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Burdock Blood Bitters

Date: 1870 - 1890 | Identifier: LL02.
The front of the card depicts a laughing toddler, wearing a blue suit with a white collar and a red sash, and sitting on a pedestal, holding up a bottle of "Burdock Blood Bitters". The reverse of the card states "DON'T DO IT. Don't get married if you have dyspepsia. Weak stomachs are pretty sure to breed misery in the household. Don't attempt a big job of work with a liver complaint, as ten to one you'll fail. Don't try to be a society favorite if you are bilious, sour folks are poor company. Don't aspire to any high position in the world if you are debilitated, nervous or weak. It is the strong and tough who win. Don't imagine you can enjoy life if your blood is impoverished. Don't labor to look handsome with a case of scrofula on your hands. Don't malign the cook when you've no appetite. Tone up your stomach. Don't drag through existence with any of the diseases we have here named if there is a way to avoid it. Don't forget that Burdock Blood Bitters cure dyspepsia, cure disorders of the liver and kidneys, cure nervousness, biliousness, constipation, debility, and any disease of the blood. Don't forget that Burdock Blood Bitters are wholesome, economical, quick to relieve, thoroughly satisfactory and can be obtained of any drug house in America." Sold by W.E. Webber, Druggist, Bath, ME. more...