Eastern reflector, 7 June 1907

J. M. Manager and Authorized Agent.
. C.
A Daily
u. Ki take
, We hare list
u all who wail at
I . ethers be-1
cents each is
on. of
the training
to E Co., they always.
be doesn't
seem t the
. i when I
c new
nu. I meats,
The J. R Smith Co. the pop-
merchants of den. N. C.
have just received a new and
complete line of the famous
spectacles and eye
MS, and will be assisted for,
four days. May 30th. 31st, June
by one of A. K- Haw k
Company's opticians. All in
Ayden and vicinity ho wish to
have glasses scientifically fitted,
lid call at the store of
Co, on the above mentioned j
Mass. May j
Messrs K Turnage Co.
Ayden, N. C.
For fear that there
may be a slight misunderstand-
on the part of some of our
customers regarding the
tee upon our patent and Dull
shoes, we wish to
emphasize the fact that sauce
not been with-
The Ayden Milling and Manufacturing Company have
just received a new supply of furnishings and material
in their department.
They have also purchased a hearse and are in first
class position to serve the This is a long needed
want in this section and they promise the host when
anything in this line is needed.
Joseph Dixon
ea the Mail
completion of the
Upon the
; quick transportation, low
m , freight rates a fa--r mail service.
-H . i I ;
N. C.
places fore the
world and opportunities for
development which has never
before its. T is now
n pros-
II sides.
Don't miss of June
13th Towns ml
are requested to be
in the lodge room Wednesday
evening, as the goat will butt the
Misses Helen Cox and Anna
Nichols bare come home from
their recent in the country.
m for leave Mr R. of
lie N. C died o'clock
. He
the history of North Carolina as.
a great of the a By for
great industrial and com- Norfolk, Baltimore, Philadelphia
development in Eastern Now York. Boston and all other
North Carolina.
was a
Of all the fruits that are in the
That grow on bush or tree.
would give up the choicest
For Rocky Mountain Tea
Drug Co.
at washing sun citizen and influential in
his community.
His wife was formerly
Eva Williams, of Greenville and
I main friend hero sympathize
order with in her It
Here I carry
if.; Lard and Can
s. before giving
me . . I rank Co
Mrs. . H- C. Dixon and Miss
Clyde Chi cam from
. to spend a
few days with the family of
Capt. J. M. Dixon.
If you need any Paint be sure
see E. E. Co.
Mrs -1 B. Jackson and
of it, are visiting
the family W. C. Jackson.
Wanted r. exchange corn
far or Lean, Healthy Shoats
weighing from to pounds-
If preferred will pay cash mark-
et price for same W. A. Darden,
ltd Ayden. N. C.
C. A- Fair baa a bright young
man at hi- house and the little
fellow is on the square.
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say of the
in having a class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store and secure this much need-
ed article.
Miss Julia Brady, accompanied
by her little niece and nephew
Let ha and Edgar Fair, left for
her home lid.,
to spend the summer.
Call at the Drug Store
cure one of those excellent
Pens. M. M, Sauls.
The remains of Mrs Elizabeth
Wilson, wife of Mr- Samuel
son, were brought here on the
train Tuesday from
There were several friends here
to hum the corpse and friends
who a com it, allot whom
left the old home of
Mrs, A n she was that
after laid to rest in the
The I will be
pleas ii with one of those
Saul's, Call and
E . W. M. King and
Bentley spent a short
while with us Wednesday.
M. M has the finest and
best supply of Fountain Pens
ever brought to Ayden.
Ti. re are more well dressed
in Ayden than any town
of its size in the State, but we
keep the market mighty
Fountain pens on sale at Saul's
drug sure at from to
cons cotton
Misses Cox and
Nichols are visiting out on the
farm of Mrs. Blount.
Exam has been to Wash-
on business during the
Mrs. of Falk-
land, is here on a visit to Miss
Olivia Berry.
Capt. D. Berry, Mrs- Berry
and Miss Olivia, who have
away sometime taking in the
grand lodge Odd Fellows, at
Elizabeth City and the James-
town exposition arrived home
safely Tuesday.
One person united himself with
the Disciple church during the
Leslie Turnage has been
spending a few at the home
of his father in
The singing class from the
Oxford Orphan Asylum will be
here June 5th. Let us all turn
out and give them a rousing
time as well as a great big fat
exists and has
We our customers and
all wearers of men's shoes to
knew that we will continue to do
as we have done in the past vis.
guarantee the vamps of the
Patent and Bull not
to break through before the first
sole i worn out.
In the event Pack-
ard shoe
contrary to this guarantee,
the from whom the
shoes were purchased, is author-
to replace with a pair.
Yours very truly.
Mrs. Kate Richardson and
Mrs. Maggie Griffin came up
from New Bern Monday and left
at once for to
spend sometime with the family
of Marvin Ormond.
in from
Florence. S. C, yesterday ac-
companied by his son, Grover.
who had the misfortune to break
his leg last Friday while at-
tempting to a train at
Miss Maggie Brown, of Green-
ville and Miss Mabel Petty, of
Durham, are visiting Miss
Corey in South Ayden-
Tom Tyson, an old Greenville
boy. been here during the
Mrs Miss Lillie Cox,
of Goldsboro, who are visiting
friends here, spent a day or so
with R- H. Garris last week.
Hon F A. Woodard. of
son, will deliver the literary ad-
dress Thursday afternoon at
at the Five Will Seminary in this
Mrs. little son, of
Scotland Neck, are visiting the
of In r father, Capt. D.
Miss Edwards came
home Friday from Greensboro
Female college to spend the
bate and family, of
are visiting the family
of H- C Ormond.
A. Forrest and wife,
Goldsboro. have been in Ayden
for the past few days with their
Miss Annabelle Kittrell. of
Grifton. spent Sunday with Mrs-
W. E. Hooks.
Charlie Ross has come home
from Chapel Hill.
Miss Arab Davis returned Sat-
evening from the Caro-
Christian college at Wilson.
Mrs. Ellen Harris and children,
who been g her
father, J. S- Hines. near here,
left for their home Monday.
Clifton Edwards, of Greenville,
spent from Saturday until Mon-
day here with friends.
Lila the little four-
year-old daughter of W- J. Boyd.
while playing on the counter in
her r's store fell into a show-
case and cut quite a gash across
her chest She bled very pro-
and it was at first thought
she was seriously hurt. It proved
however, we are glad to say,
only a flesh arid the young
lady is now getting along
The Bullock family played
here to a sized house Sal
day evening. The play was
very good, the singing especially
so- The of
was highly appreciated by
all present.
M. G. Bryan, of Winterville,
pleasant call
will be an election of
officers in the Masonic lodge here
June 1907, after which re-
will served at
Hotel Blount. Members of
and Winterville lodges
are cordially invited to be pres-
Completion of N S. Railroad.
of Beaufort do not
behave in doing things
halves. They are preparing on a D i fa
mammoth scale for the
From 5.000 to GREENVILLE N C
visitors are expected on I
that date. All the railroads have Contractor. Builder, tie Setter.
made greatly reduced rates, and submitted and estimate fur
the public cordially invited to All work
attend this celebration Of the Turnkey job when ever
completion of the Norfolk and
Southern railway into that town.;
It bids fair to be the greatest
f eight in Norfolk, care Nor
Southern Ry Co
J. J. Agent,
N. C
H. C- Genera P ml
P. Agent, Va.
was but a ho while ago that
she lost a
That No.-tS
M Supt.
occasion of its kind ever pulled
in North Carolina. It is,
however, only in keeping with
rs in season Special attention riv
to Wadding and Funeral
Bulb stuck. Pot plants for Winter
H- .
plants, trees
great variety.
Phone K;
We have boon making pianos
over half a century, and
all that time making them
as perfect as possible.
We claim-subject to
have no that when
buy no one can
have better.
sealing them to due
en in the usual way, we
our own and
sell to the wholesale
prices, on easy terms.
us tell you about it.
the hospitality of the good All kinds of all kinds choice cut flow-
pie of Beaufort
The elaborate program is here-
Master of ceremonies. Mr- N.
W. Taylor.
Prayer. Rev- J. H-
Address of welcome. Hon.
Charles L. solicitor
of third judicial district.
The Norfolk and
railway and Beaufort. Mr. F. S.
Cannon, president of the Norfolk
Southern railway
Our Material Resources, Our
Duty in their Hon.
R B. Glenn, governor of North,
Relation of Railroad Construe-,
to Development of Beaufort
Harbor. Hon. F. M
United States senator
Commercial of
Eastern North Carolina, Hon.
Charles R. Thomas, member of
congress third North Carolina
What Development of
Beaufort Harbor Means for Wes-I
tern North Carolina. Hon.
S Overman, United States
Railway and Waterway Trans-
Hon. John Small.
member of congress first
Carolina district.
Short addresses by other dis-
North Carolinians.
Fish fry, barbecue and picnic
Goldsboro. Kinston and Wash ,
military companies
New Bern and Beaufort naval
Judges of competitive
Gen. A. Woodruff. U. S.
army of Raleigh; Gen.
J. F. of Statesville;
Adjutant General T. R. Robert-
son, of Gen. F. A. j
of Hi Col-
George L. Peterson, of Clinton;
Capt. of revenue cut-
Capt. of I
revenue cutter Seminole.
Presentation of Hags to sue
contestants in
drills; Major F- Dixon,
Music by regiment,
band, of Kinston, N- C. and K.
of P band. New Bern- N. C.
Chief Mr- Thomas
The Honorable B.
secretary of the treasury I
has ordered the revenue curl-v ,
now stationed at t
to be present on
occasion and to carry the
nor. State officers and North
Carolina delegation congress
over the harbor and channel
and out t
and as far as Cape Lookout-
All the State officials,
the Supreme court, have
been invited to attend. The
governors and adjutant
stiff will be present in full
regimentals. This will be a
great r .
The Fast Carolina
training school going to sit on
one of the eminences that run
along the northern border of the
city of which one we
don't know.- Plato Collins in
Kinston Free Press.
It gives us pleasure to furnish
By a mortgage executed and the gentleman the information.
the 18th day of which one here in Green-
record in ., office ville. North
Register of I county, of happens to run
In book page the undersigned
will sell for cash, before the court house Hie.
door in on Saturday, the
i r, t i
piece or parcel of land in the Remember F. V. Johnston
county Pitt and in Greenville town- when SOU Oats Or hay.
ship, on the south side of river, be-
the gate on the left side
of the main road going from Greenville
to then east wit.
said road lot he Mogul line, turn with the
Mogul line to Hartley's Creek, then
said creek to and with the run thereof to
a big cypress, corner, then
straight across the field to the heir inning.
containing about acres, more or less,
ail I being the same land sold to General
Amos and rail
mortgage was taken to secure the
chase money.
18th. 1907.
K. G. James. Attorney.
TO J. B,
Dealers in Dry No-
Light and Heavy
to suit c times.
N. C.--
the business 18th, 1906.
Loam and discounts
Overdrafts secured
Furniture and Fixtures
from banks an bunkers
Cash items
Gold coin
Silver coin
7.511 Capital stock
1,227.881 Surplus fund 7,688.00
610.50 I Undivided profits 270.09
9.063.421 unpaid 27.00
1.80 subject to check 39,360.07
10.00 607.84
K. , Cashier n now
th lie orient is
lad swear
M. Cashier.
ad -worn to
m. hi 27th May,
SB pros
S d
Editor and Owner.
Truth in Preference to Fiction.
VOL. No.
m of
Noble Grand, and broths of I f
I Covenant No, . O O-1
F. Your appointed The thing that kills effective
at a special meeting to res-, work worry. Don't worry
of our in The way to kill worry is the way
the death of Past to kill weeds. No two object-
Grand W. the same space at
death, has
poised over our
circle, and taken from us
our beloved brother Therefore
be ft resolved,
1st that while we bow in
bumble submission to the will of
Sim all things well,
we cannot deplore the
Untimely death of Brother Burch.
Of his death we may say, para-
phrasing; terms used a thousand
times before, that the sudden-
of his passing in the very
prime this manhood, should be
a to all of us
that the day or
the hoar when his account shall
close fives as we stand on the
bank bidding our adieus to our
good friend and brother who has
recently passed over to
other aide, the spray
dark river may be falling
noticed upon own brows.
The passing of a man like this
should be a lesson to us all to
strive well for humanity while
Would That Rori Will be BoUt b,
Have Doomed As this is the month for list- ,
. N. C, June
Business was dull in the West and also the year months
It Will be a Great Occasion.
The people of Beaufort
making great preparations
Side Police Court which a re-assessment of all real I it was
and Magistrate Cornell , , . . that a railway was to be built
estate must be made,
i the on th
the same lime. If you indulge
in you fan the
a fury-
As a proof that you can
moments in which worry
is absent just mark present
moment You are thinking
about what you are reading,
worry is absent, for two
things can occupy the same
When you worry everything is
distorted. Nothing appears
natural. The world dark
to us. Our friends not seem
near us.
There is no hard luck in the
world except sickness. All other
hard luck is temporary.
you lose your money, do not
worry, make some more. If you
lose a friend, do not worry, show
him he was mistaken. If you
lose an do not
a-y, be ready for the next one.
Life is short. The end of life
is death. What's the use of
worrying Worry is like drink;
the more you give in to it, the
i more it fastens on you.
telling Magistrate Harris,
recently elected, about the of The Reflector has en
man in front of the desk and I of farm lands that have hereto
old a much excited
woman to step on the bridge.
here done come
to my house dis noon time
when he went away
left of the
said the woman, when
she had become sufficiently com-
While the woman was talking
prisoner was trying to catch
the eye of the court, and then he
began to give a high sign.
Magistrate Cornell arose from
his chair and leaned over the
you a he-asked
the prisoner-
The prisoner grinned and said
that he was
thought said the Mag-
the last dive min-
you have been trying to
give me some sort of sign of d s-
tress. Now I am not a Mason,
and you have made a Hg mis-
take. If I were and you tried
that game on nu I'd send you
up to Hart's Island dig graves
for a York Sun.
fore prevailed in the several
townships of Pitt county. We
confess some surprise at the
showing the figures make, and
expect t will also be a revelation
to of our readers.
The assessment of the last four
farming lands by
white pimple, not including any
property in the towns, taking
township through has
ad as follows per
Dam GO
we are here, for best our days cheerful Mix
are but a span
2nd That we extend to the
family of Burch our
heartfelt sympathy in hour
of bereavement, and assure them
that among Odd Fellows they
will always find friends.
