Eastern reflector, 17 December 1890

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Through 1891 for only
fl. DOLLAR. l.
But ill order to it yon must
that can be. surpassed no-
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gives satisfaction
D. J. WHICH ARD, Editor and Proprietor.
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The Eastern Reflector
D. J.
Editorial Paragraphs.
Diphtheria is in Indian
. a polls.
is officially
the States
New York Letter.
New York, Dec. 12th,
There a if three great engineering
now before people
this city vicinity which are
also of Interest lo the whole
To the Ladies of Greenville.
The Executive Committee of the
North Yet Association
have a
at. Already the
opened several dis-
worthy confederate
arc being provided More are
seeking to be admitted The Com-
with an abiding in
love that the good people Of North
Stray Bits of Fan. A Happy
The Republican Trick. OVER THE STATE.
try. One is tie North tunnel. cherish the and
another is flu; North River j disabled have risked the
and the third is the East River; establishment of a relying
tunnel. Such a of upon Hie generosity a
enterprises has never public to sustain it I do not
been lo our believe that the have
RaW Together i- Billie for Those
Who Lore Laugh. ,
You cannot tell which way a train
has gone by the tracks it leaves.
it comes to a question of so-
I he host is not always the
She a hotly-contested game
don't they give each
side hall and not have so much
When we wrote a certain lady
was as gentle as the down upon the
thistle our punster said thistle tickle
Raleigh Chronicle.
Mr. Gideon Morris, who lives in
Raleigh, came from Greensboro on
Friday with a bride whom he married
there on Thanksgiving morning.
I hey were engaged twenty-nine
years ago, while Morris was a
soldier the Confederate In
National Alliance set
Down Bill, They
Colored Alliance to Pass
S solutions in its Favor.
Wilmington Star.
Early in the session of the National
Alliance and
1861, while campaigning in Union convention at Fin., last
Mr. Morris met the young lady and week, a resolution was unanimously
tell in love with her. returned adopted protesting against the pass-
his love and they were engaged. Inge Lodge Force bill This
Not long afterward Mr. Morris was j wasn't exactly to the liking
in the battle of Sharpsburg, lighting Force bill statesmen to offset it
Tor his country and his and fell manipulated the colored Na-.
on the Held horribly Wounded. Alliance convention, also in j
several month's as an invalid session there, and got the
Happenings of Interest Occur-
ring in North Carolina.
next Legislature will lie coin-
posed id Democrats and Be
The train
High Point killed eighteen
o rake last Fri
The last Scotland Neck Democrat
reported four
and two burned.
The bravest are the truest;
The loving are the
Col. Christie, of Carolina, fell
mortally wounded at the battle of Get-
while gallantly leading hie men
against the enemy's breastworks.
was taken to Winchester, where be wag
nursed tenderly until his death.
longed to see his young wife, bis darling
hut when she reached Winchester
he dead. His last words were,
me for
The following beautiful and touching
were published.
, in
They are won by of preservation for the
ii at
that the city
River will be a monumental j to every one, but especially do I Mrs. would yon
undertaking in It will appeal to the women of North Car-1
American missionaries two of
the are threatened
by the natives.
The wheat yield of Minnesota and
Dakota i- now generally con-
ceded to be about bushels.
be twice as as the Ease
bridge, will weigh ten times as
many ions, will accommodate four
times as many railroad its
pier will be twice as high, the
cost will be I limes as much.
The Ne r York will be at
street, and the proposed grand
union depot at Union Square. I he
estimated cost of in
Miss De
or William has decorated
Professor Koch with the grand
Cross of the Older of the Red Eagle.
lo the
special object of their care. The
has no certain hind to
for support. laid the
foundation stone of the
upon the loyalty of North
to the came of the noble and do you liken
i good, and with faith in God lite lo a receding
will maintain the rights he's always just
I appeal especially to the ladies,
Help Give us some
I sort of an mid send
the proceeds to W. C.
j gives me a book as a birthday
Miss Do a line
library you must have
she had mourned him
at his head on which have been
lad as one dead, resolution a non-sectional cast I Scotland Neck
and buried with a tombstone and an appearance fairness, ft is I Davis, colored, is short in accounts
thin. The way the bill reads and taken to
The national divorce re firm
league urges uniform legislation on
the question of marriage and
bur with ten big railroad , . ., us . .,, ,
companies to contribute may not I sort of an send .
take long to raise it. j the proceeds W C. j ,,. a, . ,,.
WELL TRAINED LIONS. j treasurer, I, N. Will ,
Prof. Darling, the lion tamer in j .- I JOB
the play now
at Garden, presents
of the most interesting
She had heard that he had been
killed at Sharps-burg. She could I
learn nothing definite and his long I
silence served to confirm the report I
will her. She gave her heart and j
hand to another and married him
just three days Mr.
reached home
Weary body, sick soul and
sore in heart, Mr. Morris turned I
sadly from her home. She went l
now it does apply to all sections of
the United States alike, bin in
it would only apply to Demo-
states or Democratic cities, for
as the whole machinery is in the
hands of the Republicans there never
would be a petition by Democrats for ,
its in Republican States,
unless Democrats throughout the Washington
country entered into an understand It. Ware
Raleigh for trial. Her husband.
E. Davis, has absconded.
Mr. T. of Wayne
county, was the first lax collector in
the State to settle with the State
Treasurer this year. Ami is the
color in the Stale.
to that effect to make the law, if and was stationed at
passed, as odious as The Reidsville. We wish bin
Mississippi, became a widow , is , f,. states
again, and moved
no post- i .,,,
boa announced his
the Standard, the
weekly he founded
four years ago.
for aid the drought
sufferers and Nebraska
have been a St Louis and
oilier Western cities.
l in . , , . ii .
unconcerned and gives the binding a triune
I. orders to the beasts in a quieter and all who manifest
one than a foreman would order a M
The ocean steamer
New neck made
from ii-town to New
days hours and
There were some noted men in
Senator class at
among them J.
Justice Waite.
malices to be found in this Hi.
exhibition ahead of
of as ,
railroad is ahead of the stage coach.
Instead wildly leaping
cage, whip m hand, firing
at the lions raising a
the in I be
gang of Italian laborers. Neither
is he to take bis eyes off them
whenever he pleases, and daring
the performance he turns back
on them a dozen nine-. Toe animals
are wonderfully trained, and at i he
the professors bidding go a
-of Mini a general ion
ago would be considered If
The Milk Fro-
the readiness which
will find on the part of s to . yon appear
encourage yon. to-night
ladies of Raleigh and Durham,
bless have been
of most benefit in this
and i he manage-
under lasting obligations.
May I ask that the ladies of Green-
ville Jo i that
this appeal will not pass unheeded.
lo me
cities only.
Iv for the Son
in I
She away
I'm afraid
drinking as
to every true sum
lo s my sell, J
S Garb.
Against Reason
Press and
Forty-two Tier cent, of the people
you've been ;
Husband on Wedding
want rooms for my sell an I wife.
Hotel f j
course she
lovely. The sweetest girl n i
the world.
no, let's not ex-
claimed the little boy. as his nurse
proposed on board a yacht,
the burst into
Why, Willie, what in the world is
the matter just b-ll heard one I
in tell another to set the
of Maryland live in the
Ill other Wolds,
Baltimore is
outside of the city,
Baltimore has a large trade outside I public
I has sen a say bl ls
The ingenuity id the makers
fashion must be becoming severely
taxed. They foisted the dude
ix a meek and long suffer
last spring, and now they
in the ring black collars
milk oar be worn with white shirts.
. M P I live cities. must live and There's consolation in the
late Chief of quarts, the loot the bill that the of this can
. charge, with an addition cents j stand almost
Two detectives have j
can when the can is delivered
n the west side of the
River. Tins is an increase of hall a
rested I a a quart over
living near Meeker. Col., charging j the Milk Exchange tor December,
him with being the mar- which was cents a net to the
of Millionaire of Chi result will no doubt
a con test between the dealers
-and the producers. The Union M
an important and in
Surgeon William A. Wheeler, dude most of the heavy producers
the United States marine hospital Hie near-by state,
wife Connecticut and New The
reason assigned for the raise
at Norfolk, and
Hashed with a
I- there any reason in the above
ll those people
in Baltimore were to bum their city
and go to farming where would they
and the population outside the city
dud a market their produce
Why is it that farm lands are more
valuable near large cities those
an off i there were no y
people lo be led What would the court
try people do with their pro-
duct the markets and
stores of our cities and towns
and you see corn, peas, potatoes.
Pick wife wants to have
portrait in oil of her mother, but
the old lady is dead, an we have no
likeness of her except this photo-
graph. Could you make a portrait
from that
yes; I will promise
to give you a speaking likeness.
Peek do. I don't
want that
California. About one year ago her
second husband, Mr. Wood, of
Mr. Morris soon s new love, I Potato Blight and its Remedy.
and since i bat day of so much sad
The year ha been om of Hie
worst ever known for
to late crop
has been damaged from one third to
four fifths of a normal yield.
blight is caused by fungus,
This fungus is
propagated by spores prod need by the
previous crop which remain dormant
in the ground during the winter and
attack the young vines in the spring.
The is also propagated by
see i potatoes which contain portions
or growing of
the growers should
avoid planting two successive crops
on the same bra i starve mil
the spores in the Soil,
does not attack any other
Seed potatoes carefully
and the diseased one- ii-j
, , , Spraying the growing vines
Durham Globe. tans also be attended to. The best
There was a the . day remedy to u-e is Cooper-
in l town within a day's journey Mixture, made as follow- in
Durham. A pine box was hustled wooden or earthenware vessels dis-
of a squalid shanty, packed out solve M pounds of copper
to the graveyard without in gallons
dumped into a grave. The j soft water. In another vessel dis-
hes contained the unadorned re- solve of carbonate of soda
mains a poor, faded woman
ions with the pa
rill I In-own.
when he resigned his first love
; to another, be has been married three
times. His last wile diet in this
city a over a year ago.
A months ago Mr Morris
I wrote to Mrs. Wood at her
home. The missive foil
I her on to California. In her reply to
j Mr. Morris she told hint she was a
j widow. Correspondence between
them followed. The VOWS, and
I pledges love of nine years
I ago were called up and renewed.
I Mr. Morris went up to Greensboro on i f i
I Wednesday. Mr-. Wood met him
I there. They were one, and
I they an here, which place will be
i I heir lire home.
Raleigh Stephen J.
Daniel, a worthy Greene county
farmer, committed suicide by shoot-
himself through the heart with a
revolver. Me had been unfortunate
in business affairs, and his farm was
sold under execution at Snow Hill.
This is the cause assigned for the
rash deed. He leaves a wile
or eight children-
Why the Discrimination.
Tarboro Buckner
says he pounds
seed cotton on one acre planted in
cotton ibis and on acre
manured only with guano and
he got 1,668 pounds of seed cotton.
S. Jenkins, of Lawrence
township has killed
only old whose average
weight was pounds There is
nulling phenomenal about their
weight, ii is u very good average.
Come and kiss me for my Lizzie, tell her
love death.
commend the following, from
a. tobacco, the Henderson Gold the
pounds of stems. of
razor a ,
o price by the producers is the in-
burglar they discovered in price of feed. Former effort
their home.
Several acres of land,
covered with valuable
will be thrown open for set-
December at Ashland,
Wis., when Congressman
bill goes into effect.
iv produce
I on the price milk j The larger the
city the mole he country produce
in to the Exchange have
not. been successful, for the reason
that milk has been brought
great and many
the Union sold their
; milk at exchange prices.
