Roster of Nash County Confederate soldiers


Roster OF Nash County Confederate SoldiersBY JOHN H. THORPEAnd Copy of Edgecombe County RosterRALEIGHEDWARDS & BROUGHTON PRINTING COMPANY1925

Out of the twilight of the past,We move to a diviner light;There is nothing wrong that lasts,Nothing immortal but the right.

After the lapse of more than sixty years the aims and efforts of the men and women of the collapsed Confederate States have clearly grown in the respect of the world; and the abiding love of the new South for the old South, tends to show that the old and the new are the same, and were right. In profound appreciation of this respect and love their remnant comrades deem it a duty to make this roster of Nash County Confederate Soldiers. Too long indeed has this work been postponed. So long that some are lost to identification. Doubtless we are claiming some who were from other counties, but certain it is that the other counties have counted more of us than we have of them. Admittedly herein are errors, for which we beg correction.

Of the six companies organized in Nash County, to wit: E of the 7th Regiment, H of the 12th, I of the 30th, H of the 32d, A and D of the 47th, known respectively as Taylor's, Williams's, Arrington's,

Drake's, Bryant's and Harrison's, from the names of their first captains; one, namely, company A, 47th, is given herein showing correctly from the only muster roll obtainable now, 176 members of the company, as recruits came in steadily to fill the gaps made by casualties. Of this number 16 got to Appomattox.

This work, too, enables his executors to carry out the design of our comrade, Robert H. Ricks, as inscribed on his beautiful monument to us.

For preservation, the roster of Edgecombe Confederate Soldiers, collected by Lewis Dowd, Wyatt Camp United Confederate Veterans, and compiled by comrade Frederick Philips, is included herein.



1. Name.

2. Date of enlistment (month and year).

3. Company letter (A to K).

4. Regiment number.

5. Rank (private unless otherwise indicated).

6. Termination of service (if before close of war).


Bris. Bristow Station.

C. Captured.

Capt. Captain.

Chan. Chancellorsville.

Col. Colonel.

D. Died in service.

Fred. Fredericksburg.

Get. Gettysburg.

K. Killed.

Lt. Lieutenant.

Pet. Petersburg.

Pr. Prisoner.

R. Resigned.

Rich. Richmond.

Shar. Sharpsburg.

Spot. Spotsylvania.

Tr. Transferred.

W. Wounded.

Wil. Wilderness.


Abernathy, William, Jan. 2, A 47, K Get.

Abernathy, R. T., May 2, A 47, W Get.

Abernathy, Edward, Oct. 2, A 47.

Archibald, B. J., June 1, I 15.

Armstrong, Gray, Sept. 1, I 30.

Armstrong, R. H., June 1, F 36.

Armstrong, Robert, May 2, B 33, K Sharp.

Arnold, Joseph, May 1, H 12.

Arrington, George W., May 2, H 32, Lt.

Arrington, H. H., May 2, H 12, Lt.

Arrington, T. H., June 3, H 32, C Spot.

Arrington, R. W., March 2, H 32.

Arrington, W. T., Oct. 1, I 30, K Mal., Capt.

Arrington, P. A., Feb. 2, H 12.

Arrington, K. W., May 2, I 30, Lt.

Avent, James T., May 1, H 12, Lt.

Avent, James W., Mar. 2, D 20.

Avent, Wallace, May 4, A 70.

Avent, J. W., May 4, A 70.

Avent, J. B., Feb. 4, B 70.

Avent, Thomas V., Feb. 4, F 36.

Aycock, James O., May 2, A 47, D.

Amos, Elijah E., Aug. 1, K at Gain's Mill.


Batchelor, J. E., May 1, E 7.

Batchelor, Isaac, May 1, E 7, D.

Ballentine, John W., May 1, E 7.

Baines, George W., Aug. 1, E 7, W Manassas.

Baines, Henderson, Aug. 1, E 7, W Rich.

Battle, Dossy, May 4, H 7, Lt.

Barclay, J. R., Oct. 1, G 12.

Barclay, C. R., Oct. 1, G 12, K Sharp.

Barclay, Joseph Y., May 2, G 12, D.

Barbee, J. J., May 1, H 12.

Barbee, W. C., Nov. 1, H 12.

Barnes, Robert, May 1, H 12.

Barnes, G. R., May 1, H 12, W Chan.

Barnes, William, May 1, H 12.

Barnes, C. E., Sept. 1, H 12.

Barnes, J., Sept. 1, H 12, Dg.

Barnes, James H., Mar. 2, I 30, K Get.

Barnes, W. D., Oct. 3, 10.

Barnes, J. R., Sept. 1, H 12.

Barnes, A. L., May 1, H 12.

Barnes, John, Feb. 2, H 12.

Batchelor, B. B., May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Barbee, C., May 1, H 12, W Chan.

Batchelor, Richard, May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Bass, B. F., May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Barnes, Vincent, June 1, E 19.

Batchelor, William, June 1, E 19.

Battle, Tipp, May 1, H 12.

Barnes, A. S., Feb. 2, H 12.

Bass, Mc., July 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Barrett, J. W., May 1, H 12 and 32, Lt.

Bartholomew, W., Feb. 3, K 15.

Barkley, James H., Sept. 1, I 30.

Batchelor, V. B., Sept. 1, I 30, Pr.

Bass, William, Sept. 1, I 30.

Bass, Richard H., Sept. 1, I 30, K Cold Harbor.

Bass, John, Sept. 1, I 30, K Chan.

Barnes, B. B., Sept. 1, I 30, D.

Batts, William J., May 2, I 30.

Batts, W. L., May 2, A 10.

Batchelor, A. J., Feb. 2, I 30, W Chan.

Batchelor, H. H., Mar. 2, I 30, W Chan.

Batchelor, Elkana, March 2, I 30.

Batchelor, John W., Mar. 2, I 30.

Batchelor, Thomas R., Mar. 2, I 30.

Batchelor, R. W., May 2, I 30, W Chan.

Batchelor, S. M., May 2, I 30, W Chan.

Batchelor, N. A., May 2, I 30, D.

Batchelor, William, Sept. 1, I 30.

Battle, S. T., Jan. 2, I 30.

Bass, Benjamin F., Mar. 2, H 32.

Bass, George W., Mar. 2, H 32.

Bass, Daniel, Mar. 2, H 32.

Bass, B. F., Mar. 2, H 32.

Bass, Edward F., Feb. 2, A 47.

Bass, William F., Feb. 2, A 47.

Bass, Jesse, Feb. 2, A 47.

Bass, Gideon, Mar. 2, D 47.

Baily, Wilson, Mar. 2, A 47, Lt.

Baily, Ransom, Dec. 3, D 47.

Baily, Fordy, Dec. 3, D 47.

Batchelor, Wright S., Feb. 2, A 47, Pr escaped.

Bachelor, R. B., Feb. 2, A 47.

Batchelor, Ruffin S., Feb. 2, A 47, Tr to 30.

Batchelor, Jordan W. E., May 2, A 47, C.

Barnhill, J. J., Feb. 2, A 47, W Get. and Bris.

Bartholomew, S. W., Mar. 2, D 47.

Batts, W. R., Mar. 2, D 47.

Barnes, S. D. W., July 3, D 47.

Bartholomew, N., April 2, B 66.

Batchelor, Merrit, April 3, B 66.

Baker, A. H., May 4, A 70.

Barkley, J. R., May 4, A 70.

Brantly, M. A., May 2, E 7, W Rich.

Brantly, B. D., May 1, E 7, D.

Brantly, Redmond, Sept. 1, I 30.

Brantly, Jackson, March 2, A 47, W Sou.

Brantly, Green, June 4, A 47.

Branchly, W. H., Feb. 5, A 70.

Bartholomew, R., May 4, A 70.

Brantly, Owen, June 1, E 7, C.

Brantly, Lawrence, May 1, E 7.

Brantly, C. S., May 1, E 7, W Chan., D.

Braswell, H., May 1, H 12, Dg.

Braswell, J. H., May 1, H 12, D.

Braswell, J. T., Feb. 2, H 12.

Braswell, Charles J., April 2, A 47, C Get.

Braswell L. C., April 2, A 47.

Braswell, P. H., Oct. 2, A 47, W. Bris.

Braswell, J. R., April 2, B 66.

Braswell, R. F., Feb. 5, A 70.

Braswell, Jesse, March 1, H 32.

Braswell, A. Oscar, March 1, H 32, W.

Braswell, S. D., March 1, H 32, C.

Braswell, S. C., March 1, H 32.

Brass, Sidney, April 1, H 32, C.

Bass, M. C., March 3, H 32, K Cold H.

Bradley, Willis, Mar. 1, H 32.

Battle, M. H., Mar. 1, H 32, C.

Barrett, J. E., Mar. 2, H 32.

Barrett, Elijah, Mar. 2, H 32, D.

Barnes, James H., Mar. 2, H 32, W Get.

Batchelor, B. B., June 2, H 32.

Batchelor, Edmund, June 2, H 32, D.

Brake, G. W., Mar. 2, K 12, W Get.

Brewer, Jordan, May 1, H 12.

Brewer, James, May 1, H 12, D.

Beal, James, May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Benton, Henry, May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Bidgood, J., Feb. 2, H 12.

Bellamy, N. B., May 1, I 15.

Beal, Jesse, Mar. 1, H 32.

Beard, A. R., Mar. 2, D 47.

Bell, Rufus E., Mar. 2, D 47.

Bissett, Daniel, June 1, E 7, Dg.

Bissett, P. G., May 1, E 7.

Bissett, Jackson, Apr. 2, A 47.

Bissett, Joseph J., Apr. 2, A 47, W Rich.

Bissett, Joseph, Apr. 1, A 47.

Bissett, Manoye N., March 2, A 47, W Bris., Spot., Cold H.

Bissett, William D., Apr. 1, A 47.

Bissett, Peyton, Mar. 3, A 47.

Bennett, William, Mar. 2, B 66.

Bridgers, Sidney H., A 47, K Bris.

Bone, John W., Sept. 1, I 30, W Spot.

Bone, H. H., Sept. 1, I 30.

Boone, William, June 1, K 15, K Lee's Farm.

Boone, Benjamin, May 1, E 7, W Jones’ Farm.

Boone, William, Apr. 2, A 47, Pr Bris.

Blount, Benjamin J., H 55, C Get & D, Lt.

Blount, W. H., H 12, Tr to D 47, Capt.

Bows, John, May 1, D 47, Tr to 24 Rg.

Boykin, Lovet, Mar. 1, A 47, Pr Bris.

Bottoms, John H., Aug. 3, E 7.

Bottoms, Richard, Mar. 1, H 32.

Bottoms, Joel R., Mar. 2, D 47, D.

Brown, Sidney, Mar. 2, 47, K accidentally.

Brown, John, Mar. 2, D 47.

Brown, William, Apr. 1, H 32.

Brown, John K., May 1, E 7.

Brown, John, Dec. 2, H 32.

Bunn, Benjamin H., Aug. 1, I 30, Tr to A 47, Lt., W Pet.

Bunn, Elias, Aug. 1, I 30, Tr to Branch staff as Adj't, K at Hanover.

Bunn, William H., Oct. 1, H 12, Capt., K Pet.

Bunn, James D., Mar. 2, I 30.

Bunn, Bennett, Dec. 4, A 47, W at Wil.

Bunn, James M., Mar. 1, A 47.

Burnett, Calvin, Mar. 2, A 47, Pr Bris.

Biggs, R. T., July 2, D 47.

Bunting, James V., Jan. 2, B 66, Lt.

Bunting, C. H., Dec. 1, B 66.

Bunting, T. B., Dec. 1, B 66.

Bryant, John W., Capt., Jan. 2, A 47, D.

Bryant, Augustus, Jan. 2, A 47.

Bryant, Watson, Feb. 2, A 47.

Bryant, S. R., Feb. 2, A 47.

Bryant, Evan, Apr. 2, A 47, Dg.

Bryant, A. N., Feb. 2, A 47.

Bryant, D. F., Mar. 3, B 47.

Bryant, D. T., Nov. 3, B 47.

Bryant, D. T., Aug. 1, H 12, Tr to A 63.

Bryant, James H., Aug. 1, H 32.

Bryant, W. T., Apr. 14, Bethel & A 10.

Bryan, John J., June 1, E 19.

Bryant, J. H., May 2, I 30, K Get.

Byan, James H., Sept. 1, I 30.

Baines, Alijah, Feb. 1, A 47.

Baines, Jordan, Feb. 1, A 47.

Baines, Redmond, Feb. 1, A 47.

Baines, William, Feb. 1, A 47.

Battle, Tipp, Oct. 1, I 30.

Bunn, James H., Apr. 4, I 30.

Burrus, Hanford.

Brewer, Jordan, Oct. 1, H 12.

Boddie, Thomas S., May 2, Manney's Battery.

Boddie, W. W., July 3, Manney's Battery.


Cawdell, N. N., Mar. 1, D 47.

Chamblee, Augustus, May 2, A 47.

Chamblee, William, May 2, A 47, W Get.