3rd. these resolutions
be spread upon the minutes, a
copy be sent to the family of our
diseased brother, and a copy be
sent to Eastern
to and
Orphan with a re-
quest to publish.
Respectfully submitted,
D. James.
J. J. Cherry
C. D. Rountree.
with people who are
learn to look at the bright side of
things. Do not allow the garden
of your mind to grow up with
worry weeds.
Occupation kills worry- If
your mind is occupied with up-
lifting work or you
can't worry.
if t
from here to Durham or some
other p int on the N
and Western railway to
give the latter a coast con
Some sort
survey is DOW being mad
stakes have been set west
here The last legislature chart-
over railways and
them the and Win-
It is now stated
that this line will be by the
Norfolk and Southern Railway
Co., which is already
The distance between Win-
Salem and Raleigh is ninety
miles. The connection would
give coal to Beaufort, which is to
become of importance as
a coaling station.
The Norfolk and an
Norfolk and Western are very
The Carolina and
Northwestern railway
served a complaint on the at-
general and corporation
commission to prevent the re-
passenger and rate
from being put into effect.
Judge Pritchard will hear the
matter June
Whereas. An All Wise
in his dealings with us has
seen fit to remove from among
us by death the wife of our be-
loved brother, J. N- Hart, and
whereas, we desire to express
the feelings exist in our
Factory for
Special to Reflector.
Memphis. June
Co. of this city, have organized
I the Shoe Manufacturing Co.,
i and propose the establishment of
a large shoe factory at
I moth Sprint;, Ark., a on
j the Frisco system about
; mile.; from Memphis. A deal
I has been closed with Memphis
capitalists for a building by
feet, and it is planned to
We, the teachers of the infant have the plant in operation
about the middle of this month
A representation of the com-
is now in the Hast looking
after the purchase of the
lodge in respect to ships.
These figures the
a. per acre of
s. lip taken as a whole, and it
s hows that there is too much
Take the lowest, and
the highest example
we can see-no reason why lands
in township should be
valued at little more than half
what they are in
township. much
other town-
class of the Methodist
school, tender our deepest
to our dear pastor and his
wife in their deep bereavement.
We miss our little from our
ranks, but we feel comforted
when we think that another
flower has been gathered and
now blooms in the blessed sun-
light of the eternal city. So
while we morn together here and
our eyes are with
tears, we can still be joyous as
we wait the resurrection morn
when we shall all gather with
our loved ones in a blessed peace
Ruth has bound us with the
invisible cords of love and hope
to a higher and better life and
she is not dead but lives the per-
life of the redeemed, and
with her angel face all wreathed
in heavenly grace she beckons to
us from the golden shore with
such a of Ruth can we
be sad for long or shall we not
just wait and in waiting meet
Mrs. R. M.
Mrs J. B. Cherry,
Mrs. E. A Jr.
Street Car Bureau.
Special to
Birmingham, Ala., June
Early this morning a trolley car
truck a train loaded with pots of
molten metal, which set the car
on I
1- . ,
equipment and
Return to Road.
Special to Reflector.
New York. June
Cruisers George and
sailed today on their re-
turn to Hampton Roads t take
part in the review of combined
fleets the United States and
foreign countries by the
dent. Soon after they will re-
turn to European waters
event, therefore,
1st, That, we the members of
Greenville Lodge No- A- F
A. M., the hand of
our Master in the decease of
brother s wife, we know hat
He well and we
bow in humble submission to His
2nd. That we extend to our
in this, the
saddest affliction of his life, our
sincere and heartfelt sympathy
and assure him that we realize
far as we can share
his sorrows with . May the
Father of us all . him and
his little ones in their hour
of bereavement, the, comfort and
consolation that can
from Him.
3rd. That these resolutions be
spread upon the. of this
lodge, a copy be sent Lo our be-
loved brother and a espy be sent
to The Daily Reflector with the
request to publish
W. L.
R- L. Carr,
W. H.
Of course th are individual
tracts of that are worth
much more than others should
be assessed h; It is also
true that lands lying near a town
are worth than in .-sections
further away a these
be valued But the
point we are discussing is
townships as a and
the different e Between these is
too great. Tin ire is good land
and poor i, every township.
It would not be a bad idea for
the new rs of all the town-
ships come U and
this matter.
Three That Really Weep
Among the historical
ties to be seen at
House, the residence of the Duke
of Devonshire, is a willow tree
that weeps, very often to the
personal discomfort of those be-
neath it.
To the casual observer it
Sears just an ordinary willow,
closer inspection it is seen
to be artfully artificial- It is
made from a metal to closely re
living tree, and each of
its branches is covered with in-
numerable holes. In fact, the
whole tree is a monster
being connected to a water main
near by
The key for turning on and off
if close at hand, and many a
visiting party has enticed be-
neath its branches by practical
London Times.
Conference Held at Cape
The weather has been doing
w W
. w
Special to Reflector.
Cape Henry, June 4.---The
Methodist Episcopal conference
for the Norfolk district convened
here today, and will continue in
session all the week, adjusting
the appointment of preachers for
the ensuing ad attending
to all the routine work of the
church The work of the Sun-
day school, the league,
and education are reviewed, and
reports made through regular
channels of the work of all the
societies of the church The
will be read on the
last day of the conference
Carolina had more men
at the Re-union than any other
State. It contracted that habit
in and seems not to be
How it Monday.
The election ti or aldermen was
held Monday, in th e several wards
of the town. Only the regular
nominees and the
election was quiet.
two thirds of
was polled.
The candidate
First J.
ward, C Carr. W,
W wen,
Third ward, G.
P. M. Johnson
Fourth ward. E. G.
T. R. Moore
Fifth ward. F. J. Forbes
The new board will take charge
the first of July.
Oakley, N. C. June 4th, 1907.
Miss Annie Gradey, of Mount
Olive, arrived here last week to
take chat of the Oakley school.
I. H. Little returned Saturday
from Richmond. He reports a
pleasant time at the reunion,
Ed Whichard, of Whichard,
was here Saturday shaking hands
with his many friends
Miss Minnie Whitehurst spent
a few days at Stokes last week
Gray Carson, of Bethel, made
business calls here Friday.
W. C. Jenkins and Laden
son attended at Parmele
last week.
W. G. Bryant, of Newport
News, is spending a few days
with fr ends around Oakley. He
left here years ago and this
is his first visit beck to his old
The community extend
sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. J M
Highsmith the loss of their
little child which occurred Fri-
Jim Keel, of Rocky Mount,
spent Saturday here.
Mrs- W. J- and child-
of came over
Saturday to visit her mother,
Mrs- J. H. Highsmith
James Oak Grove,
was here Saturday-
Only one case came up before
Mayor Williams last week.
Tom Gray and family
Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs.
Jim Overton and sister, Miss
Lessie. of Stokes, visited in Oak-
We had no preaching Sunday,
minister did not come.
Z- V. Whitehurst made
calls in Greenville Monday.
J. E Congleton and wife, of
Robersonville, spent Monday in
. J Miss Rosa Skinner, a charming
young lady of Ayden, is visiting
8th of June- There will be a.
least from five to ten
visitors present on that date ; n
it bids fair to be the greatest
of its kind ever pulled off
in North Carolina. There will
be plenty to eat for all who
Arrangements have
been made for great s
of fish to be fried on that
and barbecue to be
and in addition thereto there
will be picnic baskets furnished
by the ladies of Beaufort.
The committee on invitation,
composed of M. Leslie Davis,
chairman, J- F Duncan.
min May, J. S. Duncan H. L
Potter and B J. Bell authorize
the announcement that the pub-
are cordially invited to be
present and to participate in the
All railroads in the State have
greatly reduced rates for this
The governor, United States
senators, th entire North Caro-
congressional delegation will
be in attendance and all the
State officers and in all
the Supreme court. There
has never been such a notable
gathering of distinguished men
in North Carolina as will be pres-
on this occasion on the 8th.
The Honorable George B Cr-
secretary of the treasury,
has been invited to be present.
He has not signified his
as yet, but has ordered
the revenue cutter Seminole,
stationed at Wilmington, to be
present at the celebration, to
carry the and State
out and around the harbor
and to sea as far as Cape Look-
This great day will go down
in history as the celebration of
the beginning of the great in-
in Beaufort
and in Eastern Carolina.
by Memorial Church
As it it has pleased Almighty
in His providence to i move
by death from our midst Brother
W. F. Burch, resolved
we bow in humble
submission to His divine ruling,,
although we shall miss him
our church, Sunday school and-
choir in which he was always a
willing and cheerful member, and.
that while we sympathize with
we commend his loving wife
and children to Him who alone
can give the comfort they most
need in their affliction.
2nd. That a copy j
resolutions be spread . .
records of this church, and a
copy furnished to the bereaved
family, and a copy u The Daily
Reflector with request to pub-
W. P. Edwards.
C. D. Rountree, Com.
M. M. Pugh,
Parry at
A violin teacher in the Wash-
College of Music has been
dismissed for kissing of
the prettiest and most talented
young ladies in Washington so-
a pupil of his. When
arraigned before the indignant
principal fessed right
to his declined to
repent, and gave the principal to
understand that his recollection
of the kiss was such that he
would repeat the offense if faced
. Lit .
Character Alone Count, in tho Ling
An Arkansas paper mourns
fact that paper that
conies square out in the open
and supports or opposes any
measure treads on toes some-
where and loses That
is in large measure true, but it
is also true that the paper that
fears to tread on toes somewhere
and is therefore mushy, loses
more money The papers that
have strength and influence are
those that have the confidence
and respect of the people,
and confidence and respect
are only won by coming
in the when
London, Well-
man's party assembled at Spits-
bergen today, to make prep.-
to start for the North p
which will be made
July and August Mr.
Wellman hasn't expressed much
confidence of reaching the pole
in recent interviews.
first endeavor will be to
reach the North pole. Once
there, we shall return by what-
ever route is most favorable.
You must we
confident of being successful.
Far from it know so much
about the nature of our
that I am almost afraid of
Major of the
United State meteorological de-
will be one of
three men who will accompany
Wellman. Mr. two
daughters will arrive at
bergen at the end or y a

I-. .
th. Oust I. Its Par-
lie. Of
It has been raid that no miser
guards hit treasure more religiously;
than Uncle Sam watches the
metal that passes through
his mini- Moreover, precautions
waste are almost
able. evening in each of
mints of this country the floors of;
the melting rooms are swept cleaner
u housewife's
The dist is carefully aside, and
about once in two months the soot
scraped from every flue is trans-;
to the same precious dust;
heap. This is then burned, and j
from its ashes the government de-
rive, no inconsiderable income. The I
earthenware crucibles used in melt- j
arc employed no more than
three times. Then they are crushed i
beneath heavy rollers, and in their
porous sides are found Hakes of the
In the melting room when the
raise their ladles from
mi pots a of sparks
the molten surface of the met-
I or tie most part they are bits
of incandescent carbon, but clinging
to the carbon n often a minute par-
of metal. Lest such particles
e the ashes and clink-
the furnaces arc gathered
up In. This debris is ground
into by means of a
end is sold to a smelt-
ordinary ore. at a price war-
ranted by the assayer.
The that stir the precious
i.-i; the big iron rods, the
the dippers all are tested in
a curious fashion. After con-
use they become covered
a thin layer of oxidized silver,
closely resembling a brown rust.
The implements are laid in
baths of a solution of sulphuric
acid, which eats away the iron and
steel and leaves the silver
Gradually the ladle, or whatever
the implement is. disappear,
and in its place remains a hollow
silver counterpart the original,
delicate as spun glass. These
reproduce the ladle with
perfect accuracy in all its details,
although their surfaces are
rated with innumerable little holes.
Scarcely hive they been molded.
however, before they arc cast into a
crucible, to become in time dollars,
and dimes.
In one corner of the melting room
is n large tank, into which
silver bars are dropped
and loft to cool. Infinitesimal flakes
of i her off and rise to the
face of the water, which acquires
the metallic luster of a stagnant
pool. Here is silver that must not
be lost. So beneath the pipe
through which the tank is emptied
is barked a thick layer of mud. As
the water filters through it the mud
retains the precious residuum. Four
times a year is removed,
and . discloses
fact that some has been saved.
Knows the Sign.
William Henry, aged seven,
ha- inordinate appetite for buck-
Wheat cakes and maple At
lire one day his
watched him with amazement,
coining cakes as they
he asked, you
ever in ail your life felt you all
the buckwheat cakes you could get
away with V
replied Junior;
of times I've felt that I had
do you know when you've
got enough r
I just keep eating till I get
a pain, and then cat one more to
Prehistoric Man.
What, it i.- m was man doing
during the centuries before
history began Man's brain was
slowly increasing in size, and its
case, the skull, was getting larger
and of better form. The forehead
was rising and filling forward, and
the intellect Speech
was improving and manners Under-
amelioration. Animals were
tamed, and the supply of food
was becoming more abundant and
more varied. In n word, the human
being was gradually becoming fit-
t-i take advantage of future dis-
London Museum Ga-
Beauties of Our
Two members of the
to Harper's Week-
during u hurried trip to New
York were on a Broadway car when
it was stopped by a blockade. As they
were near their destination, they
decided to get out and walk. The
was, however, soon lifted,
the car overtook them.
we left the said one
of the who, by the
way, has a bit of the Celt in I
thought we on
by getting off. i,. . r all. v
should have been off it
are caused by Indention. If eat a
hula too much, or If yon subject to
attacks of Indigestion, have no doubt
had shortness of breath, rapid heart
heartburn or palpitation of heart.
Indigestion causes the stomach to
expand wall and puff up against
heart This crowds the heart and inter-
with its action, and in the course of
tune the heart becomes
Dyspepsia Cure
digests what you eat, takes strain
of heart, and contributes nourishment,
sin and health to every organ of
i C indigestion. Dyspepsia.
ct toe
merit runes lining the Stomach and
v. Nervous Dyspepsia and
v . ill e i I . .-
I a and gait i . inn
--inc I an
;. NICHOLS. Van, M v
and in a a-
K .D.
About Home
Do You Contemplate
Owning One
if so the first thing to consider is a good
lot in a desirable location and you can-
not be better suited in a lot than the
H ,
Unit mack w Us
tO elf.
j Le
Heart Strength
not on.- In a In, In
self, It U almost always a
tiny Hem that is all at fault
or Heart
and must have, more power, more
th Heart
to fall, and Um and kidneys hare
This clearly . u a Dr.
Ki ha In pan done h
for weak and Heart Dr. first sought
the of painful
heart Dr.
popular alone directed to
and It
it It real. help.
