Eastern reflector, 19 June 1895

y The Reflector is
pared to do all worK
in this line
Plenty of new mate-
rial and the best
of Stationery.
The Eastern Reflector.
D. J. WHICHARD, Editor Owner
You Need
The Reflector this rear.
It will the news
every week for
a year.
Ohm was nothing
of care,
pasted by year after
gay throng I I
For my my own, I never bad
My thou a stranger to
is not now, since saw
The power beauty, with pleasure I
M W,
Yet by air
ii art as a-
love ne'er troubled my
It- l my heart arrow no longer
from tile depths of
lovely .-.
I bare the lit dawn steal over the
Have watched the bright drops f-at
from the fountain,
where moon's
in.- all is bright have
.- ; II
never have ye; beneath the blue
Seen aught to compare with those
lively b own eyes.
where Bowers of every
Shedding around them fragrant per-
Have called to-
have twined,
thus, all the hue- of the rainbow
Yet they would not ---ill the
rod light lies
In beautiful depth lovely
brow u eye.
The earth i- abundant with ratios lit to
To make every heart with rapture grow
An I the hi beneath Us wild, roar-
The brightest of gens In Us-
oil c
The heaven are mirrored with stars in
the skies,
But not ire -so bright a those lovely
brown eye-.
Must quietly suffer and famish from
While the purest f streams around my
Or I e in darkness to move
h It near me is chining the light that
Oil, no I'm resolved, some to
To know the of those lovely
blown eye-.
true. Fellowship never j A widen asked if I tell
fails in tho opportunity for doing Ah hard to .,
good -mil the
as taught in our order, is
the which
we notice in the National He-
The almost fatal
Where love is.
Then on her way she went perplexing
l he grave her was v
Shine out, bright slur, attend her
Where love is.
What do you think
word from It
is the great word with the
English and Latin languages con-
the French and Greeks.
I hope will one day
jet a wold for it instead of that
of Bat whet does it
from The great value of
the Saxon wonts is that they
mean something. Wife
Yon must either be
housewives of house moths, re-
member that. the deep sense,
you must either weave men's for-
tunes and embroider thorn, or
feed and bring to de-
cay. Wherever a true wife
home is always
her- The stars may be her
head, the glow-worm in the
night's cold grass may be the tire
at her but home is where
she is, and for a woman, it
stretches far around her, better
than celled with cedar, or
painted with shed-
ding its quiet life for those who
are homeless- This I believe is
woman's true and power
Progressive Love-making.
A few evenings since two
girls were walking down
street, talking about their beat
young men of course. At least
one of I hem was.
was up to s-e me
last she said with a
twice a week, isn't
inquired the other
and she blushed and
T suppose he'll come three
times in the next week ,
dent that befell the wife of an
Odd Fellow living
Hi., happened on an evening
October. was alone with
her baby boy, when in attempting
to light ft lamp it ox-
tire to her cloth-
In instant she ran
screaming from house.
After running a few rods she re
mom bared baby, whom in the
first moments of fright and agony
she bad forgotten, and
her steps she entered her home,
now almost developed flames,
and catching up a blanket she
wrapped it about baby, but
upon looking she found
the door had closed her
and there remained nothing for
to do but to jump from a
window to the several
feet below, which she did and was
picked up by sympathizing
friends and neighbors-
The baby was found to have
escaped but the poor
mother was most horribly burn-
ed, nothing remaining of her
clothing but the bands of her
skirts around her waist and parts
of her corset aided in pro-
the spine, to which it is
claimed she her life.
Bro baa been a
member of the Second
National Guards, for sometime,
and when the doctor who had
charge of the case, and who took
a special interest it, said
if a sufficient number could be
that would he
would the difficult opera-
of skin grafting.
Among the members of the
Second none could
found- BrO. Fitzgerald had been
a member of the Order of Odd
Fellows but a short time, and
daring that time he had been
elected secretary of his lodge, but
he tire that his home
had also destroyed the property
of the lodge he had in keep
therefore he was reluctant to
call upon them, then almost
for so great a favor.
But as as the doctor's desire
was made known, a Odd
Follows presented themselves,
loyal to a brother, even to
their flesh and blood-
The wonderful Operation of
skin grafting has been going on
in this case ever since October,
and the Brother's wife is now
able to be about the room but
still far from well, yet life is
spared, through the noble deeds
of the Odd Fellows. Over
pieces of skin have boon grafted
the arms, shoulders and
back cf the sister, taken
from nearly one hundred persons
Brother Fitzgerald has been
obliged to give his entire time in
attending his beloved wife, and
the Odd Fellows have all in
their power to aid him the
long mouths of anxiety. Who
can, being cognizant of such
facts, and it's only one of many,
say that Odd Fellowship amounts
Deafness Cured
By local i-11-. M they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There IS only one way to cure Deafness,
and is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an tenanted con-
of the lining the
When this tube
inflamed you have a rumbling or
Imperfect hearing, and when it is en-
closed is the result,
unless the Inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its
condition, hearing Will be de-
; put of ten
are caused by catarrh, which is
ins but an inflamed condition the
mucous surfaces.
will give One Hundred Dollars
j A youth then begged me jut to
suppose any Deafness by
four times the next that cannot he cured Hall's
That's what brother
five times the next V
what sister
six times the
seven times the
what papa
then what
we'll get married;
that's what everybody
then I won't see
any more of an evening ; that is
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free
F. o. A CO. Toledo, O
by Druggists.
Where love is
All. no, raid I. you'll the way
Where love is.
Away he went his heart rejoicing,
The of birds his courage voicing,
I know kind fate will lead him
Where love is.
They met, this youth and
There love is.
And ask no nor doubt nor care
Where love is.
And now with hands heart- nailed
Their vows to heaven have truly
May kindly power protect and keep them
Where love is.
The next time your journey
leaves you stranded in the great
and delightful city of New Chick-
on the Sabbath, if
you should go to the church of
St. Indolence I can recommend
it as having the slowest singing
and the softest pew cushions,
with a preacher to match, in the
will see the following
or slide the pew near
est the aisle Stay there. Do
not sit but lop. Best one
elbow on the arm of the pew ;
support the side of face with
the outspread hand-
not rise the sing-
of the hymns. The fact that
you played or base ball all
Saturday afternoon or walked
four or live miles a
table Saturday
titles you to a little rest on
bath morning.
your feet as far under
the pew as yon without slid-
off the seat
politely cover your month with
your hand while yawning
the sermon. If your minister is
looking at you, cover the mouth
with both bands; at the close of
the yawn, bring your jaws
with a cheerful snap.
at your
always tarn your head and gaze
earnestly toward the
not move if a stranger, ac-
companied by his wife and
daughter, attempts to enter your
pew. Permit them to climb over
your legs, no matter how much
it may annoy you.
not annoy strangers who
may enter church by looking
at them, or even their
direction. If they really want a
seat, they will one without
the obstructive interference of
the close of service, re
mark aloud, but to that
you are hungry as a shark,
set off for homo at a brisk
This remedy is becoming so
known and so popular as to no
special All who have
Hitlers sing the same song of
purer medicine does not ex-
and it is guaranteed to do ail that is
claimed. Bitten Will cine all
diseases of the Liver and Kidneys, will
remove Pimples, Boils, Salt
and other caused by impure
u Malaria from the
system and prevent as well as cure all
Malarial cure of Head-
ache, Constipation and Indigestion try
Electric satisfaction
guaranteed, or money
and 11.00 per bottle at John L.
Women's Drugstore.
Sam's Salary.
A Word to the Boys.
If you have anything to do, do
it at once- Don't sit down in the
rocking chair and lose three
of an hour dreading the job-
Be sure that it will ten
times harder than it did at
Keep this Be on time,
in small things as as groat
Habit is everything The boy
is time at breakfast
The Bible is against be to
negligee shirts for women and
men's cravats. If you don't think
so. peruse this from the book of
Deuteronomy woman shall
not wear that which to
man, for all that do are an
onto the thy day.
It pays to be an
the order of men. It is said
that Sam conducted a
meeting in St Louis three weeks
and in that time collected nearly
After paying all
he netted a trifle over
per week, It will thus be seen
that there is big money in
work as conducted after
tho methods of Sam Jones Bat
poor sinners, how that
would have helped out
local fellows who have to
around to get up their salary
before Conference. But people
wild times of religious ex-
as much so as in any
other excitement.
Bishop of Albany, N.
Y-, one of the New York State
University resents, an address
to Hie graduating class at St.
Ague's Albany,
gets sick tired of I
way in the talk of woman's
vocation rids the air. I have
had occasion hero to say what
wrong to womanhood these
men's rights would be,
have no desire to recall a word.
Numberless names on these
only the thoughtless good
yielding to persistent
pursuit, just as legislative major-
votes stand, not a in-
stances, for a mistaken courtesy
or an unmanly cowardice I be-
that will yet save this
State nation from the
miseries of an
unqualified which, in
its universality of male voters, is
our most threatening danger to
if we are to be visited
with this infliction as a well earn,
ed punishment for many national
sins, I that when we
have tasted its bitterness we shall
be brought back, perhaps through
anarchy revolution, to a
Democracy which shall demand
for its existence government by
men whom
Americanism of vital interest in
the nation qualify to govern.
Meanwhile, when motherhood
shall be replaced by
neglected homes
shall furnish candidates for mis-
managed offices; when money
shall buy the votes of us
it does now themselves ; the
tires of political discord shall
lighted on the of do-
peace ; when the arrogant
assertion of rights
have destroyed the
chivalry of conceded
; as has been
well said, tho superior, has
become the equal of
the reaped whirlwind of some
violent political reaction will be
gathered in tears by those who
showing the tho mad
joy of the of the
equality similarity of
rights and then tho
of nature and the balance
of the world would be destroyed.
The vocation of womanhood is
tho highest the holiest in the
world. Guard it, my dear
your own selves from
desecration that would drag it
into the publicity
lions of political
Happenings of Interest In This and
in Other Countries-
in the things of
Be a power in your own little
and depend upon it, then,
the big world will hear from you
A Maryland man who was kick-
ed by a who had agreed
to many him that if be
couldn't get it would ho
comfort to get t of her
cash and sued for that of
damages, but the Judge
him out by deciding that a Mary-
land woman in Maryland had a
right to change mind as she
wanted to before she finally
and permitted herself to
be yoked
In this world should got
ready for living-
Many of our greatest I
It is easier to d than to j
find plausible for doing
The displayed by
the politician would be called fa-
the religion of the
religious world-
Men who spend their time in
talking about the faults of their
neighbors make poor servants of
Men who are really in earnest
about God never quit be-
cause somebody else does wrong.
The van who God all j
life will at death pass out of
the shadows of this world
the light of heaven.
Nearly all the best men we know
are hurrying themselves to get
through some kind of task. They
seem to be under the con-
I hat a great deal depends
on their what they have
taken in band. Who shall fay
this is not a view to take of
life The very soul of duty is in
it. Every man's work is for him,
at least supremely important
slight it without forfeiting
some part of his self-respect and
losing to some degree the favor
of f But let us not get too
busy with our daily toils to re-
member that the end design
of all is make us perfect men
More activity of an aimless sort
adds nothing to the dignity the
human spirit but rather detracts
from it Do not facts
The best Salve in the world for Cats
j Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Fever Sores, Chapped Hand
I Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
and positively cures Piles, of no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or
Price cents per box. For sale by
John L. Wooten. Druggist
The BO is V
L-quip all its can brakes.