Capps, William, Sept. 1, I 30.

Craven, Harrison, Mar. 1, D 50.

Critman, Timothy, June 1, E 7, W Chan.

Critman, Oliver, June 1, E 7, K Rich.

Critman, Leon, June 1, E 7, W Manassas.

Crickman, Josiah G., Sept. 1, I 30.

Coggin, David, May 1, H 132.

Coggin, J. J., June 6, K 12, K Fred.

Coggins, Willis, June 1, E 19.

Coggins, Daniel C., Oct. 2, H 32.

Coggins, John J., Aug. 1, H 32, C Spot.

Coggins, Gideon, Mar. 3, D 47.

Coggins, Elijah, Jan. 13, D 47, W Get.

Coley, J. C., Feb. 2, K 12.

Coley, John, Feb. 2, K 12.

Coley, John J., Sept. 1, I 30.

Corley, Francis, Sept. 2, H 32.

Cobb, Jefferson, June 1, I 30.

Cooper, S. T., June 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Cooper, Calvin, June 1, E 19.

Cook, Rawson, Sept. 1, I 30.

Cooper, W. H., June 1, E 19.

Cone, William D., Jan. 2, A 47.

Cone, Neverson, Aug. 3, A 47, K Get.

Coppedge, H. N., Nov. 1, D 47.

Coppedge, C. H., May 1, H 12.

Collins, David, May 1, H 12.

Collins, P. C., May 1, H 12.

Collins, Jones, Sept. 1, H 32, W at Cold Harbor and Died.

Crump, Samuel W., Sept. 1, I 30.

Crumpler, Bennett, June 1, I 30.

Cocknell, J. J., June 1, E 19.

Cocknell, Isaac V., Mar. 1, A 47, Dg.

Cocknell, Jonothan, Mar. 1, A 47, K Get.

Coppedge, Jordan, Mar. 4, B 66.

Coppedge, C. H., May 1, H 12.

Crowell, William D., Apr. 2, A 47, Dg.

Cellers, Jordan, Sept. 4, H 12.

Culpepper, John, May 2, I 30.

Culpepper, Jethro, May 2, I 30.

Culpepper, William, May 1, I 30.

Culpepper, J. D., Sept. 1, H 32.

Crowell, Jones W., Sept. 1, I 30.

Crowell, William, May 2, A 47, Dg.

Cyrus, G., Feb. 2, H 12, W Chan.

Cyrus, W. H., Feb. 2, H 12, W Shar.

Cyrus, F., Oct. 4, H 12.

Cooper, N. C., Nov. 4, A 70.

Collins, E. R., Feb. 2, A 47, W Washington.

Collins, Nicholson, Feb. 2, A 47.

Collins, T. J., Mar. 2, A 47, D.

Crickman, John.


Daniel, Jacob, May 1, E 7, Dg.

Daniel, David M., May 1, E 7.

Daniel, R. P., May 2, D 47.

Daniel, D., May 1, H 12, Dg.

Davis, Archibald W., July 1, C 8.

Davis, J. W., May 1, H 12, Dg.

Davis, D. W., May 1, H 12.

Davis, H. A., Oct. 4, H 12.

Davis, John S., Nov. 2, K 15.

Davis, Miles, May 2, I 30.

Davis, Jesse, Feb. 2, A 47.

Drake, John A., May 2, H 12, Capt.

Drake, J. R., May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Drake, W. F., Apr. 2, H 12.

Drake, John J., May 1, H 32, Capt.

Drake, Benjamin F., May 1, H 32.

Drake, Nicholas W., Mar. 2, D 47.

Drake, W. H., May 2, D 47.

Drake, Thomas A., May 2, D 47.

Drake, Wallace, Mar. 4, A 70.

Drake, William, Mar. 4, A 70.

Drake, R. F., May 2, D 47, Capt.

Draper, Thomas, June 4, A 70.

Daughtridge, Richard, Mar. 1, I 30.

Daughtridge, Willie, Mar. 1, H 32.

Deanes, William E., May 2, E 7, Lt.

Deans, Daniel, May 1, E 7.

Deans, Dempsey, May 1, E 7.

Deans, Joseph, May 1, E 7.

Deans, Richard, May 1, E 7.

Deans, Isaac, May 1, E 7, W New Bern.

Deans, Ruffin, Aug. 1, E 7.

Deans, William, Sept. 2, I 30.

Deans, Oscar M., Aug. 4, H 32.

Deans, James J. E., Jan. 2, A 47.

Deans, D. H., Oct. 2, D 47.

Deans, J. B., Oct. 2, D 47.

Denson, Benjamin E., Sept. 1, I 30.

Deans, E. H., May 2, E 7.

Denson, Alexander, Sept. 1, I 30.

Denson, David M., May 1, H 32.

Denton, W., June 2, H 12.

Denton, Kelly, Feb. 3, A 47.

Dearing, J. N., Feb. 2, K 12.

Delbridge, W. R., May 1, H 12, C Get.

Delbridge, A. T., May 1, D 47.

Daly, John T., Oct. 3, A 47, W Wil.

Driver, James, June 1, E 7.

Driver, Raiford, June 1, E 7.

Driver, Wm. N., June 1, E 7, D.

Driver, Calvin, Oct. 2, D 47.

Driver, Zachariah, Feb. 3, D 47.

Driver, Ramsey, Mar. 3, D 47, W Get.

Dixon, W. W., May 1, H 12.

Dick, T. C., April 1, H 12.

Dillard, John, Apr. 1, K 15.

Dillard, James H., Apr. 1, K 15.

Dillard, Levi, Apr. 1, K 15.

Dillard, Edward, Apr. 1, K 15.

Dickens, Thomas A., Mar. 2, D 47.

Doyle, John, June 1, H 32.

Dozier, Richard H., Mar. 2, A 47, K Get.

Dunn, William A., Feb. 3, A 47.

Dozier, William L., Feb. 2, A 47.

Dodd, Ruffin T., Feb. 2, A 47, Pr Bris.

Dodd, Ransom, Mar. 2, A 47, W Get.

Dozier, James W., Sept. 1, I 30.

Doles, W. F., May 2, H 32, Lt.

Dorsey, E., May 3, B 63.

Dunn, Robert.

Denson, Exum, June 3, I 30.

Daniel, John, Command Unknown.


Earp, Calvin, May 1, E 7, W Get.

Earp, Benny, May 1, E 7, W Wil.

Earp, William R., May 1, E 7, K Fred.

Earp, Peyton G., May 1, E 7.

Earp, Benjamine, May 1, E 7.

Earl, James M., May 1, H 32.

Evans, Iva T., May 1, H 12.

Evans, J. M., Feb. 2, H 12, C.

Evans, David, May 1, H 12, Tr to 32, K Get.

Evans, William, May 1, I 30.

Eason, William, May 2, I 30.

Eatman, Ruffin, Mar. 2, E 7.

Eatman, John F., May 1, E 7.

Eatman, D. B., May 1, E 7, W Rich.

Eatman, Irvin C., Mar. 2, A 47.

Eure, Elisha H., June 1, E 7, C Mal. Hill.

Eure, Alfred, Feb. 2, A 47, D.

Eure, Dempsey W., Feb. 2, D 47.

Edwards, W. T., May 1, H 12, D.

Edwards, H., Mar. 2, H 12.

Edwards, R., Feb. 2, H 12.

Edwards, Richard, Sept. 1, I 30.

Edwards, James, Sept. 1, I 30.

Edwards, Edwin, Sept. 3, I 30.

Edwards, Solomon, Nov. 1, I 30.

Edwards, James W., May 1, H 32.

Edwards, Robert C., June 1, H 32.

Edwards, William F., Feb. 2, A 47, W Get. and Bris.

Edwards, Lewis, Feb. 2, A 47, D.

Edwards, William E., Feb. 2, D 47.

Edwards, Phil., Aug. 4, A 70.

Edwards, J. H., Aug. 4, A 70.

Exum, J. H., Apr. 1, D Bethel.

Ellinor, Joseph B., June 1, H 12.

Everett, David, July 3, C 17.

Ethridge, William E., May 2, H 32.

Ethridge, David E., May 1, H 32.

Elliott, Matthew, June 1, H 32, K Get.

Ellen, William, Feb. 2, A 47, D.

Edwards, S. C., Oct. 4, A 70.

Edwards, Weldon, May 1, K 15, K Get.

Ellen, C. N. F., Oct. 4, Heavy Art.

Ellen, Henderson, June 4, Sen. Res.


Ferrell, W. C., May 1, B 1, W Mechanicsville, Lt.

Ferrell, W. B., June 1, E 19.

Floyd, Willie D., June 1, E 19.

Floyd, John, Oct. 2, D 47.

Finch, G. W., June 1, E 7, W Falling Waters.

Finch, C. R., June 1, E 7, Dg.

Finch, J. R., May 2, E 7.

Finch, Edward, Mar. 2, A 47.

Finch, Bazilla B., Apr. 2, A 47.

Finch, John, June 3, A 47.

Finch, J. R. D., May 2, A 47.

Finch, William, Jan. 2, A 47.

Finch, B. B., Jan. 2, A 47 D.

Flood, Jesse, May 1, K 15.

Flood, Robt., Nov. 3, 10.

Flood, J. H., May 3, K 15.

Flowers, Adam S., Aug. 1, E 7, W Manassas.

Flowers, Enoch, Aug. 1, E 7, K Wil.

Fox, Jacob, H 12, Lt.

Fox, Reddin P., Sept. 1, I 30.

Fuller Hanny, Aug. 1, D 1.

Fox, Isham, May 1, H 12.

Fisher, W. C., Apr. 1, K 15.

Fisher, W. H., Apr. 1, K 15.

Fisher, J. M., May 4, B 63.

Fort, Garry, May 2, H 12.

Fryer, Lawrence, Sept. 1, I 30.

Fufford, J. T., Nov. 2, G 30.


Gardner, B. H., May 1, H 12.

Gardner, G. A., May 1, H 12, W Get.

Gardner, James W., Apr. 1, K 15, C Shar.

Gardner, Thomas H., July 1, H 32.

Gardner, William, June 2, A 47.

Gay, George W., Mar. 1, K 15.

Gay, W. H., Apr. 1, K 15.

Garvey, W. F., Mar. 2, K 15, W Fred.

Green, Martin, V., Mar. 2, A 47, W Get.

Green, R. L., May 2, A 47.

Glover, V. A. J., Feb. 2, A 47.

Glover, Yancey, May 3, A 47.

Glover, W. A., Mar 2, A 47, D.

Glover, C. H., Mar. 2, A 47.

Grimmer, Charles G., July 3, I 30.

Godwin, Thomas, Mar. 2, D 47.

Griffin, James H., Aug. 1, B 1, W Cedar Creek.

Griffin, S. H., May 1, H 12, Lt.

Griffin, W. J., Feb. 2, H 12.

Griffin, Thomas H., Apr. 1, K 15, Lt.

Griffin, S. H., Apr. 1, K 15, W Lee's Farm.

Griffin, W. H., Apr. 1, K 15.

Griffin, James D., Sept. 1, I 30.

Griffin, James D., Sept. 1, I 30.

Griffin, M. S., Feb. 4, I 30.

Griffin, A. C., Mar. 2, I 30.

Griffin, Wm. B., Mar. 2, I 30.

Griffin, John B., Mar. 3, I 30, K Chan.

Griffin, Crawford P., Mar. 2, H 32, D.

Griffin, Willie F., July 1, H 32, D.

Griffin, Hillman, July 1, H 32.

Griffin, Benjamin, June 1, H 32.

Griffin, A. J., June 1, H 32.

Griffin, Joseph, May 1, H 32.

Griffin, W. T., May 2, H 32, Lt.

Griffin, William, May 1, A 47.

Griffin, Ahijoh, July 2, A 47, W Get. and Bris.

Griffin, Benjamin T., Jan. 3, A 47.

Griffin, B. F., Mar. 2, B 66.

Gupton, Thomas, Sept. 1, I 30.

Gordon, J. W., Feb. 2, H 12.

Gordon, Isaac, Mar. 2, H 12.

Green, J. H., May 3, 75.

Green, Edwin, May 1, Loyd's Bat.

Goode, John, Apr. 1, K 15, D.

Green, J. R., May 3, D 47.


Harper, Spencer, June 1, K 2.

Harper, Allen, July 1, A 10.

Harper, J. C., May 1, H 12, Lt.

Harper, G. H., May 1, H 12.

Harper, H. C., July 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Harper, S. T., May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Harper, John H., May 2, I 30.

Harper, Henry W., May 1, H 32.

Harper, Samuel, May 1, H 32.

Harper, R. H., May 1, D 47.

Harper, Samuel T., March 2, C 61.

Harper, Augustus, May 4, A 70.

Hales, James W., Nov. 3, E 7.

Hammond, G. W., Apr. 1, K 15, Col.

Harris, J. I., Sept. 1, I 30, Capt.

Harris, Nicholas, W., E 19, Lt.

Harris, Elbert H., Sept. 1, I 30.