If you would hare
them as Deeded, with
am White Property
And Provisions
Cotton Bagging and
Ties always on
kept con-
In stock. Country
Produce Bought and Sold
D. W.
North Carolina.
o proper surpasses for a desirable
home. Lots can be bought there now at
reasonable prices and on easy terms.
is indication that property around
is going to be higher, and the
longer you defer buying the Jot the h
it will cost.
This property is located minuter
walk the business part the town.
See Sam White and let him explain prices
J. W.
North Carolina. In the superior court
Pitt county. Before D. c Moore
J. C. and wife Maggie Ma-
R. A. I and Dawson.
The defendant Ella Dawson, will
hereby take notice that a special pro-
has been instituted in the
court of Pitt county entitled J. c
Rasberry and Maggie Rasberry v.
B. A. Dawson and Ella Dawson, fur the
purpose of making sale of a certain
tract of land situated in swift creek
Township Pitt county for division
tenants in and the said Ella
Dawson one of the defendants in said
special proceeding, will further take
that she is required to appear at
the office of the clerk of the
court of Pitt county, at Greenville. N.
C., on the 20th day of June, 1907. and an-
or demur to the complaint of the
plaintiffs or the relief therein demand-
ed will be granted.
This the 16th day of Mar, 1907.
clerk superior court Pitt county.
Not Quite l
Bow often you can get a
or screw driver or
lacking. Have a good
tool box and be prepared for
emergencies. Our line of tools
la a i could desire, and
we will see that your tool
box not lack a single
useful article.
Of Course
You get Harness,
Horse Goods,
J P.
Business Men
you Mart send
w to
for caching the public. THE REFLECTOR
North I In The Superior Court
Pitt county.
F. V. Johnston
The Brokerage
The National Bank of Greenville.
The defendant, The Broker-
age will take notice that a
summons in the above entitled action
was issued against said defendant on
the 24th day of April, 1907 by D. C.
Moore, Clerk of the Superior Court of
Pitt County, North Carolina in favor of
the plaintiff, F. V. Johnston to recover
the sum of the amount claimed
by said plaintiff against the said defend
ant on account due for damages and
shortage in shipments, which summons
is returnable before the Superior Court
of Pitt County, which convenes in the
Town of Greenville in said County on
the second Monday before the first Mon-
day in September next, it being the 19th
day of August, 1907. The said defend-
ant will also take notice that a warrant
of attachment was served by court
on 24th clay of April, 1907 against
the property of said defendant, which
was an as alleged, then in the posses-
of the defendant. The National
Bank of Greenville, which warrant
returnable before said Court at term
time on said 19th day of August next,
when and where the said defendant, the
Brokerage Company is required
to appear answer or demur to the
complaint to be filed in said cause or the
relief demanded will be granted.
Given under my hand and seal of
this the l.-t day of May, 1907.
D. C. Moore,
Superior Court, Pitt County
Theophilus enters and claims
about acres, more or less, of vacant
land lying in township, Pitt
county. North Carolina, on south side
of Tar Beginning at a black
gum, a corner of the land formerly
owned by Becca and
north with said Becca lino
thence east with
line a out yards to
line ditch on place
thence nearly south with said ditch
yards to a bridge, thence west to black
gum at the beginning, bounded by the
f Henry
l Sermons and others
Any person or persons claiming title
to or interest in the foregoing de-
scribed lane meat their in
writing will, next thirty
days, or they will lie v law.
K. in i.
Entry Taker
N. C.
At close of business May
bans and discounts
other Stocks, Bonds
from Banks
bank notes and
U. S. notes
4.391.00 ,
Capital Stock
Surplus 16.000.00
Undivided Profit less
Expenses paid
Payable 10,000.00
Time 27,1581.0 j 208.55
116,050.48 I
Due to
Cashier's checks
outstanding 1,180.55
f, I S. Junior
t r
11.1 belie.
Deputy S. C-
. m .
u, hf be of my
At the close of Business,
Loans and Discounts
and unsecured
AH other Stocks, Bonds
Furniture Fixtures
Demand Loans
from Hanks
Cash Items
Silver Coin
National bank notes
and U. S. notes
May 1907.
Capital Stock
Surplus funds
Undivided Profits less
Expenses paid
Notes and bills
Bills Payable
Cashier's checks ,
Reserved for Interest 300.0
State of North I
I Cashier of the above named bank, do
aS k
and sworn to before
me. this 28th day of May. 1907.
M. L-
Notary Public.
Come in and examine my
We beg leave to announce that we are
Wholesale and Retail
White Lead, Paints
Colors, and
Ready nixed Paints,
There is no line in the world better
ti It It A CM
for honorable wares and
If you use the Harrison Paints you need
never worry quality. ,
We trust that you favor us with your
orders whenever you want good paint for any
Have just a car load and
can give you Special Prices.
Farmville, N. C. May 30th.
Friends of Henry Jackson
were glad to welcome him to our
short stay.
for his home in Cape
where he occupies a prominent
position as cashier in a bank.
L. took a
business trip to Tarboro the past
week returning Tuesday.
Rev. W. E. Cox, of the
Episcopal church at Greenville,
gave a fine sermon to the con-
of church
and baptized five candidates for
confirmation. The class will be
presented to Bishop Strange on
Sunday night, June 2nd.
Floyd Bryan has returned
from Baltimore medical college
and will be at home for the sum-
mer vacation.
Hugh Tunstall came through
Wednesday, on his way home
from Washington Christian
Marvin Horton of
military school, and Aaron
of Oak Ridge institute.
c home a few days ago for
the summer.
Prof. J. H- left for
his home in Greensboro today.
We are sorry to have him go
for a man of his character and
ability for training the mines
of our dear ones is seldom found.
But if we are not lucky enough
to get him back we wish for him
the crowning glory of success in
his work whenever it may be-
Mrs- J. Stanley Smith gave
her annual musical to a large
and appreciative audience on
Thursday night on the and
and lawn of her residence on
street. Prizes were
offered to the pupils giving the
most perfect lesson progress
during the year; and these were
awarded to Misses Mary
and Mabel Barrett. All the
pupils acquitted themselves well
and taking the class as a whole
they make a grand display, both
musical and
V e are sorry to learn of the
critical illness of Dr. Joyner's
Miss Lillian Tar-
is her Mrs.
Mrs. W. J- and two
skis, Harvey and are vis-
Mrs- W- R of
and Mrs.
The remain of Samuel
Watkins were laid at rest in
Farmville cemetery on Monday
. afternoon at o'clock Mr.
Watkins came here with his good
wife and little son, just a week
prior his death After travel-
for the past year in
Florida, Texas and several west-
States seeking some place
where h might his health,
finally all hope was lost and they
journeyed homeward where the
last few were spent in the
loving care of Mrs. Arlie Joyner.,
grandmother, and Mrs Louisa,
King, mother of Mrs.,
Watkins Mr. Watkins was a
man who had so lived and
his life for the one he
thought his duty to serve as to
win the highest respect and es-
teem from his friends and all
who came in contact with him.
Ho was married to Miss Helen
Virginia Atkinson Sept 1902,
while occupying a position with
the firm of Co., of
Norfolk, Va., for whom he
worked eight He was
horn and raised at Roanoke, Va-,
and was just beginning the
prime of life when his
Km Man Called F
Mao Called
Mr. Richard S. died a
little past o'clock, Friday after-
noon, at his home in South
Greenville, after an illness of
about a week with pneumonia.
Mr. Evans was years of age.
He was raised on the farm, four
miles from but came to
Greenville not long after the
tobacco market was established
here and engaged in the wart-
house He conducted
warehouse for several
and since the he
pied was destroyed by fire be
has been a tobacco buyer and
continued his farming interests.
Mr. a of
the Methodist church and one of
rid was a
Candidate For
The several wards of the town
held Thursday night
A Mao Greatly fa Away.
nominate candidates for alder-
men t. b; voted for in the
t on M y, to an ex-
for the
The of the first ward
held in the mayor's office with
H Harding chairman and J. J.
Harrington secretary.
The names of J. S. Mooring,
l. E. House, W. E. and
Charles Cobb were presented for
nomination, ballot was taken
with the following Moor-
Mr. William Ferrall died
at o'clock this at
in West Greenville,
after an illness of ten with
pneumonia. Almost from the
beginning of his sickness his
condition was serious, and though
ever effort was to check
the disease he continued to grow
worse until the end.
Mr. was years of
and a native of Wilmington, i i
which city he his I
and learned his trade, that of
printing. He came to Green-
villein January, 1889, to take
the position of foreman of The
Reflector, which position he
faithfully and successfully unit
the fall of 1839 when he went in
HouseS, Cobb Mo r- business for himself.
was declared the n
H, Harding was elected exec-
its stewards.
conscientious Christian, an up- committeeman.
right man in every walk of life,
and a good citizen.
In 1897, he married
Miss Maggie Smith, and the wife
and two little sons survive him.
He also leaves an aged mother,
Mrs. Caroline Evans, two broth-
Messrs. L. F. and W. J
Ev ins, and one sister, Mrs. A.
H. Critcher. Much sympathy is
expressed for all of these sorrow-
The funeral of Mr- Richard S
Evans, who died Friday after-
noon, was held Sun lay
noon, the interment taking place
at the family burial ground four
miles from town- Services were
conducted by Rev M. T Plyler,
paster of Jarvis
church, of which deceased
was a member-
The bearers were Messrs.
J. L. Little. Wiley Brown, A- B.
Ellington, G. E- s, C.
D S Spain,
and James Brown
Meeting held in the court
house with A. L Blow chairman,
and B W. Moseley secretary.
The names of W- A Bo wen and
D S Spain were presented for
alderman for the one year term,
resulting in the nomination f
W. A Bowen, the vote being
for Bowen, for Spain.
C S. Carr was unanimously
nominated as alderman for the
year term.
J. G. V. was elected
J. R.
Greenville Heights.
Work is now in progress
proving Heights, the
property in West Greenville re-
by Mr. J. L.
Bunting and others of Norfolk,
it ready to put the
market for building lots.
Meeting held in Center Brick
warehouse, with C. D Rountree
chairman and W. P. Edwards
The names of G. J.
and E. B. Higgs were presented
for nomination for the two year
term- On the ballot Woodward
received votes and
and Woodward was declared
nominee for two year term
For the one year term E. B
came back to The and
continued until the fall of that
year when he moved to i
and after a few months in that
city went to Baltimore. His
fondness i r Green-
ville brought him here in
the fall of where he knew
there was always a place for
him, and lie again took his old
position The Reflector.
When he returned then he said
have come to until
and his prediction was
Burch, as everybody
I familiarly called him. was every-
x. body's friend, yea everybody
loved him. Kind, congenial,
to every duty, loyal to
his friends, having a
cheerful word and pleasant greet-
he naturally won the esteem
of all.
To The Reflector his loss is
felt most keenly. His
the editor was more like that
of a brother employee.
Our interest was his interest,
and about all his work that idea
seemed first with him. H I one .
with no degree of
I have worked twelve years for
Higgs, P. M. Johnson and D. W, a man with never a cross word
were presented. On first I between us That was just his
ballot there was no nomination nature, not cross himself
and the lowest man, was
dropped. On second ballot John-
no one could hi with him.
If anything went
in Superintendents.
i .-.,
Higgs and j his work, as of course it
Johnson was declared he was
for one year term.
C. D- Rountree was elected
I executive committeeman.
Mr and Mrs. J. A.
left Friday for FOURTH WARD,
home at Va.
Mr. seen Meeting held in s
tine electric light and water warehouse, called to order by
Dr. R. L. Carr- T. M. Hooker
plant since it begin opera,
and for sometime has
He left
at his old
him and excellent wife.
Mr. of KInston.
succeed Mr Dunlap as
of the plant-
was chairman and W L.
times would, he was
ready to laugh it off
will all right in th end
His relation with one em-
ployed on The R.-Hector most
cordial aid on; in the
office held a brotherly esteem
for him.
He was a of the Me-
Baptist church
,. in the choir wort of the
Flanagan was nominated . by th., best
He wan a
by acclamation for alderman for
the two year term.
The names of T. R- Moore and
Brown were presented for
the one year term, the ballot
being Moore Brown and
Moore was declared the
of the
Fat Want Him.
Wadesboro. May 29-
Prof. J. H. the recently
elected superintendent of the
graded schools for this place, is
expected here within the next
few days. He will some
time in the town and Meeting held in
whither or not he will with D-
the work here- We under- j man and D. J. Whichard
stand that a strong effort .
being made to retain him at j The names of F. J.
Farmville, where he has taught D. B. Smith were presented for
for some News alderman, the ballot being
T. E. Hooker was elected
Meeting held in Star
Smith Forbes was
dared the nominee.
D- C Moore was elected
i. w.
voice in
In March, 1890, he married
Miss Williams, and
demotion their hi i
was marked wit i
He is ., .
wife and two children, one
daughter, Miss Lillian, and one
son, Ferrell. These have the
heartfelt sympathy of every one
in their sorrow
The funeral of Mr. W. F.
Burch. who died Thursday morn-
took place at o'clock Fri-
afternoon. Services were
held in Baptist church
by Rev. J. E. who
a beautiful tribute to the de-
ceased. At the grave in Ch
Hill cemetery the Odd s
burial -service was
Mr. Burch having been a mi u-
of that order. The lodge
attended the funeral in a
The many beautiful floral
attested the e. in
which the deceased was held.
The lodge pall bearers were
Messrs. D. L. James, R. L. Carr,
D, Overton, t. R. More,
L. Starkey, R. C. Flanagan,
like we are to Mrs. Harriet Mills, aged about D, Rountree, Z- P. Vandyke
have repetition of last summer's years, died W- after Messrs. H. W.
noon about o'clock, at D, S. Spain. W. Pruitt,
home near Grimesland. b. C. Si Ola
Christian manhood for his life of service eight children, one C. T. J. L.
little son to take. May the this earth. being Mrs. J. J- Elks, of Little.
First ward, J- S. Mooring
Second ward, C S. Carr
In this paper will be found the
statements of the banks in the
county made on the last call of
the corporation commission.
examination of these statements A. Bowen
will show the splendid condition
of our banking institutions.
They are all sound, and people
throughout the county who have
health surplus money should deposit it
failed and a quick call was soon I in the banks instead of running
followed which took him home j the risk of lg it at home,
to rest from his there
to await for the one to come that
he so happily spent the few days
Third ward, G. J Woodward
P. M.
Fourth ward, E. G.
T. R. Moore
Fifth ward, P, J. Forbes.
with while on this earth.
excessive rains.
