Eastern reflector, 26 October 1906

j ii
In Hollywood Cemetery at
Richmond. Va. Oct -The
train bearing the body of Mrs.
Jefferson Davis here
about half past o'clock
Boor id s met at Elba,
an u n by
a i. i. Taylor i I
i c . ed the ladies of
funeral part from Now i r
to the I fife Hotel. The
members of the Davis family
Ayden. N. C. Oct. 1906.
To the officers and members of
Eureka No. Ayden.
N. C
We your committee appointed
to draft resolutions, beg leave to
submit the
Whereas, it has pleased
Wis Providence to remove from
ti cm W. a
and bow in humble a
who came with the remains were. will of Him, our Great
Mr. a . i .
i s
and and Mrs.
A Ii,. m s
we e met Io-
., i- Vi
and I I
t . V
e i ti
people a
v. ere I con
R , C
A ; ,
After the a
was formed and the march was
taken up I t-
The procession was made
up of the Ideal of the
Seventieth regiment of Virginia
volunteers, a company from
the Richmond
local and visiting camps
of Con federate and sons
of daughters of the Con-
and Confederate Me-
Associations. There were
representatives in from most
of the States which made up the
Confederacy. the head of
the procession General
Stephen D. Lee. of Mississippi, their numbers became in many
Chancellor who what is
be it i red,
. r Broth r in-
and his family our
in their hour
I .
. we would .
n a
. . in the red
a I
things well.
Shaw is
is the
est task w God in His n
It look six thousand years to
develop a people into whose
hands He dared commit then
own political
This is a great truth, and yet
the Republican party boasts o;
its wisdom in giving the ballet t
a great horde of ignorant black
men less than three hundred
years removed from savagery
and but a few years removed
from slavery, who by virtue of
in civilian garb, as chief marsh-
all of the parade.
At the cemetery there was an-
other large gathering of people.
The service.-, which were brief.
were conducted by Rev. Mr.
Forsyth and Rev. Dr. Seagle.
The Howitzers fired an artillery
salute with the guns which were
issued to them by the
general government and two
of the infantry fired
volleys over the grave.
A noteworthy personage at
was James Jones,
a colored nun who drove the
Davis family carriage during the
war and who now lives in
N. C. He attended the
funeral of President Davis and
Hiss Winnie Davis and though
now bent and much en-
insisted on being pres-
places rulers of their masters.
The Republicans dared by
statute to repeal God's eternal
law of the races and the ages,
and now they glory in their
shame and folly. Raleigh News
d i
i e great
tut on all good things,
tin e i who constantly
seek to i For
the bet i fit of those who have
by the action of those who
have always managed to break
in at time and in a
dozen different ways cause in-
ice, we give the follow-
rules governing; the proper
use telephone, taken from
the Richmond
call a man to the
telephone for a social chat
B hours.
waste the time of
by talking longer
i .
Don't Central and
Weldon, Oct. William
Perkins, the mail cl
on the Weldon and
branch, and Miss Virginia Mi s-
grove were i
at the home of the bride at Roil-
Hill, Charlotte county, Va.
Mr. Perkins is a splendid
young man and stands high with
the officials of the railway mail
service. The bride is said to
a lovely and charming young
woman- Raleigh News and Ob-
,. Wed-
la; Mr. Perkins is a
Every charm arc grace of fern
nine I. era finds t
shoes. i fashion
frill i, , f
footwear, for are not woman's
credentials to refinement signed
by her shoes and her passport
therefore should be the
If you have never worn a try one pair. It
will work wonders in the looks of your These charming shoes
can be here in a lull assortment styles and sizes.
keep others waiting.
your number only,
is an imposition on
use office
b. r gossip over
th. . . If you must tell it,
t u the
Their Supper.
The simplest, most straight-
forward acts are often fraught
with a dramatic power which
elaborately studied art would
fail to produce. Much homely
tragedy is contained in the d d
of a poor woman related in the
Chicago Chronicle. Quietly and
modestly she entered a barroom
and advanced to her husband,
who sat drinking with
She placed a cover I dial
the table and .
you d be too busy to come
to supper, Jack, I've brought
to you here. Then she departed.
The man laughed
He invited his friends to share
the meal with him. When he
n . ired the cover from the i i h
r con- y
I . slip of paper, on which
hope you will enjoy your sup
per. It is the same your wife
and have at home.
b I
. i sot, weigh-
pound if fat, red
and id left ear.
pm-r. I J. F. Greenville, N. C.
bur i,
i H Cl . ii. I
. I. I.-
I t- K of
all the hi tin
of r. l cow, i ho.-, i
t r n and
i pl w, ha if f.-. i I wag
E Pia
The cloaks and furs are here in great abundance of
trices. We have the newest
L .-
Ml A
Ml W
Need no mending. They are the
stockings for Winter.
Never wrinkle or come down as they fasten securely
at the waist. They are made of the best yarns and
only are used in their
Roll and
No, -It sizes price only
No. size-. to price only
No. sizes in
No. 23-t price only
We heartily recommend that you give Fay Stockings a
i air
J WHICHARD. Editor and Owner.
and Friday.
For Betterment of Public School
in Pitt County.
I Reported for
On Saturday Oct. 13th. at the
graded school. Greenville, N. C.,
I was organized the Woman's As-
for the betterment of
public school houses of Pitt
I county.
The meeting was called to or-
by Miss Dora Hornaday.
pro. tern. The first
business in order was the election
of officers.
The officers elected are as fol-
President. Miss Betty
Wright; vice president, Miss
Dora secret and
treasurer. Miss Annie Perkins.
president, rice
and secretary retired
to select i ,
Prof of l, spoke I
very fittingly Dr. t
founder and promoter of this
Misses Boushall, L. Mooring.
i Blanche Mayo, Ada Ward, Eula
j Cox, Mrs. Bobbitt together with
the officers constitute the j
committee. This committee
was instructed to draft a j
for the approval of the
j association before its next meet-
The officers of the teachers as-
have kindly consented
to give the last half hour
meeting for a session of the
Womans Betterment Association.
The township vice-presidents
are as
Beaver Dam Miss Dell Clement
Miss May Brooks,
Bethel Miss Elizabeth Jones,
Carolina Miss Anna Spain,
i Miss Addie Johnson,
i Miss Mollie Bryant,
Falkland Miss Mary Brown,
Miss Ada Tyson,
Greenville Miss
Miss Ireland
Swift Miss Lilly Pair
These vice-presidents are re-
quested organize, as best they
can, an association in their re-
townships before the
November meeting of the
The-Woman's Betterment As-
Li not merely for the
but for every woman of
Pitt each woman should
be vitally interested in the pub-
He schools of her county, for it
to public schools we look
for our future citizenship and
So far as improving the
of . is c we,
las teach I
In ii . cl
i V, ithe re.
i ask your help.
V kins secretary.
Young Lady Finds Lost Ring Through
a Vision.
you ever know a dream
to come Royce Tucker
asked the editor the other day.
was the reply
have you got something to tell
about one coining
Whereupon he said, that one
of his lost a linger ring
somewhere in her room, and
though she searched diligently
failed to find it. Afterward she
went into the country for a visit
and while away Miss Tucker
dreamed that her ring was under
a tablet on the bureau in her
room. Returning hone she
looked at the place indicated in
her and, sure enough,
th u as the ring.
Perhaps some ether of our
. can tell as re-
markable an incident of a dream
coming true, if so let us have it.
by Tribe I. O R. M.,
N. C.
Whereas the Great Spirit has
seen fit to visit the home of our
brother, J. F. Harrington, and
take from him his little son.
Theron, be it
1st. That we bow in humble
submission to the will of the
Great Spirit and rely upon him
alone who can comfort.
2nd. That extend
bereaved family our
sympathy, trusting
they can no longer whee
trails of this life bet
reunited with they
the shores of tho Ha
Ground, where the council
fire of love forever in
3rd. That a copy of these res-
be spread upon our rec-
a copy be sent to the be-
family and a copy be sent
Reflector for publication.
J. A. Manning, f Com
E. A. Cooper. I
Bethel. N. C. Oct.
The Democratic speaking here
Saturday was well attended.
M. O. Blount is Laving a two-
story dwelling house erected near
he d This will be quite an
addition to our little town.
Mrs. Elizabeth L. of
Bethel, died on the 15th inst., in
the 71st year, of her age. She
had been in feeble for
some time. She left two sons
and many friends to lament
their loss.
Missionary Rally Day was ob-
served at the Methodist church
yesterday, it being the th
Sunday. The program which
m elaborate n
in- in a creditable manner,
evidence of
fact that the children had be
well trained. It was a d
occasion, and everybody seemed
to enjoy it.