Harrison, N. H., May 4, A 70.

Harrison, John A., Oct. 1, D 47, Capt.

Harrison, M. N., May 2, D 47.

Hedgepeth, G. W., July 1, H 12.

Hedgepeth, S. E., Feb. 2, H 12.

Hedgepeth, C., Sept. 1, H 12.

Hedgepeth, F. T., Feb. 2, H 12.

Hedgepeth, Elias G., Sept. 1, I 30, D.

Hedgepeth, Lewis, May 1, H 32.

Hedgepeth, Henry W., May 1, H 32.

Hedgepeth, Henry, Feb. 2, D 47.

Hawkins, Daniel, May 1, H 32.

Hall, Alvin, May 2, A 47, Dg.

Henderson, A. J., Oct. 2, A 47, K at Get.

Hill, John W., May 1, H 32.

High, Manly, June 2, D 47.

High, H. H., June 2, D 47.

High, Allison, June 2, D 47.

Hinton, Hull, Sept. 3, D 47.

Hinton, C. N., May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Hilliard, Louis, Oct. 1, E 7, Lt.

Hilliard, J. J. C., Oct. 1, K 25, D.

Hilliard, S. R., Apr. 1, K 15, W Lee's Farm.

Hicks, Amay P., June 2, D 47, W Falling Waters.

Higgings, J. W., July 2, D 47, W Get.

Hogwood, Isham, Nov. 3, A 47.

Hogwood, R. J., Nov. 3, A 47, D.

Hopkins, Richard, July 1, C 8.

Hocut, Elisha R., May 1, C 34.

Honeycut, Ramon, July 1, C 24.

Hollinsworth, W. F., June 2, D 47.

Hyatt, Larkin, June 1, D 47, W Get.

Hopkins, A. H., Apr. 2, D 47.

Hunter, C. N., Oct. 2, H 32.

Hunt, James A. F., Sept. 1, I 30.

Hunter, R. D., May 1, K 15, Dg.

Hunter, A. A., May 1, A Bethel.

Hunter, Theodore, May 1, A Bethel.

Hunt, Thomas, Sept. 1, I 30.

Hyman, L. S., May 1, E 7, Lt.

Hunt, Dick.

Hillard, Dick.

Hendrick, James D., May 1, E 7, W Chan.

Hendrick, N. W., May 1, E 7, W Rich.

Hines, D. D., May 4, G 71.

Hines, Louis, Oct. 3, G 71.

Hunter, David L., May 2, K 15.

Hunter, Henry D., Jan. 5, Sen. Res., W at Rich.

High, Battle, Oct. 4, Sen. Reserves.

Harris, J. H., May 5, Sen. Reserves.


Jerard, Fred, Mar. 1, E 7, D.

Jackson, James H., Mar. 2, I 15, K at Fred.

Jarris, T. R., June 1, H 32.

Jenkins, J. P., H 32, W at Mal. Hill, Lt.

Jordan, W. B., May 1, K 15.

Jordan, B. H., June 2, D 47.

Johnson, C. H., July 1, I 15, D.

Johnson, Henry, Sept. 1, I 30.

Johnston, Christopher, Sept. 3, I 15.

Johnston, Elias, June 1, H 32.

Johnston, Lemon, Mar. 2, D 47, D.

Johnson, Emmerson, Mar. 2, D 47, K Get.

Johnson, Dennis, Apr. 2, B 47, W Get.

Jones, L. A., Mar. 5, A 70.

Jones, Calvin F., Mar. 2, I 30.

Jones, A. T., Apr. 1, I 15.

Jones, Ricks E., Apr. 1, I 15, K.

Jones, J. H., Apr. 1, I 15.

Jones, Jack, May 1, B 40.

Jones, Davis B., Apr. 1, B 40.

Jones, Allen, Apr. 1, I 15.

Joyner, Gilbert, May 2, A 47.

Joyner, Eli, Feb. 2, A 47, K Get.

Joyner, Jordan, June 2, A 47, D.

Joyner, John H., Mar. 2, A 47, Missing.

Joyner, Kinchen, Mar. 2, A 47, W Bris.

Joyner, Caswell H., Mar. 2, A 47, D.

Joyner, W. W., Sept. 2, A 47, D.

Joyner, Wm. R., Mar. 2, A 47.

Joyner, Cornelius, Jan. 2, D 47, W Get.

Joyner, H. N., July 2, D 47.

Joyner, D. H., May 1, H 12.

Joyner, David D., May 1, E 7, K Man.

Joyner, D. H., May 1, H 12.

Joyner, F. B., May 1, H 12, K Get.

Joyner, Wm. P., June 2, H 12.

Joyner, Robert W., June 2, H 12.

Joyner, Alsy M., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, Ashby G., Sept. 1, I 30.

Jyner, James A., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, William B., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, Nelson V., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, Nathan T., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, George W., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, John D., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyer, Ira E., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, L. B., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, Calvin M., Sept. 1, I 30.

Joyner, Joyner R., Sept. 1, I 30, W at Get.

Joyner, J. W., Mar. 5, A 70.


Kemp, R. G., June 1, E 7, K Rich.

Kemp, Rufus, June 1, E 7, K Fred.

King, Barney, Mar. 2, D 47.

King, Allen, Mar. 2, D 47.

King, Joshua, Mar. 2, D 47.


Lamm, William, Apr. 2, A 47, K Pet.

Lamm, Jacob, Apr. 2, A 47.

Lamm, Huell, Apr. 2, A 47.

Lamm, Stephen, Apr. 2, A 47, Pr Pet.

Lamm, Thomas, Apr. 2, A 47.

Land, Willie G., May 1, H 12.

Land, T. C., July 2, E 19.

Land, William, July 2, E 19.

Lawd, John, Sept. 1, H 12.

Langley, Wm. H., June 1, K 2.

Langley, W. A. J., June 1, E 19.

Langley, Lawrence, Sept. 1, K 30, K Mal. Hill.

Landen, L. C., June 1, K 2, W Get.

Landen, W. H., Apr. 1, K 12, W Fred.

Lanier, R. A., Jan. 2, K 12.

Lee, William, May 2, D 47.

Lee, Berry, May 2, D 47.

Lee, W. J., May 2, D 47.

Lewis, Hillman, Jan. 1, K 2.

Lewis, Griffin, June 1, K 2.

Lee, Allen, June 1, E 19.

Lewis, E. W., Sept. 1, K 30, K Shar.

Lewis, Arnold, Sept. 1, K 30.

Lewis, John A., Sept. 1, K 30.

Lewis, Exum, May 1, E 32.

Lewis, Joel Battle, 43 Reg., Asst. Surgeon.

Lewis, Gilbert, Sept. 2, A 47, K at Get.

Lewis, Gilliam, Sept. 2, A 47, W Get.

Lewis, Henderson, Apr. 2, A 47, D.

Lewis, Elbot, Apr. 4, A 47.

Lewis, Dula, Apr. 1, A 47, D.

Lewis, Caswell, May 2, D 47.

Lewis, A. F., May 2, D 47.

Lewis, Joseph, May 2, D 47.

Lewis, G. N., Dec. 1, D 47, Capt.

Leonard, David, May 4, D 47.

Lindsey, Newsom, May 4, D 47.

Lindsey, Richard, Sept. 1, I 30.

Lindsey, Nelson A., Sept. 1, K 30.

Lindsey, William, Mar. 3, K 30.

Liles, William, Apr. 2, A 47.

Liles, Raiford, Apr. 4, A 47.

Liles, Kinchen, June 1, K 2, W below Rich.

Liles, Wesley, June 1, K 2, W at Get.

Liles, J., Feb. 2, K 2.

Lenton, John T., Mar. 3, H 32, C.

Lenton, Williams, Mar. 7, H 32, C.

Long, James F., May 4, A 70.

Lawrence, Dr. J. J., Sept. 3, I 75, Capt.

Landman, James H., Apr. 1, K 15, K Mal.

Landman, John, Apr. 1, K 15, K at Pet.

Landman, Wm., May 2, D 10.

Ladman, Martin, May 2, Loyd's Bat.

Landon, J. H.


Marshbourne, G. R., June 1, E 19.

Marshbourne, Joseph, May 2, A 55.

May, William R., Apr. 2, D 47.

May, J. J., Apr. 1, B 66.

May, L. W., Apr. 1, B 66.

Massingill, Goodman, Apr. 2, D 47.

Massey, O. K., Apr. 2, D 47.

Macon, W. H., Apr. 2, B 47, W Get.

Matthews, G. G., Apr. 2, B 66.

Matthews, James, Apr. 2, B 66.

Matthews, Hilliard, Apr. 1, I 30.

Matthews, Caswell D., Mar. 1, A 47.

Machin, R. L., Feb. 2, H 12.

Madigan, Daniel, May 2, H 12.

Madigan, David, May 2, H 12.

Madigan, J., May 2, H 12.

Manning, James D., May 1, I 30.

Manning, J. E., Sept. 1, I 30, D.

Manning, R., Sept. 1, I 30.

Manning, Moses V. B., May 2, I 30.

Manning, Joseph, Mar. 1, A 47.

Medlin, H. H., June 1, E 7.

Medley, John, July 1, K 15, D Nov. 6, ’61.

Manning, Benjamin, Mar. 2, D 47.

Manning, Allison, Mar. 2, D 47.

Melton, J. W. T., June 1, K 15, D.

Melton, R. B., Mar. 2, D 47, D.

Mitchell, Hilliard, Nov. 1, A 47.

Moore, William, Apr. 2, B 66.

Mosely, C. T., May 1, K 15.

Mosely, James D., Dec. 4, A 70.

Morgan, Lawrence, May 1, E 7, D.

Morgan, John, Mar. 2, A 47.

Morgan, Kearney, Mar. 2, A 47.

Morgan, William R., Mar. 2, A 47.

Morgan, James, Mar. 2, A 47.

Morgan, Willie, Mar. 4, A 47, D.

Morgan, Thomas, Dec. 4, A 70.

Moss, John, Mar. 2, D 47.

Moss, Thomas H., Nov. 2, E 9, K.

Morris, J. R., Mar. 2, A 47.

Moye, Thomas H., Mar. 2, A 47, Dg.

Murray, J. W., June 1, E 7.

Murray, Joseph, May 1, E 7.

Murray, James, Aug. 1, E 7.

Murray, P. C., May 1, H 12, D.

Murray, John W., Mar. 2, A 47.

Murray, William D., Apr. 2, A 47.

Murray, William G., Apr. 2, A 47, W Bris.

Murray, Albert, Mar. 2, D 47.

Murray, Sidney, Dec. 4, A 70.

Murray, W. H., May 1, H 12.

Moss, Benjamin, June 1, H 12.

Meadows, Gideon, Mar. 1, H 32, D

Meadows, William, Mar. 1, H 32, D.

Marshbourne, F., 1st K, May 5, ’64, W.


Neal, James D., Apr. 1, K 15.

Nelms, William B., Apr. 1, K 15.

Newby, Thomas, May 1, A 10, D.

Norwood, William J., Mar. 2, D 47, K at Get.


Odom, Jacob E., Sept. 3, I 30, K Chan.

Odom, Daniel M., Sept. 3, I 30.

Orbson, J., Sept. 1, H 32.

Oneal, James B., Mar. 2, A 47.

Overby, J. W., Oct. 2, D 47.

Oyler, T. B., Sept. 1, H 32.


Parker, Josiah P., May 1, B 1, W Shar.

Parker, Josiah, Sept. 3, I 30.


Page, Theopulus, June 1, E 7, Tr to 47.

Page, Mark B., May 1, E 7, W Chan.

Page, Thomas, May 2, A 47.

Patterson, Leonard, May 1, E 7.

Patterson, E. W., June 2, A 47.

Patterson, Sidney S., June 1, A 47.

Pasly, Wily, June 1, A 9.

Pasly, J. H., June 4, A 9.

Palin, John, June 4, H 12, D.

Paydon, J. S., Nov. 1, H 12.

Parsons, Joseph, May 1, H 12.

Peacock, Noah, May 1, E 7.

Peacock, Joseph W., Mar. 2, D 47.

Perry, Western H., Mar. 2, A 47, W Pet.

Perry, James S., May 2, A 47.

Perry, John F., June 2, A 47.

Perry, Jonas, May 2, A 47.

Perry, Sidney, June 2, B 47.

Perry, Stephen, June 1, E 7.

Perry, Jeremiah, May 1, E 7.

Perry, A. H., June 1, E 7.

Perry, Willis H., June 1, E 19.

Perry, S. R., May 1, I 30, Lt.

Perry, Sidney R., May 1, E 19.

Pender, John, July 3, I 30, W Kelley's Ford.

Philips, J. B., Dec. 4, K 10.

Pitt, Fred C., June 3, I 30.

Pitt, M. M., June 3, I 30.

Pitt, John W., June 3, I 30.

Pitt, Jones W., June 3, I 30.

Pittman, N. W., Mar. 4, H 12.

Pittman, John A., May 1, H 12, W at Chan.