His example is a true pattern of I .
angel ever keep
. II it I
throne of glory
He united with the Missionary Grimesland.
Ba,. h while, his
and fresh and was ever -ts a id w
a mo I. member- in
bless the earnest p each-
e. th t will attend to the
oil fellow.

Entered second Jan. MOT at the poet office at
N. t . Act of of
mad upon
A office in and
in to
gets the net Eastern training school interest
Confederate veterans is Raleigh today,
the several towns competing for
The railroads an fighting
but they had as make
their minds to come to it.
An incident occurred during
th Confederate reunion at
Richmond that was not down on I
the program, and in which a
Tennessee veteran, named Pear-
son, figured as the hero
According to the story. Pear
sin and several old soldiers were
in a store on Broad street when
a New Yorker, whose name was
not learned and who had are professionals
been drinking, began players in this
By a .
Senator Allison says,
tariff is going be a live
Same old not yet,
but soon.
Colonel Watterson's dark
horse may wear a mustache and
even then not be able to keep.
stiff upper lip.
cursing and applying even more
offensive epithets to
The idea of the
government by injunction, in
to by the ;
of the State board of Pearson, becoming disgusted,
If Pitt county does not get the approached the Northerner, and
j school we shall be catching him by one ear with one
and everybody else like-
Tie seaside a c per,
but they must insure
to catch Too
cold tie seashore
Now comes the that a
will in Ohio sends out fresh
aid salt water No need of
being at such tilings as
that in Ohio
t deign News and
all of its
thousand subscribers,
to the
in its new office
in in June. If
i the home would
Japan has gone and cornered
the camphor right here
when we are in the midst of
packing a way the winter clothes
If that feast at Chicago
has not given the Newport
hand with the
slapped his jaws and rebuked him not awake to their opportunities,
h'S language and I , . ,
u hi So far this season honors are
gratuitous insults. The did i , , T .
z. -j i about even between the auto-
not resent the slap j
t,, . . ., . owners and innocent by-
The conclusion of the incident . , , .
so far as getting killed
The North Carolina
will meet at the
tic hotel. Morehead City, the
The given certain rail- ,,,. , . . ,
K middle c f July. An excursion
roads for their supposed ac- , .
r to the Jamestown exposition
to the rate regulation . . .
M , will probably follow the meeting,
laws will all have to be taken,
Uncle Remus's Magazine,
by Joel Chandler Harris
For the balance of the month published at Atlanta, has
the aid elect will be appearance. judge
especially first number that it ,,
places at their t, be a fine magazine and prove
is concerned.
clerks are de-
rubber gloves to wear
when handling money. Is Pitts-
burg money so badly tainted as
all that
was the expression of
and ion of Com-
Pearson's act by a North
Carolina veteran, who witnessed
the incident. Approaching the
manly the Caro-
drew a gold ring from his
own fin-r and slipped it on one his conscience
, a hurt him. It was doubt
of s fingers, w, h the , shock to
Wish that every time he looKed tern to discover that he had a
at it he would recall the incident, conscience.
The New York Herald claims
Moore, president of young
, widows in that city
the Carolina division of a revival of the old play
the Southern cotton Perils of New
being mentioned I Rev Wm. J. Long, the natural-
as the Mr. going to up one of
. . , . , . The Raleigh correspondent i f
He are indebted to Secretary . , .
, .,. . , the Observer the
of State J. Bryan for a . ,
i -n . i a . number of moonshiners
of Captions of the Acts ., .
, n . . , , . recently in attendance upon
and Resolutions passed by the. , , .-,.,
, , . . . ,. Federal court in Raleigh
last general assembly of North . . . , .
. suspicious of each other; the
I revenue officers say they will
. . , , steal from each other whenever
Charlotte has pulled off a new ,. . . ,. they have an and
drink called and ,,,, . . , that they been known to
the officers are pulling the men ,, . . .
. . . , , steal Nothing
who sell it of the large ti . tnatural thin that,
percent of I ii contains.
man gets mean enough to engage
these fine mornings and find
S. L. Patterson as State com- , himself a distinguished member
missioner of agriculture Mr. i of the Ananias club.
Patterson's health rs reported Senator says the
N he not be inquiry is making M ., ,
candidate for and Mm tired- And he has the sat- Joyner and the
s. . m that . f .
Farmville. N. C. June
There has been much of pass-
interest with us the past
Wednesday, May fair and
coal, crops very bad,
cotton especially.
A quiet wedding occurred in
Farmville about o'clock. Mr.
James Herring, of Wilson and
Miss Ruth Beaman being mar-
at the home of the
mother, Mrs. Mary by
Elder Moore, paster of the Chris-
Thursday-The little son of Ar
den Tucker, who died at Winter-
ville of meningitis, was brought
here and buried in the family
burial ground of A. J. Tyson.
and rainy.
B- M. Lewis vis Green
spring and says the water is
fine, an j that his family has
proved much from it use.
Mrs. Mary Tyson and daughter,
Miss Ada, are visiting Mrs. Lucy
Barrow, in Greene county.
and rainy some
more with showers growing
We had the pleasure of a hand
shake from our old friend L. A.
Cobb, of Kinston, who says it
was the first visit to our town in
thirteen years. Things don't
look like they used to. He spent
Saturday and Sunday with his
brother, B. P. Cobb, at the old
home place in Beaver Dam.
Mrs. S. and children
spent Saturday with Mrs. Mar-
There was a terrible norm
in Otter creek from
Crisp to near-
five miles. On
Moore farm the hail was inches
deep an hour after the Two
houses on H. C. farm
were blown down. Gard-
vs on his way home from
church and the pelting hail
stones made his horse run away
and came near killing him
The baby of Dr. C. C.
died this morning,
he may resign
term expires.
-i dim
his knowing that young-
men than he are making the
, . Because the infant heir to the
When an obstacle your I Spanish let out a howl
way, don't waste and being christened, it is re
in complaining about it If as a good omen. How-
you can't push it out of
,, ., . ,. j . christening in which the victim
path, get over it, under it or from up a yell
a it anyway you can -and , ,
ave the obstacle behind I
-r j u. i -i. to try to stop smoking on
T second obstacle will not streets and in all public
pear half ; s if you get past
tie first, hut if you stand, wring-
It might help her
some if the men would refuse to
give her a light.
for when hands and appealing to
help whit j Quite a number of newspapers
in running a moonshine still he
The Durham a , .
, mean enough to commit any
a very handsome illustrated j
. , u ,. under the sun.
Sunday. The Herald U marks the
one of them when lowest depth of depravity.
newspapers. j
must have afraid J. I. Faust, who since
that there would be a dearth cf the death of Dr. has
hands to work on t e canal, so acted as president of the Nor-
the story has been started ma and Industrial college at
the hills along the canal are full Greensboro, has been elected
of rich veins of gold
catch the diggers.
first are asking when
we are to have tariff
We suspect it will be about the
time airships are sold for a
down, and a dollar a week.
you d i yourself,
obstacle will look like a mountain
after a while. This isn't the
case, however, it's only the man
becoming stroller because
Dal has resigned for
are catching it on
the price of paper now A good ; fighting mosquitoes to fill out
grade of paper, such as The Land j resignation blanks.
mark is printed on, has been Jack G D Rob.
selling for years at an average of and Rev. Wm. Long got
cent a pound. Since January theirs from the president all
I lot tho price has advanced But we are at a loss to
That v, president by just where ; m know whether
or common
The name of the in
waters of Green spring She in-
forms us of a somewhat strange
coincidence at the home of her
neighbor and S.
P. Erwin. A little bird had
wended its way into his sitting
room and selected a spot to
dwell for awhile. Among the
many cozy corners no seemed
to its fancy like the
mantel, and in one the niches
of the clock it built a nest and
deposited five little eggs upon
which it is sitting with as much
Latham, Alexander Co.,
brokers and cotton
merchants New York, have
sent out their first of
this year's cotton acreage under
date of May The is
based on
sent banks, bankers,
commission merchants
in every cotton
county in the South, the replies
being of average date of
The estimated average is
less last
year, a decrease of 3.52 percent
The average planting the
crop is two to four weeks liter
than usual. The opening if the
season was favorable for
paring la-d, but weather con-
during April and
half of May were
over the entire cotton belt
Temperatures have been
low and rains
in portions Replanting has
been necessary in many
there has been no growing
weather and poor stands the
rule. On the whole, therefore,
the cotton crop is in very poor
condition just now.
Alexander v. Co. are
people and their estimate is
as reliable as any one
can mane. But you can- never
tell about a cotton crop It is all
guess work which
hits and more often
Our Kinston friends had as
well fall in line and learn how to
write it Training Since H B. Varner, the pres.
School, Greenville, N. Tie commissioner of labor and
balance of the folks are putting printing of the State, has an-
institution- Prof. Faust know. Some of the
been connected with the college which have yearly con-
for five years and is thoroughly , tracts, especially the big in
; familiar with its , which buy large lot,, will
fer little from the advance, but i Carlos Enrique Fernando
in North Carolina, for instance, Antonio Under these
. .
it that way.
Cannon seems to
e impression n
his visit to this State- We
he carried a good man, an ex-editor who has been
clerk in the office for three
he will seek the
nomination again, several per-
sons have announced themselves
as candidates for the position.
One of these is M. L- Ship-
back with him and will not for-
get it the next time North Caro-
Th talking baby story has
hitched up again, and this
time is t. out from Roanoke,
with glowing colors. The
story says that a bouncing baby
boy just nine days old suddenly
began talking and astounded and
alarmed all who heard it or heard
of it. The story writer shut off
an influx of the curious to see it
by reporting subsequent
death of the wonderful baby.
years- Another is J. B.
rill, editor of the Concord Times,
and another is W- W. Wilson,
the majority of papers
don't buy over a three
supply a time and man yo
them buy only for a month or a
weeks ahead. In short, the
which can afford it
least are hit hardest, and the
circumstances, perhaps it a
good thin he hasn't got Cuba
also to worry about.
The fact that
reached one dollar in
will cause not even a
ripple of in Kansas.
dead loss to them In the mer-
manufacturing and
most all other businesses the
of Raleigh. since himself as a rule, when prices
which interests the wheat grow-
But wheat in
will encourage Kansas to
price to the consumer is changed unload bushels
as prices fluctuate and in this
way the dealer can take care of
the office was established it has
been filled by an experienced
are advanced to him. But it is
impossible for a
newspaper man, and we suppose an established
the next Democratic State con- .
difficult to advance an
will follow that custom rate, once it is established.
in making the nomination.
North Carolina has actually
had a visit from
was in high
heroes Within a. e short enough a, best
The average newspaper in this
State, therefore, which finds the
price of material or other things
advanced, that much
in fits and in most ca--es the
Did you ever stop to reflect
that it was one thing to talk
about people and another thing
to have people talk about you;
If those of us who use our ton-
a little too freely, about our
neighbors, would stop and reflect I
about this matter and know
great evil that comes from too
much gossip and tattling, are
sure we would call a halt
gossip no more
as Queen Victoria on her
royal throne or Mrs Roosevelt in
the upholstered palace of Uncle
Sam. Perhaps this may be one
of the Norfolk Southern secret
service time keepers, or some of
the descendants of Poe's raven
that perched above his door.
rain, cold and
colder. But the rains and winds
are never weary and why should
we be for the sun may be
shining tomorrow although it is
cloudy today.
A little child of John Tyson, of
Beaver Dam, died at his home
on the T. A. Nichols farm.
What about the training
school We are getting anxious
to hear. And another thing we
want to see is better roads over
which the teachers can get to
the school. Unless roads around
Greenville are better than up
here, the teachers would have
to fly or wade,
Last of the Says
Winter Summer Will Be Alike,
With Snow in
York, L.
who has styled himself for a
number of years as last of
the has issued an-
other remarkable bulletin. i
This time he is more
his statements. now
that the world will to an
end in nineteen months,
all the people to
and look out for the dissolution
of the world.
says there will no
more seasons; that summer and
winter will be as one, and there
will not be any way of telling one
from the other. Snow in July
need not be a surprise, and sleigh
riding is likely to be one of the
summer pastimes. He
will be more black spots
to occur on the sun's disk, and by
the latter part of 1908 the sun
will be entirely black. The earth-
quakes will shake all the
cities of the nations. Great
wrecks will occur, and
there will be great distress in the
land until end shall
We are counting on Greenville.
Even if the weather stays fair
only a d or two at the time,
the fair days are appreciated.
Faith is believing what every-
thing else goes to prove isn't
Big Store
offering a complete of
Clothing, Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats,
and Millinery
You can't go by impeding our Goods for you will certainly
be pleased with the price.
department is in of F. C. NYE. who is rep-
the Eastern Reflector In Winterville and territory
We are glad to note that G. R.
Dixon, who has been
from appendicitis, is recovering
Dawson. who has just
returned from the A M. col-
is visiting relatives here.
L. L. Kittrell and A. G. Cox
to Greenville Tuesday.
The A. G Cox Mfg. ship-, Hook, of
same as morning. The over; know
B assure season. Sta to M Taylor. who the
prompt shipments. , Miss Evelyn Sutton M B hospital there, is improving rap-
Anew lot of nice spring and; for City where trucks
The home of Mr. Mrs.
Arden Tucker has been saddened
by the death of their baby. It
died Wednesday after a brief
illness and was buried Thursday
afternoon at the family burial
ground in the country. They
have the sympathy of the entire
town and community in their sad
Another large lot of shoes just
in at Harrington Barber Co.
Misses Lydia Roberson and
Cora Lee left Friday
morning fir Gold Point where
Miss Carroll will spend sometime
with Miss Roberson
Fancy negligee and shirts at
B. F. Manning Co.
We are glad to that Mrs.
B. G. Taylor has undergone an
operation at the Kinston hospital
and is doing well.
R. W Smith and children
and Mrs Celia Ayden.
and Mrs. Alice Harrington, of
Kinston, spent Friday with Mrs.
A. G. Cox.
Fresh corned herrings just
opened at Harrington, Barber
Misses Dora Cox and Ethel
Carroll have returned home from
the B. U. W. at Raleigh to spend
vacation- The many friends of
Miss Carroll will be glad to know
that she graduated a few days
ago with nigh honors- Miss Cox
will complete her course next
year- She stands high in her
class and will also be chief editor
of their college magazine which
has taken its place among the
. leading college magazines of the
We sell Laughlin, Eclipse and
Parker fountain pens.