Edwin Arlington.
A Massachusetts little girl, who
held a child's notion of what prayer
is for, prayed Lord,
want a while She waited
for a while for developments and
then her prayer a little more
for their support and the; Lord, I want a
it Potatoes j white Another pause for
development, with unsatisfactory res
suite, and then a vigorous
Lord, I want a white rabbit, an I
I want it
Fate of the Apostles.
St. Matthew is supposed to have
suffered martyrdom, or was slain
with the sword at the city of
A Western Republican paper says
the are lying upon
This is probably a mis-
print for ears. The republicans ,
have lied so that could
St. Mark was dragged through
the streets of Alexandria Egypt,
i till he expired.
St. Luke was hanged on an olive
s needed
greater price it brings
are worth per in
and forty or fifty
miles off in the country. Hen who
argue that large and populous cities ;
not a benefit to the
agricultural interests do
matter as we see-them. Such
seem to the fruit
prejudice and not of reason. The
country is by
and the cities could not be without
washing in gallons of water.
Stir the soda into the copper solution
and use as soon as possible. Apply
to the by means of the
way Knapsack Sprayer. For small
plots the may lie splashed on
the vines with an old broom or wisp
of or put on with a sprinkling
poor J pot. about gallons of liquid
that p and apply when
, I her hollow cheeks but a few vines are in full id om and again
years ago radiant With the bloom after two If the weather is
healthy. Would believe it that third application two weeks
her matted gray hair was like a after the second may be necessary,
mist of gold floating in perfumed This liquid costs less than one cent
whose dead face there were none lo j
mourn, whose tangled hair there
were no lingers to ill., whose
slumbering eyes had closed on a
World that was all coldness, all
blackness, and all despair. What's
the telling the story It's been
told so often, so often in this
world. Would you believe it
North Carolina twenty nine
cigar factories which used 2,429.262
pounds tobacco, made
cigars and cigarette-.
Two hundred and thirty-lour tobacco
factories used pounds of
leaf I
pounds of other materials;
pounds plug lo-
pounds of line cut
chewing, pounds
pounds of snuff, etc.
Stamps used valued at 11.621,484.16.
Milton Quite a in-
marriage look place at Pleas
Grove, on the A. A D.
on The groom, who resides
near Pleasant Grove, was years
a resident
was about years old and is level-
headed. She wished to get married,
say my Father, that
I, was are true and just.
Is she coming- and would
see her face once more;
I would hear her speaking to ma ere
life s fevered dream is
would fold her to my bosom, look into
her soft, bright
I would tell her how I loved her, her
once before die.
I- she coming Oh evening and my
tuning comes not
Lift the curtain-it grows darker-it i
; sunlight on
Her. All the evening dews arc am
Western N. light Is gone;
I- she coming softly comes
footsteps on,
with and kiss me.
iii w tor Illy
. Take for her my parting blessing;, take
I the last warm kiss of life,
Tell her I will wait to greet
the Mod and are,
Iii home untouched by sorrow.
her she must meet there.
Is she coming the
me see the fading light;
Oh I want to live to see her, surely she
Will come to-night.
Surely ere the day light
fold her to my breast;
. With her head upon my bosom, calmly
could sink to rt.
Ii is hard to die without her; look J
think she's coming now;
can almost feel her kisses on my faded
cheek and brow;
I can almost hear her
check upon my cheek
Hark hear the front door open; I-
she speak
No drop the curtain I
see her face no more,
I sec it smiling on me on the bright
and better shore.
Tell her she must come lo me In that
Eden land of light;
Tell her p be waiting for her where
there is no night;
Tell her t hit I called her darling, blessed
her With my dying breath;
I lot.
It is
the people
a solid chin k
The Senate.
lie on almost j
ton Star.
The Senate now contains Res
the cities- publicans and Democrats. The
four new Senators from Wyoming I
and as the man whose choice she was I
was rather too old and infirm to come
after her. she went to Pleasant Grove j
where he her. As soon as she
stepped from the train the groom.
with remarkable spryness, rushed up
and kissed her then led her to a
store near by. where they were soon
Raleigh Chronicle. made one, and went their way re-
Hill said what every
that even- her knows to true. We
die alone, the preliminary battle
of gold floating in perfumed
air Would you believe it that men ; X.
thronged and cringed for a smile I St I lion.
from those dead, pallid lips is j
hard to believe and yet it is all
true. Ami when the bloom was gone
where were they Perhaps sin- won
that while she starve I and
worked and suffered; perhaps she
thought was bard
brothers left her to
If you want, business men to
to your town, encourage those who
are already here. If you have a
prosperous town, people will come
who arc disposed to make yon
must bury all jealousy and
work together for common prosperity
and mutual benefit. Wake up
eyes and go to work. Borrow
no troubles, but make it the best
kind of a prosperous and
progressive town in every sense of the
The Fight is Ahead.
c r
n. e
; that her lather
I against her.
lint it's all over non-
closed the door
the wind
Pass Them Around
A gatherer of religious statistics
says there are ninety-five towns in
the State Maine where there are
no religions services held,
will account in part for the fact that
men like Tom Reed are sent to rep-
resent that State in
According to the Postmaster Gen-
report the from post-
stamps for the past year was
was clear profit.
deficit of Mr.
maker's department,
or extravagant man.
tree in Greece.
St. John was put in a of
boiling oil at Rome, and escaped
the Both are, I and Idaho will the Republicans and the clouds
parts the whole and all efforts majority of March 1891.1 an,
one against the other are i Then they will lose the seats see An,, is
tore of New York; coming towards us so I g
of of Who they with
Inexcusably wrong.
There is genera complaint the of Kansas, probably
scarcity of dwelling houses in many
of the towns and cities ibis Si ate.
notwithstanding the fact that There
has been a great deal of building
stretched anus They are Prodigal years of cons ant effort,
only. The great contest is ahead.
Let every Democrat join a Demo
Let him
the paramount issue upon which the
preliminary battle has been won.
On that issue of sound
great contest of 1892
Let us have two leading manufacturing firm. Unseal
The city Ohio, is
I ablate with indignation on the part,
of the workingmen of both parties H
the tyrannical action of a
n. c
I I. L.
death. He afterwards died in the past years a
death at in Asia. I great deal still being done. some
St. James the Great was behead- has been delayed or
that of of New Hampshire, coining home from the
I ed at Jerusalem
St. James the Less was thrown
I from a pinnacle or wing of the tern
I pie, and beaten to death with
a fuller's club.
Phillip was banged up against
temporarily stopped because of the
lack of a sufficient supply of build-
material, brick and lumber both
being scarce. It is the smaller class
They would lose the seat of Senator
Plait, of Connecticut, if the
were allowed to govern in that Coin
How Mr. as an
honorable and conscientious man,
can retain a seat in the Senate when
where they chewed husks and grovel
led the hogs. They are coming
home after years of revelry and wick
coining with bleared eyes
and trembling limbs, to cat the fats
calf and drink the wine.
dwellings which are most in de-j wt. cannot account for except on the
are suitable to wage i general ground or the hostility
earners of small who have Republicans to majority rule.
all-the elections in Ins State for j Than be Joy at their home to
eight years show that the Democrats thanksgiving that the
considerably outnumber the j have returned and the lost
cans In Ins State is one of the things arc found Anthems will be sung
by glad voices; and, if the of
the dead ever revisit this world,
some taste and like neat but
Col. John D. Cameron of
announces himself a candidate
for the Principal Clerkship of the
next House of Representatives. He
served at time tn this capacity
for six successive sessions of the
Legislature and held the place until
the Republicans and Independents
got control of the House. Col.
Cameron baa been a
for Democracy and has served
the cause well, and we hope oar
Democratic friends will consider bis
claims Her-
And yet there is at a i cannot afford to pay high rents. It
should be aim of every tow-n
St. Bartholomew was flayed alive which expects to have a and
by command of a barbarous
St. Andrew was bound to a cross,
whence he preached the people
till be expired.
St. Thomas was through the
has about it, to
have nice dwellings enough for all
the right people who desire
to locate. Where this is not or can
not be done by individual effort It
to be done by
and by combination it can be
, most done. This is being
body with a lance, at in a measure by the
and loan association, but
in East Indies.
St. Jude was shot to death with
St. Simon Zealot was fie n
St. Matthias was first stoned and
Paul was beheaded at
Keep above for reference.
Ami thorn i
Brown's Hitters.
only furnish the money lo
individual member. A
social ion each town would a
short while fill the want, and while
supplying the houses desired could
reasonably on the invest-
Noah advertised the flood. He
lived it and the fellow who
laughed at him got drowned. Ever
since then has been
getting along, and those who didn't
advertise have been getting
The loss of the seats of Senators
would reduce the Republican
majority to If the Democrats
can gain three more Senators they
will control. Among the
whose terms expire in 1893 are Al-
of Island, whose State
is now Democratic; Davis, of Min-
whoso Slate is
opposed to the Republican or-
by very slender lies;
Hawley, of Connecticut, whose Stale
is Democratic whose Legislature
may lie; of New York,
haps the soul of the dead woman
in the pine box will hear the an-
as they float out in the night
and shudder
Two Wive on his Hands.
Newton Enterprise,
Old man Stain, of
township, who had the good fortune
last spring to secure a pension,
is having a little tribulation mixed
with the sweets of life. He now has
two wives on his hands and trouble
evidently brewing. Soon after he
whose State whose Legislature j came to eastern he married
are both Democratic; Paddock, a woman of section, and there
Nebraska, where the Democrats was no intimation that he had left a
just elected three Representatives,
and Sawyer, of Wisconsin, and
of Michigan, in which
States Democrats have just won
sweeping victories. m
There is an excellent -prospect,
therefore, that on March 1893. the
nation will have a Democratic
a Democratic Senate and a
Democratic House.
wife behind until the success of his
pension application became assured.
Then the report spread in the neigh-
that a wife had
in Tennessee had become very
about his welfare. Finally
wife No. appears in person, and
in reducing the wages
organization, of diffused education j Democrat who voted for War
in Democratic principles. The array j wick to the extent of per cent.
will be in line for the Presidency and j it is denounced by every one as n
the enemy is bound to go down be- most despicable at revenge for
w defeat.
The firm of A Co. are the
The Washington Star says it has i largest manufactures agricultural
good authority saving a com- machinery, steam engines and similar
pact has been entered into between j articles in tins section, their immense
President Harrison and. Secretary business being conducted mostly in
for- A
G R E E N V I L I. X. V. C
Blaine in reference to the
the Presidency. is
ed that Mr. Blaine. licit being
over the outlook for life g. o.
p., is not hankering to be immolated.
He prefers to devote himself to build-
up trade with the Latin States
south of and go into history as
the successful manipulator of the re-
it addition to this
his wife is lo his running
again the Presidency, he is
disposed to respect her wishes. The
only condition upon which he would
accept n nomination is that the de-
should he unanimous, which
would make it appear to be his duty
to disregard his own inclinations and
accept the trust. The understand-
between him and Mr. Harrison Is
to the effect that he and his friends
will boom, support and nominate
Harrison if they can, but if
pears the demand for Blaine is
such as to to make big nomination
important then Mr. Harrison is to
step aside as gracefully as he
how make place for Mr. Blaine.
This is a very nice little arrange-
title No. to the smiles provided some of the other
and pension of the aforesaid lows do not jump in and it
lino r- r- . rt.
has become decidedly shaky.
W St
the South and West. They cm ploy-
about hands in the busy seas n,
more limn being employed the
year round.
