Eastern reflector, 24 March 1897

The Reflector is
pare to do all
of this
Plenty of new mate-
rial and the best
of Stationery.
he Eastern Reflector
D. J. Editor and Owner
per Year, in Advance.
e haw, made
the Reflector and
North Carolinian for the
above amount. This is
campaign year and you
should take the two
leading papers.
Sunday the Western I
I office
Hi r.
n ;. i i i. rt i II
jug SIM St
S . t. .
lotto wan lot destroyed by j The daily newspaper is Hi
fire- The fire is supposed to representative of the
switch i it is published.
bet-ii cans by u for presents Us oil. . us U;
h prevailed j were, a mirror, t ail the
previous try. Every of the mil j
. . I to the Id tho
and demerit of tho here
. ; .
. . , . . . . ii all
v- Ci.-
. j . . I Jr.-, etc. Y-u
i ch
Congress in i- In a tares mess- sO
its daily If the j
of was
of the House For this is v
the supported J. v, .
in a measure the same soil
Robert It
in of
-111 ft when p-
end tapped an
bend In k. bet
I lull, ll mud ugly wound in
blood quaked treat it in
ton-cuts. Doth men, who had been
drinking, b. d been quarreling over a
woman. Observer.
Committee the
ii in Monday i
He Never Take n Drink.
Tl we a man she
baa n drink thirty
years. is W
M. Ii. is in
not led ink water
In drinks in-
deed he
of any kind. He not dunk for
l lie want
lei be m mid
us are other
Ii in 1863 quit
water, was in
tn the house. The President's
ti extra
was brief and a
of as will raise
to the
expenses of
the determining die date of Fisher. water seemed tn a
cl- a lull bat lb food sad
at the sad I recall died
notes. This Mr. It , no, i have relaxed.
Baileys the I leader fl ,, , , ,,,. j f , , to T
that V-d I I, the. so, .,,
as its If I Selected StOCK 2.1.1 mid, by the poor food
ii. . Y-AT-LAW,
ill m . is
the newspaper obtains a
i place the
whole the city
I in it is abed shares
i- j a considerable tins same
T that a H
has formed in r iv, to
novel enterprise the of
Th to tie world.
I plant is to a By of the daily
the character of
a .; y h. v. i
t t a. mi .
A. A
E .
, R. V. Ti-on,
B. C. K. C.
X. C
In the
., ii.,
ins to Fates park, press of J
lo thee, the IS all 00011-
the prettiest natural .
. t is proposed
en. .
TL news-
from lo buy your goods for the
sold on time at close
tin 18th. The fair dates the water. Mr. trouble b.
the i inclusive. mid the grew ilia.
I be discontinued its
,.,,,,,,,; ,,
., drink
,. Me been Is a j he grow-
big meeting near Ml Olive for but ii is not water that he
in n.---------On tin but something juicy awl
i the end oil or orange.
hotel nod Mi lea, milk or beets
I'll lb- Hi ; hi tilting It tor
ill-- g. Sinking
ill lion
lure some
u James,
Pass aid re- ed lO of
.,, to . Iv it receives, f , .
S. Vi-to. the Sold fit that . ,.
plan the i town are liberal, enter- lilt Silver rm
. , . . J . t
of cabins about miles j citizens who CUter Oil
apart, and hotels about appreciate the of the daily. . r
miles one of which is and give to i- a again Converted bar-
N. C
i .
B. F. C. liar
Al W,
attention to
of c aims.
as time.
h . H. Long,
K. C,
it .
, K-C
is all Courts.
to i
than it be CO-B for benefit OUT
of its city. If, on the ,. . , , , ,
the support given i and Do not or be
an unfavorable led away but co straight back to
A of the owners
of the alteration papers is the town is every day -11
to be held in lo M country.
Dissolution Notice.
Tin Brat of Flanagan Buggy
tin- entire Interest tn the
.-s being hell Bill by K. Greene
The will e St
Mime scan j
Tie of the old
;. B. O. Booker
all .
ill settle.
as Administrator of
Ed Ma-,., ibis is to notify ail
the cs-
Eu. to
t t,, the ed on or
tin- sin day of February. or
will lie plead in bar of their re-
emery. All in to
Ed. will please
of Ed.
Fee, Mb
Having Administrator s
Mayo. this is to notify
p against the es-
of the said Mary Mayo ts pres
them on or i fore the day of Feb.
MAS, Of in lice will e plead In bar
All indebted to
taM Marv make Immediate
Administrator Of Mary Mayo.
This Feb.
OS., composed of Jesse
and have day
by mutual
and will no longer the
in our final
wish a Is
lion, all hide i us as our
must be Thanking many
customers for
Te are. very
day March tor
purpose of seeing if some
be obtained fur these papers
a late they all afford
to sans.
At present it is impossible to
get such news at a reasonable
figure and it is had it no
good. matters in
with the welfare these
pipers will also be discussed.
ii iv. . .- nu lore
town men . I
whiskey, fobs
not since last teen his bout
lit l no traces of it
out a warrant and
sent to an
Nothing been heard
take care w your interests w hers and
state a truth when fay tile harder tO
that not a dollar is paid to customer mm better friend of
well-conducted daily newspaper . . j i i .
that not come back to its straight honest dealing between man
city in ten fold We state
fact when we say that for
presenting to the public nearly
of this country who
The was invited and of wealth,
to be at the meet- d on newspapers
and regrets prevented
from so yet it in
thy the movement, and if the
afternoon papers can make
factory arrangements with the
news associations we to give
our readers the news
bet ore a great while-
Notice to Creditors.
II qualified before the
Court Clerk of county as
Adm estate of William
Stoke, notice is hereby given
lo all indebted t estate to
make payment to the under-
and all persons having claims
against must present The
same for payment or b- fore the
day or notice will
pit ad in of recovery.
of January
it. F. STOKES.
of W St cs
The best salve in the world for Cuts
Sores, Teller, Chapped Hands,
Wains, torus, and all Skin
and cures or no
It is to give
or refunded
price cents per box. For sale
Jno. I. Woolen.
Tue March hare is said o have
got mad because it had to stand
. kinds of weather within
two tuck-
Thus It
Hero in Carolina one
may see all that is to
perceive the extent to
political greed has gone. Our
General Assembly has openly
and brazenly been delayed in the
work for which it chosen
because the offices were not dis-
to suit certain parasites
upon the State. Caucuses Lave
been nearly as frequent an the
meetings of the
and the main question in the
caucuses has been, who shall get
the offices. The night sessions
of the General Assembly have
been adjourned or
omitted altogether in order that
the members might hold a
on the subject of But to
make the matter worse, the office-
seekers have not been content
with general they have
boldly proclaimed their intention
of taking the offices in the
for the insane, and others
for other unfortunates. There is
no plan, no need, no demand for
our protectors of these public
no excuse is off red ; but
the offices-seekers just brazenly
demand that they shall have
offices, regardless of re-
of discomfort of
these fellow mortars who
cannot, cannot be expected
to, protect themselves. It is a
shame; but it is politics,
politics hide a multitude of
these Recorder.
and man. We are the friend of poor
man, are the of the rich man,
all of legitimate advertising, j arc Of yOU Jill US,
a to the host of our ability. IV
. best of service and honest
yours to command at the
V. B.
SI the best of our ability. Po-
effective and s. economical as the j best of MM. cf-
daily newspaper. The great shall
almost wholly for
and Printer.
He Bi Want Much.
he said, as he
John Km
is Still a canoe.
One of the greatest evil t
, which the people have to submit
walked the editor ; to multiplication of laws,
stamped about forty pounds of j Every session of each State
mud off his boots against the legs legislature is by
of the stove. sorter thought such epidemic of legislation
as would challenge the
I'd lake paper you'd do
a little obituary of
Aunt ten pases
foolscap won't make much,
send copies
the paper to this list
won't yon
There are
for this.
first strongest is
the fact that each recurring
is of new men,
who want to try
hands on the work of making
laws. They start in with the idea
that everything has to be done
again. They find tho codes
now in existence inadequate, and
I think that society reeds
Then there numerous
my daughter fanaticisms which their
Mr. C. Beaver
says, Dr, nine's New
Discovery I owe my life. Was
with tried the
for miles about, but of no
was up I could
Having Dr New
in my store I sent for a bottle a
began its use and from the first dose be
get and after using three
Bottles was up an I about again It is
worth Its weight In gold We won't
on remarks that if some
knew how little they knew
know a blamed sight
they do or house without Get a
T e at Jno. L.
is to get
reckon you'll print a hull lot
course. That's
say, I've got one the
finest yon ever have
seen- I want you to cum cut
some day write up
shall glad to do
ain't got a dozen to
read a around bandy,
here's three or
put down for
three months, I'll band you
the quarter this fall some-
places in different localities and
which turn are conveyed by
their local representatives to the
State legislatures, and on to con-
is no doubt that the
try is too much from
too many laws- As has been said
by an eminent writer-
must be a law against this thing
lien you sec i in
Standing tin-
With torn hat trousers,
and bare, rod loot,
not by tin child unheeding ;
him. Mark
grown he'll j
buys make men.