B. T.
Several of our people attended
the dosing exercises of the tree
Will Baptist seminary at Ayden
Thursday and Thursday
to Kinston Tuesday.
straw hats at a bar-
gain. B. F. Co-
G. Bryan returned from
near Stokes Monday after having
visited several days.
While away he was very sick but
is about well again, we are glad
to know.
Theodore Cox went to Par-
Friday on business.
Remember that the Oxford
orphanage class will be here
night. They give ex-
entertainments and we
hope to give them a full house.
Nothing deserves oar sympathy
more than the orphan children of
A. N. Ange Co. know how
to buy shoes for comfort,
and durability They have just
opened their large, line
Last Thursday and Friday the
Send us your orders-
Mrs. White has return
ed home after visiting her par-
want lime for repair-
I furnaces or buildings can
find the best quality at A W.
Ange Co.
Carolina Milling
Co. are prepared to
grind first meal for you at
any time Wood work also a
Poultry wire all heights at A.
W. Ange Co.
B. F. Co, have
opened up a nice of Canned
Nice assortment of glass ware
just arrived. Harrington, Bar-
Harrington. Barber Co. can
supply you with the famous
mowers and rakes to
save your hay.
A large line of umbrellas and
just received at
The third quarterly meeting of
Grimesland and Vanceboro cir-
will be held in Winterville
Taylor, her sister, accompanied
Misses Louise Satterthwaite re-
turned to her home at
Tuesday after spending some
time with her schoolmate. Miss
Janie Kittrell.
Miss Cox and Olive
Butt spent Saturday and Sunday
visiting relatives in Ayden.
Hon F. G. James has
out pair of
shoes seen in Raleigh this
week. He claims they won
the Training School because
the weight of evidence in
their favor was conclusive.
He must be wearing the
a fine mind Mr.
You will the BANISTER at
C. S.
to us the memories of school
as announced heretofore, the
class of the Kinston
Baptist Sunday school,
by Rev. B. W.
and Misses Lena Spam and
Emma Pollock, came up Friday
morning on their first outing trip.
They occupied the
while here, preparing their
own meals. They re not able
to carry out the intended pro-
gram on account of the rain.
G. A Kittrell and Henry
Blount left for the Jamestown
exposition yesterday
dormitory had its usual on June 7th. 1907. Rev.
appearance again, bringing back a. the presiding elder
will preach at o'clock a- m.,
ind at Every one is
Get your wood work done at
the Carolina Milling
fact iring Co.
On Friday night the citizens of
the town and community tender
ed them a most delightful but
informal reception in the tastily
decorated auditorium of Winter-
ville High school. Ice cream
and cake were served after some
time had been spent in various
Misses Kate and Chap
mar. left Friday morning to be
present at the University com-
at Chapel Hill,
where their brother, S. D.
Chapman, will graduate
honor in pharmacy.
We have on hand a few copies
the history of the San
-co disaster. Usual price
Our price, B. T. Cox
Mesdames C. C. of eye
Ayden and A- T Redditt, of
Kinston, spent Friday
Mrs. J. D- Cox.
You just ought to come down
and see the nice and up to-date
Hunsucker buggies being turned
-out almost almost every day by
A. G- Cox Co.
Misses Janie Kittrell and Lou-
i Satterthwaite returned Thurs-
c. v from Swansboro where they
some time with Miss Do-
T. Bro. have just re-
u -ed a nice lot of Teacher's
L , flexible binding. Prices
j to each.
season is now almost at
when most of the farmers
will likely need trucks to haul
Tobacco to and from the barn.
The A. G. Cox Co. are
now preparing to make good
many their
his season and would be glad to
supply your needs.
June 4th and 6th are the days
A. K Hawes, the celebrated op
of Atlanta, Ga., will be at
th drug store of Dr. B. T. Cox
Bro., for the purpose of fitting
your eyes with glasses free.
This is an excellent opportunity
having your eyes looked after
before to late. Come all.
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Bryan are
are spending time with rel-
near Stokes.
Good meal is a luxury. Bring
your com to the Carolina Mil.
ling and Manufacturing Com.
pony. They grind at any time
during the week.
Insure your buildings in the
N. C- i. C. Winter-
N. C.
A. W. Co., have a
nice line o. pants. Cheap too.
The seasons are delightful for
cotton and tobacco.
games- Never have we
more pleasant visitors than these.
ma- Mr. knows exactly how
chines on easy terms. A. W. conduct tour to
Co. enjoyable not only to
We have just received a large but also to those who
of best roofing. See us for have pleasure of entertaining
prices before buying. A. W. We
A a when the time came for them to
leave They returned to Kin-
who will be prepared to fill Saturday morning,
have a standing welcome to come
Have you seen new and enjoy our beautiful school
proved coffee-mill at Harrington whenever they wish-
Co It will take your M j-
Lawns, laces, organdies, ham-
bergs going at a at
Barber Co.
Extra line of white goods just
opened at B. F. Manning Co.
Knitting already
pared at Harrington, Barber
and men's fancy silk
hose for summer wear at B F.
Manning Co.
See our new assortment of
hamburgs, laces etc at B. r,
Manning Co.
Both Were Collector.
A local newspaper artist got a
letter one day from a man over
in Indiana who said he was
a collection of sketches.
have drawings from well known
newspaper artists in nearly ever
State in the the Indiana
man wrote, I have none
from Ohio. I have seen some of
your work and I think it is good.
If you will send me some little
sketch for my I shall
have it
The artist noticed from the
letterhead that the Indiana man
was connected with a bank in
one of the small towns over in
the State of literature. That
him a hunch, and he wrote
am making a collection of
bills. I haven't secured
specimens from every State in
the Union, but I have several
tens and a few twenties, and I
am particularly anxious to have
a ten dollar bill from Indiana I
notice that you are employed in a
place where ten dollar bills are
kept, and if you send me one for
my collection I shall be glad to
have it framed. Plain
Home of Women's Fashions, Greenville, N. C.
The wise n an
at his home
build a reputation .
bank. Regular and steadily con-
deposits, even though
they be small, will establish a
record for him on the banker s
books and in the banker's mind
North Carolina I In the Superior Court.
County. I Before D. C
Sidney Woolen and Charles Woolen.
Shade H. J. f. Woolen and
Herbert E.
By Virtue of Order made in the
above Special Proceeding by D. C.
of the Superior court, on
I the 7th day of May. 1907, the
l commissioner will on Saturday the
9th day of June. 1907, at noon,
u court
tract of
9th June. at i; n
i to public sale before the
begins early to, the
bidder the
land to , , .
Situate in the county of Pitt
State of North Carolina and in Swift
Creek township, adjoining the lands of
T. Fleming- J- M-
. Green lands and others, and containing
greater value
him in later years than all the l place. This mm will be
endorsements and testimonials I partition.
his friends can give him. This day of
J. L. Jackson Cashier Bank of commissioner
At the Close Business, May 20th
Overdrafts secured
Furniture fixtures
Demand loans
Due from banks and bankers
Gold Com
Silver coin Hi
capital stock
surplus funds
Undivided profits
Bills Payable
Time certificates of deposit
Deposits subject to
What Ails the Weather.
Vigorously disclaiming
for the much-cursed
weather of the past two months
and admitting that he can't fully
explain just what ails the at-
Weather Chief Willis,
L. Moore proceeds to give the
public such information as he
possesses Regarding the main
cause there seems to be no doubt.
A succession of
areas, producing clear and cold
weather in the far North, have
forced cold currents of air into
areas of low pressure extending
to the far South. High
pressure is common every
year in the North and low at-
pressure in the South,
specially during the spring and
freakish weather is usually due
to their failure to properly
each other. For two
months past high pressure has
had things all its own way; it
has been like the stronger of two
football teams, and all the play-
has been in low pressure's
territory. Hence the cold
extending from Canada to the
Gulf. It is this persistent super-
of high pressure which Mr,
Moore can't explain; he
stands the immediate but not the
remote We only ho;
won't continue through
as was the case during the me-
year 1816, when winter
kept on unbroken and December
was the warmest month Char-
of Carolina, I
of Pitt. J
I L Jacks., the named bank, do
-wear is true to Mi.- u;
to before
me, this day of May, 1807- j. F.
Public A.
Thirty-one Plead Guilty
Special to Reflector.
Mobile. Juno the dis-
court for the
of Alabama, this morning,
persons entered a
pi en of to the charge of
to cause the inter-
state carriage of lottery
The total fines
posed amounted to
The New Year
Finds the same old om door north
a lino ,
thank every customer his patronage the
past year and ask that it may be continued.
It will pay yon to visit my store and see my stock.
J. B. Johnston.

J i
Alphabet Boy Girl.
Mr. J S. who is known
personally to
than to anybody, learned tho
in his
Probably, if s of our young
people will learn it dot they
Will turn OUt to be U
awful r
A i y ho feels timid
bout inn anything mean far
from rig a coward
B- prompt in all your
that you
may in of
bu i
c your bu i
a hard prob-
. . tic; th
I i . after your a,,.
is i
. in
Whereas, it hath pleased the
Ruler of the Universe to
send the Angel of Death into the
home of our friend and brother,
Joseph and remove there-
from his devoted sister.
we bow In humble
submission to Him who
well, yet we would ex-
tend to our friend and brother
our deep and heartfelt
sympathy In the loss which he
those near to him have
Resolved, therefore, first that
members of Tar River Lodge
No. unite in sending to Broth
. , . . Miss
or this expression of ,
a I lies h
elf, not only in tin
,. -n . but
. up y m mind
ire t do, e sure ,;
lo it. be ii ever
in tho way
even q
sympathy for him in the death of
Second, that a copy of these
be furnished The
Reflector for
Third, that these resolutions
Reported for
The End of the Century Club
held its last for this sea-
son at the home of Mrs James
Fleming on- Tuesday afternoon,
May 28th The attendance was
not large but the enthusiasm of
those present compensated for
the absentees.
The program for the next year
was discussed The subject
chosen was Country It
was unanimously decided that
this subject is great enough and
broad to merit the
and the mental
activities even of the End of
Century Club
The only visitor present was
Miss of Wilson, who,
with Miss Whedbee as-
serving the
Tho purchase of DOW
additional book shelves was dis.
cussed and the librarian in-
to place a good
in the library.
The new were installed,
spread upon the minutes of land refreshments served after
a copy Brother I which the club adjourned until
our lodge and
I October.
I r unjust, be
Join hands with no
not his own country,
will never ant for dollars.
L and carelessness
are twins.
M Make no promise you can-
tot. Keep.
N Never resign a position
you have secured a better one.
Object to be led into what
you know to be wrong.
P Profanity has never made
a gentleman, and has ruined
Q Quarrels are like eggs
they grow worse with age.
to do a mean act,
be it over so small.
makes stronger
and better friends than gold,
silver or Battery,
events of childhood
will be remembered longer and
batter than anything else; so live
and act then, boys and girls,
that In the future when refill-
thorn they ca
yourself, and
you will the better understand
people are seldom
happy, n thinking of them-
selves too m
hen sweeping a room
do lie corners.
. made him a leader
of ten thousand Greeks, when
but a young man.
not to the flattery
Of one whom you have reason to
rightly applied will
make comparison worth know-
F. M. Wooten,
J. D. Garden.
W. E.
Adopted, by Societies of Baptist Church.
Our Heavenly Father in Hit
Our advertisement he
week in this paper
expose the real reasons why
the kind of tobacco used in
has the natural stimulating qualities that
gratify the hunger of and at less
cost than all other kinds of tobaccos.
Steadily increasing sales indicate
proof is in the chewing.
unerring wisdom, having taken
from earth to the celestial home
above our sister, Mrs. Emma K.
Hart, the members of the
man's Missionary Society and
I Ladies Aid Society of Greenville
A Dangerous Sermon
preacher said the other
day that debt was a bad thing
and that wished the clothes
that had not been paid for
rail oil the persons who wore express this testimonial of love
declared a Charlotte and esteem for her.
church woman.
that was dangerous,
for if they had begun to drop off
right there I'm afraid the meet-
would have closed
good old song, are all smiles
or rather. are
nothing but smiles
heard one man say all that he
would have left would have
been his paper collar.
looked for a catastrophe
there that night Rut. all the
same, the preacher spoke the
truth. About half the people in
this town live six months
hind their debts
R. F D. Men Meet
Over per cent of th; R. F.
D. carriers of the county were
present Thursday. Maj
and an enthusiastic meeting was
The absence of our
Mrs. Hart was a woman
of worth, whom to
know was to appreciate Her
church and its societies
have never lost a more
loyal or devoted member, as
through life she was ever true
and faithful. As a friend none
was r or more sympathetic.
We bow humbly to will
in taking her, realizing that our
earthly loss is her eternal gain.
We extend our deepest
to the sorrowing husband
who has lost a true and devoted
wife, and to the three little child-
who are bereft of that most
R. J. Reynolds
Tobacco Company
KILt the COUGH e
for all THROAT and
priceless a I tone
M. from from
mothers love God s com morbid dread of a treatment
tort and blessing be with the; relief, Ii three-fourths
stricken ones. and one-fourth and tout On the
M M t . hand you can oat as you please
Mrs . chard. the food by the aid of . good
Mrs, It- W. Whedbee, Com.
after your It
Loans and Discounts Stock paid in
; Overdrafts Secured Fund
j Unsecured 350.5 profits 3,422.66
of Deposit 2,652.51
subject 63,846.45
1,325 380,932.41
Due from Banks
Cash Items
Gold Coin
Silver Coin
by the aid of a
tho tier.
I as rest. Fat what you
I take a for
Grand union of Veter-
ans at Richmond.
j speaker was regretted, but Mr.
S. C. Wooten came to our rescue
and entertained our association
with an interesting and
aging speech, for which the
thanks of the association are
We wish to say for the
that If we can claim the
of our country
patrons the height that we
attain can only be measured by
the enthusiasm of the carriers.
J. W. Brown, Sec.
. , ., u,
what you oat; Sold by Jim. L. Woolen.
of Carolina.
f f
I. J. K. -f bank, do solemn-
s a to my
Notice in that I will
ply to the
at their ;, for to
retail liquor for six in the town
M. R.
In the matter of
to Reflector,
Newark. N. J. June
the burning of three tenements
at early this morning,
three persons were burned to
death, four others are missing
and a score were with
great difficulty.
On hall of myself and
I wish to return heartfelt
thanks and appreciation to the
people of Greenville fir their
great kindness and expressions
of sympathy in the recent sicK-
and death of my husband-
Mrs. W. F. Burch.