Pittman, Jesse R. E., June 2, K 15.

Pittman, W. B., Mar. 2, I 30.

Price, W. R., May 1, H 12.

Price, Jackson C., May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Price, T. C., May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Price, Asa, May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Price, Elbert, May 1, H 12, D.

Price, Needham, Mar. 2, D 47.

Price, Wm. R., May 1, H 12.

Price, George W., May 4, A 70.

Privett, Z. K., May 1, H 12.

Privett, John W., June 1, K 15, D.

Privett, J. R., June 3, B 66.

Price, Joel L., Sept. 1, I 30.

Pridgen, W. R., May 1, H 12, Tr to 32.

Pridgen, H. H., May 1, H 12, K Chan.

Pridgen, Alexander, Sept. 1, I 30.

Pridgen, Druery, Sept. 1, I 30, W at Kelly's Ford.

Pridgen, Josiah J., May 1, I 30, D.

Pridgen, Henry H., May 2, I 30.

Pridgen, William, June 1, H 32.

Pridgen, Dorsey, June 1, H 32.

Pridgen, Haywood, Mar. 2, D 47.

Pridgen, J. D., May 4, A 70.

Phillips, W. H., Mar. 2, A 10.

Pierson, Amos, May 2, D 47.

Person, B. B., May 2, D 47.

Proctor, Hansel H., June 1, K 15.

Proctor, Granberry, May 2, D 47.

Poland, N. W., June 4, A 70.

Poland, Jones, May 1, H 12.

Poland, H., Mar. 1, K 15, D.

Poland, Simon H., Sept. 1, I 30.

Pope, Jesse, June 1, E 7, K Falling Waters.

Pollard, W. J., May 1, H 12.

Post, Joshua, June 1, H 32.

Powell, George W., May 1, H 32.

Powell, John W., May 1, H 32.

Powell, John, June 2, H 32, K Cold Harbor.

Powell, Jesse, May 1, H 32, Pr.

Powell, Newsom, June 3, A 47.

Powell, Edwin L., June 2, D 47.

Pucket, Emerson, June 2, A 47, K Get.

Pucket, James A., Sept. 3, A 47.

Pullen, W. C., June 2, A 47.

Pullen, Rufue, Mar. 2, D 47.

Pullen, Emelius, Mar. 2, D 47.


Rackly, S. D., Feb. 1, H 12.

Rackly, Jones M., Sept. 1, I 30.

Rackly, Parson N., Sept. 1, I 30.

Ramsy, F. Y., Edenton Bell Battery.

Ramsey, F. W., Mar. 2, D 47.

Radford, Theodore, Feb. 2, K 12.

Reid, J. C., June 2, A 10.

Reid, Joseph J., Apr. 1, A 15, Lt.

Renfrow, P. V., Sept. 1, I 30.

Renfrow, Perry, Sept. 1, I 30.

Reid, David, Oct. 2, 3 Vir.

Renfrow, Wm., May 4, A 70.

Rittenburg, R. S., Mar. 1, E 7, K Rich.

Richardson, George W., May 1, A 10, Dg.

Richardson, Perry, Sept. 1, H 32.

Richardson, George, Mar. 2, D 47.

Ricks, John E., Sept. 1, H 32.

Rice, Geraldus, June 2, A 47.

Rice, Berry, June 2, A 47, D.

Rice, Thomas B., June 2, A 47, D.

Rily, Wm., June 2, A 47.

Riggsby, William C., Sept. 1, I 30.

Ryan, John, Dec. 2, H 12.

Robbins, Stark, June 2, H 12.

Robbins, Stark, June 2, K 15, threw shell out of breastwork.

Robinson, Isaac C., Apr. 1, K 15.

Robertson, Robert, Sept. 1, I 30.

Rogers, Charley, Apr. 1, K 15.

Rose, Robin, July 1, H 32.

Rose, Granberry, June 1, D 47.

Rose, Benjamin, Sept. 2, D 47.

Rose, John, Mar. 2, D 47.

Rose, H. C., Jan. 5, A 70.

Rose, Wm. C. E., Sept. 1, H 32.

Rice, A. S., May 2, A 47.

Rowland, D. T., May 3, H 12.

Rowland, W. H., Apr. 2, H 12.

Rowland, C. F., Apr. 2, H 12.

Ricks, J. B., May 4, Goddins, S. C. Battery.

Ricks, B. S., Oct. 3, K 15.

Ricks, James, Nov. 1, K 15.

Ricks, A. E., Apr. 3, K 15.

Rose, Matthews, June 3, D 47.

Rose, W. H., May 2, D 47.

Rose, Edwin, Apr. 4, D 47.

Ricks, John, Sept. 2, I 30.

Ricks, B. B., Mar. 2, A 10.

Ricks, David B., Mar. 2, D 10.

Ricks, A. H., Aug. 4, G 41.

Ricks, R. H. Apr. 1, A Bethel & A 10.

Ricks, Spencer D., Nov. 2, D 47.

Ricks, Ruffin, Mar. 2, D 47, W Get.


Savage, Joseph, Aug. 1, E 7, W Fred.

Savage, Benjamin, E 7, D.

Saunders, W. D., May 1, E 7.

Saunders, B. G., May 1, E 7, Dg.

Stallings, Grady, Feb. 2, I 12.

Stallings, Wily, May 2, I 30.

Stallings, H. B., June 3, K 14.

Stallings, Franklin, May 1, I 30, K Chan.

Shelton, Joseph, Apr. 1, K 15, W Fred.

Stewart, James R., Apr. 1, K 15.

Stiles, K., May 1, H 12.

Stiles, Elias, May 4, A 70.

Sikes, Wm. G., Sept. 1, I 30.

Smith, G. W., Jan. 1, K 15.

Smith, George W., Apr. 4, E 7.

Stewart, James A., Apr. 1, K 15.

Sherwood, George A., May 2, I 30, W at Mal. Hill.

Sherwood, Edwin, May 2, I 30, K Chan.

Sneed, W. J., May 1, H 32, D.

Sellers, S. H., June 2, A 47, K Get.

Sellers, J. J., May 4, A 70.

Smith, Elias, May 1, H 32.

Smith, S. A., Mar. 2, D 47.

Smith, George W., Mar. 2, D 47.

Smith, C. C., Jan. 4, A 70, Lt.

Sills, J. G., Aug. 3, A 55.

Sills, D. N., May 2, A 55, Lt.

Sweny, Edward, May 1, H 32.

Sory, Henry, June 2, A 10.

Sory, D. W., May 1, H 12, K at Get.

Stone, John W., June 1, E 19.

Stott, Nathan, June 1, E 7.

Stone, B. F., Mar. 2, D 47.

Stone, R. H., Jan. 2, D 47, W Get.

Stone, F. M., Mar. 3, D 47.

Stone, Atlas, Mar. 2, D 47.

Stott, John, Sept. 2, A 47.

Stott, William E., Mar. 2, A 47.

Strickland, J. S., May 1, E 7.

Strickland, Henry, July 3, I 30.

Strickland, W. B., June 2, A 47.

Strickland, Wright S., May 2, A 47.

Strickland, B. P., May 2, A 47.

Strickland, Bryant, June 3, A 47.

Strickland, John W., May 2, A 47, D.

Strickland, James L., Mar. 2, A 47.

Strickland, John R., Mar. 2, A 47.

Strickland, Josiah H., July 4, A 47, Pr Pet.

Strickland, F. R. W., Mar. 3, A 47, D.

Strickland, Lemmon, Mar. 1, A 47.

Strickland, Marcus T. S., Sept. 3, A 47.

Strickland, Mordecai, July 2, A 47, D.

Strickland, Neverson W., May 4, A 47.

Strickland, William B., Sept. 3, A 47.

Strickland, Joseph, Mar. 2, B 47.

Strickland, J. R., Nov. 2, B 47.

Strickland, W. C., Dec. 3, A 70.

Strickland, Zachariah, May 4, A 70.

Strickland, Watson, May 4, A 70.

Strickland, W. P., May 4, A 70.

Strickland, L., May 4, A 70.

Short, Thomas W., Mar. 2, D 47.

Short, Richard, July 2, A 55.

Short, William, May 4, A 70.

Sowthard, Robert, June 2, D 47.

Sorsby, John R., May 4, A 70.

Sullivan, Jeremiah, June 1, H 32.


Taylor, A. J., June 1, E 7, Capt.

Taylor, Joseph J., May 1, E 7, W Chan.

Taylor, Mark R., May 1, E 7, K Spot.

Taylor, J. R., May 1, H 12.

Taylor, Egbert H., Sept. 1, I 30.

Taylor, Bolling, May 1, I 30.

Taylor, Calvin, Sept. 1, I 30.

Taylor, Josiah, Sept. 1, H 32.

Taylor, Wilson G., Sept. 1, H 32, K at Get.

Taylor, Archibald, Apr. 1, A 47.

Taylor, William, Apr. 1, A 47.

Taylor, Charles, May 4, A 70.

Taylor, L. A., May 4, A 70.

Tanner, H., Feb. 2, H 32, D.

Trevathan, W. H., May 1, B 63.

Trevathan, W. C., May 2, B 63.

Tant, Kenneth, May 2, D 47.

Tisdale, R., May 1, E 7.

Tisdale, George W., May 1, H 12, C.

Tisdale, Nicholas, May 1, H 12.

Tisdale, James T., Sept. 1, H 32.

Tisdale, Thomas, May 2, I 30, Lt.

Tisdale, Wren, May 2, A 47, W Get.

Todd, H. A., June 1, H 32.

Todd, H. H., Mar. 2, B 63.

Todd, J. H., Mar. 2, B 63.

Talbert, William, May 2, A 47.

Thompson, Bryant, Apr. 1, D 47.

Thomas, J., Feb. 2, H 12.

Turner, G. W., June 1, E 7, W Manassas.

Turner, William, Apr. 2, A 47, D.

Turner, John, Apr. 2, A 47, Pr Bris.

Turner, James H., June 2, A 47.

Thorpe, H. R., Apr. 1, 4th Ala., doctor left with Shar. pris.

Thorpe, John H., Apr. 1, A Bethel & A 47, Capt.

Tucker, Henry C., May 1, H 12.

Tucker, J. H., May 1, H 12.

Tucker, L. D., May 1, H 12.

Tucker, Lemuel D., Sept. 1, I 30.

Thorne, Wm. A., Sept. 1, I 30.

Tucker, J. P.

Turner, Walter S., April 3, I 30.

Tunnell, M. L., Sept. 1, I 15.


Upchurch, Oliver P., Feb. 2, A 47, D.

Upchurch, Benjamin, Sept. 1, B 66.


Vaughn, John W., June 2, A 47, Dg.

Vaughn, William, June 2, D 47.

Vick, Josh W., May 1, E 7, Capt., W Get.

Vick, B. W., Oct. 3, E 7, Lt., D.

Vick, Edward C., May 1, E 7, W New Bern.

Vick, Joseph, Feb. 4, E 7, W Wil.

Vick, S. S., Feb. 2, H 12, Capt.

Vick, J. J., Feb. 2, H 12, D.

Vick, J. J. B., June 3, E 7 & D 47, Capt.

Vick, Exum R., Sept. 1, I 30, W Mal. Hill.

Vick, Willie R., Sept. 1, I 30, W Get.

Vick, James F., Sept. 1, I 30, K accidentally.

Vick, Joseph J., Sept. 1, I 30.

Vick, Benj. H., Sept. 1, I 30.

Vick, W. H., June 1, I 30.

Vick, Jones, May 1, H 32, W Get.

Vick, Abel J., Oct. 2, A 47, D.

Vick, Josiah, May 4, A 70.

Vick, John, May 3, A 47.


Warren, W. M., Mar. 2, A 47, W Reams Station.

Warren, Seymour, Mar. 2, A 47, W Get.

Ward, J. V. A., Feb. 2, A 47.

Ward, Ashly, Mar. 1, D 47.

Ward, J. H., Mar. 2, B 66.

Ward, W. H., Mar. 2, B 66.

Ward, Joseph, May 4, A 70.

Ward, J. W., May 4, A 70.

Ward, W. H., May 4, A 70.

Walker, J., Dec. 2, H 12.

Walker, Isaac C., Apr. 1, K 15, K Bris.

Walker, Fred, Apr. 1, K 15, K Mal. Hill.

Walker, R. D., Sept. 1, I 30.

Walker, John B., May 1, I 30, K Get.

Walker, Benjamin, May 1, I 30.

Walker, William, Mar. 2, D 47.

Westrey, George W., Apr. 1, I Bethel & A 47, K Cold Harbor., Lt.

Westry, Thomas, Lt., A 47, W Get.

Westry, Jeremiah, Oct. 2, A 47, K Wil.

Westry, W., June 1, H 12.

Westry, Richard, Mar. 1, H 12, K Rich.

Wester, Thomas H., June 1, E 19.

Wester, Archibald, May 1, I 30, W Get.

Westry, John, Sept. 1, H 32, K Cold Harbor.