The Southern and Western people
ought to find some one else from
whom to purchase their machinery
agricultural implements.
sell Co. is hardly the firm to de-
serve anything at the hands of the
people of this section.
The New York men
are again loading this county with
their circular letters. At least a-
half dozen of our citizens have
brought to this office, within the past
week, letters description which
they have received through mail.
Of course the proposition is dis-
honest on its lace, and what purports
to be a newspaper clipping, which is
enclosed with each circular, is a
palpable is not a clipping
from any newspaper at all, but is a
job set up to represent a clipping,
and printed on both sides.
None but suckers bile such bait
as this. We warn our people lo
throw all green goods circulars in
J. J. m
N. C.
. c.
N. C.
i; i. JAMES,
Practice in all the courts.
a Specialty.
A T-A W,
In Skinner Building,
opposite P holograph Gallery.
torn mack
Or an worn out, really rood Mr
It win cure Ton. and elf s
by all
The New Lee and New Patron Cook Stoves stand in the lead. D. D. Haskett

Greenville, N. C.
The following which we find in
J, Editor ad
at Post at
the Salisbury Herald will be inter
to the reader of the Re-
for two reasons ; first that
it gives names of candidates for
week is by the
Southern am
fur their Foreign
Work. It is also In make
a Christmas offering for
Kill, W.
Speaker of the next House of Rep- J Work by the Sunday School.
, ,. , . . , . . Churches. Some the good
which hare not of South are leading in
been published in our col-his work-
and second, because
makes special mention of a dis-
citizen of The Register el Deed has
and one whom the a
j warrants for those persons in
drawing which
If yon want the most hand-
some Sewing yon ever
free of cost
-The Third Party.
A great deal is being said about
the third party lately. There is
no doubt that the farmers are the
most oppressed class of people in
our country, and it is to be hoped
that something will soon be done
to relieve them. But when we
consider the condition cf the
try and the relative strength of the
two parties, we confess we cannot
see any good that can be done by
starting anew The Alli-
principles and the Demo-1 Hairy Skinner, and he
principles are s
other that there ought
trouble in uniting them
common It is a fact
and known by all that the ,
Republican party is no friend of
, iii ii
few weeks since nominated at
Speaker. The says i In this theft are pension-
Quite a number of , soldiers widows The
have been mentioned in j name, and class to winch, the, be-
with the of House t M
of the next Leg-, 3rd class 4th class
Among those most prom- . . . , . .
named II. Sm-
ton, A. Dough- I M Ross,
ton Colonel Burn Dunn
Skinner, of Pitt; A. J r aW
Jones,, B. Peebles I M
W. M. J
of Gran A Ham,,
and Dr. W. A. l Bf V,
There H plenty Bond I ;
. select from, and the, -F K R. h-
Herald has no favorite to advocate, j lounge
of names published no pen, hi. J
brilliant or W
In the
one s
4th A
i i, .-. . ,
each have no in the Legislature. Mar
lit-to be Whether he mis ii. the -ell Jones, E Manning,
take bis seat among A Matthews, glut Amanda
Binder one members, Col. will be Parson, Spain,
heard will make Ma
the Alliance; and if anything is j ,
done for the relief of the farmers it
is not to come through the
can party. By starting a third
party the result would doubtless
be for some time to come that no
one party would have a working
majority in Congress, and
Lucky Ann Smith,
Stokes, Sarah Teel, L
, Hark. C El wards
The administration has called i Fleming, M Move.
on pensions.
Good It I Louisa Susan Kilter, II A
would have been far better j Warren.
though, if they had done so before I
, , A Serious
all the public money was expend-, near ., mm
ed. The Republican members of . fire on the place of Mr. J.
the pension committee
the instruction of the y- recently went to
and of Secretaries and Mississippi to spend some time
everything at home In the of hi
overseer. Mr. J. T. Dunn, the
house being a short across the
n i -l -3 Iron. Mr. resilience.
Alliance are so and to consider only such i Fri
nothing would be done j have decided not to make
general pension report this
unless there
was a combination.
meritorious claims as could not
come under the existing laws.
Mr. Dunn we get the particulars
of what Saturday evening. He
hail come over to town in the
I to attend to some Sometime
nearly alike the Democratic
that we think it would be
, . . . ., .
better to combine a This was done not from any wish after o'clock he was returning home
r of reaching Mr.
P t, t . t i. ll he ,.,.,, some one
The Alliance is in of but that there Dona in looking out from her
national banks, is no appropriate saw smoke
sue of greenbacks in They already appropriated
quantity to do the business of M to
country. There is no need of I of vie-
abolishing national banks if green- of the
She and some children were at
home ran across the ham yard
reached the time Mr. Dunn
arrived. He unlocked the door, looked
pension I and aw a small in one end of
. . . . I -i the building. he saw that
law was not so good an election , making little headway
have because no draft could get to it. and lie
I had presence to
good an
scheme as they wished they
done the only thing left for them
quantity, for there would be
for them to do, and as a mat
of necessity they would abolish j
themselves. They also demand
the flee coinage of silver. This is
a Democratic demand, and no
doubt the Alliance and Democrats
can come near enough together on I shows that his work for the
these two questions to put enough year has been satisfactory,
money in circulation when they
get in power. As to the
of dealing in futures there
re-election of Col. as
President f the National Farm-
Alliance by acclamation
are glad to see North Carolina
thus A Southern man
being thus put in nomination by-
shows that
doubt as to whether it benefits or a man from Kansas,
injures the If it can j the Alliance is doing
good work
be shown to be a disadvantage no j to obliterate the which
doubt the Democrats will demand j some of the Republican bosses are
its suppression. As to the trying so hard to keep alive,
of alien ownership of land
and the recovery of lauds
granted to railroads w e
and impartial fixation and
economy honesty in the
of a revenue not larger than
fractional paper cur-
the Alliance is a unit with
Democracy. The Democrats favor
legislative control of railroads as
shown by the inter-State commerce
laws but not ownership.
With these small differences it
seems a small difficulty for the
Democrats and Alliance to com-
in power the power of
the Republicans would be ken
and the Democrats get possession
of all three branches of govern-
Wade Hampton, of
South Carolina has been defeated,
for re-election to the U. S. Senate.
John L. M. succeeds him.
Mr. Irby is years old, was
at the University of Virgin-
La and at Princeton. He was once
a lawyer but is now a practical
farmer. He is said to b a man
of ability, and hope he will be
a worthy successor of Senator
Hampton, and will even surpass
Rotation in office seems to
be somewhat the order of the
times, but we hope it will not be
so yet in N. C. We are well rep-
resented in the U. S. Senate, and
we hope there will be no change
made; indeed we feel sure there
then the laboring classes
will get their share of legislation. not he- .
Thus we think it would be a, The Wetter Sentinel has sold
wise move and a benefit to the out to the Twin City and the
country for the Alliance and De-, two combined will hereafter be
to combine, since known as tho Daily and
is so little difference between Sentinel. The Sentinel was started
them. thirty-five years ago, and was con
J among the oldest pa
We received last week a copy of in the State. We are sorry
the Biennial Report of the Super-1 to miss such a paper from our ex-
of Public Instruction of change list, but we hope the corn-
North Carolina. Besides giving will prove beneficial to
much valuable information in re- all concerned. Winston is a
to the public it gives j g place, and we believe is
the door and keep it shut ii a
few buckets of water could be brought.
II then went in and easily extinguished
the lire. The location of the tire was
somewhat mysterious and Mr. Dunn
the house was set mi lire. He I
said there were about pounds of I
the house, a box containing
bushels of peas and other
W hen asked if the lire I have
originated from combustion, he laid from
the location that would have been
Had the lire been down under
the he would have thought this
the cause but it was the end
if the room from the was
He said box of peas was in at OUT hands,
one end of the room and two bundles of
fodder had been left on top of the box,
one of which had partially fallen between
the box and the weather-boarding. These
two bundles of fodder were when
he opened the door. above the
box was a hole in the
be thinks fire had been
through this hole. Mr. Dunn had
some who were stealing wood
and chickens a few nights before, a.-.,
they were trying l gel revenge.
If the house was tired a- he was
certainly a bold attempt at incendiary.
ft is fortunate that the lire was discover-
ed extinguished, had it got head-
way all stables,
provender, storage and houses i
would have been destroyed, with
his implements and some of
his stock.
come to see us, we are giving
one away.
If you want a nice
Christmas present for
wife, sister, daughter or sweet-
to see we have
We especially desire to call
your attention to an elegant line
of Solid Gold the
latest designs--which have just
arrived, intended especially for
Christmas presents. Come and
look at it be Tore you buy else-
We have a nice t of
Work baskets.
We a large stock of Dec
orated China which we will sell
by the piece or set.
We have a large stock of Glass-
ware, Engraved Goblets, Tum-
Do not hesitate to come and
look, it you don't want to buy
yourself, come and see what we i
have and tell your friends.
We are expecting our second
stock of Dress Goods to i
arrive in a few
A new lot of Clothing has just
come in.
We have a full line of Ziegler r
Shoes to arrive in a few
Our of Groceries is full
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Try our Coffee, Sugar. Flour
and Meat, we will make you
very low prices.
keep every-
thing and can supply your even-
We will buy anything you
have to sell. We have one
price to rich and poor, black j
and white, old and young, every
one receives the same treatment
Are now making a specialty of
Our Stock is Prices Low.
. i
goods and b. ,;
The in Styles, in Quality, in Variety, have been combined by in
Stock Will Not Can Not Be hurt wig to
The leading General Merchandise dealers in
Pitt County.
-Is called to the splendid stocks of-
Groceries Family Supplies
to be at the store of
s, bro.,
We opened with a line of goods that are all New
and We also have Canned Goods, Confections. Cigars,
Tobacco, Snuff, and all other articles usually found in a Grocery
Store. We solicit a share of patronage.
Car Load Feed Oats, Car load Corn, Car load No Hay,
Load Rib Side Meat, Car Load St. Louis
Heavy Mess Pork, Granulated Sugar.
Sugar. Gail Ax Snuff, all kinds.
Rail Road Milts Snuff Snuff.
Rico Molasses, SO Tubs Boston Lard.
Cases Star Lye, Gross Matches.
Also full line Soda, Soap. Starch. Tobacco, Cigars,
Cakes Candles, Canned Goods, Wrapping Paper, Paper Sacks.
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customers everywhere that we have
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house. We realize that competition is the
life of trade but we are fully abreast of
the times and feel able to meet any
competitor fairly and squarely.
We give our customers tin-
very best that can
bought for the
invested in that
article- We ire with
the people in their de
that they shall buy
And we promise all
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fail to get as good bargains, when you buy
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have invited time and again to come in and see us.
Our invitation to people is this LEARN OP IX KNOW
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following lines of General Merchandise
Come to see us, bring your
wives, sweethearts, your
aunts, and your
To all we extend a cordial in-
One Price Store.
Office of Board of
for County.
The following is a statement of the
number of meetings of the Board of
for Pitt county,
of day each hath attend-
ed. Matter Of miles and
for services as
for the fiscal year
December 1st, 1800.