How to Get On.
Say. do you know the kind of
man who's just to the world's
mind. The kind the world
lose. The kind that folks grow
enthusiastic over and take oil
their hats to
Why, it's the nun who does.
He's the man Not the fellow
G. James and , Chemist Intends to Fill, Issue an Appeal to Men.
people of Men With Strong . The following been
county on tho political issues of
lay. congress will co sent to it, the reformatory com-
et everybody attend and hear Harvey Wiley, chief of the King's Daughters
chemist of the department of this .
curate a the Men of North
r. C. Harding,
Chm. Dem. Ex. Com,
W. L.
to The of
f alcohol on the North Carolina, at their last
a com-
f . I , T
been course, i of
pi at and Mrs. Nannie is an idea
the sole of strong is i by
what f t
i . I in this i
in v. . . . . d
The N. C. Division C. A. to Organ-
in Districts.
i . . mow
fit pi known
. . . Wiley
hard, facts,
the state i .
. your
careful in-
i i ; We
i no e
than one .
in this
i or
in i
n this work
whose grandpa
there; not
the man who would if he could;
not the gentleman i
to some man
does, now, today. Frederick
burg Journal.
Request to
In a few days The Reflector
will begin sending statements to
subscribers of what they owe the
paper. Those who feel interest-
ed in saving us the trouble and
expense of sending these State-
can do so by coming in
and paying without for
the statement. Rut if you do
get a statement please attend to
it promptly, as th i money due us
is needed.
conference today with all forms of alcohol, from the real
few months to devote their from hard and to
forts to district rather than straight whiskey, then to the
organization. President Moore highball and then cocktail.
to central points in the and from that delicious
cotton belt and
gather together the county
in the adjacent counties
for conference and carry on
through the the work of
cation in the bringing of the rank
hie of the cotton growers
into the fullest possible
in the work of the
first of these district
meetings is to be held within the
next week or two
to the finest
Whispers have been heard that
another poison squad was r-out
to begin doing business in Dr.
Wiley's laboratory. Dr. Wiley
confirmed the report today.
is he said,
time we shall use food products
I then explained the salt-
peter squad will be on trial for
about four weeks. For the first
two weeks they will be fed the
purest food, and in the last two
Our Neighbor Town Has Cause to be weeks they will get the saltpeter.
Pi or Milkman
by Three
. Lester B.
of a small
hi life a necessities,
In. i i thrust upon him.
Within six months three
have died, leaving him
First two aunts living in the
west passed away, making
Tis sole beneficiary of their wills.
Then a brother, who left home
when lad to follow the races,
died, after naming Harris the
sole their. The brother left
more th in 8100.00
Mr. and Harris, who have
four children, celebrated their
good and their twenty-fifth
wedding anniversary the other
day. They moved into
town to a finely furnished home
from their little rented farm.
At celebration Mrs.
i e a Worth gown that cost
hundreds of dollars. Among the
gin s's were patrons of
old route.
Marriage License.
-of D R. Williams
I following
i .
id Mary A.
Edward Smith am Maud Ty-
Lonnie Williams and Lela Bar-
William and Pearle
Again t Standard Oil
Ohio Thirty
Two Hours.
Findlay, Ohio,
the of . jury t
aid i of
u ti r y r.
in viol pi t
tine a I law
The penalty i a fine of from
.-. to S H. lay iv-
for . of the of-
e, it if from
six to I v. m i.
The Standard of
Ohio, ha given notice that it
will file a motion for a new trial.
The next step will be for the
. to impose the
To state, the suit, the
and the appeal is
important particularly because
it initiates an entirely new
method of proceeding against
alleged trade
is by confirmation and affidavit
instead of by grand jury indict-
After the verdict had been
read. Attorney stepped up
to the bar of the court as the
jury was leaving the box and
said he wished to make the mo-
for a new trial in the case.
He was assured by the court
that the motion would be enter-
whereupon he returned
to his hotel.
Pr of Such an Institution,
rt of a day
An Unusual Case
Wilkes is hard to head. About
two weeks ago Mitchell Wood
went to Pres Hayes, in Mulberry
township, and sold him a calf to
i license u
Gene I gins. Next day
he was d, went back,
i i id ti
the calf home. A few days later
he again took the calf to Pres,
got the money and came to town
and bought the license. He was.
married soon afterwards, but
his bride refused to go home
with him and still refuse to live
with him. It is something new
in the marriage line.
A wreck occurred
the A. . at Dunn Friday
nigh. . o'clock,
tor . a
The cause of th
i p
it H if the,
few Lei beam ; id v
i , .
nU groove by
railing the engine ii I
its piling the freight ear
on it and the
i fireman, con and
. in under the a
had bi en
in the employ of the company for.
eleven years was held in
high i. by the company. He
and unmarried
and lived at Florence, S. C.
Damaging Cotton.
The recent rains have done
still further damage to cotton.
Farmers coming in say that seed
are sprouting in the burr.
We a day in
our first
visit to that town in a number
of years. The progress the
town has made is almost marvel-
The business section of
Main street has been nicely
The Best Christmas Present for a Little
When your Christmas present
is a year's subscription to The
Youth's Companion you give as
much in good reading as would
paved and beautiful brick stores v,. ,., ,,.
the. V history or travel or
there . ., .
No, v.
relics bong
ii pleasant to nine
changes, what
i the splendid hos
that d r
th I th
in char re D. T. and
ii r two of the best
bi id in the
East. We were shown through
the institution by Dr.
Taylor, and much
heard of it we were not prepared
for such a revelation.
The building i . el. . one
of two stories and
m d mo I g
have been contribute n
to Tin i . lion, i need
u r r that The Companion
will i or
co . boy. the girl, every
other member of the family,
will insist upon a share in
There i other present costing
so little that goes so far.
On receipt of 31.75, the yearly
subscription price, the publishers
send to the new subscriber The
Companion's four leaf hanging
District Meeting of Superintendents.
Prof. W. H. left this
morning for Windsor to attend
the meeting of the North
tern Association of county
of schools This
association embraces twenty-
two counties in this section of
the State. Prof. is
president of the body and has
been since its organization.
An Matter.
It is the duty I lento-
in Pitt to
once his name v i th
registration books two years ago.
Those who have moved from one
precinct to another should get a
certificate from the registrar of
their old precinct and see that
their name is enrolled on the
books at their present precinct.
large enough to care for ,,,,,,,,. fol.
patients at one time. It is fa
heated throughout by steam and certificate for the
fitted for gas and electric I of the
Full illustrated
of The Companion for 1907 will
be sent with sample copies of the
paper to any address free.
Subscribers who get new sub-
will receive
in cash and many other special
awards. Send for information.
The Youth's
Boston, Mass.
lighting. The wards, halls, of-
reception and operating
rooms are appropriately fur-
the of surgical
Instruments and medical
is the science
and skill have produced. There
are fourteen trained nurse; con-
with the hospital, not all
engaged at the same time in at-
tending the patients, but a re-
serve force kept to be sent out Berkeley Street
on call where their services are
it in nursing the sick, Its
, , ,. ,., ,.
has grown so in
favor. It is a credit to the
physicians and attendants in
charge as well as to the town of
Washington. We long for the
time to come when Greenville
can have such an institution
Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
Tennessee and Virginia. Why is
not North Carolina on th . list
Her boys are as well worth
as others, her men and
women as and
yet her criminal i are
hardened . ire
by association with those more
vicious than ourselves or have to
be sent to other stat s f r
that there m ., be no
doubt of the duty and
ency of having a re for i school
in this state, we mention the
following statistics;
The majority of are
that they save per cent of de-
in their
The percentage is much
i-i the case of youthful than
adult offenders. In some cases
pet cent, and more of the
youthful criminals are re-
claimed. In Nashville, a
n in the presence of the re-
form stated that of the
1,800 only had been
known n I urn to
Prom in
f .
ii Is
r . n d,
of ts, Tl i
our ;
sax to SO.
A boy is clothed,
Ii in . at
a cost of is paid annually lie ling
If the weal h do-
pen's upon its i rs, W in-
crease i lass Ly
boys co n t e
i, ind in I k i a
the if. i um-
be fed and the
Ci me t- aid n a ave
the boy . by i r i that t leg-
in an
for em.
The Ladles Aid .
; .
. i.
n will
The moon would shine if it
had a chance.
Just think of it, Christmas only
two months off.
day. Oct, at
noon. II G.
V. Who I the
Chm. t ,
L Brown, try.