The Atlanta Florida road was sold
to the Central Trust
of York City for
The first car load of peaches shipped
In this season loaded at
General Wilson delivered
the annual address at
the of Mississippi, at Oxford,
Postmaster Wilson
tho of the Southwestern
located at Jackson,
K. 1-. Reddish was shot dead while
plowing in county, Ga., Mon-
day. There is no clew to the assassin's
motive or identity.
Information from is that
the situation is more serious. The
Lee company from has been
ordered to the scene.
Senator John II. Gordon is out in a
card announcing his permanent retire-
from politic at the end of his
present term of office.
The Union railway will be sold at
Chattanooga, Tenn., June 17th, by or-
of the court. The
upset price is
the New boodle
alderman, goes to the pen for three
years. The supreme court failed to
give him a new trial.
Congressman Charles of
Ohio, arrived in Memphis on June
2nd, to spend several days in. the inter-
est of for president.
Aldermen and Colvin, at At-
Ga., had a fight Monday in the
council meeting during an election.
The council nulled them
J. II. of the
has purchased controlling interest
in the Knoxville Tribune, and will
hereafter manage both papers.
The Kentucky republican state con-
which convened at Louisville
Wednesday, nominated Colonel William
O. Bradley, of Lancaster, for governor.
Professor W. A. Shepherd, professor
of chemistry at col-
Ashland Va. died suddenly in a
store in Ashland late Monday evening.
The jury found a verdict of
murder against the fireman, Thomas
Pounder, who shot and killed ex-Fire-
Prank Keenan at Savannah,
last week.
The total visible supply of cotton for
the world is bales, of which
bales are American against
bales and 2.8.15,441 bales re-
last year.
Export Scruggs investigated the
local dispensary at S. C., Sat-
and closed it. A shortage of
teen hundred dollars is reported and a
new man will he put in.
Almost every mine along the Norfolk
and Western railroad from the Ohio
river to the region went to
work Saturday with very near their
full quota of coal diggers.
The supreme court of New Orleans
has refused a rehearing in the case of
the Olympic club, in which glove con-
tests were declared illegal. This puts
an end to glove contests that fifty
San Antonio. bus visitors
this week to the National Travelers,
protective association convention, the
Jockey Club spring meeting and live
stock show, annual of
Phip proprietor of the
Gaiety Savannah, was killed
by Colonel Charles Loud Tuesday
night. Colonel Loud is a well known
lawyer. Jealousy on the part of Fitz-
led to tho tragedy.
Hen was shot through the
heart at o'clock Tuesday night by
El Connors at the electric light power
house. Augusta, , and instantly
killed. Family affairs are said to be at
bottom of it. white.
The Savannah and Western bond-
holders committee, of which Simon
of New York, is chairman, an-
that it now has on deposit
of the bonds. Holders of the
bonds are requested to deposit them be-
fore June 10th.
Twenty-five thousand members of the
Grand Army of the Republic will visit
the Atlanta exposition September 20th.
It is estimated on the opening day,
when Cleveland and his
net will lie there, that the crowd will
not be less than
All records for bent on the first day
of June are smashed Saturday by the
temperature in all parts of the north.
A new labor party that will hereafter
be known as tho United Labor League
of Western Pennsylvania, was organ-
in June 2nd.
It is reported that of the
Gould family is to take a wife from
over footlights. It is said that
Howard Gould is engaged to Catherine
Corbett and hare
agreed to fight at
October mat, under the of the
Florida club, of Jacksonville.
deposit will be
forthcoming in a few days. The purse
will be for
If. J. charged with
in funds of the
Knights of America, and with it setting
up as a New York Wall street broker
in disguise, is being tried in the state
court at Chattanooga. Tenn. The In-
was squashed.
n was announced In
York that a hail been drawn up
fin. purchase of the properties of
the Central Railroad and Banking com-
pray of The plan
the sale to a now company to be
called the Central of railway
v . another Interesting legal
mi was tho matter of the
South Carolina dispensary law. State
Commissioner and Liquor Con-
stable Beach were arrested. The pro-
are made the
j conspiracy act of congress.
W, one Ox
Mob, has announced that cheap rates
will be given on all the southern rail-
way lines to the convents n called by
the bimetallic league of the .
to ;,. in
I the end instant.
The receipts from the benefit tender-
ed on Friday night at the Fifth avenue
New York, to Charles W.
will net the veteran actor
The question whether cut diamonds
are free or dutiable has been decided
by Judge York. He
that they are dutiable at per
cent ad
Mr. Jules A. Harrison, of
has made a donation of to
the of Pennsylvania in
honor of his father, the late George
Harrison, LL.
Henry P. Schwartz, a member of the
firm of Charles W. Schwartz Co., car-
pet manufacturers, Philadelphia, com-
suicide by shooting himself some
time during Monday night at his board-
Lawyer W. L. Payne, of New York,
was awarded a verdict of in a
libel case brought against the New
York World. This is the largest amount
awarded is a case of the kind in thin
The trial of Inspector William W.
of New York City, who is
accused of extortion, was resumed Fri-
day morning before Judge in
the court of and and
resulted Friday night in conviction.
At an election held Monday at the
New York cotton exchange, the fol-
lowing were elected officers for the
ensuing Reinhard
Vice President, C.
Treasurer, Walter T. Miller.
Senator Quay declared in an inter-
view at Saturday that the re-
publican leaders are making a mistake
in helping the democrats agitate tho
silver question. He says republicans
ought to stick to tariff if they expect to
win in ISM
It is reported in New York city that
Mayor Strong has decided to remove
City Chamberlain Joseph J.
and will appoint Henry C. Robinson to
the a year place. Robinson is a
dry goods merchant in Worth street,
and ran for comptroller in ISM against
P. Fitch.
Bad storage is reported to be the
cause of the disaster to the steamship
Tho report sent out from Cincinnati
that Joseph Longstreet is ill,
was without foundation.
Several telegrams have been received
at Tampa, saying that Jose Marti
has arrived In New York.
The reports of suffering and
among the settlers in parts of
have been verified.
General the republican
candidate; for governor in Ohio, says
he is for for president.
The democratic state convention in
Illinois on June to act on silver was
the largest gathering in the history of
that state.
V. Dabs writes to a friend
that he will not allow his name to lie
considered in relation to the populist
nomination for president.
Colonel Ell Lilly Saturday presented
to the Indianapolis flower mission the
Walter Gresham homestead to be
used as a home for side children.
Advices received Wednesday from all
over Minnesota and the are
favorable to the crops. Rains have
been heavy during the last week.
The largest crowd ever seen in
was there Sunday on account
of the German Baptist meeting. Spec-
trains were run on all roads.
The Confederate crowd which at-
tended the monument Unveiling in Chi-
were banqueted and delightfully
in Cincinnati Saturday.
The official investigation into the
disaster was begun Friday
by the United States
tors of hulls and boilers at San Fran-
Congressman Paul will not be a
democratic candidate for governor in
Ohio this year, he; says,
and are all backing Campbell for
Mrs. Nellie Pope was Tuesday after-
noon found guilty of causing the death
of her husband. Or. Horace B. Pope, at
Detroit, Mich., on the night of
The grand jury of Wood county. .,
found Indictments against County Com-
missioners Knight and Gibson for
bribes from bidders on new
A. C. Shin, vice president for Kansas,
of the American Bimetallic leaguer,
Monday issued a call for a convention of
the advocates of free silver to meet in
Topeka, June
Judge Lewis King who tho
of the people in Ohio,
says the delegation to the national
republican convention will be solid for
for president.
Reports say that the wheat, oats
and crops in Central Illinois will
lie failures. There in a line him of
corn but it needs rain. hot
winds have dried up pastures.
Eugene v. president of the Am-
railway union, has addressed a
circular letter to members of that or-
in relation to the recent de-
of the United Slates supreme
Tho Illinois -secretary of state, S.
denies the report that it
is the program of the leaders in Us
coming silver convention to make a
tight on and the national
It developed that friends of Con-
of Missouri, intend to
a presidential boom for in
connection with the calling of a state
diver convention, meet at Jefferson
B-Judge P. Chi-
was permanent chairman of
Illinois democratic silver convention.
The latter declared for
the free and unlimited Coinage of
at a if Id to t,
f he Democrat print letter
from of the county democratic
central chairmen tn Missouri showing
that arc unqualifiedly in favor of the
free coinage r and gold; one
against such c linage and, three are
ho stilt continues to be
central over Indiana. For the last four
days Ike temperature has reached
degrees. Vegetation of all kinds is
withering under the hot sun. The
country crop reports week are
The condition of Representative
continues to improve.
The United States court
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Report
adjourned for the summer.
General reports from
that forty-four insurgents have
surrendered to him.
The state department has been in-
formed of the death of Win. J. II. Hal-
lard, States consul at Hull,
Eng. No particulars were given in the
dispatch announcing the death.
Attorney General has been
pointed secretary of state, vice Walter
Q. Gresham re-signed. Judge n
Harmon, of Ohio, has been
to the department of Justice,
The of the reports made by
the comptroller of the currency show-
the condition of all the national
banks in the States on May
shows the total resources to be
an increase of since
March when the last call was
A fresh outbreak of hog cholera has
occurred at Mecca.
Tho crop conditions throughout Eng-
land are as exceedingly
It is estimated that the deaths
by the floods in and
Bavaria exceed one hundred.
The Turkish Saturday re-
signed and a new cabinet is now
formed with Pasha as Grand
Ambassador when ashed if he-
would accept the of state,
replied that he had not considered the
Mr. J. I. Roosevelt, secretary of the
embassy in London, will represent the
United States in the International rail-
road congress June -U.
The condition of Captain General
of Madrid, shot by Major
Monday, is critical. Major
was shot Wednesday.
A ferry containing four
and fifty workmen was capsized
in the Danube near
Twelve of the men were drowned.
Monday, in Madrid. Major
shot General Rivera, captain
general of Madrid, mortally in the
chest. It is known that is in-
Shipments of Egyptian long staple
cotton to the United State, continue to
increase, and for the commercial year
804-05 will amount to bales of
pounds each.
The members of tile cabinet
have sent a joint telegraphic message
to King Oscar II. requesting his
majesty to come to and
point a new
Signor Ferraro, who was elected to
the chamber of deputies in the recent
Italian elections, was shot and
tally wounded by unknown persons at
The annual in celebration of the
granting of the Armenian constitution,
which has been forbidden for several
years will lie-permitted this year and
will be held on June 0th.
A dispatch from London With
ministerial seats for Inverness and
Cork vacant, government will meet
parliament upon the reassembling of
that body this week with a majority of
only six.
Several of the leading newspapers at
St, Petersburg are a an Inter-
national conference on the Armenian
question, urging that the coarse as de-
in order to prevent a conflict
with Turkey.
The silver question will come up
before the
the coming week at the inst of
Prince the imperial
and with e-o operation of the
Prussian ministry.
The Pall Mali in an article
On the Armenian situation, expresses
belief that Russia is behind the
Sultan and that there is tittle incentive
for anybody to spend their strength to
protect such a race as the Armenians.
As a result of inquiries into the
secret life of the great public schools
in England, the investigation having
arisen from the Wilde trial, one school
has expelled sixteen boys whose con-
duct was not what it should have been.
The London Rome correspond-
regards the Increase of specialist
seats by the election Sunday rather as
an outcome of the opposition to
Premier in home than
an actual growth of socialism in Italy.