Council hail, attended
T. E. Keel
G. M. Mooring
W. A. James. Jr.,
allowed Council Dawson
For days as
For days as J
For miles traveled
Amount allowed T. K. Keel
For as
For days as B
For traveled
Executor's Notice.
a list of the private schools
colleges of the State, the names
of the Principal of each and the
number of enrollments. The
mated number of students in at-
in the white private
schools was in the colored
The school census shows about
white children of school
age with an enrollment of
For the colored it shows a total
number of in school age,
with an attendance of
The property of the whites is val-
at that of the
colored at Amount
for white children
colored children
Average salary of teachers
per month for whites, males
It is generally believed that the
are more punctual in at-
tending public schools than the
whites, but this shows that a
of per cent of the whites
attend, and not quite per cent
of the It shows also
that while white children
schools, not quite
one fifth of that number of colored
children attend private schools.
These figures show that the whites
are ahead of the blacks in
interest .
i report many valuable
for the improvement
school the
tined to be the largest city in N.
C. With all its advantages Win-
ought to run a
daily and weekly Democratic
Grimesland Sparks
Messrs. J. O. Proctor Bro. have
a small farm near their store
which they raised bales of cotton
from acres. barrels of corn from
acres and on aces they raised
two crops. The first crop barrels
of Irish potatoes, the second they
planted acres in corn from which
gathered IS barrels; one acre
in rutabagas which they
bushels. This is the way
to make farming pay. Plant leas
ground and make more prod
Grimesland is but a small place
but she stands at Where
can you find the place so small that
buys the cotton does We beard
one of the firm of Messrs. J. O. Proctor
A Bro. that they had bought
1275 Bales of cotton. This is only one
of merchants. W have not
heard from the others.
We saw of tobacco
en route for Greenville from Mr.
farm to be shipped.
Mr. raised Iota of floe
tobacco this year. We need more
such farmers our county than we
hare, who are willing to
try new enterprises.
will soon be here and
then we will have the pleasure of
catting that boas and seeing
who can wear that watch.
Laws Heed
There is no use having a law unless
it is and no use in having
officers to protect the laws unless
are going to protect then. The
Board of of Greenville
have enacted ordinances and laws
for the government of the town, and
have appointed two policemen as
of laws. Instead of
filling the sphere to which they are
violations occur almost
daily right under their noses, only to
winked at. There is another
item in the to-day show-
that ordinance Bo. is
and while the
thing may said several of the
by-laws we write this only calling
attention to No. This ordinance
shall be allowed
to keep on the public lots, streets or
sidewalks of the town, any
such as boxes, barrels, bales of
cotton, hogsheads, wood, coal, work
bench, lumber or anything rise, ex-
for building or repairing
poses the if in
italics are
is a dead letter so far as ob
is concerned. There are
not many streets in town that viola-
of it do not of cot
ton. boxes, barrels, carts, lumber
where no building is going on, broken
down gates and other such
which the police can easily
find if put themselves to that
much trouble. But the
knowledge a violation often fails
to furnish any remedy. It has not
many days since we personally
pointed out an obstruction to one of
the policemen and asked him if it
was not a violation. He replied that
he thought it was, still there
never been an effort to have the ob
removed, at any rate it in
still there. Here an officer, in
knowledge of a violation, he
becoming a violator because he fails
to protect the which the town
has placed in bis keeping. There
needs to be some reformation along
this line.
Mr. the defeated
candidate for Governor of Penn.,
made an assignment a few days
He was president of a bank
and it is generally supposed he
the funds moat too lavishly.
This shows that it is rather
to put as
men who have other peoples
at their control.
Mr. Bloat positively
denies the which was given
afresh start caw week, that he
HAVING duly qualified before
Clerk of the Court of Pitt
county as executor of Dawns,
notice is hereby given to all
persons indebted to the estate to make
immediate payment to undersigned,
and all persons having claims against the
said estate must present the same for
on or the day of
1891. or this notice will be
plead in bar of their recovery.
Ex. of Downs.
Executor's Notice.
HAVING duly qualified
Clerk of the Court of
as executrix of John
Sr., deceased. Notice U hereby given to
all indebted to the estate to make
immediate payment to the
persons having claims against the
said estate must present the same
on or before the day of
1891, or this notice will be plead in
bar of This day of
Lucy is
Executrix of John Randolph, Sr.
Washington Letter.
From Our Regular
Washington, D. C, Dec.
Questions affecting the financial
of the are at
present absorbing almost the entire
attention of Congress, and ad-
has at last become con
that something most be
done. differ as to what
convinced Mr. Harrison and his
cabinet, but it is more than
that the action of Senator Plumb,
who, introducing a bill to replace
the retired t of national
banks free
coinage of ail et, stated that it was
intention, Federal Election
bill was not speedily disposed of to
move that it be laid aside and bis
bill others relating to financial
matters be considered, in order that
something might be done to meet
be just ex tat ions the people,
a great deal to do with it. It is
an open secret here that
who with Senator
are Iota of
become greatly dissatisfied at what
consider waste of
time, which debate on
bill baa taken op, and there
hare been mysterious hints,
their forming a combination
the democrats for the purpose of
passing a free coinage bill.
All this baa had an alarming;
effect anon Mr. Harrison and
republican who bare a in a red to
the election bill mote
than legislation.
Tact of matter is that at
three fifths of
party, have con-
to the Mess the
mm stoves.
Stoves I
are matting specialty of
. stoves,
and are receiving the finest
line ever brought to Greenville
Our stock will he complete
size made.
Our popular
still stands at the head. Our
other brands are all good. We
have the heaviest Stove for
the money ever on this
market. carry a full line
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Tinware, Hardware.
Saw Glimmers, Nails. Paints,
Oils, Doors and Glass
and POtty.
We want to sec everybody
that wants a Cook Stove. We
arc to supply the
j O
Staple Fancy Dry Goods
Hats and Caps,
Boots and, Shoes,
Farming Implements,
Heavy Fancy Groceries that hare never before
Flour a Specialty, been heard of in this
Willow Ware,
After a business
of twenty five
if ears we do not hesitate
tell yon that ire can
Trunks and T
Harness and hips.
season we are at
work to scree your
interests faithfully.
allowed G. M. Mooring
Pet days as
For as
For traveled
error Mb
We are headquarters in this market for Furniture ask
to look at our line of Suits, both and cheaper woods.
P Bedsteads, single and double, Mattresses and
. U. Springs, Children's Beds, Cribs and Cradles, Washstands.
land seat and Rocking Chairs, j
Children's and Dining Tables, Lounges and
lots other things too numerous to mention. We thank you for
past favors trust and believe that you will continue to patron
for we work not alone for our interest but also for yours.
A lull line of-
Amount allowed C. V. Newton
For as i
Par S days as I
For miles traveled I
error SOc M I
Ain't allowed A. Jr.,
For days as OB
For days S
For IS milt s He aW
Ain't allowed Flanagan I
For ii as comm-. S no is to be sold low as can be
as committeeman s
Par SO miles Sc -------for cash.------
Total amount allowed Board
State of Carolina,
County of Pitt.
David Clerk
of the Heard of Commissioners for the
county aforesaid, do certify that the fore-
going is a correct as doth
pear upon record in my office. Given
under hand the said Board
of Commissioners, at in Green-
ville. day of Nov., 1890.
D. II. James.
for Co.
Cooking and Heating
Hardware and Tinware
A full line just received.
We are ready to take orders for
for next
km Pa,
Is now an established fact and commends it-
LATH All self to the readers of the We
enemies to punish, or friends to reward.
GREENVILLE, s. c Don't pay one man as a means to rob his
buy on its merits stand j
Fl Oil to compare sales with any market in the State, j
I Try us and be convinced, proof of the pudding in
i m i the We will pay for all Hog.
L. used in shipping to us. Prompt
attention given the sale of every pile of tobacco
on our floor, and SAVE you over a third ill
charges of what you pay in other markets to
have your tobacco sold. Give us a trial.
Your friend,
Ed. M.
Sales every day
have opened a
Under a teacher of four year's
Instruction in the
and English branches, and in an-
and modem languages.
quarterly in advance
Primary per session of weeks
pr session of 10.00
Higher English and Mathematics,
Language per each, 3.00
Deduction made in case of sickness.
Book-keeping taught if desired.
Large and comfortable building.
Correspondence or with
those contemplating sending or going to
school themselves desired. Board can
be had at reasonable rates. Spring term
begins Monday January 1891-
For further particulars call or address
Greenville. X. C.
in which Pianos and Organs of j
the highest grade, are sold at I
the living prices. Also j
j small Musical
, style and description.
Special Agent,
Washington, N. C.
Pitt Co
T. H.
Cobb Bros.,
Cotton Factors,
A Area Beef Market.
in Greenville. Nor-
Co. have opened a market t
their opposite Skinner's Opera
House. We respectfully ask a liberal
hare of the patronage of of
Greenville and the county generally.
We have had many years ex-
at the business and are
prepared to handle to
advantage of shippers.
AU business entrusted to
will prompt and
Manufacturers of Halls Patent
When in need of-
We sell low for cash.

Greenville, N. C
Mi-. A. Ellington
Mr. J. S.
Norfolk a on business.
Local Sparks
X. C
I- leading place
For farmers to sell tobacco.
If you want the highest prices
Don't tail to ship tobacco
To Henderson N.
to Brown Bros, for Shoes.
at J. S. Smith
Nice Shoes
at Brown Bros.
Beautiful design cakes J. S.
Ladies, Brown line
of Dress
Highest cash prices paid cot-
ton II. Keel
For etc., go t;
B. Cherry ft Oft
John E. executor
recently in this issue.
tailed to get enough
here to organize a dancing clays.
The old Tar is full. You will see some
in the same between this and
Mr, S. Rawls, one our bunk- I
has be u made a Notary Riverside week received
i an order for grape vines from
Mrs. Taylor, Lenoir county, i ; Savannah, Ga.
visiting her niece, Mrs. John j jg of j,, the
I The farmers are holding it back for an
, ., ., r . . . increase in price.
Mr. J. It. Moore and two children
left Saturday to visit, relatives at I.
i I Christmas, and do not
to be scarce,
A is on foot to The days are now Hearing their short-
C. list Fife to come to Greenville est Alter Christmas they will
a meeting, i gradually grow longer.
It. W, preach
Salem Church. next
day Sunday.
Mr. Darius While, of Hertford,
visiting his brother, Mr.
I While, last week.
Be torts.
hear good reports of our Pi t
at the University
North A was held
last week of the and Di Societies,
to select two debaters to represent
them at the Inter-Society contest
that will take place in February.
Our Pitt county boy. Mr. F. C.
Harding, came out after
a severe and prolonged contest.
gets there every time.
We hear that Mr. Miller,
j Mayor of died Monday
night. He had consumption.
Col. Harry Skinner and Mr. K. A.
. Move will make speeches at an
Fine fruits and confectionery at picnic in Farmville day.
J. S.
Do cot those nice Lamps
T. C. Bryan recently purchased a
thresher and tells i hat he threshed
bus In l- in days.
at B. IV.
The most Boss
at the Old Uncle
are selling good
Calico per yard.
The place to Chi press
Mis. M. D.
Try some of the new corned
lets at the Old Brick Si ore.
cream cheese butter in
town at J S. Smith
fur the well
and sick at the Old Luck Store.
rants Citron at C. D.
custom made Shoos for
chi and ladies, at
Beady in five Minutes, Prepared
at lie Old Uriel; Store.
A magnificent display of Holiday
Goods can be seen at Mrs. M. D.
In mince meat and keg
pickles just armed an J. S. Smith
Glasgow has just received
a tine load if direct
A large line of staple hardware
an I farming J. B. Cher-
A line line Men's. Boy's and
Hats sale by J B.
Cherry Co.
A nice lit e shirts, underwear,
hosiery, sen is, etc., Mile J- B.
Cherry Co.