Vt the buoyant youthful spirits
Overflew is boyish
hide your child in
Do not in your anger speak,
loll must sow youthful bosoms
Seed tend-, r then
Plants will grow bear
When tin; hays are men.
Have you never n
W bis eyes aglow joy
Bring to some net
None thing said lo a boy
Or relate some slight or coldness,
a brow all when
lie said they
To remember men.
Lei us try to add some pleasures
To the cf every boy .
For each child needs lender Interest
sorrows and its joys j
He knows most who
how little he knows.
The negative goodness some
people is exasperating.
Most of us know when to
of know when to be silent.
The of try not to
find but to sys
When you need help may
find most of your friends are y
at some men we tied
it hard to believe God made
statement the Bank
a gloomy den,
An-1 elsewhere
And boys make men.
here, against that thing by
against those forms of
that unnecessary abstinence,
and every day that posses see
them violated with the full
edge of the officers, and with the
complete consent of the very
who had them
If tho r stopped here ail
might well, for it would but
end in the accumulation of stat-
and nothing would make
our civilized do more than
their average common
lows, but the trouble is that the
ignoring of law, which may
be unnecessary, leads to an in-
in infraction of
law which was necessary, and
thus, through an of Laws;
says the Atlanta Constitution, we
are making our people
of law breakers.-
illy Marshal John K.
and posse an illicit distillery
and 1,500 gallons beer
about tour miles Spout
last Thursday
one of the oldest
mid cl
died one day last week
the result received by being
throws n Deputy Mar-
J. K. I.
went lo the of M. Brady
Friday night with a for bis
arrest. A fruitless search of the
was M leaving,
a ions looking trunk was
and n look inside
dressed bis He is tin-
tame man who gave Deputies
Kelly leg bail, when at the jail
a year ago. lie is in
Farmer on the
few good bills of any
passed. Possibly
some good bills of a local
went through- Tho buying up
to elect, Pritchard prevented
any good that the
The receipts the
committee reached the hand-
some figure of , and it is
the surplus, r all ex-
i s have be n will
amount to winch sum, in
in. r years, will be
f i.-an
An now stalks the
One cane conies to us
Tin- member Mr.
Walters, a bill which
as toil
by the of
the slide
Thou shall i aye. no
oilier gods ah
an cf the
Ten Commandments. At CM the
statute provides thus
having another god, tine.
For making a image,
one year p- and
and continues the end.
A New Yorker proposes to line
heavily any newspaper prints an
ugly picture a of ibis country,
without Ids consent.
A Missourian would line a railroad
whose employee with a female
on the
Texas nut winch prohibit-
ed every merchant from doing bis
usual business at the old stand.
In Illinois
An Observed Woman.
T. e most observed lire
foreign legation In Washington is Mis.
Ye, the wile the Min-
like a I is
;, II. tie v of the Chinese
Mia. in Ye is
most feature
i- i , . y. .
I . Sill
I.-r silks and satins
Ste covered with embroidery
enough lo ii to a pace in
any museum or art collection. Tin
bus been any i It. to dispense
general h. Hie
hut this lady's husband is
a very rich man, and be says when he
is a little more familiar our .-us-
be is going to give dinners to
world and his wile.
There ate four Oriental ladies in
Washington society ibis winter, but
only Hie the Chines- and
real Ministers wear Oriental costumes,
which seems a pity. Mis
wile Japanese Minis-
Ur, seems have more Occidental
freedom than others. She appears
to do exactly in every tis other
society women do. Mrs.
who presides at the Turkish Legation,
is the wile of the Turkish
the Minister, despite plenty
borne, has brought no wives with him.
Duping the Van.
In of Georgia and
Alabama combination of
bus spread the rumor that in
the Session Congress lo begin
day pensions will be voted to all old
slaves. This, the are is
to be by advice President Me
As a the are
Called on to register their names, giving
the addresses
For this service n fee of i-i vents has
to be . I an i it -i here that
getting their pr
The seat this method o
raising revenue is in southwest Georgia
and southeast Alabama, where there is
lit tic outside communication.
agents business. lie
happy are in
largo to register their
Ga. Dispatch.
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated fr its great leave
Assures the
alum and nil forms of
. to the cheap brand,
co., New York
The Extravagance the
So was the legislature
that Worth ii duty,
to send a to
Mud explaining the es
the Slate's and begging our
legislators ,. stated
tin I lite for last two
years bud been n
million doll in
and that the bills
and under Consideration by this
appropriated a f
Now, i. no
but is statement of the
Treasurer, who elected by
the It
really seems incredible. I. the
It and other Democratic
th i
A its extravagance die
I pi a.
tile Slid said a
But now here is the
statement of Treasurer Worth
showing that it was not a
the simple truth. Yes,
i i Worth states
so called prom
such in the
pa i two years eve.- s quarter s mil-
lion dollars more was received tor
taxes. And not only that, he also
states the Legislature has
done even increased
II expenditure over a hundred
thousand dollars a year
Such is the retrenchment practiced
our legislators. . k
honest ibis is sort of
they wish Mas
ti i that Democrats abandoned
tin party I long, oh how
long b-l re our people will realize
they are
limit I be lines cf goods one mail one
firm might
might have done- Of course the
election of Pritchard was only
one the duties expected the
pie above principle gang-
or a part of them, brought
into service whenever
plutocracy wanted a measure
passed or defeated. And the
The Way the World Over.
Men sag like hogs, however ilia.
this may id to tho bog.
When a hog gels an ear of corn every
bore, with a few exceptions, wore other hog will behind him,
always ready to assist. The good I mid for a bile.
done by the legislature kt the in a mm
Printed, pamphlet. The son sorrow will jump on
Advantage of Sleep.
In reply to the n
a man to deny get
with a few hour's sleep a day, lo do
more work tho i
i lo have replied is
a great mistake. nm convinced.
min just so many to be
awake, and the of he MM
up day, the more will
is the longer be will live. J
believe that a man might live
years if he would sleep most
the lime. That is why
live to I old ago, because
sleep so much. It is said Gladstone
sleeps hours every is
why his faculties are still in
spite cf bis age. The proper way
to economize hie it to en every mo-
that is not . i. b
that you should be awake.
The Oldest Odd Fellow.
We notice that a Winston
claims Mr. K. A.
of Salem, is one of oldest Odd Fellows
n the Slate. We believe
Can claim honor the very old. -t
Odd Follow North Carolina.
Mr. W. T. the agent of
the Soothers Company here,
and one of the most highly esteemed
of the town, was on the
day and year that Odd-fellowship
Introduced into United Slates, via
April 16th 1810. Mr. took
all the degrees in in old
ion No. Portsmouth, Vs.
lie was n charter member
Lodge No. instituted in the MM
rendered charter hi lull Mr.
rt to Portsmouth
lodge, and has been an official
of order ever since.
As the odd Fellow
day on which the order win introduced
into the States, as
course, all Odd Fellows lbs whole
States observe Mr.
and this is than
any other Odd Fellow in North
or any other Stale can claim.
Curry the Farm He
on the do have the
sleek that horses in the city liveries
have. will they accomplish M
work. i
OWl to the fact that the horse in
city has a Urge proportion grain,
l. lam even when work
most bis from
hay. grooming has also a great
deal I i do with slickness of
e The is
not so u -ed as should lie on
Catarrh be Cared
i ad N
had dot e the good omitted
local clarities national would till
It is stated all fa
Sine Ian. lo too ,., it
vi which will he found in Ibis paper, near will U o
that institution lo be in a flour-1 convicts except will I., Aft in former hut they m on e . f Hie Sm
lbs spiritual. to do nil harm possible.
W a s m ; b
. -I 1.1 Senate
I To be
the Untied Mates i
lay, Pie to
Gnat New
York, to Henry White, of
rm .
U-s i .
and tear him to Jut
with men. As long i's n nu u r.
and has money, ho keep bin
with a Int. The
minute he Is unfortunate his wealth
in v Cannot reach the seat or the
saw, a Mom
loss and In order lo
yon must take remedies.
Is taken Internally,
sets directly on the
Hall's Ours Is sol a
It by one of the
physicians In this country for
years, and Is a prescription. It
i. em the best tonics known,
combined with the
acting on the mucous
The period combination two
I. What such won-
results In Bend
or tree.
