Hood's Sarsaparilla

Hood's Sarsaparilla
The front of this card depicts the cheerful face of a young woman with brown curly hair looking out at you from the hole torn in a newspaper. The title of the newspaper says it is "Hood's Latest". The reverse of the card states "Much for Little". P.T. Barnum says "A big show for a small amount will be given immediately after the regular ring performance, embracing a great variety of highly sensational acts, comic songs and character sketches, by the best company ever seen under canvas." Wait for it and you and your children will be surprised and delighted. Names of the unexcelled company: The remarkable Whitfield (or man with a hundred faces); Swift and Chase (an orchestra in themselves, playing on fifty different instruments); Miss Eva Hollis (the celebrated Prima Donna Soprano); T.F. Grant (One leg phenomenal dancer); the original Dick Sands (in this inimitable and unparalleled sketches, songs and dances); New York Minstrel Company (widely humorous special artists and others). It is economy to say Hoods Sarsaparilla, for it is the only medicine of which can truly be said "One Hundred Doses, One Dollar". It purifies the blood, creates a appetite, makes the weak strong, cures dyspepsia, kidney and liver complaints, etc. Sold by druggists; $1, six for $5. Prepared by C.I. Hood and Co, Lowell, Massachusetts.
Original Format
trade cards
8cm x 12cm
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Laupus Library History Collections
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