Cushman's Menthol Inhaler

Cushman's Menthol Inhaler
Advertisement for Cushman's Menthol Inhaler depicting a young woman dressed with a feather topped hat, holding a Cushman’s Menthol Inhaler in her hand. The caption above the picture states: Catarrh, Neuralgia & Headache No More! Below the picture are the words: Cures Diseases of the head including Hay-Fever, Colds & Bronchitis. Manf'd by H.D. Cushman, Three Rivers, Mich. The reverse of the card gives information about the construction of the inhaler and assures users that the cool and exhilerating effect of Oil Peppermint affords quick relief from inflammatory diseases. The inhaler last about eight to twelve months and could be carried in a pocket ready to use. The price of the inhalers is 50 cents. For sale by D.H. Joel, Druggist, Fitchburg, Mass.
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trade cards
7cm x 11cm
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Russell J Klein Jul 29 2020

I actually found one of these devices recently while digging for old bottles in New Jersey. Still has a readable label on the inside.

P. Kessler Jun 12 2012

I just bought one of these from an antique mall and was pleased to find the records on this! I would love to have a copy of the photo listed if you could tell me where I could possibly get a reproduction one?

Judy Howell Apr 20 2012

My husband Joe found a metal cap showing Cushman's menthol inhaler, Three Rivers, Mich. while metal detecting on our property. We were pleased to find your reference because we had no idea how old it was. Thank you!

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