The health of Prince Bismarck is
proved. son-in-law, Count Rant-
will seek to be placed on re-
serve list of tho foreign office in order
that ho and his wife may be able to
Tho Prussian government
to the expediency of the
German government excluding
Hungary swine In consequence of the
of disease among them at
Private and reliable advices Ha
The of Kinston has of-
a reward of for
deuce to convict any
person, for the days,
guilty of tire to any build
Superior Clerk, E. A.
Sheriff. K. W. King.
Register of Deeds, W. M.
Treasurer, J. L. Little.
Coroner, Dr. C. Laughing-
Fleming. T. E. Keel, Jesse
Smith and S. U. Jones.
Health. Dr. W. II. Bagwell.
County Home, J. W. Smith.
County Examiner of Teacher-. Prof.
W. II.
Mayor, Ola Forbes.
Clerk, C. C. Forbes.
Treasurer, W. T. Godwin.
W. Perkins, chief, Fred.
Cox, J. W. Murphy, night.
II. Smith. W. L.
Brown, W. T. Godwin. T. A.
Baptist. Services every
morning and night. Prayer
night. Rev. C. M.
pastor. Sunday School at
A. D.
catholic. No regular services.
Episcopal. Services every fourth Sun-
day morning and night. Rev. A.
Rector. Sunday School at
A. M. W. ii. Brown,
Methodist. Services every Sunday
morning and light. Prayer meeting
Wednesday night. Rev. U. F. Smith,
pastor. Sunday School at A. M. A.
Ii. Ellington, supt.
Presbyterian. Services 1st and
3rd Sunday morning and
meeting l night Rev. Archie
pastor. Sunday School at
Covenant Lodge. No. I. O. O, F-,
meets every Tuesday night. Dr. W. II.
Bagwell, N. G.
Greenville Lodge A. F. A A.
., ii eels and third Monday night
W. M. King, W. M
N. c.
up stairs over S. E, Cos
Hardware store.
Jab. E. Moore.
Williamston. Greenville
N. C
under Opera House. Third St.
j; G. JAMES,
G H E U N V I L E, iV C.
Practice In all the
Attorney and Counselor at-Law
Greenville. County,
Practices in all the Courts
Makes a special of fraud
are to the effect that Lieutenant ages, actions to recover land, and col-
Hard, civil acting of police at
has deserted and em
barbed on board a foreign pilot boat
for Liverpool.
The Central News learns that the
Armenian Society of London has re-
communication from
confirming tho reports of the
satisfactory nature of Turkey's reply to
the sowers touching Armenia.
Prompt and careful attention given
all business.
Money to loan on approved security.
Terms easy.
j. h. j. h
n. C.
W Practice in all the Courts.
n. c.
told me to give him some
if father was in the house; this
ought to satisfy him. I guess he knows
what this -Life.
in all the Court.
John E. Woodard. F. C. Harding,
Wilson, N. C. Greenville, S. V,
Greenville, H.
Special to collect but
and of claims.

Greenville, N. C.
1.1 mill Hi Mil
Getting Things Mixed After Order
of Mark Twain.
Entered at the at Greenville
N. as second-class my. matter.
Collector Rogers, of the
Western District, has appoint-
ed W. O- Conner, the late Col-
Carter's brother-in-law,
Man sometimes finds himself Chief Deputy in the
James R. Holland,
of the and
National Bank, of Charlotte, was
arraigned in the Federal Court in
that city, Thursday, submit-
to an indictment of embezzle-
He WM sentenced to seven
years in the Albany
Holland got, away with of
the bank's funds.
doing things or going in ways
contrary to judgment with-
out being able at the time to
give a reason satisfactory to
himself, for the of This body has been a power for
such doing or going. the educational inter
writer found himself in one of of North Carolina.
The Teacher's Assembly
meets at Morehead to-day.
Hon. Tom Mason's subject for
the literary which he de-
livered at Wake Forest College
Wednesday, we
make of our State V No man
could have shown more
and eloquently than he
did what we to make North
President Cleveland has issued
address admonishing all
of the United States not to
take any part in the Cuban rebel-
lion by enlisting them-
selves or causing others to enlist
for service. He says we are on
terms of peace and amity with
Spain and that it is desirable to
remain so.
The silver men were in session
in Senator of
Indiana, was chosen president of
the meeting. If all the men who
are slated to speak do so the con-
will be in session for
several days. The gold bugs
will evidently be pretty hotly
scored. It is thought some or-
will grow out of the
Senator Butler has ft
letter explaining what he meant
by saying hi his little speech
Hill commencement that
the day would soon come when
any Methodist or Baptist who
opposed the University could not
elected as delegate to a con
or convention. He says
he did not did not mean it
these inexplicable predicaments
that continued for more than a
day, and we were at a loss to
know whether someone had got
us under a hypnotic spell,
whether the departed mission-
had sent back some of his
spirits after us, or what. But
some how or other our head
The Circuit Court of appeals
sitting in Richmond, Va. has
Judge Goff. It dis-
solves his famous injunction case
in reference to the South Caro-
registration laws. This is a
great victory for State
the decision
of Judge Chief Justice
Fuller or the Supreme Court of
the United States sat with
es Hughes and Seymour the
Court that sets aside de-
At Durham
plied to the manager of the Opera
House for reserved seats among
the white people on the lower
floor of the hull to hear Blind
Tom. They were refused the
seats and immediately issued a
big circular headed Re-
fused That is a
pretty dowdy-do. Negroes who
act in such a manner need expect
no one to have any respect for
them, and really, they have none
for themselves.
Mr. S. L. of
well county, has been elected
Commissioner of Agriculture in
place of Mr. Robinson resigned.
He is a practical farmer. The
other officers of the were
retained. These are all Dem-
The men who were
elected by the as
members of the Board of Ag-
did not contest for the
places as the Courts had
ed that the Legislature could
not elect with less than a quo
Ex-Gov. J- Jarvis
ed the annual address the
University of at Knot
ville on Tuesday. We have seen
copies of papers
spoke in highest terms of out
honored townsman and
lated the authorities of the
upon selecting him as
speaker for the occasion. The
Tribune published the address
full and said editorially, is full
of wholesome truths, worthy sen
and sound advice which is
worth the consideration of every
In speaking of the presence of
Ex Jarvis the
Journal, which, by the way, is a
Republican paper, a
few days will have
among her visitors one of the
most public-spirited of the public
men of North Carolina in the per-
son of Hon. J. Jarvis, ex-
Governor and ex United States sen
He a man of ability
one whom the people of his state
delight to honor. he is
one in honoring whom his people
It has
brought co-operation in the
work, and the have
been ranch encouraged in their
work. A promising
is given for the present session.
Marion Butler says he has
cut loose from both the Demo-
and Republican parties
and feet seemed at variance, the j He had to from
latter showing a disposition to to get office He
go in ways contrary to the
of the former.
The trouble started Sunday
morning, when our feet tried to
turn corner and go some-
where else instead of taking us
to Sunday School. Bringing
the obstreperous pedals under
control of our will power they
were kept under subjection for
a while and the spell supposed
to u broken. On the way
home, however, those feet be-
came unruly again and began
kicking at a pile of brick placed
on the sidewalk to be used in
constructing a building. This
puzzled us again that our feat
should be kicking so, and our
head had to come into play
once more to convince those
pedals that there was no earth-
use for such kicking, there
being fully six feet of sidewalk
space in which to walk by those
Nothing else occurred until
after dinner when it was con-
that a good nap might
drive away the if such
they were molesting us. But
as soon as we had fairly launch-
ed in dreamland those feet
commenced again. The vision
took us away to Washington
for an interview with the
dent, and we had hardly got off
to talking to him when up
jumped both those feet and
went to kicking Grover. The
old man called time, and the
only apology we could offer
was that something was
with those feet, they had got in
a kicking notion, but for the
life of us we could not tell what
they were kicking
The vision changed, when
joined the Republicans to get
one. Now that he has one he
has cut loose from them,
will be no trouble about
party getting Butler if there is
anything in it for him.
The Convention Memphis is
still in session and they are hay-
some plain talking. At one
time a cloud seemed to be gather-
over the caused by
some utterances of some bolting
Democrats who to abolish
party lines. At once the
was denounced and had it
not been put the back ground
the Democrats Convention
would hays Near-
all the speakers the
sentiment that free silver must
through the Democratic
party and through so
The Atlantic and North Carolina Rail-
Of all the railroads in the State,
perhaps the greatest improvement
of any fan the past few is
the Atlantic North Carolina.
Through the energies of Hon. W.
S. Chadwick, the greatest
that the road has ever
many wonderful improvements
have been Before he be-
came the road had
So., almost to nothing, but since
it has up to l degree not
excelled by any road
either rolling stock or speed.
of box cars, tine
four large lo
have been purchased
since his connection with the
road. The running time if as
fast as any road- The road now
has one freight, one passenger,
and two through trucks trains
day The passenger trains now
The following resolutions were
adopted by the silver convention
at Memphis last
coin have in
all ages constituted the money of
the world, the money of the
fathers of the republic, the money
of history and of the
universal of
has demonstrated that
the joint use of both silver
gold coin as money constitutes
the most stable of values
and that the lull amount of both
metals is as a medium
of exchange.
demonetization either
of these historic metals m a
depreciation in the value of money
the prices of
ties, a diminution of legitimate
profits, a continuing in
the burden debts, a withdraw-
of money from the channels of
trade and industry where it no
longer yields a safe and sure re-
turn its idle accumulation in
the banks and the great money
centers of the country.
is no health or sound-
in a financial system
which a hoarded dollar is
productive of increase to its
possessor which an invested
dollar yields a
return under which
fortunes are made by the
of idle capital or destroyed
by a persistent fall in the price cf
commodities and persistent
ling in the margin of profits in
almost every branch of useful in-
a puts a
on and
upon industry, and such a system
is that which the criminal
of 1875 has imposed upon
bi-metallic standard of
silver gold has behind it the
experience of ages, and has been
along came a man with an ad- Morehead City at A-
novelty in which at
, A- M- returning leave
convinced our head there was L, ., . . ., ,
. Goldsboro at P- M-
good pay, when up came
rive at Morehead City at
Besides the great improvement
in the rolling stock, the road con-
to pay a dividend which it
never did before Mr. Chadwick
became President.
I have never met two more
polite or gentlemen
than W. S-
Supt. L Dill. M. N. H.
feet again, kicking and crying
just because the novel-
was not offered to them first
Again the vision changed and
those feet began taking us up
Hill and the Heights
of Gettysburg to view the war
over again, but a passing steam-
with a church excursion
those feet to going at such a
rate that with a jump.
What could be the matter
with those feet They looked
like the same old number sixes,
but by this time such
were becoming past finding out.
Night drew on and we almost
feared to retire, lest our slum-
should again be broken by
the unusual notions of those
feet. But not so, for laying
aside the robes of day all pres-
of an undue influence
about our feet immediately dis-
appeared, and nothing more was
thought of it for the- night.
Scarcely had our toilet been
completed next morning when
the spell returned, and those
feet seemed to resume dis
position to find something to
kick at. Well, the thing began
to grow i Secretary of St ate was an
when at our desk in the I He believe that the
office writing copy for the day States should j it
some unaccountable presence
seemed rising up and getting
legged and tangled with . ,
what being written. Therefore on account of
Suddenly a servant from the; representations mad by
house came rushing in almost j Spanish minister he ordered the
breathless with a message from Cruiser to proceed to
our half to go out and j Florida to remain there
buy a pair of socks, take off the i orders for the
these socks we've I t
got was demanded, probable that
de wash woman j like most other Amer-
has got all mixed up, and sympathizes with the at-
you got on de other editor's tempt of the Cuban revolutionists
of to throw off the yoke of Spain,
Quick as a flash mystery personal sympathizes have
June 1805.
