Cutavaco, Dr. Abbey's Great Specific for Skin Diseases

Cutavaco, Dr. Abbey's Great Specific for Skin Diseases
Advertisement for The Sexual System and Its Derangements by Dr. E. C. Abbey and Cutavaco, his cure for skin diseases. The picture is titled Toll Gate No. 3 and is a hidden picture puzzle. There are many animals, people and letters to find. At a glance the picture shows two men fishing by a stream with trees on both sides, a bridge and a house. The reverse of the card describes Dr. E. C. Abbey's book, The Sexual System and Its Derangements. It is a moral book for both sexes with vast amounts of information. 500,000 copies sold. Cutavaco is Dr. Abbey's cure for skin diseases. It is stated that "Skin Diseases are caused by a microscopic plant or animal growth in the skin. Cutavaco speedily and painlessly destroys this life with injuring the skin." Price $1.00 per bottle, 6 bottles for $5.00.
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trade cards
13cm x 8cm
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Laupus Library History Collections
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Daniela T Jun 24 2018

The ‘expert level’ can you find the cat, on I ?? Cats, by Karen Tietjen, I feel is incorrect. The cat that I found, was climbing up the tree on the far right of the picture! She stated it was on lower far right, next to the man...

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