, J.
old by

G C.
X. C. as second mail matter.
City, Mar.
Scenes and Cars
Mules-No Sabbath
-Cathedrals and
Monterey is the capital of the
State of
of the northern States of he
republic It
border and has a
tween and It is
to be perhaps
American city in Mexico, that is
more our people are pothered
among its inhabitants than in
other city the same size.
to its
the border and its accessibility to
Americana. Yet I he visitor
the fact that the
toms of the city are
American, and Mexican life
customs are seen here in
As stated previously we
d Monterey
Saturday night m
the train and
the station out to the street, for
a while sounded like we
bad dropped down among the
tower builders of Babel. They
had caught on to the American
idea of haying that
nuisance, the hollering hotel run
or to meet trains, and
of this gentry with a horde of
were lifting
voices with one accord. It was
all rather Spans
never a time out of the
hubbub could we catch a
sentence as goes to
the King House, right on Main
or Macon, be.
house in the
such as this came quickly,
as the approach cf a gentleman
pretty good specimen
of -United readily caught
the eye and ear of our party, lie
was connected with one of the
best hotels in the city, had learned
of the coming of our party and
came down to capture us. And
he long doing
In order to keen M
and prevent a possibility of any-
one getting lost, our whole party
the same street car for
the trip up to the hotel, two miles
distant. When all was m
our chat gave the
to the driver, a
blown through the r s teeth
started the bide mules front o
the cur Off in a trot. Cy- th way.
mules are the sole motile power
for the street cars in Monterey.
The city has an electric plant
is lighted by electricity,
this is not applied
the cars. There am two mules to
each cur, usually tandem
It is not infrequent that these little
receive rough at
the hands of the in-
variably carries a long lash
the brutes from
force of habit. The faro for rid-
big on the street cars is
cent, Mexican, of
bat after o'clock; at
eight charge is
That ride up town at midnight
made impressions o t easily
The of the full moon
glare of electric lights failing
the long rows low white
buildings made them look weird
indeed as the ca rolled the
so near the buildings that the
passenger could put out a hand
and almost touch them. Here
and there a blanketed
moving noiselessly along was
met, barely having on
sidewalk to keep clear of the car-
on a curb
of the stores open, though not all I
of them, the richer of
men who to pass I ho
day at the or on-;
in sports their ,
After breakfasting we started
out again. This time many people
were seen wending
a splendid cathedral, just
the plaza from the hotel, where j
mass was held at o'clock. Patrick's day dawned mid
and a desire to sec the people;, u-
assembled together, impelled us.
i i i
hither. An a rule the cathedrals
of Mexico are exceedingly hand- lie lust ML won the
toss for positions,
will begin the battle with old
Several eastern .-ports
rived during the morning and there was
much I; the odds being in
tin or of Corbett. It is gem-rally be-
of rounds will
while the. favorite number
i as
some the most I a m lb
commanding in
structures in the cities. OM,
though haying stood there with people, All
on to a showing signs ; notable sports the country are here,
of MM still a picture i Sullivan appeared
i lion.
Thai a e both a
out blow. h ad light Ml
en a
tried tin m It was well known in
that pan to I Washington that the bill would
tonal being in
t r
Corbett wry tired. to Dr. Battle
looks a luck bull, but is as j tho him
M the men. I land Wed
exterior was
color and two tell towers j
crowned the jimmy lime
a clock the ether a chime L. W. lime keep-
bells. The interior, while showing w my t.
ft J
i. i a challenge tight die
less from long
use. indicated signs
The walls were decorated
with exquisite paintings, elegant
tapestries, with beautiful carved
work everywhere. The floor,
badly worn dusty, was laid in
panels with grooves at each end
to permit removing them- Lot us
say here passing that the
cathedrals contain the wood-
en that we saw the city
The object of baring the floor
in this manner is for
convenience in up
wherever desired to place a body
it Beneath every cathedral
floor h a burying ground, and
Sullivan jumped in the
and aid. there is nothing
I can and to Mr. Jordan's
think there one more left in
and J here
A challenge was in behalf
entered the ring ;
following a ball minute
Time called at
for an opening.
forcing Corbett to cover tries a
left swing which Jim ducks cleverly.
Jim smiling. very aggressive and
leads a one neck.
Jim and lands kit hook on
fallows with left book on
They clinch but nu
done in the breakaway. lands
right swing on ribs, clinch, no
hinds left on Jim's
head. Jim land- hard Fitz
clinch and lands heavy
right hand Jim's head. Jim says
laughed. lands right on
ribs as the
th misses a swing
and is lilted off his feel by u straight
left back from on it
is doing nil the this
round. Fitz tries n light i and cross
cut but Jim ducks. Pitt lauds his left
mi Jim's face and Jim counters with n
right on body. Spurring tor d. Time.
round. Long range
both very active on their feel.
lands below the belt and is
by Corbett lands left on
Fitz wind. Fitz rushes Jim do.
very little damage. Flu very
hard kit hand on Jim- j and
tries tor a right cross cut but
FlU again tries light but he is
short. He is landing often than
now. Time.
spit.; the blood out Ilia
month and a bard left swing at
Jim's bead. tomes back with still
left and right on Jim's head and body,
and is very much cooler and stronger
than Jim at Ml Jim stops a
with a straight left the mouth
bleeding but Jim
back, apparently toe the
two. They mix and honors
ever, both are bard.
atom d neck and
every step taken
the over a body. The the
of burying beneath these tor a minute, clinch-.-- and
no in breakaway.
and hit More clinching
, Jim is very cautious, and looking
I the slightest opening, lauds
Tell swings on ad. swings
left and right and lauds lightly
head. he is of a
I rapid character both men Vary
lively Jim landed a hard
hit , .- jab on Fitz stomach f-d-
now so much m vogue . . . . . ,
as in former years, the bodies
priests or some j,,,; hard right and fa It
being the only ones placed lbs when the tinge,
there. may be duo to j
fact that tits under
loon are full, and j Mi
whenever a body is placed there and and
it has to so on top of the bones at head but dam
one that has preceded it. I another
wit i,
The gathered within this on Ike bad follows aha right
edifies at hour of morning i . . . ,. , .-, ,
devotions were a Naturally
we had expected to Sad the upper t- and Jim meets him j
wealthier classed there, but with stiff right on tee Article Worth by
their absence was noticeable. The is the rushing and Tobacco
was made almost . . ., . ,
hitting roughing in the breakaway,
Jim clinches. land, right
over Fitz mixes it up and puts
him to rope call-d.
Jim's blows are larking in
he is lighting
lauds his right the ribs and i-
led once. Corbett miss-
es a half MUM hook on the jaw,
mix it and Fitz has decidedly the bet-
the round. fights Corbel
to his comer and ha- him weak as the
12th it,
minim kit and is on the face
is bent on rushing and is
keeping Fitz gets the worst
it the rush, more clinching.
lands left sore nose, fol-
lows with half at body, he force-
lo the rope and smashes him hard
on the ribs. spits wads
Corbett is now rushing and
lauds light I. It the
Corbett binds left oh face
follows right, a knock
out super cut with right but its a bail
short. This is Corl-ti's
round Jim z
Jim over bis but doe- little
Jim jab lightly OS lbs lead
and is truck with one o-i tie-
Corbett ii king very danger
Corbett lands jab again on
had. Fitz
right swing on m-ck and be
has Corbett going back for a few min-
Fitz lands a jab .-n-
stomach aid Corbett to
his with a agony
on his
The time keeper call
one. two, four,
eight, nine, ton. but Corbett coming , ,, .,.
He lo Fitz Mr basso fa.
ore to strike him. i a avoided it. The bone of
the de-i.-ion has not Boss are the big offices. It is the
yet. Fitz them tons
blow that did the of
landed over Corbett s and be . .
collapsed. The last round lasted i nominations
and 1-5 Slates no sooner made up
some gets
j enough to them. A number
of men who had
him to i
views el I station. The
is his reply
N. c.
been pro-
in I from
your the r. suits the
cultivation of tin- land mentioned, are
not d. would
in men in last, in hum of
tobacco sold on mar-
in Slate is ease, tin
land-, before
soil been
this is not materially
the list Into or three years, but
soon, on of the
by crop, soil
will not st it dbl
The plan, is a heavy el
potash and soon extract
this from lbs soil, in
soils of the east. I
potash is applied in
lbs soil can not to
produce as good bright for
I --n-l which u
variety of tobacco fertilizers,
and will give excellent n soil for
your east-- n oil-.