The Georgia delegation which
visited Washington for the
pose of President Cleve-
land and the to attend
the Atlanta Exposition returned
home a very good humor,
President every
member of the who was
in Washington accepted the in-
will visit the expos-
during the latter part of
October, unless important public
business shall prevent.
dent Cleveland complimented the
Georgians very highly on the
energy they have displayed in
working for the success of the
Secretary first move es
was cleared up and the cause of
all our muddle disclosed. We
ware not exactly standing in
another editor's shoes, but were
in his socks with both feet,
as the two minds don't
often run in the same channel
it's no wonder we our
feet were doing lots of kicking.
As the matter is now cleared
up our side, the question
that arises What is the
nothing to do with bis official
duties. The Stating at
peace with Spain and it is the
duty of its government to exercise
all due diligence to prevent the
departure of bodies of men
from its ports to make war upon
hence the President's
Wilmington had a tire
other editor doing for socks morning.
this week
we that the United States
should not wait upon the pleasure
of foreign government or the con
sent of foreign creditors, but
should themselves proceed to re-
verse the that
is destroying the prosperity
the people and should lead by
their example the nations of the
the rights of the Amer-1
people, the interests of I
American labor and the prosperity
of American have a
higher claim to the consideration
of the people's law makers than
the greed of foreign creditors, or
the avaricious demands made by
holders of idle
right to regulate its own
monetary system the
of its own people is a right which
no free government can barter,
sell, or surrender. This reserved
right is a par of every bond, of
every contract of every ob-
ligation. No creditors or claim-
ant can set up a right that can
take precedence over a nation's
obligations to promote tho welfare
of the masses of its own people-
This is a debt higher more
binding than all other debts, and
one which is not only dishonest
but treasonable to ignore.
the financial policy
that now prevails, we see the land
filled with idle and discontented
workingmen and an ever grow-
army of tramps, men whom
look of work and opportunity
have made outcasts and beggars.
At the other end we find that a
few thousand families one half
the wealth of the country-
centralization of wealth
has gone hand in hand with the
spread of poverty. The pauper
and plutocrat are of the same
vicious and unholy system. The
situation is full of menace to the
liberties of the people and the
life of the republic The issue is
enfranchisement or hopeless
Whatever the power of
g power will be
done We therefore appeal to
the plain the land with
perfect their pa-
and intelligence to arouse
themselves to a full sense of the
peril that them and
defend the citadel of their
ties with a that shall
neither slumber nor
O- L.
and approved by the en- can do by debauchery and
lightened and deliberate Corruption to maintain Us grasp
of mankind- The gold on law Power
is a departure from the
established policy of the civilized
world with nothing to commend
it, but years cf de-
and disaster to the
of wealth the bands cf a
are some facts bearing
Upon this question recognized
and admitted by all candid men,
whether advocates of bimetallism
or cf the single gold standard.
Among Hum is th that the
very year that marked the
from the bimetallic to the
gold standard is the very year
that marked from a condition of
rising prices, large profits, gen-
contentment and great pros-
to a of falling
of investment, unemployed
labor a heavy depression in
all branches of trade and
try. It is not a matter of dispute,
the advocates
of the gold that general
prosperity to an end
the destruction of bi metallic sys-
that hard times, falling
prices, idle workmen wide-
spread depression came with
the gold standard and to-
day wherever the gold standard
has been adopted.
international monetary
conference that Called,
every demand and
in Europe for an international
to re establish the bi-
standard is a confession
that of the
system was a blunder if not a
crime, that its consequences have
been and that the con
that it has wrought are
full of menace of peril.
logic of fasts established
beyond intelligent question that
the destruction of silver as
money by a pf
interests is the of the
depression and suffer
that began with the gold
standard. There be
of prosperity, no permanent
relief from prevailing conditions
until tho great his been
removed by a
of silver to its proper place as a
metal, equal with gold.
believe in a. money of
value ; we believe least of all
in an appreciating standard ; it is
only practical opera-
of bimetallism that a
standard of value can be secured-
A standard constituted of money
constantly increasing value is
not a sound, a nor a stable
but a constantly
effect cf gold
ism is to establish one standard
for the creditor and another for
tho debtor, and there can no
more monetary system
than that which gives short
to the borrower and long
measure to
prevailing prior lo 1873
there can be no violent change in
the relative value of the
for a rise of
metal is counteracted by a do-
and a fall in value by an
increased Under the
operation of this beneficent law a
stable was maintained
between them in spite of the
extreme relative to pro-
From the first period
of our history up to 1873, the
right of the debtor to choose
he should pay his debts
in silver or gold was always
recognized. subsequent pol-
icy h-s been to transfer right
to the creditor, thus to
increase the value
the dearer metal and destroy the
parity between them.
that it is absolutely
to reverse this
and ruinous policy, we there-
the immediate
restoration of silver to Its former
place M a full legal tender, stand-
ard money with gold, and
the and unlimited coinage of
silver gold at the ratio
to and terms of exact
while should welcome
co operation of other nut ions
Tobacco town is putting on a
new dross
hear Mr- J- F. Joyner
is topping his tobacco.
i-. F- M- Smith has ten acres
of the most that
we have seen- ft seems to be
growing in a perfectly healthy
There much necessity of a
telephone from warehouses
down town. It will not cost
much some of our people
make a speculative invest
Mr, L. F. Evans has leased the
Greenville Warehouse will
run. if. the coming season. Leon
is a good tobacco
man, has had much experience in
the business and will
tape. success-
How about a telephone
Greenville to connect with the
tobacco town warehouses and
It would be a thing of great con
to tho town would
but little
the Tobacco Grow-
next S
Let every who sees this
send word to the balance to come
We want a large crowd There
some important matters
discussed that day every
ought to hear it.
passed through tho Farm-
ville and den Saturday
night Mr. R. L- Davis says it
damaged about half of
his crop of Beyond this
we don't know the extent of the
damage as we have seen no one
el-e from these
Me, Q; Moire, from near
Falkland, tells us th it he has
a by which to-
San be cured without em-
ploying patent He
will exhibit Saturday a the
meeting of tobacco g overs.
It will pay all who are interested
Jo come just to that.
so much has said
about the pad looping
we have made
investigations concerning the
United States patent law. Mr-
A. L- Blow and Harry
nor on the authority of the re-
vised statute, of the United
States patent laws say that
whenever any thing was in com-
use anywhere in the United
States for a period of two years
prior to the time the was
granted, the patent is ab-
void- If this is the case
and there is no doubt about
the then only thing to do is to
get up an that
it was in use for more
than two years before it was pat-
and submit it to tho proper
authorities. We not
as to the methods of
n getting a patent set aside but
we are told that it has to be dope
through the Attorney General of
the United States-
A correspondent writing from
county, Va, to the
Danville under date
June 4th The wheat crop
is one of the finest record, and
oats are above an average. Of
he says many of our
planters are not yet half done
planting tobacco. When we bad
the land was too wet to
hill and the plants too late
small to plant, every-
thing is too hot and dry to set
out the weed. The crop is
getting scarce the
Such necessitates a late crop
a late crop up means a
sorry crop. So it our
people to bestir themselves
supply tho demand for to-
You do it.
Mr. G P. Evans says he is
receipt of a letter from Mr- It. H.
Hayes -a ho is in Philadelphia
undergoing medical treatment in
which he says he i i
as rapidly as he could expect.
Be says ho has heard that it was
rumored down bore that he would
not be back season, and in
reply to that he wishes it made
known that he has never enter-
any other idea than
coming back, further his
rapid improvement he has added
largely to his order business and
will be on fall to
handle a groat deal more tobacco
than ever before. He will be
prepared to handle every grade
of tobacco that grows on the
and his long experience
and fair and square dealing with
all won for him
a reputation of which any man
would have to
proud and which places him in a
position to secure all tho business
that he can attend to without any
solicitation his part. Mr
Hayes is quite a young and
to all appearance has a
e . many friends
hero and the
the tobacco trade are hoping that
under the treatment of tho Phil-
physicians he will be
made as strong as ever
We are not a nor a son
of a prophet, but we are going to
venture the assertion that before
the dose of the year 1900, unless
the signs cf the times
that Greenville will be a
town of 5.000 tail's. Until
five ago our fertile soils
were used for nothing except lo
make cotton t corn- No
inducements or special
advantages were offered to the
outside ti. i among
hence advantages that
climatic and variety
of soils wore not known our
own people never troubled them
selves to herald them to the
world- The always alert Yankee
of the. frigid oaten of
tho north has of late casting
about in quest of a better homo.
They settled, a good many
of them on less
spots this and as soon as
our advantages known to
them our country will soon be
blooming in rich orchards over
hill sides in ever green
pastures, and our more fertile
fields made to bring forth pro
ducts yet unknown to our people,
in and southern
where the soil aid climate
are not half so attractive as ours,
Northern men limited
have gone there upturned
the turf of neglected old
pine fields and today, where
years ago nothing grew save the
old pine, there are thous-
ands pencil trees and vines, turn-
out to their owners annually
incomes larger than the es
of some of our highest officials.
With these facts and a thorough
knowledge of the unprofitableness
of northern agriculture, when it
is known that our country
many hidden charms even
superior to sections that have
ready been settled up is it at all
strange that our country should
build Up with amazing
Just watch V will what
we will see-
There's No Mystery
About It.
The truth is I am doing a rushing May
Lively scenes about the store. People
appreciate my styles and low prices.
I ask no man to buy a
worth here who feels he
can do better elsewhere, but
I do ask all men to
gate the broad claim we make
and the truth or falsity on
which we stand or fall, and
that is that we give better
values on a given amount in
Hats, Caps,
Santa Furnishing,
for men. women, misses.
for maid, wife, mother,
than any competing concern anywhere. My
stock is more varied, my styles higher, my
prices lower and my methods more modern,
more liberal, more up-to-date and
my business is greater and growing larger.
Come and see me and I will treat right
Flues are How Ready for Delivery
S. E. Pender Co,
Prices greatly reduced. Same price to all.
Terms Cash.
s, db,
Opposite Wooten's Drugstore.
T. Andrews,
Just Received Cars Rock Lime.
Bread Preparation.
Star Lye
time, money
bills. Go where you please, I
when you please, as fast as you I
please. Find pleasure, health and
economy all in one.
Rambler Bicycles are the acme of
mechanical perfection. Strong,
and reliable, with not an ounce
of useless material. The Rambler
is the wheel for record breakers and
for pleasure seekers,
Various models, all the same price
tells all about them
free, of course.
D. c.
N- C
------DEALER IX------
Wire and Iron Fencing
sold. First-class work
and prices reasonable.
Marl tic Yard erected on the old
on the same street as
Cakes and
Cases Matches,
i Dust.
Good Luck linking Powder.
Tons Shot,
SO Gall A Ax
R. B. Mills Sung.
V. M. P.
50.000 Va. Cheroots,
J. L.
Lilt aid Fire tan Apt
N- Q,
All kinds Risks placed in strictly
At current rates.
Notice to Creditors.
The having duly
before the Superior Court
of Wini-
May, deceased, notice is hereby
trivet-1 all persons holding
the estate present than to
undersigned for collection on or be-
fore the 6th day of May or this
notice will be plead in bar for their re-
and all persons indebted to said
estate will make immediate
This May 1805.
your produce lo
J. C. Meekins, Jr., k
Attention Riven to

Store Broken Into and Attempt Made
to Burn That .- Arrested.
