Hood's Vegetable Pills

Hood's Vegetable Pills
The front of this card depicts an evening scene and a group of four children, two boys standing behind the girls with one hatless with his hands in his pockets and the other one wearing a straw hat while pointing up at the night stars with his left arm. Two girls, one young, dressed in a light-blue dress, with her hands clasped behind her back and the second older girl, wearing a green dress with a red ribbon around her neck, sitting down while playing a guitar. This poem displays on the bottom right-hand side of the card. "Why do the children watch the skies, when the stars peep out as the sunset dies? What is the secrets the shadows hold? What is the legend the stars unfold? Hold to the light where no shadow bars, And read the answer in the stars." The reverse of the card states "Hood's Vegetable Pills". "Every family should keep some reliable physic in the house, and for this special purpose we have prepared and confidently recommend Hood's Pills. Their constantly increasing sale and the satisfaction they give demonstrate their absolute merit. They are purely vegetable, containing no calomel, mercury or mineral substance of any kind. Being mild and gentle yet efficient in action, they do not purge, pain or gripe. A cold may be quickly broken up by the prompt use of Hood's Pills, and a fever may be prevented by their timely use. For constipation and costiveness, nothing can be more satisfactory. They act upon the liver, removing obstructions from the alimentary canal, enable the bowels to resume prompt and healthy action and keep them in natural condition. Biliousness, sour stomach, headache, jaundice and liver complaint are cured by Hood's Pills and persons seriously troubled with constipation find these Pills very valuable to take after dinner." Following this are several testimonials and "Hood's Pills are sold by all druggists or will be sent by mail on receipt of price by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. Price - 25 cents; Five boxes $1.
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trade cards
13cm x 9cm
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Laupus Library History Collections
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