Register of Deeds R, Williams
has issued the following licenses
since last
E. A. Smith and
Luther T. Herring and Ruth
J. Beaman.
Oscar Tyson and
J. E. Hudson and Ida King.
Edward Thomas and Lillie
W. Arthur Tyson and Nora
A little child of Mr. and Mrs.
R- just west of
town, died Saturday evening.
The remains were taken out
near today inter-
More by Mail.
A traveling man received the
following telegram from his
arrived tonight. More
He went at to the nearest
office and sent the following
leave for home tonight. If
more come by mail, send to dead
letter House,
hold Guest.
Richmond, Va., May
day commences the Celebration
the Confederate t w
annual reunion in this
will last from today until
JuneS. The crowd in
is immense, all the South having
turned out with full numbers of banking North Carolina
veterans and their friends, who splendid showing during the
have come every town in year of 1906. Tho report
reunion seems Secretary Hunt, of the North
to nave been taken as the Carolina Association
gathering the entire made the State convention at
and no state has been Winston showed that there are
in sending here the boys now banks in the State
in gray who survive. The city of which have teen cs-
looks like the cap-. during the present
proud country that year.
f the fifty-
dressed up old town until arc national banks
she scarcely knows herself No a bank failure as occur-
her finery. Every house in red in the State in twelve
city is believed to be id months. The healthy condition
with Hags and bunting and i- ,
people wear a gladsome air ,
of the general industrial and
of the State,
Nil and
me, this day n
t, be-
AT N. c
May. 18th. l-7.
Loans and discounts
Duo from Ranks
Hold coin,
other U. notes
surplus fund
me of
Deposits to check
s chocks out-
State Of North Carolina, County of Pin
W B lard of tho above-named honk A. ,
that U, above statement, m true
wear a gladsome
as though all business has,
has been laid aside.
curiosity has been Salisbury
tested to see the Statue of the
president the Confederacy
Jefferson Davis. Charleston has
sent a big crowd, as enthusiastic
as though the reunion were in of the well known family
edge and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to be-
me, this 27th day of May.
Miss Marie a member
S. T. Carson
Votary Public
W. H.
the Palmetto State, and Atlanta
has a huge number here At-
is after the next convention.
Gen. Gordon commander of
Tennessee Division, is easily a
marked man among the
bled hosts, and he is all alive over
the presence of old comrades and
old generals. He considers that
the main event will be the
veiling of the states of the form-
president of the Confederacy.
That truth i. than Action,
boon in
Marion of fedora, the
p C. V. Pepper. He
oM with
OHO picked f the and throat.
Card of
I wish to return sincere thanks
to the people of Greenville
community for their attention
and great kindness during the
recent sickness and death of my
husband His mother, brothers
and sister join with me in this
expression of gratitude.
Mrs. R.
fame, died In
last week from blood poison
tract ll in tills way. ., and throat.
a pimple on her lip with a brass and all bop
1-u- j ,. when I begun
pin. Tho next day the lip was New Then
slightly-swollen, and boom the
, u bleeding rapidly, in
her severely. A physician was three weeks to
called and pronounced it the and colds,
r.- j , and J. L
deadly poison Six days later Trial bottle free
she died Buffering
the most pain. Greens-
Pitt County Ready.
Wednesday. June. 5th
I he No.
Number three a mascot
H. of Ceder drove. Me.,
much with liver and kidney
aged by failure to find relief, I tried
and a result am a
, IS the well man to-day. The bottle re-
tor the board of and three the
education to receive the bids for care Guaranteed beat on for
the location of the Caro- trouble, by
I raining school teachers
Pitt county has her bid all
tn . . ,
., . . .
To sufferers or Kidney Liver or
Bladder troubles. Other
features say a bottle and if
it will
your a
full size bottle of
and if it benefits you, then
SOL until
This entitles yon
to a bottle SOL at
Only a limited number f bottle
given away. Don't miss this op
to test
. f.
Greenville, N. C. June 1907.
To the officers and members
of Jarvis Memorial Sunday school
M. E. church, South.
Again God has seen fit in His
wisdom to visit our school with
death, this time our senior class
was the one to f the victim
in the person of Brother R. S
Evans- In the death of
Evans we have lost one of our
very best members, one who
loved his Sunday school, his
church and all of its institution.
He gave his life to Christ in early
manhood and continued a faith-
member of his to the
last Be served steward
most form the time he joined the
church and did he could for
the furtherance of the cause of
Christ Brother Evans was an
obedient son, a loving husband
and father, a kind and
brother and a true friend.
Therefore resolved,
1st. That we tender to his
wife and two little sons our
heartfelt in this their
and bid them go to the
God he served for comfort for
alone hath the words of
eternal and to the aged
mother, brothers and sisters we
pray God's blessing upon them,
and may they also live that in
the home beyond the river they
may meet where parting,
row, sin and death are felt and
feared no more, and may have
the consolation that brother
Evans has lost to them a good
name which Solomon says
rather to be chosen than great
2nd. That a copy of these
resolutions be spread upon the
the minutes our Sunday
school, a copy sent to the
and one to The Reflector for pub
Wiley Brown.
A. C.
Jonathan White.
shows that there is due, him,
the direct by
his father, the sum of
The income from this
the three years is
From this sum expenditures have
been made covering the
expenses of the estate,
bringing the actually
paid him down to something less
Unveiling Monument lo
ton Davit.
Special to
Richmond, Va., June 3-The
drawing event of the great es-
of the United Veterans
of the entire South in a great
reunion, comes off today, when
the monument to the former
chief of the Confederacy,
is unveiled in the
of least two
This monument was hauled to
its destination by school children,
five thousand of whom had hold
of the ropes, and pulled it along
as they sang their little hymns.
The sight was very inspiring,
and the streets were filled with
spectators. The ropes with
which the tiny hands of the
children pulled the ponderous
along were three city
long, and the children
w -e strung along for the same
d and each one pulled
he or she was the
one attached to the rope.
folks impulsively rushed
ii i give a little help as it seemed
to 1.1 needed, and to the stirring
music of the Continental fife and
drum the proud procession press-
ed forward. Today the
of the lost was
the most striking feature of
exercises. The children
pied a platform inside the Lee
circle, the combination of colors
in their attire representing the
red, white and blue and the
teen stars ox the Confederacy.
to th a
After a night in the rends
the dock into the
the the assembled
motley crew that comprises the pop-
of tho place. flimsy,
hobby Port exceedingly
inflated fake. About the wildest
excitement in sight that night was
show with
A brass
was attached, and after every
tho Indies gave u sweet smile
with each plate contribution. Of
there is tho quarter,
which a half dozen or so
that follow you
about are anxious for you to sec.
but goes there after night-
down at the end of the
dark, like the
murmuring of a stage mob. comes
the noise of the coaling of shins.
All day and nil night they coal
Port Said. The cool imps in
and turban or fez keep
step with nattering feet lo n pro
longed yell without begin-
without end beneath
baskets of dusty coal crawl out
of the lighter up the high side of
ship. the
smoky glare of great torches naked
yelling the baskets of the
chain that to a weird, form-
less chant gees round round up
the springy plank and bock again.
As you look over tho it
no stretch of fancy t; the sen
of the grimy coal dust, the t
and sweat f toiler-, and see
stead demons in pit
scraping, scraping, tho dark-
into baskets for the
lire of their lean and lank
brothers, who hoist their l
on naked shoulders and join
weird parade. In the
of the torch their teeth .
and their a dull red, only to
be swallowed up in a moment in the
dull that envelops
Fantastically almost the
builds up out of the confusion be-
low. Vaguely masts, rigging, fun-
and ventilators are outlined or
touched here there with n deli-
rosy light so full of subtle
meaning that fabric is
built up by a few suggestive lights,
i. the whole is repeated in still
waters J.
ward in
Rip Saw
Freedom does not breed
Poverty is not the child of
Self is the most complex ma-
chine in existence-
man with brains
gets stuck on himself.
birds often
have foul nests.
As as we can love and
laugh, we'll know God
There could be no
without slaves in one form or
Cotton and handlers of
Bagging, Ties and
light purse Is a heavy
Sickness nukes a light purse.
The LIVER is the seat of nine
tenths of all disease.
go to the root of the whole mat-
thoroughly, quickly safely
and restore the action of
LIVER to normal condition.
Give tone to the system and
solid flesh to the body.
To No Substitute.
You can afford
cents per week
pays for a
at your
M. C
TH AT PAY, M our
mill U .-.
nodal. or for report I
on . .- SO Gun- I
i rate
he it to
Sharp Razor's eleM Towels
work guaranteed
Cosmetics A Specialty.
Hot and Cold
one and all for you pas
i ii and hoping for your con
I remain,
to serve,
S. J. Prop.
On getting stale goods in warm
weather. Come to my store for
And you will find the good article every
Signers if
Meet Jamestown.
Harry Thaw Get Twenty Thousand
Dollars a Year.
Special to Reflector.
Pa. June
Fidelity Title and Trust Com-
as tee presented today
to the judges of the orphans
the accounts of the estate
of the father of K.
Thaw. Harry Thaw is shown to
have received Ike lire-eat
income of any of near-
been paid to
him from t h is source This
sum is exclusive of the income
he derives from various other
bequests under his father's will.
The account of Harry Thaw
Special to Reflector.
Princeton, May CO.-Grover
Cleveland is earnestly in favor
of the plan of the Thomas
Memorial Association to
have the descendants of the
signers of tie Declaration of In
dependence meet at the James-
town Exposition on the coming
fourth of July. Such meeting,
it is considered, would be a most
inspiring occasion and it would
give new impetus to the move-
to provide a worthy me-
of the great author of the
immortal charter of our
Ticket Scalpers Enjoined From Deal-
big in Exposition Tickets.
Special to Reflector.
Norfolk, Va., May 30.-The
motion comes up today before
Judge Prentiss, in the Norfolk
city circuit court to make his in-
junction against, ticket scalpers
from buying or selling all rail-
road and other non- transferable
transportation tickets until to-
day. Now injunction will
be made permanent if the expo-
authorities have their way.
They like the taste as well as maple
is what one mother wrote of
Laxative Cough Syrup. This
modern cough syrup is free
from any opiate or narcotics, contains
Honey Tar. conforms to the National
Pure Food and Drug Law. S old by
Jno. L. Wooten.
in. in
v Counsel From the South.
When the cold winds dry and crack the
the skin a box of salve can save more
discomfort. In buying salve look for
the name on the box to avoid any
and be sure you the
Witch Hazel Salve. Sold by
Jno. L. Wooten
Clear up the complexion,
tone You can best
do or two of Do
Little Early Risers. Safe Reliable little
pills with a reputation. The pills that
everyone knows. Recommended by
Jno. L. Wooten.
Central Shop.
Edmond Fleming, Props,
In main section.
chairs in operation and each
o. o presided over by a skilled
Our place is inviting, razors sharp
our clean.
We thank yon for past
aid pen to when
Mr. E. W of St Louis
St., Dallas, Tex. hays;
have become with Dr.
King's New Life and DO laxative
I ever before tried so
es of malaria and They
don't grind nor gripe. at John I.
He Fired Stick.
have fired the walking-stick I've
carried over years, on account of a
sore that resisted every kind of treat-
until I tried
Salve; that has healed the tore and
me a happy writes John
Garrett, of North Mills, N. C.
teed for Piles, Burns, etc., by John. I.
Every Man His Own Doctor.
The average man afford to
employ a physician for every slight ail-
or injury that may occur in his
family, nor can he afford to neglect
them, as so slight an injury us the
scratch of a pin has been known to
cause the loss of a limb. Hence every
man must from necessity be his own
doctor for class of Success
often upon prompt treatment
which can only be bad when suitable
medicines are dept at hand. Chamber-
been in the
The Fifteenth National
Congress, will be
held in Sacramento, California.
September 2-7 next, premises to
be u important national
event It is a forestry congress
and discussions, which
will include questions of
forest reserve extension
and as well
national irrigation, will be of
interest and importance to
every portion of the country.
R. L. Johnson,
Contractor, Builder, Tile Setter.
Plans submitted and estimates fur-
on application. All work
Turn key job when ever
J .
All kinds of all kinds choice cut flow-
in season Special attention given
Wedding and Funeral
Bulb stock. Pot plants for Winter bloom-
Rosebushes, Hedge
plants, Evergreens and Shade trees
great variety.
Raleigh. N. C.
Harry Skinner. Han j Skinner, Jr.
TH. W.
Practice in all
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
purifies the blood, strengthen
the nerves, regulates the bowels,
aids the kidneys, cures
troubles, builds up the nervous
force and repairs ill effects
of over eating Tea or Tablets,
cents, Wooten's Drug Store.
I have opened on Fifth street, op-
Hotel Bertha, a place for doing
all kinds of Upholstering and Harness
Repairing. Work done promptly and
satisfactory. D. D. GARDNER.
Piles get quick and certain relief
from Dr. Magic Ointment.
Please note it is made alone for Piles,
and its action is positive and certain.
Itching, painful, protruding or blind
tiles disappear like magic by its use.
glass jars
Sold by Drug Store
First Class Work and
Prices. Iron Fencing Sold.
Greenville, North Carolina.
Merchant Tailors,
Building on Third
We have just received our
new line of woolens for spring
suits. Come and have a look.
Panama Canal.
Machinery is digging
canal a thousand times quicker
the shovel dug tho Erie.
Machinery the U.
paint at times less for labor,
than if made by has.
The L, At M. gives the job in
world, because L. M. Zinc hardens
L. M. White makes L. of.
iron for Id to
It only gallons of this
paint and gallons of Linseed
Oil at GO ct per gallon, paint a mod-
If any defect exists in L. i- M. Paint,
will repaint house nothing.
Sold by H. L. Greenville.
I will mail you free, to
samples of my Dr.
prove merit,
loop's Restorative.
and my Bo; k on either The
Heart or The Kidneys, Troubles of the
Stomach, Heart or are mere-
symptoms of a deeper ailment.
make the common error of treating
symptoms only. Symptom treatment
is treating the result of your ailment,
and not the cause. Weak Stomach
inside -mean
. always. And the
Heart, and ff . well, have their
nerves. Weaken
, i
we . organs. Here is where Or.
Slit-., g ., bar.
n c . m.; to t eat
the Bide bloat-
t . I or com-
i. . noon's Restorative.
Write sample and free Hook.
Dr. Wis. The
is sold by Drug Store.
Get a free sample of Dr.
store. If real
Coffee disturbs your Stomach, your
Heart Kidneys, then try this
Coffee imitation. Dr. has close-
matched Old Java and Mocha Coffee
in flavor and taste, has not a
single-rain of Coffee in it. Dr.