Wells, Stephen, Feb. 2, H 12.

Wells, Joel, Feb. 2, A 47.

Wells, John, Mar. 2, D 47.

Wells, William, Mar. 2, D 47.

Wells, J. T., June 1, E 7.

Wezz, James T., May 4, A 47.

Weaver, W., May 4, A 70.

Weaver, Caswell, May 4, A 47.

Weaver, Robert J., E 19, Lt.

Wheles, B. H., June 2, D 47.

Wheeles, Dallas, June 1, D 47.

Wheeless, James, June 2, H 32, K Cold Harbor.

Winters, George, Sept. 1, I 30.

Wilder, Tray, Sept. 1, H 32.

Wilder, George W., Mar. 2, D 47.

Wilson, Anderson, Feb. 1, H 12.

Wilcox, E. W., Mar. 1, D 10.

Williams, Iredell, Apr. 1, E 7, Lt.

Williams, Wesley, Mar. 2, A 47, D.

Williams, Henderson, Aug. 1, E 7.

Williams, William C., Apr. 2, E 7.

Williams, Nathan, Sept. 2, E 7, W Wil.

Williams, Emmerson, Mar. 2, E 7.

Williams, Philander L., June 1, C 8.

Williams, T. M., May 1, H 12.

Williams, Caswell, Feb. 2, H 12, W Get.

Williams, E., Feb. 1, H 12.

Williams, Soloman, Col. of 12th and 19th, K Fleetwood.

Williams, W. T., Apr. 1, H 12, Lt. Col.

Williams, A. H., Nov. 1, H 12, Tr to 55.

Williams, N., Feb. 1, H 12.

Williams, Dempsy, June 1, E 19.

Williams, B. J., June 1, E 19.

Williams, J. B., June 1, E 19.

Williams, B. J., June 1, E 19.

Williams, Zeberdee, June 1, E 19.

Williams, Joseph, Sept. 1, I 30.

Williams, H. H., June 1, I 30, W Mal.

Williams, Micojab, June 1, I 30.

Williams, S. T.

Winbourne, L. J., June 1, E 7.

Winbourne, Ruffin F., June 1, I 30, K Mal.

Winbourne, John V., July 2, D 47, Lt.

Winbourne, W. H., Mar. 2, D 47.

Winbourne, T. M., Mar. 2, D 47.

Winstead, J. E. R., Mar. 2, E 19.

Winstead, W. R., Sept. 4, E 19.

Winstead, J. B., May 2, Asst. Sur., 47.

Winstead, G. G., Nov. 2, I 30, W Get.

Winstead, George F., Nov. 1, I 30, K Chan.

Whitley, John S., Sept. 1, I 30.

Whitley, J. B., Sept. 1, I 30.

Whitley, H., Sept. 1, G 32.

Whitley, B. R. M., Mar. 2, A 47.

Whily, Robt., June 1, E 7.

Whitley, H. S., Mar. 2, A 47.

Whitley, A. M. F., Feb. 1, H 12.

Whitley, John, Oct. 3, A 47.

Whitly, Wily, June 3, H 14.

Whitley, Perry, Mar. 2, A 47.

Whitly, W. F., Mar. 1, K 15, K Mal.

Whitley, W. J., Mar. 2, A 47.

Whitly, J., Feb. 3, K 15.

Williamson, Isaac, Apr. 4, H 12.

White, George W., June 1, K 15, Capt.

Whitaker, H., June 3, A 47.

Whitfield, G. W., Oct. 1, H 32, C.

Watson, William.

Whitfield, Willis, May 1, B 47.

Whitfield, Sam, Nov. 4, A 70.

Wood, S. M., May 1, E 7.

Wood, James, Sept. 1, I 30.

Wood, William, Sept. 1, I 30, K Chan.

Womble, James R., Apr. 1, K 15, W Fred.

Woodruff, J. J., Feb. 4, A 70.

Woodard, Lank, Feb. 2, H 12, Tr to 32.

Woodard, John S., Sept. 1, I 30, W Mal.

Woodard, L. C., May 1, H 32.

Williford, M. B., May 3, B 10.

Williford, B. B., May 1, I 30, W Chan., Lt.

Williford, Patrick L., Oct. 3, I 30.

Watson, James.

Weaver, Frank.

Whitley, Richard.

Wood, Allison.

Wood, Davis.



Bris. Bristow Station.

Capt. Captain.

Cor. Corporal.

D. Died in service.

K. Killed.

Get. Gettysburg.

Lt. Lieutenant.

Pet. Petersburg.

Pr. Prisoner.

R. Resigned.

Rich. Richmond.

Ser. Sergeant.

Sou. Southerland Station.

W. Wounded.

Wil. Wilderness.

John W. Bryant, Capt. from Jan. 23, ’62 to June 25, ’62, D.

John H. Thorpe, Capt. from June 25, ’62, to April 9, ’65.

George W. Westray, 1st Lt. from June 25, ’62 to June 2, ’64, K.

Benjamin H. Bunn, 1st Lt. from June 2, ’64, to April 9, ’65, W.

Wilson Baily, 2d Lt. from Jan. 23, ’62, to May 2, ’62, R.

Evan N. Bryant, 2d Lt. from May 2, ’62, to Sept. 2, ’62, R.

Sidney H. Bridgers, 2d Lt. from Sept. 2, ’62, to Oct. 14, ’64, K.

Thomas Westray, 2d Lt. from Oct. 14, ’64, to Apr. 9, ’65, W.

Joseph J. Partin, 1st Ser., Pr Get.

William D. Cone, 2d Ser.

James, J. E. Deans, 3d Ser. to May, ’63.

W. M. Warren, 3d Ser.

Western H. Perry, 4th Ser., W Pet.

Charles J. Braswell, 5th Ser., Pr Get.

Seymour Warren, 1st Cor., lost leg Get.

John J. Barnhill, 2d Cor., W Get. and Bris.

Hilliard Mitchell, 3d Cor.

Richard H. Dozier, 4th Cor., K Get.


Abernathy, R. T., W Wil.

Abernathy, William, K Get.

Abernathy, Edmund.


Baines, Redmund, D.

Baines, Jordan, D.

Baines, William.

Bass, Edmund F., Pr Pet.

Bass, William T.

Bass, Jesse.

Batchelor, Wright S., Pr Get, escaped.

Batchelor, Ruffin D., Tr.

Batchelor, B. B.

Batchelor, Jordan W. E., Pr Bris.

Bissett, M. N., W 3 times.

Bissett, Josiah.

Bissett, Joseph J., W Rich.

Bissett, Jackson.

Bissett, Peyton, Pr Sou.

Bissett, William D.

Boon, William, Pr Bris.

Boykin, Lovet, Pr Bris.

Bunn, Bennet, W Wil.

Bunn, James M.

Braswell, Lemuel T.

Braswell, P. Henry, W Bris.

Bryant, Augustus.

Bryant, Samuel R.

Bryant, Watson.

Bryant, Evan, Dg.

Brantley, Jackson, W Pet.

Brantley, Green.

Burnett, Calvin, Pr Bris.


Chamblee, Augustus.

Chamblee, William, W Bris.

Cockrell, Isaac V.

Cockrell, Jonathan, K Get.

Cone, Neverson, K Get.

Crowell, William D., Dg.

Collins, Edward R., W Washington.

Collins, Nicholas.

Collins, Thomas J., D.


Daly, John T., W Wil.

Davis, Jesse.

Denton, Kelly.

Dodd, Ruffin, Pr Bris.

Dodd, Ransom, W Get.

Dozier, William L.

Dunn, William A.


Eatman, Irvin C.

Ellen, William, D.

Eure, Alfred L., D.

Edwards, W. F., W Get. and Bris.

Edwards, Lewis, D.


Finch, B. B., D.

Finch, Edmond B.

Finch, William.

Finch, John.

Finch, J. R. D.

Finch, John Fatty.


Gardner, William.

Glover, V. A. J.

Glover, William A., D.

Glover, Yancey.

Green, Martin V., W Get.

Griffin, Benjamin T.

Griffin, Ahijoh, W Get. and Bris.


Hall, Alvin, Dg.

Henderson, A. J., K Get.

Hogwood, Isham.

Hogwood, Ruffin J., D.


Jones, Bartly.

Jones, Simon.

Joyner, Caswell H., D.

Joyner, Eli, K Get.

Joyner, John H., Lost.

Joyner, Jordan, D.

Joyner, William R.

Joyner, Kinchen, W Bris.

Joyner, W. W., D.

Joyner, Gilbert.


Lamm, William, K Pet.

Lamm, Jacob.

Lamm, Huell.

Lamm, Stephen, Pr Pet.

Lamm, Joshua, D.

Lamm, Thomas.

Lewis, Elbert.

Lewis, Dula, D.

Lewis, Gilbert, K Get.

Lewis, Gilliam, W Get.

Lewis, Henderson, D.

Liles, William.

Liles, Raeford.


Manning, Joseph.

Matthews, Caswell D.

Morgan, John.

Morgan, Kerney.

Morgan, W. R.

Morgan, Willie, D.

Morris, John R.

Moye, Thomas H., Dg.

Murray, John W.

Murray, William D.

Murray, William G., W Bris.


O'Neal, James B.


Page, Thomas.

Patterson, E. W.

Patterson, Sidney.

Perry, James A.

Perry, John F.

Perry, Jonas.

Powell, Newsom.

Pucket, Emerson.

Pucket, James A.

Pullen, W. C.


Rackley, Francis D., D.

Rice, Thomas B., D.

Rice, Berry, D.

Rice, Geraldus, Pr Bris.

Riley, William, Pr Pet.


Sellers, Samuel H., K Get.

Stott, William E.

Stott, John.

Strickland, Bryant.

Strickland, Bryant P.

Strickland, James S.

Strickland, Francis R. W., D.

Strickland, John R.

Strickland, John W., D.

Strickland, Lemon, Pr Pet.

Strickland, Marcus T. S., K Get.

Strickland, Mordecai.

Strickland, William B.

Strickland, W. S.

Strickland, Josiah H., Pr Pet.


Taylor, William.

Taylor, Archibald.

Tisdale, Wren, W Get.

Tolbert, William, Pr Pet.

Turner, William, D.

Turner, John, Pr Bris.


Upchurch, Oliver P., D.


Vaughn, John W., Dg.

Vick, Abel J., D.

Vick, John.


Ward, J. Q. A.

Wells, Joel.

Westray, Jeremiah P., K Wil.

Webb, James T., Pr Bris.

Weaver, Caswell.

Whitaker, Henry.

Whitley, Benj. R. M.

Whitley, Haywood S.

Whitly, John, D.

Whitly, Perry.

Whitley, W. J. D.

Winbourne, William H.

Williams, Wesley, D.

There were many other casualties unrecorded, and not remembered.


Henry T. Clark, Governor and Commander-in-chief from June 7, 1861, to September 8, 1862.

Charles W. Garrett, Commissary.

Joseph H. Baker, Assistant Surgeon.

Henry A. Dowd, Quartermaster.

J. W. Jones, Assistant Surgeon and commissioned Assistant Surgeon in C. S. A. September 30, 1862.

W. A. Duggan, Assistant Surgeon.

William D. Pender, Major General.

Joseph A. Engelhard, Adjutant General.

William Gaston Lewis, Brigadier General.

Dossey Battle, Aide-de-camp to General Lewis.

James S. Battle, Aide-de-camp to General Cox.


John L. Bridgers, Captain.

W. P. Lloyd, First Lieutenant.

W. S. Long, Second Lieutenant.

W. G. Lewis, Second Lieutenant, Junior.


Kenneth Thigpen, First Sergeant.

J. L. Staton, Second Sergeant.

I. B. Palamountain, Third Sergeant.

J. H. Payne, Fourth Sergeant.

W. B. Smith, Fifth Sergeant.

George A. Cotton, First Corporal.

George T. Williams, Second Corporal.

James M. Savage, Third Corporal.

Wiley Cobb, Fourth Corporal.