As to pi a--, mil good
a In ii planted I
lay ii. I bays
this II
the crop is sot
due to the i
nitrogen the pea but if potash
and phosphoric a-.-id hi add-
ed, will n be lbs ease. Alter
peas m be
may be d
bu y
II. I. Director.
bulb-till referred lo m his
haven't by me or I would
but anyone dewing can get n
upon application to Dr II I. Battle,
X. C.
Those who -lo apply for
bull-tin should cut a on and
-ave l r n
i- in e
and to
of tin- crop,
bops lo publish more
to of
being by r
that lull j-
made the of a upon
poor who are
told that upon the payment of M
cuts for filling out an
b auk with
will he
entitled to a lbs
m Tin,
part of this dirt v swindle
the it In-
as it is
Men blank that is to
the of
in Mob state entitled to pension
under the n
and the foe in charged lot filling
the blank.
O.- Book t. K tad
Hum handed
I h-i of adding
people could much pleasure and
prod in
by i;. M.-y-r.
Way to I;
IV tit in
Day l-h-i II. -i
lo Ml by -I-
I., i. Co . -i- .,
I, ill.
n, Mar. 1897.
There been several
during the week when an
open rupture between
and some of t men in
his party seemed inevitable, hut
by of his
the Dying
of the middle and peon
classes. These coupled with the
rather antiquated appearance of
the surroundings see rise to the
in some corner,
atone, or oiled on a bought that the cathedral had
would be native I of Prestige
asleep, for Mexican of the
peon has no fixed abiding
place but falls to rest
wherever weariness overtaken
sleeps peacefully with
hi blanket drawn over his bead.
Standing out front as if a
I e-n guard, and through
the locking as though it rose
from the heart of the city instead
of miles away, WM
L its summit
being almost the exact outline
a Spanish saddle. all
these together one could imagine
a feeling as a grave
yard at night, though we've
never been there to see just how
it felt.
pictures and
suddenly change, for turning
next to a beautiful plaza
which Mil Hotel de
we were invited to alight,
walk id and partake of the best
the afforded. Welcome in-
and one which to a
crowd of tired, sleepy, dusty
needed not to be repeated
The rooms are large, and
furnished, getting
rid two accumulation of
dust and baying
to from space
allotted in a car to full mi e
oat room a comfortable bed,
tis no that we
that night of
flying through space to view
of the world. And
Manning, our bed fellow, he
do, we promised
not to be telling tales on
Well, this is Mexico, not A lab
ma, but we'll take a test here
the same.
It was a beautiful Sui-d iv
that dawned over Mon-
a , balmy,
Stag, but unlike
it proved- In they have
no as under-
stand and There
it is looked upon as a
and a who choose lo do carry
on like en
ether days I, our hole
and going out for a walk before
. me saw a great camber
the gloves in
the eh Jim hi hands work-
like a piston rod on Fitz body.
They clinch and Fitz roughs it in the
breakaway a the sound-.
love in Fitz
much of its prestige and
pomp. Not that Christ did not
lie for the poor as well as the
was no such
as while these people I ,
seamed in . . . . .
the forms and ceremonies through
which were going, to us j S to
there were impression- of 4th
Christianity In it. The average M in
the Indian, the
and even American
decidedly superstitions,
given much to a scrupulous ob-
of religions forms and
ceremonies, bat in ninety-
nine cases out of a hundred leaves
behind what religion he possesses
when hie back is turned upon the
sacred edifice.
has not tho
upon Mexico it once bad- j
ruder the of Pies, again.
Fitz ii short
with his left. Fitz w-th a
still left an Jim's stomach and I hey
it again. are
fighting a rate and Corbett
by , j making the tight.
He is playing systematically light
and I ft body and
i as time is called.
lands his on
Fitz blows hard with
there have been of behind them, but arc
marked m this particular, j not as frequent as Clash
Being a of conservative and compliments with cue
progressive ideas, he was quick . . . ,
to Observe that a superstitious Corbett a
priest ridden people are on
progressive, and it has been bis then a hall round with left on
custom to every , drawing first They mix
possible to Protestant
churches, consequently these lat-
positive promise that they would
get positions have had to
give way to the among
them ex Gov. Merriam, of
Storer. of Ohio, it was not
Fur the years f ob-
served the modes
tobacco in the eastern tended to make any but necessary
the last after
nearly ill j bill got through Congress, but it
getting a footing in the
and Corbett has the better of it.- Jim
land right the body and on the
republic and the more chin. This round in favor of Corbett.
enlightened of he people are
to them- However, there
We visited of the ca-
that antiquity
having been use more than
a century i a half. This build-
had a gallery that r,
by a flight of steps
Condition by l lit service
called to mind that picture in
bis novel had
i i away stone steps
leading to her private chamber in
them for
two ti y. at.
have more on
this -t intended
the , as chapter
-f our travels is sufficiently lone
the many other things we saw in
and to speak of
must left for a subsequent
clinch Fitz
tries to Corbett down. Loud
enc lands
right light j on the
in the jaw. Corbett
fiercely with right and
going. is laterally
blood, but is fighting; like a
Corbett is showing the signs of
work. Fitz U down on one knee
takes lime like he ii lull of light.
Corbett is slaughtering
Corbett's are wild, be
misses many well blows.
Time with Fit looking very
much the worse wear and It
lei. at head and Corbett upper
cult I- ii. hard in on the lace. I
is bleeding again but is fighting like a
addle bad planted eon.
for a
proves lbs land other crops
and corn, it scorns to
ii fur in tobacco.
For instance last year noticed a farm-
and a good and successful OM
too, planted his tobacco land
had been cultivated for the
past four lie put at
to pounds fer-
to the acre and with all his past
experience and knowledge w
when he hi crop
fall be r- ah-mt to
per e it. while just
road on very same of -oil,
which not in any better
cultivation, bis neighbor planted a crop
of tobacco on land that tad be-
fore been planted in .
as did bis u bar h d
natter bis I m ah u
lime h p if bis
and .--. bis
Now d to my
meant s m and my n
was was some very strong
plant lie producing bin. in in the
gin f land which grew to-
such and
which was drawn the soil by con-
is leaving
ill a most impoverished condition
the tobacco crop, while the hind was
improved other crops. I in-
to belle ye- that if woods
or virgin soil him- hauled in and
with other
it would answer aid
heap land in
planting still I
knew there were some very goo i farmers
who this annually without the
desired suggested plaining
cow land, but was
will require very adroit
to do even that
much without starling a bitter
factional light in republican
party. There m a in
Congressional delegation of near
every state, especially bitter in
having republican Senators,
over men who shall get
offices which are to go to those
states. Still, there are columns
of rot printed
existing be w. on the
administration and Congress.
honest patent lawyers of
Washington after fake
concerns who have been bringing
discredit upon their profession
dead earnest now- have
Mr. William Small,
Attorney at-law, Building,
Washington, I- C, to undertake
the of suppressing and
prosecuting swindling concerns,
be invites correspondence
from newspaper pub-
others who have been
deceived and defrauded by and
through false and fraudulent
representations, specious devices,
including offers and awards of
prizes, medals of honor,
of stock, etc., of alleged
procurers and sellers of patents-
Those who have bad
dealings with these fake
patent concerns should accent
invitation aid write to Mr.
Using a bill introduced Con-
which has no chance to
pass, as a basis to swindle
ignorant is by no moans a new
dodge, but, according to the
of many
in Congress is now success-
worked among ignorant
of southern states by
unscrupulous men. During
first session of last Co
Senator of Nebraska,
introduced by request a bill
providing for payment of a
pension to all bad
mer Tract.
Tin s-. books can bought
any book lore or Fleming fl.
Meeting Cloned.
if meeting in
church conducted by Dr.
William list-
to a . lose Monday night. The
sermon in very one
the U enter at the
Ai u
the a Dr. returned
lbs people Cr the warm
Jury bad and lo
U . a. all . i.
op j bad given
th- meeting, lb- spoke kindly
of the ii. -.-pi and
grant been to t
be I lit ill.
id Mr. . Green
i has been Meeting indeed lo
town. His earnestness, seal sad eon
Impressed every who
heard Fiat. If is sermons were
a i as t- Ms b an r; i.
a higher duties and to
lead in live nearer t-.
and endeavor lo do Hi- r-
He pr- a.-l. d .- hi-u pi
and and failed lo
the town bare been dawn
together in b lo one I. r
and the good
ling will he I. h on
Dr. have Green villa with
of p reeling upon
lb hop.- b.- in iv MB.
Last Warning.
k i t- .-.
Al Who ewe an I tail to pa;.
w-.-k an busby notated will
p-o.--.-d at ones o levy on land
and advertise the name as
law directs, y. u to
don't delay in making settlement.
and Coll. tor.