Ohio has i
to erect a building ex-
at the Jamestown

.- ii.
dig Pattern Eats and Millinery
no no to
Ti of of
of To
i- he on the IV. day
. Sahara. MOT
i All i-era a
e. make
Mi and lo all o
inn hi i their MM emu
to the undersigned.
N. tit-.- will be In bar of l heir recovery
day of Sept ,, ,
. lard
on the
K-l i- . i r
i Ti
In Superior
. ti- f i
i . in t, em I If I
i .-. i l In it.-
but ,
. ti.
Id III ill
. r N i
i inn
i ; i i
. nude -1 id
i Mi.- of
. Mo. I-
Julius ii,
What Joaquin Said.
It is related that when
Miller was asked to to the race
he R-
to put our
own construction on
ma ti H
I I, he may that
business. . lore, all optical
i 1.1 lion
1- ti lake
of proposed whereabouts.
Perhaps we'd let it go at
Plain Dealer,
I . rm ill Sn
. . hi a
numberless. . L. a
H-. ill r
. Hie
at, day. i i , I
1906 at ck m
, In i
I-11 w, . II.
t I -ii I
. 11.1
l . it- . In
. ,. t,
. . , i-i -it rat .
V a.
Pitt i
V,. I, U. will Mil
, , . ,. hi
th II
. ,
. . r h T.
Hue J
.,., .
ed trip or
y IV and
If any been
and will bring their
s and
on the first Monday in N
I I them on
I s w
. y
TI e
I bi the
oil in o e. Pitt
con North Carolina,
I the firm Pie Ion
by mutual
Mr. K ill
r under same name
and same we
n our best s,
. for him and hi j
. i- . must liberal patron- j
. j
. hi present
. t; H. on, tire I
E, B. Pi
O. P.-i .
u W. hi
ill., nuder, on day I Oat
the . Tho l. v not
la to all
the and to all of ea
t a
them to the with
twelve of
will be In bar of their recovery
estate of Tho.
F. o. attorney.
Friend. This i Worth Reading
Suppose You Stop and See
N. C. March
Mrs take pleas-
mo that your Remedy
has entirely cured our little girl of
a very bad case of eczema, which
covered a great part of her body.
She had from
the lime she was three old,
until she was six years old.
h well and I feel
. V u h
I bill I.; I . I I Ii pit in f
i I'm mi
To Publishers
and Printers
e new
f-a, ii i t-tents
. w y
t Quite I
i Col
ad Kn
I thick
. as . i.-
. .
. . in- I'll.
T line
la ill desire, and
we will see that your tool
box uM nut lack n
Of course
S You get Harness,
Horse floods,
regular pm
Xi. S. and
Ruled in
and over
A tile r rt- mi
Rule, e
will be
-ii on application.
Printers Iv Co
T- I .
Manufactures of Type and
Is one where health abounds.
With impure blood there can-
not be good health.
With a disordered LIVER there
cannot be good blood.
revivify the torpid LIVER and restore
Its natural action.
D. W.
n s
Cotton and
Tit's always on hand
Fresh Goods kept con-
In stock. Country
Produce Sold
A healthy LIVER meant pure
bloodPare means Health.
Health moans happiness.
Take no Substitute. All Druggists.
We heartily our to at our s ore
any day during this week where are
superior qualities of the will
i m Bass
m j m m
New Majestic and
Mun water is us
V -n wale.-1
. a I m
i n
. IS use.
heating surtax any
other, supplies a
hot water lo
all of house
. mi
The majestic
and as
turned out by
ti e has
considered throughout I
it lie entire country par
an I tar
of any other
made. But with
the new Charcoal I on
body in place of Steel
making it double its
and the
is the only range in
made Mall
fable and Charcoal Iron
can readily see
that it quality is am-
the Majestic
l, a U
this and let us
explain new
us explain why it is
h and ii -i-
I d it is
I used other ranges.
want you to it
y intend to buy or
j will serve you
j in the tutu re.
. M.
, . -i-
. was of
the asked in rather
manner he t
. i
live tent
D jell
. I
over to him,
this away. Thai the first
i have earned since have en in
Tl I
an Dani I a feat in
. Aft r the session he
I hunted Mr. out. and the
took nipper together at the New
I York man's
Commercial Panics.
In it true that these great
panics recur at fairly regal
a rule once in e
year Are M
the p-r; ; .
thus ed at I been I
bit c i I
fixes the j
panics. r i
i. In
the twenty year interval i- pr
v. re
a- ill
; reacted. on
troubles m
on i if
et pan
n . re
. result am
order in th
Hot Coffee and Biscuits Free.
and have biscuits and hot Biscuits baked on in B minutes while you wait
Handsome Set of Ware Free
cannot for a cent less than and it cheap at that.
eon, to welcome you INTEND BUY or not.
W. Main St.
PI, c While They Rob.
T , have
I ore
books ma . selling cloth
men's that
at i .
or cutlery cheap, .-citing
in a prize
stuff generally. I
used lo a peddler was poorly
but peddler is a m
dressed, prayerful, smooth
male or female. He or she
smart, dressed neatly
say grace at the table, lead in h I
five, dance the milk
cows or make the sing
talk. To please people while
them is e p Idler's
on Spirit.
Noon Lunches.
Talk about your nil
r. .-,. Tl are
who .-, . l
, .,, mi a chance,
p. ti
., .,
, . on I he edge
I. J.
at the time K
Al THE OF SEPT. 4th,
Gold com
Silver i
Nat, L. I
State of
fore m ,
J. V
is -I
. s
I v ,
Undivided profits 2.055-
., .
At close of Sept 4th,
; t v
. . ink, do n
. . t-i I
c .
Q .
. ,,,,. inn-res
I., 20,830.05
1- 2,598.12
. , , 90.00
v , , .,
Capital paid in 125.000.00
fin divided
Bibs payable
. . I
ii Cashiers -k
. Carolina, I'm
I, Cashier of the
v. above is ti
. In
, of
Notary Public
I I u Ilk. d
,. res
V i -i
. C h
. ed. on
.- J
j C-
its Loin , Safes,
. .
, pies,
. Bali . a, Q-a .
i H.- V
,, k Butter,
, .
, have and no inherit
. ,., them in
of it. It ten
c a which is
internally by
extravagance in
self satisfying indulgence and
a. its I el
the . public merely by
this insane self
W. H.
n Review.
Ideal Ouster.
d I
deal J I
the Ii
the el
Canker Sores.
an as
with those t
n, a mix
honey, a
and a
. a teaspoonful
rinse the month

, . .
B, mil at e, N. M
o kl application.
office in Pitt
Om class matter,
Figures which represent facts
are hard to around. Greens-
Tar HeeL
No, you cannot get around the
i . but we notice that Re-
publicans continue to
s even after h both the
Tacts and
ID The schools within her
Quarter in
are Pitt . pride, .
ho live in c man who raises his voice
that are i J- , i-
w them for political
we are this week. No would rob the children of
i gain
I m
. Ike a crank
. Added to her other troubles
as are enough
The Enoch Arden has
, reversed at I
This time a man's left
several year, ago and we to
New York to live. He suppose
he and married again,
and Mon after ; latter event
to make water e in
mouths of Easterners
who live along side of the mud
think of roads over
which people can clip along to
town in any kind of
There is nothing that Pitt county
is more in need of. We have a
a gr t county in some respects,
Raleigh now in the midst of a
scare, a rabid canine
in that city bit live and a
number of dogs, causing much
the absent
., f turned up
for Bed
The following order has just
issued by the post-
master general in regard to pay-
box rents. The
of the order is that
it requires payment in advance
before the quarter actually be-
e of the Postmaster Gen-
Washington, D. C, Oct.
Order No
Paragraph section
t j laws and regulations,
I amended to read as
. rents must be collected
All traps are not in the beginning of each quarter
but some of them are the entire quarter, but no
even in the South. Re- days
Indecent men on any party
, ticket drag the ticket down to
level. That is a condition
in which the Republican; of Pitt
but in the matter roads
u u; a n,. in county have placed themselves.
behind. Our progress in
v n .;., t, he The utterances their lenders
in this line will continue to De
t decent people,
slow as long as the present met .
road making are kept up.
The thing to do is issue bonds The expressions of certain Re-
c to build good roads leaden in Pitt county
the country and push the the impression that their
rapidly as possible. The principles are the product of the
gradually Yet people are
around to this way of thinking, asked to give their support to
and the sentiment of good roads such men.
is growing.
