Fountain African-American elementary school building

Fountain African-American elementary school building
Building of Fountain African-American elementary school. Date from negative sleeve.
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Johnny Wilkes Oct 09 2019

I was born maybe half a mile up the road. I attended first and second grade. I was born in 1958 so do the math. I remember singing the school song Dear Old North Fountain School We Salute You.. when I misbehave, had to go out in the hallway bend over and get a couple of spankings...WOW

Johnny Gorham Jun 01 2018

I attended this school starting in the 3rd grade with Ms Vines. In the 7th and 8th grades we were blessed with Ms James and Mr Rogers. They bought Algebra and modern methods to us.Love that school for and all the teachers for all they did for us.Johnny Gorham

Carolyn Maye Feb 25 2015

This was called The North Fountain School .It was the first and only colored school in fountain.Mrs Jackson was also a teacher 8th grade I believe who drove down from Virg.The other teacher were Mrs Little.Joe Davis was the Janitor and Helen Taylor and Babe Joyner were the cooks.Martha maye also served as Housekeeping,Cook and teacher Assistant.

Dr. Delois Lindsay Newton Maxwell Nov 10 2010

Wow! This is my elementary school. I entered the first grade in 1955. The building included eight (8) classrooms - grades 1 through 8. This appears to be the west side of the building. The set of windows on the right is the 6th grade, next set is the 7th, and then the 8th grade respectively. One of the doors at the left goes down into the boiler room. The others (where the man is standing)are the restrooms. When I started school, I believe the principal was Mr. Sugg (called Professor Sugg). By the time I reached 6th or 7th grade came Mr. Smith. My 1st and 2nd grade teacher was Ms. Maye, 3rd Ms. Vines, 4th Mrs. Phillips,5th Ms. Gorham, 6th, Ms. Parker, 7th Mrs. Graves. although I can see her face, I cannot remember the name of my 8th grade teacher, at the present time. That's odd because she was my favorite. Although it is still in my hometown (Fountain, NC), I'm sad to say that it is just about destroyed from the elements and lack of care. I have wonderful memories of those days in the North Fountain Elementary School. With special memories,Dr. Delois L. MaxwellParkville, Maryland

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