Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills

Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills
Advertisement for Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills depicting a young girl beside a tall chair with a plant on the seat. She is using a watering can and the water is spilling on to the floor. "Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills" appears across the top and "W.H. Comstock, Sole Proprietors, Morristown, N.Y." appears across the bottom. The reverse of the card states "that you can rely upon the Morse's Pills to do all that is claimed." Nothing specific is stated on the card. At the bottom is "for sale by" and stamped in blurry letters appears to be "J.F. Baccs, Woodville, Washington Co., R.I."
Original Format
trade cards
8cm x 11cm
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Laupus Library History Collections
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L. Trewartha Jun 04 2016

Hi, I have a letter card that unfolds, it has 3 pages. When opened up it says.All the Dam Family swears by Dr Morse's Indian Root Pills. Then it has drawings of the whole family right down to the dog. If anyone wishes to buy please E/Mail me.Thanking YouLesley.

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