These Seats in the Band Wagon.
Mr. W. B- Brown left Monday j
for Norfolk.
One of the of Prof. W. II.
is tick.
special to
Mr. J. C- Greene returned to N- U, June
Norfolk Friday.
Dr. E A. left Saturday house of Mr- Sol was
for discovered on tire, and in forty
Rev. left on Fri- minutes burned to the
clay evenings train, ground. It was set on tire and
Mr. K. Parham returned Monday
evening from Wat Kins.
J. J. Cherry and family left
Saturday for
Mi-s of is
visiting Miss Bessie Harding.
Eda House, of
arrived Thursday
Mis. R. M. Starkey has boon
quite sick last few days.
Miss Bessie Harding returned
morning from
Mr. J. B. Jackson came home
from Wake Forest College Fri-
Mr. W. H. came home
Wednesday evening from Chapel
Mr. A. N. Daniel, a well
citizen of Wilson, died on
Mr- Mack of Greene,
is his uncle, Mr. B. F-
Miss Smith returned
Friday evening- from Norfolk Col
Mr. W. C. Jackson came home
Friday from the A k M- College
at Raleigh.
Mr. W. James arrived Monday even-
from a tour in with lite
de Art.
Misses White, Myrtle
Wilson returned Monday evening
the flames had made head-
way when discovered that they
could not to extinguished- The
house was worth Most of
the furniture was saved, but in a
badly damaged condition.
While the tire was in progress
at Mr the store of I.
R. Borden was broken into.
Blood was found on the ground
outside the window on
ti mi inside the store, showing
that the party breaking in the
store had cut himself the
broken glass of the window.
Some burned paper inside the
store in that effort was
also made to fire this building but
it was not successful. No goods
were missed from the store except
some cigars cigarettes
A boy named Henry
Sanders was arrested last night
for breaking in the house of Mrs.
H. Saturday night.
lie was given a hearing before
the Mayor to day and held in ii
bond. The bond was not
given up to P. M.
d Cox has moved
house near the
Local Reflections.
Spring chickens continue scarce
Remember I pay you cash r Beeswax
Chickens, Eggs and Produce
at the Old Brick Store.
Tie colored salvation
in Tarboro.
army is
A large of nice Furniture cheap
at the Old Brick Store.
known is, by J. L Starkey ft
Potato quotations to-day were
all the way from to 3-50.
Bring your cotton seed to
Henry Sheppard, and buy your
Meal and Hulls- Car load of each
just arrived sale cheap.
It is vacation all around now,
all the schools being closed-
A good sized shipment of
tic berries left here this morn-
fire engine equipments
have moved to the new en-
Reports coming in from all over
the say that tobacco is
The are the busiest
folks in town now. Iris dull in
mast all other lines-
Fish be kept from
by cutting off noses, but the
onion can't stopped that way.
During the heavy rain
day a building on Mr- J. K.
Moore's place near the depot was
crushed in-
Remember can take your
measure and nave you a suit of
clothes made to order. Fit
Frank Wilson.
A witty recently defined a
bonnet as a thing made partly of
ribbon, partly of hue, but
pally of price.
The colored people had another
big at the river Sunday
morning- The was ad-
ministered to 25-
There is talk of an entertain-
for the benefit of Hope Fire
The boys would look
all right in
The has rooted up a
pen in Concord the scent
which is so strong that it drew all
the onions out of a neighboring
Tobacco Attention.
We have just received a large
quantity of tobacco flue iron o
good quality and clean. Parties
who have ordered flues from us
Policeman Fri
into the Cory
Mrs. J. F. moved
into the near the
Methodist church-
Dr. C- J. and Capt. C.
A- White returned Saturday eve-
Mr. S Bernard his sis
tor, Miss Mary, came home from
Miss Minnie Pepper, who has
been visiting Mrs. Lucy Barnard,
left for Petersburg Friday
Rev. D. W. Davis, of Washing-
ton, was a pleasant caller at the
Reflector office Friday.
Miss Washing
ton, who was Miss Bes
Jarvis, returned home
Col. Harry Skinner and sou
Harry, Master Charlie Lath-
am left Monday for Washington
Mr. W. R. Smith left Thursday
for, Oxford, where ho has ac-
a portion in a carriage
Miss came up
from Washington Monday morn-
to visit brother, Mr. W- B.
B. Latham has moved his
family to Greenville and occupies
a portion of the house on
Pitt street-
Miss Bessie Shields, c f Scotland
Neck, who has
sister, Mrs. E- B. Higgs returned
home Saturday.
Mrs J. D. Bullock and child, of
Oxford, arrived Wednesday even-
to her parents, Dr.
Airs- J. P. Brown.
His friends are glad see Mr.
W- S. Rawls out the street
again to his health
is gradually improving.
J. C- of
College, will preach in the
Methodist church Sunday, June
morning and
Mr. Texas, b on a
visit to relatives in this county. lie
was a student of Greenville Institute
under in
Miss Harden, of Ply-
mouth, who baa been the
family of Mr. B. Wilson, left
Saturday morning for Louisburg-
left, Monday morn-
for ii-ii. and after spend-
a few data there will visit his
brother, Mr. A- W. at Cary
Mr. J. R. for the
Coast Lino, received a telegram
Saturday morning from
Several Arrests From
seems that at last Kinston is
catching up with some of
the fiends who were the cause of
the late destructive fires that have
visited that town. In its reports
from there the has
published the names of some
who were arrested for
breaking in houses were be-
to be implicated in the
burnings, but in some places the
chain of evidence worked up
against them would be broken-
Confessions have followed some
later arrests and we hope other
developments will follow that will
clear up the whole mystery and
every perpetrator to speedy
A few nights ago Dr.
discovered some his yard.
The party eluded him
and out of his back yard
ran up with two policemen,
of whom him to his
home found him to be Isaiah
Hill, colored, who had long been
suspected and shadowed by the
authorities. He was promptly
arrested locked up. Next
day a warrant was issued for Hill
Dove, a country who had
seen in town just before
every against whom
damaging evidence-was develop-
ed after the last
Isaiah Mill was put trial
charged with kindling one of the
most destructive fires.
was put upon the con-
fessed that he was intimate with
Hill, sud that Hill to
him that he with
the Dove kindled said fire.
Dove is also jail, the
are fully satisfied that they
have the right scoundrels at last.
The were bound over to
court. It is reported that a white
man has also Lieu wrested.
We learn that a note
was sent to the
town authorities stating that if
the authorities did not steps
within three days to these
patties they White
would the matter in hand.
Three Dry Kilns and a Large
of Lumber Destroyed,
N. June 17-
About o'clock this morning
of the dry kilns of the
lire and rap-
idly- The kiln would probably
i have been saved had t lie water
held out, but about 11-15
the or became exhausted when
nephew of tire look a fresh hold and
A Successful Closing Entertainment
Distinctions and
Goode will Leave Greenville
It was a large and well be-
audience that assembled in
the Opera Tuesday even-
to witness the closing
of Pitt Female Seminary.
This institution has given a quid
of very pleasant entertain-
to our people, and this
closing one fell behind none of the
others in interest.
The following was
rendered with utmost precision
and perfect
Ho for a. Chorus
t Joy. -11.
Misses James, Rawls and G- Forties
Proctor and Moore-
Primary Class.
Mis- Bawls.
Snowdrop, Bradley.
Miss Bertha Patrick,
Misses Rawls Nell
Piano Solo Flower Song,
Miss James.
Owl, Primary class
Misses Tucker.
Dumb-Bell Drill, Class.
Pole Drill. Physical Culture
Scarf Drill, Physical Culture Class.
Piano Vive, Jackson.
Mines B. Patrick and D. Tucker-
Heading, A Georgian at the Opera-
Miss Bi Forbes,
Ant de
Mis.-es Sheppard and
O. Meredith
Miss Sheppard,
Pantomime, Angel's Serenade.
Misses Patrick M.
Study Altitude, Class.
Tambourine Drill, Small Girls.
Valedictory, Blow.
Announcement of Distinctions.
Sweet Low, Chorus
Every piece was full of
and presented a faultless man
The audience was especially
delighted the drills ex-
by classes. It wad almost
to see the smaller
pupils go through their parts so
accurately, but it shows what can
accomplished by thorough
training. It was evident on every
hand that the work at the
has been of the very highest
umber and
Bruce and Glenn Forbes
them home for a visit.
Mr. E- J. Proctor, a former
typo on the Reflector who for a
little more than two years has
been living in Washington, came
up Monday to take a
with us.
B. Whichard left this
Saturday for Salisbury to take a
position with the
has been a long time with the
and the office will
The family of Mr. P. Hall
left Saturday for Mb Olive to
make that place their home.
They have made a great many
friends in Greenville who regret
. to see leave. Mr. Hall
can get them now at any time with the Lumber
S. E. Co- i Company.
Mr. and Mrs. M- H.
returned to their homo in
Wednesday. Clara It was thought that Mr. H-
Harper's mill and several dwell-
would also be destroyed but
by hard work these were saved
and only the three dry kilns with
their contents burned.
The loss yet be
mated bat it is considerable.
The cause of the fire is sup-
posed to be getting in the
Wont Leave
Capt. Pace is in receipt of a let-
from one of the largest com-
mission houses in Eng-
land, making him a proposition
to come and handle their leaf to
business, but the
has written them declining, say
he has a contract here, but
Just before the last number
the program mo was rendered
Prof. Goode made the following
announcement of distinctions for
the term, none of those mention-
ed below on exam-
class, Maud
2nd class, Johnston.
class, Ellen Par-
2nd class, Mamie Tucker,
Patrick, Galloway, Janie
Arithmetic 1st class, Mamie
Daisy Tucker, Bruce
Forbes, Ellen Parker, Bessie Pat-
lick; 2nd class. Ella
3rd Bertha Patrick.
Bessie Patrick, Pat
Skinner, Harris, Daisy
Tucker, Ellen Parker, Mamie
English Ellen Par-
Maud Addie
Rhetoric Addie
History Maud Blow,
Addie Johnston.
Higher John-
Maud Blow-
Tucker, Bessie
Patrick, Patrick, Mamie
Tucker, Nina James, Velma
Rawls, Lina Sheppard, Leta
class, Mamie
Tucker, Nina James. Georgia
Anderson . 2nd class, Helen
Forbes, Burt James, Walter Pat-
rick, Bailey Moore.
Grammar Tyson, Ma
Tucker, Ma-
Nell Skinner.
Anderson, Ben
Spelling Rags-
dale, Bailey Moore, Burt James.
lames Velma
average in all English studies
won by Miss Addie Johnston
by only one and a fraction over
Miss Maud Blow.
Prof for himself
assistants returned to the
patrons and that this
session would close his labors
here, as he had decided to go
elsewhere. reason fur
this decision was that a school
was not sufficient to
The Reflector believes the
people of Greenville are making a
mistake in all Prof. Goode
to leave. There has no b t-
teacher here, and no better
advancement has made by
pupils than under his in-
He is just the kind of
man to carry op a good
school, and that the patronage
given him was not sufficient to
maintain it does speak well
for the town.
N. C, June
Rev. C. M. Howard tilled his reg-
at Salem Sun-
Sheriff King here
Dr. L. Best went to Greet
ville Saturday.
Rev- V- of Ayden, was
here yesterday.
Mrs. Spencer Brooks went to
Kinston yesterday.