I f Health Imitation is made
from pure toasted grains or
Nuts, etc. Made in a min-
No wait. You will sure-
it. Sold by T. E. Hooker Co.
Greenville, N. Q
How to live on cents a day.
The mind as well as the body is
by economy in eating.
There's no health giver like a
diet of Hollister's Rocky
Tea. In a startling way it
keeps you going. Tea
or Tablets Wooten's Drug Store.
Wholesale and retail
Dealer. tor
Hides, Fur, Cotton Peed,
Turkeys, Egg, etc. Be
steads. Mattresses, Oak
Baby Carriages, Par
suits Tables. Lounges, Safes
and Gail Ax Snuff,
high Life Tobacco Key West
George Cigars,
Cherries, Peaches,
Pine Apples, Syrup, Jelly,
Meat Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Meat
Magic Food, Matches
Seed Meal and Hulls,
Garden Seeds, Oranges, Apple-.,
Nuts Dried Apples,
Peaches, Prunes,
Glass ware Tip
wooden ware, cakes and
crackers, Macaroni, Best
Butler, New Sewing Ma
and numerous other
Quality and fr
come see me,
S. M.
Cannot be Cored
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con-
of the mucous lining of the
Tube. When this tube is in-
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and when it is en-
closed, Deafness is the result,
and unless the inflammation can be
ken out and this tube restored to its
; normal condition, hearing will be de-
cases out of ten
I'll stop your pain free,
my Pink Pain Tablets can do, I will but an inflamed condition of
mail you free, a Trial Package of them surfaces.
fore you spend a penny-what are caused by catarrh, which is nothing
Dr. Headache Tablets.
Headache, Toothache. Period
pains, etc., are due alone to blood con-
Dr. Headache Tablets
simply kills pain by coaxing away
unnatural blood pressure. That is all.
Address Dr. Racine. Wis, Sold
by Drug Store.
We will give One hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness by ca-
that cannot by Hall's.
Catarrh cure. Send for circulars, free.
T. Toledo, O.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
Home of Women's Fashions, Greenville, N. C.
W. H. U.,.
N. C
kit for many years and enjoy
Diam for plaint, j
I i lam's for
comma, en up and whooping,
cough. I
t and Liver Tab-1
Ins for and
inn of
the tit in.
On- bottle of each f these five
J in . Me i
Brokers It
n ii. .,
. r to N
Read a hundreds of such
I have suffered with NERVOUS for past
who have received more beneficial and lasting from use
Syrup invariably Ea MINERAL than from any other of
it the the many I have had prescribed me. It gives me
la so pleasant. Contains ; . tn in in ,,.
and tar It laxative to testily to its marvelous results in my own case and
, re- others have personally observed.
lief croup,
through the DO
and Drug Law. Sold
cough syrup and is unrivaled for tin-
Drives cold out
reels. Conforms to the
Mrs. Martha P. Taylor,
Newport New
Send Geo. S. Prichard. Greenville. N. C.

J. M. BLOW, Manager and Authorized Agent.
Am authorized Kent for Daily
and we lake
and receipts for
in We hare a list
j all who receive mail at
hit office. take orders
ob printing
Mrs. Hosea and Miss Lillie
Cox have returned to their
homes in Goldsboro.
For and cheap goods go
to E. E. Co., they always
have the best.
Mrs. Addie Cox and Mrs
The J. R. Smith Co. the pop-
merchants of Ayden. N. C.,
have just received a new and
complete line of the famous
spectacles and eye
Classes, and will be assisted for
our days. May 30th, 31st. June
by one of A. K- Haw
Company's opticians. All
Ayden and vicinity who wish to
have glasses scientifically
should call at the store of Smith
Co, on the above mentioned
special notice
The Ayden Milling and Manufacturing Company have
W furnishings and material
in their undertaking department
They have also purchased a hearse and are in first
class position to serve the This is a long needed
June B
Manufacturing Go.
Butt, of Winterville, were
Mass. May
Messrs J. K Co.
Ayden. N. C.
here a short while yesterday. For fear that there
Go to E- E a slight misunderstand-
market for beef, fresh
sausage and fresh
Misses Hollie and Fannie
Waters, of Vanceboro. spent
Tuesday and Wednesday with
Mrs W. E. Hooks.
on of some of our
customers regarding the
tee upon our patent and Dull
shoes, we wish to
emphasize the fact that
exists and has not been with-
Merchandise Broker-I carry I We our customers and
line of Meat, Lard and .
Don't buy before men s shoes to
know that we will continue to do
as we have done in the past vis.
me a trial. Frank Lilly
Benjamin Smith, an old veter-
an, Tuesday to attend the
reunion at Richmond. Mr.
Smith was with Stonewall Jack-
son up in the Virginia valleys
and saw the noted after
he was killed.
guarantee the vamps of the
Patent and Bull not
to break through before, the first
sole is worn out.
In the event of a Burt Pack-
ard. shoe
M you need any Paint be sure
and see E. E- Co.
Mrs. J. L. Home came down
Monday and organized a
Missionary Society with
twelve members.
exchange corn
for or Lean, Healthy Shoats
weighing from to pounds.
If preferred I will pay cash mark-
et price for same W. A. Darden
Ayden, N. C.
At a regular meeting Eureka
No. K of P.,
Allowing were
elected officer for
year beginning J 1st,
W. B. C. W E.
Hooks, V. C; J. M. Blow,
E. L. i M. of W; W. L.
Browning, K-of R. B.
Pierce, i. G; Church Moore,
J. R Turnage was elected
representative to the grand
lodge also lodge deputy-
It is a delight and a pleasure
to say of the
in having a first class
Pen. Call at Drug
Store and secure this much need-
ed article.
Miss Freddie Tucker, of
is visiting Miss Lena
Call at the Drug Store
cure one of hose excellent
M, Sauls.
Marcellus Smith is at home on
a visit South Carolina.
The most will be
pleased with one of those
Pens at Saul's. Coll and
Hon. F. A. Woodard delivered
the annual address at the
commencement here yes-
M. M has the finest and
best supply of Fountain Pens
ever brought to Ayden.
The infant of W. G. Smith
died Monday night and the re-
mains were carried to Greenville
Tuesday for interment. A few
friends from here accompanied
pens on sale at Saul's
drug store at from SI to
J. A. Harrington is having
built a brick store on Lee
street a few doors from Main
tons cons cotton
F Lilly Co
The following is the annual
statement of the Ayden
from May 13th, to May
13th, 1907.
Stock on hand
May 13th 1907.
Due state treasury.
Bills payable.
contrary to this
the from whom the
shoes were purchased, is author-
to replace with a new pair.
Yours very truly,
and Field.
In a game of ball here be-
tween the graded school and the
seminary boys, Wednesday, the
score stood to in favor of
the graded school. Nine innings
were played
We Len thanks to our
friend C. V. Cannon, for an in-
to attend the commence-
exercises at Chapel Hill.
W. I. Jenkins and
to do farmer living on
the edge or Ayden in his
as a farmer has
of meal, nor has he bought
hay or fodder, and that
never purchased a horse, but
raises his own team and now has
pretty working
can be found anywhere Fe
makes all necessary home sup-
plies, his money crop he places
in the Ayden bank and always
has a nice little catch-me-all on
hand to meet any demands and
he don't seem to kill himself
Working either.
WE. Hooks and W. J. Boyd
have gone to on
Mr. Whitty came over from
New Bern Sunday to see his
wife who is here on a visit to
her father, W. S. Blount Mr.
Whitty is a very prominent
hardware merchant of New-
We regret very much to learn
of the sudden and unexpected
death of Mr. John Pierce a very
prosperous and prominent far-
mer living just three miles from
Ayden. His health has been
for sometime but he was
seldom confined to the house,
lie was in Ayden Monday and
we had quite a lengthy
with him. Mr. Pierce
was our friend and our regard
for him was not exceeded by
that for any other. He was a
gentleman of the old school and
always condemned that of the
hypocritical character He ad-
mired honor and integrity in
every one, and ever, we verily
believe to the golden
Do unto others as you
would have them do unto
Bryant Tripp an old vet has
gone to Richmond to meet his
comrades of the
The commencement at the
Free Will Seminary passed
pleasantly. The annual address
was fine. The student body
acquitted themselves admirably
The institution is a credit to
den and this whole section of the
country. It certainly merits a
very large patronage
Miss Clarence after
a visit several weeks here to rel-
left for her home in
Greensboro Saturday.
Mrs. Willie Prince, who has
been spending several weeks
with her mother, has returned to
her home in Point
W. J. Jenkins showed us a
cabbage taken from his truck
farm Saturday that weighed
Mrs. George Worthington and
Mrs. Jesse Cannon are away on
a visit to friends in Goldsboro,
Kinston and Morehead City.
see F. V. Johnston when you
need feed of any kind.
Field Peas at F. V.
The Good Newspaper.
In the old plantation those
who subscribed for
laid little stress upon value
of a paper for furnishing
opportunity The planter
lived on his plantation. He
wanted the general news of the
State, the United States, and the
world; but industrial and
news concerned him little.
He was not looking for
in these fields H took a
newspaper largely for his enter-
and to post him gen-
The modern newspaper is a
totally different institution. It
must not only furnish everything
that the planter desires, but it
must furnish specific information
about the progress of all sorts of
business and manufacturing
movements. If somebody is
going to build a house the
the brick man, the car-
and others, not only want
to know it, they want to
know to whom to apply to sell
their wares and make contracts.
Therefore the good newspaper
become an important adjunct of
the business of the lumber man,
the brick man. the carpenter and
others. For the merchant it
must tell where new goods are
made, where a good supply of
and other fruits can be ob-
from a new field and in a
thousand and one ways, it must
put enough information of a com-
character within reach
each subscriber that he may
make back in the year, not only
the subscription price, but some-
times the subscription price many
In the modern newspaper in
the midst of an industrial world,
the advertisements become
most as much of importance as
much of the reading matter is.
By watching the
Kinston Votes Bonds.
The town of Kinston held an
election Monday on the question
of issuing bonds to the amount
of j qualify the town for
bidding on the location of the
Eastern training school for
teachers Out of a total
vote of there were
cast for bonds, against
bonds, not voting. That
was a good vote for the bonds
and shows the progressive spirit
of Kinston.
r Joseph Dixon
N. c.
am fa leave
noon Washington,
Special to Reflector.
Norfolk. Va June.
military carnival and
for the
Jamestown exposition, from
June to today. SB
open to members of the regular
army who are classed as
the united
eves of a the
into two of events
the regulars, the other
kt with i will
Norfolk A Hy for sports
Norfolk. Baltimore. Philadelphia of the reel
. a other These events will be
s North and West t- those held annually at
f order their Garden. Near
I care off
Southern Ry Co. that period known as
subject to change Tho remainder of
a i I
c the National
teams, f
K Agent, Va.
M W.
First Kilo of Brick.
Mr. W. H. Jr., who s-
a brick making plant
here recently, finished burning
his kiln of brick en
Tuesday. An examination of
the brick shows them to be an
excellent article, hard, smooth
and of good finish. Mr- is
to be congratulated and we hope
his enterprise will meet
ant success. His plant
s need that Greenville has
By virtue of a executed and
delivered by and
Williams on
the 18th day of December. 1905, which
appears of the office
of Pitt c
in book J-8, page the undersigned
will for cash before the curt house
on the 18th
cent Three
six men each will be
sent from New York alone for
this event, and other cities are
showing equal interest.
R. L.
Contractor, Setter
ship, on the south side of Tar i be I
ginning at the gate post on the left-side
to then east wit
to the Mogul line. with the
line to Creek, then uP
to and with the run thereof to
a big cypress. Hardey-s corner, then
straight across the field to the beginning
CUM In. n
This Booklet will be mail-
ed free to anyone owning
a piano or contemplating
buying one.
When you visit the Expo-
have your mail ad-
dressed to our store We
will care for it, and it
We will be glad to
ha you also use our con-
for writing let-
This is all free to
to see our
Pianos and hear the Play-
but you will be
under no obligation to
TO J. H.
in Dry Goods. No-
taken to secure the etc
money. i
This April 18th, 1907. Prime U u
. WILLIAMS, Mortgagee. J to the
. A m s
of business May. 18th,
Loans and discounts
Overdrafts secured
Furniture and Fixtures
Due from banks an i bankers
Cash items
Gold coin
Silver coin
Nut. bk 1,688.00
Capital stock
f less expenses mi
Dividends unpaid
Deposits subject to check
certified chocks. no
I J. B. Smith, . I the above
K. SMITH, Cashier.
Mud to
27th May, f DIXON
Notary b I
All his life he was a sterling of the and taking ad-
Democrat loving its principles the prices made pub-
find ,.,.,,.,., I ho f., .
Cash paid Town
Cash paid Town
Cash paid
town Treas. 5-13-07
Sash on hand 6-14-07
Cock on hand
Net profit 4728.35
and practicing its precepts.
He was a mason in high stand-
and will be buried with ma-
honors He was about
years of age every year of which
was usefully spent and the
world was made better for his
having lived in it. His neigh-
will miss him, especially
the poor, tho entire community
will miss him for he was a use-
man and the need of him
will long be felt. We shall miss
rum for he never came to town
that he didn't call to see us and
may the words of counsel he
gave us do us good. We
his loved ones and
2,500.00 sincerely that He who only
I can may carry comfort to their
the housewife an save
per cent, on the cost of running
a house, and the paper becomes
at once a valuable business asset
in the household.
Those people who look upon a
newspaper as sort of luxury or a
literary indulgence, totally fail
appreciate how much is
done by the news gatherers of a
modern paper to furnish inform-
upon the basis of which
important profits may be de.
Therefore, for the enterprising
man a good modern newspaper is
an investment and not an
Besides the money value
exhibited, it is educational,, and
if M left after- is an important factor in training
Richmond to see his
who are there on a visit to
of his wife.
A woman would rather break
a bill than a cent dish.
children to acquire the habit of
reading and educating the mind
what is going on
For Twenty-one Years
F. S.
Norfolk, Ya.
have been the standard Cotton and
Tobacco guanos in the South
because great care is used in the
election of materials.
Ask your dealer for
goods and don't take substitutes
aid to be as good. See that
the trade-mark is on every bag.
D. J. W i Owner.
VOL. No.
Truth In Preference to Fiction.
Old With
Still Sticks
Old Time
to Her Rain.
the State
visited by
May be the time i come
when the people will on
science for religion,
is a long way In d-
marks, the l. of
living and it i
hoped more coming along.