Instead of nearing a settle
y k strike
better weather next time. the machinists of the
Southern railway will reach
a boarding house in
was destroyed by fire
and ten of its guests wore burn
ed to death. The house was
patronized chiefly by street rail-
Ten days before the
list day of quarter
are requested to place a bill
form 1538 of 1538 bear-
th date of the last day of
the quarter, in each rented box.
If a box holder fails lo renew his
right to his box on or before the
last day of a quarter the box
shall then be closed and offered
for rent and the mail will be
This department is in Charged F. C. NYE, who is authorized to rep-
resent the Eastern Reflector in and territory
be I
B. Co., CM.
F. B. Hitchcock,
Why should it take three war-
ships to bring Secretaries Taft delivery.
and Bacon an.; wives . ., ,
General from Cuba
One would suppose that there
was room on one of these
big vessels for all of them.
Oh, hush Look what a big
boat it took to carry Noah and
Tin . .
in .It is about to
to draw in union laborers in
The Making of a Juror.
The judge had his patience
I sorely tried by lawyers who wish-1
his pr. and his three sons and ed to talk and by. men who
their wives. j to evade jury service. Between
hypothetical questions and ex-
, , . as if th v never
Lawlessness lawless- of,
and one wrong almost m- the case. So when the puzzled,
variably leads to another. In i German, who had been accepted
S. there was a both sides, jumped up, the
colic whose president made Judge was exasperated.
very objectionable to
, . . , . . i what is demanded the
white people by advising the
gives not to work and teaching,, think I like to go home to
them other incendiary doctrines.; my said the German.; A. H.
This was the first wrong. The
We are now re to show our patrons the finest line of
Mens Suits we have ever the of offering our
trade man who a fall Suit that's different
from the cut and d led that greet him at every turn
will do we to co here see what we have to offer.
Our Snits are Different
They art in de by sailed Tailors, the I est i i the tr de.
are ex , and you'll net a dozen men
ed in same style If you want to
av from wort of to come
here for y
Now that the fairs are over
the next thing is election. After ;
that comes Thanksgiving.
The Republicans may try to
gain sympathy by claiming that
What odds it make to put
a f en the Standard Oil Com-
They would pay it i
never miss the money.
There are lots of folks on the
outside poking fun at Hearst.
if they lived in New York
. T v
service, wrong, in, retorted the
second was committed by the
white people who, because the p the
, . German, I don ink make a
college president did not
the Democrats are accusing town- as advised, dynamited the best in the
I of lying, but such and wrecked it. said the judge.
The third wrong was not long said the Ger-
following, the seeking man- .,,.,
c t box, said the judge,
revenge by setting fire to the thought y. was a bad
town and destroying a large people gets in some-
of it. Where the
will end there can be no said the judge,
This is an indication of bad is the prisoner's
,, , , , persisted the
trouble one fool col- . . . , ,,
the German, I don t speak
are not without
Some of them continue to mis-
C . putting
have to catch the old man first.
represent matters about which
the facts have been given them.
From every direction there
comes complaints of scarcity
of labor, and it is confined
no -calling. can in
was a time when the demand community by inciting th don't have to speak at I
greater for men who can do idleness and lawlessness said the judge.
thing -e time but of advising them to The little German pointed at
men who earn their salaries, j i law abiding citizens. J lawyers to make the
We can solve it for you.
This is a day
By th I me the president does
for in
., ;. r
bee to
. e
of Philadelphia
tried l the presentation
of Tom Dixon's
. i- of them but e,.
i boat r being fit for
visibility, what
can you think of some who
on Republican ticket We
i t Republican say it
would be to the county
to f them.
of revolutions,
when even an old in eta
k locked higher than a kite,
in .;.
headed j gathered in Baltimore
with that ob- lad-v for
,. , ,. to her sweetheart m
vi and had t be dis- . ., .
snows that even
.- the other prices
have advanced during
The people of S.
have b com the
id ii i .
he said. can't
make of what
these fellers
was the judge's chance to
for many annoyances.
can anyone he
With a sigh the little German
sat down.
of the
of that town
and war u d th it must
No Democrat will do his duty leave. The bate.-class of neg
t it Rare That the People Have the
Opportunity to Get Much and
do as Much
The ladies will give a first class
o Build.
C. S. Forbes has work
u a hand-
. some residence on the lot he re-1 entertainment opera
purchased near the graded
home and fails to roes should join in
vote i ming election day. ; con m ml . .
. are going to of el i
hi . and
Furniture Sale Competition is Brisk
Furniture Sale Claims are many and loud.
What shall decide it. There is but one
test. That sale is best and most important
that offers you
t Lowest Prices on the Furniture You Want
Come and be convinced. Yours please.
i mo n
. V. .
Th joker ought to b , . , 1.1,. ticket.
suppressed. In a store in St. The evidence grows stronger
Louis was a bargain attend- i hat that party is a
The of a
will be rendered by talent
i he
. t form e I rat
feature of I
Holy . o ma i i
courage . . id sung by
j , r
,. h.
lose by , the i healthful and h
prominent The net proceeds to be used on
people on the political helping pay for a pipe organ for
Pictures Framed to Order.
i of the day.
A boy cried ,.,;. , ,,, m Neither PM
out a on the ;. would Democrats
floor to n. , . what v mid exist
L Brass band and
hunting tor it, over now if the Republicans could
other so that several
seriously injured.
again ,
t of North Caro-
Think of it. you get more than
cents of pleasure at
the and then your money
beautiful, stirring
music for years to come. Surely
will make the occasion enjoyable, the Greenville people will pack
t., C. ; the opera house to overflowing
r , r. Ex I n this occasion.
L. Brown, Secretary. I
Neat Job
deflector Job Printing Office
As the id of die baa The A. C. to,
greater circulation, receiving orders for th-those in and on
s I
leading hen-, .
B. D. Forest is in ex i
Who are in arrear. on -i. spirit, t;. , j a
Daily d B w , ,,,;. ,. , ,,
a . up- M .,,,.,.,.,.,
by amount mi j ever m I r
Receipt. . I. C.
will promptly, Remember all are invited
also to hear Parrott in tie
of W. H. S., Friday
morning at o'clock.
P. G Man.
Win l D.
Rev. B. E. Stanfield, of don,
filled his regular appointment at
the Methodist church Sunday
Call and sea the large line of
shoes daily arriving at B. F.
Manning Co. They will give
you bargains.
George Worthington, of Ayden,
was visiting relatives and friends
here Sunday.
lake the of
We fell .
B. T Cox,
We o cop
of Bible, we are
to low
B T. Cox, Bro.
Prof. G. E. Lineberry, little
Ruth and Annie Walker went to
Kinston Saturday.
Nice sun dried apples fresh
and bright at J. B. Carroll Co.
FOR SALE. One-half acre
corner lot with three room dwell-
conveniently located to school
and business part of town- For
particulars see
J. A. Manning.
Winterville. W. C.
John Taft, of Hobgood, has
been here for the past week in
the depot relieving J. E. Green,
who has been quite sick. We
are glad to see him out again.
Go to the drag el B. T.
Cox T. W.
and u.
bags s .
I. A. Sugg, Jr., of
Ga., was here Sunday night
visiting his many friends.
All kinds of fancy candies, just
arrived at J. B. Carroll Co.
Cox and little son,
John returned Saturday
night from Norfolk, where John
David underwent an operation
is. We are glad to
say that he has almost recovered.
Miss Helen Connor, of Mars
Hill, came in Saturday night to
take charge the art depart-
She is assisting also in the
literary work.
en is now great
i seats, How-
ever the, . i ;. are
in lion . r
Miss . who had
been spending several with
her near Stokes,
returned home Monday evening.
men do will to
see i I U Co , before
Hi lull are
H i their
The will be here
Wednesday Oct. 24th. j
Wean ex to h some
from reports
given at oilier s.
Baptist is to
comer in
G.- . v
leak r- .
very i .
Mr A. G Ml
Ti i
t be
shells -J
roll u,
t Hi-
of the
can find them
d of best loaded
at J. B. Car-
n u
A con
I .
lit y
a, r. i; ,.
, W. t.,
A. G. Cox Co. are
still making shipments of their
cart Babbles to differ-
parts of the state.
Why use that old
machine of yours when you
can brand new ROY-
for the next few days from
at CO.
I have taken up one unmarked
tray hog, red sandy color, weight
pounds. Owner
can get same by proving property
and paying
W. M. Jones.
R. F. D. Greenville, N. C.
For drug
f T.
The deposits of the Bank of
Winterville have increased over
during the past two
weeks, thus making the excellent
showing. Farmers, bring your
cotton on to market. We have
the money to pay you.