For a hue or work horse
call Glasgow Evans. A new lot i
just arrived.
Call at J. S Smith
get a cigar free j
for five cents.
forget to go to J. S. Smith
and get the best No.
bacon at Si cents.
A line of goods and
staple dry goods for sale cheap at
f. B.
Bros sell at co-t
below cost, but as near to it as any
reliable firm town.
The finest loaf of bread I ever ate
was made of Point Lace Flour, at j
the Old Brick Store.
Davis and New Home Mewing
for sale b J. C. Lanier,
office at Brown Bros.
Those S did Leather Shoes at one
dollar a never been equal-
ed. For by J. B. Cherry Co.
Florida Oranges, Apples,
Prof. John will deliver an
address at the James School enter-
in Friday night.
Hot Creditable
In his sermon Sunday morning
A. D. Hunter said that during the one
rear he had been in this he
heard more profanity on the streets of
Greenville than he hail ever heard in any
other five years his life.
No. in the laws the town prohibit
the use of profane language, and if the
town had police officers who discharged
their duty cursing would not Id; heard on
the streets. They hear profanity on the
The annual financial statement for , streets every day but we never-hear of
Pitt county n the hands of the printers them making an arrest for this
and will be published next week.
We can't imagine anything nicer for Va The Warehouse-
Christmas presents than sonic of the . II the people Greenville and
furniture at J. B. Cherry Co's , rounding country who arc interested
Don't forget that the Reflector Book the tobacco business would path
Store receives subscriptions for any of forward and build a tobacco wares
the leading newspapers and magazines, j house here, and furnish it with
decorations are in order. I seats, they could rent it for a
The custom festooning with holly and series of meetings to be conducted by
evergreens at this season Is a very beau-
We were glad to have a call Mon-
day night limn Mr. W. B. Jordan,
representative of that excellent paper
the Wilmington Slur.
We hear of oilier families who will
mote to Greenville next year. Still
more would come if there were houses
for them.
tor the fun of
Rev. Mr. File tor to This
sum would a right smart help to-
ward building the warehouse.
is a g time to begin.
Misses Helen Bessie and
Sadie Tucker, of Raleigh, have
spending several days with Mis-
Rev. N. II will not
be till his appointment in
Greenville next Sunday of
the serious illness of his wife.
Prof. II. James, of
Academy, an I Mr. Gaskins. one of
his pupils, were in town Saturday
and made the a call.
n Collins is paving for the fun of I This week we begin sending out
drunk working on the I to those indebted to the
takes of work u. pay for giving the amount they will owe up
i his drunks i to Dee them to remit
that amount and add One Dollar for u.
man in county to i year if they want the paper continued
have the next The to them. As there are bat weeks
price is low enough to be in now to the close of the year We
reach of all. i hope every one who a
act It at We wish to get
is call-1 to the j new books made up as rapidly
notice Mr-. Lacy B. possible before January.
executors of John Randolph Sr., in I his matter and cause your name to be
Will sell our elegant
line of
at once
In presenting this our latest announcement to
our many friends and patrons we desire to
congratulate all upon their prosperity
this season. You have labored
hard to overcome hard times and you have our
best wishes over the well-earned
victory. At the same time we wish
to inform you that a second trip to northern
markets have filled our store with many new and
Without Reserve.
We will and must close
out by January
their year's supplies will t,
their interest to get our prices before
chasing else where. is complete
In all its branches.
always at Lowest Market Prices.
we buy direct from Manufacturer,
you to buy at one profit. A com.
stock of
always on hand and sold at prices to
the times. Our goods are all bought and
sold for CASH, therefore, having no rink
to run, we sell at a close margin.
Greenville. N. C.
Fall Style.
Greenville. N. I
bushels of Cotton Seed for
the cash price be
paid or Cotton Meal given in ex-
Sacks furnished on application
far load of Cotton Seed Meal and
Hulls on hand for sale at low
is is the feed for stock that is
known. to
Greenville. N. C.
to days
No pay no will be the plan
upon the Reflector sees next
year. our fails to get our
new list it. Will your own fault.
Misses and
Raleigh, sad Miss
Mary of Hamilton, who
were visiting Mr. John S.
left Saturday morning their
Mr. K. A. returned
from Fie., where lie had
been attending the national council
the Alliance. He re
ports it one of the finest trips
ever had.
Mr. U. of Kentucky,
who for a number if years has been
coming to Greenville with stock,
here again this season. There are
many ho are glad to
in our midst.
of and
received Wednesday's mail at Re-
Store. The New York
and Benin received every day.
We would willing to wager some-
thing handsome that there arc more
pretty babies in Greenville than in any
other town of its size the States
The time for holding the entertain-
to be given by the King's
has been changed to Friday night,
111th. It will be at Miss
The farmers who now set actively at
work for his next crop and
does not waste the time from now to
spring, will Hod himself much off
next tall.
dropped from our books.
Ii Greenville A wax;.
Can anyone estimate how
money the farmers Pitt
in those towns where go
to sell their They
but if the figures could he put down
the aggregate would he immense.
And dollar of it would be
right hen- with the merchants of
if they interest
themselves enough to gel tobacco
warehouses established here. There
is no reason why this town could not
be a leading tobacco market. It will
become one, but the hates
to see the losing so
trade that they ought to just
cause are so slow to lake hold
of opportunities that present them-
Seasonable Goods.
Can you afford
Can learn
Mr. and Mrs. K. M.
Alfred Forbes. Mrs. R. F. Patrick,
Rev. E. Glenn and ex-Gov. T. J.
attended the conference at
Wilson in addition to those we
mentioned last week.
Messrs. Henry and II.
Tucker left Monday for to
attend the immigration convention.
Col. A. Sugg has also gone and
telegraphed hack yesterday that
was snowing Iv in Asheville
Several exodus agent-, perhaps partners
of Williams, have been in Green-
j ville a few days. If the know
I what is good for they will let
learn. Mrs, those men alone.
If you want to make your relatives or
friends in other Slates a Christmas pres-
that will be appreciated, bring or
remit us tine Dollar and nave the liE-
sent them next year.
A very pleasant German was
last night by a few young men
of Greenville complimentary to some
visiting ladies. There were about
couples present and numerous stags.
Cox Carroll SM making improve-
i at the plainer seven
,,,.,. , i miles from town. have
Mr. J. A. a ,,., ,, ,,
citizen our country living near I mine boiler, and are patting in a
Grifton, has been quite for some I let of new machinery.
days. Dr. went down and ,,.,,,. . . , .
. ., , ,. , i Mai n. Harding told us be
spent Monday With him and as representative the
told us yesterday Mr. was j Fidelity Mutual of
improving. j a check for payable
The of the churches here
have determined to break up the
disorderly conduct that frequently
prevails here during religious
by which both minister
congregation are disturbed.
Rev. R. B. John recently preached a
in which he touched at some
i length upon this- Sunday night
, Rev. A. Hunter had to stop after
taking his text and send one the
deacons out to stop some who
were very noisy about the door.
Again during the sermon
disturbed by their noise and says he
is not going to submit to it at another
service. some buys in town ate
not better looked alter by their
learned not to d
to throw away your hard-earned money on
worthless trash and second-hand goods when
we offer you a large assortment of Reliable
Goods at the lowest living prices.
worship, there are
Last week the editor received with
compliments of Miss Hortense
i Forbes s copy of the Review, a bright
i published in connection
with Female Institute at
Grapes, Nuts, Staunton, Va. In looking over the
and at C. D-
raisins, oranges,
Delaware apples, all at
low prices at J. i. Smith
Fresh supply of Apples, Oranges,
Lemons, Bananas,
berries fen, in
per lb Sweet Scot
id lb s Pitt Co., which
is a its at
Old Brick Store.
Our line of should
claim attention when
to buy. Do not fall to examine it
J. B Cherry Co.
Tins oral,
For sale by J. J.
Don't buy your account books and
ledgers for next until you have
seen I hose at the Reflector Book
Store and learned prices.
our floor a small
annum of money have
some by paving for this advertise-
D. Haskett Co.
The largest assortment of chairs,
lounges, etc., that has ever
brought to this market is now ready
for your inspection, at J. B. Cherry
Icing Sugar, Currants,
Apples. Nuts, Bananas,
and Cakes stock at the
Old Brick Store.
magazine we were pleased to find her
name on the editorial The
sends congratulations.
Mr. J. Burgess, everybody's
friend, who has been making Green-
ville his headquarters during the
cotton season as a representative of
R. A. left
day to spend the holidays at home.
is as clever as he is long
and counts every man he sees his
friend. And he can control the ship-
I of as much Pitt county cotton
; as any one mail to he found.
Several changes of residence have
ken place the last few days. Mr. J. T.
Smith has moved to the house in which
Ir. Zeno Brown formerly lived, and
Messrs. Zeno Moore and A. B. Ellington
have together rented the house vacated
by Mr. Smith. Mr. J. D. has
moved into the house next to Mr.
on Fifth street. Mr. J. F. Joyner will go
to the house vacated by Mr. and
Mrs. will go to the house vacated
by Mr. Joyner. Mr. W. F. Burch will
move his to Mr. J. T.
going to be court
j costs and lines for somebody to pay.
i There arc some almost grown girls,
I too, that need to be learned how to
to Mrs. Fleming on life policy behave themselves alter getting in
of her husband who recently died. j church. This is too enlightened an
. ,. . I age for such conduct to be genteel.
Dr. the continues
to fill teeth without pain and is Hotel Past Week
meeting with wonderful success. We j j Pitt Co.; W. G.
to say that Hie doctor EL B. Smith. G. A. Phil
lips Washington; Jno. E.
E. G. Rawlings, X. C; A. P. Dunn,
Farmers from different sections of the I Scotland K. A. Daniels. Golds-
county continue to come in and ask us
to keep up our talk the
for a tobacco warehouse, and say
bad much rather sell their tobacco
Are you able
to clothe your family in shabby wearing
that are not cheap at any price
of special interest from
this announcement of
. Co.,
In our store we make a specialty of
Canned Goods,
We have constantly in stock a fresh supply of
these excellent
and Parched
Celebrated and King's Ground
White Cherries, Ac., and the
Chipped Beef. Beef, Ac.
California Fruits,
quality of other Canned Goods,
meeting with such success that he
intends to make Greenville his home
We have as good complete a
line of Misses, Mens, Boys,
Shoes as
in Greenville. Do not forget this
J. B. ft Co.
Fresh lot
Almonds, Essence of Lemon
Strawberry, Raspberry,
Cinnamon, and Ginger
at I. A. Cherry's, cheap.
Fancy Lamps, Willow
Toilet Articles. Screens,
for fan-
work and a general line of fancy
goods at Mrs. M. D. Higgs.
very latest and prettiest de-
signs in Albums, Manicure Sets.
Vases, Minors, Easels. Paintings,
Tables, China, Goods, etc,
can be at Mrs. M. D. Higgs.
The Reflector learns gladly that
the M. E. Conference held the past
week in Wilson returned Rev. G. A.
as Presiding Elder of this,
Washington District, and Rev. R. B.
John to the charge of Greenville Sta-
Rev. K. C. Glenn was stationed
at Bethel. rejoice that
i Greenville was selected as the place
for holding the next annual confer-
; In the vole Greenville received
votes Green-
ville will do herself in enter-
the and will show
her guests the kind of hospitality
this people is composed of.