Mr. L. J. Chapman wont to
Newborn and returned
Miss Lena Brooks, of Hamil-
ton, is visiting relatives near
See notice to creditors by Susan
E. Tucker, executrix of Warren
Mr. Walter Harding and sis-
Miss Sarah, attended the com-
at Chocowinity last
Miss Maggie of Ma-
Cypress, is visiting friends in
the village.
Quite a crowd from our neigh-
will racing in
Greenville the fourth of July.
Several persons are speaking
of going to Morehead Thursday,
and there will he quite a party to
go next
The re-
produced on the 28th, for
the benefit of Hone Fire Com pa
They should have a good
The acknowledges
an invitation to be present at the
races on July 4th, under the man
of the Greenville Pleas
A cow belonging to Mr. E. D.
Manning, of Bethel township,
a calf a few days ago
that weighed pounds at
The calf died.
Beginning nest Saturday, id,
the Old Dominion Company will
run a splendid steamer, the
Dare, from Washington to
every Saturday night.
Mr. T- has begun
the erection of a dwelling house
on avenue on a lot
purchased from Mr- J. R. Cory.
will be a six room house, the
front two stories-
Cadet A. Cotten left on
June 10th for a three-months
cruise on the U. S- S-
for the Island of
Mr. Cotten passed a very credit
able examination at Annapolis-
The Institute for the colored
teachers of the county will
held in the Court House next
week, beginning on Monday On
Friday the examination for
will be held by the
The reputation of Riverside
Nurseries is going This
morning Messrs. A- Warren
Si n expressed a large b x of
flowers to Norfolk to be used in
he commencement exercises of
Norfolk College. They were
beautifully arranged and looked
t hi meet. Under the gentle
touch of no wonder.
Miss Bessie Jarvis gave a do-
entertainment at the
home of her mother, on Friday
to Misses
Mat tie Russell of Washington,
and May Harris, of Falkland, who
are her- A large number
of the young people of the town
were present the occasion
was every way a great success.
Tho exercises o Bethel
High School took place Thurs
day the attendance being quite
large. At o'clock A. M. Rev
L. L. Nash, D. D of
delivered the sermon in
the Methodist church- His sub.
was universal of
his sermon one of
unusual ability.
At P. M. Rev. R. J.
Washington, delivered the ad-
dress. His theme was
life writing, in which Le com-
pared life to a every in-
being author of his
own character. It was of the
most beautiful
discourses co which we ever
The entertainment at sight was
largely attended and interest
lug and well
given. Pref. told us
he had decided to leave the
and would go to Alabama in
fall. In his departure the
county will lose an excellent
teacher and it is to be
that he has decided to return to
his native State
For the next days I am deter-
mined to make a reduction of
per cent, on all
Hail Storms at Ayden.
Ayden, N. C, June
day about o'clock this
section was visited by a sharp
hail storm, about o'clock
at was followed by another
more severe. The first storm
continued about and the
last fully two hours The
hail were small but ex-
thick, the wind and
rain were terrific. Corn, cotton
tobacco were badly
damaged. Old people say it
the worst storm that has visited
this The washed
no many bridges
The potato crop around hero is
very short, and the price, as well
as the potatoes, is small.
The tax assessors were hire
Saturday assessing listing
Special Sale of While Goods,
Next Door to Bank.
The Leaders Say
The eyes of the people are upon the merchants
who can and will sell goods cheap, cheaper and
cheapest in these times of depression and
for the future condition and prosperity of our
people. We claim to be the merchants of Green-
ville for you to trade with, for the following-
sons We buy largely and buy for the cash, we
buy at close figures because of these two facts.
We sell for cash, we sell on credit. We help
of our friends who appreciate it and in turn
help us by telling their friends of our honest
goods and honest business methods in dealing
with all. We carry the the largest and best
line of
Twenty Years Proof.
Liver Pills keep the bow-
els in natural motion and cleanse
the system of all impurities An
absolute cure for
dyspepsia, sour stomach, con-
and kindred diseases.
do without
R. P. Smith, Va.
writes I don't know how I could
do without them. I have had
Liver disease for over twenty
years. Am now entirely cured.
Liver Pills
An Improvement.
Cherry Hill Cemetery is now in
better condition than it has been
in a great while. The walks and
lots all been cleaned up and
Several new walks have been
made through the unoccupied
part of the enclosure. The rick-
stile over which pedestrians
had to pass to get within the to in our county. We invite your in-
has been removed and a We invite comparison, dollars worth
small gate placed near the drive with dollars worth, quality against quality,
for their use- with any other stock in Pitt county. The signs
Brown has had the work done point out plainly those merchants
well and we hope cherry will i with whom you should spend your cash. Do
kept in its good con , not be led away with what some other man has
to tell you, but come to us and buy your
Will Connect One Way.
To-day Mr- Borden, one of the
Coast Line authorities, telegraph-
ed here to agent J. R. Moore that
beginning the DreSS Goods, Hats and CaPS, Boots and Shoes,
schedule of the fro gut trams Heavy Domestics, Bleached and
over tins road would chafed Sheetings and Shirtings. Hardware,
and Castings, Nails, Shovels, spades and
from this section to make
close connection every day at;
and go through to More j
head without to stop
in Kinston, is better,
than twice a-week
However, there is no
for close connection
on the return hip at present, but
it is d this may be elf
Notice to Creditors.
Having duly before the
Coin-; of Pitt county i ex-j
of Last Will and Testament
of en Tanker, deceased, la I
hereby to all persons indebted to ;
to Immediate payment
to the all
will lie plead hi bar recovery
This day
Executrix of Warren Tucker.
Furniture, Set,
es, Bedsteads, Bureaus,
Lounges, Tables, Hall
Racks, Cribs and Cradles,
i- Carriages,
Chairs of many kinds and
styles from the cheapest
to fine Plush Seat Rockers
Matting and Oil cloths,
Heavy Groceries, Meat,
Molasses, Salt, Oils, Flour
a specialty in high grades,
Lard, Baking Powders.
To the Ladies we would
especially say do not fail
to see our beautiful line of
Ladies, Misses and Child-
Slippers, Cotton and Wash Dress Goods,
White Goods, Dimities and Lawns. To the
I men to buy our Reynold's Shoes, every pair war-
j ranted to be solid. To y buyer we say
Tax Notice. ; and see our stock. We will be pleased to show
of commissioners of rut-what we have to sell. We set the pace, others
county will at the Court House in ; Q foil HOT
on 8th, 1803 W
the the tux lit
valuations n to them.
At which lime th- Hoard he
complaints Improper
s or
Am- p having
such in will t
them writing to MM on
day with c as may
of Hoard.
-M. Clerk.
offering his services to buy for i here did not draw patronage from
on this market. the local pat-
By virtue of a sale contained a
deed of trust executed by M. B.
Brown and wife Jane to the under-
signed, in book page H.-gist.
of I county, I will sell at the
Court House door in the town of
Greenville, N- C, on Wednesday the
th day of July, at noon,
cash, at i ill-lie, to the
bidder, following property,
A certain plantation adjoining Annie
Thomas, Allen Tucker and others, con-
acres known as the M.
B. Brown plantation. For boundaries
see deed took page
Also a certain farm known as the
tam containing acres, more
or adjoining the lands of Ed Dix-
J. J. Nobles and others, conveyed
to W. M. B. Brown by S. II.
and wife and Marina
Also a house and lot in the town of
Greenville on the corner of
lib and being part Cl
Also lots said town adjoin-
each other and known as the
Yard numbers
Also a certain lot in said town on the
corner of avenue and Mar-
shall Lane, known as the L V.
house and in May, 1894, occupied by
W. B. Brown and as a residence.
This June 7th,
G. II. Jr.,
By Home Enterprise.
of DURHAM, N. C,
manufacturing is tine Che-
roots and a can be on
market. Their brands are
a dime cigar for a Nickel, hand made.
Havana tilled-
a very floe Nick. Cigar,
Havana hand mad
Named in honor of Col. buck Black
a fine live cent Sumatra Wrapper
band made, a Mire win-
Named in honor of J. S.
of Black To-
Ten cents.
Tho tine t smoke
the money.
Three for a hummer that
ways pleases.
Stick to home and send us your or-
Special brands put up when de-
sired. Address
Durham, N.
Truck Barrels, Pumps
All Kinds
have opened
More and are
prepared t- fun ton
any kind of
Special attention given
to putting down
and repairing
All kinds of Pipe
work and sat-
Place your orders
Flues with
Greenville, N. C.
I have removed my Wall Paper to
to the Moore and
have added a lot of new sample-,
Come before the are
selected. The best opportunity you
ever had to your house at
a small cost. Prices as low as
three cents a roll of eight yards.
A. B.
Mot. raw.
Co., W. Mo.
already Ulla Tear- In all oar
of In
caver an turn
a roar truly,
Sold guaranteed by J. L. WOOTEN
ii. .

their year's supplies will And
interest to get our prices before
chasing elsewhere. is complete
n all Its branches.
always at Lowest Market
we direct Manufacturers,
Ming you to buy at one A
stock of
always and sold at prices to suit
the times. Our goods bought and
s for C having no risk
t sell at a close margin.
S. M.
N. C
What Caused the Hard Times.
The Charlotte
North Carolina's
Independent and fearless ; bigger and
more attractive than ever, it will an
invaluable visitor to home, the
office, the club or the work room.
All of the news of the world. Com-
Daily reports from the Stats
and National Capitols. a car.
A perfect family journal. All the
news of the week. The reports
from the Legislature special.
Remember the Weekly Ob-
Send for sample copies. Address
Charlotte, N. C
Condensed Schedule.
Dated Apt S p
Leave Weldon Ar. aw
Rocky Mt Wilson Selma Ar. to, IS
Goldsboro Magnolia Ar o'S . M. I
A. M.
I A. M
Ar Wilson
Ar Rocky Mt
ac ha
Mill K
Ar Tarboro
Lr Rocky Mt
Judge of Iowa, says
it is the existence of co-opera-1
George Gould says it is
hostility to corporations.
The farmer says it is the low
price in wheat.
The silver men say it is the
action of Wall street.
The Wall street men say it
the action of the silver men-
The manufacturer says it is the
fear of free trade.
The consumer says it is the
fear of free trade-
The debtor says it is tho
The Democrats say it is the
The Republicans say it is the
The Populists say it is both.
The Prohibitionists say it is
The preacher says it is the
Now, what is your idea
tutor and Driver.
The Tobacco Department
Conducted by O. L. Joyner, Proprietor Eastern Warehouse.
Train on Scotland Neck Branch Road
Weldon 3.40 p. in., Halifax 4.00
p. m., arrives Scotland at K p
a., Greenville p. m., Kinston 7.35
p. Returning, leaves Kinston 7.20
a. m., Greenville 8.22 a. in. Arriving
Halifax a a. in., 11.20 am
daily except
Trains on W Branch leave
Washington 7.00 a, arrives
8.40 p. in. Tarboro 9.50; returning
leaves Tarboro 4.50 p. m., 6.10
p. m,, arrives Washington 7.33 p. m.
Daily except Sunday. Connects with
on Neck Branch.
Train leaves Tarboro, N C, via
A Raleigh R. R. daily except Sun-
day, at p. m., Sunday P. M;
arrive Plymouth 9.20 P. M., 5.20 p. in.
Returning leaves Plymouth daily except.
Sunday, 5.30 a. m., Sunday 9.30 a. m.,
arrive Tarboro 10.35 a. m and 11.45
a. m.