Yon -1 well to
A. G. Cot
r a-
i v i ,.
in n
l.-l i.y winter bogey
owe the
i. i to
h a.
A full line of candies
and fruit J II Carroll Co
The e in need nice winter
pants Ail see B F. and
i o.
We are our entire of
at low prices
and ii will to your intern lo see
them before buying elsewhere and
come before ill bargains
are gone, regular cent goods
now and goods now
several others same w
Harrington Barber and
are fur
valises. Barber and
We now Lave the tin of
la and umbrella .
carried Harrington i
The A. G Cox Mfg Jo,
now receiving daily
solicit your ; .-.
Winter millinery goo
read f inspection i .
Wednesday morning
v All are invited toe.
at our u- with the .;.
Ii. Sine ii. d Company.
Large At
A message from
Cox's store, on the line of Chi-
cod and Swift Creek townships,
where the Democratic county
candidates today, g a
large is present, number-
between and There
is much enthusiasm, and
racy in that part of the county is
in fine shape. They will show a
good vote on election day.
The Manner of a Wedding Dane In
the Province.
The wedding dance was being
held in u long, narrow building near
u fountain, and we entered on a
earl Si its were
I I lie of i he
run n, ii i lie
cl with f m-
III gold
r a pun
. one end of the long i
m d in by u i i r
boys hi i. bl
ii i r
who fell importance,
and end of I e
ii We e- and
bread and n very
ml pleasant, but seductive.
The women, Men., bringing
i ere set, n
beautiful, although a few,
th. large dark eyes, came very
near lo it. They did wear the
net of my imagination,
their dresses showed great care
and patching. A gay
often folded
neck and across the
breast, and large earrings and
were the vogue j
the young The men
won- broad brimmed black felt
and clean blue blouses, corduroy
trousers, either light tea or brown,
and the long n d or belt
a wound times I
about the waist, the serving
as pockets for tobacco
poach and knife
every carries. I
The dances inter- I j-. J
with a spare dance, where OUT IS
four people a sort
of fandango, with lots of stamping j
and attempts at lithe, serpentine
motions, with the hands raised
above the head. There was a very
old man who danced with great
gusto and amused the crowd of
young people, who c- him
clapping of
New. latest, and up-to-date Fa and Winter Dr
Goods, Shoes, Silks, Woolens. Dress trimmings and
Cloaks, we only have space to give you a few price
but have lots of goods and will take pleasure in
showing you
Make your
Dress goods in colors,
Plaids ail the
1.00,1.25,1,50 per
for ladies the
e made at
3.50 and 4.00
Percales and for
school dresses in figures ind
Preacher Inveighs Against AH
Dope and Cigarettes.
Raleigh. N. C, Oct. Th
most sensational sermon people
of Raleigh have heard in a great I A
while was that last night at joints of certain kinds of
round stone i.- in
bin N
have by
, dissolved co-
v . the. entire
eat cost A
. m I I address K.
I th I. . N. C.
R. J. Little,
J. H. Clark.
the highest mar-
Baptist church by Rev- J.
W. Ham in his farewell sermon
as assistant pastor. His theme
was Trinity of the
Trinity of The trinity of
man was represented to be hi
mental, moral and
natures, and the trinity or
was morphine, cocaine and cigar-
The devil was represent-
ed as tempting men and women
to the use of dope. He declared
that one part of Raleigh was so
given over to the use of laudanum
as dope that even the nests
were made of laudanum boxes,
He used the term the
to indicate the section
of the city to which he referred
and the inferred
from this that he meant West
Raleigh, one of the best sections
of the city. He charged that
cocaine i. being used here
ally by men and women, who are
living too fast and resort to dope
to bear up under the strain of
social and business life. He de-
that he often spotted
hurrying down town morn-
to get dope.
to the use of cigar-
he charged that if a man
them for ten years
they would co
his mental, moral and
physical natures so that he would
I commit adultery and
murder. He would not say that
man who used cigarettes
would do these things, but his
nature would be so undermined
that he would do these thing
if it served his purpose. He
said he had been addicted to dope
and cigarettes, but had com-
rid himself of the evil
and had been up
ever Ho held up
Turks as an illustration of
effect of cigarettes on national
life, it having reduced them b
a people listless, slothful and
untrustworthy He urged
North Carolina should follow the
example of Georgia and
States in prohibiting by the
and of es.
. o
is called is
to be de from the
siliceous juices of the
curiosity of this is
found in the en-
of in Java
and East Indian inlands. It. is
a pure carbonate lime, and the
form of the stone is sometimes i
round, sometimes pear shaped,
while the appearance is f a
while pearl without much luster.
Some of these stones are as
as cherries and as hard a feldspar
or opal. They are very rarely found I
and are regarded as precious stones I
by the orientals and as
against disease or evil spirits by the j
natives. Stones of this kind are
also found in the pomegranate and
in other Indian fruits.
has also been discovered b. teak
Pulley Bowen
Study of the Wild.
There is no inure healthful
instructive recreation fur the
buy man, either, that
than that which is
obtainable by studying the ways of
wild things inhabit
swamps, woods and forests in the
vicinity of the town iii which he
lives. It is good for brain, nerves,
eyes and muscles. It is good for j
the disposition, too, for the more;
you know of any living creatures I
. i,
and i lined to do
or in e is
ii, . need i I
the forests north
I . . study wild things and
. The habits many in-
bird smaller
I be studied at the expense j
of a very long walk by the;
dwellers in most country towns all
over the United States Canada.
Field and Stream.
X. G
i. .; we have
uncased i
we therefore h to
fellow sens through i col-
of this paper
i . . .
Save the
The hot weather brings you
to it
r supper. i. a
LAND v i B.
II . . n, ,. u- anything in that
lino of ling.
shoes lo
at and
Win High School has
made . i
fall. a i two
have been one hundred
a i are board-
The music class numbers
forty-seven. i
i i n
House lived
S will e
I t, Mouse,
Little, N.
liver .
. ti i
i. . ,
n i .
i t i
Goods. Pickles, Butter Ch
Calm Pru
are easy and the
you of this if you vi i i
You can bud me door f
, Package
aid buy-
on .
i what I carry.
. . it ii i
i. f, i,,
. it
i i
ii pin
on the f i .
r i- founts
with line-W fol i
.-H-t . t line I
to i null I.
h i y p . mi I
lie Id f p
I Ml i i K ti I Ii
M I; t i i .
l . I i . I-
l-l . . Ill
By V Q
J. B
V a i
ii. i
M , . , , I
l. . t
In i i
i .
i for i i
my n- in it
ii ii.
ill. ii . r
i no f
l.-i . it
II l

, m
, .
I f
. In and
is Suits Overcoats.
or to
Om; Suction on our Clothing cm,
ten, they are better values than obtainable else -where. The
best. There .
-ts in
, t, I ,. over this H
,.,. you and ti d-
where. It is not possible to describe the elegance of our
Clothing. must so, the line to appreciate it. j
RM COATS 12.50 TO 25.00
F Coring Wan and
round in Satiates Tobacco Hunger
The A Guaranteed
a line of
The cuts shown and h . by their y
The shown an n, . by their
Rain C iS but your .,
to other make, w
A MACK inches long
made a above t- the value
black pin
Korean i a ave for n or loose does, co on the market
Booth T.
. . . o . of
. ,
that time i person who took
himself and
with portentous seriousness.
There are three ways used by far-
for curing and preparing their
tobacco for the market; namely, sun
cured, air cured and Hue cured. The
old and cheap way is called air cured;
the later discovery and improved way
is called flue cured. In flue-curing
the tobacco is taken from the field
and suspended ever intensely hot
flues in houses especially built to re-
the heat, and there kept in the
proper temperature until this curing
process in the tobacco the
stimulating taste and fragrant aroma
found in Schnapps tobacco, just as
green coffee is made fragrant and
stimulating by the roasting process.
Only choice selections of this ripe,
juicy flue cured leaf, grown in the
famous Piedmont country, where the
best tobacco grows, arc used in
Schnapps and other brands
of high grade, flue tobaccos.
Hundreds of imitation brands are.
on sale that look like the
outside of the imitation plugs of to-
is flue cured, but the inside is
filled with cheap, flimsy, heavily
sweetened air cured tobacco; one
chew of will satisfy tobacco
hunger longer than two chews f
such tobacco.
Expert tests prove that this flue
cured tobacco, grown in the famous
Piedmont region, requires and takes
less sweetening than any other kind,
and has a wholesome, stimulating,
effect on chewers. If the;
kind tobacco you are chewing don t
satisfy, more than the mere of
expectorating, stop fooling yourself
and chew Schnapps tobacco.
