and Beauty. In tiny print at the lower left is: Copyrighted 1894 by The Thomas & Wylie, Lith. Co., N.Y. The reverse of the card states that Scott's Emulsion of Cod-Liver Oil and Hypophosphites are used for coughs, colds, sore throat, bronchitis, scrofula, anemia, and consumption.
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trade cards
9cm x 12cm
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Laupus Library History Collections
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Brian Bowne Scott Sep 18 2014

I'm so great full that this product made in the late 1800's is still healing people to this day of 2014 that you to my great grand father Alfred Bowne Scott SR. Thank you for healing and helping millions of people. Omega 3

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