The Reflector Book Store is mark-
Christmas Cards, Picture Books,
Scrap Books, Fancy -Box Paper,
Cigar Case, right down low
for remainder of
Come and see,
Anything yon buy Horn our mar-
not satisfactory yon may re-
it and money will be re
funded. We keep fresh beef, pork,
mutton, kid. poultry, and solicit
your patronage. Johnson,
Marriage bells In mil
Santa will soon be here.
Some cases of scarlet fever in Tarboro.
The moon changed last Thursday
This is hog killing time and the
is on.
But one more issue of the
this year.
Read the One Dollar
for next year.
There will lie h tournament at Falkland
January 2nd.
The schools will give holiday next week
The train was more than two hours
late Saturday night.
Only one week to Christmas, the
children are Jubilant.
Just think of It Christmas only one
week from to-morrow.
Christmas shoppers are out on the
streets now in great numbers.
Electric lights and water works
when shall have them
The more we others to bear their
burdens the lighter our own will De-
than have to it to other
The new uniforms for the lire com-
arrived last week. They were
chased by Mr. M. R. Lang. The lire-,
men have not been out in their suits
yet. We have examined the new
forms and think they will look much bet
than the old ones.
Dr-. If. K. Warren drove his buggy
against a lamp post while from
Council street into Third, doing
damage to the vehicle. The lamp
was not burning the accident
not have occurred. How long before
Greenville is to have electric lights
Kit Cooper have added a grist
mill to their other at the
Foundry and have set apart Tuesday and
Saturday of each week as regular days
for grinding. Saturday will be.
their day for grinding. Go to them
when you want good meal.
If those of our citizens who have any
sympathy for dumb animals would stand
awhile on Dickerson avenue and see the
horses straining through the with
heavy loads from the depot, they would
lie favor of macadamizing or paving
Bids will be received at the Telegraph
office for poles to distributed be-
the North end of Greenville
Mr. poles must be
cypress, with good heart, bark removed,
feet long and to average not than
inches diameter at the top. Poles
are wanted immediately.
One day last week Mr. Win. Peebles
hied himself away to the woods to have
some sport gunning.- He had not gone
far before he a flue buck. Now
as he Is familiarly called,
can just hold himself alongside of the
gunners, when it comes to making a
stand, ho docs not ask any odds.
Every who reads the
see Co's
advertisement They have
the very line of goods it everyone
needs, that is if they want the best. Such
a nice Hue of canned goods is kept no-
where else, their brands of coffee take the
I.-ail, and fresh goods arrive every few
The Southerner says only t
of the 1st Regiment sent
to the regimental election that was
ordered at Rocky Mount, and names
them as the Warren Guards and Edge-
Guards. The Greenville Guards
certainly sent a representative. There
was no election because less than a quo-
rum present.
Chas. II, Stedman,
ton; John B. A.
Colin, New J. J. Burgess, Nor-
folk; Mrs. It. B. Smith. Washington;
Robert Richmond; L. B. Peg-
ram, Baltimore; J. R. Kens
t icky; Luther Joyner, N. C; Dan
Simmons, Washington; Mrs. R R.
Gotten, Miss Agnes Cotton,
Mies Helen
I Miss Tucker. Miss
Sadie Tucker, Raleigh; Carr,
Jr. Old Sparta; Miss K. G. Gillian,
N. C; II. A. Gillian, Jr.; C.
Vines, J. Bryant Grimes, Geo. A.
N. J. L. Watt,
Columbus; H. R. A. I. C;
H. H. Washington; W. B.
Richmond; O. W.
ton. Great J. W. Price,
W. B. Jordan, Wilmington
L. Hopkins, Charlotte, N.
C; V. Rocky Mt.; A. A.
Nichols, New York; J, D.
mer, Norfolk.
The best BUTTER and
CHEESE that can
D I D C D I Apples. Bananas, best that can
Besides many novelties our stock comprises all
that is new and stylish the
Cake-. Crackers.
Candies Raisins,
Fine French China, full Dinner and Tea Sets,
o separate Porcelain. Decorated and
China, and a full line of cheaper Crockery.
In addition to the above we will continue
carry our usual line of nice
Greenville Institute is preparing for a
splendid entertainment to be given next
Tuesday night, 33rd. The exercises will
consist of music recitations, an ex-
program now being arranged. It
Will be an opportunity hearing some
of the bast selections of music, bow vocal
and Instrumental. The pleasure of the
occasion will be added to by an address
from Mr. K. Billiard, editor of the
On Dec. at p. m.
at the residence of Mr. Alex. L. Blow In
this town, by Rev. A. D. Hunter, Mr.
C. of Richmond, Vs., to
Mrs. Florence I. Norman, of
Va. A very pleasant party relatives
were present and an elegant lunch
served. The happy couple took the
South bound train at o'clock for Kins-
In the Episcopal Church at Snow Hill
on Wednesday, 10th inst., at o'clock
r. m. Rev. Israel Harding
Mr. W. F. Morrill, of Farmville, this
county, to Miss Lady Bird Hargrave, of
Snow Hill. They were attended by A.
S. with Miss Grimsley,
Chas. M. Moore with Miss Ma it
per, R. W. King with Miss Nannie
Davis, G. M. Lindsay with Miss Sallie
Grimsley, J. T. with Miss
Simpson. W. G. with Miss Anna
Morrill, U. h, Davis with Mist
Morrill. Dr. J. Morrill with Miss Lizzie
Hargrave. After the ceremony the
party went to the home of Dr. S, Morrill
near Farmville, where a reception was
On Sunday morning, December 7th,
at the residence Elder Samuel
of the in Bethel township,
Mr. J. to Miss Ada C. Moore,
the ceremony being performed by W, H.
Williams, Esq. The attendants were;
David A- Moore with Miss
sou, J, C. with Miss Carrie
James, G. L. Moore with Miss Anna
Jones, J. K. with Miss Lizzie
Moore, W. O. with Miss
Manning, Robert Brown-with Miss
James, S. G. Williams with Mist Cora
Archibald Robeson with Miss
Maggie Davenport. Immediately after
the ceremony the bridal party for the
home of the groom where a j
was held in toe afternoon. The couple
received a number of beautiful presents
, Major.
Dress Goods,
Misses Wraps,
Ladies Underwear,
Fine Shoes,
Fine Shoes,
Blankets and Flannels,
Table Linen,
Embroideries Laces,
Velvets and
I Gent's Clothing.
Youth's Clothing.
j Boy's Clothing.
Hats and Caps.
be glad to have my old friends customers come to
see us, and assure them that we can the
Gent's Goods LOW Down For
Give us a trial and lie convinced that the way to buy goods is for
the spot cash.
N. December,
Gent's Underwear.
Gent's Fine Footwear.
Boy's Fine Footwear.
Carpets and Rugs.
Floor Oil Cloths.
Window Shades.
Lace Curtains.
Curtain Poles-
Trunks and Valises.
Buggy Robes.
Reliable Goods.
The above is what
the people need and not so
much cheap goods which
prove to be costly.
We carry a f nil line f
mil GOODS m
assortment and many
other minor lines that am
carried by dry goods
Pens, only cents
can be had at the Reflector Book
We can your wants in everything that
is new and fashionable.
We sure you see our stock before
chases and we guarantee that you will be
Remember we keep no second hand goods.
M. R.
Calicoes Cheeked Home-
spun White Homespun to
Worsted to
Shoes to Bras Tins
S papers more
beanies for Cakes Soap
cu. Caps to SO list
tn Hi
to and many
things in proportion.
Calicoes Cheeked I
Whits I
ft cU. Worsted o to
shoes to arose
Needle eat
besides for IS cat. S
Cans to eta,
to Pants floods

Executor's Notice.
The Clerk of the -r Court of
Pitt county, having issued Letters
Court Clerk-E. A.
A. K. Tucker.
Register of II. James
V- Keel.
Commissioners-Council Dawson. I hair- said estate to present the
man, Guilford Mooring. C. V, Newton, I properly authenticated, to the
T. E. Keel. i within twelve
Hoard of date of this notice or this will
Chairman J. S. and J. D. lie plead in bar of their
Cox. It. C. Cannon. This the 12th of November.
School liar- ; FLEMING,
of the estate of Fleming, d.
the on
I the day of November, 1890, on the
estate of Ivey Fleming, deceased, notice
is hereby given to all persons Indebted
to the estate to make immediate pay-
to undersigned, and to all
of F. W. Brown.
B. Greene.
R. Lane.
Chief T. Smith.
Asst R. Moore.
Ward. T. A.
col. 2nd Ward. W. II. Smith, and R.
Greene. 3rd Ward, If. K. Lang and
Notice to Creditors.
Having qualified ire the
Court Clerk of Pitt county as Ad-
of Mattie
notice is hereby given to all persons
indebted to the estate to make
ate payment to the undersigned, and all I
persons having claims against the said
i Mate present Hie for pay-
, , on r before the 8th day of -No-.
Allen Warren; 4th Ward, Joe mat, or this notice will be plead
CHURCHES, in bar of recovery. This 8th day of No- j
Episcopal-Services First and Third
Sundays, morning and night. Rev. N. C. ilium.
Hughes, D. D., Rector. I
Sunday, morn-1 tO
and night. Meeting every
Wednesday night. Rev. R. B. John,
Baptist Services second and fourth
Sundays, and Bight.
Meeting every Wednesday night. Rev.
A. D. Hunter. Pastor.
Greenville Lodge. No. A. F. A A.
M., meets Thursday and Mon-
day night 1st and 3rd Sunday at
Masonic Lodge. A. L. Blow. XV. M.
G. L. Sec.
Greenville R. A. Chapter. No. meets
very 2nd and 4th Monday nights t Ma-
ionic Hall, F. W. Brown, H. P.
Covenant Lodge, No. I. O. O. F.
meets night. J. White.
X. O. E, A. Sec.
Orion Encampment. No. I. O. O.
t. meets 2nd and 4th Friday
nights. E. A. Move. C. P.
tree. S.
Insurance Ledge, No. K. of II.,
first and third Friday night.
D. D. Haskett, D.
Pitt Council, No. SM, A. L. of II. meets
very Thursday night. C. A. White. C.
Pitt Alliance meets
the first in January. April. July
J. P. Cox,
E. A. Secretary.
Greenville Alliance meets Saturday
before the second Sunday in each mouth
o'clock, r M. in Hall.
Fernando Ward. D. S. Spain.
Hours for all from A.
M. to T. M. All mail distributed
mi arrival. The general deliver will
be kept open for IS minutes at night
after the Northern mail is distributed.
Northern Mail arrives daily
at P. M. and departs at
A. M.
Old and Falkland
mails arrives lady at M
M. and depart- at P. M.
Washington. X
Roads, Chocowinity and Grime-land
mails at
P. M. and departs at A. M.
Value Bell's
Johnson's Mills.
and Pullet mails arrive Tuesday
Thursday Saturday at A. M. and
departs at an
Black Jack and Calico
arrives every Tuesday and Friday
at m and leaves at G a m.
J. J. P. M.
Executor's Notice.
Having duly qualified before the
Court Clerk of Pitt county as
Executor S. A. Kittrell.
notice is hereby given to all persons
indebted to the estate to make
ate payment to the undersigned, and all
persons having claims against the estate
must present the same on or tin
24th day of November or this no
will be plead in bar of recovery.
This 24th day of
L. L. Ki
of S. A.
Having duly before the Sn-
i Court clerk county as Ad-
of the of Marina
notice is hereby
given to ail persons indebted to the
estate to immediate payment
t o t he and all persons having
i against the said estate must
suit the same for payment on or before
the Mi day of ISM, or this
notice will lie plead in bar of recovery.
This 8th of November. 1890.