Schnapps is like eke tobacco chew-
bought costing from
to per pound; Schnapps is sold
at per pound in cuts, strictly
and cent plugs.
Sale Now Going
deeper than the Surface
m ,,, .,. n .,, . . here and do that the
and w ii it models f the noted
i n ,.,. ,
. 1.1 ; 1.1 the ;
to . a but a, . you .
have said, or ail have heard in
is absolutely true.
of correct made of Lands me quality
in u wide -i weaves. IS to .
. ton.
. , I
To Polish U r.
It. i often lo
new boot, to
if rubbed over an
if B
The y long, .
back an side -l a a well a.
Fashionable fan Wearing
i. i i
N, C,
May be f u I en i e- tea W
ail tastes for d i
Greenville Livery and
bow and ear
Hones boarded by
i. wit i
. i in .
, iii on M
lull Tn
land III a
, , on
, on I.
I Hi-
id lend III
Come in and my
Yours to serve,
The Hardware A
M, BLOW, Manager and Authorized Agent
, , . C.
A Mile.
in Paris
sent an
. and a
. lived a note from a
that tickets had
for a concert
FALL, 1906
that afternoon, but by
,e-a n.
. ;.
ha. been down
I in.- .
j w.
this way again
j. . K
C. R. Williams and
I Jones wont to r-
. A nice
e- more o l
;. Ayden sell
h, f ion.
J. x
. . N.
I . if i i; h
. s
a, lite meal, lard
me., frank
E. L Coward left Monday w
. and palms.
I .
prune .-. b, oats, cure
Clio a. bi
-i-V. A
William Manning and
went to Hanrahan Monday
attend the funeral of a little
daughter of Wyatt
Manning place.
the season
well The prices now
will the most . buy
Cannon and Tyson.
Mrs W. J. and child-
are away on a visit to friends
and relatives.
The Raleigh crowd have all re
turned and of course report
C. L. has gone to
Greensboro to lake a special
course hi pharmacy.
Miss Mamie Dawson earns up
from yesterday to visit
friends here.
C. S. Carr, of Greenville,
spent iron-. Saturday until Mon-
day with Dr. L. C. Skinner.
Col. Skinner in opening his ad-
dress here Saturday asked those
present if Dockery
wasn't better than that of Sena-
tor Oven an, the Saturday
One lone long, sonorous
voice way out responded loudly.
There was a
t . n and deep, then the
pro d .
to i i
; i
n ii lied
Doc Skinner.
v . d Ii
, . as a
h , l
id around Greenville,
and even so far off as
Carolina and townships
to band wagon. After
usual., i Oil Hi by the
candidates. Dockery and
Skinner b speeches. Their
talks were somewhat of an
on the old style of the
radical addresses, being clean
and devoid to a great extent of
slang and utter contempt of any
and everything not of their call-
No v eon so far as we
can and
ill as of old render a
Democratic majority that will
throughout the county
,, these worthy
. .,. n. that
. i, county and
remain. The crowd
and the occasion
and peacefully.
and Observer and
p, attached one to
by several kindred ties,
complimentary to the students,
not on y for proficiency in study.
hut a disposition shown by them
for promptness and punctuality
is very gratifying to him There
were only tardies during the
whole month. New heat-
have been placed in the
departments and e
means taken for the comfort
both teacher and pupil dun i
the We believe Ayden
the r in the right
error i
near, -t i
. lit CO a
of .
i. I to in-
i, v
Q i-.-
An on I
I .
i. Ii ,. on c. lands in
ml tobacco belt, which
tobacco habit.
K. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company a
factories are located in famous
Piedmont flue-cured tobacco belt, the
finest chewing tobacco section Known
the world. This kind of tobacco
requires loss to please
chewers than any other tobacco
grown. The Company's location en-
ables it to secure the choicest
of this flue-cured leaf, which
arc manufactured under the personal
supervision of men w-o have made
the selecting blending this
particular kind for Clew-
purposes study.
I he plant i for the
of Schnapps and other of its
brands of chewing tobacco, are op-
largely by machinery, m the
most hygienic manner, and reveal a
system cleanliness would do
credit to a model household. The
old adage of many holds
mod in manufacturing.
The Company has reduced the hand
of tobacco to a minimum.
Automatic conveyors lake leaf to
the brushing machines in-
vented for the Reynolds Company,
an ingenious process,
every leaf if brushed and cleaned
After this brushing and cleaning,
the tobacco drops into another con-
and is carried lo the sweeten-
machines, where the sweeten-
is applied automatically, thereby
i a uniformity and
,; . impossible by the ordinary
, tin and with the idea of
cleanliness para. it,
i- . ally
j one in i ;
r it en ire
tobacco I.
av. .
hi . to cl I
although I r
to the could
r in restoring my I.
letter, which tickets I I
positively have before l
It is then of a letter lost.
he cried, as though suddenly
misdirected, us nave
r ed to three persons
bi re
Rut it here re
, led. Th.
in another
, great This
pointed to my
of my
will to the great post. Cue
will make a on to you
food n- truces of the letter arc
was when I u
real post, and vis
at the one for .
re r
L .
us that our
stock is as co. can
make It. d
i-r.-. Feeling be
inquired we
to till m
. , -o y tell
whether r- i
chance of the letter t.
VI k. .
. Any
but v. i imagine to your.-elf,
then, madam, that the I con-
ducts itself like an automobile.
hoped that since my letter i-
here in this depart-
one place the
hand on it in I In course of two
hours. In I continued,
with a fine outburst of patriotism.
we have such n perfectly organized I
system should have tho letter
in ten
is, after all, mil an Mm d. Here
are in threw back his
head hero thing
;. not so quickly. Ii per-
be made. We have strives hard to Jive
our d for the least
money possible and with the celebrated c in stock
We think we can serve you. ,. , . ,. ,,,, think
Cur line of dress goods is more complete this fall than even and we
we can save you money. We pay special attention to tins pa t of
and have bought only the latest styles,
we have the -Queen shoes women pair
t famous and
made. We have recently inc our future stock and are Kg
lowest possible prices. See our of and
also lave in stock some very rockers at very low prices. Buy our
mattressesWe your business and if you will come to see we
treatment. at our store or your
Leader in Low Prices.
haps fifteen
case ii.- u
mat i
ii nut pro.
i. i in
Dr. Joseph
i mice
N. C.
Am-mt Hi
to r into t ., ., eel ind
in HI. It
i. ill. Ii . r.
November the
history I
When President
office he the old and
I, i
for on on
stationery, and I is ad
. ;,.
at maturity, ii I years
Entrance fee, I or share
. i
Us are
Sews. The house was finished
i least n was first
pied in that year. Ii was
freestone and not pointed.
When the British Wash-
in I the; burned
president's house, with other
fie lea vine it a blackened
ruin. It rebuilt, walls
being used, . were so much
discolored by em that General
son I that they
m I . not to improve
, bill in token of
. ,. . . , I . of the Brit-
, I v the A -v
, tho n lei- of II
, rs been I
. hi the ; name
W I.
Nov.- i-
chi n
have also a assort-
note aper for use
nil plain or hemstitch-
The mainstay of social
M. SAULS, Druggist.
N. O.
,,, of Kidney. or
. i Other
say bottle and
,, cure refund
We say
mil tree bottle OVA
and if benefits you, then
use SOL until cured.
This entitles you
to a bottle SOL at
Duly a limited number of bottles
given away- Don't miss this op
to test
H n
. .
. i
ranee lee, paid o
of dues, at .-
payments of at
AYDEN, N. w.
at per month
Less cost above rental
lea gain
T interest paid
Less interest earned
l is a i
,; i years Ii
i annum.
At the Of
and we don't believe they would
do us dirt, but really think
they might have given Ayden
correspondent for
Setting the
J the cloth even and straight.
place the knives and spoons at
the right of the plates with the
handles reaching the edge
the table, the the
plates, with tho sharp edges toward
them; the howls of the spoons up.
Loans and Discounts, i
Overdrafts Secured
Furniture and Fixtures
Due from Banks,
Gold Com,
Bank notes and
U t- notes
Hi i .
Capital stock paid in,
plus fund 2,700.00
expenses, i 720.80
Dividends unpaid i
Total, I
copy instead of Reflector.
deem it an honor to have any-
thing of ours copied by the great
News and Observer. We live
in Ayden and would like for placed at one side.