Mr. G. M. Tucker in
Greens lo attend the
the Or-
there be dis-
covered that he I a b
out In-
Spokes, Paints,
oils and Stoves.
Honest at Rock
Bottom Prices.
. . .
. I r ,
,. .
C-.,,. .
M. H
I will best goods and
will sell them at the lowest price possible. I
will do all can to obtain and hold your pa t-
Come and see me.
M. H.
Next m. Jeweler. LITE
I. S.
There yet a
i. hate not
lo the
We hope all who
in to attend seal week Hill
ii- before leave
What Tin-
which tear all to
are not la It i- Like-
an-t to true
which are
Bale, Ml
drill, it. C. I. Hood
The in Ilia lo
em of the
fie nil
i want I to
Liberal will
be Apply In person or by letter
it reference to
V i
a of tore THan a Mali o. W.
Million a. C.
T. President
Exchange Flank, Baltimore, Ml.
Th Scotland Week Bank Scotland if firm individuate and tho general
fork, C. Public.
Scotland Meek, M. C, c echo and deceit
R. R. Fuming, V. C. m application.
Horse Exchange.
For Horses ard Mules
go James old stand, rear of Motel Ma-
con. I have just returned with a lull line of
from Richmond, at prices to suit
Call at once, to see my stock before buying
elsewhere, it will pay you.
I have a Livery in and have both
turnouts polite drivers.
E. C. WHITE, Manager,
For Baggies, Photons or folk Trap
I can save you per cent. but first
vehicles sold
By of the power con-
a Muffin i and as
by to W. II. ox
on the I day of I July
In the of Deed
of North Carolina, in book
page the will
expose to public before the Court
in for to
the -i on Monday, April
5th, I Mil the real property,
In Swift
county, ma W.
Cox on the north, by Frank Hardy on
Hi I by the the went
and by the hind- of Archibald on
the south contain
the conveyed to Cox by his
father. W in Cox, Mort-
gage Deal,
20th of i
W. U. GOT,
V .
Owing to the death of of our firm
during the past year and in order to settle
his estate we find it necessary to close
out our entire stock of
and to close out as early as possible we
marked everything right down to
such a stock at the low prices the goods
be sold you can get genuine bargains.
early if you want the benefit of these
will be closed out as fast as

H of Tobacco
o. i.
the Northern Markets and now
a word with you about
You it, I have it, and N low
whats to hinder us I Moth ,
all, if will inspect rev stock,
sure to soil you a Spring Suit.
is obi today than it over was and
Stylos are pretty. lino of Suit is
is larger shown In
may be I bought thorn
Of thus you
people an lat
Daring the last few jean
i ville
y very along grow-
in and facilities
ca-h We have no Mm
i -i the head of our
to but
to our hi
without interfering with the rights of
j Other and the result while we may
not have large a reputation as
k. if, j-i.-i baa l- en
on such a gate that it
baa in who
want our a
ire today on the a Han of
i mil i s men
ii i to
I n
as reflecting in any on an
connected any I r
is not our purpose I wart
to that by Green-
ville law one the
in of State and by
by natural
the largest dealer on i
the water hare
with the
to in the nail
I KM, Mr, I.
in tobacco on i. As
. and I lie l.-i-i year
. h- ti -i the largest
this in
Olivia wile Mr. I
died at home ban
I Mrs. Gardner had been in aW
i tor sometime, but i
growing better and on was
going about the house apparently much
brighter than usual. Late in after-
noon was suddenly taken
and d at the lime ab staled. She
-aves a and six children
H. L. is very sick.
Chattel B. .
Norfolk were in town last
Mrs. Bailie Williams i H ill
with la
w, was hep- a
while Friday.
J. r. Cutler for bi i i
Two bad a here
On March 17th
at II o'clock, at the residence of
bride's father, Mr. A. S Walker. i w-ck . .
Denver township., his cut m s. lac. Dr.
Warren attended hit injuries and lie k
Last . k u, el Deeds
issued marriage two
and red enables,
a in
Henri and Fannie
Charley U. P wall and Leaden Lew-
W Gray and King.
mi and
S. and White.
Sarah Teel.
I in any phase,.
lie under-
ed daughter Miss
were in holy
It. P. of
There were a large of
friend of present.
Immediately after the ceremony the
bridal party for tin- to-OB of
whole a
in i. Eider Win. but the joy felt by every Mother
May their wedded h- A. aged when she presses to her heart
out danger
have i d
ill the la t lour days. Oil
the at o'clock. P. Al Council
hum s aged o
when the Creator said to woman,
sorrow shalt thou bring forth
that a curse was pro-
against the human race,
Prices Down Low.
inn bi
pound .
ii nil
It is n dead sine I also y lo.
proud o. u of line ,
nun i t. in. i p.
; J i will be W.
.-i pat in this
put iii a
About a fear ago a man went
stable of J. King and hind
a The man and horse
and nothing could be heard
them, search
was made and a reward
Mr. King
lion a man in had
a home his lost awe,
had been d Iron a in
of lust year. Upon chis
Air. King vent U
last week and readily
Ms test animal. Step arc I ow
Ii ins taken lo Bud
a friend and
lo mourn Una.
her babe,
men have proves the contrary.
and suffering lurk in
j the pathway of the Expectant
Mother, and should be avoided,
that she may reach the hour when
the hope of her heart is to be real-
in full and strength.
so relaxes the
system and as-
that the
takes place
sea, Headache,
Nervous or
Gloomy Fore-
boding of
It r The
A gentleman -i- State with
the editor in i
I on his recent south, and o
Ask your
Ni i I lit r, j n
la i Mow. If not already ,
a you one.
h ii in at to give do
was that was a U
only about ii it-. i d
lo us Ii Hows
lane with j a the
With In
i vii in to III so kindly m-, showing
In at hull- l.- snip Texas and
died hands we on the at
we go forward.
All die Styles in
Goods, White
Laces and Em-
Fruit of the Loom
The last
to a railroad
on Seaboard Air Line Ben
or to with the j
tern at die
line lo run Snow Wilson.
propose the company is open
up territory In
tern road, a competing line
west independent l the Atlantic
Line. If the
is they will connect Snow
Hill another trying hour is robbed of its pain
o. Th, in II and as so many happy
, , , , . .; moth, have experienced.
. i-n a. a I territory i- . . . r- ,. h
Nothing but Friend docs f
by any i- this. -Don-t be deceived or
greatly in need such persuaded to use anything Mil
The King Clothier,
Local Reflections
A losing
Town politics mil soon be the talk.
The alter m the river is
All kind of frail trees are bloom
Marlins hi v
put in their appear-
Going, Weather or no
I. II. is visiting
his mother here.
J. J. Perkins retained from Raleigh
II. from William-
Wednesday evening.
I. Lang evening
P. G. Mayo, of has locate
here mid will open a brokerage
Pan .- Is will be superfluous with
d Easier hats.
Mayor Oh received his gs
launch evening.
I Silks and New
Sailor Hals, at Mis. M. D.
Actions speak lender than words
with people, but particularly with
low went into effect Monday.
bird alone, or the courts may
get after you.
The say the tribe is capable
almost anything. We have even seen
a cat fish.
is being placed on the Court
House with which to erect the
tower lire bell.
Aldermen have passed an
ordinance requiring all saloons to close
at o'clock P. M.
An innovation in bonnet
orations is a tiny little baby
It is said to be a chic.
A bell h been put up at the public
school in . It rang
for the this
Miss Etta Harris lies gone lo
to visit friends. Little Miss
Belle Harris went with
Stokes, Charlie and Ed
Patrick went down the load
evening a dance.
C. F. Green and wife, of
N. arrived Friday evening to
visit the family W. F. Morrill.
Hoe, Mr. Wooten, pastor the Baa-
list churches mouth and
is visiting here.
Mrs. Annie Pond,
has been the family of W. S
left Saturday tor Washington.
Miss Jordan, who has been
Mi. H. Clark, left this
morning tor in Lewiston.
Frank Wilson, II. II. Clark, W. B.
James and Mrs. Georgia James all
l Saturday the northern
W. A. and wile,
who have been visiting their sons, B.
Ii. and J. II. home
Miss Harris left Wednesday
for where she
ed a position as milliner with Mrs.
James Davis.
has been money buys
everything except happiness and leads W. Is. Vt was
where except to j in town Monday. He tells us that since
j being burnt d out a weeks ago he
client can neither his broth; rs hive located their store
nor write. How ran he. therefore, to at
a tenner a
A. wile child,
O Discs One Dollar Is night here
and tree only of at, K. La g. They are
It is economy to buy Hood's. M came by
Money ii a thing. Without
organ it alway talks and it ran
hands without having
It to see something hand-
some in millinery wait for the arrival
of Mrs. hi. D. goods which she
is now north selecting.