This has been a most peculiar
spring an summer; ii fact we
have hid March;
it's been winter. During all
these weeks the papers hare
been course in a
jocular man up at
Washington the fiend-
quality he is dishing out.
One of the good old time
women hereabouts has been hear-
of all these goings-on and
she is disgusted. She says she
. cannot read, but she has grand-
children who have been going to
school and they read to her.
. tell you what it she
said today, talking in a Record
, man's hearing; here stuff
and talk ain't right. is
. tie newspapers a some
i smut man up at Washing-
ton a de just as if be
anything to do it;
hops on him and him as
if de poor man had a thing to do
it de people know
de good Lord dishes out be
wedder he fixes it up tor
good wise purpose
when git good ready he
to give us summer
wedder, hot we deserve it,
fur we but he is
long to-
wards us too many
smart men a. up all over
de world; knows too much,
or thinks does, and someday
Se Lord to one
show how little is.
Talk about de men up at
capital a up de wedder
Why, he know Z
about it He may know
which way a storm is and
shoot clear wedder, but
when i de papers claim he
can make any kind of wedder to
suit himself, is tom-
foolery, to me
spell comes along de whole
seem like it to dry
up; den de remember
is a God git to-
and prays f rain
when to-
and prays de spirit
de Lord he
answer de prayer de
rain. You knows dis is so,
you done seen still a fool
man think he's smart he go
ob and talk like a dunce till he
get real den he go to
What we needs is to
oftener make
pray more. If de peoples keep
on pay no attention de Lord
he to smite What
we needs is more and less
big talk. De Lord am a
things he to keep on
This old woman has evidently
not forgotten her raising and is
sticking- Would it not be far
better if we would all stick
Greensboro Record.
in forth
Many sections of
have been recently
severe hail storms
Th Atlantic Coast Line depot
at n City was destroyed by
t v A of
matter in the
building was also consume.
J. P. a young man of
Wilmington, while talking to his
mother of his troubles, shot him-
self in the temple with a pistol.
He fell in his mother's arms and
died in a few minutes.
Wage, Men and
R. D. W. Conner, of the State
department of education, was
making an educational speech in
Davidson county, Saturday.
a man named
interrupted and cursed him.
Connor left the stand and made
the first fight that
followed coming out about even.
Beginning July 1st, under a
new order of the third assistant
postmaster general, all the fourth
class post offices in North Caro
Una will make their quarterly
postal deposits to the Raleigh
office. This discontinues Ashe-
ville and as de-
also Richmond. Va.,
so far as it is a depository for
this State. There are
fourth class offices in North Caro-
only six States having a
larger number, these being New
York. Pennsylvania, Virginia,
Kentucky, Missouri and Texas.
Day Parade in New York.
A telegraph linesman while at
work near the top of a pole, in
Raleigh, was electrocuted by
coming in contact with a live
A night watchman at one of
the furniture factories in High
Point, accidentally fell a vat
of boiling water and wad to badly
scalded that he died in agony a
few hours later.
William a 13-
old boy. put en a train
by his parents at Rocky Mount
destined to When
he went to change cars at Wash-
City the conductor
not find him. the boy having
completely disappeared.
John Campe and wife, of Gas-
ton county, were married
in South Carolina years ago
and have since lost their record,
recently applied to the register
of deeds of their county for
a license and were remarried in
order to make the union legal.
Mr. is on the Federal pen-
At the preliminary trial of Dr.
D. S. Rowland, at Henderson,
charged with poisoning his son,
the action was dismissed, a
chemical analysis of the child's
stomach failing to disclose any
poison. As soon as he was re-
leased from custody Dr. Rowland
was re-arrested under a warrant
charging him with the murder
of his wife's first husband at
Raleigh. He was taken to
to answer that charge.
A Great American I n it i to list Which
h. a lo the of
Some few days since a lady
was to say that the
greatest invention of modern
times was the invention of I he
shirt waist with short sleeves for
women's war. The short sleeve
waist for summer wear is not
only cool and pleasant, but with
it the housewife nay beat the
same time always neatly dressed
and yet always to do much of
the house work without change
of clothes and even without the
necessity of stopping to roll up
her to be bothered with
their coming down every few
The same shirt waist
being a fine horse
costume and well adapted to
kitchen alike, be
easily turned into a street or
traveling The shirt
waist is always worn with a skirt
of some good fabric. This skirt
may be made of stuff suitable
for and outdoor ware
alike. To the waist and
fabric skirt add a pair of long
gloves to meet the short sleeves
and a coat to go over the shirt
waist and the lady is ready for
the street to shop or for the
train to
The modern sleeves shirt
waist is a great American
not only for neatness in the
parlor, convenience in domestic
work, but for the facility with
which the household dress of
which it is a part may be trans-
formed to a street or traveling
A Good Local
I to Reflector.
st praiseworthy efforts of
bile dealers and owners
come to notice up to
date, is the orphan's
day parade, which occurs today,
when every orphan in the city is
to be given a ride in an
bile. Ail the inmates of orphan
asylums in the city are on the
streets today in moving
cars of every design known to
makers It is estimated that
over two thousand automobiles
are in the parade, which is
into two great divisions
A fine dinner was served, and
each child was filled to repletion.
All places of amusement were
thrown open to the children.
The willingness of auto owners
to accommodate the children
was very shown
c i
i L
Georgia Day at Exposition.
Special to Reflector.
Jamestown, June is
Georgia Day, and a great crowd
of people from Georgia are here,
with many visitors from outside,
while the international fleet is
lying at anchor in Hampton
Roads, and President Roosevelt
is addressing the multitude, and
the same time opening the
exhibition which represents ten
millions of blacks of the South,
who have got together a re-
markable collection of articles
that exhibit their skill in
culture, and in the
arts, i he bankers loaned half a
dollars in order that the
exposition might be made com
by today, and matters are
in better shape than they have
been at any time since the expo-
first broke ground.
There are lots of ones
Stop once for all your efforts to
patronize the local editor. Bring
yourself to look upon his white
space as the goods he has to I,
the value of which yourself
can determine by your
to make good use of it
Convince the editor that you
and your fellow merchants are
looking to him to produce a good
paper which the of the I
hood . will want hard
enough to take it and pay for it.
that you appreciate
all efforts he puts forth to make
his that kind of paper. Help
him to get as much of the local
news as possible. Help him to
increase his ex-
ample, by giving a year's sub
to his paper as a
with cash purchases to a
specified amount
If you have no paper in your
own town, earn the friendship of
the editors of the local papers
that do circulate among those
who are. or should be, customers
of yours.
For example, you could make
it a duty of one of your clerks to
act as a paper's agent in and
respondent from your neighbor-
hood and thus put its editor
such obligations to you as
would make him eager to help
you in your fight against retail
mail-order houses.
In thus helping the local editor,
do not let yourself think that you
are playing the part of a
good Samaritan to him. It
may be that he has declined
more than one offer of
retail mail-order
houses, any one of which would
have brought him more than all
the in town pay him
in with more or
less grumbling at that.
Think of him only as an in-
means through which
to a large number of your
you can have expressed
facts and opinions of benefit to
you but would lack
weight coming yourself.
For your own sake do all you
can to build near to you
as possible a local paper of wide
circulation and great influence.
And then be the right
of its editor to the extent
that, will enable you to secure
ca of ;
T . .- . c.
A New York business house is
substituting office girls for
boys, and it is reported that the
change has been so satisfactory
as to cause a demand for more
changes. Girls, it is said, at-
tend more strictly to their work,
are more prompt and more de-
than When a
girl is told to do anything
sets about it at once, whereas
many boys spend more en-
in trying to av. id the work
than would be required to do it.
The girls, it is admitted, spend
more time before the looking-
glass fixing themselves than boys
do, but they don't so
much. In the filing
the they were found
to be so neat and prompt that
other departments asked for
them to take the place of boys.
It is just possible, however,
that some injustice is done to the
office boy. He gets copious
ard little commendation. No
opportunity is omitted, is a rule,
to convince him he is a very
, and
his natural is
to live up his reputation.
A boy argues that if he is to
bear a bad character, he may as
well get all the fun that is
dent to or earns such a
The office boy is expected
to suppress all the natural
of be sober,
industrious, discreet and as
thoughtful as a grownup person.
His desire to go to the baseball
game is the theme of many a
joke; his inclination
to see the circus is spoken of
with derision or as proof of
depravity. Upon the whole,
the office boy is a right jolly
little of nature
and as to find an excuse to
go to the circus as his employer.
H often affords an excellent op-
for men to do good by
training him up in good
He, is far more sensitive
and rebuffs far more keenly
most men be-
and he is full of greet
possibilities. The office boy i.-
apt to become an official of the
corporation or a member ff the
firm, and to see him displaced b
girls would cause much regret
Whether the
the ordinary business office is
the for a
girl is question. Baltimore Sun.
The experience of the world
s that the wages of
men and women are equal the
Between the s of one and men get all the jobs, except in
four Sunday morning a cases where the wages are so
M. , low that no competent men will
opposite the court house, and accept them, in which case the
stole and carried a watches, i women get them. Union
rings and other goods to the for instance, get the same
amount of With an wages for men and women but
the thief ed a number of holes the men have almost all the jobs,
around the lock to the door and of the fact that the work
gained entrance in that way I is of a sort which women can do
Mr. Goldstein sent t Green- very well,
ville for Mr. Hines to bring his In primary teaching, on the
dogs and Mr. responded j other hand, the women have all
right away and the canine man i the jobs; at wages an equally
hunters took up a trail at the man will not work for.
store and followed it cut
the lot back of Goldstein's and
thence to Kinston Lumber Com-
s bridge, up the railroad to
brick yard and here the dogs
took to the river. Believing
that the burglar had taken this
course and crossed the river at
this point the dogs were brought
back on the city's side the
river and taken to the point op-
the brick yard. They
soon a trail and followed
it down the Norfolk Southern
track to the city and thence to
the A. C. L. depot. At the
depot, the dogs rushed into the
colored waiting room and reared
up at the ticket window and
bayed. They came out and
went to the railroad track where
the cars stop for passengers to
get on and bayed again
Upon investigation it was
learned that a colored man
bought a ticket Sunday morning
for Richmond, Va A wire was
sent to officers at Weldon to
arrest this man on suspicion and
this was done On his person
was pennies, about in
other money and a pistol. One
of the articles stolen at Mr.
Goldstein's was a pistol and the
one taken from the man arrested
at Weldon is to be sent here for
Quite a large number watched
the dogs at work and these are
divided in their opinion as to
credit is due them -Kin-
Free Press.
Men have most of the principal-
ships; not that they are always
or usually more capable than the
best of the women, but simply
because the salaries are higher,
and if there are to be any men
at all in the schools, can
only be had by giving them the
better paid positions. In high
school teaching a are great
many men still. Some schools
pay the men more than they
pay equally capable women for
the same work, and thereby
maintain a fair balance for men
and women. If the standard is
high enough to attract men, the
women arc gradually displaced.
If it is lower, the men are dis-
placed. For in
any sort of work which women
can do, can be had at wages
which equally capable men will
not accept. Equal pay for men
and women means either all men
at high pay, all women at lower
pay, or superior Women and in-
men at equal
Part Line Amenities.
Orchard Says h; Will Convicted.
Special to
Boise, Idaho, June
Orchard told the jury today that
he would be convicted and he is
turning to the for
in prison.
A woman on th North
Side uses a telephone on a party
says the Chicago Record-
The other morning she
Death u
Mr. Riggs, a farmer
and good citizen of town-
ship, died of at
o'clock Monday night at his home
H leaves a
of. Gui to Wadesboro.
Prof. J. H who was
recently elected superintendent
of the o graded schools
spent last Friday in Wadesboro
here signified his ac-
of the position. Those
of our citizens who met Prof
were very much pleased
with him, and the school trustees
think they have secured the
right man for the head of the
school. It is expected that he
will come to Wadesboro about
the first of July to remain per-
Prof. has super-
of the graded school
at Farmville, and that town re-
to loose him.
No War Taft.
Special to
a speech here today Secretary
Taft says there will be no war
between Japan and the United
States, but that these two nations
will go along peacefully in their
relations with each other.
Side. was important. She
had ed invitation to
dinner, and she wanted to harry
a chiffon that was in
process of building.
she said. me
Calumet 1,592. Hello, Calumet,
Then suddenly a heavy mas-
voice with an
able German accent broke
Hello. Central, I
interrupted the
I'm using this line. Please keep
keep off. I'm using
Madam, I reimburse
don't want to be
I want to use the
This continued for a
few minutes without variety,
and then the man lifted his voice
above the madam,
I reimburse you, but I must
use the telephone now,
house is on fire
Fire in Beach Hotel
Special to Reflector.
Norfolk, Va., June The
Princess Anne hotel at Virginia
Beach was badly damaged by fire
this morning. Two of the em-
are unaccounted for and
it is supposed they perished in the
Auto Race Starts.
Cable to Reflector.
. I . tit-1
Shawnee I- R. M. of
Grimesland, and will be buried
with the honors of the Red Men
on Wednesday at o'clock p. m.
Memorial Among the Odd Fellow
Special to Reflector,
Washington. D. C. June
This is the day for
vices in the Order of
as appointed by Grand Sire Con-
way, of the I. O. O F- The
local lodges of the District of
Columbia appointed a joint com-
to attend the celebration
and due ion of the day.
and in accordance with their
plans appropriate tributes were
paid to those members who had
departed this life since the
observance of the memorial.
Hotel Totally
The fire in the Princess Anne
hotel at Virginia Beach,
morning, completely destroyed
the building. The loss was
with only insurance.
Several of the guests narrowly
escaped death. The manager of
the hotel, who also suffered a
heavy loss, was so crazed that
he tried to throw himself into
the ocean.
Situ of Convalescence.
The small boy had been very
ill, but on the
cent list, to the family's great
joy, and this is how they knew.
When the doctor came in the
other morning the lad piped up
want something to eat.
Will Visit Greenville 21st
The State board of education
will begin the tour of the towns
making bids for the location of
the Eastern training school on
the 20th of this month. The
will be as Rocky
Mount and Tarboro. 20th; Green-
ville, 21st; Washington. 22nd;
Edenton and Elizabeth City, 24th;
New Bern, 25th; Kinston, 28th.
Marriage Licenses-
Register of Deeds R. William-
has issued licenses to the follows
couples since last
Ellis and Lula Lang-
Leonard Tyson and Minnie
Zack Ward and Laura Daniel.
Marcellus and

Eastern reflector, 7 June 1907
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
June 07, 1907
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