B. S.
of Marina Harrington.
Notice to Creditors.
The undersigned having duly qualified
before the Superior Court Clerk of
Pitt county as Administrator of P. H.
deceased, notice is hereby given
to all persons indebted to the estate
to make immediate payment to the
all having
claims against the estate must present
the same properly authenticated before
the 1st Jay of December, 1891. or this
or this notice be plead in bat of
This 1st of
Miss If. E. Mayo.
of II. Mayo,
On Monday the of January, A.
will sell at the Court House
door the of to the
I highest for cash one tract of land
in county containing about four
hundred acres and bounded as
Situated Swill township, ad-
the lands of J. J. B
A, B. M. Smith
and Hie stead of
and ethers, and the excess of the
homestead of to satisfy
an execution in my for collection
against which has
been levied on said land as the property
of said
J. A K. TUCKER. She ft.
Pr it. W. S.
This Dec. 6th,
On Monday the 6th day of January, A.
U will sell at the Court House
door iii the town of Greenville, to the
highest bidder for cash three tracts of
land in county, containing about
one hundred and sixty acres and bounded

One tract known a- the Buck tract,
adjoining the lands of James
Bryant Dixon and others, in
township, containing acres more or
One other tract known as the
tract, the lands of Bryant
Jake Ban-is, W. L. Clark and
others, in township, containing
acres more or less.
One other tract known as the Mill
land, adjoining the lands of J. U. Mills.
Robert Dixon and others, containing
about acres, to satisfy an execution In
bands for collection against John S.
Dixon and others, and winch has been
levied on said lands as the property of
said John S. Dixon.
J. A. K. Ticker, Sheriff.
December 4th,
Greenville, N.
The Secret of a Lone Life
Ladies Home Journal
You sometimes sec a woman whom
old ago is as as the
bloom her youth. Yon
wonder how this ha come about;
you wonder bow it is Her life
been a long and happy one. Here
are some of i he reason.
knew how to I disagree-
able tilings.
She the art of enjoy-
She kept be nerves well hand,
and them on no one.
She believed in the of
her own daughters and in Unit of
She cultivated a good digestion.
mastered the arc saving
pleasant words.
did not exp-e too from
her lends.
She abut ever work came to
Sh retained her illusion, and did
not believe that all the world was
wicked and unkind.
She tin- miserable
sympathized with the sorrowful.
retained an even disposition,
and made the of everything.
She did whatever came to her
cheerfully and
never that kind
and a smile cost but are
priceless treasures to Hie
She did unto others as she would
b- done by, and now old
come to her, and is a halo
of hair her head, she
is loved and considered.
This is the secret a long life and
a happy one.
We desire to to our citizens, that
for we have be n selling Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.
King's New Life Tills. s
Salve Bitters, and have
never handled remedies that sell as well,
or that have given such universal
faction. We do not hesitate to
tee them every time, and we ready
to refund the purchase price if
results do not their u-c.
These remedies have won their great
popularity purely on their J.
L. Druggist.
Deserves Success.
A Georgia with little or
education, decided that he would
like to inn n newspaper. was
no paper in the village where
lived. lie had saved up a few
and with this he in
seeming a outfit. He
opened his office. He car.
studied the printer's alphabet,
In a week's time he was up
his own editorials. A week later the
first, issue of his paper saw the light
gotten out by his efforts.
lie is now publishing a class
weekly. He edits Hie paper
sets the type, works the band press,
keeps the books, manages a family,
and occasional y runs
Five years he wasn't Worth
To day be la worth to MM,
The is I to
The following information
gar-ling the salaries of some of
Parting cf ways.
Wilkins and Watkins were college
and close friends. They had been
hard students and had taken little out-
door exercise. When they shook hands
and said good-bye. the end of their
college career, they were in impaired
health. both had dyspepsia, liver
troubles and coughs.
plenty of money, and de-
to travel for bis Watkins
was poor. must go to work for
said lie, I'll the remedy
talks so much
less than years.
home in his Watkins, hi the
prime life, is a bank president, rush
and and Weigh pounds.
Medical saved
my life at a critical he says.
it poor had only tried UP
For weak lungs, spitting of blood, all
lingering coughs, and consumption in
Its early loan remedy
Agents Wanted
For Dr. new book, covering
his life's work and trip
Through, From the
entitled Manger to
embracing a new life of Christ and a
story of Palestine and its people. Illus-
with over wonderful
of scenery Holy Land, copies of
and famous pictures from
tin. Land and times of the Saviour, also
a grand picture of Jerusalem on the day
of the crucifixion colors and ten
feet in length. This is Dr.
life work and ids greatest book. Orders
are now pouring in from all parts of the
civilized world. You will never have
another like it. 1,000.00.1 copies will be
sold the first year. Agents should drop
all else and secure territory. Such
chances only once in a life time.
Exclusively territory given full pro-
The most and
wonderful of all books about the Land,
People of the Bible. Co to
work now so will make, hundreds
of Territory going with a rush;
act now ; no capital needed. Name
you and write at once for
I to
Main Street. Richmond. Va.
ET- C V.
The Lone-
arid Short of a
Notice to
THE Clerk of the Superior Court for
Pitt having on the 12th If Monday the day January, A.
of ISM. issued letters of ad- U is d. will sell Court House
n Monday the 6th day of January, A.
ministration to the undersigned upon the
estate of Sallie Highsmith. notice is
hereby given to all persons having
st estate of said Sallie High
to present them to the under-
mi or before 17th day of De-
or this notice will he plead
in bar of their recovery. All
indebted to the estate of said
are to immediate pay-
to the undersigned.
This the 17th day of 1890.
J. II.
of Sable
Alex L. Blow. Atty.
Land Sale.
By virtue of a mortgage executed by
Abner J. Smith and Ann Smith,
his wife, to James T. Adams on the 12th
day of February. and duly recorded
in the Register of Deeds for co.
in Book page I ill on Monday
January sell at public Kile lie-
fore the Court House door in the town
of to the bidder, a
certain niece or tract of land lying and
being township, adjoining the
lands of the late Moore.
Green and at a pine
stump Samuel Smith's third comer, run-
S. W. poles to a
Green's corner in Moore's line,
then due West poles to a stake in
Green's line, then due N. poles to
the division line of Jesse and William
Move, then with the division line S.
E. poles to the said corner,
then S. W. poles to a cypress, then
N. W- poles to the beginning cons
acres more or less.
Terms of sale s Cash.
James T. Adams.
Greenville. Dec.
Alex L. Blow, Atty.
in the town of to the
highest bidder cash several tracts of
land in county and bounded as
Situated in Greenville township
adjoining the lands of B. P. Manning,
X. W. Tyson others, containing
about acres, known as the Dan
on the old plank road.
2- One other tract in Greenville town-
ship, known as the land,
the lands of the
lands and others, containing about
acres, woods land.
One other tract in
township, known as the Richard Move
tract, adjoining the lands of
Move and others, containing
about acres.
One oilier tract in Greenville town-
ship, containing about acres, adjoin-
the lands L. L. Kittrell. It. L.
Griffin and others, known as part cf
the Henry Smith land.
A tract of land in Bearer Dam
township, containing about acres, ad-
joining the lands of I Harris. V. G.
Case and others, and being the land sold
by Silas to W. B. Burnett.
One other tract in Farmville town-
ship, containing about acres, adjoin-
the lands of W. ;. Lang. Mary A.
Anderson, the William Whitehead Joy-
farm and others, and known as the
Anderson or Turnage land
A parcel of land in the town of
Greenville, being the Eastern part of lot
where Henry now lives
To satisfy sundry execution in my
hands for collection against William
Whitehead and which have been levied
on said land as the property of said
This Dec. 6th, 1800.
J. A. K, TUCKER, Sheriff.
By It. W.
Notice of Dissolution.
The firm of and doing
a Millinery business in Greenville, was
by mutual consent on the 20th
of October. Mrs. Joyner purchasing
the entire interest of Mrs. in the
business. Mrs. E. A. has been
engaged as manager and the business will
he continued at the old stand. The
solicits a of the
liberal patronage heretofore enjoyed by
old firm, and promises to give entire
satisfaction to all customers.
Mrs. J. F. Joyner.
Having sold on 20th of October
y Interest in business to Mrs. J. V.
Joyner, on account of Ill-health, I take
this method of thanking my friends tor
the so extended in
. the past and hope the same patronage
will be to Mrs. Joyner. who
use every effort to give
All parties indebted to
the firm of are nest-
ed to come and settle before
Jan 1st 1891. Very Truly
M. T.
clergymen of New York and Brook-
is believed to lie Dr.
Dix, old Trinity, has
a year and his assistant
Dr. rector of Grace
Church, ha and a house Ike
rental of is worth more.
Dr. Greer, St. Bartholomew's re
being wealths
retains nothing of it for himself; Dr.
Brown, of St. ha 15.000;
Dr. of has
and like Greer gives it
all A Episcopal
pariah's pay from to
and bishop receives
Among the Presbyterians Dr. Hail
draws Dr.
Dr. Dr. Taylor,
Rev. Robert
has Dr.
receives 12.000 from his
and doubles his income in liter-
the lecture Dr. Ab-
is paid pastor of
the largest church has
and rent of an parson-
age, and the Methodist bishop re-
Those are quite sit
still and do But what should
they do if annoyed, by catarrh Why.
Saul's Catarrh ore.
Many of our young married people
don't know what a blessing Hull's
Baby nip is until youngster is
able to by the hour.
Thrown Away.
In 189.1 a Cancer developed on my
lower lip. I went under
at once, and from Mine to tune since
that have had medical aid New
Orleans, Boston, and York.
with no benefit at baa
tight along, and now in-
my jaw and cheek. One
thousand dollar would not cover
loss sustained through the
and surgical aid have
ed. I have certainly tried every-
thing and was by nothing
I took S. S. S It has done
me mars ail else put to-
and I I will soon be
sound and well. Swift's Specific i
certainly a great boon to humanity.
D. D. WARS, P O. Box
N H.
Disgusted with a Doctor.
Nellie the and
formed 3-year-old mid-
get, just inches tall, is to
wed a society young
aged twenty one. Paris, Mo., who
is so tall that as she walks beside
iii hi the feathers on the most lash-
Inch bonnet she cm wear
will about up to tho tip of the
Among most dangerous
mens counterfeit dollars
which has ever appeared is one dated
1883 and possessed of a- good and
a ring us genuine coin. It
is matte of antimony an I
Mr. John Hanson of Danville,
Ind., is the largest living man in
the world, he measures S
inches around waist, stands
feel inches in bis stockings, and
weighs pounds it
of cloth I. a suit
of clothes, coat, vest and pants.
A Scrap cf her Life.
It was just an ordinary scrap of wrap-
ping paper, but it life. She
was in lat stages of consumption,
told by physicians she was incurable
and could live only a short she
weighed less than seventy pounds. On
a piece of wrapping paper she read of
Dr. King's New Discovery, and got a
sample it helped her. she bought
a large it helped her more, bought
another and grew better fast continued
it- use and is now strong, healthy, rosy,
plump, weighing pounds. For fuller
particulars send stamp to W. H. Cole
Druggist. Fort Smith. Trial
this Discovery free at
I. A. k i
AND j Roanoke Dock,
Greenville, N. C.
Special attention given to Sales -f Cot-
I ion, drain. Peanuts and Country
duce generally. Liberal Cash Advances
on Consignments. Prompt returns and
, highest market pi ices guaranteed.
and all the U. S.