If to be a bill collector
Any woman's hopes should run.
They would certainly reject her
Woman's work is never
their relatives goodbye.
came by here to tell
N. C, Mai en
It, h. Cherry went to Hamilton
T. Ii. went to Rocky Mount
hit York this morn-
to purchase their spring and sum-
mer sleek.
The Odd Fellows and
lodge her. b- th continue to grow n Miss
every meeting this
Mrs. Margaret Bryan is very low
with pneumonia and la grippe.
Cos, was
town Sunday.
ere conferred.
It will not lake many sprint; days lo
get people talking In f; ct
they will be glad to gel out alter being
hemmed in o long by bad weather.
Barry Skinner did not capture the
mission lo as Matt
was on Thurs-
day -i t Clayton
B. F. is happy today-
it's a
at B. M.
At regular meeting of the
Greenville Tobacco Hoard of rude in
February a committee of six. three
and three buyer were
appointed by the President lo revise
and by
lion and a c o laws to
I govern the same and report a called
meeting of the Hoard of Trade, March
Among the moot important changes
the laws ad additions made a
reported by committee lo,
and by the Board arc tin fol-
that the Board of
Trade employ a supervisor and
and general director the market
whose duly i; shall be to report all
the laws and regulations of
the association, and act as prosecuting
attorney at all trials. We
he be employed live months of each
year August 1st and
he be required lo give bond for
the faithful his duties.
A law was prohibiting the
purchase of tobacco at either public
or private sale by the of any
warehouse in the house by which he is
Prohibiting the purchase of tobacco
at any ether place than on the market
by any member or employee any
member of the association.
An addition to the law relating to
drumming after it is in transit
to market was passed making it a fine
for anyone not a member the
Board of Trade who being notified con-
to drum for any particular house
The fine to be collected out of the
warehouse for whom the dramming is
done, the has
and he does not stop it.
This law is intended to reach those
who habitually place themselves in a
position to induce t to any par-
warehouse and when the
cite is reported claim that the house i
not liable because hey are nut employed
by the
old Alamo at San lie
illustration the oil historic Alamo,
the battleship and the wharf are
perfect, and allow me to congratulate
you on the tame. Tin; Batty Km
is bright and newsy right up-
and would reflect credit on a
city of Ii is truly a
wonder for n city the size
and slows is a
ti I
en t on all our customer
II. Kan A Co. V Tea,
Of mall on receipt
of V rite book
for all free
The event the season n local so.
took place at Hole las
the occasion being Wed
ding in Mr. T. C. Manning, of
Miss Ellie
of this city, were the high contracting
The parlors were lavishly and
elegantly decorated with evergreens,
flowers and mouses, and presented a
charming appearance as the hundred
guests assembled W witness the
should bind two hearts and
souls for life.
Mr. H. L. Bethel, man, and Miss
Gretta Holmes, Charleston, s. c.
bride's maid, entered the parlor from
an adjoining room,
the bride and groom and all look their
proper places. Rev. Mr.
pronounced them man and wile, after
solemn but beautiful riles his
church, and the happy young couple.
received showers of congratulations from
their many Ii u nils
Dinner was announced and the guest
filed slowly down stairs, through the
hallway and into the large dining room.
The table was set in form t a
hollow with the side next lo
the hit open for
convenience of servants. The
here were also elaborate, the
being decorated with ever-
greens and the. t hie with dowers. The
bride and sat at the the
front section, with guests honor
to the right. In of them was the
bride's cake, which was a large and
work the baker's art, the
being e in the middle a large
mirror. On both sides the all
round eighty cover were laid fur
vice the guests of the The
menu was elaborate, and consisted
twelve courses the dishes
prepared alter the most approved style
the culinary art, and more one
hours were consumed in its
liming such a road touch
will be vast Importance
the of the Several o
o-r b st interested in tin
and we understand toil the
company In a few
Is essential to i
health. Every nook I
and corner the Iv I WM
Is reached by the blood, and on
its quality the condition of every organ de-
pends. Good blood means strong nerves, A
good digestion, robust health. Impure
blood means scrofula, dyspepsia,
catarrh or other diseases. The surest I
way to have good blood is to take on,
This medicine vi- . . . ,. T . ,
and enriches the blood, and sends AlSO a
the elements of health and strength
every nerve, organ and It creates
a good appetite, gives refreshing sleep
and cures that tired feeling. Remember,
can now be found in
the brick store for-
W. Brown.
Come to see
v lows low juices as
Good Green Coffee at cents a pound.
Good Chewing Tobacco at cents a pound.
Granulated Sugar at cents a pound,
bait and Sweet Snuff at cents a pound
else in Grocery line just as
cheap as the above articles. It Is because
bay the spot cash and sell then
for Hie same kind of stuff. sec us.
We lead others try to follow.
ED. H. GO.
Is fact the One True Blood
want anything in the
easy to operate.
. , , and a half.
he new laws as adopted are by far A flag, made
the host market has ever worked j the Manhattan View-
Co., which out
Alter the dinner was over the
to the parlor Where
and there is little doubt but they
will be curried if the supervisor will
his duty he will he pretty apt to
do that or he will bounced.
Roll of Honor.
of Honor for the school taught
in district No. by Mrs. Minnie
Manning month ending March
1897. Emily
Allen, Mamie Allen, Harris.
Phillips. Clara Phillips, Car-
lie Norris,
Elks, Smith, Pennie Lilly
Cleveland Moore, John Craw
lord, Jasper Joyner, Tyson, John
Crawford Jr. and James
the the
With music, vocal and and
lively conversations. Prof.
a mos; who has held
a prominent in the schools of
the city Jacksonville and his fair
bride is the daughter of lira, Hugh
Williams, and a most accomplished
young lady. The joins their
host in extending most
congratulations, and in wishing the
young couple all the happiness and
prosperity is in lite tor the good
and the worthy. ,
Stove Dealers, Tobacco Makers
and Bicycle Dealers and
services to public- We are taking orders for
Tobacco Flues
assure you we wilt as ore make the beet of Flues
the All oar work is guaranteed and we ready to
anything in line a to a We will
you to come and see us.
E. CO.
have opened the old store with a
Millinery and Sum
which are offered to the for their inspection. See tho Infest
styles null i low prices. Get your
hats at
Mrs. J. S. Tunstall Co's.
For Spring-Summer Attire
We and are receiving every day
huge lines of exquisite novelties in
Dress Goods, Notions,
Laces and Embroideries.
We believe an in- r .
will convince
you of their Superiority
in both style and
Lang Sells Cheap. j mm
As Spring Comes
H M.
line call soc inc. can save you money on
SHOES of Eagle brand.
Cg Old stand.
lo S. T- White's and have a full line of
to F fan F fan
to from fresh low down in price. A
extended to nil. Come see me, will make it pay you-
Wish to call the attention to the
Stock of
just received,
India Linens, Victoria Lawns.
Lawns, Dimities. Plaids,
Swiss Muslin, Organdies,
Linen Lawns Cloths
Laces and
in endless All popular brands
of Sheet and on hand at low prices.
Clothing and Shoes.
e a the above and can
you in lit, finish and price. .

Office and
The new administration is
in rather startling
disagreeable surprises in
with the civil service
rules- Gape was
; not with great
he the man to rut with mi
till such an is in view
superintendent of the
The I. That Was Upon
a Ship.
Captain A If ml T.
to The Century an on
the Rattle of
says that the
All Broken.
On Saturday. March
Atlantic Coast lane's New York
Florida special train
the greatest record breaking run
the south, over-
shadowing the record for speed
made by the famous
over the same track on August
It will be
that that train made the world's I
record run. The subj to the
made on so cruelties. Three es-
Story of the Pole of the
Cardinal obtained an or-
for Mr. Augustus J- Hare and
his sister to visit the Madre
the sole survivor of the Polish
nuns who were martyred for their
faith in the terrible persecution at
Minsk. In Story if My fine
Mr. Hare
The nuns were starved, flogged to
Or Joke With ,
was mi
.-specially for stock, will n
be ii. for tin, Is sold ill t n
invincible champion f i
, ,,.,;.,,,,., T. , ,
an March
was her.- at the ; kinds of Inc. but
Goodwin, like
s Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills.
. . won not give on,. It la k
vary s for all the other I ever Bilious and Intermittent Fevers
u drop if , t I-the thing in , . . ., . . ,.