Ayden to have some
Place the at the left with
j the tines up. n the right and at
The napkin should be folded
I. j. B. Smith, the
the rue to the best of
, D.
Notary Public I
One H. P. Gasoline Engine year old B. Kooky
Se H. P. Galilee Engine th water and
line tank. P O. Greenville, N. O.
One B. Watertown Engine years ow
cans new. Never been used
e fee i inch Iron Pipe.
Inch Tooth Saw.
One inch Solid Haw,
Henry Harding, Agent,

Black Jack, N. C. 23-06. Oakley, N. C, Get. 23rd,
Rev. W. filled his reg-j j R n made
appointment here Saturday calls in this city Saturday.
flight and Sunday I S. A. Congleton is now build-
Misses Bettie and Janie a nice residence on his home
per returned from a visit to farm from
is ,
. a
r I to . Thurs-
. .
airs. M i of ch-
ard .
Cannon and
P .
S r a visit here
. i . II
P. i-
Bi went to I
i , v. lo
Mi Jones, who has
taught school at Elks school
for the last ears,
tatted a school at
n UM not very far from
Abram Dixon went to Green-
ville y.
Miss i. Ivor and Pansie Dixon
of . lie, spent
night and Sunday with Mrs. J.
S. Smith.
Hon. John H. Small, Democrat
candidate for Congress, will
address the people here Saturday
th third of November at noon.
All are invited to come and hear
. . i.
from this . u
Highsmith is
ding a few days with her
d literal
R of
It i a n of
interest to over the various
fields in the use of cotton
or cotton being extend
ed. Formerly flour was .-lipped
In barrels flour barrel in
the supply room was one of the
most familiar objects in the d;
household. Now
bags are almost exclusively used
for handling flour. The great
development of e cement
has brought a demand for
cotton bags for handling cement
It is same v. c see i
h i. . are
hipped in With
ail . i has ii m
bag i as
i this i ire o
A , I
I ml
bi.. i a a f I or
it a cover
be i jute b
If so el could devise a
cotton bagging for
the . . this alone would
very n a ally increase the de-
for i W cotton. There are
ma. d directions in
of cotton and cot-
ton g being extended.
many industries being
est; I I the
South, a hi h are yet drawing
Mb Cotton Held.
Tin. i s em to
pro. a i period of pros-
i it last w k with
. Gray Got y.
and ml .
t of t Capt
o. . . mi
b in .- an i s call in
; .
r. B . ; his
Mr. . I. I
. I
visited relatives i. .,
and Sunday.
John Fleming, of Stokes, i .
a caller here Sunday.
I from here attend, a
. at
Robersonville on the 17th.
J. E. Hines came in Saturday
from Norfolk to spend Sunday
With his family.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Over n
and little daughters, Ruby
Jessie, of Everetts, visited in
town and Tuesday.
. i
Every ard grace i.
Stolen by Gypsies.
A thrilling
is the subject of one of
tie most interesting picture
dramas ever presented to the
public. The story founded on
fact, has many details of general
interest relative to such proceed-
is a story finely told and
clearly pictured. A train of
highly climaxes
carefully graded, are rounded
a sensational finish of startling
proportions. The picture is one
that will please and only one of
a great series of high-class sub-
that go to make an
This and the big Sin Fran-
are only two
vine fee were find
this see- m
shoes. No fr of
. n text
footwear, are not woman's
credentials to refinement signed
by her shoes and passport
therefore should be the
thy Dodd
try one pair.
will work weed tie c, ks your hue el. arming sh
can id a and sizes.
op ire
U . . ;
The cloaks and furs are e
styles and prices. We l
styles and yon i i them
in greet abundance of
. i ,
-W .
lending. They
I rt ,
stockings for Winter.
A Range on
re of Ha
oil . n an i
n of the Majestic range T
h is sole. ts
here Mr. s. J. a
from the factor;
n St. Louis, is here conducting
and or come down as hey fasten securely
at the waist. They are made of the
her Hue if
to o i
. Journal.
the good qualities of the Ma-
Mr. is a heavy
man and he walks over the
range to show how strong a d
well built it is without h
b test fear of breaking
p .-. of it. for it is k
be I
e range is in operation in
re with a good cool in
charge and hit coffee and bis-
are served while the
is in progress. Hake-
and are more
yarns and
are use d In their construe-
We Si-11
No. ;, to price only
No. I'll size- price only
No. in price only
We hear
price only
lily recommend
at y
gm; Fay Stockings a
. K UP.
.- hi., weigh-
If fat, red
i, soil- ear.
by proving
, N.
I i
I I I.
Of I
II I. II Ob . ii, f
i -t . of
K of
. r. i s if rho
aM . K
. . I i
ii I MM
ran in i i
V J WHICHARD. Editor and Owner.
and Friday.
the by
Oct -The
President issued a
naming November 29th
as a day of thanksgiving.
The text of the proclamation
is as
A Proclamation.
The time of year has come
when, in accordance with the
wise custom of oUr forefathers,
it becomes my duty to set aside
a special day of thanksgiving
and praise to the Almighty be-
cause of the we have
received, and W prayer that
these blessings may be
another year of wide-
spread well-being has past
Never re in our history or i i
the history of any other nation
has a people enjoyed more
abounding material prosperity
than is ours, a prosperity
great that it should arouse in us
no spirit of reckless pride, and
least of all a spirit of heedless
disregard of our
a sober sense of cur
many blessings, and a
purpose; under providence, not
to forfeit them by any action of
our own.
sable, though it can never be
anything but the foundation of
true national greatness and
If we
upon this foundation, then OUT
national LB will be as meaning-
less and as a house where
only the foundation has be
laid. Upon our well
being must be built a super-
of individual and n .-
life lived in accordance
with the laws of the highest
morality, or else our prosperity
itself will in long run turn
out a instead or a blessing.
We should be both reverently
thankful for what we have re-
and earnestly bent upon
turning it into a means of grace
and not of destruction.
Accordingly hereby set apart
Thursday, the twenty-ninth day
of next, as a day o
ii r and supplication,
on v. i i shall i
in th ii i. r their churches
i pledge all that
s mi ten them and to
pray f i th y may in addition
power to use those
gifts i v
In witness thereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and
ed the real the United Suites
Done at i he City of Washing-
ton 22nd day of October, in
in the year of our Lord, one
thousand, nine hundred and six
and the independence of the
Tinted States the one hundred
and thirty-first
By the president, Elihu Root,
Secretary of State.
Event Will Emphasize;
the Charm of the Great
All Signs
lo This Fact, Say the
Persons who are wise in
knowledge of the weather that is
to come predict that the coming
whiter will be a severe one. re-
marks the Richmond News-Lead-
Norfolk, Va., Oct 24-The
resort for the year 1907
be the site and environment
f the Jamestown
Exposition. Situated on
of Hampton Roads in
view of the scene where the
first fight between ironclads
took place, that historic
between the Monitor an the
Merrimac will give an interest
the location. A of
across Hampton Roads
with the lain
Fortress Monroe, while a
slightly oblique direction will
terminate with Newport
The intervening space of water
always occupied with ships of
all countries, either in transit or
u anchor, and this phase of tutu-
Meal life will be enlivened to an
unusual degree during the expo- a big crop of holly berries is
is Settle by the
North C-i-. S .-.-- tin
of an Ex-Fireman.
A number of opinions were
by the Supreme court yes-
y of which that of most
Literary Societies at i. c
d K ft t -r.
Quiet Afternoon How
Friday at t v.
of the bride in South Cr.
Ten days -r two weeks ago Mr. James J Gilbert and
teachers of the upper grades Georgia An. wore married
in the graded school organized by Rev. J. ;. Hornaday. The
the boys of grades re a one. only
of State vs. Cantwell. in which in , M and the few
the rather vexed question of who . a the friends being pres-
is and who is not liable jury
prophets, but it is possible that, duty h court
be for .,, . . t. .,. i
which adds that they are e
the wishbone school of weather,. ml ,.,, . known m
Society. The of- The couple left on the after-
the organization Washington City
their predictions on signs which that a . New n,,
they say have never failed them
in the past-
are as
sons except those who are ex- President.
i in section are
there are many signs that i summoned.
winter, unlike winter, The persons
will be unusually severe. In th section an pi
there are thick-155255
bushes in all the parks
by every variety of craft
from the formidable battleship
to the winsome yacht.