Allen, Thomas F.; Anderson, James; Belcher, Henry; Bass, I. W.; Bassett, R. B.; Banks, Harrison; Bassett, B. R.; Batts, Benjamin; Bryant, W. T.; Bradley, R. H.; Belcher, J. B.; Best, Thomas; Bell, Marcus; Cotten, M. A.; Cherry, Henry R.; Cherry, T. F.; Carter, T. M.; Cutchin, J. M.; Cobb, A. B.; Dunn, Burwell; Dunn, Thomas; Dunn, Wiley; Edwards, Joseph M., Edmondson, W.; Fallon, Thomas; Gorham, H. W.; Garnett, P. H.; Harriss, T.; Hardaway, B. M.; Holland, B. L.; Harper, James M.; Harper, Allen; Howell, Eli; Hunter, A. A.; Hunter, Thomas; Johnston, Joseph; King, W. C.; King, C. R.; Knight, N. M.; Knight, E. C.; Knight, W. B.; Knight, R. A.; Knight, J. D.; Lawrence,

J. J.; Leggett, D. A.; Lyon, Harrison P.; Littlepage, H.; Long, W. R.; Mabry, Charles; Matthewson, Nathan; Mariner, W. W.; Marks, Mack; Mayo, Hugh B.; Meeks, Joshua; McDowell, William; Mabry, Bythel; Matthews, T. H.; Mahegan, Walter; Moore, J. J.; Newsom, D. H.; Owen, James; Pitt, Turner; Parker, W. B.; Pitt, Theophilus; Pitt, J. D.; Pittman, J. W.; Pippen, Nathan; Pippen, C. H.; Parker, J. H.; Powell, R. N.; Price, Joel; Parker, J. J.; Rogers, Buchner; Rogers, Council; Robinson, J. B.; Reasons, L. W.; Ricks, R. H.; Savage, J. M.; Stamper, J. J.; Savage Jesse; Smith, J. M., Savage, W. R.; Stewart, T. J.; Strickland, George; Thorpe, John H.; Taylor, Thomas; Womble, B.; Williams, Charles; Wyatt, Henry L; Wells, M. B.; Walston, John; Webb, J.; Weathersbee, W. T.; Zoeller, C. A. L.


Joyner, E. J.


John Howard, Captain.

Orren Williams, Captain.

William Howard, First Lieutenant.

Bottoms, George W.; Mabry, Charles; Skinner, Jesse L.; Skinner, Van Burpen; Wombles, John W.


Long, Joseph; Morgan, Francis M.


Allen, W. A.


Marion, Bennett.


Braswell, Baker W.; Dixon, W. A.; Ford, Reddin; Griffin, Thomas; Hill, Nathaniel; Killibrew, Robert; Mercer, Jesse; Pitt, Bryan; Pitt, James; Pitt, Aaron A.; Styron, John H.


Cherry, W. B.; Cherry, F. J.; Harper, Spencer; Landen, L. C.; Pittman, Charles M.


Charles H. Barron, First Lieutenant.

William J. Baker, Second Corporal.

Armstrong, Henry W.; Anderson, Thomas J.; Anderson, Henry J.; Alsbrook, Jesse; Braswell, Wiley C.; Braswell, Spencer D.; Borget, S. D.; Dawes, Miles.; Dawes, Willis; Flood, Richard; Garner, James F.; Griffin, Robert; Hill, Burwell; Hill, Asbury; Hill, Hardy; Hill, Isaac; Hill, J. B.; Hill, McDuff; Hagins, Jesse; Lancaster, J. J.;

Lodge, R. L.; Long, Guilford H.; Looper, Ternolin; Looper, James; Moore, Kinchen; Moore, Theophilus; Moore, William G.; Moore, Joshua L.; Peoples, Martin; Proctor, John G.; Summerlin, Jerry; Sessoms, William W.; Spicer, Calvin; Tolson, Joseph; Tolson, Andrew; Walker, George W.; Williams, Warren G.; Wells, Davis.


David Pender, Regimental Quartermaster.

Joseph H. Hyman, Captain.

J. A. Fuqua, C. N. Civalier.

William T. MacNair, Lieutenants.


Bennett P. Jenkins, William Peele, R. J. Stallings, G. L. Brown, W. T. Dupree, Rufus Atkinson, J. H. Keel, G. M. Stancil.

Adkins, W. H.; Adkins, Lawrence; Andrews, Kenneth; Andrews, W. J.; Andrews, Edmund; Anderson, Z. B.; Atkinson, M. B.; Atkinson, Rufus; Ahern, Jerry; Brazelle, J. F.; Blackwood, Nathan; Blount, L. B.; Barnhill, W. V.; Barnhill, J. C.; Bell, Thomas; Bell, Noah; Bell, Benjamin; Burgess, Lawrence; Bozeman, Isaac; Bozeman, James; Brown, G. L.; Burgess, George; Clark, Henry C.; Coggins, Thomas; Dupree, W. T.; Elickson, J. B.; Griffin, Benjamin; Garret, W. E.; Gay, S. H.; Gardner, Benjamin; Grimes, W. B.; Harris, Sherrard; Harris, J. J.; Hedgepeth, Josiah; Hicks, Redding; Howard, C. W.; Howard, J. T.; Hussey, W. M.; Hyde, John; Jenkins, Bennett P.; Jones, E. R.; Keele, Joseph; Lilly, Henry; Langley, W. P.; Langley, F. S.; Lawrence, Jesse; Lewis, J. T.; Lewis, James L.; Moore, Moses; Moseley, W. J.; Medford, J. R.; Matthews, Calvin; Morgan, Lafayette; Marshall, Jesse E.; Mills, C.; Mayo, James R.; Nichols, James R.; Nichols, M. L.; O'Berry, Greene; Parker, Henry; Parker, Benjamin; Parker, Arthur T.; Peele, William; Pipkin, George M.; Pippen, S. M.; Price, William; Proctor, W. H.; Pender, McL.; Reasons, Redding; Ritter, John W.; Rogers, J. T.; Sherrod, Wilson; Satterthwaite, M. J.; Savage, Jno. R.; Stallings, R. J.; Summerlin, John; Sawyer, J.

R.; Stancil, George W.; Staton, Redding; Strickland, M. D.; Stone, A. J.; Tanner, James; Tilley, Henry; Williams, J. R.; Williams, J. B.; Williams, John; Whitehurst, J. H.; Warren, James A.; Walston, Rufus; Walters, Hardy; Wooten, J.


Turner W. Battle, Captain.

Lieutenants: Henry A. Dowd, Fred Philips, Reddin S. Sugg.


F. M. Garrett, Surgeon; W. A. Moore, Musician; F. D. Foxhall, Exum Lewis, Solomon M. Pender, Nathan M. Lawrence, Spencer L. Hart, Donald Williams, Joseph B. Coffield.

Allen, James E.; Allen, Andrew J.; Archibald, B. J.; Atkinson, Edward K.; Barlow, David H.; Barron, Charles H.; Bass, Calvin; Battle, George

C.; Battle, Henry L.; Battle, Marcus J.; Batts, Isaac F.; Braddy, Joseph; Bellamy, Napoleon B.; Billups, Lawrence; Bradly, Joseph J.; Bradley, Lawrence; Bradley, Simon Bolivar; Bullock, Thomas O.; Cherry, George W.; Cobb, Benjamin F.; Cobb, Gray; Cobb, Job; Coker, Spivey; Davis, John A.; Dancy, R. F.; Daughtry, Henry H.; Elinor, Joseph P.; Etheridge, Caleb; Etheridge, Redding; Foreman, William; Fountain, Coffield; Fuller, Jefferson Y.; Garrett, Isaac W.; Hart, Almon; Hart, Benjamin T.; Hardy, John; Hobbie, Joseph M.; Hussey, Marcelus L.; Jenkins, Joseph V.; Johnston, James M.; Johnston, George W.; Johnston, Willie; Knight, Edward E.; Landlin, James M.; Lawrence, Benjamin J.; Lawrence, William J.; Leggett, Henry L.; Lewis, Joel B.; Lipscombe, William A.; Little, George A.; Leigh, William R.; Long, Lovett; Mayo, Berry; Mayo, Benjamin B.; Morris, Harvey C.; Parker, James H.; Porter, Joseph E.; Pippin, John W.; Pitt, Mark B.; Pittman, Reddin G.; Price, Wiley; Price, Burton; Ricks, Burton A.; Ricks, Jethro D.; Ricks, Joseph W.; Ricks, Robert F.; Rapper, J. W.; Rose, Timothy; Rogester, William; Sessoms, Wilson; Sharpe, Edward P.; Staton, Fernando B.; Staton, George

E.; Staton, Simeon B.; Sugg, Joseph P.; Taylor, Allen; Taylor, Andrew J.; Tunnell, Marcellus, Ward, Joseph L.; Wilson, B. D.; Williams, John H.; Wimberly, Robert D.; White, J. W.; Womack, Benjamin.



Gray W. Hammond, Captain.

W. T. Gay, First Lieutenant.

Thomas H. Griffin, Second Lieutenant.

Joseph J. Reid, Second Lieutenant.

R. W. Thomas, First Sergeant.

Simeon H. Griffin, Second Sergeant.

James D. Neal, Third Sergeant.

Jolly B. Armstrong, Fourth Sergeant.

G. W. Thomas, Fifth Sergeant.

John Dillard, First Corporal.

Moses B. Pitt, Second Corporal.

Wm. Thompson, Third Corporal.

James P. Cross, Fourth Corporal.

Armstrong, M. E.; Armstrong, B. C. C.; Batts, John W.; Bartholomew, W.; Boon, William; Boseman, J. D.; Bullock, John; Bullock, E.; Braswell, W. D.; Braswell, R. H.; Bradley, F. M.; Bryan, J. R.; Brown, W. R.; Coggins, J. J.; Daws, Hillard; Daws, J. O.; Davis, John S.; Dillard, James H.; Dillard, Levi; Dillard, Edward; Doughty, W. J.; Edwards, Moses; Edwards, Dorsey; Everhart, E.; Elliott, D. W.; Etheridge, Calvin; Fisher, W. C.; Fisher, W. H.; Flood, Jesse; Freeman, J. H.; Flood, J. H.; Gay, Bennett; Gay, W. H.; Gardner, James W.; Griffin, J. C.; Griffin, B. W.; Griffin, H. H.; Garvey, W. F.; Gill, John; Hunter, R. D.; Hunter, Michael; Henderson, W. S.; Jackson, James H.; Jordan, C. H.; Jordan, J. C.; Jones, A. T.; Jones, Ricks; Jones, J. H.; Johnson, C. H.; Landen, M. H.; Long, R. D.; Long, J. H.; Long, Bennett; Long, Joseph; Luper, James; Martin, Henry; Meares, James B.; Meares, Hiram; Meares,

William; Meares, R. D.; Medley, John; Melton, J. W. T.; Melton, James R.; Moore, E. J.; Moore, J. L.; Moore, Thomas; Moore, D. D.; Moseley, C. T.; Pitt, John W.; Pitt, William M.; Privitt, John W.; Powell, Irvin; Pender, John W.; Poland, H.; Robinson, Isaac C.; Robbins, Stark; Rogers, Charles; Shelton, Joseph; Stewart, James R.; Spicer, H. S.; Smith, George W.; Thomas, Robert W.; Thompson, Henry; Trevathan, W. H.; Walker, Isaac C.; Walker, Fred; Whitehead, J. H.; Williams, P. J.; Williams, Granberry; Williams, M. G.; White, George W.; Womble, James R.; Womble, W. F.; Whitley, J.



John S. Dancy, A. J. M. Whitehead, and William H. Powell were the Captains of this Company. The Lieutenants were James P. Jenkins, Phesanton Petway, James M. Cutchin, and James Wiggins. Those who served as Non-commissioned Officers were Thos. F. Cherry, Henry W. Gorham, David L. Williams, William McDowell, John A. Cutchins,

Jesse B. B. Thorne, John Battle, Jesse A. Braswell, John D. K. Cherry, Charles R. King, W. J. Ethridge, James H. Williams, James McSavage, and Jesse M. Hines.

Arrington, James G.; Arrington, Benjamin R.; Arrington, Alfred W.; Austin, William H.; Brown, J. J.; Bradley, Cornelius; Bradley, Ezra; Bass, Bisco; Braswell, Robert S.; Barfield, Horace E.; Best, John H.; Baker, George; Barnes, F. M.; Best, Thomas; Battle, Jesse A.; Braswell, John D.; Bridgers, James W.; Brown, Baker S.; Bullock, L. D.; Braswell, Baker W.; Braswell, Robert; Brewer, R. C.; Brown, J. J.; Bustin, William D.; Barnes, George N.; Bass, John; Carson, Thomas; Causey, Francis; Cain, Joseph; Cain, James A.; Council, Jas. R.; Cobb, James A.; Cutchin, G. J. L.; Cherry, John K.; Cobb, William T.; Dicken, J. L.; Draughan, James W.; Dautridge, R. H.; Davenport, T.; Edmondson, John; Everett, William; Everett, Exum; Elinor, L. J.; Edwards, S. W.; Ethridge, W. J.; Felton, Job; Friar, J. L.; Flemming, William; Gay, William; Gay, James R.; Gorham, John C.; Garrett, Alfred; Gorham, Henry W.; Gorham, William T.; Hagins, Jesse; Harrell, William; Harrell, John; Hines, Jesse M.; Hagins, Randolph; Hearne,

Wyatt M.; Howell, Brinkley G.; Howell, Eli; Harrell, Amos; Harrell, Elisha; Jenkins, Charles A.; Jones, Wilson; Johnston, Robert D.; Jones, Gray; Jones, Elisha; King, Charles H.; King, Robert H.; Leggett, W. H.; Leggett, D. A.; Lane, Joshua; Long, W. R.; Lancaster, David; Lancaster, B. J.; Lancaster, R. M.; Lancaster, R.; Manor, Neverson C.; Moseley, James; Mercer, Jesse; Marshall, John T.; McDowell, E. C.; Mariner, Thomas; McGuigan, R. W.; Moseley, Amariah; Moseley, James; Moore, Spencer; Overton, Stanley; Overton, John R.; Phillips, William H.; Pender, Littleton; Pittman, B. T.; Pittman, F. C.; Price, John H.; Parker, Joseph H.; Pitt, Etheldred; Price, Amos; Proctor, W.; Price, James J.; Proctor, Bennett; Purvis, R. T.; Price, Joseph John; Purvis, A. J.; Rawlings, Jesse; Rawlings, W. A.; Rose, Duke W.; Redmond, William; Ruffin, William H.; Ruffin, Robert R.; Ruffin, Gray; Rich, William; Robbins, Hansel; Randall, Hogan; Scott, Frank; Sessoms, W. T.; Stallings, Perry; Savage, James M.; Savage, W. L.; Sparks, Jackson A.; Summerlin, Eli; Shirley, James; Taylor, John T.; Taylor, McG.; Taylor, J. J.; Taylor, Allen C.; Taylor, Thomas B.; Taylor, Calvin; Thorne, Dempsy; Varnell, Kinchen; Vick, Jas. L.; Williams, Jas. H.; Wiggins, James; Webb,

Wiley; Warren, Henry O.; Williford, A. J.; Whitehead, Winfield; Walston, J. B. H.; Webb, Cullen; Ward, James L.; Womble, B. F.; Weaver, B. F.; Webb, Elbert; Walston, Robert; Williford, B. L.; Williams, W. W.; Walston, Turner; Wiggins, William W.; Wiggins, J. L.; Webb, Wylie; Webb, John R.; Whitehead, John; Whitehead, Jere; Whitehead, Willie; Whitehead, Turner; Whitehust, James A.; White, James A.; White, James D.; Weeks, Silas; Williams, J. W.