.,,., hi, vein Sui- P
n Ho
the -he Harrison ad- shipman on board of
min and is a candidate the of the CO oriel
but Mr- John- commanding the of
son he removed except, on
upon charges, and his quarter deck quill
must Selected by competitive I tin tubes are used as mote
. Che same rule J safe and expeditious than loose
and me to send
someone, adding his own men wore
plies to the chief engravers
the bureau. receive
of the
who receives
and to the chief clerk.
too ignorant of the ship or lie would
have sent one of them. told
I knew no one that could so well lie
perfectly and spared as myself. He. however, ob-
that the subordinate of to my going, and n I w
this bureau should be appointed of the dreadful slaughter
by competitive examination, but j which had takes place in the center
superintendent, who occupies j the I was not very fond of
a very delicate responsible but my conscience would
position, and has charge of all the , me another on an
money, should be M i i was afraid to undertake my
by the head of depart- j posted toward Che
i . lie no bond, and Mr. magazine. When I arrived on
must be He for j deck, along which I had
and h- although he Q m a single man
has no voice in his the whole way from the
A similar discovery has been
made at the depart
where Postmaster General
Gary is amazed to that his
legal adviser, the assistant
general for that department,
must also be by com-
examination- There are
a or more for
o know well. t.
speed warn beat Vienna, where and great
both MM from Wisdom act why
was of the a
fancy bin at one of the hotels j
i u i. heard of i
he train lot tho same
d stance and is letter Hie
record of The New York Journal s
special, which recently went
in minutes.
The run Saturday was made by
two of them and never
were heard of again. After n series
of unparalleled and es-
capes the abbess, the
DR. arrived in Rome. Pope Gregory
. S VI her kindly,
car- while the woe set generally known what had
trail had only four cars. j become of Madre was n
Tho record was between I mystery tn
Florence, S-C , South to trace her to the tiny convent of
K. C-, B distance of ; the which has
milts- The record books show ; since bean destroyed by the
this office, as there are for chief
of the bureau of and
printing, and when Postmaster
General Gary made a selection
the person of a gentleman in
whom he had confidence ho was
informed that the present
could only be removed upon
charges, that hi.- successor
must be certified
by the service comm s
Secretary Las discovered
that he has not influence enough
in the war department lo appoint
his private secretary. Every
body within sight is under
civil service rules, lie brought a
man from Detroit had long
occupied a confidential relation
to him. d sir. d lo continue
him in a similar ca; during
his official career. Hut there is
no position the war department
open to such a without
the regular competition
through tho civil service
A few M have not vet
made their wants known, Ml
they are heard from right
is opposed lo
the plan of making
distribution of offices until
the tariff bill become a .
has it that he told the
president an yesterday. Mr-
thinks the
and the men b a- Mr.
Quay calls them, expected their
soon after Mr.
became president, that they
should not be It
has also been that the
administration would not hurry
the tariff by
of tho of course
that the senators are
not ready to trade their votes
The by
were confirmed by
the State
ft or trustees upon being remonstrated with
department for tho State huge j tot the exposure lull dress entailed.
W. Sprinkle, Howard o
forward, n district COB-
eight guns on rite, none
of which were run out ready for fir-
others lay dismounted, and
i rs remained as they were after re-
hastened down fore ladder
to I he lower deck and felt really
relieved to find alive.
was obliged to wait a few minutes
for my cargo, and after pause T
own I like regret, if
not fear, as I the ladder
on my return. however, m
subsided T the sin
shining and the old n
as lofty as ever. in felt
the pens of glory so com
as at I took
off my hat by an involuntary mo-
and gave three chi-ors as I
jumped on to quarter deck. Colo-
welcomed me
an If on a
hazardous an I had re-
groat satisfaction
at seeing me in inch high
effect of splinters fragments
of wood, or small,
technically so called- is shown
by the same writer in a scatter-
ed but graphic
was bruised from
head to foot splinters in such
a manner as compelled him to leave
the deck. Mr. another
midshipman, who was my
ion on the r who
as usual, shared the same
fate. I him to the lower
deck, but could not prevail upon
myself to set foot on the ladder to
tho cockpit is the
place below the water line where the
wounded are
left him there to best
of his way. As the splinters wore
so plentiful, it may lie wondered
how J The fact is, did
not escape entirely. When the wheel
SOS shot away, I was in a cloud,
hut being some little distance before
the wheel I did not receive any of
the larger pieces. Our first
ant, Mr. had taken care to
have the dacha and every-
thing clean and nice before we
went into action. He had dressed
himself in full uniform, with his
cocked hat set on touch
which recalls eccentric
captain, at Trafalgar,
these figures
Actual time between
the two points HI minute.-;
Time by stops minutes
Actual time minutes
The speed was there-
fore, miles per hour.
The average speed
a as miles per hour. i he
record of this trip was as follows
Actual time between.
the two points minutes
Time lost by stops minutes
Actual running time
This record was I v
It. and Conductor
W. J- Bill-
The Lino are
necessarily the
feat which has been accomplished.
Wilmington Messenger.
Goodwin entered. The
. , , . ed-did
circle l were a I
lie mighty I
hi in i., awe
of the
ton, I ml. Sim haves rat-
tended to
Tin the met
yesterday. This was the Brat oaten of
In in w is el
she up her petticoats and
W. II. New
government, but which then
stood near the of
Dearly the Church of Hi.
When we rang the convent
bell and had shown our permit
through the grille, n from
within drew a bolt which admitted
us to a little rather--
pail with iron and with an iron
cage at one side, behind which .
appearing, asked us many questions
about ourselves, tho pope, tho state
of Rome generally.
At last we got tired and said.
shall we not soon the
said tho old woman,
laughing. Then we said, do
tell us the Story of
she replied. promised at the feet
of Pope Gregory XVI that would
never tell that story again. The
story is written down. You can read
it, but cannot break my
dreadfully you must have
suffered at we said.
she answered, and, going backward,
sprinkle, Howard brown-
J- D. J. L E
Bailey; districts
15- F. Aycock. H. E
It. B E. G- E,
Flow. S- F. Shore, J. C Jas-
For penitentiary
W. U-
E. T- Clark,
H M- M. Peace, R. Cot-
G- H. A. Sigmon,
J. J. Perkins, for four years each.
For trustees deaf and
blind at Raleigh B
F- to succeed
I lines H. Young, vice James A-
B vice C.
replied, have always fought in a
cocked hat, and I always
shirt frill stiff starched, and
his cravat tied tight under his chin,
BI usual. How ha unhurt
seems wonderful. times
lost sight of him in a cloud of
As they subsided I saw first
his cocked hat emerging, then by
degrees the rest of his person, his
face so that altogether one
might imagine him dressed for his
The hag has displaced both the
hogshead and the barrel in the ship-
of and raw sugars.
I There was a time, not so very long
E. T. of
Kin Hughes, of M. M
. . ; B, K. Pitt;
Cannon, A.
Y. Catawba; and J. .
Pill. Every
Board M,
Mr. was ducted
the Board,
Senator E. T. i -el
A was
ed tin.- die
1-1. i. Cl. W.
U. It. Gotten
J. J. U. It. and E.
Clack were a a
lo with
wan instructed
to I the Alison county with
the two st
Domed will make a careful
submit report,
with hi
Board at ii.-
Smith his
cl Capt. the
i. i the Ali-
son hum and it w, s
The el Dr. J. II. Bog-
physician tor the prison by tie
Superintendent, was also
Saps, Smith
While, as
the Caledonia Farm, Mr.
as steward the Halifax Farm.
the Booed until the
Wednesday April. it Tit
showed us her legs, which were
enormously fat, yet, a short dis-
the ankles, were quite
eaten away, so that you could see
the she said,
caused by tho chains
The Madre when
took leave, am filled
with wonder as to how you got ad-
have never seen any
He to the
a load sower
That's John
said the tender.
what do can
actor, with he
walked over and ashed
glared Good
and rooted b,; n
i Goodwin.
Two I of the special or.
fainted, and others pushed for-
ward lo save the actor's life.
Before th y could
win as iii and left
the who was
away ed of
his wits. Most of the people
who had been looking ran
their and never came
back to find out that it was all a
is said that made it
a to assault Sullivan
whenever he saw hire, and the
big fighter thought it was the
funniest the comedian ever
J j liable ii
. j n h recommend it fir
I. no and sick headache, mi I an
system ii has no
, j
all run down,
could not nor load, had
which never lei and hi
tired and Weary, lilt six bottle-
Electric Killers rest trod her health and
renewed her SO
per bottle J. b.
drag store.
arc invariably
by derangements of the
Stomach Liver and Bowels.
The Secret of Health.
The liver is the great
in the mechanism of
man, and when it h out of order,
the whole system becomes de-
ranged and disease is the result.