Train on Midland N C Branch leave
Goldsboro daily except Sunday, a.
m. riving m. Rt-
leaves a. m.;
arrive at Goldsboro. a. m.
Trains on Nashville Branch leaves
Rocky Mount at 4.30 p. m., arrive
Nashville S p. m-. Spring Hope
p. m. Returning Spring Hope
a. m Nashville a. m., arrives
Rocky Mount m.,
Trains on Latta Branch, Florence R
R. leaves Latta 8.50 p. m., arrive Dun
bar 8.00 p. m. Returning leave Dun
bar 0.30 a. m. arrive Latta 8.00 a. m.
Train on Clinton Branch leaves War-
saw for Clinton daily, except Sunday
at II a. in. Returning leave
at m., at Warsaw
main line trains.
No. makes close connection
for all points North daily, all
via Richmond, and daily except
via Portsmouth and J
also at Rocky Mount with Norfolk St
Carolina for Norfolk daily and
all points North via Norfolk, daily
J. R, KENLY, Manager.
T. U. EMERSON, Traffic Manager.
Messrs. J. W. Morgan an
B. E. Parham will not spend
the summer off this year.
Crops are beginning to d
is j rain. Tobacco is suffering least
of any other crop, while corn
especially needs rain.
Just weather as we have
At noon me steps Troy J
Presbyterian church, seven south
of Versailles, Ky. were converted into
a ground, George Mont-
killing his brother-in-law,
Archibald Riley, and being himself
mortally wounded by Riley.
The Sutherland manufacturing com-
Augusta, largely owned by
Philadelphia capitalists, has purchased
property of Dartmouth Spinning com-
on Augusta canal. New and
The authorities of the town of
Bessemer, Mich . where they have
an anti-saloon law,
why the bananas sold iD
the town produced intoxication
bored tome and
and found loaded with a
jam up article of tangle-left.
been having this spring is the
right kind to cause tobacco to
up spindling and button
out before it Is much more than
l. , A ,,
means so much more than
you and i
natal diseases result from
trifling ailments
Don't play with Nature's i
If you are feeling
out of sorts, weak
and generally ex-
nervous, J
have no appetite
and can't work,
I n t the most j
Brown's Iron Bit-
A few bot-
from the
very first dote
stain four
I teeth, and it's
pleasant to take.
It Cures
Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver
Neuralgia, Troubles.
Constipation, Bad Blood
Malaria, Nervous ailments
Women's complaints.
Get only the has crossed red
lines on the wrapper. All others are sub-
. On receipt of two c. stamps we
will send set of Ten Beautiful World's
Fair Views and
half grown. Some will say,
well, mine is
with twelve, fourteen and six-
teen leaves and that is a
True, that is a sufficient
to leave on the plant but
you can be very sure when you
see tobacco buttoning out this
early that it is not in a healthy
condition and when any crop is
not growing in a u state
the best results can t
be expected. One of the best
remedies for early buttoning,
we have heard old and
tobacco farmers nay, is
to absolutely change its growth
Check it so to speak, which
can be done in several ways,
but the best is by and
close plowing. By doing this
you up-set the top roots and at
the game time loosen the dirt
and form a and mellow
l dirt for the feelers to off
in. A great many times such
deep plowing is so necessary
that really the tobacco looks
like ruined, but don't tear
up the roots and it will do the
From All Sections of
Country and
You every day
hi the month of
June that if
you have
your Printing done
at the
It will be done right,
It will be done in style
and it always suits.
These points are
well worth weighing
in any sort
of work, but
The Tennessee Press con
In Chattanooga June 4th.
The Southern convention
met in Atlanta, on Tuesday.
The National Waterworks
met in Atlanta. Ga. Tuesday.
The International League
conference convenes June 87th at Chat-
The South Carolina State Press As-
convened in annual session at
Hunter May 29th.
The mines in the West Virginia coal
have resumed operations. The
strike was a failure.
A number of northern now
in North Carolina contracting to
chase, the grape crop.
Parkersburg. IV. Va., had a
explosion Saturday that
swayed the entire city.
Washington newspaper
i-r., entertained by the Ex-
position directors in Atlanta. ., on
John Workman, an ex-state constable
and Sam Duncan engaged in a shoot-
scrape at Clinton. B. C. Saturday
in which Workman was
Congressman Charles of
arrived in Memphis on Juno
Sad, So several days in the inter-
for president.
Ir. Thomas Poston one of
the most prominent Presbyterian
in state of died
Tuesday morning at Lexington.
Mobile, Ala. Marine railway
ins put into operation Tuesday. It is
bait to vessels up to 1,500 tons
capacity. It operated satisfactorily.
June a three
meeting of the colored teachers of Ten-
will be held in the hall of the
house of representatives at Nashville.
The new directory of
just issued shows a population of 3-1,321
an increase of about 3.000 in a year.
This includes the immediate suburbs.
By an opinion of the federal
court Monday the city of Jacksonville,
will be allowed to sell its issue of
over one million dollars of city bonds.
J. J. Davis, court crier, who killed
Deputy Sheriff some time ago at
New Orleans, La., was found guilty of
murder Tuesday, lie goes up for life.
The total visible supply of cotton for
world is bales, of which
bales are American against
bales and bales re-
last year.
While in bathing at Pablo Reach
Tuesday, J. K. Ingram, a clerk em-
ployed by the Florida Hardware
of Jacksonville, got beyond his
depth and was drowned.
A call has been issued for a silver
convention to meet In New Orleans
Monday, June III, and elect delegates
to the Memphis
of June 12th and 13th.
Lewis a drug clerk, shot
and killed his wife at Atlanta,
Saturday night, because she would not
to after having separated.
The husband was drunk.
Speaker Crisp has published a
card restating his position on tho fin-
question. Ho declares for the
free and unlimited coinage by the
United States
Ala., is soon to have
industry in the shape of a bottling
works. H. A. of Dayton,
will remove his plant from that
place to In a short time.
The democratic state leaders of Ken-
have invited W. II. Harvey,
of Coin's financial school to make
speeches In that state advocating the
free and unlimited coinage of silver.
A personal encounter at
noon Saturday in the editorial rooms of
the Norfolk Virginian between
Editor Michael and Major
Humphreys, a prominent insurance
man prohibitionist leader of that
The South Carolina Press association
arrived in Richmond Saturday. They
spent that morning in visiting points of
interest about the city and Saturday
night called on the governor and were
entertained by the Old Dominion Press
The towns of York, and
Utah, Ala., are still
against Miss., on rant of
belief that there is an epidemic of
smallpox prevailing there. During the
past few weeks about thirty cases of
the disease have been reported to the
health authorities at
Judge Cromwell Gibbons of the
court of Jacksonville, Fla., Tues-
day defied Mitchell and
ignored a pardon which the latter
granted to John Marvin, president
of the Merchants National bank. Mar-
was under sentence to pay a of
or serve six months in jail.
The member of the Georgia Press
association, sixty-three in number, will
the meeting of the newspaper
men to be held In
One of tho greatest silver meetings
j-pt held in the south, was that which
m Tenn., last week
five thousand democrats
West Tennessee,
West Kent unity were present to
W. J. of Nebraska,
of Mississippi, John Allen of
Mississippi, and B. W. Carmack of Ten-
Forest fire are raging in several sec-
of the Adirondacks, New York.
Distinct earthquake shocks were felt
at Vt., Tuesday forenoon.
Dr. Robert W Buchanan, the New
York murderer, has been
the fourth time, to die.
On May 20th Island's twenty-
seventh governor, Charles Warren Lip-
was inaugurated.
The Knights of Labor
will be removed from Philadelphia.
Pa., to Washington, D. C.
All records for heat on the first day
of June lire smashed Saturday by the
temperature in all parts of the north.
New York merchants
of commerce have sent an appeal south
asking that a stand be taken for gold be entitled to subscribe
the Central
tern report extensive forest tires
near Mich.
Confederate crowd which at-
tended tie monument unveiling in Chi-
were banqueted and delightfully
entertained in Cincinnati Saturday.
Eugene V. Debs surrendered himself
to United States Marshal Arnold, at
Chicago, Tuesday afternoon, and
will serve out the six months sentence.
The National municipal league will
be in session the last three days of this
month in Cleveland, Ohio. This meet-
will be the third of its kind held
within two years.
At Topeka Tuesday the Kansas
state central committee
ed for the free coinage of silver and
denounced the action of the supreme
court in tho income tax matter.
The Rev. Thomas Dixon, Jr., almost
created a sensation at the New York
Academy of Music Sunday when he
pronounced In New York
a failure. The audience hardly knew
whether to applaud or not. There was
one hiss from the of the hall.
New York bankers interested or rep-
resenting securities of Central
property or Its branch lines, confirm
the statement made by a southern dis-
patch late last week that the plan of
reorganization has been laid aside
pending tho return of J. P. Morgan.
ft i; that
a mammoth hew mill Is to be built at
North Adams. Mass., to be known as
Berkshire Mill No. The mill, it is
said will lie the second largest cotton
in at
a of over half a million dollars,
and employ hands.
The Ohio strike is at an end,
gays a Columbus dispatch.
Kansas nays the
Jackson county democratic central
committee has asked for a con-
to declare itself to the silver
say that the wheat, oats
and hay crops in Central Illinois will
failures. There Is a fine stand of
corn but it needs rain. Recent hot
winds have dried up pastures.
At San Francisco, May The-
was arraigned before
Murphy fog tho at
Minnie Williams.
He pleaded not guilty. Both cases were
set for
The Mobile and Ohio railroad com-
offers pro to its stockholders
per cent bonds at Each stockholder
above all things in
Your Job Printing.
the subscription list
few months will
of the best cotton mills
have one
Judge Gibbons, of tho criminal
of Jacksonville, issued an order
to release all prisoners serving sentence
for carrying concealed weapons be-
cause Governor Mitchell set aside a
sentence tie had Banker
The chamber of commerce of the city
Of New York have decided to enter up-
on a free silver coinage.
The Pa., Iron company
announces an increase in the wages of
furnace men from to 81.40 per
The opening gun of the campaign in
the east against five red
a meeting held at Philadelphia, Pa.
The cost of the late trolley a
Brooklyn, N. Y. has just been made
public. Altogether the sum of
A large portion business
of Dalton. Pa., was destroyed by
fire early Sunday Morning. Tho
mated loss is
That the strike in the Pitts-
burg district which has stubborn-
fought tor the past twelve weeks, is
at an end. is a foregone conclusion.
The at the woolen mills at
Taft, Co., Mm.
has ended by the firm's conceding the
to per cent, advance in wages asked.
On being asked Monday afternoon
what thought of Chief re-
result satisfies and gratifies
The Carnegie steel company at Pitts-
burg has voluntarily increased the
of tonnage, day and time men
per cent About will par-
in the increase.
It is announced that a wire nail trust
at Pa., is in of
formation. It is said that all the plants
in country will be in the combine
except the Philadelphia and
Last week, for the first time in two
years, the extensive locomotive shops
at Sum n eh Pa., and all of the shops
of the New York. Lake Erie and West-
system were in operation ten hours
per day.
The widely known wholesale and
retail hardware iron firm of Hum-
A Dodge, of Concord, N. an-
its insolvency Monday and has
issued a circular calling a meeting of
their creditors.
The Consolidated Wire and Nail com-
operating mills at and
St. Louis and Allentown
and Pa., has notified its em-
that their will be
ten per cent.