W. G. Granberry, First Sergeant.

Elliott, J. W.; Walter, H.


Fred Phillips, Adjutant.

F. M. Garrett, Surgeon.

J. J. Lawrence, Hospital Steward.

L. W. Smith, Commissary Sergeant.


Franklin G. Pitt, Captain.

William M. Moore, First Lieutenant.

James W. Pitt and Charles Vines, Second Lieutenants.


G. K. Harrell, John R. Cobb, L. D. Eagles, J. B. Cobb, L. H. Smith, Spencer Cherry, T. J. Moore, James Carney and L. R. Wells.

Bell, Bennett; Boyce, William; Bradley, Oliver; Braswell, John; Brewer, Warren; Brown, Henry; Bryant, Charles; Bryant, John; Burgess, Hardy; Carney, James; Corbett, Dempsey; Corbitt, Henry; Corbett, James; Corbett, W. W.; Cobb, John B.; Crisp, Eason; Crisp, Levi; Crisp, S. E.; Crisp, W. S.; Deal, Reuben; Denton, Levi; Dew, Lewis; Dew, William; Dickens, Ephriam; Dixon, H. O.; Eagles, T. R.; Eason, James S.; Edwards, E. B.; Edwards, Montgomery; Edwards, Thomas; Edwards, W. R.; Ellis, James; Ellis, Wiley; Everett, Joseph; Everett, William; Felton, Eli; Felton, Richard; Forbes, Arthur; Forbes, James; Forbes, Randolph; Fountain,

Almon; Harrell, David; Harrell, Peter; Harrell, E. T.; Harrell, Watson; Harrell, William; Harper, David; Hagins, Lewis; Hathaway, Augustus; Hathaway, James; Hathaway, Richard; Harriss, W. J.; Hearne, Amos; House, J. W.; Johnston, A. C. J.; Johnston, Ellis; Jones, Levi; Keel, William; Langley, Morrison; Lawrence, J. J.; Leigh, Joseph; Lee, Thomas; Lewis, J. D.; Lewis, J. L.; Little, Jesse; Little, J. C.; Little, Lorenzo; Little, W. K.; Madre, George; Mayo, James; Marlow, Nathaniel; Mercer, Jacob; Moore, J. J.; Moore, S. R.; Morgan, W. G.; Morgan, James; O'Neal, John; Owen, James; Pitt, Theophilus; Pittman, R. E.; Phillips, D. J.; Phillips, Richard; Pollard, James; Price, Thomas; Roderick, E.; Robinson, James; Robinson, William; Stallings, Edwin; Stallings, Rufus; Summerlin, George; Vick, Lorenzo; Vick, William; Walston, Franklin; Walston, James; Walston, John; Walston, Kinchen; Walston, Levi; Walston, Rufus; Walston, W. G.; Womack, W. D.; Warren, Lemuel; Webb, Hardy; Webb, Bennett; Webb, John; Webb, Newell; Webb, Morrison; Wiliford, T. J.; Wiggins, M. W.; Whithurst, W. T.; Wells, L. R.


B. B. Williford, Second Lieutenant.

Willis Robbins, Fourth Corporal.

Anderson, Thomas J.; Grimmer, Charles G.


Captains: F. H. Jenkins, Theophilus C. Hyman, Richard H. Gatlin, and Thomas H. Gatlin.

Lieutenants: Francis D. Foxhall, Harrison P. Lyon, Lewis H. Lawrence.


Lewis R. Purvis, James A. Jenkins, Weldon S. Hunter, B. Stevenson, Thomas L. Mayo, W. C. Davenport, James R. Taylor.

Andrews, J. A. M.; Andrews, Wm. H.; Bradley, Wm. E.; Braswell, Bullock; Braswell, David; Braswell, Jesse; Braswell, Joshua; Bradley, Thomas; Briley, J. C.; Briley, Thad.; Briley, Wm. B.;

Brown, Festal; Brown, Asa.; Brown, Thomas; Bryant, John H.; Bullock, Riley; Calhoun, W. J.; Clark, James A.; Coburn, Izriah; Council, Thomas; Council, John; Crisp, J. D.; Daws, John R.; Daws, James R.; Davenport, J. R.; Davenport, B. A.; Davenport, M. C.; Denton, James; Dobson, John; Eason, Thad; Edge, Haywood H.; Gammond, Weldon; Gardner, James W.; Gay, Burwell; Gay, William; Goddin, W. T.; Grimes, Guilford; Grimes, Nathan; Harrell, William; Harrell, Warren; Hagins, James W.; Harper, Robert M.; Harriss, Godfrey; Harriss, George V.; Harrell, Henry; Hatton, Joshua; House, B. A.; Howard, Wm. M.; Jenkins, Joseph H.; Jenkins, John; Johnston, James W.; Jones, W. E.; Jones, Mack; Joyner, Ely; Lawrence, Lewis H.; Long, Wilson; Manning, John; Manning, M. J.; Manning, Mack; Meares, John; Mayo, T. L.; Nelson, Henry; Nelson, James B.; Nelson W. R.; Nelson, W. P.; O'Neal, Robt. H.; Peel, Joseph; Peel, Turner; Peel, Williams; Pender, William; Phillips, Jordan; Pitt, William C.; Pridgen, William.; Proctor, John F.; Proctor, Richard; Powell, Joseph; Price, E.; Pridgen, William; Purvis, Rod; Raiford, John T.; Raiford, Thomas; Randolph, ______________; Reddick, William; Roberts, William, J.; Robuck, Geo. L.; Ruffin, John R.; Scott, Thaddeus;

Salls, Miles B.; Summerlin, J. M.; Taylor, B. H.; Taylor, Jordan; Tolston, W. H.; Taylor, Jordan; Taylor, James R.; Tolson, W. H.; Vanwright, Wm.; Vick, Roderick; Waller, Warren; Waller, Henry; Warbritton, W. B.; Wichard, Hyman; Wichard, Staton; Whitehurst, W. J.; White, Joseph; Whitley, Wiley; Williams, Robert; Williams, W. A.


Exum Lewis, Lieutenant.

Clark, Franklin; Coker, Joseph L.; Coker, William R.; Dixon, L.; Gaither, Calvin; Hawkins, E.; Hargrove, B.; Hawkins, F.; High, Anderson; Hopkins, D. R.; Henderson, Micajah; Lane, Patrick; Lander, John; Lawrence, Peter; Lawrence, John L.; Mayes, W. H.; O'Neal, L. B.; O'Neal, Hardy; Parker, Thomas; Pittman, B.; Porter, William; Vick, Nathan W.; Walston, Samuel S.; Warren, John; Weeks, Silas; Worsley, W. H. H.



James M. Mayo was the first Captain of this Company, and James W. Draughan, Lawrence Lancaster and John F. Speight were the Lieutenants. Most of the men were from Halifax. Besides the four officers above, who raised the Company, the following enlisted men were from Edgecombe County:

Allen, Thomas F.; Adkins, Robert; Benson, Thomas E.; Bradley, W. H.; Bradley, J. H.; Brake, Jesse; Brake, John W.; Cotton, John M.; Cutchin, J. H.; Cherry, Charles C.; Daughtry, Henry H.; Dickens, George; Dickens, Hiram; Ethridge, James T.; Elinor, Charles G.; Hawkins, Benjamin; Lane, Robert J.; Marks, Joseph J.; Morris, Garry; Neal, George M.; Porter, Joseph W.; Ruffin, Andrew J.; Wills, Theophilus B.; Watson, John.



B. Lancaster, First Lieutenant.

H. C. Bullock, Second Sergeant.

B. G. Brown, Third Sergeant.

E. S. Hargrove, Fourth Sergeant.

T. T. Williford, Second Corporal.

Willis Eason, Fourth Corporal.

Armstrong, J. D.; Armstrong, B. D.; Baker, J. E.; Bullock, F. E.; Bullock, Richard; Bryan, M. B.; Barnes, B. W.; Batchelor, J. D.; Beland, H. G.; Batts, N. J.; Calhoun, O. D.; Edwards, W. E.; Felton, R. V.; Felton, Howell; Gay, W. G.; Hill, Asa; Hunter, H. D.; Jackson, A. W.; Jackson, Thomas; Lancaster, Lawrence; Lassiter, R. M.; Long, Lafayette; Minor, J. L. L.; Moore, A. B.; Moore, J. F.; Moore, James S.; Mercer, K. J. D.; Proctor, Isaac; Proctor, J. P.; Proctor, M. W.; Proctor, Absalom; Proctor, William A.; Phillips, J. A.; Peele,

Lawrence; Petway, R. S.; Ruffin, D. C.; Sharpe, W. D.; Smith, J. H. C.; Spicer, S. S.; Sumpter, W. F.; Taylor, J. B.; Taylor, J. N.; Thomas, Elisha; Trevatha, M. W.; Vick, W. B.; Williams, Jesse W.; Watkins, O. W.; Watkins, Levi.



John A. Vines, Captain.

James R. Thigpen, Wiley J. Cobb, Charles Vines, Van Buren Sharpe, John H. Leigh, W. H. Wilkinson, W. R. Dupree, Thomas H. Williams, Lieutenants.


John H. Leigh, Willis R. Dupree, W. G. Taylor, W. H. Wilkinson, Octavius Atkinson, Charles R. Johnson, John E. Cobb, R. W. Long, John Gardner.

Alford, Robert; Allen, Robert; Andrews, Guilford; Ashford, D. H.; Bullock, Horatio; Burress, Willie; Bunting, William; Clark, Benjamin; Carr,

D. C.; Coker, Henry; Christie, James D.; Crisp, Wm. M.; Cobb, Thomas; Carter, William; Calhoun, John E.; Dicken, William; Drake, Levi; Drake, George; Dunn, Burwell; Dunn, Simon; Dunn, Robert; Denton, Wiley; Edwards, Elbert; Edwards, E. W.; Edwards, S. W.; Edwards, Jonas; Edwards, H. W.; Edwards, J. M.; Ellis, Gray; Eason, Williams; Flemming, Derriss; Flemming, Geo.; Flemming, James; Gay, J. L.; Harrell, Wiley; Harrell, Elisha; Harrell, John; Harriss, Timothy; Hill, David; Hill, Marcus; Hill, Nathaniel; Jordan, James; Jackson, William; Johnson, L. T.; Jones, Henry T.; Keel, Rubin; Lane, Thomas H.; Langley, Romulus; Lewis, James L.; Little, Gray; Long, James R.; Manning, Thomas S.; Mayo, William H.; Moore, R. A.; Morgan, W. B.; Morgan, R. W.; Moore, C. W.; Mullins, James; Owens, Thomas W.; Owens, W. R.; Page, Joseph; Phillips, John B.; Pitt, Calvin; Pitt, James A.; Pitt, Robert; Pitt, Jesse; Pittman, John; Pittman, W. C.; Pope, H. B.; Rollins, John; Rose, W. C.; Stallings, J. R.; Stallings, Philip; Summerlin, William; Shelton, H. G.; Talbot, John F.; Tolson, Moses; Turner, Henry; Taylor, P. C.; Vick, R. A.; Vines, Charles; Wooten, S. C.; Watkins, Isaac; Watkins,

Richard; Weaver, R. D.; Weaver, William H.; Wells, James R.; Wells, M. B.; Wells, John T.; Weeks, William H.; Walston, William; Wynne, R. W.