Liver Pills
Cure all Liver Troubles.
modern stand-
EU Cl Family Medicine Cures the
of humanity.
. and Pat-
t Unit; t. J
s-nil model, or -th
n V- n i I t v n- i. I
in In V. . foreign
free. A . I
Or. o. O. f
see by the
that Footlights,
does men,
----A .
Poisons engendered I-y I oil
in a are the
of goat,
, liver and kidney complaints,
and many
are prevented the
II -e tie-
one I name hew, and I j remedy prepared by the
do not i hull ever see Shakers x
g; 0- T- alley, v pg
vice J- J. to but a
Fee of the . .
Mechanical College, for the
at C. I-
C. L- Harries, E. Bailer, W. G-
Fool, John W- dis-
V. Cos, H. G.
Dr. Matt Moore, It,
Z. Waller, II- K Dr. M.
Dr. B V.
Dr- J. i.
For members of beard of inter-
A Cook
and J. O. Harris.
For commissioner of ballot
Y- two
For trustees for the
hospital for th
Lusk,. Henry Molt, K.
It. T. Walton,
Lee Whitener, A- C- Sharps, L A.
Fr b of the
hospital for the in vim-, at n i
J. D. B. S. Utley, Dr. P.
J. T r D
John. W. A .
B There u, M L Wood, Georg-
B- foe
vessel -was unheard of, hut now it is
just the other way. The hag has be-
come popular it is cheaper,
and continues to grow
while the wooden receptacles ad
in at the
ratio. Even molasses gone back
on the stave, and that sticky com-
is being carried in bulk.
A I.-t
said she in a tone o
bitter rebuke, far as I can see
you are going to the
never contented,
returned her erring husband.
made me up horses, and here
you are complaining about dogs. Do
I object to your cats and your
No, madam I I would scorn to
interfere with your I bog
of you to respect preference for
nobler Tails
During civil war in this
try the of temporary
or field fortifications was so highly
appreciated the troops on both
For trustee of rides that the moment a halt was
for the at G tho men begun to throw up
Ham, F N. say, 8- The groat difficulty
John Leary, W-M was to induce them to wait until a
Dr. in, Dr. proper line of defense had been
D. r. J- Sharpe, by the engineers.
,. Joseph Ferry tour
set down no fixed
rule conduct in tins
i the Barley Mow
orator. gt i
trouble he
Mrs. just look
at them invitations to tho do
dance What do you
them letters ft V. mean
Mr. must lie for
he sot air Just t
cot, at into tr. Vere
be dido too good for
II you max iris aim take
MOM Bate small thing, may
BOOM to he a prophet and
spring. When trees lo
and the i
the bull in
When lucks
an and I
flies are out,
in the waters
are and
at night, nod venture in
your bed room attracted the ;
when down the chimney, and
in the door, aim
hold conventions in the
when the is o'er your shoe
tops as you cress new plowed land
may on I as lint
sweet is near at hand.
cure torpid liver.
me again, m will give yon a little
of your and aha
cave a crucifix mid
bar have it still.
When the Emperor name
to h
the pope, who
him very coldly. are a great
said Pius IX
of the
world, and nm a old man,
the servant of hut cite
you to again, to meet inc.
before the throne of tho
world and in answer there for your
treatment of the nuns
which am
that it causes
see me
null I will
treat fair
Y. P
a an I ha-power to
i ii oil taken ii. Thus N
rests the diseased stomach and Anally
musters tho eases pep-i i.
act promptly and and
if Weight soon f he
tn par his -lose l. ken
tin- so
dyspeptics. Trial
to prove Its merit cents
i.- the best for
Doctors In
raster Oil.
Potash I
is a necessary and important
ingredient of complete fer-
Crops of all lands
require a properly balanced
manure. The best
contain a high percentage
of Potash.
km bu
i . book which will
st h win far a,
r.- Air.
Ho or toast said that
ho was, and the other day he enter-
ed the of e well
uptown and into a
covered in
waiting his turn on tho At last
it- came, and tho doctor examined
his tongue critically, felt of his
inquired as to tho symptoms
of his illness and then looked
Taking n pad from tho he
wrote a calling for
bread pills and distilled water or
something of that sort. Then, turn-
in his chair, tho physician
cannot see that anything serious
is with you. What you
IS plenty of
Tho patient smiled n broad, bland
smile, but said
this prescription regularly
every night, but all things
pot plenty air, wholesome
outdoor atmosphere, that is what
you more than anything else
I mod do
tho man. font is
what do in-
quired the doctor.
-Mean Why, I am a street car
Ha is yet.
emperor had revealed the
truth to his favorite brother when
he said that be himself would never
attempt a landing on British shores,
but that he might send Hey to Ire-
land. It is a significant straw that
when Robert Fulton offered
tho flotilla independent of wind and
wave by tho use of steam Napoleon,
tho apostle of friend
and member of t he
displayed very little
interest. For some time past
had be coquetting with the
American inventor, granting him
inadequate subsidies tn
his for applying steam
power to engines of
destruction. Ho intended
to from using Fulton
inventions. That in. made no fair
trial of them v.- raid
show ho bad no real use
by Pro
one cornea across per-
sons who are to nil intents and
poses utterly irresponsible. No
matter what their acts, they n
ex use, and when excuses
are exhausted they dismiss the
whole affair with a little flutter or a
wave of hand and that
they don't know anything
about it, or that they have done all
they can, and that's all there is to
Personal responsibility tho
habits of accuracy, reliability, truth-
and bred frankness are
among the in
education of n child-
a feeling of
disposition to whatever be-
to one's share of tho
tux to teach, mid lax to ;
Tax to wash, to ;
Tax and tor
Tax fur all in I heir I
Tax walk, and ride
I; x and lax on every
T, x to toil, and tax
Tux to eat, and drink
How they In w with their axes
ah relieves taxes I
S Mo.
lot or
. In the
rat i
Too c. Soars
W. H. T WK
and cur
rd ft
We hare of Met
cured by
him. He
no sends
. h
tie of his to
R o and
a. r. i.
We received a
hearse and the line of
tic and in metal-
and cloth over brought lo
We Ms . to Jo embalm
its id--. .
funeral and bodies on-
to our earn receive
every mark of respect.
Oar prices are than ever.
do not bill
w a can found and nil
times in
a in
their oar e
n It s,
us i
r. M.
P, V.
Mr , f
tin i iv
e e Ml
i ,
n i i . A
,, w-n I i -ill i i iii
nun are all and
for CASH at
t-i nut w-
M. . H V.
. i i
U i
V. i
Hi f
l i I
p v on
A- store
um mm ii
W a
Ail i t
We om skilled labor and good
i and aw prepare to
f Daily o
its Class in tho State
Silver and
of the Ten Per Tax on
Slate Banks. Daily cent
per month.
W H,
W N. C
Wire and Iron Fencing
sold. First-class work
prices reasonable.
AT a INK--------
taught t tr ape
store, r s id every
for Millers,
, Huts. Dress . I have on
for Boa and i. N. r
keep and clerk.
v i
u Rocky it
Ar Y. i
I n
P. M,
oil ., ,
Weldon Ms n m.,
Seek at j i
in. 7.45
. Returning, leave
in., 8.81 r. n,
Hali v Hi a. tn., JO
on leave
Washington 8.00 , at., and 1.00 p . m
B. ,.
n., m.,
p. m , i a. m.
J I in,, arrive
a. p. m. Dally
pl with on
K. K. apt
M nil p. m., P, M;
Plymouth P. M,, m p, ,
Id Plymouth daily except
in a ii.,
n rive I
Train on Midland N. , branch leaves
except N A
n. ;,,.
inning leaves tn
at a. in.
on bl n
An leave
p in, Clio . ,,.
leave a m. a in,
CM k daily
Train I h leave.
Clinton tally,
n a. hi. p, n.
Union n . i.
nukes close connection
all all rail via
also Mount with
K l for
in- ll points North via Norfolk.
P. M. Manage-.
I. U. I Man t-i.
Old Dominion Line
to creditors.
The having
appointed and by c
Court M Pit the
of lie.
is hereby given to lie
fuel their
to undersigned or before
the 1st. of February, or Car
mil re will plead in bar of their re-
lice to in-
lo the estate
I lie lie Alb
All K N
Life, Fire and West
N. C
All placed in
J AU vis A Blow, Attorneys,
villa Mull at all
in .
I 1.1 A. M.
, Ii ave A. l.
. .
Owns st
It Norfolk,
I New York
order their
via I If
II v Nor-
full. II
ft Inert
in, in

Eastern reflector, 24 March 1897
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
March 24, 1897
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