The great detective and chief of
lice, of New York City, was
Monday afternoon retired on a pension
The jury in the Oscar Wilde case has
rendered a verdict of guilty, and the
prisoner has been sentenced to prison
for two years, with hard labor.
A series of earthquakes Saturday
raised the town of
European Turkey. Fifty persons were
killed and seriously injured.
A dispatch from Shanghai to the Pall
If all says there are alarming
rumors that n renewal of the fighting
between Japan and China is imminent.
A dispatch from Belfast, Ireland,
Professor Chamberlain, for thirty
years chairman of theology of the
reformed Presbyterian synod, is dead.
Pacific mail was
wrecked between and
on May 27th, and the preset t
indications are that over one d
persons perished.
A tremendous avalanche of rock fell
from the Mountain into the
valley, Switzerland.
Monday, destroying the entire forest
the slope. No one was hurt.
A violent shock of earthquake was
in the village of
Russia, in the districts of Baku Monday.
Ninety-five houses weir wrecked and
of the inhabitants were buried
beneath the ruins.
The Japanese authorities in
have completed a census of Seoul, the
first ever known to have been taken
systematically. hundred
eighty-seven thousand, four hundred
and two inhabitants arc reported.
Colonel Ludlow, End
coll and Mr. Noble, tho
appointed to the Nicaragua
canal route, and the party with them,
arrived May 28th at Managua,
government was making her trial trip
to Monday when her
boiler explode I. Six of the crew were
killed and fourteen were
mortally injured.
suite convention of
Ohio which met at Tuesday,
Asa W. of Spring-
field, for governor.
Dispatches from the lines of
for a bond of
Farmers in the central part of Iowa
are much alarmed over the discovery
bi small o lo-
They arc similar to the locusts
which devastated the western country
seventeen years ago.
Reports from western states show
rain is badly needed for the crops.
d great in-
jury done by frost
the night of May
lie Mormons tiles bad
a clash in Unite county Wyoming. A
Gentile c to tho county at-
that a Mormon was living with
two wives. Mormons threaten to
lynch the man who made the complain.
The dedication of the confederate
monument at cemetery, Chi-
took place Thursday in pres-
of the most distinguished
of officers of both the union and
confederate armies that has ever been
together in the west
agricultural department has
made an important improvement in its
System of securing crop The
i flow plan is to have a correspondent in
i township of every state Instead of
j as tho present plan of four re-
porters in each county.
Secretary of State Walter Q.
Tuesday morning at his rooms in
the Arlington hotel.
Preliminary funeral services of
late Secretary Gresham were conducted
in the east room of the White house
The chiefs of divisions in the depart-
at Washington have been placed
under the civil service regulations, by
and order of the president.
The public debt statement issued
Saturday afternoon shows a net de-
crease in the public debt less cash in
the treasury during May of
Ex-Commissioner of the Internal
Revenue John W. Mason
Judge Goff, of West Virginia, for the
presidency as a southern republican
The comparative statement of the re-
and expenditures in the United
States treasury for the month of May,
shows a gradual diminution of the de-
during the past ten days.
President Cleveland has issued a
proclamation that will float at
half mast on all government buildings
for ton days as an expression of nation-
bereavement of the death of Secretary
The habeas corpus case of Eugene V.
Debs, et growing out of the great
railroad strike at Chicago last summer,
was decided in the supreme court of
the United States Monday. The writ
was denied.
The supreme court of the United
States Monday decided the Chi-
exclusion act to be constitutional
and incidentally affirmed the general
right of the United States to exclude
aliens of all kinds.
A telegram to Washington from In
Agent Wisdom at I. T.,
reports that Chief Ferryman and Ram
treasurer of the Creek nation,
have been arrested by an armed mob
of Creek citizens. The trouble grew
out of the 8200.000 per capita payment
and the per cent, paid financial
for the passage of a bill
it by congress
With the adjournment of the
stag, the Berlin officials begin
It Is reported that the Countess
has separated
from her husband.
President Cleveland's portrait will
illuminate the night during the
ties attending the opening of the Baltic
ship canal.
Ice in Charleston.
Tho people of Charleston can
keep cool at very moderate cost
daring tho They have
of ice at I he following
13-50. At retail
for -5 cent, pounds for
l. cents, pounds for JO cents.
pounds cents. daily out
put the factories is about
tons, and
rivals of from
D. W. Fuller, of N. Y.,
that lie always keep Dr. King's
New Discovery in the house and his
family has always the very best
result follow its use ; that lie would
not he without it, procurable. G. A.
Druggist, N. v.,
says that Dr. King's New i-
Cough remedy ;
he baa used it in his family for
eight years, and has never failed to
Trial that is claimed for Why not
try a remedy long tried and
trial bottles tree J, I.
Drugstore. Regular 1.00,
A Large Estate.
Archduke Albrecht of Austria left
of property. His landed
estates go to his Archduke
Frederick. They comprise
acres In Hungary, Silesia, Bohemia,
Bavaria and an extent of
territory larger than that of more
than half of the German states. His
personal estate amounts to
and goes to his daughter, Arch-
duchess Maria Theresa, wife of
Philip of
Largest By,
The largest the world If
a Hebrew Bible the
Vatican, weighing and
Governor Morton, of Now
has just signed a bill providing
that no director, clerk, or
agent of any bank or savings
shall borrow from the corporation
without the approval
of a majority of the board of Di-
rectors or that saving
bank hereafter incorporated shall
do business or be located the
same room or in any room com-
any bank, trust com-
or national banking
that all of the capital stock
of any shall paid in be-
fore it shall commence business,
and that it shall not be lawful for
a majority of of any
bank to belong to tho board
of of any one bank, trust
company, or banking as
It is designed to
such bunk troubles us have
recently been numerous
New York, and we trust it will lie
Mr- a traveling sales-
man representing a Wilmington
house, was passing through a
section in Sampson county last
week when he saw a sight he had
never before. This was two
women pulling a plow a man
plowing them- They wore all
white. The shied at
a little when he passed
along but u he got by they got
down to i and turn-
ed up the earth- Clinton Demo-
On the outskirts of one of our
southern cities there used to be an
old colored blacksmith who did a
thriving business, but who, in an
evil hour, took to himself a young
partner. The money mat-
era of tho concern soon became so
that old man bogged
for a release, hut the young man
assured him that the law In tho case
of partnership was so peculiar
it couldn't be broken. Six months
later, when the younger partner was
the old man consulted a friend,
. nut the truth, and nailed up
the following
between Micah Davis and myself
is now resolved. Who owes the
firm will ton me. Who. the
owes Will on
It Sounds Like a .
At the meeting of tho Whole-
sale Grocers of the south a few
days ago, one enthusiastic gen-
Cleveland, President
of the United receives a
salary of a year. He
should be given and
elected for
The New York Mercury,
this incident and the
applause that followed, says
drawn National Bank within
easy gunshot of the Mercury of-
Was in the of a cap-
for investment in Southern
enterprises on the morning when
this was telegraph-
ed from Atlanta. So disgusted
was he that south, or that
leading business men of the
south, could applaud such action
as this that he vowed that not a
dollar of that or any other
that he would ever go
south of the Potomac
Ho was a queer business man,
if the incident is genuine, who
refuse to make an
the South because a
grocers wanted to make Cleve-
land President for life. There are
more admirers of Mr. Cleveland
New New England
than In tho South, and
with the
for will have a difficult
time to if
more upon sentimental
ideas than upon business
boon it calamity
if Grant had been elected for a
third term. It would be a
if Mr. Cleveland yr other
should ever aspire to a
term. Tho man who is said to re-
fuse invest in the
South because a
wonted Mr- Cleveland to Pres-
for life is the most
and like individual
now at largo.
We have never soon a single
man in South who wanted
Mr. for a
and if the man with tho
cluck, if there such a man
will come this way we will con-
of this fact and show
him where pan get to a per
cent, on his
are of skilled
workmen, and rank with
in qualify .
We make the best base
balls, baseball bats, base-
ball gloves and mitts, tennis
rackets, tennis balls, tennis
nets, racket presses, racket cases, boxing gloves, footballs,
football suits, football and gymnasium shoes, gymnasium
supplies, sweaters, etc. We guarantee better goods for
money than asked by other manufacturers. If your local
dealer does not keep Victor Athletic Goods, write for our
Maker, of Victor Bicycler, and Athletic Goods.
The Best Shoes
r Least Money
One- million the
W. L. Douglas and Shoos.
All our
They the bent fur
They shoes In and
Their are
Tho uniform .-tamped on solo.
over other makes.
If y r dealer supply you we can.
k Kangaroo,
Police Shoos. soles.
1.7 School
ladies mi
If your dealer . l .-
write for
W. L. Douglas.
R. L. Bro., N. C.
I. Jr. o Col.
Co., N. C,
Joshua Skinner,
Commission Merchants
and Correspondence Solicited.
EXPERIENCE best i- the
Farming Implement, and every
ting for Millers, and general u well M
Hats. Ladies Dregs Goods I have, on hand. Am head
for Heavy Groceries, mill Jobbing agent Clark's X. T.
Cotton, and keep courteous and attentive clerk j.
next of this School
begin on Tuesday the lib day of
and c I weeks.
intermediate English I
On I
Languages t mi
The Instruction will continue through.
Discipline mild out Una. If necessary i
n additional teacher will be employed,
Satisfaction when
early and attend regularly.
Informal Ion apply to
K Real
Houses and lots for Rent or for
terms easy. Bents, Taxes. Insurance
open accounts and any other
of debt placed in my bands
collection lave prompt attention.
Bail-faction guaranteed, l solicit
A us
W. H.
Under Opera
in when want good work
in Effect
Steamers leave for Green
ville and touching at all Inn I
lugs on Tar Rivet Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at A, H.
Returning leave S A. M.
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Greenville A. II. same
These departures arc subject
of water on River.
at with steam-
of The Wash
direct line fr Norfolk, Baltimore
Philadelphia- New York and Boston.
shippers sir Roods
via Dominion
Tew York.
Norfolk A Haiti.
more Steamboat
more. Miners
JNO. SON. Agent,
N. I
J. J. ,
N .
Ex Sun.
P. M. P.
.-. hem
A. M. CO i M. l
A. l
Train with Wilmington
Weldon train bound North,
Goldsboro a. in., and with
train West, leaving
obtained and all Pal-
Moor rate F.
Our o met
and can patent less lime
from m
Send model, or with
advise, if or not, free of
charge. Our not due till patent is secured.
A Pamphlet, How to Obtain with
cost same n the U. b. and
sent free. Address,
Patent d. c.
For the Cure of all Skin
This Preparation has In use over
fifty years, and wherever know has
been in steady demand. It been
by the leading physicians all over
conn try, and cures where
all oilier remedies.
the meat
for year failed. Tills Ointment is of
standing and the reputation
which It has obtained owing entirely
x Its own as hut little ha
ever been made to bring it be tore
public. One bottle of this Ointment will
he sent to any address on receipt of One
Dollar. All Cash Orders promptly at-
tended to. Address all orders
communications to
We will them QUICK
will fill them CHEAP
We will fill them WELL
Heart Framing,
Rough Sap framing, ; ;
Rough Sap Inches
Rough Sap Boards,
Wail days for our Planing Mill
We will furnish yon Dressed
Wood to your door for M
c a load.
Terms cash.
Thanking you for past
T. C

Eastern reflector, 19 June 1895
The Eastern Reflector was a newspaper published in Greenville, N.C. It later became known as the Daily Reflector.
June 19, 1895
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