Patent office or in the Courts attended t
for Moderate Fees.
are opposite the Patent Of-
engaged Patents Exclusively, and
can obtain patents less time than
mole remote from Washington.
the model or drawing is sent we
advise as to free of charge,
and we make change unless we ob-
We refer, here, to the Post Master, the
of Money Order Did., and to
officials of S. Patent Office. For
advise terms aim reference to
actual your own State, or
address, C. A. Co.,
Washington. D. C.
is to the buyers of Pitt and surrounding counties, a line of the following good
not to be excelled tills market. And to be and
pure straight goods. DRY GOODS of all kinds NOTIONS. GEN
kinds. Gin and Hay, Rook Paris, and
Agent O. N. T. Spool Cotton I to the trade at
prices, cent.- per dozen, less per cent for ash. Bread Prep-
ration and Hall's Star Lye jobbers Prices, While Lead pure Lin
seed Oil, Varnishes and Paint Colors. Cucumber Wood Pumps, Stilt and Wood and
Willow Ware. Sails a Give me a ill and I guarantee satisfaction.
C. M.
N. B.
Edwards IN,
Printers and Binders.
N. G
We have the largest and most complete
establishment of the kind to be found in
the State, and solicit orders for all classes
Commercial, Rail-
road or School Print-
us your orders.
N. C.
man in business should feel
it a positive duly to aside
from the there is in it as a
ll A
is an index the community from
winch it emanates, a
bis opinions a town very
largely from its newspaper. Every
business man see to It
la in paper every week,
it will indicate he in land
tin- living at
Ry Innumerable cures. Dr. Hull's
syrup has won for itself a
enviable reputation.
I've been suffering for the past three
weeks a wrist. I tried
Salvation Oil. and Mud f. after
having used one bottle, entirely cured.
KEYSER. Mulberry St.,
rt, A Month Young Men or
P. W. Ziegler ft Co., Philadelphia. Pa.
I opened at the stables formerly
occupied by Dr. J. G.
and keep a line line of
Horses and Mules.
I have beautiful and fancy turnouts for
the livery and can suit most
ions. I will run a DRAY
AGE III SIN and solicit a share of
patronage. Call and be convinced.
N. J.
Greenville N C.
have the the easies
Chair ever in the art. Clean towels
sharp razors, and satisfaction guarantee
in every instance. Call and be con
Ladies waited at their
deuce, cleaning clothes a specialty.
i a seat
l i .
Views Animal. Churches,
Family Gatherings, taken at
Notice. Copying from snail
to life Ink-. Crayon or
Head quarters for Hue Photographs
Call and see us.
K Manager.
K. C,
Ford Lanier,
its in
nm and ma mum,
All kinds Risks placed in strictly
At lowest current rates
D. Williamson,
Has Moved to One Door of Court House j Tar transportation
N. M. Man
I apt. It. K.
Mr. for the of
n Marble la
Greenville to be as lien Hill
We will he to
1801. I have at the marble
here the last live
and hi work has been par
It has given entire satisfaction, i
put up nothing
can from
My Factory is well the best
lull ASS WORK. We keep up with the time- i
Rest material used in all work. All styles Springs are
Brewster, Storm, Coil, Horn, Kin;.
Also keep on hand a full of ready
Mm year round, which we will sell as as lowest.
Special Attention Given to REPAIRING.
Thanking the people of this and counties for past favors hope to
merit a of the same
oak for Diamond B-and is
with blue Take no kind. a- I
AU i 111- i n counterfeit. At
c. In sump for
Hold j D Local
I It
Hr Fall to
to It Color.
AT SM. r.
THE of Bro.
is this day dissolved by con-
sent. Mr. R. the
clerk and bookkeeper for the said
having purchased the entire interest
A. It. Cherry in said firm in all of the
action in nods, hills
and and in matter per-
to I be interests of the said A.
In said and that the firm
will be hereafter conducted under the
name of Cherry A Banting,
at which place the new will he I
to serve their old who have
so liberally supported the old the
past. The new hopes to merit a
continuance of the same by fair and
holiest dealings. The said
Cherry all
by said of
Cherry Bro. and persons Indebted
to the. old are requested to make
to the new
This the 1st day of December,
A. B. Cherry,
T. T.
State of North In
Pitt County. t Court.
B. S. Administrator of
Williams, deceased.
Redmond and
ham. Nellie Keel, lames Lewis
and Clinton Lewis.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the
court that the above named
cannot after due diligence be found
within the State and it in like manner
that the are
and proper parties to the proceed-
and that proceeding relates to land
lying in this State in which the defend-
ants have an
It's entered that publication be made
in a news-
paper published in the town of Green-
once a week for six consecutive
weeks, requiring defendants to
pear and answer or demur to com-
plaint at the office of the Superior Court
Clerk of Pitt county. In Greenville, on
day of January, 1801. The ob
of the proceeding is to obtain an or
far sale of tract land hi
to make assets.
day of Nov.
R. A. mote,
I contracted a severe case of
in 1883. and my physicians
put me under a treatment,
of months without me any
good, in fact I gradually-grow-
worse. I even another
physician, who me potash
and but with better
results. then became
with doctors and remedies and
commenced Swift's Specific
After taking seven s
was entirely cured, and I have
not had any symptoms of a return
since. I have recommended
to others, who have used it with
good results.
J. G.
Co., lad.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Di-
wiled free.
The Salve in the world
Sores. Salt
Fever Sores. Hands
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
positively cures Piles, or no
I required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect or money refunded
Price per box. For by J.
L. woolen.
If You Have
f mutt mt
by Physicians, but
generally. K
The best Porous Piaster made
all and weak
I other plasters, so be
with the
I of a bell on the
R. i
I IN I A IV I I and
l. M. A j
NO , No No
Nov. daily Fast Bail, dally
ex Sun.
12,80 pm
Ar Mount i am
Cutting and Dressing
H. s.
with inc in the business we
an- ready to serve the people in that
capacity. All notes and due
for past services have been placed In
the hands Mr.
We keep on hand at all times I nice
of Burial Cases and Caskets all
kinds and can furnish anything
from the Case
county Pine an
with aft conveniences can
satisfactory -i to all who p
Why another new discovery by Alfred
Culley in the way of helping the afflict-
ed. calling on or addressing the
above barber, you can procure a
of Ppm that is Invaluable
for and and causing the
t be soft and
glossy, only r three application a
week is a common hair
brush is all to be used niter rubbing the
scalp vigorously for a few minutes with
the Preparation. Try a bottle and ha
convinced, only cents.
Ar Wilson
Av Magnolia
Ar Wilmington
H am
p HO a in
No No
dally daily
ex Sun.
am a in
The Line for travel on
The Steamer is the I
and quickest boa I on the river. I
been thoroughly rep refurnished j
and painted.
Fitted up for the at
A furnished
best the market
A trip on the i j
not only attractive.
Leave- Monday, Wednesday j
Mid Friday Si o'clock,
Leave.- I'm -day. Thursday
and Saturday at o'clock. A. U.
Freight daily
Lading given to all points.
It- F. JINKS, i. J.
, N. C
a. o.
w. k.
the Opera House, at which place
I have recently located, and where I
everything In line.
all the Improved appliances;
mil comfortable chairs.
Razors sharpened at reasonable figures
for work outside of my shop
promptly executed. Very respectfully,
Notice to Creditors.
Clerk of the Superior Court of
county, Issued letters
to the on the
30th of Oct. 1890. on the estate
Robert B. Notice
Is hereby given to all persons Indebted to
the estate to make Immediate pay inert
to the undersigned, slid to all creditor
of estate to present their claims.
properly Authenticated, to the undersign-
ed, within twelve months after the date
of this notice, or this notice will be plead
in bar of recovery.
This the day of Not.
Mart E.
on the estate of B.
Nothing better for t.
Cream. Full
Best on Earth.
For by ,
. E.
Greenville. N. C.
storm Calendar and Weather r
for 1800. by R. Hicks, mailed
to address on receipt of a two-cent , . .-
stamp. A CO,
thorough knowledge of the
laws govern the operations of
digestion and nutrition, and by a careful
application of the fine of
well selected Cocoa. Mr, has pro-
our table with a dell-
beverage which may
save us many heavy doctor's
is by judicious use of such
diet that a constitution may be gradual-
built until strong enough to resist
every tendency to disease. Hundreds
of maladies an- around
us ready to attack wherever there is a
weak point. We may escape a fatal
shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified
with pure and a properly nourished
Service Made
simply with boiling water or milk,
sold only half-pound tins, by
Magnolia I am
Warsaw -IS
Ar Wilson It SO
t v Wilson am pm pin
Ar Tarboro II
Tarboro am
Ar SO pm pm j
except Sunday.
Train on Scotland Neck Branch Road
leaves Halifax P. M. arrives Scot-
land Neck at P. M. Greenville 6.00
II., i. in.
leaves 6.00 a. in., Greenville
a. Halifax 10.10 a. in.
10.80 a. in., daily except Sun-
Freight leaves Weldon 10-30 a.
m., Halifax a. m., Scotland Neck
2.00 a. m. 5.80 Ar-
riving at 7.40 p. m.
leave a. m., Greenville ii
a. m . Nick 1.10 p. in. Hali-
fax 8.88 p. m. Arriving Weldon 4.00 p.
in., daily except Sunday.
Tram leaves Tarboro. N C, via
Raleigh R. R. daily except Sun-
P M. Sunday no P M. arrive
Williamston, N C, HO P M, I M.
1.60 p. in., 5.20 p. m.
Returning leaves Plymouth daily except
0.00 a. in., Sunday 0.00 a. m .
Williamston, N 7.10 a m, 0.88 a in.
arrive Tarboro, N C, SWAM
Train on Midland N Branch
daily except Sunday, A M,
N C, AM. Re-
turning leaves X C AM,
arrive Goldsboro. N C. A M.
Train on Nashville leaves Rocky
Motet at P M, arrives Nashville
P Hope P M. Returning
leaves Spring Hope A M, Nashville
M, arrives Rocky Mount A
except Sunday.
Train on Clinton Branch leaves Warsaw
for Clinton daily, except Sunday, at
and II A II Returning leave
ton A M, lo P. M. connect-
at Warsaw with Nos.
Southbound train on Wilson A
Branch Is No. Northbound I
except Sunday.
Train No. South will stop only
Wilson, Goldsboro Magnolia.
Train No. makes close connection st
Weldon for nil point North dally. All
via Richmond, and daily except Sun-
day via Bay Line.
All trains ran solid between
ion and Washington, and have Pullman
Sleepers attached.
J. R. Transportation
f M.
-n . m
f-. .- -1 lo Pr-f.
S. .-. t-. am. Hr.
We come In fore our patrons this
season and invite attention
Stack of New Goods
ever brought Space will
not permit telling all have in stock,
but if you want anything in the of
I to U-. e have the
in county. an
on any goods store. Highest
price- paid tor or Lint Cotton.
owing are requested
to make as as possible.
B. I've,
Hon. K. Pres, National
Maj. R G. N. J
DR. II. H. Director X. 0.1
in the Raleigh
Send of
Box Raleigh, N.
cuts of hotels, factor,
let, machinery, made peas
New York City.
Blood Cure,
in more than A
cure for Scrofula
and all m.
the Stood. and
M f
A botanical com pent net. put in pack
mall of
arr medicine.
A Agent
-skills o
We have opened for the purpose or
ducting a general
and I
to Loan on Approved I
Collections solicited and remit

Eastern reflector, 17 December 1890
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
December 17, 1890
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Joyner NC Microforms
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