Elisha Cromwell, Lieutenant Colonel.

Robert J. Powell, Ordinance Sergeant.

John F. Moore, Musician.

Isaac L. Cushing, Musician.

Elisha Cromwell, Captain.

Baker W. Mabry, Captain.

Robert C. Brown, Captain.

The Lieutenants were Baker W. Mabry, Robert C. Brown, Thomas M. Carter, Charles D. Mabry, Elisha E. Knight.


Charles D. Mabry, Robert J. Powell, Elisha C. Knight, Isaac W. Bass, Frank B. Pitt, James J. Lawrence, David L. Brown, Blake Baker, Isaac L. Cushing.

Armstrong, Lawrence; Boyett, Ferdinand; Brown, David; Brown, William; Brown, Theophilus; Bunting, Gray; Bunting, Jesse W.; Bunting, Geraldus; Bunting, Methuselah; Barfield, Edmund; Caswell, J. H. S.; Curling, I. L.; Cofey, Wright; Cherry, Robert J.; Carter, Thomas M.; Daniels, J. H.; Deal, Bennett; Drew, John R.; Dunn, Theodore; Dunn, Redding; Dorring, Henry; Edmondson, William M.; Edmondson, Wiley; Ford, Henry W. P.; Fountain, Norfleet; Fountain, Wesley; Gwatney, Deboney; Garrett, John Q.; Harper, James H.; Harriss, James; House, Benjamin; House, Joseph J.; Hyman, James M.; Hyman, William A.; Hargrove, Burwell J.; Jones, James; Johnson, George A. W.; King, William C.; Keel, James; Knight, John A.; Lee, Francis M.; Lawrence, John G.; Mayo, James A.; Mitchell, James A.; Moore, John T; Mangum, A.; Proctor, Joshua; Pitt, Frank B.; Pittman, William; Pittman, William R.; Proctor,

Samuel H.; Proctor, Robert E.; Price, Joel; Staton, James; Shelton, P.; Staton, John B.; Smith, William; Tolson, Exum; Warren, Allen; Williams, William D.; Walker, Hartwell.


Whitnell P. Lloyd, Captain.

Kenneth Thigpen, Thomas J. Stewart, Joseph H. Payne, Lieutenants.

Harrison P. Lyon, First Sergeant.

Thomas H. Gatlin, Second Sergeant.

Henry Slade, Third Sergeant.

Nathan Matthewson, Fourth Sergeant.

George T. Williams, Fifth Sergeant.

Edward W. Wilson, Q. Sergeant.

James G. Charles, C. Sergeant.

William T. Bryan, First Corporal.

Buchner Rogers, Second Corporal.

James H. Griffin, Third Corporal.

Willis B. Knight, Fourth Corporal.

Robert H. Ricks, Fifth Corporal.

Lewis Taylor, Sixth Corporal.

John Owen, Seventh Corporal.

Richard B. Hoskins, Eighth Corporal.

Charles Zoeller, Bugler.

Anderson, James; Alford, Jesse; Best, J. H. L.; Billups, David T.; Billups, Henry; Britt, Joseph J.; Britt, William; Burnett, Joseph O.; Byrum, John; Crafton, Thomas H.; Carson, John N.; Cummins, David; Deal, Reuben A.; Denton, Thomas H.; Downing, James H.; Downing, Thaddeus; Drew, Benjamin; Everett, John, Flood, Robert; Gardner, Henry C.; Gardner, Wiley J.; Green, Edwin R.; Harper, Allen; Harriss, John S.; Harville, James T.; Hawkins, John; Hathaway, Benjamin; Haynes, Eaton; Hill, John W.; Holland, Berry; Holland, Kenneth; Holland, William T.; Horne, James R.; Howell, James M.; Hussey, Jesse J.; Hyde, James T.; Israel Jalon; Johnston, Thomas C.; Jones, Andrew

J.; Jones, Edwin; Knight, John F.; Knight, Joseph H.; Landman, Martin; Little, James E.; Little, John A.; Loach, James; Marks, Mac; Matthews, Thomas H.; Mayo, Hyman; Meeks, Henry A.; Meeks, Joshua; Neal, Charles E.; Neal, David, Newsom, David A.; Newlan, Patrick A.; Parker, Mark; Peel, John B.; Phillips, W. H.; Pitt, Benjamin F.; Pittman, Joseph W.; Ponds, Robert; Reid, James R.; Ricks, Benjamin B.; Robertson, John L.; Ruffin, Samuel H.; Savage, Augustus; Savage, John M.; Savage, William M.; Sessoms, Nathan H.; Simmons, James E.; Sory, Henry; Stallings, Eason; Stallings, Joseph; Stallings, Joseph J.; Stamper, James J.; Summerlin, William; Terrill, Louis C.; Turner, Alexander, Vernelson, John W.; Vestus, Nathan H.; Vick, David; Walston, Jonas; Watkins, Geo. W.; Williams, Charles; Williams, James; Williams, Leon A.; Williams, Warren G.; Windham, Benj. F.

This Company of Artillery was disbanded soon after it entered service. Lieutenant Payne and most of the non-commissioned officers and the men went into Manly's Battery, Company A, and Reilly's Battery, Company D, of the Tenth Regiment

Artillery. John L. Bridgers was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel in this Regiment on the 16th of August, 1861, but resigned on September 28th of that year.

Subsequent enlistments from Edgecombe in Manly's and Reilly's companies are are follows:


Banks, Harrison; Batts, W. L.; Butts, R.; Charles, J. G.; Deal, Reuben A.; Joyner, A. L.; Joyner, G.; Joyner, John; Knight, W. B.; Newly, T.; Parker, Weeks B.


Howell, John H.; Owen, Henry; Ricks, William; Ricks, John; Savage, J. B.


H. J. Harum, Third Sergeant.

C. Whitfield, Fourth Sergeant.

Bradley, J. H.; Bryan, D. D.; Cook, Thomas C.; Cutchin, B. E.; Cutchin, W. T.; Grimmer, William; Pope, Carter; Trevathan, W. H.


Pitt, Turner.


F. G. Pitt, Captain.

V. B. Sharp, First Lieutenant.

B. P. Jenkins, Second Lieutenant.

Mark B. Pitt, Second Lieutenant.

J. S. Pippen, First Sergeant.

Thad. T. Cherry, Second Sergeant.

P. S. Sugg, Third Sergeant.

L. W. Reasons, Fifth Sergeant.

R. A. Knight, First Corporal.

D. V. Bullock, Second Corporal.

W. T. Greene, T. H. Skinner, Fourth Corporals.

Andrews, J. W.; Armstrong, John; Barnes, J. D.; Braswell, James; Barnes, Dempsey; Braswell, Newsome; Braswell, R. B.; Brown, J. J.; Boon, W. H.; Bullock, Ned.; Cobb, Joseph; Daughtridge, Alfred; Dunn, B. F.; Dunn, W. S.; Daws, A. G.; Daws, W. B.; Draughan, M. W.; Draughan, J. H.; Dunn, Ralph; Edmondson, Pollard; Edmondson, W. M.; Edwards, Henry; Edwards, Kincheon; Edwards, Robert; Fleming, William; Griffin, Theophilus; Garvey, J. T.; Gardner, Benjamin; Gaither, Nathaniel; Green, W. E.; Harrell, J. C.; Harrell, Valentine; Jenkins, Samuel F.; Jordan, A. J.; Jones, J. W.; Jones, Hezekiah; Killibrew, Charles L.; Lawrence, Redding; Lancaster, Joseph J.; Leigh, J. H.; Leggett, J. R.; Moore, A. J.; Nelson, J. W.; Owens, J. R.; Parker, W. W.; Pippen, N. K.; Pippen, F. A.; Pender, T. W.; Parker, W. K.; Robbins, J. C.; Robbins, W. E.; Robbins, J. D.; Rose, Matthew; Reasons, Redding; Seares, Charles E.; Spicer, S. L.; Simpson, R. H.; Stallings, Bennett; Staton, J. B.; Sugg, P. S.; Thigpen, Thaddeus;

Thigpen, James H.; Vaughan, Thomas; Vines, C. L.; Winstead, Edward; Warren, J. R.; Webb, Hiram; Williams, Bennett; Williford, J. D.; Worsley, H. G.


C. A. Johnston, Lieutenant.


Eugene Jordan, Louis B. Knight and Rufus Hines.

Barfield, Ephriam; Bell, Noah; Brake, Noah; Brake, Joseph H.; Brake, Henry; Braswell, Alex.; Braswell, Abner; Carter, Isaac; Crisp, Stephen; Daniel, John; Dickson, J. H.; Dickson, David; Dunn, Joel; Ellis, Hicks; Edwards, Frank; Edwards, Jack; Gay, Duke; Griffin, Cooper; Harper, K.; Hill, Elbert; Hines, David; Howell, W. R.; Jackson, Elbert; Johnston, Lafayette; Jones, Thomas; Kennedy, Thomas; Kennedy, James; Knight, Marcellus; Lancaster, Thomas; Landing, John; Landing, Lafayette; Long, William; Mayo, Ralph;

Peale, Charles G.; Phillips, Peter; Pollard, George; Ruffin, T. H.; Savage, Thomas; Savage, Lafayette; Sessoms, John; Thomas, Robert; Varnell, B.; Vick, Baker; Walson, Littleton; Wooten, David.


Cherry, Louis; Deal, J. Henry; Draughan, W. F.; Hawins, Robert; Lawrence, James K.; Leggett, B. M.; Madra, Epinetus; Marks, Thomas; Morgan, ____________; Powell, J. W.; Pittman, W. D.; Pridgen, Thomas; Rawlings, F. M.; Speight, R. H.; Stewart, George; Stewart, William; Vick, Joseph; Weeks, George H.


Dunn, Bennett.


Atkinson, James J.; Felton, Elisha; Gay, James.


Williams, A. B.


Wooten, J. W.


Daniel, J. M.


Denton, W.


Gatlin, James.


Williams, James H.; Williams, Wesley.


Hardison, James M.; Webb, William F.


W. G. Granberry, First Sergeant.

Elliott, J. W.; Walter, H.


Honeycutt, Ransom.


Savage, Wesley.


Gronnell, Benjamin.


Bolinger, Levi H.; Bell, William B.


Chas. W. Knight, Captain.

Arthur B. Knight, Second Lieutenant.


Wilson, Andrew.


O. C. Petway, Lieutenant Colonel.

Brown, John; Brison, James.


Dupree, A. F.


Howard, George; Howard, Thomas; Lilly, Enoch; Turner, E. M.


Barlow, Julius; Boyett, John; Philips, James J.; Powell, Richard H.


William Gaston Lewis, Lieutenant Colonel.

Joel B. Lewis, Assistant Surgeon.


William Turner Gray, Commissary Sergeant.


Elisha Cromwell, Lieutenant Colonel.

John F. Moore, Musician.

Isaac D. Cushing, Musician.


Andrew M. Thigpen, First Lieutenant.


Hargrove, J. B.; Sessoms, Williams.


Dunn, Nicholas.


Gardner, William L.


Jones, Columbus; Jones, Lewellyn.


Gardner, Edwin T.; Hill, F. B.


James M. Mayo, Major.


James H. Exum, Lieutenant.


Belcher, John R.


Harris, Archibalt; Taylor, Thomas; Tarkington, W. B.


Freeman, John.


Bradley, James T.; Fountain, Norfleet.


Dunn, R.; Dixon, O. D.; Tyler, L. D.


Riley B. Sadler, Corporal.

Lee, John A.; Neal, Oliver.


H. J. Harum, Third Sergeant.

C. Whitfield, Fourth Sergeant.

Bradley, J. H.; Bryan, D. D.; Cook, Thomas C.; Cutchin, B. E.; Cutchin, W. T.; Grimmer, William; Pope, Carter; Trevathan, W. H.


Pitt, Turner.


Ivey Foreman, Lieutenant.

Thomas, Isaiah; Thomas, Richard; Battle, Richard; Ricks, W. R.; White, Thomas.


April 10, 1865.

After four years of arduous service, marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources. I need not tell the survivors of so many hard fought battles, who have remained steadfast to the last, that I have consented to this result from no distrust of them, but, feeling that valor and devotion could accomplish nothing that could compensate for the loss that would have attended the continuation of the contest, I have determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose past services have endeared them to their countrymen.

By the terms of the agreement, officers and men can return to their homes, and remain there until exchanged. You will take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed; and I earnestly pray that a merciful God will extend to you His blessing and protection.

With an increasing admiration of your constancy and devotion to your country, and a grateful remembrance of your kind and generous consideration of myself, I bid you an affectionate farewell.

R. E. LEE,


Roster of Nash County Confederate soldiers
Roster of Nash County Confederate soldiers, by John H. Thorpe; and copy of Edgecombe County roster. Raleigh : Edwards & Broughton Printing Company, 1925. 135 p. 19 cm. The roster of Edgecombe Confederate soldiers, collected by Lewis Dowd ... and compiled by ... Frederick Philips, is included.--Foreword.
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