The enclosure within the
grounds will be a charming ad-
mixture of park, boulevard,
stately edifice, rustic retreat ant
military encampment. Here In
this miniature world of the beau-
social functions will find an
idyllic resort and the tedium of
life will find an ever present
There is not a resort
anywhere in the id that will
be able to compare in attraction
with the Jamestown
Exposition and its environ-
Sea food is plentifully obtain-
ed and this fact is unquestionably
accepted when it is known that
Bay, with its famous
i who are in the n
employ of any I
i in the surrounding country. company, train dis-
This is said to be nature's way of catchers who av r ,
providing food for the birds, and handling of freight or
. r mini I
and New York from the lat-
Chas. Haskett; city will I Panama
vice-president, John Mr. Gil rt has a govern-
or position is in-
s r. He s of Kin-
vice-president, Abbi
and was lately
the Canal Zone,
a long and severe winter.
officers or
licensed pilot
of the gospel,
prediction is supported by the a, State hospital for the insane,
statement from the West that or active members of a fire com-
the are much
this year than th-y have been for The defendant was relying
a long time, while news comes an old act exempting
from the mountain section that I members of a fire company
who had
for five
been active members
he not being an
oysters, is just around the point .
from the grounds. addition attention to the building
to this sort of cheer to tr inner, winter homes, but this year
man the markets, in close not only beginning to build
unusually but are
giving remarkable attention and
To Increase Express Service.
Mr. Henry Sheppard, agent of
the Southern Express Company,
advises us that beginning No-
i the company
express matter on the
. . This will
b ,. of express
daily, instead of one as hereto-
fore, and prove a great
to business men of the
Able to Come Oat.
Mr. J. Cherry, who
ed a stroke of four
ago, was able to be out on
a rolling chair today. His friends
glad to know that he
to improve
are abundantly
. every variety of and
reign product while the steady
coming of ships from foreign
brings as part of their
en the refreshing wines of
-e, Germany, Italy and
As i the grounds of
th. will be
I. boulevard in
t of . from Nor
u, .
Tl. . mil.
, i p
m. lined
of architecture
o the mind back to C
period of our history. Speed
i long past these structures of a
former age and a heroic time,
parade will be reached, the
largest military parade ground
in the world.
All social aspirations will con-
verge at the Jamestown
during its continuant.
Modern society in the flower of
three hundred years of life may
trace its history and its grow in
back by means of the entertain-
and instructive phases of life
there on exhibition, and it will
be one of the most solicitous cares
of the management to provide
every entertaining diversion
which the culture of the country-
Good Crowds Out.
The county Democratic can-
spoke at Johnston Mills
Wednesday, and at Winterville
Wednesday night. About
people were out to hear them at
Johnston's Mills and
at Winterville,
Cat's Bite Kills.
New Bern. N. C. Oct. 24.-
The one year old child of Asa W.
there will be an enormous
of acorns, beechnuts, fits
and other fruits of the foes active fireman at the time he
upon which birds and . summoned to serve upon
depend for food during the win-
months. A at
Still another sign of a long a popular impression as
and cruel is found in the to the competency of lawyers as
activity of the barn mica These to jurors. Although they are
little animals have already not exempt from service no law-
gun the work of building their would have one on the jury,
nests and observers agree t j -News and Observer,
they are making thorn this year REMARKABlE GOOD
unusually cozy and warm. Last,
year they seemed to give little
Press Agent Tells a Snake and Hawk
fry to Equal.
, A.
who hi., raged to give an
are to their construction. Ai i exhibition of shooting
of which sign, points to a severe here, on the grounds or the
winter, are man-- p v-1 Greensboro Gun Club, I
., . s m Royce Tucker,
the circle, ml
I the pot
. first meetings were a native of Green-
, day afternoon. The d a v charming young
the question, She is once on The Re-
. Pitt county should Hector tore , which, position.
law requiring all the children in resign d to accept a clerkship in
the county between the ages of the It was in the
and to attend school four latter position that she first met
months each Consider- Mr. Gilbert while he washers
the fact that it was the inspecting the it
maiden effort of nearly all the seems to have been a mutual case
speakers, the debate was very love at first sight,
good indeed. The young men
seem to be enthusiastic over this
new phase of work, and the
management of the school is
greatly pleased with the results.
The girls devoted the after-
of Salsa to October title
Low that of Last Year-
Given by State.
Washington, Oct
noon to the study of Longfellow, I bulletin issued to day by
each member responding to the the census bureau there had been
roll call with a quotation from j up to October 4.910-
in the e
M much
reports of
. October 2.5 Mere is a i going
., around i a credit to th
press agent.
The i goes, that
ti Haw a
. Oct.
. m re larding
f poet changer
S c . t.
retirement of
and Attorney
Mi fr the cabinet the fol-
lowing changes will be
of the
Hon. George B.
. Von Meyer.
Charles J. Bonaparte
of the Hon.
Victor H.
. their
rt. in i.
. I to the
that had
Bad was
owing to the
at a
of .
,. .
snake's activity.
The hawk was making for a
large dead tree and its course
took it towards the shooting.
When about directly overhead
Hon Mr reached for his
automatic rifle ; shot oil
toes of the hawk one y c, i n
it dropped the snake. Then
with one well directed shot killed
the hawk, and with the balance
the famous poet.
The program was as
Sketch of Life.
Margaret Blow.
Recitation The
Essie Whichard.
Story of John Alden and Pris-
Ev Harris.
. of
Florence Blow.
Estimate of Lon
Misses v,. Cox. th
teachers ave work
, I
bales of cotton of
of counting round bales a
th same period
last y bales were
ginned. T number of active
amount of cot-
ton led, by states, is as
, .- of
i v an
and of the loads in the gun shot the
Secretary of and snake before it
Labor- Hon. Oscar S. d amid the
The appointment of Mr. I o.
caused considerable surprise as it,
will be the first case where a
citizen of the Hebrew faith has
been made a member of the
president's cabinet. He was
born December 1880, and is
well known a a merchant,
mat and author. He represent-
United States as minister
Mrs. W. H. her
While Temporarily Insane.
Louisburg, N. C-, Oct
Mrs W- II Waddell committed
suicide this aft r i on by cutting
her throat with n butcher knife
M , on two different Temporary insanity, due to pro-
New Bern. N. U,, Oct. H.- ions was appointed by is assigned
The one year old child Asa W. ; the as the cause. She leaves a de-
vacancy caused by the death of three child-
tie one was innocently playing
with a pet cat and had been do-
so for quite a long time,
when the animal turned and
scratched and bit furiously, show
every sign of rabies. Treat-
was given the child, but
injuries were severe and dis-
ease spread rapidly, death en-
suing in twenty-four hours.
arbitration at The Hague.
Attack of Vertigo.
Mr. J. R. Davenport, a large
by the community.
Card of Thanks.
I desire to return the sincere
and family to
merchant and farmer reported much better today.
J. L. Daniel.
charge, were g
is their intent;
the girls
I's heel
with th
of i. of cl
f nu l
i in audition,
i an ii of culture to
gained in this way that i
cult to; . otherwise. The man-
age e of the school
firm the organization will
prov. benefit to the
Let the Negro Make Distinction.
We are glad to see that some
of preachers and
; getting on the hi
track with reference to the
worthless class among their own
The in the past made the
serious mistake of sympathizing
with and taking the part of the
one of his race, no matter how
grievous the crime he c I-
They have not made any
in the social or moral con-
of the individual.
The must make a dis-
and condemn the worth
less their race St in
by and uphold those who try to
live right t be somebody.
long as uphold on
of their number who a
or moral just so long
the race will be without the
and interest of the whit.
people which they so much need.
Catawba County News.
The Reflector force is again in-
to Jimmie for a
feast of Cream Puffs on
day. The funny thing to us is.
how Jimmie can strike the exact
time of day when we are hungry.
But he does it all right and has
our hearty thanks.
; S
Georgi i -J,
Indian T.
. ;
TI i. Nil i. L ts
Ash N. C,
Hark Y a I n-
year- bride of four d
The a i
i searching for the young
undeterred by shots
ready fired at him. it is said, by
the groom. German Souther is
h jail in default of bind
he secured a
s. the bride, A Lee
Warn was nineteen years of
a Warrants are out for
Young for both seduction and
for assault with a deadly
weapon W. Warren, the
father is said to be considering
suit against Register of
A . because a lice
was issued to his daughter with-
out his consent. This in brief
is the status of affairs brought
about by the elopement
of Harli y .-; n.
A Writ i i.
U c
dates poke at Friday
the Republican county can-
were at Stokes. The
Democrats had an unusually
while at
Stokes the Republicans did not
have as many as can be counted
with the .
These reports cone Re-
from persons
present at each place.

Eastern reflector, 26 October 1906
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
October 26, 1906
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